How far will the Obama Administration go to make sure the government shutdown is as unpleasant as possible? This far:

This Twitter user makes a good point:

As Sen. Harry Reid might say, what are a few lost lives in the larger scheme of things?

  • Yeah I Said It

    Would someone please run over or remove these hideous orange cones tonight? They are distracting me from pleasantly viewing a monument which depicts presidents who were not tantrum throwing babies. Thanks.

    • BlueGood

      HOLY SCHIT AMERICA…….Have your Police gone over to the DARK SIDE???

      • Nick Dvorscak

        they’ve been there for a long long time. police that is

        • floyd084

          No the citizens have, Police departments then hire from that citizen group.

        • FAKIA

          True. Depressing, but true.

      • Craig Schlinkert

        The Dark Side is way cooler than to put cones in front of a monument. They would at least have had Stormtroopers.

        • El Laton Caliente

          Have you seen the number of SWAT teams the Feds have?

          • silentnomore

            Under Obama, there are 70 gov. agencies with Swat teams!
            He wants a confrontation to pull out the executive order pen or even to declare martial law at the 1st physical confrontation!

          • The Sanity Inspector

            Hey, you never know when some rogue maniac dairy farmer might try to sell raw milk to a neighbor! That’s why the Dept of Ag needs heavy ordnance.

        • David Ferguson

          Give it time, give it time…..Stormtroopers with scimitars no doubt.

      • Linda Thomson

        No, they are doing what they are ordered to do…

        • pete838

          Since when is that an excuse?

        • smokepole

          That excuse was also used at the nuremberg trials!

          • hamshotfirst

            Oh, look. Someone brought up the Nazis already. And on the internet?!

          • RichPorardo

            And a yellow star pinned to your clothes is just a yellow star. ID10T

          • FAKIA

            If the shoe fits… Totalitarian scum is as totalitarian scum does.

          • descolada9

            Let’s not conflate orange cones with the concentration camp murders of millions of human beings, folks. I hate what Barry O is doing, but let’s not descend to Nazi name-calling over orange cones.

          • El Gato

            The actions do not compare, but the justification seems to be the same. “I was just following orders”.

            Didn’t cut it then, doesn’t cut it now.

          • sickandtired

            Then you should better wake up.

          • AmericanMom

            It’s not just “orange cones” we’re talking about here. It’s the loss of public access to federal lands, paid for by taxpayer dollars. It’s a dictatorship gone amok.

          • savetheRepublic2016

            Bingo we have a winner!!

          • Frances Maddox

            George Soros (BHO’s billionaire backer) was associated with the Nazis…this isn’t just orange cones, this president has forgotten he is not a dictator yet.

          • woodgrain

            IF they can get away with this, they’ll only try more restrictions and laws.

          • Jeffery Fro Hunt

            Every day!! Already!! Wait… You HAVE been payin’ attention, right??

          • woodgrain

            yep, I’m sick of Ca. and it’s laws. No matter what I vote for it seems to go the other (liberal) direction. I don’t want to live in a Nerf world full of rules and taxes that go who knows where. I’ve seen piles of letters to representatives to tell them my opinion asking them not to do some things. Does that help? Not so much…. LOL crap……

          • Ken Alan Draper

            the concentration camps started with obeying a few seemingly harmless orders, then the orders got progressively more harsh & by the time the orders got criminal the people involved were so conditioned to obey without thinking that you had people commiting atrocities who would never have done so before.

          • AD_Rtr_OS

            Perhaps, in the Spirit of King Christian of Denmark, we should start wearing a yellow Star of David on our breast pocket?

          • John Stephens

            More better a rattlesnake flag pin.

          • johnpaul

            DON’T TREAD ON ME!!!!!

          • Holm Wrecker

            Nope. I’d rather wear a pistol on my hip. That will stop ANY fool from putting a mark on me.

          • John Stephens

            First, they came for the tourists…

          • James

            Yup, the progressives keep getting more harsh!!!

          • Phyllis H

            Bingo that is exactly what happened and it looks like it is starting to happen here!!!

          • billb44

            Sorry but I think you missed the point on this one. This may not have the depravity of the concentration camp but it’s a step in the same direction it is sort of mental conditioning for the next step. And some people think it’s quite a stretch to think we need to arm ourselves to protect us from an oppressive government. It’s getting closer and closer.

          • johnpaul

            October 17th it’s Article 1. Then he has free reign over the Bill of Rights. 2nd Amendment next?

          • woodgrain

            It’s not the first time I’ve seen baby steps used in the government to get what they want. Look at how they pick at the 2nd Amendment. We can’t even put our guns in gun racks in the vehicles anymore.

          • 44Grim

            I don’t think anyone called the police the gestapo, I think they’re saying ‘I was told to’ isn’t acceptable. what’s happening should scare people because the government thinks they can control the sea, keep churches from operating, and close privately funded ‘public’ places. We’re a republic, not a democracy, that means the rule of law matters more than opinion. I know we’ve gotten away from that line of thinking, and Obama definitely doesn’t give two shits about the Constitution or any law that he needs to get around, but that doesn’t nullify laws.

          • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

            They are not the same, but Germany didn’t go straight from not liking Jews to shoving them into ovens overnight. Once federal police start to view the public as “enemies” it becomes easier to escalate the situation.

            They already have at least a 20 year head start on that. Think back to Ruby Ridge and Branch Davidian actions by the ATF and FBI. They have NO problem shooting unarmed women holding babies, teenagers and pet dogs fleeing assault teams or smashing down a “church” before firebombing it.

          • johnpaul

            Our Founders were brilliant men. They knew how governments eventually become corrupt with evil and drunk with power. Health care is a failure….nobody is signing up. Doesn’t matter its all about CONTROL!

          • BSDetector

            What you fail to realize is that that is how it all started in Germany. A LAW on how a fish was to be properly cooked.

          • ez

            First they came for the people who removed the cones! Then… :)

          • FiftycalTx

            And when is Dear Leader going to start machine gunning protesters like in the Bonus marches? Read up on McArthur and weep.

          • Dale Furno

            who the fuck is Barry O?

          • Valid EmailAddress

            He’s a worthless, spineless, communist, half-breed kenyan muislim son of a white-fucking-whore. THAT’S who he is.

          • ShirleyCummings

            Its Obama’s real name,what he go’s by now is his Muslim name.Even in his book,his grandmother called him Barry.So if his name on birth Obama H.and not Barry S.(can’t spell last name)then isn’t his birth a lie?

          • giegie

            descolada9: Orange cones, gun control, indoctrination of our youth, is that close enough to consider Nazi name calling? If not, then thanks for your comment, now go back to sleep.

          • the_hawk

            Nobody conflated anything, the point made was that the rationale of “just following orders” has been used throughout history to excuse the exercise of denying people their freedoms.

          • Greased Slope

            First they came with the orange cones…

          • Brianna Aubin

            It ain’t the same in degree, but it’s sure as hell the same in kind! No self-respecting police officer should be following such asinine orders, and it’s perfectly legitimate to ask ourselves what other orders they’ll follow if they’re willing to do this.

          • johnpaul

            What the leader of this democratic party is doing is not much different than what the NSDAP did in Weimar Germany. Targeting the vulnerable…….children, senors, middle class Americans. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

          • $74419614

            First steps, my friend, first steps. The Nazis began by burning books and graduated to burning people.

          • Delphinus13

            You’re right. Nazi name calling is what the Dems have resorted to. The Dems also lack the competence of their German counterparts 75 years ago.

          • Overheten

            We know that Descolada.. Captain Obvious. But if you cannot see the growing ruling class in this nation, then you won’t see them coming for you.

          • Valid EmailAddress

            And why not? If the shoe fits …. This is how it begins my friend, and you better wake the phuck up and start giving a damn and calling a turd for what it truly is!

          • wilson

            You’re trying to knock some sense into senseless people, but that’s the company you keep.

          • Design Siemens

            One small step at a time. WAKE UP

          • mrjimmy

            why not? Its a start. Once the provrtbial camel getshis nose in the tent,the rest comes easy. Wake up people the Camels nose IS in the tent an no one seems to care

          • Matthew Tallman

            Ummm…no one was calling anyone a Nazi.

          • woodgrain

            People are looking ahead like they should be. Sheep don’t.

          • kleduz

            Whenever one is told to do something that is blatantly the wrong thing to do (interfering with people’s freedom for no good reason, for example) is evil….and if that person agrees to do this thing because “it’s his job and that’s what he was told to do” …does not remove the fact that HE is doing an evil act. You are correct, smokepole. Evil is evil (even if one wants to argue how one thing is a little evil and the other is big evil….evil is evil regardless…and it always creeps in slowly.)

          • Wolfie

            You see a lot of the same mindset here when they ask kids if they would shoot innocent Jews or bulldoze them into graves. The sad part is how many of these college age kids do not even know who Hitler was. Sad. We are doomed to repeat history because we have raised a generation of idiots.


          • kleduz

            This video is a lot more about abortion and the ten commandment than it is about educating the young on the evils of Hitler and any dictator in general. Fail.

          • Jean-Francois Dube

            Which did not save everyone of them convicts from prison or death. Good ol days…

          • The Sanity Inspector

            Only nowadays they’re just trying to pay their bills. “I vass chust paying ze mortgage…”

          • heyrosi

            It was also used by Lt Calley when his team massacred all those civilians.

        • Olive Faith Valsmon

          so if they are ordered to kill anyone moving one of those cones that would be a ok in your book? After all, they would just be following orders.

        • john

          The SS Only did what they was ordered to do.

        • EMHughes

          People with a conscience put their OATH before their orders. What happens when they are “ordered” to shoot at American civilians on U.S. soil?

          • TxRiverElf .

            Someone needs to remind those Republicans and Teabaggers in Congress … who shut down the Government… about their Oaths… and how to repeal a law… which is NOT by EXTORTION OR BY TERRORISM.

          • tiredofitall

            You are correct. The dems shut down the government due to their refusal to be on the same healthcare program that they have forced down our throats.

          • rangerider

            There is that :-)

        • lainer51

          since when do they follow orders?

        • Blake

          I don’t give a damn that they were “ordered” to do it. If they participated in any shape, form or fashion, in this extortion, they are just as guilty as the one who ordered it.

        • giegie

          That is very true, but Hitler’s officers obey his orders too. Have they turned against the American people completely? It sure looks that way.

        • kleduz

          So if your boss “orders” you to infringe on another person’s freedom….you should do it? What’s that say about YOU? (This way of thinking is precisely why this country is quickly heading south. Lack of principles and logic. It’s time to take a stand or get on your knees.)

        • Elmo

          They are bad orders and deserve to be ignored.

        • RDaneel

          Consider this Linda:

          “And how we burned in the
          camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative,
          when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he
          would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods
          of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of
          the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with
          terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase,
          but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the
          downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or
          whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a
          shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst,
          the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom
          enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely
          and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

          ― Aleksandr I.

          It starts by barring certain citizens from moving freely. If you cannot seen that go back to sleep and:

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty,

          the tranquility of servitude

          better than the animating contest of freedom,

          go home from us in peace.

          We ask not your counsels or your arms.

          Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.

          May your chains set lightly upon you,

          and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

          Samuel Adams

        • Valid EmailAddress

          Then they’re part of the problem and the biggest phucking cowards, just like their master, Obama.

        • FAKIA

          Just like Lt Calley at My Lai?

      • Mead

        State & local badges are not the ones doing these things.

        • Joseph Hansell

          Sorry to disappoint you, friend, but they ARE the ones doing these things.

          • drewder

            Yeah the state who is offering to pay to keep the monument open are trying to discourage tourism…. Nah these are National parks police that are doing it.

          • Respect2Glory

            That’s a highway, not a park. What a waste of taxpayer dollars, paying the cone ferries to drop and retrieve cones!

          • Mead

            Do you have pictures of anyone but Park Rangers closing off these areas?

          • bcostin

            Do have any reports of local cops removing these stupid and dangerous cones from their highways? If they aren’t helping then they are making themselves part of the problem.

          • Mead

            So because you haven’t gone to take them down, we can call you part of the problem as well.

            You know what, never mind. I’m not going to get in the middle of a ‘hate all cops’ orgy. Have fun with it.

          • bcostin

            Ah, the good ol’ chickenhawk argument. Well, I’m not local, and not a cop. And I certainly don’t hate cops. I just happen to think that fellow citizens entrusted with badges and public safety have at least as much obligation to the people they work for as they do to the federal government, which they do not work for. Especially when it’s clear that the federal government has no actual legal basis for what they’re doing here.

        • twinstick1

          Ummm… Don’t think so. Check out the 3rd pic…

          • Finrod Felagund

            That looks like a Park Ranger in that picture, not a state or local cop.

          • Friggaonline

            Same thing

          • Mead

            “Park Ranger Tonya Osback tries to keep traffic moving on Highway 16A”

      • Al’s Grandpa’s Ghost ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        It’s all on Obama, the most petty person on the planet.

        • Clayton Grant

          Man I need new glasses. Was wondering what about him you found to be so attractive. ((sheepish grin))

        • Dave Barton

          Obama says the masses must submit or he will close another mall or monument. Meanwhile his golfcourse is unaffected by the shutdown.

          • PhylBoyse

            Yes his golf course is open for him, but the commissaries on military bases are closed.

          • descolada9

            Would be nice if someone would take a bit of Round-Up to his favorite course.

          • Sandi Heikkinen

            better yet, let a herd of cattle go on the green….:)

          • heyrosi

            Sheep. Sheep pull the grass up by the roots. That’s why they have to be moved from pasture to pasture.

          • rangerider

            I wonder if they have covered the little marker where Dear Leader kissed the gorgon for the first time :-)

        • C-Ann-C

          He’s mounting up his anger against the American people because he knew that 57% of us did NOT want Obamacare, he had to see the polls on that, so he’s mounting up his TIRADE of being the most horrible TYRANT in the history of World Leaders, and he’s USURPED our Oval Office and CIRCUMVENTED our Constitution and he’s pushing ALL the buttons to see how RILED up we can get so that he’ll see how much we can take and then….here it comes……WHAM!!!!! Calls out the guards, Calls out the MILITIA and makes it MARTIAL LAW! Why do you think Homeland Security, the IRS, FEMA scarfed up all that billions worth of ammo that we, the citizens, have trouble finding to buy these days??! Hmmmmm…They’ve been gearing up for this the past few months now; wonder why you haven’t even noticed!? See what happens when you look the other way and allow these things to happen, then…………WHAM A LAM A DING DONG!! HITS YOU RIGHT IN THE KISSER!!!

          • hamshotfirst

            “the most horrible TYRANT in the history of World Leaders” — Do you actually read what you type, or is the keyboard holding you hostage? C’mon now.

          • Dawg One

            Obama cannot call out the Militia. The Militia answers only to the Governor of each respective State.

          • Dianna G. Parsley

            You hit it on the head. Been thinking that for a while!!

          • AmericanMom

            Or pounds us in the kneecaps with their union and Acorn goons doing the whacking for him. Remember, he’s not accountable for anything he does. Media makes sure of that.

          • Friggaonline

            No leader has ever promoted this kind of tyrannical views and lived in this country. Men have been removed for alot less than this

          • Anna Fabian

            I agree,c-ann-c!
            He thinks he pretty smart but he made one mistake…we are americans and this is our country!
            We should never be counted out or underestimated!

        • TxRiverElf .

          Your idiotic tantrum throwing Teabaggers and their Republican supporters SHUT DOWN CONGRESS… not the President. Try to remember who did what…

      • $22639970

        They’ve been there for quite a while now.

        • DanOfOmaha

          Please quantify. Is “a while now” before the government “shutdown”?

          • $22639970

            The trend is a least 10 years old. In some areas, like Chicago, the cops have been politicized JBTs since the ’70s.

        • VeteranMom

          It’s a FAKE picture. There are no cones.

      • tjp77

        Seriously. This is the kind of thing I really HOPED would have been resisted by rank-and-file law enforcement. But it looks like enough of them have no problem blindly following orders from Washington. Gee I wonder what will happen when they get the order to confiscate all our weapons.

        Fact is, as pro-police/law enforcement as most conservatives are, we really need to examine who our friends actually are. Because I have a suspicion that when the chips are down, the cops are going to side with the statists, with the exception of some small-town sheriffs and other folk along those lines.

        We’re looking more and more doomed every day.

        • James Kevin Jones

          They’ll be shot.

          • Wayne

            They’ve got automatic weapons, body armor, armored vehicles, and lots and lots of ammo. There is a reason ‘our’ police force has been militarized. Don’t let them tell you it’s because of the bad guys. If they really need all that stuff for the bad guys then we need it even more for the same reason.

          • sevines

            …and at distance if possible…when they’re leaving the doughnut shop…. I’m not condoning this, but it’s exactly what will happen if they go too far.

        • Chico Escobar

          What you suggest is anarchy. No…they are following lawful orders. It’s sickening they are being given the orders but the orders are not against the law. Better to correct by putting an adult in the Exec Office.

          • Alabama Mike

            Of course those orders are against the law! Can’t view Mt Rushmore from a public hwy? WTF?

          • Chico Escobar

            I’m saying the NPS folks that put the cones up and those that are escorting people off monuments are not the villains here. Talk to who gave them the orders.

          • Alabama Mike

            They are both equally at fault. It’s got to stop somewhere, and if the locals won’t take care of their own people, they are no different than the Feds.

          • Chuck Comstock

            They are obedient servants not taking their oath to heart.And they are traitors.

          • Friggaonline

            WHY ARE THEY FOLLOWING SUCH STUPID ORDERS?!?!? Its not whether they follow their orders or not, but rather are they smart enough to know when the orders are very wrong.

          • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

            After a point, they are also the villains. “I was just following orders” is a statement that doesn’t end well, and it wasn’t an excuse accepted at the Nuremberg Trials.

