“Mostly peaceful protesters” mostly smashed the crap out Youth Radio, a nonprofit youth-based media organization in Oakland, Calif. Hey, someone’s gotta hold those windows accountable for George Zimmerman’s not-guilty verdict … for the children.

The Dogwood restaurant was also targeted by the Trayvon mob.

#youthradio vandalized. This is NOT #oakland

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Youth Radio has been covering the aftermath of the verdict.

This is “justice for Trayvon”?

Also in Oakland: Trayvon Martin vigilantes assaulted a waiter with a hammer, attacked media and smashed up a Men’s Wearhouse (founded by George Zimmer, not George Zimmerman).

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Intelligence is knowing that one has a brain to see with…
    the Natural Law…Natural Rights…

    As the only thing a person has the courage and ability to change about one’s self is behavior and attitude.
    Does the world owe you something?
    Do you owe it to yourself?

    • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

      Natural law is the opposite of the left. From this to abortion to so-called “gay marriage”.

  • NRPax

    Is it wrong of me that I want these rioters gathered up and dropped off in an isolated part of the world? Let them have some section of Africa or the Middle East that no one wants and they can have all the social justice their little hearts desire and those of us who want to get on with our lives can do so.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Antarctica would be my choice.

      • NRPax

        What did those poor penguins ever do to deserve that?

        • Ken Alan Draper

          it’s because they are black and white isn’t it?

      • Oschlama

        within hours, there would be a homicide division, a morgue, and 15 liquor stores

      • DaMello

        Leave Antarctica alone please! That’s my future hide away (liberals hate the cold)!!!

      • Ken Alan Draper

        within five years they would run out of ice.

  • thomas moore

    Notice that sign eh?Socialistworkers.org The roaches never really go away do they?

    • Ken Alan Draper

      Socialistworkers-there’s an oxymoron if i’ve ever seen one

    • Damien Johnson

      I thought it was more important that they feel like the KKK still has any power in this country. just… ugh.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    I wonder if the DOJ will be bringing civil cases against these people. Aren’t they violating the civil rights of these business owners? The difference between these and George Zimmerman, is that it’s now been shown these attacks are racially motivated.

  • June Clinkenbeard

    Unfortunately, Occupy Oakland has been rabble rousing again. They are responsible for bringing this group out to protest. Very easy for black youths in Oakland to tag along for the ride. Nice job morons! Perhaps OO will think things through a bit next time before inciting people to riot. They sent out messages on Twitter. Why isn’t someone being held responsible? This is ridiculous! People are being hurt and businesses damaged. Police officers are being pulled back off the streets. Someone please tell that piece of shit Mayor to come out from under her desk and do something! Here’s a thought. Arrest somebody! http://www.mercurynews.com/crime-courts/ci_23666274/oakland-merchants-mayor-decry-damage-from-weekends-protests

  • Stone Bryson

    Killing whites and Hispanics: check.
    Vandalizing businesses: check.
    Breaking windows of a community-organized non-profit? “F**KING MONSTERS!”

    Progressive philosophy… at work for you!

  • Blake Waymire

    So predictable. Rioters always just want to break things. Doesn’t matter what things.

    • Emily B

      Those windows had it coming.

  • Medicinewoman2

    All I can say is I am glad I’m here not there, this will get you shot where I live.This is BS.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Devon-Dibley-His-Golden-Key/dp/1484181557/ M F Scotto

    All these broken windows… economic BOOM coming to Oakland! – Paul Krugman

    • S. D. Coburn

      Keynes is smiling.

  • waterytart

    For Trayvon? Maybe all this violence and mayhem is just some strange voodoo ritual that will raise the dead? Something us “privileged” white folk just don’t understand? Lost my Dad in March, think I’ll go into downtown Hooterville here, and smash some windows and see if the ritual works, stay tuned………

  • Chevypowered

    Somebody forgot to tell the little darlings about the 1st rule of mob mentality.

    Rule #1: There are no rules.

    So to those who support this mess and now complain when the wind shifts the stench in your direction.


    • Marvin Nelson

      You forgot Rule #2: When in doubt, refer to Rule #1.

  • http://deadbuffaloblog.blogspot.com/ DeadBuffalo Blog


  • DV S1EOG

    Honestly, I think that businesses should start to pull out of Oakland and LA. Why would you ever want to deal with this?

