Sportscaster Bob Costas hijacked Sunday Night Football tonight to give football fans a patronizing sermon about the need for gun control in the aftermath of the Jovan Belcher shootings:

You knew it was coming. In the aftermath of the nearly unfathomable events in Kansas City, that most mindless of sports clichés was heard yet again, ‘Something like this really puts it all in perspective.’ Well if so, that sort of perspective has a very short shelf life since we will inevitably hear about the perspective we have supposedly again regained the next time ugly reality intrudes upon our games. Please.

Those who need tragedies to continually recalibrate their sense of proportion about sports, would seem to have little hope of ever truly achieving perspective. You want some actual perspective on this? Well a bit of it comes from the Kansas City-based writer Jason Whitlock, with whom I do not always agree, but, who today, said it so well that we may as well just quote or paraphrase from the end of his article.

“Our current gun culture,” Whitlock wrote, “ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy, and that more convenience store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will leave more teenage boys bloodied and dead. Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. In the coming days, Jovan Belcher’s actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. Who knows? But here, wrote Jason Whitlock, is what I believe: “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

Initially, some Twitter users were in a state of shock:

Once that passed, hundreds (or thousands?) of viewers took to Twitter to express their displeasure:

What if Jovan Belcher’s murder victim (Kasandra Michelle Perkins) had been armed?

At least one Twitter user suggested Second Amendment supporters protest Costas’ comments by turning off their televisions:

During his rant, Costas cited a column by Fox Sports writer Jason Whitlock. Here is an excerpt from that column:

I would argue that your rationalizations speak to how numb we are in this society to gun violence and murder. We’ve come to accept our insanity. We’d prefer to avoid seriously reflecting upon the absurdity of the prevailing notion that the second amendment somehow enhances our liberty rather than threatens it.

How many young people have to die senselessly? How many lives have to be ruined before we realize the right to bear arms doesn’t protect us from a government equipped with stealth bombers, predator drones, tanks and nuclear weapons?

Our current gun culture simply ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy, and that more convenience-store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will leave more teenage boys bloodied and dead.

In the coming days, Belcher’s actions will be analyzed through the lens of concussions and head injuries. Who knows? Maybe brain damage triggered his violent overreaction to a fight with his girlfriend. What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

Update: Whitlock thanked Costas for the shout-out:

  • betzinva

    Apparently he missed the Wyoming story. Otherwise he could have had his underoos in a bunch about compound bows and knives. My last refuge from politics just got ruined. Thanks little Bob.

    • ricci

      there is no refuge from the stupidity of some people who have no clue dont expect it in sports either

      • betzinva

        I am doing penance(can I even say THAT, anymore) for my naivete.

  • kch50428

    Hey Boob Costas… if guns kill people, do spoons make people fat? What a wazoo aperture.

    • Brandon Lewis

      And pens and pencils make spelling mistakes

    • Peyton

      Of course spoons make people fat. Thank goodness he didn’t murder her with a spoon, then they’d be responsible for murder and obesity.

      • Santiago Matamoros

        Cars cause road rage.

    • Nadia

      You realize that’s the worst logic of all time. Spoons were created as a mechanism to take food from a plate to your mouth. Guns were created for one purpose- to kill people. Defend guns all you want, but when you try to do it with terrible logic, you just look like an idiot.

      • kch50428

        I’m just applying Boob Costas’ logic. He’s the idiot.

      • TugboatPhil

        Guns were also made to kill animals. But I only keep mine around for people.

        And spoons aren’t so much a mechanism as an implement or tool. And you do know that they work with taking food from things that aren’t plates also.

      • Garth Haycock

        So, are you saying that guns are not to be used to hunt? If so, I may have to reconsider my entire approach to feeding my family.

        • Nadia

          Guns are made to kill. Spoons are made to eat. Simple as that. The purpose of a spoon is not to make you fat. But the purpose of a gun is to kill things.

          No one advocating for stricter gun laws want to take guns away from people who hunt. Stop creating a straw man and arguing against something no one is arguing for. No one is saying eliminate all guns from the world so stop being ridiculous. I recognize that you have valid arguments for wanting to hold a gun so why can’t you recognize that the other side may have valid arguments for wanting reform? Stop getting worked up and maybe we can all debate this issue like human beings who ultimately want the same thing- less senseless violence and tragedies such as this one.

          • Teresa Davis McCormick

            Guns were made for defense too. How can we defend ourselves with a .22 rifle when someone else has a semi auto?

          • Lawrence Malcolm


          • killdozerd11R

            I have seen more game taken with a .22 than any other gun

            And the .22 is still most popular with hit people than anything out there because it’s quiet and hard to trace.ask the army..the cia ..mossad .. etc

          • David Atherton

            I have several semi-auto rifles, and many are .22s.

          • Bill Burtchaell

            .22 rifle IS a semi automatic!

          • Crunkomatic

            There are already tons of gun laws. If they keep wanting more and more, but can’t seem to enforce the ones that already exist, then guess what? They want to take guns away. Mostly because guns in citizens’ hands help keep power in check. In check from any number of criminals that want power over you, even the ones in suits in D.C.

          • jsn2

            ” In check from any number of criminals that want power over you, even the ones in suits in D.C.”

            Like the ones responsible for Fast and Furious that resulted in the murder of 3 U.S. lawmen and 1900 Mexican citizens?

          • Mswogger


          • Gallatin

            No I can’t recognize any reason for reform because there isn’t a single legitimate reason for it. There should be zero gun laws.

          • Moneyrunner

            Nadia, why are you using weasel words like “reform?”

          • SFerggie

            The great thing about living in the USA is you have the
            choice to own or not own a gun. You can make that choice so don’t buy a gun if
            you don’t like them. I on the other hand enjoy owning guns and use them for
            hunting, competition and personal safety and the great part about that is I
            have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own them. Why don’t you focus that ill gained
            logic on deaths by automobiles? Any idiot can get a driver’s license and
            operate a 4,000lb killing machine but then again I guess you are fond of cars
            so you have no desire to ban them. Gun ownership is illegal in Mexico, how is
            that working out you fricking moron.

          • Tony Bracewell

            Add to that Washington D.C. has one of the most restrictive gun laws in the U.S. and it near the top of murders every year. I’ll say it again, criminals do not care about restrictive gun laws. Those laws only hurt law abiding citizens.

          • Van Grungy

            ” I have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own them”

            Even better, and more correct, you have the NATURAL RIGHT to own firearms for your self-defense. The Constitution is a protection.

          • NachoCheese (D)

            Absolutely correct. The Constitution does not grant any rights, it merely restricts the government from interfering with the free exercise of our natural rights.

          • Bill Shefte

            Unfortunately, the only reason that people use firearms is NOT self-defense.

          • Garth Haycock

            You don’t get out of the basement much, do you? There are all many, many reports about people using a gun for self defense and many more that are not reported by the anti-2nd Amendment media.

          • David Atherton

            Well, for your information, there are hundreds of millions of legally owned firearms in the USA that have never killed anyone.

          • milehisnk

            I use my firearms often. And you’re right, I haven’t had to use it for self-defense yet. Of course, every time I fire mine, nobody is getting harmed.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            Did you mean to state that “Unfortunately, self-defense is NOT the only reason that people use firearms”?

            If so, then I agree.

            However, since — as you admit — some people use firearms to harm innocents, what should the innocent do? Confront their attacker with sunshine and wishful thinking?

          • jsn2

            We are taling about hand guns here. They are made for sport shooting and self defense not murder. Yes, people advocating for stricter gun laws DO want to take away guns it is their ultimate goal. To think otherwise is naive. Look to England as an example. Now the people have no way to protect themselves from criminals and personal property crime has skyrocketed with many citizens being killed by armed criminals.

            Mexican citizens are not allowed to own weapons and they are being slaughtered by criminals by the thousands.

          • Congo Kinshasa

            Take those damn things away from people..We have many pathologies already. Obesity, depression, recession, secession (Texas)…….

          • jsn2

            The disease that needs the most study is the mental disorder known as leftist/progressive political thought. You guys want to control and punish anyone who disagrees with you.

          • ConanTheRepublican

            This, from “Congo Kinshasha”. Yep.

          • Steve Kaiser

            You mean the microphone, from Costas? Sorry, First Amendment. He has a right to free speech even if he uses it to make an ass of himself.

          • David Atherton

            We aren’t discussing his right to say what he said. We are exercising our Ist Amendment right by saying how stupid he was for saying it.

          • Kimberly Schutzenhofer

            Well as I see it we have laws limiting your rights to kill other period in any form — it’s still going on. Dang, you mean because they say people can’t do that, it’s just supposed to stop??? Wow.

          • Taquoshi

            Both England and Australia outlawed the legal ownership of guns. Check the crime rates for both countries. It’s gone through the roof.


            and my personal favorite…. Gun Control isn’t Crime Control


          • Mswogger

            I went to England a few years back and what they were discussing on the news was a serial killer that had killed 40 people that they knew of but was suspected to have killed more. They outlawed guns in England. But this guy had no issues killing anyway. And as for teen violence, I kept hearing of stabbings in schools by teens on the news. It didn’t matter that there were no guns around. They just used a knife. So where is the logic by libs that if they “reform” (take away) gun laws/ (guns) there would be less crimes? It doesn’t work.

          • Lawrence Malcolm

            Yawn. Smack, smack. Ok, so you’re flapping your gums with the same tired libtard talking point – eliminate guns, eliminate gun violence? What ever happened to the simple notion that “if you don’t like guns, don’t own one?” Idiot….

          • Tony Bracewell

            Because the reform only hurts law abiding citizens. Criminals do not care about laws restricting gun ownership. Any time you want to sugget gun restrictions always say to yourself first, “criminals do not care”.

          • Ed Dingess

            Literally the dumbest argument ever. It doesn’t matter how many laws are passed, you guys always want more. If you could just enforce the ones that we have, perhaps things would change. But that isn’t really what you want. You are after something else entirely and you will frame it up any way you need to in order to get your way.

          • lcky9

            strangely enough your argument is void of logic and common sense..DO you really think that banning of hand guns would make the world a utopia?? No one would get killed?.. are you under the impression that IF banned all the bad guys would willing give up their guns?? it’s NOT the GOOD guys who are doing the killing it’s the BAD ones,., you know the ones where the LAW means NOTHING to them.. and IF you follow the law you should open yourself to become a victim.., but SOME people like whining and being the victim.. HOWEVER.. MORE people are against your twisted logic than are for it and that would be on BOTH sides the isle.. BTW YES they are claiming that ALL weapons should be banned except for the military and police.. to bad the NEITHER of them can be everywhere ,.. it’s NOT up to these people to protect me at all times IT’S mine.. BTW.. I am a 5’1″ female.. who lives in CHICAGO.. so it’s NOT just men who believe in the 2nd amendment ,.,. violence is ALWAYS senseless be it a knife.. poison .. etc.. and unless we use mind control there will always be those who use senseless violence..

          • Nadia

            Did you read my post or…? First of all, I never once said we should ban all handguns. That is ludicrous and I can’t think of any sane person who thinks we should do so. I do not have a utopian view of the world. I think normal people like you ma’am have the absolute right to own a gun and defend yourself. Why can’t we have this conversation in a mature fashion? Why can’t people on your end of the spectrum acknowledge a valid point exists on the other side?

            Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, guns are a dangerous weapon and we should be careful who we give them to, would you not agree with this? I’m not denying we have a constitutional right to own guns, but not without qualification. The First Amendment gives us the right to speak freely, however we all know that the government can make certain restrictions on that when it has interests that outweigh that right. That’s all I’m saying. Please don’t misinterpret my words. Guns for protection and hunting will always and should always be acceptable. NO ONE is trying to take that away from you. I understand your suspicion of the government and share it, however you should understand that there are people out there who will abuse the rights they are given and we should never be hesitant to at least look into the issue a bit further and weigh the interests on both side.

          • killdozerd11R

            We have hundreds of GUN laws on the books they just don’t enforce them

            Then people come along like you and want more gun laws and more gun laws every time something like this happens

            And every time something like this happens the first thing you hear is “We need more Gun Laws”

          • Hired Mind

            ” I think normal people like you ma’am have the absolute right to own a gun and defend yourself.”

            Wait, I thought guns were only to kill things. Now you can defend yourself with one? Make up your mind!

          • ceemack

            You don’t seem to understand what a “right” is. If you have to get permission from the government first, it’s not a right.

            Bob Costas didn’t have to get government approval for his halftime rant on Sunday, did he?

          • Bill Burtchaell

            no, but the audience came there for a football game not a political lecture, or some comment on Costa’s personal opinion!

          • jsn2

            ” The First Amendment gives us the right to speak freely, however we all know that the government can make certain restrictions on that when it has interests that outweigh that right.”

            Who is to determine whose interests are most important?

            Barack Obama, who wanted to ban Fox News from the Whitehouse press corp? Sarah Palin? Michael Moore?

            You need to think about your willingness to give up your free speech rights. I would hate to have someone like you in charge of what I say. You could declare my statements about Federal policy against the best interest of the gov’t and punish me for continued continued “offensive” speech. The slippery slope is real. Unpopular speech is silenced every day on college campuses. College students of today are leaders of tomorrow and they are being marinated in liberal/progressive ideas of acceptable speech. We all should be concerned.

