Just when you thought President Obama couldn’t stoop any lower, here he goes again. In an interview with Rolling Stone (yet another hard-hitting media outlet for President Hip-Hop) he said this about Mitt Romney: “Kids have good instincts. They look at the other guy and say, ‘Well, that’s a bullshitter, I can tell.”

No, really. He projects too much!


Worse, that was in response to a Rolling Stone editor, who told Obama that he had asked his six-year-old what she wanted him to say to the president. She said to tell him, “You can do it.

And Obama’s first thought was that this six-year-old child could see a “bullshitter.”

What a disgrace! We suppose such childish, stompy foot and low-class behavior should be expected from President Obama at this point. It’s predictable. And one could surely toss the old school-yard taunt “it takes one to know one” right back at him.




But, you know, most people aren’t the President of the United States.

For shame, President Classless.

Twitter users agree.








Thankfully, he won’t be the sitting president for long. We can see November from his shame.

  • TwitWit

    Um yeah.. Obama”s got to go. Romney/ Ryan 2012

    • Robert Landucci

      Talking like a man who knows he’s lost. He must have seen the Electoral College projections…

  • Cocotrini

    US elections seems to be going into the gutter now sad coming from the President

  • Dandee

    Changing the tone towards the gutter, yep radical transformation is here. What a jerk.

    • Elaine

      Childish, immature and the sound of a LOSER.

  • Elaine

    Well, just respond in language all liberals will understand. “I know you are but what am I?”

    • http://twitter.com/KimAyers13 Kimberly Ayers

      Or the classic~”I’m rubber your glue…”

      • http://twitter.com/KimAyers13 Kimberly Ayers


        • ChelieinTX

          Good on you for the correction! I wish more people would do that. :)

    • Ken Alan Draper

      ah yes, the Pee Wee Hermen gambit.

  • Stop Lying Dave!

    Is the POTUS a POS?

    • Francis Arsenic


      • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

        Three letters: P O B S

  • https://twitter.com/Webnetcity webnetcity

    Date of Eviction: November 6th,2012
    Current Resident: Barack Obama & Family
    Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC
    Landlord: The American Public
    Amount Past Due: $5 Trillion
    Reason For Eviction: Inability to Tell The Truth, Wasting Taxpayer Money
    and Failure To Follow The Constitution

    You are hereby given notice to vacate the property within 24 hours of this notice.
    Please remove all fake documentation and czars from the premises at once!


    If you fail to comply with this notice, the TEA PARTY will be notified immediately!!!

    Have a nice day!

    • Danny Wheeler

      Let’s not forget the Virginia Republicans! 😉

    • leah

      Love it!

    • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.moore.528316 Danielle Moore

      Add this in. The Romney White House lettercampaign

      Hold for arrival:January 20th, 2013

    • http://twitter.com/puppyhead100 Timothy Broughton

      Infantile post

      • https://twitter.com/Webnetcity webnetcity

        You joined Disqus just to tell me my post was infantile?
        Well I guess you told me didn’t you?
        Do you feel better?…LOL

        Now run along little drone

        • Murray

          I, Sir, think your post was brilliant.
          Unfortunately, he has until January to vacate. Can’t/Won’t come soon enough.

          • https://twitter.com/Webnetcity webnetcity

            Thanks Murray, you’re right he doesn’t have to officially vacate until January. I guess I’m so anxious to get rid of him, I wouldn’t mind if he left a little early, :)

          • Murray

            you aren’t alone on that one. I will say, AMEN!

          • http://www.facebook.com/MichaelMerlvinRobinson Michael Merlvin Robinson

            I second that emotion!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mmignott MATT

      Can I ask a Question? How has Obama not followed the constitution? and I’m not going for a gag…I really want to know

      • Manfred Richard

        I can tell you keep yourself well informed huh?

      • https://twitter.com/Webnetcity webnetcity

        President Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations

        The list is larger but these are the 10 worst violations

        • Logan

          And how do these compare to Bush’s violations?

          • Hello Jerry (D)

            Only in your little hollow liberal head.

          • Logan

            I’m sorry, I should have written slower so you could understand. It was a legitimate question for you. Do you have an answer? Have you researched it?

          • rivers

            Poor Logan is a seminar troll and is very sad that the phony war on women worked out about as well as the war on Big Bird. It’s not looking good for a paying gig post campaign, that’s not helping either.

      • Babycakes3847

        Still asking what is wrong with our president? HE TOTALLY SUCKED. You want more?.

    • tom

      love it love love it

    • Jennifer Kubacak Goebel


    • iseespawnsofsatan

      Yep Mitt is a real winner he’s fit to be the President because he looks presidential.
      I love this video: Mitt shows the world why we should vote for him. Vote Romney/Ryan Nov 6. If you don’t the world is going to end as we know it.

      1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZfXvFAeHVo

      2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Heynm6KpvJo

      • EEKman

        Wait did Ryan just promise me a BJ if i vote for him?

    • EEKman

      Oh it just took me this long to realize you guys were the Tea Party! Man no wonder! It makes sense now.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/I6MCFT4RHRAGP2TQEOYCRAH55Y Loki God of Mischief

      And Romney never lies and never goes against the constitution?
      If lying and going against it is grounds for eviction why not evict both Obama and Romney?

  • trekmyer

    Speaking of bu__sh__t, I always get my political, cultural (especially music reviews of “musicians” no one wants to listen to) and personal guidance from rolling stone…..do they still publish my astrology forecasts?

    • Jim Cooper

      They got a general fired…sadly. If came from the media, not a reference on the general.

      • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.moore.528316 Danielle Moore

        He resigned. Even though under WH pressure, he has made public statements that he no longer wanted to serve under obama’s dictatorshit and Rules Of Engagement that are killing our soldiers off at highest rate since Vietnam.
        2012 video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQx1ZFCvb-0

        McChrystal released a statement saying he still “strongly” supports the
        mission in Afghanistan and that he resigned “out of respect for this
        commitment” and “a desire to see the mission succeed.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GGATCMMDLA2ZXXVTKEIYYERP5U debbie

    I’ll take the bullshitter over the LIAR!

