Corey Cogdell is a Trap Shooter who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and competed in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

She also participates in trophy hunting (hunting of wild game animals).

After Cogdell published photos on Facebook of herself posing alongside animals she killed, anti-hunting activists took to Twitter to express their strong displeasure.

Some critics actually urged Cogdell to shoot herself:

Several more Twitter users appeared to encourage violence against Cogdell or her family:

People are free to debate and disagree about the morality of hunting, but this bloodthirsty advocacy of violence — by supposed champions of compassion for all living things — is beastly and beyond the pale.

Hat tip:  lockestep.

Update: If anyone doubts the number of hostile tweets directed at Ms. Cogdell, here are some more.

And click here to see similar comments posted on Facebook.


  • Ingrid Cherry

    I wish I could say I am surprised by the filth spewing from these “tolerant” Lefties, but alas, I am not. These “tolerant” people care nothing for the lives of aborted babies, so why should they care for an adult’s life, or the lives of her family? Really, really awful, how these people feel.

    • Sal Rizzo

      Hey Ingrid, your comment about unborn babies. I was thinking the same thing. Great minds think alike…LOL

      • azdiamondbax

        I think the idiot posters were semi-aborted…

        • GaylePutt

          Or should have been

          • Jordan C Bowser

            Excuse me? You’re the same as they are. De-valuing a human’s life because they have different opinions than them. Not okay, my friend.

          • Wench

            But she is a worthless human 😉 so her life is of no value anyway , id rather keep the animals that are keeping us alive via eco system 😉 .. its ok i know you are to stupid to understand *pat pat* inbreeding does have its downfalls :(

          • Adam Pitcher

            Somebody sure did a number on you at some point in your life – I’m sorry.

          • MelGlid

            Considering you know nothing about hunting, AND ” the value it has on the eco system ” perhaps you are the one who needs to be educated and understand that tolerance is not a one way direction. “These animals ” also keep people alive through their nutrition. They are free range, and hormone and anti-biotic free ! They are quick killed, not tortured and most of all they are not killed just to kill. When you see a deer mounted, it’s meat was probably feeding the hunter’s family or given to Hunters For The Hungry ! Threatening the life of an individual is monitored , so be wary of what one puts in writing.

          • Anita Estes

            I’m not a hunter myself, but I see the value of this.Don’t people understand that everything on this earth is here for our good. Maintaining it means keeping a balance in nature. Our particular area is over run with deer because few hunt anymore.I love the beauty of deer, but when there are too many they destroy crops, gardens, flowers etc.

          • Lilly Miller Baird

            That’s what the woman in the picture was doing? Helping the eco system? Keeping people alive through nutrition? It’s a tough picture to look at for people who fight for the rights of animals.

          • Shelby is a Patriot

            Did you know Obama ate a dog? =0

          • GlockG23

            Don’t look…

          • Tom

            Animals have no natural rights, other than what we as humans choose to give them. You are a silly person.

          • Toni Albanese

            You are the silly person Tom. Who gave you the right to murder defenseless animals?

          • Toni Albanese

            You are very wrong my friend….Do some research. Her Mountain zebra she murdered was NOT her first…There was one right before it that her “clean” shot did not kill and it ran off, injured and in pain. The African people are saying that they DO NOT help them..The money goes to the Americans running those camps and there is no such thing as a trickle down effect. Be wary of ignorant statements as they will come back to haunt you.

          • Daniel Smith

            You have no idea what hunting for subsistence reasons mean, if we didn’t kill the wolves in natural population there would be no caribou or moose left for subsistence, coming from Alaska, that is so important to our population, when you decide to live off the land, then, you can talk about eco system.

          • ZZowps

            I would think that moose are overpopulated, not wolves?

          • Daniel Smith

            Not the case, wolves don’t have to be overpopulated, they go after moose that are herbivores, wolves are carnivores, they go after the population of moose and caribou in packs. Learn before you burn. When the populations of wolves reach an alarming rate, they kill herds of caribou and moose, the thing is game management is more than numbers, its not like going to the zoo and looking at animals, some people learn the hard way to feed or try to take pics of animals in the wild.

          • Tom

            Keep those ad hominen attacks and calls for murder coming. People like it when shows the world what they truly are.

          • jdkchem

            They’re not human.

        • Robin Borchers

          hey neighbor.

      • Robin Borchers

        I thought it was Sal Rosenburg and Frank Rizzo. 😉

    • imgary3

      I agree with you Ingrid there is a lot of hypocracy in these people,their thinking is illogical. They seem to discriminate only about who they would kill.

      • Ingrid Cherry

        I have a feeling the only “sport” hunting they would approve of would be hunting conservatives and/or anyone with a differing opinion.

        • lisabebee

          The sad part about this Ingrid, is it’s not just a feeling. They have openly come out and said how they feel about Conservatives; Cher, Roseanne Barr, Bill Maher, Ellen Barkin, etc. the list truly goes on. I think this is something people aren’t willing to open their eyes too. I have no doubt in my mind, as Hitler convinced the people of Germany, that the Jews were dirty, and robbing them of their money (and that’s how the holocaust all started) will most likely happen to Christian. Most conservatives are Christians, so I just have no doubt. It’s no paranoia, its watching their words, they are buddies with the White House. It’s really really sick. The abortion part is just a skim off the top of their hypocrisy. They don’t know what they think and what they feel because it’s covered in so much dark hate for anybody that doesn’t agree with their logic. Which is twisted at best. Their ideas are so out in left field because no one is going to take their freedom of choosing to “live” however they see fit. Yet, they make sure BIg Gulps are banned. I could go on and on but I get so enraged with their lies, and hate, I can’t.

          • Lilly Miller Baird

            uh huh… hyperbole and silliness, this is why “us” liberals have a hard time with conservatives. Why would we want to get rid of Christianity? Democrats are the ones who want to take care of the marginalized and the middle and lower class, are your thoughts based in facts at all? You don’t make sense and you’re projecting your own views of “dark hate for anybody that doesn’t agree with” you. It’s what you’re doing. Look at the log in your own eye.

          • Shelby is a Patriot

            I would personally like to hear your opinion of the not-so-tolerant tweets above that are directed at Corey Cogdell. Just curious on what your thoughts are on your fellow liberals.

          • ZZowps

            My guess? “Disgusted.” Why would anybody think that violence is right?

          • ZZowps

            And why would anybody think that being pro-violence is a liberal position? Or even a conservative position?

          • Shelby is a Patriot

            I was simply asking a liberal for her opinion on her fellow liberals tweets which are pretty disturbing. Never did I state about “pro-violence” being a political position.

          • Toni Albanese

            I believe they are angry because of the horrid pictures she plastered all ove the internet with her ridiculous grin, standing over an endangered species she just killed for the “thrill” of it…Her own words…She does it for the “thrill” of it. As one who takes pictures of her murderous ways and smiles about it, I don’t see why these comments would bother her…..She is a serial killer, plain and simple.

          • dominigan

            So you don’t believe she has the right to choose to end the life of animals. Do you believe the same way about those who choose to end the life of a human fetus? After all, you just described her as a serial killer. Doesn’t that make someone who chooses an abortion guilty of murder? And is Planned Parenthood aiding and abetting those murderers? Just curious, after all… those are your comments.

          • Judson Covert


          • Judson Covert

            endangered species….. try again Toni

          • Shelby is a Patriot

            I remember the first time I went hunting. It was fun. Great bonding experience with my papa. =p
            By the way, being angry doesn’t really justify telling someone they hope they accidentally shoot their whole family.

          • Margaret LaCapria

            I tweeted one back and asked her if she ate meat or bought leather shoes at the mall or walmart .Still why is everyone blaming liberals I have known just as many misguided non liberal as liberals against hunters.

          • GlockG23

            Correction: Democrats SAY they want to take care of the marginalized and the middle and lower class. To them, everybody is marginalized. The middle class doesn’t need to be taken care of: they want YOU out of their way! Right wing Christian charities help more people than anyone on the left.

          • Stuart Nesbit

            We’re all screwed. The left, the right..all the finger waggling right finders that seemed to want to legislate the lives of others, it is sad. The government has got everyone of us right where it wants us, in termol. You say this, you say that, well screw you, well you’re freaking stupid. The civil unrest in this country is getting ready to explode. I hope that all of the opinions that are so proudly displayed, like red badges of courage, don’t evolve into the next great civil war of this country. The truth that I see or feel is that it (civil war) is coming sooner rather than later. What will we do? Who will you rely on, turn to? How will your family survive? Is the greatest Obama gonna save you? Is your ignorance gonna save you? Is your materialism gonna save you? How about that right finder attitude? Make peace while you can, run the government out of washington on a rail. If you dont like America get the fuck out. We are no longer the greatest in the world, do your own due diligence and findout. Stop relying on Fox and CNN, the numbers are staggering. Loook at the freedom example of Denmark, what happened and is happening there? We’re aren’t far from it happening here in the US.

          • Stuart Nesbit

            My comment was not direct to David Petrie, but rather at all of the comments of this board. You’re so stuck in your shoes of concrete that you weigh yourself down. So go take a car or truck load of folks to the polls this year and change America and quit your bitchin’. I for one am tired of keeping of Thugs and Breeders, because they have a hard life. F$$$ that. what they have is my hard earned money. When was the last time you got a call, and you were asked ” hi, Mr or Mrs ___ we have silly sally down here and she is pregnant again. Do you mind if we up her goverment check cause she can’t make it on what we are giving her now”? I have never been asked, but I have been robbed by the government all my life to to care of these sorry ass people that live for welfare. Now we have Obama care, which that fucker don’t even use. If it is so great, why don’t President, Senators, and Congressmen use it? Because it sucks, thats why. They don’t use our retirement program either, but Solyndra made money for who? Look we have bigger fish to fry than just these things..We have Thugs running our country in every capacity, if you won’t take your head out of your ass to see it, then you and yours will suffer a long hurtful victims death. All the finger waggling and right finding in the world will not help you.

          • Margaret LaCapria

            Actually Christian agencies in general help more people than anyone else not all run by right wing .They help more than rich from all parties. If you want to know who gives more it is neither ,but both sides will tell you they do.Not to mention most churches in all towns group together for a food bank.

          • Tom

            BS, you smug sanctimonious twit. Democrats are the ones who want to take from others to give to their constituent groups, i.e. those dependent on government giveaways. Many studies have show that Liberals are much stingier when it comes to donating to causes that support the needy than Conservatives. What democrats are good at is being “their brother’s Keeper”, when they can use other people’s money. I do not hate you. I just think you are misguided at best, and dishonest at worst.

          • Randy

            well, they love giving away OTHER peoples money, after taking their cut, of course…

          • ZZowps

            Yeah, I’m not sure who decided that Democrats couldn’t be Christians.

          • J. Cox

            Funny how liberals make an average of 6% more income per household,yet conservative households give 30% more.You do not really care obout the poor and the middle class.You just want the government to do your job for you.You favor a ruling elite that takes from some to give to others in a effort to be “fair”.It’s still called stealing.Do not preach to me about how caring the left is,they seem to leave a large segment on the lower rung and are happy to keep them that way.Please show 1 government program that has turned poor people into middle-class,or middle class into rich people!

          • Margaret LaCapria

            I have raised 3 kids with next to nothing try paying for daycare on 12,000 to 15,000 a year that is what I made in 2001 .I have a college education and was taught by my democrat parents to give back so I do .I Buy real groceries for neighbors going through hardships, I donate time as do my children to various organizations and we give outgrown clothes and various household goods to women’s shelters .Just because I don’t make a large salary 22,000 yr now doesn’t mean I don’t give. I also think the middle class gives more than the rich if you do percentages.
            Not to say that all rich are not generous people Their are many people of wealth who give a lot .

          • Lenny Beard

            Fine….you take care of them….let me keep my hard earned paycheck!

          • Denise May

            Democrats DON”T want to “take care” of anybody, they want control over everybody. What we wear, what we eat, how we think, where we live, how we’re educated and by whom etc etc. WHY, because when they have control they have FULL POWER and a permanent voting block.

          • Limabeanie

            Believe it or not, some liberals are Christians, they don’t care about whether you’re into Big Gulps and they don’t hate you for not agreeing with them. I think their principle beliefs boil down to this: you can believe and live your life however you want, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to infringe on the rights, lives, choices and beliefs of others.

          • Tom

            Your right to take the life of a fetus, known to many as a baby. Maintaining your life at the expense of those that can’t fight back against their murder. Belief that it is perfectly OK to kill fetuses (babies) at any time during gestation. Choosing to abort (kill) what are essentially full term babies in cases where there is a healthy mom and a healthy baby. Yeah, Limabeanie, choice is a wonderful thing to you.

          • Amie Carroll White

            That’s a Libertarian, not a liberal. There is a big difference.

          • Randy

            then they should speak up.. or do they LIKE getting painted with the same brush as Harry Reid, Pelosi or Roseann Barr ?

          • Denise May

            What about, Obama’s speech claiming that “we are our brothers keepers”? Collectively??

          • Judson Covert

            so we shouldn’t have intervened with Hitler?????

    • GaylePutt

      Ha…never thought of it that way. They don’t mind aborting babies but don’t dare kill a bird or a deer. Very good point.

      • Lilly Miller Baird

        Who said liberals don’t mind aborting babies? We want women to have the right to choose, but most of us don’t think abortion is OK.

        • Iceman00767

          You’d better take a breathmint because that is the biggest mouth full of bullshit I’ve ever heard!

          • Limabeanie

            Actually, Lilly is quite right. I think there are extremists on both
            sides, but pretty sure the majority of liberals are “pro choice” as in
            they believe in a woman’s right TO CHOOSE. That doesn’t mean that given
            the choice, they will have an abortion.

          • Tom

            See my above post.

          • Limabeanie

            Um, ok.

          • geokstr

            Perhaps, but when there are a million+ abortions every year, it’s pretty obvious that there are a whole lot of people using it as the birth control method of choice, not to just obviate the consequences of rape and incest or health of the mother. Over 90% are strictly for the convenience of the mother instead. And given that the black population is suffering the greatest consequences of the liberal abortion policies, the fans of Margaret Sanger must be dancing in the streets.

          • Judson Covert

            ya your talking about the women’s right to choose wether this is a human or not. HOW COULD YOU SAY THIS ISN’T A LIVING THING AND IT IS OKAY TO KILL IT???? The funny thing is that most of the liberals are all about compassion to all animals….. except when it means they have to care for said animals.

        • UrsusMaritimus

          Lilly, do you think a pregnant woman has the right to choose whether to smoke cigarettes? Would you support counseling her regarding the effects of that choice, or would that have a chilling effect on her exercise of the right to control her own body?

          • Judson Covert

            she is choosing something that affects HERSELF and not an innocent life that can’t defend herself/himself. You argument is like suicide vs. murder…. both are wrong but suicide affects yourself while murder is forced life ending actions (like abortion)

        • Tom

          Why is it that “choice” always seems to end up with a bucket full of dead babies thrown in the trash?

          • ZZowps

            You’d rather they end up on welfare?

          • dominigan

            Why is this always thrown out? There are LOTS of families that would love to adopt!

          • Petercha

            Who says they’re going to end up on welfare?

          • Nikechic619

            He thinks they are going to end up on welfare because he is racist.

          • Judson Covert

            I’d rather them GROW UP…. if they are old enough to have sex, then they should be old enough to make the money to take care of the baby. OR GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION

          • Nikechic619

            “You’d rather they end up on welfare?” Do you think you have the balls to go to the inner city where kids are on welfare and tell them they should have been aborted? So yes, we rather have them be on welfare than aborted cause we are not racists like you who know that it is mostly the poor black and latinos that get abortions. Margaret Sanger must be your hero.

          • Dave Harley

            Bucketfull of dead babies??? Who the fuck are you – Alice Cooper?

          • Amie Carroll White

            Alice Cooper is a Christian who isn’t thrilled with the idea either. 😉

          • Denise May

            It’s apparent that you have never been in a room after a full day of abortions at the neighborhood clinic. Here in PA they have even delivered live to be killed with a snip of the scissors. So bad EVEN MSNBC had to admit the problems.


          • Judson Covert

            Um have you seen the waste baskets at an abortion clinic???? oh thats right you just go and get it done and then put it in your past and forget that THERE WAS A BABY THAT YOU JUST TOOK LIFE FROM!!!

        • fanofamerica

          @facebook-100000126485247:disqus I never can quite grasp the logic of a statement like this. Think it through: Why don’t you think abortion is an OK thing to do? Then why are you OK with it being done? The reality of it being a grisly act with an awful result (which you admit you wouldn’t choose) doesn’t change whether you choose not to have one or someone else does choose to have one. When you focus on that rather than on the “no one’s going to tell me what I can do” it’s clear what is right. Pro-choice is pro-abortion – you are for abortion by not being against it. You can’t have it both ways.

          • ZZowps

            Because an abortion has a context. And you don’t know what that context is. That’s between a woman, her doctor, and God.

            Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of people who are all for killing the woman to appease their God.

            Wish I knew what Bible they were reading, it sure isn’t mine.

          • fanofamerica

            A majority of abortions are not done to save the life of the mother. I’m speaking to the other 99.9% performed for selfish reasons and I should have made that clear.

          • ZZowps

            Now I think you’re just making up statistics. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. I don’t see why you should want to legislate your beliefs on someone else. Especially when it could cause their death. And why would you want to force a woman to carry a non-viable fetus to term?

            Seeing abortion as a black/white issue just doesn’t work in reality.

          • fanofamerica

            @ZZowps:disqus I’m not going to go down your strawman road. I was specifically addressing @facebook-100000126485247:disqus based on her viewpoint of her not thinking abortion is OK, yet supporting abortion and trying to gain some understanding of that. No offense, but I’m not really interested in what you have to say about abortion in general.

          • Denise May

            “NON-VIABLE FETUS”??????Why would it be non-viable? Why, because some young girl who opened for legs for some young boy DID NOT use birth control, ITS NOT A OOPS. Its a living being, which is human and at twelve weeks looks like a very tiny human(the size of a woman’s hand). So for your line of thinking, that fetus is only viable IF you decide you want to keep it?

          • Marla Perkins

            My belief of non-viable would be a fetus that tests have proved is not going to lead a normal life, due to severe brain problems not physical problems.

          • Rational Thought

            Legislate my belief on others? HA! I want to defend those who can’t defend themselves, the poor innocent children that have no say in the matter. If the mother will probably die because of it that is another story since we have laws that allow us to kill in self defense. Even though the child isn’t intentioanlly trying to hurt the mother if it is life and death then abortion is an option that should be considered.

          • Kelly Zehnter

            God sees it as black and white. We read in KJV Matthew 6:24 when Jesus taught, “No man (can) serve two masters: for either he (will) hate the one, and love the other, or else he (will) hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

            Not to speak, is to speak. Not to stand, is to stand. Not to act, is to act. Fence sitters are counted as enemies to God along with the wicked.

          • Judson Covert

            non viable fetus’ account for less than 1% of aboritons. 99% of abortions are because the women does not want or “can’t” financially care for the baby, which is just an excuse for “I don’t want the baby”

          • Luke Pascale

            Legislate beliefs? Liberals are all up in arms over Chick Fil A not supporting gay marriage. They don’t have that right because you say it violates human rights yet abortion doesn’t???? That baby has no right to life? It’s the first and most basic right. I can’t believe you think a choice is more important than a life.

          • Conservative NOT Racist

            That is so hypocritical. It’s not a black/white issue for those who oppose using abortion as a means of birth control (which is what most women are doing), yet you expect the rest of us to see YOUR demand to have the choice as a black and white issue. And you want to legislate YOUR beliefs onto someone else because you think your viewpoint is the right one.

            I’d be shocked, but it’s typical from the left. Do as I say because I want it, but if you want something I don’t agree with, I’ll come up with some excuse as to why you shouldn’t get a say in it.

            Most abortions are NOT because the baby is non-viable. It’s because the PARENTS OF THAT BABY (I’m including both in here because it was usually JOINT STUPIDITY that caused the pregnancy) were irresponsible, and want to continue to be irresponsible. Stop trying to put us in a box we don’t fit in. You obviously only have one perspective that you refuse to look outside of.

          • Denise May

            Or maybe YOU miss the whole point.

          • shimauma

            we all read the Bible that says “thou shalt not murder”. So sorry that’s hard for the leftwingers to comprehend.

          • Limabeanie

            For the record, there are laws against late term abortions, if that’s what you are referring to.

            If a young girl is sexually assaulted and raped and becomes pregnant, should she not have the choice to have an abortion?
            Humor me, what is the reason you think a woman shouldn’t have the right to choose?

          • Alana Miller

            How many abortions do you think are due to the fact that someone was rapped or due to insest?? 1%…..93% is b/c it’s unwanted. Now present a new argument.

          • Randy

            She wouldnt need an abortion. Morning after pill, thank you.

          • jordan lancing

            @facebook-1390034837:disqus Morning after pill is not a sure thing and must be taken within so many hours of the act.. sometimes that isnt possible when the woman can’t get to a hospital in time or when there are more than one act… rape isnt always a quick thing.. sometimes they take their time and make us suffer.

          • Judson Covert

            oh really… there are laws against late term abortion. Obama supported a law in Illinois that allowed women to deliver a baby at 30 weeks and then put the baby in a linen closet so that it would die from being underdeveloped. Its called infanticide and OBAMA SUPPORTS IT!!!!!

          • fanofamerica

            @limabeanie:disqus The point I was making on my original post was that pro-choice = pro-abortion. If you aren’t against the act of abortion (for yourself or anyone else) then you are for it.

          • Glenda Crum

            Yes you can have it both ways. I don’t want anyone telling me what I can and can’t do…pro-choice not your choice….just because I wouldn’t have an abortion, doesn’t mean I am going to make someone else have the same beliefs that I do.

          • fanofamerica

            Why wouldn’t you have an abortion?

          • getagrip

            yes you can…lets say i hate all religiousness because i believe its dangerous or 50+ percent of marriages end in divorce, so now i have to give money to a welfare system that condones divorce, so now do i have the right to make congress pass a law saying nobody can get divorced or married or pray? Its called free will people and everything in life has consequences. but ts not my right to stop anybody from pursing there dream in life just because i don’t like it. BYTW if i got a woman pregnant i wouldn’t want to have an abortion, but its not my right to tell her or anyone else to keep it. If you are not treading on me i wont tread on you. America

          • fanofamerica

            @facebook-100001299224958:disqus My focus in on the babies. So again, here is what I don’t understand: Knowing it’s so abhorrent you wouldn’t want your own child aborted – how can you so cavalierly say “eh, whatever, you’re not treading on me so I won’t tread on you” when you know it means the same grisly act is going to be performed on other babies in the womb that you wouldn’t want to happen to your own child? How do you justify that? Why to the defense of the woman carrying the child instead? Doesn’t a natural instinct kick in to protect the helpless?

          • getagrip

            I don’t need to justify it! W.T.H. dude or dudet its none of my business (or yours) what someone else chooses to do with their body or life. I choose for myself and as long as someone else is not attacking me or making me do something i don’t want to do its not up to me.

        • Josephine (D)

          Really? Then why don’t NARAL and Planned Parenthood speak out against forced abortions in China? Why are they okay with sex-selective abortions? Why do you guys bully Bristol Palin for being a single mom?

          • ZZowps

            NARAL and Planned Parenthood are American institutions, and about American policy. Not Chinese policy. They are about American women’s health. Not Chinese women’s health.

          • Josephine (D)

            But I know that PP is also an international organization; they also lobby for “safe, legal, rare” abortion everywhere. You’d think they’d protest what goes on in China, or even here in the U.S.

          • Denise May

            Abortion IS not all about health, come on now. WE ALL know that the unplanned pregnancies were UNPLANNED, oops, instead of using contraceptives, they had unprotected sex. NOW they are using abortion as a means of contraception. As long as those women/GIRLS believe that baby is UN-VIABLE or just a piece of tissue, they will continue to have abortions. It’s why the abortion clinics fight so hard to stop the ultrasounds because they know if these girls see those LITTLE HUMAN BABIES, the jig is up. IT”S A SIN AND IT”S MURDER.

        • Rational Thought

          If you think most of you don’t think abortion is okay then you need to read the National Democratic Platform. A woman’s “right” to choose to kill her unborn child is one of the foremost points.

        • Randy

          Then they should say so, LOUDLY… from all media, “liberal” Democrats ( who are a very small but really stupid and whiny minority ) are all for abortion on demand, right up to the 9th month.

          • Margaret LaCapria

            not true I do believe in the right to choose early on .I chose to carry but it was my chose.I do however think it is wrong to abort a 7 month fetus because it is able to live outside the womb.

        • Luke Pascale

          That’s such a cop out. Should I have the right to “choose” to kill someone I don’t want to deal with?

      • HisCrownJewel

        Destroying on eagle egg is punishable by $250,00 fine or 2 years in prison. Not only is legal to kill an unborn baby but Obama is forcing taxpayers to pay for her execution.

        • ZZowps

          You’d rather force a woman to carry a fetus to term? Seriously? Forced childbirth?

          • Denise May

            Maybe she should learn to keep her legs closed?

          • Dave Harley

            You are a fucking idiot. What if she was raped, on birth control, and it didnt work, etc. A womans body is not her own? Good God.

          • shimauma

            And that child born of rape grew up to have two beautiful children of her own and live a wonderful life with the man of her dreams, all because her mother decided to do the right thing and let her baby live. Rape is no excuse either. My mother could have given me up for adoption if she wasn’t strong enough to deal with the reminder of her attack. Not only did she let me live, she raised me with love and wisdom.

          • Jen

            @shimauna — this is sooooo profound!!! I wish you all of God’s wonderful blessings!! Amen to you!

          • Debbie Wade

            God bless you and your wonderful mother. Too many people don’t want to admit it is not the product of rape that should be gotten rid of…but the rapist. I know some women are not as strong as your mother, but there are loving people in this world that would take a baby if the victim of rape were not strong enough to raise that child.

          • Ge

            Sorry I didn’t even think of that when I answered Denise myself, you are absolutely right. There is no real reason to abort no matter what it is. God Bless you and may God remain in your life and your mothers life for ever. Your mother is an amazing person!!!

          • stabby_kat

            So your being lucky gives you the right and authority to tell other people they have no choice? I don’t think that’s how this debate thing works.

          • shimauma

            It’s not about debate, it’s about doing what’s right. I never claimed I had the right or authority to tell other people how to choose between right and wrong; I was just blessed that *my* mom did the right thing while other moms choose to murder their babies regardless of the reason.

          • stabby_kat

            “It’s not about debate, it’s about me asserting that my views are always right and no one can argue against them!”

            You just murdered my faith in the human race.

          • shimauma

            LOLS WOW I murdered your faith in the human race??? You just reinforced my faith in overdramatic melodrama. Are you freaking 12 or something??? You know I’d rather murder your “faith” in this narcissistic self serving world than murder your baby born of rape…

          • stabby_kat

            Calling abortion “baby murder” isn’t even a tiny bit over-dramatizing the situation in your favor? I guess you can’t be expected to debate fairly when you’re wrong all the time.

          • shimauma

            Hon, I don’t know what acidic saline solution you got stuck in your cervix, but you seem especially pissed about my position in this conversation. I call baby murder as I see it when a child forced to be born premature has her brain cavity injected with a saline solution to make her die(ie murder) and as much as narrow minded folks like you will say the baby wasn’t viable to start with, I can very easily point out Gianna Jessen as an abortion survivor to prove my case.
            All the anti-lifers have are a pile of murdered babies and women who are bitter and angry enough to projecting their bile out on folks who hold to the righteous belief that killing a preborn baby is murder.
            So that makes me wonder, did you do something stupid that you know you should be ashamed about and are now projecting your bile on me? If you’re feeling guilty about the bad you did, you might want to consider some Christian crisis center where they will help you to repent of whatever you did to get you so angry and make you attack folks online for their beliefs. I hope you get the help you need. God Bless.

          • stabby_kat

            I disagree so I must be a bad person, okay then. And it’s not anti-life, it’s ‘pro-choice’ (although I’m really neither side and more in the middle) but you obviously knew that beforehand and are just being intentionally stubborn, you’d probably rather offend me and chase me off so you don’t have to argue anymore. Really though, your views are not as prevalent as you probably think and there’s a whole world of people with their own views and beliefs, you can’t keep that protective bubble around you forever, you might as well start learning how to fight for your beliefs without trying to force them on to people eventually.

          • shimauma

            You caught me in my devious scheme. It’s my plan to hold you down and force you to accept my point of view, and I WILL force you regardless your lack of factual evidence or your very obvious dillusional state! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! <–sarc incase you didn't know.
            Meanwhile, in real life, I think you forgot your meds, and you still need to get over whatever it was that made you so angry with a righteous mindset. I've got a sneaking suspicion that you found yourself in a bad situation and now you blame yourself for whatever the result was. You need to get beyond that soulwise, maybe ask God for some Guidance and support, because you are really scrabbling for a hold and the truth of the matter is, none of us are strong enough to do it without God's help. May God enlighten you with His Wisdom, may He help you to find peace; in Jesus name, Amen.

          • Dave Jones

            The BABY didn’t rape her. Why do we condone the execution of the innocent. The baby may be the only good thing to come from a dastardly act. I can’t believe in my lifetime that babies have gone from being a blessing to being a curse!

          • stabby_kat

            It’s not a baby, it’s a fetus. It’s hard to debate on the topic of abortion when one side always refuses to listen to medical science. A fetus is nothing like a born baby child. No one is debating whether or not we should slaughter babies.

          • Randy

            fine if done in a timely fashion.. but certainly not after 40 days.

          • catholic_citizen

            Always nice to see people keeping it classy, there Dave. Rape, incest, and health of the mother (actual real physical health issues) represent less than a percent of all abortions performed.

            I’ve met some remarkable people whose mothers were raped and decided to have the child. That is courage, Dave – without even one curse word. Fancy that.

          • Jeff Coil

            Fact: Less than one half of one percent of all abortions are due to rape.
            Fact: Most people opposed to abortion would be OK with aborting a pregnacy caused by rape.
            Fact: A baby produced by rape is still an innocent human being. Why should it recieve a death sentence?
            Fact: You are the idiot.

          • Evan Anastas

            Dave learn to ” make sure your brain is properly loaded, before shooting your mouth off”

          • Judson Covert

            you noticed you had 23 negative responses and 1 positive. IF she is raped and got pregnant (1 out of millions of childbirths) then you may have an argument. But sex is meant for procreation NOT entertainment and recreation. If you don’t want kids, don’t have sex. You can take birth control all you want, she is still taking a risk AND THAT IS HER CHOICE!

          • Carolyn Codrea Sunday

            Dave, I do have to disagree with you about sex being for only procreation. I have been married for 30 years and because of severe health issues could never safely have children, so I am afraid your comment diminishes many many couples just like us who either could not, or chose not- to have children. It is a very old world view on sex, which should be, between loving couples both entertainment AND recreation if you have a good solid relationship with one another.

          • Carolyn Codrea Sunday

            oh and if you feel that way truly, that sex is for procreation and not for entertainment or recreation, I really feel sorry for your poor wife!

          • Belinda Hart

            Mr Harley has received 142 Positive responses.

          • Luke Pascale

            A child’s body is not its own?

          • Eadamore Bugz

            No, none of us are our own. We are God’s. Everything we have belongs to Him, including our bodies, our children, and the very air and water that gives us life. But of course, this is a repulsive thought to your ilk, isnt it Dave? You all want to {delusionally} believe that you are masters of your own universe.

          • Anna

            Well Dave….if a woman is raped, she usually goes to a hospital for treatment. At that time a procedure called a DNC is performed to ensure that she didn’t catch some STD

          • Allen Rackley

            Anna, no procedure is ever done to a patient with out there consent. Even so, a DNC is not done to prevent an STD! A DNC is a cleaning of the uterus. It is a physical procedure. An STD is Disease and needs drugs of different types to treat. Besides, a very large number of rape victims (if not most) do not seek medical treatment or legal aid or police intervention for the rape.

            Dave, I’m glad to see you stand your ground! Keep it up!

          • Marla Perkins

            A dnc is preformed to scrape the uterus and remove all “foreign” particles from the body. Having received one for a miscarriage i can tell you it is not something any one wants t go thru. Besides statistics have proven that the majority of people raped do not seek medical help or alert the authorities.

          • Adolfo Betancourt

            Whos body is it? what idiots… Birth Contol? Really your ignorant. Raped, Duh thats not even an argument. Both side can agree there and they do.

          • tacticomp

            What if she had the baby adopted? it’s a “choice” too!
            But then again Liberals have this selective outrage of one sided prejudicial worldview and devoid of analytical reasoning when it comes to the opposite argument.

          • Margaret

            not true but you must look at all sides .some woman go to abused shelters and abort babies because if they don’t they will never be rid of an abuser.Some are minors forced into the decision .I do believe in a woman’s right to chose in early pregnancy (BTW I chose to carry mine ) you cannot say all women use this after casual sex.

          • Kathy Dopke

            Do you actually know the percentage of that happening? I thought not. A LIFE IS A LIFE. There is always adoption ALWAYS!

          • Jeff Ebner

            So you have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body huh? Well in that case Kathy, go make me a sandwich!

          • Jimmy D Cook

            She has a right to hunt so cool it .As usual a bunch of yoyo making stupid comments. Jimmy D.

          • David R Thompson

            yeah so how many adopted children do you have?

          • Stephen Meissner

            How many of the 50+ million abortions since 1973 do you really think were the result of rape? Maybe it should be legal if the woman was raped, but in the scores of millions of other cases, abortion is unacceptable. A baby’s body is not its own? Good God.

          • stabby_kat

            A babies body is its own, of course, but an early developing fetus is part of the mother. I don’t see how the logic that its okay to abort babies in cases of rape (which most prolife arguers will concede) and somehow not in any other case. What is the difference, an abortion is an abortion.

          • Eric Livingston

            No, Dave; YOU are a fucking idiot. Once a woman is pregnant, her body becomes an obligated incubator for that child until it is born safely into the world; this is the responsibility that we, the living have to human life. Her body is still her own, but no one should EVER have the authority to kill an unborn child; they are the most defenseless humans EVER, and it’s the most cruel thing in the world to murder a completely defenseless child. I can see that YOU should have been aborted, because your thinking is self-destructive.

          • John Dunn

            The only time your body belongs to you appears to be when you are pregnant. Try not using a seatbelt or taking an prohibited substance. That is just 2 examples of when the government thinks it owns your body. Do you think mandatory seatbelt use is ok? There are many examples of the government taking away by law your ability to make decisions for yourself. I will await your answer.

          • Margaret LaCapria

            when it comes to a minor yes

          • Kortnee Weis

            Finally a man with sense, if the baby is proven to be unable to sustain life outside the womb it can be aborted, i personally know 2 herbal remedies albeit dangerous ones that can and will abort pregnacy

          • Max Myers

            You feel the same way if she was raped some some piece of shyt drug addict?! In some cases abortion is needed. Not need to take care of a problem because its going to ruin your saturday nights out

          • Max Myers

            raped by some*

          • Eric Livingston

            Bullshit; abortion is never ‘needed’; it’s sick as hell that you would even THINK a thing like that. Just because a child was conceived by a rapist doesn’t mean that you kill the child. The child is not the criminal.

          • Kortnee Weis

            Yet you would force the woman to go through the pregnancy? Are you going to pay the $15,000+ in medical bills so she has a healthy baby? What about psychological care for the raped woman? By forcing women to go through it your chances of losing both mother and child are greater as women will ALWAYS find ways to abort a pregnacy, even if its dangerous, whether through a simple insertion of a wire hanger or suicide, worse the child could end up being abused due to your forcing her to carry to full term, dont pull that adoption crap either, i was among the lucky few adopted by a family with no lasting effects, most are not so lucky

          • corinastmartin

            Says the man who never has to worry about conceiving his rapists child

          • Margaret

            really you sound very unchristian .who are you to judge any womans choice.btw mother of three who chose not to abort my daughter just because my ex husband did not want the baby .

          • Kortnee Weis

            Maybe it was the man(i wouldnt even call IT a man) fault. Its not always the woman you know

          • Gerrit J Hopman

            “Forced childbirth”? Remember when women took personal responsibility? Now they kill their babies because there to sorry to use birth control when slutting around. Are the guys sluts too? Yes! But they aren’t the ones who will get pregnant!

          • stabby_kat

            Calling people you disagree with sluts didn’t work for Limbaugh, why would it work for some nobody like you? You’re a terrible hateful person.

          • Ge

            WOW, never thought I would hear people say such hateful mean things. WOW lady you are wayyyyy out there. I feel very sorry for you and your thought process….

          • Rational Thought

            Who forced her to have sex? It is an act wherein even with birth control could lead to pregnancy. If you stand too close to a cliff and it crumbles out from under you do you blame gravity as you fall to your death? The unborn child is a consequence of the actions of the woman in question. If there is rape or incest or the woman is defending her own life then it is another story but when she went into the situation of her own free will then nothing is being forced on her! Forced childbirth my eye!

          • Margaret

            I like the way you say the woman in question . What about the man in question.Everyone is against abortion but two people made the baby and odds are only one will be supporting the baby.Before you jump to conclusions I chose to have my son I have to other children 1 still in H.S. and an ex husband who owes 23,000 in back child support.And all the cuts to welfare never hurt the abusers they hurt the single working moms like me.But until all the issues in a problem can be fixed we can’t single out the woman.

          • Nikechic619

            If you don’t want kids don’t have sex. That’s not religious it’s scientific.

          • Margaret LaCapria

            I have supported all 3 of my kids by myself since 95 ty ,my ex owes me 23,000 in back child support.My point was 2 people had sex not one ,but it is always easy to blame the woman .Maybe if their were better laws to obtain child support ,their would be less abortions.My child support is in a divorce order I still don’t get it most of the time.

