Just when you think President Obama’s impossibly large ego can’t grow further, he makes it happen!

President Obama loves to insert himself in other people’s biographies. He also loves to honor people, most recently Neil Armstrong and Vice President Biden, with pictures of himself. All. About. Him. His laser-like focus never wavers from his own image.

And the narcissism continues: To honor the 57th anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus, President Obama paid homage with a picture of himself.

A personal moment, giving him to time to reflect, as always, on himself.

Rosa Parks’ history? She didn’t build that without Obama’s help. Criminy! Even honoring Rosa Parks is simply yet another reason for President Obama to stroke his own ego.

Update: Actor Adam Baldwin weighs in with the win.

  • TexasMeow

    Would Obama have had the courage that Rosa Parks had back then? I don’t think he would have. She was a person of conviction, willing to stand up alone against a world she knew was wrong. He is no Rosa Parks.

    • TugboatPhil

      Meow, I still think the reason for Obama hiding his birth certificate was that the original had him listed as White. Knowing how life was in 1961, he probably came out fairly pale and mom thought she’d try to spare him the pain he’d have to endure throughout his life as a Black.

      To answer your question though, he wouldn’t have had any courage. He’s always operated under a system that has been seeking to “undo” what Blacks suffered in the past. This gives him a hammer to strike with against White Liberals that feel guilt just by waking up in the morning.

      • Lady_Penguin

        Deep down inside, within the silly little boy, is the realization that he is nothing more than a propped up affirmative action tool, created and used by the white Lefties, to achieve their agenda. All the adulation and accolades cannot erase the truth from the subconscious.

        • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

          No TRUER words!

        • eddie333

          In the shadow world of his puppetmasters, he is nothing more than a tool to destroy the USA to move the world all the more closer to one world govt. In their world, he is nothing and is disposable. Only in the illusionary world created by the main stream media is he mistakenly thought of as great.

          • Linda Joy Adams

            Birther movement by NWO, they would not get his real records from Toepka KS a to set him free.

        • Linda Joy Adams

          Truth can set one free. Trying! Birth in Topeka KS. and he is honoring his extended famly here.

          • Sammy Davis

            Lady, put up or shut up.

      • TexasMeow

        Obama not producing his documents concerns me, only for the simple fact that people who do not provide all information asked for, either are lying or are ashamed of something. Everyone knows he is half white. So, that would not be of concern. There is more to the documents than he wants us to know about (college & birth certificate).

        In my opinion Obama operates in a very deceptive and untrustworthy way. Again, only providing partial truth. Disclosing only the parts he wants people to know. This type of leader is dangerous to the country. Unfortunately, he has too many fools fooled.

        • SpinMeNot

          My guess is his grades were lower than GWB — can’t be the smartest man in the room if a guy like GWB had better grades than he did. Then their is the issue of who paid for his education, and who is actual father is. BHO Sr? FMD?

          Its a giant shell game, and the American people are the suckers on the side walk.

          • wwbdinct

            That and the fact that he probably listed that he was born in Kenya for the financial aid and to boost his minority cred. He despises the white part of him. That’s why he was so willing to accuse his poor grandma of being a racist. He didn’t need to go into politics. What he really needed was years of psychiatric therapy.

          • Linda Joy Adams

            Kenya is not in shawnee county ks where he was born See my sites. he birther movement funded by the NWO to control him as he wa never told the truth and his esteemeed ral family on his dad’s side.

          • Sammy Davis

            Sites? What sites?

          • Linda Joy Adams

            Real dad muirderd by KKK and a class mate of mine, no investigition for 50 eyars and three dead on banks of the ks river in Topeka ks where he was born. let him mourn is fmaily he never knew by honoring a famous act. see my sites stats 7/26/12 of eye witness account. its convoluted and about the hot war going on in KS kept hidden unlke in the deeper south.

          • SpinMeNot

            let who mourn what real Dad? I have no problem with him honoring Rosa Parks — however when he has a staged photo that insinuates he is anything like Rosa Parks that is a completely different ball of wax.

            A speech in the Rose Garden, or in Montgomery would have been far more appropriate.

          • Maria

            Actually GWB had good grades. 😛

          • SpinMeNot

            Exactly … and therein lies the crux of my argument. BHO has been touted by the LSM as being the smartest POTUS ever. Yet, we have no evidence to support that statement.

        • Linda Joy Adams

          See my sites. Born in Toepka Ks. real dad murdered by KKK in racial attack on banks opf Knsas river and no investigiaton to date. let himonor his extended famly in peace and Orly Taitz needs to be asked why she left kris Kobach and me ‘hung out to dry’ in 9/12 when al he had to do was ask for the corrt order for all the records out of Toepka ks

        • Linda Joy Adams

          HE WAS lied to ! See my eye wuitness account of birth in topeka ks and the convoluted circumstances including murder of real Dad by KKK there

        • 1CatEye

          He is a “foreign exchange” student on those transcripts. That’s why we can’t see them. Either he committed fraud in school, or he’s doing it now. Either way, liar-in-chief.

      • eddie333

        Funny how he wants to undo what black ppl have suffered in the past, but what has HE done for them ever? Maybe making USA pay for slavery and euro-colonialism, but the Dems have made the black community suffer more over the last 50 yrs, and they are not done yet. 30% of the black population has been wiped out by the baby murder known as abortion.
        Going to keep them poor and needy to keep their vote. Undo THAT suffering, BHO!

        • Linda Joy Adams

          His mothe,pregnant,r and his real Dad attacked by KKK and left three dead including his real dad. The fear of the KKK and it wss real 50 years ago with many ‘disappeared’ caused the fake bio and the self rightous people of the time made it necessary for obama sr to marry her, in Topeka for her to have a marriage certificate and him to stay in USA see my sites for the eye witness account

          • Rosie46

            How many times will you repeat yourself without giving a site or evidence?

        • sodacrackers2

          He has done nothing for black people. He and his communist teachers and buddies and parents and grandparents are all revolutionaries bent on the destruction of the USA, the implementation of the NWO and the UN agenda 21. They don’t even hide their admiration for the world’s most evil dictators. He uses the same props that mao and hitler used: environmentalism, destruction of the arts, education, religion. He and his allies are setting up the whole world for tyranny and slavery. He, like the first community organizer, thinks he can be equal to God. The rest of us can only make sure we are right with God.

      • JustLikeAnimals

        I think his birth certificate shows he was born in Indonesia. Hawaii has a weird law regarding issuance of birth certificates. If a child is born outside the US, but can show at least one parent is a US citizen, then the state of Hawaii will issue a birth certificate.

        I think it also explains a lot of his inaction on big issues. He knows he’s not supposed to be there, and knows he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I think between his floppy ears he thinks it’s better to be criticize for doing nothing than criticized for doing something wrong.

        • Linda Joy Adams

          Born iN Topeka ks and real dad mrudered in a racial attack against both of them see my sites. Orly taitz can solve this by asking for the court order as a case ipending in Topeka. Needs to happen so we can make congress get something real done. This is legally a non issue as its explained on my sites since 7/26/12 and in daily recaps. I don;t agree with all the politics going on, but that is where our attn needs to be right now.

      • Linda Joy Adams

        Brin in Topeka Ks and Orly Taitz was asked to or the court order for the records and refused to do so and end all this. See my affidavit posted on my sies on 9/14/12 and eye witness acocount starts 7/26/12 and in daily recaps since

        • 6cheri6

          ENOUGH LINDA!! Give it a rest. No one is listening. You have said your piece (12 times) Now STOP!!

        • TexSizzle

          What sites? You keep posting the same lines without anything we can look at. Put up or shut up.

      • Amy-Jo Phillips

        I think his mom declared him as having dual citizenship…….which is ok to do, if you have a parent from another country. That is why he applied to colleges and law school and for financial aid as a citizen of Kenya. I am sure he used whatever citizenship status further his agenda.

    • SpinMeNot

      Obama has proven time and time again his lack of courage:

      * takes credit for the work of valorous men, then gets them killed because he can’t keep his big mouth shut.

      * unwilling to do the right thing for the country as whole, but happy to bow to the illiterate, indoctrinated special interest groups that got him elected.

      * purposefully divides this once great nation so that those that are free-thinking, literate, and educated (self-educated or formally) can not derail the monstrosity that is the corporatist, entitlement state

      * claims to be “one of the black community”, but has never lived there, never seen their hardships, and then gives them handouts instead of handups.

      I could go on, but it will just depress us all. Lies are all BHO has … he’s been lying since he was able to talk. Remember the stink over that DUI GWB had, alcohol at the age of 30. But BHO is hip because he was a pot-head/coke addict in high-school and college. Mitt Romney is a self made “rich white guy”, BHO is a affirmative action, narcissist as evidenced by this photo.

      I agree, he is no Rosa Parks, no Booker T. Washington — he’s a nothing that has lied and cajoled his way into office. He isn’t worthy to be on the same bus with Rosa Parks.

      • TexasMeow

        Yes, everything you said is true. The one thing Obama does excel at is selling the ‘Grand Illusion’. But, I think his biggest fear is that people will see him for what he truly is…a fraud.

        • agadofive.leti

          Yup, the Wizard of Oz (in the case U.S.).

        • Neptunian

          AN IMPOSTER!

          • Linda Joy Adams

            He;s real Born In Toepka Ks and real dad murdered in a racial attack before birth.

          • 1CatEye

            Who are you? Did they let you out for the day, or what?

          • Sammy Davis

            What freaking planet are you from? You are so misinformed its ludicrous. Next you’ll be telling us he’s doing a great job as President.

        • Charlotte Juett

          No CLASS!!!

        • Linda Joy Adams

          Truth will set us free. does he know now she was ‘family’?

          • Zanshi

            And unfortunately for you, you wouldn’t know truth if it smacked you upside the head. Go away.

        • Frances Pursley

          he doesn,t give a sh** what anyone thinks

      • Linda Joy Adams

        One needs to know the truth of their origins and he wasn;t i was stopped in 1/71 form saying anytig about his birth in ToepkA KSAND HIS REAL DAD MURDERED BY RACISS BEFORE BIRTH AND A 50 YEAR OLD COVER UP IN tOEPKA KS.

        • Sammy Davis

          Take some advice, stop smoking crack and go back on your looney meds cause you are obviously out of your freaking mind. You want to spout that stupid idiotic theory? Then where’s a hint of proof? Where’s any article that backs up your theory? Oh, and make sure its not one you wrote. Geez, where do you people come from….the fruit cake club?

    • irishgirl91

      He and the rest of the ivy league educated Chicago thugs would not do the grunt work themselves. They are comparable to the Imams that stay comfortably in the mosque while the young people go out with the bombs strapped to them. They don’t have the courage of their supposed convictions, they just have the ability to get people out to do their bidding.

      • TexasMeow

        You just described Osama Bin Laden.

    • Rulz

      Barack Obama, like most if not all of his followers. are of the world. Jesus tells us that a man or woman cannot serve two masters, meaning you either serve God or serve the world.

      Being a liberal means serving the world, and despite the over-exaggerated often fake struggles that the media portrays of being progressive, it usually is the easiest thing a person can be.

      • TexasMeow

        I think Obama is self-serving. The people that he surrounds himself with are fools if they believe they have his devotion. Every decision or move he makes, has only his best interest at heart. To him the end justifies the means.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Didn’t you know? His plan is to become the most infamous person of color, ever. Soon, he will be brandishing his own gem-encrusted goblet at state dinners, paying homage to his Prince Hall brothers.

          • Linda Joy Adams

            And his dad’s real family(not Dunham) were never in such a group after 1815. see my eye witness acocount of is birth in Toepka ks on my sites.

          • TexSizzle

            What sites?

          • Rosie46

            She is an idiot if she repeats herself this many times, keeps saying see “my website” and will never give the site.

        • lindajoyadams

          In my opinio:nStart with his own maternal grandmother that was hiding from her own KKK past and relatives at wesboro baptist church in Topeka ks where he was born. See my sites for my eye witness acocount starts 7/26/12 and in daily recaps since. She stopped me from saying anything to him in 1/71 f his origins. I shoudn;t have been shut up so easily , but one usually defer to the immediate famly about these things whern they are a child.

      • Linda Joy Adams

        Does he know he i honoring his own family here, yet/ see my sites of president Obama Born in Topeka ks

    • Linda Joy Adams

      He didn;t know her and should have. One has a right to knw who they are even if they are hiding form the KKK and have to create a false bioto do so. See my sites. Turn your hatred into the real fight for justice and Congress needs to oversee 6000 new regs being put on the books and we need to see they review them.

    • Beeta

      Hell no he would be on vacation letting everyone else take care of the important stuff..

    • Juanita Estrada

      Rosa Parks had to sit in back of bus because of democrats, party of pro-slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, anti-civil rights…

      • TexasMeow

        Democrats and Liberals seem to conveniently forget that.

  • conservativechick

    He’s a true dictator, in mind and ego.

  • Linda Ponzo

    Obama’s favorite song, ‘I wanna talk about me’.

  • syvyn11

    Reminds me of the time of Clinton. During a memorial of D-Day at Normandy, Bill is walking on the beach, found a bunch of stones and then arranged them in a cross.

    It was later revealed that Clinton staffers put the stones there.

    Everything a democrat does is phony.

    • GTJessop

      Al least Clinton attended D-Day memorials, this nozzle hasn’t attended in the last 3 years. (the only 3 years a US Prez hasn’t attended, go figure)

      • Lady_Penguin

        Prefer he not attend, that way he doesn’t desecrate hallowed grounds.