          • kleduz

            I disagree. Were the people who cranked up the gas in the gas chambers to kill millions “non villians” because they were carrying out the orders of another higher up villian? Is there NO expectation of self responsibility for ones actions anymore if there’s someone else to blame?? Chico, you scare me.

          • idalily

            Welcome to the liberal idea of utopia: do what they want and like it or be punished. Hand over your money or be punished. Give unquestioning loyalty or be punished. Hope and change, America.

          • kleduz

            Exactly idalily! “Bla bla bla…we’ll all be safer if we get rid of guns…or spy on all Americans…we’ll all better off if tax the ‘rich’ more…(theft!)… we’ll all be healthier if you eat what we say and buy our ins…” Seriously people! Wake up!! This is ALL about CONTROL!

          • Sue Gerner

            In other words “Welcome to Communism”… welcome to “Revelations”.

          • Douglas Morris

            It may be time for Conservative and Libertarian civil disobedience.

          • tjp77

            Not anarchy, upholding basic liberties.

            The whole ‘just following orders’ excuse didn’t work at Nuremberg, and it shouldn’t fly here either.

          • kleduz

            Being immoral is not against the law either. What’s your point?
            When people can’t see when a “lawful” order is evil… it’s the beginning of the end. (Passing a law to justify taking people’s freedoms away is EVIL…and those who abide by them are also evil.)

        • Alabama Mike

          They definitely aren’t Oath Keepers.

        • VeteranMom

          It’s FAKE. You believed that?

        • woodgrain

          They don’t want to become targets. They won’t know who their enemies are. They’ll all look like AMERICANS!!!!!

        • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

          I’m very conservative, but I just don’t get the very pro-police, “cops are always right” sentiment. They definitely can be quite corrupt.

          • kleduz

            “Absolute power corrupts absolutely…” it’s been true since the beginning of time. If we don’t fight for our freedom we will lose it. Freedom cannot prevail with an ignorant or lazy populace. Take a look around…I see a LOT of ignorant and lazies among us.

      • Chico Escobar

        Unfortunately, the Police in this case answer to the Chief Executive.. the POTUS. Though it costs money (manpower) to put the cones down and collect them, and it costs nothing to leave things alone, the Executive branch of the US Govt has decided to put cones out.

        • kleduz

          Does that make sense to you Chico? Does the POTUS do anything that makes logical sense? It’s done intentionally. To test the waters of the minds he’s ruling. I’m not sure when America stopped demanding and expecting logic from the government, but it’s time to start demanding it again. They work for US….we are not their subjects…we are their boss! Demand logical answers or boot them out.

          • Chico Escobar

            Of course it makes no sense. The POTUS is behaving like a spoiled child. He really should be the focus of everyone’s ire.

            I don’t agree that booting them out will solve things long term. Totally agree it’s the right short term answer.

            Long term the Constitution needs to be amended to steer it back to it’s original intent. (idea courtesy of the great one) The states have no power over the Fed, and the Fed has control over the states. Fed dictates what the states must do even when the Constitution doesn’t specify it. That is not what is spelled out in the Constitution.

            It has led to what we see now; a ruling class that holds itself above the “rabble”…they are in their own private universe. I agree they have no regard for the people they serve….some even seem to have contempt and view the people as rubes or sheeple. (I guess some percentage is the latter).

          • kleduz

            I agree with most of that… I say boot them all out and start over and yes… get back to the Constitution NOW! Term limits too. But you missed an important point I was trying to make. The lack of reason or logic (sense) is intentional…it’s a test of philosophy among the people. This has been done before throughout history. When people don’t demand logic from their government then the government knows they can do anything and it will barely be noticed and nothing is questioned….not even where the trains are taking them.

      • ItsGaryinaz66

        they should be ashamed, but since most federal employees are affirmative action demographics, the base of the democrat party, they revel in punishing americans

      • AmericanMom

        Obama ordered them to do it. They were just following instructions (remind anyone of the Hitler era)?

        • Frances Maddox

          This is Obama’s doing just like the “phony: scandals which were not phony…This traitor will stop at nothing, He should be tried for murder because of our Ambassador and three other Americans, by the way have we ever been told where he was on that 9/11, perhaps there are golf courses open all night somewhere in the world. BHO also disappeared a few years when he was supposed to be at Columbia, none of that graduating class ever saw him. I SAY BETTER LATE THAN NEVER TO DEMAND EXPLANATIONS FROM THIS TRAITOR! PELOSI needs to be made accountable for her signing the required document when BHO was nominated that she KNEW he was a Naturalized citizen……which of the fake B/C did she see???

        • kleduz

          Yep…but I was reminded of it waaaaay before THAT statement.

      • ez

        Dark side??? Well not quite but they do appear to be part of the problem. Looks like they need a manpower adjustment.

      • blue quasar


      • Dandapani

        They are now Oblamo’s Civilian Army he used to speak about.

      • Kane Kine

        They’ve always been on the dark side. Ask any man or woman of a different color than white.

      • KvakkSalversen

        Obama did. Seriously I’m not even from America, but your president seems like a fascist more and more every day.

    • trixiewoobeans

      It’s littering, plain and simple, and not environmentally-friendly! Call the EPA!

      • woodgrain

        As much as I hate the EPA, not a bad idea. LOL

      • Wayne

        But it is littering to push the agenda. Breaking the law is ok for this Democrat Administration as long as it furthers the agenda. They’ve broken the law many times since Obamao has occupied the WH.

    • VeteranMom

      It’s a FAKE picture.

    • TomJB

      In other news, a fleet of dump trucks hauling sand is on its way to Arizona to fill in the Grand Canyon

    • logicrules

      Why does the government have to be present for us to LOOK at something???!!!

      If this doesn’t illustrate idiocrasy, then nothing does. Kafka wrote nursery rhymes, compared to this folderolality.

    • MB

      The snowplows will get them all. Those cones are covered in about 25+ inches of snow.

    • Howie Phelterbush

      you misspelled the prick by accidentally spelling it “babies”

    • Sandi Heikkinen

      If I lived anywhere near there, I would simply get a group of people together and just go remove the damned cones. This is stupidity at it’s finest! WTF does it cost the government for people to continue doing something that costs nothing whatsoever? It doesn’t take a penny from the coffers for people to pull over and look. Go take the damned cones down, people! This is OUR land, OUR government and it is high damned time THEY do OUR bidding, not the other way around!!

    • Porphyry

      Unfortunately I don’t drive, or I might consider a secret mission to the Black Hills, which may be as good a place as any for the Rebellion to commence. Here are suggestions for anyone who feels like acting. Ideally you should move in groups, if opposition is expected or visibility’s high. (Two vehicles converging on a site might be good.) Toss those cones aside or stack them creatively–your choice! Alternatively you may want to deface them with Anti-O stickers or mock-Nazi slogans. (Ideally you could conjure up some phony O posters with the slogans already printed.) Or perhaps you’d like to “redistribute” these cones to the driveway of some area Fed installation.

      Raise the Shire!

  • golfer75

    Speaking of Harry Reid and those cones, he needs to have one of those cones jammed up his butt! Same for Obama. What a turd.

    • Yeah I Said It

      Obama would probably enjoy that a little too much.

    • Terri King

      Why stop with just one ??

      • Teabagger Blaster

        The sad thing about people like you is that you know perfectly well what is going on. You know Republicans are holding America hostage, but since it’s for ‘you’? You want it. No long term thinking at all.

        If you think this country can continue to function with these kinds of cry baby antic by the Teapublicans, you are dead wrong. We were never supposed to be dictated to by a minority within a majority that was elected by a minority of the vote – due to Gerrymandering.

        You *think* you’re immune to having bad things come your way, but you are wrong. They will fuck you just the same as they fuck welfare recipients, minorities, women, gay people, social security, medicare, and anything else they can do to increase their own pocketbooks.

        When they come for you, don’t cry to me for help. You simply don’t deserve anyone giving you anything. Even if it means life and death. You are selfish to the core, and a total disconnect from anything that doesn’t directly affect you in a positive way.

        Fuck you all. Christian Conservatives are nothing more than a group of people calling themselves by a false name. You should be named Jackal Greedmongers.

  • MLCross

    Why not just close all the interstates? Those are Federally controlled, right? Shut down all air travel controlled by the FAA too. Obama’s decided that it’s his way or no way, so why beat around the bush. Just go full dictator Barrack, you know you want to.

    • BigSky1970

      Interstates are closed. Early October blizzard has closed the interstate from Sheridan, WY to Murdo, SD.

      • IPreferTeaOverKoolAid

        Off topic, sorry, but BLIZZARD? Good gravy, it was 85 here in Central Pennsylvania! Which isn’t a normal temperature for us (must be that global warming/cooling/climate change thing. 😉 ), but still! :-)

      • Michael Fuson

        I think he meant the entire interstate road system. and i’m surprised they havent

      • Princess Pi

        Oh, that global warming is hideous. Either that or Obama forgot to pay the weather bill.

    • Detective Sam Milos™

      All locks and dams controlled by the USACOE should cease operations as well.

      • woodgrain

        Total blackouts by shutting them down. Why not? He wants to take over the country……

    • StotheOB

      Please don’t give them any ideas…

    • Carla Shellenberger

      Don’t give the asshole any ideas!

    • Dave

      If dumbo ever creates the need to declare martial law, which I believe is his agenda, he will close the interstates. Way past time for this idiot to be thrown in jail!

      • heyrosi

        He can close all he wants to. He does not know who he is messin with. We got around before interstates and we will get around after. 237 years ago, Americans got mad enough to take some dire action. History is about to repeat itself.

      • Gwen Smith

        maybe he is trying to piss us off the the point of rebellion and then he can proclaim marshall law and become the dictator than he believes he is…

    • James Kevin Jones

      Don’t test the man, he might try it which would lead to new civil war.

      • woodgrain

        Maybe that’s what we need.

    • prodrvr

      They were created and mostly funded by the Fed, but they are owned by the State Dept of Transportation in each state. But if they were to shut down the interstate system, this country would starve in a mater of days. As we drivers like to say, “If you bought it, we brought it”.

    • Duhsauce

      Well, most of the interstate in South Dakota is closed because it is covered in snow.

  • John Janecek

    I’d like to know exactly where and when was the picture taken… There’s been a lot of snow in that area in the past 48 hours.

    • BigSky1970

      Yeah and there’s three feet of snow on that highway right now, so I’d say those cones are probably buried.

    • Detective Sam Milos™

      The government ordered no snow to fall upon federal rights-of-way….

    • Jason Hawes

      Okay John, but I live in Ohio. Yeah, we don’t necessarily get as much snow as the Dakotas, but we get a lot some years. I’ve yet to see anyone put cones out, which would be buried as stated, because snow is coming.

    • vetgal1970

      According to the linked article, Oct 1

      • John Janecek

        Wouldn’t load first two times… finally got it… sister lives in Mitchell SD & was unaware of this happening. (Mitchell is 1 hr. west of Sioux Falls) No excuse for her not to know. Thanks for the heads up on the link… WiFi I’m using sux (like 0bama)

  • James Atkins

    The police should be ashamed…I would absolutely refuse to comply

    • trixiewoobeans

      I repeat from another thread: Dear police and park rangers, “Never do anything against conscience even if the State demands it.” – Albert Einstein

    • Duhsauce

      Good luck getting there through the three damned feet of snow.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    There was one group that called, before shutdown, and were told if they were there before noon they would be able to get in. Got there before noon and were denied entrance. Also, if people pull over and view the monument the park police are giving them tickets.

    • Michael Fuson

      if they are blocking state owned roads the state police should arrest them.

    • Alan

      If the park police are there then why can’t they open…

    • James Kevin Jones

      I’d shove that ticket right up their ….

  • Lori Bird

    They’re under 5 feet of snow!

  • Scott Snoopy

    oh well…I’d still be pulling over…please arrest a tired disabled Veteran who needed a break after driving up those winding mtn roads

    • Terri King

      Thank you for your service ! God bless you !m

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    What a great idea! Now if any car going through there breaks down, they block the road! Kudos to the brat-in-chief.

  • Clinton Parks

    All you people up there, Don’t let these nut jobs do this to you. Go up there and remove the cones and tell the Park Police to go to hell. That is a public highway and they have NO JURISDICTION over it. Ifyou let them do this then they will even pull More MARXIST junk on the People of the United States.

  • Kelly Babbit

    I am pretty sure this is NOT what people think it is- Come On guys- Dont we have enough valid reasons to hate Obama without reporting and resorting to liberal tactics.

  • Ernie Seagraves

    Why do you people not listen? Mt Rushmore violates the 2nd commandment. God will likely destroy it soon.

  • Thomas Purcell

    Its almost as if they are TRYING to provoke a response from people

    • Detective Sam Milos™

      “Its almost as if”? Really!!? I’m sure they would never do anything that underhanded and repugnant. The GOP might but never Barack and Jarrett. For gods sake man!!! He has a Noble prize….

      • SkyePuppy

        I love your misspelling of the Nobel prize. The (ahem) man has no nobility in his soul anymore than he has peace in his heart.

        • redrick

          I’m already making plans to soil his grave

      • Claude Jones

        I think it’s reasonably that his Nobel prize comes from a man who made it very easy for folks to destroy things and make a lot of noise in the process.

      • right_on

        That’s NO-BEL, nothing noble about it!

    • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

      I am glad I am not the only one thinking this. The Hindmost golfs while the American way of life dies.

    • Tina Mqs


    • trixiewoobeans

      Just stay calm and let them reveal the full extent of their turdishness. Everybody (the Left included) will see the smallness and mean-spiritedness of their leaders.

      • Joe W.

        I wish this were true, but it is not. The liberal left will applaud ANY and ALL measures that Barack Obama takes to subdue the enemy. (Us). I fear that the war must begin. Now.

        • heyrosi

          Oh, we gottem so outnumbered and we have guns and sticks and stuff.

          • ForTheRepublicOfDave

            And the military, but hey, I’m sure our boys would gladly massacre American citizens because King Obama I said so…right?

          • heyrosi

            That’s why he is trying to keep/send them all overseas because he knows which side they would chose. They respect the office but not the man in it.

        • Elaine Burris

          I totally agree.

    • Travis Outland

      They are then they can declare martial law that’s exactly what they want

    • Guest

      They may not like the response they get when the American people are pushed to the breaking point. I am honestly afraid for the future of this country if this man’s arrogance isn’t stopped. He’s behaving like a dick-tator, and we’re letting him get away with it.

    • Linda Heilman

      ALMOST? ALMOST! Of course they are. And then they will call it terrorism and try take away more of our rights.

  • Cathy Crowley-jonasson

    Photo is not current this area was hit by a huge snowstorm the past few days.

  • Mr.Richards

    This is a serious question to anyone who may know. I think we’d all agree that the administration wants this shutdown to hurt as much as possible, but does anyone know if previous ones like the one in 1996 had this much effort put into barricading, coning off, roping off, etc., anything government ran?

    • Brad Donald

      This did not happen under any previous shutdown. This is deliberate pain infliction by obama.

      • Mr.Richards

        I agree with all of you. What does this say about this administration? Gee, I thought he was going to bring us all together…

        • right_on

          …in a gulag!

        • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

          He is bringing us more together, albeit in a way he would not approve of. Nor do I, in all honesty. Advocating the violent overthrow of the government, which I have seen several here do, is against the law and counterproductive as well. We cannot secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity by acting as an unruly mob.

          If a President is acting unlawfully, use the law to make him answer for his actions! Do NOT give him opportunity to target us as insurrectionists.

          • Mr.Richards

            yeah, i’m feelin’ the love,,,

    • David

      No to your question. We did not have a maniacal lunatic occupying the presidency – a weird president, but not insane.

      • PeriMedic

        I know. I never thought I’d pine for Clinton–or think he was more principled than someone else!

        • right_on

          The thinking Clinton did, with that “certain part of the male anatomy,” would give better results that the Alinsky-ite bozo calling the shots now.

        • David

          I wasn’t around then, but I did a graduate degree paper on the corruption in the Harding administration. However, It makes me pine for those days in comparison to the outright criminality of Obama and his band of thugs.

    • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

      The vast majority of previous shutdowns lasted only a day or two. The 1996 shutdown was the longest, and if Bob Dole had not caved, WJC said years later his intention was to capitulate the next day.

      At this point, the Republicans should get ready for a long siege. Time to call it in danger close.

    • Zhaliberty

      I don’t think “they” are going to get the response they want. I think ppl are getting the message that there’s too much govt. Not the message of…WE NEED MORE GOVT.

    • CS Brooks

      In 1996 there was no shutting down of anything ran by the Feds, the Smithsonian might have though. The focus at that time was the successful demonization of Newt by the MSM. The GOP has been living in fear of that happening again ever since as they always get blamed regardless of who caused it. If this goes on long enough maybe we can expose departments that can be eliminated after no one misses them.

    • tiredofcriminals

      Seriously none of this was done in previous shutdowns. This is Obama’s doing.

    • Lonnie


    • Patsy Vickers Blackner

      The answer is no! However, you have to back off this a little. It is a safety issue unless there is a real pull-off viewing area,
      then we have a real issue.

    • Hilda

      I live outside Sequoia National Park and in it’s entire history (1890) the park has NEVER been barrycaded (misspelling intentional). This person is the most disgusting, arrogant person (notice did not call him a man) I have ever heard of.

    • JR48

      Nope, They bickered in DC for a few days, a few weeks…blathered at each other on television and then it was back to business as usual.

    • Princess Pi

      No, this never happened in any other shutdown, ever, in all 17 of them. Obama is a spoiled brat like the dictator in N. Korea. Shut down Camp David and STOP GOLFING.

  • Indynana

    Are they trying to PUSH US TOO FAR – cause I am about there!

    • The_Livewire

      Yes, Indynana, they are.