          • Derek Webb

            — Where is the man’s choice in this? If I were to get a girl pregnant and decide I wanted nothing to do with the child, I’d be called a deadbeat and be legally forced to pay money to the mother or be thrown in jail.

            — But if a woman wants nothing to do with a child, it’s pro-choice.

          • Bill Gordon

            Should not get pregnant to start with. They know whats causing it but they dont really care. Somebody will take care of it.

          • Nikechic619

            Liberal humans are the dumbest of species I gotta say. They don’t even realize that the natural outcome of sexual intercourse is procreation. The Bible is right, we are a wicked people for killing babies in the womb.

          • Margaret

            wow go talk to some real liberals not extremist.I don’t hate all Baptist because some idiots thought it was ok to bomb abortion clinics.I am a liberal because I believe in equality like my constitution says ,I believe in gun control and God and I have a very loving attitude toward my fellow man don’t judge me by some idiot in congress.

          • Nikechic619

            Ok fine liberal progressives are not as smart as they think they are. But gun control is against the constitution you say you believe in.

          • Nikechic619

            And the God that both you and I believe in had people killed in crazy ways that were much more brutal than a gun fight.

          • Randy

            not getting pregnant in the first place is the place to start. NO RESON for unwanted pregnancies these days. Abstention is good , the pill ( not paid for by my tax dollars) tubal ligation if she’s a liberal… you get the point. And none of it is relevant to the hate and vitriol “lefties” spew by the ton daily.

          • jordan lancing

            “:.. tubal ligation if she’s a liberal…” two questions for you pal.. 1) why must she be a liberal if she has a tubal ligation preformed? Women of all political views get this done for health reasons as well.. 2) were you aware that tubal ligation is not a 100% guarantee that they cant get pregnant? Why must you assume that everyone who uses or has a form of birth control is automatically a crazy liberal? I hold values from both sides of the left and right fence. what does that make me?

          • Marla Perkins

            Why not your tax dollar they make me pay for viagra which in my book is no different. Neither one is for a medical reason (although the pill can be used for that) so why am i paying for a mans choice to have sex but you can’t for a womans?

          • corinastmartin

            I wish I could like this comment a few times!

          • catholic_citizen

            Actions have consequences. If you aren’t prepared to deal with the consequences of intercourse maybe your aren’t ready for it.

          • Ann Kelm

            Agree.. Also, I am surprised that no one here has mentioned adoption. I was adopted and I believe all these woman who didn’t want to become pregnant could have chosen adoption over abortion.

          • catholic_citizen

            Thank you for sharing, Ann.

          • Margaret

            in high school my friend chose to have her baby at 17 you know what the church did called her a hoar at her child’s baptism why I no longer go to the catholic church .Yes actions have consequences but 2 people make babies and only one is ever shamed

          • catholic_citizen

            I find that unfortunate, Margaret. Most priests I know would not take that approach – I find that the people in the pews…usually the ones who sit in front and take on airs – are the worst of the offenders. Christ spent a fair amount of his ministry preaching forgiveness for those who were contrite.

            As to the double-standard, I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, ‘progressive’ social welfare programs actually encourage single parenthood – the benefits are better. Thank Lyndon Johnson for that one.

          • Nikechic619

            And if you believe in God, you should know that all fertilization was forseen by God. People that abort, are spitting in God’s face because the Bible says children are a reward from God. (I spit in God’s face a couple of times before I knew any better, and I thank GOD alone that he came for me and justified me, and opened up my eyes) Oh and i’ll throw this back at you, don’t go judging all catholics for calling this girl a whore. (I’m not catholic)

          • Margaret LaCapria

            I don’t judge all Catholics by the church I just chose to choose another religion .I know people of many different religions all good people.

          • Roxie Vaughn

            no not force childbirth,thats called murder!!!

          • Chet Hingle

            How many time is a woman asked while pregnant; When is your fetus expected? You see ZZowps, it’s only a fetus when you want to kill it, otherwise it’s a baby.

          • Koolkat62

            fool, you just want to legislate “no consequences” irresponsibility. if you don’t want to get fat, shut your pie hole. if you don’t want to get wet, get outa the rain. and if you don’t want to have a baby, shut your legs…. it’s a common sense solution that seems to escape liberals.

          • Judson Covert

            forced childbirth….. it was her decision to get pregnant

          • Derek Webb

            — Last time I checked, sex is a choice. And there are these amazing medical technological breakthroughs that prevent pregnancy. I know, it sounds crazy.

          • Derek Webb

            — I’m pro-choice. I mean, getting pregnant is a choice. There is a million-year-old proven process to getting knocked-up.

            How about forced death?

            Unborn Child: “Man, it’s sure good to be ali…IJASIDUNHFWEFONFWEOnf OMG! DAFUQ IS HAPPENING MOM?!?!?!”

          • Luke Pascale

            Yes….it’s called not punishing the child for your mistakes.

          • Bill Vincent

            It’s not forced. They know what causes that now. She can eliminate the cause, thereby eliminating the need to carry it to term.

          • Anna

            Yeah that’s what usually happens when u have sex, get pregnant with a viable living person in the womb, um u have childbirth. What if your mother didn’t have u , wouldn’t be having this discussion right now would we?

          • tacticomp

            “Forced Childbirth”? You’re warped analogy is the anti-thesis of sound analytical thinking and the epitome why Liberalism is a mental disease!

          • Eric Livingston

            It’s not ‘forced childbirth, idiot; the woman gets pregnant because SHE got pregnant; once a woman is pregnant, her body is no longer hers; it’s an incubator for the child she conceived. She has a responsibility to that unborn child. If she really doesn’t want a child, then she can give it up for adoption; plenty of people would love to adopt a child. Abortion is murder of the most despicable kind. SO, yes; I would force a woman to carry her baby to term, and if she managed to kill it, I think she should be killed immediately as punishment and to send a message of zero tolerance for baby murder.

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            Are you insane????????? I’ll be real explicit here. When a woman has sex she is opening herself up to having a baby. She has accepted full responsibility. If she does not want to get pregnant, do not have sex! It is called self control, self discipline, common sense! Have women suddenly gotten more stupid?

          • Margaret LaCapria

            So the man who says I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you then books because she is pregnant is not also responsible for this baby

          • Gary Mutchler

            I don’t want to force anyone to do anything. But by the same token abortion is a moral issue NOT a political one. We should not pay for abortions. It is a decision between the mother, her moral beliefs and her doctor. The government should be out of the picture.

          • Marla Perkins

            Agree 100%, not a choice for me but i will not condemn someone else for making that decision. I have not “walked in their shoes” as people put it. But i also believe after a certain point it should not be allowed due to medical reasons.

          • Ron Berg

            I have noticed that everyone who is for abortion as already been born. And in the overwhelming majority, the women was more than willing to play the adult game so she should have to pay the adult price. I am not talking about rape, I am talking about a women that had no problem having sex and now is upset about the end result.

          • Paula Gurley

            Uh, didn’t she have something to do with her being pregnant? In most cases, she is directly responsible.

          • crippledoldguy

            If a woman chooses to have sex and becomes pregnant, then yes she should have the baby. If you can have sex you can have a baby. There are much better options, maybe the father would raise the child. It’s as much his as the womans. Once a woman becomes pregnant it’s not just her any more. Adoption, there are thousands of couples who for one reason or another are medically unable to have children. They would be more than happy to take the responsibility of raising a child. killing an unborn child just because It’s Inconvenient carries an awful responsibility to God and the unborn child. I believe abortion should only be done in cases of rape, Incest, or If the mother’s life is in serious jeopardy, or through the use of medical technology the baby would likely die within seconds of birth. In the last case serious consideration should be given to still carrying the baby to term. I believe all women who have abortion’s because a baby would be Inconvenient, will answer to God on par to those who commit murder. I am not a religous right wing nut job, I am an Independent, I have voted Democrat and Republican. But killing an unborn child is just flat out wrong. Choose life.

      • ZZowps

        I’m sure there are liberals out there who hunt.

    • Marcus Porcius

      Yeah it’s typical liberal thinking. You can kill unborn babies, but not baby killers. Smoking cigarettes is awful, but smoking pot should be legal. We don’t have any more right to life, the planet, etc. than the animals because we’re all part of nature, but then we’re NOT part of nature when it comes to building a dam to generate power or a house to live in. Beaver dams are ok, our dams hurt the environment. Birds building nests in trees can’t be touched because it’s nature, but your house CAN’T be built if it disturbs those same birds.

      You can’t be against gay marriage because that’s hate, but it’s totally ok for them to hate YOU for being against gay marriage.

      If it’s hypocritical, illogical and intellectually dishonest…you can bet it came out of a liberal mouth.

      • Keith Crawford

        Wow, love your analogies! I often use the same ones to make my point against hypocrisy. Well said, my friend.

      • MerlinMedic

        Actually beaver dams are only OK when they flood out someone else’s property, when they flood out a liberal it is amazing how fast that dam goes “BOOM” in the night. I have seen that or the “disappearance” of said beaver several times recently. Not that the dams in 3 of the 4 cases didn’t need to go, but the hypocrisy is stunning in its audacity.

        • GibsonLP

          Of course; the hypocrisy on the left is so blatant. They want alternate energy but they also oppose wind farms. Remember, Ted Kennedy stopped the building of the wind farm because of the eyesore it would be. Al Gore has the world’s largest carbon footprint. George Soros, the militant leftist, is likely the richest man in the world and the left hate rich, white guys. They hate Jesus because he “condemns people to hell” then they’ll tell you Jesus doesn’t exist and Christian’s are delusional. They’re all idiots. They have to be. There is no other explanation for this empty suit we have in the White House.

          • maybetoday777

            Its easy Gibby. They are the perfect picture of the flesh. Understand? The flesh is never satisfied. That’s your flesh, my flesh and anyone else’s. The flesh is insatiable. It cannot be pleased and most importantly God cannot please it! So important to understand that. This is why Jesus Christ said “Ye must be born again. And, that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Now, pay close attention. Ever seen an old footbal or bicycle tire where the tube was in the middle? This is a picture and type of all people. The outer part (tire) is the body. It rots, decays, devolves and dies (it does NOT evolve). The inner part, the tube, that holds the air is the soul. But, what do you need to get that tire to work properly? You need air. This word in the Book is the word for pneuma or the Holy Spirit. If you have pneumonia you have an air problem, if you have a pneumatic drill then you have a wind-driven drill. Follow? We all need that AIR (Holy Spirit or BREATH of LIFE in Genesis) if not then we are FLAT TIRES. You can’t ride your bike or car with a flat tire, can you? So, everyone is a flat tire due to Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden of Eden. This is why YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN.

          • Scott Foster

            Amen Brother!

          • R B

            Jesus is the bread of life.

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            I’m amazed. Beautiful analogy!

          • Millie Coker

            Wonderfully stated. And, it IS that simple. AMEN.

          • Bryan David Hale

            both sides are hypocrite. move on with your lives.

          • Windwalkersdream

            I agree with Gibson and Maybetoday

          • stabby_kat

            “People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.”

          • Marilyn Davis

            Well, it’s not likely people want to listen to the hypocrites, and high priests of born again Christianity spew their venom of hate and scorn. REAL Christians are tolerant, faithful people who don’t beat the drum of hate mongering.

          • rickbiehle

            Where God is unknown nothing is known.

          • 9Spoon9

            So eloquently put Brother!

          • Todd Gobel

            intresting but god is a creation of mans imagination so now explain why it rains is god crying silly christian

          • unklbrad

            Please explain how the stuff that blew up in the Big Bang got there. It got there all by itself? Silly atheist, you don’t have intellectually high ground to stand on like you thought. Who put God there? Whichever answer you choose is still an article of faith.

          • RHawkman

            @unklbrad:disqus Precisely correct. I actually think that a ‘non-believer’ must have more faith. They think that the universe magically appeared and humans; arguably the most complicated machine in the universe, occurred by magic as well. By that logic, if I put the parts of a toaster in the driveway it would eventually put itself together without any outside intelligent interaction.

          • Patty Stuart

            No no get it straight we didn’t just magically appear….don’t you know that we all came here from Mars as tiny little single celled oranisms living in what has been called primordial ooze and this ooze made us all go from single celled oranisms to the more complicated ones we see today its called evolution….of course if you believe that I have some ocean
            front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you

          • bgrcitizen

            And…that toaster would someday evolve into a refrigerator!

          • HammerDoc

            It takes more stupidly blind faith to believe that the stuff for The Big Bang just “magically” got there, than to believe there was a first cause, a prime mover, who started it.

            Jesus, the Christ, the Firstborn of all Creation, is God, the second person of the Holy Trinity. He came to earth out of love FOR us, to reconcile us back to God because of OUR (including YOUR) sins. He suffered death and was buried. On the third day He rose again from the dead, in accordance with The Scripture. He WILL come again, in glory, to judge the living and the dead. His Kingdom will have no end.

            These things are Truth, whether you believe them or not, and whether you LIKE them or not. Whether you believe this or not will not offend me. I am not responsible for your acceptance of this Truth. However, because you came across my path unbelieving, it WAS my responsibility to tell you this Truth. I have done so. May God show you The Truth in your heart, and may you accept it before it is too late–but you will NOT be able to say you never heard it because I didn’t tell you.

          • Dale Hutchison

            What in the hell does this diatribe have to do with trap shooting? Give us a break, please!

          • AL349

            Rain, it’s actually a chemical reaction that allows water to become usable by humans since we don’t absorb it from the atmosphere,i.e. drinkable water. This process is one of many natural occurrences that make it possible for us humans to survive. It is logical that all these things were “created” by a creator who is better known as God.

          • maybetoday777

            “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their IMAGINATIONS, and their foolish heart was darkened.”
            Furthermore, if there is no God then why are you trying to be God? Huh, serpent in the garden of eden? This is exactly what the serpent did in the garden (you know where life began, it surely didn’t begin in asphalt or a cave since you can’t grow food there) of eden. He questioned the WORDS that God spoke. Then again, it is a love triangle and it is YOUR choice who you choose.
            And, we have a perfect type of God on this earth. I said TYPE for those of dull hearing. It is called the Sun. Furthermore, day and night preach in Psalms 19:2. They preach to every man, woman and child. What do they preach? Easy.
            1.) There is a Creator God
            2.) There is a Godhead that is a Trinity. The Sun puts out 3 kinds of rays. One you can feel but can’t see (Holy Spirit), one you can see but can’t feel (Jesus Christ) and one you can’t see or feel (God the Father).
            3.) The Lord is against the world and the world is against the Lord (the earth rotates against the movement of the sun across the sky).
            4.) The Lord dies (the sun sets in a red sky). He shed His blood.
            5.) The Lord is resurrected (the sun comes up every morning.) See you in judgement buddy!
            6. The Lord is coming again (when the sun rises out of a red sky) He comes with “His garments dipped in blood”). And, He comes in the morning!
            7.) The Lord has a counterpart that reflects His light (the moon, it is a type of the Body of Christ – the church).
            8.) The church starts out small and grows big and then falls into apsotasy (the monthly circle of the moon.)
            So easy a caveman could do it!

          • Tim Herman

            This Comment just shows that The ENTIRE BIBLE is based on OLDER PAGAN religions which Worshipped the SUN..THERE IS NO GOD..THERE IS NO DEVIL ( Except Dick Cheney)..THERE WAS NO JESUS…You All Believe in a Fairy Tale!! Congrats on Finally Realizing it and Saying it ALOUD!!!

          • rifflizard

            Just look at nature. Look at live human birth. If you still think your at the top of the intelligence chain and believe there could be no being as great as yourself…well then, I guess there is no hope for your soul, pity.

          • Austin Vine

            she has a right to hunt….just be quiet and mine your own business…

          • Jeff Martin


          • rifflizard

            AMEN maybetoday777 AMEN.

          • Dale Hutchison

            Don’t you religious zealots ever take a break? All you spew is what you see on Sunday morning TV. You don’t have an original thought in your brain. Please, so somewhere else to preach. It is becoming so booooring, you know.

          • ZZowps

            Ted Kennedy is not representative of every so-called liberal out there. Thank God.

          • tcnoyb

            you are correct…..he wasn’t dumb enuf or radical enuf to satisfy most so called liberals out there today. They are a sick & confused bunch!

          • Margaret

            do you think Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were asses too

          • Sorrel Jakins

            I wonder how his meeting with Mary Jo went?

          • Danny_C_1

            …..that would infer that they both ended up in the same place…..just say’in….

          • Vern Preuitt

            yes, and wasnt she pregnant?? He wont be seeing her cause he is in HELL!

          • Frank Hamilton

            I don’t think they are in the same zip code.

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            Maybe not, but he was one of the worst.

          • Jerry Harmon

            Ted Kennedy is worm food

          • tcnoyb

            ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..there is more of us “hateful” “narrow minded” righties out here. Agree 100%

          • Windwalkersdream

            Amen and thank God!!

          • Fender Bass Fan

            Exactly! Reminds me of Ted Kennedy screaming for more Green Energy, but try to put up Windmills in Martha’s Vineyard and he sings a different tune. BTW, when Kennedy contracted cancer AND after he died did you hear ANY conservatives screaming how he deserved it, like the Libs do when any Reagan, Nixon, etc, did and will continue to do?

          • Jimmie D. Martin

            well it was not a sad day for me…I thought of his one on one with the Master explaining
            why he killed his pregnant girl friend

          • Marilyn Davis

            Maybe Teddy was more likable.

          • Dawn Birney

            once again….exactly…..I just hope Mary Jo is drowning his ass every minute of his afterlife. My uncle had the misfortune of knowing Kennedy, and tell’s us that the man was an arrogant, walking distillery until the last few years of his life. I have no respect for that kind of person.

          • teefrtwo t

            Liberal left are the most hateful people I have ever experienced in my life.

          • rifflizard

            @Fender Bass FanI knew I liked you for more reasons than just owning a Fender, although i do love Fender!

          • Margaret

            and all people on welfare sit at home and do nothing right, you are an ass.I am liberal and have gotten help , sorry got fired after i fell off a ladder from work .I believe in the Constitution which says equality for all and the right to bear arms .I think comments to this young Lady for hunting are wrong oh yeah and I believe in god and Jesus don’t judge people by an extremist or Ted Kennedy or Al Gore who are both asses and think all liberals agree with their theories .

          • Vern Preuitt

            you are special..cause you are 1 in a MILLION!!
            Every liberal..(Except for you, that I ever talked to were [email protected] in the head) so feel privileged..enjoy your day..

          • stabby_kat

            That’s a disgusting way of viewing an entire group of people, people like you are whats wrong with our politcal system. These are not ‘teams’, everyone has their own views and beliefs and you’re a terrible person for saying something like this, liberals dont have to prove anything to be viewed as reasonable human beings with beliefs that matter to them, no more than any conservative does. Margaret didn’t do anything or say anything any other liberal wouldn’t have said, sorry to burst your bubble but you’re drowning in your own pool of misconceptions.

          • Margaret

            I will pray for you

          • Aaron Huffman

            not all liberals are asses. i agree. but enough of them are to allow for a generalized statement. and conservatives are not all against welfare, they are all against welfare abuse. example: half of my neighborhood is on welfare, and i know of only a small percentage of them who are trying to find work. the rest lie about it, or do the minimum required to keep their welfare. oh, and the people in the house behind me were selling drugs to supplement their welfare income. … stats like that cause conservatives to be against welfare. You have a good reason to need help. Too many are living on our dime because they can, and that is not a reason at all.
            May God help you in your recovery and quest to find good work.

          • Tigre57

            Not to mention that when those that scam the system get welfare, they are taking it from a family that needs it. So THEY are the one truly stealing from the poor.

          • Cynthia Campbell Corum

            Thank you!!! This is so true. If everyone honestly did an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage and the govt would let the people make decisions, the USA would go back to being the powerful country we once were. Right now we are lazy and selfish. All of our creativity is crushed under this extreme heavy burden of welfare, taxes and govt interference.

          • Dena Casey Sinha

            I think what you are seeing is in every community…I see it in mine just the same. One thing I want to add is the growing number of these people who are as you described above are now addicted to pain killers and they are using the court provided attorneys to get on disability for a bigger income. They have their stash and they can also sell them for additional income. I have never saw so many people who are at home, drawing welfare and food stamps, and also becoming more and more addicted to pain killers. I have 2 brothers next door that fist fight until their dad calls the police to break them up. They are both addicts but not poor. 2 houses down there is about 5 families living in a broke down condemned house no ONE EVER leaves for WORK!
            Why are we talking about this young woman who like it or not has found something she likes…and does well. Hunting is not illegal and we have the right to bear arms in the constitution. Gun control only effects honest people, the thugs, and criminals do not buy their weapons at a local gun store…think about it? If so cities like Chicago would have enormous gun retail sales… They get and do as they please. By taking the guns away from citizens you only give these thugs more power, because they know they have an advantage over you…duh…you are un-armed!
            All I can say is we have taken a wrong turn…someone needs to recalculate the route.

          • Tigre57

            Well honey, then maybe you should re-think the crowd you’ve chosen to side with, because it is that “side” that says things like that. Their language is ugly and intolerant and it comes from MOST of the left. If you choose to side with them, don’t be surprised when people paint you in the same light. Open your eyes and take a better look at them.

          • Margaret

            liberal means believing in equality for all.I think everyone forgot this, our forefathers were liberals and not everyone is left wing .I think we have forgotten our constitution and our God you are entitled to your own opinion as am I but the issue is not to hurt people and wish they were dead just because they hunt; that is wrong. I don’t know who these people are but we can’t assume either because all parties have haters of killing animals .

          • stabby_kat

            Again, how do you know these people are liberals or even democrats? Do you often just ‘decide’ what political views people have based on whether or not you think they’re ‘bad’ or ‘good’? Seriously, wtf is wrong with people like you. Want to look at a problem with our political system, look in the mirror, friend.

          • LovemyCountry

            I’ll bet you Stabby are a liberal!

          • stabby_kat

            I’m an independent.

          • Toni Albanese

            Actuall there were only a handful of people making threats. There are thousands more with legitimate concerns but alas….those are deleted :/ And WTH does trophy hunting have to do with welfare???

          • cassandrapeace

            Finally, a voice of sanity among the crazies. Thank you.

          • Tom Guckin

            A lot of hunting feeds the needy !

          • MaddBookish

            Trophy hunting is not the same thing as hunting to feed your family. I’m looking at the amount of game she’s got at her feet and wondering if someone’s going to eat all that or if it’s all going to waste. Personally, I’ve got nothing against killing an animal for food, if I did, I’d be a vegetarian … or a hypocrite, but I do take issue with the idea of killing an animal for the sake of vanity.

          • Tim Herman

            I dont know ANY hunters who give their kills to the local homeless shelter..please name a few!!!
            Most keep their kills..I hope…and when they kill more than they need they give it to Family and freinds,,,but never a homeless person…How does a homeless person clean and cook a dead animal with no stove or evena hook to hang the kill on.
            Hunters are so think you’re doin a service…bringing down the deer population, etc. its all BS just so you can go shoot at something Weaker than you…REAL KILLERS JOIN THE MILITARY!! but i won’t go there on this post..too unrelated.

          • Patrick Robert Easter

            Margaret, just for my idle curiosity, are you somehow unable to answer except to first put something stupid into another person’s speech? I mean, is what he/she was saying originally just so far over your head that you had to pretend there was something there more on your level?

          • Margaret

            I made the post 4 hours ago because this whole discussion got off the subject about how wrong the tweets were to an Olympic participant and I said all the political parties had haters so I am wrong for this .I was trying to bring it back to the point not confuse your small mind.

          • Scott Simmons

            You sound very atypical for a liberal… are you sure? 😉

          • Margaret

            because I said all parties had haters

          • Nancy Gray

            Well Margaret you sound like you are a conservative because liberals leaders hate the constitution and hate God Jesus. Your welcome to switch to the side that greatly appreciates these three! :) I have a similar story

          • Damage6

            So what have you done to remonstrate “extremist” Al Gore and the thousands of other prominent liberals who espouse hate, violence and intolerance in the furthering of YOUR agenda?

          • Margaret LaCapria

            If you read my earlier reply I stated that Al Gore was an ass .I am listed as a Democrat on my voter registration I haven’t voted that in years .I do support gay marriage , I support gun control , I support work for welfare, and I support more control on our borders .I believe in God and pray to him frequently. I don’t get cash from the state but I do get food stamps at the moment and my youngest gets medicaid she is still in H.S. so I am told I am a liberal what are your beliefs.

          • Damage6

            “I’m told I am a liberal”??? I’d recomend you take a moment for self reflection and decide for yourself what you are.

          • Vernon Wood

            If you do not agree with their platform why are you a libtard to start with???

          • Margaret LaCapria

            because I believe in gay rights , and work for welfare .I said I was a liberal and hate just flew at me ,I am a 60% liberal and 40% conservative the math says liberal .When I vote I go for issues not party and that is how it should be.

          • stabby_kat

            Pretty much every liberal I know is a christian, so much for your crackpot theories. You don’t know anything about the world outside your door, do you Jethro?

        • R B

          It’s the audacity of hypocrisy instead of hope.

        • Windwalkersdream

          Yes it is.

      • tcnoyb

        AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ashlee Raven Lockard

        Well i consider myself a liberal, but not an extremist in those views. I believe in everyone’s opinion, but Marcus Porcius, you just did exactly what you are insulting in what you call the “lefties” so you seem to be no more than an extremist “rightie”. You are just as bad. Do not condemn all liberals because a few views are a bit intense. These people sound ridiculous, as do you.

        • Conservative NOT Racist

          Kindly pay attention. Marcus didn’t say lefties. Just another point to show how some folks do NOT pay attention, or only see what they want to see.

        • Ray Cherry

          I too was a lefty once…but I got tired of being associated with such hateful and wrong people all of the time. Then I got right. :)

        • Chris Jones

          I had to reread Marcus’ comment 3 times before I saw where he told someone to kill themselves… naw, I’m just kidding. I still don’t see where he is “just as bad”. Keep fishing, Ashlee

      • Fender Bass Fan

        They don’t just advocate killing unborn babies, they (Obama voted for it) are for killing babies if they make it out of the womb alive. Of course their reasoning is, ‘it isn’t a baby, just a conglomerate of cells’, but they also advocate Late Term Abortion. They should just be glad their parents didn’t have their beliefs, because they’re obscene, violent, and demented brains would truly have qualified them to be aborted.

      • Clyde Jerome Sharp


        • lvanpaa

          Thank you, Clyde–there’s so much hypocrisy out there!!!! You are one of the good ppl.

        • Ge

          Someone who has said something who has some sense. If you eat meat, then leave the girl alone… IF your don’t that’s what you do so be it… We all have our own opinions. My momma used to say opinions are like assholes—we all have one!

          • Toni Albanese

            “Of all the creatures ever made [man] is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one… that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain.” ~Mark Twain

          • Char Stevenson

            Tell that to a bird who has been trapped by a cat.

        • Chris Jones

          …what does being gay have to do with it?

          • Mike Foltz

            They think their special and their opinion matters…..LOL

          • unklbrad

            Maybe a better question is: what does being gay and yelling have to do with it?

      • Charles Self

        Bullshit. I’m a liberal, a former corporal in the USMC and see nothing wrong with Ms Cogdell’s actions, while finding reprehensible the expressions from some of the above posters. Your clumping everyone into the same bag is one of the reasons liberals stick all right-wingers into the same garbage can. Stereotypical thinking is as stupid as the mouthing off done above.

      • Jen


      • Jack Quinn

        The world needs more politically intelligent people such as you

      • George Rutherford II

        I would be willing to bet that at least 95% of the assbags dishin on her
        eat MEAT FROM THE GROCERY STORE!!! Hypocritical idiotic Liberals that
        need a serious wake-up call!!!

        • Toni Albanese

          And for the record I DO NOT EAT MEAT FROM THE GROCERY STORE…..I eat with compassion, a quality you lack :/ Better wake up yourself George and take look at the obesity rate in this country….

      • xyzlo

        Freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be legalized. Personal choice.

        • Dorothy Kettle

          It HAS been since America was founded; however, the ‘left’ is trying (and in some cases succeeding) to change that!

          • stabby_kat

            How so? How are liberals trying to destroy America, oh do please tell!

          • rodney495

            How so? By wanting laws & regulations passed to give total control of our live to the government. They don’t want to have to think for themselves. Just look at the government menu of how to get what you want instead of having to get a job to earn it yourself. Hell, why should you have to get off your duff and get a job when you can sit on same and have it handed to you on a silver platter. Then you will continue to vote that persone into office the rest of their life. I mean, if you vote them out, you lose all you free stuff? How so? That’s just a fraction of the reason. There’s more. QUIT DRINKING THE KOOL AID!

          • Heather Thornton-Byington

            @dorothy kettle…the left is not trying to take away freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The first comments i read by the “supposed liberals” sound more like the PETA peeps. I’m an independent thinker and voter & meat eater…even veal. But anyone (whose an intelligent independent thinker) reading all the posts after the so called “leftie” posts are left w/no middle ground. Either believe like me or what “burn in the fiery depths of hell”? How did a post about an Olympic Champion’s accomplishment turn into a vitriolic spewing of personal opinions and attacks by the “Conservative Christian Right”. This isn’t about abortion, LGBT rights, or suppositions of what’s in the brain of people you’ve never spoken to. This is about a young woman who found a sport she loves and excels at, being attacked w/awful and hateful speech by individuals w/extreme opinions. But alas the freedoms granted to Americans by the sacrifices made by our military service members, not sacrifices made by congress and senate, are what makes it possible for us to share opinions w/out fear. I’m not a hunter or a gun owner, not because I have anything against American’s right to bear arms, I just never was interested in doing things that involved guns. But as far as 98% of the posts I’ve read, they have nothing to do w/America’s Olympic Champion being attacked w/venomous speech. It’s unfortunate but most American’s have an attention span about as long as a gnat’s wingspan…so get back on topic people. If you want to spew vitriolic speech and hatred….at least stay on topic. Go Corey you’ve made this American proud!!!

      • Ralph DiLossi

        Right on Marcus

      • Windwalkersdream

        Look at it carfully, its the negative that is gaining power. All negatives, as the end draws closer.

      • Dorothy Kettle

        And trees can’t be cut down to provide conservation ‘fire breaks,’ so thousands of acres of trees are destroyed by wildfires because they cannot be accessed. And, they take homes as well if they are in their path! So much ‘intelligence,’ and NO COMMON SENSE!!

      • stabby_kat

        You don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re so sad in your delusional projections of what ‘liberals’ think, you’ve never even had a conversation with a liberal in your entire life. Why are there so many politically retarded Americans these days, I swear, Fox and CNN have a secret pact to turn the nation into morons like Marcus. And the fact that you insinuate it should be okay to kill abortion doctors makes you a complete psycho on top of a moron. How would you like your life threatened because of your political beliefs? I have a feeling you wouldn’t, so show some fucking respect for other peoples beliefs too.

        • Amy T Morrison

          How do you think people who have special needs individuals in their families feel when you use ‘retarded’ in a hateful way? It’s hurtful and theses people are dealing with how they were born. Think before you step up on your soap box.

          • stabby_kat

            I don’t mean to offend by saying it, but I can’t really help it other than constantly censoring myself which I don’t want to do. I didn’t mean it in that context obviously, sorry if it did offend you but retarded means “slowed down” which makes sense in the context that I used it.

        • Rick Zimmer

          Cool Aid Break, dumbass.

          • stabby_kat


        • Margaret LaCapria

          because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. No one listens to the the people who a legitimate on either side and make judgements from the assholes with the loudest voice.Liberal who is friends rep., dem., and libs.

      • Leejon Killingsworth

        I think you are missing the difference between being intolerant of something that has no affect on your life (gay marriage only affects you if you are gay, it has no influence or impact on any other person’s marital vows). Preventing other people from having the same liberties as everybody else which is promised in the founding ideals of this country (suggested read: the declaration of independence). you can follow the old testament and say homosexuality is immoral even though most of it has been replaced by what is supposed to be “Jesus’s” teachings of forgiveness of all man’s sins. You shouldnt be allowed to prevent other americans in their “pursuit of happiness …as all men are created equal”. An african-american is reasonable for not liking the racist person that feels they are inferior simply because the color of their skin as is the innocent man not liking the thugs that pulled him from his truck and beat him with a brick simply because of the color of his skin (during the Rodney King riots).

        You kill potential children every time you masturbate, sexual gratification is only supposed to be preformed for the purpose of having a baby. I guess you just must never do that. Or your a hypocrite. My money is on the latter of the two choices.

      • Craig Gibson

        Well said and so true. You know we are part of nature so what ever we do is all part of a natural system.

      • Tony Young


      • matt trudeau

        For all these liberals to come out like this makes me sick. You guys are so hypocritical you want her to go kill her self? Keep your frickin beliefs to your self. She can hunt if she wants. I guarantee all those liberals have had a piece meat in there life what do you think that is pussies.

        • Margaret LaCapria

          the people who threatened her did not say they were liberals ,I am a liberal and appalled at what was tweeted her. Everyone has a right to bear arms.The only people who said it was liberals were the conservatives and republicans giving hate to us .

        • Kira Joy

          I want to hunt you down ! It’s my damn right to hunt anything I want ! Let’s hunt people !!! YAY !!!

      • onewasjohnny

        You’re first.

      • Jennifer Bradley Selden

        Illogical, hypocritical and intellectually dishonest people come in a shapes and sizes. There are plenty of conservatives, liberals, fence-sitters, and those that claim to be apolitical out there spewing garbage in equal portions. People are flawed. All people. If you are in the mood to find fault with someone, and subsequently suggest ways to improve, please feel free to go look in the mirror. The person you see will have plenty of faults to keep you busy.

      • Jennifer Bradley Selden

        Illogical, hypocritical and intellectually dishonest people come in a shapes and sizes. There are plenty of conservatives, liberals, fence-sitters, and those that claim to be apolitical out there spewing garbage in equal portions. People are flawed. All people. If you are in the mood to find fault with someone, and subsequently suggest ways to improve, please feel free to go look in the mirror. The person you see will have plenty of faults to keep you busy.

      • Jeff Swarr

        Very well-said.

      • Aaron Lee

        Marcus, when a bird builds a nest it isn’t harming other birds. Beaver dams are relatively small and actually increase biodiversity and environmental quality. Urban development is very different from smaller creatures building habitats because houses are much larger and consume much more energy. Yes, urban development is necessary in many cases but don’t pretend we have the same impact on the environment as a beaver or a bird. I wouldn’t call myself a liberal, but that “logical” advantage you claim to have over liberals is obviously flawed.

      • Boo Little

        Amen-they are 2 faced libtards… i feel bad for what Corey is having to put up with.If anyone of them threatens you Lady,cut em in half with the shotgun…

      • Leigh Rich

        You can’t be against gay marriage because that’s hate, but it’s totally ok for them to hate YOU for being against gay marriage
        I like that, so true

    • Wench

      So its ok for her to show lack of humanity for anything breathing … but when someone else says it to her its ‘violent threat’ .. well i take her destroying the eco system as a personal death threat to myself and my family 😉 and the decent humans of the world win this one . your argument is so invalid it makes me want to vomit

      • Scott Simmons

        Destroying the eco system? Are we supposed to take you seriously after a comment like that?

      • Adam Barton

        I can only assume that you are vegan, otherwise you wouldn’t possibly dis-respect somebody who sustainably hunts for their own meat. If you are in fact vegan you should open your eyes and realise that no day will ever some where humans don’t consume meat, so you should encourage hunting over factory farming. But I realise you may not understand as scientists discovered that the reason we grew from chimps and developed such large brains was a s a result of eating meat. You are a fine example of reverse evolution by not eating meat.

        • ZZowps

          You might be surprised, but there are vegans who are pro-hunting.

      • Lance Gulseth

        It certainly is a violent threat. And hunting is part of humanity. BTW – if you look at the species she has there, they are managed species. Hunting licenses pay for managing large wild areas and maintaining those species. Probably you donate a lot of money to maintaining habitat, so you think the millions hunters spend is too small?

      • MelGlid

        Educate yourself!

      • Joe Clark

        Does being that stupid hurt? If not it should!!

      • Malinda Wilson Smith

        She is NOT destroying the eco system. States have hunter laws and game limits in place that are based on the “eco system” in that area. Thinning out game is actually a good thing for the “eco system.”

      • jdkchem

        If you had a pair you would do something about it but like the smegma making the comments you’re a coward.

      • Sadie Mae Bambalam

        agreed. some here don’t know the word eco-system, probably. anyway, please consider signing/sharing our petition: Thank you!

        • Tom

          Yeah, You essentially call us stupid and/or ignorant. Then you want us to sign your petition. You’ve got a big pair on you lady.

      • Tom

        What a nasty piece of work you are. Do you spay and neuter your pets. If you do then you are a phony. Since, by your reasoning, animals are coequal inhabitants of this planet, what right do you have to interfere with their reproduction.

      • Phillip Mueller

        i fail to see your argument here. Animals kill each other all the time. Hell animals kill humans as well. I just feel threatening someones family is a really low blow.

    • Joe Granata

      bravo Ingrid u r so right

    • lisabebee

      That is the ABSOLUTE truth! Who cares about aborted children, who cares about the nasty inhumane words they just used against her. I mean, Did you read them all???? OMG……..people are not only blind, but when they go hungry and are thirsty….make sure they don’t eat chicken, cow, fish, etc.

      • Lilly Miller Baird

        It’s a very few people who are animal rights advocates; it’s wrong just like killing an abortion doctor is wrong, but you have to understand that the picture is hard to look at. These are emotional reactions to an emotional photograph.

