Hungry students around the country have had it with meager, unpalatable school lunches. They’re flooding social media with photos of their unfortunate cafeteria trays and letting Michelle Obama know that they hold her responsible for “ruining lunch” with the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act.

Turning Point USA is a student organization “fighting for fiscal responsibility, free markets, and capitalism.” Members of the Venus, Texas, chapter at Venus High School have a message for the lunch lady in chief: “No more, Mrs. Obama.”

They’ve had enough of the gloppy gunk and kiwi halves.

#LunchMovement, anyone? Let’s Move.


Hungry kids lament lame school lunches while FLOTUS and Co. feast at White House

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  • Jim_MAY

    Famous Michelle quote; Do as I say, Not as I do. Where are my damn Twinkies Barry?

  • guestpunisher

    They must be racists /sarc

  • Perry


  • GaryTheBrave

    Someone photo bombed the second picture.

  • YesterdayzNewz

    I don’t remember the calorie limits for each age group. If it was/were my kid(s) I’d be irate. Feed the hungry lil turds, for crying out loud!

  • BoscoBolt
    • WhoMeToo

      Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! That’s FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! XD

    • JD Son

      That rocks, Bosco.

    • Bruce

      You win the internet.

  • BlahBlah

    Mooch would really lose weight but she is locked in a job.

    • Kimihiro Watanuki

      I really can’t wait until she’s free of her job lock. No doubt, though, she’ll still be all over tv and such. Ugg…

      • JD Son

        At least when it gets to that point you can turn off the tv and not worry about her and Barry impacting or creating useless policies.

        • Kimihiro Watanuki

          true that

      • 97E

        It’s a good thing I don’t watch television then, huh?

    • Mandy in SC

      I didn’t know traveling extravagantly on the taxpayer dime while telling us to give up “a little bit of our piece of the pie so someone can have more,” and coining such delightful movements as “drink up” and “let’s move” was an actual ‘job’… I wish she’d get an actual job and spend *that* money on her trips! Yeesh.

    • Al’s Annoyed Grandpa

      Well, locked in a pantry anyway.

  • Conrad2010

    She followed her advice to students and look what happened.

  • Want a conversation

    Their parents will be investigated by the IRS.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    But, but, but…a fly-by liberal told me just the other day the Michelle has no control over school kids’ lunches!

    • aemoreira81

      That is because she does not. The relevant issue happened because of legislation passed by Congress in 2010 and signed into law by Barack Obama. The protesters certainly aren’t blessed with brains; if they did, they would be checking to see if their Representative or Senator voted aye on it, and taking them to task for it, or demanding that those who voted no draft legislation to repeal this.

      • Michael Rice

        Riiiighhhhttt and it is not like Michelle was the driving force behind it or anything..

        • aemoreira81

          Still irrelevant. Either the school chose to opt in, or its hand was forced by Congress. Driving force is irrelevant when you do not have the power to “make it happen”. As such. I stand by my claim that these students are ignorant. Conservative students blame Barack Obama or Congress.

  • CLEmom

    I’m wondering how Turning Point USA (student org for fiscal responsibility/ free markets/capitalism) managed to slip by the fascists, er, teacher unions.
    Good luck to them!

    • Adam Wood

      Oh dear. There appears to be some brown people involved in that organization. The Left definitely isn’t going to be happy about them wandering off the liberal plantation.

      • Sky Thibedeau

        White Hispanics like Zimmermann.

  • DwellsInFire

    What happened to mothers who made their kid’s lunches and put them in a bag or lunchbox to take to school? Have parents become so lazy and useless?

    • Aimee

      ^^I make my kids’ lunches!! Food at school isn’t good, line to get it is too long, not enough time to eat it.

    • pinkelephant22

      Several schools around the country have BANNED home packed lunches. I’m not shlltting… look it up.

      • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

        Well of course, why would they need anything from their birth parents when America’s parents can take care of them? (Heavy sarcasm, if it was necessary.)

