Tonight, liberal Twitter users are openly advocating the assassination of Gov. Scott Walker:

They are also threatening Gov. Walker’s wife and son:

This is not the first time Gov. Scott Walker and other Wisconsin Republicans have had to deal with death threats and other threats of violence.

Flashback: It was a Democratic congressman who exhorted progressives to “get a little bloody” in the Wisconsin battle.

Paging the civility police…

Update: Milwaukee Police Department says it’s evaluating threats made against Gov. Scott Walker

  • Bryan Thomas

    Not surprised.

  • Citizen_Jerry

    Aren’t death threats a violation of Twitter’s terms of service? Just wondering.

    • Mat

      Sadly, they aren’t. I went to Twitter when I had threats thrown my way. They said that opinions are allowed on Twitter. “If you don’t like what they say, just block them.”

      I wish I were kidding.

      • pinkelephant22

        Except say something similar about Obama and someone will be knocking on the door to have a chat. Remember Ted Nugent a few weeks ago? And that was mild in comparison to the evil horsesh!t above.

        • AaronHarrisinAlaska

          Mild? He didn’t even threaten him, just made a comment about him being dead.

          • pinkelephant22

            You’re right — wrong term used on my part, but you got my general point

          • elle

            1% such as Hollywood elites? GE pal? GE bank charges HUGE interest rates on their credit.

          • Play Righter

            I believe Nugent said that he (Nugent) would either be in jail or dead. He wasn’t referring to the status of Obama.

          • AaronHarrisinAlaska

            You’re right. My mistake. Exact quote was “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” He was in fact referring to his own life status, not Obama’s.

          • Play Righter

            It does make one wonder why that was considered a “threat”.

      • anAmericanMom

        Try that about Obama .. so what makes Obama different.. I mean is is the instigator in chief after all.

        • Paul Kin

          Tom Barrett was not even part of that demographic and the threats of violence are pouring in after his loss. Makes one wonder what it will be like when Obama looses.

    • Shol’va 8-1189

      Of course they aren’t. But asking POTUS a question is obviously warrant for being marked as spam to be kicked off

      • SideTraKd

        Hell, even retweeting one of the questions was enough for liberals to use lame spamblock attacks.

      • lew418

        POTUS? NO. POS? Yes.

    • RanierWest

      yea, Twitter will get right on that! @KillZimmerman

    • elle!/SoIcyNappy

      This guy is threatening Walker, “Whites” and beatings at the State Fair.

      • Mike Jones

        We’re armed this year.

    • steveegg

      Only if they’re directed against liberals.

    • DixT

      Death threats ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY BY THE FCC AND THE FBI, but since most are from blacks, I doubt that will happen!

      • Whodat1

        Eric Holder and the Dept. of Injustice has just deemed, “Nothing to see here people”.

      • animal-lover/lib-hater

        Yeah and isn’t it funny—those are the ones most likely to actually follow THROUGH on their threats!

    • fbo1948


    • Askush

      Not if they are against conservatives

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      No, but having an IQ above freezing is, so everything’s fine.

  • K

    Death threats warrant arrest in my opinion.

    • RanierWest

      be sure to embed those hate tweets. screen capture some yourself.

      • Jesse Malkin

        they are curated here forever, even if the authors delete them.

    • Reno Buchanan

      And spend more of my tax dollars to house and feed them? No thanks. Just cut off their gubment goodies and let them fend for themselves. That’s the only true way to make them like us.

    • GLENN

      if those threats were made against a democrat, you can bet you hindquarters the fed would be all over that.

      • Streetiebird

        Maybe you missed where a Breitbart blogger called for a woman’s death saying “She should be murdered” directly on the Breitbart site, not a tweet. Nothing came of it.

  • weRbroke

    people need to just report their “threats” to twitter.

  • Joe Mama

    I feel dumber for having read those. I’m surprised those idiots can figure out how to use twitter. Ima dun.

  • SWalkerTTU

    It’s a little late for cons to play the “civility” card; twenty years too late, as I reckon.

  • Shol’va 8-1189

    Can you only imagine what would happen had Conservatives said any of that to Obama after the 2008 election?

    • Jugears McGhetto Jr

      This is what:) “Knock knock knock bammmmmm..freeze, you’re under arrest, drop that twinkie kid…. hello we’re the government and we’re here to help!!” ;(

      • Whodat1

        “Oh my God! He has a 16oz soda!” Blam! Blam!

  • KristinaMae

    Ummmmm didn’t they blame Sarah Palin for a terrible shooting when she used cross hairs? What a bunch of idiots.

  • Guest

    That whole #NewTone didn’t last too long, did it?

  • Michelle Carter

    so if you can’t spell… you issue death threats? Next agenda item for all governors, Must make voters pass test to vote!! And obviously these are not real threats. They are just angry ppl. Don’t be wussy’s conservatives. Don’t stoop

    • elle

      Not real threats huh? Would you like these to be said about your family? Yourself?

    • doug

      How do you know they’re not “real threats”? Because you are so much smarter than everyone else?

  • Cyborg0012

    wow.. let us sub ‘Blumberg’ with ‘Walker’ and see the reaction.

  • palsimon

    These kinds of twitterers re NOT typical. Most people who hate Scott Walker would not advocate killing him. These twitterers are not typical liberals either. I hate him too, but if he got killed I would grieve that our country has come to this – such SHARP DIVISIONS and hate that humanity has and such anger that the 99% feels it has lost all input in this system because of the huge money behind an evil gang of politicians and the 1%.

    • elle

      These tweets are not only scary but sad.

  • MrBK

    What a bunch of mindless pigs.

  • MeltedCheeze

    And I’m sure these are the same people that blame Sarah Palin for what a crazy man did to Gabbie Giffords

    • mardec

      Ummmm….that crazy Democrat man.

    • Jesse Malkin

      great point.

  • tomtom1983

    Touch any conservative with harm, and trust it will be the very last thing you ignorant liberal free loaders will ever do in this plain of existence.

    Your disgusting, human imitating, mind swelling viral infections. Our patience and tolerance does indeed have a limit and you vile sore losing homonids are fastly approaching that limit. As we tire of your racist hypocrisies and your inability to think seperate of the dark princes collective.

    Your just souless copies of what looks to be human but are actually just reused reprinted doubles on Charlie Rangels stationary.

    Karma is a b!%ch and all of you libby reprints will be consumed and crushed by your own vile stank.

    Purge liberalism now and forever. Pigs!!

    • Reno Buchanan

      Dude get the bong out and medicate. Then learn how to properly use contractions such as your and you’re. You are not a conservative, you’re a nutcase.

      • Mike Jones


        • Reno Buchanan

          Harley = loser.

      • Hubie337

        Wow, talk about epic fail.

    • Moving to AZ…legally

      Despite the English Grammar Nazi’s comments, and despite your obvious frustration being expressed a little over the top…you did a good job of showing the rage we conservatives have built against the tyranny of the left.We just want to live and let live, but the leftists’ never ending quest to dominate us is more than irritating.
      Can’t wait for November. I just wish that as soon as Obama is fired, he and all his hirees, from Czars to Chiefs, had to pack their bags and leave. Instead, they will still have over 2 months to rampage through our Country, destroying as much as they can before they leave.

      • Mike678

        Watch the movie “Idiocracy.” It’s what progressives are working towards.

    • AmyOwl

      Either calm down and take the high road, or I call PLANT.

      • Vincent

        You’re going to call Robert Plant?

        • AmyOwl

          Hehehe.. I’m saying the poster might BE a plant..

    • Streetiebird

      There’s that conservative tolerance we hear so much about :) What else you do want to call me?

  • BO_stinks

    animals have better morals

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
    Sweet Sweet Schadenfreude! Charles Johnson on the Walker recall

  • SuperstionQueen

    Unbelievable–yet I am going to gather no men in black visit a one of them. Yet…Ted says something that doesn’t even resemble an assasination wish, and he has the feds on him pronto. Nice.

  • b5blue

    Ah, that liberal tolerance they keep yammering about…. *rolls eyes*

  • Denise Wasson Trawick

    Hmmm Things that make ya go hmmm! I GUARANTEE you NOBODY in that thread EVER voted in ANY election whatsoever until 2008! Who’s with me?

    • doug

      If they did then it was more than likely illegally.

    • jdkchem

      I highly doubt they voted in 2008.

  • littlebytes

    Aren’t death threats to a member of Congress or a Governor investigated by the FBI or DHS normally?? This isn’t free speech,it’s a violation of it as they are threatening someones life!!

    • mardec

      Only when the one making the threats is white and Republican. Otherwise, Holder protects them.

      • littlebytes

        Oh, that’s true, I forgot about that rule…discrimination under the Obama admin is shameful. Someone made a video clip with all the images here: I also noticed that the Milwaukee police are going to investigate the death threats. I’m shocked since I didn’t expect any help.

  • Robert Weigel

    Is there some reason homeland security isn’t on the way to jail everyone of these death threat speaking morons?

    • jdkchem

      Janet Napolitano

      • Whodat1

        And Eric Holder.

  • Pat Bateman

    It’s sad when people stoop to the level of SARAH PALIN, who put Gabby Giffords in the crosshairs, and look what happened.

  • Rob Stevely

    He won by a bigger margin that in 2010. The message it sends is keep at it Governor.

  • TomJB

    OK! Everybody on 3! “This is what democracy looks like! …”

    • thetoysurgeon

      More like… this is what liberalism looks like.!

  • Dominic Macchio

    The low life’s making death threats are the same “people” that want the tax payers of WI to keep paying up so they can keep their standard of living while the private sector workers get bled dry. I hope the rest of the country wakes up and follows Walkers lead. LONG LIVE WALKER.

    • fbo1948

      those people are lame at best.

      • Whodat1

        Totally Lame!

    • freeinaz

      Worst part is this lowlife is tweeting using a computer or phone supplied by us; the taxpayers.

      • NObama4Ever

        Classic! Thanks Algore for inventing The Internet and then requiring we provide free access to people who can’t spell or speak the English language.

        • lmason667

          The Internet was a french invention

      • Jim1937

        Sorry for the thumbs down, I was trying to hit the reply button. These morons are so stupid, they don’t know they could be identified if only we had a Justice Dept. instead of an Injustice Dept.

        • $2434011

          You can just click it again to remove it.

      • Big_Bear

        Not to mention the money we waste on their education. None of them can spell.

    • elle

      one of the “tweeters” of the death threats, thinks this is so funny, she and her mamma taped a compilation of the death tweets, including hers, off of youtube.
      many of the “tweeters” in addition to death threats are tweeting about the “honkeys” and “crackers”. Where is the “Unifier-in-chief” on this?

      • Jim1937

        Don’t hold your breath waiting for Holder to charge them with a criminal act.

        • cindy_in_tx

          Holder and Sharpton and Jackson were all in Wisconsin yesterday to make sure there was no “voter supression”…puleeze! Thank God Walker won by 10% or there’d be lawsuits and recounts until way after November. These idiots caused this kind of rancor. Sharpton has caused riots and murder in the past, so the sentiments on Twitter are no surprise.

      • Taquoshi

        I found the “tweet” by Caleb_White to be particularly telling as he claims he already paid for the hit. I’m sure the FBI will be by for a nice little chat, Caleb. Oh, yeah, and I hope you end up in an orange jumpsuit. It’s so becoming.

    • JAK

      Dominic, I’m a public worker and also pay taxes for these idiots to post disgusting comments about Governor Walkers life and his family. Feel how you must about public workers, but were also educated people as well and I bet most are disturbed by this.

      • Brad

        “were also educated,” as in past tense, or we’re also educated? Uhm, I’m guessing the former.

  • Marty Luther

    …And conservatives go to twitter gulag for legitimate political views? Yeah, that.

  • GG

    They’re a preview of where we’re heading. Read history. This is inevitable. Those with power are safest in a nation with a representative government where individuals have a say, because aggression against them is merely aggression against a representative of a larger body of people. In an oligarchy or plutocracy, the individuals in power ARE the state, thus aggression against them is a legitimate act of political will, and therefore it’s a whole new ballgame. Since we’re transitioning from the first system to the second system, you’re going to see more of the consequences in the years ahead.

  • Jeff

    The war drums are beating loudly today.

  • Philip Bailey

    Just goes to show Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • anAmericanMom

      Just shows what is produced when flies gather and poop.

  • Guest

    An example of how loving and tolerant Liberals…..oh, sorry, PROGRESSIVES are.

  • Jasonn

    Awwwwwwww… poor spoiled bed wetting Liberal pukes didn’t get their way and now some of them are throwing a hissy fit? Better get used to it. The free ride is over.

  • Hell-Cat

    Wow. Such a literate bunch. /sarcasm

  • DixieRecht

    The hypocrisy of the Left:

    They scream for “democracy” yet when the vote does not go their way they leave the state so a quorum cannot be called or call for a “do-over” (Walker’s recall)

    When the above tactics fail they call for the opponents death!?!

    The Left calls TEA Party members “violent” yet we all know what violence the unions pull off, or as here the Left attacks others or call for the outright death of the incumbent.

    The Left. Sore losers. Violent. Always looking for a hand-out.

    The nation is catching on to the Left and this vote says it all: NO and GO AWAY.

  • Terry

    Gee I hope all these people realize that they are now going to be investigated and some may even go to jail. Real smart. Oh there liberals I take the smart part back.

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    How do these mopes not have the Secret Service and FBI on their azzes not to mention being curb kicked drop kick style by Twitter by IP address? That’s what I wanna know. If it’s a place where death threats are acceptable it doesn’t need me around anymore along with FarceBook…

  • Steve Horowitz

    be handy for these maniacs to study the 5 stages of grief. shortly after anger is acceptance. hang in there people.

  • CynicsRUs

    But we conservatives are the ones that are intolerant. Will the State or Feds investigate these threats as they do every little disagreement with our President?

  • Rocky

    What I want to know is how many of you morons will have the state police at your doors regarding your juvenile threats?

  • Jimmy Z

    Twitter needs to enforce the rules and terminate all of these accounts.

  • mlancer

    Is this the same as making a terrorist threat? They should all be arrested.

  • Jam Bra

    I can’t understand half of these tweets. I need a liberal decoder ring or some sort of racist encryption key

    • bigjohn767

      You just need to learn “ebonics”…LOL…

      • Spanky Spankster


        • Big_Bear


  • blight14

    Perhaps these buffoons should master the English language first…..know whum sayin?

  • Truth Has No Agenda

    This scumbag also threatens Gov Walker’s kids.

  • SGinNC

    Isn’t this the hateful rhetoric that the Tea Party was accused of when Ms. Gifford was shot? Of course it was a Nut Job Liberal that did it but that didn’t stop the press from reporting differently. I am sure that these posters threatening Mr. Walker are all Tea Party supporters also. The Left reminds me of the citizens of Gomorrah. They are for everything immoral like killing babies, sexual perversions and violence.

