Yes, what angle will the Left-leaning documentarian take? Twitter users are waiting on pins and needles!

This Tweeter engaged in a bit of pre-emptive debunking:

  • thetreyman

    is that the same cameron gray that used to work for the g. gordon liddy show.

  • TugboatPhil

    If he’s in Virginia and has a valid Concealed Carry Permit, THAT IS his background check. What is he talking about?

  • jacksonjay

    Why would anyone agree to cooperate with any idiot that would do 30 days of McDonalds meals? Just like the premise for every stupid “film” this idiot makes, who wants MikkyDs everyday for a month? Gee I got fat! How enlighntening! Who knew?

  • Charles Knott

    You don’t have to wonder what his angle is. He supports assault weapons ban and has been caught on numerous occassions letting his anti-2nd amendment stance slip.

  • Teresa Davis McCormick debunked the first piece of crap this guy put out. Hopefully someone will get right on this one. They should hang this creep’s picture up at gun shows and gun stores so they know who they’re dealing with.