        • Tom

          It is easy to see where you stand. You stand for not killing animals or abortionists, but unborn babies (fetuses to you) have no rights to life at all. Our president even believes that it is OK to kill fetuses that have survived the abortionists attempts to kill it. Under our laws, a legal human being is one that is out of the mother’s body and independent.What is your stand on infanticide. Obama thinks it is OK as well as thinking that pregnancy is a punishment.

    • Sadie Mae Bambalam

      how presumptuous of you. can any issue be brought up without you “intolerant” righties bringing abortion into the argument? typical.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Haha, look at the leftie tap-dance! Deny deny deflect.
        Look who’s throwing around “presumptuous” when a girl is having threats of death and violence made against her and her family for her sport and hobby. Ya know, I was really surprised that it wasn’t another dam Occupier that shot up the Sikhs.

      • Tom

        Your are right. We are so intolerant of murder. Abortion was brought into the argument to point out the hypocrisy of those that call for the murder of hunters, yet have not one iota of compassion for the unborn. You seem to typical of the ilk.

    • 3_percent

      Stfu ingrid … this isn’t a left / right issue. Lots of people who identify with the left are hunters / gun owners. Its people like you who stereotype and dig for any reason they can find to hate others not like them who are the problem. Meanwhile, and like the ‘chick-fil-a’ CEO who so many ‘rightists’ defended last week for having a unpopular ‘opinion’ … when you post a controversial topic online don’t be surprised when you get a reaction.

    • ZZowps

      Are you making this up? You should care more about “aborted babies” after they are born! And you should care more about teen women before they get pregnant. But you’re probably against teaching them how their bodies work, and are against birth control.

    • ZZowps

      And if you think people kill wanted babies just for the fun of it, I encourage you to search for the heart-breaking stories of why late-abortions were needed.

      I wouldn’t call any of them names, or insult them though.

    • Toni Albanese

      I keep hearing that statement about aborted babies and wonder why you say it. I care for ALL sentient beings…including you.

    • R B


    • xyzlo

      To say women who get abortions with no feeling whatsoever is an amazing talent. To know what is in the heart and mind of others is quite a gift.

    • Windwalkersdream


    • Aaron Huffman

      if everyone followed these few simple things without expressing any hate or anger while doing so, the world would be a little closer to perfect:
      If you don’t like hunting, don’t hunt.
      If you don’t like guns, don’t buy one.
      If you don’t like God, don’t pray.
      If you don’t like gays, don’t be one.
      If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.
      If you don’t like gas guzzlers, don’t buy one.
      If you want to save the forests, don’t buy wooden furniture.
      If you don’t like furs, don’t buy them.
      If you don’t like exotic pets, don’t have one.
      If you don’t like getting speeding tickets, don’t speed.
      If you don’t like alcohol, don’t drink.

      I could make this list a mile long, but you get the point. If you don’t like something don’t do or buy it, keep you mouth shut, and stop ruining things for the people who do enjoy them! No one is causing you any harm, so why do you want to ruin things for them? Because of hate, that is why. Some people have to hate so much they need to create new things to hate. These people get off on destroying the lives of others in any way they can.

      You know who you are.

      • Phillip Mueller

        I completely Agree with you. People need to focus on their own lives rather than judging others, trying to tear them down.

      • Margaret LaCapria

        I agree

    • stabby_kat

      How do you know the political affiliations of a person just by looking at something they tweeted? What a pathetically stupid comment, we need less people like you in the world.

    • Robert

      I consider myself leaning towards the left, but I’m also a hunter fishermen and a outdoors men, your statement isn’t any better than the fools posting the above. Get a clue

    • Ed Ostopovich

      Well said…just another confusing topic so they can run to the Government for advise/help…or another EBT card!

    • Joshua Ramirez

      Well spoken!

    • Tim Herman

      You are so pathetically stupid and off base it makes me lose IQ points just reading your “logic”. To say that Liberals care nothing for fetus’ or adults is absurd..the whole purpose of an abortion is to save a life..the MOTHER’S..for whatever the reason…medical, psychological.. sometimes its because NEITHER will live if full-term is reached.
      as far as our bird conquerer..its the only thing i can think to call someone who kills hundreds of birds for sport… this is OBSCENE…if she were standing over a PILE OF PUPPIES or KITTENS would you still feel the same!!! Because ask any Vet or Animal Shelter worker and they will tell you How Bad of an Overpopulation of Dogs and CATS we have in this country. I mention this because one of the main argument hunters like to give is that they are helping to control the overpopulation of Certain Game animals. Hunters not Sporters. Sporting for animals is for small minded people with small minded ideas. Humans Are more of an overpoplutaion threat THAN ANY to call for the Death of certain Humans is Absolutely OK!! Especially Ones who feel the same way about ANIMALS. I don’t see any difference is saying that this Woman deserves to DIE for who she is, than she has saying that All those birds deserved to die for a piece of Gold. or Bronze.

  • Jeremy Griffith

    It is truly unfortunate than the animal rights people are so filled with hatred for the human race.

    • Robin Borchers

      Don’t blanket all with one statement. Extremists of any nature are… unnatural. They aren’t mutually exclusive (animal rights and human rights) — just seems the most ignorant of the lot of any of us stands out the most. And judging from the content of their rants (lacking in any real content, really), they either aren’t matured yet, or never will. NONE of us worth our salt claim any of these loose cannons as brethren. I’m ASPCA, but PETA can take a hike. I own several personal protection devices, but am not violent. I don’t give a rat’s who marries whom, and have always been, and always will be “old school traditional” in my relationships. See? A blanket doesn’t really fit everyone anymore. Basically, the few bad apples are the ones you notice, because they’re the ones that emit a stench. 😉

      • Laurie Wingo LeVal

        Well said!!

      • Jaime

        Unfortunate than the animal rights people are so filled with INSECURITY
        Hatred Extremist for the human race. Sorry Kids but those are animal
        they are food like it or not, I sure it taste like chicken! Yum :)

        • Wench

          Pretty sure they are not for food 😉 if you studied science you would realise that meat actually causes more illness than anything 😉 oh and eating meat is destroying the planet . Wow i guess i was the only person that attended school?

          • Scott Simmons

            But apparently it’s a slow destruction, seeing as people have been eating meat since the dawn of time.Wench, you are one confused critter.

          • Steve Hester

            Then humans have been destroying the planet since the first of us breathed…and lions are destroying it…and bears and…EVERYTHING that eats meat is destroying it. I’m not sure where this school you went to was, but it must have been far far away from the one most of us attended. Let me give you a heads up here, even in trophy hunting, the meat is harvested and used. Sometimes for the hunter but most times it gets donated to homeless shelters and food programs to feed the poor. So to claim they are not for food would be a misspeak on your behalf here. I suggest you study more about what you post and think about why, if killing an animal is so bad, do you kill a plant to eat it? It also has a life.

          • Nigel Miller

            Just a thought, but you wouldn’t need to worry about donating meat to help the poor and hungry if 36% of your adult population weren’t clinically obese (source US CDC 2012). You want fries with that deer ?

          • Donna G

            No, eating meat is not “destroying the planet”. If farmers were PERMITTED to graze cattle the way they should be, in the grass – not stuffed into corporate pens, wading in the mud, and shot up with hormones & anti biotics, then you would see a difference. Put the blame where it’s due: regulations.
            There is not one thing wrong with a person hunting for food, and another poster pointed out, correctly, that trophy hunters donate the meat to shelters – I might add that a certain Democrat Mayor in a major city recently announced that feeding the homeless was against the rules now. Hunters would do more for a starving person than that jerk.
            You haven’t studied science madam, you’ve been brainwashed.

          • Lance Gulseth

            The hormones and corporate pens are more for the profits of the corporate farmer than by regulation. I am a meat eater, but I think she is just saying you can grow more food per acre, feed more people, and with less destruction if you grow plants (as proven in super populated countries like China and India). Please post details on the “certain Democrat mayor” – would like to read that

          • FoodieByChoice

            Lance, she is referrencing Mayor Bloomberg of NYC – who recently ruled that Temple, Churches, Mosques and Restaurants cannot donate surplus foods to the poor.

            There was a Jewish Temple that would take the surplus food from their events and give them to the homeless shelters. Everything was properly handled as to acceptable food sanitation guidelines and this has been going on for DECADES in NYC.

            Bloomie, famous for “outlawing” super sized sugar drinks in NYC, decided that donated surplus foods can no longer go to homeless shelters.

            I don’t understand why the Liberals continue to hurt poor people, esp in a time when we have a LIBERAL President who PRIDES himself as having the largest users of the USDA Welfare system

            A system that does NOT teach people how to make fresh, affordable meals at home, a system that allows users to openly sell their EBT/SNAP cards on the “open” market for drugs and cash.

            Yeah, let’s all gang up on the OLYMPIC ATHELETE who happens to be a hunter. Forget that we’ll put 2 men in a ring to beat the shit out of each other, sustaining trama not only to their bodies but their BRAINS. cos “guns kill people, people don’t kill people” yeahhhhh riiiiight

          • weRbroke

            LMAO! They aren’t FOOD? Tell that to all the PREDATORS…you know, those that have been EATING MEAT since the beginning of time.

          • Blake Ivey

            My food craps on your food.

          • Adam Pitcher

            Eating heavily processed meat with chemicals to increase redness, freshness etc or eating too much – yes.. Meat is a necessary part of your diet. You are an omnivore, you are part of the food chain. Your teeth are designed for meat. In fact, our bodies are more designed for meat than vegetables, our bodies do not break down vegetables efficiently -they are not designed for that; hence why people get gassy after certain vegetables – and corn, never-mind corn.

            Your science – is not science. It is modern day pseudo-science-BS designed to help propagate an unnatural behavior. It would also be incredibly hilarious if you people weren’t so frightening.

            Am also doubting you attended school; food pyramid – ever hear of it? guess what is on it. That’s right – meat.

          • megandrewsmom

            Unfortunately the food pyramid has been dismantled and we now have MyPlate (which is supposed to be easier for us peasants to figure out except it doesn’t explain things as well as the pyramid).

          • Adam Pitcher

            True, guess I am dating myself a bit 😉 Taking a quick look at MyPlate though – AH yes, still meat hehe =)

          • Gary Sanders

            great shooting – bet I know whats for dinner

          • MelGlid

            Stop , Hahahahaha! It is not destroying the planet. Do some real scientific research. There is so much evidence that the “science” was doctored, lied about, and created, it is no longer even taken seriously. And it being Anthropogenic…p l e a s e !

          • jdkchem


          • Limabeanie

            There is some truth to this. Additionally, there is an increasing food shortage on our planet, which, ironically enough is putting our eco system out of balance. We basically don’t have enough animals to feed our nation (or the world, for that matter).


      • Marcus Porcius

        Blah blah blah…does it hurt your butt sitting on the fence like that, pointing at people on both sides and claiming they’re extreme?

        • Lions1967

          if thinking rational and not being illogical is fence riding…I will ride a damn fence all day!! But she didn’t ride a fence…she shared what she believed and said not said not all wish other harm. Is it so hard for you to see people can disagree without being stupid about it?

      • Lilly Miller Baird

        Amen, Robin.

    • Lauren-Klair Soar

      Passionate people can say things in disgust that are extreme… I wouldn’t wish harm on anyone, but excuses for human beings who enjoy the murder of animals deserve to feel the same level of suffering that they inflict, in whatever capacity that may be. Certain animals are bred for consumption, although they really need to work on more human ways to rear meat. Some animals are ENDANGERED, like a lot of the animals Corey has murdered. Someone who can stalk, shoot and kill a beautiful creature, and then hold it’s bloody, lifeless carcass up to the camera with a beaming smile is SICK IN THE HEAD. That’s the bottom line of all this.

      • Jim Bickel

        Hey that’s ok… I’ll give the animal the gun, when you give the fetus/baby the same sporting chance with the razor blade. Just sayin.

      • Belinda Pritchard

        Professional shooters do not kill endangered animals! Get your facts right before accusing someone of breaking the law.

        • Cindy Gunter

          And the idiot thinks a person would kill endangered animals, TAKE A PICTURE OF IT, and then let the pic go out to the public. I’m really nervous about people who never learned how to use their brains or think before speaking. It’s a huge reason our country is in trouble.

      • Donna G

        “Enjoy the murder of animals”?? Hunting is not murder!
        And you hold a double standard, so you lose all credibility. You can’t say “I wouldn’t wish harm on anyone”, then turn around and wish harm on people who hunt animals. Your statement is clear as a bell, you can’t have it both ways.
        Some animals are bred for consumption, but it’s being done the wrong way, on corporate farms.
        THOSE are the people who are mistreating animals, you have it backward.
        Get rid of the stringent regulations, and real farmers can raise cattle, hogs, chickens, etc the way they are supposed to be raised.
        I’ll tell you what is sick in the head, is to hold an animal’s life as more important than a human being’s life, because you’ve let PETA and others, brainwash you into thinking that deer & bear are fuzzy little creatures who can sleep with you at night & eat porrige with you in the morning.

        • FoodieByChoice

          You are so right about the regulations. And people. If swine was left to forage, they are happier, bigger and steroid free. But wait! PIGS SMELL – they tear up the ground from their rooting in the soil, they can be extremely agressive, etc. NOT IN MY BACK YARD shout the “townies” moving out the country – we want the country to be like the city, only my yard is bigger – we don’t want your farm smells, your chickens crowing at the crack of dawn, we don’t want manure on the roads, messing up our Beemers, we don’t want you on your tractors from dusk until the black of night so you can feed the world.

          Nooooo, we want to believe that life comes in packages – little cuts of expensive meat, sitting in styrofoam trays, wrapped in plastic. Cos THAT isn’t bad for the environment !

          City folks just don’t get it – LOL

          “Livin’ High in the Rocky Mountains” – FBC

      • MelGlid

        Your lack of education is showing. Endangered animals are off limits. There are also set times, to perpetuate the species of hunted animals. Hunters do not
        enjoy per se the killing of the animal but the humane way it is harvested ; with an excellent non suffering shot! It ( the animal ) also feeds a family, or families, without hormones, or anti-biotics. It culls a herd or flock, to keep disease and starvation at bay. Educate before you spew mis-information. Learn about the humanity and responsible way of living with these beautiful animals and nature.

      • FoodieByChoice

        Yeah Lauren, and then considering the fact that 80% of America is rural and people DO ACTUALLY HUNT FOR FOOD because they don’t trust store-bought meat or have no access to it or grow their own food – I’d say they’re justified in providing for themselves.

        I am SURE if you measured the number of birds flying around Earth vs the human population, the birds waaay out number humans.

        OH YEAH, and most Hunters are CONSERVATIONISTS – meaning that they also may be “farming” ducks, pheasants, quail, etc to release back into the wilds.

        No one ever takes that into account along with the commercial game bird farms that make a living off selling their birds to gaming and sporting reservations.

        Just wait until you can’t find food in the store next year due to the droughts – you telling me you wouldn’t kill Thumper or Bambi to feed your family? BS !

      • Cindy Gunter

        Lauren, do you even know which animals are endangered? You truly believe this picture includes these animals? I’m sorry, but this level of stupidity is scary to me. You honestly think she took a picture of herself with all the endangered animals she killed? Are you right in the head? Who would do that? PLEASE, use common sense.

        • Cindy Gunter

          meant to put the endangered animals she “supposedly” killed.

    • Barbara Taylor Burke

      Proven by their pro abortion nature. Ask a couple who has prayed for a baby 10 years at what time conception starts and you’ll knowthe answer is same as mine: ” as soon as the sperm fertilizes the egg!”

      • Lance Gulseth

        If you are against abortions, then don’t get one. Conservatism means letting people be free to make their own choices.

    • Ralph

      It’s truly unfortunate that all members of the military feel they can commit mass murder in the US.

      • Cindy Gunter

        Hmmm… no thanks for these people who protect your life? I also would like to know where you got your statistic: “ALL members feel they can commit mass murder in the U.S.”…… is amazing what some people will post here. WOW. The ignorance is blinding.

      • Cindy Gunter

        My husband fought in Iraq and I have yet to see him kill one person or animal here. So, sir, please share your “source,” unless you were just spouting off nonsense. By the way, all types of people hunt, and some military men don’t hunt at all.

      • J. Cox

        What is unfortunate is that you actually went to school and came out dumber than you went in.

  • J.N. Ashby

    “Deheaded” isn’t a word. Twitter really is the pulpit of fools.

    • Mike Gonzalez

      You took the words right out of my mouth…as did Deborah. Really, these people are hateful.

      • Lauren-Klair Soar

        Killing innocent animals in cold blood is pretty hateful too.

        • FoodieByChoice

          Maybe all those birds were felons – who’s to say there isn’t a big Bird Court in the sky?

          • Daniel Jones

            maybe they vandalized her car by pooping on it.

    • FGCU_James

      When you’re a progressive, you don’t need no stinkin’ dictionary.

      Besides, it’s filled with all sorts of evil code words for racism.

      Just make up some words to go with your false accusations/hatred.

      • J.N. Ashby

        Speaking of racism. It’s also interesting/ironic that those that stand on the left side of the National Assembly preach about moral/cultural relativism from one side of their mouth, but berate you when you offend THEIR sensibilities from the other.

    • James Campbell

      Hey now…you are guilty of generalizing…I know quite a few funny intelligent individuals on Twitter

      • J.N. Ashby

        I know. I’m one of them. I’m not generalizing because I never expressed that all that use twitter are fools. I’m merely suggesting that Twitter is the pulpit whence dullards can preach their gross imbecility. And they do.

    • $22639970

      J.N., I don’t think that twitter is the pulpit of fools as much as the political left is simply the home of fools.

    • Kelly Brian Lynn

      I think they may have been going for “Beheaded” but I have noticed the use of spell check….not there strongest skill

      • Scott Simmons

        Were you trying to be ironic, Kelly? 😉

  • Deborah Smith

    What a bunch of disgusting morons. Got news for these idiots; if they’re eating pork and beef then it’s likely that those pigs & cows died much less merciful deaths.

    • Linda Barrett Hrynyk

      Just imagine a world where all people ate vegetables and fruit, even though God gave us animals to eat….just imagine, all those lefties cussing and fussing about all the poop they have to dodge, from up above and underneath!!! Oh, and not to mention all the animals eating their precious gardens….I laugh just thinking about it. Sadly, how much you want to bet all those lefties don’t give a fig about all the babies being aborted by those that want to have their “fun” without taking the responsibility that comes from that “fun!”

      • Lauren-Klair Soar

        The point is, she is hunting and killing ENDANGERED ANIMALS – when are you morons going to realise that that is where the argument is coming from????

        • Tom

          Pheasant and bear are endangered?

          On what planet?

          • Wench

            Humans are endangered ? on what planet 😉

          • Belinda Pritchard

            Our planet… It’s illegal to kill humans wench… Not illegal to kill what she was hunting.

        • Kary Scoggins

          the picture was of DUCKS!!!!!! Really?!

          • LtDan55

            Pheasants. Not endangered in any way.

        • MelGlid

          Prove it!

      • Marsha Erwin/Ash

        Well said!

    • brianmouland

      I live in Canada hunting has sustained the First Nations peoples for hundreds of years. There are no vegans up North because they are limited vegetables. Amazes me that even near the North Pole Leftie Loons think theres a Starbucks and a green grocery 15 minutes away

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    Glad they posted the picture…

    Damn, that woman is hot.

  • ebd10

    Making death threats against an Olympic class shooter is not conducive to a long life. But, yes, they are that stupid.

    • Lauren-Klair Soar

      Yes they are – shooting and killing endangered animals, that is pretty stupid.

      • Dara S.

        Regardless of what you think about killing animals, it’s NOT OK to make death threats against another human being. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t take kindly to having death threats aimed at you and your family for your way of life? Wishing for another person’s death is beyond despicable.

      • Belinda Pritchard

        She didn’t kill endangered animals!

      • LtDan55

        Endangered? Tell us your source for that tidbit please? Pheasant are not endangered.

      • FoodieByChoice

        “they”? I thought the subject was Corey. Where is evidence that she shot endangered species, Lauren? Have you been drinking excessively today??

        get a clue, responsible hunters do NOT kill endangered species. CRIMINALS DO – like the criminals who poach exotic aminals to fill your zoos so you can show your kid what an elephant looks like.

        Worry more about the poachers who are still killing wild alligators in the South, or kidnapping monkeys and apes in Africa, or leaving elephant carcasses with their tusks ripped from their heads across the Savannahs.

        Seriously, if you don’t know the difference, you are daft.

      • Sadie Mae Bambalam
    • FoodieByChoice

      I’d call it a hate crime and all those people should be hauled down to their respective Police Stations for questioning death threats against an Olympic Hero.

      Imagine if the same threats had been made against Michael Phelps?

  • Scott Jacobs

    That’s right, Lefties… Piss off the girl that is a prodigy with a shotgun… Brilliant plan there…

    • mph39

      Nice. I like that. lol

    • Kary Scoggins

      Kinda confusing isn’t it? These same people would want to be her Best Friend if all the grocery stores just closed shop!

    • mjholm

      A prodigy with a shot gun? Not exactly, she totally blew her last event much to the enjoyment of many of us.. Why is someone who can aim and pull a trigger revered and even more why are they considered an athlete? Any fat chain smoking dimwit who can raise his arms and aim can compete, what a joke. Isn’t there someone more deserving of your accolades than this blood thirsty woman that thinks it’s okay to kill nearly endangered species? I don’t agree with threatening her but she brought all the negativity on herself when she chose to publicly brag on her facebook fan page, showing pictures of herself smeared in blood and grinning next to a Zebra. She now claims she ate it, ya I buy that story. Is this really a role model? She should have been booted once those photos surfaced.

      • Tom

        From the lips of Mary-Ann Holm, current Olympic gold medalists for running her mouth about things she knows virtually nothing about.

      • almaintx

        Have you ever shot skeet or trap? Think all you have to do is pull the trigger. What an idiot you are!! And the species she is shooting are not endangered, for if they were she could not get a hunting permit to shoot them. I hunted many years and we always ate what we killed. Ever try deer meat, elk meat, wild turkey? Good meat and good for the body. Wonder how our ancestors would have survived if they didn’t hunt!! You anti-gun, anti-hunter, tree hugging liberals will be the death of America. And I suggest you go try shooting trap and see how well you do before condemning the Olympic sport.

      • Phillip Mueller

        It’s alot harder to shoot and hit a target than you think. Definately takes diligence and practice to a high degree.

  • Roberto Guerrero

    How tolerant are they…..

  • Chris Andres

    I guess none of these people have ever eaten any animal products their entire life? Hypocrites!

    • Shawn Ryu

      They are mostly vegans I bet.

      • Chris Andres

        Whatever will they do when society comes to an end and they can’t go to their Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s anymore?

    • Foxe

      Well, there’s a difference between hunting out of necessity and hunting because you find it amusing to kill animals. I fully support killing and eating animals, and using every part of the animal, but not for fun. Taking a life shouldn’t be fun. And I really don’t get the appeal of posing with a dead animal. So you pointed a gun and shot an animal. Big deal. Let’s see you chase it down and kill it with your bare hands. THAT would be an accomplishment.

      • Patrick Cassidy

        .gov won’t allow that.

      • Laurie Wingo LeVal


      • Lauren-Klair Soar

        Hear hear!

      • Wench

        <3 much love! my husband is a hunter .. he hunts for his food ,he uses EVERY single part and he respects the animal . I personally dont eat meat , but i wont stop him! id rather he hunts than eats meat produced in mass slaughter ! . We both think trophy hunting is for people who sleep with their own sisters.

        • Dara S.

          I don’t agree with trophy hunting but I wouldn’t wish for someone’s death because they do. Wishing for another person’s death is pretty disgusting in my eyes.

        • FoodieByChoice

          Really Wench??? Then there are an AWFUL lot of RICH people out there hunting big game with their sisters in tow! LOL

        • Sadie Mae Bambalam

          please consider signing/sharing our petition against TROPHY HUNTING PARTICULARLY:
          THANK YOU. we are not the ones issuing death “wishes” to her… but she is a public figure who put her photos with her “animal trophies”, as she calls them, in a public forum.

      • Lions1967

        the best statement made on this board yet…killing for use is fun but not for fun…that just seems stupid. I hunt but I don’t go out and kill just because its fun. I kill because the meat is good to eat…

      • Sadie Mae Bambalam

        that’s very true. please consider signing our petition against, specifically, the glorification of trophy hunting, like ms. cogdell does. we are not the ones who have written the comments above…. and we are growing, and will bring more attention to other well known “trophy hunters” as time goes by…

    • Lauren-Klair Soar

      Hardly! We’ve never hunted, stalked, and shot endangered animals dead in cold blood!!

      • Chris Andres

        You’re right. Someone else did that for you!

  • wabashcannonball

    No, it’s these supposedly non-violent, loving, and tolerant animal rights activists that are a waste of human protoplasm. If you don’t like the Right to Bear Arms in this country, pick another country that doesn’t have it, buy a one-way ticket, and MOVE THERE!

    • Marlene Skola

      Totally agreed, Nat! I’ll help them pack, and I hope the door hits them in the butt on their way out!

      • Marsha Erwin/Ash

        I will help too ;p

    • Marsha Erwin/Ash

      haha WELL SAID

  • Wilton Mann

    I would love for them to come at me like that. I would not use a gun but at 7 foot and 400 lbs. they would not have a good day.

  • R

    The anti-2nd Amendment crowd doesn’t seem to understand animals cannot be “murdered.” What intolerant, whining morons these people are. Disgusting.

    • azdiamondbax

      These folks cant believe the second amendment cannot be edited by going on Wikipedia. Dazed and confused. Not to mention stoned.

  • Andrea Boudreaux Carl

    I don’t know if I should laugh at the stupidity shown or be appalled by the obvious hatred. The comments below said it all. If you aren’t a vegetarian, you’re eating animals that were probably killed in a much more cruel way. Deheaded….. speaks for itself. Most importantly, how can people support the murder of unborn children and wish death upon an entire family because one person is a hunter?? People have their priorities so very backwards. It’s really sad.

    • Lauren-Klair Soar

      Why is everyone using a comparison in hunting and killing endangered animals for FUN against abortions??? Hardly even the same subject!!

      • Barry T Dallmann

        One, pheasants are not endangered, no matter how many times you say they are. Two, you are right, hunting animals for food or sport is far different from killing humans for convenience. For instance, one is murder, the other is hunting.

    • Wench

      Why ? why do you devalue animal life? Is it because we value them both the same that upsets you?

  • celsma

    Any of them that are not vegetarian are undeniably hypocrites. Any that are, are undeniably sickly. 😛 libtards suck.

  • petejc

    Hunters have done more to conserve wildlife than any other group of people. Teddy Roosevelt was the father of conservation in this country. Geese, Ducks, Deer, Bear, Elk, fish, Alligators, wolves and even rare African animals have been saved and are thriving because of hunters giving their time and money or by buying licenses to hunt and fish through their local game and fish commissions.

    • Stephen Smith

      West Virginia is now about overrun by deers… Last I heard you could claim 5 in a season.

      • Amanda Hershey Fields

        i am a rifle and archery hunter. i feed myself and my family 100% organic meat. We love grilled venison!! The posts I am reading on here show what happens when ignorance gets to breed.

    • Wench

      OK , For peter ‘inbred’ Chaloupka . Heres how it works .. you have predators and prey , If the predators are knocked out of the food chain the prey run wild .. they will destroy the wildlife that keeps us alive 😉 so say we have no predators , We get over whelmed with prey .. they eat all the tree’s >.> guess whats keeping us alive? oh yessss tree’s oxygen ! >.> wow now is that hard? Nope >.> and im pretty sure she ate none of those animals , just a waste of space like the rest of you inbreds.

      • Scott Simmons

        Thank you for being so entertaining, Wench. I’ve actually paid to listen to people who weren’t as funny.

      • Donna G

        Typical. No valid point to make, so you resort to name-calling, and immature jibberish.
        By the way, developers have killed more TREES, and put more animals out of their natural habitats than anyone on this planet. And guess who let them do it? Yep, your precious EPA and other Government entities, who are so ‘concernced’ about the enviornment.
        Why aren’t you out there protesting against the next strip mall, or an office development that is 3 blocks away from about 10 acres of vacant offices??
        Get a grip, and get it right Sister.

        • FoodieByChoice

          Good point Donna.

          How many good productive farmland was approved to be turned into plastic ticky-tacky row how subdivisions?

          Why do we allow suburban sprawl when we could be re-using, repurposing existing buildings? Because the US is spoiled, arrogant and wasteful.

          In Europe, look at buildings that have stood for 1000’s of years. Why? Because they repair them, reuse them. What do we do here?

          We allow developers to build houses on VALUABLE farmland with warped wood, covered by INSUL board only, wrapped in Tyvek plastic to be sided with even more plastic.

          We are a throw-away society and someone is worried about an OLYMPIC ATHELETE shooting a few birds – do you know how many CITIES have extermination plans for migrating geese (they eat grass down to the roots), pigeons (so messy and poop on everything) as well as anti-nesting measures for swallows, etc?

          Good grief – if you are so upset about bird killing, to talk to the large city government first – they are killing them just to get RID of them – not for eating, not for sport and with no intention of re-stocking the flocks they kill

          • Sadie Mae Bambalam

            this isn’t about bird killing. you are so ill-informed reading, obviously, only right wing rags like this.

      • Adam Pitcher

        So close – not sure where you went to school but their science department needs to be evaluated, and quickly. Firstly; most animals hunted are prey animals, not predators. Deer, ducks, geese, quail, moose, boars, elk, caribou; those are prey animals. Some animals are indeed predator – bears, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions. See; we (humans) are part of that food chain. We are predators and prey, we are omnivores, we have a place and an important one. To some, it may not be pretty – but it doesn’t change the fact. If we humans (predators and prey) do not hunt the prey animals, do our part, then their population grows. When their population grows; they outgrow their food supply – not enough to keep the new population alive. They then starve, and die painful horrid deaths, their carcasses left to the scavengers. If they are part of the lucky herd to find food, their numbers grow and now they are in your yards, and in your streets, getting hit by cars or trains or the city bus.. This has happened in several states who tried to limit hunting.

        If we as predators do not do something to help cull the numbers of predator animals, their populations grow. They end up in your streets, and backyards. They wander your neighborhood also in search of food. The come to your part of the town and to them – little billy on a backyard swing is a snack. This also has happened in several states who have tried to limit hunting.

        So, while it is fine to have compassion for the animals people like yourself cross the line when you ignore basic science. When you attempt to remove humans from the food chain which we are most certainly a part of.

        Nature can be a wonderful place, and animals are certainly amazing and in most cases gorgeous creatures. However don’t let that blind you to the fact that nature is also a cruel cruel place. Riddled with horrible and most dastardly of events that are required to keep things going.

        And like it or not (and it is perfectly fine not to like it) we are a part of it. So if you do not want to take part in it, you should at least be thankful there are those who are willing to – because your nature wouldn’t be so pretty a place if they didn’t.

        • Cindy Gunter

          Thank you for the science lesson! The food chain is a big focus of the curriculum I teach my students each year, and most of my class knows more about it than Wench does! Excellent point about overpopulation of animals leading to diminished food supply for all of them, leaving some to starve-which is much slower, and more painful, than a bullet. I hope Wench doesn’t eat meat, because the animals she eats have lived in tiny cages most of their lives, with no freedom to run around or have any quality of life whatsoever. I guess she honestly believes the ecosystem flourishes when there are too many animals and not enough food for them all in their habitats.

      • LtDan55

        LOL! Jeez, pheasants ARE prey. The only thing they prey on are insects and seeds. And pheasants eat trees?

        How would you know whether she ate any of them or not? You don’t. You are just slandering other people and spreading hate.

        • Cindy Gunter

          Yes! I had to reread Peter’s comment to see why “Wench” was attacking him and calling him inbred. After rereading his comment, I have to agree with you-Wench just attacks others, much like a human predator.

      • William Lari

        Hey dude, neither predator or prey will be knocked out, hence there are regulations in hunting too. The regulators planned this well in advance than you did of speaking on here. And, ANY plant produces oxygen not just trees…bushes and other plants are eaten first.

      • Cindy Gunter

        So you KNOW she didn’t eat, or donate the meat, from the animals she killed. Do you believe you just “know” these things, and as such have a god-complex? You sure do consider yourself “all-knowing” and completely disregard facts even when people have explained, over and over again, that the meat is eaten either by the hunter or their families, or donated to the hungry. I have to admit I laughed pretty hard about your “animals eating trees” comment, as well as your insistence that our ecosystem is “harmed” by hunting nonendangered animals. You can live in the places where hunting is banned, if such a place exists, and live in harmony with all the animals overtaking your home. I’ll pass.

      • J. Cox

        So your logic is killing animals to save trees is O.K.,just don’t eat them?
        Tell you what,I will come over to your side when you sit down with a lion and turn him into a vegan.

    • Donna G

      Absoulutey! Ducks Unlimited manages major wetland areas, and restores them to be just as they once were. They are doing a great service!

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    I couldn’t help but notice those idiots can’t spell very well, either. Trully (sic) and familly (sic) are both wrong, and deheaded is not a word. I have to agree with Deborah, these idiots don’t know where their hamburgers come from.

    • Lauren-Klair Soar

      Don’t generalise. she is killing endangered animals! That’s what everyone is so disgusted about!!

      • Les

        Just what endangered animals is she killing ?

      • LtDan55


      • MelGlid

        What are the endangered animals in which you are referring ? I see only legal ones in the photo. Pheasant, are grown and released. Not sure what species of bear, but hunters , legal hunters not poachers, don’t kill illegal prey.

      • Sadie Mae Bambalam

        yep. the photos we have from her facebook page – like the vulnerable (near extinct) zebra… that’s what has people in an uproar. please consider signing, sharing our petition agaisnt the glorification of trophy hunting… thank you.

    • Wench

      Us Idiots are vegan’s 😉 thanks for making yourself look stupid , i thought i was going to have to do that .

      • Mark M Webster

        Umm. You are vegans. Learn English….and science.

      • Cindy Gunter

        Vegans means a group of people who eat veggies/plants. Vegan’s means something belongs to the person. Just helping in your quest to not look stupid. Are you sure you are only eating plants that are safe for human consumption?

  • MovingToNevada

    This coming from people who probably have sausage for breakfast, a fast food hamburger for lunch and Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.

    • Shawn Ryu

      I doubt it, most of these idiots are vegans who doesnt understand the concept of food chain.

      • MovingToNevada

        Most of them are hypocrites…

  • Jerry Fogg

    How many of these foul mouths support killing unborn Babies ?

    • drumsticks

      They won’t reference that issue, only attack the person

      • Lauren-Klair Soar

        That is a person’s choice, nobody gives the animals a choice.

        • James Bucky Huffman

          This is a downright stupid comment. Can you please show me where ANY unborn child has given consent to being brutally murdered while in the so called “safety” of the mothers womb?

          • Wench

            That would be the womans choice 😉 in your case , your sister would have a choice to kill your baby

          • Dara S.

            It’s OK for other people not to exist, as long as you do right? Makes no sense.

          • James Bucky Huffman

            Oh Snap! You got me there!! So my “sister” would have the choice to murder my child? You also think that my child should have no say in the matter? I am so glad that I am on this side of the fence. The grass is much more green!

          • Marsha Erwin/Ash


        • Marsha Erwin/Ash

          yes we do, run or be killed!! haha

        • FoodieByChoice

          yeah, and the government gives YOU very few choices about how you live your life. So, what’s your point?????

  • Danni Bloom

    It’s amazing how the animal rights activists always put animals ahead of humans. It’s insanity. They should all seek psychological counseling. They clearly suffer from a mental illness.

    • Robin Borchers

      again with the blanket… if anyone wants to have a logical discussion, and not digress into disgust-tion, there is a huuuuuuge gray area in between the sides. It’s not a razor’s edge unless we make it that way. Some of us actually give a rat’s about both. So, please do me (and yourself) a favor by not pigeon-holing either. THAT is also counterproductive in the grand scheme of things. The pissing and hissing matches for the sake of having them doesn’t really speak well to our general superiority as a species. I’ve already glossed over my position elsewhere here (after reading through all of the push-me shove-you’s, evidently the happy medium had the night off) and mayhaps third time is a charm — they are NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. And while there is indeed scientific method proof that there is a cognitive difference between vegans and those that ingest animal proteins (whether via flesh, maternal sustenance emissions product or unfertilized reproductive product) it would suit everyone’s perspective much more logically if we were to cease slinging our own sh*t at each other like zoo monkeys do. And just to save the trouble of reading through and back and forth, one more time — I am ASPCA, PETA can shove it… own pieces, ain’t givin’ ’em up to anyone, EVER, but never in a million would I unleash upon a crowd (or anyone), don’t care one way or the other who someone wants to bang, I just personally choose the old school scheme of things… just seems to be the most uneducated, most prone to knee-jerking, are the most prolific yappers. On both “sides”. Meanwhile, back in the jungle — a bunch of us common sense peeps are living and letting live. 😉

      • Francis Nyarku

        You don’t have to defend yourself every time someone pulls out the “blanket”, bro.

    • Lauren-Klair Soar

      Dani, humans can speak for themselves and boy do they!! We are no more important and should have no more rights than animals, stop with the delusion of grandeur!!

      • LtDan55

        You have no more rights than a roach?

  • rjlahr

    Don’t you think that these animals were bred to be killed? She donates them to needy families so they can breed and their low life children can make bad decisions & threatening comments on good Olympiads sites. Probably didn’t get that memo. Girls got a huge heart. Keep up the great work Corey!

  • Sammie Iam Nunyabidness

    I’m done with them. They bitch about animals that will feed people and don’t give a sh*t about actual human life. That is beyond reproach and unforgivable…Serenity now…

    • brianmouland

      Know a family where both the husband and wife are both low wage earners. Rarer than suck off the government teat they both hunt and fish to provide healthy meals to their five children. These types of families should be celebrated and not be the object of scorn

  • nonyabus

    Disgusted beyond belief. They are the epitome of hypocrisy. They say how disgusted they are, yet they are disgusting themselves.

