Singer-songwriter Toni Braxton weighed in on the George Zimmerman verdict this afternoon, and let it be known she is embarrassed by our country.

We wish she’d consider some alternatives:

A lot of people are feeling embarrassed right now:

And there’s this:

Good question.

  • john1gun

    Now she knows how I’ve felt the last five years.

    • Don Truscott

      Booooom. …that is great. Now she knows how I felt the last 5 YEARS !! Good one lol

    • Michael Stanco


      • lainer51

        and Amen

        • Nord

          …and Amen

      • lainer51

        and Amen

    • Debbie Nichols

      Then find a new country to live in.

      • lainer51

        and take that STUPID reality show with you.

      • lainer51

        and take that STUPID reality show with you.


      took me 15 second to get this Duh, thank you for making me think

    • Jeremy

      boom shakalaka

    • johngs54

      And it’s her cohorts, friend and elected officials that have made America the laughing stock of the World. People like her are why our County is a mess. What a wonderful Culture they have created. Violence, Racial discourse,Hatred, And most of all STUPIDITY

      • tedlv

        Don’t hide your feelings, John, let them out! Really. NO sarc!

      • Sara Rinker Kelahan

        You forgot to mention international embarrassment!

    • Jennifer

      No disrespect intended to Ms. Braxton, but why in the world would this ever garner a “lead story” position on Twitchy?

    • Mark81150

      Pity they picked the worst possible “historic president”.. he could have had Ayers background, and this same left wing media would have covered it up, blown it off as racist to mention..

      as they did all of Obama’s outrages.. like his opposition to the born alive act in Ill…. a baby survives an abortion, Obama said providing a blanket to the shivering infant crying for life was too much care for the intended human sacrifice..

      He voted to deny ANY medical care, to a botched abortion survivor.. even a blanket to a shivering newborn..

      making the moral difference between him, and Gosnell nonexistent..

      a man who’d leave a crying infant to die a slow death on a cold steel exam table… is deciding about our healthcare,…. congratulations liberals.. I guess Dr. Mengle wasn’t available for you?

    • saltwn

      because we have a nigga in the white house? LOL

    • saltwn

      because we have a nigga in the white house? LOL

  • Diane Stephan

    That’s okay Toni, I’ve been embarrassed since January 2009.

    • Marilyn

      Time to move to another country?

      • violater1

        Don’t let a door hit you in the asss on your way out! see ya wouldn’t wanta be ya!

    • Debbie Nichols

      Then leave our great country.

    • Wayne Springer

      Awesome, as have I!!

    • Grog61856

      No kidding. Me too.

      • Erika K Moureau

        Me 3!!!

        • Jeremy

          Me 4!!!

    • Guest

      I am also embarrassed that Toni Braxton is an American.

      • John Gabriel

        i am sure only when it is convenient for her to be American.

      • Rick Bladderfish

        Among many others :)

      • Maxx

        She SHOULD be embarrassed to have filed bankruptcy after earning millions during a singing career.


    • thohan

      You were generous to wait until the presidency began. I’ve been retroactively embarrassed to his dog-flesh-consuming years.

  • Mary123s

    Gaypatriot said what I wanted to say

  • itsatax

    She’s made a career of ripping off Mishka’s singing style. Where else can you get rich on that besides America?

    • aclay777

      she’s the number one bankrupt star out there, “BROKE” both financially and morally. her financial wisdom ranks right up there with her knowledge of justice.

      • strings55

        She’s just trying to keep up with her mentor, 0bamao. :)

        • 1PrettyPitBull

          Hey loser, he is still your president! And will be for a total of 8 years!

          • Teresa

            He is not my president. He only won by fraud and cheating and baiting his base with freebies

          • Ricci Logan

            no he is your president i didnt vote for him as I am sure many posting here didnt, we prefer real americans who actually have experiance in something

          • MikeRios

            He may be the President but he’s not mine. The presidents’ I vote for take responsibility like men are supposed to. What’s his nose runs off to play golf or takes a $20 million vacation. Only irresponsible little boys act like that.

          • hatsourdough

            President, more like dictator, he’s the laughing stock of every country in the world, except Africa, his homeland.

          • Rosemary Borelle Frampton

            no even Africa is laughing at him and his minions

          • SkyePuppy

            And was GW Bush your president?

          • Finrod Felagund

            And he’s a lame duck already, troll.

          • strings55

            He’s not my president (I don’t vote for people who lead from behind, and want to do away with the bill of rights), and if you voted for him, then that would make you the loser. Also the total of 8 years is questionable pending impeachment proceedings (if they happen) that are being petitioned even as I speak. Have a nice sunny rainbow like fuzzy fluffy day :)

          • strings55

            BTW. You’re right. The Pit Bull DOES look pretty!!! 😀

  • Markward

    Yeah, and I’m embarrassed you’re an American as well.

    • Buzz Killington

      My favorite response yet.

      • Rickey Ratcliff


  • waterytart

    If this is all you have to be embarrassed by Toni, then you’ve been living in a cave the past 5 years.

    • Finrod Felagund

      As the song goes: “If you don’t like / What you see here / Get the funk out”

  • Lisa 670

    You are free to leave and I am free never to spend a dime on anything that has to do with you!

  • keyboard jockey


    • MC12

      Should Rush Limbaugh move too?

      • Joe DiMaggio

        why should he ? He speaks the Truth- but then again, you probably can’t handle the truth.

      • Joe DiMaggio

        why ???

      • MEOB


        • MC12

          Wow, that was a great argument. Really classy. That kind of comments tell more about you than they do about me.

          • Carolyn Kellenberger Shank

            I think MEOB summed it up perfectly, Idiot.

          • 1PrettyPitBull

            Of course you do, we understand that you guys have trouble reading and comprehending full sentences!

          • Finrod Felagund

            More high school dropouts are Democrats than Republicans, troll.

          • Ricci Logan

            is that the same as someone who needs to hyphenate their name?

          • NotchoDaddy8

            To MC12…If you have to mention a second party totally unrelated to the topic in an attempt present an argument, you’ve already lost………..And for what it’s worth, simply name dropping is not only lame but stupid.

          • IrishBoss

            Its all Bush’s fault. LOL

          • JACK BARBER

            Didn’t FL vote this law in, what’s wrong with it is NC doesn’t have it, so if they run I can’t shoot them on the back.oh yeah forgot self defence, If there was someone smacking my daughter like that I have a Ball bat just for that no GUN needed…..this is why they won’t allow his phone texts or pictures to be published

      • R. Scott Stewart

        LIMBAUGH’S embarassed by Obama, not America. He just needs another President, not the current POtuS Caliph-in-Chief.

      • Ricci Logan

        he did away from the idiot politicians in NY to somewhere more sensible called Florida

  • CO2 Producer

    What did you do, Toni? What. Did. You. Do. Shame on you, whatever you did. Did you say something dumb?

  • foo

    Why is anyone embarrassed to be an American…ever? just leave…there are other countries who will take you…it’s OK…we won’t be offended if you leave….things happen in EVERY COUNTRY, look around….

  • OpenTheDoor

    Is she another of O’Bama’s beards?

  • Jim Fuller

    I bet she’s not embarassed to take that paycheck ole whitey writes her thou..

  • tjcuzns

    Dear Toni; were you embarrassed by the OJ verdict ?

    • RedHoffman

      I would so LOVE to hear her response to this.

      • jminsandiego

        That _was_ her response. Her view of the case is exclusively based on her race. To her, once skin color has been established, there can only be satisfaction from one outcome.


        • JeffyTheQuick

          To her, nothing can be considered but skin color and whites Hispanics killing blacks is never justified

          FIFY… The whole race thing is sickening. I’m sure Martin Luther King is weeping right now.

    • harleydavidson

      it is possible Toni might have been one of the people who danced on the street when OJ got acquitted.

  • [email protected]

    I’m embarrassed to call her an American as well.

  • TDS

    I guess in HER ideal America, the concept of “justice” would be the same as mob rule, at least in any case involving a “person of color”…

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    She’s probably not embarrassed about Joshua Chellew.

    • Teri

      Or Jacqueline Gardner. Or Antonio Santiago. Or Matthew Owens. My list of celebs I’m boycotting just keeps growing. Not spending my money so that these prejudiced morons can undeservedly get richer

  • TellItLikeItIs

    I’m embarrassed you’re an American also, Toni.

  • Conservaguy

    We are embarrassed you are an American as well.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    This may sound crass.. but she does a commercial for Karma can be a b*tch, can’t it.

  • Garth Haycock

    Small words from a small mind.

    • Bebe parker

      Don’t let the door hit you in the a– on your way out!!

  • rippersnort

    You and MOOchelle can leave anytime IDIOT.

  • Brian Phillips

    I’m embarrassed she’s an American, too.

  • The Penguin

    Yes. Totally embarrassing! Because something called due process was exercised. And an innocent until proven guilty Hispanic, Obama voting, Democratic man was found not guilty because there was not enough incriminating evidence to substantiate the State’s case, and plenty of reasonable doubt. For shame!!!

    • MNWoman

      Well said!

    • Cowboy5633

      Very well said my friend! And who in the hell cares what this dizzy broad says anyway!

    • Clint Stanley

      Very well said!

  • Denese Chapman Hogan

    I’ve never even heard of Singer Toni Braxton, must be small time, anyway, she should leave this great country and go somewhere else. Maybe she would be proud to live in a communist country or better yet, go live in a muslim country where they would probably cut out her slanderous tongue.

  • Travis Bickle

    Another BLACK celeb who is embarrassed to be American. If you don’t like America THEN MOVE THE FUCK OUT you racist POS!

    • MC12

      How is she racist? And why should she move? Should Rush Limbaugh move too? He is ashamed of America too.

      • Not Anonymous

        Rush was condemning corruption in our white house, not due process. And in that same paragraph you paraphrase, he also vowed his love to his country. Braxton is an uneducated black celebrity, beating the race drum, for a street thug who got what he asked for.

        People say, “oh, why did Zimmerman follow Trayvon”. Well, because Trayvon was lurking around Zimmerman’s immediate neighborhood, where they had just had a home invasion.

        And beyond that, why did Trayvon go back to confront Zimmerman if he was so scared? Simple, Because he was a thug and thought he could take Zimmerman down, and be a tough guy.

        The trial was even biased against Zimmerman and he still won. Maybe a few uneducated black youths, trying to be wannabe thugs will learn a lesson.

        You never know who is going to be armed. It’s why everyone should be armed if they are sane and without violent histories.

        And luckily for Zimmerman he was, or the news report would have been about a Mexican man being killed by a nameless black suspect in a grey hoodie.

        Oh, I forgot, they don’t report on those murders, because it’s too common place.

        • MC12

          Why is it important to mention that she’s black? How exactly is she “beating the race drum”? Uneducated? Even is she is what does that have to do with this?? Maybe Braxton was also condemning corruption in our country?

          • Not Anonymous

            First of all, she is the one who decided to interject her ill informed opinion into the social media arena. Secondly, her opinion is crass and insulting to everyone who has fought and built this country for all you welfare babies. Lastly, no one beats the race drum more than blacks. No matter what happens, it always gets turned into a race issue. Anyone ever questions a black person’s behavior, and they are called a racist.