        • eddie333


      •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

        Too many white males are buried in the Normandy Cemetary. Not enough members of his base.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Wait, I thought the Dems were the party of the dead? I mean, their GOTDV (Get out the Dead Vote) operation is a well-oiled machine.

          •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

            Sorry the GOTDV program is offset by their prevent the military from voting program.

      • 1CatEye

        But all the attention wouldn’t be on his Zeroness. Can’t have that!

    • TugboatPhil

      And the Bill & Hill “dancing on the beach when no one was watching” staged photo op.

  • Fishin, Campin Chic

    Wow. Is his doctor too afraid of him to suggest medication? Of course, Narcissists never believe they have a problem, they think it’s everyone else who has the problem. If you study Narcissistic Personality Disorder, among many other disorders such as Bipolar disorder, they are all usually caused by severe child abuse, i.e., Mike Tyson.

  • Josephine (D)

    I wonder if Rosa(or any old civil rights leader) would be a fan of his. Yes, he’s (part) black, but he’s done nothing to help the black community. The old leaders used to be strong; now people like Sharpton and Jackson just want handouts for blacks. >.<

    • ranchdancer

      Would they supoort him knowing he is actually more Arab than black..43.75%

      • TocksNedlog

        Since WHEN is any part of Obama “Arab”?

        • Linda Joy Adams

          Obama sr not the biological dad, real al american dad murderd in radcial attack on both of them ( Ann was pregnant, too) on the banks fo the Ks river where he was born. See my sites

          • TexSizzle

            Present some proof.

      • sksjr

        stay on the ranch and keep dancing!

      • lindajoyadams

        Obma Sr is not his real dad. real dad all american and famly he is honoring here. Marraige to obama sr arranged by my Dad so she could have a marrige certificate and he to stay in USA. This man was not told the truth of is origins and I was stopepd from saying anything in 1/71by his maternal grandmother. See my sites. Orly Taitz has the case pending and Kris Kobach and Ii got;’ left hung out to dry’ back in 9/12 when all she had to do is ask for the court order for his real birth records rorm Forbes airforce base hospital in Topea ks. see my sites starts 7/26/12 and in daily recaps since

        • TexSizzle


    • eddie333

      Once upon a time, Jackson was a vocal opponent to abortion, knowing that many black babies were being slaughtered in the womb. Someone showed him the money and has kept his pockets lined with cash to keep his mouth shut.

    • Linda Joy Adams

      DId she ever know he was famaily?

    • Linda Joy Adams

      Next step: ask for full investigation for racial murder of his real Dad in topeka Ks thart left three dead and attack on his mother, pregant with him. See my sites starts 7/26/12 and in daily recaps since.

      • Maria

        So when did he go to Indonesia, in your version of his life?

  • BeyondPolls

    Did he forget that the liberals were the ones who were racists and hated people like Rosa Parks to sit on ‘their’ buses?

    • Linda Joy Adams

      and murdered hisreal dad on the banks of the ks river and attackd his pregnant mother just because they werean interrcial couple. This started all the fake id and bio to start with. read on my sites starts 7/26/12 hw it really was to live with real teroroism jst 50 years ago when the govt did nothnig to stop it.

      • BeyondPolls

        Umm…what are you talking about?

      • TexSizzle

        If you won’t provide us with the URLs of your alleged sites, we have to conclude that you are full of bovinus manurus.

        • Maria

          Look up her name on Facebook. I did and it’s moon batty.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    I don’t generally hate people, but I really do hate this man.

    • Joe W.

      God forgive me, but I do as well…

      • BlueGood

        Is there really no end to that Pryck??

        Why didn’t he dress in drag?? Bright RED lipstick would suit o’blamo to a T

        • yaya

          He saves that for when he’s with Moochelle

      • tdpwells

        Right there with ya.

      • Richard Easbey

        Count me in as well. Thank G-d I’m Catholic and can unburden myself in confession….

      • Beeta

        God forgive me but I do as well —also….

    • SpinMeNot

      I don’t hate him … its more a deep loathing, sizzling away on the front burner, with the gas turned all the way up. I don’t know him personally, therefore it hard for me to equate my feelings with regard to BHO to hate. I do hate what he, and the rest of the career kleptocrats are doing to this Nation.

      • sksjr

        about the same kind of heat generated from a cross burning?

        • Steve Smith

          Thats right, try and throw race into it – you JERK – nobody cares what color that jack-ass in chief is, he is a jerk, just like you.

          • John Galt

            Don’t let him bug you Steve. Wait until sksjr sees what he really voted for.

        • roycoleman

          its not about race you ignorant liberal its about a self centered jackass i dont care about his color and by the way he is half white so are you saying whites are racist against themselves

          • Tina Paegelow

            I was going to say the same thing. Libs always want to forget he is half white

          • aPLWBinAK

            Yeah…half white, half black….who cares? We care that he’s ALL Communist…

          • Jay Stevens

            If you believe the biographies, his father is part black and part Arab. Anthropologically, Arabs are Caucasians. Therefore, he is less than half black.

            But that really does not matter. What matters is that he is a product of the corrupt Cook County Political Machine (TM).

          • Areminder

            Wrong! The word “product” should be spelled PUPPET.!!!

          • Rita Wood Devins

            I often wonder where the White is???

          • tomyj1

            He is not 1/2 white or 1/2 black. He is all RED…

          • $23988033

            I am beginning to think he is just a plain old run of the mill Islamic Fascist Tyrant

          • Maria

            Liberal whites are racist against whites, so yes they are.

          • samswede

            Liberal whites actually hate THEMSELVES. That’s why nothing makes them feel better about themselves than when they can point their finger at others and say- RACIST!

        • gator fan

          always gotta throw out that race card. i bet you’re a complete white hating racist yourself. wow its kinda fun passing judgement on people you don’t know, you frickin’ racist.

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          Odd how lefties always try to equate a personal opinion to racism. Thanks guys, for continuing to show us that you’ve got the intellect of a gnat in mating.

          • srsheh

            Racist opinions are personal. Non-racists opinions are also personal. Thus one’s personal opinion can be a racist one.

          • Elilla Shadowheart

            That’s such a failing of logic, that even ethics and psychologist professors would make you write out an 8,000 word essay of “why this is wrong, and how I can understand differing opinions.”

          • truebeliever101

            Wow. How long did it take you to think that one up?

          • disqus_Ku5yEAXlV7

            That’s how simple minded lefties are, they think they can disarm your opinions by making outlandish chargers against your expressions of opposition.

          • comdoc123

            Why insult a gnat? LOL

          • Elilla Shadowheart

            I could have used a fruit fly, but they’re productive. Gnats are too somewhat, right up there with beerbugs.

        • John Free

          Typical libtard hatred.

        • SpinMeNot

          Nice try there, I’ve not got a racist bone in my body … I don’t give a crap what color skin a person has, or what religion they are, or what political affiliations they hold. It is about quality of character, I judge yours to be severely lacking.

          You know nothing about me, and accuse me of racism … project much? Go back to humping your coconut, your handlers will be by to give you a treat soon enough.

        • lana ward

          He needs a cross burnt into his forehead. The Dems think he’s Jesus Christ anyway

        • TexSizzle

          Your race card has been rejected for being over the limit. Please submit an alternate form of payment.

        • Maria

          Well the Democratic KKK would know, so ask them, unless you have some experience in that.. That is just racist.

        • Tom Boyce

          You may very well be the dumbest human alive today.

        • Emjay Grakykat

          Golly, look who’s the first to make it a race issue. Big surprise it’s someone who’s affiliated with the party of quotas and color.

        • Cappy Paxton

          Taking the easy way out I see. Keep it up – divide the nation, play into our present POTUS’ hands. Atta boy

        • Penmar

          We don’t know much about what kind of heat is generated from burning a cross, but apparently you do. Gotta watch that loose talk, you are showing your true colors there, pardon my pun. Oh and btw, loathe that dimwit Pelosi and mental midget Harry Reid just as much as our self appointed King who should be impeached and sent to prison for swearing to uphold the laws of the US while either refusing to enforce the laws or simply has one of his henchmen/women (Czars) create a new rule which bypasses our congress and the law or via Executive Order.

          • Fed Up!

            It’s not King…it’s DICKtator!!!

        • tomyj1

          ARE YOU TROLLING???

        • Debra Blouin

          What cross-burning? Do they still do that? I am just a little confused by your reference. You seem to assume it bears relevance. I wondered if you would care to elaborate. Thank you.

        • Seewetoldu

          Get informed….and not by your hero Chris Matthews. Try FOX !

        • Juanita Estrada

          You mean the kkk created by the dems? So if you hate Romney or bush it is because you are racist?

      • Roseann

        “Kleptocrats.” Perfect.

    • Linda Ponzo

      Hate, loathe and despise are just the tip of the iceberg of how I feel about him.

    • onesoldiersmom

      I do, too.

    • BigDogJunction

      Wholeheartedly agree.

    • rivers

      I don’t hate him. People who are so obtusely un-self-aware that they consistently make a buffoon of themselves make me flip-flop between cringing and belly laughs. This stupid picture made me laugh so hard coffee came out my nose.

      • Linda Joy Adams

        If you knew the whole story, then one might understand how this all happenend. see my sites. he;s just honoring his famly!

        • Kelly Layne

          how do you figure he is honoring his family? His family had nothing to do with Rosa parks get a clue

          • Beeta

            Just a photo opt. He should be taking care of the business he was hired by the idiots to do, No he walks out on Congress and goes out to campaigning again.. He can only feel important while the idiots that voted for him, his subjects, grovel at his feet stroking his ego. He does not care that the nation prosper ..that is against his agenda totally. He plans to deminish and dismantle the country to a 3 rd world country..He is out partying and vacationing on the amerian people. 4 million dollar 3 week vacation to Hawaii. People in the northeast are homeless and he spends 4 million to party. That would go a long ways in helping the homeless there.. But frankly I do not care what happens to the people there.. They were gulible and stupid enough to vote for him so they can just rot… Good luck with your Pres . up there in idiotville…hope you manage to stay warm while he is having fun in the warm sun…

        • Frances Pursley

          Honoring his family? He HATED his motherbecause she was white. Give me a break!

        • joepoli

          Linda, he does not have once drop of slave blood in his body. In fact, his father’s homeland was a hotbed for Muslim slave traders. They sold the slaves to the Asians and Europeans.

        • Maria

          His father is Barack Obama Sr. of Kenya.

        • mhojai

          OMG you are delusional! We can only hope you don’t procreate!

          • Grumpa Grumpus

            @Michael Hopkins:

            Goodness! You Progressives certainly are preoccupied with procreation and seeing that only the “proper” people do procreate!

            More forced sterilizations on the horizon, hmmm?

        • rickg62

          Let me guess, without looking at your stupid sites, you’re referencing the ridiculous claim the he is somehow related, through his white mother to the first slave in this country. Cue the Twilight Zone music.

    • Rulz

      Come on, don’t hate. VOTE!

      • Linda Hahn

        I did-he won anyway. Can’t help myself!

      • Deana Gardner Ray

        Um, I did and the idiot still won!

      • Sammy Davis

        What good is voting when they rig the voting machines to give dishonest results. Bozo won by fraud and we all know it.

    • Michelle

      I’ve said before, I’ve enjoyed a whole life without feeling hate toward anyone…and then this man came along. Now I know what it feels like to hate.

      • Linda Joy Adams

        read my sites and you may not like is policies, but your hatred needs to be trned on the KKK that murdered his real Dad

        • Kelly Layne

          The KKK were Democrats get it through your thick skull

          • bporter44

            People go to prison everyday and are executed trying to use child abuse, hate, and neglect as a defence for their crimes. Obama should be arrested convicted and executed for treason and murder.

          • Dan Daily

            The key is when they started they were, but the Republicans and Dems switched seats on that bus rather quick…

          • Richard Easbey

            Really, Dan? Did you know that DEMOCRATS blocked the Civil Rights acts in the 1960s–including Al Gore’s dad? Did you know that it took a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS to give women the vote? No? Dumbass.

          • Maria

            Not really. It’s the same old GOP as it’s been for two centuries. Still fighting to maintain The Constitution whereas the Democrats want to tear it down.

          • RosaMc

            Wrong. Please stop showing your historical ignorance. Records CLEARLY repudiate that stupid myth. Grow up and stop reading people’s “opinions” and start researching congressional records, historical documents, etc. You might just have an epiphany!

          • Dan Daily

            Wow 60-70 years ago the GOP were the good guys….take a look today you dumb twit…get the sound bytes straight from their mouths about how they really feel and you would be shutting your pie hole

          • Beeta

            It was the Republicans that freed the Blacks dear… And the KKK was your Democrat party… NOW what you got to say Linda??? His real day was an african. A bastard at that. just like obama..

          • Col

            I’m from the south and you are exactly right. When I was a teenager, I knew of several men in my small home town that were members of the KKK. According to what I was told by my parents, they were all dems. My parents were dems too but not members of the KKK. When I registered to vote I registered as a dem because all my family were democrats. As I got older and opened my eyes and started forming my own opinons, I changed to Rep.

        • Guest

          People go to pirson every day and are executed trying to use the defense that their crime is the result of lack of a father or abuse as a child. Obama is a sociopath if not a pychopath who should be arrested, tried, and convicted of murder and treason then hanged.

          • TMI

            Sociopath = psychopath. Same meaning. The term was changed from “psychopath” b/c too many people confused it with psycho (which is short for psychotic).

        • TugboatPhil

          I did read some of your stuff. You either did not listen when the doctor prescribed those meds, or you are willfully taking the incorrect dosage.

        • sodacrackers2

          You mean he lied about his real dad?

