Editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman is awfully proud of his political “point” about government regulations.

His despicable, tasteless cartoon in The Sacramento Bee took a swipe at Gov. Rick Perry by dancing on the backs of the people who died in the West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion.

Texans — and anyone with an ounce of decency — are disgusted by the cartoon which depicts Perry standing next a “Low Regs” flag as he watches the explosion. It’s never too soon for Ohman and his ilk to bathe in the blood of the dead.


Rick Perry shares his thoughts on the cartoon:

A response … like an apology? Nah:

Hat tip: David Guenthner

  • Red Fred

    Did this guy also create one for Sandy Hook? What a miserable bastard!

    • dr44

      Jack Ohman worked for the left-presstitute paper in Portland Oregon for years. His cartoons there were pedestrian at best, dumb at worst and hewed closely to the strict far-left party line. This toon is a new low, even for him.

    • James W.

      he said in a blog posting that he would draw this same cartoon again, and then include the 26 faces of the newtown trajedy

  • tjcuzns

    I sure am glad the “progressives” in this country care so much.

  • Rob

    Anyone else noticed how little attention a tragedy like this in “fly-over country” got from the east/west coast media?
    I know it occurred while Boston was making headlines but does anyone else feel that if this happened in California or New York we would get actual coverage and RESPECT from the media?

    • http://twitter.com/thewildpitch wild pitch

      Same thing happens when the east coast gets its huge snow storm. ..we hear about it for days while everyone in the middle of the country is shoveling snow too.

      • Rob

        I lived in Anchorage, AK for 8 years. We laughed so hard at cities “shut down” by 8″ of snow when the kids go to school after 18″ up there and we haven’t seen asphalt in 6 months.

        • http://twitter.com/seriousbeagle Laura

          One must understand that not every city is equipped to deal with snow the way places who get huge amounts of snow all of the time are. That is why 8 inches of snow can shut a city (that’s not used to it) down. It’s why 2 inches (and ice) shut Atlanta down a couple of years ago. They don’t get that kind of weather enough to warrant being equipped for it.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasper-Jackson/100000126656834 Jasper Jackson

            heck, in GA instead of blowing TONS of taxpayer money on snow removal, we just take a day off – does not seem to have any genuine impact on our economy – but, keeps the cost of gov’t low. in NJ, folks are mandated to shovel sidewalks so folks can walk around with 18″ of snow on the ground – pure liberal idiocy.

          • jebjr

            It’s not just NJ with the shoveling of public sidewalks bs. Living in the Mid-Atlantic, I can assure you, it’s prevalent here and I know that DC requires it too. It’s probably more widespread than we might think. It’s ridiculous! They are PUBLIC sidewalks running in front of one’s property, actually within public right-of-ways. The homeowner doesn’t own them and are mandated to shovel the walks within a specified time frame or face fines. The elderly and the handicapped aren’t exempt either. If it’s all that important to have clear sidewalks (I don’t think it is), then why not use the inmates from prison who mow and pick-up trash during the summer?

      • John (it true me am)

        God, yes. The coverage of in particular Sandy was absurd solely because of the area it hit hardest. I have spent my entire life almost on the GA and SC coast, dead center of every other hurricane, and the attention Sandy versus other storms got compared to the actual effect was so ridiculously out of whack. This is not to disparage the people affected by the storm at all, of which I can certainly have the utmost of sympathy(you can still see the effects of Hugo from decades ago around here!), the media coverage was just dumb.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

          I second that. I live near the ‘ground zero’ of Hugo. Large swatches of the low country still show evidence of the devastation that Hugo wrought. We were without power and pretty low on food/water for four weeks, Our community took care of their own-no FEMA, no Red Cross, and no telethons knocked down our doors to take care of us.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasper-Jackson/100000126656834 Jasper Jackson

            sadly, they fairly wealthy folks still do donations to help out fellow wealthy folks.

          • uselogic19

            Darned right. Was proud to be part of a contingent of Floridians who came up to help after Hugo. Nobody there expected to taken care of or felt entitled to federal mothering. It was just citizens helping citizens.

          • James A. Lonon

            If I suffered as you did, I would be on those who refused free help fixing your electrical grid.Thousands of electrical workers and linemen offered their services for Free (NC,SC & GA.) but, were prevented to do so by your Electrical workers unions.Would seem they wanted every dime they could squeeze out of your sufferings.They milked it for all the overtime and hazard pay for their own profit and stretching out many weeks longer than need have been. Their reason given? The volunteers were NON UNION! So what didn’t they like about free help? Less money for them if they fixed the grid quickly! I would have their bloody heads on a platter! Shameful.!!! And they had you kissing their ass for doing so. They covented the thanks and cash to be gained for themselves.That’s as low as anything I’ve witnessed in many,many years.!

          • whyworrynow

            We were on strike in Texas at AT&T. when Hurricane Alicia hit us (1983), the phone lines were hit hard. Our union sent members back to work in repair without pay since an agreement had not been made and many came from the north to help. This was the yr before the divestiture. They were all suppose to be on strike. They did end the strike quickly but we made exceptions during a disaster. . .