  • peteee363

    I wouldn’t roll over them, but I may pickup a few :-)

  • Timothy Kennedy

    I hate to say it, but Obama and his BS is going to get someone shot or killed. I don’t like the idea of blaming the cops, but the fact that they don’t stand up and tell the fed to “shove it” makes them just as guilty as those telling them to do this crap.

    • tiredofcriminals

      The Nazi soldiers who “followed orders” were prosecuted too. The “just following orders” doesn’t work.

  • jennifer

    Better cover it with sheets.

  • Robert Varner

    Does anyone own a 4X4?? Come on people…think for yourselves. Run over them. On the way down run over the other line. Stop complaining and do something about it. Y’all act like a couple of little kids who got locked out of the house. JUST FIX IT!!

  • David

    I’m getting a few years on me and have a couple of health issues, but I’m ready to go to rid the filth occupying D.C.

  • Michael Berry

    sorry to say that the above is nothing compared Obama’s praise of Planned Parenthood asking his god to bless them for the killing of over 300,000 babies a year.

  • Josh

    It’s great how we can’t enjoy our own country when the government is having a hissy fit!

  • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

    There is a part of me that is thankful Spin didn’t live to see this. He’d explode.

    Ok, a few months ago on American Thinker I said it wasn’t that bad yet. It is now that bad. We are now longer a free nation. I dread what comes next.

    • heyrosi

      What comes next is that some overzealous pinhead on the other side will fire a shot that will set this place aflame. Remember Lexington and Concord?

      • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

        It won’t be a Lexington and Concord scenario. It will be in dozens of places across the country at once — the deep blue cities will erupt after (a) the amnesty bill getting passed and millions of low skill blacks being out of work for months or (b) We don’t get a “small” reset in the financial markets and eventual its, “I’m comin’ Lizabeth, its the big one!”

  • Michael Berry

    This is nothing compared to Obama’s praise of Planned Parenthood asking his god to bless them for the killing of approx. 300,000 babies a year.

  • Diane Baldissard Merz

    What a giant crock of ….! What will Obozo and the other stooges pull next? I don’t care if everything closes, Obama care is a train wreck, and WE THE PEOPLE DON”T WANT IT………

  • Raymond59

    It’s amazing that a Public Road (paid for by Public Tax Dollars) is blocked off. Last time that I heard, it’s NOT against the Law to view Mount Rushmore from a distance.

    • Joe W.

      Well, I guess it is now. Obama gets to change laws on a whim, doncha know? He’s “the won”, and he’s the Savior of the people…..((((SPIT))))

      • Raymond59

        He’s “the won?” B.S.! It’s funny. Because of the shutdown, the World War II Veterans Memorial (an “Open Air Memorial”) gets closed off (again). This time, they’ve linked the barricades and put a layer of razor wire to prevent ANYONE from removing them at all. They “cone off” a Public Roadside Access near Mount Rushmore. The even closed South Padre Island National Seashore. Sooner or later, President Obama is going to regret that he even ever became President. “Savior of the people?” IN A PIG’S EYE!!!!! “Thumbs Up” on your Comment.

  • R0nin

    Federal Govt. looses their funding.
    Spends untold extra $$ to shut down things they don’t own.

    • tiredofcriminals

      I am hearing the in some areas they are spending more to shut things down that was spent to keep pit open.

  • no_more_deceit

    All the more reason to down-size the federal government, when they have the time to pull these ignorant shenanigans, just proves they have too much time on their hands.
    obama – the drama queen.

  • Indynana

    Obombastic is just miffed because he isn’t up there!

    • R0nin

      If he was, you can be sure it wouldn’t be “closed off”.

    • Timothy Kennedy

      Not likely he will be up there…at least while we are still called the United States of America.

  • Terika

    Whoa…what a feat!!! They collected all the Dem Senate/Congress Dunce Caps?!? Why, yes – I do believe the third one back is Pelousy’s! Cute how these orange head adornments compliment the Fall Fascist -I mean Fall Fashion color of their perfectly tailored brown shirts!

  • Josh Colletta

    Cones are meant to be stolen.

    • Detective Sam Milos™

      Quite useful in Chicago in reserving parking spaces, slowing neighborhood traffic and blocking your neighbors driveway for a good laugh.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Those cones would make for a nice big toxin-cloud bonfire.

  • wjgreen314

    Only Barack Hussein Obama, the head of the DEMOCRAT Party, with the stroke of his pen is able to open as little or as much of his regime as he chooses. All he has to do is convince Dirty Harry Reid to pass in the Senate one or more of the numerous bills already passed in the House.

    Only by the stroke of Obama’s pen is he able to wield the one hardened tool that can make his government tumescent again after swooning into limp detumescence!

  • Paula Flechtner Martin

    My friend that keeps her boat at Lake Mead says the lake is closed, too. They let them go in to check on their boat, but weren’t allowed to stay.

    • Steven S Mellnick

      How exactly are they stopping them? Seriously?

      • BigSky1970

        Probably have militarized checkpoints.

        • Steven S Mellnick

          It seems a lot of people are cowed into it. They see everyone else, and the ‘go along, to get along’ seems to be happening. It makes me sick. Does no one step out of line anymore?

          • heyrosi

            The Jews “went along” and look how it turned out for them. The land of the free and the home of the brave has become the land of the oppressed and the home of the gutless.

  • bigkahuna9

    How freaking stupid is this president. Liberals must be dreading 2014 election with this moron leading

    • R0nin

      No, they aren’t because they’re just as stupid (or self-deluded) as he is. They actually believe this isn’t Obama’s fault. They somehow manage to gin up the ability to accept his “It’s the GOP’s shutdown” and “I’m always negotiating” lines as fact, even though he, y’know, refuses to negotiate with the GOP.

      • vetgal1970

        Let me open by stating that I hate Facebook. BUT I have a page. I have been alternating articles between the ones where Obama says NO to negotiating and stories like these and the WWII Memorial, then Reid says NO to negotiating and stories about the separate spending bills the House has been sending. There is a lot of material out there to work with. WE need to go around the media and get to the people that are tuning out or only hearing a little bit. It is too important not to try.

    • Steven S Mellnick

      Low information voters, unless called to task and shamed, will attempt to keep this path. Those of us that see what is actually going on need to start working at the local level to get the information out.

  • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

    If the park staff is on “furlough” who the heck put these up, and how did the feds pay for it ???

  • syd788

    I knew some idiot would brand this outrage as a “safety” measure. Like hell, Owevomit is just trying to make this as bad as it can be and blame it on conservatives. Which, there are damn few anymore. Most Redumbocans are masquerading as RINOS. And Boehner is the biggest Obama lapdog, along with John McLame………….

  • BobHTX


  • daniel nichols

    the little bully who would be king

  • Robert Varner

    Can’t believe people sit here complaining about the cones. If you are in the area and drive a 4X4 just run over them. On the way back down the hill run over the other line of cones. No don’t do it when an officer is in sight. Just get it done.

    • billb44

      Better yet maybe a lot of people would take just a few each and drive them to Washington DC and throw them over the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • Steven S Mellnick

    Sheeple. BAAAAAAAA! The spine has been yanked out. I swear.

  • Terika

    My Halloween Costume is gonna be an orange traffic cone, brown shirt, and Harry the Reaper Reid mask to ratchet up the fright factor. Eek!!!

  • catholicchristian

    Welcome to gReid-lock. It’s just a part of the Obamanation.

  • Jim_Orange_CA

    Correction: Following the orders of Ass-Hole in Chief BHO!

  • Otter2

    The People’s Cube called it on Thursday.

    This is really beyond ridiculous. Why doesn’t this administration just open up the overlooks and tax our eyesight? Oh wait … never mind.

    • heyrosi

      Wait until they put a scale in your toilet so they can tax you by the pound.

  • irishgirl91

    My gosh they sooo want a white, veteran to snap and become the face of the tea party. They will nudge and nudge until they get their poster child, and fingers crossed, their martyr.

    • heyrosi

      No. They’ll shoot first. We’ll shoot back. All the libs have dissarmed themselves so they will all be snotting and begging don’t hurt me. We’ll just kick them aside and continue to march.

  • KWHodges56

    Find out who paid for the cones and their placement and demand answers!

  • Timothy Kennedy

    The National parks and Monuments belong to the American people, not to the government. It’s time to “explain” that to the government…I say screw it…throw aside the barriers, cones and the cops and open them to whoever wants to visit them.

    • trixiewoobeans

      YES! OUR tax dollars pay for them, they are OURS!!

      • Barbara Large

        NOT ACCORDING TO hillary!!! SHE GAVE AWAY ALL OF OUR NATIONAL FORESTS/PARKS TO CHINA AS LOAN COLLERATAL FOR OUR TREMENDOUS NATIONAL DEBT!!! Ever wonder WHY all of our 4×4 logging roads have been BLOCKED, GATED & BULLDOZED??? And, any roads or trails we are “allowed access” to, we have to PAY FOR A PERMIT to enjoy lands that we formerly roamed without hindrance – back in the day when we were young & could go fishing without getting PERMISSION OF THE GOVERNMENT& BEING CHARGED A FEE for entry into OUR OWN PUBLIC LANDS!!!!!!!

    • Barbara Large

      Don’t we WISH??? Hillary gave away all of our National Forests/Parks as loan collateral for our huge NATIONAL DEBT to China!!! Wonder WHY all of our 4×4 logging roads have been GATED, BLOCKED & BULLDOZED????

  • James hegarty

    So they spent tax payer funds to buy, or rent, cones and paid workers or a contractor to put them out there. This is an open site and they don’t want you to look at what is yours. These are some sick people running this operation. P>S> THe Park Service makes wooden Easter eggs with Baracks and Michelles signatures on them. how many do you want to buy?

  • Steven S Mellnick

    This really does make me wish a national park was close to my house. I feel the need for civil disobedience.

  • Zena Salem

    An unrighteous/self serving government shows favoritism to those who agree with their policies/politics. Whether those policies are what the people want or not. Even if those policies are not good for the people, we the people don’t get a say!
    An unrighteous government will inflict as much cruelty as they can on those that don’t agree with them. Hoping the people will cry, we give, we give, you can have it all your way! Just stop this unnecessary pain!
    We see this in action today by the unnecessary closures, and other painful decisions our President and his followers are making.
    Never thought I would live long enough to see our Blessed America become a socialist nation. Watching the loss of all our blessings is very saddening. Loss of jobs, lower incomes, high gas prices, high food costs, many people have stopped looking for work, and are depending on government benefits. We are not safe as a nation anymore, and we are just getting started.

  • Raymond Smith

    All of you ASH*LES that voted for this scumbag piece of sh*t, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW????????????????

  • Irmajean Mendoza

    This is shameful. Need a caravan of truckers, bikers, Veterans, to just go there, pick up cones and park. How about some civil disobedience? The Dems used to support that kind of thing. Maybe not so much now.

  • aposematic

    When Evil doesn’t get its way all Hell breaks loose–Harrycones and Barrycades, ha, ha! Demoncrats at their finest…throwing childish fits, tantrums, stomping feet, and screaming I hate you!

  • Warner Raymond Hyde

    Sombody local print up stickers that say ” Stolen from national park during shutdown ” and place on cones.. Kids will have them gone by dawn..

  • John Janecek

    BTW Where’s the local media on this? Rapid City newspaper contains zero regarding this local yet federal closure. & You gotta love the screen you see when attempting to get info about OUR National Parks and Monuments.

    • Barbara Large


  • Terika

    If you want the commies in DC to spring open the gates, scoop up the cones, and even get you and yours a neat photo op in the NYT…
    Call ahead and tell em you’re with OWS, and your guest speaker Bill Ayers wants to hold a flag burning! Hell, you’ll even get Barrycade’s favorite pizza joint to fly in some free XXL pies for ya!

    • porkchop6209

      Oh DollBaby-you’re after my own heart. Extra pepperoni please!

  • Tarantula2

    Harry & Barry have completely lost the PR battle on this one. They…look…BAD. “Why should I help kids with cancer”…

  • exceller

    Any chance they will block public viewing of Obama’s face? I mean that is one government façade that I really don’t want to look at ever again. Could someone put a bag over his head when he goes out, or maybe a burka.

    • Timothy Kennedy

      Can the bag be plastic?

      • rambler

        Only if it isn’t clear plastic.

    • exceller

      better yet he should put an orange cone over his head.

      • Barbara Large

        BUT!!! THEN he could breathe!!! 😉

  • Susan Meyers

    I’m kinda liking that a-hole Obama is closing down open air monuments and I think closing interstates is an excellent idea! This is the kind of stuff Americans will remember on election day.

  • Al Sanwick

    maybe a couple hundred bikers just driving between the cones and parking would make an impression….that’s what have happened during bike week

  • chris

    Oath takers…….. guess not

  • Terika

    You could blow up the cones & when the cops come, just run away yelling,
    Works for Barry’s other buddies…

  • newbrew

    The Republicans in the house shouldn’t cave no matter what. Shutdown the entire mess. The Republican’s should look at receipts and tell the demonaziscum they’ve got 95% of that to spend, cut what they need to to make it work. That includes servicing the debt (first). No raise in the debt limit. The demonaziscum will reject this. Fine, start shutting it all down. When the welfare scum stop getting their food stamps, lose maintenance in their HUD homes, have no way to get service for their medicaid healthcare, the demoscum will feel the heat.

  • right_on

    The actions of the Obama administration have crossed the line. Why would any member of Congress on the common sense side ever consider cooperating with these Marxist bullies? Enough is enough! Show some courage…cut off the President’s perks.

  • Charlie

    I believe that highway is outside is outside of the national monument boundary. It was posted “No Parking” back in 2010. (From the Park Service)

  • sodakhic

    Those cones are now under two feet of snow.

  • Al Sanwick

    that lookout shows the profile of rushmore I have sat there many times during Sturgis bike week. Too bad those 400,000 bikers aren’t there now

    • Otter2

      Lol, I had the same thought. Bikers might save this country. Forget a gun, give me a Harley.

      • Al Sanwick

        I got both LOL

        • Guest

          Let’s get in the wind bro!

  • magi52

    This is a direct order from 0bama Progressive Democrats & GOPs VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE IN 2014

    • Jack Deth

      Just remember from whence the orders “to life as miserable as possible” for those visiting the nation’s parks and memorials originated.

      The Democrats are behaving the same way they’ve been behaving for the past five years. Sitting on their thumbs, while stoking the fires in the hopes that the Republican RINO will whine and cry until the Republicans cave.

      I don’t think that it is going to happen this time around.

  • Kirk Hannah

    hockey time, drive by and knock every efin one over. give them something to do!

  • Hand of Doom

    Pick up those cones & toss them down the revine! Obama thinks he is king.

  • CJ

    Hold it…something doesn’t add up here. Why would the STATE police do this? And there is a huge blizzard going on up there. National Park Service may have done that though.

  • Carolyn Chehardy

    Why can’t people pull over and look at Mount Rushmore? How is that affecting the economy?

  • JD Davis

    Uhm, those are plastic cones. . . how is that stopping anyone from pulling over and viewing the monument? Did I miss a memo? How has become so conditioned/brainwashed that they would allow a few cones to stop them from doing ANYTHING? REALLY!!!!


    Obummer wants to replace it with the likeness of himself, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder.

  • Dave

    Bush ordered the cones put up. Couldnt’ have been Odumber. He is never at fault.

  • Mark Maynard

    If someone could even get up there right now. We got about 40 inches of snow this weekend. I would still run over the cones.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Y’know, if Team Obama had put this much effort into the Obamacare website, it wouldn’t be such a piece of crap.

    • Robert Long

      You hit that nail square on the head. But Omuslim isn’t interested in improving life in America, he is using this shut down to achieve his ultimate goal, to screw America. And that is a fail on its own since Americans are more resilient than his childish ass.

  • LaVerne Thompson

    If I was up there to make pictures, I surely would move the cone and make pictures, he is so spiteful,, this is so sad.

  • Paul J. Pappas

    This government of “OUR’s” has flipped its lid. Ashamed of our so called leaders. Retired Navy Vet.

  • Allen Brown

    just looked on the at the weather for the area no snow

  • jb80538

    Remove 0bama from the WH!

  • bub23

    Close down all the bridges and roads into DC. Let’s see how long they do without food and gasoline. Shut down the subsidized subways and put up barriers on the bikeways. Remember an appropriations bill passed by the house to fund DC is being held up. And while we are at it, let’ s cut off other necessities they do not like us to have access to like coal generated electricity or natural gas obtained thru fracking.

    • heyrosi

      Surround the complex. Round up every one of them we can find and put them inside. Then don’t let them out. Don’t let any suppliers of anything in. Cops come after us, take all their ammunition and send them in there, too. Turn the tables and let THEM find out what it is to be held hostage.

  • Viet Vet 67

    It’s OUR monument, not THEIRS! When will these brain dead assholes understand that this is OUR country, not THEIRS! ALL the monuments, buildings, memorials, highways and EVERYTHING else belongs to THE PEOPLE!! GTF out of our way!!

  • NRPax

    Kind of sad to realize that Clinton was more mature when the shutdown happened during his watch.

  • Tracy Hazenstab

    He continues to sink to new lows!

  • right_on

    Well, obviously, we no longer have to go to foreign countries to fight against tyranny and oppression.This what our founding fathers foresaw, when they created the words in the sacred oath to: “to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign AND domestic.” They knew the how the darkness that dwells in the heart of man would come out when megalomania infects government.

    What now, America? This is no longer a bump in the road…this is a full bore assault on our citizens by villains who can’t see past their delusions of grandeur. That “D” after their names no longer stands for Democrat…it stands for “Demonic.”