        • 1CatEye

          His father was a drunken bigamist from Kenya. How does the KKK come in? BTW, do we understand the KKK was the DEMOCRAT party? See Grand Wizard Robert Byrd, who sat in the Senate for about 100 years. He even called some people “white niggers” in one of the last interviews he did before his death.
          Please, Vanna, buy a clue.

        • Christine Isaacson

          You are one crazy white women.Obamiee and Moochie are real live losers and they are enjoying the destruction of this nation. His father was killed by the KKK? How about putting the crack pipe down and get into rehab.

      • srsheh

        I don’t understand how people here are expressing such seething hatred for him. I mean, how can you make that call without knowing someone personally. Is it possible to have differing views on society and government without it being a personal attack on the opposite view? I find many of these comments quite upsetting.

        • Richard Easbey

          Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I HATE what he’s doing. Although I suspect that as a person, he’s a complete asshole.

        • Maria

          I don’t like his personality. I don’t like what he stands for. Period. Ask your fellow Liberals if it was possible to not do personal attacks against Mr. Romney or Fmr. Pres. Bush? If you find our comments upsetting, there’s the X in the corner of the screen.

        • Beeta

          I suggest you take two asprin and go to bed then… Can’t have you upset now can we???

        • mhojai

          boo hoo! so upsetting that Amercians would loathe and despise this radical marxist poser who clearly shows anyone with a brain cell he cares for nothing but himself, and he’s doing everything he can to destroy this country. But hey, what’s not to like, right?
          If you can look at him and not puke, you’re as deranged as he is!

        • Kellie Alexander

          What I will never understand is why people get on these sites, only to criticize and throw blame at anyone who has a dissenting viewpoint from theirs. It seems pretty obvious from the title of the article what the subject matter is and where the author stands. If it upsets you so much, why do you keep coming back and reading this stuff. I’m not on a bunch of liberal sites — let them have their opinions and I’ll keep to mine and others like me. What gives?

          • $24698634

            So you prefer to have a circle jerk than an exchange of ideas. If you read/hear only those that agree with you, how will you learn anything?

        • Cappy Paxton

          If it helps, I will testify that I do not hate him. I have trouble respecting him. This country does not need a Hollywood President … not at any time. He wins because he has a better advertising machine. That is not a knock on him, rather a knock on the people that vote for him. I don’t care how many times I hear it … he is not a/the messiah.

          • Fed Up!


        • Sheerie Knoll

          You find these comments “upsetting”? DON’T READ THEM. You do, for now, have the right not to come to this site.

        • truebeliever101

          People tend to feel hatred when they are forced towatch something they love being destroyed. (Their country.) They tend to develop a hatred of being lied to. (Constantly, with impunity.) They tend to hate being loathed and misled by the people hired to represent them. People with a moral compass tend to hate those who mislead and take advantage of those who cannot speak for themselves (the severly disabled, the unborn, etc.) Now are you getting a clearer picture of why people are feeling hatred toward this person?

    • Penny Posten

      I don’t like having hate in my heart, but this President just makes me feel that way.

      • Linda Joy Adams

        Turn your hatred for justice for the three dead on the bnaks of the Knsas River in Toepka ks that casued he whole life to be a false bio. his real dad murdered in a racial frenzy over the interracial couple and the connectiosn to the parks family in the first place. All on my sites.

        • digitalPimple

          You’ve gone full retard. His dad died a drunk in Kenya. His family told the story. What kind of a fool are you?

        • Frances Pursley

          My heart bleeds for him

        • 1CatEye

          Let me guess. You went to public school and had a union teacher. I’ve never seen such incoherent, uneducated drivel.

        • Maria

          His dad was Barack Obama Sr. If you’ve ever looked at pictures of them side by side, you’d see the resemblance.

    • Sheerie Knoll

      I was at hate/loathe before the election. Now I’m at “Yawn”. You know: The president is giving a speech today. Yawn. The president is visiting a manufacturing company. Yawn. The president observes the anniversary of Rosa Parks….sits in bus for picture. YAWN.

      • Cecilie Gamst Berg

        Don’t yawn. That’s what he wants; a disinterested public that doesn’t get outraged. “Go back to sleep, nothing to see” is his ideal state.

        • Linda Joy Adams

          No justice for the trhee dead on the bnks of the KS river 50 years ago caught up n a tsturggle for rights for all. Ask for it. i did and worte AG Holder back in 9/12. posted on my sites

          • Frances Pursley

            Ho hum

          • Beeta

            Linda we want justice for the 4 dead in Benghazi that your pres watched killed and did nothing. He refused to send them help. The battle raged for 7 hours and help was 37 minutes away. Obama was gun running out of Benghazi to the Turks which were taking them to the terrorist and rebels in Syria.. This was reported by assad of Syria later..DEAD MEN DO NOT TALK.. The navy seals are all dead that got Bin Laden because the were going to do a tell all before the election..DEAD MEN DON’T TALK. The three gays in Wrights chruch were all shot in their appartments just before the election. His gay friends… DEAD MEN DON’T TALK. Brietbarts mysterious death and his coroner poisoned a day before he was to report on Brietbarts death. DEAD MEN DON’T TALK.. OBAMA’S GRAVEYARD IS GROWING BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS.. DON’T GET IN HIS WAY …

          • $24698634

            Invoking Breitbart says it all. By the way, you might want to spell the guys’ name right. But that was just as incorrect as the rest of your rant.

          • Beeta

            Linda do you think anyone believe Eric Holder ever. He is as big a liar as Obama.. REally???

          • Sheerie Knoll

            Linda, stop selling your sites. Not interested in anything the lying AG Holder, and you by extention, have to say.

        • Sheerie Knoll

          Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. HE and his photo ops, like this, make me yawn, the false narrative put out there by his “handlers”, because I know it is horseshit. I do pay attention to what he is doing to my country. My fault for not being clear.


        you just made YAWWWWWNNN

    • DaleVM14W

      Just one halfbreed $#*^skined communist imitating another.

      • sksjr

        your robe is showing!

        • Malcolm

          Your stupidity is showing.

        • DaleVM14W

          Your so stuck in the past, sksjr.

        • 1CatEye

          You do realize the overplayed race card doesn’t faze us anymore, do you?

        • Maria

          Nah, I think yours is. After all you’re a Democrat and that is the party of the KKK.

    • sksjr

      “Lord” explains the hatred

      • Maria

        Now people can’t put Aristocratic titles before their name without being criticized? I think it’s time I added “Lady” to the beginning of my Twitter name.

    • Darryl Vanderklein

      It’s ok when it’s not really a human being. He was manufactured by progressives from the day he was born. I just feel sorry for the innocent soul they ripped out of his infant body at birth to plant the demonic seed we see blossoming today. Metaphor, of course but no less practically accurate. I mean to say that it’s ok to hate what he is now, not the essence of his humanity which has been purged from him.

    • Susan Waterman Adams

      He’s now thrown Rosa under the bus.

      • Leonard Matchett

        Obama should throw himself under the bus. its calles Obama side

    • Sammy Davis

      A narcissistic megalomaniac with a messiah complex. What a jerk!

    • Bob Malone

      Funny I hate you.

    • NeoCon Hunter

      The sad part, for you that is, is that he doesn’t give a shit. Hmmm. What have we learned here?

    • Jade

      KKK can’t handle it.

  • Lisa Dean

    I can understand why he would want to be recognized on Rosa Park’s anniversary. I mean wasn’t that one of the reasons that led to his parents meeting in Selma during the march and he was conceived? Oh, wait….that didn’t happen.

    • lindajoyadams

      Real dad murdered in racial attack on banks of KS river where he was born. real dad–never published and I have hinted and so is he here, but I only know as his mother told my mother , her great aunt as she had gdnshp of her at the time. see my sites.

    • Linda Joy Adams

      Read my sites for the truth of Pres obama born in Topeka ks. Real Dad a relative he is honoring? His mother was attacked in the racial hate crime that left three dead inclufding hisrel Dad and could have caused a miscarriage. Very few know truth and the blood of three still cry out for justice in Topeka ks. 50 years late1

  • RowdyRepublican

    I am surprised Barry could fit on the bus…on account of his ego taking up so much room.

    • erehwon

      That’s about what Norman Mailer said to Gore Vidal in a classic ‘burn-down’ on the old Dick Cavett show — that Vidal needed two chairs to contain his colossal ego. Vidal replied that that would only be fair if Mailer and Cavett agreed to share a chair.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    what would happen if Cain or West did this?
    THEN the media would cover it as narcissist?

    • SpinMeNot

      More likely the LSM would cover it as an “Uncle Tom pandering to a community they have abandoned, in an attempt to garner support for failed republican/Republican policies”.

      Lt. Col West is a man of honor and integrity; more likely he’d make a short, concise speech, on the steps of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum in Montgomery. “I would not be here, who I am, without the courage of Rosa Parks”.

      • Maria

        And if he made a picture to commemorate her, it wouldn’t be him in the picture, but a picture of the bus or bus seat.

  • Itsy_bitsy

    Excuse me while I barf!

  • NotaLemming

    August 26, 2012 — To Honor Neil Armstrong, Obama Posts Photo of Himself –

    • SpinMeNot

      expose narcissism! well done … *hat-tip*

  • Marty Luther

    I bet you think this song is about you, don’t you?

  • radjahshelduck

    So if we had a National Venomous Snake Day, could we get a photo of the President standing in a pit of cobras, rattlesnakes, puff adders and fer de-lances?

    • Sandra

      No, for that he’d send Joe Biden.

  • freeinaz

    I bet he wouldn’t give up his seat either, even to a disabled elderly woman who really needed it. It’s all about him and has always been that way. The guy is sick.

  • NotaLemming

    Do you think when the anniversary of the Tunisian Market worker that set himself on fire at the start of the Arab Spring will get a similar Presidential Salute. I can see that picture of Barry now……………. flames and all! But being the son of Satan he probably wont feel the heat……… typical of a narcissist, huh?

  • Kabong30

    I don’t know why we don’t simply turn this into a meme. Some sort of “Where’s Barack?” kind of thing with him inserted into historical photos, travel brochures, comic strips, etc.

    • erehwon

      Because he’d look stupid in a red and white sweater and Valerie and Moochelle couldn’t allow that.

      • Kenna Neel

        Caption time! “Me waiting on Rosa to board the bus.”

        “I built this bus”

        • wwbdinct

          “What time do we tee off?

      • SpinMeNot

        He looks stupid already … but The First Wookie would object, that sweater just is not that fashionable. It would clash with the $2000 cross trainers.

    • R0nin

      It’d have to be, “Where’s Barack NOW?” Only he’d be pretty easy to find– he’d be everywhere.

    • taliesin319

      Capitol idea. How do we go about it ?

    • lindajoyadams

      Start at the beginning of his birth and circumstances surrounding it in Toepka ks then the whole NWO unravels and hundred years of cover up and intrigue-see my sites.

  • TocksNedlog

    Bus token appearance

    • erehwon


  • Lidsamy

    oh for chrissakes.

  • Everybodys All American

    How long before Obama commissions a change to Mt. Rushmore?

    • HARP2

      Not enough rock for the ears.

    • dennylee60

      Forget Rushmore. Our new Lord and Savior will mandate his photo in every home, church and synagogue (mosques will be exempted no not insulate Islam) to be worshipped.

  • jonny

    you fox news watchers are dumbasses

    • Maria

      Funny. We think the same thing of Lame Stream Media viewers/readers (CNN, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, etc.). Don’t like the uncut truth that makes your Obamassiah look bad do ya? Too bad.

  • jonny


  • Claire Adams

    If Obamacare was a bus, where would Catholics be allowed to sit?

    • TocksNedlog

      Under the wheels

      • Maria

        You’re being generous.

  • Claire Adams

    If Obama’s IRS was a bus, the Rich would have to buy a fleet of buses and put the receipt in the coin slot to get a ride. They could choose whatever seat the want, as long as they lie down.

  • ginny_cw

    I don’t like the word hate either, so I’ll say despise. This so-called leader is dismantling America brick by brick. To hang with the likes of George Soros and countless other communists is deplorable and nothing short of treasonous. God have mercy on America.

  • Red47

    Classic old time Propaganda. Our Dear Leader on The Bus.

    • taliesin319

      Must be a bumpy ride for him considering all those people he’s thrown under that bus.

      • Red47

        That’s funny. Is this bus even going anywhere?

        • TexSizzle

          “Forward.” Over the cliff.

          • Red47

            How could I have missed that?

        • aPLWBinAK

          No…too many people underneath it

    • Linda Joy Adams

      One must tell their children the truth of their origins. This is what happens when one is lied to. see my sites.on birth in Topeka Ks
      Read my sites and then you would knw he is honoring his family.

      • Red47

        Propaganda is what it is. It is not the result of his upbringing other than the Communist, Marxist, Madrassa parts. If he were the victim of his daddy being killed by the Dems, he would be shouting that from the mountaintops. It would HELP his political career. You have bought into a whole entire propaganda story.

  • Tracie

    Wonder how long traffic had to be stopped and how much money this pic cost?

  • Seewetoldu

    Ya,. I’m pretty sure Rosa Parks wasn’t a radical muslim. And thank you for people who said you actually hate this man, thank you…because I genuinely do too.

    • Linda Joy Adams

      The hatred needs to be directed to what caused all this in the first place. The racial attack on his parents that ended with murder of real Dad and mother fleeing for her life pregnant with him. see my sites for eye witness account of birth in Topeka ks and its 50 years late for justice for three dead.

      • Maria

        His real dad is Barack Obama Sr. from Kenya.

