Boom! Former Romney adviser Richard Grenell, who continues to hold media lapdog paws to the fire, cuts right to the chase in response to a snarky inquiry by a reporter. You see, it’s not about a race. It’s not a game.

Bingo. It’s about our country and its future.

Twitter users applaud Mr. Grenell, and rightly so.

Indeed. Keep it coming, Mr. Grenell. We need more happy warriors like you.


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  • TwitWit

    If the left thinks we’re just going to shut-up and sit down, they are dumber than we thought they were.

    • Todd Hill

      They’re going to marginalize us, especially in the MSM. To them, Obama’s victory was a fait accompli and now that their attitude was vindicated during the elections, they’ll feel justified in ignoring the “shrill cries” from the “conservative extremists” of the TEA party and the “disgruntled losers” of the broader Republican party.

      Such an attitude by the MSM may provide conservatives with another opportunity for a round of victories in the mid-term elections, but only if they play their cards right with the general populace.

      It’s going to be a rough two years to bide my time given all the changes that are slated to happen. The wife and I have even started scoping out condos in Makati in the event that a semi-permanent relocation outside the US becomes preferable to living in a land of perpetual class warfare.

      • TwitWit

        we’ve been considering relocating as well.

        • Pater Tempus
        • $4119491

          I will only leave when God Himself tells me to. Till then, I’m fighting these [email protected] Semper Fi Marines.

      • Pater Tempus

        Obama supporters thought their candidate’s victory was a “fait accompli”??? Hello? Whose candidate had to delay his concession because he didn’t have a concession speech prepared? Talk about hubris…at least the president was humble enough to allow for the possibility of his own defeat.

        Enjoy the Phillipines…..the women are gorgeous, but unless you like lots of humidity, the weather leaves much to be desired.

        • Todd Hill

          I never said the candidate was the one who took victory for granted. The majority of the US press, which has been in Obama’s back pocket since 2007, behaved as such and indeed I expect the press to treat the inauguration in January as a coronation instead of a simple swearing-in ceremony.

          Been to the Phils before, and my wife is from Quezon City (and yes, she’s gorgeous), so we have a multitude of relatives to help with the raising of our very young children. While the humidity is bad, it’s not much different from South Carolina in the summer time.

          • Pater Tempus

            You seem like a sane and sober fellow, Todd Hill. As one who does not share your ideological orientation, would you explain the unreasoning hatred conservatives have for Obama and his supporters?
            I mean, there is a great deal of adoration and beatification of Reagan on the right,(who was it again who wrote the 11th Commandment?), but I don’t recall a similar degree of vitriol against him from the left.

          • Todd Hill

            Obama may very well go down as the Left’s version of Ronald Reagan, but for vastly different reasons. I personally dislike the president, but more for his “my way or the highway” attitude when it comes to reaching across the aisle to the opposite party. Such behavior smacks of arrogance, and that perception was only amplified when he resorted to issuing executive orders to get what he wanted when the legislature balked (like when he enabled the DREAM act via fiat by issuing an executive order to the border patrol to refuse prosecution of those who fall within the parameters of the DREAM act).

            Many conservatives were incensed the moment Obamacare was passed in a party-line vote without any consideration for dissenting opinions. That vote sparked the backlash that became the TEA party movement, and when the Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate was a tax on all citizens, it justified their indignation.

            There’s also the oft ignored national debt, which has skyrocketed in his first term. Everyone on the left will acknowledge the size of the debt when pressed, but they will either point to Bush as if to say “He did it, so can we!” or they’ll act as if the debt doesn’t matter (i.e. “so what?). When someone presses them further about how the debt will be serviced when the time comes to pay it all back, they pretend the question was never asked.

            In fact, I challenge anyone out there to provide a firm plan that was issued by the administration or one of their supporters (like Paul Krugman) which outlines a guaranteed process to pay back all debt incurred by the federal government without ruining the economy. I bet they can’t do it, and they never seriously thought about it, and will hope they can just pass the problem on to a future administration and hope the bill won’t come due while they’re still in office. All this while continuing to spend at reckless levels.

            If he continues to act like a steamroller who issues dictates and edicts as he did in his first term, Obama may find his list of detractors will grow and in 2 years time he may be stymied by a Republican majority in both houses. If that day comes, Obama may also come to despise the word “Benghazi.”

          • robcrawford2

            ” would you explain the unreasoning hatred conservatives have for Obama and his supporters? ”

            Returning what we’re giving.

          • Teresa Davis McCormick

            unreasoning hatred conservatives have for Obama and his supporters? never seen anyone hate obama or his followers unreasonably. Just like you don’t share our ideological orientation, we don’t share yours. Hate? no

          • mhojai

            Only gross amnesia or staggering willful blindeness could overlook the vitriol from the left against Reagan.
            He is loved becuase he loved this country…jugears is hated becuase he hates this country.. pure & simple… he has NO American history, no regard for American values, he’s an arrogant self-absorbed pathological liar–what’s not to hate?

          • Jazzee

            excellent post

          • TexSizzle

            You may not remember it, but we do.

