It wasn’t clever when Chris Matthews made the exact same comment two years ago, and it’s not clever when MSNBC host Touré makes the same comment now.

Just a few reminders.

Rep. Michele Bachmann didn’t think this was a real photo:


Touré did.

She didn’t think this likely-fake video was real:

Touré did.

She didn’t blame Hurricane Sandy on climate change.

Touré did.

And she certainly didn’t tweet anything in support of 9/11 Truther conspiracy theories.

Touré did that too.

Someone here is unintelligent — that’s for sure — but it’s not Michele Bachmann.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Hey Twerpe’.

    She has two names like a grownup (and she doesn’t work with Al Sharpton or Chris Matthews).

    Try it. How about Twerpe’ Pinhead, Jr.?

    • Frank Drebin

      He’s got another name, ‘Neblett’, but he doesn’t like it.

      Too-Ray Dunning-Kruger would fit.

      • EastValleyConservative

        Eek. As if the first name wasn’t enough. The second is pretty bad.

      • trixiewoobeans

        “Neblett?” How about “Giblet”, as in the size of his intellect?

    • Elaine

      Consider the source. She is a hell of a lot smarter than he will ever be!

    • Scott Anderson

      In other news, Hank Johnson recently learned how to go pee pees all by himself just like a big boy!

  • barfomer

    Twerpe’ , Obangos next Press Secretary

    • TugboatPhil

      Probably Obama’s next “Reggie Love.”

  • CatHerder

    Turdé is gonna keep jacking with her until she jerks a knot in his tail.

    • rinodino

      Lol yeah right

  • The Curious Task

    As much as I hate Toure, I am not a fan of Michelle Bachmann. I much prefer Paul Ryan.

    • Carolyn Palacios

      She’s better educated than Ryan. Just fyi.

  • trixiewoobeans

    DEEP, Toure`, very deep. I totally believe you thought that up all by yourself. Irone`!

  • Richard Jefferies

    It’s a joke as old as time, so it isn’t even remotely funny in the first place. Hey Toure, what caused the larger storm in 1938 that also flooded lower Manhattan [Queue Jeopardy music]

  • kate_middleton

    I’m no fan of Bachmann, but Toure should think twice before questioning anyone else’s intelligence.

    But we know he is incapable of thinking for himself. The biggest tool on TV, for sure.

  • NeoKong

    So Bachmann is not smart enough for the the college drop out …?

  • Mike G.

    The cognitive dissonance displayed by Toure is frightening.

    • Garth Haycock

      I dunno. Toure must first display that he is capable of cognition before there can be any dissonance.

      • Richard Jefferies

        Agreed, one has to be uncomfortable holding two contradictory opinions before cognitive dissonance applies. Toure, like many leftists, are oblivious to their duplicitous nature, which makes them much more dangerous.

  • pajamakat

    Making fun of a white woman ??? Hmmmm. He is a racist. There.

    • Clayton Grant

      I’m thinking Bachmann would say, “who?”

  • Lisa Dean

    #Toure still trying to be relevant.

    • rm1evo

      He trys to be relevant and nobody cares about him.

  • CombatDiver

    Weird, wasn’t toure talking about the war on women during the last election cycle?

  • TocksNedlog

    Perhaps before commenting again he should learn how to spell her name.

  • Big Ed

    Is this guy famous for anything besides being an Ahole? Doesn’t look familiar…

  • TocksNedlog

    Wanna know what’s ironic? Touré gets PAID to do what he does.

    • ObamaFail

      I wish I could get paid to be an asshole.

  • Marvin Nelson

    I would love to see Michele take this idiot to the woodshed. He acts like a petulant child and should be treated as such. Maybe a smack up side the head will at least get his attention. What a maroon.

    • rinodino

      She wouldn’t do anything like most tea party reps they talk a tough loud game but don’t do $&@t

      • Garth Haycock

        You almost got it right this time. Keep trying.

        I’ll even give you a hint to help you out: Democrats are the problem.

        Now, let’s see if you can do it!

      • trixiewoobeans

        You should know all about THAT!

  • $23293071

    Toure, you leave Marcus Bachmanns Beard Overdrive alone!

    Don’t even try casting aspersions on Louie Gohmert’s asparagus!

