As Twitchy documented here and here, numerous Twitter users have threatened to assassinate GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney if he prevails on Election Day next month. With Election Day now just 23 days away, the Twitter Lynch Mob is publishing more death threats than ever. Here’s the latest batch, all published this weekend:

We hope the Secret Service is paying attention.

  • Neal

    I did not think the Democrats would stoop that LOW.

    • Billy Hurst

      There is no limit to their lowness

    • Bruce Koeneke

      they would have to jump to be that low

    • Vehicle Protect USA

      Not all of them… but a lot think like this

      • Nathan E. David

        Think? Surely, you jest. I don’t think they have the mental capacity to indulge in much genuine thought. All they do is brainstorm for more lies and rhetoric. There really is no thought process to it!

    • Nathan E. David

      I thought they were standing on their tip toes and reaching for the stars just to be seen. They are much lower than just this little thread…

  • MadMichael

    Pure ignorance

    • bobby knuckles

      Yeah…the Tea Party people are dumb and uneducated.

      • Steve Baxter

        A comment like that only shows your lack of depth in thinking. It doesn’t actually do anything to disparage the Tea Party!

      • Michael Riley

        You sound like a typical Loser Liberal…can’t figure out things of your own to say, so you just repeat what someone else said…that’s IGNORANT AND UNEDUCATED! IT SHOWS ON YOU…put those knuckles in your mouth, and stop that spewing garbage from coming out of your LOSER mouth!

        • Jennifer LeAnne Callahan

          Not ignorance. Ignorance is just not knowing, it is down right stupidity. Being showed the truth but refusing to learn.

      • Larry Miller

        Not all Teabagging Liberals are dumb, but they are uneducated, that’s for sure.

        • Jerry Reece

          I am neither dumb nor uneducated you liberals have had four years and the only thing you have manged to do is put us back into a class war

      • Jennifer LeAnne Callahan

        lol, bobby. First off, the Tea Party is anything but ‘dumb’. Dumb means unable to talk and I do believe that the Tea Party has a voice that is being heard LOUD AND CLEAR. Also, the Tea Party is clearly educated. That is why they do not buy into all of the lies that the left have to offer. You liberal morons really would be good for a laugh if you all were not polluting our nation with stupidity.

      • Anonymous

        Coming from a chump who thinks it is perfectly ok to shoot Romney for alledgedly banning porn I must say that is projection bobby fatso.

  • Otter2

    So are these people associated with the Tea Party? Snark.

    • Otter2

      Um, I was being sarcastic.

      • Devil Dog


        • Otter2

          That’s okay Larry, I apologized upthread. I wasn’t clear in my sarcasm. I really do apologize for that. This is despicable and very scary. My point is that the MSM will not report on this, but the MSM was for example quick to attribute the theater shooter in Colorado as a TP member. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. There won’t be a word of THIS hate reported.

    • Devil Dog

      are you really that ignorant? Everybody knows all the low lifes are democrat.

  • Disgusted_in_SC

    Shouldn’t these people be arrested???

    • Jeremie Fuson

      im sure they have been talked to by now.

      • VirtuallyIronic

        No they haven’t. You’re only prohibited from making these remarks about Obama. People said the same stuff about Bush, and no one was held accountable.

        • thedougbob

          Actually any person under the protection of the secret service that is threatened is suppose to investigated. So the secret service is probably reporting there are a lot of losers out there. ROFL!

          • Sharon Schlund

            What about under the protection of the TSA….just curious, as someone ( on another site)mentioned he had TSA agents…don’t know if this is true..any one know?

          • Ralpheo

            Maybe not losers but more like loose cannons. Only takes one idiot on either side to cause huge problems.

        • Jim R

          You are INCORRECT:
          It reads: ”

          Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon—
          a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate; or

          a person protected by the Secret Service under section

          • Garth Haycock

            That may be what the law reads, but it certainly hasn’t been enforced the last 4 years by the current DOJ.

          • Milhouse

            However the first amendment says “congress shall make no law infringing the freedom of speech”, so Congress isn’t free to ban all threats. Only “true threats”, i.e. threats that a reasonable person would seriously think were going to be carried out, can be banned. These tweets are not true threats, any more than Watts saying, right in front of the White House, that “If they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is L.B.J.”

          • Nathan E. David

            You don’t watch much news; do you? Kids in high schools have been arrested for commenting what they would like to see happen to sitting presidents. I remember one who was picked up by the secret service for that when G.W. was sitting president, and she never threatened. She merely stated what she would like to happen. It is dangerous to be inciting violence. Whether the fool who posts the hate speech has the means to follow thru with the threats is not important. The speech itself could be a catalyst for such actions to really be taken. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater without going to jail, and you certainly cannot make, even litely, threats against politicians.

          • Milhouse

            First of all, nobody has been arrested for such comments. You are making that up. Stop lying.

            Second, you’ve never read the constitution, have you? It is absolutely legal to wish for the president to be killed. That is black-letter law, and if anyone were ever arrested for it the policeman who arrested them would face a big lawsuit, and would get no qualified immunity.

            It is true that the Secret Service has been ignoring the law to the extent of questioning people, and so far they’ve got away with this despite its chilling effect on protected speech, but they’ve never arrested anyone, because they know they’d get sued. Wrongly question someone and the court will say no harm was done and not award any damages; wrongly arrest someone and you’ll pay big bucks.

            As for your last argument that “speech could be a catalyst”, that is nonsense and the law recognizes no such thing. The “falsely shouting fire” line (by the way you left out the very important word “falsely”) comes from an opinion that has been completely rejected by the Supreme Court; it has no place in the law.

          • Nathan E. David

            I can’t believe this country allows ignorant twits like you to vote! At least it helps me to understand how we got stuck with Obama to begin with. Please go back to your hole in the sand. I really don’t care to debate with another loser clown.

          • Milhouse

            So the constitution means nothing to you. Freedom of speech means nothing to you. The law of the land means nothing to you. And you have the gall to question my right to vote?!

          • Nathan E. David

            I question your right to attempt to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.

          • Milhouse


          • Nathan E. David

            See there, you called me a liar when I posted an actual incident. Of course, you’re such a liar that it doesn’t matter. I didn’t say that anyone was prosecuted, only that a 14 or 15 year old girl was taken into custody by the secret service. I am not making that up. You’re a liar. I am going to stop there. I refuse to call you a dog again. My dog deserves better treatment than that.

          • Milhouse

            And you lie again. Nobody was taken into custody. You are a damned liar. I am quoting Watts v USA, which is the law of the land, and you are quoting, what? An anecdote you made up or misremembered. No source given. Why should anyone believe you? Why would anyone believe you? If the Secret Service were to falsely arrest someone, let alone a teenager, she’d sue the agents personally and take their houses. No qualified immunity. And they know this well.

          • Charlotte Powell

            Hmmmm,oboma blamed a video (filled with words) for the attack on our embassy. That was a lie that he stuck to for 2 Weeks. He blamed words for inviting the violence, and apologized repeatedly with commercials over there. Now, we all know what really happened, but free speech was first attacked by our own Pres,yuck-puts nasty taste in my mouth to call him that. So your argument isn’t that great of a defense.

          • Milhouse

            Indeed 0bama and the entire administration lied through its teeth, and this is a bigger scandal than Watergate, and the next administration should investigate it thoroughly. And Holder illegally sent actual brownshirts to that idiot film maker’s home at actual midnight, to haul him in for questioning about a possible violation of his supervised release, thus chilling the speech of anyone who might be thinking of making a similar video. That’s a scandal too, and Congress or the next AG needs to find out who gave the order and bring them to account. Now, what has this got to do with the subject? Has the first amendment suddenly been repealed?!

          • Mini14’sBlkStrat

            Charles manson is in jail for life and he never killed anyone, he just made suggestions to his people. bin laden didn’t fly airplanes intto the Twin Towers, he just suggested it be done.

          • Milhouse

            What an idiot you are. What have Manson or bin Laden got to do with this? Do you know the definition of conspiracy? Manson conspired to commit those murders; thus he was guilty of them, and if they hadn’t actually occurred he would have been guilty of criminal conspiracy. Not of expressing an opinion.

            And bin Laden declared war on the USA; what he did was not a crime at all, but an act of war. Which is why he was quite properly killed by the military, not arrested by the FBI and brought to trial. It’s Democrats who insist in seeing the Jihadist network as a criminal conspiracy to be dealt with by law enforcement, instead of as a declared enemy to be defeated with military force.

          • Mini14’sBlkStrat

            The only idiot here is you. STFU and go away. Words can have serious outcomes. Oh, and BS about the dems.

          • Milhouse

            Why don’t you follow your own suggestion? All you seem to have is a potty mouth instead of a brain.

          • Milhouse

            Hell, why did I bother with any of that. Shorter Milhouse: Watts v USA is the law of the land; your unsourced anecdote is not. End of story.

          • Nathan E. David

            More nonsense dribble and rhetoric from the left. LOL

          • Milhouse

            “The left”?! That shows how insane you are. The only leftist here is you, who openly despises the constitution.

          • Nathan E. David

            I openly despise a liar. I openly despise the way fools like you want to twist the constitution to be used to protect criminals rather than the innocent. You belong in a cage.

          • Milhouse

            They aren’t criminals, you idiot. That’s the whole point. Or do you think you get to call people criminals just because you don’t like what they have to say? Go perform an anatomically impossible act.

          • Linda Ann McBride

            Well these folks that have threatened have left themselves easy to find by posting on Twitter. I really wish they would pick them up.. They all have uneducated speech. They must hate him for being rich not realizing he actually worked for it and didn’t win the lottery.

          • Nathan E. David

            I hope you are right that they can be located easily. From their posts, they sound pretty stupid, so they probably are using internet service that can be traced. That sort of goes against the norm (because the Bible indicates that the wicked are more cunning than the righteous), but the bad part is that sometimes the stupid ones are the most dangerous. Sadly, I don’t think there are any more cunning than America’s current sitting president and his minions. The question is, will they go after any of these fools? I doubt it.

          • driveswift

            He didn’t work for it. His dad gave him a great education, which put him in a position to network through a rich kids’ school, which got him a job with no effort, and daddy’s name got him clients with no effort. Barack had to TRY to get into Harvard, they didn’t just accept him bc daddy was rich and famous, hoping they’d get endowment funds from him.