    • mardec

      Of course there never was any “hateful” speech from the Tea Party, and certainly not death threats.

      • Mike678

        There are always the fringe on both sides–but the Dems seem to have a lot more of them…

    • Chuck Pelto

      The allegations against the TP wwas all ‘projection’ of the classic form…..

  • Ed Taylor

    Voters realized long ago that despite them saying the right is violent, it is actually the liberals who are violent.
    We all remember what happened when the libs claimed the Tea Party was violent, even though nothing violent was really happening. The unions thugs went to the Tea Party rallies to commit violence.
    I read the concerns about what the illiterate tweeters will do after Obama gets bounced from office in Novemeber, and I disagree.
    Nothing will happen, because the conservatives are well armed compared to the side which opposes gun ownership.
    My choice is that political matters be settled at the ballot bos, sans violence, where everyone can vote one time after they have shown their ID.

  • Tony Konte

    Elections are only fair and democratic only if liberals win, same goes for death threats,

  • blachenzie

    Anyone advocating for or calling for the death of another person deserves to be investigated by the police and possibly arrested. Think, people! Calling for the death of politcal opponents is NOT the American way.

    • Spanky Spankster

      Don’t be silly. Liberals and progressives have blanket immunity (or at least leniency). 😉

    • anAmericanMom

      They are not Americans.. they are cesspool scum

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      No but it is Is the Soviet/Nazi/North Korean/Iranian/Syrian, etc., way so they fit right in.

    • Streetiebird

      You mean like the Breitbart editor who called for a woman’s death? Do you include him too? He said she “should be murdered” and it wasn’t even on twitter it was posted directly to the Breitbart blog…

  • Norma Killam

    Just goes to show who the real deviders and haters are.These tweets show a real lack of class.Sounds like a bunch of frustrated street thugs.Sore losers.

  • FedUpAFVet

    Pieces of trash, every last one of them. And, I hope the FBI is all over these threats. Disgusting!

  • Moving to AZ…legally

    The Secret Service equivalent is going to be VERY busy in the next few days finding all those who held death threats to a governor!

    Odd how the left, when losing, resorts to violence. Spoiled rotten brats never learned the meaning of the word “No” in their youth.

    • thetoysurgeon

      The left will always resort to violence. One big difference between us and them. Be expecting major violence when Obama loses. However if we are pushed hard enough a tidal wave of right will be unleashed.

  • doug

    It sure did upset the entitlement crack babies.
    They’ll be doing somes serious tweetin’ when their boy Obama is sent back to Chicago.

  • Sid

    just like children and now they are lashing out.

  • DurkaDurka

    Wow, that’s quite a collection of crack whores and communists. We really need to end welfare.

  • mardec

    Are these people for real? Or is someone still trying to start a race war with phony tweets? This is the Al Sharpton syndrome. Sick!!

  • snapperman

    And these people are the union teachers, cops, firemen and social workers in WI…

  • Brandon Donavan

    Obviously, the attempted domestication of the North American Pavement Ape is a dismal failure.

  • Stephen Fleming

    Ha! This from the “peace-loving” Libs. What a bunch of sorry trash. Gotta love Scotty. Kickin’ Union Lib-ass off the Wisconcin gravy-train. I hope his next move inspires a 100,000…… “Where’s my f’n welfare check!” ….tweets.

  • yossarian

    The divide between the two Americas is growing larger and larger…..can it ever be bridged? Libs are emotion driven, hard to reason with emotions.

    • thetoysurgeon

      I think both sides are emotional. the question is, “what drives each side to be emotional”. It is a very different. When the country is 50-50 something will have to be done. It will be a stalemate and the country will never progress.

  • aPLWBinAK

    While you’re “Paging the civility police”, somebody should also be paging some english language teachers.

    • thetoysurgeon

      Due to the US Department of Education interference in proper education, you will have to accept the level of literacy and education of the US citizens of today.

      • aPLWBinAK

        I may have to live with it, but I’ll never accept it.

  • O’Brother

    Wow. I hope for these people’s sake that English is their second language. If not, they’ve got a lot more holding them back in the world than Scott Walker.

  • thetoysurgeon

    My the intelligence of the above HATE comments are beyond words. Typical ! Where is the state police? Death threaters need to be rounded up.

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: All
    RE: THIS…..

    ……is what we get for our ‘education dollars’ from the vaunted American public education system.: a bunch of violent, egomanical brats who can’t write English.

    It’s time for Wisconsin and every other state to abolish the teachers unioins as utter failures and, indeed, a threat to the Republic.


    [Used to be that education replaced and empty mind with an open one. NOT ANYMORE!]

    • thetoysurgeon

      They were never in school and if they were, they were high, scamming and getting jiggy with it.

      • Chuck Pelto

        TO: thetoysurgeon
        RE: Schooling

        Actually, I think they WERE in ‘school’. The ‘school’ of the vaunted American public education system, such as it became after the mid-1970s. When it became indoctrination instead of actual education.

        The chair of my county’s Republican Party, of which I’m a precinct chair, was a teacher of Civics before she left ‘education’ and became a successful business woman.

        You should HEAR her talk about what she was required to teach about the Constitution. Bring plenty of aspirin.


        [Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; Easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.]

        P.S. Obviously, these people ARE ‘slaves’….of the Democrats…..

  • Mitchell

    Um, are these people tweeting death threats to a sitting US Governor aware that they WILL go to prison for this?

  • Robert Jones

    There will be killing squads…if these Democratic party whores think their family will be safe after ‘killing’ an elected official then their entire family doesn’t deserve to live anyway. The entire nest has to be cleaned out.
    After all…most are government uneducated useful idiots.
    BUY AMMO. Protect your family from them.
    Remember, they are ANIMALS first and only through proper family socialization do they become HUMAN.

    • thetoysurgeon

      Eventually it will be either us or them. I believe Merkle had it right all along. “Multiculturalism has failed”. When you have ideologies going in to two different ways, there is bound to be trouble. There is no American unity in this country amongst political party drivers. We are a country divided.

  • Johnst

    Posting a bunch of troll twitter feeds is newsworthy? Wow

    • Chuck Pelto

      Know your enemy and know yourself. — Sun Tzu, The Art of War, mandatory reading at Benning School for Boys, a.k.a. The Infantry School

  • mardec

    Now I expect that responsible and intelligent blacks will come out forcefully and condemn these statements. Otherwise, all blacks will be painted with the same brush.

  • thetoysurgeon

    my what double standards. Make a death threat to Obama and see what happens. I guess Govenors are free game.

  • TransplantedTexan

    Looking at the language and the pictures, there seems to be a definite ethnic factor to the threats (not to mention the slap to Tom Barrett), and of course everyone’s favorite lib looney – Deb Schultz. Very typical of a group that Jesse Jackson would appear in support of. Also very typical of the attitude of government employees toward their employers – the citizens of Wisconsin. An entitlement society breeds contempt for the rule of law. And an election that not even Holder’s Justice Department could steal.

    • thetoysurgeon

      Yes the afro-Americans of Wisconsin are mad because they are about to get a lesson. They are guilty of death threats to the Govenor of Wisconsin but that would be “racial profiling”. When did guilt ever get superceded by race?

  • $1718659

    And of course the police will be investigating all these threats, right? Folks – this is an example of what will happen when we vote Obama out of our house come November. The liberal swine will go nuts. Get your guns ready!

  • The Anti-Obama

    Ah, the love and tolerance for the left and the union thug types. Gotta love the irony…

    • Chuck Pelto


      ….gotta ‘Be Prepared’.

      When they realize that mere bombast and death threatts are not going to get them where they want to go…..

      ….three guesses….

      ….first two don’t count.

      • thetoysurgeon

        They are already testing the waters. Apparently there have been at least 100 violent attacks on whites since the Zimmerman thing. Isn’t the main stream media a fantastic thing when they suppress the news.

        • Chuck Pelto

          What they are telling you can be important. What they are NOT telling you can be vital. — CBPelto’s Law of Journalism


    Sadly, we are witness to the welfare masses. Obama’s core supporters.

    • Chuck Pelto


      …on welfare but can afford internet access and the devicess to get there, i.e., computers, cell phones, etc., etc., etc…..

      • thetoysurgeon

        I believe the cell phones were free thanks to the US taxpayers.

  • vetteman2010

    Holder ought to investigate these threats. Oh wait…..

  • Kato

    Actually you can’t threaten a public official…all these folks should be investigated. They are all classified as terroristic threats…punishable by the law.

  • ConservativeRedneck
  • ricardo_maxwell

    I sure hope that the police identify these criminals and arrest them soon. They are nothing but human garbage.

  • bigjohn767

    Well, so much for Obama’s ‘core’ voters…buy more ammo, lock and load, be ready…won’t be like the early ’70s this time…we can eradicate (that means “get rid of” for you dumb ass liberals) a lot of the vermin who post this type of crap on twitter…

    • CopperheadCSA

      Cabela’s has Lake City Armory (Federal) 5.56 M855 62gr Steel Core Penetrator. 420 rounds in GI ammo can. $179. Just sayin’

  • John Chism

    Will the DOJ be investigating any of this?

  • freeinaz

    Progressives, tolerance and voices of reason; until you disagree with them. They are very sick and dangerous. My thought is somebody is checking these tweets out and will find the source(s).

  • Mike Soto

    The FBI will not investigate unless everyone floods the fbi and wisconsin state police and ag with a link to this page

  • chiefpayne

    That’s right! Twist! Knash the teeth! Complain! NOTHING you can DO about it. Walker won, FAIR AND SQUARE!
    And the Unions? THEY LOSE!!! :-)

  • Guest

    Amazing how “tough” people on the left are getting these days. My question though is why are so many people who are black upset with him and calling us racists? Besides the fact that liberals do that with all opponents, Scott Walker’s main policy changes have been with unions and based in the fiscal realm. Why are they so upset?

    • thetoysurgeon

      Because the gravy train is coming into the station. If social programs and a big fat union pension were once yours, wouldn’t you be upset if it was getting eliminated or cutback. I can be lazy and do nothing as longs as the govmint is sending me a check.

  • gaflyboy

    If these people said this stuff verbally in public, would they arrested and charged with making threats on the life of the governor, or at least taken into custody for questioning?
    Is it different because it was done via twitter?

  • Josh Lucas

    With the grammar I have seen in these posts, I certainly hope none of them are teachers. And if they are, they just confirmed why Scott Walker was right!

  • Holistic

    Poor libs, showing how just plain ignorant and stupid they truly are.

  • Peter Mullen

    Thank you Michelle for exposing the liberal nutjobs for what they are to their core. You are a brave soldier for the truth. Keep fighting the good fight! Come November it’s one and done for the Commander in Grief!

  • robinnj

    EVERY ONE of these threats should be looked into and prosecuted. This is absolutely ridiculous behavior. As much as I didn’t care for Barack Obama winning, he was elected and the people spoke.

    • thetoysurgeon

      The people are going to speak again come November

  • JHX

    Not to worry, I’m sure Eric Holder will get right on this!


  • Jeff

    Every state in the US has criminalized threats of bodily harm or death. These threats also constitute a federal crime. But don’t hold your breath waiting for Holder’s Justice Department to get involved.

  • Brendan Smith

    Ahh, civil discourse at it’s finest. This country is screwed.

  • thetoysurgeon

    Where is Homeland Security when you need them?

    • CopperheadCSA

      They’re way too busy groping children at the airport.

      • Hubie337

        Good one Copperhead.

  • Bill

    Seems like FBI and the Wisconsen State police have their work cut out for them rounding up and charging these criminals threatening a duly elected public servant doing his civic and Constitutional duty…

  • $2274472

    Eric Holder is going to investigate these threats!

    Oh, wait…never mind. He’ll ignore death threats against a Republican governor.

  • Drinky McGee

    There are the idiotic comments taken from twitter, and then there’s the rampant racism and idiocy of the people commenting on the comments here. Both dumb sides of the idiotic coin on display in one nice package.

  • sagejohn

    Hey stupid! It is the majority of Wisconsin citizens who voted for Walker to hold office – – you are threatening to kill the majority of Wisconsin citizens?

  • freods

    This just makes it clear what conservative, working Americans are up against. Either we can allow these folks to take over the country or we can organize, mobilize and meet them at the gates. We must not allow the media to dishearten us. We are on the accendancy and progressives are fading regardless of what we will see and hear on TV.

  • RightStuff

    Typical of liberal lower IQ debate.

  • stormeygirl43

    Now we know why these liberals lost. The comments are no surprise to me. This is the way the liberals operate. Thugs. The Democrat Party is no more. It is run by communist/marxist thugs fueled with union money. That is why I left. I hope each and everyone of the posted comments are investigated and those who threaten Mr Walker are arrested. This has no place in our election.

  • TeachESL

    Amazing….the Tea Party has been depicted as violent…..and Sarah Pailin was chastized for using the word ‘target’ as part of her campaign. These ‘Liberals’ and union people are the ones who are violent.

  • Spanky Spankster

    It’s ironic that those who demand tolerance and respect for diversity of opinion the most from others rarely exhibit the traits themselves.

    Dem activists have talked themselves into becoming Brown Shirts.

  • Kenya_Diggit

    Anyone placing bets on when or if the DOJ will investigate this? (I know…stop laughing)

  • Bill Novelline

    You are aware how insensitive conservatives are. Whereas liiberals are compassionate and caring. You have now exhibited the compassion of liberals and their ilk. To say liberals are intolerant and ignorant is an understatement. Another example of compassion is the OCCUPY movement.

  • Patriot42

    The democratic leadership needs to get the word out to cool the death threats this could spiral out of control and some idiot actually kills a politician. We could be facing some dangerous times if it were to happen.

  • Sod Buster

    If Barrack Hussein Obama, Jr. had a son this is what the dreams of his father would look like.

  • Trey

    Wow, what a hateful bunch of people. Probably the same people who shouted for Zimmerman to be killed before reading any facts. So much hate and disrespect for our former presidents who were assasinated. America is in serious trouble when citizens belittle the deaths of former presidents and call for the murder of an elected official.

  • RightStuff

    The win is a major-league victory for the truth. Liberals can’t stand that!

  • steamdwarf

    You’ve just seen considered commentary from the pride of the Obama education mill. These are our future leaders so prepare and keep your powder dry!

  • Edward P Gilmartin

    just hope hit men do not accept ebt cards as payment.


    All this proves the point that the most dangerous and violent extremists in the country are actually Liberals. For all their collective bitching about the “right-wing,” when it comes right down to it, when liberals can’t get their way, they advocate and turn to violence. The truth comes out. These are the people who are the real danger to our republic.

  • CommonSense033

    Well, Eric Holder, you slime. People are making threats against the life of a United States Governor.

    Are you going to investigate? Have the FBI investigate? Of COURSE NOT. You’re going to suppress any investigation. Some of the posters, by language, are “your people” right?