  • Robin Borchers

    pablo honney — stay in flo ree duuuuh. commentary proof that extremists are extremely short a brick or two.
    I AM an animal rights activist and ASPCA member, and I do not hunt, but to be so ignorant as to wish harm upon another because she does is lacking in logic AND the humanity you so desire to possess. I’m also willing to bet, amongst you, many are NON-vegans, and of those that are (so you think) enjoy many a product at the expense of animals and humans alike. Tell yourself otherwise all you want. But just be mindful when you fall from a horse that high, s**t breaks.

    • Patrick Cassidy

      Animals killed in “production” facilities suffer much more than animals killed by a well placed shot.

      • Sadie Mae Bambalam

        she missed a clean shot on a damn zebra. injured it, left it to run away and die in agony. research.

    • Sadie Mae Bambalam

      please feel free to sign/share our petition with your like-minded friends/animal rights supporters…

  • RK59

    Her target practice feed alot of people. How many have these leftist idiots fed beside themselves with our food stamps
    ? None.

  • nonyabus

    In the words of Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone… they’re “Hypocrisy knows no bounds!”

  • R

    I’m not a hunter myself, but when push comes to shove, and it will, I’d be happy to have Corey on my team. Got some real ignorant and intolerant morons piping off here.

  • holygoat

    I really, really hate the idea of “trophy hunting,” but death threats are not the way you convince someone that your opinion is correct.

    • Dara S.

      Exactly! How is wishing for someone’s death ever OK?? Protect the animals but kill of people who don’t agree with us! Something’s really wrong with that line of thinking.

  • Chick Collins

    You go girl! I have shot all disciplines of long gun, and coached the 4H Rifle and Shotgun teams here in my county, in Texas. I defended you against some vegan people, and I was not alone. They are very angry and bitter people.

  • Daniel Brock

    Wow tolerance and no hate there! These tweets and the hate from the left on the whole Chick Fil A thing last week should wake Americans up to the fact that the left are whiny, psychotic nutzoids that are not fit to be part of the human race. Also, how does one go about “deheading” someone? I have come to a point where I am done even attempting to argue with them. The best option is to ignore them and keep them away from my family.

    The good news is that most of the left are gun control fanatics. So if their “revolution” ever does come, the rest of us will make quick work of them.

    Oh and in answer to the question about why someone would want to kill any animal, BECAUSE WE LIKE TO EAT THEM. Or because they look pretty on the wall. Either way, hunters control animal population. Without hunters, we would have animal overpopulation problems.

    If any animal rights nuts are reading this, I am eating a big hunk of dead cow atm, between 2 slices of bread, MMmmmmmmmm

    • Robin Borchers

      I do have to say, we also seem to have a human overpopulation problem… however, most would leave a nasty aftertaste, thus the taboo on cannibalism. ;)~

    • Frank Garza

      “psychotic nutzoids that are not fit to be part of the human race.”
      Let me generalize as you have done. You Crazy Right wing Gun loving Military Avoiding Christian Proselytizing Hypocrite. Now does that sound like you?
      Probably some, but not all, so when you generalize you make yourself look like an idiot. The people who did these crazy tweets are just that, CRAZY. It’s like everything that comes out of Michelle Bauchman’s mouth, CRAZY.

      I am Progressive, Liberal, and proud of it, but I also am a veteran and supporter of Gun Rights. I also believe in Hunting and hunters rights. So next time you paint a wide crazy picture of Liberals, remember I can do the same to you Conservatives.

      • WESTPORT1963

        Glad you like to hunt at least.

        But the “Kill yourself” stuff is way out of line..and your reading instant reactions to this stuff.

  • Bill Naylor

    Feelin’ the love vibe!

  • GinnyLee

    Isn’t Corey an American? All of those hateful comments have really weird, foreign names. hmmmmmm

  • mcgirv

    Some people are just warped!

  • imgary3

    I don’t like killing animals for pleasure, but killing people just means you aren’t against killing, just who you kill. To be credible you have to be logical.

  • Russ Wier

    These people need to be educated to understand how hunters help and keep some species from becoming extinct by the fees and taxes they pay!! I don’t think they are stupid, I just think they don’t know any better!!

  • MarcAllenJohnson

    Q: Why would anyone kill an animal? A: Because they taste good!!

  • Bill Worley

    But there same foul people will gladly abort a human baby and think no more about it as if they are throwing away a used tissue. There IS A GOD and each of these people WILL see him one day…after it is too late.

  • Stephen Spisak

    “I really hope the olympic games do something about this murderer”
    Even though it’s an Olympic event.

    • J. Cox

      They did,they gave her a Let’s see if they protest the next Olympics.

  • James Campbell

    I can NOT for the life of me, understand how an animal ‘activist’ can tell U.S. Olympic athlete @corycogdell to DIE…in horrific ways!

    Those people wouldn’t know irony if it tapped danced in a speedo on top of a huge xylophone singing “Hey, look at me…I’m iro-ny!”

    and one more thing…if you died in your apartment alone…PEOPLE would take you out and give you a proper memorial…ANIMALS would eat you

  • Greg Halvorson

    The Left is engaged in a relentless drive to lie, distort, usurp, intimidate, slander, and smear every last vestige of DECENCY in America…. WE are here to stop them in their tracks.

  • Mike C Sherwood

    I can’t believe these meatheads. Lefty loons….what happened to all the peace and love stuff….Someone that hunts kills the animal in the only true natural, repectful way one to one. But the loony left will think nothing about going to McDonalds and buying a hamburger. I can’t believe some of the comments!…kinda scary!

  • GaylePutt

    We really know who the mean and hateful folks are. If you don’t like hunting, don’t hunt. But liberals expect to stop everyone from doing what they don’t approve of.

    • Sadie Mae Bambalam

      kinda like right wing “christian conservatives” like to intrude upon our civil liberties…??? the irony…

      • GaylePutt

        yeh, kinda like. There are whackos on both sides. What ever happened to live and let live?

  • Booker T.

    So have reached this point, America? Something’s gotta change. These lefties need to see the light.

  • Mike C Sherwood

    If Allah mean’t use to eat only vegetables….we’d have a full set of molars

  • Elizabeth Honce

    Has anybody told them that Barack Obama probably serves them at his state dinners? Pheasants are food, people! I have no doubt these went into her freezer and fed her family all year long.

  • Jason Bolton

    Hypocrites live on both sides of the aisles. These people should be ashamed. When a cougar kills a rabbit in the wild do they damn the cougar?

  • James Stueckle

    To all you who have nothing nice to say, you all must be vegetarians and if so remember…My food pees and poopes on you’re food :)

  • GaylePutt

    Put them in a jungle with a tiger and see if the tiger feels sorry for them. It’s the way of the world. They should be happy they’re at the top of the food chain.

    • brianmouland

      Got an idea if you put a leftie loon in the wilderness they would do okay. The fat between their ears would sustain them for at least five to ten years

  • Leilani Jones

    and yet, you all go to the grocery store, buy chicken, beef, lamb and don’t even think how they are butchered just for you. If you only knew how they are killed. At least she probably killed them instantly. You eat chicken that are de-feathered alive. Think about that before you condemn someone else!

  • timzank

    What I find most striking is how these people seem to think somehow the hunting of animals somehow began with the invention of the firearm. Has no one had a history class ever?????

  • NormB

    “I eat, and I am eaten. Who knows this, knows.” – Vedas

  • Ron Rowan

    Sick, sick, mentally ill people.

  • Bob Snyder

    Hunt away you young hunter! God has given us dominion over all the animals. He has given them to us to eat. It says so in Genesis 9:3
    “Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant.

  • JSebastian

    Meh, I don’t know. I think sport hunting is sadistic and reveals the dark side of human nature. Unless you’re shooting animals because you don’t have another source of sustenance or income I don’t see how you can justify it. Yes, I am already familiar with all the arguments about hunters serving a “natural” function of population management of various animals. And despite the fact that some of the staff in the US DoFG or whatever the Wildlife Service is called now, agree with this, doesn’t sway my opinion on the issue.

  • Chris Koskela

    If they really truly cared about the animals, they would stop eating all their food.hypocrites..

  • Marti Irish

    You people are far sicker than Corey is. What haters you are. I love animals and do not like to have them killed. You people spew hate. You must not be good to any animals or human being if you are so full of hate. I feel sorry for you.

  • drumsticks

    When did hunting become illegal?

  • Stephen Smith

    I love hunting! But these idiots makes me wish that we ban them from having any food on their table!

  • Gregory Allard

    You know what… it’s a trial free death sentance in the USA now if you we’re conceaved through rape no judge no jury…

    but these bigots get to live…

    Yeah… bitches want an abortion… sorry Why should an innocent life created by the earth mother have to die… where these fucks get to break the fucking law

  • thor_mmvi

    I wonder if these are the same morons that think that meat comes from the grocery store?

    • FoodieByChoice

      Better yet, Robert – if they eat jello, jams, etc that use gelatin. . .

  • BobM001

    Apparently NONE of these a$$ hats have never tasted pheasant. DEEE LISH!! Do they think that CHICKEN comes “out of mid air” into those packages? Oh, I forgot. They are probably PETA members. Me too! People Eating Tasty Animals. Go shoot a block of tofu ya mooks!

  • Jasmine McFarlane

    So its ok to have abortions but not ok yo shoot animals in hunting. These ppl need to get a life. Interesting how big ppl r online.

  • Tony

    Hey corey if you are ever looking for a date let a guy know. I’m cool with the fact that you can shoot WAY better than me and aint intimidated by it. I think it’s awesome that you like to hunt and think the that a woman that can shoot is sexy as hell. Ignore the Idiots on this site that can’t comprehend that respect that outdoorsman/ outdoors women have for nature and the circle of life. From a soldier to an Olympian thank you for your service and dedication to bringing Honor and pride to our country.

  • roscojim

    These are supposedly the “compassionate” liberals!

  • daveerator

    they are a bunch of idiots. spewing hate and violance must be all the grass they eat becuse they must be vegitarians. or they are from kalifornia where they make meat in the grocerystore so no animals are harmed. idiots

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    A modern day Annie Oakley. Good shooting!

  • Timothy

    they are going to EAT those birds right?

  • punkin7777

    Those people who said those disgusting things are nothing but criminals and terrorists, they are a real danger to good and decent people in America. When are the authorities going to go after these type of people, fine them and charge them, then put them into prison! It would be safer for the rest of us. This is the example of the progressive-liberals they haven’t changed from times gone past, they are just as savage (if not more so) as they were more than 200 years ago; these people are becoming more sinful as time goes on but in the end, they will reap what they have sown.’

  • David Desrosiers

    People like these leftists are one hell of a good reason to have Concealed Carry everywhere.

  • Donna Rafalski

    Candy ass dipshits make threats and too stupid to live! Way to go Corey!

  • Bill Benson

    Amazing filth from the left… again…

  • Michael Allen Trone

    i wonder if she ate all those birds?

    • billy86

      Most ‘hunts’ end with a big bar-b-q. Any excess game goes in the freezer.

  • Dan Mckenzie

    Let’s see…..humans have hunted and gathered since the first day on earth, I guess one could say there is a precedent for these activities. Most of these jerks probably back abortion and that would mean they have the blood of 3,300 murdered babies each and every single day – now thats truly disgusting. Iguess their meat, poultry and fish all come from the grocery store where animals aren’t killed. Corey Cogdell I support you and congratulations on being such a focused hard working individual.

  • Julia Burns

    I think it is wonderful that she is such an accomplished shot. I do hope the kill is donated to a good cause. I do hope and wish that her endeavors stop being a “political platform.”

  • Wendy Helms

    Such extremest views. It is sad that we find so many extreme idiots in our society today. While I am against the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, I am not against hunting (many so-called sport-hunts will donate the meat to food banks and such to help feed the poor). I even plan to learn how to hunt myself, so if I ever have to, I can provide for my family. But to wish death on someone because they hunt and are proud of their accomplishments is just as inhumane as beating an animal. There are too many extremest views out there & reading some of the Twits you can tell they are uneducated and narrow-minded. It is a shame that it is idiots like that who lay the set-up for generalizations for people. It’s idiotic extremest views that give all groups that negative sweep.

  • Is Was

    I dont kill animals for any reason but hunters tell me we would be over run with wild animals if they were not “thinned” out…but is the beef & pork people eat killed in a humanely way ? I know lets all be vegetarians…but we may have to knife a head of lettuce or two…

  • Johnny Blade

    every one of those hateful geniuses have no trouble with the killing of unborn humans… there is a disconnect here and its not on the part of Corey

  • Alaskan

    These people have NO idea how real life happens. They do not understand wildlife management, or the biological circle of life, or that many things they wear and eat came from something that was killed by someone. It seems they’d rather someone else do their dirty work for them. I eat the food I catch and kill, and I am damn proud of it. Here in Alaska, we LOVE Corey!

  • Ken

    As these people lose support they will become more dangerous. Several threatened my life when I said I supported family values too.

  • lsieu

    I love that you shoot and hunt, just as I do too. Amazing how people who supposedly want tolerance really want just their view to exist. Ignore them. There are plenty of well adjust people on both sides of the fence that are not as hypocritical are your critics on this page. Best wishes always, Lily Sieu, 1996 NSCA Ladies Nat’l Champion & fellow outdoors woman.

  • Owen007

    So shooting animals as part of legal hunting is bad, but denouncing a law-abiding person for doing it and even advocating said citizen being shot is good? Wow, just wow.

    I think it’s time for the staff of whatever mental hospital those lunatics inhabit to strike all computer privileges and up the medication.

  • Jody Warren


  • Skip Tindle

    Leberals are all murders and haters, all the do is lie , cheat, steal, and try to force people to the way they think. I for one think all liberals should do the world a favor and please remove yourselfs from the planet before the rest of us have to do it. Ever time a liberal opens thier rat trap in front of me I just want to shove my fist into it. Plus they think its ok to buy meat and eat that but I guess the farm animal that was kill for them to enjoy is ok. I can’t wait for the day when all this boils over into civil war again, good times will be had by me and people like me who want the US to be like it was-Strong-Proud and a republic not a dictatorship! BTW Corey Cogdell you rock, keep it up!

  • Skip Tindle

    Wonder if the the law will do anything about all the death treats she is getting?

  • Jerry Hall

    The people making all of the negative comments are probably doing so while enjoying a hamburger or steak. That is ok because they bought them at a store or restrurant.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    You can always count on liberals for reasoned, cogent, moderate debate, in terms that are respectful of their fellow man and tolerant of diverse lifestyles and divergent points of view. Wonderful to see that their tradition of civilized discourse continues.

    • Darth_Venomous

      Forgot to close your sarcasm tag, Glen.


      There, fixed it for you. :-)

  • Teresa Pitts

    The idiots that are advocatng violence against this lady is appalling. You spew hatred at her for shooting, while at the same time you’re advocating the very thing your accusing her of doing Well the Olympics wont do anything about her consideing that there are several people from other countries that are competeting as well in the sport of shooting. England,France are just a few that go hunting, guess they should be elimanatd too?

  • Teresa Pitts

    Did you know that if the hunters did not deers that there would be an over population of deer and that there would more deer than food and the deer would starve to death? Even the native Americans hunted for deer, elks, etc..

  • TootlessWonderS OtW

    Please People Humanity FIRST WE ALL Share 1SUN,1Planet & 1single wish in Common & That is To live in Peace&Harmony Together Until OUR time is Up..I Don’t Know if OUR Perspective Schools,Places of worship or OUR Governments have Clouded OUR minds But Clearly Some of those Comments&Actions of Some People That Have Found Their Way into The eyes of Societies Media Have Me(who is Without fault)Shaking My Head in Disillusion. Science is Discovering Signs of Co-operative Civalizations Dating Back 200,000 yrs With poison tipped arrowheads to HUNT,the first signs of organized worship in a Common Temple Dates Back 7,500 YEARS Before JESUS CHRIST! So However WE Survived The LAST Great Flood Can WE PLEASE Just Figure Out How To Teach Our Families To Love & Respect one another as well as Our Neighbours So That If Nature Doesn’t Kill Us Before The Mentally Unstable Ones Do, WE Have A Planet That Our Grandchildren Can Continue to Nurture For the Sake Of Their Grandchildren.IT’s not a Difficult Concept It’s Our Invention Of Money & the Greed Factor That is a Difficult Concept,JUST Try Not To Kill One Another for The Next Couple of Days Give Me A Chance To Find Out Who Your Leader Is To Get This All Straightened Out Before The Martians Disintegrate Us With Their Disintegrator Guns Cause They Would Refuse To Put up with such childish Behaviour from a Bunch Of IGNORANT Earthlings Who Took So long to figure Out The Planet Energizes itself But We’re Causing a short by Grounding electriCITY Into it Instead Of Out of It & now our Ionisphere Is Overloaded And Getting Ready To Microwave us Into Oblivion STOP YELLING At Each Other & Tell Me Where Do I Find The Leader…That is all

  • VirtuallyIronic

    I’m a hunter, a conservationist, and an animal lover. I personally do not agree with trophy hunting, as it serves no purpose outside of feeding one’s ego. I find it unethical, but man has dominion over beast… So I’m not about to condemn my fellow shooter for what I find to be a misguided sport. These people, however, need a reality check. Also, Twitter really should be enforcing their own rules as opposed to selectively banning people who offend their donors.

  • Greg Westfall

    ohh butthose are just a
    select few of the anti-hunters they arent all whackjobs!!!! …yeah just
    like every gun owners not a seriel killer right????? its only fair
    share time if it comes from barry O

  • Terry Dougherty

    [email protected]_Justice 30 Jul 12
    HUNTERS ARE COWARDS – Why would you want to kill any animal @CoreyCogdell (Olympic Medalist)? stevescotttv – Gallery” Because it’s illegal to kill liberals..

  • B-rad

    But yet they don’t protest muslims that kill people for their different beliefs. Now ehose the cowards?

  • Dave Summers

    Bad when this left moronic motherfletchers care more about animals than human life..its the flipping food chain..we’re on with it. She hunts wild game,for sport,fun,and food. I myself have killed a many of animals for food,its fun & exciting and DELICIOUS! I cannot stand the left sometimes…pity this pity that and wish violence on an Olympic competitor…one day they will probably outlaw shooting in the Olympics…especially if the UN has anything to say about it.

    So Corey,keep on keeping on. Make us fellow americans and hunters proud. And all you animal loving leftist pansies…PISS THE F*CK OFF!

  • Joe Dewberry

    Stay classy libs, stay classy.

  • Noelani Kamelamela

    I don’t think these people are Lefties or Righties, they are CRAZIES.

  • billy86
  • Amanda Daniels

    Why didn’t you guys show the pictures of the Mountain Zebra she killed… An animal listed as vulnerable… Also lions and other declining animals she have killed for the fun of it… WHY..!?

    Um for the record, I’m not a leftist or a tree hugging liberal peta activist.

    And PLEASE stop this idiocy about merging trophy hunting with abortion. I have never heard such BS.

    • Stanley Beck

      The prices they charge for the license to hunt those animals can sustain a native village for several years. The hunters are usually culling animals from the herd who are picked by local wildlife experts as either past the age to mate and sustain the population or have some other reason to be harvested. If you shoot the wrong animal you will be given a HUGE fine and you will probably lose your hunting privileges world wide.

      Currently the native population of Canada in the arctic are having problems with the changes in polar bear hunting rules. There are plenty of bears in Canada and the cost for a license alone is $15,000 and most of it goes to the villages. Add the fees for guides and helpers and one hunt will provide the cash needed for that village to exist another year while also preserving the culture of hunter gatherer.

      • Sadie Mae Bambalam

        no, most of it does not go to the villages… cite your sources, not from american hunting magazines, either…

    • Sadie Mae Bambalam
  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    Personally a Woman that hunts and knows how to use guns is a woman above the rest of the fray. And all these dipsticks advocating, violence, harm, death with their vulgar middle school attacks. Remember, who has and knows HOW to use the guns, quite well and accurately it would appear..

  • Mike Linn

    I guess that all those morons are vegetarians

  • Bill Wright

    I guess the haters never ate pheasant.

  • shirtsbyeric


  • David Simpson

    Are you kidding me!! These people are stupid asses. I can’t believe some one would say such hateful things about another human being, who’s done nothing to them.

  • Paul Roman

    I guess civility is out of the question. I shoot animals during hunting season but never heard it called murder before. I eat what I kill just like my father and grandfather before me. It isn’t really smart to threaten the families of people that know how to use guns with proficiency. Just sayin’

  • Ric Aldrich

    It amazes me that such “caring” people could spew such vile hateful things. It is much more humane for an animal to become dinner than to starve to death due to lack of food! But haters always hate

  • Bruce Ward

    I am a political liberal but I shoot hunt and had a good sirloin last night. These folks threats are just a group of people that like to drink their dinner and are way out of touch.

  • Victoria Crissman

    What they are saying to her is a crime, their comments should be reported to law enforcement. Death threats do not fall under free speech.

  • wannabegeekster

    The left appears to be getting more and more militant. It is kind of surprising to me, but not really. Obviously they think with their emotions, not their brains.

  • MerlinMedic

    It is educational. If I were ever to have to teach tolerance again I would use this as a main segment in a lesson. Too bad no current teacher in New York would have the guts to show the above responses to a class.

  • Dwayne P Theriot

    Just another prime example of Lunatic Liberals showing just how tolerant they are. Let’s see if I get this straight. You Libs don’t like the killing of animals, but it’s O.K. for humans to kill each other as punishment. That make total sense in NEVER NEVER LAND.

  • Marsha Erwin/Ash

    I would like to know what they eat? I know not all people eat meat, but come on! That is just uncalled for! Those that strike violence verbally towards this woman and her family should be investigated for possible shooter/stalker/murderer/ killer! What ever happened to freedom to like what you want? What happened to freedom of speech? I know not everyone agrees on what she is doing, but she is NOT by any means hurting you! If you don’t like what she is doing, then don’t look at anything that pertains to her or anyone that is in to hunting or trapping or whatever it is you don’t like! What is this country coming to? Why do people have to be so mean because of a persons lifestyle or belief’s? All I have to say is GOOD JOB AMERICA for being so mean and hateful towards people!!!

    • Marsha Erwin/Ash

      I have read the comments on the abortion issues and I have to agree, what choice does that child have to live or die? Just like the animals, NONE! I see that SOME people will not address that issue as well. WOW PEOPLE! Oh yeah and by the way, last I checked, pheasant and deer were not on any indangered species list, and to sit there and call us inbreeders. hmmm…….and I dont give a rats ass if I have mis spelled anything either, I got my point acrossed!

  • Bennie Boedeker

    There is something seriously wrong with people who condemn hunting , but advocate taking a human life . You need to work on your thought processes and quit smokin so much crack !!

  • Kevin Chandler

    You cant argue with Libs, they are so blind that ppl like Wench really due believe the sputter they spew.

    Since when are Pheasant endangered species? lol..

    Sportsman pay hundreds of MILLIONs of dollars a year min fees and taxes that pay for things like wetlands that have been destroyed by developments and mcmansions..restoration projects that would never get done if WE didnt pay for it.

    libs is sooo stupid. Their pathetic existential thought process is so far from reality its spooky.

    • Dave M

      These are the people, making these type of comments, who should be receiveing psychiatric care… These are, in reality, death threats… Does a normal person say things like this; what a screwed up mind….. Of course, in their minds they’re always right; without exception. Trouble with them, most or all, have never enjoyed the outdoors never lived in a small town , and think food just magically appears in stores.. And, you never hear stories like this on the Liberal News..Tragic!

  • J Rose Lanci

    Hunting for sport is ok in my book as long as you plan on eating that kill. if you kill it and then just throw it away…then I think that is wrong. God put these creatures on earth for our survival. yes there are some beautiful ones to the eyes but still they are all edible and most taste really good if prepared right.

  • Ken Darville

    So ignorant. Im sure none of them eat or wear anything but synthetic substances.

  • Donna G

    This one disgusts me: Quote:
    @CoreyCogdell I hope that someone someday shoot your whole familly just practicing.—
    Pablo Honney (@pablito_honas) August 02, 2012
    2 Aug 12…End quote.
    Now, where is anyone investigating this person? I doubt it will ever happen.

    • Sadie Mae Bambalam

      that’s called a “wish” not a “threat”…

  • Roy Maddox

    people who leave death threats are cowards. Most of them won’t post their names because of this. While I do not condone hunting as a sport I do as someone who will use the meat and what ever else there is to sustain me or a family unit. NOT one of these COWARDS is brave enough to go face to face with her. I support her in her Olympic endevors and hope I don’t hear a COWARD issue a death threat against her or her family as you will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. COWARDS!

  • judy

    The left runs out of argument and run to the old “rascist” defense, but they seem to be the most rascist people on earth, the most hate spewing rascist, fully half of the african americans have been murdered by the leftist tolerance of abortion, since 1976.

  • GibsonLP

    These ignorant lefties spew their hate about hunting then they’ll go eat a hamburger. Nobody spews hate better than a leftist hiding behind a keyboard on the internet. They would never have the balls to say something like that face to face, without a mob of their pack to back them up. All cowards.

  • Stan Ferguson

    No different than right wing against women’s choice, sad.

    • J. Cox

      That is completely ignorant,and sadly,you know it.Killing children is O.K.,but animals are somehow equal?Typical illogical,ignorant,and delusional.Keep devaluing human life in place of PRO-DEATH because you can’t be bothered to take responsibility for your actions.Yet killing a bird deserves death threats and hatred.It’s a sad day for the human race when it has fallen this low.

  • Robert Horton

    Most of the neg comments come from loosers they would not be here if humans didn’t harvest animals for food!! They need to go find a differnt hobby and get a Life!

  • tigershep

    I bet many of the women who claim to be “anti-hunting” have had abortions. It’s alright to murder a helpless human being, but to kill an animal? You better just go f#ck yourself.

  • Jessica Smith

    I think she is a strong woman with a great talent. These people threatening her are ignorant.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    If these idiots had their way & hunting was abolished the ecosystem they claim to cherish would be severely harmed, animal populations with no predation, would sky rocket, food sources would dwindle, animals would die a slow painful death from starvation. hunting also protects Human food supplies, deer & other herbivors will devestate a farm, I’ll bet these people who don’t like hunting would change their tune if their Tofu, & soy latte were unavailiable due to a shortage of soy beans.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    I promise to kill and eat at least two white-tail deer this fall in honor of these anti-hunting goobers.

  • brianmouland

    Where I live every week a car or truck usually hits a deer during hunting season sure lets take the leftie way and stop hunting them. So much nicer for the animal to be killed by a semi-trailor and not a gun

    • FoodieByChoice

      Not to mentioned they are not immedately killed on impact, but may be drug 10 yards, under a semi, shredding bone and skin, before rolling out from under the semi –
      Time to outlaw semi tractors

  • Robert German

    Wow,it’s good to see the Lefty/Liberal/crackpot/ antis are a lot more tolerate than them Tea Party folk.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    the anti hunting crowd must be all big city people, after all, anyone who lives in the countryside knows what a danger deer & the like are. between the car accidents, diseases spread, & the damage they do to crops & native vegatation. the hunters have to scramble to kill enough to keep the population healthy.

  • Lance Gulseth

    Has nothing to do with “tolerant lefties.” You are making a broad sweeping generalization as to what you categorize as a “tolerant lefty.” – These look like vegetarian/animal rights PETA-type kooks. Also, it is rediculous to say “they” don’t mind aborting babies but don’t want to kill a deer. I am a lefty and I hunt. I am also pro-choice. I also eat meat. I also have owned guns. But it is easier to make your argument against an imaginary “they.”

  • MelGlid

    Another example of the uninformed and “THE” most tolerant Left! That is food, and those who hunt actually “cull” flocks and herds. This allows for a balanced flock or herd. It allows for less starvation of these animals. Educate yourselves before you spew such nasty and violent words…also be careful…those words could bite you.

  • Colleen Brady

    Pity the protesters don’t care as much for human life as they seem to care for animals. There is much more that is wrong and should be changed peacefully in this world than targeting one person in this way.

  • JonInVa

    I’m not a hunter and don’t particularly like the idea of killing animals for sport alone, but I’m also not a lefty in the least. In fact, I’m the opposite – pro 2nd amendment, fully conservative and traditional positions. I simply feel there is already so much death in this world, naturally or man-made, that adding more just for the fun of it seems to be more dehumanizing than edifying. Even so, I would never go so far as to wish another person such ill will just for being a hunter.

    However, I do have to wonder why anyone would deliberately post a public picture of herself surrounded by what looks like a ring of absolute carnage. Most people feel terrible about hitting a squirrel with their car (yes, most people do all of you people saying, “I don’t”). It’s just an ugly photo that while possibly important to her and some of her friends in the sport, is just not something most ordinary Americans really care to see.

    Substitute 3 bears or 12 deer around her and you’d truly see an explosion, as the more beautiful the creature killed, the more vitriolic the outrage. She should have been smarter than this, in my opinion. Nobody wants to see such an outrageously large circle of dead animals and a sh*t eating grin on the person who killed them all. Rather barbaric if you think about it.

  • Amanda Hershey Fields

    Dear Cory- We love to eat pheasant..and since it is 100% organic we know it is much healtheir than the crap you buy at the store..a good example of food poisoning is all the hate and sick comments being left towards your passion for hunting. That is what happens when you digest a lot of poison. Good luck to you and MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  • Guest

    Hopefully the twitter morons will be held up at some point by the ‘home shopping network’ and utter the same epitaphs directed at the young olympian to the hood rats that will be holding a gun to their heads… karma.

  • Joe Granata

    you haters are sick individuals ,first its a way the government allows for the preservation of the species and to keep populations of birds normal ,second they eat these birds for preservation of our species .ignorant people should think before you react

  • FoodieByChoice

    Eat chicken, beef, lamb, goat, rabbit, etc? Then shut the fuck up.

    It’ not like she’s poaching endangered species or killing giraffes in Africa. You know, like CRIMINALS do. Or keeping animals in Zoos where they are out of their element and miserable.

  • Dinny Crast

    I dont get you! Is that not exactly what she does? Kill them, dehead them, and post them on the wall? How can you be so surprised that somebody who put animals´ life equally important as human life wish that she should have a taste of her own sport?

    • FoodieByChoice

      Gee Dinny, really?

      Then I am guessing you SUPPORT the Death Penalty for CRIMINALS who kill other people with intent and malice?

      Cos you can’t support what you just posted without being a hypocrate

  • LtDan55

    Vegans think their choice harms no animals? ROFLOL! Anyone who knows a farmer knows that they kill a tremendous amount of animals to protect your vegetables.

    Mice, rats, rabbits, moles and other critters are poisoned wholesale to keep them from eating the crops. By the thousands!

    Around here deer are seriously over populated. They can destroy a corn field in short order. So the farmers get what are called “nuisance permits”. This permit allows them to kill as many of the deer as they want. Typically the farmer will take some folks along into the fields at night and shoot as many as they can. Sometimes they kill 100 deer a night. They do not dress them and eat them. They leave them to the buzzards and coyotes.

    But the crop makes it to market and the vegans get to eat.

    I, as a hunter, may shoot 2 or 3 deer during the season. No comparison at all.

    Raising vegetables is bloody work. And vegans have more blood on their hands than hunters.

  • Justin Levesque

    In Rhode Island, there is a place called Prudence Island in Narragansett Bay. The island is has a healthy and large deer population. The state allows bow hunting,with a special permit, on the island in order to CONTROL THE DEER POPULATION! Since the island has no natural predators, this is very necessary. And every year during deer season, there are wacky treehuggers and enviro-nazis out around the island in boats, harassing and threatening hunters (including children).
    In every state from Texas to Florida, feral hog populations are exploding. They cause billions of dollars of damage to farmland every year. They can be dangerous, and have killed farm animals and the occasional person. But when a hunter, farmer, or anyone else kills a feral hog and donates the meat to charity (as is often the case), the enviro-nazis come out of the woodwork to scream murder and verbally attack hunters. In this casee treehuggers conveniently ignore the fact that active hunting is the ONLY popluation control method that remotely works, and not so well, considering how widespread the population has become.
    The enviro-nazis ignore the fact that hunters are the biggest wildlife conservationists. Through their money (taxes on lisences, guns, and ammunition, plus donations) and active hunting, hunters have done more for wildlife than all the environmental groups combined.

  • Danno

    Most of these outrageous comments are the works of posers who are shills working for the NRA trying to portray opponents to gun violence as extremists.

    • J. Cox

      Show your proof or sthu

  • Darrell L.

    Congrats Corey, True Americans are all proud of you.

  • Anthony Hansel

    My thing is this. Most ‘animal rights’ activists say that the animals are people, just like us. So they bitch when someone goes hunting, and call them a murderer.
    I say this. You don’t complain when a lion hunts. Or an eagle. Or even your own house cat. So if all are equal: lions, eagles and your house cat are all murderers. Does that mean I get to execute your “Whiskers” or whatever the hell you named it? Please?

    And please, try being civilized. Stop wishing harm on someone just because you don’t like something they do. It’s childish. We’re supposed to be a civilized species. Prove you’re part of it

  • Chris Edmondson

    Do any of you that think that Corey should kill herself eat meat? The pheasants in the photo are bred for the table, look in your butchers window where you’ll see rabbit, pheasant, quail, pork, goat, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey. How do you think they got there? They are all bred to feed the human race!

  • Anita Estes

    Wow. I can’t believe all this hatred oozing out by these animal lovers. How about the human race?

  • dgunn

    It is totally obvious these anti’s have no idea of Consrevation. If ther were no hunting all these animals would surfice to a much harsher death, like starvation and predation. Ther is a thing called a CARRYING CAPACITY that the land can provide the ,this is true to all living things. Hunters do more for the animal kingdom than any anti hunter,veggie lovn’ person out there. We provide food water and habitat for them. Don’t hate someone who hunts ,try asking why PETA kills well over 90% of the adoptable animals they take in. Proven fact people. The HSUS doesn’t even have shellters. So before condeming someone for what you don’t think is right look at what you are supporting. You are not doing anything to help animals. We hunters spend more money than you to help them through our purchasing of Licenses and gear and tags. How would you feel if there was an “Open Season” on anti’s.

    • FoodieByChoice

      You are SO right about PETA – they “rescue and kill”. They do NOT have shelters to house their “rescues. Apparently is is OK for PETA to kill the animals, not someone else.

      A couple of years ago when exotic animals escaped a zoo – they were SHOT vs captured because they were a threat to —- TRAFFIC

      We rescue dogs – how many of these supposed “animal lovers” spewing hate here have given up a puppiy cos it was too hard to house train, took up too much time, chewed on a shoe or was just too inconvient???

      I rescued one that was only 10 weeks old, had been weaned WAY too young and the owner’s reason for giviing it up (for a $200 fee, btw) was “it didn’t look the way she expected it to” WTF”

  • Danno

    The nasty comments are coming from shills posing for the NRA trying to give a bad impression of people who oppose senseless gun violence

    • FoodieByChoice

      Danno, “senseless gun violence” is a termed use for CRIMINALS. Govt regulated, licensed hunters DO NOT fall into that category

  • Jimmy Taylor

    These are the same people that spew this kind of crap saying killing animals is wrong but it’s ok to kill a baby in the womb!Sick pieces of garbage

  • Lois Daniel Skipworth

    Go Corey! I support you!

  • Hillary Walker

    These comments just show how ignorant people are. Hunting is a NECESSITY in rural areas. Animals overpopulate and STARVE to death in the winter and sometimes kill each other fighting for territory or food. Most hunters also use what they kill for food and share it what might be surplus with their neighbors. That actually reduces the amount of food that people buy from the corporate farms that everyone hates so much. Please learn before you Tweet peeps. Your IQ is showing, and it’s not attractive…

  • Daniel Smith

    I hate the way liberals talk about other people as if they don’t have a thought of life at all, its about what looks good. If we didn’t have people who hated more than liberals we wouldn’t see the good in life. The thought that hate is important to them, for people, for babies and rich people and businesses, its disgusting and only breeds more of those hate filled gays.

  • randy brown

    trash, its time to take out the trash we need to start on high at the white house

  • Francesca Shearer

    It’s a sad day when people can be so openly full of hate. I don’t understand why someone would post the comments about wanting her to kill herself, and I don’t understand the comments below about how liberals and democrats hate babies and love animals. Sounds like everyone in this country has gone extreme left or extreme right. I vote democrat, carry a gun, hunt, love babies, respect animals, and frankly if you build your house that close to a river, you should’ve have known it would flood at some point. Beavers or no beavers. Personally, I see no point in even voting anymore. Our government is so far gone now, it won’t make any difference if Obama gets it or if Romney gets it. It’s going to be a new day, same old shit.

  • Doug Marley

    You go Corey! Good Shootin’! Hope you do well at your competitions.

    • Sadie Mae Bambalam

      she lost. lol.

  • Sadie Mae Bambalam

    First, I’d like to point out that “trophy hunting” is not MERELY the
    “hunting of wild game.” Trophy hunting is the stalking and killing of
    wild animals for ‘sport’. Cogdell killed a Hartmann’s
    Mountain Zebra in Namibia, which is listed as “vulnerable”
    according to the IUCN. There is a video of this shoot, in which she
    takes a bad shot – severely injuring another zebra, causing it to run
    away, likely to die a slow death due to her desire to take down a
    “trophy animal”, as she calls it. No “clean kill” there, despite her
    “sharpshooting” skills.Other photos showed her with dead Springbok,
    Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Greater Kudu, Blesbok, Red
    Hartebeest, Impala, Pheasants, Deer, Moose, Canadian geese and a large
    Kodiak Brown Bear. In fact, many “trophy hunts” are in reality “canned
    hunts” animals are shot in cages or are tranquilized and released shortly before being gunned down.

