Most normal people — Democrats and Republicans alike — see that adorable photo and think, “Awwww!”

Unfortunately, some Romney-haters just couldn’t contain themselves:

With the election more than four months behind us, we had almost forgotten how “tolerant” the Left is. Thanks for the reminder, guys.


    The critics redefine pathetic. A man who loves his wife has hatred thrown at him. And these people call themselves adults.

    • pajamakat

      And look who they voted for Jinnash. This country is on a downward spiral.

    • lainer51

      But a man who CHEATS on his wife is adored by his “followers” ..

      • Brandon

        As is a Democrat Pedophile that spends taxpayers money to go to another country to have sex with an 8 year old

      • Deron Reid

        I cannot get over the number of women who go to Bill Clinton rock concerts and fawn over him. Would they want someone like that marring their daughter? the lack of intellectual depth on the left is truly appalling.

        • Rukus

          “…want someone like that marring their daughter?” I realize that was a typo but it is spot on just like it is!

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Liberal civility at its finest

    • Rukus

      Liberal and civility don’t belong in the same sentance… it’s an oxymoron. :)

      • TheOriginalDonald

        That’s my entire point, kind sir

  • Avey Owyns

    These are probably the resentful sons and daughters of broken families.

    • 96leroy

      True. These are the sociopaths who pull wings off of insects, kick puppies and beat old ladies for fun. They grow up to become part of the reason why we need to keep and protect the 2nd amendment = self defense. If ever elected into public office, the other reason = tyranny.

  • Joseph A White

    Congratulations President & Mrs. Romney!!!!!

    • conservativechick

      If not for lack of valid voter ID and multiple voting, he WOULD BE!

      • michael s

        If there was voter fraud and Romney lost that’s wonderful. You mocked the fight for voter integrity, so its karma you’re crying voter fraud

        • James W.

          so Michael, surely your not okay in knowing that someone voted for a dead person, someone illegally in the country voted. or as in the case of the OHIO POLL WORKER who admitted to voting six times.
          ARE YOU OKAY KNOWING THIS HAPPENED? if you are, then you are part of the problem and why most americans don’t trust the vote counts when they are counted

        • James W.

          so Michael, surely your not okay in knowing that someone voted for a dead person, someone illegally in the country voted. or as in the case of the OHIO POLL WORKER who admitted to voting six times.
          ARE YOU OKAY KNOWING THIS HAPPENED? if you are, then you are part of the problem and why most americans don’t trust the vote counts when they are counted

  • Walt

    At the same time they accuse Conservatives and/or Republicans of hatred.


    • 96leroy

      It’s what a hypocrite does. Tolerance is for other people.

  • lainer51

    Ironic…. To the loony liberals, Bubba having sex in the WH with an underage intern is awesome ; a happily married, family-oriented man & woman is revolting to them…. That says it all about their “tolerance”.

    • Tony Ragoni

      Thats liberalism in a nutshell. Based on free love, do what you like with no regard for consequences, and lack of morals i.e. glorifying anything evil

    • disqus_MhMYQeR3Wg

      Sad isn’t it…

    • DaveKlassix

      Seems the only thing missing from these leftist insults are the Mormon cracks.

    • michael s

      Yet you have a lack of tolerance for the happily married family oriented black couple in the WH.

      • Chris706

        The fact that he is black, happily married and a family man is what I like about Obama. Unfortunately, I do not share the rest of his vision.

        • michael s

          I can accept your statement.

      • George Houchens

        Not for those reasons. The Black Man in the White House is a perpetual liar. THAT’S why I don’t have any tolerance for him.

  • stellatruman

    why do haters follow him ? Oh yeah , so we can bash them on Twitchy

    • diana harrell

      WOW I just read the nasty sick O’s comments. They are not worth giving a 2nd thought. If they had a real life they wouldn’t be so worthless and angry. I’m just sorry that anyone else has to see their uglyness. The government is probably supporting them as it does most loser’s.

    • Sharon Foley

      Why ? because they are jelous of his success?

      • trixiewoobeans

        They’re only jealous of Republican’s success, THEIR people get slavish devotion even while they’re stealing from them!

  • diana harrell

    Congrats to the couple that I wish with all my heart were in the White House.. Much LOVE and Respect to you and your family and their family’s too.

