We admit it: We snickered. Especially because we aren’t in Sochi covering the Olympics. (Thanks, boss!)

How bad are the accommodations for reporters? This bad:

Journalist Bruce Arthur reports that one hotel room came with a lagniappe of sleeping construction workers. Another offered the luxury amenity of its very own stray dog.

From faulty appliances to debris to an “indeterminate amount of semen on the sheets,” journos say the facilities are a sewerscape of DNA, disturbing smells and tetanus hazards.

And then there’s the water that “looked like a lot like cloudy urine.”

President of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Organizing Committee Dmitry Chernyshenko is so very sorry for the inconvenience.

Heckuva job, Sochi!

Deadspin has much more.

And don’t forget this image that went viral last month.


Canada.com | Sochi facilities still a work in progress

Deadspin | Staying In Sochi Is A Hilarious Adventure

  • Brandon Goeringer

    This is going to be the beginning of a great disaster.

    • Richard J Sunkle

      On the bright side, after wiping you can bend over and ask your stallmate “Did I get it all”?

      • Ariadnea

        Don’t laugh, with Obama, Obamacare, and other idiotic policies, soon US won’t be able to afford flushing the toilet.

        Cubans can’t afford toilet paper, Venezuelans ran out of toilet paper, and Russia can’t afford to flush toilet paper (I hope not Recycled?). Hopefully US with their communists, masked as Progressive, bureaucrats & technocrats will not follow soon…after all it already has started in Detroit, where firemen in certain fire station don’t have enough budget for toilet paper.

        • http://hillbillygeek.net hillbillygeek

          In Russia, toilet paper stronger than sewer lines.

          • Clete Torres

            In post-Soviet Russia, you don’t flush toilet paper, toilet paper flushes you.

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            “What A Kont-ree!”- Yaakov Smirnov

        • Areminder

          And PEOPLE this Communist world is the dream world the left is so anxious to turn us into. Do you suppose any of them will wake up?

          • http://churchofeuthanasia.org/ HypGnotist

            Hasn’t been Communist for a very long time. It’s just ignorance, the same kind of ignorance that makes them hate gay people.

    • ExtricatEd

      Now you know why!

  • Clayton Grant

    How many toilets do they arrange together at the Decathlon facility?

    • zzz05

      Wasn’t there some comedy movie where the general tells somebody to take the partitions out of the bathroom for morale, so that the men can urge each other on? Can’t find it via Google though.

    • Clark-san

      They are actually not “together”. There was a situation where they had too much toilet rooms, and not enough storage rooms, so they started making one out of other. Pictured is time when walls were already deattached, but the toilets were still in place.

  • Bob Richards

    Can’t wait to hear Bob Costas’ take on this.

    • Clete Torres

      He’s full of crap, so he’s the perfect one to address it.

    • Stephen K

      “This wouldn’t be an issue if the Republicans would just agree to pass a carbon tax!”

      Sorry, quoted Thomas Friedman there. It’s hard to tell these leftist intellectuals apart when they’re lecturing us peons. Let me try again.

      “This wouldn’t be an issue if the Republicans would just agree to pass common sense gun control measures!”

      There, that sounds more like Costas. :)

      • Areminder

        Actually, this wouldn’t be a problem if only the rest of the world were just like them?

    • Ariadnea

      “Seeing double in the Gentlemen’s Loo”

      Bob Costa would say; Folks Putin has a change of heart, this is his way of apologizing and welcoming the LGB community.

      • geronimo909

        His name is Costas, which makes him Greek. If it really were Costa that would make him Italian. Please do not associate him with my ancestors. :)

        • http://churchofeuthanasia.org/ HypGnotist

          They’re both scumbags and belong in prison, along with the entire anti-gay community of bullies and neo-nazi skinheads.

        • dougfunnay

          i lolled

          because greece and italy have absolutely no historical or cultural relations
          ….no…. actually i would be very wrong

  • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Uhhh. . um. .er . .I was not aware that Russia had become a Third World nation.

    • Perry

      Still living off the vestiges of communism.