    Where is the sport here?

    I do not condone the death threats, or the strong language used against
    her, but I think some people get so tired, they mouth off without
    thinking after seeing all her photos, which to me indicate the joy she
    takes in killing. Such threats are not representative of the thoughts
    of all people who are against her, and her kind. Public figures are
    typically accustomed to lots of bad mouthing and some threatening words.
    The few posts this site chose to copy / paste do indicate some people
    speak without thinking. It is a shame because it hurts our position a
    bit, but, overall, we shall remain strong and continue our anti-trophy
    hunting efforts, against Corey and others in the public eye who continue
    to trophy hunt. They’re “fair game”, so to speak.

    Corey’s skill in sharpshooting made her a public figure, but it is she
    herself who publicized the killing of vulnerable animals for trophy in a
    public forum. She is not a child. But she lacked the forethought to
    realize that there could indeed be a backlash from Americans and people
    around the world who support saving wildlife due to their vulnerability
    and near extinct status. Plus, these animals are beautiful creatures and
    some of us wish they were better protected for future generations. For
    example, recent studies demonstrate that trophy hunting of lions is now the
    single largest contributor to the decline of the lion population on the
    African continent. African lions are being driven towards extinction by American hunters
    determined to bag trophies. Lions, already threatened by conflict with farmers over land and by
    shrinking habitats, are being driven to the brink by the increasing
    demand from the U.S. for personal trophies, such as lion skins, and a
    growing trade in animal parts. The lion is extinct now in 26 countries.

    There are numerous groups formed particularly to fight against trophy
    hunting. She should know this, yet she aggrandizes the trophy hunt as
    sport., As long as she continues her globetrotting killing spree, we
    will be there to condemn it. As Corey states on her facebook page, her
    favorite quote is, “Life is hard and then you die.” So, welcome to the
    jungle, Cogdell. It may be hard for you to handle the negative publicity
    you’ve received, and will continue to get, but, you asked for it.
    People can talk back against your cruelty and you cannot silence us, as
    you do to so many of the precious creatures on this Earth. As long as
    you are around, and people like you, we will be here to bring attention
    to your activities and work to end trophy hunting. We won’t back down.

  • For My Liberty

    Not surprised at the hateful things that the anti-gun crowd are spewing, but I take comfort in the fact that when the SHTF, they won’t survive because they won’t have a CLUE how to. These are the same people that we will see eating out of dumpsters and chasing rats to eat….They won’t be so critical of someone that can take care of herself when they are starving.

  • Barry Dworak

    Trophy hunting is not the hunting of wild game. Trophy hunting is the hunting of wild game animals for the purpose of setting records for size, etc., mounting them, etc.

    Not all hunters are trophy hunters. Most aren’t. There’s NO SUCH THING as trophy pheasant hunting, and she’s shown with pheasants. Pheasant is a bird people shoot in order to eat it, just like people catch trout in order to eat it.

    All of that said, trophy hunters generally eat the meat of what they shoot, also. Someone might spend weeks in the mountains looking for a trophy-quality elk — but when she shoots it, she’ll want that meat. Elk is some of the best in the world.

  • Joanne Long

    Wow where did all this vial hate come from? Hate is a “Waste”.

  • Karen Gilliam Zeller

    What a pity anti-hunting people are so mean! If the animals in the wild are allowed to live natural ie not hunted they will become over populated and die of starvation! Insted of wishing ill on hunters why doesn’t the anti-hunting gang take classes on animal husbandry and truly learn the way life really is for most of these animals. Remember they are the animals they do not have a soul and do not go to Heaven. You see only humans go to heaven and have a soul. Animals were put here for us to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Gilliam Zeller

    Hope these people are pro-life when it comes to baby humans! But my guess they do not mind the killing of babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Norma R Levin

    All of you who object to this young lady should go fly a kite – and see if you can rise with it. I would advise all of you to be vegetarians.

  • Nelson Garcia

    guaranteed that many of the morons tweeting their nonsense, seat down to a stake dinner without giving it a second thought. Ignorance may be bliss, but hypocritical self righteousness it’s absolutely idiotic.

  • Janet Lopez

    Animal Lovers are even more hate-filled than Chick-fil-A protesters. The twisted thinking that originated these remarks surely didn’t win me to the cause. PETA tactics seem to be the accepted norm for animal rights domestic terrorists. I’m
    still a big animal lover, especially those cute, tender, tasty ones that turn into veal.

  • Right Wired

    She is a hypocrite!

    @TaschaB13 #hypocrite “It is extremely important that women endeavour to do any sport NO matter what society tells them”

  • Daniel Smith

    ok, I gotta go to work, something the welfare liberals no anything about.

  • Sadie Mae Bambalam

    they are called death wishes. none are actual threats. they are in poor taste, but not one of those statements qualifies as an actual death threat. show me the one you think is an actual death threat and I will tell you why it is not.

  • Lilly Miller Baird

    These comments went way too far, but I understand them. It’s how I felt about Michael Vick when I heard all that he had done. You have to realize that a picture like this is going to evoke some very strong reactions. What was the purpose for killing all of these birds? Sport? Despicable.

  • David Reed

    This may have been said already, but… How many animals are slaughtered in the U.S. every year commercially? cows,pigs,chickens,eggs,fish, etc… for food, leather, and other uses? But hey don’t kill wild animals to stock your freezer and actually eat. But the slaughter of the unborn human is still perfectly fine and fought for as a right?

    • Sadie Mae Bambalam

      ridiculous comparison. and presumptuous, as well.

    • Sadie Mae Bambalam

      it’s not about wild animals either. or hunting in general. or being vegan or not. or aborted babies, if you must bring that up. it’s about glory killing of near endangered species for sport and money.

      • Barry Dworak

        Pheasants are no more endangered than chickens. Neither is anything else that is legally hunted.

        • David Reed

          thank you. i never said nor read that she was doing anything illegal, I actually think she would abhor the thought. I was simply stating the obvious.

        • Sadie Mae Bambalam

          the photo shown above is not one which has garnered the international attention of the people who are now very much united against the glorification of trophy hunting of near endangered species in Africa. research.

          • David Reed

            I agree that is wrong and they should be prosecuted. One point is that only people with excess of money are able to do such things as its not a cheap endeavor and they are the elite who will never be prosecuted as they buy there way out.

  • Jason

    I don’t like killing animals just for the sport of it, but humans are certainly more important creatures. As stated in other comments, the left is always hypocritical in their issues/ thinking So it does not suprise me the hate in which has been directed toward this young woman and her family. I really feel sad for these delusional people as they cannot be happy within themselves and their life must be hell

  • James

    You people are a bunch of sick fucks….you support murdering humans but not animals. It’s creeps like you that cause Colorado and Wisconsin shootings.

  • Darren Koele

    Once again that liberal kind of tolerance rears its ugly head. I can guarantee that hunters do more for the ecosystem and environmet than you libbies could ever hope for. I can guarantee that most, if not all, that meat is feeding people in need. Then again, facts and logic are no match for irrational hatred based in an over-emotional psyche in the mind of a leftist.

  • Niki20

    I wish people would get this upset over our goverment creating and killing millions of innocent people all over the world with their wars and abortion! !

  • massjim

    Day after day we see more hate spew forth from the “progressives” against anyone who does not share their agenda. Amazing and an important lesson for us all.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    But it’s the guy with the Nazi tattoos who shoots up the Sikhs, and that’s what has the Collaborationist Media peeing their pants this morning, they finally got their right-wing redneck mass murderer. Now they can get back to their endless hysterical diatribes about Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain or someone inciting this kind of thing — but this goes completely under their radar.

  • Nicole Mickes Baldwin

    Wow, I had no idea people who love animals were so nasty. But here is proof posted on here! I’m all about punishing people who fight dogs, run over box turtles or other animals on purpose, stuff them in cages and forget about them but to wish her to die! Or kill her family….Wow!!! That scares me!

  • Rick1941

    Wow, what a cruel person. I would rather see a thousand abortions than one bird fall from the sky at the hands of man. It’s too bad this person wasn’t aborted. This is the reason we need to reelect Obama so we can stop people like this from killing innocent animals who can’t defend themselves. So sad!!!!

  • Yeeheecom

    True Story. I had a liberal ask me one time why do I hunt? I told him that I hunt to provide food to my family. The liberal then asked me, “Why kill animals ? Why not just buy your food in a grocery store like regular people? I scratched my head and looked at the liberal and just shooked my head and walked away. (Do they think meat you buy in a grocery store doesn’t come from killing animals?) lol What a bunch of idiots.

  • CarroBiverman

    I wish she did shoot herself. I mean, I don’t feel sorry for cancer tumors when they are excised, and she’s basically a tumor on the planet. So, if she were to excise herself, no great loss.

  • CarroBiverman

    BTW all you idiots drawing some sort of parallel to abortion. Um, ever heard of an ad hominem argument? Ever heard of sophistry? I doubt it, but you should look it up, because that’s what that is. Thanks for confirming that if pro-hunters have one thing in common, it’s the inability to indulge in critical thinking.

    • J. Cox

      Thanks for not adding anything useful to the debate except to call one group of people stupid while trying to make yourself look smart.Mission FAIL.

    • pjcostello

      Actually, it has nothing to do with critical thinking, but virtual indoctrination; we have been told almost since childhood about how valuable animals are, and how worthless people are, but the liberal left. If a person kills a dog, it’s the lead nationwide on the 6 o’clock news — but 25 murders over two days in Chicago barely gets mentioned anywhere. Yes, I’m using a slight bit of exaggeration to make my point. It’s been going on a long time…….

      Like THIS person who posted a short time before me:
      Russell41 • 3 hours ago

      Wow, what a cruel person. I would rather see a thousand abortions than one bird fall from the sky at the hands of man. It’s too bad this person wasn’t aborted. This is the reason we need to reelect Obama so we can stop people like this from killing innocent animals who can’t defend themselves. So sad!!!!

    • pjcostello

      Like THIS person who posted a short time before me:
      Russell41 • 3 hours ago

      Wow, what a cruel person. I would rather see a thousand abortions than one bird fall from the sky at the hands of man. It’s too bad this person wasn’t aborted. This is the reason we need to reelect Obama so we can stop people like this from killing innocent animals who can’t defend themselves. So sad!!!!

  • proud2b4family

    I don’t agree with trophy hunting. I prefer to go with the original translation of God giving man “dominion” over the earth as “stewardship” not “domination”. Animals are here for us to appreciate AND to consume, but meat is mainly to be used in a time of need. (I’m not a vegetarian, nor am I perfect at living that ideal…I do love me a good burger and venison is taaaasty). However, the cacophony of leftist calls to murder this woman are beyond the pale. Do we not prosecute people for making death threats anymore?

  • Robert Veronda

    Funny no one asked if she was going to eat the birds or give them to a charity that would use them to feed the needy. These are the people who need to be investigated for access to guns, they sound like they are missing a few screws and would hurt someone.

  • Cindy Gunter

    The death threats that have been “tweeted” should result in the persons who posted them being fully investigated and prosecuted. Those comments are technically illegal, and if such comments were directed to a govt. official, the people who wrote them would be in some serious trouble.

  • Snap N McGarrett

    Why can’t liberals be circumcised? Because there’s no end to those pricks.

  • RK

    I wish that I could say that I am surprised by many of these morons that wish death or injury on someone else because they hunt, but unfortunately this is what we see in much of today’s US society that tends to have no regard for human life and no faith. To Carro, Wench, and some of the others making these hateful comments to everyone that disagrees with them, I believe I am quite aware of how to think critically. I do it every day in my career. Maybe you should think a little more before you use a keyboard to show how ignorant, classless, and out of touch with reality you are.

    Before you go hating on all hunters and wishing them dead, please take a look at the products you use every day of your life. Lets see, if you eat any type of meat, fish, or egg products, or any other animals, then pipe down. If you have any articles of clothing, shoes, furniture, car interior, etc that is made of leather or that have any leather parts, then pipe down. If you use skin lotions, certain hair products, or if you have pets that you feed dog and cat food to that is made of animals, then pipe down. I can keep going. By the way, do you hate every person on Earth that hunts or fishes for food because if you do, then you have a ton of hate to live with? There are people all over the world that feed their families this way every single day. There is a huge difference in the abuse of animals, taking more than you need, etc. than in hunting or fishing for what you can use or eat.

    Before people like you scream for everyone to be tolerant of your beliefs & somehow believe that everyone hates you just because they disagree with you, then how about you and your followers show the same tolerance and respect to those that live in reality and disagree with you?

  • David Gilley

    they only are tolerant of their own opinions ,, if you disagree with them you are a racist murderer ,, although they condone the killing of unborn babies !! and I’d like to now if any of these people ever eat ,,, say ,, beef or chicken or turkey during Thanksgiving ??

  • Toni Albanese

    There are far more posts without hatred and violence in them that you have failed to post. She is killing endangered animals for the “thrill” of it. That is a disgrace. Murder is Murder!What gives her the right to kill another sentient being…who feels pain and fear just like you and I do. It is not a sport as both sides are not willingly participating. Trophy hunting is WRONG. The only ones who agree with it are the people running those camps or the ones participating. In all fairness, the facts should be researched and you may agree with us. She is not anyone I would consider a hero and my own children are disgusted with her behavior too.

    • RK

      What endangered animal did she kill? You can’t kill endangered animals or you get Federally charged. Again, the vast majority of hunters eat and use what they kill. There are a ton of programs used to feed the homeless as well. You may want to look up the definition of murder as well. Big difference in killing to be killing (trophy hunting) and hunting and fishing and using what you take.
      As I said, if you currently have or have used a single product in your home (furniture, etc), your food, your cars & interiors, your clothing, or to feed that cat in your pic that happens to be made out of animals, then you may want to look in the mirror.
      I guess there are billions of “murderers” on Earth per your opinion that hunt or fish to feed their families or that have products made from animals. Many of you basically call Jesus a murderer then by your definitions since he ate animals, that is if many of you actually believe in God.

    • Jayson K

      Endangered animals? Just what kind of idiot are you?

  • Joyce

    Do these people not eat meat? Hunting is a way of life ans far back as caveman days. You hunt to have food to eat.

  • Stephanie

    wow how can you wish death upon someone and consider yourself a good person cause you dont want animals to die you should all be slapped

  • Stephanie

    Its very pathetic how all you so called animal rights people can sit here and say you hope she gets shot, or dies, or to shoot herself over a sport that has derived form ancient times as a means to survival. No one would be here today if our ancestors didn’t hunt animals to feed or race and over time yes it has become a sport, however if u actually spoke to any respectable hunter they do not just kill because they are blood thirsty heartless savages as you make them out to be, if an animal is killed it serves a purpose as it did since the beginning of time that is food for the one higher up on the food chain. It is perfectly normal for a killer whale to kill a baby seal for food and in some cases they just do it for fun and don’t even eat it so maybe we should take out the whole killer whale population, that sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it, well that’s about how stupid you all sound. There are way worse things going on in this world but you can waste your time wishing someone death for hunting. I would love to see this world if our society came crashing down and we had to hunt and grow our own food to survive all you cry babies would die or rely on someone who can fend for themselves to save your life, well if that was the case i would rather kill you first and use you as bait to hunt for food for myself and my family so the only people who deserve to be shot are you arrogant people!!! Further more there are hunters who go to countries and hunt huge game and what do they do with the meat they donate the it to the starving people in that country so they can live, with out that meat small children would die but none of you take that into consideration you just see hunters as cold blooded killers, I’m pretty sure none of you have ever done something like that to help any starving person so you have no right to wish such things upon others.

  • Amenyo Kwame Tsakpoe

    This is one of the reasons why I like the fact that I have not aligned myself with any political party. But to be honest, this is not the thinking of every Democrat (or liberal for that matter) out there, I just like the fact that everyone assumes that these people are liberals,…. really America? doing this makes you no different from the idiots up there spewing hate speech at Cogdell without fully understanding the picture. Tell me, do you think that idiot in Aurora was a gun loving Conservative?? thought so. These are idiots who make America look bad, plain and simple

    • pjcostello

      You align yourself with a political party, not a philosophy; political philosophy is learned or innate, but either ways it exists independent of a corresponding political party. No one claims that these morons represent ALL Democrats or ALL liberals — that’s a line of shoddy thinking in which a liberal would engage. What we say is that ALL of the hate and vitriol and threats ARE coming from liberals. There’s a difference.

  • Jayson K

    I say to all those idiots, “Go at her, bros” She’s an olymoc champion at never missing with a shotgun. Have fun trying to off her. I give you guys about 5-6 seconds before she mows you all down.

  • rafael

    food…. I’m sure she will feed people or her self.. with it…. don’t you eat BEEEF

  • barbiecakes

    I know a couple of anti-hunters at work and I notice when they eat they always have some dead animal on their plates.

  • Cyber Slammer

    I tweeted to them all, challenged them to say the same to my face. Doubt the little liberal cowards will.

    • Ted Coleman

      The “little liberal cowards?” Judge much? You make me ashamed to be conservative. How’d you like it if liberals went off and threw all of us in the same camp as the westboro baptist church? And even if they did that’s no excuse to use polarizing rhetoric like this.

      • pjcostello

        First, he’s not ‘judging’, he’s ‘observing’. Second, he’s quite likely completely correct. You don’t find the right spew the kind of hate and vitriol that the left does, except in reply to the left. For the most part, the right shakes its head and walks away from such idiocy, afraid to be tarnished by the same brush. It’s not only an educated guess he’s making, but a VERY educated guess… in addition to the childish name-calling and hate, these people hate both hunting and guns. What group do you suppose combines all of these elements…? I’ll wait.

  • Ted Coleman

    HEY FELLOW IDIOTS! Let’s all judge the entire left based on the actions of crazy fringe radicals! That’s the kind of thoughtful discourse the founding fathers wanted. Hurr durr I’m a mouth breather

  • Brad Norman

    I kill animals everyday and I make a living doing it. To all those people who think hunting is wrong and guns are bad….please pack your shit and get the hell out of america. Try CUBA. Assholes.

  • shimauma

    LOLS those anti-hunting folks aren’t very smart if they are sending her death threats. I bet a silver dollar she could pop them off before they got within a 100 yds

  • Brenda Cooper

    what about all the meat you eat do you thing it hangs or shoots itself. Id be more interested in what she does with the food.

  • Stacy H

    Yes the irony is lost on them. They have more compassion for animals than they do their fellow man. I think she’s amazing. And I hope she’s able to ignore their idiocy.

  • Mr. Diggs

    If they had been unborn children she was shooting I’m sure the lefties wouldn’t have commented

  • Nikechic619

    Yet they won’t blame mother evolution for evolving humans that would turn out to be hunters of other species. Mother evolution also evolved humans that would fight for animal rights and global warming. And they say Christians are wacky.

  • Randall Parker Mba

    OK, so let me get this straight. The people who are always preaching that the rest of us should be “tolerant” are against the killing of animals, but advocate the killing of humans.

    If this is tolerance, I will gladly let anyone call me a bigot!

  • NWFL Conservative

    Yes, can’t you just feel that “love” from those tolerant “progressives”? You disagree with what she does so what do you do? You wish death to her and her family. Aren’t these the very same people who are decrying all that “right wing nut” violence in this country? What an utterly despicable group of people.

  • kkc003

    Most people who swear or threaten on this site should be institutionalized for their anger and their death threats towards a natural event. hunting has been around since the beginning of time -how do you think your ancestors survived in the wild, cave men, Indians do you say the same about animals and their hunting skills? To many crazy leftist nut jobs who have miserable inconsequential lives who lash out at others to try to bring themselves some joy but just end up taking more anti depresents to get through the day for another dull listless life and no friends.

  • Jacob Newton

    There is a difference between compassion and narcissistic assholes who love to act offended and think that the more hateful and intolerant they are, the more compassionate and passionate they seem to everyone else. Low-life ego-maniacal narcissists are the ones who need a dose of their own medicine. With technology advancing like it is, you won’t be able to hide your ego and narcissism behind “compassionate” topics and using backwards logic to do so, anymore!

  • elis zampa


  • Nikechic619

    I only eat food that has a face and a mommy.

  • Nikechic619

    This is an example of people worshipping the creation and not the Creator.

  • Chris Burr

    These same people that mourn the deaths of birds, have no feelings for the deaths of the tens of thousands of unborn babies that are killed each year……They are too stupid to see the hypocrisy…..

    • Summer

      Amen Chris. Best comments yet. Its always those same people that also applaud the right to kill the unborn.

  • Jimmy Williams

    I’m not surprised one bit, somehow this is acceptable behavior from the left. So totally wrong. If any of us said this, we’d have our necks wrung by the left. And here’s a thought/question: if these people hate what Corey does, then why in the heck are they following her on Twitter?!

  • TJ

    How do you people think we all eat on this earth? Have any of you EVER had a hamburger at McDonalds, Wendy’s, Whataburger, or at a barbeque??? Do you not go to the grocery store and get steaks, hamburger meat, pork chops, eggs, etc??? What do you think that is??? THAT is not made in a science lab… You people have no right to judge other people. For those of you that have to bring religion into this… How do you think Jesus ate when he was here? (Mark 6:34-44) Was it cruel for him to teach others how to fish? What do you think they did to the fish? Do you think the fish jumped on their plates and said “Hi! I’m here! No need to go find me.” Uh – NO! How do you think he survived back then?
    But for you people to urge this Olympian to shoot herself – YOU should go shoot yourself. The one thing Jesus taught us was to not judge another person and you people are doing just that. No one is perfect. Everyone is going to disagree with someone’s morals and emotions. But for you people to judge her and want her to shoot herself are no better than who you are judging. Remember what we were told when we were younger – when you point a finger at someone – there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. Maybe you all should think about that before opening your mouths and running your fingers…

  • SabrinaHornung

    Animals are not people! They are not capable of rational thought. God gave humans domain over animals to use them responsibly. Now, if you are a nature-worshiping Pagan and don’t believe in God then this argument is pointless to you. That is your right, but please don’t expect everyone else to value animals like pagans do. If you are a Christian and are trying to argue that an animals life is as valuable in the sight of God as an unborn human babies life you need a serious reality check.

  • Rhonda St Jean

    Obviously these “people”…word used lightly…do not realize that what one wishes on another can come back to bite them in the butt. Now you get to wonder what kind of death you all will receive. good luck!

  • Merlyn Doucet Harville

    Cool off, for heaven sakes.. What do you call the person that puts all that meat in the super markets that you so lavishly eat each day.. Someone has to kill them.. What is the difference if you kill it yourself? I’ve seen my grandparents kill their food supple to put in the freezer and it only helped me to understand that is a way of life.. I’ve never felt like killing a human nor have I ever wished to see an other human killed because of it.. So why would you want to see or wish such a thing on a human.. Get real, people.. Everything has been put on earth for our good.. Use it and please don’t wish death on anyone.

  • Randy

    Non hunters are ignorant.. and happy to eat their chemically loaded processed meat. Go fuck yourselves you cowards. Nice shooting young lady. Nice freezer full for the winter.

  • Summer

    Cory. I applaud you and all you do. God bless.

  • Ginger Mann Pierce

    So all of the hate-spewing intolerants are liberals? I’m not going to judge anyone’s politics based on tweets. I’m coming here to tell you that, even being a liberal (and apparently a lower life form to most of the commenters here), I am horrified that people are tweeting these sorts of comments to Ms. Cogdell.

    Ms. Cogdell is free to practice her sport as she chooses.

    • Paul Costello

      You can take it to the bank — over 90% of all such hateful, idiotic and vitriolic Tweets come from the political left. I’m probably guessing too low, but I’m trying to be nice. Which is more than a leftist can do.

  • Marshall Matt

    Corey Cogdell KEEP ON SHOOTING I Love the sport

  • Justin Hensley

    Intolerant, self righteous, self justifying libtards need to chill out. It’s not murder they’re animals, and it’s legal.

  • Mathew Davis

    Here is an american who thinks your awesome! keep kicking butt Corey Cogdell!

  • Lisa Hume

    WTF is wrong with you people…seriously??? You want to threaten this girl and her family over some dead birds? Hello…you hunt to eat! You dont like what she does and a majority of this country does..then DONT READ IT!!!!! Get a ****ing life!! I you want me and my family dead too? Why dont you go protest and make threats against something serious like..child abuse, abortions, this ****ed up country the president has created, taxes and Im sure I could think of a few other things!

  • James Birchfield

    These are the same types of personalities that take a semi-auto into a crowded movie theater and murder dozens over their “beliefs”. The Good Lord put animals on this planet for our use, including consumption. These idiots need to read the Bible at some point in their useless lives.

  • Jordan C Hart

    They all had horrible spelling and grammar errors, go eat your tofu and be quiet. Until you learn how to spell, and use your native language correctly, you will not be taken seriously. Go team USA, Corey, you rock!

  • Linda Marie Sexton Dickey

    Some animals were put on this earth for us to eat. If you would read the Bible you would know that. As long as what she is shooting is being eaten I have no problem with it.

  • Philip Vasquez

    For all you haters.I hope you all are vegetarians,Do you say that for someone who hunts deer, buffalo or even alligator., or what about your thanksgiving dinner..So before you all criticize her, think about where you get your food.I’m sure you like your McDonald’s or Burger King. What a bunch of Hippocrates …And yes, I’m expecting to get hate mail for this but go ahead

  • Catherine Orso Bowen

    really killing all these birds for sport is bs

  • Melody Canterberry

    @limabeanie:disqus, you say that you think most liberals are pro-choice, but you wouldn’t know it by their actions. They spend the vast majority of their lobbying for pro-abortion, but I surely haven’t heard ONE lobby for pro-life. They should just all come out and say what they really are – pro-abortionists.

  • maria brown

    geesh, how intolerant and violent these comments are.

  • Jason Stover

    ok, how many of you stupid asses eat any kind meat?? If any of you do than you would be a animal killer as well, because you eat them! Grow the fuck up

  • Larry Jackson

    ANYONE who would tell another human to kill themselves has bigger problems than can be addressed here. I am a hunter and I can tell you without a doubt that HUNTERS have done MORE to save and promote all sorts of wildlife than any other group.

  • Carla Supik

    Although a vegetarian and someone against hunting, I can at least comprehend someone wanting to hunt for meat. It is not tarnished by agribusiness, man-made disease, and the horrific conditions of cruelty and torture the animals raised for meat are exposed to. However, hunting for trophy, for the shear pleasure of killing something is beyond my comprehension. It shows a total lack of compassion for another living creature. What right does anyone have to kill another living thing just because they can? I hit an animal with my car once and sobbed about it and remember the awful sound, feeling and emotional turmoil to this day, 20 some years later.

  • George Williams

    these people are Corey Cogdell,pay them no nevermind.I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman and these people make me sick talking to you this way.I just wanted to wish you all the best and hope you take the gold.Keep up the great work!! Save the plants eat more meat!

  • Dean Crawford

    These type of people, those leaving the hateful comments are the one that think their food comes from a grocery store and have no idea how the grocery store gets meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, bread, rice, cereal, leather shoes/boots, purses, belts, the list is virtually endless!

  • David Sneade

    it is a shame when one country has so many weird people . God put these animals on earth for us to eat . You don’t like it then just eat nuts and berries and leave the food to us. You all say this is awful all the time while eating rib eye steaks

  • Matt Noragon

    wow i think all the people need to shoot an animal and eat it. Leave the girl alone.

  • MeriKae Murie Leavitt

    @ CoryCogdell I love you and God Loves you, I am sure God doesn’t condone the idiotic statements of those who want you shot they have all consented to the murderous shooting of a human being that is not Godly…I don’t recall Jesus Christ saying not to eat birds or fish or beef…you cannot eat them while they live…. The world was destroyed by a flood due solely to violence, and corruption, and they say the world will get as bad as it was then, so when these fools consent to your death their cries are brought to God on the wings of angels..I don’t believe in killing anything that you won’t eat unless it is a bug or something overgrowing it’s environment creating illness or danger to farmers or ranchers…killing animals is often a blessing to the animal itself so that they are not so numerous that they starve…that is an horrific death that these idiots would rather see them suffer,
    to me that is cruel those idiots trying to save animals and willing to consent to the death of a human being is just embarrassingly preposterous…

  • Sam LaMedica

    LEFT has nothing to do with it. They are extremists!
    They claim to have this great empathy for all living thiings and go on to wish suffering and pain on people and then say the most hateful things. Its ridiculous!

  • David Sneade

    There will be a day when these liberals will bend that knee and confess with the tongue that he ( Jesus ) is LORD. then they will have to answer why they said this young lady should kill herself.

  • Greg

    How stupid do you have to be to threaten an armed, crack shot?

  • Kathryn Ritter

    It is very rare to get pregnant from a rap, because the female body has natural defenses to protect it. but that is completely off topic. It was fine for Abraham to sacrifice a ram on his alter, but not OK for me or my husband to hunt to provide for our family?? Some people need to readdress their priorities! It is one of our constitutional rights to bare arms…I find it very coincidental that while they are trying to ban our weapons, to public shootings occur…I smell FED fowl play!

  • CaptRogueWarrior

    I wonder if these whack jobs realize where the meat on there table comes from

  • Chad Christian

    I think next time any of these ass raiders eats anything, they should kill them selves for harming something living. You go Corey! That’s a lot of pheasant. Looks like someone is eating good.

  • Angela Marie Brannen

    Ok Seriously….I think it’s a womans decision on whether to have an abortion or not….I,personally would never get one…and I think there should be laws protecting an innocent baby if the same woman goes in repeatedly for them as a form of birth control! As for gay marriage we’re all people why can’t they have the same rights as the straight people? As for the environment factor….the only reason we as humans are still alive is because Earth has decided for some odd reason to give us another chance…no it’s NOT okay to disturb mother nature…sooo many animals and plant life are going null and void because of greedy major corps that care more about money in their pockets to pay off Government officials then what these plants and animals actually do for this planet! OOOPS I guess I’m just a tree-hugging hippy…don’t mind me! And as for the lady Corey I totally believe in hunting and owning fire-arms…does that make me a hypocrite? No it doesn’t because I’m not about to shoot an animal that is endangered!

  • Tj Hadden

    i dont see anything wrong with killing animals because the human race has been doing it for millions of years

  • Dan Smith

    I’d enjoy it if an obnoxious hardcore Liberal would come up and pick a fight with me. I’d be pulling teeth out of my knuckles again. But they’re all show and no go.

  • Gretchen Royals

    I would like to see half you assholes fend for your dam selves one day…You would dam starve and so would your family, get a life and quit being so f*cking jealous of what other people do…

  • Sloan McDonald

    Wow real immature. I do not understand who people can be this way …. the best part is I bet more then half of the people who said something to her eat chicken or cow so that makes alot of sense right? Not really Good shooting
    CoreyCogdell i wish i could shoot half as good as you do.

  • Deb Hoeflich Beach

    My family has been hunters for as far back as I can remember and see nothing wrong with it as long as it’s to help provide for your family. I only hope all the game she has in front of her goes into her freezer to help feed her family.

  • Bill Kapitan

    To all you animal loving freaks out there. Go screw yourselves. I applaud her and all the other fellow shooters and hunters out there. PS. By the way, there are more people who hunt and fish than there are idiots like you and PETA. say what you will, but wishing for someones family to be shot is just wrong. You people need your heads examined. I hope when you run out of food that you’ll have to kill a animal to survive. Shoot on my gun toting friends, shoot on. To all those anti shooting people, there will be a day when you’ll need a gun to protect you and I hope you don’t get it!

  • Donald Botindari

    Isn’t it strange that all the names opposed to Corey’s rights as an American Hunter aren’t American? There fish eaters. What if they were in her shoes about killing fish?
    Back Off and go fishing or something. Leave The American Sportsman Alone, There are too many of us to mess with.

  • michbookman

    Thank you … Know that there are many Americans who are proud of you for representing our country. Good Luck with your event and forget about the remarks from the ignorant intolerant extreme minority that choose to comment on your skill.

  • Evan Anastas

    And these liberal comments come from people who eat hamburgers and stuff like that. So if animal killing is bad then you can give up your favorite: clothes, foods, etc right? If you can’t back up your own beliefs by actually acting upon them, then don’t waste our time by moaning and groaning about them. ” Put on your panties and suck it up ” She is not hunting them to extinction. If she was just killing them for profit and for the hell of it sure then you have a right to be mad….but she isnt!!!

  • impactbob

    i thought we were given domain over all the earth as humans

  • Sam LaMedica

    It has nothing to do with politics these people are extremists

  • Sorrel Jakins

    I would hunt monkeys but what would I do with their Prius’?

  • Ashlee Raven Lockard

    Most of the responses here are just as much a joke as the Twitter extreme responses. You all are summing up a peoples by a few intense opinions. So should I sum up the entire Christian community by the way the Westboro Baptist loonies act? Or sum up all Republicans by the way your absolutely psychotic presidential candidate acts? Or Democrats to Obama? I mean get real people. I am liberal, but I consider these Twitter attacks to be contradictory of the subject, just as I consider most of your comments the same. Replacing one extreme with another does nothing.

  • Dick Babcock

    KILLEM AND GRILEM. Thats some good eaten right there. GOOD JOB COREY.

  • Derek Webb

    — That is such a fowl picture of her… Anyone?… No one?… Bad pun….

  • Alex Gregory

    I should hire her to get rid of the damn deer that infest my neighborhood… Much cheaper than buying a lion

  • Kathy McCovey

    hunting for food is one thing…killing for the thrill, or trophy is another!

  • Martymo

    Dead animals are delicious. Unless you are trying to force everyone to become vegan, have a nice big glass of stfu. In fact, if you are trying to force veganism, stfu.

  • happicappi

    hunting should be reserved just for thse who eat their game. it is NOT a sport—what’s talented about shooting defenseless animals anyway>>>and I AM A REPUBLICAN.

    • Robbie Wright

      It is !

      • happicappi

        is what???

  • Michael Hight

    I can only assume not one of those “persons” would say such a thing to her in person…lol

  • Doris Klafeta-Logsdon

    I personally think all that have made statements of violence towards Corey should be brought up on charges! Y’all are ignorant! Go Corey you ROCK! Don’t pay attention to the idiot tweets unless you’re filing harrassment charges against them… I know I would! God bless you!

  • Cynthia Thompson

    and most of the hipocrates spouting violence at this nice young woman probably eat meat beef chicken what ever and wear leather..Iam from a family of hunters and even hunt some myself wish I had pic’s of a kill to post just to piss them off

  • Dj Jo3

    Um, I’m a liberal , and I support this woman;s legal right to hunt(I’m not a hunter) and own guns9 don’t own a gun) , please don’t paint everyone with such a broad stroke , It would be like me saying everyone that is a republican is a racist, which we all know is not true. The zealots are wrong and only make these threats behind the “safety” of the ‘net.

  • Laurie Michelle Johns

    I like shooting too but I do target practise. I myself don’t see the point in wasting. If you’re going to eat it fine…otherwise…give me a break.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Of course, I’m sure all these tolerant lefties support abortion.

  • Josephine Earp

    I have a wonderful recipe for pheasant!

  • Steve H

    Wait. I thought liberals were all full of warm, fuzzy love.

  • Laurie Michelle Johns

    As for all the hate displayed on here…telling someone to go shoot themselves or that you hope someone shoots her family…OMG. You all should be ashamed!!!

  • RussWrkmn

    You people on the left are pitiful. Every single animal pictured, will be de-feathered, dressed, packaged and at some point eaten. EXACTLY why they were put on this Earth you freaking morons! I really wish they could just make a separate place for all of YOU somewhere away from us normal people. You can eat bug droppings and drink rain water and just be as happy as pigs in sh^&%. (of course right before they are slaughtered for their meat.). If you have ever eaten a hot dog, hamburger, chicken wing or pork chop, guess what morons… Some animal was Killed to make it. AAAAHHHHHGGG I need duct tape for my head!!!!!!!!!!

  • Survival Central

    These people that say this about someone who hunts game, are the same people that would pass a homeless person on the street then go home and give their dog gourmet dog food, which in fact contains meat produces from large companies who kill these animals more inhumanly. So all you people who say to the girl go shoot yourself, you should look in the mirror and think before you speak. One day there will be a bullet for you.

  • Max Myers

    I think more girls and women should take up hunting! Corey Cogdell is obviously great shot and I am sure she is like most hunters and eats the things she kills. I am a fellow hunter and I love to see women hunters. I assume that all these foul mouth ignoramus people aka Obama supporters don’t eat anything that has to be killed. So therefor they don’t eat anything but milk and water. When you eat a burger guess what, that cow was killed same goes with chicken, fish, etc. I doubt you would ever see hunters making such rude and ignorant comments towards vegetarians because they choose not to eat meat…….

  • Eadamore Bugz

    cant say I give one whit or hoot about what the flamethrowers feel or think. interesting that one mentioned karma though. irony strikes yet again.

  • Edd Campbell

    Wow, and they (the left) call us (the right) intolerant, vitriolic, hateful, and unenlightened? After reading the venom spewed by these intellectual giants, it’s no wonder we can’t make them understand the value and frailty of Freedom. Should one of these anti-Freedom zealots ever find themselves in need of food or protection, I would hope that the next person they meet that has a firearm is sensitive to and observes their disdain for anything that firearm might provide.

  • NJ Karen

    America is ‘The Land of the FREE!!’ Hunting has been around since the very beginning of time,, and so was the hatred and ignorance I have been reading. Do NOT TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS!!! NO WONDER other Countries think America is a joke!! LISTEN TO YOURSELVES!!Hunting won’t be something to bring bad karma, but hate and threats against your fellow man??? Forgetabout it,, u r doomed!