          • Tera Blair Kirk

            The fact is, she said she was embarrassed to be an American and said her heart goes out for the Martin family. This, clearly, means she feels it was an injustice. Now if you want to call a spade a spade, she thinks it’s an injustice that a young black man was killed by a “white-like” guy and he just got acquitted for it. I call him white-like because he is, indeed, Hispanic and it boggles me why the black community has made this a black and white issue, but here goes try to stay with me. This Hispanic lives in a nice neighborhood and he’s probably got a good job. That makes him no longer “of color” he is now white. That is complete and utter bullshit. It’s dragging this country down for minorities to turn on other minorities that have the drive and motivation to be something other than a broke thug. And you can quote me.

      • LDG

        ANYONE who is ashamed of AMERICA can leave…

        • Mark Kortum

          There also is this thing called respect. The thug culture respects no one. People who respect each other do no beat them up.

      • $1014973

        let’s play a game. It’s called why is toni braxton interested in this case but not the murder of hundreds of other blacks each month?

        • MC12

          Why is ANYONE interested in this case but not the murders of tens of thousands of other blacks or whites or latinos each year?

          • Carmen

            Whites or Latinos do not normally feel embarrassed when another white or Latino thug gets convicted of a crime. BIG difference.

        • BayushiZero

          Not to mention the likely murder of hundreds to come in the upcoming (and already in-progress) riots over this stupidity?

          Hypocritical, isn’t it?

          • Carmen

            How many businesses leave an area because people decide stupidly to riot in those places. They can’t wait to find a reason to riot so they could break into places, steal stuff, and act like degenerates. Then they wonder why they have to travel to go purchase items from the very stores that they broke into and looted. Really stupid!!!

        • Dawn Street

          Why isn’t she interested in the thousands of black children/babies aborted each month in the USA.

      • NotchoDaddy8

        Nice attempt at trying to deflect the topic away from the black chick who is a wanna-be-a-white chick. Trying staying on topic and defend her if you can.

      • Sara Nichols

        No, Rush is ashamed of this president, not the country, moron.

    • $1014973

      Have we finally reached a watershed moment where people start holding black idiots accountable for the filth that comes out of their mouths who other than their celebrity nothing of value to add to modern society?

  • Ronald Gordon Sr

    Now she knows how I have felt since the lady of the person in Our White HOuse said that she was proud to be an American.

  • aclay777

    I guess she’s not an American, the people spoke, and we don’t care if you stay or leave to satisfy your sense of injustice, nobody is keeping you here.

  • Matthew Monroe

    dont go away angry… just ummm… go away. of course people like ms braxton are the reason why people blame their cars for running out of gas.

  • D…… Thornton

    Now she knows how I’ve felt the last five years.

  • Mark_Krieg

    I don’t know who you are, don’t gives a rats behind to find out, Same as you don’t know me, but we (you and I) would both benefit if you did leave the country.

    There are daily flights leaving for a bunch of other countries every hour.
    Take Obama with you as company, We don’t want him here either.

    • ashfielder

      You and Obama can take the next plane out of this country

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Oh, how did that go again? Oh that’s right..

    “You lost! Get over it!”

  • Bebe parker

    Not as embarrassed as I am !

    • Debbie Nichols

      then leave our great country.

      • Finrod Felagund

        You first, troll.

  • McTex

    Why are so many of these people prejudiced against the Hispanics or Mexican?

    • The Penguin

      Sssshhhh… according to the the left, he’s white. Don’t tell. It’ll mess up their whole race-baiting platform.

    • $1014973

      Because they murder 12 year old innocent black children. Duh.

  • Bob Young

    Ive been embarrassed to be an American since the fraud huckster Obama was elected. So Toni, I know how you feel.

  • merry

    you (martin) pin the neighborhood watchman (zimmerman) down in the
    rain, break his nose, and beat his head against the pavement, and ignore
    his pleas to stop… you could get shot.

    This wasn’t not a “civil rights” event. This was a Second Amendment event.

    This is what self-defense is FOR.

  • sunny miller

    Today I’m embarrased that she’s an American too. People do things, decisions are made, what does that have to do with what America IS? Shut up and help to make things better not just stand around complaining like an ignorant sheep.

  • Jane Hutton

    The jury has spoken Ms Braxton. considering that I am ashamed that you are an American also..

  • StopThisMadness

    Wait a minute….THIS Toni Braxton?

    Toni Braxton, who has filed for bankruptcy twice in the past 15 years, may be facing even more money troubles.

    The Grammy Award-winning singer is being accused of bankruptcy fraud, after she transferred more than $53,000 to Keri Lewis, her estranged husband, “in order to avoid paying back creditors in her bankruptcy case.

    **Honey, you should be embarrassed to be an American…’re just claiming the incorrect reason.**

    • snorky neederecker

      All the trash supports Obama, voting for the rest of the country to support them. Figures Braxton is another shining example of an Hollywood Obamadrone: Judging people before knowing the facts, just like the President does.

  • Jim B

    A large swath of this country doesn’t understand the difference between justice and vengeance.

  • Fiona Suarez

    Well today I am not embarrassed to say I am no longer your fan! Regardless of the verdict or anything I disagree with politically I will never say I am embarrassed to be an American..Leave the country if it affects you that bad…

  • Bob Young

    Toni, I did like your music, but now that I know you are an idiot, no more. Good luck with that comeback tour. Maybe you can perform for the royal family of the United States and kiss their rings or ass or whatever.

  • Craig Jacobs

    I’m embarrassed as well. I’m embarrassed that we have so many stupid people in this country.

  • ehc45

    A former fan says, “I won’t miss your music, and there are plenty of third world countries that I’m SURE you would be happier in!” Don’t let the door hit you in the A$$ on the way out!

  • 364NKL

    Hey Toni, were you embarassed when O.J. walked for killing a WHITE woman???? No, of course not, you pig.

    • ashfielder

      so true!!!

  • corey2444

    She sounds like wet grass..

  • Jess Ryan

    Finished paying your back taxes yet TB? Its people like you that are an embarrassment to this country not the other way around

  • Zeda

    How about Joshua Chellew, are you embarrassed about what happened to him? In my opinion it is too bad he didn’t have a gun to protect himself. Why isn’t the msm discussing this?

  • strings55

    I’m embarrassed that Toni Braxton attempts to put herself in the category of musician. That’s an insult to my friends, and I. God only knows how she got a recording contract, but I think it’s about time that she lost it.

  • MNWoman

    You don’t have to agree with the verdict, but due process was given to an American who was charged with a crime. Any American who is charged with a crime has a right to defend him or herself in a court of law and judged by an impartial jury of his or her peers. It is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that a defendent is guilty.

    All Americans are afforded this right.

  • Josh Mcdonald

    I’m embarrassed that you think you’re an American when really you’re a deceived African Socialist. Have a nice day.

  • Oilfart1

    didn’t know she was still alive

  • Debbie Nichols

    Seriously, I do not care what another liberal Hollywood type has to say about anything. If you don’t want to live in this country and you are not proud to be an American, LEAVE! There are plenty of LEGAL immigrants who would love to take your place.

  • David Partridge

    misinformed, uninformed Americans are responsible For the state of America. I watched fox and mslsd. Mslsd is so misleading. Making everything [political to meet their socialist objectives and causing destruction of property by enciting riots. Commumists have always used Hollywood to help their objectives of establishing socialism in America. As Edward G Robinson once said, ” I was duped”. Too bad the ignorant and uninformed say things they do without checking the facts. Do people really believe there can be Utopia with out some kind of enslavement, Should not be too long before we are out of Everyone elses money.

  • Glen Saunders

    We’re embarrassed to have you as an American Toni so that makes us even. Have you paid those income taxes yet?

  • ModdKenwood

    another Obamadolt

  • #####

    Who is Toni Braxton? Isn’t she some washed up singer from the 80’s? One of Whitneys’ pals?

    • Sara Nichols

      Toni Braxton was popular in the 1990’s,

  • Keith from DaBurgh

    You people are AWESOME….

  • Rich Berman

    Maybe if she understood the Florida laws she would get it. She can move to Russia and see how she likes their laws under Putin!

  • DrSamHerman

    Another has-been trying to regain lost fame with outrageous public statements. She was good in her time, but it passed and now she needs to go back to dinner theatre and the Rotary Club luncheon circuit where she belongs.

  • Buck Torre

    who cares about you old dried up wanna be never made it to stardom singer

  • mary

    I HATE TWITTER!! I want to let this moron know my thoughts!!!! Yes I am embarrassed asses like her voted in the MORON AND FRAUD IN CHIEF!!!!

    • corey2444

      The biggest spender of any leader in all of history and twice as bad as Bush. The color of his skin allows no one to question the trillion dollar “shovel ready” stimulus that vanished, and only can be explained by Obama and his close allies. These people who voted for him sure are stupid.

    • corey2444

      Oh and here they are laughing about the trillion dollar theft.

      • Cecile Charles

        And he laughed of course, lame.

  • KnowYourRightsFool

    I guess money does not buy you common sense. If you are being attacked you have the right to defend yourself, that is America.

  • Wayne Sexton

    All that proves is that she is a racist……..thats all. Just like Al “Sharpless” Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Both of these guys call themselves a reverand. Thats a real laugh. They are racist troublemakers.

  • thorps

    get out if you don’t like it here. I hear sudan could use a has been or is that a never was.

  • Sara Nichols

    Toni, I am embarrassed that I once liked your music back in the day. Leave this f**king country!

    • James Perley

      I don’t need to listen to the likes of Katy Perry or Toni Braxton. The UK, Scandinavia, and many other countries have singers as good or better.

  • Guest

    Today I see a certain ethic group in America that hates that we are a country of laws and get all butthurt when they have to follow those laws like everyone else in America.

  • AmorExiste

    Otra idiota…

  • bailusout

    Go find Michelle O( and both of you leave.

  • jebjr

    Ms. Toni “One-hit Wonder” Braxton, should be more embarrassed over a once promising, now failed, career.

  • Rayco

    I laugh every time I hear one of these comments from these idiots, they must think it makes them relevant, put your money where your mouth is, leave this Country

  • gehenna71

    What is a Toni Braxton? Sounds like a beverage!

  • sodakhic

    Toni, now you know how it felt when OJ walked.Did they ever figure out who killed Nicole and Ron?

    • vphilly

      I think OJ is still looking for the killer. *rollseyes*

  • Texas Sunshine

    Paris is too good. Take a plane to the Middle East, enjoy their unrest for several months then when you return, perhaps you will realize how wonderful our country truly is and overall how good the Americans are. However, feel free to stay in the Middle East because we could care less.

  • cabledawg

    Then get the phuck out of the country you talent less racist skank!!

  • Brenda Buckalew Carpenter

    we weren’t there and nobody knows what went down.reasonable doubt……you don’t take a knife to a gun fight and certainly not skittles…..if you don’t know the ins and outs of the one you’re beating—–steer clear….I am sadden by the young mans death—-especially his family who are grieving–I avoid disagreements with total strangers—-they might have a gun….

  • Michael LeBlanc

    Was she embarrassed when OJ walked on Capital Murder X 2 ? If she wasn’t embarrassed then she’s just a racist.

  • Barry B

    hell Braxton get on a plane with the obamas and go back to Africa

  • Sakemoto

    Is Toni a has been or never was?

  • Ruthie8485

    Does Fast & Furious bother you? How about Four Dead in Benghazi? Wake Up! @tonibraxton

  • Jason Starr

    She should feel free to take the money that hard-working Americans have paid her, and use it to take her racist opinions elsewhere if she is ashamed of the way the country works! Would she have been “ashamed” if George Zimmerman had been the one who died last February?

  • syvyn11

    #ashamedtobeanamerican is ripe for a hijacking.

  • 912er

    Should I be embarrassed that I don’t know who you are?

