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Some say it’s time for Fox News to fire Beckel:

But at least one Republican can’t get enough:

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  • Jeff Martin

    We heard it here but in his defense Bolling should not have touched the cranky old…

    • roycoleman

      it doesn,t matter what Eric did its no excuse for him to use that language on t.v. or in front of ladies if you watched him for most of the show he appeared like he was drunk

  • $376377

    Poor guy. He’s an effective and colorful counter voice to the moderates and conservatives that appear on The Five. When he’s in a good mood, which isn’t likely to happen until he recovers from the upcoming election results, he’s irreplaceable.

    • RealityBitesBack

      Maybe his suspension will create a place at the table for Kirsten Powers to join The Five!

    • rinodino

      What Moderates are even remotely on that show, whether right or left? lol

  • Terry InTheHills

    Fortunately, my kids were in school and not subjected that. This time. #fail

    • genomega

      You don’t think that your kids hear this in school? lol

  • lazypadawan

    Aw, did Bobby act up again?

  • Cathy Hull

    Not to mention the dig Again at Sarah Palin, he is such a pig

  • Ann

    Here is a good rule, if you wouldn’t use the word in front of your great grandmother, don’t USE it! Holy cow, have some common courtesy! The Five is on at 14:00 on West Coast, 15:00 Mountain, and 16:00 Central, kids may be watching! Clean it up!

  • RealityBitesBack

    First time it happened, he seemed to honestly not know they were back on the air.

    Second time, should be a substantial FCC violation, maybe a fine high enough to get him to stop using the word conversationally.

    Can’t wait to get home and watch the DVR!

    • rinodino

      And that’s why Beckel will not be fired, ha ha, you can’t get enough of Bobby…
      Keep giving it to the righties, Bobby! That keep getting their panties in a bunch, must mean you’re getting to them… THUMBS UP!!!!!

      • RealityBitesBack

        Maybe you should wait to see what the FCC fine is before you take a victory lap. Unless you are volunteering to pay his fine?

        BTW – panties can’t bunch up if you don’t wear them.

      • weRbroke

        Hardly. YAWN.

    • EMTgoneNUTZ

      This is at least 4 times. He has a ‘Swear Jar’ it happens so frequently! But at least the $ from the jar has to go to the Romney camp as that was the deal he made, lol

  • robrrt

    Outro music was “Standing Outside The Fire” I was hoping for “Hit The Road, Jack”

  • BwBarrnone

    You know folks, all of you screaming about this are as equal as individuals on the left, that Scream the same thing about Rush and Hannity. If your kids heard the word, Use it as a teachable moment and teach right from wrong. Stop trying to censure everything. Plus the FCC does not regulate Fox News Channel. It is a Cable station. Hints programing on FX, Spike and Lifetime, also remember the Supreme Court decision this year.

    So sick and tired of hearing how we need to be the purist of purist and how life needs to a Snow white world where no one makes mistakes and all perfect, clean and pure nirvana.

    • SpaceRacer423

      If Rush dropped the F bomb on the air, he would be off the air.

      Norm McDonald was fired from SNL for this.

      The FCC will fine FNC.

      Beckel needs to go. The teachable moment should be,
      if you dont abide by the contract, you’re “F***ing” fired.

      • BwBarrnone

        Sorry but the FCC does not regulate cable stations only Network stations. They regulate ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC even TBS, which are Network stations. Cable stations (Fox, MSNBC) do not fall under their regs.

        Now if FNC wants to CANX Bob, they have that right, but they will not be fined for such language by the FCC. You see, you pay for the Cable stations, so you make the choice and invite these channels into your home. ABC is free and you do not pay for them. Radio is the same way. If you do not pay for it then the FCC regulates it. Sirus/XM is not regulated by the FCC and you get stations that use language of this nature.

        Yes, Norm McDonald did get Fired from SNL because it’s on NBC (Network Stations) not cable. If he said that on Comedy Central there could of been a chance it could of been saved.

        • Blade_Runner_1776

          If it was Rush or Mark Levin, the LIBERAL news would be all over it and be called RACISTS by the radical leftists and how “intolerant” “pedantic” the could be. Your typical liberal mantra. Bill Maher goes off attacking women (that’s Conservative women, like Sarah Palin), where’s the National Organization for Women at?…Utter liberal hypocrisy!!

          • BwBarrnone

            True this! lol, no disputing this statement. One question I always have is “Why are Liberals so bitter?” I just hate the “Fire him” statements and “OMG I’ve never heard such in my life” statements.