      • zzz05

        They did OK in the space race, though.

    • http://bigdeemagnifies.blogspot.com Diana Morrison

      “Become”? They’ve been living in squalor for generations.

      • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Fair enough. You guys know me…I always try be fair and with the new economics I thought Russia was improving….or at least better than this.

        • John

          There’s a reason the oligarchs are buying up big chunks of London and New York.

        • Adam Wood

          Major cities are vastly better. Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. are much-improved over Soviet times. Smaller towns and out in the country? Could just as easily be Somalia, only a lot colder.

          • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Yeah, I have read in a couple sources that there’s no major highway system between the major cities…maybe it’s bias on my part, but I just can’t picture a country with no good roads between cities.

          • Adam Wood

            Depends upon how you define “major highway system,” I suppose. Russia does not have any sort of system that resembles the US’ Interstate Highway System or the UK’s dual-carriageways, but they do have a reasonably extensive road network to MOST of the country. Those are not divided highways, though, and since those people universally drive like maniacs, there are lots of wrecks and lots of associated deaths. This is why you see so many of those dash-cam videos on youtube out of Russia.

            For a lot of Russia, there aren’t major highways, just because they don’t make as much fiscal sense. They have a pretty extensive rail network, particularly across Siberia, where the sparse population means that building a big highway through there doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

            FWIW, there are virtually no roads between cities in Brazil. That has as much anything to do with the fact that there’s a lot of swampland and the like that isn’t very suitable for road-building.

          • james_from_cambridge

            It seems that every Russian car has a video on it’s dashboard and so Youtube is filled with thousands of videos of insane Russian drivers; it’s very entertaining and horrifying at the same time, just like the Russians themselves.

          • Areminder

            Makes it so much easier to control people. Wait til the media brings that fact home to soros and jarret. We’ll se major destruction of our highway systems.

          • zzz05

            Uh, those are private video cams, you know. drop by a Best Buy or something once in a while.

          • zzz05

            I don’t think any country aside from the US has what we would consider good roads between cities, with the exception of the transcanada highway in Canada, highway 2 in Alberta, and the Autobahn in Germany.
            Come to think of it, highways are one of those socialist things that the government runs. Never mind.

          • Wim Kotze

            Little arrogant of you. Go to South Africa and see what remains of the exellent highway network that was constructed before Mandela’s people were in charge.

          • zzz05

            i stand newly educated.

          • biker

            You´ve never been to Europe, have you?
            Check the motorway network in countries like Spain, Portugal or France, and you´ll see what a good motorway network looks like…

        • Areminder

          No Putin just had better branding going on.

    • Steve__Jacobson

      Always has been.

    • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

      It was a lot better than this back in the 80s which is the last time I was there. LONG LIVE COMRADE BREZHNEV!!!!111

    • David Johnson

      There was a time it wasn’t? Think Russian 1%ers own 99.9% of wealth!

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Stop hating the Russian job creators!

    • ceemack

      It used to be third-world nation with a first-world military. Now it’s just a third-world nation.

    • Areminder

      What do you mean? This is best of the world living, America is an unreal, totally unsustainable life style, must be brought down to this.

  • QueenB

    But remember kids, Chicago isn’t good enough for the Olympics.

    • BoscoBolt

      You do realize that Chicago DID NOT BID for the 2014 winter Olympics, right?

      Chicago bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics and lost to Rio de Janeiro.

      • QueenB

        Yes, of course. My point being how could this city possibly have been better prepared as far as infrastructure to hold an Olympics at any time?

        • BoscoBolt

          These sort of problems occur with every Olympic host city.

          Sochi was chosen over other finalists because of it’s location and because it is a resort city with a lot of hotels – and because it was better prepared to host the games than Salzburg, Austria or Pyeongchang, South Korea

          Trying to compare Chicago’s failed bid to any city’s winning bid is silly.

          • QueenB

            Good Lord man….how bad were Salzburg, Austria or Pyeongchang, SK? The water in the hotels is actually black? Dude actively depositing the bodily fluids onto the sheets as you walk in? What?