  • Guy Brinkley

    How come everyone is talking about abortion? I want to know where to go to get a mess of pheasants like the ones she’s showing off.

  • Tristan Bolyard

    “Bloodshed leads to more bloodshed. Hatred breeds more hatred. Until all of the violance soaks into the land carving rivers of blood. And no matter how many times it happens they never learn. The human race is full of violent, miserable fools.” ~Lauren Bailey
    This goes for both sides of the argument.

  • Lori

    Vanessa Lea Kapusta (@NeSaLeaKapusta) Before you start spewing obscenities at people…go back to school and learn proper English. It’s beheaded and NOT deheaded. Some of you people want to look smarter than the next but you don’t much at all. It’s Corey’s right to shoot animals in the United States. It’s people like you that end up going on shooting rampages because you have NO tolerance. GROW UP!!

  • Jeff Winchester

    Is there none of you that realize that animal population control is important ? Animals don’t take birth control and can eat through farms crops like termites through wood. Yes hunting is a sport but the reason it’s allowed is for population control. This isn’t the sinceless killing of animals it is a very important part of their survival . If you don’t like hunting don’t hunt , but if you eat meat of any kind those animals were killed too, they didn’t die of natural causes. You have the right to express your opions in this country, so thank a veteran for that right and remember what they had to do to give you that right ! We are animals too.

  • Michael Lacey

    The world would be a better happier place with out these LIBTARD MORONS!!

  • 1standupnow

    these are sick people…too bad their forefathers didn’t feel like they do because then they would not be here…hunting was how they fed their families….We need to keep wildlife in check that is why we have hunting seasons…perhaps they should read and research instead of just throwing of a flag and not really knowing why!! Go Corey

    • Doris Klafeta-Logsdon


      • 1standupnow

        Thank you!!!!

  • bepinwv

    More liberal “tolerance” (read: hate speech). You hateful libs really need to get a grip on your emotions. Do everyone a favor and visit a shrink or something!

  • Chris Skanter

    Glad to know “tolerance” is alive and well these days. what happened to let me pursue my version of the american dream and you go pursue yours?

  • Mike

    If they hate animal killers so much, then why do the vote for obama? He eats dog! Fucking idiots!
    I love animals, with potatoes, gravy and biscuts!

  • Jarad Prahler

    obviously she probably doesn’t hunt out of season some people need to just get a life and mind their own shit doubt they think twice when they step ona ant or kill a spider in their house ether like it or dont look to long to many creepers with nothing to do in lif e very sad the life of a hater

  • Robbie Wright

    What a bunch of idiots ! If it wasn’t for state and federal hunting laws those game birds might not have been there to be hunted . They have to be hunted to keep things in balance …if you have never had pheasant for dinner you don’t know what your missing .

  • Pat Sample

    I only believe in hunting if YOU are going to EAT what you hunt …other than that …it dont make any sense to me .

  • PAPhotog

    Idiot left wing loonies at it here ….nothing intelligent to say I see

  • Tom R

    All of you tree hugging liberal moron’s should kill yourselves first….that way you won’t be worrying about what real people do

  • Doris Klafeta-Logsdon

    I am disgusted that a conversation about death threats to one of our Olympic Althletes has turned into a VULGAR discussion on abortion! Stay on topic fools!

  • Bill Vincent

    I’d like to see ONE of these people try and stop me in the woods. Nothing like a good venison steak!! I’ll be in the woods in Bridgton, Maine, on Mount Henry in November, just about every saturday, for anyone wants to come and teach me a lesson.

  • Sheldon Weyland

    Corey Cogdell is one hell of a Trap Shooter and a national hero! I’d be honored to shoot anything with her! If you don’t like her then shut it…if you don’t like!

  • Clay Cooper


  • ColoradoVet

    Do theses people who are calling her a murder realize that the meat, fish, etc. they eat was killed too. Stupid.

  • Amanda Bulls-Stephens

    I would not be so quick to blame this on all the lefties, I know a large amount of people who are conservative who are just as fanatic for animal rights as you claim liberals are. I also know a lot of liberals who own guns, and know how to hunt just as well as our girl Corey does. Take me for example. I will say this, what I read above is a disturbing example of human ugliness. No one, hunter or other wise should be treated in this manner.

  • olehand

    is a shame of the mentality or lack of it displayed by some people.

    one wonder if they eat slaughter house meat or anything seasoned with

  • Michelle Murray

    sorry, but not like they are pets that she is torturing or endangered animals.. get over it!!!

  • Michael Stohler

    Great job Corey!!! Never mind these liberal piles of waste. There threats are as futile as their lives are. There are just threatening to bring a flower to a gun fight!

  • Craig E. Yeaple

    Corey, That’s some great shooting there. Hope you didn’t have to spend any money on a second freezer for those birds. IF it’s too full, you could send me some of those fine Ring-necks. Thank you for keeping the population under control. you deserve a medal for this.

  • Stewart C Baker

    As a vegetarian and tolerant liberal (so far to the left that it makes most US liberals look conservative), I would just like to say that I don’t like hunting, but do not in any way condone death threats to those who do. People need to reign in their emotions and protest in more constructive, useful ways if they disagree with someone’s habits.

    Anyone is welcome to prove that this is just a comment left by a troll attempting to push a liberal agenda of hatred and hypocrisy.

  • Freya Quin

    Hey, as long as the animals are being made into food and being used for various things (not just being thrown away), hunt away. Let it be a sport. But always give back to the Earth. Make sense? Good.

  • Clinton Chrisman

    LOL…They arent making all these nasty comments driving through the drive thru windows or when they buy meat at the market. How do they think these animals are killed, not with guns but getting their throats slashed, eletrecuted, heads caved in with sledge hammers, and you want her to die? a human…you all are huge piles of shit and hiprocrits..why dont you all mate together have kids and then go to Jonestown and do yourselfs in. Talk about a waste of oxygen.

  • Eddie Allman

    You lefties are just plane wrong to say things like that, get the hell out of here with that sh**…. Why would you wish death on any person like that (unless rapist or something to that sort)….. Grow up…. hunting is part of life so F-off…. should a lion kill its self for hunting an antelope???? Should you shoot your self for eating meat??? With your logic, you should shoot yourselfs for agreeing its ok to take the lives of unborn babies.(oh wait you probably dont have a gun you can borrow one of mine) yall have some twisted ways of thinking.

  • Rune Believer

    I believe in hunting for food, but I draw the line at so-called “sport” and “trophy” hunting. With all the modern tech that the hunters use to kill the animals, it’s not like there’s really a whole lot of truly skilled huntsmanship that goes into getting those gruesome trophies. When the animals can trophy shoot back at the hunters with high tech weaponry, I may change my mind. In the mean time, cursing this young woman instead of educating her is going to accomplish absolutely nothing but to make those behaving so poorly look like idiots.

  • Frances Ann Rayburn Rose

    Not a good thing to harass anyone.. but to harass someone with a gun.. thats just plain stupid. I can understand people being upset because she hunts, but the death threats are unacceptable.

  • Mike Crawford

    these are the same pieces of shit who want to silence the ceo of chic filet. amaizing how the first ammendment only applies to the freak show known as liberal democrats

  • code4blue

    All these negative attacks on Corey Codgell are pretty amusing, I mean think about it who in their right mind would heckle someone proficient in the use of a firearm???
    As for the rest of you and your comments you have strayed way off topic from Corey Codgell to abortions!!! Really!!!

    • Eddie Allman

      its a relevant argument (dont kill animals, but go ahead and kill babies)

  • Clyde Jerome Sharp


  • matt spears

    Get over yourselves people. This is what she enjoys and nobody has the right to tell her otherwise. Funny how nobody seems to say it to her face, she’s pretty good with a shotgun in case you didn’t notice. To ALL of the haters out there NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE LIKE YOU. If we were all exctly the same then this would be one sad boring world.

  • Spence

    Most of the people that talk that trash wouldn’t know which end of a gun to point so they most likely will shoot themselves…besides, let one of those people that send that trash find out where their groceries come from…damn hypocrites.. if it wasn’t for hunting, the population explosion would be enough to decimate food supplies…also, is it more humane to control the population or let them starve?

  • Amanda Sackett

    I want Corey in my Foxhole! Don’t come begging for food when you’re starving and don’t know how to fend for yourself.

  • Hope Fernandez Williams

    Typical liberal response. More concern for animals than human life.

  • Bonnie Pruett

    I see no reason for this attack on Corey. If the game is not being wasted, she’s not breaking any laws, what is the problem. How do you people think you would survive if there were no supermarkets selling meat or veggies? What if there were no fast food restaurantants, you wouldn’t know how to survive, but Corey will. So, think about how your food gets to the store instead of knocking Corey’s skill. I am for the right to bear arms for protection and to supply food, I’ve done it to feed my family. Back off people and give this young woman a break. My hat’s off to you Corey, keep up the good work.

  • Richard Seiler

    I always believed that PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. If you eat meat and are offended by hunting: you are a Hypocrite! Someone kills the animal that you eat the only difference is you use money to kill and do not take responsibility for the animal you kill. A hunter has a very personal relationship to the animal it takes and tend to use most if not all the animal unlike those who buy meat to spoil in their refridgerator

    • Bonnie Pruett

      Thank you sir for your comment.

  • Jason Ellis

    And yet again, the liberals demonstrate that the only people they tolerate are themselves.

  • Ronna Travali

    I am certainly not for harming this woman. But what in the hell is the purpose of killing all these animals?????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is the kind of person that snaps and actually kills human beings. Someone who can kill innocent creatures without thought is nauseating to me! But to harm her, no way!

  • Danny_C_1

    …..I love animals, yes I do…..Boiled…Broiled….or in a Stew….

  • Howard Wolcott

    Cory is just a punk gassed kid with nothing to do . Get a job Cory . After Obama is done with this country you will be the one that will be eating what ever you can get your hands on . .

  • Derrick Breton

    Great job making it to the Olympics, a real acomplishment.
    Love the pic. Nice shooting.

  • Nellie Kay O’Reilly

    I think it’s wrong for these ppl to basically threaten her just because she likes to hunt. So what if she does, it’s her life and her business if she how the hell do u think ppl in the 1700’s and 1800’s got their damn food without hunting?!! They damn sure didn’t go to a grocery store for it!

  • Darrell Brown Jr

    Corey Codgell. When your ready I will be happy to go shoot with you. Maby you can show me a thing or two, or three. I hope you and your family live a long and happy life.

  • Michael J. Gonyea

    The picture just shows 1 end result. The actual end result is were the birds consumed orr donated to hungry families if so what is the point of being so cruel to this young lady?

  • Scott Batchelor

    I would only ask that the birds not go to waste. Maybe she could donate them to feed the hungry?

  • oakgroveinn

    Mob? Oh, great. Rush Limbaugh will have a field day. It’s interesting how legitimate some of these over-angered, amped-up posters are (and yes I’m talking about the ones who scream murder and sling death threats; they should get a life). But miraculously, they’re not a “mob” when they echo your own point of view on any subject. Please, let’s stop letting commenters drive the discourse in this country because from what I’ve seen, that is a recipe for disaster.

  • Nellie Kay O’Reilly

    I think these ppl need to leave her alone! It’s her business if she wants to hunt! Plus how the hell do u think ppl in the 1700’s and 1800’s got their food?!! THEY HUNTED FOR IT!! They damn sure didn’t go to a grocery store to get any meat!! I swear you so called “animal lovers” take this shit to the extreme. Grow the hell up and get a damn life that doesn’t involve threatening someone else’s life!!!

  • montanaconserv

    anyone who protests hunting needs to actually spend time in the wild… dying of starvation, disease or being torn apart and eaten alive by a predator (wolves, lions, bears) isn’t exactly humane… idiots. Might want to watch some of those wildlife shows they promote….

  • Jason Lewis

    How many of these idiots went and had a burger or a pork chop that night? Hypocrites.

  • Michael Lino

    Also what a great coincidence, all you guys against abortion are the first one to say NO WELFARE for the poor. So you want to bring the baby to the world, make the woman give birth and then don’t help them at all? Some people get abortions because there are a bunch of less fortunate families who can’t afford a baby! I recommend if you guys want to “FORCE” a birth of somebody who can’t take care of a baby, then maybe you should also offer help for them! OOHHH no sorry that would be to socialist!!!

  • James D. Haeberle

    I am proud of Corey and her accomplishments both in the hunting fields and in the Olympics. Only evil people equate animal life with human life and wish death and suffering on people. The people who said all the above cruel things are the ones who should be ashamed.

  • Jamie Lewis

    OMG!!! people please, she is humanly hunting have you ever seen where your grocery store meat comes from! I am an animal lover and I could not shoot anything but the more I learn about the products in our meat and the way the animals are raised and treated the more I am for hunting myself! The comments are not so surprising we live in in a world where people go out and kill each other for sport why are you surprised that a sharp shooter actually kills for sport and competition. She is not out slaughtering dolphins or whales, she did not mow down your soy bean plant or bomb your tofu factory, give it a break try some humanity towards your felow man. You all sound like evil and very disturbed people. You are worse than her for your comments show you are not very tolerant of other people, your only tollerence is for folks who beleive as you do, what a shame it must be for you to show your ignorance so publicly!

  • Mike Randall

    I am very sure that all of the above comments are from “people” who do not eat any meat!

  • Norah Rose

    All humans are evil and deserve to die! The precious world would be better off without any of them. Right? Or only the ones that disagree with you.

  • Jordan Brown

    “@CoreyCogdell I hope that someone someday shoot your whole familly just practicing.—
    Pablo Honney (@pablito_honas) August 02, 2012”

    If anything happens to her family, Pablito_honas is the number one suspect…

    Animal rights is all fine and dandy but, animals ARE food. as long as NO MEAT is waist-ed then there shouldn’t be an issue. but your right, all you “Anti-hunting mob” should go hug a wild bear, mountain loin, wolf. So that they can show you what they think about your good deeds are doing for them.

  • Kathy Dopke

    Gosh, I guess these liberals eat dirt or grass or something. GOD GAVE US DOMINION OVER THE ANIMALS. He also gave them to us for food. Since when did the life of an animal become more important than the life of a human especially that of an unborn child.. Save the whales…..abort the children such B/S These animal rights activists need too go!

  • Barbara Ford

    Yal say you love ALL living things, yet you threaten someone. YAL ARE NO BETTER THEN PERSON YOU ARE ATTACKING!!! This proves it. You cant fix stupid. I hope she hunts her life away. And some of you better hope she has lousey aim. WHICH I DOUBT!!!!

  • Bruce Carter

    Hunters fund over 75% of the wildlife mgt in America. They are the means by which an ecosystem is balanced, taking the necessary number of animals (as determined by wildlife biologists) to sustain healthy populations of every species. There is a limit to what any area can support, this is called its “carrying capacity” & must be maintained. That requires removal of some animals to prevent overpopulation. Just because your meat comes in a plastic-wrapped Styrofoam container doesn’t mean something didn’t die. Not long ago most killed their own meat in America, still a common practice in many parts of the world. One day the grocery store will be filled with empty shelves & broken glass. As you slowly starve to death after eating your lawn, we hunters will still be enjoying our barbecues. Don’t pretend you’re better just because somebody else kills your meat for you.

  • Paul Revere

    Of course, these are the same people demanding equal rights this, equal rights that, and tolerance tolerance tolerance, but when it comes to them tolerating something, whoa Nelly, back up, no no no… loL. Morons… everyone is entitled to an opinion, and my opinion is they don’t have an opinion LoL

  • Christina Hicks Bieg

    we are 4 generation from hunter gather,3 from the great depresion,my great grandmother,killed animals from her farm an canned an grew her own,more an more of us are doing the same here at home,we know our familys will survive another depresion an or a great war,as will this women here,i praise her compitance,an pray she shows her daughters as i have shown mine,i believe in being able to do more than collecting coupons an running to the grocers,eating chemical induced foods or tap water placed in a bottle,thank god she can an will kill animals,an like it or not,you wouldn’t be here if your family didn’t do the same,i believe in a womens right to choose,an legal abortions are safer than the clothes hanger illegal abortions of my mothers time,i thank god,my daughters have this option instead of using a knitting needle of my grandmothers time.i’m so tired of folks pushing thier unfounded beliefs,ment to increase someones profit margins on the rest of us in this country. get off your soap box,i can see this women ate well this year,an has anyone noticed the none american names on these violent postings,i am native american an anglo euro is my race. COGDELL,YOU GO GIRL! props to you ,an remeber don’t go for the head shot,do the body shot larger target zone,an one shot one kill,why waste ammo.,an if you are smart you will also do your own loads. yay for you,i’m so proud to know you are an american women,whoop whoop.

  • getagrip


  • southern conservative

    The kind of people that make these threat’s probably buy their meat at the superdmdarket where no animals are harmed and meat is plentiful. I hate stupid people. I hunt fish and drive a four wheel drive vehicle . I support the NRA and I am proud to be an American. I wish liberals could find something to do rather than annoy people because they have found joy in something. I would suggest less drugs more counseling. I’m not sure if being liberal is curable but you should at least try. Good luck you bunch of tree hugging idiot drones. Hunting is legal, so is being stupid. We will keep hunting and you liberals can keep on being stupid.

  • Mark

    Pathetic left wing loonies.. if you don’t agree with their lunacy advocate violence. What’s so sick is these kooks value animals over human life. Put it in proper perspection..pets treat like family,recreational hunting God given right.

  • ronalddweddlemd

    Go Corey!! Good for you! Ignore the trash from the idiots.

  • Kathy Dopke

    Of course then you can have happen what happened last week when a woman had an abortion in an abortion clinic in her second trimester. SHE DIED from a botched abortion. So, two murders……wow so sad and she already had a young son at home. STUPID.

  • Jen

    I think it’s hot! hunting rocks and I am a married female, mother of two, and I totally enjoy hunting and wouldn’t ever trade it for the world!! It’s not the act of killing, it’s the hunt and sport. Come on people, HATE CRIMES for her? You should all ask for forgiveness, because we are in a free country, and everyone has right to their own opinions. God gave us animals for food — it’s your own choice not to hunt them. whatever. if the end of the world is coming, or something happens, you all will be running to us, the ones with the food, when everything else goes down the drain because there are no high-end tofu to get from your health stores, or crops grown, because everything went downhill. We hunt and grow our own food, and couldn’t be happier. Maybe you should stop judging others, and start judging yourself. YOU DID A GREAT JOB, girl and I am proud! attttaaa girl!

  • Maureen Wade

    you suck..Killing innocent animals for what? Oh wish I could be there on your judgment day…hey you have any pets? or did you shoot them too….Disgusting….

  • richard

    all you people that hate hunting go fuck your salf the thing is you guys use the web like kids bullying a clase mate are all of you guys rearly that bord that you ass holes dont have anythjing als to do in your day?

  • Lydia

    If men were the child bearers, abortion would be as common as catching a cold. Not a man hater either, just practical.

  • Steve Fragale

    Im sure the spewing of hate, being judgmental, name calling and swearing will get her to change her mind….
    I wonder how many of these people own sneakers; you know, those shoes made of LEATHER? I’ll bet theses same people wouldn’t get upset if Miss Cogdell surrounded herself with dozens of aborted human fetus’….

  • 2011

    Good, she needs to kill more of those flying rats Heck, they should have hunting seasons for pidgeons.

  • Al McCulley

    Thank you for posting,, nothing a great hunter, I love to make Gumbo out of my Pheasant hunt,
    Have enjoyed many, many hunts in Iowa and Tenn, good for you for posting, Every one in USA should take gun training, protect your home and family, to many people are dead before the police arrive,,,!!

  • Andrew Jacobs

    @coreycogdell have my baby

  • David Gibler

    I’d go trap, skeet, sporting clays or whatever with Cory, mighty cute.

  • Adam RedSox

    ignore them! the meats are yummy!!! Killing animals are, obviously, for food and it’s free too. Liberals who kill unborn human babies for no reason, except for life or death emergency, they are the one who should kill themselves.

  • Dave Suchanek

    Yeah. This is truly stupid. I bet half of these idiots think beef grows in shrink wrap.

  • Michael Pohlman

    Corey, Don’t listen to these ignorant terrorists. I’m a hunter, my whole family hunts. You go girl, got your back

  • Jen McBride

    I’m not for hunting for sport but telling someone to kill themselves for shooting animals, yeah that’s a bit much, especially since they are wild game. I’ve seen some of the animals she’s killed and there are a few things I disagree with. But Seriously! Take a lesson from nature, don’t kill just to kill, you should only kill for survival. I think the people that wish harm on her are just as bad as her. :( This world now a days is going nuts!

  • John

    ….As long as she cleans them….. These PETA a-holes have never tasted wild game birds.. & telling her to kill her self..! get a life you jerks..

  • SkcusDahij

    I’m reading this while I am running the huge doe I shot last winter through my grinder getting ready to make some jerky. damn I can’t wait until it is done in the dehydrator! I also have a huge porterhouse T-bone marinating in the refrigerator for supper tonight. I ran about 6-1oz. pieces of lead through that doe before the bitch stopped, boy is she going to be tasty though! hell the beef was probably the lucky 1 of the 2, he probably just got 1- 22 cal. round right between the eyes and hit the floor before getting his throat slit and left to bleed to death (at least that’s how I did it when I worked at a locker). And guess what….. i don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about it. In the words of the great Ted Nugent. KILL IT AND GRILL IT!

  • Wayne Harris

    I wonder how many of the posters eat any kind of meat or use any part of an animal? If so they should do what they propose to them selves. It’s only fair.

  • bompins

    You anti-gun liberal morons really need some emotional counseling. Right now.

  • William Patterson

    I beleive these people are the ones that need to be eliminated

  • LunaSaveLennoxDavis

    Seriously? I’m a huge animal lover myself, yet I eat meat. All those birds can be used for food, it’s not as if she’s throwing them away or killed them to just take a photo or have them stuffed.
    Let he who eats not the chicken wing cast the first McPacket of ketchup.
    You wanna start? Go visit the Trump boys that like to kill animals for the woodie effect.

  • Jeff Ebner

    You know, after the hate spewed comments about our President, the Attorney Gen, the absolutely nasty comments about the first lady, the threats toward Liberal to include gun violence, don’t you think this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Now I fully support gun rights, and I think taking game for the cookpot is a good thing, but even I have an issue with trophy hunting. And it’s not because of Gaia; it because God called us to be a good and faithful servant of His planet. Unnecessary killing is certainly not part of His plan. That being said, I agree that it is totally vile and wrong to wish violence on this woman.

  • Polly Burk Giddens

    I’m ok with shooting to eat and provide for your family. Her picture has a sense of overkill to it…and there are laws which control kills…are y’all focusing on the right criminals here?

  • Dean Anderson

    These people need to take their own advice. Half of them are probably child molesters while the rest of them fuck corpses. Fucking lowlife pieces of shit. She won a medal in the Olympics. What has your worthless ass done?

  • Pam Morring

    HOW bad is it that I am not surprised?? These people are disgusting..They yell ALL DAY LONG about “Understanding” and “Getting along” yet are the first to value animals over humans…GET OVER YOURSELVES!! Why don’t they just ARREST THEM ALL FOR TERRORIST THREATS!!!

  • Jennifer Herman Howe

    OMG…that is the worst thing I have ever seen. I may not advocate killing animals, but that at one time is how we had to eat. To want to a human to die for hunting that is natural is like the murderer calling the kettle black. What part of that is right? It scares me that people would wish a human dead and spare an animal and I love animals, but these are also wild animals. Geeeeez!

  • John Gallagher

    I am no fan of hunting – it’s just not necessary any more no matter what excuse you come up with. That being said – every one of those nutcases who made death threats to this woman and her family need to be “disappeared”.

    I’m tired of the loopier side of the left blabbing off about silliness like this – these are threats that need to be taken seriously – jail time needs to be meted out for idiots like this.

    I am pro-choice (until all those who are Pro life say they will line up and take care of every baby born to every woman who has one they shouldn’t have had) and pro death penalty – pro 2nd Amendment (you want as hand gun for protection – go for it – no need for assault weapons and hunting rifles – we ain’t at war here in the US and no one needs to hunt). Nuff Said.

    • RK

      Please tell me what exactly is an assault weapon? I love when people throw that term around because you get pretty assaulted when shot by any gun. How do you know who needs to hunt and who does not? Many people do it for food for their families & also their are several programs to feed the homeless as well through hunting. Not everyone lives in a booming metropolis or likes to buy expensive crap from the store that you have no idea where it came from. Who exactly do you think spends the most money in this country for the conservation of wildlife; I promise it is not the non-hunters and that is very well documented. I don’t agree with high fence hunting reserves, but hunting wild animals where they are free roaming has been done throughout history and will continue for those who use the meat and other parts of the animals.
      If you do not want to hunt, then don’t. If you do not want a gun (“assault weapon, hunting rifle, or handgun), then don’t buy one. I do agree with everything else you said. I personally don’t like abortion. I am a Christian, but if someone wants to do that, then that is between them and God. It is not my place to judge them. I do not believe in tax dollars being used for these though. If a person wants one, then they should pay for the procedure.

  • dpierce

    It disturbed me to see her smiling by so many dead birds. I love birds and nature, but I am not against hunting perse….for food, not pleasure. What will she do with the birds? Feed some hungry people?. I think excessive hunting..and the liberals who don’t eat meat.. are all two sides of the same coin. The hunter who doesnt care about the birds, and the liberal who doesnt care about the hunter.

  • Cheryl Belisle Tony Belisle

    WOW!! Come on people. Lot’s of brutal comments here. You dont have to like what someone does but to wish death on her is horrible. Your being just as bad as you say she is, if not worse. Why dont you post positive reasons why you dont agree with what she does.

  • D

    Leftists didn’t mind when Al Gore went hunting though.. They are such hypocritical pukes.. There’s nobody on earth more dishonest than a Democrat or Left winger in most cases.

  • Mathew Carden

    people really need to grow the hell up they call it throphy hunting but what we hutn and kill we eat. I mean animals are food have been since the begining of time if you dont like it keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself. Theres nothing wrong with hunting animals for food it keeps there population under control and healthier than if hunting was outlawed by ignorant fools like these people telling her to kill herself.

  • Theron Reese

    these people really GUESS WHAT YOU LEFTY PRICKS IVE SHOT THAT MANY BIRDS BEFORE IN A DAY AND GUESS WHAT I ATE ALMOST ALL OF THEM, ALMOST GUESS WHERE THE REST WENT, PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE FOOD TO PUT ON THEIR FUCKING TABLE! and to think you call yourselves charitable, and you care for the poor, and the stupid poor people believe you. yeah want have you done for people with less than you, have you donated food, have you donated cloths, no you sat on your ass and voted for Obama because you really believed he would make you life better. when all that slimy pig did was make the government bigger and us poorer. We don’t need more government help and welfare, that just makes us have more taxes to pay. what you people need to do is get off your ass and rally with your neighbors and boycott this election go to the booths get your ballot and give it back we need to make this election null Obama needs to be kicked from office and Romney will be just as bad as him. the only person on the ballot i would trust with our country is Ron Paul and he doesn’t have that much of a chance at winning.

  • Dustin Jessepe

    most of these hunts end up with the meat being donated to hungry villagers!! if this pisses people off then i hope they dont look up “the doveanator” that dude kills dove like its no ones business and donates all the birds to the village where hes at!!

  • getagrip

    Its weird… I have read the comments below and would like to know how a picture about hunting turned into a abortion topic?

  • rwwllms

    If it’s not okay for people to hunt animals why do these haters think it’s okay for them to want to kill another person?

  • Robert Somerville

    you go girl keep hunting and ignore those hate mongers

  • Larry Burkes

    I suppose these “humane” hypocrits believe that the meet they put on there table was never a fluffy little animal? Get over yourselves and let this girl enjoy herself as she wishes! I am relatively certain that those pheasants didn’t go to waste. It’s great to be at the top of the food chain!

  • Vince Cipriano

    tell the cry baby fag leftists and especially that pickle puffing tinker bell Levy@ Lulu to go home and wait on their unemployment checks and food stamps cause they are too damned lazy to work and live off momma, rent free….bunch of spineless wussies

  • Wayne Elliott

    Corey cagdell is a true sportman. Keep up the good shooting and hunting. And when the zombiesi the haters can fend for themselves. Lol. GOOD SHOOTING :)–

  • Rosetta Montgomery

    Thank you Corey for representing the Unites States in the Olympics. We appreciate all the time you spent training and preparing for that opportunity and wish you success in your future endeavors.

  • Randy Steele

    All these people who complain must be

    Vegetarians, wow talk about being so full of hate.

  • xyzlo

    I’m a socially liberal Democrat. I love steak, hamburg and most meat. I certainly don’t want to see animals killed, but I don’t want to starve. I don’t hunt, nor do I own a gun, but if you folks who are disgusted by what you see, take a trip to a cattle slaughterhouse.

  • XXIIFan

    We must learn to ignore the idiots that post absurd hateful comments. These people are moral degenerates and too stupid to realize it

  • Clay Tippens

    You people on the far political left field need to shut up and mind your own business and stay out of others. So what if Corey likes to hunt, I hunt deer in the fall. I love huntin. I kill deer humainly and ethically. It is apparnet that y’all think that us hunters are just the most evil people on the planet. The nicest and most down home to earth people are hunters. Have y’all also realized that huntin helps out with keepin the game popupations healthy and controlable? You people disgust me with your bigotry and arigance. Do y’all even reallize that PETA kills more animals than the shelters. You people are just haters.

  • Mike

    Those comments seem to be coming from the young and dumb crowd, which typically have their minds filled with garbage.

  • Tracy Lee Cole-Munoz

    Wow, the evil words that are coming out of everyone’s mouth here is oh so sad. Everyone is going from talking terrible about 1 girl that was in the Olympics and had a picture taken with what she killed to abortion, murdering her family or her….What is this world coming to? I haven’t heard one person say anything about all the men that go deer hunting and love it every season. To me that is worse than what Corey did. There are men who go duck hunting every year…why are you not saying something about these people, or the ones that kill our sea animals for sport or any other animal for that matter. Tigers, bears… don’t kill them to eat them and how many have deer mounted to their walls and you want to throw hate threats to her and her family. Shame on you. If you have killed any animal for anything other than food…shame on you. Then you talk about abortion and the right of a woman’s body….and what if you get pregnant from your father or brother and then tell me you want to keep that baby or carry it to full term as a reminder that 1) You really have a messed up family and what you had to live with or 2) have it and give it up for adoption and wonder for the rest of your life when that child is going to knock on your door and you have to relive that horror in your life. I am really wondering if most of you really know what you are talking about, have you lived an experience? Have you walked in a young girls foot steps? Who made you all God to judge? One day all of us are going to be judged for judging others and the evil that you speak about things most of you have NO clue what you are talking about……May God Bless You All as you think of the hate going on this page.


    Keep doing what you are doing Corey! There are way more people out here that support you than there are against you! Thank you for representing the USA in a truly patriotic way! We need many more Women like you in the hunting/shooting world! Seeing that you are a normal person you already know this, but don’t take anything these completely ignorant and uneducated people are saying to heart. They are nothing but hypocritical fools. Congrats on all your accomplishments. I hope you actually get to read all of the comments that your supporters are giving you.

  • Mickey John

    I love hunting and eating the bounty of food God put on the Earth for us to eat, Love shooting my shot guns,,To those who are posting these Bogus bullshit threats? Just laugh at them. I promise you if those few Dumb ass people ever have to defend themselves or eat off the land,,They will not make it.

  • Ron Berg

    I bet most of those hate comments were left by people that have no problem eating a cheeseburger. The same ones that love abortion but not the death penalty to take out a cold blooded murder. How about we rename the death penalty as “super duper late term abortion” I bet they would like it more then.

  • Brad Thomas

    @ every moron who posted attacking Corey, I value the lives of those animals more than i do your lives I would assuredly enjoy killing you far more as i would make sure that you suffer for your stupidity as i would never do to an animal after all atleast 90% of those animals were taken in the most humane possible way dead in mid flight before they even heard the shot fired. So I invite everyone on if you brainless conformist zombies to promptly eat shit and die as it would likely be the most valuable thing you can do with your life, or even better go out and survive without killing anything i give you 1 week before you kill or die.

  • Polly Burk Giddens

    Did you delete my comment?

  • Jerry Harmon

    I bet the anti hunters think meat comes from the deli counter in Meijer

  • Polly Burk Giddens

    I had said I think it’s ok to shoot animals to provide for their family. I said her picture looks like overkill, but the regulations allow it. People could complain about that instead of to her.

  • Jodi Batterton

    “Mother nature” along with many other labels, are exactly what they are. It’s the natural pecking order, the nature of the beast. What do you think people hundreds and thousands of years ago had to do to have food. Order take out? Wake up people. What did you eat for dinner last night? A combo from your local burgerjoint? How about a nice prime rib? Or was it boneless skinless chicken breasts? Don’t forget your chicken nuggets for the kids. Oh wait…… your a vegetarian? I bet that Halibut was superb. What’s the difference between hunting your food or fishing for it? Nothing… What’s the outcome of not protecting your home and family from the wild animals surrounding your quaint little mountain log cabin……? Disfigurement, painful scars and you guessed it, even death. Grow up!!!!!!!!!

  • John Whitworth

    they are all just a waste of dna

  • Kevin Chandler

    impotant and pathetic liberals spewing hate..typical..brainless sheep..

    • Jodi Batterton


  • Eric James Welch

    Good shot Cory. Now if we could just get rid of the animal wacko’s . For real nothing taste better then a juicy rare blood dripping steak, fries and coleslaw with a Mtn. Dew. Shame on you animal wacko’s for promoting even more gun voilence. Cory is a human the animals she shoots, are animals…. I could see you little wine asses crying if she was at your home shooting up the dog or cat. I have a problem with you wacko’s cutting up tomatoes or veggies but you don’t hear my crying.

  • Veronick Roy

    It’s food on my plate, so who cares? Nobody kills lions because they kill other animals, nor treat them like that. What about farmers? and big chain companies that process the food in our grocery stores and restaurants? What about the other 95% of the population who eat meat? Just because you make a life choice, doesn’t give you the right to judge others based on theirs. Some people seriously have their priorities in the wrong place, and have no respect for other people ~ yet they demand it. I just don’t get it.

  • Sunny Winans Olson

    killing animals just to kill and waste is one thing but being a hunter she probably cleaned and froze this meat for family dinners! You haters don’t think twice eating your chicken or steak at your fancy restaurant do you?! See a few feathers and you freak out dumb asses!

  • Rick Frazier

    What a bunch of idiots. They go to Mickey D’s & wolf down a burger & scream insults at people because their heritage includes hunting. If you’r not a strict Vegan keep your meat hole shut! If you are a Vegan, then learn some tolerance.

  • dp1955

    I think what you do is fine with me . Do you eat what you kill and share with others ? If so then I believe God is pleased with you And that’s all that really matters here.

  • HWGood

    Wonder how many of these haters of hunting support Castro, loved Che and Chairman Mao as well as hating Jews while having a soft spot in their hearts for Islamic terrorists.

  • HWGood

    And ooops, Go For Gold, Ms. Cogdell!

  • Robert George Herriott

    Wow what is wrong with these people? All those stupid liberal posts that are like “Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t get one. Don’t like abortions? Don’t get one?” Hey idiot liberals, how bout “Don’t like hunting? Don’t hunt.” The fact that you people who talk about how “tolerant” you are would wish death and mutilation upon a fellow human being and a fellow American sickens me.

  • Everett Payne

    Who the hell thinks hunting / shooting off a gun is an olympic sport? You pepole want a real test of ability to kill? Send them in against the animals, UN-ARMED! Otherwise, you’re not doing much more than the average idiot can do……

  • FarscapeB

    She does need to stop SHOOTING ANIMALS for sport. If you want to kill an animal then do it one on one combat not wroth a gun/rifle where the animal is a long way off and can’t defend themselves. HELL,they don’t even know what hit them. This IS WRONG but it is also wrong for people to tell her to shoot herself.

  • william l overstreet

    nice going Corey.. Congrats on the Gold this year… To bad that won’t let you cut loose on some of these dumb ass liberals Who want you and your family dead.. I wonder if any of them eat meat, wear clothing made out of animal skin or use any product of any kind that came from any animal… I bet those Big Macs taste mighty good while they are sitting around trying to think of bad things to do to you…

  • Rachel Cox

    hey twitchy have you thought of reporting these tweets to the FBI? any online threats of violence are taken seriously by our federal government and as an olympic athlete she is in public and so is her family and she could be seriously in danger, should someone have a mind to follow up on the tweets. with all the violence lately, these activists could go further than throwing red paint and it would be terrible if no one with the power (like the reporter breaking the story, with all the sources) reported it to the people who could stop it.

  • Joseph

    Hypocrisy is convenient for the great many people who actually could never stand in an argument of their own accord. Why make an actual argument and risk having your point refuted in open debate when you can blame throw instead? Furthermore, there’s that whole circle of life thing where animals kill each other all the time. Is there any reasonable difference between predation and sport where the slain creature is concerned? Of course not. But since they believe they speak for the speechless, they can make any argument from ‘moral’ ground.

  • John Schmidt

    Nice birds!!!! Keep hunting……………. Just a heads up on advocating violence against anyone is wrong!!

  • Murphy's Mom

    Good for Corey! Just ignore the idiots. Those idiots really believe that meat comes in nice little plastic wrapped packages. They don’t get it, don’t want to, and don’t care as long as they get their “whatevers” in their own little communes. Just ’cause they have a twitter account doesn’t mean we have to pay attention to them.

  • Preston Winnit

    I hope Ms. Cogdell simply ignores this pathetic attack by animal rights and anti-hunting groups. These people do not know true evil, they do not know communism, they do not know fascism. Because if they did, they would see the innocence of hunting. All I can say is ‘Haters gonna hate’

  • Gilmer Thomas

    corey i am proud of you. my daughter shoots and is very good but not like a great represent america and the women of this country. you have done well young and i am proud of you. thank you gw thomas

  • Truckie117

    Bet those were tasty Birds! You go Corey!