  • Kamryn Hermosillo

    Remedy for all folks embarrassed for being so-called Americans, planes leaving the US all the time, why not do yourselves and the rest of America a favor and just plain LEAVE!

  • John

    And another black racist self-identifies. The trial is proving to be very instructive.

    • Chuck Fowler

      One more “star” to add to my growing list not to watch, listen to or buy from. I’m saving lots of money these days not supporting anything air-headed, liberal celebs are selling.

  • Joe DiMaggio

    know one cares about u anyway. Go to Iran and see how much u mean there

  • LDG

    My heart goes out to the Martin and Zimmerman Families. One lost a son and the other will need to go into hiding because of YOUR RACE wants him dead…BTW I WILL NEVER BE ASHAMED to be an AMERICAN.. Please do us a favor and be gracious and leave this retched land if you are so embarrassed of our AMERICA…

  • Linda D Young

    Embarrassed to be an American huh Toni? Well take your broke “I don’t pay my taxes” ass and leave the country! We don’t need people like you here to support. I support enough people! Justice was served in a court of law yesterday…STOP playing the “race” card!

  • Daffy2009

    Who knew she even WAS an American?

  • Miketrt

    More proof a) racism is primarily from the black entertainment community towards whites, and b) liberalism is a mental disorder. This ain’t no OJ trial where it was pretty damn clear and even THAT one I left to the jury. Nullification and all. This one is ugly and sad, but for these libtards to act like they were there and know what happened is just stupid. I think it’s racism more than stupidity though. Lose the chip people.

  • John Cox

    At least the message was received that the population at large does not tolerate physical assaults and supports self defense with a firearm. Rather than resorting to violence, if Trayvon had called 911 to report the “crazy ass cracka” following him he’d probably still be alive today.

  • chrisallenrich

    I know how she feels. I’m embarrassed I bought her CD 15 years ago.

  • Raejean

    Me, too, when idiots think they rule the world because they can tweet about it.

  • fireandreamitchell

    Looks like that Rasmussen poll showing that blacks are the most racist of any group turned out to be correct. Hey Toni, return all the money you made off Americans with your screechy voice, and GTFO of America. I hear Egypt is now this time of year.

  • Cozy Powell III

    NOW your ashamed? You’re not ashamed with the people you voted for? GTFO!

  • pinkpeony1

    I am embarrassed for her and all of the other people that think it’s o.k. for someone to attack & beat a person and not think the person being attacked has a right to defend themselves. They are being blinded by something, but it’s definitely not common sense.

  • Cowboy5633

    So lets see…our court system was used…a jury heard all the facts…they found him not guilty…what the hell are you embarrassed about! That emotion does not overcome reality! Leave on a plane with Michelle….and be embarassed anywhere but here! This country gave you and Michelle everything you have today by giving you truth…honesty…rights…and a equal chance to prosper! You better back up and figure out where your damm bread is buttered fool!

  • robynznest

    The verdict has nothing to do with Americans. It has to do with our judicial system and it worked…maybe not what we wanted but still. Nobody knows GZ’s tormentors. He isn’t free

  • Mark Steele

    I’m sure France could use another whore.

  • Pete Contostavlos

    Toni, sorry, but in this country we believe in the rule of law. You are innocent until proven guilty. The jury said there was not enough evidence to prove that George Zimmerman was guilty of the charges. If you cannot accept the courts ruling perhaps you should move to a country where the courts are more kangaroo-like. Where justice is handed out by Judges bought and paid for by special interest groups or the government. Trayvon Martin did nothing wrong until he attacked George Zimmerman. Once he did that Mr. Zimmerman had the right to defend himself if he felt his life was threatened. If Trayvon was white and Zimmerman black the outcome would have been the same.

  • Concerned conservative

    Why? Just because justice was served. Are black people exempt from justice? How about those 53 black-on-black murders in Chicago? Clean up your own backyards.

  • Grog61856

    I’m embarrassed you are an American too. You can renounce your citizenship anytime you wish.

  • Arnold urtiaga

    THE TRUTH, NOT THE COLOR OF THE SKIN IS WHAT SET him free,this was never about Civil rights, blacks always want to use civil rights as a tool to get ahead of every one else ,even Obama who said if i had a son he would look like trayvan,, not so if Obama had a son he would lookl ke Osama binladen

  • Wiljam White

    I would have thought you’d be more embarrassed about a couple bankruptcies and leaving your creditors holding up to $50m in debt.

  • Lee Murray

    @tonibraxton and I suppose you voted for color versus actual experience as well…if you are embarrassed by America feel free to leave anytime.

  • $1014973

    The good news is I’m crossing off idiot celebrities and sports figures in droves today and pledging to never spend a dime on anything that can lead to their benefit. By my last count, I’ve already saved thousands of dollars.

  • Scott Sylte

    embarrassed to be an American? Perhaps at one moment or another many Americans feel embarrassed to be an American for a variety of reasons meaningful to them. I’m embarrassed that the president made a publicly coded statement inferring that Martin could have been his son. Martin could have been anyone’s son, but that was not what was said. The president set the tone, involved the DOJ and bussed people into the area to protest and gain more national attention. That is not the job of the president Toni. All of this rhetoric speaks to people’s drama and emotions rather than their intellects and abilities to reason. What rules your mind? Emotion or intellect? Yes, this tragedy was very emotionally challenging for everyone, not only people of color. Yes, this tragedy brought out the worst in some people. Is this how Americans respond? Today it seems it does and is very predictable. I can just imagine after Pearl Harbor was obliterated that if people became divided against each other then, we wouldn’t even be discussing this today would we? Are we going to become a nation of peoples stuck looking, shaming and blaming the past for the present? Or are we going to face the challenges head on and stop blaming and shaming and find proactive ways to begin honest dialogue between groups of people with common differences? If Trayvon’s life really meant anything of value, this is the way in which we should honor and memorialize him. Scapegoating, vengeance, revenge, civil action, threats of retaliation, crazed mob mentality have never bore the fruit of positive lasting change. That comes from within. Make peace with yourself. And when you say that you are embarrassed to be an American are you really saying that I’m embarrassed to be a black American lost in a sea of white bigots? I can relate better to that concept. Let us remember that had the president not received a significant percentage of the white vote, he would have never become president. Not all whites, Hispanics, Jews, blacks are bigots or prejudiced. If the black community decides to continue playing the race card it will backfire decisively. Now is the time to remain silent and work quietly to get everyone to the tables of racial dialogue. This is what Trayvon left us to do in his memory, not create more disharmony, conflict, confrontation and alienation. our grandmothers taught all of us both black and white: If we cannot say something good, don’t say anything at all. We should follow their examples especially now…Calm and reason is necessary and that shall prevail. Welcome back to being an unembarrassed American Toni. You have nothing to be embarrassed about Ignore all of the negative comments. People are talking through their behinds right now. Time heals all wounds if we don’t keep picking at the scabs. May the Almighty G-d bless and keep you in peace. A white friend no matter what you say, With Love, compassion, understanding and empathy. America lost one of its own in Trayvon. Sincerely, Scott Sylte

  • John Meadows

    Toni, are you embarrassed about the 4 blacks that bet a white man to death in Georgia a few days ago? Oh, haven’t heard that from the main stream huh? Get out of the country I fought for…

  • $1014973

    Truth be told, I hope neighborhood watch programs close up shop across the country. Let people cower in their homes and hope the police show up in a timely fashion when thugs come looking for something to steal, someone to rape or someone to kill.

    Those who can protect themselves will, and screw the rest. Sometimes America needs a good hard dose of the consequences to it’s stupidity.

  • GeauxGod

    She should be embarrassed…4 black Americans beat up one American Marine; and yet not much media and no celebrities are sharing their voices in supporting justice for ones who go and fight the real race riot….freedom.

  • DList

    I am embarrassed she is an American too

  • Bill Jones

    john1gun you beat me to the punchline

  • Jeanne Sanders LaFleur

    Then get the hell out of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Bales

    Your reality show is an embarrassment…I am sick to death of you people by that I mean celebs disliking America or being ashamed to be Americans…If you feel that way by all means pack your bags and move your happy unpatriotic asses to another country…You make me sick…You people putting a 17 yo thug up for martyrdom is disgusting and vile…He tried to kill Zimmerman…A jury found that he was innocent..You don’t like the verdict I get it…I didn’t like OJ getting off or Casey Anthony getting off but did I make a big stink over it??? NO I processed mourned and got over it…A thugs life only ends in one way…Tragedy for the wasted life that could have been if he had just went home instead of lying in wait…Sad that he could have made a life for himself but chose to go the opposite path…His choices are why he died that night….What about Daryell a 16 yo boy killed last night because he chose to not do a gang initiation???? The gang members killed him!!! Those are the people my heart goes out to the senselessness of it all…SMH disgusted with the whole lot of Hollywierdos that think they have the right to hate this country over a gosh dang verdict…One that was just and fair…

  • Nicholas

    leave toni gotta say I won`t miss you and by the way … get a ticket for shapton , Jackson and Farrakhan while your at it .

  • jimandcheryl

    yes i am embarrassed that she is american as well as embarrassed to have such an ass hole for a president (i am proud to say i did not vote for such a dipshit ether time

  • Chad Phillips

    But it was ok when Oj was found not guilty of murdering Nicole brown and Ron Goldman when we all know he did it? Was she embarrassed then? And why dont she pay all of her back taxes and then move out of this once great nation??? Go ahead Toni get on a plane or a bus or a train but tell me this, where are ya gunna go? EXACTLY! why dont ya shut your big fat mouth!

  • Jeanne Sanders LaFleur

    I’ve been embarrassed since Barack Obama became President, Dearest Toni!

  • rich

    then leave

  • Joanne13

    I’m embarrassed that Tony Braxton is an American too. Can’t we DO anything about that?? (Just askin…)

  • John Howard

    Today I am embarrassed that Toni Braxton is an American.

  • David Ruff Sr

    If you are embarrassed to be an American you have our permission to leave, NOW.

  • NotchoDaddy8

    Isn’t Braxton that over the hill black wannabe-a-white chick who tries to sing for a living? Nobody cares what you think so shut up.

  • ray smith

    Your embarrassed, then leave your money, house and belongs and just go, anywhere else but America

  • Robert Owens

    One word solution: MOVE!

  • RussellRightWing

    So now we understand your lack of respect for the rule of law and our judicial process. Perhaps you should find another country which suits you better? Go for it, by all means, in fact, just go….

  • Jamie Huff

    I wonder if Tax Cheat Toni was embarrassed when a jury let OJ Simpson walk for cold blooded murder? 9 of the 12 jurors in OJ’s trial were black and blacks cheered and celebrated when he was found innocent of murdering two white people despite a mountain of evidence proving his guilt. This entire Zimmerman/Martin scenario has been created by a media hungry to keep racial tensions stoked. And boy did it work. They’ll be spinning this story for years to come.

  • Tim jones

    Anyone that’s hyphenating their citizenship isn’t an American.

  • Vitiosum

    Poor Toni. Your shame in being American at this point is misdirected. You should look further toward DC, then it would make more sense. She hasn’t the sense God gave a cricket. I’m personally ashamed that you think you can or have ever had the ability to entertain. This is why you should practice singing more and leave the hard stuff up to the proud Americans. Life is hard. Move along.

  • Spikehb

    The public school systems sure have produced some pathetic, uneducated individuals incapable of rational thought while certain facets of the news media have made sure that they stayed that way. I wonder if she can read cursive?