  • SonsOfMontesQ

    park in the street in front of the cones with your hazards on. throw the car up on a jack and pop a wheel off if you need to. what’s that officer? no, I’m just changing a tire with dangerously low air pressure. you wouldn’t want me to drive on this would you? …then take your time and enjoy the Rushmore all you like. video everything

  • Son of Liberty

    Remember, the cops that do this are YOUR ENEMY.

  • AZWarrior

    Where is the gutless governor of this state? Tell the feds, “Hands off state highways you basturds! (4th Amendment, 10th Amendment) Are you schittheads that voted for Ovomit getting it yet! Is martial law next? Lock and load, people. Lock.And.Load.

    “When the people fear the government you have tyranny. When the government fears the people, WE HAVE LIBERTY!” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Tom Heilman

    Shame on all South Dakota law enforcement for doing this! “We The People” do not want the cones out there. We are not asking for anything from the Libtards when we pull over to view OUR monument!

  • Mike Sechler

    Having worked for many years near Rushmore, I assure you that the federal bureaucracy is convinced that they in fact do own Mt. Rushmore. I mean possession is 9/10th of the law. On the other hand, a current picture of Rushmore would include about 2-3 feet of snow on that road, so I doubt the shutdown is affecting too many real people.

    • BAW

      I read that after the cones were put in place, they had to be removed to let the snow plows do their thing. But it was unclear whether they were going to be put back or not. Sounded like local authorities have been and will continue to monitor and deal with it.

  • Al Harken – Hail Hydra!

    The photo used here is a fake and all meant to push a narrative.

    • BAW

      That is about what I believe was a joke showing helicopters putting a sheet over Mt. Rushmore.

      The cones are real. It has happened. They’ve been put up and taken down and don’t know the current status but the photo is not fake. There is no narrative just the truth about the petty things the Obama administration has done.

    • ObamaFail
      • BAW

        Some people will believe anything. They just don’t understand their target audience.

        I’ve had lefties tell me that Obama didn’t close the WWII Memorial, that Republicans passed a law that closed all the parks, that Obama had re-opened the Memorial, so it’s no surprise they’ll claim real things are a hoax because they will say anything. They don’t care about the truth and honestly believe we’re as stupid as they are.

        It does get old and it is tempting to just shout, “You lie” over and over again at them.

        • ObamaFail

          They didn’t see that it was Obama who ordered the shut down of the WWII Memorial? Typical libs. They cast a blind eye every chance they get because if they paid any real attention, they might accidentally turn on their Messiah.

          • BAW

            One actually told me that no way would Obama close the WWII Memorial because that would just be stupid (something about how bad it would look). So some just won’t believe anything bad about him, only believe the good, blame Republicans no matter what or (and I believe it’s most of them) they just lie.

    • Timothy Kennedy

      I’m not sure if you’re being serious with this post, but in answer to your statement….Well, DUH!!! Of course it was photo-shopped to make a point. the point being….This Government is out of control and trying hard to piss all of America (or at least real Americans) off.

      • ObamaFail

        They are being petty with it to try to make things more annoying for people. Here’s an article about how they’re being petty.

        • IceColdTroll

          Great line in that story!

          “(If what happens in Las Vegas is supposed to stay in Las Vegas, how did Harry get out?)”

      • BAW

        Tim, “The photo used here” that I believe Al intended to imply was the picture of the cones. And the photo of the cones is not photo-shopped. I believe Al’s comment was a clear attempt to deny the truth. If not, I think he needed a few more words.

        • Timothy Kennedy

          The link Al posted is about the “sheet over the heads of the presidents”. So, either Al is kidding or is a drooling moron. I hope it the former and if it’s the latter…I’m sure he votes “Democrat”.

          • BAW

            I started out, giving him the benefit of the doubt. But I checked some of his other comments and that’s why I decided it was probably an intentional attempt to mislead (although it may not has been his, he could have just copied the “response” from somewhere else). It was in no way clear that the “fake” allegation was made in reference to the photo shopped joke about putting a sheet over Mt. Rushmore.

            It’s a standard ploy of the left. To diminish an actual claim of some misdeed by pointing out a ridiculous charge (whether it was real or not) that has been made. I remember HIllary Clinton doing it at the same time she started the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” narrative in her effort to explain why no one should take seriously or pay any attention to any of that nonsense about her husband and some WH intern.

    • IceColdTroll

      You ffkn shmuck, of course that’s a gag! But unlike the fake Chad Henderson saga, which really was meant to push a narrative, no-one is pretending that was for real. It is what is called “hyperbole,” the art of humorous exaggeration. Unfortunately, most leftists seem to be sadly lacking in the true sense of humor, and find humor only in the lowest varieties sneering derision for others, or the crudest of body-function references.

  • Maria Drexel

    If you all do remove the cones please stack them neatly to the side in a safe area. Don’t throw them over the side. That’s littering a beautiful scenic area. You can take them with you and use them to teach your teenager how to parallel park

  • Al Harken – Hail Hydra!

    The cones first went up Oct. 1, said Dusty Johnson, [South Dakota] Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s chief of staff. The state asked that they be taken down, and federal officials did so with some of them. The state was told the cones were a safety precaution to help channel cars into viewing areas rather than to bar their entrance.

    “I think reasonable people can disagree about that,” Johnson said.

    The cones were down again [three days later] as a blizzard hit the Black Hills and plows needed access to the roads, Johnson said. He said the state would be monitoring to see whether the cones are put back along viewing areas.

    “Once the snow’s off the ground, we’re going to be keeping an eye on how the cones go up,” Johnson said.

    • Guest

      So by your own admission, the picture is real, and isn’t just a phony pic that is being used to push talking points. Do you libs ever think before you post? And Obama shut down the Grand Canyon.

    • Timothy Kennedy

      And just for the record Al, what flavor is the Kool-aid they serving you “loyal” liberals these days?

  • right_on

    DO NOT call your GOP Representatives, and Senators, call the weasel Democrat members of your state, and tell them how you feel. This atmosphere…the anger, and frustration, has been manufactured by those serve Obama, and Obama himself. How can serious members of Congress support this?

    • Clayton Grant

      Dems ain’t answering their telephonics. Reid and Pres shut the government down.

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        So they don’t have the usual people to answer phones for them? That would explain a lot.

  • Robert Long

    The ONLY thing obumer is doing is making a complete fool of himself, then again he has been doing that his hole life and is now going from US public view to global view. The Republicans for once can really stick it to him by staying firm and not giving him an inch with his ponzi scheme called ACA.

  • Alan

    How does this happen…that is a state road. Run over the cones

  • right_on

    I wonder if the NSA computers are being over-taxed this week?

    • heyrosi

      We’ll all be talkin to the FBI. What we need to do is get real quiet and get on the move toward the front line

      • BAW

        It is definitely the quiet ones they need to worry most about. But even with more and more of us raising our voices in protest, there are still more than enough quiet ones for them to be afraid of. If we were what they say we are, they’d be terrified. But just with the few crazies there are out there, they should be worried. But I don’t think they’re that well connected to reality.

    • Rob_Corelli

      Get PGP and use it in your e-mails. It will drive them crazy. Or, crazier than they already are.

  • FreedomFighter

    Call the SD state police and tell them to do the right thing, instead of following orders from Obama.

  • Darryl Smith

    The best thing about the cones is they are fun to knock over!

  • American

    Time to sit back and watch the DNC self-destruct.

  • ObamaFail
    Read this article to see just how petty Obama and the Dems have been over this shut down just to try to make it hurt more.

  • Doc37lives

    Just stop put one cone on top of another until they are all gone and then hold the cones for ransome

  • IceColdTroll

    Hmm, gotta figure out what the nearest national monument is here in Mass., and go out for some civil disobedience.

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      All we have local is the San Jacinto Battleground, really don’t think they’ll jack with it.

      • BAW

        I was wondering if there was any place close to me, north of Houston. I would like to put up signs that say:

        Closed by order of President Barack Obama

        If I just had some place relatively close, I bet I could put them up more efficiency and consistently than they could take them down (until they caught me).

        • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

          Only things I can think of might be Sam Houston and Davy Crockett National Forests.

          • BAW

            I probably should be embarrassed but I’m not. It had not dawned on me I live across the lake from a National Forest I’m just really not the outdoors type. Have lived here for years and never been in or on the lake either. But thank you very much (for the brain nudge), I am now planning to see it for the first time.

          • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

            You’re quite welcome. I can’t afford a deer lease, so those are about the only places I can hunt.

          • BAW

            Awww, my ex was always on one lease or another (even when we couldn’t afford it) until he bought a ranch in West Texas – I’ve never been to any of those places either. I didn’t realize you could hunt in a National Forest but explains why we have herds of deer where I live. Live and learn. That’s why I’m not embarrassed by what I don’t know.

  • Doc37lives

    Any group that becomes this damned ignorant we have an obligation to defy

  • Andy Trimble

    If they’re on furlough, how are they able to place cones?

  • SF manluver

    The Park Service…like good little Nazis, following orders from the butt hurt dictator.

  • Nathan Hunter

    Any local or state officer that does this at the request of the obamanites has to go. If it’s a city police chief, demand his resignation or firing, call your mayor’s and city council members. If it’s a county sheriff, call his office and ensure that he knows that he works for YOU THE VOTERS, and NOT the federal government. If it’s state (ie;CHP) in California, well, good luck, because governor moonbeam will support anything that obama ask’s him to do. But you can still make a lot of noise. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease !! Lets NOT PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT ANYMORE !!! And remember, it’s GAME TIME. REMEMBER YOUR OATHS. If there must be a new revolution, let it begin now in our time, so that our children and grandchildren won’t have to suffer through it. We (vets) have been through this and we have the training required. As have our sons and daughters currently serving been through it, and have the proper training, and will be beside us. This is why obama spoke of a civilian force equal in power to the US military, because he knows when the shit hits the fan, his military won’t back him. He’s created too many powerful and influential enemies in the military brass that hate him, and he knows his goose is cooked. (Reprinted from America first bog).

  • joe johnsson

    Why do you card about these memorials? Its not like you have any love for the nation…

  • Joe Barry Richardson

    Call out the WWII Veterans. They will remove them.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Just talked to my cousin in SD. According to him, the governor offered to keep the parks open using state money, but of course the government declined. What a bunch of a$$holes. How much longer are we going to put up with this BS?

  • BoscoBolt

    I understand that obama has authorized Park Rangers to gouge out, with a red hot poker, the eyes of any American citizen (does not apply to obama’s llegals) who dares to gaze upon Mt. Rushmore.

    • IceColdTroll

      Four dead Whiteys! Who need ’em?

  • James Kevin Jones

    Wow, a tweet with the date on it….

  • Gwyndolen Boudicca Benghazi Be

    Interested in being a firearms dealer?

  • 20670

    I wonder if any of the Civil War battleground memorials in the south have been closed?

  • Larry Rappaport

    Massively disturbing and hurtful. Twisted, sick and putrid as well. This man is a child in the cockpit of a 747 fully loaded.

    • 20670

      More like a B-52.

  • JMW

    Well done. You are the least intelligent person in the world. Stay thirsty my friend.

  • happyscrapper

    CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!!! We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more! How many of us will they ARREST before America wakes up? This is tyrannical bullying in the first degree. Never again must we allow tyrants to RULE OVER US!! It is why we fought the American Revolution and we need to stand up for our rights. We own all that land…WE THE PEOPLE…not the employees in government. And that goes all the way up to the President of the United States. He also works for US and it’s time we gave him a reminder. That is the purpose of civil disobedience…to remind government that they have crossed the line.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    1)Rushmore is, as the Monuments in D.C., OPEN AIR!
    2)The Parkland around Rushmore (not the actual Monument itself is controlled by either the County or the State, and closing off that Parkland as access to Rushmore is against the FOURTH AMENDMENT, Impeding on State Authority by the Fed Gub’mint.!!#NoBrainerAlert!!!
    So what next, covering it with tarps so passers-by can’t get even a glimpse of it?

  • Byron Shutt

    People the authorities do what they are ordered. What else do you need to know? The question this administration asks; ‘Will you fire on Americans.?’

    • ToyZebra

      Considering the woman shot dead with her child in the car, I think we know the answer.

  • Aeffesstoo

    If I lived in the area, I’d make a point of running over every damned cone.

  • Byron Shutt

    Is that so? I guess he did not order the WW2 mem. shut in Washington? Spends more to shut it down than to keep it open. Wake up.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      sad thing is that the WWII monument isn’t the federal governments to shut down, it is privately funded.

      • Byron Shutt

        Neither is Mnt. Vernon…..but doesn’t stop the DICKtator from his agenda of destroying the Republic.

    • Kevin Kenward

      …Meaning that he is going out of his way just to make it seem like things are worse than they really are…how mature…I think his melt down is beginning to occur!!!

      • LilTrixter

        lets hope it’s caught on an open mic with cameras rolling so it cannot be completely hidden from the American people

  • Steven S Mellnick

    The nearest national park to my location is Fort Scott National Historic Site, Fort Scott, Kansas. Heading up there Monday to see if they’ve shut it down. Plan to take photos, and walk around.

  • Jack Carmody

    Time to get rid of that jibaboo mulsim

  • FlatFoot

    Seeing how all the occupants of Mt. Rushmore are deceased — I don’t think that I could agree more. We’ll have that Chinese guy that did the MLK monstrosity do it. That would be the appropriate thing to do to truly honor this great American, patriot, and super successful intellectual — Barack Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro Obama. Why don’t you head on over to the “We the People: Petitions” website and get started on that, pronto!

    It can’t be in color, of course, but here’s my submission to help get you started…

  • Charles Means

    Just remember, these are decisions that are made by President Obama and his administration cronies. These decisions are not made by congress (House or Senate)

    Blame President Obama for making this as painful as possible (as he did with sequestration)

  • BoscoBolt

    Hey everybody – FREE TRAFFIC CONES! (while supplies lasts)

    Pick yours up today!

    • grandmaforliberty

      you made me LOL… thank you…

  • Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd

    The park service has even stated that they have been instructed to “Make things as painful and inconvenient as possible.” Excuse me, but don’t these people work for US?

  • Missgto

    America is quickly becoming an authoritarian state. “TYRANNY” on steroids?

  • Missgto


  • sikofitall55

    Proof that Democrats are indeed fascists.

  • irartist

    How much more petty can Obama get!

    • Timothy Kennedy

      We’ll see on Monday.

  • Son of a WWII sailor.

    Your tax dollars we don’t have, at work.

  • Difster

    Someone needs to start shooting. Who and where, I don’t know.

  • Idl

    They need to cover the whole mountain with tarps; we don’t want any sneaky Americans flying over to see it.

    • ToyZebra

      Don’t give them ideas.

  • disqus_NdbZjEtTJH

    Make sure to stock up….This is a just a test to see how far he can go. If he is not stopped now we are looking at a petty dictator with control of the USA. HE NEED TO BE OUTED……..NOW!!! IMPEACH THIS FOOL!

  • tony1948

    Go show your daddy tour arrogant superiority. We do not need that type here in the USA

  • Fury

    They are only plastic cones,,,,,
    drive over them.

  • grandmaforliberty

    those cones are not made of concrete.. Just drive over them as Obama does to all our rights…..shame on the police for doing this. It actually cost them money that wouldn’t have to be spent to make this happen… Still think it is the Republicans that are making things uncomfortable… think again… it is our wanna be dictator having a tantrum….

  • Timothy Kennedy

    This one I’m for…just so long as it’s Obama that they plug the hole with.

  • Den-Cat

    You wouldn’t think an order this stupid would be enforced or uncontested. Makes you wonder what other types of unseemly orders would be followed from a President would be King in todays America..

  • rickg62

    The only part they should add is on the wrong end of his body.

  • milmac

    Gather up the cones and take them home and sell. They belong to us anyway, as does Mt. Rushmore and the roads that take us there. The Mountains are ours too. It is “open air” and does not need to be policed. No government workers needed. Run over them–cones, not police. However, I can’t believe any red blooded American, or red skinned American, would even obey such an order. My response would be fuasho.

  • URGR82

    Little by little they get you used to things like this and then one day you have no rights and they are controlling everything thing you do. EVERYTHING

  • Debbie Ryan Hibbard

    where is the 18+ inches of snow that has fallen in the last 2 days around the Black Hills? I don’t believe the pic was taken today. I used to live there and there is NO WAY that this is untouched by the recent blizzard!

  • Ntr

    What needs to come out of this, on top of the shutdown, is a filing of a lawsuit against this administration, entities working for the Democratic Party (tied into the shutdown) and/or the Democratic Party itself.

  • ew_3

    There is a racist subtext to really going after national parks.
    During the many visits I’ve made to national parks there are almost never any people of color. Sorry to say going to national parks is not a black thing.

  • Sidney Benson

    Guys like Joe Arpaio

  • 912er

    This has to be a prank joke right?

  • neoface

    Welcome to Obama’s American!! As long as the sheep follow his orders, Obama will be able to transform America to his America. I think the governor of that state can actually tell Obama to go where the sun don’t shine. It’s his state, he has more right than that dimwit. Are all these people sheep following that nitwit’s order?

  • DebsFriends

    But these are not federal roads. These are state owned roads. I believe they are sighting safety issues. Gov Daugaard needs to pull a Gov Scott Walker.

  • Guest

    Sorry, Obama has nothing to do with it this time…

  • Thomas J. Carson

    Sorry… Obama wasn’t behind THIS one…

  • Iceman00767

    I really am surprised that no one has taken him out yet.

  • Cherith Cutestory

    You know what is also a major safety issue? People believing made up shit. Ever hear of Photoshop? Or Snopes? You lemmings…

  • Nahalban

    Hey obozo you didn’t build that somebody else built that.

  • Rich Orstad

    Take our country back!! Storm the National Parks and Monuments! Make the Feds start arresting busloads of ordinary citizens for seeing THEIR landmarks. This is not a republican thing or a democrat thing, this is a government thing! The Politicians in Washington WANT us divided, they WANT us to fight each other, so we do not UNITE and fight THEM TOGETHER! We MUST unite and take back our government. #yourefired!