          • Milhouse

            Nobody knows HOW he got into Harvard. He won’t release his Columbia transcript, so we can only speculate on what it shows, but all contemporary reports indicate that he was an indifferent student, so it’s unlikely that he got marks good enough for a white student to have been accepted into Harvard. But he was black at a time when they were desperate to “diversify”, and he was well-connected, having become Bill Ayers’s protege. Until I see evidence otherwise, I assume the most likely explanation is that Ayers (who is richer than Romney) pulled strings to get him in, probably as an “affirmative action” admission.

          • CherDash

            Gov. Romney gave away his inheritance. Everything he has, he earned on his own.

        • Craig Williams

          You really need to go to school or read our laws more completely. You are going to get in trouble. You must not be from this country if you think like that. I hope you really read more.

        • sheryl

          agree seems its ok to threaten anyone but Obama.. dont dare threaten obama or get arrested but hey its ok to do this to his apponent. seriously ppl its sick.

          • driveswift

            That’s why the guy driving around with the Obamas in effigy truck was arrested right? Oh wait no, he was allowed to park right down the street from the DNC. You guys crack me up.

      • Steve Baxter

        HIGHLY doubt it!!

      • Kevin Eberts

        If they have we’ve you would think we would’ve heard about it.

    • G Bolton

      My thoughts exactly! Can’t these be forwarded to the Secret Service?

    • Brett McMicken

      more like committed to an institution

      • Bernie V

        Yes. Committed to an elementary school so they can learn ‘English.’

      • Synonymous1

        They should be returned to the first grade to learn basic English skills…

    • Rich

      Arrested for destroying the English language.

    • bobby knuckles

      Don’t get your panties in a bunch, you country bumpkin. This is nothing to be concerned about.

      • Kent Vig

        Bless your heart….insults from the lefty. How original

        • TWG2A

          Those idiots won’t be saying it’s nothing to be concerned about when concerned citizens start taking their rape, torture and death threats seriously. As far as I’m concerned, they have threatened my life for 6 years. One of these days, I wish they’d try walking that trash talk.

        • Nathan E. David

          The sad thing is that most of the left are such fools they don’t know their left from their right to begin with.

      • SamIam

        Oh,I know there’s no genuine threat here,that would require you chicken-hearted sewer dwellers to actually have some balls and be interested in something other than raping little kids.

        As long as there’s still kids to rape,you idiots will stay in your sewer and shoot each other,like the morons you are.

      • Linda Ann McBride

        Don’t kid yourself. Why do you think they have secret service? I can name several assination attempts and successes just in my life time. It is something to be concerned about.

    • Mary D Kilbride

      Agreed. What is going on with these people?

      • Kent Vig


      • NObama

        Demon Possessed Zombie Obama Cockroaches.

    • Lady Liberty

      Yes they should but if the Black Panthers can put up a Dead or Alive poster of George Zimmerman and no charges are brought, these @ssholes won’t get arrested either. Voice an opinion and go to jail, actually threaten someone’s life…ahh, no big deal.

      • Anna E

        Well said.

      • Henry Felter

        It’s worse than that. The head of the Black Panthers speaks of killing white people, speaks of going into Cracker homes and killing Cracker babies. To me it classifies as Hate Speech and aren’t Democrats big believers in Hate Speech and how bad it is.
        The UN seems to believe that only white folk can be racists, a view shared by the Black Panthers
        Why is it that the creators of Western Civilization are classified as evil and the rest of the world the it’s victims as they use the fruit of it’s labors in their day to day lives.

        • Garth Haycock

          Remember, in the mind of a progressive, it’s only hate speech if it is directed at a progressive.

        • TWG2A

          As far as I’m concerned, they have threatened my life and I will treat them as such if one of those beasts ever steps near me looking sideways.

          • sdgarman

            It’s called the second ammendment, baby. Practice it. This girl will.

          • carolyn thomas

            i have 506 reasons they do not want to come near my home, ,,22,,22,,22,,40,,410,,12,, Gauge my reaction to an idiot looking foolish.

          • Craig Williams

            The second amendment ? You can’t threaten to assasinate a person.

          • Bobbo Lupo

            Fail. She was suggesting defending yourself.

          • Harry Dobson

            Obviously you know nothing of the second amendment. You do not have he right to do and say what you please. Threatening asassination is not guaranteed, moron. Your ignorance is scary.

          • mike

            The second amendment is right to bear arms. I believe she is talking about the panthers coming to her house to kill crackers, and is saying she will defend herself. Before you call people morons you should probably know what you are talking about, scary

          • judyintheburg

            finally someone who knows what the 2nd amendment is. Thank you.

          • David

            Another democrat, liberal, progressive who has no idea what is in the Constitution – sorta like their president who claims to be a constitutional expert. What a joke this occupier of the white house is.

          • Susan Elmore

            Get a copy of the constitution and read it, MORON! The second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, not free speech.

          • Ron Morris

            Actually you know nothing about the second amendment, it gives you the right to bear arms. I believe you are referring to the first amendment,freedom of speech.

          • Guest


          • ClassicFilm

            Psst… the SECOND amendment has nothing to do with speech. The right to bear arms is not “assassination.” Defending oneself from those who have loudly proclaimed that they intend to “kill the crackers” aren’t referring to chowing down on saltines, sweetheart. Recommend that you spend a few minutes reviewing the Constitution and then refrain from foolish name-calling.

          • Tim Hood

            @facebook-100003356105680:disqus obviously you know nothing about the constitution, the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with free speech, it is the right to keep and bare arms!!!! Who is the moron now… yep that would be you, get a clue or remain silent!!!! Your ignorance is inexcusable for an American citizen!!!

          • Sheerie Knoll

            1. Threatening someone’s life, especially a president or presidential candidate, is against the law. Not free speech.
            2. I’m curious at what you would have said IF the threat was against Obama.

          • Sewing

            Same thing. Unlike liberals, who have only double standards, Conservatives believe in moral absolutes and equal application of all laws. Threatening the life of the President is a 5-year felony, regardless of which party the President belongs to.

          • Charles Roberts

            the 2nd is right to bear arms, Sheerie

          • Anthony Phelps

            Idiot. Tell you what….threated to kill your neighbor and see if you don’t get arrest. Then you’ll see how free it is.

          • sheryl

            shoot cops wont do anything, my ex said he was going to kill me and the cops were called and they never showed up. they dont care

          • Tim Hood

            @facebook-1016906128:disqus how about learning english and how to spell properly, she has the right to protect her home just like I do, and if you don’t believe it, come to mine and try to break in or do harm to me and mine and you will find out quickly that I do have the right to protect and defend it and will!

          • Brandon Michael

            The second amendment does NOT cover public threats on someone’s life, you twit! I bet you would not have the same feelings if it was a white guy who said the same about Obama??? I thought not.

          • Mitch Cumsteen

            2nd ammendment doesn’t include threats made upon other citizens…idiot

          • Worship Dancer

            no baby it’s called ILLEGAL. threatening to kill a president OR a presidential candidate is ILLEGAL. moron

          • David

            If these fools come near me they will be lying on the streets. I don’t need a gun, I’m the meanest SOB in the valley.

          • Debra Heathman

            here here …

        • Kliff Barner

          Speaking of the black pussy cats, maybe you should read this. Kinda explains WHY the BP’s don’t get arrested. They are now above the law…

        • Debra Heathman

          .38s are $20. at Wal Mart.

      • SamIam

        If Romney actually showed up to these sh*t-talking idiots’ houses with a gun and invited them out into the street to make good on their claims,they’d wet themselves and run away bawling like little girls as soon as the first shots were fired in their direction(s*).

        *Because these punk b*tches probably need to call 8 of their cousins in order to fight one guy,being b*tch-made punks,as they are.

        • TroyGates

          He doesn’t even need a gun. Just calling their bluff would make them piss themselves.

      • Dave Bowen

        unless you are a white conservative.

    • Robert Jackson

      I’m sure many will be arrested you can’t make death threats against a politician. They are all ignorant dumbshits and I am sure the FBI and CIA are tracking them and will soon go pay them a visit.

      • 45calSandW

        God, I hope so.

      • Milhouse

        Wrong. See the first amendment. This is protected speech.

        • effintom

          18 USC § 879 – Threats against former Presidents and certain other persons

          Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or
          inflict bodily harm upon—

          a major candidate for the office of President or Vice
          President, or a member of the immediate family of such

          shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5
          years, or both.

          From USA vs. Vincent 681 F.2d 462:

          “This Court therefore construes the willfulness requirement of the
          statute to require only that the defendant intentionally make a
          statement, written or oral, in a context or under such circumstances
          wherein a reasonable person would foresee that the statement would be
          interpreted by those to whom the maker communicates the statement as a
          serious expression of an intention to inflict bodily harm upon or to
          take the life of the President, and that the statement not be the result
          of mistake, duress, or coercion. The statute does not require that the
          defendant actually intend to carry out the threat.”

          • Milhouse

            Exactly. Thank you for quoting that, which supports what I’ve been saying. Only a “true threat” is illegal, i.e. one that can reasonably be interpreted by its intended audience as a serious expression of an intention to harm the person in question. These tweets do not come even close to fulfilling that requirement, and are thus protected speech.

          • Nathan E. David

            Only a fool would take such public displays of violent thought so litely. Like I’ve already said, it all comes down to the jury.

          • Milhouse

            Really? What about a public announcement at an anti-draft rally that “If they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is” the president? Would “only a fool” fail to take it seriously? And yet it is black-letter law that that is not a true threat, and thus is protected speech.

            And no, it does not come down to the jury. The judge has a duty to throw it out, and not submit it to the jury. And if he fails in that duty, the appeals courts will do it for him.

          • Nathan E. David

            That case, if it is really on the books, has nothing to do with the threats made against Romney. They are not at all similar. it all comes down to common sense. If people feel strongly enough not to carry a gun that the thought of being forced to carry one induces criminal thought or behavior, then it is in the country’s best interest for the courts to find for those whose pacifism were being provoked. That is not so in the case of these threats against Romney. These are personal threats that have nothing to do with person’s individual personal rights. There is no comparison between the above threats and those in the little case onto which so are so tightly wound. Likewise, if someone were threatening Hillary or Barry about our rights to own guns, that also would not be protected speech. Your problem is you lack common sense, and we are a nation of common law.

          • Milhouse

            Wow, what an ignoramus. It has nothing to do with “the country’s best interest”. The judicial branch is not charged with looking after “the country’s best interest”, it is charged with faithfully interpreting the law, regardless of whose interests that serves. Watts, which really is on the books and is the law of the land, has nothing to do with the cause that Watts was championing, and everything to do with the fact that, like these twitterers, he had no reason to believe his intended audience would think that he actually meant to kill the president. That is all that matters. And that is why he was not a criminal, and nor are these twitterers.