  • Kevin Brown

    Toni Braxton,,if you are embarrassed to be an American,,,then LEAVE AMERICA,,,no one is stopping you from leaving,,,if you feel that way,,WE don’t want you here

  • bo1921

    Yeah, toni. It’s much more American to have kangaroo courts, where the burden of proof doesn’t exist. Maybe one day, we’ll see you in front of one of those courts you pine so much for. Now, I’d watch that.

  • Deborah Mays

    Look at Travon’s record his posts on facebook, his tweets. Thrown out of school.. He played race card calling Zimmerman a cracker, It may not all been right as far as what happened to him. My heart goes out to his family. Why is it if a different colored race hurts a black the media get in it. When a black kills a black or vise versa white on white you hear nothing. How about the four black boys that killed a white guy. Media, Sharpton, Obama all got involved, stirring trouble with T. Martin They’re not helping they’re hurting their own race by their actions. I am sick and tired a crime is a crime no matter what the color is. If it’s good enough to mention with one than good enough for other. Where was the justice on Caley Anthony, much as her mother had on her they let her walk. I am rambling now, so mad I am not thinking clear. Upsets me how our world is turning out.

  • guest

    I am embarrassed too, Toni! Embarrassed YOU are an American… You should stop listening to the liberal race-baiting demagogs. Believing liars because they share your skin color makes you not very smart…..

  • Spike Bement

    She needs to hook up with Edward Snowden……perfect match.

  • Rose Mary Booth

    Then Miss Braxton get the hell out! Don’t let the door hit where the good lord split ya! Goodbye TaTa. I am imbarassed that you are a American. Yes America has problems like any country we are not perfect and just because you don’t get something your way doesn’t mean you can be a asshole so leave … Anyone who doesn’t like America can get the hell out. We have airplanes. Trains, cars, Buses and boats, so please go I will help you dumbass pack.

  • 23anniebrown45

    Do these people REALLY think that anyone gives a fat rat’s ass what they say?

  • GulfPundit

    The feeling’s mutual Toni.

  • Dawn Street

    I could give her some suggestions as to where she might want to go if she is so embarrassed to be an American. I hear Egypt, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon are nice this time of year. She would look mighty fetching in a burka.

  • kateorjane

    Now you know how the Right has felt since BO got elected.

  • Jana Marasso

    That being said Toni, I’m really embarrassed that I was a fan of yours back in the 90’s, when people new who you were!!!!

  • Scott Morrow

    OJ got away with murder,Zimmerman defended his life deal with it!

  • Scott Morrow

    Toni who?

  • Scott Morrow

    @Soopernado,leave America

  • Terry Smith

    Toni, please feel free to be anything but American. We’re trying to weed the racists and morons out. My ancestors didn’t fight, die and suffer for your approval anyway.

  • David J Chmielowski

    We would be happy to escort you to the nearest border crossing and boot you ass out for good you racist bitch .

  • Doug Williams

    I’m embarrassed you’re an American too

  • Tommy Troyer

    well to all those who are embarrassed you can gtfo of the country and I would be proud of you if you did.

  • AmericanMom

    Toni Braxton, just move out of the USA and show us you truly are embarrassed by the legal system in the USA. Just go away – like your music did.


    I liked her songs like 23 years ago now, so she still sings? I didn’t know that!

  • King Leer

    Some have suggested a witness protection program where there are no blacks. I suggest he simply go to work for Oprah.

  • whybnrmal1

    Nothing but a bunch of haters and racist a$$es…

  • Daune Sutherland

    Then LEAVE!!

  • Paul F.

    Didn’t she matter… 20 YEARS AGO???

  • beck

    A lot of America has been embarrassed for the past five years and if Braxton is she is free to leave.

  • yourmamatoo

    We’re embarrassed you are An American too.

  • Dave M

    When are the people in this Country going to realize they are in the Best Country in the World!
    Remember they’re: Ships, Boats and Planes leaving everyday: Don’t like it here LEAVE!!!! AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!! From my 60’s Generation……

  • HARP2

    Tell her there are planes leaving the country on a daily basis.

    • 1PrettyPitBull

      Can you be on one soon?

      • HARP2

        Keep banging your head on the keyboard. Eventually a coherent thought will fall out.

        • Finrod Felagund

          You’re more optimistic about that than I am.

  • Dawn

    I am embarrassed that she is an American!

  • michael ragnanese

    Embarrassed about what? There was never enough evidence to even go to trial. Why do you think it took 44 days and extreme pressure from the DOJ and other civil rights groups working hand in hand to pressure local law enforcement to arrest Zimmmerman. This was a politically motivated case to stir up racial divided in this country, but had nothing to do with the evidence, and the verdict was the proof !

  • LittleMac

    This is big news. Ms. Braxton strikes me as the kind of gal who doesn’t embarrass easily.

  • SpeakTheTruthToday

    We’re ALL embarrassed you’re an American!

  • Sandra Meyer

    well Toni go some place else and live we will do quite well without you.

  • Edward Adkin

    America will thrive without your ass..and take al and jessie with ya..

  • Michael Fishbein

    This is 2 Toni Braxton. If you are embarrassed to be an American then Move 2 Another Country.

  • Ltpar

    Toni, if you are embarrased, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Take your crap attitude to Great Britian or Europe and you will fit in well with all the sheep there.

  • brandx35

    Are you embarrassed to the point that you’re now going to pack up and leave? So long!

  • kewee


  • Scott

    Pay your taxes before you leave…..

  • BarbL

    Six ~6~ women, 4 of them mothers~all agreed he was innocent. Think about that or not. I don’t really care. That is our system and that’s how it works.

  • RRobertsn

    What about the 2000 or so black youth killed by other black youth since Travon was killed? Where is the outrage for that? What about all the killings in Chicago many black on black where is the outcry for those people? This is a sad story, both for the Martin family and for Zimmerman, but it really saddens me that it will cause a further divide in this country.

  • MikeRios

    Who’s Toni Braxton and who cares?

  • Misti Loo

    Toni Braxton – there are several exits points out of the USA. May I suggest a Kenyan village for you? I’m sure that you’d fit right in – you can sing for your supper every nite.

    I’m ashamed that any citizen of this country still automatically assumes the “poor black kid/child” is automatically a victim. Especially when FACTS prove the exact opposite.

    Get over it all ready.

  • Rick

    Today I am embarrassed to admit to listening to a Toni Braxton song.

  • Melissa K Iwanski-Monje

    I am so tired of individuals saying they are embarrassed of being an American!! Get the fuck out of my country then YALL WONT BE MISSED that includes worthless stars that contribute nothing to our progress!! Black and Mexicans aren’t the only ones in this world who get fucked over!! I am a half breed and run into racial issues but you don’t hear me whining about it I actually do something about it!! This world aint perfect and neither are justice systems that includes America’s justice system!! Nicole Simpson was killed by a BLACK man and received NO JUSTICE cause OJ is STILL WALKIN AND TALKIN but you did not hear the black community complaining about a dead white girl??? SOO Don’t be shock when the white community does not get emotional about Trayvon…. IS THIS RIGHT HELL NO BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS until blacks aren’t hateful about whites and whites are not hateful to blacks this will be a huge problem in our country that neither side has any right to BITCH ABOUT BECAUSE BOTH SIDES HAVE PREJUDICE AGAINST ONE ANOTHER!!!

  • sperry brown

    I think Syria would be a nice place for her.

  • Jeff Smith

    You have the money to get on a plane and get your ass out of my country. Do it!

  • Robert

    bet u love the money here so y not leave go away 2 some were u love!!!! Don’t let the door hit u in the ass!!!!

  • Del Garrett–journalist

    Let me see if I understand … You’re embarrassed because we live in a country where someone can be arrested, tried and found not guilty by a jury of honest people? Our judicial system is what sets us apart from other countries. Mr. Zimmerman shot in self defense when he was viciously attacked by a kid known for violence and who was under the influence of marijuana.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      “Known for violence”
      Had Trayvon been arrested for assaulting a cop? Or had a restraining order taken out against him by an ex for domestic violence?

  • Jeff Carpentier

    File for bankruptcy again. Feed on honest working people.

  • Marvin Nelson

    If she is so “ashamed” of the country, then, as Lewis Grizzard was fond of saying, “Delta is ready when you are.” Braxton can put her butt on a plane and LEAVE. No one would miss her.

  • Tom Flores

    DittoToni. I been embarrassed the past 4 and a half years….

  • An American Veteran

    These people do not want justice, they want revenge, it does not matter that the jury followed the letter of the law and what the criteria is to find someone guilty, they want revenge, they want blood. All these people are accomplishing only one thing, pushing this country to an inevitable split and division of the States, congratulations.

  • Janet Shep

    Well Toni, you have the time and the means, denounce your citizenship and go to another country that you are proud of. No one is holding you back.

  • pjsolarz

    Well, this is the first time I’ve heard her name in years… my guess is that this is what she was looking for… publicity

  • Guest

    Hey Yo Toni Bitch! Michelle Obama already used that line.
    No wonder you haven’t had any new music.. you have no imagination.

  • James Rose

    And are you just as embarrassed to be an American for it allowing you to become rich for that ‘cat in heat’ screeching you do.
    Are you just as willing to put innocent black men in prison as you are to put innocent ‘white’ men in prison?

  • Burn A Koran A Day

    I’m embarrassed, because of all you idiots that don’t understand the justice system and how it works.

  • MrApple

    If you don’t like our Rights, our freedoms, our Justice System and one of the highest standards of living in the world then please leave. Good luck with your second choice country.

    • Burn A Koran A Day

      I hear Canada caters to the whims of the uninformed masses.

  • knittycowgirl

    I am embarrassed listening to your music AND buying your CDs, that mistake will not happen in future!

  • BuddyBrown

    There is a lane waiting just for you, get on it.

  • RedSoloCup

    Then leave you stupid wench.

  • David Cooper

    That’s okay Toni, because I am embarrassed that you are an American too.

  • SkyePuppy

    Today I am embarrassed to own Toni Braxton CDs. Oh wait! I don’t.

  • Bobby

    All that comes to mind is the old SNL line “Jane you ignorant slut” just replace the name with Toni Braxton

  • LegalizeShemp

    We’re embarrassed that your are an American too. We’re always hearing how it’s the right that has a racial chip on it’s shoulder, thanks for showing everyone that it’s really the Left that uses race to drive a wedge between Americans.

  • Larry Beaird

    Toni you should apologize, I think your reacting emotionally. Calm down Trevon’s voice will speak on and justice will be served. Vengence is mine saith the Lord.

  • Jesse Crum

    Toni who?

  • Mr Poitier

    What a dumb Chunt

  • stuckinIL4now

    So if I conclude that Ms. Braxton, like many others, believes that Martin is a model of upstanding behavior for black males then I’d truly be embarrassed for her–if a gave a c-rap for what she thinks.

  • Mr Poitier

    Braxton. What a Slunt. Move to Syria

  • Love of Country

    Strangely she’s not affected that 9000 black Americans will murder other black Americans in cold blood, this year and every year after that.

    BTW – Her sister Tamar has made several (3 or 4 I know of) racist remarks about white women on the show Braxton Family Values. Wouldn’t surprise me if the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree, eh Toni?

    But all said, and in fairness, the five Braxton sisters seem like decent people but all I’m saying is what Toni just said is despicable and jacked-up at best. So I guess I now have to wonder if that statement is actually a window into her soul since she frequently seems so guarded and not routinely featured on the show.

    But perhaps today, Toni, we’re the one’s who are embarrassed that you’re an American …. get it?

    • $1014973

      A show called Braxton Family Values? What is it, ten minutes long, in total?