    (If anyone’s forgotten, Holder’s defense of the Black Panthers with nightsticks referred to them as “his people”.)

  • Guest

    Do you suppose Eric Holder will investigate “his people” for making death threats against Walker after he cancelled the high speed gravy train in WI?

  • brendawatkins

    Not a highly intelligent bunch, that’s for sure. Even still, it shouldn’t be happening.

  • Crump's Brother

    I guess this is the civility Obama was asking for.

  • lew418

    what a display of intelligence! Bunch of rabid dogs.

  • dudley

    Public sector employees shooting their mouths off. Now tell me why these people deserve to make more than the private sector? They don’t, there what’s ugly about America.

  • Joshua Guthrie

    Wasserman Schultz is pathetic. Walker had a wider margin this time than last — the message is obviously “Go, Scott, Go!” These people blow my mind — they say things that no rational human could believe. Is it conceit or just stupidity?

  • vincehugh

    The DOJ and Holder should track down every one of these people….problem though…aren’t the DOJ members of a gov’t union? Ever get the feeling that democrats are just plain dangerous for our country, its laws and values? People who post these threats would never get away with it if the media covered it and demanded an investigation…but they’re democrats…no problem, no coverage.

    • thetoysurgeon

      He won’t because his ideology is not for the USA.

  • Steveade

    Am I glad the progressives (communists) have servility. I do wonder though will holder investigate these threats made to an official??? Or is he the wrong color for holder???

  • fritzfat

    complete savages.

  • Craigets

    I thought when you injected race it became hate speach. I guess that only applies one direction.

    • thetoysurgeon

      If you don’t know by now, there is a HUGE double standard in this country and its been around for along time, but thats going to change this November. Its not that Walker re-won, its that our ideology won. NO MORE FREE RIDES ON OUR DIME!

  • gcarroll247

    very stupid people talking about shooting someone over a election must not be to smart low class people !

  • William

    The recall should never have happened.

    • thetoysurgeon

      I think it should, never pass up a chance to bitch slap a liberal.

  • Roy Robson

    Where is all the uproar over this? Another example of the Liberals “Do as I say not as I do” Mind set.

  • agreewithstevens

    I think they have achieved what they expected, not wanted, but expected. Their remuneration is, by all accounts, 22 – 29% better than their private sector equivalents…Now, is ANYBODY going to mess with them after all this crap…I doubt it. They have achieved a stopping point that still pays them WAY better than everybody else.

  • jnsesq

    OK, race one of the trifecta is won. Then, with a Romney victory and a Zimmermann acquittal, let the “Flatscreens fo’ Justice” 100%-off urban “sales” begin…
    Economic advice? Invest in lead stocks — oh, and lead!

    • CommonSense033

      Foot Locker just needs to armor their stores.

  • Tom

    Let’s hope things simmer down in the next few days.

  • Guest

    I kept reading the comments calling the people who voted for Walker “racist.”

    That’s odd, because Tom Barrett is white too. I’ll never be able to understand the minds of liberal morons……… but it is amusing.


    to hear these idiots tell it, the republicans are the hateful people. these poor fools are just big mouth commies, with no guts and no sense.

  • alsharptonpunk

    Congratulations to the Gov! I think some of the these threats are fake. Nothing is whiter than the state of Wisconsin. Some skinheads are having fun with Twitter, again.

  • Guest

    Those are “hate crimes” are they not?

  • Guest

    What Dees news step-n-fetch, knee gros minions don’ts be knowzin is dat you takes the words Walker and replces it wit da wods Obamba and you gets arrested. Why nots naws ? Well maybees cause nots wit dem dam Dems…and knots wit Holders as heads of da OJ Dept…

  • Christopher

    most of them seem to share the same physical trait.

    • thetoysurgeon

      You mean if Obama had a son they would look like them?

  • attentionmorons

    What’s so ironic is that liberals are alway screaming about how dangerous conservatives are, putting them on the homeland security terrorist watch list, calling for civil discourse, and demonizing the Tea Party. If they want scary, all they need do is look in the mirror.

  • Marie

    This is disgusting behavior. He won AGAIN! sit down and shut up! l have to break it to you, but Obama is not going to win again! so get ready for it now.

  • Guest

    Attorney General, Eric Holder, where are you?!!!! Freakin’ worthless…. THIS is why the Second Amendment must never be compromised…we must defend against idiots as in the above-referenced Twitter posts.

    • CommonSense033

      He’s busy suppressing voter ID laws.

  • nvrat

    Where is our Justice Department? Shouldn’t these type threats be investigated? They sound like terrorism activity. Oh that’s right he (Holder) is to busy suing the states that want to stop voter fraud using voter ID. Must have missed WI they require voter ID, guess his finger was not on that state. Too busy trying to stop Sheriff Arpaio from picking on Obama and other things like Fast and Furious that would expose this Administrations Criminal Activity. Got to protect the Brotherhood Ya know.

  • Matthew D. Cragg

    Keep in mind that many of these savages learned their horrible spelling and grammar skills in the union run school system they are defending.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Of course this is not hate speech, unless these twits are Republicans. The left believes in tolerance and fair play at all times, as we all know. /sarc

  • Guest

    Arrest every one who threatened the Governor. You’d better believe that if these tweets were directed at “the One” there would be federal agents at their doorstep in a flash.

  • Guest

    Democrats and libs are the most lying, hating, and violent people anywhere.

  • Bredy Charles

    I despise both Republicans and Democrats. I will also add some of you people are showing your true colors fighting hate with hate over the internet. Nothing has changed in this country that I legally became a citizen in.

  • Worried about the Future!

    These comments are what are seen around the world and surely must be an embarassment to our Diplomatic Corp trying to impress the world!

  • chris1776

    This is the new civility.

  • Washington Nearsider

    So much for the “new tone” they advocated after drawings on a map were used to tie conservatives to an assassination attempt…

  • astralweeks

    Ah, those peace loving, open-minded, compassionate liberals and their childish tweets (or in their case, twits). The good guys won, get over it.

  • Googie Bergdorff

    The average IQ in that bunch looks to be about 50. No worries about people following through on their death threats if they’re too stupid to figure out how loading a gun works.

  • Guest

    Whomever is moderating this comment section is a joke.

  • Royce Roycerson

    Unions didn’t get something they wanted and now a bunch of them want to get it with violence? Why is that news? I’ve ever been in a union shop w/o hearing brags about broken windshields and slashed tires. This is what they do…

  • stillinthe60s

    Always said the symbol of the Democrat Party isn’t the donkey but a JACKASS!

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Typical liberal democrat hypocrisy.

    They talk about civility, but in the end, when they don’t get their way, they act like a bunch of thugs. It’s sickening and pathetic.

  • Verschmust

    Heck, it looks like half of these tweeters are freaking 12 years old.. So where are they learning the hate towards the WI gov? I would guess they learned it from their pathetic teachers…the same ones who were acting like rabid animals in Madison over Walker.

    • Chuck Pelto

      No. They’re not 12 years old.

      But that IS the level of their education. Thanks to the vaunted American public education system.

  • nopcspokenhere

    So how many of these “twits” will get a visit from the Secret Service ala Ted Nugent? Never should one American want to incite someone to such sin an evil.

  • Mike Gilmer

    You notice that most of these brainless morons are Obama supporters? The race war has started folks. Arm yourself legally and be prepared to take the scum out when they come to take you out. It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

  • thetoysurgeon

    Holder won’t do anything about these threats, he is to busy now with ISSA breathing down is neck, besides Walker is the wrong color.

  • Truth Matters

    These are the absolute worst people in our nation. The least educated and clearly the absolute dumbest our country has to offer. Send them back!

  • rennyangel2

    Are most of these people not only violent but basically illiterate?

  • bighead227

    The new civility in politics, lib-style…

  • obozo_the_gelded_clown

    So, since the DOJ was already monitoring the elections in WIsconsin to make sure that there wasn’t any ‘voter fraud’ (I guess they missed the busses from other states coming in to vote Walker out??), will they be investigating all those that are making death threats against Walker??
    Sorry, I forgot who was in charge. Maybe if they can show that the twitterers are ‘white hispanics’ theyll weigh in???

  • Paulie Cee

    Anyone else notice a distinct racial component to the miscreants in question? Hope and change my ass.

  • Askush

    MSNBC will denounce these rants!!!!

  • Wingman

    ever see how a tea bagger celebrates…he goes to work

  • Shagnasty1

    Whoever made these posts can be tracked. They should all be arrested for these threats no matter if they are real or not. But that would take action by Holder’s DOJ and he don’t mess with his peeps.

  • Cemal

    I’m willing to bet that these were some of the same people screaming “Justice for Trayvon”…….

    • Crump's Brother

      I can see why he got shot now

  • stillinthe60s

    The party of JFK….Just Freeloading Kooks.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Some Liberals are going to be spending some nice time with bubba in prison in a few weeks once the secret service pays them a visit………………………………..Enjoy bubba retards………..

  • Mike Jones

    I’d have to say.. I’m calling all these kids out. You ain’t gonna shoot nothing. You don’t even have the keys to your dad’s gun cabinet. You have never shot anything in your life. YOU CRIED WHEN BAMBI DIED FOR SHIT’S SAKE! Civil war is not civil when only one side has guns.

  • Big Buford

    Thanks for twit-ustrating what working people already know about you, liberals.

  • libwithIQ

    Typical liberal/union/socialist rhetoric. If you can call gangsta discourse rhetoric.

  • carl6352

    wow. alot of hate in the liberal worlds minds. i guess thats why they could never figure out the tea party and our martin luther king like peaceful marches for real change. of course we cleaned up after ourselves did martins people? lol the one great news for the workers was if you were goverment worker you no longer had to pay your monthly dues likie child support. before scot over 60,000 mandatory paying dues members after just over 12,000 paying members. that was what this recall was really about bargaining was way down on the list.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    Murderous fiends… all of them. No respect for the law nor the will of the people.

    Please tell me you all are prepared for SHTF and WROL.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    “Kill Scott Walker” You flaccid little libtards, bring it. You’ll get stacked like cordwood. You lost, you are losers, now shut the gob stoppers.

    • Guest

      You’re right. I love how we are all “gun toters,” yet people think they can really mess with us if it really hit the fan. My house mind as well be the arsenal in Williamsburg!

  • kingdad

    So much for all that Liberal tolerance, acceptance, peace, love, dove crapola!
    Just proves that DemocRats are lying hypocrites. they can dish it out but can’t take it.
    we used to call liars like that punks for obvious reasons.

  • Michael J. Friedman

    Where is Eric Holder and the Dept of Justice; this is a
    credible threat against a public official. The stupid individual shows his
    picture of himself and the tweet.

  • darrylsee

    It seems like all those Obama supporters ditched English class. Very poor grammar seems to be the one thing they all have in common.

  • Darkangel

    Well what do you expect from a bunch of parasite union thugs. I hope Mr. Walker increases his security because these lamebraines will try to hurt him. Its the way of the criminal unions.

  • jack r

    Don’t ya’ just love the “progressives”. The Democratic party where you can freely express yourself, unless YOU are WRONG then we will kill you.

  • Jeff McMahan

    You sick and twisted fools are the reason the Justice Department should utilize the provisions of the 40+ year old RICO stature to shutter, disband and outlaw ALL public and private unions! For it is long past time you people realize your employment is not slavery, and if you are not happy with your employer, position, occupation, rate of pay, benefits or pension, or lack thereof, then quit for heavens sake and seek work elsewhere or start your own business. Because the days of extorting and raping your employer are OVER!!!

  • Anne Marie

    Hope the WI state police is investagating these threats and taking the needed action.

  • Gary Allan

    Tell that to Ed Shultz on MSNBC and Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Should the FBI get involved and go after these liberals?

  • Daniel Thomas Knudsen

    I guess they don’t believe in the electoral process, unions are socialistic anyway

  • Sean Holland

    Will Holders racist D.O.J do anything about death threats to the governor….answer nope!

  • Hardwurkindaddy

    You know that if this thread were about the Commandant in chief there would already be a Congressional board meeting to try to shut down Twitter…LOL

  • commonsense

    I have never seen such a fine display of the English language used my these twits!

  • SmileyBurnette

    Please note the dangerous level of illiteracy and ignorance in these posts. All the people who screamed about Sarah Palin’s “target” e-mail after the Giffords shooting are very conspicuous in their absence. This just in: Eric Holder announced that he will not be investigating any of these threats because Walker is just a honky mf anyways.

  • J.H.

    Ahhh, progressives. Mature, educated, open to diverse views. God bless them…..

  • Anne Marie

    I hope the WI state police investagate and take these threats in a serious manner.

  • cwms2005

    The only people who need this punishment are the posters advocating this violence. From the language it appears most are black. Sad day for them and the immoral democrats.

  • cmblake6

    Sounds to me as though the lefties are upset. Target rich environment? Sweet!

  • CountFunkula

    Wow, the word “gone” has taken up more meanings! The funny thing is I bet those tweets are from a bunch of upset white kids. Look, I had to listen to these people bitch just like this about Bush. I have to listen to these people bitch like this and they have Obama. You can’t make these people happy no matter what. It’s the immature reactionary response that is beyond scary. You guys lost in a landslide. 20 point kick right through the uprights. If the Democratic method doesn’t work for you- leave. Go to Greece for all I care. They love your kind. Ready to riot and burn things. You’ll fit right in you intolerable, worthless bigots.

  • ErnieDavidson

    Freedom’s a b**** ain’t it?! The people spoke – TWICE – and this is the guy they want as Governor … Deal with it.

  • SmileyBurnette

    So let me guess. In the days to come countless 80-something white folks will be beat up by gangs shouting “that’s for Wisconsin, mutha!” Since when is unionization a race issue?

  • decmocratsrcommunits

    it’s going to be neat when the war between Americans and democrats escalates and the bodies of these commie hicks start stacking up on the nightly news

  • Art Vandelay

    Copied these and sent them to the FBI. Maybe they’ll end up in jail, I’m sure it would be like a family reunion for a lot of them.

  • dogwonder

    Isn’t it a criminal offense to threaten to kill someone?? What liberals are now above the law of the land?? Sickening bunch of hateful intolerant loons.

    • Steven

      You can feel safe knowing Libtards hate firearms and therefore highly unlikely to own one, much less know how to use one effectively. It’s just the babbling of useful idiots

  • Art Vandelay

    Been copying and sending all these to the FBI. Bet these punks will have fun in lock up, I’m sure it will be like a family reunion for many of them.

  • dbe451

    Just shows the mentality of some of the people in this country. Amazing that we have this idea of “shared sacrifice” yet the only people that anyone thinks should sacrifice are the rich. He lowered the deficit of that state by a billion dollars. Yet he’s not good enough? Interesting. I guess we the tax payers are supposed to foot the bill for everyone’s pension regardless of a particular states fiscal situation. Shouldn’t all these people on twitter suggesting we kill a governor be arrested?