    • http://www.facebook.com/christine.santoro2 Christine Santoro

      If anyone is a liar it is OBAMA, He lied about his birth place, he lied about all he promised to do…He is the only President in history that has done so much underhanded stuff. And he has another couple of liar’s backing him the Clinton’s looking to save thier asses.

    • billeeblue

      Actually O is both.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Like JoAnn said, Occubama is both

  • Dorakin Warhammer

    What a joke of a President. Can we get an adult in the Oval Office PLEASE?

    • Murray

      Hold fast, help is on the way.

  • Willie Lawson Show

    So now we have #POTUS using such terms to talk about his opponent. (smh)

  • SonofaCV15

    Sometimes there is simply nothing you can say… just simply bang your head down on your desk.

    • Penmar

      How about just banging your finger down on the Romney button in Nov, will save you from getting a migraine.

      • SonofaCV15

        Unfortunately I only get to bang my finger once… but Obama voters get to bang on the drum all day…

        That’s why the migraine won’t go away.

  • Francis Arsenic

    What a shameless hypocrite. Be gone.

  • Badgirlsofthenorth

    POTUS has now been down-graded (like everything else under the BO’s rule) to Pottymouth Of The United States.

  • mommasaurus009

    Mr. Cult if Personality

  • http://www.facebook.com/karry.foster Karry Foster

    Is Romney a bullshitter? That remains to be seen. Is Obama a LIAR? That has been proven over and over. I’m willing to give Romney the benefit of the doubt.

    • Logan

      Romney is a liar. Everything is on record, how do you ignore that? Are you blind?

      • Hello Jerry (D)

        No, are you?

        • Logan

          I’m not. Are you going to answer my first question? Are you ignoring Romney’s lies? Or are you not aware of all the evidence?

          • EEKman

            Hes clearly oblivious Logan. There’s evidence like 1 half swipe of the mousewheel away but yet he cant find it. If only there was a global computer network where he could quickly find this information…hrrrrmmm…

    • EEKman

      Its funny how proof of Mitt Romney lying is like literally 10 posts away on this very page but you still dont see it.. Oh man its so adorable how ignorant you are.

  • Armando

    He should have stayed with malarkyer…

  • Paul C.

    All I got to say is it’s PROJECTION TRANSFERAL thats all Obummer knows.

  • http://twitter.com/StroKevin Kevin Alderman

    I would say the President has gone ghetto..but then I would be a racist..right?

    • Mike Bushnell

      yeah you would, unless you would say that about, say, george w. bush saying the same thing. which i have a feeling you wouldnt.

      • http://www.facebook.com/matt.robinson.75 Matt Robinson

        do only black people live in ghettos? NO. you cant just re-define and rewrite words to fit your narrative Mike. it doesnt work like that. chicago, food stamps, ghetto, whatever it may be that outrages the white men playing racist watch on the left, are not racist. YOU may want them to be racist, but that does not magically make your dream a reality. try using real arguments and not race baiting. it will never be the winning side of an argument due simply to the amount of ignorance it exudes. and im pretty sure George Bush never had a moment like this. you could make hick jokes, and THAT was ok. see? consistency sucks, doesnt it?

        • Nate Jones

          Yeah ghettos are filled predominantly with blacks. Whites are found more around trailer parks.

      • http://www.facebook.com/donna.heurlin Donna Heurlin

        And when di George W. Bush call anyone a bullshitter?

        • http://www.facebook.com/donna.heurlin Donna Heurlin


    • Margi Harris

      You’re Not Racist, it is fact. The Prezy is just pandering AGAIN.


    Romney has held every position on Read More… every subject. He campaigns against statements that the President made when he has made the exact same statements. He campaigns against healthcare, when ObamaCARES is RomneyCare. They pass laws against Hispanics, then wonder why they are losing the Hispanic vote. They want to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her own body and then marvel that they are losing the female vote.

    Rudy Giuliani summed up Romney quite nicely for a Republican:

    “Mitt Romney is a man without a core, a man without substance, a man that will
    say and do anything to become president of the United States.”

    If it looks like bullshit & smells like bullshit its bullshit..

    • Vivian Perez

      Talking about politicians and hipocrisy —– Watch Hillary Clinton debating President Hip Hop (aka Senator Obama at that time) before she decided to become part of President Hip Hop’s offcial ilk by joining his failed administration : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD9F1t9GQzAy
      It’s amazing to see how she reminds Obama about Tony Rezco’s slum-lord empire… Pop-culture President (aka Obama) was “saved” by moderator…. Rating of this video: PRICELESS!!!! You can see how Hollywood-figure-wannabe (aka “Barack”) wants to direct/moderate the debate, just as he also did recently… Guess what else Barack does? He basically calls Hillary a liar!! Hillary basically calls him a “flip-flop” politician. Again, PRICELESS… GOTTA WATCH THE ENTIRE DURATION OF 7 MNUTES!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/matt.robinson.75 Matt Robinson

      ObamaCare-Nationwide mandate, RomneyCare-Statewide mandate. difference. They do not pass laws against Hispanics, they pass laws against ILLEGAL immigration, which is the NUMBER 1 reason legal hispanic immigrants cant get into the country. The point isnt telling a woman what she can do with her body, its that she cant simply do whatever she pleases with the CHILD inside of her. hmmm…right to make a choice to kill a baby? or passing laws to maintain the life of said baby? hmmmm#2. And losing the female vote? have you checked the polls and trends lately Tushy? You are in the campaign of 3 months ago…you know, before Obama had to debate and actually explain his nonexistant plans. And i believe you are quoting Giuliani from the 2008 PRIMARIES. doesnt count haha,remember all of the terrible stuff that was thrown around this round of primaries? its the beast. and if you think for one millisecond that Giuliani doesnt fully support Mitt Romney, than you are naive. The game is a little different when you are trying to be President as well. Also, i would always prefer a president that is skilled at adaptation to the environment and situation, as opposed to the current POTUS who doeubles down on failed and dangerous policy.
      If it looks like a failed Presidency & smells like a failed Presidency, its a failed Presidency.
      cry in peace

    • tomtom1983

      Again, how exactly is the right trying to tell women what they can and can’t do? By saying if you want an abortion that resulted by any other means other then forced, like rape or incest, to pay for it with your own money?