        • Cynyster

          Fox is also a network broadcast station in many cities. They are indeed subject to the FCC. Cable broadcast is also subject to the FCC. Unless it happens to be a subscription based channel (ie HBO, Starz etc)

          • BwBarrnone

            FNC is a Cable station. It is on basic cable and you cannot receive the station without cable. It is not a W or K station. example WAGA Fox Atlanta or WAVY NBC Norfolk.

            Folks, this is an example of why the Fairness Doc has not been reinstated. Because the FCC does not have regulations on cable stations. They are self monitored by the companies. Also, with the Supream Court ruling, the FCC would not be able to fine FNC for this slip up.

            Cable is Cable and Network (W and/or K bands) are Network. And yes HBO is a station you buy extra. FNC is also a station you buy extra that is bundled in basic cable packages.

        • Imperial73

          Space racer–
          Dont you mean Charlie Rocket on SNL when he said “I just wanna know who the f*** did it” (shot JR). I was watching that night.

    • DOJennies

      How many teachable moments does one get? 3 strikes yer out!!! Next batter! get someone with a little dignity and class. He’s an immature high school bully who just never grew up. His political career was associated with such stars as Jiminy Peanut and Fritz Mondull – whose campaign he managed to a loss of biblical proportions. The guy has no creds or bona fides. he’s a loud mouth drunk. He claims to love his teenage daughter. I bet she’s really proud of daddy’s F-bombs. axe him and move on. He’s a petulant jerk who can’t outthink a pet rock but sure can ottalk you and shout you down. Typical libloser!

      • BwBarrnone

        Teachable for us, not him, we learn from the good, the bad and the ugly.

    • MikeRios

      Sorry, but there is one thing the leftists forgot ages ago and it’s a thing called common decency. This is why the same folks who whine and lie about how the right is trying to control what they do in the bedroom show up at public restaurants and make out in front of everybody trying to prove a point that I have yet to figure out. There was a time Barnone that people had manners. Maybe you ought to read about them. Even criminals had a measure of them. Bekel is a perfect spokesman for how deep in the gutter the left has sunk to.

      Nobody is asking anybody to be a purist. It’s obvious that Bekel’s slop in normal and common for you. That’s your thing. As for me, I still believe that manners made Americans a better people. I taught them to my kids and it worked.

      • BwBarrnone

        I understand you will not believe this, I was raised and still am a perfect southern gentleman. Yet, I am one who lives of the world and not in it. I live by the Golding Rule. So, the irony of this, is the fact you judge me and tell me to read up on manners. As you judge me again by stating “It’s obvious that Bekel’s slop is normal and common for you, that’s your thing…” No sir it is not.

        Regardless of one being Left or Right, the more they venture into the ideology, the more Right or Left they become.

  • Maria

    He’s always so miserable and depressing, now he’s dropping profanity when he should be professional. Fire him, FOX News!

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    If he were a NFL commentator, he’d be gone. Just because he is political…and left…he gets a pass.

  • William L. Brown

    Bob Beckel should be fired because he does this over and over this time the “F” bomb tomorrow a new word, Fire him!!

  • radjahshelduck

    Gutfeld has been off the past two days, which reminds me why they usually have three guys and two women. Yesterday and today with Kimberley, Dana, and Andrea I found myself thinking of Eric as Charlie and Beckel as Bosley.

  • William L. Brown

    Write Fox or call Fox and ask that Bob Beckel be fired, no more “F” bombs. Children watch this channel as well as adults.

  • Kenneth Carroll

    Bob Beckel needs to go! He is classless and rude! He is always bragging about being drunk and getting thrown out of every place he has gone. He is a pig in the mud!

  • Just a blogger

    he should not have hit beckle in the arm. But still the f-bomb was bit over the top.

  • Bill Frazier

    YES! Bob dropped the F-bomb BIG TIME all because he was upset with Eric. Either they put in a 7 sec. delay on anything he says so the censors can “bleep” out those utterances or they put a gag in his mouth. That kind of language from a presumably educated person is unacceptable.

  • Tim Robinson

    beckel the schmeckel……delete him from Fox News please.

  • Joey Cosentino

    I don’t think he should be fired.

  • Shirley Arnold Thornton

    When intellect fails, profanity prevails! Seems to be a trait of the Democrats!