      • DwellsInFire

        Banned home packed lunches? Yikes. The liberal nanny state knows no bounds.

        • Dale McNamee

          There would be boundaries placed on the nanny state and its thugs if parents showed up at lunch time and started intimidating the “food Nazis” and attending school board meetings… Also, voting for new school board members if the school board is an elected one…

          The school board members and school administrators could afford to lose a few pounds themselves…

          Give them the crap that they force students to eat…

      • Perry

        Yep, out of “fairness”. Seems they wanted to protect kids whose parents wouldn’t fix them a good lunch, might make them feel “bad” that their parents wouldn’t do the same. Of course, they used wanting “nutritious meals” as an excuse to be a nazi. In the end, it was all about more government control over peoples lives.

      • CLEmom

        Banned, or the Food Nazis in the cafeteria are inspecting the home lunches; if deemed “inappropriate”, they get tossed in the garbage.
        This was a huge story in NC a couple of years ago. Little girl had her mom’s turkey sandwich sent back home, was given some crappy, over-processed chicken “nuggets” instead:

        This is nothing more than more leftist government intrusion and control. Oh, and the kicker is that the public school sent the parents a bill for the chicken nuggets.

      • octagon999

        Yep, true. I was going to mention it, but you beat me to it.

      • DeniseVB

        I think it had to do with peanut allergies too. As in, the PB&J is the most traded food item among kids :)

        • pinkelephant22

          No, it has nothing to do w/that. They even threw away a kid’s turkey sandwich.

          • DeniseVB

            In the old days, the PTA’s ran schools, administrators feared them. Wonder what happened? It’s how Sarah Palin started in politics….had a problem with the school, joined the PTA, then their President! Then came city council, Mayor, Gov…..she fixed a lot of things :)

      • Kimihiro Watanuki

        I work a job at at a historic home (Rev War) and I see a lot of the time they pack the kids’ lunches.

    • Want a conversation

      Zero tolerance for bags from home.

    • carmenta

      And I make my kids lunches – he’d starve on what they offer at school, both in quality and quantity!

    • sluker1

      There have been stories about teachers throwing away lunches (or parts of them) that parents made for their children and then replacing them with school lunches.

    • captaingrumpy


  • E Quilibrate

    The text says, “No more, Mrs. Obama”. A slight edit will fix that. It should read,
    “No more Mrs. Obama”. There fixed it.

    • carmenta

      the obamas have reall issues with punctuation, dont they? period

  • DeniseVB

    Back in the day, my daughter’s Catholic elementary school contracted with local fast food to deliver school lunches for only $2 a meal. As I recall, it was Taco Bell, KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Chik-Fil-A. Nice little balanced meals w/beverage, fruit and/or salad. Kids loved it ! My child never asked me to pack her lunch. Those were the days of PE and recess too, I don’t recall any fat kids. I think Michelle’s got her priorities messed up. Let the kids eat and bring back mandatory school exercise.

    • Karl Morey

      I agree, but we’ll never see it happen, because PE and physical activity during recess are discriminatory and unfair to differently-abled kids and you can’t regulate it or hand out participation ribbons to kids whose teams lose at lunch dodgeball or who individually lose at tag and fast-food lunches are too full of and besides didn’t you know your kids aren’t your concern but they’re raised by everyone all at the same time so you have no more say in what they eat and do than any other random stranger you’ve never met and…

      Well, now I feel dirty for typing all that.

      • DeniseVB

        The 50’s and 60’s were so much more fun to grow up in. I had a blast as a kid and remember learning “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”. Good days, good days. Not sure how our kids today were turned into such special snowflakes ?

        • Melissa Royal Marhatta

          It was called the “parents of the 70’s”.