            Read this –

          • Nadia

            Actually the Supreme Court determines if those interests outweigh our rights. Even beloved conservative Justices like Scalia and Thomas agree that the First Amendment is not absolute. As the Second Amendment shouldn’t be. I bet most of you are all for censoring those who speak out against policies you don’t agree with or who speak out against religion, etc. However, you don’t think gun ownership should be subjected to any regulation? Explain that rationale to me. You just want to pick and choose the battles that matter most to you personally without showing any sort of logical consistency.

          • jsn2

            “Actually the Supreme Court determines if those interests outweigh our rights. Even beloved conservative Justices like Scalia and Thomas agree that the First Amendment is not absolute.”

            Oh, really?? Like yelling fire in a movie theater?

            You seem to make the argument the supreme court is final arbiter.

            The supreme court also said requiring voter photo id’s is legal yet the DOJ resisted. Why would the Obama administration not want voter photo id’s?? hmmm?

            “However, you don’t think gun ownership should be subjected to any regulation?”
            Huh? That’s a strawman argument you plucked from…somewhere.

            There are an estimated 20,000 local, state and federal gun laws on the books.

            I give up.

          • Nadia

            I don’t get what you’re trying to say. The Supreme Court is the body which interprets the Constitution and brings the words to life. They have interpreted the First Amendment to NOT be absolute. Even the most conservative of Justices throughout history has agreed with that sentiment. There are just some instances in which safety, or whatever other government interest outweighs the right of free speech. You really can’t argue with it. It is a fact.

            And there were plenty of people in these comments, if you go back and read them, who say that no gun laws should exist at all. So, yes, some people believe that. If you want to attack straw men, why don’t you address every single comment replied to me that argues I want to do away with all guns. Never once did I say that. I have continually said guns should be legal for hunting and protection. So yes, keep calling me stupid and repeating your same talking points without listening to anything someone who differs has to say.

          • Bill Shefte

            You make some good points. The guns for protection is a little questionable since I imagine most people who get in an argument with their loved one and end up shooting them do so with that gun they bought for protection. Having said that, maybe handguns should be illegal except in a person’s home (and I’m not sure that is true, but it would be a compromise) …. :-)

          • Shari L Childers Thomas

            Right… so when I, as a female, am out after dark and someone accosts me, what am I supposed to do without a gun?

          • milehisnk

            “The First Amendment gives us the right to speak freely, however we all know that the government can make certain restrictions on that”

            That’s where I had to cut you off. If you read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights is a list of rights specifically given to the people which CAN NOT be restricted by the government…that’s the entire purpose of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That’s where the problem lies in current society, nobody has a legitimate understanding of the Constitution anymore.

          • Nadia

            Have you ever taken a course on the Constitution? On the First Amendment? You think Freedom of Speech should be completely unqualified? Yelling “fire” in a theater? Advocating the violent overthrow of the government? Educate yourself, no rights are without some well-founded restrictions, sorry. And BTW, there’s another article on this site talking about how “#firecostas” is trending on Twitter. What happened to your beloved freedom of speech? Doesn’t Costas have the right to say what he wants without being fired? Or does that only apply to viewpoints that you agree with?

          • milehisnk

            That was about the most idiotic response I could have imagined. Where did I say he didn’t have freedom of speech to say this? I’m not asking to censor him. I’m asking for repercussions for his stupidity. I didn’t say you can say something stupid and not be ridiculed for it, and when it’s done while working, if it can harm the company, you should be fired. Remember, the Constitutional amendments prevent the GOVERNMENT from restricting you. If someone threatens a sitting president directly, they absolutely should be investigated. If someone yells fire in a theater and there isn’t one, they should be treated however the theater chooses.
            So no, as a representative of the company, he is not free to express his anti-American sentiments in a public forum without risking losing his job. Would your company fire you if you did something to damage their image or potentially cost THEM money? You bet they would.

          • Wendell Craven

            If he cut her throat and then cut his throat would you want to have knife control laws?

          • Bill Burtchaell

            There should be warnings on steak knives! That would fix everthing.

          • ConanTheRepublican

            HEY, NADIA THE DOPE FIEND: 2 million crimes A YEAR are THWARTED with law-abiding, registered gun owners exercising their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Sit down, and STFU. You are a DOLT.

          • jetch

            your argument is overly simplistic. what does the original intent of an object have to do with anything. if guns were originally designed to just make a loud noise, would that make a difference to you? would you change your opinion of guns in that case?? no, you wouldn’t.

            two days ago, regardless of anything else, a guy shot his girlfriend, then himself. it was his destructive, impulsive decision to do this. the gun was just an instrument used to carry out his decision. he could have just as easily stabbed or strangled her.

            using the spoon analogy isn’t so far off give my logic above. an obese person makes a destructive, impulsive decision to keep shoving ice cream into the mouth using a spoon. the spoon is an instrument used to carry out that decision.

            the quicker you people start looking at personal responsibility and self-control, this quicker gun violence will be stopped.

          • Long Chen

            “he could have just as easily stabbed or strangled her.”

            Can you clarify this point? Is either action as easy as pulling a trigger?

          • jetch

            sorry long, your argument falls short…
            i think you’re taking my comment too literally. the point was not one of “ease of use”, but rather one of probability. there are many ways he could have killed his girlfriend, and many are in use today.
            it is not out of the ordinary for someone to beat up, strangle, stab, bludgeon, or run over someone else. it happens every.. single.. day!

            back to your inferred comment, i highly doubt a deranged person is really going to kill someone based on the ease in which it takes. i don’t think it goes through their mind that pulling a trigger is much easier than stabbing with a knife, “so i’ll just pull the trigger and save myself some time.”

          • billy86

            Ask O.J.

          • milehisnk

            When the person doing it is a professional athlete, yes. But does the easyness of an action have any impact on the person who’s willing to carry it out? No.

          • rickg62

            So, since you are so in the know of what people want, what are your proposals for more control? You do realize that there are any number of laws currently on the books in this country. What changes do YOU propose, or are you like most on the left and just spout an opinion without any fact or ideas to back it up. By the way many on your side would like to take away all guns for any use, so don’t try to use that disclaimer.

          • Galt2100

            How can you eat something if you don’t kill it first? Clearly, the out of control ownership of deadly spoons must stop!

          • $2942628

            You are missing the point. Obesity and diabetes kills, blinds, and destroys lives over lifetimes. Why should we, the gun owning, flag waving, God fearing, arugula eating and exercising culture pay for that excess?

          • Hired Mind

            FFS, the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is not to make sure people can hunt. It’s to make sure that ultimate power is always vested in the people. Talk about a straw-man.

          • Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls

            What are knives made for?

          • Bill Burtchaell

            To kill people? Same as a pillow!

          • Vennoye

            You want less senseless violence and tragedies…… a better job of educating the people behind the weapons!! A fork, gun, bow, knife poses no threat to anyone without the individual behind them. As evidenced by the event with the bow and arrows in WY..rage/violence is adaptable to a variety of weapons….not just guns.

          • Garth Haycock

            Because the reason proponents of gun-control laws are not reasonable or valid. Look at the cities with the highest gun crimes. They are the cities with the strictest gun control laws. They don’t work. They never have and they never will. Those who use guns to commit crimes, be they murder or robbery, are not the people who would be affected by stricter laws.

            I would argue that guns are made to defend, rather than kill. Yes, killing with guns happens, but killing happens with other items as well, such as knives, baseball bats, bare hands, etc. Even a spoon can be used to kill someone.

            Thomas Jefferson said it best and I’ll paraphrase because I’m not sure I have the exact quote: “When the government fears the people, there is freedom; when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

            Gin laws aren’t working, so the idea of disarming the citizenry has only one purpose – to control the citizenry. I’d rather have high gun crime and freedom, than no gun crime and oppression.

          • HisStoryUn

            You are wrong again @Nadia. Gun control advocates do indeed want to take guns away from law abiding people. People who actually understand the ultimate intent of the progressive mind also understand that it is their intention – to get rid of guns all together. There is no straw man in the argument. In their warped world view it is the gun that is the problem, so if no one has a gun the world will be a better place. I suggest you do a tiny bit of homework/research before spouting off about a subject that you are woefully ignorant. Start by learning about UN Agenda 21. After you learn what the true intent of the gun banners really is then I suggest you learn a little history. The most despotic regimes of history all existed where there were no guns available for people to defend themselves. Finally – there is no “calmly conversing” over these issues with gun-banners. They are for the most part fanatics who not only want to destroy the 2nd amendment but the entire Constitution of the United States too! You for example clearly don’t want to have a “conversation” about gun control. You have already falsely decided that the whole purpose for guns is to kill people. There is no basis for cogent discussion from that nonsensical starting point.

          • David Atherton

            “No one advocating for stricter gun laws want to take guns away from people who hunt. Stop creating a straw man and arguing against something no one is arguing for. ”
            You are either ignorant or dishonest in this statement. The gun control advocates are against ALL gun ownership by civilians. They are going after all semi-automatic firearms. This includes many rifles they call “assault weapons” which are semi-auto rifles they deem to be evil because they visually resemble fully automatic military weapons. Such rifles are used daily by hunters and sportsmen across this great country.This also includes semiauto shotguns used by hunters since the early 20th century.
            The gun control movement is not about public safety. It is about taking away our only means of protecting our freedom from a tyrannical government.
            Our 2nd Amendment is not about protecting our right to hunt. It is about our God given right to self defense. Without the right to keep and bear arms, we become subjects of those who are more powerful, be it a mugger, a rapist, a psychopath, or a government bent on “fundamental transformation”.

          • milehisnk

            Gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.

          • milehisnk

            My guns were not bought, nor did I ever intend them, to kill anything. My guns are for shooting paper and steel targets.

            Guns are made to hurl a projectile. That’s all. What they are used for is up to the individual owner. A law abiding person will use a tool for legal purposes. A non-law abiding person will take any inanimate object and use it for illegal purposes.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            So, if that athlete didn’t have a gun, he and his victim would still be alive, right?

          • Michael Garvin-Steele

            Perfectly said Nadia!!!

          • Rodney Brungardt

            But saying guns cause crime is just as asinine as saying spoons make people fat. Two people lost their lives because a PERSON used a gun to commit the crime.

          • Russ Creel

            Read the U.N. Small Arms Treaty that Hillary and Obama support, you idiot. It would allow any and ALL firearms to be confiscated.

          • Russ Creel

            Another point, that is probably over your uneducated head. After Washington DC passed control laws in 1976, their murder rate went up 134%, while the nations went down 2%. I don’t know what level of math you are able to comprehend Nadia, but I will take -2% over +134% any day of the week.

          • Bill Burtchaell

            you just lost Nadia!

          • Nadia

            I lost on a website run by Michelle Malkin. LOL. Color me surprised.

          • Nadia

            Because the murder rate is only dependent upon gun control laws. Other factors like poverty don’t fit in at all. Riiiiiight. Clearly, you don’t know how to conduct a study that tests for other variables.

          • Dustin West

            Nadia, you are wrong. There are a LOT of people who would love to do away with the 2nd amendment and completely disarm US citizens. One thing you are correct about, however, is the fact that guns are made to kill. Notice that I said kill, not murder. There is a vast difference. A gun is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. It can do nothing until it is held in a person’s hand. If that person is a criminal, or has his/her mind set to harm someone, that is where the blame should be placed. A person can use a hammer to build a playhouse for their kids, or they can use it to bash someone’s skull in. A knife could be used to cut up a steak, or it could be used to murder and rob someone on a dark corner. A gun could be used for self defense or sport shooting, or it could be used to kill your girlfriend and then yourself. The point is that the evil is not in the hammer, knife or gun. It is in the person holding the tool.

          • L R

            When liberals are willing to stop legislating morality and are willing to actually talk at the table in an adult fashion, then I’ll let up. BTW, guns are for protection and have been proven to be a HUGE deterrent to violence.

          • Nadia

            LOL Liberals legislatie morality???????? What about gay marriage? What about making marijuana illegal? What about abortion? That’s cute of you. If you consistently said government should stay out of morality, I would say yes. But no, you want the government in the people’s business only when it suits YOU.

      • Henry

        Guns werent designed for killing people. Their origins camefrom a more efficient way to hunt and provide food food for their family. Check the progression of weapons and tools, they were a neccessary tool for humans to survive since we do not have the abilities of other species.

        That logic works perfectly fine. You’re the ignorant person stuck on one minorities that misuses these weapons. Guns ad ammo don’t kill people, people kill people. That is our society’s problem, always blame somebody else or something else and not take responsibility for our own actions.

        Most people that have guns are responsible law abiding citizens with knowledge of proper weapons safety.

      • Lawman45

        As the Marine Corps teaches, YOUR PRIMARY WEAPON IS YOUR MIND and in imaginative hands anything can be used as a weapon.

        How about a brand new sharpened No. 2 pencil to the eye? Yuck. Works.

        No murder needs a gun. 18″ of rebar works just fine and costs 50 cents.

      • aPLWBinAK

        Did Cain kill Abel with a Glock or a Smith & Wesson? Just curious…

      • papertiger0

        But the MAIN THING guns are created to do is to stop insane people from killing you.

        Unless you’re thinking that Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer can pass a law that cures bloodlust, jellousy, avarice, and petty crime.

        Be careful Nadia. You’re walking the streets with lady parts on you. Some asshole is liable to want to take that from you.

      • Cary

        So police only want to kill people? No. I want. To protect my family myself and maybe even you or Bob Nadia.