          • mike

            I don’t believe these people should be arrested under this law, however, their words having been publicly displayed should be vetted. I nor anyone else can assume without a doubt that these people threatening Romney have not the will nor the means to carry out their threat. And as far as is it worthy of investigating, ask Ted Nuggent, The secret service and I believe the FBI paid him a visit and not so friendly visit, took him in to custody, for saying ” if Obama gets relected he (Nuggent) will either be dead or in jail within a year.” This was not a threat against the President but a statement that under the current level of harassment he receives from O’s DOJ, that he believed it would escalate. His word were deemed to be non threatening and was released, The same type of investigation should happen for everyone on these people. Oops sorry, I forgot Ted’s white. !!!!!

          • Milhouse

            They didn’t take him into custody. They did break their oaths and violate the first amendment just by questioning him, but they routinely do that, they just know how far they can go without risking an expensive lawsuit. Questioning someone doesn’t risk them anything, because no damage has been done. Actually arresting someone would cross the line where a court would award damages, and they don’t want that.

            The entire Secret Service need to be trained on the meaning of “chilling effect”.

          • Wayne Caviness

            Don’t forget Romney supports the NDAA…..

          • Milhouse

            We’re at war, and have actual enemies who are fighting for the enemy, and are thus subject to being captured as prisoners of war. That’s what the NDAA is about. The fact that this power could be abused is unfortunate, but what else would you expect? We can’t have our war-fighting ability shackled by the same protections we have in civilian life. Captured enemy soldiers have never had the right of habeas corpus, or of a civilian trial.

            But the military won’t go along with wholesale or blatant abuse of this power by a president. Someone who is not really a terrorist has plenty of opportunity to convince the military authorities that they have the wrong person, and if it turns out that the president deliberately ordered them to take an innocent person prisoner he will have hell to pay. That may be enough incentive for him not to do it.

          • Wayne Caviness

            You do understand that the UN troops are here on our soil training to confiscate guns right? You understnad that we have troops popping up across the nation along with the TSA doing illegal searches right?

            Obama has made it clear that the UN controls our military. Also you do understand that the military are conditioned to follow orders. They way that people have been dumbed down in America, alot of these young troops can’t distinguish a lawful order. They are too busy playing war games ready for some action. I hope that I am wrong.

            I served for 8 years so I know how it works. Take New Orleans for example when Katrina hit. They confiscated guns from people that were simply protecting their homes and families.

          • Milhouse

            Oh, please. If you believe any of that you belong in an insane asylum and shouldn’t be allowed to have a weapon. There are no UN troops “on our soil” training to disarm us. None. That’s black-helicopter territory. Or do you believe in those too? Do you also think fire can’t melt steel?

          • Nathan E. David

            The case you cite makes me think of a Bible verse, “Fathers, provoke not your sons to wrath.” If a father can provoke his own son to wrath, how much more can an unruly government provoke its people to wrath? They call it “civil war,” duh… The courts just don’t want to go there. If the leftists who support the violent threats against conservatives were all locked up, or if it took the use of the states’ national guards to control them, that would be better serving of our country than to let them run all over the country with their trash and violence.

          • Milhouse

            It’s only leftists who think courts should base decisions on whether they “want to go there”.

          • Wayne Caviness

            I believe that would be considered a National Security issue and that person would be considered a terrorist. With the NDAA they don’t even have to give you a trial. Thanks to the Dictator.

          • Milhouse

            Do you think I made up the example? It happened, and the Supreme Court ruled that it was protected speech. That is the law of the land. What a dictator might do about it isn’t relevant to what the law is.

          • Wayne Caviness

            I don’t think you made anything up. I am just saying Romney supports the NDAA as well as Obama. With NDAA which does apply to Americans, anyone can be considered a terrorist without a trial or due process. Free speech is no longer allowed across the US. Some places now have free speech zones. If Romney wins these idiots that are making threats could simply disappear in the middle of the night.

            It doesn’t matter who wins these idiots are going to riot anyway when their food stamps won’t buy a loaf of bread which will be in the near future.

          • Milhouse

            Prisoners of war have never been entitled to trials or due process. Herbert Haupt, an American citizen, was captured in Chicago in 1941 as an enemy combatant, tried by a military tribunal, sentenced to death, and executed. The Supreme Court said he was not entitled to habeas corpus — which means that what happened to him was entirely up to the military and none of the business of any civilian court. And that’s all the NDAA does. Haupt still had a military hearing, as would anyone arrested under the NDAA; contrary to lefty propaganda the military has no interest in holding random goat herders prisoner, and does take every reasonable step to ensure that the prisoners it holds are indeed enemies.

          • Wayne Caviness

            I’m sure we’ll find out over the next four years if Obama gets in.
            Possibly if Romney gets in.
            Our constitution is there for a reason and the NDAA and many other BS laws being passed are unconstitutional as well.

            If what you say is true then why do they need the NDAA???
            Why are there army documents talking about re-education camps?
            Why does the Secret Service and FBI arrest those that speak out against Obama. It’s protected speech right?

          • Milhouse

            Um, you claim you were in the military and yet you don’t know why Congress needs to pass a National Defense Authorization Act every year?! Without it the military can’t do anything. They can’t spend a dime. Their authority to do anything derives from that act. The 2012 act has one provision explicitly affirming the power that the military has always had to detain enemy soldiers, because the usual suspects have been challenging and undermining that power for the past 10 years.

            There are no army documents about creating “reeducation camps”. And people who speak out against 0bama are perfectly safe; not one has been arrested, any more than people who spoke against Bush were arrested. If people were really afraid of the midnight knock they’d be a lot more circumspect in claiming to be afraid of it. The fact that Code Pink demonstrates in public and has no fear proves that they’re full of it.

          • Bill Finch

            Your interpretation is seriously flawed.

          • Milhouse

            Really? In what way? Please explain how, in your opinion, the intended audience of these tweets (i.e. the tweeters’ followers) can be reasonably expected to believe that they (the tweeters) seriously intend to kill Romney. You don’t believe they have such a serious intention, do you? Do you know anyone who, on reading these tweets, would draw such a conclusion? If not, then who exactly do you think would do so?

        • ucsara

          THIS is protected speech. but say one cross word about Obama, earshot of a secret service agent, and you can be detained right then and there. Sounds fair

          • Milhouse

            No, it’s not fair and it’s not right. But they will not arrest you; they’ll just question you in order to make you think twice before saying such things again, which is illegal but not illegal enough to risk a lawsuit.

        • Donna Baker

          @Milhouse: Actually, no it isn’t. There was a kid in North Carolina, who threatened ( on twitter) to kill Obama when he came for the DNC,and he was arrested. This is not protected.
          Charlotte man threatened to kill Obama in tweets, agents say …
…/Police-Charlotte-man-threatened-to-kill-Obama-in…CachedYou +1’d this publicly. UndoSep 6, 2012 – Charlotte man threatened to kill Obama in tweets, agents say … Man accused of threatening Obama via Twitter will stay in jail

          • Milhouse

            “There was a kid in North Carolina” is not a source. As for this Sims case (your link is broken but I found the story anyway), we’ll see how the trial goes, and if necessary how the appeals courts handle it. But note that according to the story you linked (incompetently) it hinges crucially on whether the threats were serious in their nature.

            “Prosecutors argued Sims’ tweets were serious and when someone questioned
            one of Sims’ tweets about the President, his response was serious ‘as a
            heart attack.'” He will of course argue that despite that he wasn’t serious, but that isn’t the question; the question is whether he appeared to be serious, and a reasonable member of his intended audience would have taken him seriously. And that, in turn, depends on all the tweets he sent, most of which are not reproduced in the article. The ones in the article alone can’t be taken seriously, but maybe others he sent could be.

            Certainly the tweet specifically claiming to be serious would be hard for him to explain away, since it was directed to a specific person who had asked, rather than to his general audience. He can argue that his general audience knows him and would know that he’s not a serious person, but the person who asked whether he was serious would seem to be someone who doesn’t know him that well, and he should have anticipated that that person would take him at his word.

        • Worship Dancer

          No it is NOT protected speech. threatening a president or presidential candidate is in NO way protected speech. IT IS ILLEGAL.

          • Milhouse

            See Watts v USA. Only true, credible threats are not protected. Threats such as the tweets we’re discussing, which nobody, including you, understand to be meant seriously, are explicitly protected. This is not my opinion, it’s the law.

      • Linda Ann McBride

        Are you kidding? Eric Holder is head of the department of justice. He will probably provide them with a Fast and Furious gun. We really do fear for his life. Are there death threats coming from the right if Obama wins?

        • Joe

          Lol good one linda

        • TexasMom2012

          Justice is not in charge of threats against presidential candidates, it is a mission of the Secret Service, one they have always taken seriously in the past. But after all the recent scandals involving the SS I am no longer confident they will discharge their duty.

      • Charlotte Powell

        Would love to be a fly on the wall! Knock knock, who’s there?FBI, we need to talk to you!


      YES!!! Go to the FBI homepage! File a complaint and print this page up for evidence..the more the better..they will listen if enough people do this.

    • f. lindsay

      Not with the CRIMELORD ERIC HOLDER the BLACK PANTHER SYMPATHIZER LIAR&drug cartel supplier as AG-the DOJ is the BIGGEST MOB on the CONTINENT& Congress Don’t Give a YAM- NOBAMA

      • Nathan E. David

        EXACTLY! …and if you’ve kept abreast of the grapevine, look at what happened to Obama’s past gay lovers at the same time he announced his bid for presidency…. If you haven’t heard about this, search “Obama’s dead gay lovers” on the web. Plenty of articles on it.

        • Russell Kersey

          What happened to Donald Young?

      • Kliff Barner

        READ THIS! do more searches, the Obama ’08 videos are still there. I can supply links if need be.

    • grais

      From the looks of their tweets, they should be deported.

    • Milhouse

      No, it’s protected speech. See Watts v USA

    • Harry Pratt

      I think a lot of these statements and threats seem too likely to be real. They are likely just a plot to distract. It seems too unlikely that these are actual voters. What is the real ploy here? Are we just being distracted by our own? I would expect to see more of the original format and context.

    • Olivia

      They should definitely be arrested for threatening anyone!!

    • beastdogs8

      In the real world the answer would be a overwhelming yes, they should be arrested, but these people making the threats are liberals, they are the moron vote of the democratic party, liberals seem to always be able to get away with crap like this. When Bush was president there was a movie made about assassinating him, and it even won a award. Liberalism to truly and 100% a mental disease.

    • Smitty 

      They get arrested, same as they do when conservatives make threats against POTUS.