      That if you wish to sleep around like some dog in heat to pay for your own condoms? You actually have no clue what your talking about. The right couldn’t care less about how freely you sleep around or how ill prepared you are because you didn’t take precautions as you slept around.

      What we care about is how you liberals have the audacity to take actions under your own accord and then expect for us to cover your cost. I don’t owe you or anyone anything, and I’ll be damn if you will try to force me, against my faith to commit a sin that I will have to answer for and not you.

      So you on the left can spit and hurl all the hate you wish but don’t for one minute falsely believe I will choose your approval before God. I know who I am and where I wish to be and liberal ignorance is of no consequence to my spiritual salvation.

      And the Hispanic vote? Until Hispanics realize that you on the left only come to their aide to win elections and never before, they will always choose democrats on a blind and ignorant hate pushed by the biggest race peddlers on the planet. Liberals.

      Unlike your base, I actually know history, not that garbled mess from Willy Wonka you libs teach. I know who the Democratic party was and still are. I know who the “Solid South” consisted of, I know who created Jim Crow, the Black Codes and I damn sure know that when it comes to substance, there is no less a hypocrite and racist monster then falsified liberal “compassion.”

      There is absolutely nothing of factual integrity nor genuine about the KKK rooted racists hypocrisy of liberalism. Its a fraud and hate based. So it would be appreciative if you and your liberal base refrain from topics you have yet to actually understand.

      • TomJB

        Sir, I am honored to share half of your Twitchy avatar name.

      • Colleen Kelly

        Well said and could not agree more…thank you!

      • Hello Jerry (D)

        Well said. Good luck on the mental midget being able to comprehend it.

    • Penmar

      You are incorrect, as usual, he is not campaigning against healthcare. He is campaigning against healthcare being controlled by the Federal Gov’t. He supports healthcare at a statewide level, where each state has the opportunity to come up with the healthcare that best suits the citizens of their state. Nor do Republicans want to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies, we don’t care how much they slut around, we just don’t want to have to pay for it. Something that is called being personally responsible for your own actions, and that is a completely foreign concept to dear leader Maobama, Mr. Anyone but me did it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.nadeau.79 Joseph Nadeau

        please don,t confuse g.w. tush with facts, his little braincan,t comprehend.

    • Bob

      obama IS a man without a core, a man without substance, a man that will say and do anything to be elected again. Well then, that term must also apply to obama because he fits all of Rudy’s criteria and then some.

    • Dwayne Jackson

      Please show where the so called quote from Giuliani was derived from. To just throw crap out there doesn’t make it true.

    • WVS

      1. ObamaCare is not RomneyCare. RomneyCare was on the state level (see 10th Amendment), was specialized for the needs of Massachusetts, and legislators knew what they were voting for. By the way, remember Obama’s “Don’t Double My Rate” campaign? Student loan rates were set to double to pay for…wait for it…ObamaCare! Not kidding. Most importantly, the people under RomneyCare actually wanted RomneyCare.

      2. “Laws against Hispanics?” What a joke! If the right pushes for tougher immigration laws, it’s only because Obama’s feckless “executive” branch intentionally fails to enforce the ones in existence. We are a nation of laws! Either reform immigration so that it’s easier to get in the country, or start enforcing the laws we have. Ignoring legislation is unconstitutional, projects weakness, and is not an option.

      3. We don’t want to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body. All we ask is that we not be forced to subsidize the removal of her own decisions’ natural consequences.

      Listen, I am not a worshiper of Mitt Romney. Any conservative worth his/her salt knows he’s changed positions on some issues, and may do so again. But in 2008, we stood on principle and put up a candidate who was nothing short of a hero. The man endured worse than death for this country. If that wasn’t enough, he was an experienced and respected policymaker. Americans rejected him, and by a wide margin chose a slick-talking salesman of the welfare state. So we’re through being self-righteous. We’re playing to win because the cost of losing again is simply too high. And if we get Mitt in the White House, we’ll just have to hold him accountable to what he’s promising.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Go back to Media Matters where your “bullshit” is more coherent.

  • Silence Dogood

    Obama REEKS of desperation at this point. They are in FULL panic mode and it shows!

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      They are already showing it.

  • Jim Cooper

    Stay classy Barry. What a fu**ing EMBARRASSMENT!

    • Chris F.

      Hey, watch the language! Who do you think you are, the president or something?

      • Margi Harris

        LOL!!! Good one!

  • http://twitter.com/Stimulus4U Marty Luther

    OK now if I mention that Obama is a lying bastard? I thought so.

  • Mark Petrie

    Uninstalling Obama……… ███████████████▒ 95% complete.

    • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.moore.528316 Danielle Moore

      …\¸.* Romney-Ryan 2012

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/S4TTANMQ53C6HCIBVNX7BKN2MU toddivy

      that is seriously one of the funniest things I have seen–thank you i needed a real good laugh

    • Logan

      Looks like I tripped across the site where the delusional hang out. Weird.

      • rivers

        Well it’s not like you were invited or anyone wants you here, so..go on back to the land of Big Bird, Bayonnettes, Birth Control and bullshit. That campaign is shrinking so much I’ll bet they’re mission you.

        • Logan

          Lovely. How welcoming. You don’t even speak in full sentences…clearly delusional. Hope you have health insurance.

          • rivers

            Sigh. It’s just so hard to understand your clever rejoinders. Hmm. Maybe you’re right, could you type slower? Or better yet, could you say everything in Obamaphone lady voice out loud as you type? I think that might make it easier for all of us to understand.