      • JeannieJ

        I absolutely positively do not hunt with my revolver. It’s purpose is to hurl a projectile through the barrel with enough velocity to penetrate what I aim at and hopefully, if it’s threatening my family or me…to kill them deader than the proverbial doornail. I will make absolutely no excuses or apologies for this. Thanks to a horrid economy and personal health issues for my husband, we’ve been forced to downsize into a condo purchased when the area and condominium community were beautiful and in a decent area, and inhabited by the owners. Now that 80% of them are rental units and diversity (and the desperate need to fill units causes lapses in owners’ judgment) has taken over the area, I make no bones about the fact that anyone forcing their way into my home will be shot with no intention to merely wound. My gun so far has only killed zombie shaped targets. But if someone breaks into my home, you can bet I’lI ask it to kill, and if I give it the secret handshake, you damn skippy I will kill something with it. It is, after all, only a tool. It doesn’t fire on its own. I squeeze the trigger. It doesn’t aim on its own. I aim very carefully and quite accurately. It’s my personal opinion that Nadia’s an idiot. You want reform, Nadia? More fully arm the citizens, and stop prosecuting them when they kill a freaking thug. Stop defending criminals and weeping over their long sad life stories. Not my problem. Damn. Less iced tea in the evenings. Or maybe decaf. This is a topic about which I’m passionate…does it show?

        • Holly Spoon James

          Amen…You have expressed my thoughts and feelings beautifully! Someone is always making excuses for criminals as if they have no choice but to rob, rape or kill because of their horrible lives. I call Bull$h!t!!!

          • JeannieJ

            Thanks Holly. It flummoxes me when the gun control proponents don’t stop to ask WHY would a government try to disarm its citizens? Why would a government try to control the media? Why has it happened in the past? Why would a government body want its citizens *helpless*? Frankly, it makes me tempted to acquire non-registered weapons, just in case. I’m old enough Holly, that they won’t take my gun with my cooperation.

      • MissDiane47

        Nadia, try saying that to those in Great Britain – when they were forced to turn over their antique rifles & other guns. Now the murder rate over there has more than doubled since then. Don’t believe me? Google it!

        • Guest

          TXLadyPatriot – please just ignore the fact that the UK murder rate has been steadily falling since 2002 and that it is only 1.2% compared to 4.2% for the US. But go ahead I think I interrupted your point…

          • MissDiane47

            That is total b.s. Let me guess … you got that from your beloved left-wing blogs, right? You know, the blogs that think that 2+2 doesn’t always equal 4 … While your at it, why don’t we just ban guns even for law enforcement, too … they can “duke it out” with rocks and fists instead. OMGoodness … that won’t work either; that would be considered excessive force. And we can’t have that now, can we?

          • dougie

            I got it from the BBC but they wouldn’t be able to accurately report British statistics would they? Also I checked the FBI website which reports crime rates in the US by region. Guess what… the crime rate in the North East is lower than the rest of the country despite stricter gun control laws.



            I agree that people kill people and guns are only one instrument, I also think some level of gun control is needed. I think NYC has it right but it seems we have to paint each other as extremists with no room for compromise or discussion…

          • MissDiane47

            FYI Craig … I don’t live in the UK, nor do I live under their laws. And their pseudo-statistics have been mathematically inaccurate for years.

          • Frank Fitsimonz

            Idiot. The UK does not have Millions of Mexicans. Go Figure!

          • ConanTheRepublican

            Yeah, and under Obama, the unemployment rate improved, and the deficit has been steadily going down, and there’s a chicken in every goddamned pot, isn’t there? What the hell planet are you ON?

          • milehisnk

            Nevermind the fact that the UK violent crime rate is over 4 times that of the USA…

      • maineman65

        Saying guns are only used to kill people makes you look like a idiot. Here in Maine, hunting is the big thing. He was pointing out a valid point. People complain about obesity which based on the gun hating trolls line of thought, is partially the fault of the fork or spoon.

      • Moneyrunner

        Nadia, were you born without a sense of humor or did you develop that over time? Can we have a discussion on reforming the 19th amendment?

      • peteee363

        then you must be for banning bras to, huh? a few weeks ago a woman took off her bra and strangled someone with it, those things are dangerous, lets ban the use of bras! also, can you name me all the components that make up the mechanism called a spoon? (hint, if there is only a single part it cannot be a mechanism)

        • rickg62

          And think of the danger from fall-out when she took it off. Sorry, it was juvenile, I know, but I couldn’t resist. Needed to lighten the mood. Now back to the serious discussion.

          • peteee363

            actually removing the bra seems to make the load a bit heavier, but i do get your joke. but the real joke is nobody blames the guy who pulled the trigger, they blame a steel mechanism for deciding by itself to get someone to put bullets into the chamber, and firing the bullet. it was just luck that the gun was pointing at someone when it decided to fire.

      • jsn2

        Handguns are made for sport shooting and self defense, they are not made to commit murder. If intent could be controlled there would be no crime.

        • Just Another Guy

          Exactly. If someone is trying to kill me, it is in my best interest to try to kill them first.

          • peteee363

            they are also used by government agencies to remove dollar bills from wallets, so congressman and senators can spend money all the time.

          • Just Another Guy

            Yep. That’s why the 2nd Amendment exists as a final solution that the populace can use to replace an oppressive government.

      • Tony Bracewell

        Let’s then discuss the number of people killed by physicians annually. should we ban doctors? Cigarettes kill, they should be banned. Football maims, we should outlaw football. Car racing kills it needs to be banned. And the list goes on. The second amendment guarantees our right to keep firearms to protect and to defend. Outlaw hand guns and the only the criminals will have them leaving us with no protection.

      • Jarhead83

        You wanna talk logic? Try this on for size…matches cause arson, therefore we MUST ban matches. Never mind that matches can be used for other purposes…this all boils down to the liberal mindset…if a conservative doesn’t want to own a firearm, he/she just doesn’t own one…if a liberal doesn’t approve of firearms, he/she will go out of their way to make sure that NOBODY owns them.

        • ConanTheRepublican

          Spot on, mate! Couldn’t have been said better.

      • jsn2

        Nadia is a young, naive inexperience leftist who apparently believes the rights of all citizens should be limited because of the irresponsible acts of a few. She is not really interested in defending the dead woman and child, she like all progressives/leftists, is interested in controlling the actions of those she disagrees with. In this case it is law abiding citizens with legal handguns.

        • Nadia

          I’m a “young, naive inexperienced leftist” simply because I want to have a conversation about guns? We can’t even have a conversation without twisting my words or attacking my character. It’s truly sad that two people can’t disagree on an issue and still have respect for each other.

          That’s the thing about internet comments like this. I have a great deal of conservative friends in real life and we have this discussion all the time. They’ve opened my eyes up to the fact that guns to serve some purpose in society and that people should have the basic right to own them. However, they have also respected and taken my points about reforming laws and closing gun loopholes. It’s all about just being able to have the conversation about guns, but you guys all want to shut it down. It’s okay, maybe one day we’ll be able to have this conversation like adults.

          • jsn2

            Why are democrats against requiring voter photo id?

      • Just Another Guy

        OF COURSE Guns are made to kill. They do it well.

        Especially when someone else is trying to kill you, having a gun makes it “fair” and we know that even President Obama is all about being “fair.”

        However, it isn’t the GUN that makes the decision to kill someone. It is the person that makes that decision, whether by gun, bow and arrow, baseball bat, hockey stick, rolling pin, tire iron, fist, hand, etc.

        Blame the person. NOT the tool.

      • krusatyr

        Nadia: “Defend guns”

        With what? Womb calipers, death panels, drones, Benghazi inaction, persecution of families and Christians, enabling of jihad savages or some other preferred weapon of the left?

      • TocksNedlog

        And then there are those that earnestly believe what they’ve been spoon-fed.

      • Jeffrey Conner

        It’s still the people using guns, rocks, knives, etc… that are responsible for their actions. If someone wants to kill another they will use anything they can to accomplish the task.

        Without weapons there would not be very many people in the United States or anywhere else. Do you know there were no supermarkets here for the Indians or settlers to get food or to get meat? Crops don’t grow year round you know and can you run fast enough to catch something to eat? What about clothes to wear?

        Guns are used for lots of things the same as blow guns, bows and arrows, knives, hatchets etc… for protection, hunting, sport, competition, and killing, but not just people.

        The actions of a few mentally impaired, unstable, depressed, criminal or stupid people are not grounds to eliminate everyone’s rights just because you don’t have or see a need for guns. Does making drugs illegal stop criminals from getting them and providing them to addicts? NO! Will taking away all guns away from responsible, emotionally stable people keep criminals from getting them? NO! but it will make it easier for criminals to do their dirty work.

        If you don’t want a gun don’t buy one. Guns are NOT the root cause of tragic events people are! Shall we kill all the people in the world? NO Just stay in your own yard and leave my rights and guns alone. Millions of gun owners did not kill anyone or anything today.

      • Hired Mind

        If guns only have one purpose – to kill people – then you’re saying the police, who use a gun in their work, are paid assassins. If you have the courage of your convictions (and don’t live in Washington), then lobby your local government to immediately disarm your local police. After all, that will not take a Constitutional amendment, merely the stroke of the governor’s or county sheriff’s pen – it could be done overnight.

        Then in a year’s time, when criminals rule your streets and you are a prisoner in your own home, then tell us again how guns can only kill people.

      • Bad things coming

        I think you already did that Obamabot.

      • HisStoryUn

        Guns were NOT created to kill people. There are any number of good and acceptable reasons for guns. Shot-guns are for birds and self protection. Hunting rifles are for food. Handguns are for personal defense. And for the record @Nadia – if someone kills you with a knife, I assure you that was not it’s original intended purpose but you’ll still be just as dead if it were. It is in fact your logic that is awry, which by your account makes YOU the idiot!

      • Disgused

        Nadia get real guns are made to kill but in hunting and self defense and shooting sports nothing you can do if someone is Mentally ill .. he could have hung her or used a knife like OJ .. people Mentally iLL are gonna use what they have to kill .. what Costas said he was like he can tell the future he dont know if this would have happened another way ..

      • AndiGibson

        Ahh isn’t it wonderful to know everything and be so self-righteously elitist about it?

        Guns were created for the purpose of self-defense.

        The Millions of firearms that sit unused in the possession of gun owners attests to that fact.

        And the millions more guns that are purchased because of the actions of the Dear Liar also attest to that.

        Your ‘Logic’ seems to predispose that the only way for a gun to be used is to ‘kill people’, what about the millions of instances of the presence of a gun has preventing a crime from being committed?

        Why don’t you try walking down the street of some of the worst crime ridden areas of our nation and report back to us about the efficacy of a gun in protecting the law-abiding.

      • ceemack

        The first guns were not created to take lives, but to save them.

        • Just Another Guy

          And that’s what they do today.

      • David Atherton

        The spoon analogy was not intended to be logical. It was a sarcastic remark intended to show the lack of logic in the assessment of the uneducated sportscaster, Guns do not kill people. guns are used by people to kill people. Tools are not responsible for the actions taken by their user. Does your keyboard make you ignorant? NO. You were already ignorant and used your keyboard to convey that ignorance onto the computer screen. If you do not posess the intelligence to tell the difference in logic and sarcasm, maybe you should refrain from commenting.

      • Santiago Matamoros

        A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the
        species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate
        exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to
        the mind.

      • Santiago Matamoros

        Speaking of “terrible logic,” a person can kill himself just as surely through improper diet and/or overindulgence as he can kill himself (or another) with a firearm. And how many people die each year in auto accidents? Must we all walk now, too?

        Of course, guns are dangerous, but they have beneficial uses, the most important of which is to protect the innocent and their rights to Life and Liberty.

        If law-abiding citizens were to have their firearms taken away by the government, who then would have firearms? Only criminals and . . . the government.

        And if history shows us anything, it shows us that thugs and politicians can always be trusted.

        What would *you* have free people use to defend themselves against murderers and tyrants? Spoons?

      • Peyton

        Spoons where made as a mechanism to take food that was killed with a gun from a plate to my mouth.

      • Michael Chavez

        Nadia, you are just a gun hater, and that is okay, You are perfectly entitled to have whatever misguided opinion you wish to have. All I know is that Marksmanship with firearms is practiced by millions of Americans everyday as I do with never having killed anyone or taken a shot in anger. You probably don’t know that shooting competitively is represented in various shooting events in the Olympics. In fact the American with the most Olympic Gold medals is…… Kim Rhodes, an Olympic Skeet Shooter.

        Assuming that you feeble minded statement were true, SO WHAT! The Second Amendment is not about duck hunting or target practice, It is about self-defense against aggressors foreign and domestic. So Get Over It.

        Finally, history is riddled with military hardware that has been adapted for civilian use. So the next time you punch in an address in your GPS or re-heat left overs in your microwave (originally called “radar range”), you can thank military driven inventions meant to facilitate the destruction of our fellow man.

        So… how many people have you killed lately with your Microwave and GPS? Probably Zero like me and millions of fellow law abiding gun owners.

        • Nadia

          I’m not a gun hater sweetheart. If anyone on this website knew how to read, they’d see I clearly said guns for PROTECTION AND HUNTING should be completely legal. That has never been up for discussion. So everything you’re saying beyond that is moot.