  • David Hineline
  • Marc Weers

    i am all for hunting but i think if all those birds were taken in one hunt then it was way too far…surely 4 or 5 birds would have been sufficient….

    • retvet

      I bet her take was lawful.

  • hunta5

    You go Corey!!!!. Don’t mind the anti’s they just like to bark because they can’t or don’t know how to do anything else. America or us REAL Americans are Very Proud of YOU. Don’t Look Back just keep on going.

  • Vern Preuitt

    CoreyCogdell I dont hunt, but i think its great you do…I am guessing the birds are not going to waste…I buy a hunting license every year just for conservative reasons, all these non hunters are MORONS…I bet they dont think that way when eating a steak or chicken..Fuck them all…They are not real Americans anyway!! Anyway You go Girl!!!

  • Robert R Holt

    Hunting is what kepted your forefathers from starving to DEATH …. Perhaps some of your forefathers should have belived in “NO HUNTING” and your family tree might have ended a few hundred years ago…. Everyone in entiitled two things in life An opinion and an ASSHOLE…. I’ave seen both of yours ….

  • Roger Shirley

    You can lead a liberal to knowledge, but you can not make them learn!

  • David S. Everett

    I will keep this short and sweet. I do not know where Corey and her family live but even though I am positive they can take care of themselves, I hereby volunteer to do perimeter security patrol at their place. That way at night they can rest peacefully knowing an old Marine has their back. SEMPER FI

  • Robert Hannon

    I think each one of them should go tell her in person.

  • Dana Vinson

    Does anybody else find it hard to take anything seriously that was said in those posts? Judging by the grammar and spelling errors, it looks like a bunch of preschoolers are making death threats.

  • Teddy Widdowes

    Eat what you kill. Kill what you eat. You are a awesome hunter!

  • 3%

    nice bird hunting…keep on killin girl, you rock.

  • Ray Baker

    i think u people should stfu ok. we dont tell u what to do

  • Annie Baker

    if she has sined which i don’t let me ask you is her sin worse then your sins. a sin is a sin they are all the same size to god and god gave the animals to us to eat and enjoy. if she is leaving them there to rot then you have something to complailn about but untill you can prove that you are better then her keep looking in the mirror at your self. Leave her alone

  • Angel Witt

    I am not a hunter and don’t understand that way of life. But as a Mother of five children one which wants to be a Vet. when she grows up. But she still wants to hunt. The only one of five kids who wants to hunt. But you people need to grow up and get some sort of life, being so judgemental to someone else. If she wants to hunt that is up to her. You need to stop bad mouthing and sending petty threaghts. Grow up and find God you really need to be more kind to the people and think before you speak. God Bless!!!!

  • Gary Mutchler

    I have no problem with folks that hunt for food. I do have a problem with those that hunt strictly for trophies. The good lord gave us the abilities to feed our selves I don’t think he meant for us to kill for sport. But that is my opinion and like the human anatomy we all have one.

  • Dorothy Crockett

    What on earth are you people talking like this for? Talk about HATE crimes!!! Just because you don’t agree with Corey’s choice of hunting…what if she doesn’t like it that you do drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol? I thought we live in America where we have the freedom to “choose” to do what we like! But to threaten her family and say such ugly things to her just because you don’t like what she does? C’mon people…where is your heart! Where do you think the meat you buy in the grocery store comes from? It doesn’t just drop out of the sky…those animals are killed…so that you can have food in your stomach and take care of your health!! Give the gal a break! I think it’s awesome that she does this…were she ever attacked, I know she’d be able to defend herself at least!

  • thecyberczarina

    There are PLENTY of lying hypocrites on both sides! As if the “right” wishes for more Welfare Mothers with their Welfare Babies (it’s okay for them to breed and birth, but not FEED their babies). Don’t forget, the same “right” is also against birth control for preventing pregnancy (“not what God wanted”) but are perfectly OK with using technology to fix infertility (wait, wasn’t it God who make you infertile, wasn’t he “there” with you in the womb, when your infertility was developing)? Of course, that’s only if it was natural and not scarring from an STD. And what “conservative right” person is willing to go without electricity? So, those damns are pretty okay when they’re generating MILLIONS in profits for their conservative owners and generating power to light up those Christmas lights, right? As for gay marriage – a marriage is only as sacred as the two people who say the vows decide to keep it. If you divorce three times and are on wife No. 4, just how sacred can you really hold marriage? Is it sacred only until you find someone new and younger that you really, really wanna pork? Let’s have Rush Limbaugh or Newt Gingrich answer that one. When you kill other living things for nothing but sport and enjoyment (how weird does that actually sound), somewhere, somehow, karma is going to slap you back. Right now, it’s with a bunch of folks overreacting. Why label only “liberals” as liars? George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did a pretty good job selling America on WMD (which Georgie then JOKED about how they were never found and LAUGHED about it during a fund-raising campaign). I’m glad those “honest conservatives” find WAR and the KILLING of American soldiers to be so friggin’ amusing! Gag. I’d like to see her “after” pictures where she showed exactly how many of these quails she actually cleaned and ate.

  • Stephen Edgington

    Really have never understood trophy hunting.What sport is there in killing a animal that has no chance when u are equipped with a high -powered rifle and there is no danger to you.To me this just seem’s like a sadistic sport with no real purpose except for this person to try and prove some decadent purpose…

  • momtothreebeagles

    I could never do what she does, but I will defend her right to do as she pleases as long as a) it’s legal; b) it doesn’t hurt me or anyone else ; and c) I don’t have to pay for it!

  • Angel Witt

    Everyone meets God in the end, it is between that person and God. NO ONE ELSE!!!! STOP JUDGING!!!!!!! STOP BEING IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheLiberalEater

    One need to look no further to see what this country will be like if the “tolerant” libtards take control. The so called party of reason…pfft…

  • Dylan Baird

    What the hell is wrong with people? You want another human being to suffer a slow painful death, be killed, and have their whole family shot in cold blood because she ethically kills animals?

  • jobeob987

    The only money that protects the wild life of this country comes from hunting licenses ammunition taxes. Those hating this girl don’t do a damn thing to help any animals. The hunters are the one protecting our national parks and wild areas. Half of this hate mail was probably sent while the were on the way to an abortion clinic. Yes I am exaggerating but look at what you are doing. You are acting like you love life but you want this girl and her family dead. What ignorant hypocrites.

  • TheLiberalEater

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, WE THE PEOPLE need to take our country back in Nov. Ask yourself, “what am I doing to make it happen?”

  • Jarhead0369

    It is interesting to me that someone without a gun would threaten someone who owns a gun and obviously knows how to use it. Typical logic from those who think making others poorer can make them richer.

  • herelt

    wow. so they don’t agree with her actions, that is understandable, acceptable even. This verbal onslaught is crazy tho’. So she’s a hunter. I’ll be she’s a respectable hunter and doesn’t leave the carcasses (sp) lying around – tho’ if it was coyote / wolf country — even bear country, the bodies’d get taken care of. You never know, she could have the animals cleaned and the meat donated to homeless / hunger shelters. Don’t rip on her if you don’t know the whole story. You may not like it… but don’t berate it.

  • Bill O’Rights

    What a bunch of hate-filled bigots!!!! They scream tolerance but call for murdering innocent people. They need to be locked up before they start hurting people.

  • Sandi Brewer

    Eat what you kill. It’s not a sport, especially to those who bait. Wow that quite a talent put food down week after week then sit and wait. Thats not hunting. Bet you shoot fish in a barrel and call it sport fishing too.

  • Becky Bosler

    I never knew there were so many rude people in the world. I think she did a good job. some people need to think before they put threats down in writting. If she wanted to you all would be caged animals. To wish someones family to be shot in the head? Do you have a head to think with? Get out of her life and tend to your own. Or better yet leave and do us all a favor.

  • Paul Kasishke Sr

    There is plenty of room for all of Gods animals, right next to the mashed potatoes! We live in the United States of America, that means we have the right to say and do anything within the laws of our states. Hunting is not illegal or immoral, seriously wishing death on someone puts you in the express lane to hell with a double yellow line you cant cross back over!

  • John Ramsey Miller

    We hunters kill and we eat what we kill. The rest of you, &#$%heads, let others do your killing and you eat the results wrapped in plastic at the grocery store. Go sit on a tack. Some day we gun owners and hunters may be the only thing between you, your families, and a miserable death at the hands of brigands whose welfare checks are not still coming in.

  • Rj Ryen

    Practice is one thing, however, this many birds at once is excessive! Stick to clay pigeons unless you are donating these birds to a homeless shelter.

  • Justin Williams

    1st off its an Olympic event!!! 2nd Who do these people think they are
    to wish or much less curse someone that is killing animals for food vs
    killing for fun. If they actually looked into it the animals probably
    were eaten by the team/family/ friends (or gave the meat to people that
    need food that can’t afford food like the homeless) vs being lefted out
    to rot just for spite. 3rd if anyone has a problem with animals being
    killed then maybe you should do research ( Cows = beef, steak and other
    items = i.e. cheeseburger, and other beef products, Pig = pork,
    sausage. Chicken= well is just that chicken minus the feathers). I
    wonder how many of these trash talking people actually been to a farm,
    or actually knows where their food comes from besides the Grocery
    store??? We hunters ( yes i am 1 and i will teach my kids too) do
    donate meats and other items ( like deer, turkeys and pigs) to
    organizations and church’s that either acook them and feed those animals
    to people or find family’s that need food. Who are more then grateful
    to take the food. We (hunters) try to leave NO waste!! If you really did
    the research then complain to our ancestors (and while your at it
    complain to your family’s too, for the food they fed you, the milk you
    consumed, the cereal you ate, and everything else you consumed. Your (to
    include mine) Ancestors used every piece of an animal they could,
    because they didn’t have Grocery stores. What would you prefer to see
    deer and other animals dropping dead in your front yard, or how about
    the parks, or your local business, because of disease’s, lack of food
    (which does occur when the animal population is not controlled) or would
    you prefer to see them out in the woods, field’s, and etc?

    To Mrs Corey Cogdell: Please do Not let those people that are soo
    immature and unrealistic to bring you down to they level! They are not
    worth it. I wish you the best of luck in the 2012 Olympics, and thanks
    you for doing as well as what you did in the 2008.

    To the rest of the haters that will comment on my remarks (wish i know
    you will) keep this in mind (I have no problem putting things into
    propertive for your i.e. me giving you a mercy killing or your familys,
    or wishing the worst of evil onto yourselfs or your love ones, simply
    for the fact that you were dumb enough to wish it onto someone else!)
    Please feel free to message me on FB Justin Williams from Ga. A
    motorcycle rider.

  • ljc

    All of you people that are crying for the animals have serious issues. There is nothing wrong with not perpetuating animal cruelty (which hunting is not btw if done correctly) But to behave the way all of you are is nothing more than a gang mentality and you need to get some help. Murder her family? shoot herself? And you think she’s without humanity? Get real you pieces of crap! It’s all of you spewing hate that are the problems. Animal cruelty? I think the problem is human cruelty. You people are disgusting. And frankly it’s for people like you that we have the right to bear arms. Grow up.

  • Krissy

    Where the hell do you think meat comes from?! It doesn’t just magically appear at the grocery store and I’d much rather kill my own food and consume it vs. the in-humane way a lot of these slaughter houses do business. Pull your heads out you crazies and THINK for a change!

  • Phillip Mueller

    i like how this went from talking about hunting animals to abortion… simple face is animals hunt other animals for sport and survival. Humans do the same we need to sustain life so we hunt other prey. Sure we could live off plants for the rest of our lives but everyone has their own free will to eat what they want. Animals can do the same. If someone wants to go out and hunt something by all means. Just dont wipe out an entire species and everything will be all right. Im surprised at all the people hate mongering on this poor lady, shes just doing what she loves to do. That’d be like someone yelling at me for messing with electronics cause technology is evil or something.

  • Devin Lunsford

    Have none of you ever eaten a hamburger?? they (as you people would call)”Murder” animals everyday. Cows, pigs, chickens, where the f*** do u think meat comes from that sits on your dinner plates? I am a hunting advocate. I hunt almost every year. I SHOOT animals and i eat them goddamn it. they taste good. Maybe you guys should worry about more important things in life than someone who hunts. F*** P.E.T.A!!!! You will never end hunting as a sport or as a hobby so get over yourselves. And to all the democrats who feel they should post their “ohh soo important opinion” shut the f*** up too. You are the enemy of america!! Try and take our guns, you will be taking them out of our cold dead hands!

  • Braden Ring

    i wish my computer had a liquidate idiots everywhere button, but shit, half of hollywood would go broke, almost all music sales would plummet, all internet business would cease and we would live in an almost nonviolent society with competent leaders.. confused expression… is there a downside besides about 93% of the population being deleted… fuck

  • Jonathan Hakun

    More blind liberal sewage from left winged yuppies. It’s absolutely absurd to see such hatred poured towards a HUMAN BEING, while being completely unaware of the imbalance of priorities. Should a human really be shot because he/she kills animals? Granted, I prefer animals to be killed as a food source primarily, but to compare a human’s life to that of an animal is ridiculous! Next time they swat a mosquito, or stomp a cockroach, I want to see them shot in the knee caps. If animals = humans, then I say insects = animals which also = humans… Here’s a thought: Let’s kill everyone who’s ever killed anything? BRILLIANT. Freaking morons. Do the world a favor and THINK before you SPEAK, left wing.

  • Bryan Laesch

    Who knew butterflies in one’s tummy could spawn such hate. Miss Cogdell, please don’t let these uncompassionate compassionate people get to you. Haters gonna hate. And thank you for representing Team USA so valiantly. American to American, I’m proud of you.

  • Kreigh Steussy

    FUCK YOU tree huggers I was born and raised off of hunting to put food on the table

  • Seawolf68

    this just shows Liberals are on par with the Wisconsin Shooter. All very hateful people.

  • Jason Wayne Royal

    yaw animal wrighs actavists r crazy as hell if it wasnt 4 us hunter animals would starve 2 death yaw couldnt ride down the road with out hiting them and cause us 2 have more health problems so get a dam life yaw idiots
    plus they taste good

  • William Davis

    very impressive work Corey! I am proud you are a fellow patriotic American. Please ignore the nasty comments from losers.

  • Dawn AndJames Clay

    Dont listen to these awful people. Just do your best and be happy for yourself and God. If they were ever to really know hunger they would be the first at your door begging to eat at your table because they don’t know how to hunt. People have hunted and ate animals since the beginning of time. I am proud of you as a hunter a woman and an Olympian! May our heavenly bless you in all your endeavors!

  • David Koopman

    must be hard going through life with that much hate in your heart for someone who has never wronged you……… shoot em up!

  • Shelley Stowers

    She is a great shot, and a terrific hunter, and I, for one don’t feel the need to piss off a medal winning Olympian shooter. Great job Corey, go team USA!

  • Sharon Abel

    In a time when animals are becoming extinct due to over kill, can you honestly call yourself a ‘sportswoman’? When I was a kid we used to have wild ‘ring-neck pheasants’ like what you have lying at your feet, out in our backyards…we’d wake up to their calls….we haven’t seen or heard them since I was in my late teens…I’m now in my 50’s…we didn’t lose them due to hunting…no hunting in the city…we lost a lot of them to ‘progress’. Isn’t it bad enough that we lose them ‘progress’ without ‘sportsmen and women taking large amounts out in the name of sportsman ship? If you want to shoot in excess, shoot skeet! Let the wildlife alone.

  • Antonio Delgado

    All these are people are IDIOTS. They need to take a good look at themselves and their f****ups

  • Kaylee Stroud

    Leftest Efftards! I’m sure the steak you enjoyed for dinner was not grown in a petri dish!

  • Ray Wright

    PETA People eating tasty animals ,

  • Antonio Delgado

    Awesome Pic, Long Live The King

  • John Philip Brown

    Corey, don’t worry about those left-wing losers. They say one thing, and mean another. Keep it up!

  • James Stephens

    Way to go Girl,America needs food and with ammo as expensive as it is we need good shots. PETa =People eating Tasty Animals. I will not graze in the pasture for food.

  • Brian Willingham

    She can hunt with me anytime. Looks like a nice young lady. I’ll struggle to keep up with her awesome skills, hold her game bag, and tell her how proud I am that she represents our country in an honorable fashion, Long as you eat what your hunting, it’s like going to the grocery store without the middle man.

  • Clay

    No one know who made these posts. They could be pranks, plants by the right, plants by the NRA or maybe just a bunch of nuts. Don’t get excited by these things. The physical world isn’t reality and deep inside you know this. Move along, now. Play outside, talk to a friend, make love and leave this stuff for the sheep to follow.

  • Beowulf

    Typical, wishing harm on a human over them hunting animals… Pathetic excuses for human-beings, “liberal” is far from what they actually are!

  • Teresa Bailey

    U ppl r so stupid. Its not like shes killing cats and dogs. The animals r put here for us 2 kill and eat. Im a deer hunter myself. Actually my whole family hunts. If we dont kill them they would over populate the world. So gurl u hunt all u want.

  • Ray Kiel

    Way to go Cory, Just consider the source. most of those negative comments come from ignorant people who have not a clue of where there food comes from. they think its just processed by machine in the back room at Safeway. When things get real bad,and it will get worse. These people will not survive because they don’t know how to grow or harvest food. They don’t need farmers because they buy their food at the store. Do not pay any attention to their ignorance. Very proud of your performance.

  • Pete Moss

    Things are so backward. People get livid when an animal is killed and turn their heads at abortion. We as humans are to have dominion over the animals….so if one is going extinct, we should protect it. I also don’t believe in being cruel to animals, but to hunt them when they’re abundant and to eat them is what we’re supposed to do. Did anyone not tell these lefties that someone had to kill the animal that provided the meat on their table?

    • stabby_kat

      I hope you’re not pro-war saying something like this. I seriously hope…
      Besides that fact, hunting is fine… Trophy hunting, or just killing animals for the sake of killing animals (and looking at their pretty corpses) is wrong. And either way, you must have respect for the animals.

  • Richard Anderson

    Somebody has to eat and the quail looks real good along w/ some T=bone steak. Being to POLITICAL on here, just say what you mean instead of all the BS that comes w/it.

  • Carol Hagel


  • Rick Zimmer

    Our ancestors did this for many centuries for survival. Now it is not politically correct? It is food on the table. Stupid lefties know everything and then some.

  • Wag_a_muffin

    How do you report people to twitter?

  • qb

    Irrational , unreasonable , ignorant people are not worth the good oxygen it takes to argue. Good luck Cory , best wishes in all your endeavours .

  • Doug_Jeffreys

    For every anti-hunting comment I see, I’m going to shoot a varmint.

  • Denise Estes

    Some people are so stupid!!! The only problem I have with it, is the meat going to be used or is it going to go to waste??? As long as the meat from hunting animals is used and not wasted I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT… As for the bunny huggers and tree huggers i laugh at you on a daily basis!!!

  • Sharon Carlson Thompson Cummin

    Anyone who puts an animals life before a human life needs to have their head examined! May I assume all of you haters are vegetarians? Because if you eat chick, beef, pork or fish you are a hypocrite! One thing I am sure of….you are a liberal because conservative people don’t “hate”. We “tolerate” even the ignorant like you!!

  • Coldsteel1983

    What a bunch of pissants. Big people, issuing hateful and threatening messages through their phones. I wonder how many would care to make those statements face to face with the young lady?

  • Mike Foltz

    I sure am glad you PETA (People for tasty animals) assholes value an animals life more then a humans,you ALL are a waste of skin !!! FUCK YOU ALL ,and I hope YOU all die by an animal killing you..LOL !!!!

  • Rosemarie Brody Schaut

    I am not sure what she did with all the birds, but I will assure you, as a parent of a son who is a Collegiate Shooter and hunter, the birds shot are usually donated to soup kitchens. Just something all of you who are assuming this young lady is evil might want to consider . .

  • John Artese


  • Yusef

    People are out of their minds. What the hell is wrong with you tree huggers? The last time I was stuck in the woods my next meal did not come from a hippie squirell selling nut bars. It came from me catching a fish or killing wild game to feed myself and my family. We have been so removed from our naturla instinct that we think food should be brought to us and the hunter/gatherer lifestyle is a primitive form of life. It is life, this is how people have grown to exist for so many years and man has evolved. Pull your heads out of your asses and take a lesson fromt his young lady. As you eat every last bit of the animal, kill it. And thank god for providing.

  • WMEdelmann

    These many twits {I do not mean the Tweets above} simply provide further proof that INTOLERANCE is wielded by the LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE LEFT, not the conservative-right as the leftists so often invoke.

  • Wayne Zimmerman

    Corey ,nice shooting girl.

  • Mike Foltz

    Nancy (the 1% Liberal) Pelosi stopped the water flow to farmers in central Ca. to protect a shrimp that lives in a puddle for 2 days,so much for keeping the farms (and jobs) working.Pelosi,the biggest waste of skin in politics,,Oops,behind Barrack (the community organizer) Obama.

  • Gunslinger

    Lol. You bunch of damn tree hugging cry babies. You must feel so big and bad on the keyboard you internet warriors. Try doing something with your lives instead of belittling others. If you can. I read your comments and i can see you slamming the keys in you fury. lmao!!

  • Jim Hawkins

    We all have our opinions and beliefs and we are all well founded because we find evidence to support what we have faith in but it all boils down to this”Before you point that finger at me, make sure that your hands are clean because your walk isn’t right and neither is mine!!”

  • kman68

    forget these so called people. no class and no good sense. they only know how to hate. keep on and God bless.

  • Pisio808

    I’m sure that these same animal rights enthusiasts will call for those who perform abortions to be dismembered and have their brains sucked out in 3… 2… oh… never mind.

  • Katherine

    Where the heck do you think your freaking food comes from, leave the girl alone!

  • doree10

    Lefties are sick sick people. If you don’t see it thier way they would rather you die. How sick is that?

  • raysmith45

    well let’s see…if it wasn’t for killing animals most of us or perhaps all of us would not be here…..

  • Joel Funk

    I don’t doubt these morons were eating a nice juicy hamburger or a thick steak or fried chicken or fish as they bashed Cory for killing an animal, and by the way, they are animals, look it up!

  • Jody Jansen Balda

    All you weepy little liberals need a good knock over the head with a reality stick. People eat meat and inorder to do it something has to die. Also murder is not hunting murder is unlawfully taking the life of a HUMAN. Last I checked birds are not human. Nither is any other kind of animal. Oh also I’d like to point out that animals hunt and kill eachother every day for sustenance, to protect territory, to fight over who gets to mate with the female in the heard, and many other reasons. D
    oes this make them murderers? It’s called LOGIC people! I know you liberals have a hard time grasping it but it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

  • Sharon Pickeral

    these people talk about karma? they dont think its going to get them too?!?! hoping somebody dies because they hunt is a little worse then the hunting itself….karma IS a bitch

  • Megan Stock

    you people r fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!! shut the hell up, she could actually live with out a store, u people r a waste of oxygen

  • corinastmartin

    Number one, these comments are not okay and promoting violence against Corey is the wrong thing to do. Number two I am totally against trophy hunting and an animal rights advocate. You can’t lump us all together just as we “leftists” can’t lump all hunters together. Most of us are tolerant and don’t go saying that we don’t care about aborted babies, that is untrue and has nothing to do with the conversation.

  • Paul Thompson

    Some people are so Ignorant , The London Olympic games held that competition, not only Corey Cogdell shot in that competition. I can assure you the birds shot in that picture were cleaned and eaten by someone. Why do you think it is so cruel to hunt animals? These are not domesticated animals such as Dogs, Cats, etc. Why not fuss at the beef farmers for killing animals, why not? because you fill your piehole with hamburgers , steaks and such.. It also isn’t nice to make such cruel and hostile remarks such as shooting herself and dying on the bus.. Grow up , you people. Hunting has been a part of America’s heritage as well as many other cultures for coon ages.. If we didn’t hunt couldn’t you imagine how out of control animals would become.. For instance what if Alligators weren’t kept under management in the US, There would be so many that they would migrate to where you live and eat you, I bet you would like to call that Hunter then.. Think before you speak..

  • Robin Ingram

    boy these people would be up a creek if they lived in the good ole days and had to depend on animals for food and clothes, I guess since everything is mostly synthetic now its just the poor animals t?

  • Ryon Wood

    Thanks for doing what you do. You did great in the olimpacs. Don’t listen to these bimbo’s who advocate peace but wish they are what is wrong with this country. Wish you well and God bless.

  • beefrank

    Oh, but the liberal’s precious windmills can ‘cuisinart’ birds, bats and our national symbol, the bald eagle without a whimper of criticism from the Left. Kill the enviro-wackos?

  • George Syms

    It’s quite amazing how shooting/killing animals for sport (and for food) is now called “murder” by those who don’t believe that an unborn child has the right to life. What in the world happened to the USA that people can’t see the difference between an animal and a human being who is created in the image of God? The evolutionary hypothesis has permeated the culture; we are seeing a clash of worldviews and the consequences are frightening. Soon chickens will be afforded equal rights with people. May God help us.

  • sonny1389

    your a real big C killing all those beautifull birds for what….put you up in an airplane and hang for a long rope and we could shut at you bitch

  • Jonathan Appling

    Ya’ll would really be terrified at a gun shooting competitor showing up with a gun. Everyone is real brave behind a keyboard. you should think before you criticize and harass people. This is how pioneers won the west of our country. They had to shoot their food . you would starve in winter time if it were not for the hunters in the family. wake up America. Happy Thanksgiving .

  • jamesahill

    You know, I am so glad this was brought to my attention. These little freaks should go live in the forest. To attack someone like Corey Cogdell show how coward they really are. I hope they do not show their face in my neighborhood.

  • Amelia Latham

    I’m an animal advocate and rescuer and I think the cause loses all credibility when comments such as these are made that are advocating violence. I don’t believe in fighting fire with fire.

  • Ken

    LOL not one of these people are meat eaters. Corey bring home some venison Id like to BBQ soon. Obviously you are very good at what you do. Maybe, like Chenney, you could accidentally discharge a round or two into this mob of jack offs.

  • Nathan Niemann

    These bastards forget one thing Im 14 ive shot two wild boer and a several nice bucks and quit a few pheasents…dose that mean I deserve to die, to die a slow painfull death for doing what god himself created us as hunters and gatherers to do, think about that.Ignorant fools need to learn there place.

  • Grisha

    WOW! I see a bunch of comments from people who are a “poor excuse for a human”! How can u suggest violence toward one species to protect the other? It is like saying “We should kill all the lions to protect the zebras!” … WTF really?!

  • Leo Bermudez

    Pheasants are not native to this part of the world anyway. If these people really cared about our environment, they would support the removal of these alien animals.

  • Bryce Patterson

    What a bunch of ignorant assholes that want to push their beliefs on others. A bunch of narrow minded morons that forget that our country was kept alive at the beginning because the aim of the hunters were true. We don’t try to shut your gardens down and make death threats because you eat veggies. For Christ sakes, don’t any of you fuck ups think before you post something? IDIOTS. Corey Cogdell, I hope you kill everything you take aim at! The best part of these morons must have run down the inside of their mommies thigh.

  • Toni Albanese

    “Of all the creatures ever made [man] is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one… that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain.” ~Mark Twain

  • Frank Plachy

    these people are a warped piece of human society!

  • Buddy Jackson

    Actually, those comments look like they are coming from countries “other” than the United States. If you all will notice they are in different languages & one is from South Africa. Doesn’t look like the work of Liberals or Lefties to me. I think the authorities need to be notified of those that did that. But, probably not much can be done since they are from other countries. I think I’ll send those postings to my local tv stations.

  • Buddy Jackson

    Those people that commented are from different countries, not the United States, people! And nice how this site took my previous comment off…..I’m screen printing this.

  • Kurt Hanson

    Ok, people stop and think about what you are saying… You want to save animals, I get that but to wish people and their families death you are TRULY disturbed individuals and make absolutly no sense at all…. death is death… so killing animals or wishing families dead what is the difference??? I am a hunter and we eat what we kill, because you don’t hunt I don’t wish you and your family pain and death… Its the cycle of life…

  • Aaron Davey

    as long as everything gets eaten then there is no waste.

  • chris

    You go Corey! Don’t let these people drag you down. They are just jealous of your freedom, your inner strength, your ability to live your dreams. And remember all these people have brothers, sisters, parents, and other relatives who hunt and eat meat just like us! Me, I’m an animal lover, but I enjoy hunting too. And some animals I especially enjoy when a big slab of it is laying next to my potato’s! Congrats on your gold, and keep up the good work! Way to represent our country with honor……….

  • Norm Green

    Atta girl Cory, love to see women hunters, and shooters. Makes me proud. Pretty frightening crowd of coward above, making terrorist threats.

  • Buddy Jackson

    Last time I checked “Liberals & Lefties” weren’t from South Africa… people are blaming the wrong group. You guys are pretty gullible

  • 9Spoon9

    When you can’t say something nice…and you’re an ignorant PETA person of veggan…say something harshly stupid. We know Corey probably didn’t kill all those birds on a shooting preserve by her lonesome. It’s just a photo op with a pile of “wild chickens” awaiting a good cook! I’m glad I didn’t have to foot the blll for this pile of eats!

    The verbal assaulters (if I may use the term) are probably from the same gene pool that included the numbskull that was quoted as saying (parphrasing) “I buy meat from a place where no animals were harmed”. No darling, they were not harmed, they were slaughtered in the normal fashion. OMGoodness…and another squeaky wheel needs to be permalubed!

    Maybe if I could locate some pictures with the piles and piles of pintails, widgeons, teal and mallards we used to shoot in great numbers during the days of the 10pt system…I’d post them too…just to tick off these folks! Lest we forget, the were plenty of geese and sandhill cranes that fell to our shotguns over a nice decoy spread as well.

  • Buddy Jackson

    Those people making those comments are just weird people from different countries, trying to cause trouble. Weirdos, Smart people might actually click on their links!

  • bryan brady

    Good shooting, where’s the party?

  • Todd Gobel

    the blatent hatred of hunting wich fed the ancesters before they wer born is just crazy

  • Shaun Strasser


  • Gene Raber

    u stupid people don’t realize our founding fathers had to shoot animals to survive..Has anyone of u ever c a deer when it can’t find food and is sick n starving?
    That’s why they r cropped so there is food for as many Healthy Wildlife that r left..There is a limit on how many wildlife creatures that can b cropped. So..S>T>F>U> if u don’t know what ur talking about…She got the U>S> a medal so b proud…

  • Ellen S Ross

    hateful and cruel and full of grammatical mistakes – but we are the ones who are stupid. I’ll be praying for this girl and her family. May the Lord have Mercy on U.S. all….

  • dawn

    LOL! I just have to say, the idiots on this comment thread REALLY ;make me happy to be a Conservative. Firstly, Conservatives can spell correctly, and our vocabulary is impressively larger than the F-bomb and “OMG”. Secondly, for being so ‘;open-minded’ and liberal, the liberals TRULY have a hard time accepting the truth that animals were put here to FEED HUMANS, and humans are at the top of the food chain.. Thirdly, being a Conservative and a LOVER OF THE 2ND Amendment and of the right to feed one’s family by one’s own hands if possible, I find it quite disturbing that so many ‘peace-loving’ individuals with such a ‘high-regard’ for life would be so hateful and vile as to wish harm or death to a person, who has done NO PERSON HARM. Ya know, I knew I was not a liberal the first time some idiot placed freedoms below gov’t wants, and wild game above feeding the family and/or wild game population control, and I didn’t want to cause them harm…all because WE CONSERVATIVES believe in the 1st Amendment just as much as the 2nd thru 10th…and be glad we do…or your dumb arses would be in a whole new world of “OMG! WTF?!!!” Now, grow up, and thank a hunter you don’t have to share your interstate with the over-populated mule deer or coyotes. …And may God forgive your hateful hearts, and give you wisdom to see where your hate will lead this nation and world.

  • Melody Gossett

    You people have all gotten WAY of fthe original subject. Go spew your political BS someplace else. I am not a hunter, but I am from a family that does hunt animals, for meat, humanely, not for sport or trophies. I believe Corey has the right to hunt animals, but I do think that the photo she chose to put on facebook was not a wise choice.
    Hunting a few birds to put food on the table is one thing, but in this photo she is surrounded by many dozens of dead pheasants. She was probably hunting with family or friends and some of the birds were theirs, but it is a bad display of the waste of natural resources. And the comments by supposedly peaceful, animal-loving folks – they should be ashamed of themselves, hurling their hate and death threats at her like that. We supposedly live in a free country where we all have rights – to free speech, to hunt, to post stupid photos on facebook.

  • boballende

    Are you kidding? One tweet?

    Typical right wing scam.

    There are seven billion people on the planet and when conservatives or right wing extremists can provoke a few people to make a few nasty comments, right-wingers act like there is a global conspiracy to destroy America or in this case, take away a hunter’s “god-given” right to kill small animals.

    It’s funny that no real newspaper mentioned the threat – just a few right wing blogs with right wing agendas.

    They say that 3 to 5 percent of the population are psychopaths or sociopaths or have some other kind of antisocial personality disorder so it should not surprise anyone that some people enjoy shooting animals.

  • Fleta Delb

    I believe that animals should only be killed to eat and not just to shot a gun. The Indians had the right way. They praised the animals before they killed to eat.

  • Abbi Orenstein

    If these people eat meat of any kind they need to follow their own advice.
    with that said, I hope people ate all those birds.

  • Timothy P Conboy

    okay I don’t lump conservatives into one stereotype so please don’t do the same to me. . . I am a liberal, I think gun control is bullshit, I think that jesus never existed but surely don’t hate you for believing he did, so long as you do something positive with it and don’t pick and choose what part of the bible you want to use and ignoring the inconvenient. I am for a womans right to choose but I believe every child deserves a chance to live. I think wind farms are actually quite awesome to look at, that a single trees disappearance to make way for a home will not upset nature however we should protect nature as it is practicle (not damming rivers that dont actually have reason to be dammed and watching pollution etc etc etc.)

  • Ron Garcia


  • Scott Allen Spann

    I bet not one of those Anti-Violence activists have ever gone to a slaughter house to see just how the cow or hog is killed so they can have their bacon, steak, or hamburgers.

    If you don’t hunt then the animal population over flourishes, then they start to become diseased because mother nature causes things to balance out. Hunters help to keep that balance also …

    Glad to see she’s a good shot … Hope no one is stupid enough to have to force her to show how good a shot she is upon a person.

  • Mark May

    maybe these lefty tree huggers should put antlers and fur coats on and spend a day in the woods, and take in the beauty that god has control population of animals from diseases and starvation, herds need to be controlled so that they may strive

  • Beverly Elliott


  • Robert Klampe

    Go Corey!!! Don’t pay attention to the Idiots!!!

  • Maliheh Banoo

    poor defenseless animals….put the murderer corey cogdell in a pillory and chuck rocks at her head until she’s dead…..same with that garbage michelle malkin

  • Jerry Geist Jr

    Ah pheasant, one of my favorites… Great shoot, save me some meat…..

  • Jerry Geist Jr

    Liberals, it is alright to kill unborn babies but not animals for food.. What hypocrite dipsticks….

  • James Lacy

    You people suck…. you would rather go off on someone for killing a few animals for food or sport. But if she had a bunch of aborted babies laying in front of her instead of birds you would call it humane and just brush it off as normal. Your priorities, morals and common sense are seriously out of balance. Get a life and read the bible, maybe you would find an actual working set of intuition. I wonder how many of you so called activists were once with child and had an abortion. I can’t believe the mean things you are saying to this woman, whats wrong with you people. Your as bad as Obama, do away with Americas rights and lets just do what ever is best for the government. You might as well get on board with them.

  • Rickerbilly

    Most of those people cannot spell and have really bad grammar. They probably barely have two brain cells and an IQ of a mosquito.

  • David Huggins

    Hunting can’t be moral or immoral,only humans enjoy that right.I’m a lifetime hunting sportsman and make no mistakes,if I kill it I eat it.I’m guessing since you assholes are against hunting,you favor a more noble way of death,slow starvation.I have’nt seen anything posted that warrants acknowledgement about the negativity of hunting.You must have too much time on your hands or are you a disabled veteran like myself.I would’nt believe a dam thing you say if your tongue came notarized.So,get off your fat asses and get out of Mommys and Daddys house and do something worthwhile,you nauseate me.

  • Aaron Barrie

    These people should take some of this anti killing energy to the doorsteps of abortion clinics. Ironically, a good portion of the animal rights activists support the killing of baby humans.

  • Cheryl Jenkins Potter

    I did not know that she killed ANIMALS!!! I DO NOT support her for killing animals!! But I DO NOT GO FOR THE DEATH THREATS that she & her family are getting either!!!!! We are suppose to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, but HATE the bad things that people do!!

  • Kim Fasser

    I am appalled at the violence & the immaturity of the people commenting! Do you folks REALLY think an animal’s life is worth more than a human’s? I am a HUGE animal lover, but NOT more than a person! Seriously, y’all are hateful! May God have mercy on your ignorant souls!

  • James Brooke

    Maybe Twitter needs to delete all the accounts of everyone who advocates violence against ANYONE! But according to the liberals, that would be an assault on the First Amendment. These people may disagree with the right to keep and bear arms or to hunt animals for food. But legally, they CAN’T threaten someone’s life because that someone disagrees with them.