          • Bathing Suit Area

            “Problems” occur with all Olympic host cities.

            “These sorts of problems” do not.

          • Michael Rice

            Having unsafe water, toilets that can’t take toilet paper, non locking doors, etc….occur at “every” venue? I don’t think so.

          • Rick Frick

            Don’t forget the spy camera’s in the toilets

          • orthorim

            No argument on the location but I lived in Salzburg, Austria for 2 years and let me assure you they have top notch hotels there. Not to mention water that is safe to use on one’s face. Hahaha.

        • karmafordems

          Komrade Poot’in should have hired Mitt Romney

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I WAS kinda wondering where they’d have put in the downhill and bobsled runs, myself…

        • David Johnson

          Sears Tower of course!

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            I was kinda thinking, maybe the “L” for the bobsled runs, with those 90-degree turns in the Loop to make it real interesting. But you’d need a large-enough ramp to start with, for gravity to take over enough to get them through.

        • WisconsinPatriot

          I think Kenosha would have worked well this year!

    • Clete Torres

      Shitcago’s not good enough for anything. At all.

      • QueenB

        Hey man, there may be bed bugs in all the hotels, but at least there’s always running water that is clear more often than not. lol

        • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

          Doesn’t it turn bright green in mid-March?

          • annoyinglittletwerp

            Only the river. Come to think of it, the river always looks green.

    • Areminder

      Don’t you mean the Olympic mobs didn’t want to share the spoils of corruption with the Chicago mob?

    • zzz05

      After the DNC in 1968, you’re not going to be seeing large doings in Chicago until another generation has passed.

  • NRPax

    Well, I think we can see where all the money in construction didn’t go to.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      Did you see Dmiri’s new luxurious Dacha? Nice to see the old communist graft is alive & well in Russia.

      • NRPax

        As a friend of mine likes saying “Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people.”

        • zzz05

          “Fascism combats … not intelligence, but intellectualism.” -Giovanni Gentile, self-proclaimed ‘philosopher of Fascism’,

    • zzz05

      Mar 19, 2013: Mostotrest (the major Russian construction company) stock rises for first time in 7 days, when it leaks out they got the contract for the Sochi Olympics…..

  • sambar2

    So plumbing, clean sheets, and working locks are a problem but we’re supposed to believe the Russians can protect people from terror attacks?

    It wouldn’t matter if I was an athlete and this could be my only olympics. You couldn’t pay me enough to be in Sochi right now.

    • Pat Loudoun

      I see your point about attending. But don’t forget – Russians have this way of shooting people in the face when they misbehave.

      I think they’re relying on that for “protection”.

      • sambar2

        At this point I’d be for whatever gets the job done.

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        Yeah, I still remember the Soviet Union. Indiscriminate killing of “undesirables” is not a problem they’ve ever had over there.

        Getting a toilet to work is another story altogether.

        • zzz05

          The old WWII story about the GI traveling with a Soviet tank platoon about to cross a frozen river.
          “Why do you chain the tanks together?”
          “In case one breaks through the ice, the others can pull it back out of the water”
          “Won’t the crew already have drowned, though?”
          “?? We can always get another crew.”

      • Michael Rice

        They also have had issues with inadvertently killing hostage because they didn’t know what the heck they were doing.

    • Areminder

      Can you imagine any parent letting his/her child travel to compete in this environment?

      • Mallet Head

        Despite liberals attempt to infantize (hello, Friends, 26yr olds on Mom’s insurance, etc.) younger Americans, the US competitors are still full grown adults. Their parents can influence them but can’t stop them. Otherwise, I do understand you mean parents must have reservations about it.

    • zzz05

      Hey, who remembers the Black September massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich? Probably not anybody in Sochi right now…..

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    SAY IT AIN’T SO! They have those American Value Inn Hotels in Sochi? I’ll stay at the Motel 6 instead… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Synchronized poopin is gonna be big in the future Olympics.

