Rumsfeld is right. There are a lot of sports that should be eliminated before wrestling. Here are just a few:

  • CarpeNoctem

    Seems more like they want to eliminate anything Americans are good at like basketball, softball, wrestling etc.

  • TugboatPhil

    Leave Curling alone!! Especially women’s curling.

    Good looking women, bending over, sweeping with brooms. If only there was sandwich making it’d be the perfect spectator sport.

    Yeah, I know I’m a sexist pig.

    • Love of Country

      Women’s curling and women’s volleyball are actually crucial activities when determining which country is superior.

      I find that you’re standing on solid moral ground, there, Big T … Party On!

      • TugboatPhil

        I forgot to mention the screaming and grunting at the rock in curling too. I may need to take a cold shower now!

    • Patrick Dennehy

      Love women’s curling!

  • Patrick Dennehy

    A lot of kids wrestle up here, my town has a flourishing wrestling program. Low Olympic viewership probably had more to do with poor promotion, channel selection, and time slot. Glad people are trying to save it.

    • TugboatPhil

      I have a weird reason for wanting to watch the Olympics. I want to see the events. Yet for some reason they seem to think I want to see the back story on every participant. I could care less about that. They split the events on numerous channels, but still end showing less than when ABC used to run them on just one channel.

      • Patrick Dennehy

        Totally, the Olympics should be about the events. Enough with the human interest stories. They shouldn’t be cutting events, if anything they should be adding more. The more obscure the better! I like the niche sports and the Olympics is the only time they are put on the world stage.

        Any channel other than NBC would be great; no more Bob Costas…

  • Patrick Dennehy

    I would have agreed about Rhythmic Gymnastics, if I hadn’t stumbled across it this past year. (I was into the Olymipics ok? don’t judge). Anyways, Evgenia Kanaeva is amazing

  • aegean1

    Add ping pong to the list.


    I looked at some of the criteria involved with this decision. The IOC needs to be investigated I smell corruption.

  • Maxx

    I just watched that video of the Rhythmic Worlds above. Good lord. Fellas, we’ve got to keep that one around.