      • $4119491

        You’re only “marginalized” if you want to be. They think they locked the wolf in the garage. Problem is, they locked the door to the garage but, the wolf wasn’t in there. He was right behind them. It’s time for removing the throats. They cannot speak if we take their voice from them. Destroy their educational systems and destory their media systems. Take over the publishers. They won this temporary victory this way. Double down and fire it back at them.

      • redheadgrl

        Why Makati? Isn’t that in the Philippines where there is a Muslim stronghold?

        • Todd Hill

          The Philippines are divided into three regions. Luzon in the north is predominantly Catholic and is where Manila, the national capital, is located. Makati is a ‘suburb’ of Manila, and it’s probably the nicest part of the metro Manila area. Lots of high rise towers and well tended streets, lawns, etc.

          The Muslim part of Manila is in the southern region of Mindanao, which is the closest part of the Philippines to Malaysia and Indonesia. I’d never plan a trip there, so I would feel fairly safe, especially with 100+ in-laws watching my back.

    • TocksNedlog

      It’s a physical impossibility for them to be that dumb.
      Then again, maybe that’s why they need the government to do their thinking for them.

  • Josephine (D)

    We will not shut up. Mid-term elections are in 2 years: we have the chance to perhaps take over the Senate if we can get rid of the GOP establishment and RINOs. Yes, I know Obamacare will be implemented by then, but maybe we can break down the law.

  • TocksNedlog

    Who’s disenfranchising the 47% (to be precise: 47.5% of voters that voted for Romney) now?

    • Pater Tempus

      Nobody. No one prevented you from voting, did they?

      • robcrawford2

        What? Another gap in the memory of the steamed Tater Pempus?

        Lefties spent 2001-2009 whining that they were “disenfranchised” because their candidate lost.

      • Teresa Davis McCormick

        well there was that intimidation and the murals and the volunteers telling people to vote obama..maybe not “prevented” …oh unless you count those no i.d. states that had registered republicans coming in to vote and finding someone already did it for them. other than that no, republicans were out in droves..which, by the way, opens another can of worms.

      • TocksNedlog

        Really. So, telling someone to stop pushing their ideology BECAUSE said ideology lost them the election is NOT being dismissive of almost half the country? Sure.

  • Joseph Phillips

    Libs follow their leader: arrogance, snide remarks, and condescension. Nice zinger by Grenell.

  • Hat Whit

    As I told a lefty Obamacrat friend on election eve, this is not about whose daddy is bigger; it’s about the rest of my lifetime and your kids’ lifetimes.

    • Jazzee

      and they didn’t get it or they don’t care
      call me when obama takes us down a rat hole….completely destroys the country

  • FFlintstone

    Also, the election results aren’t reflective of what the American people think about the issues. The people are still on the Republican’s side on real issues. Republicans should not give in because of election results. The election was in the margin of fraud. Plus, exit polls show that people who voted for Obama did so because of:

    1. His handling of Hurricane Sandy (puke!)
    2. The “War on Women”
    3. Free Stuff

    Any other issue is fair game. No amnesty. Defund ObamaCare. Get as many government cuts as you can.

    The only mandate from the voters from the election is don’t make abortion illegal and handle future natural disasters like Sandy. That’s the only thing the election settled.

    • Pater Tempus

      “No amnesty. Defund ObamaCare. Get as many government cuts as you can.”
      Double down on the issues that lost you the election…..spoken like a true conservative. Do carry on.

      • operanerd1986

        Liberals don’t give up when they lose; why should we?

        • Pater Tempus

          No one said give up….but you should learn from your mistakes, not repeat them.

          • robcrawford2

            And yet you’re a lefty; the political movement that hasn’t learned anything new since Marx died.

  • Scott

    I bet Richard is the next one to get hit in the head with the RACIST HAMMER! We all know you dont fight for our country unless you are a racist.
    Keep fighting Richard all of the other racist people are with you.

  • Liberal Hater

    Wish we knew which dumbfuck reporter to mock.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Unfortunately, just like with Clinton, Obama will end his 2nd term with a GOP house and senate. Country will get back on track between 2014 and 2016, MSM will say “see, Obama IS the messiah” and some other stupid fucking liberal will get elected in 2016.

    • reving19

      If the GOP gets the House and Senate in 2014, they need to take as much teeth out of Obamacare as they can.

      • Jazzee

        well the GOP will need us…and if they don’t get some guts and stop acting like wimpy men/women they will never get control of anything……….right now they need to bone up and grow up…..

  • BeeKaaay

    leftwingwackos never think of the country, except as pawns to use, subjects to impose on, or subjects to leech off.

  • Jack Deth

    *Channeling my best John Belushi*



    Did you say “over”?

    Nothing is over until we decide it is!
    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

    (Apologies to future Senator John Blutarsky of ‘Animal House’.)

    Today’s liberal sycophant with press credential. No sense of style, history or decorum.

  • Seewetoldu

    Ya, we learned how many dumb people voted for Obama that’s for sure.A friend of mine says hes thinking about moving out of the country and I said ,,Instead of moving out of this country..take our country back. Like our forefathers did.

  • bitemeDC

    I get this a lot…that all of a sudden I should “sit down and shut up”…the “race is over”…it’s a strange position to take…and a bit troubling. Number one, because we are still a “representative democracy”, number two…..


    Number one is sufficient.