On Friday, Piers Morgan announced “BREAKING NEWS” that actor Gerard Butler would be his “man-date” at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Piers, you mean this Gerard Butler?

Yep, that’s the one.

Butler might be Musket Morgan’s man-date, but Fox News lib Jehmu Greene did her best to elbow in on that action at one of Friday night’s Nerd Prom pre-parties. It’s nearly impossible to outdo Suzanne Malveaux’s humiliating walk of shame after the 2012 dinner, but that’s not gonna stop Jehmu from trying.


Oh, dear:

Shimmy, shimmy cocoa pop. If you kiss me then I'll kiss you back, @GerardButler #WHCD2013 #nerdprom

Watch out, Jehmu. You’ve got competition!



Gerard Butler #300 #whcd


Oh, my. Perhaps the “walk of shame” description was more apt that we could have imagined.


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  • Jim Denney

    My guess is that she first asked that “bow tie wearin’ white boy” Tucker Carlson, but he refused because he doesn’t date racists.


    • http://www.lidsamy.com/ Lidsamy

      I just tweeted your comment, I will never forget that,so offensive

      • Brad Hobbs

        Never? Or just until the next outrageous outrage catches your fleeting attention?

  • TocksNedlog

    Well, well, well. Look at all of the strong, independent, liberated women drooling all over the arm-candy!

  • TocksNedlog

    Piers, do you like movies about gladiators?

    • shimauma

      LOLS funny, but he was a spartan, not a gladiator. you’re thinking of russel crowe. and both would be drool worthy of we red blooded United States females if these two guys weren’t such freaking libturds…. :(

      • TocksNedlog

        Well yeah, there’s that — plus, the fact that Russell Crowe is a rage-filled pr*ck that makes Alec Baldwin seem mild-mannered by comparison.

        • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

          In his defense, Crowe mainly keeps his psychosis hidden from the public unless he’s lost in a boat, a hundred yards offshore and has to call the Coast Guard, or is in possession of a telephone in a hotel.

          Baldwin puts his on full display each and every day.

      • Pat Loudoun

        Now there’s a nice (but failed) attempt to ruin a good joke. Now go rent “Airplane”.

        • shimauma

          excuse me, it was funny, I said that; and I saw Airplane when I was 10, and bought it for my kids 4 years ago, you doofus.

          • vino veritas

            Sounds serious.. just don’t call him Shirley.

  • https://twitter.com/SmileyRoffle Smiley

    It’s Versailles all over again. When do we get to break out the guillotine.

    • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

      Not soon enough. >:^[

  • Voting Female

    Hey Piers? Ask Gerard To Explain Molon Labe.

  • Guest

    Those Progressive Socialist heifers generally do not encounter much testosterone,
    among those with whom they associate;
    unless they get together with Mooch, of course.

  • fireandreamitchell

    I guess Gerard Butler isn’t a ‘bow-tie whiteboy’ to JeMOO Greene.

  • Bill Board

    Way to go Shamu, how did you get the night off from Sea World?

    • Axelgreaser

      Shamu! Hahahaha! Butler needs a Sham Wow to scrub off the Shamu!

      • Bill Board

        That’s funny!

  • Axelgreaser

    EEEOOOOOUUUUU! I thought she was a lesbian! In any event, Gerard, wash the ‘liberal’ off your lips. I wonder if she shut her motor mouth while he was infecting himself without interrupting or talking over him. Funniest thing I EVER saw was this drudge showing up for her FOX spot late with NO MAKE UP! Which was startling, jarring, appalling, all three. After FOX went to one of their 10,000 commercial breaks for the day and came back to camera, she was magically transformed to a somewhat less unattaractive person and including having her lips slathered with a pound of Fire House tinted axelgrease, her trademark.

    • John

      You can always tell when far-left single women are getting really desperate.

  • $7610427

    Dang…I thought Gerard Butler was freakin hot till I saw this! Not so much anymore… I’m deleting him from my Pinterest Board.

  • KansasGirl

    He doesn’t look to thrilled.
    Of course he’s used to having attractive women in his company.

  • vino veritas

    This is the same pig faced racist hypocrite, Jehmue ‘turns my stomach’ Greene, who called Tucker Carlson a “bow tie wearing white boy” during a live debate on Fox. Now she is happy about getting kisses from a celebrity ‘white boy’ at a white house party, although Gerald Butler likely just thought of it as handing out charity! I guess the only type of ‘whitey’ she wants kisses from are those who have plenty of money and fame for her leech off of and burn through.

    “Jehmu Greene
    @jehmu Arrived at the Garden Brunch. Chatted, flirted and then realized my dress is on backwards.”

    Now it matches your ideology. Gone with the wind falling fast into obscurity.

  • oneword

    These people literally make me want to puke

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    I’d rather gargle cat piss than let that Racist Bag jehMOO kiss me.