  • dC

    It’s official.. we live in Obama’s Police State. The King has spoken and so it will be or heads will role. It’s the end of America… You get what you vote for.

  • Lonnie Royal

    Run over the cones.

  • Travis O’Neal

    I support Mark Levin 1000% if he puts one hand on any world warII veterans that there will be at least a half million man march on DC

  • PhylBoyse

    Well if there is more than one person in the car, let the driver concentrate on driving, and the other people take the pictures as you drive down the road. Get the best of the police having to be so stupid, and also getting back to barry.

  • Douglas P Mersino

    will some one PLEASE get rid of this president before this country goooooooooooooooooooooooWAY MADD

  • George Murrey

    It’s unbelievable how the feds, let’s face the fact that it is under this pres’ admin, keep putting up barriers that don’t and won’t cause any injury to anybody. Is it possible they just want to make sure somebody(ies) is getting over time pay and for what? Of course the feds have no shame, the best example is closing down the WWII memorial.

  • Di

    This has gone beyond STUPID and into insane. Can we PLEASE have a grownup in the WH once again?

  • dC
  • novalondon

    Drive over the cones, get out, toss them over the cliff besides the parking area and enjoy the view. If some uniform stops by let them know it was a guy in a suit with dark completion that did it in a big black limo and several blk suburban’s that drove into the area and stopped to look.

  • ARJ190

    OK, now we’re in the Bullshi+ mode of this crap!!!

    • Scott Dailey

      Picture is before the snow. It was in South Dakotas papers. The only BS is in the White House.

  • John E Moore

    Obamas law? The man works for us and we are a free people and he’s not a king and he has no power except what we the people give him. I personally don’t want to live my life dictated too by and person who has no respect for the constitution and bill of rights federal land belongs to we the people and I intent to ignore him and his jack booted thugs and will go where I please in this country. Unless I’m killed by his people, I’m 72 have lost 3 children and my wife I have no fear of my goverment or the people in it. The vast majority of Americans are sick and tried of elected officials not doing their jobs. We the people will make a change if our goverment makes the mistake of waking us up and we will change them out like a dirty shirt thru out votes.

  • ARJ190

    OK wait….Where is all the SNOW that should be there???? I may have to call BS on this.

  • sludog

    Just accidentally run over them.

  • Ramon

    i just find it funny that the tea partiers pretty much are the cause of the government shutdown (hence the closing of national parks)…and now are complaining that the national parks are closed. if boehner sends the clean bill for a vote, there are plenty of republicans who would vote yes and the parks open back up…..problem solved.

  • Keith Kingsley

    Well people that voted for these dumb A-sess you get what you voted for.

  • bri

    Who ordered the police to do that?

  • scrubjay

    Pick up all the cones and throw them in the ravine.

  • Deborah Barnwell

    All part of Obama’s Evil Plan to make this shutdown as painful as possible by putting the screws to all of us lowly American peons. And using lots of extra manpower and tax dollars to step all over us.

  • Jo

    I really hope the Democrats are taking notice of how their Party is reacting. This utter nonsense. This man was not elected to do stupid things like this. Why he was elected is still a mystery to me. All I can say is here is your change forget the hope.

  • Ken Rizza

    I hope the liberal dim wits now see the kind of butt holes they have been supporting all these years. The are spending more money to keep our parks on lock down then it would cost to keep them open. Wonder how much it cost them to truck in barricades to block the vets memorial. Please. I can’t even fathom anyone being this spiteful because they are not getting their way. What is happening now is the way our founding fathers designed it. Checks and Balances so assholes like them can’t walk away with all the power. I hope this is the beginning of America waking up.

  • Well Done

    This can NOT be anywhere near legal. Where is there any law, statute, or ordinance that allows this and the other heinous examples of Police State tactics? Yet, 0bama’s minions still assure us that Congress “must fund obamacare because it’s the law”. What a bunch of crackheads.

    • BSDetector

      If they are stupid enough to try to close 1100 square miles of ocean, that crack they have been smoking has totally altered their grip on reality.

  • Markus L Grant

    How many man hours and how much money is being spent on this Orange Cone shuffle? And is Ranger Smith actually out there to reprimand anyone? If he does show up then does he actually have any authority, being in as much that he’s currently on an undetermined lay-off? And if he actually thinks that he has some sort of working responsibilities, then tell him to start stacking cones because you are about to start taking pictures of a tax funded National monument.

  • VeteranMom

    It’s a FAKE picture y’all. Get a grip. You’ve been hoaxed.

  • TocksNedlog

    For their next trick, maybe they can ask David Copperfield to make the Statue of Liberty disappear again.

  • TocksNedlog

    Give Obama points for honesty. He said that people would suffer if the government shut down — and now he’s making sure that they do.

  • VeteranMom

    It’s a faked picture. Get a grip.

  • lexie304

    Now how much time and money did it cost to put the cones up anyway? This whole thing is a shame … Our Country has been disgraced by a corrupt Government. Where is America, I’ve lost her….

  • mark reefer

    If “Mien Fuhrer” says we must, we must obey and not look at the mountain. to do so would be treason.

  • Bonnie Colby Ernst

    These cones have been there a lot longer then Obama has been in office it’s a safety issue! I don’t want to go around this corner on my bike during Sturgis week and somebody that is to cheap to pay to go to the monument pulls out in front of me after taking pictures on the side of the road!

    • BSDetector

      I shouldn’t even justify this with a comment but it seems ironic that this post comes from someone who doesn’t pay a single gov. fee to disrupt life and safe traffic flow in an entire town for a whole week.

  • bob

    What crap is this ? They close off viewing area that it was made for , and shoulder of the road which were both paid for with taxpayer money . So all i can imagine is they’re going to make us pay to pull off in viewing area that we own basically since we paid for it . I hate to state the obvious again but this looks like an accident waiting to happen with people trying to see the view while navigating the cones , unless there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this stupidity . Not likely ! ! ! lol

  • Lorraine Leslie Besmer

    These cones and Federal agents are on a State Highway. Our governor has ordered them removed more than once. If we want to get petty, remove Obama and his family from the White House, it is on Federal property and is owned by the Federal Government. Obama does not pay rent unlike the people running the concessions at the Federal Parks. I have been to Mt Rushmore many times and the only time I ever saw a federal officer was when I was stopped to be told my upper brake lights were not working. It was almost funny as my sister and I were the only ones in the car, but two officers got out of their car, walked and stood on both sides of the vehicle with their hands on their guns! Like a couple of 60+ year old women were that dangerous! I had to show them my drivers license, the registration and insurance card This was a few years ago. If it happened now, I am sure we would be ordered from the vehicle, patted down and they would search the car! Let’s see, they would have found a couple bottles of water, a flashlight, a tool bag (darn, those could be dangerous weapons), and a spare tire, maybe a jacket or two. I am sure they would have never bought our story that we were sisters. My sister is a foot taller, dark hair and brown eyes. I had blond hair and hazel eyes. No, we do not look alike.

  • James Tomlin

    Just getting what you asked for America , you wanted corruption and socialism ,,, it’s here.

  • Padraig

    It’s time. Seriously. Civil disobedience against the federal leviathan on a MASS scale.

  • Ronald W. Jones

    What if the federal gov passed down the order to collect all guns from the citizenry…registered or otherwise. Would the state and local police comply? Knowing full well such an order flies in the face of the US Constitution. Hmmmm, food for thought.

  • Debra

    You have GOT to be kidding me. Have people lost their freaking minds?!

  • ScarlettNY

    I keep wondering when they will close all Public Schools. I guess they keep them open to continue the brain washing. God help us!

  • ToyZebra

    Two guys and a pickup truck could make those disappear real quick.

  • Guest

    Obama knows the conservatives are weak and will not stand up when it comes down to it. Everyone knows that the republicans are weak which is why Obama has been elected twice, Boehner has indicated twice now that he will rise the debt ceiling. When Obama refuses to leave office on Jan. 20, 2017 Boehner will simply cry, McCain will say well he was elected twice and the vast majority of conservatives and libertarians will simply reiterate once again, well I cannot do anything because I need to be at work. You so-called patriots are simply crybabies who do not wish to leave your comfort zones because you have to go see the latest movies so you can support the hollywood actors who call you teaparty terrorist. The Dems have your number, how pathetic…

    • TomDPerkins

      People do need to be at work. They do need to get their bills paid.

      When Obama–who will leave office after 2016–and any Dem follow -on makes that impossible, then instead of going to work, we go to war.

      And we have those numbers all over them.

      One way or the other, this does get fixed.

      • Guest

        yeah sure it will be okay, gotta keep supporting those Hollywood liberals and the cronyism politicians. Don’t want to discomfort yourselves with activity. Keep telling yourselves that everything will be okay and that Peter Pan will show up and take you away to paradise. You are typical of the individual Franklin was speaking of when he stated, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
        I understand, someone has to support the Obama suppoters,hgow else they going to eat, talk on the cell phones and get health insurance. Like sheep to slaughter…

        • TomDPerkins

          Since the time is not yet to start shooting the idiots, and it certainly isn’t, by all means continue your content free trolling.

    • BSDetector

      You don’t know just how right you are. In the summer of ’16, Obama and the Fed will knock the few strategic economic supports they have put in place out and the US economy will totally collapse. A national emergency will be declared and all elections will be suspended and he will become the first Dictator of The Socialist States of America.

  • Pat Arnold

    Hmmm I have to say that I honestly thought that they would tarp it over rather than block your view. This administration is just plain bat sh*t crazy!!

  • Pat Arnold

    Sad to say that the blame falls on us. How many right leaning individuals stayed home on election day because they did not want to vote for Romney. It was bad enough we let the guy (Obama) get elected, but to get re-elected????

  • AZWarrior

    Ok, let us all remember what the Park Service did to us when this is over. They should be defunded and the parks returned to the States.

    • Secure

      Screw that. They will turn them all into nasty tourist traps with Walmarts, Applebee’s, Ripley’s Believe It or Not’s, and Holiday Inn’s. Vomit!
      That’s exactly what Niagara Falls looks like.

      • TomDPerkins

        Niagara falls was a built up urban area before the park system existed. Do you propose depopulating it by whatever force it takes to make it suit your version of pristine? Fuck you!

        Just to be clear, I know people that live there, and they’d like to keep their house if such lords of the earth as you want it or not.

        • Secure

          No I don’t propose that – I think it’s too late for Niagara Falls. But I sure as hell don’t want our National Parks turned into strip-malls, and nasty tourist traps. If it were up to Republicans, they would start cutting down the Redwoods to make room for a Walmart. Or they would start strip-mining inside the parks.

          • TomDPerkins

            “No I don’t propose that – I think it’s too late for Niagara Falls”

            Perhaps you didn’t get the part where it was a settles area since long before it had a park in it.

            “But I sure as hell don’t want our National Parks turned into strip-malls, and nasty tourist traps.”

            God forbid anyone work for a living.

            “Republicans, they would start cutting down the Redwoods to make room for a Walmart. Or they would start strip-mining inside the parks. ”

            No evidence, of that, but there’s ample evidence here you think average and less well off people need to be kept in their place. You disgust me.

          • Secure

            I’m glad you are disgusted. We have set aside the most spectacular parts of the country for a good reason. They are not meant to be developed. They are meant to be saved so that future generations can enjoy them exactly as they are – nearly untouched. Thank goodness many good men and women had the sense to set up the National Park system, and not let industry ruin it all, or developers overrun it, and ruin the natural scenic wonder of it all.

            There’s plenty of places for big business in this great country, but the National Park areas are not those places. It’s called having a balance between nature and commerce.

          • TomDPerkins

            I’m glad you are such an obvious liar. And you can rail at “big business” all you want, it’s mom and pop places that are hurt by keeping the prettier bits of flyover country “undeveloped” for the people who can afford to helicopter in.

            The places in the National Park system are in no danger if it is turned over the States, as should also be the huge fraction of the nd in the West the feds unconstitutionally control. Wanting things just the way they are, is an elitist wanting their version of perfection no matter who it hurts.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Would His Peevish Petulance do this if his likeness was jackhammered into that mountain and can this sulky sullen spiteful move of his guarantee that never happens?

  • Oscar C

    My tax dollars paid for those cones… I will remove them and throw them over the side of that roadway!

    • Duhsauce

      Good luck getting through the three foot of snow. You know, the actual reason those cones are there. Or is that snow all Obama’s fault too?

  • Duhsauce

    Are any of you people actually from this area? If you were, you would realize this was set up as a safety precaution because there is half an inch of ice covered by 33 inches of snow. Get real, and stop believing everything you read on the internet.

  • Oscar C

    America be in trouble… America need new Leader…

  • Oscar C

    You know you are in trouble when the brain gives way and lets the ASSole be in charge… Owe-bama the ASS- – – –

  • sickandtired

    They are spending more of our money stopping us from going and seeing things that do not cost us money. This is just plain disgusting. But I get it.

  • SoulSeekerUSA

    Pretty amazing how many here are actually standing up for this type of crap. We went to war over a 3% tax on tea in 1776 and now our very freedoms are being taken away and we do nothing. Food for thought people.

  • Reggie

    No President is above God and not even the constitution,Military people and law enforcement should not obey the president over our freedoms that the constitution states and people died for us to have.Wake up America and look at the freedoms Obama is destroying “He is trying to make America a socialist community with the United Nations” Under one world order!!!

    • Unaffordable Care

      You’re missing the point, Reggie, Obama thinks he IS God!

  • jerry148

    Damn, the feds really don’t have a limit to their douchebaggery.

    • TomDPerkins

      And that’s a very important thing to keep foremost in mind. Obama is a douchebag.

      He has no lack of douchebags in the federal apparatus who will happily do just what he wants, or even (a la the IRS) what he suggests as a “joke”.

      We should go back to what is openly a spoils system, so at least there’s sunlight and change in personnel with each election.

  • Kevis

    If they don’t have the money to keep it “open” how do they have the money to cone it off?

    Obama is abusing power to try to create a crisis.

  • Thomas Kaiser

    What government shut down? Federal employees seem to be working over time bring Obama’s hissy fit to the people.

  • Patrick Fras

    To Hairy (B)Reid,
    By closing all federal landmarks, museums, monuments, etc., even those that are run by PRIVATE funds, you have really awoken a sleeping giant. You have, once again, overplayed your cards. As each day passes, you will see each and every American move against you and your “party”. You sir, are an abomination to what made this country great. You can try to block and obfuscate what flows through the veins of each and every American who has shed their blood, treasure and sacred honor to make this Republic the envy of the world. You sir, are an affront to all who look to this country as their last bastion of hope, in a world that strives to control and destroy any semblance of freedom to the soul, the spirit, the person. In name, you call yourself a Mormon, but in reality you show yourself to be none other than a
    statist, who cares nothing of the common person. You sir, live a lie. You and Barry Sotoero moved to pass the ACA(OBAMACARE) quickly, before the uninformed voter could see what was in it, i.e. Pelosie….We now know what’s in it, and as much as you want to blame the Republican party on the partial shutdown, you are completely responsible for it. Keep doing what you are doing and you will see the “Sleeping Giant” turn you to dust.

  • therling
  • Splib Black

    where r the teens to run these over every 2 hrs…

  • snakeburt

    What happened to civil disobedience? Why are Americans putting up with these absurd acts of immaturity and childish behavior from an unqualified occupant of our White House? Twenty gutsy Americans need to plow through the cones and take pictures of Mount Rushmore because WE ARE AMERICANS!

  • woodgrain

    So now they want to spend money they don’t have to keep us from using our eyes. Some of a beotch. This has gone way too far…

  • Lucio

    We The People, need to impeach Obama,
    He is destroying our country.

  • Pamela Lunsford Sands

    this does happen from time to time if there is a rock slide, was this pic taken then, was this goggled under fact or fiction or Snopes? if this is real it is plain wrong!

  • Michelle Todd

    So, since the government is shut down, and things are being closed that typically use our tax paying dollars…We should find extra money on our paychecks!!! HAHA

  • Lucio

    What is going on in our great country.
    We need to take back the government.
    We need to send these politicians to jail.

  • Lucio

    It is our country, it is our money.

  • Teabagger Blaster

    Republicans pissed away 10;s of millions on repealing the ACE. Then they pissed away millions more pushing it through the courts. They then spent billions to win the election – and lost. Now they are wasting over 60 billion a week on doing nothing good for anybody.
    Now let’s talk about the Iraq & Afghanistan wars, Katrina response and …..oh yeah, 911.

    How much have the worthless Issa investigations gotten us?

    You are being played for a fool and used as a tool. Wake up and get some perspective. The best way to start is by shutting off FUCKS NEWS, GLENN BECK, DRUDGE, WND, And the swarm of rip off artists who have discovered they can get away with nearly anything by playing you chumps they way they do.

    Wake up, grow up, and lay off off the fucking tea already. You’re destroying this country. If you succeed, don’t come looking to me for help. I tell you “You built that” – point to a mud pit, and throw you in it.

    You disgust me at every level of my being.

    • Nancy Pickering Churchill

      believe me, the feeling is very mutual!

    • Zane Henry

      It’s genuinely entertaining to watch you proggie garbage unravel. Your guy is toast. His current hissy fit is being seen for exactly what it is. Your whole post seems like one long justification for your own buyer’s remorse. Methinks Corey James doth protest too much…..

    • Wayne

      Typical liberal hater. Hey fella, you’re not nearly as smart as you think you are. It is amazing how totally unaware libs are about the irony and hypocrisy in the garbage they spew.

    • NW67

      Mr C James You disgust me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Your so stupid just like the President and the rest of the dam stupid Democrats. Wake up, grow up and try to be smarter than the rest of your so called party members .