    • michael s

      Well they’re not. Boo hoo hoo.

      • IceColdTroll

        It’ll be boo hoo hoo when Mohammedan nukes hit Jerusalem and that skinnya$$ dimwit in the Oval Office is running around in circles trying to figure out what’s happened and what to do next.

        Besides a quick soak in the hot tub at Club Reacharound.

  • Gethriel

    You’ve GOT to be a SPECIAL kind of loser to “follow” a person you hate, just so you can spit hatred and gnash your teeth at them, particularly when the person is no longer a relevant opponent…

    • mv74

      If it wasn’t for people following people they hate so they can hate them more, Twitchy would have like 11 posts.

  • Earthe Lee Wilson

    Happy 44th Anniversary Mitt and Ann …May God do MIRACLES in AMERICA and on this EARTH …He is SUPERNATURAL and ALMIGHTY GOD…Jack and I will celebrate 45 Years Married…We know LOVE and Commitment. to a MARRIAGE. God Bless Your Family and God HELP this WORLD to BELIEVE on JESUS and Father God Almighty…we sure do need His HELP in America ! Protection for Israel <3 <3 <3

  • Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

    First for Mitt and his sweetheart: Happy Anniversary and God Bless!
    Now, for the whiners and foul mouthed: I am sorry you can’t understand the concept of marriage. It is more than just two people exchanging vows that now include various civic benefits. Marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman, and includes the possibility of naturally born (or now otherwise born) children. It is a commitment between a man and a woman because only a combination of the two may have face to face coital interaction. This is necessary for the impregnation of the woman AND for the face to face communication during the act. It is a commitment which requires both parties to be able to embrace. It is a coming together for the purpose of becoming one flesh. A child born of such a relationship IS the culmination of such an act, and has within his or her being components of both, creating a new “one flesh” life beyond the two individuals.

    I am sorry you can’t be “one flesh” in this way. However, to engage in a homosexual act does not give you the right to change the meaning of marriage. To do so is a travesty.

    I do not hate you. I do not even dislike you. You may be a wonderful individual with whom I could easily communicate. I cannot, however, pretend that the unnatural act in which you choose to engage is normal. Neither can I pretend you were “made that way”. I can and will pray for you, for my God loves you so much that He died for your sins as well as mine. Believe me when I say that prior to my acceptance of His love and forgiveness, I was as much of a sinner as any of you. Sin is sin, and all mankind is stained with sin unless cleansed by the Blood of Christ.

    Love in Christ,

    Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

    • oconnellc

      So, since it is a choice, you could choose it, right? Like, should I have Pepsi or Coke? Should I be homosexual or heterosexual? Just a choice, right?

      • Chase C.

        Exactly and in some circumstances perversion comes into play. Like the 50 year old guy that is in a relationship with my 21 year old brother.

    • Erin Cutter

      VERY well said.

  • Glynn

    The liberals lost their moral compass decades ago. They still freely admit they voted for Obama, even though Obama has managed to destroy a viable America in such a short time. We can only imagine what the next 3+ years will be. More of the “let them eat cake” mentality of a president and his wife so out of touch with average Americans that they continue to take high dollar vacations despite the fact that the average American has no money left for a vacation EVER. Even the press is asking Jay Carney if Obama is going to stop with his expensive golf vacations. Mitt and Ann Romney exemplify what is good about America. The opportunity to be as rich as you want to be if you work hard enough. The true commitment to each other for 44 years. Good family values. All anathema to the left. Happiness and success is painful for them because it is something they can’t even imagine someone can have without it being given to them. It’s the new entitlement mentality. Hate the rich, despise them for what they have, have no dreams or goals to get where they are, expect free healthcare, free housing, and free food. After all, it’s free and no one pays for it, right? Disturbing on so many levels. A happy anniversary Mitt and Ann. I for one salute you!

    • Guest

      Very well put!!

    • Tony Ragoni

      Excellent, Kudos to you. You hit the nail on the head.

    • carolinelouise

      Obama will feed you, give you medical care, and house you…
      Everything afforded to a man in prison.
      Liberals forget one thing—”
      “As Americans, we dream!” We dream to create, innovate and grow!
      We dream to achieve and invent!
      We dream to be free!
      All the things a socialist cannot give you.