          • EEKman

            HAHAAHAHAHAH OMG you crazy wingers are so lovably insane. You and your Obamaphone delusions make me cry with laughter. Its cute how ignorant you are.

          • http://twitter.com/mandita74 GreenEyedGal

            @EEKman:disqus and @LoganNZ:disqus Laugh it up all you can, while you can. On November 6, 2012 “crazy wingers” like @webnetcity:disqus, @HelloJerry:disqus, @rivers:disqus and me are going to hand your beloved Obama his walking papers. We’ll see who’s laughing then. 😀

      • Hello Jerry (D)

        Nope that would be Media Matters. Try again troll.

        • Logan

          My name is “Logan”.

          • EEKman

            That was so badass. I just pictured Logan pulling back his dustercoat and showing his sawed-off shotgun as he made that post.

  • RDPortland

    How sad that such a small man should hold such a great office.

  • Dr. M

    It’s true. As a clinical psychologist I can say kids can tell bullshit a lot easier than adults. It is what it is.

  • Doug W

    Barack Obama is not one of us. He came from a long line of America haters. He was abandoned by his father, abandoned by his mother. Has no true friends in his life. Raised in Indonesia and then sent away by his mother who didn’t want him. He has a chip on his shoulder and hates everything that true Americans want in their lives.

    • Bob

      I happen to think there is substance in the book “Dreams of My Real Father”. Obama Sr was not his real father. In fact, he ended up with his real father in Hawaii, according to the book. Read the book.

      • Manfred Richard

        book made by a Liar…. please

    • Logan

      Please explain in detail how he “hates” America.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502441979 Wesley Wiley

    How sad. Past presidents have been caught swearing before…but this may be the first time I’ve heard a president deliberately do it in an interview. He’s trying to get the youth vote by playinng cool. Obama: this isn’t a popularity contest. Try leading with character and maturity and maybe you’ll actually make progress instead of dividing our country.

  • Mike Bushnell

    wait didnt you literally JUST call him “president hip-hop” before talking about him being disrespectful?

    • W Randall

      Gotta show respect to get respect, he hasn’t earned anything.

    • http://www.facebook.com/matt.robinson.75 Matt Robinson

      Point? malkin isnt the President

    • Bob

      Hey, if the shoe fits wear it. Hip hop is a nice term compared to what most people are calling him.

    • http://www.facebook.com/donna.heurlin Donna Heurlin

      Mike, I am trying to figure out if you are playing devils advocate, or if you really are stupid!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.nadeau.79 Joseph Nadeau

      this prez leaves a trail of slime where ever he goes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.law3 Peggy Louise Venable-Yaegel

    Obama never has been or ever will be President material. He has NO class, absolutely no integrity and we all know what a liar he is-so why would anyone be shocked at anything this moron says.?

    • Bob

      After the election a lot of the truth about obama is going to be coming out of the woodwork. All of the rumors that the liberal media has failed to vet are going to prove to be true. It’s going to be a shock when people find out who they voted into office for the last four years. Then again, maybe not. One thing that I know is that it’s going to be a mess.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicie-Randall/100000906137096 Nicie Randall

        I can see his people writing countless books about his lies. It’s going to be crazy! If he loses.

    • jeff m

      Not exactly true. He has a lot of class. Unfortunately, it is all low.

      • Manfred Richard

        his “class” comes from all his Hollywood interests groups that will kick him goodbye when he is out of office in January.

    • http://www.facebook.com/loretta.adams.568 Loretta Adams

      Poor Peggy. She prefers the comfort of pretty lies flowing from a spray-tanned, crest white-stripped mouth of post-debate flop sweat. Smells like truth. Well, Obama was right in this case. Our side has call him a communist/socialist monkey form Kenya of questionable birthright and Muslim tutelage. And Romney has flipped positions on abortion rights, gay rights, gun control, universal health care, the Detroit bailout, bombing Iran, calling China a currency manipulator on day one, vetoing the Dream act, etc. It does sound like BS when a candidate does a 180 on all those positions—some of which only took place this past week. What gives? Romney’s changes do smell of BS to the conservative movement.

      • rivers

        Oh Loretta, fake facebooker for all of six weeks, where did you find the little old lady picture? Cut the phony grandma crap. I know you are all pretty excited about seminar trolling but really it’s just more evidence of how small the Obama campaign has become.

        • Logan

          You are pathetic, really. The shocker here is that you can’t respond to any of the truth in that post because you have no defense. Surely you must admit what is very clearly documented information, unlike your petty blog posts referring to unimportant matters.

          • rivers

            Is there any pizza left?

          • rivers

            Go eff yourself. You pathetic little shill who needs Barack Obama to care about you. Once the people on you’r side were warriors. You’ve bastardized a movement and made it about spoiled little pishers. I wouldn’t ask you for water if my house was on fire.

        • EEKman

          Omg im crying! Rivers is my new favorite delusional low information voter. So adorably willfully ignorant.. Whooo boy. Its like fantasy football but its fantasy politics. Ooo Ooo in my game i put horns on Obama and he does his debates in tongues and I had Mitt campaigning in his Magic Underwear. Good times!

    • EEKman

      You said it Peggy! Obama is such a FAILURE! A FAILIING FAILURE who FAILS! HE even fails at failing! Look!!


  • MovingToNevada

    Imagine if Romney had said that…oh, the selective moral outrage from the left would be hysterical.

  • tmorro

    Well, well. Talk about the pot calling the kettle “black”.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      Hey now, let’s be politically correct here! It’s: talk about the pot calling the kettle african-american, & don’t you forget it. LOL!!!

  • http://batman-news.com/ Whobedat

    who cares what this racist affimative action poser says – he has zero credibility or skills -he and Moochelle should start stealing furniture (like Clinton did – it’s a democratic thing) as Jan 2013 is coming soon – thanks be to God.

  • Tanker74

    Naughty words from Baby Talk Barry.