    • Tucker_Madison

      Ahhhh, the tired, trite, tedious “Bush did it!”
      Throw me in a mud pit?
      Molon Labe, tough guy.

    • John Carl Toth

      yeah, like silencing people you don’t agree with is always the right and moral thing to do

  • PatriotRG

    Senior ranking police have steadily moved to a pc leftist bureaucratic state of mind as its they only way for them to get promotion – they out do each other in being more pc and leftist than the next guy. They are noticed by leftist apparatchiks and community liaison types – hey presto promotion especially in dem political ghettos. The real police who have been on the streets off course are not that way as they see exactly what dem entitlement /criminal types and a large proportion of black crime is and white under class crime is capable off.

  • CattyJen

    My cousin & I would have placed cash on a huge tarp draped by helicopters over the monument. After the shutdown, once removed, citizens would find prezzy bobble head replacing George Washington.

  • Sherry Barnette McCartney

    What it boils down to anything that we Americans are patriotic about is being destroyed.

  • disqus_Rj4GJtu4Gg

    Had enough change yet people?

  • USPatriot

    I see orange cones and my truck sees targets. Screw em and just run them over. They had time to put them up, so they have time to reset them.

  • MichaelG23

    And we wonder why America is the way it is. Brats and bullies hire more Brats and bullies to protect the sane from advancement.

  • Paul C.

    Make it hurt is Obummer’s mantra!!

  • James Richardson

    we the tax payers own the parks if we want to use them then use them screw the police up holding king obamas bull shit

  • 66

    America is now a police state?

  • JoeKlip

    Deep down I believe Obama loves the American people.

    • BSDetector

      Deep down, I think you are about as full of crap as the NYC sewer system.

      • FL_BigFoot

        Deep down, I think Joe was kidding.

  • americandavey

    Next Barry is going to shut down all highways.

    • John Howard

      The only thing stopping him is that it’s logistically impossible to coordinate something on that scale. Even for a skilled community organizer.

  • Mumblix

    The Lefties really should hear about it. Too bad John Stewart won’t dare cover this.

    • ZH38

      The left is made up of drones who won’t left facts get in the way of their irrational alliegance to the democrat party.

  • derfelcadarn

    We need to start taking names of the functionaries doing this actual dirty work. We must realize that the hands of those “doing their jobs ” and “just following orders” are what make atrocities happen. No one ever claimed that Hitler, Stalin, Mao or their henchmen ever directly killed anyone during the atrocities they perpetrated. Without the order taker and job doers this $H!T never happens. We must make sure that penalties fall everywhere they have been earned.

  • George Pepper

    Shutdown Theater of the Absurd. What a twit Obama is.

  • Jean Farner Lauro

    My daughter and I were there a few days ago right before the blizzard, and it is true. There were park rangers parked so we could not pull over and there were many signs saying no stopping on the road. THAT WAS SO WRONG!!! I cannot believe obama and his thugs went to such great lengths to keep us from even viewing Mt. Rushmore. Crazy Horse was open, however, It must not be a national park.

  • John Howard

    Obama is 6 feet 1 inch tall but he’s still the smallest president we’ve ever had.

  • Henry Rearden

    Let me get this straight. They put Barrycades up at the WWII monument. That didn’t stop the vets. So now they put up something less “intimidating.” And they expect people to not stop? Guess Einstein was right when he said that the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits. Thanks to the Obama regime, we now see the other side of that proven every day!

  • nukemhill

    Didn’t Barry claim at one point that he belonged up there with the other members of Mount Rushmore?

    In a twisted, perverse way, this all seems fitting.

  • Jeff Price

    Take Back America! The country belongs to the people. The country does not belong to the Government and it’s not theirs to barricade!

  • ordinary american

    And, still the RINO rat bastards sit on their corpulent butts and not show any outrage. We elected these so-called republicans to represent us and almost all of them have failed us. What people don’t realize is that it’s not the American public that is under attack it is a systematic attack at destroying the GOP, forever. And, I can only conjecture why these dumb establishment RINO’s are either unable or unwilling to recognize that strategy. In addition, the GOP is infested with “democratic double agents (whom I affectionately call “dirty rat bastards”) who are and have systematically alienated as many segments of the republican party they can. Just think of this: Why did so many republicans not vote for Romney? Why are republicans openly saying they will not contribute to the GOP at national and state levels? Why are the Tea Party people, religious right, libertarians, all forms of Conservatives, Reaganites, Cruz and Paul supporters being excluded and ostracized. One can only conclude that the RINO Rat Bastards are on the path of intentional self-destruction. Unfortunately, I am beginning to believe that they just might succeed. If we are to retain and restore the two party system we need to remove and/or “primary out” the “rat bastards”. We need to remove people like Boehner, McCain, McConnell, Lindsay Amnesty, and any one else that supports or follow these “Four Horses-Asses of the Apocalypse”. At a time when we need leaders who represent the people, who uphold the Constitution, who have the “courage of convictions”, who be the “Loyal Opposition”, and who keep their campaign promises. Unfortunately, once again, I don’t believe we have anyone in the GOP who can met these expectations.
    Maybe it’s time for a Third Party!

    • ZH38

      In a rigid two-party system like ours, third parties don’t work. Cruz has kicked the RINOs to the curb and showed folks what leadership looks like.

    • BSDetector

      What you don’t understand is that there are just as many DINO’s in Washington as there are RINOs. The true name for these people is Progressives. They believe that they are above the LAW and the PEOPLE. It outrages them that they have to stand elections so they come up with new and inventive ways to cheat the election system. They hate the restraints placed on their powers so they create different Depts. to write regulations that they themselves are denied the power to write.They use their money and influence to manipulate markets, currency and peoples freedom.
      Looking back in history, this reminds me of the days preceding the Fall of Rome. The economy was so stagnant and the government was so corrupt that they had to come up with an idea to take the peoples minds off of all the corruption in the Roman Senate……… They were called GLADIATORS ….. Ever ask yourself why some of the highest paid people in the USA today are professional athletes? MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and now, FIFA for the new immigrants. History ALWAYS repeats itself. We are just to stupid and conceited to see it and understand that it is happening to us.


    I’m sure those cones are all named after a member of the GOP, because that is exactly how this will be spun by the media.

    Closing a “turnout” is about as petulant and silly and STUPID as it gets.

    “Lock the National Zoo, shutter the Smithsonian, oh and by the way, I order dense, low hanging, clouds to shroud Mr. Rushmore until I get my way. Remember, the sea levels receded when I was elected, so clouds are no big deal.”

  • Bill

    If you want to pull over do it. Run the cones over park your car open the hood do want you want and if the gestapo comes tell them that you car died . Than start it up and say oh well its better now.

  • ed leicht

    Throw the cones over to the side with the police!…somewhere along the line these assclowns have forgotton that THEY WORK FOR US, not the other way around!

  • BSDetector

    I think it is time for the citizens of the United States to call a Constitutional Convention to put a final end to the STUPIDITY taking place in Washington DC by both sides. 2 term limits, retroactive for all elected officials, Abolish the IRS, HHS , Dept of Education,DHS, BLM and Dept of Energy. Although these depts. might serve a useful purpose, they have become political strong arms for a federal government that was never intended to be as big and as powerful as the US federal government has become.

    • ZH38

      I agree with that, except for the term limits part because we already have term limits: they’re called elections. If you give away your leverage of being able to vote against or primary someone, you don’t have the power to fight this kind of tyranny.

      People need to get involved, run for office, work as poll watchers, work as state delegates, etc.

  • John Howard

    I am surprised they haven’t draped tarps over the mountain.

    • FL_BigFoot

      Give them time.

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    Hey, look: Free Cones!

  • katelynbb

    I love how people are blaming Obama and not the tea-baggers…er, I mean tea-partiers.

  • iconoclast

    I’ll have to drive over to Mt. Rainier and see if the thugs have tried the same thing there. Maybe throw a few over the embankment then.

  • Philip Millard

    How long is the asshat in the white house going to continue acting like a freakin’ child? Wait, children act better than this POS. Get a life Oscuma, resign and let us have our country back

  • nadadhimmi

    Hey Obama, how about you closing your personal Golf course at Andrews Air Force Base???? Didn’t think so, you asshole.

  • Hcon1
  • Kenny Fordyce

    To the lady who tweeted, it’s for safety reasons; I live near Mt. Rushmore. There is a large parking area to the left of the cones that they coned off.

    • yestradamous

      What was unsafe about a parking lot?

      • Kenny Fordyce

        Nothing Yestradamous, it was put there to pull off, park and view Mt Rushmore from the side. It’s never manned. It’s along a normally traveled route for everyone, not just for the national Monument. This is just our government trying to push their agenda.

  • nadadhimmi

    And King Barack the 1st decreed “All ye must close thine eyes, and not see what I hath deemed thee must not see,,, And deny thine breatheth the air and swimmith in the waters”. “So let it be written, and so let it be done” Decreed the Anointed One,


    What’s next: “Sorry you can’t breath government air?”

  • plaingolf

    I don’t get. Was it federal police that put those cones there or was it state or local police doing the feds bidding? Isn’t that a conflict of interest or breach of states rights?

    • BSDetector

      It was the US Parks and Wildlife Dept Rangers who did it.

      • plaingolf

        Ok. They said police not wannabes. I guess that threw me off.

      • ZH38

        By order of that POS in the white house.


    Can there be any doubt who orchestrated the IRS scandal?

  • John Biggs

    Some one with a Snow plow could just fix the problem in one swipe.

  • FL_BigFoot

    Barry is a petty little third world tyrant. This will backfire on the (D)s.

    • Rich K

      I doubt there will be any blue dogs left in 2014.Hehe.

  • The Official Andy ®

    I am just wondering… what sort of authority does one need to close down nature and scenery?

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      God level.

  • Greg Lindberg

    we have way more people than police they are using…stand up to them and meet them head on…

  • JimSherwood3

    Those who placed these cones know full well that this is WRONG. America -“THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE” ???

    • johnnygeneric

      Yeah, but the police were only following orders…

      That’s a joke. A very sad joke.

  • One rude dude.

    All Obama has to do is fallow the Constitution and none of this would happen. Amendment # 28 to the US Constitution “Congress shall make no law that applies to any citizen of the United States that does not apply equally to all US Senators and Representatives. Congress shall make no law that applies to any US Senator or Representative that does not apply equally to all citizens of the United States. All existing laws and regulations that do not meet these criteria shall be declared null and void!”

  • HARP2

    If I`m not mistaken…..those are STATE roads.

    • davidvoth

      But the view is federal, apparently. :-

  • jena1234

    I wish I lived there so I could run over the cones.

    • HARP2

      I wonder if they are A-cones ?

      • ZH38

        We know that they were ordered there by A-holes.

  • Pezboy

    Obama voters, you own this . . .

  • paksangel

    Here in Colorado members of the National Guard trained to do the following:

    1. Enter homes to confiscate weapons.
    2. Detain and remove said weapons owners.

    This is via two guardsmen, both veterans of Afghanistan, who each trained this summer in one of the above exercises. This was confirmed as a domestic exercise.

  • Ellieinto

    Thank goodness there are comedians to satirize this government insanity! I bet Colbert & Stewart are really tearing the Obama administration a new one, huh?

  • therling

    They closed the roads because the area was hit with 3 and a half feet of heavy wet snow and winds up to 70 mph.

  • Rich K

    Really Weak Obastard.

  • davidvoth

    I will not comply.

  • ZH38

    Push the cones away and remind the people who put them there that we pay their salaries.

  • Matt

    I wish I could see more coverage from the real problems of this shutdown.

    The thousands of people and families who will be unable to pay their bills because they aren’t getting a paycheck.

    Or the hundreds of businesses who are losing money because they have no customers.

    • Absolom Humblebug

      I have no sympathy.
      In the real world, business shutdowns, bankruptcies and unemployment are an important and ever-present part of the landscape. Federal “workers” and their various dependencies can do with a taste of reality once in a while. It does them good. Federal workers are insulated from the vicissitudes of real life and the real economy to an unhealthy degree. My only problem with the government shutting down is that they’re just going to start it up again.

    • Mr. Fever Head

      I, for one, welcome the Federal workers to the Obama economy.

  • salvagesalvage

    Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with safety because dozens of cars stopped on a highway is in no way a problem.

    Wingnuts! You scream for this shut down and now that it’s happened you’re screaming about the government being shutdown.

    Can you honestly not see how deeply retarded you are?

    • phantomraven

      just one problem. The federal government doesn’t own Mount Rushmore. Who is the retard again? Better check yourself.

      • salvagesalvage

        Wingnuts screaming about the shutdown shutting things down are the retards.

        As for ownership, it’s really the local natives but currently it’s the National Parks’.

        But I’m curious, who really do you think actually owns it?

    • Lucas Austin

      So why did President Excrement close down the open air WWII momoment and is also tryng to close down privately funded historical places as well? I don’t care about your answer and the only people still retarded in this country are those that support the sewer rat, look in the mirror arse clown.

      • salvagesalvage

        Yes, that is the caterwauling I am referring to.

        Wingnuts shut down government and then scream that government is shut down.

        What did you think was going to happen? They were only going to shut down things that you want them to shut down?

        • Mr. Fever Head

          First time in in 17 shutdowns that monuments have closed. Hmmmm. Why never before?

          • salvagesalvage

            Ha! Ha! Wingnut Fact!

            That’s a “fact” that wingnuts have told each other so they think it’s true when really it’s not.

            It’s why they think Obama is a secret Muslim.

    • Mr. Fever Head

      Can you honestly not admit it takes more money and government to close a road side view point than to leave it open and that it takes a special type of petty bastard to support that. I won’t say you’re retarded, however, I will say you’re an imbecile.

      • salvagesalvage

        So… now the wingnut pivot is “Stop shutting down the government because it costs money to shut it down?” from “Shut down the government, it’s a waste of money!”.

        Do you really not understand why the vast majority of the American people think you’re retarded?

    • Kickass Conservative

      Today I learned that democrats are calling themselves “wingnuts” now….

  • TxRiverElf .

    Why the hell do people think that President Obama ordered the Police to do this? Did I simply miss that ‘executive order’? REPUBLICAN and TEABAG CONGRESSFOLK are the ASSHOLES in this “scenic shite”.

  • Hcon1

    Wanted by the White House: MORE Sob Stories!
    Comrades, President Obama needs your help to raise everyone’s awareness of how the government shutdown is utterly ruining everyone’s lives and destroying everything in its path, and all at the behest of those greedy, evil anarchists, arsonists, extortionists, bomb-throwers, flame-throwers, terrorists, fearmongers, hatemongers, hostage-takers, killers, murderers, and thieves that make up the Tea Party Republicans.
    Submission Guidelines:
    Only tales of terror, woe, desperation and despair will be accepted. Your story must include at least one sentence blaming Republicans. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, facts and coherence are not important—what IS important is how horribly you are suffering!

    We will not accept any of the following: Anything that blames Obama and/or the Democrats.

    • Shawn

      800,000 federal workers have been furloughed. Private companies are about to start furloughing people because their workers have been idled by this. Despite the fact that their pay has been covered, the military has also been hit. Commissaries were closed, PCS moves and training have been canceled, etc. You need to pay better attention and not just believe what you’re hearing on Fox News.

      • Hcon1

        I’m always amazed that Leftists pretend to have the best of humor can’t even laugh at themselves.

  • MNWoman

    A few years ago, the state of MN had a government shutdown. It was actually a pain in the @ss.

    I hardly notice the federal government shutdown. The federal government is getting too far reaching.

  • ConservativeThinker

    Yeah.. this is typical of the LIBERAL disease that have become pandemic here in the US. We are a REPUBLIC – not a DEMOCRACY. As a representative REPUBLIC, we need to take action against these losers, and BozoBama… VOTE – VOTE THEM ALL OUT, and elect officials that will enact TERM limits… Then this nonsense will become minimal … – exposing the LIBERAL DISEASE….

  • ktrainer2

    The king is punishing the masses for our insolence.

  • Joe Owens

    Why not just drape a black sheet over it?

  • therling

    Sorry folks, but the roads were closed because of a blizzard that dumped 3.5 inches of snow, accompanied by winds up to 70 mph. Nothing to do with Obama.

    • Lucas Austin

      Where is the snow in the picture Einstein?

      • therling

        Did you read the article I linked to? It’s Fox News. Or do you think they are conspiring with Obama now?

        • Mr. Fever Head

          You’re full of it. That wasn’t a closed road it was a closed pull-off. Like where you’d view scenery or put on tire chains in a storm.

    • ktrainer2

      Well I’ll be. And lookie at the picture in the article! No snow anywhere!

  • ktrainer2

    These are the sorts of vicious political games one would expect from a disciple of Saul Alinsky. Shameful.

    – Sarah Palin

    Go Sarah

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    What are they gonna do next? Hang drapery over Mt. Rushmore!?

    That was Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)

    Four days ago.

    It’s beyond parody at this point.

    Obama’s hatred for the builders of America, past and present, knows no bounds.

    • Jason

      Congress is the only one that can shut down the government, you need to seriously read the laws which dictate what branch can do what, and stop listening to FOX news…

  • 146denny

    Going to try and contact a four wheeler club in the area and see if they would be interested in having an obstacle course race.

  • LibertyWriter


    America held hostage by an adolescent.


    (my new tag line)

  • 146denny
  • redpens

    They need to start running over the cones, and the officers should all walk off their jobs until this petulant crybaby POTUS stops with the crap

  • Dandapani

    A Government that can do all this “closing” and “shutdown” is a Government doing way too much.

    • Rick Caird

      The closings are taking more government to perform the closings than it normally takes when the facilities are open. It seems to me each and everyone supporting the closings is extraneous and should not be being paid to work. Even the park police who are pushing people around are extraneous and should not be there. In that case, they should be ignored. Just get enough people to ignore them and they will go away.