      • bret robertson

        ummm no the first gun was a rifle and it was created as a faster method to hunt for food it was later used for war i believe close to 100 years later not sure on the time frame oh and one more thing go to a gun shop ask them to a put a loaded gun in front of you pointing at you ask every one to stand as far back as possible do not touch the gun either, now tell the gun to shoot you want to know what will happen nothing a gun is inanimate a human being has to do the work for it so to sum this up using a cheesy quote guns don’t kill people people who are either evil or to stupid to no gun safety use guns to kill people (( ok not exact quote but you get the idea))

      • David Allen McKimmey

        ” Guns were created for one purpose- to kill people. ”

        …and you’re point is…?

        • David Allen McKimmey

          Call me silly, but I’m thinking that putting a bullet or two into this football player as he aimed at his girlfriend might not have been a bad thing….(was he a big player? Make it three bullets!)

      • Kristi Walker

        You are right, Nadia. Guns ARE made to kill. If a criminal, or violent human being, comes at me with their gun from the black market, or wherever, with the express purpose to kill me, he/she should be prepared to be killed…with my perfectly registered Glock. And yes, a gun killed both of these people, exactly as the murderer planned. (it makes no difference that he was a football player, he’s a murderer) If his girlfriend had owned a 38, as I do and carry with me, she possibly could have defended herself by shooting his kneecap off instead of him shooting her and then himself. Then neither he, nor she, would have been killed. Excellent point and thank you for making it. However, if he’d gotten help instead of resorting to killing people, guns wouldn’t be an issue, now would they? Would you want to take away baseball bats if he’d used that to kill her with? Just curious. Also, you should do some research to note that more people are murdered with regular household items…knives, bats, golf clubs, etc…than with guns.

        • Nadia

          Hey I never said we should do away with guns so I don’t know why you are saying we should take away baseball bats because they are used to kill. I think guns serve a very valuable purpose. If someone is threatening your life, you absolutely have the right to use your legally purchased gun for protection.

          All I want to do is open up the conversation. Guns are a dangerous weapon and often times we lose sight of that fact. Sometimes they are acquired legally by people who should not have been given them. Look, we have to jump through all types of hoops to do different things. Would it really hurt to jump through some hoops to get a gun? And I know that some states have laws in place which work and are better than others. But if it takes you a little bit longer to get a gun, at the end of the day, if you still have your gun, what’s the problem? Maybe some people do want to take away guns altogether, but I am not one of them and I think you’d be surprised at the amount of liberals who do not want to do away with all guns, they simply want to be able to have a conversation about it without being attacked.

          Anyway, thanks for your comment. You were actually polite and reasonable.

      • jnarcus

        You apparently haven’t the understanding of hunting to appreciate the fact that guns make it easier to kill ones dinner. Interesting how quick you are to blame the gun and make NO MENTION of Belcher drug and alcohol abuse….but hey those just make us feel good right?

    • Carl Smith

      Do cereal killers use spoons?

      • Lawrence Malcolm


      • Bad things coming

        Good one!

      • Alan E. Whitmoyer

        No. According to Monty Python’s Flying Circus, they would choose the deadly banana.

    • JB Jacks

      More than 1,200,000 have died from guns just since the end of vietnam ( More than IN
      ALL wars we have fought combined ) Explain that – You gun schmucks

      • kch50428

        How many people have died because of car crashes? You want to ban cars? If we say no to that, are we car schmucks?

      • milehisnk

        You really shouldn’t spread lies. That’s blatantly not true. Less than 500,000 have been killed by guns since 1975, while more than 1.3 million Americans have died in all the wars combined. Now who’s the schmuck?

    • $2942628

      Does the NFL drive players to beat their wives and kill their girlfriends? When the NFL shuts down I’ll turn in my guns.

  • jeremy_turner

    What is NBC doing letting him make such ridiculous comments? On Sunday Night NFL? For real???

  • David

    Shut up and go to your hole in the ground Bob

  • Mtcazador

    Saying it will not make it come true, Bob. Keep dreaming. There will be another revolution before the guns get swiped, bud. Laughable liberal drooling.

    • Sheila Plourde

      I so agree!!!! My guns are my guns!

  • bitshuffler

    I couldn’t believe this Costas drivel when he was spitting it up like he had any knowledge whatsoever. To blindly quote Whitaker’s false accusations… And to blame a gun for these deaths is a poor example of a need for any control. If a professional footabll player couldn’t kill his girlfriend who, just three months ago, gave birth using his bare hands, or perhaps a chair leg, a 2×4, a fireplace poker, a knife, etc. is a bit of, ah, crap.

  • Jennifer F.

    My jaw dropped. Using a tragedy like that to push your liberal views. So inappropriate and insensitive. Not to mention his logic was looney! NBC should be ashamed but they’ll probably just give him a raise instead.

    • Teddy Joe Saye

      Jennifer you got that right

  • William J. Miller

    Probably half of the audience are Texans (myself included). Lecturing us on gun safety is like lecturing Einstein on relativity. It’s the person, not the weapon, Bob. If Belcher didn’t have a gun, we would probably be hearing about how he stabbed his girlfriend, and then ran his car off of a bridge.

    Take your moral superiority elsewhere.

  • Jon

    Bad timing Bob… #Wyoming #libtard #frommycolddeadhands

  • waltermitty2012

    Crazy people shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun, much less have access to one. If you can figure that out, you could probably solve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, cure world hunger, and figure out the next winner of the Super Bowl.

    • tornadojo

      But what if they bought the gun before they became crazy?

  • It’s just me again

    Hey Bob Costas, the day before this tragedy a man walked into a classroom in Wyoming shot his father with a compound bow, then stabbed him until he died. He had already stabbed his father’s girlfriend to death. When he was done, he killed himself with said knife. My question to you, should we ban knives and compound bows too?

    • Finrod Felagund

      To steal an old line, every word Bob Costas said was wrong, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.

    • catb55

      Ban sportscasters .. then fans could watch a game in peace.

      • Lawrence Malcolm

        Yep! I remember they tried that with the NFL back in the 70’s and 80’s – no-commentary televised football games! Revive that concept!

    • electedface

      No, Kelly. We should not. We should however recognize that America is the number one first world country in firearm deaths. I’m not saying there is an immediate solution, but don’t pretend like death by firearms are not getting out of control.

      • LightSabre

        What’s out of control is that parents have done a very poor job of providing their children with firearm instruction. If more decent, law-abiding citizens were armed (and the thugs knew that), there would be many less decent people loosing their lives at the hands of people of ill will.

      • krusatyr

        Who’s doin the killin in Chicago? Punks produced by government’s fifty year war on families are brought up by same and baby mamas, with help from feckless government schools pushin entitlement.

      • Lisa Dean

        Check your information Patrick Shane
        The United States has the highest gun related INJURIES not gun related DEATHS.

      • milehisnk

        Actually, death by firearm, even as the population is growing, is actually reducing. Gun related deaths have dropped 18 of the past 20 years. So no, “death by firearms” are not getting out of control, they are just becoming more publicized.

        Also, the USA has a lower incident rate of violent crime than many countries with strict gun control…UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Finland…Yet we have more firearms in private hands than most of their militaries have.

      • It’s just me again

        You should go do some research. U.S. firearm deaths are shrinking, while in the rising, Patrick. Worldwide statistics show that banning firearms shows an increase in firearm deaths. Go check it out. Just because we are inundated with salacious stories such as this tragedy, doesn’t mean there is an increase in murder/suicides.

      • It’s just me again

        Go check the statistics on firearm deaths in the U.S. (they have been on the decline for many years). Then check the U.K. which has a ban in place (increasing rapidly). The media inundates us with salacious stories distorting our perception that they are somehow increasing. Not the case. Firearm deaths are, in fact, NOT getting out of control. We would not be discussing chopping off everyone’s hands if he had strangled her or beaten her to death, nor outlawing baseball bats, fireplace pokers, the list goes on and on. Costas should have used his moment to highlight the very real issue of domestic violence, that was the problem, not the gun.

  • Angie (D)

    Yep, gun control will totally stop football players from killing wives/girlfriends — just ask OJ Simpson!

  • mike edson

    To bad his girl friend did not have a gun. A life would have been saved

  • jm

    Bob Costas #Idiot

  • John Carson

    why yeees… let’s ban guns bcz this spoiled, greedy, selfish, incompetent, psychotic, no moral Freak used a ”gun” to kill…. and if we had a ”gun ban”… 1- he would have NEVER been able to get one… 2- if he DIDN’T have a gun… he would have NEVER killed.. bcz NO ONE KILLS WITH A KNIFE.. OR.. their bare hands… NEEEVER …. people ONLY kill with GUNS…. FUCK YOU BOB.. FN IDIOT

  • TundraThunder

    If Costas knows about the bow and arrow attack at Casper College, he might call for banning bows and arrows, then any other pointy objects, and all rocks will also have to be crushed into sand.

    • louisiana_mom

      And ropes, poisonous plants, tree limbs, ………………………… Ugh!

  • pairadimes

    Another celebrity limousine liberal who could not feed himself if the power went out, but needs to tell the rest of us we are too stupid to look after ourselves and must be managed by government minders. Freedom comes with a price, you fool.


    Kiss my … Costas

  • syvyn11

    Wonder if Costas would be happy if Belcher killed his GF with a knife or strangled her with his bare hands?

  • religionandhistory

    Perhaps this is the tip of the iceberg and Eric Holder is now funneling guns to the N.F.L. instead of to drug cartels to promote the Obama agenda !

    • mdtljt

      …but he will deny it to the heavens when it’s exposed and takes a year to investigate…

  • Rob Jones

    Hey, he’s on NBC. What can you really expect. The professional douchecanoe network.

  • Tim Johnson

    Interesting how little time the media gave to the Casper, Wyoming killings this week once they saw no guns were involved.

  • Bizness22

    Because guns have always been the only way to kill someone. Good and cool to know I’m immortal against everything but bullets!

    Hey Bob, are you aware of the fact that a gun gives my 5’1″ grandma the ability to defend herself against a 6’3″ guy?

    • Bob Nelson

      There’s a reason why it’s called “the equalizer”. Also had Nicole or Ron had a gun, one or both of them might still be alive today. Back in the 90s when Colin Ferguson (driven mad apparently by raaaaacism) shot 6 people dead and wounded 19 on the Long Island Railroad), libertarian Boston talk radio host Gene Burns wondered if some could have been saved if other passengers had carried guns and shot Colin..maybe a lot fewer victims if someone had. Ferguson still breathes though (got a 300+ yr sentence)

  • Lemrob

    Hey Bob. Automobiles kill people. Should we ban them too?

  • Sheila Plourde

    I don’t think so Mr. Costas, the bad ones will always have guns and it isn’t the Gun that kills it is the PERSON that has the gun!!!!!

  • Peyton

    Yes make guns illegal to stop murders, because murder isn’t illegal.

  • MikeMarkCA

    Too bad Ron Goldman wasn’t in possession of a concealed carry permit that night in Brentwood, maybe he could have shot a knife wielding ex-football player and maybe he and Nicole Brown would be alive today. Hey Bob, in America we try to keep our sports and politics separate, you should have known better… but like your idol says, never let a good tragedy go to waste.

  • Flash Freak 342

    As a sportscaster, Mr. Costas is a legend. As a person of tack and staying on topic of JUST football, he fails! I will support the type of speech he spewed, because I will defend the right to his free speech, even though it makes me ill. A halftime football broadcast is NOT the place to make anyone’s political views known. * facepalm*

  • TexHogger

    Here is what I posted to Facebook and the NBC FB page….

    Bob Costas of NBC Sports, all I can say is
    BULLSHIT!!!! Yes it is a tragedy that he took his life, and the life of
    others, but the person behind the gun is the problem, not the firearm or
    the laws that allow us citizens of the United States of America to
    possess, use in a responsible manner, and defend our Liberties give you
    the right on national television to blame the handgun. Screw you NBC!!!

  • reshas1

    My favorite… Running Bare [email protected]_bare

    #BobCostas heading to the locker room, after spraining his vagina.#nfl #nbc #snf @SNFonNBC

    • c2

      That’s our site owner…and my real life best friend. Brings a little tear to my eye. Lol (I just showed him your post.)

      • reshas1

        LOL, I hope he doesn’t mind I posted that… I just sent it to my husband who is at a neighbors watching the game and just saw the Costas spewing.. He says he’s an idiot..

        • c2

          Mind? Oh heck no. Lol

  • Jer

    I recall a famous ex-NFL player who got away with murdering his wife and her friend with a knife. As if a football player couldn’t murder a woman with his bare hands. “Oh, but it wouldn’t have been as efficient.” That would have been a lot of comfort.

    Bob has always seemed to believe that his unique genius is too big to be confined to the world of sports. Actually, it’s not nearly big enough even for that.

  • disqus_K9Du0tIVrE

    Now that he’s rightfully been blasted for his stupid comments watch for him in the next day or two to try and soothe his ridiculous ego. Message to Bob: You’ve said your peace. Now shut up and take your beating like a man.

  • imustb stupid

    Hey Bob……Your certainly entitled to your opinion….Without guns you wouldn’t have the freedom to voice your opinion..! It’s the crazy people using the weapon …not the weapon…Your a smart guy….think about it.. Enjoy your freedom Bobby…..

  • BigSky1970

    If a guy strangles his wife, do we ban hands?

  • LoriGirl

    What a douchebag, Costas.

  • Clarence Worley

    It’s only natural for a liberal to turn a tragedy into a political debate.

  • Lisa 670

    Idiotic…take away guns and the criminals will still find ways to get them.

  • KKaren Barnette

    You really think that Bob? Lots of things to use to kill someone around the house. Remember the muslim in NY? He cut his wife’s head off with a knife. Do we need to ban knives and start eating with plastic sporks?

