Black Friday came one day early at Kmart this morning with long pre-dawn lines at stores throughout the country:

Many shoppers are hoping to score an inexpensive television set or tablet.

Unfortunately, the TVs and tablets sold out quickly, leaving many consumers empty-handed and disappointed:

Some tweeters had a different reaction to the news:

  • Jaded ByPolitics

    Is there anyone except the idiots above (no doubt Obama voters) who doesn’t know that stores only put out 10-15 of the item everyone gets in line for? objective? to get you to buy the more expensive one, because as idiots you certainly aren’t going to leave with nothing after spending HOURS in line…………..ROTFLMAO!

    • TugboatPhil

      Most are pretty sure Obama will give them one now.

      • gwen.and.gary

        …to go with their OPhone, right?

  • TocksNedlog

    The dumbest fish are attracted by the simplest lures.

  • Netmilsmom

    Well, I guess more than a few people will not be able to resell those tvs and tablets on ebay will they?
    Guess they need a government bailout.

  • Maxwell

    Not that I’m one to talk, considering I’m working, but don’t have something better to do on thanksgiving. Like… I don’t know, spend time with their families?

    • JimmyNeutron

      You are clearly, CLEARLY a fool! Thanksgiving is no longer a holiday in its own right, it is simply a clever lead-in allowing for a long weekend (for shopping) and a start to “Christmas” which should promptly be named “Buy Lots of Retail Crapmas” – just take “Christ” completely out of the title – it is a stain on His name. The marginalization of Thanksgiving and bastardization of Christmas is depressing. Consumerism is a main driver of what we rail against as conservatives – the entitlement culture, the coarsening of our culture, etc.

    • TugboatPhil

      Their “family” is the federal gubmint now.

      • Joe W.

        Winner, winner, winner!!! You get a chicken dinner….er ,,,turkey dinner…;-)

  • Chris Clinkinbeard

    But, did they get a “rain check” for a free Obamaphone? Or were there only 3 Obamaphones available at every KMart?. Fair’s fair after all. “Money For Nothing”…Dire Straits.

  • Scott

    There was people outside Sears from yesterday afternoon for their door buster at 8pm tonight. A few people may be disappointed but at least the mgr had the foresight to put a sign up saying how the tickets/first come first served would be working

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Judging by the poor grammar by most of these tweeters, they are the same thugs who are boycotting Wal Mart for starting “Black Friday” this afternoon. Hypocrites. Why no outrage over K-Mart’s early opening on Thanksgiving day? Are they unionized? Is Sears corp an Obama supporter? Do they accept EBT cards for electronics? Has to be some explanation for it.

  • $129448

    Damn, people are so dumb.

  • Steve_J

    Why waste time standing in a line for hours regardless of how many of an item there are or how cheap the price is?

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Agree. My employer values my time at about $51 per hour, so the cost or value of the time I would waste in a line to get a discount is nullfied pretty quickly by the lost value of my time.

      However, the majority of these takers are probably minimum-to-$12/hour folks, so the value of their time (and their willingness to waste it) in a line all night is pretty much relative to the real (or perceived) savings they “might” experience, and maybe justified a little more by any profit the ‘might” make on an e-Bay resale of their “prize.”

      Bottom line: The economics are fairly personal. It also says a lot about the consumerism that is so well-entrenched in our collective culture and conscience.

  • Guest

    There is no free lunch!

  • Joe W.

    The intelligence of the average Obama voter is constantly on display, it seems. And they ALWAYS expect to get something for nothing.

  • DaTechGuy on DaRadio

    Rather foolish

  • gwen.and.gary

    The only thing more surprising than retail establishments still using this old ploy is the amount of folks still falling for it.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Proves the fact that, no matter how much we learn and how much smarter we become, there is always a new crop of suckers being born to replace us in the line at _________________________ (<—-insert retailer of choice here).

      Reminds me of the "Men's Warehouse" and "Jos. A. Banks" "sales!"

      Caveat Emptor

  • Back 4 More

    I think my favorite one is “Mike and I be waiting in line.” Yea, that’s good stuff.

  • Bad things coming

    Rut Ro, call the unfair police people. Now you see why the people re-elected who they did to run the country. Boo Hoo, I didn’t get my tv or my tablet. I am going to stomp my feet and whine about it until Barry the wonder pony makes it all better.

  • Liberal Hater

    People have out of whack priorities.

  • Liberal Hater

    People have out of whack priorities.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Same dumbass “takers” that voted for Hussein in the election. Bad news for Obama voters: This is just the beginning of the many, MANY disappointments and outrages you (and unfortunately those of us who voted against the clown-in-chief) will endure over the next 4 years.

    Do you lot actually believe anybody owes you anything and that you can get something for nothing? If you do, you should blame the government for making you think that way. Shocking reality: Real-life is not that way. The socialism you so desire is a myth.

    I pity these poor, thoughtless, lamb-to-the-slaughter imbeciles.

  • DaTechGuy on DaRadio

    I’ll say this for the people in line, at many were in line for gifts for other people.

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    Well I for one was glad to see that many people can still afford to shop. Who knows, if we keep on this economic track, there could be lines like that of people waiting for free food.