      • Seewetoldu

        You can direct your hate to whomever you think. But I will not change my mind of exactly who I hate. This despicable Muslim president Obama

  • Knitting Zombee

    with so many people disliking him, how’d he get re-elected? FWIW I don’t like him either. I voted for the other guy.

  • TocksNedlog

    Not pictured: all of the unemployed blacks that are walking because they can’t even afford to take the bus.

  • Kevin Morris

    mr obama could not hold rosa parks purse!

    • c2

      What? He’s the most courageous, most intelligent, most athletic person to ever walk the earth…no one has ever done more for people than he has. 1.800.HOWS.MY.SARCASM

  • poolguy

    If you’ll notice, the bus … like this country under his leadership … is not moving forward.

  • Sharon Kremer

    There are no words or enough space that would enable me to express how he makes me feel,nor the outrage at those who support him.

    • GTFOBigGovt


  • sqeptiq

    I don’t know what’s more ridiculous: conservatives pretending to admire Rosa Parks, or peddling the line that this president ought to be invisible, even though you relished George W.Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” carrier landing antics.

    • dmacleo

      I knew it would not take long for someone to revive that old meme.


        Or the “republicans and democrats have switched sides over the years.” LOL You can’t even call them liars because they believe their own lies.

        • Maria

          Funny isn’t it? LoL I don’t see how we’ve switched sides at all. We’re still for everything the GOP has stood for since its creation: The Constitution. It’s the DNC who wants to mess with The Constitution.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Liberals have some new form of Tourettes wherein all criticisms of their Lord and Savior are answered with the words “Bush”.

      You also willfully ignored History class. Or maybe your union government schools stopped teaching History when you attended.

      Conservatives don’t claim a perfect record on equal rights but it SHINES compared to the Democrats, which has been largely attributable to racial segregation and abuse.

      Regarding slavery, Republicans called for its abolition. Democrats declared: “All efforts of the abolitionists, or others, made to induce Congress to interfere with questions of slavery, or to take incipient [to initiate] steps in relation thereto, are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences, and all such efforts have the inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people.”(Democratic Party Official Platform, 1848)

      Ku Klux Klan was founded by DEMOCRATS in opposition to Republican-led Reconstruction.The first grand wizard of the KKK was honored at the 1868 Democratic National Convention, no Democrats voted for the 14th Amendment to grant citizenship to former slaves.

      The Civil Rights Act of 1875 was written by a Radical Republican Senator Charles Sumner, co sponsored by a Republican and after 5 years was signed by a Republican president, Grant.

      Condoleeza Rice has said: “The first Republican I knew was my father, and he is still the Republican I most admire. He joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did. My father has never forgotten that day, and neither have I.”

      Alabama was a Blue State when the 1900 Montgomery law was passed to segregate those buses. The Democrat Party Platform for that year said NOTHING about blacks and a hella lot about colonialism.

      The governor in 1955 when Rosa Parks was arrested was a DEMOCRAT, James Elisha Folsom, Sr. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was organized IN and BY CHURCHES. You know, the organizations that you hate and think have no right to even MENTION something political now?

      The original Civil Rights Act of 1964 was filibustered 57 days by DEMOCRATS. “We will resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races in our (Southern) states.” Finally, some Republicans with two D’s rewrote it enough to get passed.

      You are the hypocrites. And this ^^ is just part of it.

      Rosa Parks was a community activist and mentor to Dr Martin Luther King, a REPUBLICAN, not not anywhere near the corrupt Narcissistic level of failed community agitator Obama, who, by his own admission accomplished NOTHING in his time in Chicago. Of course, we know why he said that, because his goal was not to actually accomplish anything but to arm the radical left and their thugs with Alinsky methodology and advance politically. He never had any intention of actually “doing” something at a grass roots level. He only joined the Black Liberation Theology church for political connections, and now they’re UNDER the bus. . .

      The disgrace is that YOU, apparently draw a parallel between Rosa Parks and Barack Obama, who doesn’t have ONE SINGLE PHOTO of his own to publish or story to tell about his “OWN community organizing roots”. This is why he continually purloins the narratives of others. Even the Selma lie.

      And before you introduce the fake war on women, you’d better research that, too, because Republicans were definitely on the forefront of that “movement”, too.

      • sqeptiq

        The old pro-slavery and later segregationist Southern Democrats were conservatives as a rule. I loathe conservatives, be they Republicans or Democrats. At the time of the Civil War and shortly after, Republicans were the more liberal party and indeed I’d have voted Republican at that time. In 1877, however, the GOP cut a deal with Southern Democrats to end Reconstruction and allow Jim Crow, in exchange for Hayes being seated in the disputed presidential election. That was the year Republican support for civil rights largely ended. Republicans gained in the South starting in the 1960s by being more anti-black than the Democrats. No white Southerner ever became a Republican because he supported civil rights. No Southern Republican in Congress voted for the Civil Rights Act, not one: Northern Republicans voted for it at almost as high a rate as Northern Democrats, and for that I congratulate them. Also, there is no evidence that MLK Jr was ever a Republican. His dad was, but supported JFK in 1960. MLK Jr was to the left of LBJ, in private described himself as “a democratic socialist,” and called Barry Goldwater a “fascist.”

        • Maria

          We’re the same old GOP. We are for freedom as granted by our Constitution. You just can’t see it as you’re indoctrined by the DNC. Truly a pity.

      • Maria

        Yes, Republicans were all over Women’s Suffrage, on the side of women. If it weren’t for Republicans, women might still not be able to vote or own property, or anything!

        It’s sad that in public schools you will NEVER see any of what you wrote above, Ali Goria, taught. I learned it in college of all places and on my own. Mostly on my own. This whole chunk of American history has been practically buried.

    • c2

      Actually, Bush was Commander In Chief when the Americans on that vessel were at war.

      Obama – the half-white grandson of a banker, who spent his youth getting stoned at a private Hawaiian school – had not one thing to do with this iconic moment, and has never truly suffered for his skin color.

      See the distinction there?

      • sqeptiq

        George W. Bush was the civilian commander in chief and contemptibly cast himself as a war hero by landing in a military aircraft in military dress. And the many death threats made against President Obama as well as the racist abuse hurled at him and his family doubtlessly cause some suffering. We can be sure of this: if some all-white (not just half) Republican posed for a photo aboard the Rosa Parks bus, conservatives would lap it up, dogs that they are.

        • R0nin

          What “racist abuse”? It’s amazing how you libs see racism everywhere, except when it comes from your side. Me, I couldn’t care less about the fact that he’s half-black (or is that half-white?). It’s his liberal, socialist policies and the harm he’s doing to this country that cause me to dislike him.

          • sqeptiq

            It is racist to harp on that a black person is half-this and half-that, for one thing.

          • R0nin

            LOL, “harp”? Hey, I’m just pointing out that your claims of racism are silly. He’s equal parts black and white. But you and your ilk insist that this makes him Black– while to me it’s a non-issue. It’s his character, not the color of his skin, that concerns me. Too bad you can’t say the same.

          • sqeptiq

            Oh yes, you care so little about his skin color that you can’t stop talking about it and using it, and his mixed parentage, as a way to degrade him racially. Racist.

          • R0nin

            Pardon me, your obsession is showing. Project much?

          • TexSizzle

            Your race card has been rejected for being over the limit. Please submit an alternate form of payment.

          • c2

            So acknowledging someone’s racial composition – a simple fact – is “racist”? Wait. You said this:

            “if some all-white (not just half) Republican”

            I guess by your standard that makes you racist.

          • sqeptiq

            It is using someone’s race or parentage to degrade him that is racist. That is what conservatives do when they gleefully harp on about Obama being half-this and half-that. I didn’t use race to degrade that hypothetical white Republican, but rather to point out the hypocrisy of conservatives who would praise his photo op while criticizing President Obama in the same situation.

          • wwbdinct

            He’s the one that made it ALL ABOUT RACE …. from the very beginning. He, his surrogates and the media! I suppose you conveniently forget when they called the Clinton’s racist when Hillary was campaigning against him.

          • sqeptiq

            Hillary’s “hard-working white people” remark was offensive. No wonder conservatives liked it.

          • Maria

            No it’s not racist, it’s telling the truth. He is half Caucasian and half African. No one should be so offended by their own heritage they would deny half or even 0.1% of themself. All this racist BS is just haters hating. Blah blah blah. Rant rant rant. Rage quit.

            EDIT: Cleaned up the post a little bit incase no one knew what an Aryan or Caucasian was. Simplification is key.

          • c2

            The most powerful people in America are black. It would be nice if leftists could manage to stop pushing the meme that they’re struggling for some kind of equality, while simultaneously kicking with all their might the “old, white men” they have on the ground. (There’s no shortage of old, white Democrat men, I might add.)

        • c2

          So i guess you’re saying that Obama, being a “civilian commander in chief” (who, unlike Bush, never served in the military at all) shouldn’t take credit for any military successes on his watch (Bush was there to congratulate OTHERS, we should note) or wear so much as a flight jacket.

          And I hate to break it to you, but ALL PRESIDENTS get threats. As far as “racist abuse hurled at him and his family”:

          He takes no more abuse – likely less, in fact – than others in public office. Do you think the Bush family ever tires of seeing GWB portrayed as a monkey? Do you think Sarah Palin’s family was amused by t-shirts calling her a c***? Are the Obamas special in some way?

          They can console themselves, I guess, with $4 million Hawaiian vacations and a $1.4 billion annual budget compliments of the American taxpayer, that they now seek to bleed dry.

          As for your final “point”, speculation that exists only in your fevered progressive imagination has no value and isn’t worth countering…”dog”.

          • sqeptiq

            It’s your job to complain about attacks on Republicans, not mine.

  • onesoldiersmom

    It would be great if he would mark Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon, by recreating it. I wouldn’t mind that one bit.

    • R0nin

      He’d have to leave his helmet off, though, so we could see it was him. Hey, now there’s an idea!

  • Garth Haycock

    Obama’s lust for notoriety knows no satiety.

  • RMA

    History rewritten.

  • lazypadawan

    His personal history has nothing to do with the plight of Southern blacks 60 years ago. He has no experience with Jim Crow. But he still feels a need to craft an identity that doesn’t exist. Oh and throw himself into anything historically significant.

  • rant stocks

    We need to stop this guy,he has shit-on and defiled any and everything he touch’s….

  • kayakingfatso

    I cringe when I hear his voice. I hate that he’ll never go away- we’ll be talking about him and his destruction for many, many, many years.

  • mickeyco

    Notice he’s the only one on the bus. Everybody else is under it- where he threw them.

  • Elizabeth Lipp

    OMG. That is too much.

  • dennylee60

    It is sort of appropriate with all those empty seats around him.

  • rightofcntr

    Do no be surprised if the libs are building a much larger statue to stand next to and dwarf the Martin L. King one at the Mall.

  • judy

    Everyone who posted here should get out of their pjs, get off the computer and GET A LIFE!!!! This is simply a picture of a person trying to get a feel of what Rosa Parks felt on that memorable day, nothing more. When I visited the Rosa Parks Museum a couple years ago, I thought of doing the same thing as Obama did (fyi, I am white). Why don’t all of you man up and finally admit to yourselves that the reason you have hated Obama since day one is because he is black? Thank God there are more of us sane, intelligent, non-racist people in the United States who were able to get Obama reelected, than all of you feeble-minded racists!!!!

    • c2

      “I thought of doing the same thing as Obama did (fyi, I am white).”

      See, I wouldn’t have thought of defiling an iconic moment in American history by sitting my privileged ass in that place.

      But that’s just me.

    • c2

      Oh, and by the way…would you have had your photo taken, and blasted it around the world too?

      • judy

        Yes, because I imagine very few people have actually visited the Rosa Parks museum to see this bus. Have you?

        • c2

          No. So? I still wouldn’t treat it like a prop in MY life story.

        • wwbdinct

          BTW Judy. I notice that you called everyone here “feeble minded racists”. So we’re not just racist anymore, we’re “feeble minded racists”? Way to dehumanize those who you disagree with. You do know the Nazi’s loved the term “feeble minded” and used that reason as an excuse to start exterminating people?

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          I’m 96.
          My *very* best friend, the father of the wife of one of my sons and I marched for civil rights!

          And I level criticism at Der Dingleberry everyday. I do not hate him, but then, I don’t hate cockroaches, either.

          I would say, “he is a disgrace to his race” — a phrase used often by my best friend — except that this man isn’t a blackman. He’s a faux black! He had to learn to imitate black Americans by watching reruns of “Good Times” and “The Jeffersons”, and he even does a crappy imitation— any minute during a speech I expect him to yell “Hey Weezie!”

          He is an insult built by a racist political party to alliw idjits like you to feel morally superior so you can assuage the guilt over a hundred years of KKK, Jim Crow and Dred Scott by attacking those who, unlike you & yours, have substance when we criticize a president!

          Are you seriously trying to pass off the notion that the complaints of accounting tricks for Stinky!Care, the fact that he got a Seal Team killed by violating Federal Laws, that he out & out lied about his “Rose Garden Terrorism” speech (go watch the video before you try to tell me he didn’t) are b/c he’s got some extra tan?

          Please go learn something, or gain some experience living before you open your flycatcher!

          And you are projecting your own hatred of those different from you! So “man-up” yourself!

          You embarrass yourself.

          • Maria

            Bravo, Grumpa Grumpus! You said it better than any of us could! <3 Please keep on Grumpin', Sir! And thank you, your best friend, and the wife's father of one of your sons for your march for Civil Rights!

        • Kenna Neel

          Yes, I have. Imagine? So, you assume. How broadminded of you.

          “Thank God there are more of us sane, intelligent, non-racist”
          “Wish you folks were half as open-minded as I am.”