  • Cindy Polglaze Petrick

    I can’t believe how you people are talking, if I were part of the democratic party I would be ashamed of they way you talk.

  • $21114026

    It easy to be a bully when you are the only one threatening. Look at Hitler. But Americans are getting tired of ‘Urban’ hate and violence….and we’re armed…

  • potvin

    They sound like educated individuals. Obviously Obots.

  • takaga

    If Obama had a son who tweeted, it would sound just like any of those above.

  • Honest Abe

    Awww….poor bed-wetting Leftards….bring it on…you bottom feeders…hope the Wis.
    police pay you a visit…scumbags!!

  • Julio

    Stupid libtards…our side is MUCH better armed, and we practice.

  • Dino G

    You liberals are nothing but mouth! it’s awesome seeing the defeat you have taking! so lets hear you whine and cry some more!

  • Dino V

    Peace loving liberals

  • dontrenigin12

    yoy POS union thug goon morons cant even win with stolen money from your dooffus clueless members,,hahahahah you morons are thru,,the free ride is over you ignorant M****R F***ers…………why dont you loosers try getting a job,,especially those of a peticuler color……….nowutimasayin

  • tuttle35

    Just another example of the “civil tone” demanded by the left after the Giffords shooting.

  • trajan2448

    Lets see Holder and the DOJ arrest these scum.LOL. yeah right.

  • IADX

    Not surprised at all, unfortunately

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Keep it classy, Democrats. Keep it classy.

  • Thought Recon

    Aaaaw the liberal base. Nothing but hot bags of dope smoke and STD’s.

  • Malc Jow


  • savage

    Bunch of lil Whiny, VERY ignorant, and DWSchultz… Spew on Losers, your contemptible vile just goes to show the true nature of your being. This is NOT the anomaly in your life, these quotes show who you really are are.. (except for DWShultz, she’s usually mean)

  • Garando

    We have idiots and traitors on both sides of the ball people..
    And most people are too brainwashed to see it..

    This “kill walker” comments, are provocateurs, trying to draw you out..
    It’s an old ploy..

    Civil war is what they want, and it is coming soon..
    Better get ready..

  • Tyrone Power
  • dontrenigin12

    i thought you democrats were the party of “tolerance” dont forget what your doofus president said,,be civil,,,hahahahahhahahah ….unions members are nothing but sheep,,,,,,,yes mr union boss we will do anything you want mr boss man,,,,lololol …nome on Nov for the “finale” cant wait to see you lose what little mind you have left,,ahhahahahahahahahahahah UNIONS BLOW

  • Indyfan

    This is the era of civility, Obama style…..

  • Steven

    ROTFLMAO! Just a little sample of what November 3rd is going to smell like.
    Now you know why they have earned the name: Libtards.

  • feellikeastranger

    typical problem resolution of this type … avoid at all possible costs

  • Honest Abe

    ATTENTION ALL Real AMERICANS AND PATRIOTS!!!!!! The worthless Dumbocrat Marxists have been trying to bring America down for 80 years!
    Now they finally have a chance with their Kenyan pet Zebra Obongo!
    You had better start preparing now by stocking up on the essentials….including guns and plenty of ammo!
    Watch what is happening in Greece…it’s coming here soon! You think the OWS crowd is bad now…just wait till the store shelves are empty from the Truckers shutting down for lack of fuel!
    Leftards are violent people…when the system collapses they will riot…murder…rape…steal
    and come for your food!
    PLEASE…PLEASE Google “Fall of the Republic” and see for yourself where Obongo and the Democommies are taking us!!

  • Indyfan

    I hope the FBI is investigating these threats.

    • Garando

      No, the FBI and the Justus Department are shacked up in a cheap motel with the Black Panthers and Union “Leaders” trying to figure a way to commit murder and blame it on the Patriots..

      They only investigate when their corrupt superiors tell them to..
      Feds are whored to the elite, forget about them..

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    The left’s bitter reactions reveal themselves. But…Let’s not just give thanks for last night…

  • Hugh Jass

    I guess this is the ‘new civility’ as espoused by President Obama and his Democrat constituents…

  • kimdi01

    You Liberals do know that threatening some one’s life can be considered a crime don’t you? You might also know that just because you use a pseudonym (ficticious name for you Harvard graduates), should law enforcement take your threats seriously, they can and will find out who you are? You have no PRIVACY when you make threats like this. Wasn’t it the party of the President calling for a little less rancor in public speech as he was trying to blame the Tea Party for the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Tucson? Then the party found out it was one of their own Liberals that did the shooting so now we have all this trash. Way to go lemmings for Obama and unions!

  • Paul West

    Are these examples of liberal political opposition?

  • rite2carry

    Gee, I wonder if BhuseinO’s DOJ will investigate these threats? Oh wait, he’s already busy investigating “voter freud” by the GOP. Oh and he’s also to busy getting ready to sue fl, az and any other state that inserts its rights as states. I guess calling for assisnations isn’t important enough. God help us if BhuseinO gets back in.

  • Nathan

    Congratulations to the koch Party! Lower wages for Americans means that these economic resources can be redistributed where they belong, to Israel and the War effort. Heil Netenyahu!


    TO ALL WHO ARE COMMITING *ASSAULT* (that means threatening the life of another human being)…
    You can EACH expect the Men In Black (Federal Agents) to show up at your door with a warrant to arrest you. What you are doing is absolutely illegal and a Federal crime. I hope you enjoy your stint in prison. BTW… watch your back while you are in there.

  • BorderLine Guy

    Wow, 324 comments? Record on a twichy thread?

    I couldn’t be happier to be a Wisconsite today! Good job fellow voters!

  • Noncentsical

    Government Schools FTW. Our education dollars at work. Who says teachers unions don’t produce results?

  • V743JMR

    And all those people vote Democrat. There is your modern day Democrat Party, folks. Pack of thugs.

  • frankstclair

    I am SO GLAD the Democrats “elevated the level of discourse” since the shootings in Arizona!

  • Jack Daniels

    And the left claims that Americans shouldn’t have guns when so many of them are ready to pop caps.. lmao I’m going to laugh and point to the Walker election the next time some idiot Democrat tries to tell us that we should be more civilized. Maybe the Democrats should look to their own problems first.

    • sparkyva

      The disease of Liberalism leads to schizo type behavior – the kind Dr. Jekyll pleading for harmony while his other self shows his inner feelings…

  • fred1724

    Sad, sad, sad. Hard to believe we have so many people with nothing for brains. Only gimme, gimme, gimme. Take away any toys and they go beserk. It’s going to be a cleansing if they keep it up.

  • rbcintexas

    Why are we not seeing stories about the FBI or Secret Service out arresting people for threatening to kill a government official? If Walker was a Democrat I have no doubt that Obama would have immediately called them out and we would have already heard about the arrest of right winged radicals.

    • sparkyva

      There is only protection for the President of the USA. All other threats are treated as free speech unless action is taken.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Hmmm…death threats against public officials, huh? Bueler, er, I mean Holder…? Holder…? Holder…? Janet…? Holder….? Janet….? ….crickets….

  • anAmericanMom

    Disgusting STOP feeding the ANIMALS!

    Imagine what Scott Walkers Family has been is subject to.

    I contend we need a REAL Justice Department to get out and on top of this, immediately. I expect EVERYONE of these lowlifes to be charged with terror, threatening violence and assault on him and most likely his family, JAILED

    Ask questions later..
    And if these nut cases are teachers fire and take away their teaching certificates..IMMEDIATELY.

    BTW where is oBummer.. I means these people sound like his sons and daughters.

  • Mayberryfan

    These idiots belong in jail, period. They are racist, lazy and worthless human debris for saying such things. It’s that kind of entitlement thinking that has us in the hole we’re in now. These are the same idiots that elected Obama and cannot see HIS policies are why no one has a job. Find a brain!!

  • George C. Benton

    It appears that the radical left wing liberal extremists who are tweeting this crap are nothing more than domestic terrorists. They seem to be illiterate and ignorant of the truth. Americans need to stop giving these thugs credibility and start fighting back. They shoot, shoot back. They attack, attack back harder. Take a lesson from Israel, these people are no different than the trash they are fighting. Congratulations Wisconsin for showing you are not just a bunch of D.A. hillbillies and lazy welfare crybabies and thieving drug dealing losers.

  • Botzilla

    Bunch of hood rats talking smack, nothing more.

  • Sam I. Metler

    Anyone notice the vast majority of the twitters coming from an undeucated group? Where is the left outrage for violence after a fair election process? Well we’ll beat the left and dems at the polls and they can spew their hate all they want.

  • spinolio

    This is all the left has… defame, attack, yell, pout, cry and get their liberal lawyer friends to sue… sue… sue. AND now KILL. No issues, no rational discussion just tear down the opponent!

  • Guest

    Wow. Our education system really IS broken. Or they’ve stopped teaching English and started teaching Ebonics. What a blizzard of ignorance.

  • Kathy Hansen

    Bunch of 2 year olds.

  • rjwaldon

    I’m sure that Holder will be all over this…

  • Paul Wisely

    Typical! Typical of these types. Make your own conclusions.

  • Pouncekitty

    Fairly easy to identify the punks. Threatening a gov’t official’s life is a crime. Put these punks in jail, put Michael Moore in jail, put Soros in jail.

  • ReallyReally

    Wait until this hits the MSM…the United States people will be shocked and never fall for another fake liberal being ‘shocked, agog, horrified’ etc by the actions of Teaparty people or others on the right…


    I know they’ll be picking this story up soon and be outraged…wait for it…

    Brb…getting some coffee while I wait.

    It’s probably a big news day. I know they get right on this as soon as they can. Trust me.

    (The really wonderful thing about this is all the liberal political elite and MSM talking heads are heavily medicating themselves right now :).

  • Paul Wisely

    Lazy slobs just scared they’re actually going to have to work and not leech off the state for the rest of their miserable lives. I guarantee very few of these death threat posters do anything productive for work or society. I am certain overall they take far more than they’ve put in.

  • Kevin Bryant

    If anything happens to Gov. Walker or his family, EVERY ONE of these posters need to be detained for questioning. They have the freedom to post whatever, but if that freedom leads to a crime then every single one of them are complicit. They cannot complain about profiling or anything else, their threats are in the public. People think they are hiding behind a computer screen, but they are not.

  • GregBuls

    Looters and leeches. Their sense of entitlement is staggering and totally unwarranted. And the left wants more of them – as many as possible. Looters and leeches are 90% of the democrat party base, a raging crowd of angry babies.

  • Out_sourced

    What a bunch of losers talking smack, prepare for worse in November and pray cooler heads prevail. I really feel for the white people that live in Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Oakland. L.A., Baltimore, etc. the usual spots that have the usual problems. They just get magnified when things don’t go a certain way, not all liberals are violent morons but they sure do seem to have the majority of them.

    • Hubie337

      You don’t have to wait, go to the Englewood suburb of Chicago and watch the blood run down the streets. Three generations of welfare have produced this. There are no responsible grandmothers and grandfathers left to raise these kids. They have all died or are too old to do it. The grandparent(s) of these kids have no moral compass along with the mothers who thought it was a good idea to raise children in a ghetto with no means to support them.

  • NObama4Ever

    @ you animals advocating the assassination of Scott Walker, I would expect you should be preparing yourself for a visit from the Po Po b/c making such threats is a crime. You should know this as the criminals you are.

  • Julie Ottaway

    yeah right. All of you are so tough you have no idea how to even hold a gun right. Hoodlum thug style. You can’t even aim the thing. Like taking a knife to a gun fight. All hat and no cattle.

  • Tomthetruthtell

    I am thrilled to know that the outright ability to communicate these peoples displeasure with the recall outcome is so complete. They are so wonderfully articulate and well written as to place great honor on the education system, theachers and the union who supported the teachers providing their education. Just saying!

  • capnjack43

    Twitter should shut down each and every one of their accounts.

  • Chuck Pelto

    Am I mistaken? Or are comments I’m posting here not appearing?

  • NoParty

    Its hard to determine if the Tweeters are just sick, possibly dangerous, racially motivated kids, DNC members, Union thugs/members, or simply followers of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They truly are disgusting examples of what passes for human beings.

  • Orpheus75

    So quickly do they forget the incident in Arizona. So quickly after the rabid anger over targets on a map of the USA do they (conveniently) forget how wrong those little pictures are, and how those targets caused a shooting that sent all of the Liberals into (fake) rage. So quickly do they forget the President calling for civility in our language as he was chastizing the Right for the messages in those targets. But when it’s their opponent, no problem! They’ll come right out and call for murder, no targets on a map, they’ll actually call for a person’s death!!!! Jerks!!

  • Tyketto

    Funny how none of these “oh so smart” liberals can write basic English.

  • VHG1

    Looks like Eric Holder ought to be very busy, so where is the headline that the DOJ is now interviewing and arresting these morons? These are death trhreats right?

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    More death threats from the Party of Hate…yawn…

  • Voltair

    …..if Scott Walker is indeed killed the names on this page will provide the first suspect list….this is a perfect example of who these leftist really are…..

  • dschwarpa

    This is what happens when, in order to keep your base in line, you convince them that the voters picked the wrong guy, that your guy should have won, you tell them this person is out to get you so that people will intentionally feel like this. Liberals on display. Need I say more? Didn’t hear the right doing this after Obama was elected, even though there were concerns about how he would govern which have been proven out. This is how liberals act out their frustrations….I would not put it past some of these nutballs to actually attempt something. I would like to see a crackdown on this type of behavior of death threats where those who engage in it can be charged with making a terrorist threat. Same goes for right wingers who do the same thing for prominent liberals.

  • GrizzMann


  • NObama4Ever

    Dark and lonely on a Summer night.
    Kill my landlord. Kill my landlord.
    The watchdog barking. Do he bite?!
    Kill my landlord. Kill my landlord.

  • NObama4Ever

    Slip in his window. Break his neck.
    Then his house I start to wreck.
    Got no reason. What the heck?!
    Kill my landlord. Kill my landlord.
    C-I-L-L. My land lord.

  • rank

    I did not know that persons on welfare could work for a union, and still receive benefits. Best someone look into that aspect of this recall fiasco. Scott Walker did what he said he would do, and the assination posters all seem to have one vital concern…. they might have to start working for a living (even those that currently are employed by the unions).

  • Ryan Leonard

    Ignorance is bliss to these people…i cant believe some of them can vote

  • bdavis33157

    well, what do you expect – don’t think this will get any coverage in the Democratic media. Think about that next time you watch network TV or go to a movie put out by the Hollywood creeps.

    Or better yet buy some shares in the companies that have the bias and show up at the next shareholder meeting and blast them for putting ideology over making money.

  • anAmericanMom

    HAS anyone called this to the attention of the FBI?? If twitter allows this as it appears. Threats of violence, jarm or assasiantion are not free speech in AMERICA.