      • Disgusted_in_SC

        Good! I think anyone that threatens to kill someone needs to be taken seriously and at least investigated. I don’t care what political party you are affiliated with this type of behavior is uncalled for.

        • Smitty 

          I agree 100%

    • bluewaternavy

      Yes, they should. But AG Holder won’t stand for it.

    • Dave Hawk

      That rule only applies if they are conservative talk show hosts I believe.

  • Bill Gordon

    Pure Ignorance. Obama”s people.

    • bobby knuckles

      Shut up, Bill. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • JohnDale49

        Hey, Bobby, you morbidly obese sh7tstain. Go f77ck yourself

        • Dwayne Jackson

          I see you’re quite intelligent.

      • Kent Vig

        Because Romney supporters are gonna threaten to kill Romney ? Did you survive a partial birth abortion?

  • Danny Masek

    Just love Democrat civility.

    • Doug Brown

      There is no such thing.

  • Darwinious Oppenheimer

    Are they going to use a high capacity sniper rifle with ammo dipped in trans-fat, salt and soda sold by old white men at gun shows?

  • Bobbijo

    I just don’t get how this is allowed to fly..

  • BullettSponge TowelKiller

    its funny how everyone who said this shit looks black……god forbid a white guy said all this about a black dude…..

    • Elaina Marie

      The rules never apply to them. We are white devils.

    • disqus_7HA5CZbgXG

      It doesn’t matter what color they are, they have NO right to threaten another human being. I wouldn’t be surprised if a part of them are white, too. These are people who think there is no other president than Obama, that’s fine but DO NOT THREATEN your brother or sister. I am not an Obama supporter but I would never threaten either man. This is part of the problem with America, we are to quick to pass judgement on each other and to dish out what we consider the right punishment. Come on people, grow up and think. This is exactly what the left wing people want, to have a division between all Americans.

    • Vehicle Protect USA

      we should

  • Jonathan Gerber

    Terribly open-minded and peace-loving folks here. Not.

    • Elaina Marie

      Right?! They are tolerant when you agree with them!

      • BAraCKWARD

        That’s for sure. Woe to you if you should have the nerve to hold a different opinion.

      • Michael Riley

        Democrat Liberals are like 3 year olds….when they don’t get their way, they thorw a fit and start screaming and yelling, and throwqing things…which means….Democrats are Infantile & Uneducated! We have always known it, and their actions Prove it! Screaming and Yelling 3 year olds=Democrat Liberals!

  • Discontentwliars

    Don’t they know we have laws protecting all people in this country? Threats to a politician tend to get FBI & Homeland defense attention. I sure hope our side doesn’t say such terible “Stuff”.

    • 1KR

      we’ve all seen what happens to them when they do intimidate (new black panthers standing outside polling place with nightsticks – on video) our wonderful AG completely dismisses it!

  • Denise Szostek

    not a one of them can put a sentence together…sad

    • Elaina Marie

      So true!! It’s really hard to read their tweets. I don’t speak that language!!

      • Bernie V

        I guess all tweets are not in English!

      • disqus_7HA5CZbgXG

        don’t you mean twits???

    • Michael Riley

      Exactly! Just look at the Rap Crap….that’s not music….they can’t sing either, they have to talk the words, despicable, hateful words! It’s not their fault they can’t talk, they go sell drugs for their momma so she can go out and prostitute all night! They don’t have time for school, but then again, that’s the white races fault too! Ignorant Losers!

  • Roger W.Compton

    This is the kind of trash you get from left wing loons……but threats against anyone should be investigated by law………wonder why this is not happening……….they may be sorry they ever published such threats…………

    • Lady Liberty

      Why is this not happening? Eric Holder.

      • Debbie Oswald Brewster

        Actually, the agency who should be investigating this, I believe, is Homeland Security and we all know what an incompetent is heading up said agency.

    • Nathan E. David

      Hey, watch it there… you called the left “loons.” You owe an apology to all the real “loons” out there!

  • MrBuckley

    They need to arrest a few of these people and put it in the news….it will stop!

    • Nathan E. David

      I doubt it. The news would just make martyrs of them.

  • Brad Brunk

    Dang, Democrats get violent when their free stuff is threatened…

    • slnandfam

      I am sorry but this was a really funny comment.

    • driveswift

      Like that guy who was so afraid that Obama would be re-elected that HE KILLED HIS ENTIRE FAMILY? Yea, the wingnuts on the left are the ones to be afraid of, with their no-gunwanting anti-violence attitudes – they’re gonna kill us all! Oh wait…

      • Anonymous

        Do you have to be a POS.

  • Elaina Marie

    This is just so painful to read. I cannot believe humans like this exist. They are vile, ignorant wastes of space.

    • Elaina Marie

      I am Romney all the way, but I would NEVER wish physical harm against Obama. He is a father and and husband for crying out loud!!!

      • Brad S

        It only lets me give it one up, but +1,000,000

      • Jennifer LeAnne Callahan

        Elaina, I completely agree! When I start hating Obama I just remind myself of those two precious little girls of his. They can’t help who their parents are and I don’t want to see them hurt at all.

        • Elaina Marie

          Thank you! I said something bad about Obama in anger a while agp(something I will never repeat) and my husband said to me “thats somebodies daddy”. Those words never left my head.

          • Elaina Marie

            *somebody’s I meant

      • Vehicle Protect USA

        I think we should think about how violent they are and try to mimic

        • Elaina Marie

          I understand your anger completely. But we need to be the bigger, better people as hard as that is!!!

      • Nathan E. David

        This is a wise outlook. Violence never settles anything.

  • Keith Hamilton

    Why are liberals so violent when most of them “claim” to be peace loving?

    • Mary D Kilbride

      They know nothing of peace loving….from Obama on down. He sets the pace to cause a lot of anger and fighting…that is the Chicago Way.

      • Nathan E. David

        Well said!

    • Vehicle Protect USA

      Because they usually special needs with issues

      • sad but true

        Our country is so divided. Obama has caused all of this to happen. He wants us to fight each other. He will try to destroy us. That is his misson.

        • Nathan E. David

          Give credit where credit is due, please. Obama had help. There is Pelosi, Reid, and, of course, the press, to name a few…

    • WESTPORT1963

      They go by “feelings” not thought

      • Nathan E. David

        Are you sure they have feelings? I don’t know if blind rage is a feeling….

  • George Murrey

    Nothing like the left going over the top. Instead of talking about the issues, death threats are the only routes they have. Small minded and very hateful.

  • Conrad Vargas

    These people should be prosecuted for tweeting to assassinate a potential a presidential candidate of the United States of America… Whether they are serious or not this type of behavior should not be tolerated b either party. Hope these people receive a phone call by the feds.

    • sdgarman

      More like a knock on the door.

    • Milhouse

      They can’t be prosecuted because the constitution protects them. Sheesh, how is it that so many people don’t get a simple concept like freedom of speech?

      • Nathan E. David

        You’re such an idiot. They can be prosecuted regardless of what the constitution says. They might not be found guilty, if some clowns like you wind up on the jury, but they can be prosecuted. Please go find that hole in the sand and put your head back in; your breath stinks!

        • Milhouse

          You’re the idiot. Prosecutors are bound by the constitution. They swear an oath to uphold it. But of course to you that oath is meaningless. You don’t give a damn about the constitution. Go to hell.

          • Nathan E. David


          • Milhouse

            That’s what you’re reduced to. Like Joe Biden, laughing at the constitution he’s never read. And nor have you.

          • Nathan E. David

            You sound like one of Ron Paul’s gnats. Watch it. Someone’s bound to have a fly swatter! Constitution this and constitution that, and it is all smokescreen to hide liberal agenda. Whiney fools wimpering all the time about the letter of the law while standing on the side of evil in the name of “being constitutional.” Well, there are far more liberal laws on the books that are unconstitutional which tend toward breaking down society than there are unconstitutional laws which tend toward the good, but I take the few we have until someone who flies the flag of “constitutional” as a banner for good. There are constitutional ways to legislate social conservatism. It is called constitutional amendments, but you libterds fail to stand up for what is good, and try to hide the constitutional process that reveals what dogs you really are. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go outside and apologize to my dog.

          • Milhouse

            Watch it, you’re foaming at the mouth. Maybe your dog gave you rabies.

          • Nathan E. David

            My dog has a right to be angry at me. I called you a dog. He might never forgive that one. He’s a dang beagle!

          • Milhouse

            He’s probably as dumb as you.

          • Anonymous

            Hopefully you get banned for that comment.

          • Anonymous

            We sound like Biden that is ironic coming from an amoral lib who thinks threatening Romney with a hate crime is protected speech.

          • Anonymous

            I love how you think threatening to kill someone because their white is free speech. Drop dead

      • rubyroo

        @Milhouse, please know what you’re talking about before you open your yapper. There are certain limitations to the freedom of speech as delineated by the Supreme Court. One of the most obvious limitations (besides yelling “fire” in a crowded theater), is you cannot threaten someone with physical violence.

        “With some exceptions threats of violence that are directed at a person or group of persons
        that has the intent of placing the target at risk of bodily harm or
        death are generally unprotected.”

        Because most of these fools are basically blowing off steam created when they try to think, their words could potentially be written off as hyperbole, but that would generally be for a judge to decide were law enforcement to determine the author to be a potential real threat.

        For the most part these idiots aren’t going to do a damn thing and I think that’s probably the tack the intelligence agencies would take… but I’m sure they’re monitoring these morons.

        • Milhouse

          I know what I’m talking about; you clearly don’t. Why don’t you look up Watts before opening your stupid mouth? The “threat” exception is very narrow; it only covers threats if the speaker ought to anticipate that his intended audience will think he really intends to do what he says. It’s crystal clear that these tweets do not fall within that exception. Their intended audience is their twitter followers, and no reasonable person could expect that those followers will think they really intend to kill Romney.

          • Mini14’sBlkStrat


    • driveswift

      And I bet you were outraged when they talked to the high school girl about doing the same thing… OK for the right to do it, but bad for anyone else? Despicable. This is why the primary was the last GOP vote I will ever cast. Horrible people, really.

      • Anonymous

        You never voted for the GOP you islam apologist.

  • Howard Odom

    these idiots disgust me a bunch of cowards these people should all be arrested for terroristic threats !! ghetto trash !!

    • IM FROM FORKS then go to Contact us and then go to Report Internet Crime. The fact that threats are being made make the above criminals!!! This IS serious and they need to be accountable for these threats..

      • Milhouse

        Wrong. These tweets are not criminal, they are perfectly legal, just as it is legal to tell an anti-draft rally that if you are drafted the first person in your sights will be the president.