  • Melissa Royal Marhatta

    And I was listening today for the first time home coming home on Sirius since the last time, and DANG!!! Completely and TOTALLY UNEXCUSABLE! I do not care who you are, 1 time, ok, maybe a pass, 2nd time–should have been gone. 3rd time…… Such the Christian he “professes” to be… right…

    • Blade_Runner_1776

      If Bob is a Christian, Yasser Arafat was a Jew!!!

    • EMTgoneNUTZ

      Agree! And yet EVERY time it’s always someone else’s fault! This time it was Eric’s fault for hitting him, other time it was Sean Hannity’s fault for not ensuring Bob knew they were on air. His half apologies and ‘Swear Jar’, in his mind, make it OK. On the plus side, at least his swear jar $ has to go to the Romney campaign! That’s GOTTA kill him! lol

  • Walldog

    Beckel is the perfect Democrat example of just what Democrats really are. He should stay on The Five.

  • Terrye Newkirk

    Twenty bucks doesn’t cover it, Bob. You don’t know how to debate with the grownups.

    • DanMR

      You just hit the nail on the head. He resorts to this style of verbage because of his inability to debate anyone intelligently.

  • Conshirtative

    Bob the Bigot strikes again.

  • Richard Everling

    I do not agree with Mr. Beckel on much but don’t fire him. It’s nice having him on with his comments every day. I enjoy the others giving him a ahrd time. He’s like the crazy uncle who has a couple and drops a good line or two.

  • West_Coast

    I think what’s most offensive is that he swears in front of MANY classy ladies on The 5. C’mon, BOB!

  • Donald Philip Veitch

    Because of Beckel’s classlessness, in general, I’ve “turned off” and “tuned out” to The Five on FOX. He’s a fat, angry, loudmouthed and uneducated dumb ass. I rather think FOX knows he’s that stupid and they “use” him as a “mascot for assinity.” Beckel’s stupid enough to allow himself to be paraded as such.

    • DanMR

      I like the show because of his consistent ability to place his foot in his mouth. He gives credibility to those of us who think he symbolizes the true left’s view of the rest of America being stupid and below those like him.

    • Bill Gordon

      Me too. Can not stand him. He’s one of those who will never say i’m wrong. And he call’s somebody a fat jerk. Look in the mirror Bob.

  • mikegre

    There a 4 conservatives and 1 liberal on the show and you guys want to fire the liberal. My guess is that you don’t really like him because he is effective. Grow up kids.

    • Blade_Runner_1776

      Effective at CURSING when his intellect FAILS. Your excuse doesn’t fly.

    • Susan-Lee Ahl

      Oh Boo Hoo Hoo. The foul mouthed lib is not being picked on for his point of view but rather his language when he attempts to express it. I’m sure Fox can find one lib who has a point of view that can be cogently defended without the foul language. Beckel just gives the impression that he cannot defend a point of view so he resorts to cursing. So Mikie, when Bobby wants to take part in an adult conversation, he will have to change his deviant behavior or he’ll have to go sit at the kid’s table.YOU grow up, Mikie !

    • Sandra Y. Freeman

      if you think using foul language is effective, tells me a lot about you, as for the group being 4 Conservatives and 1 Liberal ~~~~ How about “The View” with 4 Liberals and 1 Conservative!!!! Hmmmmmm!!!

    • DanMR

      Sorry, but your comment is way off base. Regardless of one’s views, there is such a thing as class and restraint. Neither of those, by the way, does Beckel exhibit very often. His Liberal views are usually over the top and have rarely worked since FDR.
      Some good examples of his effectiveness would be welcome by the way.

  • Joanne Christie

    Keep him on as he is an imbecile & makes the Libs look more ridiculous & stupid.

    • Blade_Runner_1776

      Keep this jackass on FNC and it will continue to energize Conservatives to VOTE this November.

      • chevyll

        You might just have something there budy

        • Penny Robinson Fan Club

          No kidding, he’s like the Don’t let this happen to you! poster.

  • tbonpc

    Beckel should be fired, where’s the FCC on this.

  • Blade_Runner_1776

    Typical leftist reaction when the FACTS of REALITY come home to roost. Bob can’t deal with his Cognizant Dissonance and this is the typical result.

    • DanMR

      Still remember the first time my favorite college professor used this word and explained it also. You are right on the mark with your remark.