          Open a little wider, I’m sure there is room for your other foot.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      That dog won’t hunt. Scroll down for a brief history of why it’s DEMOCRATS who have been the racists since, well, forever.

      • judy

        Ahh….you are wrong again. You do remember that it was a Democrat President, LBJ, that pushed through the historic Civil Rights Act in the 60s?

        • Kenna Neel

          He pushed nothing, he simply did not veto it.

        • Maria

          It took heat from the Republicans to pass it. If there had been no heat from them, he wouldn’t have. Next?

    • kayakingfatso

      I don’t care what color he is. Most don’t care what color he is. Skin color seems to be your issue- you just had to point out that you are white to make what point? His policies are bankrupting our country. He was only re-elected because people want something for nothing. You’ll be kicking yourself soon enough for voting for him.

      • wwbdinct

        She had to point out that she was white to prove to herself she is not a racist. She has to assuage her white liberal guilt. It’s a mental illness.

        • judy

          You guys are really pathetic! I have no “liberal guilt”. I am sooo proud to call myself a liberal, to accept people no matter their color, sex, sexual orientation, etc. Wish you folks were half as open-minded as I am.

          • wwbdinct

            Isn’t it time for you to be out of your PJ’s and stop trolling Judy (uh, I mean Eva)?

          • Maria

            Newsflash: We accept people based on personality. We discard all the other irrelevant physical details. The personality and the essence of a person is ALL that matters. I guess we’re more enlightened than you are. When you see past the body and into the soul, that is when you have reached our level. Until then, keep being “open minded” as you call it and seeing race, sexuality, and other mortal physical attributes that don’t mean anything in the afterlife. *laugh*

    • c2

      Oh, and here’s another question for you. If I loathe Harry Reid as much as I do this destructive, U.S. Constitution-hating president (he’s okay with the vile new Egyptian one), what does that say about me? That I hate old, white men? Is that racist?

      • Maria

        Don’t forget that dastardly Pelosi and Hillary.

    • wwbdinct

      Obviously you are at your computer in your pj’s as well and have no life otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this story and commenting on it.

    • R0nin

      You go first, Judy, since you posted here– get off the computer and get a life.

    • operanerd1986

      The race card is getting old. Find a new trick.

    • Maria

      Breaking News, judy: We have jobs. We pay for the welfare, section 8, and food stamps. We come on here to talk about OUR beliefs and politics. If you don’t like it, there’s an ‘X’ in the upper right corner of your screen (if you’re using a PC, if not go to the upper left). Do you wish to stifle our ability to converse freely? Doesn’t sound American to me to want to do that.

      I don’t like Obama because 1. He stands for the opposite of everything I believe in. 2. He stands for the opposite of everything I believe in. 3. He stands for the opposite of everything I believe in. 4. He stands for the opposite of everything I believe in. 5. See 1, 2, 3, and 4.

      You are a rude and very hostile person. You think people cannot vote against someone without being called racist. That in and of itself is racist. You want to force people to vote your way because you have a little race card that you wave around like a little flag. Grow up, woman. FYI- I was pulling for Herman Cain instead of Romney in the primaries, and not because he was black, because I liked his politics. And I am pulling for Col. Allen West, Mia Love, or Marco Rubio, or anyone else in 2016, regardless of race, who knows how to run a government correctly instead of into the ground like Obama has. /fin

      • judy

        I’m very curious what your “beliefs” actually are so we could compare our beliefs. I look forward to hearing from you.

        • Maria

          My beliefs are represented in my many posts here on Twitchy and my Twitter. In short: I am a Patriot, Christian, and Pro-Israel.You can look through all 3,000+ posts, but that is all I will offer as I really don’t wish to converse with someone like you who calls everyone a racist. I haven’t the wish for a migraine, nor do I have the time to sit on my butt and talk at length for hours. I work.

          • judy

            Being a patriot isn’t a belief. Sounds like you are afraid of any intelligent conversation. Obama is the best thing to happen to America….he is still picking up the pieces of the disastrous Bush W years.

  • $23629333

    How does placing himself in an old and other-than-him-empty bus “honor” Rosa Parks? Is history not his strong suit?

    Why didn’t he recreate the scene involving Rosa Parks? Have the front half of the bus filled with people like his mother, and the back half filled with people like his father. Place himself somewhere in the middle, and have him refusing to give up his seat to someone like his mother. That would have better told the story of Rosa Parks.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      OH but he’s associated with the Selma march, too, remember? This Fascist regime is very clever brainwashing the unwashed masses. And all by “composite” FFS.

  • digitalPimple

    The White is like his vacation spot complete with pictures.

  • ratizbad

    I think that is the short bus he is riding shotgun on.The only child from the Washington area.

  • wwbdinct

    If we’re going to rename the 7th planet after Obama, how about “heisananus”?

  • conservmommy

    Merry Obamamess everyone!

  • Dian5

    There he is, my fellow Americans, barak obama. Once again basking in the non-existent rays of his own imagined intelligence. What a wonderful gift to America his Impeachment would be! What do you say Congress, can you make this a Holiday Season to remember for joyous reasons?

  • michael s

    More bellyaching like a bunch of pregnant women. What’s next attacking the White House Christmas dinner? You might as well since El Rushbo called him Santa Claus,Romney said he won by giving out gifts. O Reilly Ingraham said he won by giving out free stuff. Maybe if O Reilly behaves he’ll get a box of loofah sponges.

    • R0nin

      Hmm, the left’s War on Women continues…

      And if you don’t think he was reelected because his constituents want him to give them what other people have, then I have to wonder about you.

    • kayakingfatso

      I’ll pay no mind to what his family eats for Christmas dinner, but his wife sure does want to put her nose into what I eat for mine. He bought votes with MORE empty promises. This man is not a president. He’s a D list celebrity, at best. So, what’d you get to vote for him?

    • dkhilly

      There’s that pregnant women simile again…but you totally respect women right?

    • operanerd1986

      What is your problem with pregnant women, @michael_s_1:disqus?

      • michael s

        No problem. Just an analogy.

        • dkhilly

          Ever use that analogy with your pregnant wife?

          You know, on second thought, maybe it does work. I’m pregnant, and I get very intense pains in my stomach from this baby kicking around inside of me. As a conservative, I admit, I feel some pains from the adult babies kicking around inside our country.

    • NoU4EN

      There is NO White House Christmas dinner. In case you haven’t heard, Obama’s and their entourage are going to spend $4-5 MILLION taxpayer dollars on their decadent 21 day vacation in Hawaii. And FYI, to set the record straight, Obama awards what he believes is “free money” LIKE SANTA to his supporters – Solyndra, Costco, etc. And in his new proposal, he wants another $1.6 TRILLION to hand out. Are you a taxpayer, michael s?

    • Maria

      They were right.. LoL He did win by giving the illiterate masses free stuff.

      • judy

        Actually, you are part of the illiterate masses.

  • Joseph Phillips

    Pompous picture of someone who believes he’s a hero. I believe he’s a meglomaniac.

  • Chip

    Mid–terms in 23 months. Get smart on incumbent liberals and start anti-blogging them now!!!

  • Bobbie Evoy

    Rosa Parks had ENOUGH GUTS to STAND UP, do you? Sign this petition to ask your state representative to NOT ACCEPT ELECTORAL VOTES that were mailed today! ‘LOOK’ there is NO ONE on that bus stopping him….or is there? Read the petition here:

  • Sandra Jo Gulden

    Is there anything this jackbass won’t insert himself into?

    • Joe Souza


  • Carol Beck

    Carol Beck Wait a minute here, that Rosa Parks Bus is at Henery Ford Museum. By the way Rosa Parks took that Bus to WORK !

    • judy

      This bus is at the Rosa Parks Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.

      • Adamboysmom

        actually, the bus is in Detroit a the Henry Ford like Carol said. The funny thing to me is that he isn’t even sitting in the right seat. Wouldn’t you think that he would want to sit in the very seat that she refused to give up?

      • Kenna Neel

        No, it’s not.

      • Carol Beck

        Wow, that bus gets around.

  • Joshua

    This isn’t the first time, I just wish I could remember the other time he’s done it. I think it was something about space is all I can remember.

  • stellap
    • Joe Souza

      Say that it was taken last century, for that matter. It’s still a stupid picture.

    • Maria

      Either way, it was still used to “honor” Ms. Parks with.

  • Denise Barton Rader

    Wait for it, next all the pictures of former Presidents will be replaced with Obamas ugly mug.. Moochelle as Martha Washington, featuring Susan Rice as Betsy Ross!!!

  • kevinb1986

    Great picture that serves to remind us all that it was the Democrats that fought against the Civil Rights movements. Republicans had to force equal rights down the Democrats throats.

    • judy

      you are totally kidding aren’t you? You do realize that it was a DEMOCRAT President, LBJ, that pushed through the Civil Rights Act in the 60s? Better read up on your history. Lincoln was a Republican, yes, but by the 20th century and today, the Democrat Party has become the Party that represents ALL people, not just the white minority.

      • Zach Peterson

        Look closer at history jackass. It was the writing of mlk’s ‘I have a dream’ and ‘letter from Birmingham jail’ (which Dem pres Kenny placed him until mlk sr. Agreed to campaign for a Dem politician in the area) that caused the real signing of civil right’s. MLK should get 80% of the credit, and most would agree. Also, MLK Jr and sr were both republicans…

      • Linda Joy Adams

        SEn CARLSON did so my white brothr-in law and sister could register and vote in Monroe La as republicans. Few understand, its all about power. many whites were moving south getting professional jos and it was upsetting the power base. Sen Carlson talked with them when they were home for visit in Topeka ks and got the FBI to do a stng and in !964, votes of Ouachita parish , la dids not count for pres as punishment. Whites had to get theruight to vote first, My sis, Dr. Theora Hardy-Fike who also became known for integrating the Girl Scouts of USA in Monroe, La. (Topeka Ks where Pres obama, her third cousin was born) Topeka has a rich history that is still unknown.

      • Kenna Neel

        Johnson did not “push” it through. He was a completely bigoted, womanizing, racist. they don’t.

      • CherDash

        You mean the same LBJ who said “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democrat the next 200 years”? That LBJ?

      • Maria

        Wow, you are blind and a little dim. Hence why you’re a DIM-ocrat. Do you even know how hard the Republicans worked to get Civil Rights passed? It took a long damn time and took a lot of convincing LBJ. The only reason he did it was so people would be “indebted” to the Democratic Party and then teach their children to love the Democratic Party and so on.

        The party that represents ALL people is the Republican Party. It’s just half the Nation is brainwashed by the Democrats. Why do you think Dems want to give out free stuff without making people work for it? It’s to keep them on the plantation where they can win their vote over and over. Any rational human being could extrapolate that. You’re merely a pawn.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        WRONG. History? OK…

        I don’t think you know history or you would have mentioned that LBJ in the Senate also had a prior weaker Civil Rights Act in 1957 so you’re just citing one small fact about the 1964 act when he was POTUS.

        Republicans don’t claim a perfect record on equal rights (like Liberals do) but it SHINES compared to the Democrats, which has been largely attributable to racial segregation and abuse.

        The Civil Rights acts of 1957 and 1960 were passed during EISENHOWER, a Republican. You heard of them, right? In part, enforcing 15th Amendment black voting rights? That 1957 act had loopholes allowing SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS and the Southern Democrat voting block in Congress to still discriminate in employment, voting and segregation.

        BTW the 15th Amendment was during GRANT’s Presidency, a REPUBLICAN. You may want to read up on the 13,14,15th Amendments.

        You might recognize the 14th as the one that while the Citizenship Clause was FULLY INTENDED for slaves, you Liberals twisted to promote anchor babies.

        Anyway, New legislation was proposed by GOP President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his message to the 86th Congress on February 5, 1959, when he stated “that every individual regardless of his race, religion, or national origin is entitled to the equal protection of the laws.”

        HE proposed:

        Strengthen the laws that would root out threats to obstruct court orders in school desegregation cases

        Provide more investigative authority to the FBI in crimes involving the destruction of schools/churches

        Grant Attorney General power to investigate Federal election records

        Provide temporary program for aid to agencies to assist changes necessary for school desegregation decisions

        Authorize provision of education for children of the armed forces

        Consider establishing a statutory Commission on Equal Job Opportunity Under Government Contracts (later mandated in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to create the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

        Extend the Civil Rights Commission an additional 2 years

        After JFK won on a civil rights platform he did nothing until finally in 1963 a bill was being debated when he died and yes LBJ took up the platform BUT:

        The original Civil Rights Act of 1964 was filibustered 57 days by DEMOCRATS. “We will resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races in our (Southern) states.” Richard B Russell, DEMOCRAT.

        Finally, some Republicans along with two D’s rewrote it enough to get passed. Liberal text books and other documents subsequently claim LIES that it was Humphrey who gets all the “credit” for that against Republicans which is just brainwashing, which, you’ve apparently been victim to.


        Regarding slavery, Republicans called for its abolition. Democrats declared: “All efforts of the abolitionists, or others, made to induce Congress to interfere with questions of slavery, or to take incipient [to initiate] steps in relation thereto, are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences, and all such efforts have the inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people.”(Democratic Party Official Platform, 1848)

        Ku Klux Klan was founded by DEMOCRATS in opposition to Republican-led Reconstruction.The first grand wizard of the KKK was honored at the 1868 Democratic National Convention, no Democrats voted for the 14th Amendment to grant citizenship to former slaves.

        The Civil Rights Act of 1875 was written by a Radical Republican Senator Charles Sumner, co sponsored by a Republican and after 5 years was signed by a Republican president, Grant.

