Ready for another rush to judgment? Twitter users are drawing parallels between the shooting of Bo Morrison (above), an unarmed black man in Slinger, Wisc., to the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida:!/bravebird131/status/195532055092789249

The incident occurred in the early hours of March 3. Here is what happened, as reported by GlobalGrind:

There was an underage drinking party at the home of Tim Hess, the neighbor of Mr. Kind, which Bo was attending.  It was Mr. Hess’ daughters who were the hosts of the party.  Kind, 35, called police at about 1:00AM, complaining of loud music coming from a car parked in his neighbor’s driveway. He pounded on the window of the car and asked a woman inside to turn down the music. She refused.  The police arrive on the scene at 1:05AM.

For 45 minutes, the police try to get into the garage in the back of the Hess house, where the young people are partying, but to no avail.  They leave the garage area, but park their cars just a few hundred feet away from both the Hess house and the Kind home.

At 1:50AM, the police call Adam Kind and explain that they will cite the party hosts in the morning. They speak with Adam for 4 1/2 minutes. The police say he was appreciative and would give a statement in the morning.  Mr. Kind claims he went back to sleep with his wife.

At 1:55AM, the father of the party’s host come outside and kicks down the door of the garage and all of the young people run. Bo runs and hides in the Adam Kind’s enclosed porch in the back of his house.

At 1:56AM Bo is shot dead. The police cars are still outside the house. Bo is killed while the cops are only a few hundred feet from the house.

At 2:00AM Adam’s wife calls 911 to report the shooting.

Adam Kind has not been arrested, prosecuted, or charged with a crime. Under Wisconsin’s Castle Doctrine, signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker last year, homeowners facing imminent danger to their lives may protect themselves using deadly force.

Washington County District Attorney Mark Bensen said, “The homeowner acted lawfully in self-defense when he fired a single shot at Mr. Morrison. In addition, our office recognizes that the presumption of reasonable use of force under the ‘Castle Doctrine’ only applies in a limited number of situations. Under the facts of this case, it appears that all of the requirements have been met.”

Now GlobalGrind has obtained and published an unedited tape of the 911 call and is reporting that Adam Kind may have called Bo Morrison a racial epithet before shooting him:

Twitchy readers may recall that similar claims were made about George Zimmerman’s 911 call. Those claims were later shown to be incorrect, or at least unproven.

Let’s hope the MSM outlets who repeatedly leapt to conclusions about Zimmerman will act more responsibly this time.

  • Joe W.

    MSM act responsibly??  Bwahahahaha..snort..snort..bwahahahahaha…Surely you jest….

  • rf_in_va

    This one sounds really like a terrible response to a noise situation by a neighbor.  And a very strange reaction to the situation by Mr. Kind, especially with the police still situated in the local area. He needs to be questioned and detained for excessive force if Bo Morrison was not trying to enter his home.

    • weRbroke

      what part of inside an enclosed porch don’t you understand?

  • Botzilla

    Jackson was hiding on Kinds porch when confronted by Kind instead of bolting , he came at kind and Kind instinctively pulled the trigger killing him, if anyone of us were put in the same situation there might be any number of outcomes, but i’m sure a number of innocent white people will be beaten or  hospitalized in retribution.

  • Larry A Underwood

    This is just the beginning, wait till summer and the fall, it’s coming and you can thank Obama and his crowd for it….

  • OSweet

     Shooter may very well be guilty here, but, pace Russell Simmons, he shouldn’t be judged peremptorily on whether he used the n-word. Everyone knows that in the heat of the moment, when you’re infuriated, or scared, or both, you tend to use the most extreme and malicious words possible.

  • weRbroke

    Why would a 20 yr old hide in a strangers enclosed porch at 2 am?  Previous record perhaps?

    That “innocent” young man had already committed a crime of unlawful entry…who knows how desperate he was to evade the law while using a stangers home for a hideout.

  • weRbroke

    As the details slowly leak out, there was no racist slur in the 911 call and the man was defending his home, wife and three kids from an intruder…

    After recent events where ‘Justice for Trayvon” has been handed out by thugs on white folks, it is plausible that anyone that made a previous attempt to quiet down a PARTY could fear for his safety, especially if the party goers issued verbal threats…

  • BarryNMooch

    Bo Morrison was not trying to enter his home? The porch is enclosed asshat.He wasn’t sitting on the front step. He had to open a door to get in to a part of the man’s home.He needs to be detained? He is in his home and so is the body of the idiot.You think he invited him in for a beer and decided he didn’t like him and shot him? I have an enclosed porch, and you break into it and come at me and you will get the same thing, doesn’t matter what color you are.

  • holygoat

    Question: Supposing Mr. Kind DID use the racial epithet, how would that change the legality of his actions?

  • Meredith

    Nice to see GlobalGrind is stoking the fires. Same group that pushed Trayvon story national.