  • Kelly Klaas

    Bob Costas should stick to what he does best…look like an arrogant old man trying to still look like 25 on TV. Leave it alone Mr. Arrogance, you know nothing of what you speak!

  • W Randall

    My cousin who was a black-belt beat his wife to death with his bare hands then stabbed her multiple times with a household knife. He then used a gun to take his own life.

    The only thing gun control would have done is prevent my cousin from saving the tax payers thousand of dollars in court and prison cost.

    Maybe Costas should dedicate his “voice” to speaking about the drug and alcohol addictions in pro-sports, I didn’t hear any comments from him about States approving recreational marijuana legislation.

    All the people riding the pro-sports “gravy train”, including the families, coaches, owners, sports casters, usually keep quiet about the athletes problems for fear that the cash flow will stop.

    A gun was the tool used this time, but the smallest part of the problem.

  • Mr. Saturn

    Yes, because a large, well muscled football player couldn’t find any other way to kill a person.

  • Herman LaClair

    exactly what i tuned in to see…a sportscaster lecturing me on gun control.
    does anyone miss charlton?

  • Peyton

    This is bad, but is it wrong that I hope someone tries to abduct Bob Costas tonight and someone with a concealed carry steps in and saves him?

  • VL123

    He thought he was being profound…in his Bob Costas sort of way… NO Bob…you just showed your leftism. When he did that tribute to the 72 Olympics in London, I had respect for him…now…not so much. Disappointing Bob!

  • Peyton

    Attention Criminals, Bob Costas and Jason Spurlocks houses are not protected by guns. Myself and other gunowners will not protect them, as to abide by their wishes.

  • jvan0608

    Who the hell does Bob Costas think he is, hihacking NFL football to push his political BS. That man needs to be fired.

  • VL123

    Yes….ironic that this week has many other incidents. Wyoming with a bow, of course KC, and then the Browns where the guy hung himself. Should we ban bows and rope?

  • imustb stupid

    Hey Bob…..Your an Asshole…….Only real way to called it…and I’ve always been a fan and will still enjoy your body of work but, in this regard I call it how i see it…your a douchebob….

  • Elizabeth Honce

    No, he would have stabbed the crap outta her and then himself.

  • d1comment

    Bob Costas is a wee little man…no literally.

  • Stanley Blanchard

    8 million Jews that Hitler Murdered wouldn’t have been killed if they kept there GUNS YOU JACKA$$ LIB FOOL

    • Bob Nelson

      Adolf, Stalin, Amin, Castro, all agree: Gun control works

  • Tara

    If there were no mic’s in the world a whole lot of idiots would be in an insane asylum right where they belong. *smh* ~ Naw, if he didn’t have a gun, it would’ve just taken longer and more painful with whatever weapon he could get his hands on ~ knives, hatchets, even cars. IDIOTS.

  • Diane Stephan

    The botox has made it’s way to Bob’s brain.

  • Larry Peoples Sr

    Translation: Jovan Belcher was a victim too! Him saying this crap while probably hiding behind ARMED SECURITY at Texas Stadium, NBC Studios and probably living in a secured apartment building in NYC. What a hypocrite douchebag!

  • Tortillapete

    Never trust a man who dyes his hair and wears lifts…

  • Charm4sure

    Costas opining on things he knows nothing about. Hand someone a microphone and they start believing they are an expert everything and, therefore, have the expertise to comment on everything. Stick with what you know Costas. Nobody gained any IQ points from your comments.

  • c2

    People watch football to escape the constant drumbeat of leftist propaganda on television. The NFL needs to hear from all of us.

    • Donald Borsch Jr.

      Twitter is exploding right now. NBC will have to take notice. Of course, they will dismiss us as peasants, but…

  • saywhatsaywhat

    Matt Lauer no longer biggest douchebag on NBC.

  • hotnblak

    Stick to giving your half assed interpretation of “sports” pencilneck, why don’ you start calling badminton matches. BTW , your haircolor looks like $hit.

  • saywhatsaywhat

    Besides, can’t we even watch a football game without getting liberal propaganda? geez

    • Donald Borsch Jr.

      Not on NBC you can’t.

  • louisiana_mom

    So, according to the Left’s logic, there was no murders, crime, or domestic violence before guns were invented? Ugh! I’m am so sick of the idiots!

  • tornadojo

    If he was in the frame of mind to kill someone, he could have used a knife, axe, rope, nylons, plastic bag, poison, hammer, ashtray, gas oven, duct tape, bath tub, toilet, baseball bat, or even his hands. Should we outlaw all of those things?

    • Donald Borsch Jr.

      Yes. Yes, ban them all! The only legit murder is Planned Parenthood.

  • Donald Borsch Jr.

    One word: Typical.

    Oh, and tedious, predictable, condescending, jackassery, etc, etc. NBC simply does not cease to amaze.

  • USAwhole_#TCOT

    When did MSNBC start carrying Football Night in America?

  • john j

    What about Chris Benoit? If this guy did like him and choked the life outta his girl then we see it as concussions and steroids? He could’ve just as easily choked her dead.

  • TocksNedlog

    Another one of NBC’s talking heads has revealed his left-wing bias?
    Color me NOT shocked.

  • John Fowler

    If guns kill people, instead of people, why are the Chiefs’ Piloli and Crennel alive? How could the gun know to skip certain victims?

  • George Moore

    Bob,just shut up and leave the serious issues to those qualified. You are a pathic announcer and even worse at 2nd amendment arguments. Bob, you haven’t been relavant in 10 years.

  • smooth operator

    To Bob Costas, Jason whitlock and cbs sports: You absolutly proved you are anti American and you are very feeble minded. The USA was founded on GOD-GUNS-GUTS. —You and your kind will never ever take my guns except from my “cold dead fingers”.

  • Boiseboy1

    Yes, Bob Costas, guns are the problem. Nicole Brown Simpson would be alive today if OJ hadn’t shot her with that knife.

  • TocksNedlog

    Remind me, is there any evidence that Drew Peterson’s wives died by gunshot?
    And yet, dead they are.

  • stuntdiver

    Bob Costas Should stick to sports, and not comment of things he knows nothing about.
    Hey cars kill tens of thousands of people every year we need to ban them too. Bob you are more likely to be killed by lightening than a mass murderer with a gun, hey lets ban lightening too.

  • Teddy Joe Saye

    Bob keep your liberal views about gun control to yourself. Hell if I ran over you in the parking lot you going to ban my car? Idiot

  • Conservaguy

    I wonder if moron Costas and idiot Whitlock would have been happier if Belcher had stabbed her to death and then hung himself? Would they want to ban knives and rope? These people are so freaking stupid it’s amazing they can get by in life.

  • $29520529

    Bob is a racist! Why you ask? He obviously wants to keep guns out of black people’s hands! Can’t have “them” having guns, right Bob!

  • TocksNedlog

    Jason Whitlock should be fired.

    Bob Costas can just go f*** himself to Hell.

  • $36364326


  • xristosdomini


    Okay, take the gun away from Javon Belcher. Instead of two people dead by gunshot, you have a 22 year old girl hacked to death with a butcher knife and Belcher slitting his own throat/wrists at Arrowhead instead of blasting his medulla oblongata. It’s slower and more drawn out, but the end result is roughly the same. It is a serious logical flaw to look at the actions of Belcher (a man who clearly had some kind of mental breakdown) and assume that the only reason he committed murder and died was because he had a gun. I can’t imagine the kind of mindset it requires to say that people commit murder because they have a gun… because I know too many people who own guns that cannot stand the thought of committing murder.

    If you are trying to build a house and someone takes away your hammer, you are going to find a way to drive nails. It’s that simple.

  • $36364326

    Another lame attempt at another smoke screen to take attention from Benghazi? It’ll work for a minute. These morons think they are exempt from what is happening with GMO “fiscal cliff” budget nonsense smokescreen, loss of internet, martial law, drone attacks. Whatever happens on a national scale will affect everyone here including politicians police doctors lawyers libs dems reps conservs ALL inclusive!

  • Zefal

    Experiment: See if NFL linebacker can kill bob costas without a gun. bob should have no reservations taking part in the experiment since he already knows it’s not possible.

  • Garth Haycock

    Mr. Costas, when folks tune in to watch a football game and listen to you do the play by play, they don’t want you to contaminate the broadcast with your political opinion.

  • TocksNedlog

    Just think, Jason Whitlock! If Belcher had no gun he might have strangled or smothered or beat his girlfriend with his fists. This might have resulted in her being in a vegetative coma . . . but at least she’d still be alive; right?

  • Zach Peterson

    One word: causality.

  • paul avery

    NBC makes everyone nuts!

  • ND

    so seeing as how one can get a gun if its legal or not, i guess that we have to destroy every gun in the world to prevent more gun killings. lol only way i can think of to stop it for good! so until then, im going to continue enjoying my firearms

  • Ryne Hoover

    My email to Bob Costas, via NBC:

    Dear Bob Costas,

    Who gave you the right to use a forum like Sunday Night Football to express YOUR OPINIONS on current gun control laws? You are not a news person, thankfully, and you are not on a news or opinion show. Keep your thoughts about everything non-football to yourself.

    Because of you I will no longer be viewing NBC until they distance themselves from you. They had very few things I cared to watch anyways, hockey, the Olympics, and SNF were about it, and I can do without those if they will allow someone like you to spout your opinions without giving a fair chance at a rebuttal.

    Good day and I hope you are forced to apologize,
    Ryne Hoover
    Gun Rights Advocate
    Legal Gun Owner
    Person Using His Guns For Sport and Protection

  • Steve Or Bat

    What a total and complete idiot Bob Costas is. If you don’t like guns, that is your choice, but you have no right to tell me that I do not need my firearms. Drunk drivers kill people too, as do people with baseball bats, knives, rope and their bare hands. Costas should be fired immediately for this stupid rant. What other constitutional rights do you want to do away with? Because once one is in danger more will follow.

  • Guest

    Uh Mr. Costas please try and stick to what you do worst and that is call football and get down off the soap box. For Christ sake you had to quote a reporter and not only that you read it all from a teleprompter. Better yet you dumb ass stick your microphone where the sun don’t shine and SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!

  • Alex Brown

    No Bob! Your NFL dirtbag was nothing less than a killer at heart and as it turned out a coward too! He murdered his girl then ended his life, which was the best thing he did that day. If more killers would do the same the rest of us would live in peace. Maybe we should ban Hollywood for its use of violence at every opportunity not to mention video games doing the same? Hollywood teaches our youth to kill from day one and yet we allow it to continue……I wonder what the left would say to banning itself from our airwaves, theaters and games? Opps, lets not talk about that as the bottom line is much more important.

  • aPLWBinAK

    Hey Bob, you stick with talking about ball games, and let the adults worry about our inalienable rights.

  • kewee


  • James Disbrow

    How many people are killed by drunk drivers? Gonna have to make alcohol and automobiles illegal now. Yeah, right. Get a life Costas.

  • Steh

    Bob Costas should be fired and totally removed for TV. This is and was not the place for a platform like that. Shame on him.

  • Guest

    Will you have your body guards give up theirs first? Actually Bob just sit down, shut up and have a few more drinks. Afterall it is what you do best.

  • douglas59

    According to FBI statistics, more people are killed in auto accidents today than are killed in gun violence. (Except in Chicago where they have strict gun control) How’s THAT working out for you Rahm? When are we going to ban the car!!!

  • Susan ayers

    what a idiot!

  • papertiger0

    Bob Costas has always been a jerk. You remember back during the Athens Olympics?
    Bob spend the better part of the opening ceremony “preparing” us for the shower of boo’s he imagined the Greek citizenry would hurl at our atheletes, as “just deserts” in his mind for President Bush invading Saddam’s Iraq.

    When the time came, our atheletes marched out to a hero’s standing ovation. Seems the Greeks, being in Saddam’s neighborhood in the line of fire, had a different opinion regarding that war. Collectively.

    Bob Costas can shut his pie hole. And to tell the truth, even before he started inserting his brain dead politics into the sports conversation, I disliked his ambiguously gay metrosexual take on major sporting events.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Hey @BobCostas! I bet if the 19 hijackers on 9/11 didn’t have their guns, the WTC would still be standing… oh yeah.

  • Christopher Rogers

    If you want to really get into how bad NBC was, look at the comments made by Dan Patrick before the football game started. Gun control wasn’t the issue, but they constantly treated this tragedy like it was a random accident, not a murder.

    Satire of the story at:

  • stuckinIL4now

    To me, Costas has been irrelevant for years, decades even. I change the channel when he appears. There’s nothing he has to say that I wanna hear. He’s just another talking head who’s too full of himself.

  • killdozerd11R


    Hey bob go work for ALGORE

  • Kevin Blankenship

    Bob Costas just lost 99% of my respect with such a lame arguement!! The more relevent arguement would be against the violent pressured sport of NFL football! Steroids or just the entire culture of excess surrounding pro Athletes! To jump on the blame an inanimate object for a killing is an obsurd leftist diversion and its wearing thin!

  • WESTPORT1963

    Go away Whitlock

  • shane_c

    Costas is a leftist. He doesn’t like football. He said years ago that its “too violent” I remember seeing a show he was on years ago where he touted Michael Moore’s socialist health care ideas. So this shouldn’t be a surprise. This is bad enough, but the guy doesn’t like football so why is he announcing it?

