That’s a fake account, with zero followers. That was retweeted almost 2,000 times in 10 minutes. Rest in peace tweets swiftly followed suit, as quite a few people, including Jake Tapper, fell for it.


The last Thatcher death hoax was just a few months ago. How many more times will Thatcher “die”?

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  • pappy

    i can’t believe obama would stoop so low as to make a fake twitter account like this. shame on him.

  • josef

    A new fad, to pretend someone has died and that is supposed to be funny. A moral sickness.

  • Adam H Muther

    Why do people do idiotic things like this? They don’t gain anything, except the confirmation that they’re brain-dead.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Twitter is responsible for more deaths than Josef Stalin, Voldemort, and Mitt Romney’s somehow-cancer-causing layoffs combined.

  • Dave-o

    Yet if someone faked an ‘0bama is dead’ announcement, all other news would stop, and EVERY talking head on every alphabet network in the US would go absolutely bat-crap crazy calling for an investigation on ‘who would do such a terrible thing.’

    • Jasamine Molly

      It might be worth it to see what the MSNBC anchors look like as crazy bat-crapers.

      • Richardo Mingel

        No need to concoct an event, just tune in at any hour.

        • twinstick1

          I’m waiting for Election Day. I’ll bet that most everyone on MSLSD are going to be jumping off the roof that day…

  • River Hawk

    get rid of them all!!!

  • Wesley Yelsew

    Any news organization or political blogger who posted her death should be banned from your news reading list. Verify your sources, jackass. We have enough Gray Old Ladies in the world (aka NY Times).

  • Todd Clemmer

    Makes you wonder about those “hacked” phones.

  • Brock Osbourn

    “as quite a few people fell for it.”…Including the Drudge Report, which FLASHED that she was dead. Another kneejerk leftie reaction? Please…stop acting like the right wing is any more righteous than the left wing. They are both ideologically motivated parties of buffoons who actually believe that their political viewpoint is the only true road to success. Sounds alot like religion to me, not practical and thoughtful decision makers.

    • Jasamine Molly

      Tell me Boris, which flavor of ideologically motivated buffoon are you?

  • NealK

    “The last Thatcher death hoax was just a few months ago. How many more times will Thatcher ‘die’?”

    Will she “die” as many times as poor Sargent Shriver before his real, actual death?

  • Brock Osbourn

    I’m neither. I vote in every election -local, state and national- with my head, not by some foolish party label. I believe that both parties have some rational and sound ideas that can benefit this country, but the noise of the extreme “wingers” drowns out all of the opportunity for sensible solutions to flourish. The resistance to compromise and decency has plagued our political system for too long. The hatred for Obama is just as pathetic as the hatred was for Bush. The gridlock in a GOP controlled Congress is just as shameful as the gridlock in a Dem Congress. The right wing’s Rush Limbaugh is the left wing’s Keith Olbermann. Anyone (be it a radio host, blog, neighbor) who tells you that only their political ideas are correct or valid should be shamed for what they believe in…which is tyranny.

  • RantmanSC

    I remembered the rumors of Thatcher’s death that were started a few months ago on Twitter and went to work trying to confirm the story before I published a thing. I’d rather be right than first.

  • Frogger1943

    Lady Margaret Thatcher will never die. As long as people love liberty the Iron Lady will live on. God’s blessings on you, Lady Thatcher from a Yank who is thankful you made your country a little greater.

  • Carl Brown


  • bret robertson

    if we could I would love to see thatcher as US sec of state

  • Julie the Jarhead

    Twitchy is a load of ‘who shot john’. This topic was on NO trending lists. Twitchy invents stories to increase their SEO results.