For shame, Obama administration. For shame.

That’s right. The White House now says it is “self-evident” that Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

You know what else is self-evident? That the Obama administration is full of liars.

For a week, they lied to the American people and blamed a movie, condemning free speech time and time again, for the murder of four Americans in Libya and for embassy attacks across the globe. When did they finally tell the truth? After being shamed into it. You see, at a hearing yesterday, a U.S. official stated what everyone with a functioning brain already knew: This was a terrorist attack.

Citizens are outraged, and rightly so. Will Obama be held accountable? Will Jay Carney or Hillary Clinton or Ambassador Rice be held accountable for their numerous, outright and shameful lies?

Of course the palace guards will protect The One. Most media lapdogs will continue to blame the movie and, worse, Romney’s statement. What’s a little murder of Americans? We have Obama to elect!

Shockingly, however, Anderson Cooper, was asking questions last night.

And he reports more today.


At a Senate Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday, the National Counterterrorism Center Director acknowledged that Stevens and three other Americans were killed “in the course of a terrorist attack.”

Sen. John McCain says it doesn’t make sense that the White House, Sec. Clinton and United Nations’ Ambassador Susan Rice stated “categorically that it was not a terrorist attack, when obviously it had all the earmarks of a terrorist attack.”

It does make sense: They are pathological liars.

Others at CNN are still carrying water. Hard.

Twitter users are demanding answers.

Yes, they did. In a sickening display, President Obama flanked himself with the four coffins of the Americans killed in Libya. As Twitchy reported, Secretary of State Clinton then proceeded to blame free speech, while also flanked by the coffins.

Bingo. They lied, over and over. The administration blamed free speech and “hurt feelings” time and time again. Here are a few reminders:

U.S. Embassy in Cairo chooses Sep. 11 to apologize for hurt Muslim feelings; Hours later, angry Egyptian mob storms compound; Embassy stands by its apology; White House disavows it

 What free speech? Pentagon calls Pastor Jones, asks him to withdraw support for Bacile’s film

Outrageous: Carney says ‘Protests not directed at US, administration or policy’; blames ‘reprehensible’ film

Bye, free speech: WH asks YouTube to take down film, investigates filmmaker; Media help witch hunt

Sickening: Obama flanks self with coffins of 4 killed on his watch, Hillary blames free speech; Update: Rest in peace and God bless the marines.

Chilling: Filmmaker linked to ‘Innocence of Muslims’ questioned by federal officers

This is not America: Blood boiling over criminalization of filmmaker, quashing of free speech

Lying Ambassador Rice: Blames video, ‘embassy attacks not premeditated’; Libyan president disagrees

Press secretary Carney continues lying; Mockery erupts from flashback to Obama’s ‘bitter clingers’ remarks

YouTube tells White House it will not remove video blamed for sparking riots

These liars need to be held accountable. Not only did they lie, over and over, but they proceeded to attempt to quash free speech by condemning the free exercise thereof. Because, appeasement.

And the media were complicit. But, hey, “The View!”

And let’s talk about Romney’s “secret tape.” That’s important.

For shame. This is beyond disgraceful.

Update: State Department continues its policy of blaming a film and apologizing for free speech as a form of appeasement. They must not have gotten the memo.

Those statements were tweeted after the embassy was stormed today.

  • Love of Country

    I’m so absolutely sick of that dishonest, fascist dictator and the uber corrupt state run media calling all the shots in this country.

    And sadly, I don’t live in North Korea …. it just sounded that way.

    • Robert

      U mean this is not North Korea. Why have i been sending haiku’s to our dear leader Old Major

  • Love of Country

    I’m so absolutely sick of that dishonest, fascist dictator and the uber corrupt state run media calling all the shots in this country.

    And sadly, I don’t live in North Korea …. it just sounded that way.

  • William J. Miller

    And “Baghdad Jay” Carney will claim that this was the position of the White House the entire time.
    And, he’ll get away with it. If it is brought up at all…

  • William J. Miller

    And “Baghdad Jay” Carney will claim that this was the position of the White House the entire time.
    And, he’ll get away with it. If it is brought up at all…

  • grais

    What was inconceivable just yesterday is self-evident today.
    Change You Can Believe In

    • J.N. Ashby

      They keep using that word “inconceivable.” I do not think they know what it means.
      Haaaa…Princess Bride reference.

      • grais

        Believe me, that was going through my head when I typed it.
        ; )

  • grais

    What was inconceivable just yesterday is self-evident today.
    Change You Can Believe In

  • d1comment

    And Dear Leader refuses to speak publicly about Libya…there is a lot of self evident lies told but the Legacy Media is not interested in reporting them…

    • redheadgrl

      Except on Letterman….