  • angry Americans

    Boycott Bob Costas!!!

  • Richard Wellman

    And in Costas’ mind, no one has ever stabbed anyone, whacked someone in the head with a bat, hung themselves, jumped off bridges or walked into traffic. The “if but not for X” argument is the dumbest and lamest argument out there. It completely ignores all the other ways someone can kill someone else or themselves.

  • Jerry Erb

    send e-mail and make calls to the nfl, cbs, all the advertisers on sunday night football about how this ding dong (sorry to insult bells) used this MURDER and the show they support with there money to push his political ideas and cause many of us to not want anything to do with the nfl or the people that supported last nights show. i for one will not shop at walmart, buy bud beer, or any other product that was advertised during the show because of this rant until the advertisers denounce his actions. there are so many other places to get the same type of products at about the same prices.IE. Kmart, local small business and of course the internet. sure it might not be a super big dent in there income but when enough people show there displeasure it can have an impact on cbs advertising income. its worth trying. we need to make a lot of noise over this. we all know he is so far out in left field he is in the cheap parking lot.

  • dawn_michelle

    Shut up, Bob, so we can enjoy the football game before my gun makes me shoot my TV.

  • Cary

    You smoking crack Bob ? What a pussy. Now all the theives know its safe to rob your house.

    • Chris W.

      I’m sure Bob has plenty of armed security defending himself and his family, don’t kid yourself.

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    Educate your children about the second amendment. People growing up in America do not understand what happens when it’s citizens can’t defend themselves from tyranny. I don’t want to make my kids find out the hard way.

    • louisiana_mom

      I already have. Also, educate your children about the true freedoms we have in this country and that just because something has the word “free” in it doesn’t make it a “freedom.” Too many think free birthcontrol, free lunch, free Obamaphones, free to love anyone of any sex, etc. are “freedoms” while they are willing to let our true freedoms of gun ownership, rights to religion, etc be trampled upon

  • John

    “Uber-wealthy learjet liberal with uber-wealthy learjet liberal neighbors doesn’t understand why the hoi polloi could possibly feel a need to protect themselves.”

    In other news, several men were arrested for disorderly conduct after getting into a melee that left some seriously injured. Apparently the brawl stemmed from an argument over the nature of an elephant. What puzzled police was that they were all blind…

  • willy

    To quote a wise man. “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian.”

  • willy

    Would we all be safer if there were no guns in the US? Hard to say. I do believe however that It’s not 1776 and that ship has sailed. So now what? We can’t get rid of all the guns, it’s impossible. Outlawing guns would only inure that the guns that are here are owned by outlaws.

  • Dave Maitland

    I want to know why didnt they jump to a commercial ? why is he still employed? where is his apology to All of the Sports fans – gun owners– sportsman– and the military — Do we need to ban Cars ? they kill people– ban trees they kill– how about banning bikes — they kill — see Bobby almost anything can KILL -get off the air — MSNBC ( NBC ) Yor a commie leftist news reporting agency – one reason at 7 am — I switch channels I cant stand Matt Lauer and the others on that LEFTIST Nasty Show — Think I will watch today and get a list of advertisers and write letters to them and quit buying from those companies

  • Gallatin

    In a choice between professional football and guns I choose guns. Ban professional football, or at the very least take away its exemption from the Sherman Antitrust Act.

  • Jack Renoud

    Maybe we should have football control. Make it flag football instead. Or better yet, maybe we should enact sports control doe all sports. Maybe we should limit the income for sports participants and sports announcers like Costas and maybe people wouldn’t be lured into playing this ridiculous game. Bob Costas makes a huge amount of money from commenting on this game.Maybe this fellow would be alive today if Costas wasn’t a part of the bloodsuckers who feed off these poor fellows. To use this horrific tragedy as a forum for gun control is so dumb.

  • digger

    To borrow a phrase from Archie Bunker: Would it make you feel any better, Bob, if she was pushed out of a window?

  • disqus_Jbic5WS3zW

    I too turned the game off at halftime. I am a Cowboys fan and happy with the team win, but I can not listen to a “sports announcer” continue to give his personal beliefs on air. As long as Bob Costas works for NBC, I will choose to turn the channel.

  • Justin Case

    Yes that was pathetic Costas. Really low class to use this awful incident to promote your political agenda. Sad misuse of the public airwaves.

  • Líam

    Of course there should be greater gun control, and as a Briton, I’m very proud that we have amongst the strongest such laws in the developed world.

    A country which allows in its very constitution the right for citizens to arm themselves is a rotten country with a shameful constitution.

    • milehisnk

      So you’re proud to live in a place where after a ban on arms, handgun crime increased 50%? You’re happy to live in a place that has a violent crime rate over 4 times ours in the USA? You’re glad to live in a place where the government can control you as they see fit, with no ability to respond if necessary?

      I’m proud we kicked british rear out of our country nearly 240 years ago, and I’m proud of our Constitution which gives us more freedom than any Brit can ever comprehend, let alone have, without moving here.

  • Red Fred

    We really want to at least watch football without more political crap being shoved down our throats. Somebody loan him a firearm.

  • Molly Walsh

    Damon wrote:
    Bob Costas, you pompous ass! I’m throwing the bullsh-t flag on your anti-handgun commentary about the idiot KC football player who killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide! B.S.! You’re right on one fact, if he didn’t have a gun, he wouldn’t have shot his girlfriend. He would have beaten her to death, or maybe stabbed her, or maybe used a baseball bat… its not about the guns you moron! How about considering this instead… maybe if SHE had had a gun, maybe she would have killed him in self defense and then she’d be around to be a mother to her baby girl!!! Ever think of that!?!?!?!

  • lizzie893833

    Tell ya what Bob. Have the security company remove all your home security equipment, ditch the limo, Move into a normal, subdivision which inevitably requires you to drive through some sketchy parts of town to get to work THEN you start telling me about how awful it is to own a gun. Why does NBC have armed guards at their doors? Why? It’s because itty bitty YOU feels safer knowing that you are protected from the idiots by some men w/ guns. Such a complete hypocrite. In honor of your comments, I am going to go ahead and buy that semi-automatic pistol I’ve been thinking about. Between you and obama, guns are going to become almost extinct…from a supply position.

  • SFerggie

    Guns are against the law in Mexico. Hows that working out you stupid POS?

    • 66pugs99

      Mexico, an underdeveloped country, is a terrible comparison. Guns are not against the law in Canada, but owning a hand gun in a home is. Canada’s murder rate is one tenth of the America’s, with very similar demographics and culture. How’s that working out for them? Extremely well.

      • milehisnk

        Canada’s violent crime rate is twice what it is in America. So again, how’s that anti-gun thing working out in Canada? Not very well. The UK has banned guns, and their violent crime rate is over 4 times what the US violent crime rate is. Yeah, gun control works great…ask any rapist, burglar, robber…

  • Kevin Goettl

    If O.J didn’t have a knife, Nicole Brown and her friend would still be alive. If drunken uncle Teddy Kennedy didn’t have an Oldsmobile, Mary Jo would be alive today.

  • Norma McCaston Honey

    There is more than one way to commit murder/suicide. Using a gun is only one option.

  • 66pugs99

    Sometimes you just have to do the right thing, even if it means you’ll get a lot of criticism for it. It was extremely brave for Costas to speak out in the face of what will be hate by certain groups of people.

    • milehisnk

      You’re right. That’s why I stand up and do the right thing. I call Costas an idiot and an anti-American and request that sponsors quit paying the network until he gets fired.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Hey, Bob, stick to sports and stay outta politics.

  • News Reporter

    The bodies have not even reached room temperature, yet Bob Costas feels the need to tell me gun control should be discussed instead remembering two precious lives.

  • Debbie Swift

    I hear about people murdering other people with guns every day. In 2010 there were 8775 murders by guns in the United States according to the FBI. How many murders by bow and arrow were there?

    • milehisnk

      I’m sorry, but what’s the point of this comment?

      • Debbie Swift

        I was responding to a post that has since been taken down.

  • Cosmo

    Yes, Bob, tell me about how all the criminals will turn in their guns if guns are outlawed. Moron.

  • jsn2


    I think the time has come to prohibit shrimpy sportcasters from spewing their unwelcome leftist political views during sporting events.

  • nm2

    Missed half time. Is this the lil guy, who looks like Nancy Pelosi ?

  • Joe D’Andrea

    No one should have guns! Um…unless they are body guards for the idiot’s like Costas! He needs to be banned from football!

  • Drill baby drill

    Costas is an idiot! Take the felons out of the NFL first.

    Say guns were illegal, the thugs the NFL call “Linebackers”
    would still kill their baby-momma’s, just with outlawed guns.

    If a player is willing to commit MURDER, using a “illegal
    gun” would not stop them at all.

  • grayfozx114

    With any luck, although in this political climate it is unlikely, Bob Costas just committed political and broadcasting suicide! It happened to Howard Cosell for and inadvertent but inappropriate comment! We will see….

  • icy69hot

    Hea Bob, a spoon made Fluffy guy fat, my pensil misspelled a word on my test, your car caused you to get that DUI. Bob your an idiot, guns are tools nothing more, this guy could have used a knife or drugs or even a rope, you dope. People kill other people not the tools they have. Say a guy breaks into your home, attacks your children are you gonna yell nasty words to him or grab a “TOOL” like a gun,knife or ballbat to fend off this jerk and protect your family..Get real with facts, a nut will kill reguardless

  • TMB

    Take away guns for law biding citizens then only criminals will have guns. Like leading the lambs to the wolves. Just look what is happening in Mexico the innocents can’t defend themselves from the criminals and are being slaughtered. Mr Costas you are a idiot for grandstanding a personnal opionion on live TV about a 2nd Ammendment issue.

  • Jonathan D. Turner

    Does anyone remember OJ Simpson? Just wondering.

  • Al DiPrima

    Since Nov. 7 2000 in the state of Texas alone there has been at least one death a day via automobiles. So far 42620 + so where is Bloomberg and Brady for car control laws?

    • papertiger0

      Sheesh. You Texans need to take a drivers course. Either that or stay off the sidewalk.

  • $1014973

    Question for everyone out there. If your neighborhood erupted in riots and you were stuck there to fend for yourselves, would you head to the neighbor that a) hates guns and won’t allow them in their house or b) the neighbor with lots of guns, ammo and will to use them?

    • milehisnk

      c) I would be the neighbor with lots of guns and ammo…

  • sanders

    He needs to be fired he should have done this on his time not over the air thos country.. is hot after the election and now with the fiscal cliff crap and he wants to run his mouth about 2 nd. Amendment rights I’ll never watch a sports game hes on from now on

  • electedface

    This isn’t the 1700’s anymore. The days of militias are long gone. When more deaths are the result of ignorant misuse vs protection etc, why wouldn’t we want to explore ways to make America safer?

    Even if cities, which have higher populations than their rural suburban neighbors were to adopt gun control laws, we would see a dramatic decrease in deaths.

    • Cartoon Prophet

      tell that to the lovely folks in Chicago…

    • milehisnk

      Your statistics are false. You are ignoring how many crimes were prevented by legal gun owners without a shot being fired. You are ignoring the fact that places like Canada, England, Australia have drastically higher violent crime rates than the USA, despite their bans on firearms.
      The most dangerous cities in America are the cities with strict gun control. Kennesaw, GA, on the other hand, had 2 murders last year…and they require every household to have a firearm. Amazing how statistics work against your anti-gun agenda, isn’t it?

  • Lawrence Malcolm

    A liberal hack running his suck on a liberal hack network…gee, whoo-da thunk it?

  • $1014973

    Its’ never the ghetto culture to blame but always the gun culture.

  • therantinggeek

    As a former resident of the Kansas City area, to learn of this particular event sent chills down my spine. I never met Jovan Belcher in person, but he was in my opinion a man who loved playing for the Chiefs. It’s a very tragic situation when one’s life spirals out of control like this, leaving nothing but heartache and pain in his or her wake.

    While many people such as Mr Costas would argue for stricter gun control laws, I personally believe he had no business to openly state his comments during an NFL broadcast.

  • Dean Costopoulos

    I am angry at NBC for accepting this trash and the NFL who’s game got hijacked over Bob Costass political views which are in bad taste and and should not be force fed to us during a football game. Screw you NBC and shame on you Bob Costas.

  • ctmom

    I would like to ban bad hair pieces and plastic surgery.

  • Tim Enlow

    Bob Costas is an idiot. He would do well to read his own liberal standard….the New York Times. Knife Killings in New York rose 50% when the Police started getting serious about investigating and confiscating illegal guns. Just ask O.J. Simpson if a knife can be an effective weapon to kill your spouse or any other person for that matter. Or a Compound Bow as in Wyoming or the myriad of other weapons that have been used since the beginning of time including large rocks, wooden spears etc. Think Native Americans had any issue killing members of other tribes before firearms came along? Costas should be disciplined for bringing politics up during one of America’s favorite pastimes….NFL football. Spew your political and factually incorrect drivel any other time but NOT during Sunday night football!

  • Ed

    This murderer was a 245lb mountain of muscle in the prime if his physical life. He could have choked or punch this woman to death and there would have been next to nothing she could have done to stop him.

    A gun was just the chosen instrument not the cause of this woman’s demise.

  • WingedBishop

    If Comcast weren’t the only ISP available, I would drop it in a heartbeat.

  • Guest

    Don’t pay no mind to this guy. The only thing Bob Costas has is a bad hairpiece.