          • DeniseVB

            I had my kids in the 70’s/80’s all turned out awesome and the grands are still skinny and atheletic :)

          • Melissa Royal Marhatta

            As were mine, and me (grew up in the 70’s as a youngster…) Had a late in life child, whom I cannot convince to go outside… without threatening life/limb….. arrgghhh, it is how things change over time, and without the populace to challenge the change….. and I’ll keep it at that 😉

        • Happy Dragon

          That’s how I learned at my non-denominational Christian school, too, during the 2000’s. We were always told to try our hardest, like Colossians 3:23 says. Most of us were terrible at most sports, but we learned how to work as a team and how to give 110%. Those are two things you can’t learn at lunch, no matter how healthy the lunch is.

      • Ice Cold Troll

        Well done!

      • justlittlolme

        Well, now I feel dirty for typing all that.
        You SHOULD feel dirty after all that!
        But somebody had to say it, so we do appreciate your sacrifice. :-)

    • carmenta

      I wouldn’t want my kid to eat fast food every day – nutritious lunches could be prepared on site for a reasonable cost, and the kids would have plenty….trouble is over managing and top down directives

      • DeniseVB

        It’s just lunch and the school had no kitchen. Their cafeteria was a mixed use room lunchroom/gym/theater type deals.

  • YesterdayzNewz

    “Change has come to America!”
    Yeah, no thanks, I like the old one better.

  • BurkeanMama

    I used to make my son’s lunch every day. As he got older he started making his own half the time. If you make it the government’s job to feed your children, you have embraced serfdom and should be treated like one. Feed your own children your ownself and you don’t have these problems.

  • gregl311

    I may have mentioned this before. I work at Papa Murphy’s pizza and we make pizzas at a discounted price for the high school and middle school lunches on Fridays. We have for three years now. It is a great service to the schools and makes us a little more money. We are in danger of losing the contract because of all the new regulations. Next year we have to go to a whole wheat crust and lower the amount of cheese meat an sauce that goes on the pizzas. Whole wheat dough mix is not cheap. Every year we have to put less and less sauce and toppings on the pizzas. Eventually the kids will be getting nothing but crust.

    • Super Marsupial

      ”Let them eat dust”

      • Jay Stevens

        No. ”Let them eat dcrust”
        You were close.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Careful kids, FLOTUS will have you disappeared.

  • interestedobserver2

    Guess they decided to balance the budget on the kids backs, as well as the veterans. After all, it’s not like they could cut subsidies to their union buddies or anything….

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    She’s always watching…

  • Super Marsupial

    I’VE GOT IT! They are eliminating the NV beef ranchers as part of their plan to move us on to Soylent Green

  • WhoDat

    A few of those kids would do well to miss a few meals.

    • aegean1

      Clearly you know nothing about healthy weight loss.

      • aemoreira81

        Some of them do look as though they have already been fattened up for market from home though. Who is making the complaint does matter.

        • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

          The government has no business making the complaint or wasting their time on fussing over whether school kids are fat. They need to worry about the fat dripping off their own spending and do the jobs they were hired for.

        • QueenB

          Oh so that would be kind of like Michelle Obama telling us that we must all eat healthy while she stuffs her face with crap, right? Oh yea, all those pictures of her scarfing down french fries, pasties, etc., were all photoshopped, right?

          • aemoreira81

            What about it?

          • QueenB

            My apologies. I forgot part of your job as a troll is to be stupid on purpose so there’s no way you would even try to understand something as simple as what I posted. Carry on.

          • aemoreira81

            Or maybe, just maybe, you should not be asking silly questions. I have no tolerance for such questions.

          • QueenB

            No, wasn’t a silly question. You are right about thing, you have a complete lack of tolerance.

          • aemoreira81

            That’s not intolerance. If Michelle Obama had been forcing this on schools, that would have been valid. But it’s her husband who did. The school kids are too stupid to realize that.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      So starve the lot of them because they dare to speak out against her Highness?

    • Jay Stevens

      So should M.O. That is the point.

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      Great idea! Better yet-let ’em come down w/ an eating disorder.
      I was a chubby girl who came down w/ one during the spring of 1986. I was 15 going on 16-and it did WONDERS for my figure.It’s been 28 years since I’ve been chubby. *MAJOR sarcasm*

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        You were lucky. I always wanted an eating disorder, but lacked the self discipline and motivation to be anorexic or bulimic.
        Yeah, life as a chunky school kid is so much fun normally, it must be a real scream now that the other kids are blaming you for them having to eat rations.