      • Love of Country

        Buh-dum-bump! :))

        (the show is sometimes a bit of a guilty pleasure for me much like Celebrity Apprentice although Celebrity Apprentice is much better television IMHO. I’m no faithful viewer of BFV …. I really only watch it about once a month … same with the Vince and Tamar show. And Vince is Lady Gaga’s manager as well as Toni’s and a couple of others and I’m a huge music fan. So that’s what draws me to these shows. Also, I enjoy elements of black culture.)

  • LegalizeShemp

    Hey Blaxton, check with Moochelle Slowbama, cause she said, “this is the first time I’ve ever been proud to be an American”. You left wing clowns can never get your BS straight.

  • Sylvan Tieger

    Only in America can a minority (Hispanic) shoot & kill
    another minority (Black) & is acquitted by an all minority (Female) Jury
    & it be called racism.

  • Joe Worsham

    Who the heck is Toni Braxton? Better yet , who cares???

  • Brad Smith

    Toni who?

  • Christopher Fasano

    I’m embarrassed every day that she’s an American.

  • Diana L. Gilles

    Toni, there are plenty of planes flying out of the country every single day. Let me help you pack…………..

  • Diana L. Gilles

    There are planes leaving the country every hour of every day Toni. Let me help you pack.

  • Roberta Faulkner

    You don’t have to be embarrassed, you idiot. Pack your bags and don’t let the door hit you in the ashtabula on your way to Cuba.

  • Danny Wheeler


  • Albert Schmitlap.

    We have a president that has destroyed the greatest country in the world and she is upset about a Thug, Dope Smoker and Burglar getting offed…sad.

  • tedlv

    I am totally ashamed that you call yourself an American, too, Tubby.

  • maintmech2

    First off, your music sucks and you don’t equal a pimple on Martina McBride’s ass. Second, we are embarrassed that you are an American too. Were you embarrassed to be an American when Chris Stevens was murdered in Benghazi?

  • Dee

    You think any other country will give you and your family a crappy reality TV show, Toni? On that note, guess there’s something that makes me embarrassed to be an American.

  • carolhaka

    Yeah, Oblahblah is ashamed he is an American also. Oh wait…..

  • Bird Dog Patriot

    Just another black entertainer showing her disdain for the country that allowed her to become a success. Stop supporting all these racist entertainers. If they only see in color, then so should we, the color of our money staying in our wallets and not in theirs.

  • tops116

    Not half as much as America as a whole has been embarrassed by her.

  • M. Lamont

    Toni, please go live in another country then. However you should probably pay all those back taxes you owe the govt you deadbeat.

  • carolhaka

    Just another case of the “low information” idiot.

  • Joe Minor

    move to another country Braxton my family and friends will never buy or
    listen to your music again

  • Chrisput

    I thought that she was dead? Her career sure is. Funny, this was my exact thought the day of the O.J. Verdict, and both times Barry was elected President.

  • Scott Simon STL

    America is embarassed anyone think she’s still relevant.

  • Jesse J. Lane

    I guess you no one considered the facts of this case. I will people would stop lying about leaving the country and do it. Because you are not that important anyway. Just leave.

  • right_on

    Who cares what the entertainment faux-luminati have to say about anything? Expressing disappointment over a just outcome does not make them caring individuals…it unveils a deep-set prejudice, and close-mindedness.

  • Sydneyck

    Who the hell cares what you are? You act like your opinion matters!

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Pots and kettles.

  • drtee3

    She may be embarrassed, but did she watch the trial? Did she listen to the forensic evidence presented by the SanAntonion medical examiner with FOUR books on gun shot wounds? Anyone who could believe Travon didn’t contribute to his own death after that has to be a black bigot.

  • Sonya A. Willis

    Each and every one of these idiot “celebrities” are a complete disgrace. Sympathy for a gang banger? I don’t think so!

  • bonnieblue2A

    Teens like this one are the ones to be proud of and who give me hope for this country:

  • PeterP

    I’m embarrassed for America because we have Americans who are embarrassed for America when they disagree with a jury verdict.

  • Carol Puopolo

    So your are embarrasses to be an American ! Well we’re u embarrassed to be an American when O.J. Got away with a double murder and everyone knows he didit. The whites didn’t cause a stink but I guess it’s a On my way! Way st. With blacks! Very sad Miss Tony Braxton!

  • Carol Puopolo

    so Miss Tony Braxton, your are sad to be an American .Were you sad to be an American when O.J. got away with a double murder and everyone knows he did.? The whites did n!t cause a big hooplah over it but it seems the blacks always do and I guess its safe to say that its a one way st with the blacks. Ver sad!

  • Dan Marinelli

    To the White (and hispanic) Community: This is about a Gangster wannabe who was up to no good scoping out a neighborhood. He got caught, and thought he would be a punk
    and beat up George Zimmerman. Instead he was killed in self-defense. With O.J. Simpson’s obvious guilt, and Acquittal on all the evidence submitted, how would you
    explain anything else but a NOT GUILTY George Zimmerman?

    To the Black community: This is about a Teenage boy, being profiled, followed, stalked and then killed. Something every African American has grown use too and angry over seeing the eyes of people watching them where ever they go. This was Trayvon’s last moments on earth. How do you explain an INNOCENT George Zimmerman after he told by 911 to stop following Trayvon, not to confront him, to wait for the police? The when the police arrived they find a dead unarmed teenage boy. A boy we later found out was walking home from a store. What else was Trayvon supposed to do?

    My biggest heart ache: If George Zimmerman had been black, then like so many other violent shootings, stabbings, and deaths across America, we would have never heard this story. We would have never heard speech’s from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or President Obama. Men who we associate as being the “Best, of the Best, of the Best” that America has to offer. History will judge this as a time when we still had a long way to go

    However, I WILL ALWAYS BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN, Where I have to freedom to stay, or move somewhere else.

  • robert

    then leave the country

  • Marilyn Krone

    She is added a additional wedge in America. Maybe she needs to move to Russia. Or would she be welcome there?

  • jennaz

    Omg Toni and I have something in common — I am embarrassed that she’s an American, too!

  • c albrecht

    Leave the country! How many Americans do you think will care? Not me!

  • Guest

    Ya know, if im going to be considered a RACIST because the media spun this into a white Vs Black thing when it was a Black and a Mexican then ya know what? I hope the nigger leaves this country. I hate that word but im sick of being called a racist for being white and a republican.

  • harleydavidson

    Toni, in case you haven’t heard, your first lady (whose husband you voted for) is no longer embarrassed of America.

  • copperpeony

    Braxton is embarrassed because of a just verdict? She obviously never reads headlines other than Hollywood ones. Her president has done MANY things to be embarrassed about.

  • SF manluver

    So Toni, you talentless cow, where’s all the embarrassment for the 500 Blacks killed by other blacks in Chicago since Mr Zimmerman shot the 6’1′ would be thug who assaulted him?

  • quimminator

    I guess Ms. Braxton can join Michelle Obama.That is our judicial system,if you do not agree with it you are free to leave!

  • John

    Your lucky you are or you would be a nobody!!!!

  • RedKelly1957

    Then leave and don’t let the door hit you in th ass on the way out. Oh, and when you leave…take Michelle with you.

  • TheWildOne

    Then move you moron, move to Afghanistan. How did this idiot feel when OJ was acquitted!

  • Sheila Clark

    In this country she was able to file for bankruptcy cause she lives a privileged life, according to her. Wonder if her debt was wiped away or she paid it back, anyone know?

  • James Azanza

    Who the hell cares what a has been feels?

  • The Official Andy ®

    Embarrassed? Leave. Problem solved.

  • TheWildOne

    Pay your damn taxes, move to Iran and shut the hell up!

  • James Azanza

    Where were all the outraged whites when OJ was acquitted of murdering two of them (both unarmed)? See how absolutely STUPID that sounds, Toni?!

  • Terri Angeline Mariotti

    ex fan of yours I say justice was done…reasonable doubt kid. Sice everyone is making this a racial thing, why is it ok to have a BET Black Entertainment Station but if there were an exclusive white one riots would break out? Just sayin….

  • Mick_Pearson

    Toni, GZ has to live with the fact that the whole world knows he xhit his pants, and didn’t know how to fight.

    Plus he has to go home to his wife, that’s punishment enough.

  • AZcommenter

    Today, I am also embarrassed that Toni Braxton is an American (and I don’t even know who Toni Braxton is).

  • Ronald Hinton

    Career Ending Swan Dive…

  • author5555

    Toni, get the hell out ofthe country bitc. We don’t need racists ere. We h enough of them as it is.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    Today I am embarrassed because she’s allowed to vote. No doubt another low information voter.

  • Jeffrey2099

    See ya. Enjoy France! Haha

  • Charles Batchelor


  • JohnBreland

    Yes, Toni, we’re embarrassed to have you here, so I know how you feel.

  • Jeff Vojtko

    Who is Toni Braxton and why do I care what she thinks?

    • Mick_Pearson

      Twitchy seems to care, and Google might help you also too.

  • Madfoxx

    I embarrassed your half white, now GTFO if you don’t like it!

  • 277Volt

    Pyongyang just announced Toni Braxton Appreciation Day.

  • 277Volt

    Pyongyang just announced Toni Braxton Appreciation Day.

  • Evelyn Wanette Smith Ford

    Why doesn’t she leave America and everyone else who feels this way?why aren ‘t you rich black entertainers helping save your African brothers who are being slaughtered in Darfur?

    • smartone


  • Evelyn Wanette Smith Ford

    Why doesn’t she leave America and everyone else who feels this way?why aren ‘t you rich black entertainers helping save your African brothers who are being slaughtered in Darfur?

  • Evelyn Wanette Smith Ford

    Facebook blocking my comment.Its only okay for blacks to have free speech not the whites!

  • Evelyn Wanette Smith Ford

    Facebook blocking my comment.Its only okay for blacks to have free speech not the whites!

  • lainer51

    I, too, am embarrassed she is an American…

  • lainer51

    I, too, am embarrassed she is an American…

  • neoface

    I think she should go live in another country then, and Please give back all the monies you earned in this country. These ignorant entertainers are over the top with stupidity!!!!

  • neoface

    I think she should go live in another country then, and Please give back all the monies you earned in this country. These ignorant entertainers are over the top with stupidity!!!!

  • darkresearcher

    well I dont care, today I am proud to be an American. I served 5 years honorably in the Marine Corps to defend your lousy attitude, and your ability to say it. Ms Braxton, if you are ashamed that a half white, half latino American was found innocent because he was defending himself, then you really need to wake up and realize that we have the freedom to defend ourselves and should be allowed to use it more often. This case had nothing to do with race. Only the african Americans and the liberals made it about race, just like they do with everything else. I love this country with all of my heart, but this government and the movie stars are ruining it for the rest of us.

  • darkresearcher

    well I dont care, today I am proud to be an American. I served 5 years honorably in the Marine Corps to defend your lousy attitude, and your ability to say it. Ms Braxton, if you are ashamed that a half white, half latino American was found innocent because he was defending himself, then you really need to wake up and realize that we have the freedom to defend ourselves and should be allowed to use it more often. This case had nothing to do with race. Only the african Americans and the liberals made it about race, just like they do with everything else. I love this country with all of my heart, but this government and the movie stars are ruining it for the rest of us.

  • John Smith

    In order to be ashamed of being an American, you’d have to be an American first. Pay your taxes first and then claim to be an American, isn’t that what you Liberals claim to be the proof of how much you love America?Paying taxes? How come you can’t follow your own rules?
    I will have no problem if you move to any country of your choice then, idiot.