    My unreserved apologies to Esteban Colberto.

  • detroit19

    Wow, coming from a mental giant like you…wait, what was I talking about?

  • rivers

    So he’s a racist and a misogynist.

  • Silenttype78

    Toure hates these uppity women who aren’t subscribing to popular “group think”. Pfffft Toure is all like ” women shouldn’t think for themselves! “.

  • kch50428

    Is Mr. Neblett in any position to cast aspersions on the intelligence of others? He’s living in a glass house…

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    well he cant be dumb, he is black!
    and as we all know we are all equal but intelligence is not a matter of brain functionality, but of race. not of the racist evil whites, but of the oter races!

  • Torqued

    He’s so stupid he doesn’t know the only reason he’s got that gig is affirmative action.
    Otherwise he would be just another worthless gang banger baby daddy.

    • michael s

      affirmative action comment .to be expected.

  • $472942

    “Someone here is unintelligent — that’s for sure — but it’s not Michele Bachmann.”

    This horrid little Affirmative Action hire has…err…how shall I say this? Oh yeah, has the IQ of an overflowing ashtray of Marlboro stubbies…

    • michael s

      affirmative action comment Typical.

      • Claire

        Then how would you explain this ignorant ape of a man getting a job of such importance? Go ahead. I have time.

  • Tanker74

    Tourettes is eat up with dumbass.

  • PssttCmere

    lmao…..who even listens to what anyone at msnbc has to say. They have been found to be completely out of touch and not credible at all. msnbc LAST in the ratings and scraping the bottom of the barrel for infotainers.

  • Lynn R

    Never even heard of Toure.

  • $2943864

    Had to look him up – he is an MSNBC culture “critic” – enough said.

    • AimToMisbehave

      Hmm, race-baiting “culture critic” or tax attorney? Hard to guess which one would be smarter…

  • Spencer Brown

    Another reason why I love Twitchy 😀

  • Lisa 670

    I didn’t even know who he was and now that I do, I care even less!

  • Firebrand98

    Did he not start a racist anti white newspaper in college? Did he graduate?

    • Claire


  • PssttCmere

    His racism at work (off Wikipedia)

    Writing career

    While a student at Emory University, Touré founded the black student newspaper, The Fire This Time,[7] which has been criticized for being militantly anti-white.[8][9] The Daily Caller took issue with the fact that the publication only solicited donations from blacks, and that its articles praised noted anti-Semites, black supremacists, and conspiracy theorists such as H. Rap Brown and Frances Cress Welsing, whom Touré invited to Emory’s campus. The Caller
    also criticized Touré’s use of a hoaxed hate crime at Emory as a
    rationale for a list of demands against the university, even after the
    crime’s ostensible target, Sabrina Collins, admitted that her
    accusations were a hoax of her creation. Touré defended The Fire This Time as “an important black voice on campus” and “a form of community building.”[8][9]

  • Ken Twombly

    Hey TURD, at least Michele’s IQ does not start with a decimal point like your’s does

    • Paul C.

      Great reply you made my day.

  • moddly

    tool deluxe…that’s our Toure’ Syndrome

  • Mary

    And he is who? and his accomplishments are what?

    • Tyrconnell

      Seems his major accomplishments are not only dealing from a deck full of race cards, but dealing from the bottom of the deck at that.

  • Darrell G. Walton

    There’s traces of Obama in Toure’ ….

  • detroit19

    And you’re a dishonest hack…so far, she’s WAY ahead.

  • Paul C.

    He’s got the fastest race card in the south!

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    According to Politifact, Michele Bachmann is the biggest “Pants Of Fire” liar in the history of the site. Stupid or a compulsive liar, she’s the *perfect* mouthpiece for the Tea People.

    • notislam

      I think you have it wrong. It is the other way around
      Doncha’ know the liars are bho-guy in white house –and all his appointed ‘islamist-arabs—then go down the list hitting all the things that have happend to undermine this country. Do your homework-mister stupid-silly! :(

    • Mark81150


      The left wing, newspaper owned conservative hit job site?

      That one?

      right.. these idiots rated Obama as a straight shooter on all his campaign lies.. lied about Romney on a daily basis.. and they are your source?

      why not use kos as a source, at least they don’t lie about their bias.