  • BlueSpud

    Beckel should go on tour with Biden. Bill it as “Dumb & Dumber II, Bloopers & Blunders”

  • spooky2626

    How about dropping Bob Beckel… :-)

  • Cynyster

    Consistent swearing is not only a huge sign of lack of class. It shows a lack of control and a serious lack of respect. In many places that kind of an attitude will get you knocked on your butt. Oh and you might want to thank heaven that you are still in America. In many other countries they will cut out your tongue without hesitation. People died for the right to speak your mind. Don’t dishonor their sacrifice by making us look like blithering idiots.

  • Rick Matson

    I think Fox News better understand this isn’t professional and should be addressed too! Other networks have fired for less!

    • EMTgoneNUTZ

      It’s a common theme with Bob, both on The Five, and on Hannity. Recently he also called Reince Priebus “PrePussy”. Classy, huh?

  • Rob Stevely

    Im pretty sure hes trying to get out of his contract.

  • allenbarr

    get rid of him

  • Joe

    “Fire him”? Way to show you support free (albeit, vulgar) speech. Come on. The guy’s a gift to the right like Sharpton or Stephanie Cutter. Let ’em blather!

    • DanMR

      Exactly what I have been thinking.

    • Bill Gordon

      It worked for me. I watched the Five a couple of times and can’t stand him, just like Sharpton, Jackson, Wasserman Shultz and Cutter. Let them show their stupidity.

  • reddhead

    I got one year for beckels misery 1984

  • brianmouland

    Used to think Special Ed Shultz was the biggest dumb ass jerk on TV until now Bobbo

  • TugboatPhil

    I was a sailor for most of my adult life. I’m ok with the “drunk as” and swears like” a sailor stereotypes. I can cuss with the best of them. There aren’t many cuss words that I can’t work in as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb or pronoun.

    But I can control it and don’t use it in a public setting.

    • DanMR

      Well stated, there. Maybe they could set up a Republican fund he has to contribute an amount to whenever he slips?

      • EMTgoneNUTZ

        He already does. His ‘swear jar’ $ has to go to the Romney campaign-that was the deal he made :o)

        • Bill Gordon

          But it should be 20 grand instead of 20 bucks.

  • StatEco

    He is still easier to listen to than a couple lib women. Jehmu Greene? gee

    • EMTgoneNUTZ

      Jehmu Greene was gone for a LONG time after on Megyn Kelly’s show she called Tucker Carlson a “bow tying white boy”.

  • iMarcusCicero

    And we have this toad because Beck was out of control.

  • TomArizona

    Bob needs medical help. He does not move crouching on the chair like he’s frozen. I hope Fox stops using him and insist he take a 6 month leave to get better.

  • chris

    The 5 is a great show. Both beckela and juan add nothing to this show and at times it becomes unwatchable listening to those 2 lie. I say more gilfoyle and tantatos

  • cscape

    he’s a recovering alcoholic…… where’s our compassion people! (FIRE HIS ARSE)

    • Bill Gordon

      He’ not recovering.

  • MikeRios

    Fox fired one of the best female anchors they had, E.D. Hill, for making a remark about Obama making a Communist fist bump,( history has proven her right on the dime) and yet Bekel, this overblown shill for the Marxist left, is allowed to puke his filthy language and conduct live on TV without any consequences. He is THE MAIN REASON I don’t watch the Five at four. I can put on American History X and get the same liberal slop with cussing and even better acting.

    Fox has lost there soul.

    • DanMR

      Don’t say that, please. They are all that is left to watch.

  • Chase C.

    My honest opinion is Bob makes that show entertaining. I’m a conservative but I like the guy he tries so hard and just gets destroyed by the other 4 brilliant conservatives. Sure Bob has his problems and FoxNews should look into some kind of delay system.

    But Bob has a funny personality and spouts liberal stupidity, but he is still an American and I know he loves the country even if he has such misguided views.

    Alan Colmes I think would be a good addition to the show and keep FoxNews really balanced. 4v1 is a little unfair.

    • pepjrp

      I agree very much with you on all of it. I didn’t like Bob much at first but he has grown on me. He is not a far-left nutjob as he even said they should just shoot the loon who gave the Chick-fil-a girl a hard time. Most libs sided with the fired nutty teacher. He does try hard, but loses. Alan Colmes seems a little more towards a nut, but I see your point on balance.

    • Boo_Bottoms

      I agree completely…. there are very few Liberals with personalities and/or a sense of humor.