    • Damien Johnson

      One business has put up a sign that said “This window will be fixed later today. When will our archaic gun control laws?” Wow, way to enable criminal activity, dipstains. Anyway, remind me never to eat at “Awaken Cafe.” Sounds like some new-age bullshit to me anyway.

      • DV S1EOG

        Well that is California and unfortunately there are many there that seem to live in a different universe.

  • Oschlama

    apes and monkeys, monkeys and apes

  • Marvin Nelson

    Obviously, the people in this mob don’t care who they destroy because that’s the mob mentality.

  • Deadblackdude

    Really people? Are you even people or have you morphed into something else?

    Sweet little Trayvon is innocent and your protest is violent and some how this is supposed to furhter your “cause” get a job. Does anyone realize the only preperation for rioting was black not white?

  • Deadblackdude

    All of you clowns who shouted injustice want to walk down the street in LA now?

  • Emily B

    Is it any wonder that people like George Zimmerman are suspicious of kids like Trayvon? It’s because of behavior like this.

    • Damien Johnson

      I’m saying. As somebody that feels like both Zimmerman and Trayvon are scum for various reasons not having to do with the case itself, they’re not exactly persuading me to take Trayvon’s side.

  • brewerandpatriot

    The mob loves Trayvon so much they couldn’t spell his name right. Love the red sharpie ‘Y’ on all black lettered sign-really makes it pop!

    • Slugglife

      Yes I saw that and thought it was ignorant as hell. I’m never surprised or amazed.

    • al hunt

      wow, not in cursive either.

  • © Sponge

    Wasn’t there a Dem Senator once that said we needed an alien invasion to destroy windows because “JOBS!!!!!?”

    They’re just doing their share to boost the economy.

  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    “Youth Radio is a great program with limited funding Why smash their windows?
    What’s going on?
    Lets do this Peaceful”

    Don’t you get it? It’s for TRAYVON today, GUN CONTROL tomorrow!

    The left must be able to do whatever is necessary for the utopia!!


    • TDS

      Sad thing is that I see this thing being allowed to continue until people start shooting back in self defense.
      Marshall Law & Gun Control all in one fell swoop!
      I’d like to see where all those armored DHS vehicles are right now…

  • Slugglife

    Why should youth radio be exempted? Smash their effin windows too. If its anarchy you want its anrchy you get you little crybabies.

    • Jenn

      Who ever said we all want anarchy? Only a small group of people decided to take it upon themselves to be the, “voice of the many.” I’ve seen so many anarchists smash things and then run off like scared little kittens. If you’re going to stand by an ideal, stand by its consequences, stand by your own actions. Youth Radio works every day to support the community, all you do is tear it down. They help with school, job skills, music, and getting the news from the people not some political agenda.

  • TDS

    We want to protest the idea that Trayvon Martin could have violently attacked Zimmerman…
    …by violently attacking people!!!
    Hooray for hypocrisy!

  • Ntr

    Yes, white socialists for Trayvon…sure. Until they get their socialist Utopia and then it’s slavery all over again with the white, liberal socialists at the helm. The only difference being that it’d be based in race (all minorities) and politics (the ‘undesirables’ of other races) being the slaves. Think about it.

    With that said, one could say the slavery-run Confederate South was, in itself, an experiment in socialism as run by elitist Darwinists and Eugenicists. That is, once you start picking deeply through the history of those times and seeing who was in charge, behind the scenes, of the Confederate government.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    trayvon martin is the excuse, they are just evil destructive people.

  • Damien Johnson

    This shit is why California is broke as hell, isn’t it?

    • Slugglife

      Youre damn right Damien, and they are proud of it! They did it their way!

  • Linda (Lou) Norris

    The socialistworker.org sign says it all about who is behind this. Not an organic movement…opportunistic.

  • GregoryBrandt

    Actions speak louder than words. They also make people look stupid.

  • GregoryBrandt

    I sided with Trayvon when I first heard the story on National Media. Then, I took a few minutes and went over the facts and the evidence. I suppose the rioters didn’t research it like I did.

  • Rowdy Wilson

    How about some justice for Kelly.
    The body of 33-year-old Kelly L. Hunnewell was discovered by
    a neighbor early Monday morning inside a bakery at 93 Tommy Circle.
    “She put up a fight,” said Santiago. “She just really stood her ground and said, ‘I’m not gonna take this.'” The family were unable to cover Kelly’s burial expenses and wish to help provide for her children at they get older. Murdered by
    Troy Stevenson, 18, Lorenzo Young, 18 and a 16-year-old,