  • John Smith

    In order to be ashamed of being an American, you’d have to be an American first. Pay your taxes first and then claim to be an American, isn’t that what you Liberals claim to be the proof of how much you love America?Paying taxes? How come you can’t follow your own rules?
    I will have no problem if you move to any country of your choice then, idiot.

  • mike

    I am embarrassed that she is so uninformed, have an open mind and not follow everything the liberal media throws at us.

  • mike

    I am embarrassed that she is so uninformed, have an open mind and not follow everything the liberal media throws at us.

  • Larry Srader

    I’m embarrassed that you’re an American too. You should leave!

  • Larry Srader

    I’m embarrassed that you’re an American too. You should leave!

  • smartone

    Must be embarrassing to be so ill-informed. She must watch MSNBC.
    Hey, Toni — You can always go elsewhere. I won’t miss you!

  • Scott Haines

    When was the last time she was not happy? Before Obama got elected? Typical

  • abqblondie2

    Join the first lady, and we don’t like either of you.

  • jeanbean14

    She SHOULD be embarrassed that her fellow Americans don’t care about real justice.

  • jeanbean14

    She should be embarrassed that some of her fellow Americans look for any excuse to riot, destroy other people’s property, and beat people up.

  • jeanbean14

    She should be embarrassed that some Americans love their racism more than anything else in life.

  • jeanbean14

    She should be embarrassed that there are lots more thugs like Trayvon in our society, and they don’t like being thwarted in their constant quest to take what they want, remain high, and abuse innocent people who are trying to do the right thing.

  • mm

    In the country where you can do so, Is there no embarrassment for a multi national pop star to declare bankruptcy?

  • mm

    She should be embarrassed that more black kids aren’t successful in this free country.

  • Red Fred

    Well one good thing about the US is we don’t incarcerate people who file for bankruptcy twice in the last 15 years. (That would be you Toni) Read the police report regarding Martin/Zimmerman here:

  • Gail Tonele

    Embarrassed to be an American? You and Michele Obama. Please go elsewhere. Perhaps,Mexico, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, or even Africa would be more to your liking. Take your pick of the world and see how much you like their justice system?!! There is always a side that will be o.k. with the verdict and those who are not. They were judged by their peers. It’s not perfect, but it is the best in the world. Most of the world knew OJ did it, but there was not one riot/protest. I assume you are embarrassed by the daily murders in Chicago, too, huh???

  • Rennell

    If you head north, south, east, or west you will find a border that will get your sorry a** out of this country. Just Saying

  • Vanessa Smyth

    Not to late to get out .. We are embarrassed to have you here too. I think you should take your wealth and split …

  • Teresa Sawyer Jones

    the decision made by the jurors was a good one based on the evidence presented by the courts and it was self defense. I am sure that Ms.Braxton could move to a country where they do not have a fair and just court system and not be embarrassed anymore. There are a lot of folks trying to make this a bigoted racial black white thing and the odd part about it is that Zimmerman is Hispanic not Caucasian. Just as Dr Martin Luther King said, we should love each other and not create anxiety and hatred among one another, but love each other as our heavenly Father loves us unconditionally Unfortunately, daily we have blacks killing blacks, blacks killing blacks, whites killing blacks, all over America etc etc and that is a horrible fact. we all need to move forward and pray that we can all come together as Americans and not as individual races, God created all of us equal and all of our blood is red, no matter what color or race you are.

  • John L. Gibson

    AHH YES!!! The Distractions Keep Mounting… Sorry Folks… Can’t help myself… Every American who thinks for themselves understands why they want us divided by race, by wealth, and want our guns (btw, I don’t own one… Whoops!! I think that I might have just tipped-off the local criminals, CRAP!!!). It’s not about gun violence.. Its about Government control of the public. The Tyranny is beginning to make larger and bold moves on America’s Freedoms… Anyone not already brain-dead can see that. The rest are just content to let the Government take care of them. But that IS NOT what this country was intended to be. It was suppose to be ‘We, The People’ and our rights granted by The Creator. As Americans, It is Our Duty to protect our lives and liberties. The People had better wake up NOW! The signs are all there… Just look! The Economy is being Forced into crisis through debt. The capability to arm ourselves is being eroded right before our eyes. FEMA Camps are suddenly appearing throughout our Country. The Media has become an arm of the Progressive Agenda. So it was in the days leading up to Nazi Germany, although it is more likely to be the targeting of Christians and Conservatives, rather than Jews. Our economy is being willfully driven over the cliff through spending and debt. It will collapse… and Marshal Law will be declared. Elections will be ‘postponed’. We will be forced into the Progressive’s idea of a ‘Utopian Society’ The People’s lack of action will enable this New World Odor (er.. Order, that is) and we will have only ourselves to blame.

  • W Dawes

    Never been a fan, I don’t follow idiots.

  • Kingswood

    proof positive the beauty and rational commentary are many times mutually exclusive

  • Zeke Ezekiel

    Hey Braxton, Today America is embarrassed that youre an American.

  • n6242

    Yes, I was a fan years ago…think you need to pay closer attention to the news and facts in this case.

  • Jay Stevens

    Toni, I am also embarrassed that you are an American.

  • Richard Walker

    Amazing. Anyone who thinks she should “leave the country” because she spoke her mind is also “NOT AN AMERICAN.” Did all you people flunk government studies? You don’t have to like what she (or anyone) says, but they certainly have a right to say it. This is how we try to get things done in this country. Unfortunately, our elected officials have never gotten the message either.

  • ligersaurus

    Really? I’m embarrassed that you’re an American, too!

  • Reasonableguy

    I know it’s not Universal. Maybe those blacks who agree with the verdict are just keeping quiet. But it’s a little amazing to me that they don’t see their own racism. Maybe for most blacks in America the mentality is that it is ok to see your race as superior and have a preference. I mean, since we allowed slogans like ‘Black Pride’ for so long out of racial guilt they feel entitled to act in such an overtly racist way. it’s time to stop this nonsense.

  • Conrad2010

    @tonibraxton Your also a member of Michelle Obama’s I hate America club. Head to Russia baby. Get out of my country.

    • Ls Santa Hermandad

      God, let’s not send any of her ilk to Russia. Our relations with them are bad enough already! HET!

  • Bill Thompson

    If Zimmerman was black, he would be regarded as a hero by the vast majority of the African American community as a hero. He would be regarded as being a hero for taking out this drug addict punk — who spent his free time making homeless men fight for food and posting the videos on youtube — off the face of the earth. Treyvon was a punk and a drop out. He was trespassing and his backpack had tools used for breaking and entering in the gated community he was walking through in the rain. In most court cases, the truth is somewhere between the prosecution and the defense versions. In this case, the truth is even worse than the narrative that supported Zimmerman. And Zimmermon is described as being the meekest person known by the people who knew him.

  • realitychecked

    Who is this Toni Braxton and why does anyone care what she posts or how she feels?

  • praymorenow1

    My prayers go out to the Martin family too….they lost a child.
    My prayers go out to the Zimmerman family too…they lost a lifetime of safety, privacy, respect, and gained a lifetime of fear, looking over their shoulders, hatred, angst, attacks…..for all.
    I am not ashamed to be an American.
    I am proud a jury agreed upon by the prosecution & defense, took 2 days, took their time, & came to a verdict based on the info they had, the instructions they were given, & the facts, not emotion.
    I am proud most Americans – of every color and orgin – did not riot, protest, break things – they instead have decided to move on, or to protest and question peacefully.
    I am ashamed hundreds of young black men are shot, beaten, assaulted, killed in cities all over the country every single month…like Chicago, LA, NYC, Miami, Detroit, Dallas, St. Louis…..and the mainstream media says ‘crickets chirp’ – nothing, Al Sharpton says nothing, Jesse Jackson says nothing, Toni Braxton says nothing….. and Obama says nothing. That’s shameful. Why do we excuse the killing of young black, brown, Asian, mixed race men as OK, acceptable, just how things are………….that’s a shame.

    • Ls Santa Hermandad

      They aren’t being killed by White people!

  • MarcusFenix

    Well, Braxton can consider herself in like-minded company, since Michelle Obama has some issues with American pride as well.

  • Ruth Erwin Hoover

    tough shit!!!!!!! Leave…………………… maybe you will feel better!!!!!

  • Ls Santa Hermandad

    I was embarrassed to be an American when the system failed to render justice to the families of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Those sons of bitches who carjacked, kidnapped, tortured, raped, sodomized, mutilated and murdered them are getting a new trial.
    For those of you who need a refresher, Google the Knoxville Horror; one of the most hideous crimes ever committed and one of many that the media tries to hide whenever the victims are White or Asian and the perpetrators Black. While you’re at it Google The Wichita Massacre, Eve Carson and Anne Pressley . In all of the aforementioned crimes the authorities make it a point to declare that there was “NO RACIAL COMPONENT TO THE CRIME”. Our POTUS refers to a terrorist massacre at an Army Base as ” Workplace violence”.
    Orwell was a prophet. “New Speak” is alive and thriving, “Virtue” is what used to be “Sin”, Up is Down, and being afraid to walk the streets is “Racist”. A convicted cop killer ” I shot the Mutha F—er and I hope he dies.” is invited to give a prestigious college’s commencement address via CCTV from his cell on death row where he has been for many years. Many of the people involved in the case including siblings of the dead police officer are also dead.
    But hey how about Paula Deen. We can sleep safely tonight knowing that she’s no longer a threat. They thoroughly destroyed her. She used the “N WORD” to a thug who had a gun to her head. How many years ago was that?

    These last four years are the beginning of the Coup de Grace for our country. This started more than 50 years ago with LBJ’s “NOT SO GREAT” Society. We were distracted for ten years in a war that was waged over a lie. The Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened. Robert Mc Namara tearfully admitted his lie in an interview that was part of a documentary, Tens of thousands of dead young American men, perhaps more seriously wounded or maimed for life and who knows, maybe more than a million Vietnamese men , women and kids North and South who actually never attacked us, killed. When our soldiers returned they were treated like criminals and spat upon in some cases.
    We’ve been asleep at the switch or perhaps I should say in front of the TV while our demise was being planned.
    Violent criminals rule our streets while the media tells us that crime is down, Why sure it’s down when it isn’t reported. Thanks to the Internet we have more access to the truth. Pathetic as it is , many of the crimes occurring in the US are being reported in UK newspapers. They of course are also under-reporting violent crime in THEIR country. Many sections of London are no go areas for real English folk. They’re leaving London and other cities and either going into the countryside or to Australia or the US. I’ve been noticing more and more British accents on TV programming lately although I don’t know if coming here was such a wise decision. Watch House Hunters International. More and more people are leaving for places as far as Poland, Hungary, Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe.
    The whole agenda will probably result in total chaos at which point the government will have already disarmed the law abiding segment of the population; leaving the us to the sociopaths.
    Hitler’s personal thug squad Sturm Abteilung (SA) wore brown uniforms and they went around attacking Jews and others who disagreed with the party. They also destroyed property and terrorized the population. Sound familiar?
    We have our own disorganized thugs wearing low slung pants and hoodies who go around attacking the very people who support their freebies with their taxes. .They’re identified as “YOUTHS”, “TEENS” or “YOUNGSTERS”
    There was a YOU TUBE interview with a woman in Detroit who boasted about having somewhere around 35-40 “Obamaphones
    as she called them

    Wake up people!

  • Tevis T

    I’m embarrassed Toni Braxton is an American too!

  • BAW

    Well those 6 average American women in Florida gave my American pride a sorely needed boost. I’ve been having to rely mostly on my Texas pride lately.