        Condoleeza Rice has said: “The first Republican I knew was my father, and he is still the Republican I most admire. He joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did. My father has never forgotten that day, and neither have I.”

        Alabama was a Blue State when the 1900 Montgomery law was passed to segregate those buses. The Democrat Party Platform for that year said NOTHING about blacks and a hella lot about colonialism.

        The governor in 1955 when Rosa Parks was arrested was a DEMOCRAT, James Elisha Folsom, Sr. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was organized IN and BY CHURCHES. You know, the organizations that you hate and think have no right to even MENTION something political now?

        You are the [ill-informed] hypocrites. And this ^^ is just part of it.

        And before you introduce the fake war on women, you’d better research that, too, because Republicans were definitely on the forefront of that “movement”, too.

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          @Ali Goria:
          Your rehearsal of what happen is spot-on. I know: I lived through it.

          And your comment that Progressive history books have out-&-out lies in them is also accurate. Previous to the Progressive Movement using the university tenure system to take over academia (following the counsel of Antonio Gramsci as reprinted semiannually in the ‘Communist American’ newsletters…), you’d get the history books striving for accuracy, but acknowledging “the warts”— after all, they’re part of what made us, too.

          The only fault I find, if you desire to count it such (I don’t see it that way, ie as a fault) is to amplify the fact that LBJ’s version was watered down and toothless the whole purpose if it was to put up a bill that would provide Proggies cover w/o actually doing anything.

          It was offered with a promise that a more comprehensive bill would be sent up later– this was “just to commit the ‘weak sisters’ among us” was the word that came down.

          What wasn’t counted on is a staffer had an attack of conscience.

          He came forward with evidence that after the worthless bill was passed the Progressive would then say “a bill’s been passed! Another bill’s a waste of time!”

          This so angered the bulk of the law makers that it pushed many Dems into voting for the bill.

          The other problem, one that caused a critical delay– thereby giving time for the staffer to have a change of heart– was the bill was crafted to be so weak that it caused mass hesitation, even among the Proggies who agreed with the method & concept.

          Anyway, Great Job and thank you!

  • Mike

    Hm. I expected the President’s bus would be…shorter.

    • $5326605

      Excellent comment.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Ironic considering that neither he nor his father ever put up with that. Now Herman Cain, HE had a couple of great stories about growing up under segregation. One day he snuck a drink from a “White” fountain, turned to his brother, and said, “It tastes just the same!”

    • CherDash

      Condi Rice has some stories about growing up under segregation, also.

  • Katt

    Staged photo completely narcissistic and lessens the important historical significance of Ms. Parks courage. Wrong on all levels. BO’s huge ego needs a reality check.

  • Bobbie Evoy

    ‘LOOK’ no one is on the bus stopping him………………’NO ONE’ stands up to him!!!! Rosa Parks ‘stood up for herself’ but the majority do nothing but complain.

    • Bobbie Evoy

      Everyone on this list is SUCH AN EMBARRASSMENT!!! Just a bunch of people ‘complaining’ and when given an opportunity to ‘DO SOMETHING’ as easy as signing a petition to get your STATE REPS to fight this……….YOU DO NOTHING! What a disappointment Americans have become!

      • Maria

        How do you know WE HAVEN’T signed a petition? Are you psychic? :-)

  • Coach B

    Elaine hit the nail on the head. Look at every vicious dictator in history. They were (and are) all narcisists and, like Obama today, inexorably gather power unto themselves while the grateful sheep graze. We’re going to regret Nov. 6 even more than we already do.
    The good news is: all dictators are eventually gone. Can we survive?

  • Zach Peterson

    Someone should inform the moroninchief that Rosa park’s bus driver was a democrat and MLK Jr. Was a registered republican.

  • eddie333

    Probably staring at his relection in the bus window.

  • $5326605

    The Obamanation.

  • frank marshall davis

    “He” is looking out the window to the teleprompter directives…

  • cscape

    this was VALERIE JARRET’S idea…… he doesn’t even take a leak without her say-so

  • 2War Abn Vet

    You have to laugh, otherwise you’ll cry.
    Rosa to Obama, “You’re in my seat”.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Self-absorbed, arrogant failure of a human. Utterly pathetic.

  • MaddMedic
  • Independent Tom

    Were it not for liberals, the mirror industry would have gone bankrupt decades ago.

  • stuckinIL4now

    The more I look at that picture, the more Obamuh looks like a waxy likeness of himself. Did somebody rob Madame Tussauds and put that glop of wax on the bus?

  • Bigeddie173

    I don’t hate BHO as much as I do the Obamanites who cannot see how narcissistic this man is. Rosa Parks was a great woman who deserves to be honored for all she has contributed to race relations in our country, but Obama cannot help himself in trying to make it about him. Once again BHO, the campaign is over!

    • J.Milliscone

      While there are many things that I disagree with the POTUS policy wise, I would say that this one is OK.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Obama’s Bus: He’s sitting all alone, because his ego leaves no room for anyone else.

  • Karl H

    well I said he was a mamas boy and when he grows up to be a big girl he wants to be just like Rosa Parks. Let the child dream, as long as he sits there daydreaming he is not taking proactive steps to raze America to the ground.

  • crookedwren

    If you haven’t read Stormer’s None Dare Call It Treason & Chambers’ Witness, please do so ASAP. Give those books a try & then give them as gifts. Clearly shows why this man was just re-elected. We have work to do, folks. Took a century for the Party of the KKK to deceive the progressive-educated people into thinking the Dems are “more for the people” (to quote some young college students recently asked to define the difference between democracy & a republic).

    The only thing Orwell missed was the date.

    We are in deep waters. And the moral cowardice of Chief Justice Roberts & others in the Administration who should be telling the truth is aiding and abetting the lie.

    Then there’s the American Pravda or TASS: the msm.

    Evil is defining itself as compassion, and millions of our neighbors and family members can’t see it.

  • Imaconservativ1

    Didn’t he also honor Neil Armstrong with a picture of himself looking at the moon?

  • T.J. Powell

    This just makes me sick!

  • J.Milliscone

    So the first Black-enough president sits on the bus where one of the pivotal moments of the fight for racial equality was. That’s not narcissism and you are trying to belittle the history that he is. The whole Biden and Neil Armstrong pics… yeah that’s inexcusable but this one is different.

    • Maria

      How is it different? And history will remember him as the worst president of the U.S. I doubt Ms. Parks would have wanted such a failure as Obama mimicking her breakthrough in the fight for Civil Rights.

      • J.Milliscone

        This instance is different because, historically, he (not him as a person, but as a figure) is another part of the progress of equality in America.

        If you can separate yourself from your own opinion (I would argue that George W was the worst POTUS ever), I don’t see how you couldn’t recognize the correlation of “the first lady of civil rights” and the first Non-white president who people call black.

        • Maria

          GWB factually was not the worst POTUS, however Barry is. Ms. Parks knew true oppression and racism, and fought for equal rights; rights Barry has taken for granted his whole life. He’s not achieved anything by himself, Ms. Parks did! He makes a mockery of her strides for equality. That is offensive.

          • J.Milliscone

            Please site specific data points that you are using to make that assertion.

            I would assert that the economic collapse, 9/11, our loss of face in the nation were all Bush’s failures. Perhaps you don’t recall those, but I was there. 😉

            Americans all take civil rights for granted because they are inalienable rights and therefore are inherent in our existence. Judging from your other replies you seem not to understand our constitution, political system, or immigration policies, but I’m always willing to listen to another persons ideas.

    • Karl H

      How is Obama Black enough? Did he grow in in the inner cities of America? What part of Black American culture has Obama ever been a part of?

      He lived outside the states and when he did come to America he lived the rich white privileged upper class life.

      Who are his friends and associates? Just how many black American friends does Obama have?

      The last time I checked he always surrounds himself with rich white leftists. The only blacks he has around are for the entertainment of his rich white friends.

      So what exactly makes him “black-enough” as you say?

      • J.Milliscone

        You clearly don’t follow him so you can’t know who his friends are. If you mean is he surrounded by white people when he is working? Of course he is. Ignorant people would have a field day. They already claim hes taking reparations for blacks (Hannity, Malken, Limbaugh, and Coulter have been quoted several times using such ignorant commentary

        I can tell you’re not Black or you wouldn’t say such ignorant things. It’s not your fault that you are unaware, but it’s plainly your fault when you shout your lack of understanding from a mountain top.

        The fact of the matter is he ISNT white. Which is why people call him black. He’s black enough that racist will say he’s born in Africa or will wear racist Romney/ Ryan shirts, etc etc… Please tell me what the it means to Black since you seem to have so much information on the subject matter.

  • Ilma Diaz-Bohaczyk

    The best thing for hate is to pray. President Obama needs a lot of prayers and as people pray for him the will of GOD is done. GOD will ultimately will have His way.

  • Carlos Molina

    Most self-centered POS ever!!!

  • lindajoyadams

    Hate the KKK that cased him to never know who he really was! See my eye witness acocount on my facebook, twitter and blogger stgats 7/25/12 and in daiy recaps sicne of how the NWO has handled all this! Time for the WHOLE TRUTH to come out. ask orly Taitz why she won’t ask for the court order for his Topeka Ks birth record?
    Des he now know she was family?

    • TWG2A

      Since the DIM party created the kkk, and fought AGAINST each and every civil rights movement through the 1960’s, I doubt very much obama and his marxist klan will ever fess up to what they’ve joined.

    • Maria

      He was born in either Hawaii or Kenya, dear. His father was Barack Obama Sr. Look at the side by side photos and you’ll see a good resemblance. :-)

  • Robert Varner

    Wonder how his spouse feels about his nights out with “the boys?” No sympathy but it might explain her constant look of hatred she has on her face.


    OLD NEWS ABC ran this in April 2012..just sayin

  • Tanker74

    Because of Rosa Parks, young African-Americans can sit anywhere on a bus they want and attack fellow riders of different races.

    • Linda Joy Adams

      But the parks extended family had to flee for their lives and one ended up murdered on the banks of the Ks River, where Pres was born in Topeka Ks

      • Maria

        That was not where he was born. lol

  • Duke7734

    Next thing he will do is stand on the balcony where MLK was killed

  • Scott Davis

    He’s no Rosa Parks!!!!!

  • Chris Znicz-Niedzwiecki

    Hope he bought a transfer!

    • Joe Souza

      : )

    • borntodie

      This made me laugh for some reason.

  • John Free

    To my Black friends- Enjoy History while you can. The President has plans to TAKE it from you. In order to have ppl embrace the FUTURE he envisions, he MUST eradicate ALL ties to our GLORIOUS HISTORY. OTHERWISE- we MIGHT embrace the FIGHTING SPIRIT that made this NATION GREAT. Remember the TUSKEEGEE AIRMEN, who foought-and dieD for ‘OLD GLORY’- NOT Obama’s flag. He CAN’T be selective- leaving Black History and taking White- to do so leaves a heritage of BRAVERY and HONOR that MUST be SILENCED.

  • gulfcoastmom

    Why do so many of us feel the way we do about him? Is it intuition? Is it decernment? What is it? What do some see that others don’t?

  • Steve_J

    Once again riding on the coatails of others.

  • gulfcoastmom

    Why do so many of us feel as we do about Obama? Intuition? Spiritual discernment? Why do we each see something different?

  • Seven Thunders

    So basically, on this anniversary Obama threw Rosa Parks UNDER the bus….. Good going, President Megalomaniac.

  • darcy922

    This man makes me physically ill. He present himself as Gods equal.
    I just do not think that I can take another four years of this president, the arrogance he presents it almost unbearable

    Then there’s the media, his watch dogs and protector and the way they talk about this man you would think he’s a prince with mystical powers.

    I dread to think of the of the next four years under Obama and I just wonder if congress has the guts to stand up to him and not to give in under his demands. because if they do give in we’re finished as a country. I was referring to the fiscal cliff.

  • Rocky

    This does not surprise me at all. What will come next is that his minions will slobber all over him for honoring Rosa with his grand presence.

  • Alex Rothfelder

    Well, this makes sense considering he’s the first black president, and Rosa Parks is a significant civil rights leader… Don’t understand why people are freaking out.

    • Maria

      We’re not “freaking out” as you so emo-ly put it, we’re pointing out the truth that he is narcissistic and inputs himself into pictures that tribute and honor others. THAT is narcissism. He thinks he’s the greatest thing to happen to the U.S. when that is the farthest from the truth.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i don’t hate him. i can’t, because i have children who pick up on these kinds of things too easily. i don’t think he is very good at his job and wish he would figure more than a few things out before it is too late.

  • Maliheh Banoo

    I am proud this intelligent man of honor and dignity is the leader of the United States of America, President Barack Obama.

    • Maria

      Be proud all you want. We’re not. Nor does any sane person think he has honor and dignity.

  • $129448

    He is so in love with himself it makes me sick

  • TRyan

    I feel like I’m smack in the middle of Atlas Shrugged with no way out!!!!!

  • tingle007

    the gaul that he should compare himself to her. Her sacrifice and courage is why his life has been so easy. She wanted to be treated as a human being. He wants to be treated as a diety.

    • Maria

      It’s a sad fact with the later generations of any People who were fighting for Civil Rights. They know not the struggle of their relatives and ancestors. They take everything they have for granted.

  • Guest

    What is he looking at? The other museum displays?

  • Joe Souza

    Yeah, o.k., well, there are two problems with this. 1)When Rosa Parks was on the bus it wasn’t empty; which is the very reason why we even know who Rosa Parks is. 2)On that day, Rosa Parks, by sitting, was standing firm—standing firm for equality, respect, American rights, and dignity. She was something, she was someone, and she was some kind of determined. This “poor excuse” you see in the picture lacks all these qualities, and by making this picture public, he only proves my point. If he really wanted to honor Rosa Parks, he’d do what I do every year; stay home and thank GOD for such a remarkable woman.