    • $23629333

      Glenda, your comment reminded me of an article I once read in “The Village Voice,” about the Stonewall Inn selling off unclaimed items in their Lost and Found. Apparently, there were quite a number of moral compasses.

  • Jerry Bryant

    Amazing choice of words by the haters. Having a vocabulary apparently isn’t required in the liberal commune.

  • JesLHW

    Cute together then, cute together now. Congratulations, you two!

  • David Wilson

    This is why I will never have a Twitter account. There are too many liberals with evil tongues. I don’t have time to be abused by liberals who can only post evil thoughts.

  • Dave Frank

    Happy for the Romneys! and also happy that ignorant libtards and intolerant gays are so tweeked at seeing a NORMAL, GOD APPROVED married couple (MAN and WIFE) experiencing true love and success…something they will NEVER have! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! eat that you leftist freaks!

  • Batman

    We must pray for those who live such miserable lives.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Yeah, it ain’t easy being sleazy.

  • Mfirk

    Wow liberals are so mean spirited, it’s really sad to carry around all that hate.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Problem is, they unload it on everybody else, then pick up another bag. Maybe it’s “self-generated”, you know, like gas! The gift that keeps on giving…misery.

  • Sharon Foley

    Happy Anniversary Mitt an Ann you make a lovely couple! I can’t believe some of these jerks are actually jelous of your cake LOL!

  • MovingToNevada

    And I’m sure the haters are single, self-loathing, uneducated losers. The kind that will spend the rest of their lives in a lonely world by themselves. Sad.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Well, a lot of them are “educated”, just not intelligent.

    • $23629333

      Your comment prompted a mental image of a New York City apartment building, with each suite occupied by a single, self-loathing, uneducated loser, and – separately, but at the same time – they are singing “Alone in the World,” from Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. Where are my tissues?

  • Tarantula2

    It’s just projection…

  • trixiewoobeans

    Just for an experiment in Liberal hypocrisy and hatred, we should tweet a beautiful, heartwarming story like, “Mitt Romney jumped into a swollen, raging river to rescue a bag of newborn kittens thrown off a bridge by an uncaring owner, rescuing them in the nick of time”, and just see how many haters would jump on it and bash him! You know there’d be hundreds! “Sociopaths” is right!

    • $23629333

      How about a picture of Mitt Romney standing between a baby seal and a hunter? Love to see the response to that.

      Probably, the portsiders would complain that too-rich Romney was depriving some poor native person of the few bucks he earns from hunting seals. Meanwhile, they LOVED it when Paul McCartney sought a ban – in Canada – of the seal hunt. As Jed Clampett would say: “pitiful.”

      • Orpheus75

        nah, they’d just be wishing that the hunter got him instead.

  • Raejean

    What lovely people to p*ss on something so innocent and sweet, for no better reason than to make themselves feel significant.

  • golftilidrop

    It boggles the mind how vile, immoral, and lack of class that liberal/socialist/democrats behave. They lack manners and common decency, the reason for the decline of our society.

  • Guest

    The haters are just that. Haters. And so what if it was rich people cake? What’s wrong with Mitt’s belief that marriage is between a man and a woman?

  • Theresa A. Rodriguez

    So what’s the problem here HATERS? So what if it was an expensive cake? Mitt and family paid for it. What’s wrong with believing that marriage is between a man and a woman? You guys must be bored today.

    Happy Anniversary to Mitt and Ann!

    • chris antell

      Their cake…here in Rhode Island some lady spent $500 on a 1st birthday cake and paid for it with her food stamps thanks Mr. Presidentb

  • sarandipity

    Wow, the hate just abounds. To the person who tweeted “rich person cake”, do you SEE what the obamas spend money on? OUR money, at least Mitt Romney spends his own. Go count the “rich” liberals, politicians, celebrities, al gore, and then talk about RICH! Hypocrites all.

    • Orpheus75

      you nailed it. Amazing isn’t it? they live in a bubble (brain) world all of their own.

  • tredglx

    Happy Anniversary, Mitt and Ann Romney. We hope you have many, many more.

  • RedSoloCup

    Stay Classy!

    • $23629333


  • Guff

    I wasn’t a strong supporter of Romney, but the hate posted to him for being married 44 years is uncalled for.