  • JR48

    About a third of all women killed in domestic violence situations are killed with handguns…But what about the other two thirds?
    A professional football player could punch a woman in the head once with enough force to snap her neck to kill her. Strangle her in a matter of minutes. A hangun ban would not have saved her if he wanted her dead.
    Now it might have saved HIM from committing suicide in front of his coach, but then again, if someone is suicidal, think that he wouldn’t have chosen a different way or location? People who are committed to being dead, usually are eventually successful.

    • Hiraghm

      and once he murdered his wife… who cares if he lives or dies?

  • J. Wade Harrell

    If O.J. Simpson didn’t possess a knife, Nicole Brown Simpson would be alive today.

  • ErieBigDawg

    NO MORE Sunday Night Football on NBC for me…

  • L Liberty

    Please Mr. Costas, go preach your anti-freedom message to Rwandans
    who committed genocide by the tens of thousands with edge weapons only, and
    to Libyans who killed 4 Amercians and each other with rifles in a
    country with the utopian gun control laws that Mr. Costas seems to be
    obsessed with. Do a thorough report and let us know how the state-control of firearms in a corrupt government is working out in Libya. I’ll put more of my faith in fellow citizens of good faith thank you very much.

    Perhaps the simple-minded like Mr. Costas should examine more deeply the effects of
    the loss of fathers and stable families in America, and perhaps focus and preach
    more about that and solutions to that problem. Anyone with a shred of
    thoughtfulness know that the problems on the street are not “caused” by
    some metal objects.

  • John Galt

    Jovan Belcher’s gun is as responsible for murder as is Leonard Little’s automobile.

    When the Belcher’s of the world come for me or my family I choose to be armed.

    It is a choice, maybe not for everyone, but my choice not Costa’s or NBC/MSNBC

  • Gray Eagle

    Hey boob, where is your logic coming from ? the vast files of sportz mags. we all realize that reporters have two things, that itch them, opinion’s and assholes, but you are getting them confused with each other, it’s not the guns that kill it’s the trigger puller, or the hit & runner, or the knife stabber, or the rope strangler, look at Chicago, New York, New Jersey, those three states have the strickest gun laws and the worst record of guns that were used in a crime or death. bob costas get of this liberal bullshit and if you can’t do your job as sportz news guy then don’t try and sound like the great white father that you ain’t.

  • Gray Eagle

    costas I always thought you were a jerkoff and you just sealed the deal

  • Daniel Brown

    Hey Bob , you just proved why your a sports announcer . If they didn’t have a gun, They both would still be a live. Really, It’s all about the gun right. Not the man that went to pick it up. Or pulled the trigger. What if it was a rope Bob ? Clothes hanger? Knife Bob? Drive by media what a piss poor excuse of making a living.

  • JB Jacks

    Over 1,200,000 have died just since the end of vietnam ( More than IN ALL wars we have fought combined ) Explain that – You gun schmucks

    • Joe W.

      And over 40 MILLION unborn babies have been murdered in the womb since Roe v. Wade. LEGALLY. Explain THAT, Shitforbrains.

    • Timothy Weaver

      A lot more people than 1.2 million has died since the end of the Vietnam War? Are you talking about just in the US? A particular state? Please edit your post after you have taken your medication and go into more detail.

    • milehisnk

      I don’t see a point in this. Is it supposed to mean anything? Or is that just an ignorant rant? Vietnam ended in 1975, that’s 37 years ago. You’re claiming there have been an average of 32,432 (or more) murders per year? Funny, last year there was less than 10,000. There have been barely 700,000 total murders in the USA since the Vietnam war ended. According to statisticians, 68% of those were from firearms, or 482,000. That’s almost 1/3 of the number you quote, and averages to 13,027 per year. The numbers have also been on a steady decline since 1993, despite the fact that the population has increased, and the number of firearms owned and firearms owners has drastically increased. There goes your argument.

    • Hiraghm

      And nearly 6,500,000 deaths by car accidents in 2005, in the US, alone. Explain that, you schmuck. It appears that about 75 million deaths by car accident have occurred in the past 12 years. Vietnam ended 37 years ago.

    • milehisnk


      There have been more than 1.2 million people die since the end of the Vietnam war. But I assume you mean murdered. Ok, then according to the FBI, you’re way off. According to the FBI, there have been 709,985 murders in the USA since 1975 (the end of the Vietnam war). Hmmm, that’s not 1.2 million.
      Oh, and the FBI also states that approximately 68% of all homicides are committed with a firearm. So that brings the number of firearms deaths down to roughly 482,790. That gives us an average of 13,048 per year.

      Meanwhile, just in WW2, the US had 416,800 (est) soldiers die. Add 58,000 from Vietnam, 625,000 from the Civil war, 116,000 from WW1, 36,000 from Korea…You’ll see your stats are wrong.

      Yearly, the number of homicides has been dropping since 1993, despite increasing numbers of people, numbers of gun owners and numbers of guns in the USA.

      Also, violent crime rates of countries with strict gun control (Canada, UK, Australia, etc.) are higher, and in some cases, drastically higher, than in the USA. Canada and Australia’s rates are twice as high as the US, and the UK is over 4 times that of the USA.

  • Timothy Weaver

    If there were no more football, then fewer women would be beaten by their abusive spouses when said spouses’ favorite team loses. Bob Costas should quit sportscasting and stop promoting violence against women. Oh we need spoon control so Rosie O’Donnell can lose weight.

    And, yes, feminists have made the claim that domestic abuse spikes during the Super Bowl.

  • Rob McGowan

    Hey Bob Costas, How come you don’t get that upset if somebody kills themselves with steroids and drug addiction. Go find another job instead of sportscaster to rant you removing of our Constitutional rights. Fools kill themselves with more than guns. Your million dollar salary is not a platform for these uncalled for remarks. WE Americans do not want to be under The Communist Manifesto #4.Confiscation! If you didn’t possess a microphone America would be a safer place today.

  • Daniel Brown

    Hey Bob, How can people like you and Al etc. Want to be stars get to rich for. Being sports announcer and never played the game? You promote more combat than anything else combine . Head neck body injuries from a game. To me a bullet is quicker pain relief. You sold your soul of others hurting each other. You 2face bastard . I bet you even own a gun. Have you shot your self yet ? Or your body guards. Put some one else in front of you wissel .

  • Dandee

    Lots of people watch football to escape from this crap. Costas should give his football related paycheck to charities that help with head injuries, drug & alcohol abuse and left wing brainwashing.

  • Bui van vat

    The was a horrible murder suicide in the UK over the weekend. Perp killed his children as well as his wife. Didn’t need a gun. The UK has draconian gun control laws.

  • Jack Deth

    This is one of the better beneficial reasons why I don’t follow football, or any other sport on television.

  • Crazy Diamond

    Helpless betas like Costas should be in favor of the great equalizer. It makes ogres like myself think twice before kicking his ass.

  • AMR1960

    #Costas Hey Everyone! ease up on poor Bob it’s not his fault! It’s that Goddam Microphone he has…Take it away! @NBCSN #BobCostas #NRA

  • Ten31

    So, if Jason Whitlock killed someone by smothering them with his giant fat ass, would there be a call for banning Cheetos, Big Macs and whatever ever other food stuffs Whitlock stuffed in his piehole? After all, it wouldn’t have been Whitlock that did the dastardly deed, it would have been the fault of all those trans fats he eats that caused him to become a lard ass and give him the weapon to do the deed.

    Whitlock and Costas need to shut the hell up.

  • Ted Smith

    Gun Ownership. The only constitutional right where you have to ask for permission.

  • Greg States

    I don’t blame Bob for his comments, it’s the microphones fault.

  • Mike Stodghill

    I do not know about you but I am tired of politics after the election. I
    watch football for entertainment . . . not to get drawn into
    controversial social issues.

    I provided feedback to both CBS Sports and to Toyota who sponsors the halftime show.
    You can call Toyota at 800-331-4331 or get mailing directions at
    CBS sports feedback is at

    • Laurel

      Ummm…It’s NBC that aired it.

  • Lisa Dean

    For all of the people calling for gun control (meaning you want gun laws enforced on those who own guns legally, those who manufacture guns and guns themselves) I hope you realize that most crime involving guns is committed by those who own them illegally. There’s already a waiting period to purchase a gun if you are doing it legally, however, most criminals are going to purchase the gun illegally or steal it from someone who owns the gun legally. If you are someone who wants gun-rights policies, please understand that those who own guns legally already know how to be responsible gun owners. Instead of blaming the gun why isn’t it acceptable to blame the person who committed the crime with the gun?

    • milehisnk

      Actually, the only waiting period on buying a gun is waiting for the NICS background check, which can take up to a couple hours on a really busy day. However, that’s irrelevant to the actual issue. Not every legal gun owner is responsible, otherwise there wouldn’t be any accidents, but this commentary (by Costas) was classless and uncalled for.

      • Lisa Dean

        There are states, for instance Illinois, that do more intensive backgrounds. It depends on the state as to how long the wait is. Also, I do appreciate your analogy of responsible gun owners, but there are responsible car owners who get into accidents as well.

  • Sharon Bone

    Wow, and again wow. WT? tune in to watch the game and get a lecture on gun control. if someone is going to kill they will use whatever means available to get the job done. including common kitchen items, cast iron skillet, rolling pin, don’t even think about the knives, cleavers, meat tenderizers, carving forks. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, anymore than any of the above mentioned tools do

  • TD2323

    This is the worst site I have ever visited. Malken is just awful. Keep up the hate, you no talent clown.

    • LeishaC

      Wow. Hey Pot, this is Kettle. You’re black.

      And no, that has nothing to do with race.

    • Lisa Dean

      And yet you still show up and comment on this site

      • TD2323

        It was my first time on the site. Linked here from a story on Mediaite. But really, how can you take this site seriously with its ridiculous and unprofessional headlines? It’s like its written by a group of catty high school kids.

        • Laurel

          How can you take seriously a site like Mediaite? Or HuffPo? Or any number of sites. Really just come out of the closet already.

          • TD2323

            Because Mediaite and HuffPo don’t have headlines like ‘Embarrasment to mankind Olbermann’ or ‘lapdog Chuck Todd’. Like, I get the audience it’s trying to target, but Malkin shouldn’t sell herself as anything more than a joke.

            Come out of the closet? I don’t get it. Only gay people go to Mediaite and HuffPo? Weird.

          • Laurel

            No they don’t have those headlines just stupid content hidden under a supposedly decent headline. Really…critical thinking escapes you completely doesn’t it?! Along with sarcasm apparently.

            I appreciate Twitchy’s honesty of thought in their headlines.

          • TD2323

            Haha, that’s priceless. Listen, I don’t get into arguments with commenters. I’m sure you mean well. But *I* lack critical thinking? As opposed to the readers of Twitchy that have their viewpoints told to them starting with the headline? Haha. Yes, they’re honest. Honestly one-sided.

          • Laurel

            Because you are incapable of arguing. Let’s face facts you are unarmed and mentally challenged. Viewpoints told to them? Where? Someone posts a viewpoint and one is able to agree or not. Just as you have. I mean really you are sadly stupid if you think agreeing is being ‘told’ and simply disagreeing makes you a ‘thinker’ and an Einstein. If you are just going to vomit liberal talking points, which ironically you then use those talking points to complain about lack of thought, then miss sarcasm altogether, just go back to Mediaite. I’m sure they appreciate your witless verbal masturbation. right now you are totally unarmed. Maybe your friends at Mediate can help you.

          • TD2323

            Hahahaha. You’re a joke. I’m impressed, you’ve read so much into me from a couple comments. The fact is Malken is the right of the right and Twitchy is geared that way. Nothing wrong with that per se, but not exactly objective. You can argue that HuffPo and Mediaite are left-leaning, which is why I visit tons of sites and form my own opinion.

            Never even said I was a liberal. And I don’t use talking points because I have a brain of my own. A very well-educated brain. Now it’s your turn to trash formal education if you’d like …

          • Laurel

            People like you totally crack me up!!! You first start with ridicule because that is really all you have and then you back it up with declaring your education! What next? Resume maybe?

            That is the same playbook over and over again. What is pathetic is you are a mind numbed robot and don’t even know it!!! HILARIOUS!

            For one that is so formally educated, and visits tons of sites, formulates their own personal opinions, one would think you could at least learn to spell Malkin’s name correctly since you are so all knowing and all.

            YOU. ARE. A. PHONY. POSEUR.

            BTW…I have a formal education but even I know that one can vomit what the prof wants to hear to get the degree. Formal educations mean nothing when one cannot critically think. Now have your Mommy wipe your nose and go watch your cartoons. and as to Malkin.. in reality there really is nothing that is all that objective.
            People formulate opinions based upon education but for the most part experience. She is not required to be objective but she is required to be honest and that she is in total. You? Not so much.

          • TD2323

            “People formulate opinions based upon education but for the most part experience.”
            That’s why I feel bad for people like Malkin and yourself. Obviously you experienced some real hurt along the way to end up so hate-filled. I wish you all the best.

          • Laurel

            Get. A. Life. Stupid.

        • Lisa Dean

          Whether it’s your first time on this site or not you still felt the need to post a comment. And I’ve seen some really wonderful headlines on HuffPo and Mediaite as well. Especially when it comes to Sarah Palin. Judging by your comments below re Michelle Malkin and “those who come to twitchy to have our viewpoints told to us” it doesn’t sound like your first time here. Why do I say that you may ask? Because there are others who come on this site and say the exact same things.