  • Jason

    It’s funny, I think congress was the one who didn’t vote on the budget which caused the shutdown, not the president. I wonder how many people actually know how the system works before commenting on it.

  • Jim Young

    Our Government has shut down 17 times since 1976. Why is it such a big deal this time? I’m going to blame Obummer, his administration and all of his supporters. Have you heard about Wisconsin reopening their parks despite what the Feds say. Jan Brewer down in Arizona told the Feds that the state would pay to keep the Grand Canyon open and the Feds said no.

  • floridavet

    The “Hope and Change Administration,” turning the National Parks Service into The American Gestapo.

    • Carey J

      They wear brown shirts, don’t they?

      • floridavet

        As a matter of fact, I believe they do.

  • Chris

    If Americans weren’t such idiots they wouldn’t try this because they would be universally ridiculed. Clinton didn’t do stuff like this for that reason. But in 18 years the stupidity level of the population has risen dramatically.

  • Rick

    Deploying these cones wasn’t done for free. How is there money available for this nonsense?

  • onlinemlm

    Anyone have a plow? Just an idea :)

  • Jason

    we should really get rid of FOX news, they do nothing but lie :(

  • Tj707

    Why would police 1000 miles away from Washington do something like this? What kind of people did South Dakota hire as police? This is the militarization of our country.

    • 7Out7

      I agree. As soon as I began hearing stories about how regular police are stopping ordinary people from visiting monuments in Washington and now viewing Mt. Rushmore, I am shocked that American would turn on American. Just following orders, are they? How about the police take a look at those orders and just say no?

      • BSDetector

        They are not police, they are U.S. National Parks and Wildlife Dept. Rangers. They aren’t state game wardens.

      • Bang Stick

        Wait until they call in the riot squads to drive veterans away from memorial sites.

  • Rulz

    Some of these roads may be state roads, where the federal government has no authority.

    • BSDetector

      They may be state roads, but if they run through federal lands such as national forest, nat monuments or nat reserves, they are under federal jurisdiction

  • dan

    Poor babies. Can’t stop and take photos of Mt. Rushmore. Why not complain abotu something real like WIC funding being pulled so the GOP can argue stupid ideology.

  • therling

    “McCoy once thought that his trip to Mount Rushmore would be a waste, especially when he saw the signs on the road.

    “When we saw the sign that said no stopping along the roadway, we
    were a little bit disappointed because we didn’t think that we’d even be
    able to take pictures,” McCoy said.

    He was eventually able to pull off and get the photos he wanted, but
    because of circumstances out of his control, he settles for what he can

    “Oh, it’s very disappointing. You know, you make the best of it.
    We’ve got some really good pictures from a distance. I feel fortunate
    that at least you can view the monument without going into the park
    itself,” McCoy said.”

  • Sam

    Remember this stuff next election. Only way to make them pay.

  • mikekelley10

    Obama’s just mad because his face isn’t up there with the great presidents.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    This administration can pound sand.

  • Geoff Weatherwax

    This is a trial run at total control of all of us. Just watch what happens if we do not stand up to these thugs. TIme to take control thru peacefull process the Constitution gives a path and Dr. Peece shows the way to defund Obama Care without the Dems being involved. These guys must not get away with this punishment re the Budget , Obama Care, and the debt ceiling. So mind numbing What happened to do whats right for all the people of the country , Sevice to others not Party, ourselves , Barry O .

  • Bill Palmer

    NOT QUITE TRUE, as usual. Don’t you guys check out anytihing before you go in to a conspiratorial rant?

    • Dr. Mauser

      This is what Snopes is reduced to? Shouting “‘Shopped!” at obvious fakes to support the administration?

  • Kevin Kerwin

    This is so disgusting I don’t even know what to say about the Democrats Party. This is Communism without even trying to see that it is. I made a joke last week about Mr Rushmore that you don’t need the park you can see it from the road and now I see this article. What in the hell does Obama think he is doing….

    • TKO

      How is this communism? You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

  • johnpaul

    Civil Disobedience! Let’s get it going people!

  • Jim Laubscher

    This is a STATE hwy not a U.S. highway. Boy are these clowns shoving their way.

  • ThomasCollins1

    Why is it the police aren’t shut down as well?

  • gwhh

    Obama is such a nasty little close minded man at heart it boggles the mind of any sane person

  • KeninMT

    Closer to a revolution every day folks, I watch it all and read lots of blogs and folks are pissed off, seriously pissed off. It’s not just OBummercare, it’s everything that our government has become.
    The Powers that Be are scared shitless right now, they know they have pushed the populace to the brink.

  • LibertyLane

    Wait a minute! What police are doing this? If it’s a state road, the state just needs to remove them and if the feds continue to block the state roads, they need to be arrested.

  • Ron Galieti

    Yeah, and the President is the ONLY one who can end this shutdown. I agree that he has gone overboard, but all of you who blame only Obama for this mess are just enabling the clowns in Congress who are just as culpable, and making them think it’s OK to call names and point fingers instead of getting any actual work done. Take some responsibility for your own party’s faults and pressure them to do their jobs instead of wasting your breath ranting about the “opposition,” or you’re just as much a part of the problem as they are.

  • $3838536

    U.S. citizens must obey the edicts of our President. No exceptions.

  • Islandgirl Doveri


  • rightpower

    If I’m a criminal, I’m using the distraction to rob and pillage. Any resulting criminal activity in these areas is on Obama.

  • jerrystroud

    I expect someone will be arrested for taking a photo of Mt Rushmore during the Fed shutdown. This administration is very reminiscent of the rise of the Nationalist Socialist Party in Germany in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.

  • RDaneel

    Ouch, that’s gonna leave a mark.

  • garydon1

    What police? Park police or what?
    It must be expensive to maintain all those cones.

  • Your Streetwise Hercules

    The politicians in this country are more stupid than a housefly on meth, I swear!!!

    Yes, I am referring to you, Obama!!!

    • Shawn

      They’re not exempted. Stop believing Fox News.

      • Dr. Mauser

        Whom do you believe? Chris Matthews?

        • Shawn

          No, not really.

          • Dr. Mauser

            That doesn’t answer the question. Whom do you believe? What is your most trusted news source?

          • Shawn

            Nothing American, that’s for sure. The “news” networks in our country are a joke. I’ll watch local news stations for local coverage, and generally RT for international coverage, and sometimes for US national news. It’s pretty sad when a foreign network generally has better coverage about the US than US networks do.

          • Dr. Mauser

            RT? And actually, we’re in agreement on one aspect, with American networks shilling so hard for the President and the Left in general, It sometimes does take an outside source (Although the BBC isn’t it). Hell, All Jazeera is probably more honest than MSNBC.

      • Your Streetwise Hercules

        Stop being a mindless, bromidic, dolt 😉

      • thomaspainelives

        I’ll agree Shawn, they aren’t exempt but why are people who earn over 150,000 a year getting 75% subsidies for their healthcare? Subsidies which come from OUR ever rising taxes you nincompoop.

  • John Robertson

    SHUTS GOVERNMENT DOWN, but can still afford to put barricades up to stop real AMERICANS from enjoying OUR country.

  • Linda

    Why is this being blamed on Obama? It is the Republicans who will not pay the bills/.

    • warman

      That 47% who pay no federal taxes, you think they are Republicans?

      • Lee Reynolds

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful if only individuals who paid federal taxes could vote in federal elections?

        Not just some token sum or percentage either, which would allow the left to game the system with $1 taxes, but an amount that constitutes a significant contribution.

        Prevent the beggars from being choosers.

      • Shawn

        Some of them are.

        • warman

          Oh please…..

          • Shawn

            Some of that 47% includes military service members. Look it up.

          • hicktown gal

            We still pay taxes in the military, you look it up. Your comments show that you are ill-informed and willfully ignorant on multiple subjects! Congratulations!

          • Shawn

            So, you’re denying that military members receive tax breaks? Are you also denying that some members of the military have incomes low enough that they don’t pay income taxes?

          • Dr. Mauser

            Interesting how you shift between “Federal taxes” when you want to say only 10% don’t pay them, and then back to “Income taxes” when you want to talk about tax breaks and the 47%. You don’t just move the goalposts, you switch directions in the middle of the field as it suits you.

          • Shawn

            It’s simple. Most of the people who don’t pay income taxes still pay payroll taxes, and only about 8% don’t pay any federal taxes. The majority of that 8% include the disabled, the elderly, and students, and a fraction are rich people who know how to game the system.

          • Dr. Mauser

            Duh, I know that. The point is how you dishonestly switch back and forth between the two standards as it suits your argument.

          • Shawn

            I’m not switching back and forth between anything. Those figures are enmeshed, and discussing one part without the other takes them out of context and is dishonest.

          • Shawn

            Additionally, a large number of the minority who don’t pay income taxes still pay payroll taxes. The number of people who don’t pay any federal taxes is under 10%.

      • Linda

        They are mostly the very rich big business and the extremely poor . I would hate to be one of the working poor in the U.S. They get no help from the gov. and are belittled by their so-called fellow citizens.

        • Dr. Mauser

          So, you’re not poor, or you don’t work?

          • Linda

            No, I am what is called the middle class. Through hard work and many years of working, I am now retired. What that has to do with the converstion is questionable.

        • That_Guy

          So you know a lot of the working poor, right?
          The landscape staff and the custodial staff and the painters and construction crews in the neighborhood all know you personally……

          The strippers and the streetwalkers, the panhandlers in your area know you by name?

          Here is the disconnect. You claim that very rich big business don’t pay taxes.

          How do you figure that happens?
          As an example, let’s take AT&T.

          They have multiple divisions who all function separately. They have multiple divisions who have to have payroll. They have multiple divisions who have to have computer and technical and line equipment to function. They have hundreds of thousands of employees who have to have equipment to work with. Pens, pencils, computers, desks, chairs, software and books and manuals.
          I bet that AT&T pays more in sales tax for their office paper in a given week than you have paid in income tax your entire life.
          Everything they purchase is taxed. This is the money that is used for roads and schools and police department funding and all of that.
          And they do pass the costs of business on to their customers.

          The thing that you are missing is that if you tax their income (their profits), then they charge more for their services. They charge YOU more for their services. So taxing the big companies is taxing you. Just by a roundabout way.

          And if enough taxes are passed they will move their offices out of the area that is taxing them, in order to remain competitive in the business market they are in. That means that those staff from that area lose their jobs. And those staff from that area will probably move elsewhere. Then the companies that depend on them to purchase the goods and services they provide go out of business. And then you have more people on welfare.
          And eventually, you end up with a situation like Chicago and Detroit.

          Where liberals like you decided that the companies had to pay for the living costs of people who are too feckless themselves to work for a living. And now the feckless masses have taken over and the cities look like someplace in Africa that is run by an illiterate warlord who can’t count to twenty with his shoes on.
          And Chicago, incidentally, is where the Obama story is supposed to have started, right?

          • Linda

            Yes, I do know a lot of working poor people. I used to be one. As far as taxes go, I also buy appliances, furniture, food, clothes etc., therefore according to your logic I am paying even more taxes., unfortunatley I don’t also get to write off 70% of my income tax. If you will look at past years, (go all the way back to the 50’s,) you will find that companies are making more money now than they ever did and are paying far less taxes. All I ask is that we all be treated the same, If my income tax is 20% then big business should be the same.
            I personally know people who make 10 times what I make and pay 1/4 of the taxes I pay. If you think this is fair, you are one of a very few.

    • Carey J

      Republicans have offered to pay for everything in government but Obamacare. It’s President Stompy Foot who’s trying to see how many people he can hurt with the shutdown. That’s why we’re blaming him for stuff like this. He ordered government workers to block access to open air facilities that cost nothing to run. He’s spending more money just to spite people than it would cost to do nothing and leave them open.

      • Shawn

        Actually, they do cost something to run. Have you considered sanitation and safety issues?

        • Dr. Mauser

          Have you considered the rental cost of the barricades?

        • Carey J

          They’re using more manpower trying to keep people out than they would letting them in.

      • Linda

        When will the Republicans get it through their heads? The affordable care act is now law. They have tried 42 times to change it., It is not up for discussion at this time. The only thing they are supposed to be doing is passing a bill to pay the debts that they have authorized. And if you think it does not cost anything to run a national park, you are living in lala land. Also, it is not Obama who has ordered the shutdown it is the tea party and a splinter group of the Republican party. Stop watching Fox and find out the true facts.

        • B McCarley

          Fine, then enforce the whole thing. Don’t let Obama exclude selected companies from the mandate for one year. When Boehner proposed allowing the same exemption for individuals for one year it was firmly rejected. Doesn’t that make Obama seem a bit dictatorial?

          • Shawn

            Not really, since Republicans were also the ones who asked for the delay of the corporate mandate.

          • Linda

            The one year exclusion was a concession to Boehner for the last time they wanted to shut the government down. We have to stop politicians from using their own political agenda to prevent bills being passed. This is the worst congress we have ever had. All they want to do is block Obama from doing anything, no matter what it pertains to. They need to remember that Obama was elected President by the people of this country. If they don’t like it, then run a candidate that can win the election. Stop this “Do as I say or I will take my ball and go home” crap. It is unworthy of the U.S. and makes us look like fools in the eyes of the rest of the world. We are finally making progress on the economy, but if they keep posturing we will start going backwards and could end up in the worst recession ever. So if that is what you want keep backing these idiots.

          • B McCarley

            Are you serious? You must be living in a dream world. Everything you said up above is exactly what Obama is doing!!! Good Lord you liberals are utterly illogical. Obama unilaterally released companies he specifically chose from the mandate for one year, the signed law be damned. How is that not dictatorial? It was no concession to Boehner, he could care less what Boehner thought about it. And how can Obama be considered negotiating when after inviting Boehner to the White House, the first thing he says is “I’m not negotiating”? I suppose that’s the ultimate negotiating gesture in the liberal world. Absolutely incredible how blind you folks are. And the TRUE unemployment rate is through the roof but according to you liberals the recovery is well under way. Since when? And if it is, why does Obama keep blaming Bush for the economy???

          • Linda

            If you want a true comprehensive look at the bill please go here. It is non-partisan.

        • thomaspainelives

          Aren’t you special Linda? Slavery was the law also yet it got defeated. What makes this law so special that it can’t be tinkered with? Oh yeah, it comes from Emperor Obama. You’re either willfully ignorant or you’re stupid as hell. Ignorance can be cured, stupidity is forever.

          • Linda

            I can hardly believe that you are so ignorant that instead of using facts you choose to resort to namecalling. Talk about ignorant. We were not talking about repealing laws, but about the Republicans failure to pass the bill to keep the government running. Try to stay on topic. Please remember not to drink the Kool-Aid.

          • thomaspainelives

            In your own words, you sycophant, “The affordable care act is now law. They have tried 42 times to change it., It is not up for discussion at this time.” Laws are always up for discussion, especially those that are bad, cost us 1//6th of our economy, and hurts everyone except the lawmakers. You have used nothing but scurrilous attacks and leftist talking points.

          • Linda

            Sycophant! Really!!! You are obviously one of the idiots who think that holding the government to a standstill is “good for the country” I feel sorry for you. We are trying to discuss the reality of not funding the gov. that is what I was referring to about law not being up for discussion at this time. Most people could figure this out without having to have it explained to them and without resorting to Republican talking points. Get real facts before you start yammering about how much “smarter” you are than anyone else.

          • thomaspainelives

            Well, the Republicans HAVE offered to sit down and talk, Reid and Obama keep refusing. We don’t have to raise the debt limit and we’re in NO danger of defaulting; there are enough taxes coming in monthly to pay the interest on the debt AND keep parts of the government working. In your world, Republicans are evil, greedy, spawn of the Devil; the Democrats are peaceful, loving, and willing to help everyone. The most invective today comes from the left, just go look. They love only themselves, it’s a fact that you can find on the internet that Republicans give more to charity than Democrats. And finally, they’re only willing to help themselves. Their only use for the “lower classes” is to get votes to ensure they stay in power. You can’t prove any of your talking points yet tell me I have Republican talking points? You are truly braindead.

          • Linda

            I am sorry you think so little of the Republican Party. Those are your words not mine.

            So, let me put this in terms you might understand. We are supposed to be passing a spending bill, but hey instead of doing that why don’t we sit down and discuss gun control? What? You say it has nothing to do with the spending bill? Who cares? Let’s pull the plug on all gov. funding so we can talk about gun control or maybe immigration? Why do we need to talk about a spending bill? If we just put our heads in the sand and do nothing everything will work out ok. Who cares if Vets are going hungry or Soldiers don’t get paid? We Want what we want and we want it now! You say it is more important to talk about other issues than what is at hand. Why bother with a Congress at all? If they are going to do nothing but sit in their chairs with their fingers in their ears while collecting an impressive salary, free lunch, free haircuts., free exercise room, free health care and numerous other perks. Why not just dismember the gov. all together. That is the goal of the Tea Party.

            Forunately, there are some of us who feel our way of life is worth fighting for. It is too bad that there are some who would just rather “go with the flow” Good Luck to you in your rather dismal future.

            If you only want to keep parts of the Gov. working why are you complaining about Parks being closed? Why keep the CDC open? It just goes on and on at how petty these morons are. God Help Us All!

        • fourscoreandseven

          When will Linda get it through her head?
          Slavery was once law.
          Prohibition was once law.
          Hating Republicans more than you love America is not a good thing. You should be able to control yourself and your emotions enough to make balanced decisions.

          • Linda

            I do not hate Republicans, but I do hate what they are doing right now. My decisions are well balanced and based on fact, not emotion. How would you like it if the next congress was filled with people who don’t like guns, and they banned guns just because they could. Because you don’t like a law is not a good enough reason to throw it out. Once again we are not
            discussing health care but the failure of congress to act on the payment of the bills we have already passed.