  • Chris

    This is so ridiculous I didn’t agree with the OJ decision but I accepted
    it because it is the law. What are all these people trying to
    accomplish? Out burning flags and attacking people is this really
    helping your cause? What is your cause to prove to everyone that what
    we were thinking is correct! The so called celebs could have helped
    control this but instead they decided to tweet their personal opinions
    about hate all over the place and take a bad situation and make it
    worse. Shame on all of you Kristie Alley, Toni Braxton, Oprah, Chris
    Rock, Jamie Foxx, Alec Baldwin and yes even Obama but the worst one of
    all IMO was Marlon Wayans. He tweeted 19 tweets all full of hate saying
    it was open season on n*ggas, and black parents keep your children at
    home cause killing black kids is ok. They had the opportunity to
    control this situation and calm people down but they didn’t they took
    the lead and pushed a lot of people of the edge. The riots in Oakland,
    Chicago and Seattle last night and more in Oakland tonight all of you
    celebs…part of the responsibility for all of that is on your
    shoulders. Yes parents keep your children at home, make them get an
    education, show them some morals, teach them to have respect, character
    and values. These bullies or thugs or idiots whatever you want to call
    them out burning flags and turning over dumpsters and painting F you and
    Kill the pigs on cops cars isn’t going to change the verdict. The way
    that you are acting makes you no better than the KKK or Al Sharpton or
    Jessie Jackson or The Black Panther Party new or old.

  • Barry Sucks

    These hollywood libs need to leave the country forever.

  • Petra Albrecht

    i am a german and i have a lot of african friends. I was watching parts of the Zimmerman trial and i was happy about the verdict . Based on what was known you could not proove it was not selfdefence. I wonder if tony braxton is still proud of the american government considering what is going on right now ( benghazi IRS or wasting of money)

  • High_Tech

    There’s the door, Toni. Don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • neoface

    It is a consensus Toni, we all want you to leave this country. So please get the hell out here.

  • glenzo59

    Embarrassed that the US actually has a court system that sometimes functions and finds innocent people innocent? Or embarrassed that we have the rule of law instead of rule by law in most authoritarian states?

  • el_polacko

    she should be more embarrassed of her tv ‘reality’ show.

  • Shawn McElravy

    So f’ing what?

  • Trudy Hill

    Nah, I’m embarrassed to be an American when ever I see commercials for HONEY BOO BOO smell a vision !

  • Stan

    I too have felt that way since 2008 while watching liberals tear the US apart.

  • Trudy Hill

    You could be “leaving on a jet plane…”

  • Jack

    karma honey….US has been embarrassed by people like you for a lot longer…

  • Edwin Sbisa

    Why should you be embarrassed when the legal system has spoken (right or wrong). Try getting a trial in most other countries in the world. So if your are still embarrassed you are free to go!!!!

  • DeeAnna Lacer

    Really??? Because a punk got shot and the justice system aquitted his shooter, that makes you unpatriotic????? Get the hell out of my Great Country Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    Well, you can afford to move to another country. BYE!

  • JR

    I don’t think America is doing any cartwheels for you Braxton! Take the Wayans boys with you!

  • USPatriot

    When you leave can you take a few Hollywood/Media types with you sweet heart?

    • OLLPOH ~ America

      …and there are plenty in D.C. that are more than the embarrassment to America The once Constitutionally Free Republic and that probably could fit in her luggage on her departure as well, yet they just enjoying being Despots so they will finish off cleaning out the U.S. Treasury and then move on for a long relaxing vaca…

  • RightThinking1

    Yeah…, because having a justice system that trumps a totalitarian government is so…, retarded.

  • cloudshe

    toni, your big problem is that you consider yourself a Black american. we will never unify this country as long as folks like you work so hard to spread the hate

  • jenndee

    Go through millions and don’t pay your taxes and you are still not in jail. I would say you should be really glad you are American, Ms. Has been.

  • Betty Jay

    I am embarrassed that we have so many stupid people in our Country. The Laws of our Land says that a person is innocent untile proven guilty. The White House, Holder, and Al Sharpton stressed the racist issue and the mainstream media kept pushing the race issue (even saying that Zimmerman was a white hispanic). A person is either black, white, hispanic, oriental, etc., not white hispanic, white oriental, etc. The mainstream media announced Zimmmerman quilty before he was even charged. Now the jury (according to our laws) found him not guilty. But Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are still trying to keep this in the public eye (stirring up hate) and the mainstream media is encouraging this. But I noticed that the mainstream media, the White House, Al Sharpton, and Holder did not mention the white man killed in Atlanta on his own front porch by blacks who shouted Trayvon Martin’s name. Where is the justice for this man? I was taught by a Christian Grandmother to love all people because we are all created by God. But we have too many people who have forgotten God who created them.

  • mapache

    If you are so embarrassed why don’t you just go away.

  • bizowner1

    What would have been embarrassing is if a latino was convicted of defending himself as he was getting his head bashed on the concrete and being told he was gonna get f’in killed. To all the people that are so outraged by this verdict, do you honestly think that it is OK to break a guys nose, bash his head, as your threaten to f’in kill him because he was WATCHING you? Really? Travon started the physical altercation and he paid the ultimate price for assaulting a guy that CC. Simple as that. For all you race baiters out there, consider it took NBC manipulating the audio tape to make it sound like a racist incident and then potus chimed in to fan the flames. They are the ones that should be embarrassed. How come all you “this is an injustice” people don’t do the same for the 18 other 17 yr olds that have been killed in Chicago just so far this year? I guess black on black crime is OK. You are a bunch of hypocrites.

    • BeeKaaay

      Remember, leftwingwackos are bloodthirsty and think that thugs, rapists and criminals have every right to beat the living daylights out of anyone they want.

  • dianeasister

    A court of fellow Americans heard the facts in this case and found George Zimmerman innocent. No one cares what these stupid stars think… Toni Braxton “shut up!.” It is a tragedy that Trayvon died but his destiny was in his hands that fateful night… he could have smiled… said hi… showed his skittles and ice tea… who knows a friendship could have ensued… but no he acted like a punk and he ended up dead… a shame… but everyone has to think… what would they have done if they were the person on the ground with a person on top of them… getting their head bashed into the pavement… would you pull a trigger…I think most people would have done what George Zimmerman did… he did not set out to kill Trayvon… so I think we should line up all of the big mouths who think justice wasn’t served… have someone attack them, bash their head around… in the dark.. and see what they would do…

  • cmerlo1

    Well, there’s the door. GTFO.

  • Redniner

    Toni who?

  • John Wong

    Trayvon was a thug. Besides being a drug user he was a burglar. School authorities found 12 pieces of women’s jewelry in his bookbag & suspended him. Two weeks before his death Trayvon assaulted a female schoolbus driver punching her in the face earning himself a 10 day suspension. This young POS should be in jail which he would have been if he had lived.

  • Rance Chilafoux

    Do big shots like Christie Alley, and Julie Fox get involved in court affairs because they know the system or do they just want to be recognized for a situations they help stir up to get more people hurt. Let the judicial system do its work.

  • Marcy Cook

    Hi Toni. Looking to revive your dead career with the black community so they can buy your crap so you can pay the taxes you owe?

  • Tom Hanthorn

    Funny, how an outsider like Braxton can believe her opinion trumps that of a court system proven to the be the best in the world.

    Arrogance and ignorance demonstrated on one thoughtless comment.

  • ked5

    ah – something we can agree on. we’re embarrassed you’re an American too.

  • Silenttype78

    Black on black altercations resulting in death seem acceptable to her and many others.
    Why isn’t she embarrassed by those?

  • Dane Gunderson

    Break our hearts rich 1%r tax-dodger…

  • BeeKaaay

    I am embarrassed she is an American too. So when is she leaving?

  • Proud to be American

    so then why are you here making all the millions. go somewhere else

  • paevo

    I am embarrassed you are American as well.

  • $1014973

    Toni, I heard Air France is now serving twinkies again and you are obviously a fan.

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Hey Toni, what do you think of Obama and company in his fine job on Benghazi? IRS? Ft. Hood? Fast and Furious? And Obama does Not enforce laws that are Already on The Books like Immigration, ObamaCare, etc. Gee does that embarrass you?

    • eeddggy

      Toni will say……those are all GWB’s fault. Not even a question that she is that ignorant.

  • eeddggy

    Toni, please shut up and get back to Fat Camp. You have been irrelevant for decades now.
    If America is so bad, believe me, you wouldn’t be missed if you left.

  • Legal Immigrant in TX

    Today i am embarrassed that Toni Braxton is an American.

  • eeddggy

    Just put it in a song….that way no one will ever have to hear it.

  • Bill Ramage

    There are ships and planes leaving here everyday. Go get on one. You are free to go anywhere you want to where you can feel proud. What about the money you have earned here and the easy living. That will be hard to fine. And you may have to change to a different style of dress. Please go.

  • gjsmith_62

    How about a one way flight for ANYONE who expresses such contempt? Only requirement? Give up your citizenship.

    Has @tonibraxton paid her overdue tax bills yet?

    braxton, sharpton, jackson and a myriad of federal gov’t employees.

    Rule of Law? What’s that?

    Sheesh, Tax Cheat Timmy was Secretary of the Treasury.

  • J Scott Strawn

    Singer Toni Braxton is embarrassed to be an American. That makes two of us. I’m embarrassed she’s an American too.

  • iowatomcat

    Then leave. Maybe you can catch up with Snowden somewhere in Venezuela?

  • flothow

    I am embarrassed you are an American also.

  • SherryM

    Seriously? Wow, then leave the US…go somewhere else where they don’t have judges and juries and execute on the spot. This young man, not child, made decisions that night as did GZ. Let’s worry more about the actual “children” who are killed and destroyed due to neglect and violence in our communities. You want to do something positive…then get involved in high risk neighborhoods and volunteer. Be proud of who you are and where you live. Don’t use your star status to continue to rile people up.

  • Traci Hayner Vanover

    She should save her embarrassment for the fact that someone with her level of success would have to file bankruptcy not once, but TWICE.

  • Lee Antoine

    I really hope no one ever buys any of her material again. She definately walked up the back side of me

  • an80sreaganite

    I’m embarrassed she’s an American too….

  • derfelcadarn

    we are sorry your an American too, Toni

  • Mark81150

    The liberal 20% has been a disgrace to this country for so many decades, I can’t even begin to express how embarrassed I am that rich entitled spoiled cocktail hour socialists think they have a right to judge who is worthy or not to live in America..

    Zimmerman by all accounts, was a democrat, a hard worker, clean cut and cared about his community and it’s crime problem.

    Martin was a street punk, thug wannabe who ranted on FB all day about getting a gun and spewing sheer racist hate.. a drug user, street concoction looking for a cheap high drink guzzling violent jerk off.

    So who does the left wing glitterati sympathize with?

    the street punk who attempted murder..

    Because God forbid a Hispanic man defend himself.. so they change his race to fit their own favored narrative, help start violent riots..

    THEN express disgust with race relations in America?………………… How about they STOP glamorizing street punks as Gandhi and grow a functional brain.. If punks like Martin had the pressure of their culture pushing them into being responsible.. and disgusted by street thugs instead of hero worshiping them..

    he be alive..

    but people like her feed off the outrage so they can feel superior to the ants down below her mountain top.

  • Truth

    No one will miss you if you move to Liberia where you belong and apply for citizenship there.

  • frankie61969

    Shut up stupid.Toni Braxton ,pack your bags and get the hell out. You wanted and trial and you got one .The case should of never been heard anyways and he was found not guilty in a case where they had to bring in a special prosecutor ,who with held evidence and is now screwed .He’s not guilty ,thats it .