    They are a part and party to the terror, threatening, and call for violence and death against an individual?

  • lukuj

    Liberals hate violence when it comes to war, yet their reaction to anything/anyone with which they don’t agree is violent threats. Talk about hypocrisy and violent tendencies!

  • sparkyva

    They ought to be angry with the DNC for being so stingy with cash. Obama’s fund raising is just for himself. Egomaniacs do that. Sorry Dems…

  • Dave Hardesty

    If you hear follow-up to this where they arrest, prosecute and incarcerate the people doing this, as the law dictates, then it will show you that these in deed are fringe lunatics that need to be taken out of our society permanently for the protection of our society at large. However if you hear nothing or they are given a token slap on the back of the hand then you will know these messages are staged for political purposes or efforts by the mainstream media to garner more wealth and power for themselves at the expense of the populace it serves by increasing circulation which garners more revenue for them in the form of advertisement dollars. Does anyone out there really think the media, out of the good Samaritan charity of their hearts, publishes honest news for the public consumer? It’s a business. If they can’t find scandalous news to print they will simply manufacture it or sensationalize what they have and blow it up to huge proportions in order to feed a citizenry the tabloid style entertainment news it seems to be starving for.

  • Eddie Meeks

    Where is the FBI on this? Oh, yeah, they work for Obozo! I guess they will be a no show for Republicans.

  • NObama4Ever

    I anyone attempts to abridge my First Amendment rights, I will exercise my Second Amendment right.

  • joe

    So this is how liberals react when democracy works? They resort to violence? Everyone of those tweets are now being investigated by police and FBI for threats against a public figure.

  • american minority conservative

    Boy these people are worse and sickening than looney tunes characters…could we envision complete republican victory in November..

  • MovingToNevada

    Wow, and people claim the Tea Party is violent?

  • HinterlandG

    Sad day for America when we can’t even agree to disagree. I shudder to think what happens if Obama loses to Mitt Romney in November. Shameful behavior on both sides of the aisle.

  • Loveallpeople

    I’m a Wisconsinite, lived here my whole life and I am so irritated by the racist comments against blacks. It is juvenile and silly. Yes these threats are utterly wrong but degrading a whole race because of a few kids mouthing off is utterly ridiculous. My husband is a state employee and they have seen the effects of Scott Walker administration. He may even lose his job because of the cuts. Now this is now effecting working families as well.The classrooms are now over crowded, art and music classes are cut now, great teachers lost their jobs…it’s more than about welfare…and if you get the facts correctly the percentage of African Americans on welfare does not trump the amount of Caucasians on welfare. So race does not have anything to do with it. There are people like single mothers who do actually work that need help with childcare, it is very expensive, even more so if you have more than one child. It doesn’t mean they are lazy but the daycare pricing is $200/week at the least that is like paying a mortgage or rent. So the idea that this state is suffering is going beyond the cusp of race, it is belittling to us as Americans that we have to use race to defend the actions of politicians. It just sucks. We are not living in a time where racism should even be an issue but you have to be taught better to do better. I have never looked at amy of my other friends of different skin tones and passed judgement on that alone. It is the content of your character that matters to me. I was never raised to look at people and think superiority because my skin is this or that color, it is just ignorance. Please get over the small frame of mind that this defines people. Look at Jeffrey Dahmer, do we base insanity on all whites? No! That’s one person not a group of people. Don’t judge people for their demographic! Judge them individually based on their character. That is all.

  • bisquitbrain

    Are these the teachers of our children talking like this? Time for us to take our education system back from these thugs.

  • SunnyJS

    You gotta love the guy asking…”why he win?”…because he is the polar opposite of you and those like you that oppose him. That’s why he win and you lose…you lose just getting up in the morning with your attitude.

  • anAmericanMom

    I just used the on line contact to the FBI. Reporting the threats via twitter .. Twitter is used for flash mobs and on ..time to shut that down. If anything..

    Close their instant lets jump whoever access.. They tend to flounder as individuals…

  • AstroNerdBoy

    No, these aren’t death threats. They are the voices of legitimately concerned citizens who knew that democracy was at stake last night. Since they didn’t get the desired results to save democracy, clearly more drastic steps MUST be taken. BUT, these AREN’T death threats. (Sadly, I think that is what a lot of Progressives will think.)

  • DahktaD

    Seems like a whole bunch of knuckle dragging primates are upset at a governor with integrity. Perhaps if they spent time finding a job and not living like parasites, they would have a different out look. Good thing DOJ is investigating and tracking ISP addresses of these threats to a public official…these punks are looking at some time in Federal Prison, which they probably already know what it looks like from the inside.

  • sidneydave

    These liberals don’t want ballots, they want bullets to decide elections. I thought Eric Holder was looking into this election, Isn’t threatening the life of a Governor a crime?

  • Guest

    Geesh…must be making those tweets on the free cell phones they’ve been given by working people.

  • anAmericanMom

    All those harmed robbed or assailed .. need to get suits going AGAINST twitter.. this is not a helpful use of the Internet..

    Does Twitter get a cut of the take or what?
    expecting to be banned..
    My granddaughter was almost jumped at school. My daughter showed me the twitter logs they were using to locate her within the school ..

    Very frightening..

  • Terri Sweeney

    Now the big question… who would Eric Holder shoot?

  • pabarge

    Look at the pictures associated with the comments.

    Now, guess the race.

  • Eric

    The amount of brainwashed people in these tweets is astounding.

  • Graham Beveridge

    Sore losers! Be prepared to be spanked in Nov. too!

  • David

    This is what true Progressives look like. When that carefully, crafted facade is peeled back, you see what the Left is all about….violence. They have a long history of this sort of thing.

  • Robert Mancini

    Death threats are all they have left. They should however realize that we too have the tools to protect ourselves and are proficient in their use.

  • vegasdomar

    D.O.J. where are you with the death threats against the Gov. which can be prosecuted under Federal law? Sorry didn’t know you were one of the twitters.

    • Tiger184

      Exactly. Still waiting for the report of Secret Service turning up at these hater’s doorstep…still waiting…waiting…

  • David

    Liberalism is a sickness, a disease brought on by forced dependence and administered by the Democrat Party.

    The rest of the Nation must pay the price for restoration therapy now in order to set us ALL back on the track of greatness.

    Could be a high price, but Freedom and Liberty never came cheap to our forefathers.

  • VallartaDreamer

    This is what happens when the offshore money can’t steal an election…Good Job America, now- time to recall OBlame-aa.

    One and Done Bitchez!

  • DetroitRight

    They won’t do anything. They’re unionized. They’d kill walker themselves, if the P.R. flack was not such an issue.

  • jason

    I shocked, SHOCKED! The Democrats are really a very friendly bunch…honest!

  • rushhome50

    If these were threats againest democrats you better believe that the police would be doing a little more then “We’re looking into it” There would be outrage accross the news media in the whole country. ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC they would be having a fit.

  • BillsonofJames

    Amazing – these people are incredibly stupid. How did they ever figure out how to create a Twitter account and then use it. Granted it’s not hard to do, but these people sound like complete idiots.

  • jason

    The Beneficiary Class is rising up…they sound angry.

  • Obbie2

    An overwhelming display of left wing ignorance

  • Lin Rich

    These people are mentally ill. As Savage says, “mentally derranged. Most of them haven’t grown up from the 60’s and 70’s. We really need adults running our country. Let’ us hope it’s soon. Vote in 2012.

  • jason

    Do any of you really expect Holder to do anything?

  • Laurie Gbd
  • Obbie2

    Notice most of the hatred is coming from the generational ghetto club.

  • James Bailey

    It is understandable so many victims of Mr. Walker are expressing their outrage. The list of his victims include anyone who has lost their hard-won rights in the workplace. Apparently, in Mr. Walker’s world, rights are negotiable and subject to the whims of similar extremists. We are still a nation of laws, and Mr. Walker needs to understand it.

    • elle

      sarcastic tag or are you really endorsing vile racist speech and threats?

      • Chuck Pelto

        I’m afraid, based on what James Bailey has said elsewhere, it’s the latter.

  • Clover11111

    Bitter Liberals always do this kind of thing. Why don’t they march around his governor’s mansion like the Iranian protesters who you see on TV shouting Death To America?

  • Lazybum

    I am not feeling any love here. Will Schultz or Maddow feature any of this rampant hate on their shows for their 3 viewers to watch? I don’t think so!feature

  • Ren Bis

    WOW..You libs are NUTS!!!!

  • $7465067

    This is the most evil thing I’ve ever seen!

  • got2nzz

    this is why things are sooooo good in afrika.

  • Andrea Naticchione

    What a bunch of freaks, Did you ever see a bunch of sore losers!!!!!! These people should be arrested for threats, but RACIST Holder will not do anything.

  • tecumseh

    Where is the liberal anger at these death threats? Where is Debbie Wassermann Schultz on this matter? and where is Obama?

  • $7465067

    I have no doubt there will be riots in November if BO loses. I’m making my kids come home from college on election day. They think I’m joking, but I’m not!!!

    • Shepherd

      Lock and Load.

  • Steve

    wow, some new ebonics here that I haven’t heard in the comedy routines. Just figured out what they mean by gansta. It’s a black bubba.

  • Jack Frank

    those are death threats not freedom of speech for gosh sakes and these are traceable with Pictures. If any conservative did this they would be rounded up and thrown in Jail!!!

  • guitarzan60

    I could add up the IQ of that crowd on one hand.

  • $4077546

    Just some Obama voters. I love it when they show how dumb they are. I hope Walker contact law enforcement and has these thugs arrested.

  • borgcube

    Not a good time for my Star Trek universal translator to fail.

  • jnh45

    Wow, the Dems must be proud of their mob mentality..

  • Ratt

    Ok, so blacks are advocating Civil War now ? You gona threaten to kill Romney when Obambi loses in November ? Gona get real interesting on the 7th day of November, will Obama calm his ignorant masses, or will he egg them on so he can declare martial law, call out the national guard, void the elections and appoint himself Emperor.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    And a lot of racial vitriol in there too. I hope these get prosecuted as hate crimes. I’ll be over here, holding my breath…

  • Chris

    When you cut off someone’s meal ticket, or sabotage their gravy train, they get very angry.

  • Unreconstructed

    Well, considering the general population posting the death threats, I would think that it’s a racial slant to them. November may hold more of the same (only intensified) when Obama is defeated in the presidential election. I will continue to stock up on ammunition so I can defend myself against the onslaught I am sure will be unleashed against anyone who is deemed anti-Obama…..He wanted a race/class war and it will come, even if Obama is no longer in the White House. That will be the legacy of the Kenyan-in-Chief and all who support him.

  • Brenda

    Had a hard time reading any of that. Shouldn’t these “people” making threats be charged. What kind of lowlife would go on there saying they know where his child goes to school? Are you kidding me? A child? How cowardess does that make you look?

  • Mark J. Quinn

    Do that kid’s parents know he’s tweeting like that?

  • Sweeney

    …..been trying to tell everyone for three years what was coming……get it? african americans…..never before have so many had so much opportunity and failed so miserably.

  • Topsy Krets

    baaaaaaaaaahahahahah the dems are so gracious and civil aren’t they? where’s the president to tell them to be civil?

  • Mark Goff

    And… is the FBI doing what they are supposed to do and investigate these threats? I would be very surprised and bet that Sheriff Joe Arpaio would go after these people if any threats originated in his jurisdiction.

  • Hubie337

    Where do these people come from? Just go to the Englewood suburb of Chicago and watch the blood run down the streets. Three generations of welfare have produced this. There are no responsible grandmothers and grandfathers left to raise these kids. They have all died or are too old to do it. The grandparent(s) of these kids have no moral compass along with the mothers who thought it was a good idea to raise children in a ghetto with no means to support them.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Wow, the left’s legacy of civility lives on–right along with their literacy.

    • Jim1937

      Literacy? They don’t need no steenking literacy.

  • Masswhole

    When are all you going to come to Massachusetts to picket our Democrats that took the rights of public unions away as well? I have been at the statehouse all by myself for a year waiting for back up. YES…..Massachusetts did the same thing as Governor Walker and NOBODY cares.

  • tonyg101

    Gee, it’s so good to see how the liberals take losing. They are so understaning of how democracy works.Where are all the democrat lawmakers decrying this kind of hateful speech. But let some conservative call a woman wanting free contraceptivse a slut they want to shut him down.

  • Mr Fetal

    I have sent an e-mail to the DOJ asking them to look into these Twitter Death threats against an elected official. I am also sending to the FBI.

    It’s illegal to threaten someone’s life!

  • Ken Quick

    i say let them twitter thier thoughts. show them to the country what they really are. make it easier for the cops to catch them.

  • adirondack_1

    MPD is not evaluating anything, they’re modifying the law so as not to offend Holder’s “people”. They know all too well that if Walker wanted to visit it would first require the MPD stand down and the US Marines to be brought in.

  • Sage0925

    The spelling and grammatical errors are simply astounding. The spelling, I can understand, you have to abbreviate to get your message in sometimes, but, just damn. I guess you have to be part of a certain demographic to understand the meanings in some of them as well.

    And “divisive” politics? Why is it that when you disagree with a liberal, you are either racist, sexist, homophobic, divisive, or just a plain garden variety moron? Amazing.

  • Bill Anderson

    Oh, when Barry falls, it is gonna be UGLY, but a good time for reality check. We ain’t free

  • ManOnPoint

    They are ALL sickos!!! The Libs lost so stop whining and grow up!!!

  • Max_Rebo

    Where could I start? Any of these feeble-minded morons would get off on the charge of extreme mental infirmity. But I’m glad these dems are keeping it classy and want to be civil in all of these matters. Do as I say, not as I do…

  • Masswhole

    When are all you going to come to Massachusetts to picket our Democrats that took the rights of public unions away as well? I have been at the statehouse all by myself for a year waiting for back up. YES…..Massachusetts did the same thing as Governor Walker and NOBODY cares.

  • doubleducks

    3% or so of the general population are psychopaths, characterized by manipulativeness, ease of lying, and lack of empathy. They periodically control some societies by controlling the rest of the 20% that have `issues’ of some type and are susceptible to such machinations. This, if conditions permit it, is enough power for the psychopaths to control the normal 80%. Any ideology can be hijacked by the psychopath for their own personal enrichment. This is what has happened to the liberal ideology – it has been hijacked and in its present incarnation, attracts only the weak-minded and users.

  • porchhound

    Ima g kill walker soon as the wailfare check hits de poch!

  • P June Griffin

    Hopefully the next move walker makes is to cut welfare to the losers above. At some point in the generations these people need to be forced to get a job and earn what they get, by other means that robbery or drug sales.

  • Hardday

    All the want to be killers, and soon to be killers are really stupid. ” Who gone do what?”
    Bring it fools. We are willing and able to handle all if you. Liberals are promoting socialism, and killing America. All these racist idiots are on the bottom because of their actions and beliefs. Stay on the bottom, that is where evil people like you deserve to be.
    Cain for attorney general!