  • Bob & Pat

    Sad case ,,,,he will never be Rosa Parks

  • xristosdomini

    It’s unfortunate, but we have to put up with this schlock because BHO isn’t just POTUS. More correctly, he is the First Black President of the United States. Meaning, he isn’t just a politician, but becoming a symbol of the victory of the struggle of the racial minority against the yeeeee-vil white power hoarders. Do I think this is necessarily his narcissism? Not exclusively… I think we would have to be badgered with the history angle regardless of which African American individual claimed the title…… unless they were a republican, in which case we would see a bunch of pictures that had been photoshopped with half-eaten packages of double-stuff’d oreos.

    • Grumpa Grumpus


      I would be satisfied with that, and endure the silliness in silence, except:
      (1) He isn’t.a NBC and therefore has no right to the office. To be honest I’d rather see Sharpton as President than this illegal squatter. His father was never a citizen, therefore he fails the Natural Born Citizen test. And it doesn’t matter who certifies him, nor how many butt-kissers do the verification. It changes things as much as SCOTUS’s finding in Dredd Scott.

      (2) I’m even more tired of the gratutitous charges of racism leveled by racists.

      If they had refutation of any substance they’d use it. I’d also like to point out tl those pinheads that, even if a racist warns you not to drink cyanide, do you do it anyway?

      Does an argument from a racist negate the facts therein contained? That “rasist!” is always the answer to any argument made in good faith should open the eyes of reasonable people.

      Then there’s this wonderful piece of work, Judy, who just “hates conservatives” — yet by her arguments shows she knows less than nothing and has a mind like cement: mixed up & set.

      And my great grandchildren will be treated to stupidity like this.

      Arrrrrrrrrrrrr ——
      I’m fit to be tied, that’s all.

      • J.Milliscone

        1) You are choosing to refuse the overwhelming evidence about his place of birth. That’s just willful ignorance.

        • Maria

          We don’t know if it was Hawaii or Kenya, sweetie. Either way you slice the cake (and this is a metaphor by the way), his father was not American. Grumpa Grumpus is, as always, spot on.

          • J.Milliscone

            Sorry lil mamas. You clearly don’t know how our system works. It’s ok but you make yourself look silly.

            And there is more than enough documentation that we’ve seen that’s been verified by both Republican and Democratic officials.

    • Maria

      He’s our 1st Mulatto President, you mean.

      • xristosdomini

        No…… I’m pretty sure I said what I meant. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton declared him our first black president and those are the two voices on race politics that people care about. It’s how BHO will be in the history books (which means that most of his blunders will be erased by the “redemption” of 400 years of African slavery) and, as such, it is the brush by which we need to paint his career now.

  • gmcft

    I don’t think some of you people should use the word “hate” when talking about the person occupying the Presidency.

    It just seems cruel and un-called for.

    However, his immediate incapacitation by cardiac infarction would be welcome.

    • Maria

      I’m sorry, are we not allowed to exercise the 1st Amendment? Liberals were throwing the word ‘hate’ all around with Bush from 2000-Now.

      • gmcft

        I was trying to be funny and I thought my last sentence would clarify that.

        Once again I have not communicated effectively. :o)

  • lindajoyadams

    The comments today are just terrible. I don’t agree with all the political things going on, but most are commenting from pure ignorance as its been spread around so much. The presiden was never told of his birth in Topeka Ks. His real Dad’s mured in a racial attack against his parents that could have caused a niscarriage. You can read thedetails on my websites, blogger, facebook and twitter linked starts 7/26/12 and in Daily recaps each day since. Its a story of the real and somtimes deadly racial war going on in Ks and Topeka just 50 years ago. unlike the deeper South where ‘everyone ‘ knew there was real dangewr, it was often kept well hidden. The whole false bio and intrigue started as a resutt of fear of real terrorists that wore whit sheets and came in the dead of night and too often, under them were their police badges the wore in the daylight. Justce for three dead still cries out. Orly Taitz could end this and get the court order for his birth records as she has a pending case. Sec of state kris kobach can’ t release with out presiden’t signaturte or that. Help our president know the truth of his origins to set him and us Free.

    • Maria

      Those men in white sheets were Democrats. And hate to break it to ya, kiddo, but Barry Soetoro (Obama) wasn’t born in Topeka. No one really knows whether it was Hawaii or Kenya.

  • christine

    I know the history behind Rosa Parks and if he was truly honoring her he would of used a pic of her and not of himself. Obummer is a self centered prick


    Amazing that the bus was large enough for his ego

  • LightSabre

    The legacy of Rosa Parks? Obama in the White House. She should have been kicked off that bus.

  • Ender1679

    Obama has no shame and no honor. I have no respect for him and dislike him more than any other politician in the last 50 years.

  • 1CatEye

    The “anus” part would be right.

  • Michael John Naretto

    Honoring Rosa Parks…I can dig it. But being a total douche in the process….not so much.

  • Eural Jones

    U2s Bono does the same thing. People who capitalize and recieve honor on the blood of martyred Saints.

  • Snarky D

    Had he been on that bus when Rosa was there, he’d have pushed her out of the seat, taken it for himself, thrown her under the bus, and then blamed the Republicans.

    • Michelle Li Vigni

      which is why we thank the lord he WASN’T there

  • Kyle McCoy

    Look, folks. It would take a man this self-absorbed to look at our economy and think things were good. My problem is that way, way too many people like the smell of what this idiot is cooking. Not surprised or angered at all.

    • Maria

      The reason why people like him is because they all have the same selfish mentality.

  • Eural Jones

    What a horrible discusting thing to do.

  • BearReed

    mene mene tekel upharsin

  • Skevvy

    God help us. Four more years of this “bullsh–ter”. 3 or 4 more Supreme Court appointments… Kiss it goodbye, America! All hail Big Brutha!

    • J.Milliscone

      Yet the TSA and DHS are republican backed departments formed under a Conservative presidency. If you’re going to dislike someone at least let the reason be real.

  • Guest

    I notice that he is in the front. That must be his white half.

  • Debbie

    What a flipping loser jackass.

  • Debbie

    oh and I forgot loser.

  • Debbie

    who is destroying our country

  • Erik the red

    What a sorry bunch of commentators that hang out here.

  • Carl Brown

    This is racist where are all the white people? and the Hispanics?

    • Maria

      Well, Obama is half white and half there’s two races there.

  • Maria

    Not surprised. He’s a narcissistic megalomaniac like many of his followers. “Truly a legend in his own mind.” God Bless Rosa Parks and what she did for the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Marilyn McAllister


  • PlanetoftheAtheists

    I love Obama, not cuz he’s a great president (not progressive enough for me) but because he makes the worst people in our country hate him. He’s a lightening rod for every idiot in America. There is a movement to have his likeness carved into Mt Rushmore. I will donate to it tonight

    • Michelle Li Vigni

      is that right? well I’m sorry to break it to you honey but i don’t think there’s enough rock on that mountain to put his big head. and who exactly are these ‘idiots’ you’re referring to? the ones who DON’T want to be on food stamps and live off the government for the rest of their lives? seriously who?

    • Karl H

      SO why not go someplace that is progressive enough for you? There are plenty of third world human waste pits where you can live out the “progressive dream” Cuba, China (actually China is probably too capitalistic for you, it was for Castro)

      As for Mt. Rushmore, really? Why? if you want a likeness of Obama you never have to go farther than the local veterinary office. Just look at the hind end of a dog with swollen anal glands.

  • nonyabus

    The Bible tells me I am to HATE EVIL and LOVE what is good. And, henceforth, I shall

  • Michelle Li Vigni

    just when you think Obama can’t get any MORE full of himself.

  • Discochip

    Hmm, that looks oddly familiar like the bus that takes treasonous felons to a hanging in Kenya.

  • W Randall

    Rosa Parks didn’t do what she did for the recognition and attention. This guy is a serial narcissist, for gods sake he was raised in Hawaii, went to private schools and smoked weed! He is no Rosa Parks. He has set the black race (of which he is barely half) and race relations back 50-60 years.

  • Bob Malone

    Funny how you would all rather spend your time being petty than trying to come together for the sake of OUR country.

  • Sean Hill

    Y’all have lost your minds! Romney nor Bush nor any of YOU have an ounce of the Courage, Strength or intestinal fortitude in one little finger of Rosa Parks! To actually stand up for what’s right! Not trying to help the rich get richer, or “The Good Ole Days!” Or “American Values” which put Rosa in her predicament in the first place! He’s a helluva a lot better than Bush or that Extreme Tool Romney!

    I don’t mind true debate or disagreement. That’s what this country was built on. It’s necessary for our democracy, but what y’all represent is a ground swell of pungent hatred that is disastrous to progression!

    Y’all are just extremely sore losers & haters. But, that’s needed, cause he makes his haters his motivators, so hate on … #SoreLosers #TrueNarcissist #TrueHaters & Y’all are sooo much more worse!

    • Michelle Li Vigni

      where does it say that someone said something bad about Rosa Parks? I’m re-reading everything and I’m not seeing a single thing against her. I love what Rosa Parks did for our country and for the respect that she rightfully deserved. But Obama doesn’t have to pose for a picture on a bus, like he did with Neil Armstrong’s anniversary to the moon. answer me why our president feels necessary to pose pictures of himself for these accomplishments made by others in history. please let me know because i just LOVE a good debate.

    • Karl H

      No one said a damn thing about Rosa Parks you illiterate ignorant fool. Re-read the comments before you embarrass yourself by thinking comments about the Incompetent Barack Obama have a damn thing to do with the Courage of Rosa Parks.

      If you think a massive central Government with control over everything from dietary choice to auto companies is progress you obviously did not read much as a kid.

      It is the stuff of dystopian nightmares. It is not loosing or hating, it is terrifying for anyone who has even the most rudimentary understanding of history. I do not hate Barack Obama the man, but Barack Obama the president is as terrifying as giving a 4 year old a gallon of gas and a pack of matches. Only in this case the house that will be burnt to the ground will be the entire nation.

      The only people who have lost their minds are the ones who think anything Obama has done has or will ever improve the nation or the economy.

      Do you really support someone ordering the murder of a US citizen without even the pretense of a trial? Will you feel the same when you are the one being targeted? Do you even know a damn thing about the 6th amendment?

      Do you really support indefinite imprisonment without trial?

      Do you really support warrantless searches?

      Do you really support sending money and aid to terrorists groups in Egypt and Libya?

      Is that the America you want? Is that your idea of progress?

      Are you serious?

    • Maria

      Your post was funny. Thanks. 😀 But, seriously, maybe you ought to get some reading comprehension skills. We haven’t refuted Ms. Parks’s achievements in the Civil Rights Movement. We have actually praised her. We are outraged that someone like Obama who was privileged all of his life and hasn’t achieved one thing in his life that was positive dares to mimic the greatness of Ms. Parks. Your post is rife with ignorance, incomprehension, and is quite frankly disgraceful and offensive. The Democrats were not on her side, they were against Civil Rights. Republicans kept pushing equality and LBJ caved. To this day the GOP strives to up keep The Constitution whereas YOUR party wants to tear it down (limiting the 1st Amendment, 4th, and wants to do away with the 2nd). And yes, Ms. Parks was a Republican. Next?

    • Dick Beninya

      Sean Hill FAIL! lol Go back to playing XBOX else get up to speed.

  • Eileen Peters

    I grew up learning that you never “hate” people. I brought up my kids never being allowed to say that you “hate” a person. You can hate a movie, you can hate peanut butter, but you never “hate” a person. My kids were never allowed to say that they hated their parents, never allowed to say that they hated their brothers or sisters, never “hating’ people. Unfortunately, after 4 years of Obama, I have to say that I do “hate” him. I hate everything he’s done to this country for the last 4 years, how he’s divided the country by race, by social class, by wealth. I hate how he’s made Congress the object of his inadequate policies. I’m afraid of what he’ll do during the next 4 years. I do hate him. So sad to say. I’ve never felt that way about anyone else in my 62 years.

  • LordElrond09

    Wow, the President had a picture of himself taken sitting on a bus. Must have taken a lot of courage to do that.

  • Melissa Welch

    I really think it’s ok to signify the Rosa Parks 57th anniversary this way.I know he kind of a narcissist.I’m fine w/that.Queen Elizabeth is protentious.That’s very fine w/me also.They get to be those things.They are both extremely important people.The first Black President should signify the Rosa Parks event just as he did.It’s actually a very powerful picture.

    • Michelle Li Vigni

      if we’re thinking about it that way, then why did he pose for a picture on the anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s moon landing?

  • rob

    I don’t like his ideas or policies and did my best to vote him out of office, but I won’t begrudge him this photo. Self-serving it may be, but I agree that it should have been taken. There are so many bad policies and decisions to complain about that a photo op by the first black president to honor Rosa Parks & the civil rights movement shouldn’t be anywhere on the list of grievances. Let’s honor the office & position, and attack on the things that matter most – like maybe a fiscal policy that has brought this nation to the brink of disaster.

  • Twoiron

    But, but, but…he didn’t even sit in the back of the bus.

    The only other buses he has ever had contact with are a) the bus he throws people he has no more use for under (Susan Rice, get ready, you are next), and, b) the $1MM Canadian buses he bought for his 2012 re-election campaign.

    I hear he wants to use some of his 2nd Porkulus money (God deliver us, please!) to buy an Airbus for the new Air Force One…to get rid of the Boeing aircraft he currently is wearing out. Boeing is not a socialist-enough company to suit His Majesty, Comrade King Hussein Obama.