  • Peter Evans

    she should be banned from the olympics this is not what an olympian should be like infront of kids she should know better she is a disgrace the olympics is about sport not killing animals

  • Teddy Hill

    I’M a Hunter, We Control The Game Population So They Do Not Get Over Populated, Spread Diseases, & Feed Alot Of People, Its Not Like We Are Out Their Killing Everything, There Has To Be A Control Of The Animals Or They Will Over Breed , Over Populate, And Die a Terrible Death From No Food And Disease They Put Wolves In The Mountains To Control The Elk Population , You Should See Some Of The Videoes Were The Cow Elk Is Giving Birth And The Wolves Are Eating The Baby Elk As It is Being Born one Wolve Will Kill A Average Of 43 Elk A Year, Thats A Crime To Me When Us Hunters Could Be Feeding More People Than Wolves

  • Damage6

    What do you expect from deluded morons that go defend the lives of pheasants with rabid passion yet just as passionately defend the act of tearing a baby apart in it’s mother’s womb and call it “choice”. On top of being evil itself personified they are the exact embodiment of what Stalin called “useful idiots”.

  • Captain America

    This is typical of the venomous hale-filled idiocy of the left. Their hypocrisy is breathtaking, their stupidity profound. Get over it you failed “Occupiers” and grow up. You SCREAM tolerance and threaten whenever anyone questions a position you have, but another person’s freedoms are only ok as long as they agree with YOU. Grow up. The world isn’t about YOU. we are all not extras in a movie about you. You momma lied to you when she said you’re special in every way and it’s time to get over your blatheringly idiotic entitlement issues. Leave the person alone.

  • Tarra Flores

    @All the people talking shit about Corey Cogdell… Why don’t you guys get a life. Just because she shoots animals for a living doesn’t mean that she is a murderer! I mean she got the bronze medal for what she does for America for Christs Sake!!! Just leave her alone and get over yourselves!!! Why aren’t you talking shit about the person who won gold… or silver? Are they not murderers too? You know what? I’m glad that Corey Cogdell is an American! She shows everyone that she is an American with the reddest blood here, so yea, she is definitely my hero!

  • Tarra Flores

    I hope that the people on twitter gets this too!! I’m so pissed!!!

  • Lee Carroll

    While I disagree with trophy huntin’, as oppsed to huntin’ for food/clothing, I applaude this girls’ skill & prowess with firearms. Huntin’ for food & skins to use properly has been goin’ on since the beginnin’ of time, and intelligent people who hunt wisely should be able to continue to do so. I’ve hunted & fished since I was old enough & strong enough to control a shotgun and/or rifle, and have NEVER shot just to shoot something. And if all you P.E.T.A. freaks could pull your heads out of your @$$es, you could see that it is actually vital to population control, as well. Matter of fact, I even know of some trophy hunters that will do the right thing, and, if they DON’T want the meat for themselves, they’ll give it away to someone that does, or to a “soup kitchen”, or a homeless shelter, or to a local gun club for a game dinner.

  • Lee Carroll

    Oh, by the way, anyone so chooses to try & take away my right to hunt for me & mine, and/or take my guns away…Ya best be loaded for T-Rex, yerself! LONG LIVE TRADITION!!

  • trp878

    The above quoted commentators are of the same upbringing as the guy in Wis. who killed all those people in the mosque. I sure hope law enforcement keep an eye on them as they could turn out to be murders just as the nut cases in Wis. and the previous one in Col. The quoted commentators here are all mentally associated with the above mentioned nut cases and are also a potential danger to respectable peace loving people. Myself, I am animal lover but I do not interfere with others rights, however push come to shove I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a rabid dog.

  • Mark Lybrand

    What point these viscious, hatemongering, “tolerant” liberals miss is the fact that she is
    able to feed herself and her family if necessary without any government intervention. We were made to be able to eat meat, so why do some people feel they have the self serving right to tell others that they should “die” for eating another animal? There is a reason we are at the top of the food chain.

  • Austin Vine

    i agree with her.. she has a right to kill animals there not domesticated so there free game

  • Shannon Rau

    ‘Tis sad, really, that we feel the need to kill for trophies and glory rather than for food and necessity. Life is a precious thing, and the taking of a life is complicated and ought not to be seen as trivial or something to do for pleasure. I slaughter animals on my farm because I need to eat. If I kill a pest on the farm, I hate to see it go to waste. Though, I do admire her skill and passion for the sport. Hunting is a challenge, especially small game and birds. She is indeed a skilled marksman (markswoman?).
    And I hope those people defaming the ones who spoke out of anger realize that they’re doing the exact same thing. We’ll get nowhere by dividing ourselves along party lines and hating the “other side”. There is common ground in our humanity. Many people just have to remember how to find it.

  • MikenPA

    These are the same half-witted morons who support wind mills killing hundreds of thousands more birds per year.

  • granniesgrunts

    Just goes to show you that Liberals have NO Soul..jump on the “Cause of the week” to spew their may be Abortion, gay marriage,throwing paint on furs, throwing the finger at the White House, calling for the death of one of our Olympians,putting everyone on welfare and causing the fall of the US ..because of their short sighted ignorance.(That is just ANOTHER cause)..Empty souls=anger= empty brains=lost causes…

  • Roger Bahakel

    i’m for you.ain’t nothing wrong with’re a great shot.these same jerks that are threating you have no problem with 4,000 human babies getting murdered every day.WHAT HYPOCRITES.

  • Dawn Birney

    Libtard=Do as I say, not as I do. They were the inventer’s of the acronym ‘NIMBY”, not in my back yard. Libtards are selfish, and would never consider anything that would benefit the majority if it did not also directly benefit themselves. You see, most libtards are made up of the new generation of the’ entitled, all for me, none for them’ era. You may also notice that the name’s of the authors of most of the tweets calling for this poor girl’s misfortune were not likely born in the heartland of America. just a guess………

  • HammerDoc

    It is ironic that these incredibly idiotic people who claim “compassion” while advocating violence against humans, are in truth almost universally incredibly thirsty for HUMAN blood, including that of the unborn.

  • Gary A.Knapp

    I’m behind you all the way Corey!! These sick people don’t know what the heck they are talking about. I wish one of them would come to my face and say some of the crap they said to you, it would be a sad day for them.

  • Rick

    so The Anointed One can eat dog but she cant eat game??

  • alex nahama

    Hope all those people are vegans if they don’t like hunting or the killing of animals, but i’ll still eat those tasty animals

  • Lisa

    Oh no way!! I it so ironic that the anti gun/ anti violence whackos are calling for her to commit violence upon herself. Very PROUD of our Olympians and very proud of her. Ev

  • Reformed Democrat

    What violent intolerant people the animal lovers are!

  • Michelle Lund Sedelmeier

    i wish that i hadnt read the rest of the comments to these stories or this story at all,it began with the vile things that the people were saying to this lovely lady and ended with vile things that people are saying to one another about faith,politics,and parentage. all of this makes me sad. the people who commented just began ranting at each other and calling each other derogetory names and forgot about the original topic.
    i applaude corey codgell for her shooting abilities(i do not hunt) she has trained long and hard to acheive this ability and i am sad for anyone who would wish bodily harm on another human being for any reason(except those whom the law has judged) and even then we shouldnt rejoice in that death,we can feel relieved that ted bundy is dead but shouldnt throw a party for it….. what has this world come to? i am ashamed of those twitter followers and hope that one day they see that wishing bad things on other people isnt ok and to quote @natascha bracale “karma is a bitch”

  • John Crouch

    can someone PLEASE explain to me how this particular article devolved into Christianity 101 ?
    look big deal so she hunts… I hunt, as well as fish, all of these people that shout about her and that she should kill herself needs to spit out the burger that your eating… the beef in that burger comes from a COW that was slaughtered for you to have the meat in your burger…..ok so your not eating a burger ? how about that fried chicken ? what about that bacon(which comes from pigs) sandwich ??? if you are SO anti-hunting then become a vegetarian and maybe just maybe I would respect your pount of view… but until that day comes keep your hate and uneducated opinions to yourself

  • Michael Ross

    Hey tea-baggers, where the hell were you when Ted Nugent told his listeners to “decapitate” the Democrats? Or when Scott Boston told a crowd of Tea Party activists to kill Claire McCaskill? Or when Rep. John Sullivan suggested killing a couple of senators to scare the others into falling in line? Where were you then?

    Oh, that’s right. When a Republican says something like that, it’s “freedom of speech,” right? It’s only a travesty when a (presumably) Democrat ever loses his cool, right?

    Screw you tea-bagger hypocrites, and screw Corey Cogdell too. Anybody that thinks a huge pile of decomposing corpses is something to be proud of and share with the world deserves whatever comes to them.

  • disqus_Yxby5sLAyB

    I just hope somebody got to eat all those birds.

  • Larry Johnson

    SMH. Why doesn’t she get her meat at the grocery store, were no animals are harmed to make it. I went veggie, till I was cutting a carot and it screamed at me, so now it’s just water..wait, there are microbes in that too, and they have feelings too, Oh what to do!!!
    People, get off your high horse and try to live like you preach. What a bunch of moorons!

  • Mark Whipple

    These people are such idiots. Can they not see that their precious “circle of life” is broken with most animals because we’ve wiped out predators in the US? or the most aggressive ones, at least. Most animals that hunters go after need to be thinned. The ones that don’t are not huntable OR there are strict guidelines for how many you can take. Some of these idiots should see what hunting did for the wild turkey population.

  • Jared Darula

    God put the animals on the Earth for humans to use. She did nothing wrong. It’s the haters that need to read the Bible and see that the almighty God created animals for us to USE. So do you haters think that all the crab fishing done is murderous? Or only fluffy little animals get your attention. You haters need to grow up, you are hurting the feelings of Corey, and her family. It is an absolute disgust that you people would make death threats to somebody for shooting birds. For everybody with me, Thanks.

  • Sarah Campbell

    Does none of these folks understand that when you quail hunt you have to shoot a lot? It does not mean that they are not getting ate! Plus what do these people think, that that meat they buy at Wal-Mart is grown naturally in some farmers garden somewhere? Plus commercial meat proceedures are far more cruel then hunting is. They should do their research. hypocrits

  • Dave Gruendler

  • Elizabeth Fox

    Some anti-gun people are too pro-violence to be believable. And all these people who don’t like folks hunting….I can almost guarantee they aren’t true vegetarians. All meat comes from animals. And so does a lot of our clothing. I cannot stand these self righteous hypocritical over zealous fanatics. They give us true left wing liberals a bad name.

  • Connie Dawes

    Are all the haters vegetarian’s?

  • Tammy Rachele Ramsey

    To those of you making threats toward this woman & her family: Where does your food come from?

  • David Haraden

    Am I the only one fantasizing about hunting with Corey? It would be the greatest date ever. a beautiful woman, guns, bloodshed, and delicious PB&J sammiches.

  • Sharpshooter

    Ah, yes, “tolerance” and “diversity” instilled in generations by the left wing liberals. Now, every so called “educated” idiot has to expound on every subject that they know absolutely nothing about. It is the “in” thing now, to be anti-anything and possibly get that fifteen minutes of fame that they can’t acquire with their own accomplishments!
    What ever happened to the “golden rule?”, oh, I forgot, can’t teach that in schools any more, too busy teaching the little darlings how to put a condom on a banana. The major problem is the fact that people,(myself included) can post without fear of looking any one in the face!

  • Kaytie Harris

    Unless all these idiots are vegetarians, do they think cows, chickens and pigs kill themselves. Why is that kind of slaughter ok with them, but what Corey does is not? Idiots with double standards seems to be the way of life for liberals.

  • foogol

    Between the extreme left and the extreme illiterate right.. Both sides should be caged..
    You wonder why the rest of the world calls us a third world country, ignorance..The fact; Third world countries, have an edge over us in their vocabulary, shameful..

  • sko511

    I bet they are not all vegetarians.

  • Guest

    Hunting of some species is necessary to keep numbers down. I don’t agree with the morons who hunt Polar bears for example, but fowl, duck, wild boar – necessary. As for the idiots posting death threats – bet they’re not complaining about how they got their burgers!

  • Heartland Patriot

    I think its amusing that so many people are talking trash to this girl…but they haven’t either the means nor the guts to do one thing to her…all they can do is talk USELESS trash…

  • Fred Scarberry

    This lady has every right to perticipate in any sport she wants to,so if you don’t like it Tuff,,this why we live in America!

  • Amy Smith

    If someone supplements their diet with game animals, they’re contributing to less animals dying than a vegan, as countless animals are killed during the harvesting of crops, and killed to protect them from being eaten by other animals. When a hunter kills an animal, only one is dying in the production of that particular meal. And if a hunter kills a large animal, such as an elk, then only one animal is dying for multiple meals.

    “‘Tis sad, really, that we feel the need to kill for trophies and glory rather than for food and necessity. Life is a precious thing, and the taking of a life is complicated and ought not to be seen as trivial or something to do for pleasure”

    Animals killed for trophies are still used, even when people kill things like lions or tigers. In those cases, the meat goes to the hunter, the guide or to a local village. It isn’t wasted, though animal rights activists don’t ever mention that. I have a hard time believing this lady is just going to throw all of those carcasses away. Plus, quails don’t have a lot of meat on them so you’d probably have to shoot a bunch to make it worthwhile to go out hunting for them.

  • Patty Stuart

    These are the very same ppl who don’t want you to eat chicken or beef because of that would harm the animals but won’t lift a finger to save the life of an unborn baby.

  • Fred Scarberry

    you people need to get a life and stop putting your nose where doesn’t belong.That’s the reason we have the problems we have today,People can’t mind thier business.I hunt and I kill animals,now give me some death threat,but remember,I can and will shoot back!!

  • Fred Scarberry

    P.E.T.A.,,,,People Eating Tasty Animals!!

  • Bob

    Cory Cogdell,
    What a wonderful job you are doing, These haters, LMAO, they are so funny, they sure are not Gods Children or they would not want to you be shooting your gun, those are the Communitst, What they have to say should go right over your head, They too stupid to know better.
    Please do not go against Gods word and kill yourself, God gave us these Animals to hunt, Kill and Eat, These Morons have never ate a good Deer tenderlion, So so good, Hit me now you PETA dumb bunnies.

  • Carolyn Matthews

    What kind of sick twisted person is this? First she kills a huge number of birds, and then sits smiling & proud with their dead carcasses all around her???? OMG – isn’t she just the epitomy of the stupid gun-toting white trash American that the world loves to point to. What an embarrassment to the USA. There are a lot of pics on the internet of her sitting smiling with her kills – zebras etc. A real Olympic role model??? I think NOT! She should be stripped of her medal. She is NO Olympian in any respect.

    • Amy Smith

      So according to your logic, any olympian who eats meat should be stripped of their medal. Do you flip out when you see someone smiling while eating a hamburger or steak?

      • Amy Smith

        Also, pigs are more intelligent than zebra, pheasants and even dogs. Do you cry when you see bacon at the store?

  • Rick Vogelsong

    Just remember those words asshole the next time you eat a steak, drumstick, or HAM. You people are brain dead.

  • Brennan Kingsland

    I’m actually a staunch conservative and I understand hunting to feed one’s family and others but what the heck is she going to do with all those birds, stuff ’em as trophies?
    This is my idea of OVER-KILL and killing for the pleasure of killing. Not the kind of motivation hunters who hunt for food have. I have no wish to ask her to harm herself, but does she REALLY get pleasure out of this rampage? I’m accurate as a whip with a gun, but I can satisfy myself with inanimate targets, instead of killing lots of defenseless animals just to show off.

    • Amy Smith

      No, they will be processed and frozen to eat later. Would you drive to the grocery store to buy a single hot dog? Probablly not. Then why would someone haul all their hunting equip and go out to shoot a single bird?

  • Yenory Mejia

    and all you conservatives are being just as bad as those “liberals” that tweeted those comments to this young girl. it’s so easy to point a finger to the liberals, isn’t it? and what was that comment by Marcus Porcius about “You can kill unborn babies, but not baby killers.” isn’t ALL human life precious? but of course, bombing abortion clinics all in the name of God, killing countless people just because they don’t believe in what you do, is justified, right? All in the name of god! How pathetic!

    • Amy Smith

      I guess if all conservatives support bombing abortion clinics, then all liberals support shooting pro-life protestors. See, I can make stuff up too.

  • irene morris

    wow killing all these birds are horrible how about not KILLING poor birds shame on you. are you going to eat them all? What are you doing with them? Bad bad bad!

  • onewasjohnny

    STFU you stupid righties. I’m a lefty and liberal about guns too. I’d be happy to shoot all of you, too.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    More reason lefties need to be used for target practice. We have taken their crap for far too long. My apologies to those offended.

  • Sharon BriscoeJames

    Now, I am going to put in my 2 cents worth, I do eat meat, I know, I should be a vegetarian, but I’m not, so the meat that I do eat, was a 1 time or another – an animal. I think this woman should really be left alone. Let’s say, you have a rodent problem in your home, what would you do about it? Trap it and then let it go free? What happens if it comes back? Please, leave this woman ALONE!!!

  • Eric Redfield

    I can’t wait until she has to blast one of them between the eyes when they try to attack her and she personally shows them what the natural right of self protection is.

  • Eric Redfield

    I can’t wait until she has to blast one of them between the eyes when they try to attack her and she personally shows them what the natural right of self protection is.

  • g-main

    Vile. I’m SO glad I left the demoncratic plantation over 20 years ago.

  • g-main

    Vile. I’m SO glad I left the demoncratic plantation over 20 years ago.

  • Clark-Kent

    More Liberal hypocracy. What is it, save an animal kill a human. LIBTARDS!

  • Clark-Kent

    More Liberal hypocracy. What is it, save an animal kill a human. LIBTARDS!

  • Phil Clark

    Ahhhh, the “Tolerance” of the left. Apparently tolerance is one of those things they only talk about the right does not practice, too bad they do not practice it themselves.

    What a group of idiots, jack-wagons, and utter fools!

  • Phil Clark

    Ahhhh, the “Tolerance” of the left. Apparently tolerance is one of those things they only talk about the right does not practice, too bad they do not practice it themselves.

    What a group of idiots, jack-wagons, and utter fools!

  • Vivian Coss

    I’m a liberal and I don’t like to hunt nor do I understand why someone likes to do so. But because I am a liberal I believe that anyone who wants to hunt should have the right to do so and do so without threats. Anyone who threatens violence or wishes violence against someone is morally and ethically wrong. They are the opposite of tolerant: they are not liberals but instead are fascists. And it’s my personal opinion that people who threaten violence or incite others to violence are also dangerous and mentally imbalanced. I support this Olympiad.

  • Vivian Coss

    I’m a liberal and I don’t like to hunt nor do I understand why someone likes to do so. But because I am a liberal I believe that anyone who wants to hunt should have the right to do so and do so without threats. Anyone who threatens violence or wishes violence against someone is morally and ethically wrong. They are the opposite of tolerant: they are not liberals but instead are fascists. And it’s my personal opinion that people who threaten violence or incite others to violence are also dangerous and mentally imbalanced. I support this Olympiad.

  • Ann Rider McMains

    God bless you and your family, Corey. You’ve done nothing wrong, and you know this. People are stupid and cruel. Stay safe and be proud of everything you do.

  • Delia Mulattieri

    Hey, I am pro-life and also anti-trophy hunting so I don’t understand what some of you are saying about lefties pro-abortion animal right activists. There are many animal rights activists who are not lefties despite what you guys like to think. In terms of the threats they are obviously wrong, but there are people like that on both sides and you know it. It’s just that some people on all sides are like that. Animal rights activists routinely get death threats from hunters etc. and you know it. So, this is wrong and must be condemned but it happens on both sides and if you are honest for a minute you would agree with me.

  • El Dorado

    Corey, stay strong!

  • Sherrie Gant

    I would assume that all the people so angry at this girl for killing animals are vegetarians? Because if they are not, how do they think their food makes it to the market? And just for thought, wild animals don’t have to live in cages and tiny pens before going to slaughter. Just a thought.

  • Rebecca Hartman

    These comments were horrible, despicable and indecent. It’s so depressing that so much of this is everywhere on the internet where people can leave comments and not be held accountable for what they say. But it seems really weird to me that these wackos are being assumed to be “lefties” and anti-hunter *activists.” None of them identified themselves as such. They don’t sound like ‘liberals,’ just small-minded, vicious people. Why would other commenters start identifying them as pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage liberals? That doesn’t seem logical at all.

  • Martha Range

    Looks like a lot of good eating to me!!! Congrats on your shooting!!!

  • Max Demp

    Hey the Pheasants really look good from the pics. I wish I could be that lucky. Helped raise many of those ol birds. Ah yes. PETA… People Eating Tasty Meat I’ll go for it.

  • Aaron Wiles

    Good job Corey, at the Olympics and with your hunt! Have not had pheasant in a long time. Since my grandma fixed it, and she’s been gone now since ’91. Don’t pay attention to the losers giving you grief. Most of them wouldn’t know which end of a shotgun is which! 😉

  • Cheryl Ann Dwyer

    I AM a middle of the roader, not left, not right, and these comments by so-called human beings is pathetic! Where do they think food comes from? The supermarket??

  • 81117barringster

    Threats of violence or death is a violation of any and all social network sites and also a violation of the law. I hope that each of these posters is banned by the network site and also that the FBI takes their threats seriously.

  • customhulls

    wish I could get on a hunt like that! especially with her!!

  • Kermit Richards III

    To all you haters out there your white fathers killed off all the natural predators in the US with out hunters there would be over population of prey animals who would die of disease and starvation a worse death then by hunting .. Your white fathers also murdered and raped the native people of this country now that was a waste . How do you effin people know that its a waste those birds will feed her and her family for a long while.I think every liberal should be shot on sight

  • Anna Ring

    Holy crap has this discussion gotten way off topic…whatever happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”? Let’s try that for a while and I’ll bet we will all be happier

  • Rowena R Richmond

    Do any of you idiots advocating she shoot herself know what is done with the meat from the fowl she shot. She probably donated them to a homeless soup kitchen so there would be more food to feed the hungry. Did you stupid people think about that?????!!!!!

  • ltc444

    It allways amazes how quickly the vocal nonviolent people turn into a rabid mob.

  • Dusty Schoff

    Are you people kind ding me wait till you have to kill your own food you should try it cause that commercially farmed crap has no flavor cause real food isn’t wrapped in plastic and styrofoam

  • Dusty Schoff

    Yep you dumbasseswill be the ones starving first oh let me guess u guys are all herbivores well that’s not a very well balanced diet know spew your crap at me cause I will hunt you next for saying such harsh words to a woman who is an Olympic medalist etter than all u people can do! Excuse me for venting my frustrations here!

  • Larry Vosbury

    While, I would agree most of those comments are vile, the
    photo of a single hunter squatting atop a pile of what looks like 100 pheasant
    isn’t exactly worthy of the hunting tradition of just killing what you can eat.
    The picture looks more like somebody on a killing spree. And, speaking for more
    typical “liberal” minds out there, to paint those picked comments as
    being from typical liberals is in itself disingenuous. I’ve done plenty of hunting in my day and I’m a little shocked at that pile of birds.

  • Annie Elizabeth

    Corey ignore all those “anti-hunters” there just jealous that you trapped all those animals. you are so awesome! i wish i could trap that much

  • rickbiehle

    It is absolutely unbelievable that someone would wish evil on this hunter and her family over a shortlived animal whose life may well end in the mouth of another one. People get a grip on yourselves before you begin eating each other up! Animal lovers who hate humans are really twisted in the mind

  • Paul Bushay


  • Larry Lightfoot

    You can’t be against gay marriage because that’s hate! It’s totally ok for them to you because you enjoy hunting. VERY, VERY SAD!!!!!!!

  • Peg Moore

    Really people? Really? So, she does something you STRONGLY disagree with? Then, do something about it, the LEGAL and RIGHTEOUS way. Don’t judge her. That ain’t YOUR job. And maybe, those dead animals, were someone else’s food. You ever think of that? WOW! How condemning of you! Last time I checked, that was God’s job, not YOURS. But your words, condemn YOU ALL.
    I hope you can explain those words, when your judgement day comes.
    HE knows your thoughts.
    Oh…and please stop blaming all the Liberals.
    We’re not ALL cut from one piece of cloth.

  • Mary Leader

    Most animal rights people are gentle people who just want people to stop being so cruel both to animals and people. Trophy hunting is wrong on many levels.

    • Amy Smith

      As long as the meat is used and an endangered species isn’t shot, why is it wrong?

  • Billie Welty

    I think these people need to be in jail for the things they are saying to and about her.They sound like Animal rights terrorist to me.HSUS,PETA,ALF,and MFA..

  • Leanne Torio

    Trophy hunting should be illegal world wide!!!

  • Nick

    Everyone of these leftist morons are likely pro abortion which is the murder of babies, but tell me again about how compassionate and respectful of life you are. Karma’s a bitch people, when you wish hateful shit like this on people it comes back to you more than it ever will them.

  • Christine Biggs

    I think she needs to take some action and open some lawsuits against them for harassment. People think they can write what ever they want on here and think they can get away with it.

    There was no such thing as a vegetarian back when we first came to this country, why change a good thing. How do you think the meat gets to the grocery stores.

    • Josie

      I think she should take action also! Don’t let them get away with those threats!

  • Megan Moore

    does she do anything positive with the game she hunts ? like feed a town of homeless people with therfe mweat or does she herself eat it? cause if not she has no business just killing them for fune unles she can use the hides for warmth or to eat or something constructive she should stop what she’s doing.there should be a limit anyway. there is on how many deer you can claim in one season and even on does you have to have special permit and onlu one if your lucky enough to get one.tyhats how i feel.

  • DjPuke RevDamien Dhyde


  • Larry Koenig

    Like all Bullies and COWARDs they hide behind the veil of the internet. People like this are small and would NEVER make these statements to anyone face to face. People ask where the hate comes from, its from the ability to say what ever you want without repercussion.

    To all the Hunter Haters, what would keep the population in check if not for hunting? When the population is out of control there needs to be a culling, or should we let starvation handle the population? Right Now in a Midwest State there is a KILL order for wild pigs. They are over populated and killing everything in their path. They are an Omnivore and will consume whatever is needed for survival. Should we wait till they are like locusts killing everything in site?

    Every year tons of Meat is processed and donated to local food pantries by hunters. Should we just let those people starve? There is more to hunting then just going out and killing anything that roams the earth…

  • Gene Flegal

    people people leave her alone she is enjoying her sport she make any comments about the sport of your mom and dad having your so maybe your a mistake

  • Kristin Saavedra

    So if all of these people hate hunters and “animal murderers” and they want them all dead, then does that mean we should wish that on people who are plant murderers? I mean think about it, they spew this hatred and filth all the while ripping OUr nature apart for their “vegan” salads or their “special nature made houses.” These people are hypocrites and I can’t wait for MY husband who fought to give those people the RIGHT to say such vile things brings me home a big fat ELK so we can eat it!!

  • Last Days Photography

    Why is anyone surprised by the psychopathic lunacy peddled by these animal rights hate groups?

    After all, in February of 2012, it was animal rights activist (Meredith Lowell) who now stands charged with allegedly looking to hire a hitman to shoot, or slit the throat of someone (age 12 or older) outside a public library in Ohio, who was wearing any type of fur, so she could hand out animal rights hate group literature over the body.

    Take their psychotic threats seriously and report them to law enforcement.

  • Elaine Robinson

    I would like to cut Coreys throat with a knife I am into hunting – hunting those who kill for the love of blood

  • Ronson Childers

    PETA–People Eating Tasty Animals All God’s creatures look best next to the mashed potatoes & Gravy!!!

  • LAbradford

    Stop sharing your animal killing photos and snuff videos on the internet, or mark them private, simple as that. The majority of people beyond your little hunting parties are apparently disgusted by it.

  • David Powell

    Gee who is hateful again? Next time these Liberals read one of ther favorite books like the Crucible they need to look in the mirror.

  • AL349

    Corey, you go girl! I would hunt alongside of you anytime. Don’t lose your passion for firearms, they just might save our lives someday.

  • Jo Berry Hogan

    Congrats Corey , When the apocalypse arrives , you will be able to take care of those you love ! Some of us admire you , and wish we were more like you ! I’m sure you would do well with the big game in Africa !

  • marygay chaples

    we have become a pathetic species. this woman is a crack shot and killed these birds ,i don’t think she let them rot. If nothing more some one ate them, why is it when someone does something that someone does like we become violent, wish them death by some terrible means or worse. You wonder why adults are walking into a crowd or a building and killing at random masses of people, because we spew this type of behavior. We don’t try to find out WHAT,WHY,WHEN AND WHERE ON ANYTHING. We just pass judgement and threaten who ever displeases us. The Queen hunts and most of the royality do. well that is ok since they are royals?????? We are our own worst enemy. I beleive that there is a purpos for everything and everything has a purpose. I choose not to hunt, but if i were starving i could to survive.

  • Karina1

    As an animal rights activist I do not agree with these threats against this woman. She represents everything we disagree passionately with but we would be bringing ourselves down to her level by advocating violence. I`m sure the worst threats were made by hunters themselves because it suits them to show AR activists as being as violent and bloodthirsty as themselves.

  • Rochelle Watkins

    Corey Cogdell- not all anti-gun, lefty, non-religious, pro-animal rights people think and act like these hypocritical people. Go and do what makes you happy. We’re proud of you for accomplishing your dreams! You’re an inspiration for staying strong through all of this e hate.

  • Curiouser49

    Is this what they mean by “penis envy?” Just a bit of background – I am not a leftist, I am a moderate, vegan, animal rights and welfare, independent voter – Catholic. I am also against abortion (except in extreme cases) and loathe late term abortion, I consider it state sponsored murder. I resent the take over of the grassroots movement by rich disgruntled women who claim to speak for us all. And, I do NOT like this President, nor did I vote for him, can’t stand Al Gore or George Soros. But, this is NOT about politics, it is about morality and ethics.

    Having said that, any person, man or woman who is proud to spend their time going out to kill God’s creatures for no good reason, such as hunger, is disgusting in terms of their personal nature. When did we get the right to kill, mame, and torture animals indiscriminately? And, don’t pull that – it’s in the Bible stuff with me – the term dominion over animals doesn’t mean cruelty – it means stewardship. I am very sure that Jesus would NOT condone this kind of behavior. This woman has a huge problem and it’s called lack of conscience. She has FAILED to EVOLVE. Exactly who is she trying to impress? Hannibal Lector?

    People, stop stereotyping everyone who doesn’t agree that this level of killing and then posing with these dead wonderful creatures is the right thing to do. Who gave us the right to take away any animal’s right to live their lives in a natural way without some moron with a gun killing it for FUN? You know, this is a teachable moment where your children are concerned, but reading some of these insensitive comments has taught me something – many of you have dropped the ball with your kids. And, I see this everyday in school.

    My father was a Master Sargent in the Army and an NRA instructor who would NEVER sanction the use of a weapon in this cowardly way. This isn’t hunting, it’s just bullying and cowardly behavior. This woman is a disgrace to America as one of our Olympians! This whole trophy killing mentality is sick.

    If she spent all that time doing good for other species – those that we so cruelly use and abuse, the creatures that we depend on for our very existence, then she can pose with animals with a real sense of pride. May she reap what she sows.

  • Levi Rosales Alvaran

    yeah…i agree..i hope she and her family gets what she did to these animals,too…she deserves it more than anything!!!

  • TomKi

    I am a human being and I support Cory Cogdell and her avocation one hundred percent.

    A shot back on behalf of Cory Cogdell: The animal protection people include a fair number of robbers, rapists, and murders, and few if any with any kind of intellectual capacity or real compassion.

  • John Deere

    really nice all you people pointing the finger at Corey. Take the log out of your eye and you will be able to see more clearly

  • Krissy Marie

    Hunting a natural way of life. God put these creatures on Earth to help sustain us. Torturing them is wrong, but one painless bullet in the head is how we survive. It is just a part of the circle of life.

    I’m going to laugh when the end of the world comes and there’s no more grocery stores. People like Corey and I are going to be well fed and happy, while most of Earth starves because they refuse to kill an animal for food.

  • Porphyry

    Hey ya hatin’ losers–you want homicide? Try it on yerselves first before recommending it to others…

  • Elaine Kelly

    I am not liberal nor republic.. But killing any living creature for fun.. is lunacy to me. I would speak out for anyone being killed … babies, elderly., and yes even these birds. I much prefer to watch a bird in flight. I am against this being considered a sport in the Olympic games as well. If you do not agree. then do not. I am however entitled to my opinion.

  • Brenda Antwine

    It’s funny. I am not a liberal, I believe in the right to bear arms, I have family members that hunt AND EAT the animals they kill. And yet, I think that taking pleasure in killing an animal is sick. These pictures of Corey holding a zebra and smiling disturb me. Do I wish her dead? No. But you’d be surprised at how many conservatives think that her behavior is wrong as well.

  • HavocNHell

    Wondering about the logic for some people. Ok let me try to understand this. People are putting threats out on a Corey Cogdell, Because she is a trophy hunter? Ok, so the brilliant idea is to kill a person who is a world class champion shooter? Explain to me how you intend to come out of a confrontation..ALIVE?

  • Devan Visocan

    That was all awful comments. Hunting is a way of life and should be protected. Every single on of our ancestors and theirs did it too. So buck up its not just this olympic lady that hunts; alot of other people do to so just get over it.

  • Dora Gheorghe

    a sick criminal mind will be able to commit human killing anytime. from killing animals to killing humans is just a small step! what a sick fucktard!! what an ugly soul lies under that pretty face….anyway, we really wish her a happy hunting accident! So help you God!

    • TomKi

      That is a sick thing to say, Teodora. Do you even read what you post before you post it?

  • Bonnie Carver

    You think its ok to put a bullet to a human or kill her family?????Now really, unless you are a vegan and you have nothing made of leather……think……

  • Kira Joy

    Corey Cogdell die in pain !

  • Darren Davison

    I understand why all the upset. We all have to eat beef that came from one of many huge pens where the stock wallows knee high in excrement all it’s life. They drag out one after another and pop them in the head with an air propelled spike, or just hit them in the head with a hammer. Everyday so many carcasses are butchered that cross contamination is unavoidable, or detectable. So people die a slow death and another recall of millions of pounds of ground beef is made. Every time you eat a hamburger it could kill you. It’s a CRAP shoot! Oh wait it’s a DUCK SHOOT! Hehe. I’m not happy either. I have to eat crap and these people get to go out and get fresh, clean, natural food! I guess that’s what you get when you pay somebody else do your dirty work!
    She shoots ducks. So what. I’m sure they don’t go to waste. And there is certainly no shortage of ducks. They may as well be a bunch of chickens! Threatening violence because a person secures their food legally with a weapon is ignorance for you reap what you sow. You should be ashamed. God forgive you.

  • Sheila Greer

    If the hunting is used for food consumption then there is nothing wrong with it.

  • James White

    She (Corey) is also very talented! Which I can say doesn’t apply to most if not all of you “anbti” bitches and guys. Get a life!!!

  • KevinVA

    “I’m against hunting! I buy my meat at the supermarket!” – Typical Liberal Retard

  • Teresa Bright-Trujillo

    just because she hunts doesnt make her a murderer..Hunting has gone on from the begining of time…and will continue because we all have to eat..what you eat is your preface those of you wishing any one pain or death really needs to get with GOD and start worrying about the people that kill babies and other people..

  • Carrie Anne Colby

    It’s unfortunate that you have the tools criticize yet you can spell truly. Trully sad.

  • LaNita Long

    Looks like the conversation got away from the issue there. The issue is hateful people making threatening comments to this individual. My question would be where do they get their food? Is everyone who is posting the hateful and threatening comments to this girl and her family vegetarians? Quite frankly I would rather get my food/meat by hunting it. At least when you go out into the wilderness to hunt the food the animal stands a better chance than those animals that are killed in the slaughter houses. So which would you prefer; to hunt humanely in the wilderness or go cellophane hunting in the grocery store for meat? Just asking is all. And for the record I am a conservative and I do hunt and fish.

  • Lee Helle

    I’ve hunted and fished to put food on the table since the age of 12 “1947” there are game farms that you can kill birds for the sport, however these people are not hunters. I fail to understand why someone would pose in a picture of dead birds. I’m not surprised that quite a few people are upset over the photo. Would there be a difference if instead of dead birds it was a pile of cats and or dogs?

  • Rick Criswell

    these people need to learn where their meat comes from. Wild game tastes & is nutritionally better for the human body. WHAT AN IMPRESSIVE HUNT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NotInMyDiscipline

    I want the right to hunt delusional Christians and Lions. Just wipe out the left and the right so the people in the middle are left. The ones who couldn’t give a crap about hunting as long as its rationally moderate. Totally up to you if you want to use a shotgun, assault rifle, slingshot or a grenade. As long as there’s stuff for the next guy to hunt without wondering if there will be anything left is fine by me.

    Personally, I say abort a child if it saves the life of a mother and spares the child a terrible short life of suffering. Lets do it. If you can save that childs life by lopping the balls off the last black rhino then lets do it.

  • abeloneill

    Rather than wish harm upon her and her family, should you not pray for her misguided soul? A disgraceful display of hate for someone different than yourselves.
    Additionally, threats on a person’s life should be taken serious and prosecuted regardless of the format.

  • soon2beam

    WHY would she kill THAT many birds at once? Is it legal? is it moral? Is it NECCESSARY ???

    P.S. Like to see those cit-tee-huggers EAT when the oil gets scarce. DON’T come around in the country thinking you’ll get an easy feed. It’s our HOGS that will have the easy feed: YOU.

  • Joseph Gurba

    ‘Animal murder’, that’s funny. You can’t murder an animal, because by definition murder is the killing of a human being. People are stupid.

  • govstench

    I guess the bigger question that no one has asked is where does this game food end up? How about a food bank or even sold to area restaurants. Go to chinese restaurants and there are always duck entries offered. The lefties are on a rant which is sad. Someday they may actually open their eyes and see reality.