  • Horologium

    I think that “double seater” stall is set up for entrapment…

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    But Vladimir Vladimirovich has promised us that it will be the best Winter Games ever. Even if he has to knock some heads to get it done. And believe me, a former KGB man knows ways to knock heads just well enough to get things done without leaving TOO much permanent damage. And if it DOES, well, that’s the “breaks” of the Games, tovarich…

  • LegalizeShemp

    In Russia, toilet paper flush you !

    • Bathing Suit Area

      I tried to see if there was a good Yakov Smirnoff joke to be made of this, but couldn’t think of one. Sadly, neither could you.

  • Surry918

    I’d take the first taxi back to the airport and pay any $ amount to be on the first flight out of there.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    Some reporters are finding out that much of the rest of the world isn’t too much like the US.

    • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

      It is the Republicans’ fault. I hope you realize this.

      • QueenB

        I don’t think we need to point this out anymore. Isn’t that just a given?

        • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

          Sorry but not everyone knows that Stalin was a lifelong Republican. :/

          • QueenB

            True dat. Please forgive my obvious ignorance. lol

          • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

            Tis OK. I’m here to offer any smidgeon of help I can muster.

          • Clete Torres

            But no corruption, not even said smidgen.

          • http://www.FunDMental.com TheRealJackpineSavage

            I’m pretty sure he was in the Bush cabinet too, or he had some bushes in a cabinet, or something…. Racism!!!!

          • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

            Racism n war on women!!!111

        • Michael Rice

          Actually, I could hear a lib blaming it on the Republicans for winning the cold war.

          • zzz05

            I don’t think too many of the rightwingers here know the cold war is over, judging by the references to socialism and communism.

      • Michael Rice

        The Soviets just didn’t do the who communism/socialism thing the “right way”.

  • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

    I so want to know which hotels are these. My dad’s firm designed the Dagomys hotel complex back in the 80s. Of the whole thing my dad designed buildings separate from the main hotel building – a restaurant and a disco (!!!!) and also all landscaping and a mini golf course that I see now featured in the Sochi brochures.

    Dad passed away 3 years ago but I am so LOLing at this and LOLing even more imagining his reactions. He spent many many months in Sochi during construction.

  • Mr_Popular

    Developing Nuclear Weapons Systems: High Priority!
    Developing Crap Removal Systems: Not Such a High Priority.

    • http://www.FunDMental.com TheRealJackpineSavage

      In other words, number 2 is not job number 1. :op

  • aztectrumpet

    One of my years in college, me and my roommate had to share a bathroom with the dorm room next to us. At least one of the guys from the other room threw their toilet paper in the trash. It would get really smelly if we waited the two weeks for the cleaning person to take out the trash instead of taking it out ourselves.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Shaping up to be a richly deserved embarrassment for the Putin regime and the IOC. And serves them right, because if you think this highly-dangerous Russian den of squalor got the Olympics over two of the world’s most beautiful and famous winter resort areas( Salzburg and PyeongChang) without running the entire playbook of classic Russian corruption plays; then you’re probably one of them Belgian bureaucrats who got bribed into voting for Sochi.

  • Coffee

    I think the flush issue is due to the age of the sewage systems. Older ones simply cannot handle more, ahh, waste than human.

    • ozconservative

      Seen that sign in the Philippines usually in older hotels.

    • zzz05

      It’s just plain thrift. You shouldn’t throw it away until you use the other side as well.

  • MrApple

    This is Obama’s view of the future ideal America, Communism at work.

  • Tremors

    I live and work in a town about 15 miles from the Mexican border. You’ll see the trash cans right next to the toilets in many public restrooms because people from south of the border will either throw the used toilet paper on the floor or in the same trash can you throw the paper towels after washing your hands, any where but in the actual toilet. Their plumbing back home is so bad that that is just what they normally do.

    • Pat Loudoun

      So naturally, we need to import more Mexicans. Makes sense.

    • ceyanne

      Yes, it’s true. My aunt has a landscaping business in Baltimore and uses Hispanic workers and that’s what they do, throw TP in the trash can rather than flush it. It’s nasty.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    It’s been several years since I’ve been in Greece, but I used to spend a lot of time there with my (now ex) in-laws. Paper always went in the trash, not down the toilet, and they only flushed when “necessary.” Delicate pipes, lack of water and all that.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      But at least the tourist hotels have better accommodations. Well, some of them anyway.

