WSFA reports:

Tuscaloosa resident Stephanie Burgett has been stuck on the interstate since 4:30p Thursday. She was en route to Nashville.

“I’m on the side of the road trying to get to an exit.  Three 18 wheelers are asleep in front of me.  They won’t move,” she told Fox6.

We’ve gotten the same story from multiple people stuck in traffic.  Drivers say they can’t drive down the side of the interstate to access the exits because 18-wheelers have pulled their rigs over.

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Yea. In a traffic jam in Cullman Al for over 4 hours. Auburn you better bring the fucking heat tomorrow.

There was briefly some progress earlier this morning, but that was before an 18-wheeler overturned.

Be safe out there.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    BFD, Alabama..I was stuck for THREE DAYS with my Big Brother and Nephew in Queens NY because of snow… Thank God for my Grandma’s apartment! C’mon, you southerners, TOUGHEN UP! They put up with FEET of snow around the Great Lakes EVERY YEAR! The Northeast and Upper Midwest get heavy snow too, but they prepare for it… Next time, call a Northern City, and see if they can Airlift some equipment for y’all to borrow. Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Amy Reynolds

      I believe the POINT of the story was focused on the people trapped on the interstate who didn’t have anywhere to go (like someone’s apartment) and couldn’t get off, they sat in their cars without food or water for many hours, some overnight; including travelers who may be from the “tougher” northern states. To those people it has been a BFD, especially when you’re worried about running out of gas.

    • Lisa Dean

      @facebook-100000644670091:disqus – as someone who’s living in AL right now and has lived in NY, MO, IL, OK, TN and KY. Alabama is prepared for snow you ninny! This was something that came faster than was expected. And as @twitter-41644037:disqus pointed out the story was about the people driving who weren’t prepared. Thanks for your advice though, we’re so glad you offered it. #SaidNoAlabamianEVER!

  • Frank Drebin

    UPDATE: Interstate open, Roll Tide