  • mlleBeth

    it’s a little scary how many people think the word “gone” means “going to”

  • Zcat

    Arrest those threating Walker. What a bunch of freaks the left is!

  • porchhound

    I thought there was a LAW against inciting violence…thee twitter accounts are public record..where is the Wisconsin AG?

  • belief101

    These threats against public officials need to be taken seriously by the Police. Hopefully they are tracking these thugs down and holding them accountable for their words.

  • conquest915

    I wonder if the DOJ, FBI will look into these blatant and credible threats on a sitting Government official like the did Ted Nugent?

    Naw, silly me! They are Obama and Holders people!

  • Rob Reitz

    Really? And if someone said something like this about a libschidt all these fools would be screaming for them to be locked up…

  • joanne lara

    you all have the mentality of a baboon. all you know is KILL if you don,t get what you want..your sick, and you suck!

  • jacqui

    Most of you here are clearly uneducated and out of touch with reality. This race had nothing to do with race or oppression. Threatening human life is absolutely the lowest of the low. I hope the system works and each of you are found and punished. You are most certainly not contributing to society in any kind of positive way. People like you are the reason for the worlds problems. Wake up, get off your couches and get a job. Perhaps then you can add some sort of reasonable argument for your distaste of Governor Walker.

  • pafaery

    Do you want to kill the Milion or so folks that voted for him also? Your fellow Wisconsin citizens kept him in office.

  • docky

    that string of tweets says so much about society, in so many ways.

  • KennyB

    mnawwwoh – c’mon, they’re just innocently venting their frustrations using purely symbolic language. I’m sure the police will determine that, unlike George Zimmerman, these folks have no actual racist or ill intent toward Mr. Walker AT ALL. REMEMBER: Liberals are the most tolerant people in the world. It’s the repubs that are REALLY hateful and prone to violence. Just look at the Tea Party. THAT is a bunch of violent hoodlums.

  • Karla1953

    Imagine the vitriol as we move to the election in November if a race for Governor is having this effect and horrific reaction………

  • TimH

    Folks, when Zimmerman is acquitted or hung jury ‘Obama’s sons’ will riot. Be prepared to protect your neighborhoods! Form citizen defense squads and practice.
    Don’t be the scared cracker that is dragged out your car and savaged by the feral animals called Obama voters!

  • Ty Andrews

    More blacks advocating violence and death on whites. It’s a daily thing and the msm doesn’t seem to care nor do they ever cover it. Flip that around, when a WCM (White Christian Male) does anything to anyone else, it’s a national story, even if they are a so-called White Hispanic, as long as the word White can be used as the villain. It’s very sick and has to be stopped. I was not raised that way and my family doesn’t fall into the 90% of the non-color blind drones. Congrats to Scott Walker on the landslide. I hope someone can track down these death threats, forward them to the FBI, local police or someone who handles these kind of crimes.

  • Shepherd

    Wow – More dems striving to “help usher in more civility in our public discourse” as their messiah, Barry Obummer said after Gabby Gifford was shot in the face by a democrat.

  • HealthyAmerican

    My, how literate and intelligent these folks are. They gone straight up trippin, yo!

  • Larry46

    How can anybody restrain themselves from voting for the candidates these fine examples of humanity support. And its the Conservatives who are the problem?

  • Shepherd

    Question: Is it a requirement of Twitter users to be fluent in ebonics?

  • Mike Heuer

    I see an awful lot of “ebonics” in those death threats. Seems the real racists have tipped their hands.

  • seafrog

    Ha Ha – my apparently “special needs” cousin and her self hating liberal husband want to move to WI. They’re serious fans of all the “diversity” and “multi-culturalism” that is prevalent there – I hope they learn all about it when they move into a neighborhood where these obvious intellectual giants live so they can receive a dose of reality…

  • Tatiana Kalashnikov

    How can you get a job when you talk using violent gangsta/hip-hop terminology? You don’t.

  • theGOONIES

    these are obama people

    arent they just precious ????

  • Pearl

    Just goes to show what a public education will do for your language and logic skills.

    • Shepherd

      That’s inner city public education.

    • ItsJo

      I was going to post the same thing- “Stupidity personified”. Yep, these dumb fools are the utmost in intelligence…..NOT. Stupid is, as stupid does.

  • docky

    close your eyes and repeat: “diversity is grand, diversity is our path to freedom”

    then, read the above tweets out loud. might blow your mind

  • Southern Wolf

    Aren’t there laws against threatening elected officials, or anyone?

  • Bob Forsberg

    The bottom 1% and union types are definitely represented above.

  • Stephen

    and the left blames conservatives for inflammatory rhetoric?? Typical liberal hypocrisy. I still dont understand why anyone with a brain and any form of logical thought would be a liberal.

  • Scotty-san

    The political tectonic plates are gradually shifting more and more to the right as November nears. I’ll be eager to see/hear what and who these classless Dems are going to be threatening with physical violence, come time for the big election.

  • VRWCmama

    This is sickening…. If these threats were made against the president, the secret service would be on this guy’s front porch within an hour. I truly hope they drag this guy out on the street and make an example (legal, of course) of him

  • Historianted

    That is outrageous! Totally unacceptable to do that. What is wrong with people?

  • Alice Polarbear

    Expect all these idiots to riot once Oblammy loses in November!

  • BlkCon

    Please accept my apologies for this vile display from my ‘brothers & sisters’. They are misguided, desperate, low-class, ignorant, under-educated, entitlement-abusing a$$h0les. If they think they LOST last night, that should tell you a bit about the way they see the world.

    • Big Ed

      They are completely under the control of the left… sad to say, but it’s the plantation mentality… We can only hope things change for your community before it’s too late.

  • Mike C

    This is ABSOLUTELY disgraceful!!!! Turn the table and a majority of these would be labeled as “hate crimes” and be compared to “verbal lynchings”. All through the civil rights movement there were honorable people on both sides stating basic principals like Lady Justice is colorblind and equal rights mean EQUAL RIGHTS…FOR ALL! Where the F is the Justice Dept.?!?!?! It’s very sad to see the state of discourse in our country these days (or the lack-there-of).

  • Big Ed

    Why do they all seem to be from Blacks? Maybe they truly are a violent race…

  • Ultros667

    Why aren’t these people arrested? I know if they said the same thing about Obama, the Secret Service would arrest them.

  • SharingNews

    They don’t even know what they are advocating. Brainwashed idiots.

  • Big Ed

    If Obama had a son, he would be on Twitter threatening to kill Gov Walker…

  • zzzzzzzzzzzxxxx

    This is not an issue, I’m confident that Ed Show, Chris Matthews, and all the fair minded liberals on MSNBC will dig deep into this and find the scoundrels behind these threats against the Gov. and his family.

  • Michael Ellis

    Can any of these guys speak English?

  • Jim1937

    Real class being displayed by libaturd dimocRats. Just like the smart mouthed comments by the Maryland governor last night on Gretta. When is Eric the Red Holder going to charge this bunch of morons? Oh, I forgot, those are his people.

  • blueniner

    Judging by the ebonics language, these are Black Panther type coward thugs……

  • Vickie DHaene

    Yoo Hoo, Eric Holder, Where are You?!?

  • pamdix

    Every person should be investigated and arrested. You think Holder will jump onto this and do his job?

  • ron

    left wing nuts are and always have been a violent group

  • Kra kar

    These apes will go nowhere in life but prison….and by the look of it, prison life starts next week for the ‘groid.
    LoL. good riddance.

  • realheadline

    I’m sure Barry and the racial coward Holder will be all over these death threats. Whoops, they look like Obama’s son… pass. Leftist leaders in our government are openly provoking civil unrest in the streets of America and should be held accountable. They should either restore the rule of law or be crushed by it when we take our country back.

  • bubba60609

    Perhaps they didn’t OMMMMMMMMMMMMM enough.

  • Frank

    There’s no reason for Scott Walker to have been legitimately recalled in the first place. He benefits taxpayers in restoring prosperity by keeping unions from continuing their legacy of abusing the system not only through collective bargaining, but also by keeping them from abusing excessive overtime pay on the taxpayers dime. The left repudiating him basically states that they don’t care about the states future, despite them still making more on average than those in the private sector, they want a lower standard of living for every taxpayer they place the burden on as long as they get theirs, they want online child predator laws to be eased, they want property taxes to be raised, they want the state deficit to rise, they want jobs created destroyed, they want the state unemployment rate to go back up another percent, they want teachers to be compensated regardless of merit or student performance, they want improved education reform to be repealed, they want gun laws to be banned, because these are all of the accomplishments that Walker has done. This is what the unions have been standing for in this recall. Citizens of WI made the right choice for their prosperity and their children’s future.

  • mitch27

    How embarrassing for a political party.

  • Dennis Shaper

    He “gone” do what? Ignorance isn’t bliss after all. No wonder these genius’ want to support the teachers union.

  • Rob Reitz

    It takes 10 public sector idiots to do the job of a normal well educated person – that is why our government is so wasteful and these idiot govt employees know that now they are going to actually get up off their behinds and learn and be productive to make enough to afford their style of living. Free ride is over idiots, I’m tired of you stealing half my paycheck to pay for your waste.

  • allen payne

    So if walker lost …..All these tweeters + posters would be the driving force in Wisconsin Politics ?…..Just think of what that state would look like if this pond scum were allowed to run the state …on to november , remember the hate from these tweeters when you enter the voting booth ..if the black panthers try and intimidate you just flash a ‘Cross’ in their face…..

  • Allan Bataiff

    Perhaps it is just me, but with so many definite and indefinite articles omitted. I cannot understand the thrust of their message. Thanks public school system!

  • Alex

    Please keep in mind anyone can create fake twitter accounts with fake names, avatars, etc. and post ridiculous things to make certain demographics look bad.

  • Frank McAvoy

    Hey I wonder if Eric Holder’s DoJ will take any action whatsoever against these people who have made public threats against the lives of an elected official.

    What do you suppose would happen if a 30 year old white guy like me lit up twitter with comments about how I should kill Barack Obama?

    • JC_Harding

      Uh … I’m pretty sure you’d be in shackles right about now …

  • P

    Ahh, the death threat. Last refuge of morons and weaklings.
    The great thing about online death threats is the morons making them are so much easier to track down.
    Keep up the good work, union members!

  • Alex

    It’s easy to create fake twitter accounts in order to make certain demographics look bad.
    Calm down, please.

  • LilRichie

    The scary thing is some of these psychos are teaching our kids!. I was appalled and outraged by some of the posts my daughter’s teachers left on their facebook pages last night and this morning. I will do everything I can to keep her out of these classrooms!!

  • NoFear

    These people need to be tracked via email accounts and arrested for threatening a public official. They need to do some jail time (which is an environment I’m sure they’re very familiar with).

  • Alex

    Please keep in mind there is nothing preventing anyone from creating a fake twitter account in order to make a certain demographic look bad.

    • JC_Harding

      To what end, Alex?

      They seem to have no trouble making their own selves look bad …

      • Alex

        The same could be true about all these raging right-wingers that come from Drudge.
        The point is, I could create a fake Twitter account using a fake avatar and post hateful or insightful things from the perspective of a “tea party patriot” in an attempt to make the whole demographic look bad.
        My point is that it is silly to get so worked up over these tweets because nobody knows the legitimacy of the people behind the accounts.
        But.. anything to keep you mad at Obama and resentful of black people… right?

        • Chuck Pelto

          Alex… poor benighted guy….

          ….YOU AIN’T SEEN RAGE yet.

  • mitch27

    Has anybody noticed the pictures of these douchebags tweeting the threats? Wonder where our welfare is being spent?

  • Goodbye_Kalifornia

    Well educated lib-progies. Bet some of these tweeters are “unionized publik skool teechers.”

  • David Peters

    Gee I wonder what would happen if a democrat were threatened like this? There would be mass arrests, prosecutions, secret service raids and doors kicked down. These threats should be investigated. If you just put the words “kill” and “Obama” in the same sentence you will be targeted. Ted Nugent simply said “if Obama is elected I will not be alive next year” and he was interrogated by the secret service. These loons can threaten a sitting governor because he forced the Unions to finally pay their fair share? Round em up and make the barbed wire high….

  • $2434011

    Be locked and loaded in November.

  • Romney12

    Morons. Gwen Moore Sings like they think. Hit the road, Gwen!

  • Jon Dough

    Does Twitter allow death threats?

  • VET03

    A bunch of animals, this is what Obama wants – people who think they deserve something without doing anything, and then threaten people when they don’t get their way. Absolutely disgusting and a true reflection of the Democrats.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzxxxx

    I:m not concerned i’m confident the fair minded liberals on MSNBC led by Mr. Ed and Chris ( I got a tingle up my leg ) Matthews will dig deep into this and bring these scoundrels to justice. I’ll be watching.

  • Kouzgondeh

    Wow! The Demcong’s pets sure do get surly when the feed tray is pulled back.

  • betspotter

    These ignorant Democrats don’t seem so special. Libs are babies. Wah, wah, wah. Stomp feet. Hit something. Oh well.

  • qwerty_321

    Diversity is our strength .. yeah .. sure. The bloody simians can’t even speak English yet they live in the United States. I am so sick of negrish.

  • Darkangel

    I hope someone sent all the death threat tweets to the FBI and Wisconsin state police.

  • Justme

    I wonder how many of these were tweeted from the WH directly.

  • Lucas Paniccia

    Scott Walker is definitely a bad man. I can understand why people would want to harm him. Let’s visit his list of crimes: balancing the budget, stopping of ridiculous spending, knocking unions and their crooked leaders down where they belong. And isn’t the state improving overall on unemployment under his tenure. Yes he is definitely a very bad man.

    Are these idiotic left-wing bleeding heart liberals for real? Grow the hell up and take responsibility for your own lives. The government does not have a never ending pile of money. What’s happening in Europe will be happening in America and Canada soon if this out of control spending doesn’t stop.

  • HankReardon77

    I don’t know, but isn’t against the law to threaten the life of a sitting governor. If someone was threatening Obama, Pelosi, et al. the FBI would be at their door ASAP.

  • $23250682

    Such language from the Progressive Movement , and I DO mean that in the scatological sense. Losers!

  • Beth

    I have a question: What would be the statute of limitations on such a crime? (making a death threat).
    November is not too far away (but memories are short).
    I hope the thugs who posted such evil are charged with hate crimes. No investigations are needed….for their hate crimes have been laid bare for all to see.
    I refuse to accept the fact that holder won’t do anything. Of course he won’t. But neither should this issue be left alone.
    Does anyone know the answer to my question?

  • buckeyejim

    More union idiots………..they should be tracked down and sent to jail.