  • idalily

    If Romney were president, he could give Putin some advice on how to run an Olympics. Alas, Obama had never even run a lemonade stand, so advice for Vlad will not be forthcoming.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    And we were afraid of these guys?

    (in russian accent) “Vladimir..two toilets per stall. More efficient for the pooping”

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas

  • redheadgrl

    geez, have these people never been outside of the US before? 1. most countries don’t have our standard of living. 2. it is quite normal not to flush tp in other countries, their infrastructure is nothing like ours. 3. former communist countries are like third world countries in many respects like over population of stray dogs, poor water treatment systems, and decaying buildings. I would also bet the elevators are smaller and the food different! enjoy another culture for a few weeks and stop acting like a spoiled American that’s never traveled before! oh, and realize this is where your socialist agenda will take us.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Yeah, but they’re the “sophisticates” who would run our lives if they could.

    • Pingston

      Well, actually, in most countries of the world tp is flushed. If the Sochi sewers are not up to tp then they aren’t up to the overall volumes they’re about to experience. Hard to believe when they’re spending $50 billion they don’t build new sewers and sewage processing plant. Let’s hope it’s a misunderstanding. What appears clear is that final construction is about a month behind. No excuse for that.

    • Part138

      When I was in Russia you COULD flush tp, you just needed to bring it with you because public bathrooms didn’t have any. As for the food, I loved it!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “3. former communist countries are like third world countries in many respects like over population of stray dogs, poor water treatment systems, and decaying buildings. I would also bet the elevators are smaller and the food different! enjoy another culture for a few weeks and stop acting like a spoiled American that’s never traveled before! oh, and realize this is where your socialist agenda will take us.”

      You’ll probably never learn that without going there yourself. That’s not what anyone on the left wants others to know. Especially these days.

      • redheadgrl

        The stray dogs can be scary, too, especially if they pack up. This is also a huge probably in Bucharest, Romania. But, i was able to flush the tp there, but not in some places in Belgium.

    • Adam Wood

      There’s a reason we don’t hold the summer games in Mogadishu, too.

      Yes, in some places around the world people don’t flush toilet paper. Russia, however, is not one of those places. This event, though, was alleged to be Russia’s “proof” to the world that they are, in fact, now a first-world country, and that this was supposed to be a place with world-class facilities … ALL facilities.

      Instead, we see the amazing confluence of Russian graft and Olympic graft that has resulted in fifty billion dollars’ worth of expenditures that has left them with toilets that don’t work, heat that doesn’t work, incomplete hotel rooms, and a bunch of other things that should have been thought of first that have not been thought of at all.

      Sure, every Olympic city has problems. Always has. And the graft and corruption of the IOC pretty much knows no bounds. But this is rapidly shaping up to be a colossal fuck-up of Obamafail proportions.

      • redheadgrl

        I understand the point you’re making Adam, but I cringe every time I hear Americans complain about amenities in other countries. A 4 star resort in Romania, another former communist country, is like a Holiday Inn Express here. Maybe Sochi wasn’t ready for this event, but too often Americans complain over differences in cultures, small elevators, and the lack of “American” food. I hope it is eye-opening for the travelers to see how lucky we are here in the good ole USA.

  • littleones

    Very entertaining! Jimmy like!
    Go Sochi!

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Well media jerks, this is our future, and you helped build that. Enjoy!

  • Michelle ✓classified

    And before they even start – Winter Olympics at Sochi are already proving to be a solid joke. Hotel rooms not finished being constructed, apparently those that are don’t have safe water supplies, no WiFi?, no snow (they’re making it as we type), shared toilets in the same room? Fail Russia, solid fail.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      And shhh, don’t even bring up security issues.

      • Michelle ✓classified

        I purposely avoided doing so. Hate to say it, but I have a really bad feeling about the few weeks ahead.

        • nc ✓s & balances

          I pray our fears turn out to be groundless.