  • Ron Hussey

    Happy Anniversary Mitt ! Many Libs that voted for Obama just like making babies, then leave them for the tax paying Americans to pay for. A real relationship and marriage that lasts and raising a family on your own doesn’t appeal to many Obama voters I guess.

  • abudoggie

    Ah yes…kind, tolerant, nonjudgmental, compassionate, open-minded. That they are, oh yes.

  • oneword

    I guess Divorce is precious to all these idiots tweeting hate…what losers

  • carlberlin

    these left wing DOUCHE BAGS are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carolinelouise

    Obama loves to say, “I won.” Yes, he won and the country lost. Happy Anniversary you two! Keep on speaking out for freedom Mitt! I wish you both many many more years of happiness! God bless you both! My parents taught me to admire success and know I too can become successful in America!
    ” I voted for Romney because my parents didn’t teach me to hate and envy success.”

  • Rulz

    “@MittRomney @AnnDRomney get a room you fucking weirdos!’

    If I take out the wierdos and apply it to gay rights activists, is that okay?

  • disqus_MhMYQeR3Wg

    Many more years of happiness to a lovely couple.

  • afvet4america

    The lefts Hate and envy and just astounding.
    God Bless Mitt and Ann. Here’s to many more years together.

  • carolinelouise

    I love the comment by an ignorant liberal here who said, “A rich person’s cake.” LOL. I am sure that was dirrected at Mitt…
    Funny, I seem to recall the bride paying for the wedding.. I bet Mitt had nothing to do with picking out or purchasing the cake. A man couldn’t care less what the cake looks like. lol. That’s a woman’s department.
    Liberals=fools. A wedding cake bothers them.

  • Jonathan Biviano

    I love Twitchy for the most part, but to me this is a non-story. I could post a picture of puppies and get haters in a place as large as Twitter. Now, if one of the haters was an MSNBC host or a major Democratic operative/politician, than story. Random nobodies now eternally elevated to Twitchy status? Dumb. In any group as large as the “twitterverse” you can find something vile about almost anything.

    • Mellow Melon

      true enough. But I think sometimes it’s just weird to find people who have the time to post crap on ANY thing that is cute or innocent. You know that viral video of “Kid President: Inspirational Speech”? People have posted comments on there saying the N word. Yeah, maybe they’re nobodies, but it’s still creepy that people would be stupid, furious and hateful enough to post things like that.

    • Chase C.

      It’s about exposing the uneducated liberals. Doesn’t matter how famous they are.

  • Platinum Angel

    How small a life does a person have to be following someone on Twitter that they don’t like, simply to make rude remarks.

  • Jer

    Rich person cake? I’d bet everything I own little Kyle wouldn’t make that statement over a pic from John and Teresa Heinz Kerry’s wedding.

  • Melissa BossyBoots Votano

    How sweet…..

  • Orpheus75

    Still amazes me that they throw hatred towards them, calling them “rich” like it’s an evil thing.. yet say nothing about their “Lord and Savior” who spends money like a ocean full of drunken sailors. Lavish vacations, more lavish vacations. Party after party.. but yeah, it’s those evil “rich” Romneys that you have to watch out for. Hypocritical jerks!

  • Kevin Crombie

    Just goes to show how ignorant and JUDGMENTAL the left REALLY is. The TRUE hypocrites of America.

  • Chris f

    Look at all of the hood rats commenting… You mofos couldn’t afford 2/3 of that cake, so don’t hate… Look, I’m rhyming so you dumb asses get it..

  • Mellow Melon

    why do people always have to drag politics into real life? A cute pic of a married couple is a cute pic of a married couple, no matter what political party they belong to.

  • Susan Movey

    Good for the Romneys ! Happy Anniversary to them, and many more ! Don’t pay any mind to people who say all those mean things.

  • Randi Starr

    Congratulations!!! Atleast your family knows who Daddy is!

  • N Kirby Best

    Remarks like this just show what they really are. Nothing but trash,

    and these are the people, I’m happy to say didn’t vote for Romney. They can’t see real class when it hits them between the eyes.


    Being jobless due to the guy they worship, it gives them plenty of time to post their spew.

  • BlueStateRepub

    I give up, “Ryan,” exactly how old IS fuck?

  • Clair Estelle Photography

    I still love old vintage photos like this