Longtime Howard Stern fan/sidekick “Captain Janks” called in to KUSA-TV posing as police officer “Chief Oates.” He falsely claimed that a fifteenth victim died as a result of last night’s shootings.

“He was actually very angry,” Janks said of the purported shooting victim, “because he lost on America’s Got Talent and Howard Stern voted him down.”

Howard Stern has long argued that prank calls such as this one serve a social purpose by exposing the media’s lax quality controls.

A few Stern fans spoke out in support of Janks:


Most Twitter users, however, felt the prank was in incredibly poor taste:


Janks’ prank serves as a useful reminder that Stern’s lovable persona on America’s Got Talent is very different from his vulgar persona on radio. Stern can’t be too pleased with such tragedy-exploiting antics, but he can no more disown his entourage than he can disown his own shadow.

  • Bristel

    I do doubt that Howard Stern is the kind of man to support this thing, but he was right previously about pointing out flaws in reporting and fact finding. I guess this is one of those terrible things that we learn from, although this is no time to be pranking people whatsoever. This Captain Janks loser can choke on a big one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Powell/514639011 Jim Powell

    If you encourage anarchy and social disfunction, live with the results.

  • Mark_Trail

    Just a reminder about stars falling from heaven, Howard: that’s how we got Satan… and, oh, right, “Satan doesn’t exist”….dream on, and wake up to the nightmare around you. “Joke’s on you!” (Sign at the Gates of Hell)

  • http://twitter.com/defcon888 defcon888

    thank God that jackwad Howard is on Satellite……he is why I don’t watch AGT.

  • JJ Robinson

    Both of them need their balls cut off…

    • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

      “Allahu akbar!” That’s what you sound like.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jebob.lebore Jacob LeBore

    society will always have its twisted little maggots. maybe the biggest travesty is giving a weasely nebbish like jenks or stern one second of publicity.

    • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

      No, the biggest tragedy is presenting a guy you haven’t vetted as the chief of police, even though anybody with ears knows it isn’t him. Oh, but it’s Janks’ fault the news agencies are so desperate for ratings they’ll buy any blatant fraud.

  • Michael Smith

    What a piece of shit; I think everyone should ban “The Stern Show” “Shows” And as for the question he won’t support it once he finds out what the responce is.

  • Jeff Dobyns

    Janks doesn’t work for Howard Stern in any way, shape, or form. He is not Howard’s “sidekick.”

    • A. Veritas

      I don’t watch, listen to or remotely care about stern but if this little piece of crap moron prankster is a regular on stern’s show presenting his sort of ‘entertainment’ for the show in any way, even if not receiving compensation for it, then there is a legal business relationship there and stern is a beneficiary of it. He is then technically working for stern if this is the case, sidekick or not. This idiot also just admitted to committing a felony by calling a police station under false pretenses and impersonating a police officer. I would very much like to see a televised broadcast of his arrest soon.

      • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

        Eat a dick, scumbag. He called to expose the media’s complete disregard for accuracy and he was proven right. He doesn’t even sound like the chief of police, but they bought it anyway.

        • Joe Eschman

          How do you “sound like a chief of police”? …. dumbass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/KaosKlerik Michael Welch

    Back in the early 80’s Howard Stern called up Air Florida the day after one of their planes hit the 14th St Bridge before going into the Potomac River in January. A bunch of people died including at least 1 on the bridge..He asked how much it would be for a oneway flight to the 14th St Bridge, then started harrassing the ticker seller when she called him sick. It got him kicked off DC-101.

    He may not have put this guy up to it but he probably would have if he’d known.


    Stern is a predictable bore; always has been. Guess those who listen to the idiot are as predictable and boring as he.

  • atopic

    I’ve been told that I should be angry because a Howard Stern fan made a prank call on the news, so I’m going to go on message boards and call them names, wish them harm, and repeat some out of context political soundbytes. That will show everybody what a good Christian American I am.

    • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

      Don’t forget to call for their long, drawn out, torturous execution and describe it in graphic detail. Praise American Allah.

  • Paul Cusumano

    Really pathetic that Howard Stern’s goon has to resort to making fun of people who were just brutally murdered in order to get this washed-up has-been narcissist Stern the attention he so desperately seeks. This crap just isn’t funny…period. Karma will get you, “Captain Janks,” you EFFING LOSER! And by giving this idiot air time, Stern is just as guilty. I can’t stand either one of them. Stern hasn’t been relevant or funny in over 15 years. He “jumped the shark” when he shamelessly promoted his movie which bombed in the box office, leaving much deserved egg on his ugly face. I used to listen to his show and thought he was funny…but then I graduated from Jr. High. This is beyond despicable. I hope he and Janks rot in hell together; then WE can all have a good laugh too.

  • FunnyFaceKing

    What’s sick is how the broadcasters at KUSA falsely stated he was the Chief of Police with no vetting whatsoever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/FREEJAC64 James A Chemelli

    Come on Howard Stern was the first one to make jokes about the Shuttle disaster. I bet he condones this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

    Howard Stern hasn’t met a line he couldn’t knowingly cross and make some cash on it. His joke is inappropriate and could almost be a felony for impersonating a police officer. He played a song in tribute to Selena and then the punchline was gun shots, that even got Linda Rondstadt pissed off and she’s way out there in looney left field. No more AMT after that for me, it’s up to others to see his mask is slipping and he is past-tense. Absolutely inappropriate and uncalled for, there is NO humor in this tragedy at all.

    • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

      Did you even read the article, numbnuts? Howard Stern didn’t call and impersonate a police officer. Captain Janks did.

      • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

        At least I have a pair you neutered moron. Captain Jenks is a contributor to the Howard Stern show and that means Howard being the one in control takes full responsibility for not screening the prank before it went on the air on his program. You really are stupid for thinking Howard is blameless. He signs the checks he calls the shots even inappropriate ones. Need I remind you of the very inappropriate joke made at the expense of Selena and how she was shot and killed and he played her music on his show and followed up with gunshot sounds. So you need to open your eyes on your pathetic hero-worship and realize Stern capitalizes on tragedy to make ratings and money.

  • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

    Why is everybody whining about Captain Janks? You should be concerned that the stations accepted him as the chief of police with NO VETTING WHATSOEVER. That’s the point he was making.

  • Kyle

    Janks is a fag who likes to receive dick up the ass. I hope his mother dies in car wreck so we can troll her funeral.

  • Kyle

    Janks is a fag who likes to receive dick up the ass. I hope his mother dies in car wreck so we can troll her funeral.