  • Kevin Tunge

    What a lot of people seem to miss here is the distinction between RACE and CULTURE. We need to go to war with the CULTURE that promotes and encourages these types of rants- not the race. Is this culture more prevalent in some races and demographics? Absolutley. Does that condemn the enitre group? NOT BY ANY MEANS. I am as sickened by the tweets as everyone else, and I’m GLAD SW got through the recall- he’s doing a great thing for ALL the people of WI, not just the Union people of WI. But recognize your enemy as CULTURE not RACE. There are POS’s like this in every demographic. RISE ABOVE THE DIVISION.

  • BoltUp

    How do these people even get onto Twitter? Almost all of them are illiterate…

  • Tally Briggs

    less than 30 people. such a “FLOOD.” overstate much? Compared to the thousands death threats for POTUS? Or “2nd amendment solutions” from Sharon Angle, and cross hairs on Dem districts from Sarah Palin? Where is your outrage when that happens? Oh yeah, nevermind. It’s okay if you’re a republican. If I post here I’m sure to get those 2nd amendment solutions directed at me too, right? Or do you just want to put me in a concentration camp like Ann Coulter wants?

  • TheWarriorJoshua

    I’ve see *sobs* this kind of rhetoric before *sobs*…
    Where is CNN and the rest of the media denouncing this kind of hatefull languege that apparently causes people to shot congressmen? Oh I forgot, the Queen is having her Jubilee thingy and that’s so much more important. >.>

  • Barry Levy

    and I will be waiting for obozo, our clown in chief, to tell people to stop the vile rhetoric. But it will be a long wait, as these threats are normal discourse for the libs.

    As to Wisconsin, thank you.

    Your voting yesterday reminds me of a little town in Mass, where the Shot Heard Round The World was fired.

    Republicans, if wise, would take the song ‘On Wisconisn” as the theme song for this election.

    And Gov. Walker, thank you for showing the way, by saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

  • camrad

    If communists can’t win elections legitimately, this is exactly how they respond.

  • Person

    How does that make them “liberals”? They never once said in their tweets which demographic they fall in. These are just ignorant people being ignorant.

  • timej31

    It’s illegal to discriminate. So now we take it out on democrats.

  • 1mikejanz1

    Are you people for real? that is some of the most ignorant raving ‘ve ever read, not to mention sme the most illiterate. You people need to go back to school and maybe learn to writ properly. oh! I forgot don’t school teachers belong to the public service unions? No wonder you people can’t speak right.

  • Rob Empire

    If Obama had a son on Twitter…

  • now you know.

    These are the same people who blamed Sarah Palin for the Gaby Giffords shooting…

  • now you know.

    No wonder why liberals want to ban guns? They should ban liberals from owning guns.

  • JAS64

    Any union thugs have the guts to show up on my door step?

    Kiss your PU–Y goodbye!!!

    Today is the anniversary of D-DAY.

    Your leader has refused to honor those who gave you freedom. Instead he is out campaigning, bailing water from his sinking ship.


  • Big_Bear

    Yeah, these spelling bee failures aren’t going to do anything except smoke more pot. Did Walker cut welfare benefits? Is that why these pointless tweeters have their dirty underwear in a bundle?

  • Bob Litfin

    They all sound like the same person ..Ed Schultz

  • $24185928

    But, but…I thought the violent people were the Tea Party members?
    Time to wake up, libs. America has had enough of your hateful rhetoric, your hands always out to the taxpayer and your inability to lead. You’ll understand this even more clearly on Novermber 6.

  • IdgaradLyracant

    When did police stop enforcing “making terroristic threats” laws?

  • Will Malven

    Just a bunch of cowards who don’t have the backbone to do what they say and who lack the maturity to handle loss or disappointment. They’re also illiterate–which comes as no surprise considering who they support.

    Liberals are the most intolerant, bigoted, hateful people in politics.

    • Jack

      Which is why we should not worry too much about a movement, maybe a little about “mob action”. They are too self-centered and unorganized to do very much. Look at the OWS movement, how long were they there? And the overriding message from the MSM was “When they get their message on track, it will be a powerful force.” Why the hell were they organizing in the first place if they didn’t have a cohesive message?

      It was just one big (SMELLY!!!!!) Facebook party for the spoiled college brats and free food for the homeless who pretended to be part of the movement. These guys will throw all this crap up on Facecrook and Tweener, but requiring them to really do any action actually takes effort. Like staying off the weed for more than 1 hour and following directions. Small mobs can easily be controlled, Especially in this day and age, the educated, smart and hard-working are the strong ones. These guys could riot for maybe 1 day and then its back sleeping past noon and “chillin’ out” (you know smokin’ the c) to Lil Booboo WoofWoof or whatever the rapper of the month is.

  • RickQPublic

    And we’re always told how inclusive and open the DemonRatz and the LiberTards are? I don’t see any MSM reports of this death threat to Walker while they were so so so concerned about “tone” in Phoenix

  • legend zero

    Isn’t threatening the life of an elected public official a no no?

  • cb2000a

    Have we fallen this low that certain people rely solely on the government for free handouts? What you people don’t realize is that what is happening right now in Greece will happen here in the future if we don’t deal with it today. Gov. Walker has done a commendable job of keeping the government afloat and the people of his state know this (at least the sane ones).

  • Dean Hilgeman

    After reading some of the comments I can only assume that they are tweeting from the future where hector elizondo mountain dew camacho is the president…..

  • Virtual_Ego

    We treat them like humans and let them behave like animals. Don’t expect a reaction from the DONJ

  • M

    I’m pretty sure that Eric “My People” Holder will be launching an investigation of all these threats —- unless he’s too busy keeping ineligible voters on the roles in Florida, or protecting the rights of illegal aliens, or planning his next racist moves with his Black Panther buddies.

  • socialismstinks

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Amongst the idiotlibs, she’s the biggest blot on sensibility and honesty.

  • gotham1883

    I worked for the government and come end of year we went on a spending spree. We bought stuff we would never use so that no money was saved, and we were told that if we did not spend it all they would cut our budget the next year. If we spent it all, we would probably get a bigger budget the next year, and that was thirty-five years ago. Uh, can you imagine how expansion has gone since then? This kind of stuff happens in in the military and every government agency. Best and only way to control it is cut agencies and require all rules, regs, and raises get Congresses approval.

    • $24185928

      I thought that happened (same with the state and city level government agencies/schools,etc.) but it is depressing to hear it confirmed by a former govt. employee.
      I hope and pray the taxpayers are waking up to this decades-long trend. We continue the status-quo at our peril.

  • JenB

    THIS is the tolerant left?

  • BeauDCrab

    I wonder about the significance of invoking Lincoln as slang for assassination.

    Seems a bit ironic in some of these cases.

  • Kerry G

    Think Eric Holder will look into this?

  • Danielle

    Classy bunch and so well spoken.

  • Kerry G

    Nice grammar they are teaching in Wisconsin.

  • TeaRunner

    Not racist, but these fools make it really hard.

  • JC_Harding

    Where’s the FBI? Where’s the DOJ?

    Should be pretty easy to arrest the perpetrators of these malicious death threats since they’ve self-identified themselves. Oh, wait .. I forgot …

  • Mhu Cao

    You goofy libs are going to go unhinged when Obama gets drubbed out of office. Can’t wait.

  • Maria Santiago

    All of the ‘hoods’ threatening Gov. Walker should instead go get an education so at least their written empty threats can be spelled correctly. LOL!

  • John Svengali

    The lines are clearly being drawn for civil war; it already exists on a cultural level. As the economy gets worse, the violence – unfortunately – will ramp up. Obama and his party are fanning the flames of division among us through unprecedented, intrusive extra-constitutional policies and lying, provocative rhetoric.

    I think the Left is in for a rude awakening if they take on the political Right with violent action.

    • rightwingrocker

      A rude awakening, indeed. Freedom always wins in that context, possibly because the Right has all the guns!


  • firedup49

    This is what democracy looks like. .a la Obama

  • TS Eggleston

    Ahhhh …. liberals … gotta love ’em. After all, they are the party of peace, love, flowers and happiness. It just seems that lately they are finding peace and happiness through their love of flowers on graves.

    What ever happened to the ONE idea that Nobama had that made sense, a little civility please!

  • Mike Metroulas

    This is what happens when you take the binky away.

  • JettieG

    Isn’t it a crime to make a death threat? If these vectives were aimed at Obama, Holder would have DOJ agents on every “whitey’s” doorstep. These tweets are absolutely shameful and horrendous.

  • EllieEnlightened

    Remember not too long ago when they complained about Sarah Palin using a bulls eye on certain districts? Where’s the horrific complaints now? The libs are the most hypocritical people I know.

  • Sog1077

    The whiney, sore-losing kumbaya brats are going to take the Obama loss in November real hard!

    • rightwingrocker

      Don’t bank on it. Between the Republicans’ lame excuse for a candidate and Obama’s prowess at stuffing the ballot box, Obama has more than a substantial chance to sit in the White House until 2017.


  • CoffeeNerves

    It is obvious that the collective IQ of all these Dimwits is not above Room Temperature. They should be investigated thoroughly, however, for being stupid enough to make death threats against a Government official, or ANYONE, for that matter.
    This speaks volumes for the New DemocRAT Party. Ugh.
    A Recovered Democrat of 15 years.

  • Justin Rempe

    I guess these idiots motto is If Democracy doesn’t work, violence will….

    Martin Luther King Jr would be so proud!

  • Alexander Scipio

    I guess Democrats are the “Party of Civility” just as Islam is a “Religion of Peace.”

  • Guest

    Just wrote a letter to my senator, Harry Reid, asking him to do his job to serve the people of this country and demand that Eric Holder & DHS investigate every threat & prosecute accordingly.

  • Joel

    Does anybody on Twitter speak English?

  • Sog1077

    Has anyone noticed how some of the liberal cowards named above have closed their Twitter account, lmao!

  • JagNative

    So how lucky are we that the left hates guns?


    D Wasserman Schultz tweets – Despite the disappointing outcome, #WIrecall effort sent Scott Walker a message that his brand of divisive politics is offensive & wrong.

    Oh really Debbie, what happens if he doesn’t get that message? Are you going to make him defeat you again in another election?

  • BarackMugabe

    So… this is the left’s “new tone?”

  • coolercoleman

    Get used to it! People in Wisconsin and California just sent a message that we have more government than the taxpayers can afford. The public unions are organized against our families, not some unknown company.

  • Guest

    Just wrote my senator & told him to get Eric Holder to work and prosecute these criminal threats. Wonder if anything will happen…….

  • Balrog

    Typical violent leftists, been killing and threatening people with whom they disagree for a hundred years now.

  • Riordan Kynes

    Behold, Obama’s new tone of civility!

  • Chris Taylor

    What an embarrassment. How can anyone call themselves a “Democrat” in public anymore without hanging their head low and following it up with an apology?

  • LLinLa

    Y’all know if you stomp on the floor, hold your breath and refuse to unlock the door in your momma’s house maybe your Daddy BHO will come by and give whatever you want for free! That is, if he’s successful in picking our hardworking pockets to buy your vote. November 2012 . . . the election when real voters take back their country . . .

  • Unknown

    With such masterful and eloquent use of the English language. I can only assume that these irate people must all be public school teachers.

  • $1719951

    I don’t suppose Obama is going to adress the country to call for more civility after these
    nasty leftist rants.

  • Lucky

    Who in their right mind would want to be associated with a political party that encourages/condones these animals?

  • VetthePress

    All i have to say is…


    eat it demonuts! you LOSE, we WIN

    hahahahhahahah in yo face

    Go Walker!


  • kestrel27

    My, my, guess those Oh so tolerant Liberal Freeloaders aren’t used to losing. Of course they are used to shooting off their fat mouthes, and having the jerk..fs in the media pay attention to them. I wouldn’t worry too much, but if they should get out of hand, remember that since Obama the clown got elected, there are millions more trained, firearms owners who can actually hit what they are shooting at. The best part being that the morons with the big mouthes on the left, have no idea who they are, so they’ll be taking their chances.

  • Romney12

    These gangsta wannabes don’t have a whole brain among them. They think like Gwen Moore sings. Rotten.

  • nauthizjane

    This kind of rhetoric and behavior is why the Unions are no longer trusted or wanted. Americans reject the thuggish tactics of the radical left. We may disagree on somethings but we do not want to hurt or intimidate our neighbors.

  • nauthizjane

    Dear Democrats, my Mother always said you are judged by those you surround yourself with. If you hang out with thugs and do not speak out against this violent rhetoric, can we trust you to do what is best for we the citizen?

  • davidh


  • h8commielibs

    Cant get your way? cant steal any more elections because we are going through the rolls and ousting the dead and illegals from your communist election plans? Just like with GW, openly advocate the murder of a sitting republican. Make even a negative comment about king hussein, and the communists go out of control. We know who is voting in communists, and we ‘gone’ stop this from occurring again, you lazy scumbag democrats.

  • Bart E Hawley

    Ah the oh-so-tolerant ideology of the tolerant progressives.

  • ItsMeAgain

    I’m sure Eric Holder and the DOJ will be all over these people by this afternoon, right? Oh, only the white ones of course.

  • LtColO

    How and why did Scott Walker become the focal point of a charge of RACISM?? This is beyond stupid and irrational. I hope whatever authorities are appropriate follow up on these threats.

  • David Govett

    Have we degenerated to the point where death threats are acceptable discourse?
    If so, why obey laws, since they are no longer obeyed?

  • Allan

    Many of these people wll be getting visits from the police. I hope that they are ready to appear in court and, perhaps, at least pay fines or spend a few days in the slammer.

  • David Bailey

    Nice for half of these dummies to tweet with their profile up saying this stuff.If you are going to put stuff like that out, don’t show your face!

  • whattime

    All look like Obama, Acts like him also. Holder the most bigoted racist Attorney General in our history will do nothing because the criminal convicts are his people just like the NPPs. What we also know is each and every one of the Ch-mps is a Chicago trained Union Thug. Note nothing from Obama.

  • BP

    The thing that amazes me is the spelling. Good grief.

    • DawnTrddr

      The SPELLING is what amazes you???

  • mbs235

    Reading through those tweets, seeing the ignorance and hatred, just makes me sad for America. Our public education system is a complete failure.

    • twentyfour gordon

      Public education system? No. The failure is in the parenting and the culture of this demographic.

  • Joel A. Edge

    As you would expect from a bunch of Democrats.

  • S.C.S

    Isn’t it punishable by law to make threats against someone’s life? Where are our law enforcement “great and almighty cyber guardians”? There is such a thing as an ip address.Knock, knock.

  • seanmahair

    They should track down every single person and arrest them. It’s what they’d do if it was a Democratic governor who was threatened.
    This is a nation of laws, threatening to kill someone is against the law. ARREST them.

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    Time for the police to do their job, arrest all the tweeters inciting violence, and get them prosecuted and imprisoned. At least then they can’t own guns or vote.

    Taxes are important – to pay for enough prison cells to keep these kind of people off the streets, out of politics, and offline!