  • John Titus

    President Hip-Hop now that is funny! Great one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sblamprey Susan Billings Lamprey

    what a class act – geeeezzzz. This guy has NO clue how to be presidential – he doesn’t command respect, he elicits groans of disbelief

  • Screaming Eagle

    talk about the pot calling the kettle black. the liar in chief better start packing now.

  • tomtom1983

    That is rich, this from a man that printed 20 pages of absolutely nothing and titled it his “2nd Term Agenda.” I can only imagine Chris Matthews having another stroke….excuse me, tingle up his leg.

    Little does his base know that its reprint of his 1st agenda. LOL its sad and nearly hilarious at how little it takes to move his drones around like game pieces.

    Now enters the wealthy, but somehow not part of the “1%” …….

    Cher, Eva, Penn, Moore and the majority of drug induced, sycophantic, Hollywood elites are so far from the 99% that its getting to be like one of their reality shows, ” Yes, I may be rich….but I’m just like you.” LOL HA HA HA

    Dear merciful father, grant them a clue.

  • http://twitter.com/bloodyhellmate Craig Edwards

    I don’t think Obama will win people being a potty mouth. Most of them already see him as the bullshiter in this race.

  • susan5042

    It does take one to know one! He certainly handed this country a load of bullshit when he ran last time! Time to get the shovel out and clean the barn!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HQAYPVUYJUBXVOQKNZG2BQN6TE TEE.

    For the president of the USA …to make a comment of such immaturity. I’m starting to wonder. Obama must already have the election won.

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.lavoire Linda LaVoire

    This doesn’t surprise me at all!! Our current President has no class, no respect for anything or anyone. He’s a thug dressed in designer suits! And he’s calling Mr. Romney a bullshitter?!?! He can’t open his mouth without telling another lie to cover the other lies he’s told!!! I’m so disgusted by him!

  • jeff m

    [sniff] Do you smell that? Smells like desperation.

    Remember in November. Vote (D)em out and send the petulant man-child away.

    • TomJB

      Can we get Robert Duvall to post to youtube: “I love the smell of desperation in November!”

      • Hello Jerry (D)

        Judging by the trolls in this thread, it is already in effect!

  • Angelique Williams

    And they’re using Palin for batting practice because she the Prez was using a ‘shuck and jive schtik’…hey, at least she’s keepin it clean.

    • Colleen Kelly

      Which ironically Chris Matthews said himself last year or in 2010 I believe on his show. They played the clips back-to-back on Special Report earlier this evening. He was outraged at how racist Palin is, but I guess her “forgot” he said it himself. I guess he figures since he is a white man crusading against racism and has that tingling feeling about Obama, then it is okay for him to use.

  • Margi Harris

    Everything this guy says, needs to be reversed …. because what he says, always is what he means about himself! When listening to him you need to view it that he IS talking about himself! I do not mean the metaphorically but factually!!!!!

  • davidt57

    Are there a lot of 6 year olds who call a politican a “B-Ser”? Not any 6 YO I ever met. But, of course, we can’t have the buck stop on the president’s desk for such language… or much of anything else.

  • TwpMom

    Well, Mr. President, my kids have good instincts too. Guess who they are calling a bullsh!**er?

  • sharinite

    Everyone has to read the article in the New York Times @

    Op-Ed Contributor

    Feigning Free Speech on Campus


    Colleges are not
    helping to promote free thought and speech – in fact, they probably do
    as much to repress it as any other force in young people’s lives.That way when your kid gets home from school, any grade, you’ll understand perhaps why they see the world in a reverse view than the you and the family! It’s very old news, but, only 16% of the professors in college level believe..wait for it: “O.K. to believe anything different than the status Liberal View”!

  • Christine Patrick

    A truly distasteful comment, from a class-less person, who will, very soon be known as the guy who was once President….

    • http://www.facebook.com/loretta.adams.568 Loretta Adams

      Yeah, in 2017 dear.

      • Hello Jerry (D)


  • John Free

    Michelle, I’m disappointed in you. You seem to have ‘flip-flopped’ on me…I stand BY your title for potus (LOWER case) and continue to refer to him as ‘Crap-Weasel-in-Chief’…hope you don’t mind, but when I found the ULTIMATE handle- I feel hard pressed to let it go. Any ‘royalties’ that I may owe will be paid directly to the ROMNEY/RYAN Campaign fund of your choice. Keep knockin em dead, girl- lots of us LOVE you, and appreciate your doing things that we can’t.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.nadeau.79 Joseph Nadeau

    obama is the king of bullshitters.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      The trolls are going crazy defending their endangered president Zero.

  • disqus_GGzwGlmGx2

    Wow, I guess he thinks that’s appropriate language for the POTUS. Hope his own kids heard him being so disrespectful of not only Romney but the office of the President!

  • toreilly

    Can anyone imagine Romney saying that about Obama?

  • Ross Davis

    Hey ya have to call bullshit when ya see it. He is right Romney is the King o bullshitting. That means he is a LIAR. What do you mean Romneys lies are yet to be seen? Have you been under a rock this year? All he has done is lie his ass off on every issue!

    • katvonclawswits

      nothing like doubling down on doodoo. you win all you can eat.

    • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

      No wonder you support Obama.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Another desperate troll!

  • katvonclawswits

    Another profound emission from the Commander In Chief. Now flush!

  • Guest

    LOL, my comment got deleted. Makes things even more funny!

  • billeeblue

    Was reading where Obama bringing in early voters in Ohio and Illinois. I pray those are the only two States he wins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/faith.dunn2 Faith Dunn

    i am truly discusted with obama and his attack…his followers just eat it up..do they know just how stupid they look?..how degrading his campaign tactics are..or is this the new norm. of our goverment and we need to get with the pic?12 more days..i hope we vote for the civilized man

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.sullivan.3958 Robert Sullivan

    obuma is right kids know bs when they hear it my kids high school just did a mock election and Romney won with 2/3 of the vote, so yea obuma they have you figured out

  • $20882149

    Lmao, all these conservatives were hating on Romney 10 months ago, now they’re all dickriding

    • mv74

      Don’t worry; they’ll hate him again after he loses…”WHY DIDNT WE PICK A REAL CONSERVATIVE” etc

      • EEKman

        Why were we so blinded by hatred for Obama that we picked an unqualified candidate? -Said no Tea Party Extremist ever.