  • Aruana Zeelie

    FBI reportedly joins Bachmann campaign finance probe

    The agency is investigating alleged violations by Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign

    The FBI is reportedly looking into allegations that Michele Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign committed campaign finance violations, adding to the multiple ongoing probes of her campaign and raising the possibility that there were criminal violations involved.

    The Minnesota Post reports:

    The FBI joins the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Federal Elections Commission and an Iowa state Senate ethics committee in probing whether Bachmann’s presidential campaign paid an Iowa state senator from her MichelePAC, a fund that should not have been used for campaign expenses, and whether the state senator stole the email list of an Iowa home-school group from another Bachmann staffer, Barbara Hekki, prior to the Iowa caucuses in January, 2012.

    Andy Parrish, former Bachmann chief of staff and one of the directors of Bachmann’s Iowa GOP presidential campaign, will be interviewed by the FBI, according to his attorney, John Gilmore.

    • Mark81150

      The FBI?

      not the FEC?…………………

      so the Obama, Holder DOJ is “investigating” Michelle Bachman’s campaign, and that doesn’t smell to you?

      So…. Bush could have launched massive investigations.. (read.. fishing expeditions) of the Kerry campaign, every major democrat rep, and Senator..

      and they would all be “stupid” and guilty..

      just because the FBI was involved right?

  • lindahogue

    OMG….he is one strange looking character…..did he get past the first grade?

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Michele Bachmann, who said that God *told her* to run for president, also blamed God for sending Hurricane Irene. And then she blamed God for sending the earthquake that cracked the Washington Monument. Nuttier than a fruitcake and *almost* as smart.

    • Bristel

      Verifiable sources, Joey?

    • IceColdTroll


      • Mark81150

        Yeah…. that whole believing in God faith thing is HARD for some folks to deal with.. Good thing God still believes in them..

  • rb92111

    Michele Bachmann is a Tax Attorney and also a trial Attorney who made her millions the old fashion way. She earned it !! The people the dummies follow have never had a real job and are nothing more than life long politicians who would be in a soup line without tax payers to steal money from.

  • Kate Curry

    I love Michele Bachman!

  • arttie

    Tax Atty probably smarter than an IRS functionary and definitely than a journo wanna be.

  • rob

    this guy is as ugly as a pig and makes no sense

  • Orlando Cee

    Mental midgets like Toure should avoid labeling others as lacking in intelligence.

  • Utahlady

    He only thinks he is intelligent because of all the other low lifes he works with. For some strange reason Al Sharpton makes me feel like Albert Einstein.

  • Guest

    Who is this Toupé person?

  • Geoff H Dyce

    What the fuck is a toure?

    • fedfire

      Its french for bad toupee

    • Angie

      Actually, Toure means “belonging to the Maninka,” which is a tribal designation/ethnic group in Guinea. The Maninka people are native to Guinea and a former president of that country — Ahmed Sekou Toure — was Maninka (as his last name demonstrates). I know someone who lived and worked in Guinea & he tells me that the Maninka are known for their integrity & leadership — and that Toure Neblett is the opposite of Maninka.

    • Stu Gotts

      “Toure” is a Belgian/French term meaning “race-baiting jackass.”

  • Section 9

    MSNBC gave Toure a contract.
    Who is the idiot? Toure or the idiotard clowns at MSNBC who pay him money to be Toure?

  • HARP2

    Fill yours out yet Touré ?

  • Angie

    That’s not what “irony” means, Toure.

    Morons who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • DrSamHerman

    Let’s see…she’s a member of congress, a law school graduate with a specialty in tax law and she has three earned degrees. Toupe is a created celebrity with apparently no degree, a talking head who used to host a Hip Hop review show on a declining viewership cable network and openly boasts about impregnating his former girlfriend and he was unwilling to live up to his responsibilities and was glad she had an abortion.

    Bachmann wins.

  • Stu Gotts

    Riiiight. She’s a tax attorney with two graduate law degrees.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Toure is a racist cretin with nothing better to do than try to rot the minds of the 4 people who watch him. However, in his defense, they were pretty well rotted already.

  • $29520529

    So the affirmative action tv commentator is a judge of white women intelligence now? Dog whistle of sexism- I think so.