  • Guest

    ….next he’ll rename the Gangnam Style song/dance after himself, Obama Style….

  • EugeneSavoy

    @whitehouse the epitome of conceit and utterly contemptible. I do not recognize this country of brainwashed laggards.

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    No doubt his narcissism plays a part, but it’s more than that–it’s not an accident that Obama is portraying himself as a civil rights hero… fighting against white, racist opponents. It’s another brick in the narrative he’s trying to build, and a few more dollars in his Race-card account.

  • dackmont

    But did he wear a codpiece? That’s the only way to get a Presidential Picture taken.

  • loriannringold

    Wait, if this picture was suppose to depict what Real courage is, shouldn’t he be sitting in the BACK of the bus? Or better yet, UNDER the BUS

  • JackBlair

    Clinton thinks he’s Nelson Mandela, & Obama thinks he’s Rosa Parks. “Those nice young men in their clean white coats” are on their way.

  • disqus_FyQIokD9fB

    This man has a phycological problem. If his actions weren’t so harmful to the American people it would be down right halarious, dummylike, and a good impression of charlie chaplin in action. Is this guy for real? Sorry, but you didn’t do that, Rosa did. You would have never thought of it.

  • Don R

    Apologies in advance to special needs people, but this picture really looks like he’s riding the “short bus”.

  • Col

    What a big fake. Was it just a coincidence that a professional photographer was there for his “private moment?” Just another Obama photo op!!!!!

    • Karl H

      Just a media manufactured empty suit persona. Obama did not grow up in the US and when he finally did come to the US he lived the life of privileged white upper class exclusive private schools and all that it entails. He has as much in common with being black in America as Bob Dole, actually Bob Dole may be more qualified to understand being Black in America because he probably has more Black American friends than Obama.

      Obama even now surrounds himself with rich white leftists the only Black people allowed in his house are there to entertain the rich white guests. Somehow I just do not see George Soros, Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi as being very much part of the so called black experience.

  • jneider

    The symbolism of an African-American President of the United States sitting in the same bus as the one where Rosa Parks took her heroic stand…it is very very powerful. To think those who could not even ride in the front of the bus can now be the most powerful person on earth. It isn’t narcissistic, it is moving and inspiring.

    • Grumpa Grumpus


      No, it is not powerful, just phony as a four dollar bill.

      Symbols only have lasting power when there is resonance with Reality— otherwise you need to keep repeating it and its variations ad-nauseum to wear deep grooves of the phony symbol into your peon’s mind.

      There are many who grew up w/o seeing color making any difference. There are young’uns who started to grow-up w/o seeing any difference.

      One of my faults is that I’m a “people watcher”: I study people, their attitudes and actions.

      I’ve found that if I turn my hearing aids up, I can overhear conversations quite clearly.

      What I’m hearing is that people, especially those not yet voting age, are beginning to process that The F�Dingleberry is unable to be honest. They then look around on UTube and see all the worshipful deification Dingleberry’s getting. And who is providing the push to deify.

      The process of adding it all up may take a few years, and it will become resoundingly clear when the senseless debt comes due.

      After that, if the shell of the U.S. remains, there will never be another A.A. in higher government. The cry will be “vote for ‘x’? Why? Don’t we owe enough already?” And they’ll make much of the lack of dissent from the A.A. “Leaders”.

      It hasn’t hit home fully yet. But it will. Just like the leaders if the Soviets thought that the evil of Lenin and Stalin was permanently hidden, or Mao’s or Pol Pot’s, or the Il clan in N.Korea. But the Truth comes out.

      It is a deep shame, Margaret Sanger’s dream to first marginalize and then birth control out of existence “mud people” will finally see fruition.

      Progressives must be so proud!

      Who knows, we might get to see something that’s never been since the dawn of time: a happy Progressive!

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        The funny thing infront of Dingleberry is what happens when you use an umlated “u”.

        It should read Fuhrer Dingleberry. Sorry.

  • Susan ayers

    another idiot! I feel like I’m in some bad dream! Everyday this idiot does something weird..

  • v1cious

    So… when is someone gonna note that this photo was taken almost a year ago? Any moment, right?

  • brwhit

    Obama is the epitome of arrogance and failure!

  • chrissy

    Oh please tell me he didn’t really do this.

  • Cliff Brown

    Not to worry, President Obama, according to the pictures, was not sitting where
    Rosa Parks was sitting. She had five seats behind her to the very back bench seat.
    Obama only had four! Why? Did his “staffers” mess up, or did they “deliberately”
    miss-inform Barack so that he would not tarnish the absolute message Rosa was
    making? I hold the later to be the truth. God Bless America.

  • John Beam

    What can be said about it, other than it works with a certain class of person. I mean, he managed to get reelected in spite of his obvious narcissism and lack of any positive personal characteristics whatsoever. He’s the most powerful man in the world, in spite of who he is and the sleazy things that he does.

  • deadpammy

    Is he trying to lick the window? Where is his helmet?

  • Nick Reith

    Oh no, the President is using twitter to promote his brand. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. Rage on, simpletons.

  • John

    WOW…you people must all be “christians” I can just feel that good Jesus love!!

  • AZcommenter

    Reminds me of a story told about Obama’s childhood when he visited Indonesia a few years ago. Someone there who remembered him as a kid (a teacher, IIRC), said that when he was in grade school there, Obama asked some other kids about their ambitions. One said he wanted to be a general and command armies, another said he wanted to be an architect and build great buildings. When he was asked about his own ambitions, Obama said he wanted to be president, because then he could command the general to use the armies for the purposes Obama wanted, and he could command the architect to make great buildings for him.

    Hillary Clinton was mocked for pointing out in her primary campaign in 2008 that Obama has been nursing ambitions for power since he was in kindergarten, but her point was valid. Notice that young Obama did not say that he wanted to be president to make the world a better place, or to make government run more efficiently for the people it serves; instead, Obama craved power for its own sake — to use for his own self-aggrandizement. The story about little Barry tells us a lot about the type of man Obama is, and it’s just too damn bad more people weren’t paying attention to the message in the story.

  • George McCrea

    Wonder f he would gvive up his seat for Rosa Parks.

  • Kellie Alexander

    We need a “caption this” contest. Way too many brilliant minds out there not to do it.

    • Kellie Alexander

      I’m not that smart, but I’ll start. “Good old Rosa! If only my dad could see me now; no my mom, no wait dad…. No, my mom? Oh, dammit!”

      • creeper

        I’ll play. “I wonder if that guy over there on the corner has a bag of choom for sale.”

  • JonInVA

    Isn’t that the economic disaster bus? Shouldn’t he be in the driver’s seat?

    • creeper

      No, I think that’s the one he’s thrown all of his enemies under. Note, please, that there’s no one left to ride it except him.

  • DisgustedinTexas04

    Everything has to be all about him. Consummate narcissist.Pathetic and embarrassing.

  • Lance Turner

    I am one who hates this P.O.S. Nothing ra ci al about it. I don’t like Marxist/ Communist. If I were the artist, I would have gotten the Obama bobblehead, put it in a jar. Filled the jar with feces up to his chin, with a caption that said “I believe he can eat it all and free himself. To bad Americans are so entranced by soap operas, i.e. The General and his Mistress. Other wise Obama would be up on serious charges for not responding to save those 4 Americans in Benghazi. It is a shame.

  • [email protected]

    Let’s get this straight. The entity that needs to be “blasted” is the news media for giving any credence or posting tweets spewed out by every small minded, right-wing sore loser like the one who tweets his/her gripes, and whose purpose for existence now days seems to be to trash the POTUS. To be clear the photo op was simply the President paying homage to one of the persons who made it possible for him to be in the position he’s in today, period. To the right-wing nut jobs like the one in the “Narcissist in chief” article, Rush Limp-Bald, and the secessionist mobs, You lost! Get over it! Get a life! Sheesh!!

    • creeper

      What part of “narcissist” do you not understand?

  • Carol

    The hate should be about why Rosa Parks had to sit in the back of the bus in the first place.

  • Roseann

    Why didn’t he bring his whole family, plus his assorted other relatives, as well as Michelle’s. There were a lot more people on the bus that day that Rosa Parks decided to move her seat, and they were not her relatives.

  • ConradBaylor
  • Buddha Stalin

    The ignorance and hostility in many of these comments is disgusting. Wake the f*ck up and get a look at REALITY.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    The Milliscone Projection Machine has started again!

    Taking his Mind Reading act on the road!

    If any it wan entertaining, he could get a few rubles and would have to earn his chooming funds by-the-post.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Yes. Ling upgraded the droid soft keyboard again!

      Watch out for them flying Macros crashing all over!

      I’ll try to log-on to Disqus and fix the comment…

      Sorry everyone.

  • Juvenal451

    I’m beginning to see why this blog is called “Twitchy.” Sort of like a psycho in a slasher movie.

  • Juvenal451

    The bus is a museum exhibit which anyone may enter. But be warned: if you are the President, someone might take your picture.

  • creeper

    Recall that he did exactly the same thing on the anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s moon walk.

    It is always…ALWAYS…about him. If ever he falls it will be his raging ego that takes him down.

  • Bill Longnecker

    Isn’t the idea behind anti-racism is to not point racism out but to treat everyone equal! Right? Why does this President always shove racism front and center, when we have so many other problems to take charge of. I mean we all know that their is still a limited amount of racism on all sides and their always will be because some people are going to be idiots no matter what we do as a society. I guess I wish we could leave it in the past, acknowledge yes and absolutely celebrate it but stop making it a political tool to separate us as a people.

  • Jay McHue

    That pic is not new. I’ve seen it before.

  • Big_Foot

    Obama surrounded by empty seats. Clint Eastwood is probably having a good laugh.

  • RevJoe1

    This POTUS doesn’t have as much class as Rosa Parks had in her little finger. He is an embarrassment to this once Great Nation!

  • Roy Benton

    “we can’t have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.” Barack Obama “October 2010”

    Rosa Parks could not be reached for comment.

  • al1949

    Obama has no shame. It is now, always has been, and will continue to be all about him. He should be tarred and feathered.

  • DaveC

    He should be in the drivers seat driving the entire US off the cliff and into oblivion!!!

  • lillymckim

    Good grief that mans ego is huge first he highjacks a Neil Armstrong tribute now Rosa Parks!

  • Frank Wahl

    “I think I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m gonna
    think I’m a better political director than my political director.”

    So of course, he’s a better bus sitter than Rosa Parks.

  • fritzo2162

    So he sat in a seat to commemorate Rosa Parks….not sure what all the hate is about. Is it because the author of the article twisted the story around to make it look like Obama was having a “look at me” moment?

    • TexSizzle

      What other kind of moment does he *ever* have?

      • fritzo2162

        Yeah…that’s right. The man got elected so everyone could look at him and bask in his glory. People sure put a lot of thought into this stuff.

  • T M Callahaan

    So many Americans have visited historical places to have a personal sense of how far this country has come. Seeing an African-American president sitting in front of the bus that Rosa Park’s once sat in is a profound sight. No doubt Rosa Parks would be happy to see this picture. Parks did what she did for many people, not just herself.

  • Scooter Van Neuter
  • Dave Speller

    they should have staged the photo with Joe Biden trying to get him to get out of his seat.

  • _X3nomorph_

    Half white guy from Hawaii pretending to understand the black southern struggle. Yeah…

  • Oleg

    looks like it fired everybody, including the driver… or maybe it just farted.

  • [email protected]

    un-flippin’-believable-tellin’ ya people we are going to have a real problem if we don’t impeach him, or persuade the Electoral College not to confirm him(Deadline Dec. 17)

  • Guest

    Identity politics. B.O. It stinks.

  • ember

    What an ego! What will he do for Christmas? Maybe a photo of him laying swaddled in a manger?

  • BeeKaaay

    Obama only thinks about himself. He worships himself.

  • Gabriel Arthur Petrie

    Not content with stealing from the common American pocketbook, he’s on to stealing from the common American historical spotlight, maybe in the hopes of one day on to stealing from the common American sense.

  • Mari Eckert

    I don’t hate him. I just can’t stand to see him or hear him. Makes me ill.
    Same goes for his wife!

  • aaronbbrown

    Barack Obama is the greatest president in US history, the Lincoln of our time. God damn I love America! :-)

  • OnTheRightInTampa

    Pompous ass….

  • Mike Wilsin

    Obama is down with the struggle, the black unemployment rate stands a ta stellar 14.3%under this clown watch.. But it doesn’t matter one bit to the moron class.

  • massjim

    Hey, is this the same bus that Obama keep throwing people under? This man is a disgrace to the memory of Rosa Parks. It was, after all, Democrats – the party of Boss Hogg and Orval Eugene Faubus – who consigned her to the back of the bus.

  • JRu4Life

    Adam Baldwin rocks.

    • therantinggeek

      That tweet just made my morning. Best joke of the day so far.

  • Steve

    A self-centered President does not promote “of the people…for the people…” behaviors

  • Brenda Cibelli

    such a media attention ho he is

  • Juanita Estrada

    Democrats put Rosa Parks in the back of the bus, and democrats treated Michelle Obama’s father awfully.

  • DeezyHatesHoes

    Soooo, basically, your point is that the President is as narcissistic as, say, the MILLIONS of people on Instagram or the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS sharing pics of themselves on FB or Twitter?? smh…..the idea here is not for the President to place himself in other people’s history….the idea is him showing his human side, doing something that WE ALL DO, take pics and share them via social media….when you go to a US landmark, you take pics of yourself and share them, like everyone does….why can’t the Pres do the same?