  • Mommamia1


  • Michael Rice

    This, is where the world is supposed to bend it best athletes. In many cases, very young athletes.

  • Part138

    When I was in Russia you COULD use paper in public restrooms, you just needed to bring some with you because there usually wasn’t any there. As for the food, I loved it!

  • Renny

    I love the USA.

  • mhojai

    “Communist efficiency”
    The same contractors who brought you ACA

  • Oysteria

    Hey, don’t laugh. Even in Western Europe (you know, that place so many people think the US should be “just like”) the 4 star hotels we’ve stayed at in Paris, Rome, Athens, etc. might have gotten a rating of 2, or possibly stretched to a 3, here in the US. Once, when we returned to the US, we had an unexpected layover for the night in Chicago and stayed at a Days Inn and I felt like the Queen of frikken Sheba at the palace.

  • OpenTheDoor

    I have traveled the world and trust me, the average Days Inn is way better than most hotels the world over.
    If nasty scares you, never, never travel to India.
    There is more cow crap in the streets than on my uncle’s dairy farm.
    In Belize, the outhouses are over streams, you get to watch the fish eat your poop.
    The protests of ‘reporters’ has me grinning like a burro eating cactus.

  • Trudy Hill

    My friend spent 2 weeks in Sochi a few years ago for the Mrs World Pageant, she won and is way too polite to be critical BUT her DAD wasn’t !!! And the flight to get there from the main airport was so bad he said he would never ever go back there again. And they took the girls out to tour Chechnia ( sp), her husband would not allow her to go thank goodness. The photos on the Mrs World web site were full of men on the rooftops holding machine guns !!

  • Joel A. Edge

    I’m always amused when people move off the beaten path that caters to tourists and they see how the majority of the world lives. Americans especially live in a little they-must-be-just-like-us bubble. They aren’t, folks.

  • Jake Bradford

    Whether it’s Detroit or Russia….it takes a long time to recover from socialism.

  • Jim Rasmussen

    Dmitry Chernyshenko? Sounds more like Dmitry Chernobyl.

  • Chrissy the Hyphenated

    Re: Not flushing TP … my brother lived in Beijing for a year in the early 1980s. They had the same rule. But the toilets did not flush. There was a hose to rinse the bowl. The paper rule was because they used the toilet waste to fertilize the fields.

    • Chrissy the Hyphenated

      I visited the Soviet Union in the mid 1970s. My room in a “5 star” hotel in Moscow had no private bathroom, just one way down the hall. And they turned the hall lights way down at night. It was seriously creepy going for a midnight pee. They didn’t have any rule about flushing TP, but the paper provided was so awful, I collected it and still have it in my scrapbook. Some pieces were shiny on one side. Others were harsh like the cheapest brown paper towels. As for the phones, I’ve had better overseas connections from U.S. than I got between hotel rooms in that place.

      • Chrissy the Hyphenated

        IMHO, our country would be in much better shape if all high school students took a trip like me and bro took.

  • porgiefirefighter

    Where is Mitt when you need him?

  • Countercharger

    The toilet paper thing described above, in Sochi, is common in China. When I stayed in apartments in Xi’an we had to place ALL toilet paper in the bin. I stayed there for 6 months and it became second nature – just what you do as normal. Then of course when I came home to NZ I tried to do the same thing there and had to “rescue” the offending paper and place it in the right place, the toilet bowl. I think the Chinese systems used the pure toilet material to make urea and fertiliser. Never really found out about that. This was in a city of 8 million people. As for the twin toilets I think that is a “standing” joke. Also common in China to share communal toilets. But I did not think this happened in Russia!!!

  • Leatherstocking

    Press people having to rough-it? Thank you Vlad for a wonderful gift.

  • Chrigid

    Less than ten years ago, Moscow & St. Petersburg, squat toilets all over the place, and you had to pay for the toilet paper.

  • Josie

    Well if you can’t wash your face with the water how are you going to take a shower or wash hands. Can you trust anything that is cooked with water? Never heard it was this bad before. So this is what Socialism looks like! And this is what the left is striving for.