        • Nathan E. David

          You are one who should be investigated. From your foolish posts, it is clear that you are building an insanity defense. Exactly what are YOU planning? You’re not in sane; you’re just a fool. You won’t get away with it!

          • Milhouse

            I’m a fool to quote the law? The US constitution is the supreme law of the land. Anybody who arrests or prosecutes someone for protected speech is a criminal and an oathbreaker. And you support such scum. Drop dead.

          • Anonymous

            Dude I love how when Romney gets threatened with death you quote the constitution but when it is ogabe in his place you whine about how it is not free speech STHU if you know whats good for you.

        • Anonymous

          Yes but threaten obama and Milhouse will be the first to whine about hate speech.

  • Michael Jones

    From what I see, these sound like typical uneducated, lazy, crack smoking ghetto dwellers afraid the handouts will end and they might have to clean up, get a diploma, and work.

    • driveswift

      You mean white trailer trash? Because most black people I know actually want to work to get OUT of the ghetto – it’s what most of their music has been about since the Harlem Rennaissance – it’s the people I know throughout the midwest that are happy sitting at home, being lazy bumpkins and then whining about how awful Obama is for letting black people have their food stamps too.

      • Anonymous

        Explain why we’re racist heathen swift?

  • Brett McMicken

    yet, we’re the ones with the bitter clingers!

  • P1 Komenko

    The only assassination I see is the poor use of English grammar! Oh please will the Secret Service pay them all a visit and tell them how stupid they are!

  • rubyroo

    If Romney be President Imma go ta work.

    • Elaina Marie

      I love this!! Thank God there are other people that think like me!

      • driveswift

        Like an idiot?

        • Anonymous

          Takes one to know one babe.

    • Jeff Lawton

      LOL amen

    • Nathan E. David

      LOL …and so are a whole lot of other people!

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    I;m thinking things may get ugly..

  • MissAmanda88

    So sad. What a bunch of illiterate idiots. Why do they keep bringing up the fact that he’s white? Racist much?

    • carolyn thomas

      He is Half white like my grand baby that i love with everything I am. skin color has nothing to do with it, it is the way you are raised and the values you are taught that makes ehm that way. The people they hang out with also contributes to their ignorance and violence But I promise my baby boy will not be anything like that, He knows he is half black but he does not see any difference between himself and my other grand babies. There are a lot of black people i know that I would trust my life to. and there are a lot of white people I would not trust withing a mile of me. SO lets make it clear, color has nothing to do with the problem. the violence you see in those threats stem from how they were taught. I am a conservative and proud of it. But i will protect my family to the end.

  • Susan A Davis

    What a bunch of wasted space in this world… If it was someone else the feds would be down on them in a sec. But most are black and there favorite word is racist. If there good buddy Obama is elected they will be kissing there free a– good bye.

    • IM FROM FORKS then go to Contact us and then go to Report Internet Crime. The fact that threats are being made make the above criminals!!! Black, white , pink or green they are criminals anytime they make those kind of threats and we the people need to make them accountable!

  • Seriously Though

    Clearly Ignorance breeds more ignorance !!

  • Neal Seifert

    See a few Obama Phones might be in use.

  • Howard Caughy

    Not sure any of them are even close to reaching the intelligence threshold necessary to commit something of this nature…some real bright looking folks

  • C-Ann-C

    They’d BETTER PAY ATTENTION! My GAWD!! These people can get away with assassination plots by tweeting? Yet, not ONE word from their GOON President OBUMMERHEAD about it!! Ok, so I guess I can say the same thing, then! If ObGoonyhead get reelected I’m gonna GIVE him the finger up his ass!!!

  • MaryLee Johnson Rounds

    If anything happens to Mitt Romney, Obama should be held responsible for not calming his followers. It is like a cult. Scary.

    • James Donahoo

      Obama held responsable?It would all be Bushs’ fault.LOL.Hell I think someone else must have impregnated Michelle,cause he doesent take responsability for anything.

  • Otter2

    I apologize for my comment. I was trying to be sarcastic referring to the Tea Party as the MSM refers to it. The MSM ignores ALL such threats and actual violence from such people as these, yet attributes so very wrongly all sorts of evil to the TP.

    • Doug Brown

      I caught your sarcasim, so I didn’t mark you up or down. On this one, I marked up :)

      • Otter2

        Thank you Doug. The MSM has totally given over its 1st Amendment rights to shill for one candidate. Openly and unapologetcally, while tearing down the other candidate. I don’t think we fought wars for them to subjugate what that amendment means.

        To be honest, the thumbs down freaked me out. I’ll rethink my use of sarcasm in the future. :)

  • Jdmr4prez

    These people don’t even know how to shoot a gun I’m sure let alone buy one that could do the job. Just a bunch of racist idiots who don’t belong in this country!

  • bobby knuckles

    You guys are stupid. These aren’t legit threats. Anyway, all of this is irrelevant, since Romney is going to lose.

    • Cliff Brown

      Wanna bet? Obummer is gonna lose unless they get eough dead peopel to vote.

    • Elaina Marie

      These tweets being legitl or not is not the point. If conservitives were doing this, it would make top news, you know the reliable ones, MSNBC, CNN…….

    • Cliff Brown

      Bobby knuckledragger,You got nothing,you make stupid comments and contribute nothing to the conversation.

    • billyg

      Why do you support Obama?

    • billyg

      You don’t think violent death threats are serious?

    • Jules

      You a member of the Secret Service? Or do you not take black people seriously?

  • Robert Cooper

    And what do all these ignorant assholes have in common? They’re all BLACK!

    • Vehicle Protect USA

      When you have no intelligence u turn to violence…very primative

      • Mini14’sBlkStrat

        They blame others for their shortcomings.

  • Clint Hullinger

    This is already sounding like a Muslim nation!Obamas B.S. is taking hold.

  • Cath

    Why isn’t twitter shutting THEM down?

  • Susan A Davis

    No they didn’t get there guns from old men at the gun show , i am sure it is not legal.

  • DPerry

    Isn’t this like illegal??? And aren’t the Democrats/Liberals suppose to be the “tolerant” ones schooling us radical right wingers??? WTH is going on…

  • No Obamanation Here

    GOD forbid we end up with someone in the White House that knows how to manage money. What a travesty that would be. OH, wait, it WOULD be for this bunch…they’d have to pay for their own lifestyles!

  • Craig A. Conrad

    The side of “tolerance” only goes if you agree with their views – otherwise, not so tolerant.

  • ǝW ǝʃqıʃʃɐℲ

    Stunning brazenness. That nothing’s being reported or done is equally as stunning, and even more incriminating! Remember, our tried-and-true USSS is the new DHSSS. So … guess who’s at the helm of the Black Pirate? It ain’t Johnny Depp.

  • Bernie V

    de be usin dem obama phones 2 tweet!

  • Mary Cook

    These threats should be taken seriously…and arrests should be made and they should be helded until several months after the election…I hope that the State Dept…the FBI and Secret Service will take these very seriously and not like that did in Benghazi and our brave Americans were murdered…I would like to see heavy security for Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan….and their families.

    • IM FROM FORKS then go to Contact us and then go to Report Internet Crime. The fact that threats are being made make the above criminals!!!

  • bobby knuckles

    Do you guys feel like you need to sleep in mommy’s bed tonight?

    • billyg

      You’re making a lot of comments, but no a lot of sense.

  • Brent Chapman

    so amI just shallow or do these morons have a legitimate twitter account that can be traced back?If they are as intelligent as their vocabulary skills,then they probably do. Then they can post; i be doin nuthin an dis 5-o cumup my doe,shiiiiit man he dont be scarin me,thss wha i beeee sayin!!!!!!!!

  • whyIoughta

    Twitchy people, please don’t assume the SS is paying attention. SEND it to them. Everyone here should be incarcerated for years.

  • Brady Russell

    Pretty tolerant of them, don’t you think?

  • Lois Stricker

    must be sending these with Obama’s free phones

  • Lynn Smith

    Are these people that stupid, they don’t have to worry about the cottonfields as Bria said there will be no cotton cause there will be nothing.. Not even food stamps

  • David Hoffman

    why hasn’t the secret service been informed? if they have why are they not kicking down these idiots doors?

    • IM FROM FORKS then go to Contact us and then go to Report Internet Crime. The fact that threats are being made make the above criminals!!! Then print the page for evidence! I filed a complaint! Do it too! the more the better!

    • carolyn thomas

      Obam got rid of the real secret service and replaced them with thugs from Chicago. that is why his secret service men have been in trouble with prostitutes and the latest drunk on the highway in miami after obama’s campaign trip there the other day.

  • Marc Frey

    Not sure death threats against Republicans are a crime. They sure are not here in Wisconsin,

    • IM FROM FORKS then go to Contact us and then go to Report Internet Crime. The fact that threats are being made make the above criminals!!! Then print the page for evidence! I filed already!

  • lily lane

    I pray all their mug shots here are in the FBI data base.. GOD PROTECT Governor Romney from these idiots…

  • is4u2p

    Yes they should have been arrested and detained using Obama’s extension of powers so they can see why we’re so upset at his constitutional violations.

  • Grace656

    It’s the talk of the left that initiates these threats – like Biden saying they’ll be put back into chains.

  • Vicky Airriess

    I just told each one of them to kill themselves..they are useless warts on the ass of society..I know i know…but these creeps piss me off so much and can’t contain myself sometimes:(((

  • Doug Blair

    obama supporters are only saying this because they know this president is going to lose, what they aought to do is question why their guy is going to lose!!!

  • mutatron

    I’m sure all the fine people here know that Obama has received many death threats from Republicans. In fact, chances are you know or are related to somebody who has threatened the president.

    • Steve Baxter

      Well isn’t that a bunch of ignorant speculation founded on asinine logic

    • Doug Blair

      you are crazy, it is a federal crime to make threats towards the president, if there were that many threats as you say it would be all over the news.

    • thedougbob

      Your a retard! You think that justifies these idiot racist and stupid people from making these remarks. Do us all a favor and vote against Obama.

    • Alisha

      I don’t know anyone that thinks like this. The people in my family are better educated than this. While I don’t like him, or his socialist views, I wouldn’t want to kill him over it. It’s wild that you believe everyone must know someone who thinks like this. I guess that goes to how and where you were raised. I hope you decide to move your own family UP A NOTCH and not be around this.

