Bingo! Fox News contributor and former Bush press secretary Dana Perino continues to call it like it is. This time, she blasts the media for deceptively edited videos and predicts that, as per usual, nothing will change.

Perino also discussed the outrageous “heckling” deception by the media, uncovered by Twitchy, last night on “The Five.”

Thank you, Dana. And keep holding lapdog feet to the fire! She also has a prediction after Chuck Hagel’s bumbling and shock-inducing performance during his Secretary of Defense hearing.

Zing! When all else fails, blame Bush!


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  • jacksonjay

    That strong “headwind” coming from the Republican House!

  • Rob

    The local newspaper, Anchorage Daily News fired a photographer after an internal investigation showed he aesthetically edited photos that went to print. I wonder if he got picked up for cable news.

  • $30158943

    From the woman who edited an entire Presidency. Good grief.

    • Sandy

      Good grief MitchMcTurtle you pretend to have not seen the recent ‘edited’ video?
      Well. Good, good grief. And lets hope Americans catch on to the propaganda.

      • $30158943

        Yes, I saw the unedited video and I thought the gun nuts in the room were extraordinarily rude and uncaring. Imagine Muslims yelling “Allah is great” to someone who lost their son or daughter in the tower right after 9-11. And Dana Perino who was a flack for the worst of the Bush Presidency to have anything to say about how the media should conduct themselves is a joke.

        • Rob

          So “but all of the other kids are doing it!” is reasonable justification for an adult?
          Plus, the argument that bending ethics because it works well this time for our side means you have no complaint when they clone Bush and he’s elected for another 8 years because they edited out how much of a colossal idiot he is and edits his opposition, Jesus himself, as a puppy killing baby hater. (Extreme hypothetical, yes)

          • $30158943

            Try again and this time try to be intelligible.

        • Dale Glenn

          Mitch, if a Muslim was yelling “Allah is great” after the parent asked a direct question about why someone should be able to be Muslim, then your analogy would work. Mr. Heslin asked why anyone should be able to buy “assault-style” weapons (and then he paused for an answer). Nobody is trying to discount Mr. Heslin’s loss…even the people that answered his question.

        • Teresa Davis McCormick

          if you think the media is the same as it was during the Bush administration then you have been asleep the last 4 years. Wake up and smell the propaganda sheepie

          • $30158943

            You are right, rather than just being a GOP booster, Fox is now a full fledged arm of the GOP.

          • Tel-Jonah Stern

            Because 95% of media in the tank for Obama isn’t enough. Who cares if Fox leans pro-Republicanism?

          • $30158943

            Leans? If they got any closer to the GOP they’d have to marry them. And your 95% comes from which orifice?

          • Heidi

            Do u consider msnbc, cnn, abc, cbs, nbc, npr, nytimes,wapost full fledged arms of the dnc?

          • $30158943

            No, what evidence do you have of that other than your opinion? There is plenty of evidence that Fox and Murdoch have coordinated talking points and strategy, including selecting candidates, with the GOP.

    • Tel-Jonah Stern

      What are you even talking about? Give one example to support claim Dana edited an entire presidency. 8 years of pathologically hostile media not enough for you?

      • $30158943

        Aside from her claiming that there were no terrorist attacks during Bush’s presidency? Try this one

        • carla5731

          I remember those days well. It’s too bad that the press isn’t interested in questioning anything coming from the Obama Administration.

        • Tel-Jonah Stern

          Who knows what your talking about. Knock yourself out.

        • $2943864

          McTootles – you still have your own definition of “torture” I see. Try to ease back on the narcissism a bit and let others have their own definitions mkay? I’m still ok with Dana and the Bush administration agreeing with the experts. Obama was ok with it too – when it allowed the Seals to take out Bin-Laden.

    • carla5731

      There’s a difference between a press secretary and a journalist. Well, there’s supposed to be but most of today’s “journalists” could switch places with Carney and no one would notice. They all have the same talking points.

  • Liberty Ranger

    Chris Tinkle on my leg Mathews called the light shinned on Hagel HATE. And what gets me is that the guy he is talking about, IS PRETTY MUCHA DEMOCRAT ANYWAY! McShame Pfft! Republican schmuckplican