      Although he makes my blood boil on most subjects, he’s entertaining in a comic, although in a somewhat sad way. It can’t be fun being a liberal, since nothing they believe in is based on reality… it must be horrible to have to defend such nonsense.

    • DanMR

      Now, that is a good idea. Can you imagine 2 bigger dolts speaking their idiot philosophy than those two morons?

    • EMTgoneNUTZ

      God no, ANYONE but Colmes! I like Juan Williams. At least he can be civil and has substance when arguing his points. Colmes just regurgitates the same BS over and over.

      • Chase C.

        I agree Juan might be better. I just miss Colmes from Hannity and Colmes.

  • RM Rush

    Have you noticed on the 5 (when I use to watch it) he has to read off a teleprompter? Every time he talks he looks like he is reading what he is about to say as he always looks at something when he is about to try and make a point. PLEASE Fox fire this low life of a human.

  • agroulx

    I’d hate to see him get fired, but he does not belong on air.. Fox can put him behind the cameras mopping floors after the show. Or maybe he can be the coffee bitch that runs on and off screen while they are on air with an apron and a coffee pot refilling their mugs… what a careless idiot…

    • DanMR

      Probably part of Obama jobs plan. Oops, he doesn’t have one except for the airlines which consistently are flying them around the world. At our expense, of course.

  • agroulx

    Bottom line. Fox will lose credibility with this guy.. and unfortunately if Fox loses it, We are all screwed….

  • Arthur Netteler

    I gave Bob a pass on the 2 previous vulgar comments he made. But it is now time for Bob to be tossed off of FOX NEWS Channel. Maybe he will better serve on some Internet NEWS program. Also, he should seriously look into getting with a good Physiologist. He has some very good knowledge of Politics…Just NOT on TV!

    • EMTgoneNUTZ

      I feel the same way. This is happening all too often. When you have to have a ‘Swear Jar’, that’s a sign. He always blames someone else for it too-typical liberal, no personal responsibility. He would be more perfectly suited for MSDNC-perhaps he and Ed Schultz could co-host together. On the plus side, with Eric chipping in $20 too, Romney just got another $40! lol

  • Marcy Cook

    The Five is not exactly the best that Fox has to offer. Is anyone actually watching that program? I scan it every now and then but can not stand to watch the whole show. Fox has so much better than that. I want them to scrap The Five and bring Glen Beck back.

  • BMartin1776

    Cut Beck loose for supporting Israel keep Beckel for offensive content…. Makes a lot of sense Fox!

    Oh yea I said that about Beck, its true. Ailes made some comments at the time that clearly indicated there was more going on than what he or Beck said publicly about the separation.

  • 100Rifles

    Filthy mouth, filthy mind. America, this is the Left.

  • Eric Johnson

    He’s the comedy relief/stooge for the program,

  • John Hanover

    F is for F’ing ignoramus loudmouth drunk. Jimmy Carter I can see that but Fritz Mondale letting that ass clown work for him is sad, but shows you how much of a mental disease Liberalism is.

  • Lynne Zimmermann

    anyone noticed how much more shrill, vile, foul and unreasonable he gets as each day goes

  • William Clay

    I think its time for FOX to dump him

  • Kim Bacchus

    Beckel’s time has past. His drivel that passes as commentary is infantile and uninteresting. Hannity is being loyal to their friendship, but there is no excuse for Fox to keep him on its highly popular show, The Five. He is a detriment to the other fine co-hosts. How about Juan Williams for the left’s perspective? He’s professional, reasoned, and respected.

  • Tom Roake

    Gosh you people are morons. Hello, the shows are scripted people..If they weren’t and he said the things he has, he would of been gone a long time ago. Its a SHOW, Entertainment, I can’t believe you people actually think this stuff is for real, like factual information just for you, once again, its entertainment and its to make you laugh, mad, but most of all its to get you to hate the liberal/democrat with the stupid remarks by Beckel and the hateful distortion the hosts talks about. New networks, Radio programs and online blogs that talk politics all have agenda’s and to achieve agenda’s you have to convince your audience and to convince those watching/reading/listening you lie and distort information because they have all known those listening are weak minded and will soak up what you tell them. Now, if you really want change, then start with yourself and ask how you became so weak and gullible and so easy to brainwash.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    He’s the token liberal. Who are they going to get to replace him, Ellen Barkin? Samuel L. Jackson? Chris Matthews? All are entertaining prospects, I know, but they’d probably spew all over themselves as well. Libs can’t handle reason and logic well, as has been evident already.