    • Jules


  • palinhb

    most of these libtard cowards may be smart and wrote these from a public computer…BUT all of them are young, dumb ass internet virgins

  • Flash Freak 342

    These are the same people who agreed with the New Black Panthers last election…

  • Lois Stricker

    Do these idiots realize that anyone reading this can access their twitter account- one click and you can see them from anywhere

  • I knows EVERYTHING

    Disgusting…they should trace those posts…but it doesn’t surpriise me… I can imagine riots WHEN Mitt is elected …

  • Frank Leverett

    Yet, even saying that Obama is wrong is instantly attacked, with people bullied into silence or worse. According to the laws on the books, these people should have been arrested and sent to FEDERAL PRISON as soon as they said this, as he a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE and therefore, afforded Secret Service level protection!

  • Hubcap

    Big Sis where are you we are reading and seeing something here.

  • Doris Irene Buckley Haskell

    Are these morons even registered to vote?

  • Revis56

    I hope the secret service is taking names,that way if something happens to Romney they have plenty of leads..sick,sick people…

  • Melanie LeBato Branham

    I’m pro-life, but I just read a few justifications for abortion.

  • Cheryl Young-Reinhart

    handouts is like a drug addiction, once you have it you don’t want to give it up, and they fear that their hand outs will stop. This has been going on for years. The difference now is that it is a black president and they believe Obama is on their side and will take care of them. They don’t understand that life and freedom from addiction is so much better. And how do you reeducate them when it’s been going on for all these years and this is what they were taught from their parents. It’s not good, I am concerned about our country on a whole.

  • Alisha

    These people don’t like Mitt because he has a plan to kick their sorry butts off of Uncle Sam’s Plantation. Most of them don’t have the brain cells it takes to pull of some BS like this. They’d freak if people talked like this about “o” but hey what the heck. It’s ok to be racist if you are black…..right? MLK once said “I have a dream of a word where people are not judged by the color of their skin but the content of their hearts.” I dare say the content of the hearts hear speak for themselves. May God have mercy on your souls.

  • Michael Riley


  • Renee Johnson

    Very articulate, intelligent comments! lol

  • notn2politicallycorrect

    These are low-life tween trolls. No intelligent life form would make viable threats against a government that has the power to find your ass and jail you. I’m not moved.

  • Jason

    These idiots makin threats ain’t gonna do nothin. Do you know how many busses they would hafta catch to get to the white house? They would be exhausted and homesick from bein away from their moms basements and/or section 8 housing by the time they got off the bus. Worthless is all they are.

  • Kathleen Cook Brewer

    I feel certain that each of these cretins could be successfully prosecuted for homicide. Of the English language.

  • Ken Needham

    The President needs to step up and remind these idiots that the threats against Romney, IS AS GOOD AS THE THREATS AGAINST THE PRESIDENT, and will not be tolerated. The president is stirring this up with his racial rhetoric.

  • Tony Sammons

    I don’t believe Romney has anything to worry about….look at the ones saying this, Ignorant thugs….at first glance, I was surprised that they knew how to spell assassinate, but then I realized, even obama phones have auto correct.

    • Nathan E. David

      The beauty of it is this, even though under this administration Romney is not likely to get a lot of help regarding these threats, at least Romney is rich enough to hire enough protection that he doesn’t have to worry about it. LOL

  • trex

    These idiots are probably Acorn workers trying to insight violence, they probably aren’t even real people….and remember Karma is a bitch, and she is coming after you…assasinate that….

  • Glenn Jericho

    We should find a scientific method to predict poll results by the number of Twitter death threats.
    Romney… WINNING!

  • disqus_7HA5CZbgXG

    1) I refuse to listen to people who do not speak English, are we not Americans. 2) When you treaten someone, aren’t you charged with a terroristic charge? Why aren’t they? 3) What makes you think that a man like Obama has the right to demand how you live. At least Romney wants freedom so that you can speak this way. DO YOU KNOW THE MAN??? 4) What right do you have to judge another human being just because they don’t agree with you? No wonder America is in the fix it is in when we have people running around thinking it’s ok to threaten another human. Shame on all of you. There is a place for muderers and it’s called HELL. dont try to get there, you won’t like it.

  • C. J. Woodard

    Don’t you just love these chicken$hits who think they are anonymous! I hope every one of these morons gets arrested!

  • RevDiana Ladyhawk

    What is wrong with these people! They should be in jail. They are threats no matter what. I would feel the same if it was against the President even-though I am not a fan of him.

  • kbielefe

    We all know the real culprit is Romney for putting out campaign ad “videos” that incite people to violence because they are critical of the leader of the progressive religion.

  • Paladin

    I renewed my NRA membership and sent $$$ to Romney. Guess before election day I’ll also need to buy more ammo and prepare for whatever happens next. Lincoln freed a nation and ended a civil war. Obama has enslaved a nation and is promoting a civil war.

  • mjnellett

    Congratulations all you bad ass wanna-be assassins, with Romney having Secret Service protection that knock on your door just maybe your one way ticket to prison. It is a federal crime to THREATEN the President, or presidential candidate you dumb-asses. With your collective intelligence you’d probably shot yourself by accident…God willing!

    • carolyn thomas

      I have already sent all the links of the threats to mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s wife and little girl to the Romney /Ryan sites and to them personally. they will be aware of the threats and take action . yes there were threats of rape against both Paul Ryan’s wife and child. on another twitchy site.

  • rob

    liberals thought the right was crazy, let this be a warning the left can’t take losing

  • Jack Myers

    Relax, it’s ok to threaten to kill Romney, remember he is only white.. Where is our buddy Al Sharpton?

  • Pauly Cobb

    These folks is all talk…they couldnt find theys way out tha hood if they had a bus pass…let em riot and burn themselves down

    • carolyn thomas

      good idea, there are also threats of rioting if Romney win, They do not realise there are 1.7 million hunters registered in america and that make just the hunters the 8th biggest army in the world. and even their kids can shoot better than most of the hoods making those threats.

  • f. lindsay

    these Crazy mofoes ARE NOT AWARE that the Red COMMIE MUSLIM BROTHER that they are defending thinks of them as ‘the poor uneducated VOTING BLOC’& not as ‘his People?’

  • Love of Country

    Most of the people making these death threats will be dead by the time Romney is sworn in anyway …. such is life in the DNC run ghettos, Doh!

  • bigug

    I thought it was a felony to plot an assassination of a presidential candidate. But, I guess Eric Holder let the black panther party go on the voter intimidation charges. Gun walking didn’t go too far either. It’s all so corrupt in Washington now, we don’t know really what is going to happen next. Hold on for the ride, it’s going to be rough for a while.
    Doesn’t matter who is elected, the office of president needs to be protected. Threats should be followed up. Arrests should be made.

  • walter

    This news is absurd & incredulous. You may not agree with Romney’s politics but Willard Romney is one of the most valuable & best Wall Street globalist, a man with no country, that we have. He is a valuable expert in off-shore tax blocker and other US tax avoiding convertor funds. There are 92,000 persons with $21,000,000,000,000 hidden off shore that depend on wizards like Romney (source:


    These people need to be held accountable and we can do that! Please go the FBI home page and file a complaint! I did and we all need to! Also print this page up for evidence..we need to let our voices be heard and strength is in numbers..So please take some time to do this!

  • dareisay

    I am one that believes these threats could lead to something bad.

    These wannabe rappers, hard core gang members need to be interviewed by the FBI now!

    I am sick of people acting like thugs, it’s time the grow up and act like decent human beings!

  • Larry Miller

    I will not prosecute my people. Isn’t that what Eric Holder said?

    You can bet their names, whereabouts(addresses,etc.), and descriptions are being monitored.

  • Guest

    They are just angry because obama is about to be in the unemployment line and schemeing and lying to see if he can get their funds

  • MeMyselfandI

    Geez… reading these comments consisting of such words, well, some of them are words, disgusting grammar, horrible punctuation, etc., these imbeciles should be angry with the teachers who passed them and helped them to graduate; a wonderful public education they received – for FREE (courtesy of taxpayers, of course).


      This is the place to file a complaint for internet crime..and these are criminals who are making these threats!

  • Bruce Koeneke

    start rounding them up , they;re not too bright though , most of em cant spell . if they tried to get a plane ticket to washington they would probably end up in spokane

  • IM FROM FORKS then go to Contact us and then go to Report Internet Crime. The fact that threats are being made make the above criminals!!!

    • prlgrl

      Or tweet it to @SecretService on twitter

      • carolyn thomas

        lol, the secret service was all replaced by Obama with Chicago thugs,

    • carolyn thomas

      i tried that, the site for reporting threats is down, : {

  • Mark Shells

    They are not watching, don’t care, and never will. thats just the way it is. You know all Obama no votes are racist anyway, so i guess they deserve to be killed right?

  • Pam E.

    wow, those people who made those comments are so well educated and grown up. I also hope the Secret Service is paying attention.

  • Steven Hite

    Sounds like a bunch of whining assed 4 year olds worried they are going to lose their Messiah ! Grow up you retards!

  • Phuq Ewe

    Racism is alive and well. And finally everyone can see from these anti-Romney tweets that it’s black against white and not white-against black.

  • Spencer Sholly

    It appears that there are alot of folks who want Ryan to be president, huh?

  • GOPallday

    Don’t worry, this is a form of terrorism and should be dealt with as such. :)

  • Carla Stokes

    No news updates on these people Why? Obama has conditional views on freedom of speech.

  • Pedro Goldbloom

    The ones threatening all seem to be illiterate to me. Jus’ Sayin’

  • Ken Alan Draper

    The funny thing is that the library of congress archives all public tweets so future historians will be able to know the utter insanity of the 21st century American leftist.

  • smo

    If you can find someone not so far in the tank, you’ll learn the south was democrat, the KKK was democrat and look up what LBJ said off camera about blacks – I won’t even repeat it here! The Civil Rights Act was first proposed by Ike (I think it was Ike, but if was from his party), a democrat blocked it, then when the democrat got in control, years later, it got passed. But only for the credit. Democrats have kept the poor, poor. You have to find someone who will show you this, not tell you. Someone you can trust but not a know-it-all. Someone who is not ‘out-there’, but who can find this info for you. It’s true.

  • mmarino

    New civility in America.

    Stay classy, folks.

  • D.Cade

    Terrible! God please protect Romney/Ryan & their familes! Those that make these threats are stupid and possibly dangerous. I am even more concerned about the sly people who are smart enough to keep their mouths shut, and who are planning such things! Hope secret service is vigilant!