  • SAndrews

    Call it a victory against the “Repeat a lie often enough” crowd.

  • Tom Ellis

    If anyone is still on the fence about whether to vote for Romney or not, then this should be the clincher for you. What do you think would happen if OBama was already in his second term? Crickets??

  • Love of Country

    Thank goodness we don’t have one of those administrations who “shoots first and aims later” ….. unlike that no good greenhorn Romney fella! [sarc]

  • Paul J. Citro

    Wake up people!! Are these the people you want in the WH they LIE, CHEAT, DECEIVE and their policies are hurting us here and all over the world. Again I say we got to wake up.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Call for the removal of obama, H. Clinton, Ann Patterson, Susan Rice, Jay Carney, etc. from office for: dereliction of duty, lying to their constitutents, reckless and purposeful endangerment of citizens, collusion with enemies of the USA, and T R E A S O N.
    Act now.

    • Gary Dewyn

      Two words: President Joe Biden

      • BeautifulAmerica

        Easily defeated.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    We always said it was a terrorist attack. Correct all historical references accordingly.
    Ministry of Truth Directive 249905n–hY

    Honest to God, it’s hard to find new things to say about this s4itstorm buffoonery. I’ve apologized here twice already for wearing the tread off of “appalling,” disgusting,” and “unbelievable.” The Ministry of Truth needs to start issuing new words to describe the depths of this lunatic farce. Amateur Hour, man. Or more like the Gong Show. Everybody ready to give Sock Puppet a big ol’ Gang Gong?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      How about a steel-toed boot up ‘is arse as ‘e’s leaving, and pray the Hawaiian Island e’s retiring to gives birth to a new volcano.

  • NWFL Conservative

    So guys, how do you like your crow? Regular or self evident?
    Welcome to the three ring circus that is the Obama Administration.

    “Welcome my friends, to the clown show that never ends……..”

  • J. Cox

    And the 47% will still blindly follow him.Cult of personality,a empty suit sitting on a empty chair giving empty promises laced with bold print lies.Forward….over the cliff.

  • Hank DeCat

    Using the descriptor “self-evident” means, basically, the WH is saying anyone who believed them before is an idiot.
    I can’t say I disagree with that.

  • moonlight

    @BarakObama is absolutely the worst president in history. I’m so sick and fed up with this bunch of liars. And Jay Carney could stand and say with a straight face that this wasn’t against the US?? Good grief! Lies, lies, lies is all they know.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    the lied about it being a terrorist attack, and you know they are lying about not knowing about it in advance…

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    Hmmm, I wonder now who was the first to blame the YouTube clip? If you look at the film maker’s channel, there are only 3 comments before 9/11/2012. Those three comments did not condemn the clips or the film maker. It wasn’t until after the attacks in Libya and Egypt that comments condemning the film maker began to show up. Was it really the extremists that used the film as an excuse first or was it our own people covering their asses? If the later, wouldn’t that make the current administration responsible for the continued uprisings?

    • Blewits

      Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. This is Obama’s baby.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Also self evident is the Coptic guy tied to the stupid video is Egyptian. Oh snap another ignored coincidence.

  • Blewits

    for fuC*’s sake! they’re still tweeting that out after the attack? oh my GOD. Please put the adults back in charge. PLEASE!

  • Blewits

    They are as competent as children. Think like a child. Act like a child.

  • RobX

    Self-evident means no other evidence is necessary. If no evidence is necessary there cant possibly be any changing facts which made them change their opinion of it being terrorist attack. Either he has no idea what self-evident means or they were too inept to see the self-evident nature of the attack.

  • Darkstar1661

    You all see this?

    US Drops $70,000 On TV Ads In Pakistan

    “Victoria Nuland, a State Department spokeswoman, told reporters that
    the intent of this commercial is to get the message to the largest
    possible audience in Pakistan. Pakistan is being targeted due to the
    swarm of protesters that attempted to attack the US Embassy last week,
    but were deterred by Pakistani police forces.

    “The sense was that this particular aspect of the president and the
    secretary’s message needed to be heard by more Pakistanis than had
    heard, and that this was an effective way to get that message out,” Ms.
    Nuland said in Washington.”

    …We are now spending 70K on TV ads in Pakistan to apologize for Free Speech in hopes that they dont kill us…

  • Charles Seeburger

    So…We add the good ambassador to the list of the dead that no one will ever be held accountable for. I wish we could find out why he was there, why he wasn’t properly guarded and why this administration lies first and denies later. I guess Ill hope a bunch of bloggers can get to the bottom of it.