    • zzz05

      Socialism’s been over for 30 years. Its end was in the papers you must have missed it.
      Six years into the Obama administration and you guys hang the destruction of America under the previous republican administration around his neck, but 30 years of absolute trickle down no safety net capitalism and you still blame Russia’s problems on the commies.

    • Jason

      Socialism died out quite a while ago in Russia and they were not ready for capitalism.

    • http://kestrelsparhawk.livejournal.com/ kestrel sparhawk

      Russia isn’t socialist. This is what a country ripped apart by corporate and outlaw gangs looks like. Or the poorer part of America.

  • Robert Roberto

    Who cares about what happens in that country, when we only care about the USA.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/JustForGiggles Wanda Giggles

    THIS is a laugh-or-cry situation! Glad to see they’re making the best of it ;~)

  • expatin paradise

    Two toilets? Is that what “biathlon” means to Russians?

    As for the “don’t flush the toilet paper” thing, this is nothing new to Latin Americans.

  • WonBall

    The basket for TP is a fixture in Greek hotels, too. Takes a little getting used to.

  • Tom Charters

    This is disgraceful. Part of the problem is nobody wants to host the Winter Olympics because of the cost and record of loses in the past. Our Olympians should be guarded by the United States Marines with support ships and aircraft. The Russians cannot even get the venues and the lodging near completion. In two weeks Russia will be left with hundreds of half finished projects. Who from the Olympic committee has been overseeing this construction. Russia needs at least 12 more months to prepare for the Olympics.

  • felipe ramos sr

    Take a hint, they hate media that much so scram……

  • Tom Charters

    Actually I prefer to flush the toilet paper as I do not need any memorabilia from the Sochi Olympics. The Olympic village must be a germ invested hazard zone. The opportunity for disease is only matched by the chance of getting killed by terrorists. I do commend the Russians on their “shoot first and ask questions later policy”.

  • ArcanVmXII

    Too bad people are too busy insulting a country for their invitation instead of being grateful for what they have back home.

    • http://refdesk.com/ TheRealist

      That is a lame reason not to criticize the Pootin games.

  • http://refdesk.com/ TheRealist

    Seems that Sochi has literally gone to shit.

  • Janet Julien

    Russia should be sorry that they Sochi-ted (so cheated) the world in their expectations

  • zzz05

    Based on my experience with it on two very different machines, Disqus hosting comments about dysfunctional engineering is an irony meter melter.

  • ExtricatEd

    A former son-in-law of mine whose a West-Ham fanatic was employed to organise some of the infrastructure.
    As a result of my daughters error in judgement to marry him, Russia and the rest of the world now knows to watch-out when West-Ham supporters are about.
    The good part is the UK economy improved after he went to Russia; amazing isn’t it.

  • Diana Gill

    Damn boring old and stinky. Don’t you have some new pics taken lets say hours before the kickoff , otherwise starts smelling of a setup, like Iraqi premature babies thrown out of the boxes by the bloodthirsty Saddam troopers. The world was shaken and outraged but years later it turned out to be a badly staged drama. Anyway before you point your finger at someone, make sure you washed you hands and trimmed at least one nail.

  • trp17

    that good ‘ol yanky humor has me in stitches! Wow! Awfull.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Well, it’s Russia isn’t it? When personal incentive gets displaced by state control this is what happens. It didn’t matter when they were all peasants living in sheds because they wiped their ars.s on sticks and leaves. This is where the world is going – get used to it…

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    Americans don’t have any idea how Russians treat each other with good and services. Appalling goods and services. Proud people. No organizing skills whatsoever.

  • paulalovescats

    Damn, people are spoiled. Sometimes I haven’t been able to put paper down the toilet. How much can stick to your ass anyway? That’s what air freshener is for. Don’t be such damn babies!! You fold it up, put it in, and spray. Now, the lack of wifi….that’s ridiculous. Can’t do their jobs.

  • http://churchofeuthanasia.org/ HypGnotist

    Not surprising. Just look at how they treat gay people!

  • elninio

    and they got the world cup in 2018??? OH BOY.