  • Michael Rice

    If ROney be da prez Imma be abell 2 efford anedumacation

  • Michael Rice

    If Romney be prezuhdent Imma being abill 2 gut me an edecasion

  • Chris Banks

    If you look at the profiles, the grammar, their twitter names, etc., you see what kind of people are tweeting this crap. Low life wanna be thugs who probably know nothing about Romney OR Obama’s policies or political history. And they don’t care, Obama’s black and Romney is white. They don’t look any further than that. That’s enough for them to spew hatred, racism and violence…the very things they claim to be victims of.

  • Timothy Crenshaw

    No one who is against the Republicans is ever going to be held accountable for anything. We have Chicago style politics in the White House and the MSM who are the last line of defense against a corrupt government are the strongest fomenters of deception and corruption in the country.

  • Scooby_Doooo

    they’ll all be getting visits from the secret service.

  • Michelle

    A fine collection of children that should have been left behind.

  • wilhelmcoq

    Oh please!

  • James Wesley Jr

    look at Obama’s pose does’nt it remind you of El Duce? (Musollini)….Threats of race riots and assasination are flying all over the place stinking up the atmosphere….This man mission is to humiliate, divide, bankrupt, and militarily castrate this nation….to bad we have raised several generations of functionally illiterate “High School Grads” with no knowlege of “Civics” the importance of “current events”….and the struggle over two hundred years to make this nation the greatest and most powerful nation the world has ever scene. We fought a Civil War to correct the constitutional contridiction of slavery at the cost of over 800,000 lives, we suffered through the horrible atrosities of “Reconstructions” and in the home stretch “Jim Crow”…but the point is “We Made it”…The History Book k-12 have rewritten to scew historical truth and furmate sceptisim from k-post grad….totally ignore the power of our Judeo-Christian heritege…making it something no longer allowed in the public discourse let alone in the classroom….I believe one of our statesmen in the 1800 trying to teach moral values without a biblical foundation is insane. Sorry folks I’m not a defeatist in fact I’m a bible believing Christian that knows the power of prayer. I’m a black pastor and four tour Vietnam Vet…and I yes I believe if we can’t turn this thing around we can sure through our VOTE slow it down till Jesus comes. the Word of God says….
    2 Timothy 3 New International Version (NIV)
    3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people

  • Jerry Reece

    bobby knuckes I do not know where you get your facts from but I am neither dumb or uneducated, but you sure seem to be both


    What a bunch of morons? Spell check anyone? Typical self entitled leftist garbage if someone dissagrees with you shout them down or threaten them. It will not work.

  • stephaniejane81

    wow, unbelievable–actually not so unbelievable since this is the stuff I expect from the left now a days–a bunch of hypocrites who are so full of hate and they have the audacity to falsely claim we are the ones full of hate and racism? I’m praying that Mitt Romney is protected from the crazies in this country–I suppose people might go nuts when you try to take away all the “free” stuff they are getting that they don’t need.

  • John Rivera

    Clearly Twitter and facebook have to RAMP up their filter controls or RAMP up their monitoring and turn over all the accounts where these kinds of things are being posted about either candidate !! This is THREATENING harm on public officials ! and if they did it in broad day light on a street corner, guess what… they would go to prison !!

  • Cardinal

    You all are nuts…..stop the cussing and out landish threats…..

  • zaigon

    I hope the FBI, takes actions ASAP and does something in regards to these people that are posting this treats. They should
    be arrested and investigated.

  • Dale Brooks

    And why would comments like these be surprising? When so much attention is given across the country to put an end to bullying and the negative behavior that results from it, Biden was given kudo’s, plaudits, and Obama couldn’t be more proud of him. But Biden’s spiteful, derisive, arrogant behavior at the debate was nothing other than bullying. Obama plays it a little cooler, but is only a notch above the fray. He bully’s from behind the scenes! This is what their behavior brings out in their supporters!

  • Chris Meyerson

    The only thing these ass clowns killed was English… WOW…

  • samspad


  • Jacqueline Fields

    Anyone remember Gabrielle Giffords? Bet this kind of vitreol was out there when she was shot, and no one cared enough about it to do anything! My opinion? Bet the lefties would like nothing better than a hit on Romney, and or Ryan.

  • $21590057

    Am I the only one wishing that these people had paid a little more attention in English class?

  • William Oosterman

    Public education – so-called – that is the result! STUPIDOS!

  • Michael Adams

    All of the people above are scared that their free Obama phone and government check may get taken away from them and they might actually have to get a job.

  • TWG2A

    Can you just imagine the black suburbans and SWAT teams rolling around if these tweets were aimed at obama? Since when is threatening to assasinate someone legal? WHY AREN’T THOSE TWEETERS BEING ARRESTED?

  • Dean Stenberg

    Ignore these comments from uneducated losers. They have probably all been to prison and like being around all the men.

  • $7421226

    =when= obama loses we can expect to see these obamamorons ‘act out’ in real life, that’s all they’re planning on.
    and we will bulldoze their mangy parasitic carcasses into our waiting hog lots.

  • Lg

    They all have a the same signature,(style) looks like a robo-call over the interent.. :)

  • $7421226

    anyone hear that obama signed an exec order that no one is ‘allowed to’ BOO him? heard that at the American Legion.

  • Linda Mayberry

    They’re obviously morons who probably can’t afford a bus ticket to the next town.

  • Laura

    Hey all you Bo’s,they watchin you,better keep a lookin over you shoulder!!!!

  • micronurse

    Wow such tolerance from the liberals. Aren’t they kind and loving people? I want to be just like them with how tolerant they are, oh yeah!

  • fedup

    I hope Romney wins by a landslide and all of the real racist illiterate fools that think all law abiding white people are afraid of them decide to start to their “uprising”. They will be in for a severely rude awakening when the law isn’t there to protect them from their own thuggish behavior and the hellstorm they would have created by unleashing the survival side of those they hate so hate much. That is a war they really do not want to start. One month without government handouts and the few left would starve. So leave well enough alone and get with your lives without the drama.

  • Dee Korchnak Franke

    I think these twitterings might be illegal………hmmmm….ya think??? WTH is wrong with people ???

  • John Dickel

    When Obama looses you are going to witness chaos, do not be out late on Nov. 6th, things are going to burn, please Arm yourselves, and be ready for anything.

  • Beth Larsen

    Hey Obama, thanks so much for that unity you promised. Sure, I realize that you’re not directly posting these threats, but you’ve created the environment for it. Your constant lies about Mitt Romney make your fanatic followers believe he is something he is not. Mitt Romney has led an amazing life, he is an amazing man, and will be an amazing president. ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

  • George

    tHESE SCUMBAGS WILL NEVER EVER BE ARRESTED, EVER! Pretty sad if you are heard saying just one thing about Barry your butt is in jail, no questions asked, period. I hope when Romney wins that all these uneducated scumbag maggot creeps are thrown in jail. God forbid Barry wins because he is destined to destroy what he hasn’t finished with a venginse (spelling, sorry) and finish our country off. I say we need to start praying real hard and hope God is listening because by the way he has been treated I wouldn’t be surprised if he is tired of the rotten treatment he’s gotten. Our country was founded on God and Obama and his cronies want him out. Did anyone know Obamas’ wedding ring says “There is no God but Allah look it up it’s there but not through the Liberal Main Stream Media. Start praying my friends, please.

  • Laura Palmer Holbrook

    Just goes to show they really shouldn’t be allowed text messaging on Obama phones. tee hee

  • Milhouse

    Before people go off the deep end, remember that this is protected speech, and not at all illegal. Only “true threats” are illegal; anything that is not a true threat, such as these tweets, is protected.

    See Watts v USA. A person addressing a rally on the Mall can say “If they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is the president”, and no government agent has any right to punish him in any way.

    The Secret Service, by questioning people who say things like this, has a
    chilling effect on free speech, which is a breach of their oath of

    • fedfire

      According to federal law, the individuals who made the threats should expect a visit from the Secret Service:

      (a) Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon—

      (1) a former President or a member of the immediate family of a former President;

      (2) a member of the immediate family of the President, the President-elect, the Vice President, or the Vice President-elect;

      (3) a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate; or

      (4) a person protected by the Secret Service under section 3056 (a)(6);

      shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

      • Milhouse

        Again, see Watts v USA. How many times do I have to say this? Watts is the law, and to the extent that the act you cite contradicts it it is not the law.

        • Jules

          It’s for the Secret Service to determine the validity of the threats, not you.

          • Milhouse

            No, it isn’t. It’s for the courts to determine it, and they’ve already done so. Any “threat” that the intended audience could not reasonably be expected to interpret as a serious intention to actually do what is threatened, is not a true threat, and is protected speech. The tweets we are discussing cannot be so interpreted, therefore they are protected speech.

  • mad mama

    This is disgraceful and terroristic threatening! Unbelievable!

  • sdgarman

    Hey Uncle Sam, are you all listening? Secret Service where are you? FBI hello, these are threats crossing state lines, threats against the President of the United States, if Romney Wins.

  • Ricky Spanish

    All racists and all black

  • Nathan E. David

    Those sound more like something I’d expect to hear coming from Joe Biden’s blogs… LOL Speaking of Biden, given his debate performance, if Obama wins next month we’re gonna have to replace “Hail To The Chief” with “Send In The Clowns”!

  • VORTEX1155

    Have these people ever heard of the CIA? What a bunch of idiots!

  • PeterP

    No wonder they’re unemployed.

  • sdgarman

    Just reported it to the FBI. Hopefully something will be done about it.
    It’s getting nasty out there. I’m afraid something is going to happen once the election is over. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now.

  • redelephant529

    all of these people need to be arrested immediately!

  • Shockwave

    All these idiots are going to be paid a visit by the Secret Service. I hope the losers go to jail!

  • Craig Williams

    Hope that the secret service is chasing all these threats down. What is going on??? The news isn’t even reporting it.

  • $34609613

    Sherrilyn Ifill says, “Blacks are voting for Obama because he’s black” in other word’s race more important then facts:

  • mark thomas

    you people r just plain ignorant and in violation of the law be expecting a visit. you can not threaten officials or for that matter anyone.

  • CapitalG

    What a bunch of RAC|ISTS! They hate Mitt because he is white.

  • David

    Obscene . . . Welcome to Obamaville.

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    Yet again, more Death threats from the dems/libs. Little shits, all of them. They need a dose of common sense and a good kick in the ass.
    Is @Michael Hampton going to defend the above?

  • Vickie Howard Bullock

    Most of these nut jobs are already guilty of murder, the way they have butchered the English language. You should learn English before you concern yourself with American politics!

  • Vickie Howard Bullock

    Yes! They should ALL go to jail.