    • Garth Haycock

      Thanks for your input!

    • hwy505

      D-BAG ALERT!

      • TD2323

        My thoughts exactly when I first saw the site.

  • Dwight Spencer

    Bob Costas just expressed his views about gun ownership by saying: “if Jevon Belcher hadn’t owned a gun, he and Cassandra would still be here”. Now I would like to express my views about guns and Bob Costas. Bob Costas is an idiot, well dressed, well spoken but still…… Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Whatever rage caused this didn’t need a gun. It is our right to possess weapons. It is not our right to kill others unjustifiably. We need to be very careful not to confuse the two issues. I am truly saddened by this tragedy and the families that will suffer because of it. However, I find it seriously ill-timed and in extreme poor taste to use what happened as a platform for one’s beliefs on gun control. I suppose knives are equally dangerous eh Bob?

  • SC Rooster

    Is there any possibility, at all, that NBC execs held a gun to Costas’ head and forced him to read that monologue during halftime of Sunday Night Football? Otherwise, Costas has gone off the deep end. So long Sunday Night Football, I’ll not be watching again.

  • Hal Fast

    The football player (I don’t know who he is really) is so much bigger and stronger compared to his girlfriend I’m sure, that he could have killed her just as quickly with his bare hands, so if he was going to kill her, gun or no gun wouldn’t have mattered. HF

  • Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls

    Nicole Brown Simpson may disagree. IF she weren’t dead. Idiot.

  • Phil Evans

    Guns should be banned, because women should use their fists and feet to fight off large male rapists. It’s more natural that way. /sarcasm

  • FishHead

    Stupid is as stupid does…Bob Costas is a commentator…he should stick to what he
    knows…which is football stats that somebody prints and puts in-front of him…its a thinkless job….see what happens when he thinks….stupid shit pours out of his mouth…just read the cards Bob and shut the hell up about what you think….When a person is serious about killing them selves they will do what ever it takes…next time somebody jumps off a build are you going to be stupid enough to suggest tearing down all structures? Just read the stats Bob and shut up.

    • Hiraghm

      As I keep saying… sports don’t kill brain cells. sports reporting does.

  • AndiGibson

    What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

    What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own a Knife, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

    What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own an SUV, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

    What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own a Baseball Bat, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

    What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own some Rope, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

    What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own some Poison, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

    We could do this all the live long day….

    • moonsbreath

      The real problem is that he had hands.
      If he didn’t have hands he couldn’t hold a gun, knife, baseball bat, rope, drive a vehicle or strangle her.
      He also couldn’t hold a football and Costas wouldn’t have said a thing!

      • AndiGibson

        Yup, It’s high time we outlaw hands – no more Handguns, and no more strangulation’s, no more any other kinds of murders.

        Problem solved!

  • gduckd

    It’s been my observation when someone that has been around as long as Costas begins to interject “opinions” that are simply parroting a political philosophy, Are finding that their popularity is waning as are their ratings. Sorry Bob your just an angry old white man that has no business taking up space.

  • walterc

    On Friday, at Casper College in Casper, Wy a young man killed hid father with a cross bow and knife and then killed himself with the knife. Casper College is a GUN FREE ZONE. I guess he didn’t want to get in trouble for having a gun on campus.

    It’s not guns that kill people, it’s people that kill people.

    • Hiraghm

      Sports don’t kill brain cells. Sports reporting kills brain cells.

  • joewest666

    I stopped watching NFL / NCAA / and NASCAR ages ago.

    I tune in to some good European car racing and football.

    I have no use for the american sports business aparatus anymore.

  • LiberalVoiceOfReason

    Costas is such a tool. Quoting a newspaper columnist dribble, lol. If Belcher had a knife he would of stabbed the woman to death. Sure, Belcher would be less likely to stab himself to death but leave it people like Costas who would rather have the media drama of a murder trial to salivate over.

  • snowshooze

    So long Bob.

  • Tom Ellis

    When did sportscasters get so stinking liberal? you have oberdorff and now this weinie and many others trying to be more sensitive. What happens to a bunch of good old boys doing the sports? Paging Don Meredith.

  • VanLingleMungo

    People, we can argue gun control vs. 2nd amendment all day long, but the true issue here is Bob Costas feeling the need to use an NFL broadcast to show how “hip” and “cool” he is to his fellow media liberals. That’s the ONLY reason he did it. He has turned into an egomaniac in the last decade, and feels everyone needs to know what he thinks. He’s entitled to his opinion, but so am I. Costas is a self-important jerk.

  • Disgused

    Hey Costas if he used a rope to hang her would you say ban ropes .. when OJ killed Nichole with knive do we ban knives ? If he beat her to death with Baseball bat do we ban Baseball ? What you said was so dumb !!! Get real !! When a person is Mentally ill they gonna use anything they like or have dont blame the gun .. there was over 50 people killed yesterday by poisonings and knives but no reporting on that because it didnt make National news !!

  • JoeMusgo

    According to reports, Belcher shot her NINE TIMES! It’s not like he shot her once, then immediately regretted what he did. This type of murder shows passion, meaning he wanted her dead and would not stop until she was dead. Costas’ response was typical knee-jerk, liberal nonsense at best, cynical political exploitation of a tragedy to advance a liberal cause at its worst.

  • TD2323

    Haha, I really don’t like leaving comments like that, I really don’t. I was just frustrated with Malken’s unprofessionalism.

  • Charlestownjack

    Is this the same sports announcer who bit the young lady he was paying for sex on the back in the motel or maybe wearing lady’s underwear, or both? I don’t follow sports that close. If not, my apologies.

    • JoeMusgo

      No, that was Marv Albert.

  • AndiGibson

    “Bow and Arrow” used in WY campus murder/suicide

    The Police Chief later clarified that all three had known each other. Police say the killer was not a current student at Casper College. Walsh could not confirm that the suspect was a former student, either. Walsh added that there were no records that could have tipped off authorities to any kind of threat. Walsh said no firearms were used during the homicides, and rather said that “edged weapons” were involved.

    However, multiple students told K2 News that some kind of a bow-and-arrow weapon was used. Walsh later emphasized that following the attacks no suspects were at large and there (are) no threats of random violence.

  • skyhawk1

    Bob I agree, but this wasn’t the right platform. However, let hispanics and African-Americans start mass registration, I bet there’ll be talk about gun control.

  • Richard Salim

    Apparently Bob Costas is more stupid than I thought. A suicidal person won’t change his mind because he can’t find a gun. Allow me to quote a far more intelligent person (however fictional) Archy Bunker from All in the Family when his daughter tried to explain gun control with the number of suicides committed with guns, he said, “Would you prefer it if they jumped out of windows?”

    • Laurel

      Well said!

  • hwy505

    Nicole Brown Simpson would differ with Costas’ quote. Also, homicides didn’t exist before guns? What a dick…

  • Gregory A Granello

    Costas is insipid. Not just about this but about everything. He pompously lectures without any understanding at all. He is utterly conventional in everything he says, a total bore. I broke my Fast Forward key during the Olympics.

  • todd

    Dear bobby costas your an idiot. Do u realize that if this person or any other person for that matter wanted to kill n kill themselves that a gun makes a difference? Coulda been a knife or a car or whatever his dumbass wanted to use it happened and would have happened if he had a gun or not. It was a football game and not bobbys world. Shut your stupid mouth not one person in this world in their right mind cares for your opinion on gun control. Its just too bad he didn’t make it to your desk ya prick

  • Thurza Heim

    Who knew that the only way to commit murder and/or suicide is with a gun! Do these two bozo’s think that if we ban guns, there’d be no murder or suicide?

  • cscape

    Costas and other elite limousine liberals are always safe and snug in their condescendent bubble, so long as they have their hired private security brandishing their guns at their gated communities, homes and places of business…. HYPOCRITES!

  • Guest

    Hey Bob Costas what about knives, if OJ Simpsons didn’t have a knife that night his ex-wife and her boyfriend would be alive today.

  • Jdepz1

    Mr. Costas, I deeply regret what has occurred in the world the sports world, your world, and the results of its aftermath on people directly or indirectly affected. But your out of bounds after pushing off on the opostion and your penalty will be that of public opinion.
    So, Mr. Costas, why don’t we cut off peoples hands at birth so that we save that many more lives, and why not, since we now have the choice to end a life before birth at or choice.

    I truly wish you the best and hope you come out well out of this halftime in which you can regroup and come out strong for sport and how IT can deal with the many issues it must deal with.

    Best regards to you and yours

  • BeeKaaay

    Typical Leftwingwacko. He MUST impose his beliefs on others.

  • Sylvester Dollar

    Fine but who cares what Bob Costas thinks about gun ownwership?

  • Michael Garvin-Steele

    As a bi-racial man who was born in, what was then, south-central Los Angeles and seen gun violence committed by gangs and then going into the military and serving in the US Army airborne infantry, oh, and being a stauch Conservative Republican I can say this without any hesitation; I absolutely hate guns and personally feel that all gun violence is committed by cowards (don’t confuse gun violence with self-defense). With that being said, I am also staunchly pro-2nd Ammendment and would never advocate for a persons right to own a gun be taken away from them. However; I do feel our laws regarding gun violence are pathetic at best. I feel any one who commits a crime in America using a gun should receive the death penalty whether or not they fired on someone. I feel guns being used out cowardice to harm another is truly life altering. Kind of the way internet chat forums give cowards the right to make personal assaults on people just because they believe differently than they do. I agree with Mr. Costas, I agree with Mr. Whitlock (on this rare occasion), and I agree with the pro-gun advocates. The bottom line is this, is till WE THE PEOPLE start doing someting about these cowardly crimes being committed, more innocent lives will be lost. And, when it’s someone you love who lost their lives due to gun violence you’re stance might just change.

  • mikecalvert

    A fire-arm is no more responsible for killing a person than a spoon is for making a person fat!

  • mikecalvert

    If you take away guns we will kill with swords, take away swords and we will kill with knives, take away knives and we will kill with poison, take away poison and we will kill with our bare-hands, take away our hands and we will kill with our voices.

  • Todd Schebor

    What an ignoramus! He insults my intelligence

  • tldrkhnsm

    If only other famous people would have the intestinal fortitude to use their platform to make similar statements. The fact that we have the most children killed by guns of any industrialized nation, in the world, is lunacy and has to stop. Go Bob!

  • Rodney Brungardt

    Just another Saul Alinski tactic. Never let a tragedy go to waste. Sad that Mr. Costas would use the deaths of 2 young people to promote a progressive agenda!

  • Russ Creel

    Bob Costas, let me understand. If Belcher hadn’t had a gun, there was no chance he could have taken her life any other way. I guess since knives don’t “shoot”, she would have been completely safe! Yeah right! You and Keith Olbermann have been drinking too much of Obama and Hillary’s Kool-Aid.

  • Back 4 More

    Just another puppet in the entertainment industry pushing an anti-constitutional agenda. Nothing new here.

  • $26547099

    Dick Costas

  • bret robertson

    bob your entitled to your opinion but when I watch football i don’t want to hear about politics

  • AJ

    So we are to believe that if this man did not have a gun He would not have been able to kill His mate and Himself? What school did Bob learn this ignorance from? The LIB schools of higher learning where all the socialist professors come from. I know some people like that. I try not to hang around stupid. It has a way of rubbing off on you.

  • Bill Sieg

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from this schmuck.

  • Santino Sausege Cox

    Bullshit Costas!

  • Steve

    People who intend to do damage will do damage. Their intent will find the weapon of availability. The root of the problem is not the 2nd ammendment.

  • L R

    Bob, you may want to live in world where there are no guns for protection, but as a woman, I do not!

  • johnadams

    Bob Costas was right to speak up against gun insanity. We should not only stop alll these ugly attacks against him, but also thank him for this important service to America.

  • Streetiebird

    I have to agree with this statement: “Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it.”

    Now feel free to flame me into oblivion for advocating stricter gun controls. In fact, I’d love to hear why people think we should have less gun control in our gun-crazy culture.

    • ChampionCapua

      Who is the “our” and “us” in Whitlock’s blather? Males? Blacks? Black Males? Sportswriters? Fat Males? Fat Black Male Sportswriters? Who does he think he is speaking FOR, exactly and to WHOM?

      It sure isn’t me or anyone else I know who owns a gun. He needs to hang with a better class of gun owner, I guess. Good to know the NBC studios and Costas’ home are unguarded and criminal-ready. Hope none of Whitlock’s “flawed, argumentative and confrontational” friends figure that out.

      • Streetiebird

        I don’t think responsible gun owners are the problem, do you? Maybe, just maybe, the problem lies with gun owners who use that gun to commit murder. But if you so much as try to talk about even enforcing our existing gun laws, then you’ll be labeled as someone trying to take ALL the guns away from EVERYONE. Oh well.

  • Frann Beg

    I like how now it comes to light that Belcher had prior issues with domestic violence. SO let’s see, even if he did not have a gun, he could have still killed his girlfriend and he was out partying the night before with another women! He was still under the influence of alcohol and rage, it’s still no excuse for violence towards a woman! Stop blaming the gun and start blaming the person who used it!

  • Colin Pirrone

    Cain slew Able with a rock.
    Let’s regulate/ban rocks!!!

  • Michael David Callahan

    How many young black men are going to give up their guns?

  • John

    Stick to the sports Bob. I don’t need you to think for me, and I don’t watch sports for political opinions. You’re off the reservation and not that important.