        • annoyinglittletwerp

          No-I wasn’t lucky. I’m almost 44-and though I’m doing much better(after 28 years I’d better be) I can’t go into restaurants that list calorie contents on the menus. ‘Numbers’ are probably my last trigger. My obese husband is undeterred by them. If I were in school now-I’d probably be dying from anorexia due to the Nannystate’s meddling.

          • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

            Did not mean to be insensitive.
            I still fight my demons daily and would be thrilled to be the weight I was when someone first told me I was fat.

          • annoyinglittletwerp

            You weren’t being insensitive at all.

    • 364NKL

      As would Moochelle the fat cow.

  • Zach Smith

    You think Democrat lunch is bad? Wait ’til you get older and see what they have in store for you. Hope you aren’t too attached to your “wealth.”

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    I guess if you have lots of private money you can make the guidelines somewhat appetizing and the portions sustaining, such as at the Obama girls private school (linked below). However, when you require expensive ‘healthier’ options for public schools you end up with a blob of wet salad and a tiny portions of main dishes to meet the caloric guidelines such as “’part’ of a chicken patty on a minicroissant.” (EAGnews).

    • FreedomRecon

      Wow! Excellent link! Thank you!

  • CO2 Producer

    Hey, don’t knock the kiwis. Kiwi is the new apple.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    Turning Point USA is going to be scrutinized by the IRS any time now.

  • thetawake

    This is going on all over the country. Can you recall any other time in our history when even grade-school kids were rebelling against the government? How many more examples do people need!?….

  • AmericanMom

    Aw come on. She’s just trying to get them ready for the gulags where they’ll work for government when they grow up or get no food at all.

  • iVillageIdiot

    I believe it’s an effort to achieve efficiency. Feed the kids sh!t to begin with and the whole “burden” of digestion is avoided.

  • iVillageIdiot

    I believe it’s an effort to achieve efficiency. Feed the kids sh_t to begin with and the whole “burden” of digestion is avoided.

  • gold7406

    This administration knows what is best for those kids. Tell them to keep quiet or they will be called racist,bigots, and part of a conservative plan to subvert the dem agenda. ed,melissa, and chris will call them anarchists and request the irs carefully scrutinize their parent’s tax returns.

    • StonedAngel

      This administration think’s it knows what’s best for EVERYONE.
      It’s destabilizing the rest of the world .. let alone these poor kid’s lunches.
      The only thing stopping the US from sliding into the same dysfunctional toxic cess pool as Venezuela, North Korea, Iran… is the Tea Party with their yellow flag stuck in the US soil… holding it in place.
      You people of the US need to seriously get your schit together and get your government right and your moonbats under control.

  • AT
  • philoise65

    If Shaka Toots is so into veggies and planting gardens then why does she have such a fat mouth and a fat ass? Kids, it’s time to eat your peas, as her hubby BO would say.

    • aemoreira81

      Because that is her DNA…and last I checked, Michelle Obama is not fat. She does not have control over her body shape though.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        What about the dna of the poor little chubby schoolkids she is making a target of her wrath?

      • Maryland_Malcontent


  • DG

    Seeing things like this proves there is hope for the youth of America still.

    Warms the heart.

  • Bob

    They’ll all be labeled as racists.

  • san rafael blue

    NO MAS!!! Soy siempre tan hambre.= No More!! I’m always so hungry.

  • aemoreira81

    If I had the time to troll them, I’d see if they know who exactly formulates policy—because why this is on the POTUS, and Congress, but not the FLOTUS. Then again, are they knowledgeable enough to realize this?

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      Well she’s certainly taken it up as her cause, harped on it ad nauseum and taken the credit for ending childhood obesity through “her” new lunch program, so someone better inform her that she doesn’t have the authority.