  • papertiguer

    we need to find this Imma and stop her

  • Dennis Galusha

    This page and people should all be arrested and the page shut down. It is nothing more then a hate page

  • BeeKaaay

    Ted Nugent makes an off hand comment criticizing the PRESENTdent? Secret Service and FBI question him.

    Leftwingwackos make ASSASSINATION THREATS? No investigation from both agencies.

  • Don Fletcher

    How come they all sound like a bunch of white country folk?

  • Michelle Allen

    They all sound illiterate & uneducated. As Michelle Maikin said, I hope the Secret Service is listening & paying attention.

  • Robbie, American!!

    WHERE is the Secret Service?????

  • Melissa Chevrier Glidden

    And these gentle folks will be investigated , yes?

  • Alan Morris

    Playing devils advocate here, but how do you know these people didn’t receive a visit from the FBI?

    • dave lewis

      I would guess if they are still tweeting, then no one has talked to them.

  • Susan Elmore

    Illiterate fools!

  • Jo-Ellen

    Why do these ignorant poor excuses for human beings get away with these threats? Something needs to be done before one of these loons actually try or succeed with their threats.

  • David Batchelder

    Lets just see if the Doj or FBI will follow up these threats. If they don’t then we know who they are. We already know who they are. But these so called bad asses. They are just hot air, still illegal. I love how they spell and talk.
    I would not threaten obama either, Fifth commandment, tho shall not kill. Act civilly, just be ready. That is the comment below, no one should be allowed to threaten to come into your house. Then protect yourself. Simple.

  • guard

    talk about racism

  • Dennis Leavitt

    HERE are the 47% that Romney was referring to!

  • Bill Hockstad

    So the welfare folks are getting scared they might just have to get jobs as he will remove the entitlements. Good go get a job. Yes they should for making terrorist threats. If a republicain or conservative did we would have the SS crawlin up our behinds if those threats were against Obozo. For the folks who are giving Susan a hard time Second amendment is right to bare arms, not free speech. She is saying be prepared….

  • John Hanover

    They really do not have a grasp on documentation and preservation of any speech in any form? Well the more they threaten the less likely they are able to get out of jail in time to vote for Obama anyway.

  • Frank keefe

    America is in a very bad place IF these people are not arrested and put in jail.

  • Kelli JP Blanton

    I see this as terrorist threats. I was threatened and my attorney encouraged me to file charges. This should be a given that these people be arrested.

  • Donald

    I not only hope that the Secret Service is aware of these, (I’m almost sure that they are, but you never know), but that Mitt and Paul have hired private security for themselves, and their families! Sometimes you just can’t trust the Secret Service! Be careful of the Evil Chicago Political Machine too. They are pulling out all the stops, and will stop at nothing, in their attempts to get their “man” reelected!

    • 9mmhipchick

      Including VOTER FRAUD, this is the only way Obozo got elected in the first place.

  • Chris Colbert

    How long do we need to endure this kind of hate? I don’t think they want us to really react because it would be bad really bad for them.

  • rant stocks

    When Mitt takes the whitehouse,these threats should stop, if not the US Marshall’s can and will track you down so you better learn to shut-up now.

  • Raejean

    Obama has such a wonderful constituency!

  • driveswift

    How many Romney campaign offices actually had a bullet fired through their window yesterday? And where was the Romney in effigy truck at the RNC? Oh right, because the NRA/guntoting crazies aren’t Obama supporters.

    • Anonymous

      Who let Honey boo-boo on here?

  • Brandon Goeringer

    So why did they delete their tweets if “it wasn’t a threat” and “it was a joke”?

  • TeaBagObama

    None of this will be investigated for this I am sure.

  • Marks2Cents

    The Jig is up folks. Time to cut the welfare off. We’ve paid for millions upon millions of criminals to be born, fed, housed and raised. (we all know to whom I’m referring). We have funded an entire anti-American culture who live among us. I’d recommend arming your family, just in case.

  • Marks2Cents

    P.S. Every single individual should be immediately taken into custody indefinitely, charged, and sentenced.

  • Rational νεόφυτος

    How are these tweets legal?

  • Olivia

    These people had better be careful about their threats!!

  • Florence McMillen

    what is wrong with these stupid people to come online and put it on record that they will kill Romney if he is elected for president but no one ever talked about assasinating Obama and he is the worse president i can remember and i didnt like Johnson but even he wasnt as bad as this man,this man is a moron and does not deserve four more years our country will be lost with him again, this adminastration is like laurel and hardy but it isnt funny what they are doing to our great country.

  • Guest

    WOW!!! Where’s all the tolerance the left says EVERYONE should have?

  • BoltUp

    “Imma KILL romney on God if he be president his white pussy ass Bitch”

    Well, that’s almost a sentence.

  • Phil Creighton

    These are the ones that weren’t left behind in these weak school systems they can’t even talk right. Their all worried they will lose their free stuff the only way they can survive how sorry.

  • Marcy Cook

    There they go again telling everyone “imma” is going to assassinate someone. If I were “imma” I’d be really, really, mad at these people for outing her..or him…..

  • Elena0412

    They’ll riot. Where I live it happens every once in a while…it’s similar to a hurricane or snow day: you stock up on food, since some places will inevitably be closed, and stay out of “urban” areas. Which is a good idea even on fair-weather days.

  • Liberal Hater

    I guess they really like their Obamaphones.

  • hmschlmom

    They are just mad because they truly believe President Romney’s first order of business will be making tampons illegal. And, frighteningly, THESE PEOPLE VOTE!!! (facepalm)

  • jimlay

    These ‘people’ are probably more adept at killing 40-ouncers than they are anything else.

  • Sandra Hopes

    And homeland insecurity is worried about TEA party members? Really?

  • Wally Byers

    Whata bunch of cowardly pukes. Putrid libs don’t have the guts to say this in front of anyone..

  • MaryAnne Kennard

    It is all about anti-colonialism. Read “Obama’s America” by D’Souza. If you have a Kindle get a free sample of the book. He clues us in on anti-colonialism and Obama’s real ideas. He promised to change America and he is. But to remake America, you have to UN-make America which is what he is doing. MOVING FORWARD is the continuation of Hope & Change. Wake Up America!

  • Mike Douthit

    Uneducated threatening pieces of shit. Talk tough but aint got balls to do anything. Arrest them all

  • Kathy

    It would be a good idea to plan ahead for the Romney/Ryan win of 2012. First aid kits, extra food, water, pet supplies,etc.

  • Joe Ruisi

    I’m glad some of them are showing their colors. We need to understand that, thanks to decades of indoctrination, there are legions of evil and stupid people among us. If the liberals had not made the death penalty nearly impossible, there wouldn’t be nearly as many of them. This makes a good case for the right to bear arms.

  • Cynthia Flanagan

    All of them are low-lifes can tell by their grammar. Betcha they never went to school or graduated from 5th grade either.
    Secret Service will get them these are threats written which are not taken lightly.

    • 9mmhipchick

      Probably Wall Street Bangers

  • hopeitchanges

    man i hope these traitorous clowns riot after president osama is sent packing.

  • Randy

    It also makes you wonder if these types of threats are heading Obama’s way due to the last four years?

  • dpdesigns

    It is free speech. Kind of like the second amendment. Obama supporters keying cars with Romney stickers, and Romney NRA supporters, SHOOT the window out of a Colorado Obama campaign center. The race is equal, the loonies are equal, Malkin is paid by the GOP, the news will not be equal. But rest assured, the one sided reporting is on the other side too.

    • 9mmhipchick

      NRA had nothing to do with the shooting

    • Anonymous


  • Osumashi Kinyobe

    As repugnant as these death threats are, does one honestly believe that these single brain celled organisms will ever actually do it? I mean- they can’t spell and I’m pretty sure they don’t know Canada exists, let alone where it is so they can “flee” there.

    I’m doubting their assassin acumen, is my point.

  • Mitch Cumsteen

    dooshbags who Tweet threats should be arrested.

  • Elizabeth Stephens

    I assure you if the threats were against Obama they would be silenced

  • Matthew6:24!

    shouldn’t these evil people be arrested????

  • FormerlyLib

    The Secret Service should be demanding IP Addresses of all these kind folks. Surely the ones who threatened actual assassination should be looked at. I know it is a federal offense to threaten the president, a candidate and their immediate families. The goofy 9th circuit overturned a conviction threatening Obama, but determined it was a veiled threat. But threatening actual death has to result in something more than a slap on the wrist. These accounts should be closed immediately.

  • Col

    How stupid can a person be??? Anyone that will write on line including their name that they are going to kill Romneyor anyone else, is not playing with a full deck. I hope Obama’s internet snoops are checking these idiots out. If someone wrote something like this about Obama, his internet tsars would be busting down their door slap them in handcuffs and drag them off to prison in a matter of 30 min. I get the feeling that these posts are part of Obama’s plan to have a failed assination attempt on him so that he can declare Marshall Law.

  • treborsbbod

    twitter: proving american stupidity one tweet at a time.

  • Ben Harp

    whats funny is that obama volunteers was coming thru my neighborhood tell people these things that romney would take there food stamps and section 8 away

  • Sheri Lynne Hoffee

    why cant we ever have a open conversation without resorting to name calling and foul language. What ever happened to honest open discussion where people can disagree without threatening to kill each other and cursing each other out? Our country is in a sorry state, We spend more time trying to figure out how to hurt each other than anything else

  • Sheri Lynne Hoffee

    Politics has turned into an episode of Jerry Springer

  • Bo Zo

    These e-mails seem to be fake – stereotyping blacks using ghetto slang
    Probably sent by big fat redneck Fox viewers

  • Charles Roberts

    Ignorant tweets from the 47%.

  • Keith Davidson

    Amazing how Barack Obama has committed treason by breaking his oath to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, and yet none of us have threatened to assassinate him, (not only because it’s wrong but we know just by saying it we would be slammed in jail so fast our heads would spin) but all Romney has to do is win the election and he’s targeted by people who call “us” troglodytes.

  • Anthoney Berry

    Who cares sorry some of these comments on here are so stupid just like the comments of them saying they wanna kill him.. Look ppl need to grow the fuck up and VOTE if you don’t want Romney as president then don’t vote for him simple as that.

  • drlarrymitchell

    One is foolish to express such thoughts aloud or in print…not that I disagree with the basic sentiment.

  • SicknessofChoice

    From the tone of those messages it looks like SOMEBODY forgot to take their daily dose of antipsychotic meds? Those little colored pills in the little white cup, you can do it, now swallow! Drink all the water! Now there, all those pesky little voices in your head will quiet down now….

  • Russell Tanner

    And I thought the liberals were a kind, caring, tolerant group of people.