    On the other hand, I bet a fundraising appeal to known Republican donors starting with “Keep a union loving anti-Walker democrat in jail!” would net enough the taxpayers would be off the hook.

  • Ruth Kaempf

    Living in California I wish that we had a governor with guts, integrity and persistence. But ours is completely beholden to the unions that put him in office. Congratulations Gov. Walker! May you continue with your success saving what little is left of the republic, even though it is only on a state rather than national level. Now if you could impart some of your talent to Mr. Romney.

  • coma

    What is the matter ? …..The Progressive Liberal Loving low lifes now might have to WORK for a living …..oh the horror!
    Get a clue libtards we are done paying for you to sit at home.

  • Kevin Retcho

    I’m sure the department of Injustice Oops, Justice will be investigating this. What ever happened to civility.

  • dudley

    Where’s the rest of the media?

  • samuelpepys1633

    But of course we are all deathly afraid of the violent extremist Tea Party.
    Any one of these comments attributed to the Tea Party would bring in MSNBC Eric Holder and the usual suspects.

  • John

    Just reading some of the Twitter posts tells me the education level of the Democrat base. My cat has a higher IQ.

  • bartman99

    typical, uneducated delusional Obamatards

  • ceanf

    i would bet not a single one has a job. they are just pissed because it means they will get less free stuff from the government.

  • DawnTrddr

    Twitter, the Feds and the Police had better follow up – and prosecute – EACH of these!

  • jlcracker

    those nasty ol’ republican consertatives are at it again,,,,,,, Don’t they know that killing someone is illegal?

  • American Avant Garde

    There is something very animal and barbaric in these responses, it is as if the tribal chief of a rival band stole some of their cattle.

  • astralweeks

    Dear Wisconsin Union Members,
    Such a pity the DNC pulled out of its
    support of the recall and that the president was too cowardly to come to
    Wisconsin (though he had six fund raisers in nearby states), and
    support Barrett. You might have won with more funds and if the president
    had showed any support besides a tweet. Though you’ve been spanked, be
    good little union drones, and remember to vote Obama in November.

  • KrustyLovesYou

    As you can tell from those tweets, the dimwitocrats/libtards/libholes have quite a few very edumacated supporters!

  • Mike DeDominic

    These geniuses (@ above) are products of an education system that has been ruined by liberals, radical teachers unions, and lawyers who have prevented the teachers willing to keep order in the classrooms from doing so.

  • jmatt55

    And you will never hear a word of this mentioned in the media. But if Sarah Palin puts a bulls-eye on a map, it’s proof she shot Gabrielle Giffords in the head.

  • Jimmy Sparklenuts

    I wonder if any of these “people” will be investigated. I also wonder what would happen to these people if they were white and were calling for the assassination of a black governor.

  • deowll

    Looks like a lot of self identified home grown terrorist to me. Think DHS will do jack about this? Not with Holder running things.

  • lainer51

    What more can one expect from pea brains (and losers)?

  • Piquerish

    Well, you have to admit these scholars have a way with language. So glad none of them are racists whose govtard union gravy train just hauled into the last stop station. Now, investigate, arrest, name, prosecute and jail the bastards.

  • Mike Schneider

    Any overt threats like I read above should be dealt with by the police and those who wrote the threats should be jailed. Let Holder bail all of them out.

    • Andrew

      I would think the FBI would be investigating these blatant terrorist threats….

  • Paul West

    What you gonna do when they come for you bad boys…

  • Ratt

    Well now, so it’s ok to openly threaten to kill a sitting Governor on the internet in full view of the Public. Times have changed.

  • James Bailey

    The voters of Wisconsin have a lot to answer for. They have said time and again to their neighbors that contracts you negotiated with your employer can be rescinded to the point that those rights mean nothing. How uncaring can these voters be? Whatever the outcome of this electoral disaster, the people of Wisconsin will face change in unexpected ways.

    • Ratt

      Uhh, your a liberal union worker supporter, correct ?

      • James Bailey

        Not lately, sir. Just another guy.

    • Chuck Pelto


      Governor Walker’s reforms have REALLY hurt Wisconsin by saving MILLIONS OF DOLLARS so far.

      • James Bailey

        So money is more important to you than people or their rights?

        • Chuck Pelto

          Typical ‘progressive’ twisting of logic and facts.

          The FACT is that by saving the state money, in the long run it won’t go down the tubes like Greece and Spain. The only people ‘losing’ money are the Union bosses. The union members get to keep their money if they don’t care to have it automatically deducted. So they’re better off too.

          So….based on that, you come across like a union apparatchik, instead of a union member.

          No wonder you’re whining…..

          [Progressive is a one-word oxymoron.]

          • James Bailey

            It is certain you have more concerns about the state than the rights of the employees. If the state has a good balance sheet, how does that protect the rights of workers around the state? And since Governor Walker has negated those rights, do the workers become subjects of the state? If any right can be erased, then it cease to be a right, and becomes a privilege of the state subject to review. As for the pay the labor leaders receive for their efforts and responsibilities on behalf of their membership, I dare say they have earned it when you consider their job is fight for the rights of others in the workplace against the state.

          • Chuck Pelto

            Try not to be a totally ignorant boob. It makes the Unions look like they’re staffers are all like you.

            P.S. I worked in government for 27 years, without a union. And I got along ‘fine’.

            It’s called the Infantry…..

            P.P.S. And you’re very wrong about my not believing in employee rights. I’m a firm believer in protecting employees from predation by employers AND by unions.

            I support Right-to-Work!!!!

  • dr_bugsy

    Typical ranting by the Socialists.

  • stillinthe60s

    It’s a beautiful thing watching Walker occupying the heads of entitlement freeloaders. Don’t worry about the threats. It would take initiative and exertion to drag their carcasses out of their government subsidized housing and the democrats only provide rides for voting.

  • Andrew

    I hope that the FBI is investigating these criminals for making terrorist threats…. find ’em and charge ’em.

  • MikeHenrySC

    Liberals: Elections are GREAT as long as the outcome is what they want. When they lose, it’s the end of democracy, it’s evil, it’s fixed, etc.

  • Neal Smart

    The President tweeted his support for the Democratic Mayor running to unseat Governer Walker yesterday, I am curious to see if President Obama will follow up with another tweet condeming these death threats and racist comments. Perhaps AG Eric Holder will even investigate some of these folks making the threats since the Justice Department is camped out in Wisconsin. I will not hold my breath. If a “recall” is needed, the target sits squarely on the corrupt shoulders of Eric Holder. President Obama’s recall is already scheduled for this fall.

  • coyotewise

    In a sane world, these folks would be identified and picked up by the FBI, State or local cops and charged with making terroristic threats. But, we all know Eric Holder would refuse to prosecute.

  • grumpyolguy

    Looks like it’s a very literate bunch threatening Walker. Imagine if similar threats were made against the HNIC. They would be screaming, “hate crime”, “racism”, “treason”, etc.

  • Wilber Longshank

    I hope someone sent this link to the DOJ to investagate some of these death threats against Walker.
    God knows if they where against Obama their would be an army of investagations going on right now.

  • Charlie G

    From the grammar, spelling and general sentence structure these
    notes all come an education system run by the unions. They certainly don’t want
    an the future generation of kids to be well educated and make them look more
    anymore stupid.

  • BorderLine Guy

    Nothing will happen. Contact them and ask if the police have questioned them.

  • michael7611

    Oh, how nice. Glad to see Obama’s civility in politics plan playing out so well…

  • Mike Scellini

    You can tell by theso called ENGLISH these governmnt cheese abusing people…

  • Mike Scellini

    ooops.. I need to finnish…. You can who they are!!

  • Darrin T

    need to go after those people and arrest them to show that crap wont be tolerated !

  • Tom Kinton

    Are the death threats listed on the twitter feed here legal? Are they prosecutable?

  • William Flinn

    And just where is law enforcement with THIS? Death threats against a sitting Governor because those sore LOSERS didn’t like the outcome?

    They had better be all over this.

  • Army Navy

    Obama is going to lose in a landslide.

  • Tom Smith

    Btw don’t believe us when we say these idiots are on food stamps! read here :

  • 96leroy

    Isn’t there a law about making threats? I know the Milwaukee PD is so corrupt they won’t do anything about it but there has to be a PD in Wisconsin that doesn’t tolerate this sort of behavior. The DOJ is as useless as tits on a boar hog, so we can’t count on them.

    The statute of limitations HAS to be longer than 1 year, so gather all the info you can to charge these oxygen-wasters after Jan. 14th and lock ’em up.

  • Mark Cooper

    It would be hialrious to see these reprobate scumbags get arrested!

  • Bruce Bracken

    Typical “Democrat” liberal response…OMG you are going to take away my free monies!!! I may actually have to work for a living!!

  • Palos

    Gee and they accuse us of being spiteful and hateful. They also have accused us of encouraging violence against those who don’t hold our beliefs yet when have we ever called directly for someone to go out and kill someone else?

    It might have happened but I sure don’t remember it.

    No this is typical of Dems/Libs who once again have lost, lost and lost because their ideology is not that of normal decent people but that of communism and socialism which we fought for years to eliminate and clearly don’t want back.

    As to good ole Deb there, the message is actually being sent to the likes of you and your buddies.

    F.O. We don’t want you.

    It’s a crying shame you and yours just can’t seem to comprehend such simplicity.

  • ravenofno

    And these are just the ones from Eric Holder…..

  • sarpedon1

    Ignorance and stupidity have no limits… But, they can do jail time…. These punks are just what they appear to be, fools on parade. When you’re so stupid that you start advertising your stupidity, it’s time for sterilization.

  • Knowsbettah

    The one below is funny. Little does the author realize if Oswald had acted earlier he’d still have a collar and chain around his neck, be treated like farm equipment and sleep on a dirt floor in a barn stall.
    “Somebody need to Abe Lincoln Scott Walker cave frog lookin ass.”

  • Earl P. Holt III

    If Scott Walker — or any prominent Republican — has an “accident” there will be NO STOPPING ME short of the Navy Seals…

    • Chuck Pelto

      Cool your jets, buckie…..

      ….and apply the 24-hour rule.

  • Ntr

    Wait to see how these people act if Obama ends up losing the election this November.

  • Tom Alcott

    Not to bright to make a death threat with your picture on the tweet,


    Looks like the Wisconsin authorities will be filling up the jailhouses. The tweeters apparently do not know/care that threatening an elected official is punishable by law. their lack of concern is demonstrated by using a venue where most users are readily identifiable. They have just #screwed themselves#

  • sgt_joe_rock

    does anyone here think the Prez will put a stop to the death threats against a sitting governer ?

  • TexasVetgal

    Make all states “Right to Work” return the Nation to a “Free Market”, let those Public Unions bid for jobs against Tax Payers for pay packages and Pension Benefits comensurate with the Private Sector, Competition is where you find Quality, not Union extortion of Tax payers to buy the Democratic vote.

  • Mr. Mom Jeans

    I’ve followed this story for a day, and one-by-one the twitter accounts with the most threatening tweets have mysteriously been removed.

  • GM

    Idiot Leftists. They don’t have the balls, ammo, or guns to do anything.

  • another_engineer

    Silly Milwaukee welfare recipients….they never cease to amuse me. So glad I moved out of Milwaukee 25 years ago. I’m sure they’re all tweeting from Barretts free cell phones too. Supposedly this is being looked into.. NOT. No one will get arrested. But If I tweeted a “kill tammy baldwin” or “hunt down jim doyle” or “kill barrett” etc. the state DOJ and cops would be on me like stink on sheet.

    we’re not done here in wiscoinsin, still alot of cleanup has to be done.

  • TransplantedTexan

    Really interesting how the avitar pictures that accompanied the tweets have disappeared from the posting. I guess that was because too many of them looked like Obama’s son.

  • GeneralAl

    What a bunch of stupid ignorant asses!


    They ALL sound like 3rd graders. Sorry 3rd graders. Unarticulate fools.

  • redrover

    You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves….are you Americans or socialist commies??? THIS IS AMERICA AND WE WANT CONSERVATIVE, CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT AS WE WERE FOUNDED ON AND THE FREEDOMS, HONOR AND LIBERTY THAT MADE US GREAT; FAITH IN GOD, DECENTCY AND NOT WHAT IT SEEMS HALF OF YOU WHO HAVE SLIPPED TO THE DARK SIDE WANT…..God is in control and believe you me He will crush this nation if you that want gays everywhere and islam running things and people the likes of Obama in our Whitehouse…I would not care if he was purple with orange spots as long as he was a decent person that told the truth. He has lied about his birth and has no right to be wher ehe is, People like Scott Walker see the forrest for the trees, where as you idiots, do not!! He is a Constitutionally sound man that wants the corruption of the unions to stop…..they are the evil and should be done away with altogether and have NO right to try and control votes with their payolla; they are the American Mafia and you are too stupid to see it. I can tell you, if this kind of character assassination continues agains the people who are speaking up and doing the right things for America, there is going to be another Cival War and it will be our blood we spill of each others!! Is that what you want???? The ones that want the nation to fail make sure they spread their evil and their infection to pull us apart; not together for the sake of the freedoms and uniqueness we once were!!!……you idiots want us to be like Europe and that is exactly what the pilgrims came to the new and free world to get away from!! Now we have the same riff raff and evil in our times that they left behind!!! I am so sick and tired of the stupidity that is ruining our country and more ashamed than I can say at the treason of some citizens and the allowing of what is happening;….gays, illegals, corruption, drugs, open borders, government that is stealing us blind and taking our very lives out from under us!!!….How can you not see that we MUST HAVE PATRIOTS, STRONG AND GOOD MEN AND WOMEN OF MORAL FIBER TO TAKE THE REIGNS AND MAKE THIS NATION WHOLE AGAIN…IF YOU DON’T LIKE OUR COUNTRY FOR THE GOD GIVEN BLESSINGS IT WAS BUILT ON AND THAT PATRIOTS LOVE ABOUT US AND AMERICA~~~~~ THEN GET OUT! BECAUSE WE THE PATRIOTS-THE TRUE AMERICANS THAT HAD ANCESTORS THAT STOOD FOR ALL OF OUR DOCUMENTS, FORGED A GREAT NATION AND STRENGTH TO DO WHAT THE REST OF THE WORLD HAD NOT IN ALL THE TIME BEFORE AMERICA CAME TO ACCOMPLISH MORE THAN ANYONE HAD, LOVE OUR NATION AND DO NOT WANT SOCIALISTS AND THOSE THAT WANT TO TAKE AMERICA APART LIVING HERE…got it? Get some brains and realize freedom means you will not always agree with others, but it is the good of the nation that we must have and your people in Wisconsin spoke; they want Scot Walker and glad they do, because he is a good and wonderful man who has the right vision for his state and the nation!!….I say get him to the Whitehouse and get the scum that is there out too!!!!~!~!!!!!!!!