    • Erickson


    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Classy. What else to be expected of a HuffPo refugee.

  • Peyton

    Where’s the outrage from the left, like when Akin’s advisor said McCaskill would be a BullShitsu?

  • foramerica

    I find it funny that when Obama opens his mouth and says anything negative about Romney, it is usually something that is better applied to himself.

  • http://noprah.co/ Noprah harpOon

    The chief executive just used a dirty word?!
    I’m sure that’s never happened before.
    And… cue the reel-to-reel tape player:

    NIXON: “Return the calls to those poor dumb bastards … who I know are
    our friends. Now do it … We made the same mistake [Dwight] Eisenhower
    made, but not as bad as Eisenhower made, because he sucked the Times too
    much … G-d damn it, don’t talk to them for a while. Will you enforce
    that now?’

    • http://www.facebook.com/madelyn.martine Madelyn Martine

      Hmmmm, I don’t remember him saying that on the Tonight Show.

  • jaime stone

    “Just when you thought President Obama couldn’t stoop any lower, here he goes again. In an interview with Rolling Stone (yet another hard-hitting media outlet for President Hip-Hop”

    Hi Pot? This is the kettle speaking…

  • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.moore.528316 Danielle Moore

    This is what happens when Samuel L Jackass becomes a spokeperson on a presidential campaign. They walk together in shame.

    Make sure you get your Romney letter out.

    “President Mitt Romney” Letter Writing Campaign | Facebook

  • http://www.facebook.com/loretta.adams.568 Loretta Adams

    Well, Obama was right in this case. Our side has call him a communist/socialist monkey form Kenya of questionable birthright and Muslim tutelage. And Romney has flipped positions on abortion rights, gay rights, gun control, universal health care, the Detroit bailout, bombing Iran, calling China a currency manipulator on day one, vetoing the Dream act, etc. It does sound like BS when a candidate does a 180 on all those positions—some of which only took place this past week. What gives?

    • http://twitter.com/wrldthrumyeyez Miss Information

      Oh well then.

    • http://www.facebook.com/madelyn.martine Madelyn Martine

      Our side? What side are you standing on…Oh…the trolls for Obama side. Makes sense.

      • rivers

        “Loretta” is an online version of the seminar caller.

        • EEKman

          it’s funny how you reject people who have reasons for their opinions. How do they do that? Thinking is HARD!

          • rivers

            Sorry, can’t trifle with you kids anymore. Four Americans are dead because three times the CIA was told to stand down in the middle of the attack in Bengahzi. Instead of protecting our embassy, Hillary Clinton’s request for more security for the Libyan embassy was denied by your birth control hero prior to the attack that left Americans dead. Knowing all of this, Obama runs off to Vegas. Not wasting another second on you, Eekman, you support an administration that chose to let Americans die. They have blood on their hands.

          • EEKman

            Checked web for claim. Claim invalid as it begins with “Fox news has learned…..” No other sources outside of the self confirming FOX media bubble could be found. These are the same people that in 2008 told us that if Obama was elected the banking system would be socialized, free speech would be silenced for Rush Limbaugh and Hannity, Cars would be illegal in the countryside and we made a terrorist command center at the site of 9/11
            Critical thinking skills are not your forte so im just going to pinch your cheeks and call you adorable. Whos an adorable low information voter? Rivers is! Yay rivers! High Five for you!

          • rivers

            Mmm-hmm. That might get you through a couple more nights but not for long. Oh, and keep one eye on Bill overt the next two weeks. I’m no fan but he’s one shrewd guy.

    • rivers

      “Our side”? Give me a break. You the online equivalent of the seminar caller. At least Obama supporters are transparent.

    • $26572429

      Our side? The idiot side?

  • http://www.facebook.com/loretta.adams.568 Loretta Adams

    And Dick Cheney did tell Dems in Congress to “go f**K themselves” in 2004. I remember that quite well. And we conservatives ALL APPLAUDED Cheney’s candor then. And George W was reelected.

    • Francis Arsenic

      Not Dems plural, just Leahy. That was so great because he said it directly to Leahy’s face. Anyone can be brave when he’s talking to a Rolling Stone reporter. Obama has a habit of talking smack behind people’s backs but toning it down when face to face.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thazodiak Miguel-Angel Hernandez

    why hasnt twitchy been sued by twitter yet?

  • VL123

    Ugh…I can’t take anymore…I am not following it anymore until I pull the lever. Too much BS. Obama will go.

    • http://www.facebook.com/loretta.adams.568 Loretta Adams

      I loved it when Cheney said “go f**K themselves” in 2004. I remember that quite well. And we conservatives ALL APPLAUDED Cheney’s candor then. And George W was reelected.

  • Brandon

    Way to keep it presidential. This guy must have stopped maturing after 3rd grade

  • Thread777


  • Nick Taylor

    You guys are delightful. He calls a guy a bullshitter. Oh what an asshole. Meanwhile Fox News and its stable of highly classy pundits have called him everything just shy of the N-word, although if he wins a second term, I’ll put money on Michele Malkin foaming at the mouth and letting one slip out. Where was Malkin’s outrage when Cheney told congressman Patrick Leahy to ‘go fuck yourself’?

    You’re all supposed to be on the same team assholes…you know… ‘Merica. The smart thing to do would be for you blue and red staters to get together on your own and discuss how both sides are failing and then nominate and elect people to transform your democracy into a better one for you all. Axe the electoral college, leave two party politics behind and ensure every able American can vote, no matter their race, age or financial background.