  • Ironside

    I am of two minds on this. I applaud the kids for standing against these ridiculous so-called healthy lunches. On the other hand when I was in school before the nanny state got out of control we had to bring our own lunches paid for by our parents without being subsidized by other taxpayers.

  • Edward Cline

    Michelle Obama — the mistress of scarfing down expensive, taxpayer-paid White House banquet meals (when does SHE ever “abstain” from good food?) — wanted to be remembered for something, to leave a “legacy.” Well, she’s certainly achieved that legacy, only it’s not the one she counted on. Deal with it, Michelle.

  • gregl311

    I forgot to mention that in our school district, if the child does bring a lunch, certain chips, all soda, Gatorade, sunny d, Twinkies, and all peanut products have been banned. If a student is caught with these, they could be suspended.

  • annademo

    You know Mrs. Obama’s kids don’t eat that junk.

  • JD Son

    I live by the rule that I eat what I want, when I want. If I want advice, I’ll seek it. Until then, wook, get lost.

  • Bruce

    Some of the stuff these poor kids have been served looks like it’d probably give them some pretty nasty post-lunch movements. Am I glad I went to school back when we had Pizza Hut or Taco Bell on Wednesdays!

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Let’s Move alright. Let’s MOVE OUR CHILDREN out of the government schools into HOME SCHOOLING programs. While it’s still “permitted”.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    Get your kids about of the indoctrination camps…..AKA – public schools.

    • simonzee1

      The trouble with that is they will be whacked with a big stick when they go to all your left wing universities. That is the place of unrgent reform especially with schools of journalists that come out as parrisan hacks . These lefties know nothing of the relational.

  • Peep

    Drug dealers may switch to chocolate bars.

  • B.HusseinNoBama

    Simple fix.

    Pass legislation that the first lady has to eat this garbage, and only this — for the rest of her time office.

    • simonzee1

      Haven’t you heard about the hypocricy of socialism and the pigs at the trough. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. What you can guarantee is that Obama was not eating what you are force fed while on his 3 million a night Brussels stopover that he just had. Maybe his secret sevice agents got put on the Obama eating plan and just snapped.

  • simonzee1

    If you look at Obama’s body language in Europe you can see people have walked away. These are the people that used to love Obama. Now contrast this with Obama in Saudi Arabia. He looked totally at home with these Sheiks..

    I suggest that there are also other Sheiks in America like Sharpton that generate their sucess out of playing the race card. There is a major Pastor in Chicago that is backing a Republican because the black community needs less Sheiks and more shapers of what is true…honest…just..pure and lovely. They need to stop the “drug of gradualism,” that is the race bait card. Can you hear the spirit of MLK to his fellow clergyman speech from Birmingham jail in Sharpton or Obama? No…just race baiting…

  • beachmom H

    Start bringing your own lunches. By the looks of the pictures, all these kids are plenty old enough to make them. Rebel by bringing what you want instead of what Shelly Antionette decrees you should eat.

  • Russthecurious

    It’s not often that I feel sorry for kids these days but this may be the exception. Along with the world the nanny state is leaving them. And the “revenue” the feds will need. And common core craptology. And the “education” system they’re trapped in. But other than that …. I almost forgot about the violence and bloodshed they have to worry about just going to school … other than those things … almost forgot about their chances of employment being slim …. other than that minor detail – they have it pretty easy.

  • AppraisHer

    First the Wookie tells us that 1 in 5 “poor” children go to bed hungry, then she tells us “poor” children are obese because of “bad food choices”. Which is it, are they starving or are they lard-asses?? And why should taxpayer have to feed these kids, when we’re already paying for their food stamps.

  • aeroguy48

    Remember, Mrs. obama was given $5 billion to implement her lunch plan! The so-called ‘Lets move’ legislation. Another in a long list of Fed takeover of our freedoms.

  • Hans Ohff

    Patriots: It’s one if by land, two if by sea. Shine brighter:

  • Frank’s Inatra

    Democratic methods that support liberty rely upon independent opinions formed apart from the corrupting influence of centralized government.