  • AbidewithMe

    And we’re embarrassed you ARE an American. Piss off.

  • kimkam7

    Didn’t the last singer who said that [email protected] up her career?

  • arrow2010

    Good thing I never bought a single song of this treasonous twit.

  • Jayree

    Who the hell cares what Toni Braxton says or thinks!

  • CenCalDevil

    I’m embarrassed that you’re an American too. So all is good.

  • ray

    You should be more embarrassed that you had to declare bankruptcy, deadbeat.

  • LtColO

    Painfully dumb comments like Ms. Braxton made almost make me embarrassed to be black.
    Thankfully, I judge people individually, on their own merits.

  • wpjokari

    I was embarrassed when Barry Hussein said he’d arm the al qaeda rebels in Syria. And one other: when Bill Clinton murdered about 4000 + Serbians in a perpetual campaign of indiscriminate airstrikes in which even the population targeted for support was killed: i.e. albanian muslim refugees in Kosovo.

  • dodgergirl88

    Isn’t she going to jail, or is she already there? She’s an embarrassment to her own family.

  • EBink1

    Miss Braxton, I have to assume you are familiar with all of the facts pertaining to the Zimmerman/Martin case? Much more so than the six women charged with finding Mr. Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence. It is a stupid person who throws out a statement such as you did without full knowledge of the facts. When you run the risk of inciting others to do wrong it isn’t simply your ignorance at stake it is the health and welfare of others to consider. You considered neither by spewing such garbage. It may be your opinion but your opinion is based not on facts but emotion and that is definitely not enough.

  • R Peterson

    Try Australia

    • Secede

      How about Uganda or Somalia?

  • EBink1

    Miss Braxton, Where is your righteous indignation when it comes to the real epidemic in this nation regarding the black community. I refer to the black on black crime and the educational inequality. Blacks kill more blacks with small arms than they do any other race whites included. Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, any large city where black gangs are they kill each other at an alarming rate. Where are you then? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is the big mouth from the south Al Sharpton? I’ll tell you wwhere they are… their waiting for the next black man or kid to be gunned down by a white man or white Hispanic(?) so they can pick up free air time. stir the pot and stay relevant in the eyes of their supporters. If they were to try and stop the violence where the violence truly is they would slip into obscurity. They would no longer be needed… they would be forgotten and they can’t allow that to happen even if it means creating a race war. they don’t care about the black community. They don’t care how many blacks are killed if they did they would stop it at the source… in the black neighborhoods. What they care about is themselves, their donations and their faces on TV. Think about it and then place your anger where it will do the most good… at THEIR doorsteps.

  • Michael Williams

    Go away.

  • scubaron

    Today I am embarrassed to be an American,, “,how about the last 4+1/2 years”

  • Secede

    Today, I am embarrassed by your Race.

  • Americangirl1964

    Evidently, she’s an idiot and doesn’t know our American justice system and the TRUTH that has prevailed in the trial. I am tired of these black people calling out the race card on every little thing. Black on Black murders happen more! Y isn’t she embarrassed about that?!

  • mwg

    Leave the country then

    • Doreen Beisel

      You won’t be missed Toni!

  • Worship Dancer

    question 1: toni who? question 2: so TODAY she’s embarrassed to be American? um i’m embarrassed that SHE IS American.

  • Flavius Josephus

    She’s embarrassed to be an American? OK I have a suggestion….LEAVE the Country and go live somewhere else.

  • Ls Santa Hermandad

    When it comes to violent crimes in which the perpetrator and the victim are unknown to each other, there are many more Black on White attacks e.g. murder, rape, robbery and other physical assaults such as unprovoked beat downs. White people generally don’t go around attacking Blacks and in fact rarely try to defend themselves when THEY are attacked.

    Gangs of White teens rarely go around attacking Black people as the so called “Flash Mobs” of Blacks do. When Whites are attacked the press usually describes the incidents of fights but many times even the poor resolution videos show Blacks beating and kicking White people. Ten on one is absolutely NOT a fight. I can’t cite a case where a crime of Carjacking, abduction, sexual torture, rape and sodomy, mutilation and murder was committed against a Black couple. However there was one where a young White Marine and his Black bride’s home was invaded by three Black thugs who tied the husband up and forced him to watch while they gang raped his pretty wife; after which they murdered them both.

    Leonard “the” Pitts in his column today is pontificating on the tendency of Whites to associate Blacks with criminality as though he really believes that there is no underlying reason for the above mentioned tendency. Blacks are either unable or unwilling to see the truth and self hating Whites believe that the campaign of violence is some sort of atonement ritual for past wrongs some 200 years ago. They seem to “get off” on violence. They’d rather commit violent rape than to “make love”. The sheer terror of the victim is stimulating. This is almost part of the culture in many African countries, SA being at the top of the list. I find graphic rape scenes in movies absolutely horrifying and will not watch them. To me it’s the most egregious act, after murder, that one so called “human” can commit against a woman or in so many cases a female and sometimes a male child as young as an infant. I had a friend who some years ago was an intern in the ER of a Philadelphia Hospital who related several such incidents to me. The hospital was located in a predominantly Black area of the city.

    Violence is the order of the day in America and yet no one wants to speak out about it. Black leaders decry the constant killing of Black youth by other Blacks. Then there’s always the obligatory accusation that Whites really enjoy hearing about Blacks killing each other. They manner in which they state their views seems to imply that Blacks killing Whites is OK.

    Guess what “Reverends” we are busy trying to survive day to day and to to work hard to support our children as well as the parasitic segment of your society. We’re incapable of defending OURSELVES let alone solving your mostly self inflicted problems.

    Why don’t you all stop talking and start doing something substantive such as training your young men& women to be good, productive citizens and husbands &wives, and mothers & fathers? See your young as your children instead of another freebie voucher. It’s not all about the “free s–t!

    We’ve seen sixty years and Billions of $$ on failed social & educational programs paid for by those hard working, racist crackuhs and things HAVE changed, They are worse than ever!! Programs work only when the “participants” participate.
    WHEN and IF you decide to meet your enemy, you’ll see that it’s YOU and the politicians who made you a dependent underclass who keeps them in power.

    • morehead9891

      I’m sorry You’re mistaken since more whites are using those social reforms and more blacks are raped and murdered by whites including police and upper class. Whites usually don’t go after the “thugs” because those type of black will not bow and buckle at the least sign of violence from whites. Also there is almost NO Thugs interested in raping white women since they are far from what most THUGS would be interested in.

      As far as being productive.. even with most “urban” schools which most of the finances that are allocated to those schools are being rationed to non urban schools to buy laptops for their kids to carry around class while they patrol the hallways smoking weed and popping pills raping and killing each other and snorting cocaine in which they do know that since they are white they will NOT do life in prison for anything outside of Murder and maybe not even for that.

      Rape is primarily a white crime. White collar crimes takes a higher toll on the economy and Whites commit those also. Mass murder is also committed by White people. And they are rarely sentenced Life sentences. Clearly the Law is just as racist as the people on this blog. But…….

      What if happens when the one with the gun license is black? Could a black person provoke your 17 year old and when he finally responds Kill Him? Would you say oh he was thug?

      I really thought that racism was dead. I was wrong. After over 500 years how i expect less? How could 1 set of idiots hate 1 kind of people for over 400 years? Get over it. If you haven’t eliminated blacks by now you never will.

      Why would any Black person want to become a part of a society that hates them?

      And now that you’ve made it quite clear that there is no justice, no law and nothing to abide to those blacks who were abiding by the laws may be reluctant to rely on the law to solve their problems.

      Its pretty ironic that whites get caught with a kilo of powder cocaine and goto rehab. Blacks are caught with less than gram of cocaine which is mixed into crack and are given life in prison. . . hmmmm?

      I’m really glad this happened.

      It’s good to be reminded that you are not free. . that people hate you no matter how many degree’s you have… no matter how much money you make.. no matter where you live upper, middle, or lower class… no matter what you contribute. ..

      Almost everything you use was invented and created by someone black. Streetlights, heart surgery i could go on forever.

      Blacks simply don’t know what they have contributed to this country because they listen to extremely stupid uneducated racists who constantly tell the young that they have not contributed anything to American society.

      That’s what they get for attempting to conform and assimilate with people who hate them.

      Oh, guess what.. black people do NOT think about white people. They don’t and talk about hating white people. . They don’t worry about what white people are doing. They sit and plan on how to be better than white people.

      Your average black person is simply attempting to live. Paying bills. Working. Even “Thugs” are not plotting crimes against whites.. Usually the gangs are black. The enemies are black. Whites are not in their crime infested neighborhoods except to buy and sell drugs. Or get Black prostitutes. White men want black women .. White women want black men..

      Maybe whites hate blacks because they aren’t black.
      It certainly is not because of crime since they commit the most heinous crimes in history…

      rape, murder, drug use, slavery, embezzlement, bank robbery, crystal meth sales, heroine use and sales, powder cocaine use and sales, in which mostly whites bring the cocaine to black neighborhoods, .. dirty cops.. retail theft.. fraud.. gangs.. racist gangs.. anarchy.. automatic weapon ownership (illegal) .. militias … kidnapping..

      the list goes on


  • Vikki

    Dont’ watch her!

  • Vikki

    Can’t understand how the country has anything to do with it. We are all struggling.

  • Axelgreaser

    TONI BRAXTON ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN due to the Zimmerman verdict! Why, Ms. Braxton? You saw the legal system at work, and it worked. Were you equally indignant regarding the O.J. Simpson verdict? In which a jealous husband nearly severed his wife’s head and murdered an innocent, Ron Goldman, in the process? Did you ‘take to the streets?’ Of course not. Nobody pointed out: “If I had a daughter, she would look like Nicole.” Would you be happier with the justice system in, oh, I don’t know, Venezuela?

  • GreatGrany5

    She can always go to Russia or China

  • Nanci Morales

    Amen id blame her ! give us one reason why we shld be proud? you killed so many ppl in iraq killing their president n thn turning around building up their country again after u destroyed it. meanwhile ur ppl in the states r suffering. u ppl can’t never mind ur business. always starting something. but you call yourself HERO? the firefighter is a Hero who saves lives not killing ppl. while u ppl killed tutored blk ppl some1 shld cme to states n destroyed ur sorry asses. white ppl go bk to europe blks bk to africa. and let the a American Indian n latinos hve their country bk!!!!

  • Jess LeAnne

    And this is why I don’t have a Twitter account. I just come here. LOL I love Twitchy!!

  • thelawnmowerman

    we’re embarrassed to have you

  • abe-froman

    Today I am embarrassed that you are an American; don’t let the door hit ya on the way out

  • Bud Mulqueeney

    Then leave America NOW Miss Braxton !!! You are now embarrassed about America? Maybe you should be more OUTRAGED at the slaughtering of innocent blacks BY BLACKS, eh ? Your “embarrassment” fuels a furthering divide between races and sends the advances made by blacks…… back several hundred years!!!

  • Bud Mulqueeney

    …..with the increasing and heightened racial divides being created by the lying and distorted media…….next stop….the train station called “RACE WARS!” Then we’ll see a helluva lot more blood flowing in the streets !!! Hell, it’s already happening now in the major inner-cities in America, amongst the many ignorant, uneducated and lazy blacks, who are only interested in obtaining (stealing) the latest “bling-bling” they see another wearing !!!

  • Janice LEE

    Yup, because America is such a racist country, right?????


    Yeah, but she sure loves our bankruptcy laws