  • grais

    In comparison to Tooray, she never unintelligently claimed to be in a “committed relationship” that she knew wasn’t going to last. And she didn’t give thanks that she was able to kill her child in the womb when she was too unintelligent to prevent its conception in the first place.
    AND, she’s used her intelligence to do something worthwhile with her life.

  • BoscoBolt

    Touré is one UGLY woman.

    • ICOYAR

      That is an insult to ugly women.

  • CasualMeyhem

    Mark Twain said something to the effect of You can measure a man’s intelligence by how much he agrees with you. Toure’ You are and Idiot AND a misogynist.

  • Justin Mars

    Michelle would tear him a new butt hole in a debate. The only thing Toure has is the race card. I have more intelligence in my left toe than this moron.

    • $22639970

      My crap has more intelligence than this wog.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Hopefully Tourette will take a tour of a Velcro factory someday and disappear from public view.

  • missyree68

    I have heard Tore` had often said things that made him look foolish and uninformed. He does not always speak the truth. He is extremely, extremely biased.

  • PavePusher

    Is it OK with everybody if I think they are both egomaniacal dolts? If this offends you, good. Truth is often painful….

    • Mark81150

      If truth is painful… then why is your take on Michelle…. a mere meh?

      The left repeats this meme like a holy mantra, feverishly fingering their Obama beads as they mouth the words in a tranced zombie state..

      Toure is an idiot..

      Michelle a popular politician,..

      that truth still hurt?

      • PavePusher

        “popular” does not equal “qualified”. Perhaps you missed the part where I said “both”? Political hacks and talking heads on both sides daily demonstrate their ignorance, bias, predjudice and foolishness. I’ve had far more than enough of all of them, “left” or “right”.

  • Guest

    Bachmann is certainly intelligent, Tooray is certainly not…
    they have one thing in common,
    both squat to pee.

  • beebop1952

    Sure. Ignore 0bama’s hiding his grades and five years of gaffes. Do you really want to go there?


    Toure is a prime example of why I am terrified of an alien invasion. If they see his stupidity, they would destroy the entire planet to keep it from spreading throughout the universe.

  • sarainitaly

    President Obama is Commander in Chief. #irony

  • Mark81150

    Look… just another MSNBC love me some lunatic fringe race studies black academic never done anything meaningful nutjobs hire..

    This idiot said…. “Thank God for abortion”… without a clue as to why that was offensive to Christians.. he’s a moron.


    We toooooooo love you toure, thanks for spreading it our way.


    Go Michele, Go! Yesssssss! Work it girl, work it!


    Imploding Saul Alinski!
    Imploding Black Liberation Theology!
    Imploding Critical Race Theory!
    Polarizing, Not working…hmmm.


    America first, Toure? or is “the pigmentation” the Polarization here Toure? or is “the Critical Race Theory” the Polarization? or the “Black Liberation Theology” the Polarization”? hmmm

  • PatriotRG

    says a comedian to a tax lawyer – senator – mother – ex presidential candidate…..lets check out the iq of all of the black caucus if any beat Bachmans iq they get to stay she goes – deal ?

  • Dane Gunderson

    @Toure expertise on all subjects comes from his many years reviewing rap music

  • SideTraKd

    The subway photo thing will always kill me! How could anyone be so MORONIC to believe that?!?! And then he has the nerve to question someone else’s intelligence..?

    LOL. Liberals… You just can’t make crap like this up!

  • Turd Burglestein

    toure’ twitter account always uses these stupid pictures of him when he was a kid and all of them have the same “I made a poopie in my diaper” look on his face…as if he’s discovered the greatest thing ever.

  • John Smith

    Toure?Thinks that someone else is not as intelligent as they should be or say so?The same Toure who thinks that there is no Islamic terrorism problem and it is just a Muslim poverty issue? Really? Of all people this worthless [email protected] is the most pathetic one.

  • John Smith

    Toure?Thinks that someone else is not as intelligent as they should be or say so?The same Toure who thinks that there is no Islamic terrorism problem and it is just a Muslim poverty issue? Really? Of all people this worthless [email protected] is the most pathetic one.

  • geronl

    Toure the fool

  • geronl

    Toure the fool

  • Ronald

    Is it possible they are BOTH unintelligent? Hmmmmm