    No, actually don’t do that. It’s much more fun to watch a once great nation completely collapse under the weight of its idiocy. Go watch TLC and suck down some Doritos and keep warm by the fire of your burning empire.

    • $26572429

      Another lib with class. LOL

    • Owen007

      Everything just shy of the N-word, eh? My, what a stunning proclamation – only overshadowed by your stunning lack of evidence to back it up.

      And I do appreciate your referencing Cheney because it so deftly spells out how wrong you are. You complain about what Cheney said, yet make excuses for Obama said? Has someone failed a logic class in their lifetime? I think so. And you fail to grasp the simple fact that Obama once presented himself as being above the name-calling of politics, yet flails about like a toddler when he’s not winning. “Maybe” the problem isn’t that he’s name-calling, but is being an arrogant hypocrite about it. On that, I’m sure you two have common ground.
      Not only that, but you’re not American? Interesting, given that you feel the need to lecture Americans on how elections should work. Cause, if anyone knows how elections should work, it’s people that have had free elections for a much shorter amount of time than Americans. And race, age or financial background? Yeah, minors are never allowed to vote, but last I checked, anyone of any race or financial background has been allowed to vote in America for longer than either of us have been alive. Next time, pick up a history book before you go spouting off like that.

      Now, it was really delightful reading your post because you demonstrated what a know-nothing know-it-all you are. Keep it up.

      • EEKman

        Aww your willful ignorance is soooo adorable! You tea kids are cute.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      New Troll alert.

    • Francis Arsenic

      I agree with you. Not a big deal. It’s just funny because if one considers Romney a bullsh*tter, then what’s an apt label for Obama and (worse) Biden?

      • EEKman

        I’m going to go with ‘genuine’

        • Francis Arsenic

          Then ‘genuine’ bullshitters it is.

        • Francis Arsenic

          Then ‘genuine’ bullshitters it is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/israel.thornstein Israel Thornstein

    Probably the single most descriptive adjective for Romney. Plain talk hurts, eh?

    • $26572429

      Such class.

    • http://www.facebook.com/madelyn.martine Madelyn Martine

      Your pic doesn’t do you justice..you’re much uglier than that.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Another new troll. The desperation is pretty thick!

  • Karen Kahn Tkach

    The office of the President has lost its dignity with this president. Enough is enough….

  • Lia Markham

    Rolling Stone has always swung towards liberalism, but their gushing over Obama has made me cancel my subscription. Aren’t they supposed to be a music magazine?

    • EEKman

      Seriously! Why are the smart creative people always Liberal? it makes no sense!

  • Owen007

    When Cheney said “Go f*** yourself,” he was at least directing it at the guy who had been annoying him. Obama mouthed off against Romney in an interview he’s hoping he wouldn’t see. Pathetic and gutless – the hallmarks of the Obama presidency.

    • http://www.facebook.com/loretta.adams.568 Loretta Adams

      Same intent—no matter the delivery method.

      • Francis Arsenic

        Yeah, but we want a brave president, not a passive-aggressive boy masquerading as a brave president.

      • suz73

        The content was about “kids” having “instincts”. Not appropriate at all. It doesn’t matter who says it, which party they are from, it’s tacky, shows a lack of respect to the office and to the ones he’s speaking about, and shows a lack of intelligence. There are better ways.

        • EEKman

          sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade.

  • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

    He’s telling the honest truth. Romney is full of it

    • http://www.facebook.com/madelyn.martine Madelyn Martine

      Yes…leadership ability, honesty, integrity, love of country, love of family…yes, he is full of all of that and more great things.

      • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

        More like greed, homophobia, misogyny, lies, and evil

        • Hello Jerry (D)

          You described Occubama to a “tea”.

      • EEKman

        Awww look who got taken in by Romney! You did! Yes you did! It’s so adorable how willfully ignorant you are.

  • suz73

    Years ago when Clinton was having his fling with Monica Lewinski, I was saddened that the office of the presidency was stripped of the respect it should have. Clinton demeaned it, now Obama. There have been a lack of morals and values and it seems there if no one left with true integrity. Clinton, now Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Carney, etc. show the Dems are quite lacking in these fundamental traits. I feel really good about Mitt Romney bringing back the respect to the office of the presidency and cabinet. We need integrity not lying, cheating, arrogance, and Obama tackiness.

  • ckennedy9200

    Dear Ms. Malkin and your lunatic fan base – I personally can’t wait for the morning of Nov 7 to have a good, long laugh at all you losers. Your boy has NO chance. Deal with it.

    • EEKman

      All 7 of them will be very upset I’m sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mmignott MATT

    The Best part of this post is when Batman told The Joker “I will save people even the ones I hate.” Then Joker died…that was awesome

  • Manfred Richard

    I can’t undertand how this guy and Joe got to lead our nation, but we clearly see the results today!

  • http://twitter.com/AmericanVet3 Doug C DAV

    Pity and this from a guy who wanted to do away with the name calling.

  • afvet4america

    Isn’t this what the guy in the UN-decided voter’s group said about him? Hmmm wonder why? NOT

  • Mark4216


    • EEKman


  • Mark4216

    Thank God Mitt has said what all severely conservative Republicans have all believed from the very start…the Iraq war was a huge mistake from the very beginning. And Romneycare in Massachusetts is a fantastic idea. And leaving Afghanistan in 2014 with a date certain is what this country requires. It’s about time the Tea Pary gets it’s say in national politics, right?

  • Jim

    Now that the e-voting machines are having problems in key states means the election will go to the supreme court to decide the winner. Romney needs to win by a landslide to keep Obama from suing because the faulty machines.

    • EEKman

      I know right! those stupid libs are on to us! Its getting harder and harder to steal elections these days. I mean we may have to get some actual ideas! Thinking is HARD! So unfair.

  • BeeKaaay

    Let’s hope that the rest of the nation can see what a BS’er Obama is and votes against im.