    • Gary Dewyn

      But he will still be able to vote in November.

  • Iacobus

    It’s amazing these morons are in positions of power and influence. What’s even more amazing is the deafening silence from the lapdog media. (Actually, scratch that. It’s not.)

    Hopefully, this charade will end in November. We’ve had enough, I think.

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    You know what else is self-evident? Obama = SCOAMF

  • nc

    When will these people understand that these are REAL LIVES that have been lost because their fn incompetence? Even the two Seals were not assigned by State Dept, they were at a safe house but ran over to try to protect the Ambassador on their own, and were killed.

    Who will be fired over this?????

  • DorothyGrissom

    The forgotten victim here is the film maker who was outed by Obama and now on the terrorists’ lifetime hit list.

    • Gary Dewyn

      BTW, did the police/FBI/CIA/Secret Service ever release him from his “questioning”?

  • rivers

    Hillary and Obama just released a video disavowing the killing of Bin laden, Joe Biden’s “GM is alive and Osama is dead” line at the DNC and the upcoming movie depicting the capture and killing of Bin Laden. Watch for the feds to come and take Joe Biden and said filmmakers away in the middle of the night for questioning. White house expresses disapproval of “shadowy figures” who would offend Al Quada by killing their leader.

    No, not really. I mean, not yet anyway, but theirs still another six weeks to go and a lot more blaming to go around…

  • AUBraves

    Bill was a perjurer… Hillary seems to have been paying attention during class.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    The lying will never stop. I met a man today, in his sixties, from the USSR. He moved his family here ten years ago for a chance at the American dream. He told me the government lied about how it was going to take care of everyone. All would benefit from their leaders. Any thing you want, you will have. The more the government took, the less they gave. And when people began to speak up, they were taken out, never to be seen again. He told me, “so many Russians were killed.” Now, he sees the same thing happening here. “I feel so sad for this beautiful country and for the people who live here, they know not what they are about to do. Communism, Socialism, it’s all about power. And once they get that power, good luck getting it back. It’ a very sad time for America.”

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    Okay, now that hussein obama’s administration has made the msm look extremely foolish, will they still be shills for the dems?, or will they now start to act like real journalists?

  • jebmonster

    The lying to cover up their failed policies are a disgrace, and thanks to our stupid White House for bringing attention to a ridiculous film no one had ever seen, the Middle East is really turned on now, using it as an excuse to keep on burning our flags. The irresponsible, ridiculous, incompetence of this White House is amazing.

  • NathanMBickel

    Lying Obama and his gullible and suck-up media didn’t fool me. I posted on my recent blog the following. Please Google if you care:

    Benghazi American murders and media’s shameless propaganda onus card

  • lana ward

    They had no choice. Lying fools

  • Blue Dilly

    What some people think free speech should mean:



  • Truly Ann ” Thomas Jefferson once held a sunset dinner here with an envoy from Tunisia…….as you arrived tonight, may have seen our special display, courtesy of our
    friends at the Library of Congress — the Koran that belonged to Thomas
    Jefferson..” BHO make sure you leave out the part about WHY he had a dinner with them and WHY he had the Koran in the first place, it just wouldn’t sound all sugar and spice and everything nice now would it….

  • Streetiebird

    As evidence became available, they took it into account. Nobody lied. At first there was no evidence that it was a terrorist attack and they said so. Then when there was evidence they explained their new outlook on the attacks. Simple stuff really.

  • tazachusetts08

    its the movie its the move its the move its a terroist no its the move keep trying to confude us I t won’t work on Me

  • CarolO

    When the embassies were attacked during the Bush years, no one blamed him. Terrorists have been here for years and will be here years after all of us are gone.
    2002: U.S. Consulate In Karachi, Pakistan, Attacked; 10 Killed, 51 Injured. From a June 15, 2002, Chicago Tribune article:
    2004: U.S. Embassy Bombed In Uzbekistan. From a July 31, 2004, Los Angeles Times article:
    2004: Gunmen Stormed U.S. Consulate In Saudi Arabia. From a December 6, 2004, New York Times article:
    2006: Armed Men Attacked U.S. Embassy In Syria. From a September 13, 2006, Washington Post article:
    2007: Grenade Launched Into U.S. Embassy In Athens. From The New York Times:
    2008: Rioters Set Fire To U.S. Embassy In Serbia. From The New York Times:
    2008: Ten People Killed In Bombings At U.S. Embassy In Yemen. From The New York Times: