Last week was a rough one for the Left’s favorite RINO, Meghan McCain. She made the mistake of saying nice things about Paul Ryan, which understandably caused a lot of her leftist fans to freak out.

Not to worry. Rep.  Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments provided the perfect opportunity for McCain to do what she does best — go on the attack against Republicans.

What better way to get back into her liberal fans’ good graces? And it looks like it’s working:


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  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    I think A LOT of republicans were speaking out against his statement–not just her, but IMO she’s only a Rep. b/c her dad is.

    • digitalPimple

      Her dad’s a republican??

  • Rodney Brungardt

    Why should I care what a RINO like anybody named McCain thinks or says. Akin misspoke by MISTAKE and is going to get hammered by the left while Biden’s and Obama’s gibberish get’s a pass. More liberal double standards AGAIN!!!

    • MJWard

      Keep attacking people in uyour own party. Your RINO rant did a lot of good last time around, yeah? You people have ZERO political common sense. You are going to lose a national election with an unemployment mark over 8% +. It’s hard to do, but your anti-women, anti-immigrant, birther, get rid of voting rights party of pissed off white men is gonna reap the rewards of your remarkable ignorance.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        All fear the awesome predictive power of the drive-by troll who still has the egg as his profile picture!

        And what do you mean by “you people.”

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Until now, I was wondering if maybe it would be easier if Akin stepped aside and the MO GOP replaced him with Brunner. But now that I see big fat Meggie Mac chime in on this I’m suddenly restrengthened in my support for the guy.

    • MJWard

      The only thing the Right knows how to do is attack women. “Fat” Meghan. Classy, Tea nutjob. No surprise at all.

      • Conservativeanarchist

        Yeah, we all hate our mothers, sisters, wives, aunts. They really suck.
        Grow the f**k up, idiot and think for yourself.

    • MJWard

      “Restrengthened.” Idiot.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        “Restrengthen (verb) – to strengthen again; to fortify anew”

        Might I suggest you look up “fail” while you are there? Don’t be surprised if “JWard” is part of the definition.

  • Larry Baron

    end of the world ???? another idiot has spoken

    • MJWard

      Larry is a man and a Republican. He is obligated to attack a woman for speaking out.

      You are gonna lose your pants in November and it will be latinos (who you hate) and women (who you love on your computer screen, anyway).

      Good work, Tea monster.

      • Conservativeanarchist

        There is only one human being worst than you and that is the man you are voting or in November. Loser.

  • Dio Heerai

    So lets get this straight we are supposed to Risk, not just the senate seat but the PRESIDENCY as well so halfwits can play vendetta with Meghan McCain.

    • MJWard

      Yup. Net they will attack you as a RINO. And if you are Lation or a woman you are gonna be attacked worse. The party of angry, white, a-holes.

      • Dio Heerai

        Screw you. I AM a conservative and proud, the conservatives who disagree with me are still my brothers , you insult them you insult me. Unlike you liberals we do call out our own

      • Conservativeanarchist

        Sounds a lot like to me that you are the angry one. Otherwise, why come onto a conservative board just to bash without conscience?

  • mhojai

    Funny, I was thinking the Newsweek anti-Obama cover was the precursor for “end of days”

  • ZoriahShepard

    When will she join the Left officially and leave the rest of us Right alone? Why does she continue to pretend to support Republicans? We’ll be fine without you Meghan!!

  • LL1885

    I find it shocking so many people think Meghan McCain is a Conservative/Republican when she merely plays one on TV.

  • BCre8f2

    Why/how is this nitwit even relevant?

  • Nel Gambino

    Do you Twitchy Staff people have ANY concept of what the word ‘sarcasm’ means? No-like most rightys you are too busy trying act victimized then to analyze what someone is really trying to say…Are you people a bunch of 7th graders or something?

    • Conservativeanarchist

      LOL at the irony. The party of victimization telling the party of self-reliance they are too busy acting victimized.