  • is4u2p

    That would be about the nicest thing I would say about Obama! That guy has gone beyond bullshit to just plain fictional novelist and he has no idea what reality is!

    • EEKman

      Well there is a projection if I ever heard one.

  • http://www.opalandred.blogspot.com Amaliada

    Romney is a bullshitter! And it is fun to visit RW sites and see what you twits are up in arms about. Children pick the right foods to eat when left alone, and they know who people are…even Romney’s grandchildren went to the President rather than him!

    • $26572429

      You mad bro?

      • Hello Jerry (D)

        Another desperate troll unable to face the fact his beloved Occubama’s job is in danger.

    • Francis Arsenic


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicie-Randall/100000906137096 Nicie Randall

    Barry, I don’t think you should say that since you are the King of bullshitters.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Rolling Stone is a Bullshitter magazine.

  • littleones

    I will still teach my children to respect the position of the POTUS, despite Obama, despite Clinton.

    • rivers

      Good for you. I’ve had a tough time with that, but I’ve stuck to it with my kids.

  • http://twitter.com/AUBraves AUBraves

    NBC Nightly News reported that Obama was going for the youner vote when he made the BS statement… how old was the little girl? What is the new voting age in America? NBC is covering again.

  • http://www.thelazycomic.com The Lazy Comic

    NO MO O !

  • Brian

    McCain curses on off the record…Bush cursed off the record…Cheney cursed on the house floor(I’m sure you were all oh soo outraged over that), and politicians in Washington swear as well.

    So getting on this high prudish high horse and pretending as if what Obama did was unprecedented is rubbish. And he was saying it in a joking manner according to the report, not a direct anger laced attack. Take off the partisan glasses for once…even if you don’t agree with him. In other words…cut the Bullsh*t. Because quite frankly….going from Moderate Mitt(who faced Ted Kennedy)…to Bain “I ship jobs overseas” Mitt…to “I left with a 34% approval rating as Governor” Mitt…to severely conservative 47% Mitt…and now to the all new and improved “100%” Mitt is a complete load of “BullShifting”


      Aw, I love seeing libs all upset.

      • EEKman

        I know they are so cute when they make reasoned points

        • rivers

          Go eff yourself. You pathetic little shill who needs Barack Obama to care about you. Once the people on you’r side were warriors. You’ve bastardized a movement and made it about spoiled little pishers. I wouldn’t ask you for water if my house was on fire.

        • rivers

          Reasoned points. What a joke. You can’t reason your way out of a wet paper bag. Not once on this site have you made a coherent point with respect to the problems this this country faces. You’ve made your case and it’s about binders, Big Bird and bayonettes. meanwhile four families grieve their loss because your celebrity President doesn’t know what the eff he’s doing.

          • EEKman

            Ill take a moderate, reasoned supporter of Science over Magic Underwear Mitt who doesn’t have a day of foreign policy experience any day of the week. Mitt is surrounding himself with the Bush NeoCon crowd. If you think that is somehow a better idea than what we’ve got, go right ahead and vote for Romney. Id prefer to be on the right side of history thanks.


      Aw, I love seeing libs all upset.

    • rivers

      I’ll bet you supported Al Gore, John Edwards and Jim McGreevey. You guys keep offering up s**t candidates and get really pissed when we call them out as losers. Guess what, Obama is just another loser candidate. None of us give a sh*t about his race, we just despise pretenders.

      • Brian

        I bet you supported Nixon, Reagan, and both Bush’s. Reagan who by the way…left the country with an even wider income gap

  • $129448

    I wasn’t crazy about him to begin with, I dislike him more & more every day

  • Dapandico

    Barry the great 0rator has spoken.

  • MaryUKtheScot

    OMG!! I could weep at what is happening to you’re country, dont get me wrong, we are fighting the same cancer, the dumbing down of our youth, its amazing that in a time when information is so easily available so many are prepared to be led like sheep over a cliff.

  • john kim

    And when Bush flipped the Bird to the camera, that sure was classy. And that wasnt even behind closed doors!

    Really though, Obama was having a “down to earth” moment just like Bush had when he flipped the bird.

    I wish politicians just acted like normal people, instead of some oh high and mighty proper pos with something up theirs.

  • IPreferTeaOverKoolAid

    Bullsh*tter comment, voting virginity ads, focusing his campaign on women’s rights because he has NOTHING else to run on, his campaign speeches aren’t about what he plans to do for the next four years, they’re about how ‘horrible’ a choice Romney is and that he doesn’t have a clear plan. (Sorry, Mr. “President”, but he has a VERY good plan and hopefully he’ll have a House and Senate full or mostly full of Republicans to help make his plans a reality.), relunctantly and half-heartedly paying his repects to the parents of slain Navy Seal soldier from the Benghazi terroriest attack… Instead of facing proplems and issues head on he lies and covers them up and flies off to New York to do his weekly round of talk shows or flies off to a five star golf resort to play golf round number 100+++++ (I lost count…). He is not how a president is to be. He has NEVER acted presidential. His speeches in ’08 full of empty promises. He NEVER once even tried to fullfill his promises. He said all the right words and the American people were, sadly, dumb enough to fall for it. His only real ‘accomplishment’ was is precious (said in the voice of Gollum) Obamacare bill that no one read and that SOMEHOW passed all the way through to the Supreme Court. (STILL trying to figure THAT one out…) He is the WORST president this country ever had and the BIGGEST mistake. Hopefully in November he will become a distant memory as WE THE PEOPLE elect the man with the right education, experience and credentials to turn this country around. And that man will be Willard Mitt Romny, the next President of the United States!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jose-Rodriguez/100002370624774 Jose Rodriguez

    Obama makes Bill Clinton look like an altar boy…………This man is so low, he would step on his slut, porno making mother to stay in power.

  • Cesar BBiano

    “You don’t make yourself bigger by putting other people down.” -Obama

    …wait what? lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.ferri.52 Robert Ferri

    In Jan. the WH will receive a giant enema to completely evacuate all BS’ers from the property! Stand back!