    • B McCarley

      I see. So please explain why they attempted to block the World War II Memorial which, by the way, is an open air memorial. It’s not due to money, it’s due to the fact that they want to maximize pain on the American taxpayer.

  • warman

    What did you expect from your “community organizer” president?

  • NotAn0bamaSupporter

    This is BS. There is a snow storm there right now.

    • B McCarley

      This was before the snow storm.

      • NotAn0bamaSupporter

        I owe you an apology.

  • jcol1

    The liberals and Democrats are trying to take the US hostage, they actually think that they are a separate entity and rightful owner of the rest of us and our mutual possessions! Therefore they presume that they have the right to do as they please with and to our country(us)and what we all own. What say you people?

    • Shawn

      I think that you’re willfully ignoring what the Republicans are doing.

  • Zaphod

    Come on now, just who exactly is going to let a bunch of plastic cones dictate where you go??? Oh yea, the people who VOTED FOR THE GIANT DOUCHE……TWICE!!!


    • Shawn

      Obama isn’t to blame for this.

      • Kickass Conservative

        Yeah, ’cause he is totes willing to negotiate…

      • Dr. Mauser

        True, it’s Harry Ried who won’t allow the Senate to vote on the CR the House passed. This is HIS fault.

        • Shawn

          They won’t vote on it because it’s not a clean CR. This is a Republican power play, no more, no less.

          • Dr. Mauser

            If they passed it, there would be no shutdown. The ball is in the Senate’s court. They won’t even have a conference committee with the house. It’s out of the GOP’s hands. This is totally the fault of the Democrats. They COULD pass it and then come back for the skipped Obamacare funding, but they won’t, they’re holding the whole government hostage to get what they want. The GOP can’t do anything without Reid allowing a vote in the Senate.

          • Shawn

            The ACA was found to be constitutional, and it’s now in force, regardless of the actions of Congressional Republicans.

          • Dr. Mauser

            The ACA was found to be a Tax. Didn’t Obama promise there would be no new taxes on the Middle Class? Of course, tax bills must originate in the house, but the ACA, a Tax, originated in the Senate. That should also make it unconstitutional.

            And how many laws in the past have been put on hold by defunding them? A lot. The same can apply to O-care just as well.

          • fourscoreandseven

            Slavery was “constitutional” and so was “prohibition.”


            WHY do you care so much? Does your ill-received paycheck depend on it?

          • B McCarley

            And Obama exempting selected companies from the Obamacare mandate, is not a power play? Are you paying attention? He doesn’t care what the law says, he thinks he has the power to carve up the law any way he wants. How is that NOT a massive power play???

          • Shawn

            What “certain companies”?

          • B McCarley

            Are you questioning whether he has provided a mandate waiver for some companies? If so, this conversation is over because you obviously are not paying attention and therefore, a complete waste of my time.

          • Shawn

            No, I’m not. What I’m asking is, which companies? What do they have in common, and were they really cherry-picked, as you claim?

          • B McCarley

            It doesn’t matter what they have in common. The point is, he didn’t grant the waiver to everyone, including individuals. Therefore, by definition, he cherry-picked certain companies to be excluded from the mandate.

          • thomaspainelives

            Psssst bunkie, it’s only been the last 20 years or so that they’ve had omnibus bills. Before, each part of the government got it’s money so there wouldn’t be spending like today. By the way, you haven’t heard that REPUBLICANS have made concessions but Reid and Obama refuse to sit down and talk to them.

            If Obamacare is so great, why do 2500 companies and unions have one year waivers? Why do congressmen and their staffs get subsidized to the tune of 75%? Those were two of the things they wanted Obama to “cave” on. Illegal things HE added, which he can’t do by law. You’re really a great Constitutional scholar there bubba.

          • Shawn

            They’re subsidized because the federal government is their employer. Any company would be free to do the same.

          • That_Guy

            But ‘Any Company’ wouldn’t be doing it with U.S. tax dollars.
            OUR tax dollars, if not yours.

          • Shawn

            Additionally, they have that waiver because the Congressional Republicans asked for it.

          • fourscoreandseven

            What is a “clean CR?”

            You have proven my point; you are an out of work government fink.

            And, you HATE Republicans (which just makes you look like a bigger jerk).

            While I’ve got you here, please explain how Republicans begging black women to have their babies, and Democrats driving pregnant black women to the abortion clinics, makes Republicans the “racists.”

          • That_Guy

            Well…Our country was founded upon the Constitution.
            The Constitution declares that taxes must originate in the House of Representatives. Obamacare has been declared to be a tax. But it originated in the Senate. This fact makes it unConstitutional. This translates to illegal.

            Budgets are also set to be created in the House of Representatives. Therefore, the Republican run House is doing their job by funding *all of the legal parts* of government.

      • thomaspainelives

        Sure he is. He’s said he won’t negotiate. The Interior Department is a cabinet post and falls under Obama’s executive branch. You don’t think the Secretary of the Interior is stupid enough to do this without orders from on high?

      • fourscoreandseven

        Oh, now I get it! You are a government worker (a Democrat no less) who is out of work (and getting paid) so you are trying to earn your fat check by being a defender of all things EVIL!!
        Obama-ding-dong (and his buddy) Reggie Love, and that SIX FOOT BATTLE AXE who pretends to be his “wife,” are all in league with the devil to get what they want at the expense of innocents.
        OF COURSE he is to blame for ALL OF THIS.
        Or, is Obama-ding-dong INCOMPETENT and WEAK?

        • giant slor

          What a bizarre little rant. Why do you feel the need to respond in such a childish way?

        • Shawn

          I’m actually an independent voter who doesn’t particularly like Obama and voted for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson during the last election. I just happen to also dislike the nonsensical vitriol that’s being spewed here.

  • xbox361

    whose country is it?
    how many times do we hear “the government is us”?
    the hell it is.

    • fourscoreandseven

      xbox: I wish you would try to think things through and not just knee jerk.

      The government IS US!

      This ADMINISTRATION is being run by a brainless, egomaniac tyrant!

      It is the ADMINISTRATION of the government that is wrong, not the government itself.

      • xbox361

        the Park Service is following orders of this administration. so the administration is running the government. those who claim “the government is all of us” imply that means the government is the instrument of the population.
        guess we will just have this great government run by a tyrant, reelected, keep screwing us.

        don’t know if you noticed, but the government no longer follows the Constitution.

  • Yander Delgado

    Hike, don’t use a car.

    • fourscoreandseven

      Have you ANY IDEA how many people are not able to “hike?”
      WOW, how insensitive can you be?
      Sort of like someone telling YOU to “think” for example.

  • Paco Villablog

    What a ham-handed move. It should have been handled differently.

  • HoldOnSweetie

    First, they prohibited the 90 yr veterans in wheel chairs from visiting the WWII memorial, but I did nothing because I’m not a 90 yr old WWII vet. Then they closed the trails in the Smoky Mountains, and I did noting because I’m not a hiker…. Mt Rushmore etc etc…. So if they can stop people from hiking in the woods because they administer the trails or they can prohibit the use of a scenic overview, what measures will they be able to take when they run your healthcare?

    • Shawn

      The government isn’t running the health care system.

      • Linda Conlon

        hahaha…..not yet!!!!

      • B McCarley

        What do you think Obamacare is going to be? Fair and open competition? Good Lord, where do you morons come from?

        • Shawn

          You seem to have a gross misunderstanding of the system. Obama caved to Republican demands to not make it a single-payer system, so it is still ultimately in the hands of private insurers.

          • Dr. Mauser

            You forgot to add “Yet….” and a maniacal laugh.

            Stroking the Persian cat in your arms is optional.

          • fourscoreandseven

            Sorry Shawn, your attempt to “blame Republicans” falls on deaf ears among the thinking crowd. Maybe that garbage tracks in your world, but not the real one.


      • thomaspainelives

        Pardon? They aren’t? Why do you go on government sites then?

      • fourscoreandseven

        What part of the ACA do you not understand?
        Death panels becomes death camps; you will be ordered to “hospice care” until your orders come through and you will be leaving through the back door (in the cardboard box).

  • mashy

    This is not a dictatorship yet. What out president is trying to do is cause the american public to riot and act like animals over these shut downs so he can issue martial law..thus making it easier for hin to becone a dictator over the unruly american public…people sit back and look at how much money he is accually saving us americans by not letting us into the tourist attraction across the nation..a lot of that money we would spend while traveling paid a lot of government taxes. So thus what he is doing is not part of the shut down but just trying to cause havok and make us miserable..well little joke on him..he hasn’t found the heart of america yet..we are still free and still have food on our tables, electricity in our homes, am d the ability to post what we like on facebook twitter and even on here..all obama is doing is showing us that he is a child throwing a tantrun fit over not getting funding for obamacare so he can destroy our US Constution..

    • thomaspainelives

      He’s not smart enough to plot that.

  • Philip Jorel

    Which “essential ” employees put out these cones??

  • Fred234

    Remove the cones and enjoy the view.

  • fed-up

    Is it true the National Park Service wanted all airline flight attendants tell all passengers flying into and out of Reagan National to pull the shades upon take-off and landings to prevent passengers from viewing Washington D.C. sites? Or is it my imagination because they are that stupid and something they would try to do if they had thought about it?

  • fed-up

    Is it true the National Park Service wanted to ban the broadcast of National Treasure and National Treasure Book of Secrets because too many sites (Smithsonian Museums, The Library of Congress, Mt Rushmore etc) were available for viewing by the public for free? Or is it my imagination because they are that stupid and something they would try to do if they had thought about it?

    • Shawn

      It’s not true. Where did you come up with this?

      • fed-up

        Dude… “Or is it my imagination because they are that stupid and something they would try to do if they had thought about it?”

      • Wayne Dorniels

        Learn to read and comprehend.

  • Bob Thompson

    This narcissistic president is far above and beyond anything even CLINTON did in his shutdown! He’s a sick man!

  • warman

    Worst president ever!

  • Linda Conlon

    they don’t have money, but *someone* had to pay for the police to put out those cones…..they’re orange rubber, i would’ve driven right over them….oh wait…i have!!! if this pisses you off…..join ride for the constitution, and join the truckers convoy to dc to SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!! oct 11-13…. WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE HEARD!!!! if you can’t go, support them by not spending any money on those days….. google *truckers shut down dc*… one week the # of results went from 1200 to 1.6 million!!!!

  • B McCarley

    If it’s a MAJOR safety issue, then how come they didn’t have cones out BEFORE the gov’t shutdown?

  • thomaspainelives

    There are three protests this weekend in D.C. Truckers are having a three day rally there, bikers are going to help veterans at the memorials, and veterans are going because they’re mad. I’m thinking civil disobedience is the in thing now. I’ve got a trip I HAVE to go on or I’d be there as one of the veterans. Good speed and good luck to all three groups.

  • fuck obama

    It just goes to show how fucked our system is..government assholes are like dirty diapers and should be changed more often for the same reason… they are all full of shit!!!

  • John

    Let’s face reality. Our representatives in Washington do not represent the American people who elected them to these positions. They represent their party and do what the top dogs tell them to represent for fear that their party will not back them in the next election. Might be best to put term limits on both Congress and the Senate. Maybe then our representatives might have a mind of their own. By the way, this administration is so bent on power that it is now easy to tell when the President is lying. If his lips are moving, chances are good that he’s lying. As far as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi go, has anyone actually listened to the nonsense that these two spew. It’s pretty much like a Jay Leno “Man on the street interview”.

  • Luke Bagley

    Pretty much cant stand seeing this mess! Dems wanna start the fight. GOP will finish it!

  • Shockwave


  • ChasStevenson

    Have they shut-off funding for NPR yet?

  • warman

    Our little community organizer has resorted to ruining family vacations to save his healthcare takeover. Pathetic.

  • Taco Boutit

    Nothing a truck with a snow plow can’t fix.

  • ron44

    this arrogant SOB needs to be run out of office..

  • republicrats_democrans

    A few questions before we hang someone: Is this national park? if it is then it is legal, if it is not there are serious charges to be brought against this municipality’s police dept or local government as it is a blatant publicity stunt. State’s rights dictate that and this is a red state. Know your enemy before you fall for the ruse.

    • That_Guy

      There is no way that shutting down a shoulder (that is not being repaired) of a highway is legal.

  • grichens

    Starve the state until the air is filled with the stench of the rotting apparatchik.

  • Jukka M

    ..they don’t have money to show you the mountain, but they have money to stop you seeing it!?


    Obama really does need to stop his temper tantrum. This is getting old. He didn’t have the votes in the house to fund his pet commie program. Get over it.

    • Shawn

      There’s nothing “communist” about it.

      • FAKIA

        Let’s see. We’re gonna have the central government take over an entire industry and just make people buy what we want under threat of force. One more baby step down the road to Marx’s utopia where even the healthy are penalized for having too much health, by being forced to subsidize the health care costs of the sick. Eff that noise.

  • Eric Wood

    next comes DHS to put up cones or take you to fema camp for pulling over to view!

  • fourscoreandseven


    President Stompy Feet has instructed his sycophants to “hit the Internet” and refute any criticism of him and his nationalized health care demands.

    They have “facts and figures” at their disposal (of course, how they “manipulate” those facts and figures is up to them).

    Pathetic how they have to defend this BOY-CHILD president. (Is Reggie Love helping to dry his tears?)

    • Raymond59

      More like “President Cry Baby.”

  • Truth be told

    Funding the Department of Defense is also law, but it does not mean that it’s funding level is not debated and adjusted yearly. Your girl Pelosi said ” We have to pass this to see what’s in it”. Your folks passed it, everyone sees whats in it, and no one wants it except the usual free loaders. I know that one day in the future, we will find out what secret the DNC / Whitehouse knows about Chief Justice Roberts. His own colegues were so perplexed at his sudden change of heart that I know someone is holding a secret or two.

    • B McCarley

      I hope you’re wrong, Ken but I dang sure can’t explain Roberts’ decision. When Anthony Kennedy says the whole thing must go, you know it’s bad.

  • dotJenna

    I love this photo!!! Obama wants to remove anything that doesn’t pay homage or worship to himself. He’s actually ENVIOUS of the stones on Mt. Rushmore!!!

    • Shawn

      I hpe that you understand that this is fake.

  • B McCarley

    The fact of the matter is, Boehner recognizes ACA for what it is, a nation-breaker. No question about it. We are 17 trillion in debt. 17 TRILLION. There is no way in the world that we can afford the Affordable Care Act. Pure and simple. If we had a massive surplus I wouldn’t be so upset about the ACA but the fact is, we don’t have a surplus. Our credit rating has already been downgraded once. I just don’t see how you liberals can’t see that this will leave our nation in smoking ruins.

  • Wayne Dorniels

    Move the cones!

  • Pass with care

    Wow. You haters are gullible. You want to believe this BS because you want to believe Faux News and the other liars for hire. You truly sadden me.

    • Krazeehors

      Oh, so the cones weren’t there??? The monuments weren’t closed? People were not told to leave?? Access to state run monuments was not blocked off? All highway drive by monuments (and there are many) were not blocked off? Little Big Horn battle monument was not closed? Yellowstone was not closed? What about Bryce Canyon and Mount Zion National Park?


      • Pass with care

        The article states, pretty clearly, that the cones prevented folks from pulling to the side of the road to view Mt. Rushmore. There was no disputing that the National Parks are closed. Read much?

    • ashleigh

      first of all, you’re citing which is a joke of a website to use as a “credible” source of information.

      secondly, that link takes you to snopes calling out a photoshopped photo of helicopters draping a sheet in front of the monument, which is of course, obviously fake… which has nothing to do with the actual cones that have been put up to try to deflect traffic away from the look-out points.

  • bruce henion

    May be we could all just put yellow cones around the White House one at a time to keep folks off the side walk. The White House is closed for tourist anyway.

    • Krazeehors

      They should shut and lock the hangar to AF1, AF2 (the decoy), and Marine 1-3; plus Camp David, the golf course where this asssssshole golfs, etc.
      Also, cut his pay. Give him EXACTLY what he has given our veterans, soldiers, and war dead. NOTHING.

  • George Rigdon

    wanna know what i say to half you bitchy people who have probably never even been to this monument..more then half the us voted for him…and oh what you take it back now? to bad so sad

  • Michael Covey

    Typical “dog in the manger” attitude from the “Hope and Change” moron in Washington. I don’t blame him as much as I do the Low Information Voters who get their hard news from MSNBC, huffpoo, and Jon Stewart (a professional comedian). These folks elected him not just once but twice.

    • Krazeehors

      Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!! Did they put a giant sheet over the Grand Canyon?? I thought the Indians had control of the Canyon. What about The Spars National Park and memorial highway at Yarnell, AZ??

  • jlp5871

    You are wrong these are not police they are cops, police officers protect and serve cops are bullies and gangsters in uniforms.

  • ben_b

    They should put a giant sheet over it so no one can look at it. Statue of liberty too.

  • GlassHouses

    Um, Jonathan? There are immigration laws in place, they’re already laws, should we “get over it” and just enforce them (despite the President telling us not to)? What about the 2nd amendment? Should gun control proponents just accept the fact that gun ownership is a “law” and “get over it?” Abortion is legal in the US by law. Should people who oppose abortion simply shrug their shoulders and stop making their case? Interracial marriage was against the law for a while, should interracial couples have just “gotten over it?” What about gay marriage? That was a law as well, should they have just “gotten over it?” Slavery was also the law of the land – I know…Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans of the day should have just “gotten over” that too. Jim Crow laws were the law of the land. I know, I know, the Republicans in Congress should have given up and “gotten over it” when the opposition fillibustered the Civil Rights Act, right? What you’re saying is that once something is passed, it should NEVER be challenged or changed and we should just “get over it.” Does this apply to things you disagree with too, or is it only when people disagree with your ideals and principles that you tell them to “get over it?” Free speech is fine as long as it’s speech you agree with, right?