Tonight, movie director Quentin Tarantino won the Golden Globe award for best screenplay. Incredibly, he managed to get through his entire acceptance speech without saying the N-word once. Congratulations, Quentin!

Unfortunately, once he was backstage he just couldn’t hold back any longer. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Quentin Tarantino professed his shock at winning the Golden Globe for best screenplay, then proceeded to shock the press backstage.

Addressing the unending conversation over the 100-plus times the characters in his slavery-themed spaghetti Western, Django Unchained, used the N-word, Tarantino himself uttered the phrase, to audible gasps from the scribes in the winners’ room.

For some inexplicable reason, Tarantino seems to get away with language that would end the career of any other white director or cast member.  Somewhere, “Seinfeld” actor Michael Richards must be banging his head against the wall at the unfairness of it all.

  • Love of Country

    Sharpton and Matthews know that if they want to keep their jobs at MSNBC … they better not even dare talk about this on the air …. and while Chrissy couldn’t care less when white liberals use the n word … you gotta know it must drive Al nuts …. I LOVE IT!

  • Love of Country

    Is there a more racist town than Hollywood?

  • Stone Bryson

    Aloof. Lazy. Fried chicken. All ‘racist’ code language. The ‘n-word’ however? That’s become Tarantino code language for “kill all the white people” so it’s okay.

  • Love of Country

    Calm down everybody, there’s nothing to see here. Sure another white tool despicably referred to bIack folks as ni**ers …. but as usual it was another white democrat espousing and spewing the hatred, racism and venom.

    And now …. something I believe Harry Reid may have told the NAACP because so far, he has not proven otherwise … (think Romney’s tax returns).

    “And because this fella is your fellow dem, don’t you folks boycott, protest and holla …. jus know your roll … stick with “our” plan … and enjoy your squala!”

  • E. Scotty

    The self-hatred is strong in this one. He must think for making this ‘movie’ (see: porn), he is one with the struggle and can use that word just like all those blacks who use it, even if they find it offensive coming from one particular color.

    Werd of advice, QT: When they pass you on the street, you are only another “white boi” to them. Try identifying with blacks who value freedom and work hard to live a productive life (see: “actin’ white”). I work a regular part-time job and know a few blacks who, like me, are just trying to step up in life without expecting anyone but the hand of God to push us to get there. Stop sleeping with filth and start “actin’ white” for once QT, and see how much more rich life can be.

    • TugboatPhil

      Scotty, I watched a show last night called SEC Storied. The subject of it was Condridge Holloway. He was the first black quarterback to start in the South East Conference at U. of Tennessee. This happened in the early 70s and I remember him playing, but didn’t remember a lot of the back story because of TV being what it was then and less national exposure.

      What struck me was the (now) older black men who were his peers, and Mr Holloway himself were very dignified, well spoken and a bit saddened about the attitude of young, black athletes concerning the differences in circumstance between then and now.

      So many public figures, black and white, throw around the terms racist and make references to something “being like slavery” that it really is a kick in the face to the Americans who had to suffer through the real thing. The words have almost lost any meaning at all.

      With all the blind following of President Obama by so many people, he could do a lot to correct some of the societal problems along these lines, but he willfully chooses to inflame them. And no one will call him out. He promised change, but no one figured he meant change for the worse.

      • disappearing moderate

        You may so many great points, Phil. As someone who grew up in the south in the fifties, I know what real prejudice and discrimination look like. But that also means I realize how far we’ve come. Prejudice, like all human failings, can never be completely eliminated, but that doesn’t mean they we as individuals and as a society can’t overcome our worse impulses. I may have voted for McCain, but I never the less had a sense of pride that our nation had moved past the worse of our prejudices and racial past. I was hopeful that his election could unify Americans as never before. Instead of using this great moment to bring us together, Obama and his supporters have used every opportunity to label any opposition, any disagreement, any criticism as racist (or anti-women, anti-gay, throw in any anti you like) and have set this country back decades. It’s very disheartening.

  • Conrad2010

    Tarantino can say nigger and get away w/ it.
    He’s a bro now. Yo?

    • rinodino

      You just said it and got away with it, so stop with the phony outrage, depends on the context

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Wonder how many times people said “teaba&%er” backstage, and did anyone gasp in horror?

  • Randi Starr

    Well, at least he didn’t follow it up with “house boy”.

  • $129448

    Tarantino is a weirdo

    • Randi Starr

      I have little doubt he truly wishes he could actively pursue the violence of his screen characters in real life.

  • TocksNedlog

    The ‘press’ stood there waiting for the monkey to do his trick, then the monkey did his trick, then the ‘press’ said “Oh my gawd! Can you believe he REALLY did that trick what we were all standing around waiting for him to do? Shocking!”

  • NCRelite

    He has a ghetto pass now he can say it, Samuel L Jackson gave him permission

  • LoriGirl

    Tarantino is the most overrated & least talented film maker of our time. People just like him because they think it makes them cool; while on the inside they know he’s an ignorant fool ranking on the same level as Michael Moore.

    • rinodino

      Stop lying you know you liked Pulp Fiction and the basement scene

    • Jon Bowie

      So what’s your list of Top 3 Directors for the past 20 years; because the majority of the known film world would agree that Tarantino belongs in the list.

  • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

    I love how yall act offended, if he was conservative yall would defend it.

    • disappearing moderate

      Oh please, Dougie. You know better that that. Act like somebody.

    • JoeMusgo

      If it was said by a conservative you and all the other racial arsonists on the left would be threatening boycotts, demanding an apology and attempting to ruin the career of the offender.

  • jonathan

    umm, context please?? Or I guess maybe that’s irrelevant in this day of hyper sensationalized media