        • Bent Wickerbill

          I do totally agree that West Texas has gotten little or no coverage when they absolutely should have, that said, Somehow I don’t think you quite understand the order of magnitude from just a population standpoint you are speaking about. We are talking about millions of people affected during and after Sandy. There was a huge storm surge associated with high tide and landfall of the hurricane. The loss in automobiles alone is in the many thousands, not to mention the thousands, yes thousands of homes that are still uninhabitable or simply no longer there. A major winter storm or hurricane in the tri state area of the northeast part of the US is a whole lot different than one in most coastal areas of the south. If for no other reason than there are tens of millions of people living there.

          • John (it true me am)

            I’m not debating the devastation, but just because it was bad doesn’t mean the comparitive coverage was in line. Basically they took what was certainly a very bad situation and made it look like an even worse situation(oddly enough ignoring some of the areas most damaged, the media and FEMA alike). Frankly, excepting the anti-Bush political aftermath, Sandy probably got more raw coverage than Katrina.

            Though I have to dismiss your line about “from a population standpoint” outright. That’s how people fall through the cracks(you saw this in Katrina in particular, as all the focus was on New Orleans while people minutes away in other towns and cities were left wanting). It also ignores the fact that because of the size and damage of many previous storms, they did affect just as many people even if not as localized in one or two cities.

      • http://www.facebook.com/alex.anderson.71868 Alex Anderson

        The same thing happened a few years back when the Nashville area was hit with the 500 year flood. Billions of dollars in damage, water all the up to 10th street in downtown Nashville and most of the country never even heard about it. Never mind all of the news worthy footage of buildings floating down the interstate and herds of horses being rescued from flooded fields and people sitting on top of their houses waiting for rescue, and the poor little girl scout troop out camping that cut off from escape, and the cop that got swept away while rescuing someone. Nope, it all happened in a red state so the news didn’t care. No flyovers from 0bama (of course). Hardly a peep about it at all.

        • ShamanBlair

          You’re totally correct–this is the first I’ve heard of it! Wow.

        • Donna W

          I remember that…looked everywhere for coverage – *crickets chirping* is all I heard.

          • uselogic19

            And, I believe, no federal help. Being a fairly “red” state, this administration couldn’t see fit to even declare floods in TN, KY, etc. a federal disaster.

      • missj

        Upstate New York has HUGE snow storms…with no coverage…true upstate…not Poughkeepsie. The only part of New York that matters is Albany and NYC. The rest of us don’t matter.

      • Patriot068

        Your spot on!! It is because the North East is infecte/infested with liberal democrapic, crusading jerks, the papers are run by the same low IQ personel who wrote this story in Cali! Same goes for the local news stations! ( Obamavision) they are clearly Democrap sympathizers!! Anti Republican, Anti- Gun, Anti – 2nd ammendment actualy anti- constitution. Look at the coverage that ex cop got during his rampage! Or the Boston bombing suspects, and numerous others they covered! It ticked me off about the lack of coverage on this explosion! Im retired disablec military and ex Firefighter/EMT Though Im no longer an active FireFighter/EMT I still follow the job no matter which state the news comes out of. I know just how dangerous it is. The lack of coverage is insulting!! It all boils down to gun control!! Texas is an adimant supporter of 2nd ammendment rights, The Governor actively seeks companies who are being forced to leave Infected states and the news media knows this !! That is why their was lack of news coverage its nothing more than political bull crap from the tree hugging liberal racist news media!! ( yeah I said racist) not in that its black/ white sking color but racism, bogotry against gun owners, 2nd ammendment supporters and anyone going against and standing up to KingO and his gun grabbing minions!!

    • CatHerder

      It’s okay, we’re taking care of it. Just like we generally do.

      • Patriot068

        You Texans have my sympathy and utmost respect! I live in Maine and am looking to get out of this infected area because of the Statez turning on the Constitution! You should be proud to be from Tx and hold your head high

    • http://www.facebook.com/joedan.roberts Joe Dan Roberts

      Yes. And I thought as much until someone pointed out two things : 1- It’s Boston. It’s in Massachusets. So Democrat-Liberal they kept Ted Kennedy in office until he died, and John Kerry until he was beknighted by King Obama! 2- The initial hopes and reporting centered on the ‘white-tea-party-guy’ theory, which got them salivating.
      And down here in Texas, we were experiencing an accidental tragedy with no political wheels for them to spin.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasper-Jackson/100000126656834 Jasper Jackson

        liberals enjoy scoring ghetto cheap political points.

      • Patriot068

        you know your spot on!! They automaticly suspected some white redneck who was pro gun etc who did the bombing etc, sucks for them when they found out is was extremist muslims who lived on Massholian handouts!! I have to laugh how the “city came together” !!” I lived their 8 yrs total and Worked down town ( Military) I also did 45 days in Tx on South Padre Island ( secret, 7 interagency thing) and I drove alk over southern TX just to mingle and check out the area because of never being their before. The main thing I noticed was the hospitality. Especialy the area I visited they were very open and friendly asking me about where I was from what it was like etc. One store the girl talked to me for 2 hours lol. I would love to visit or move back their.
        Now Boston was totaly different! I was raised with manners, morals, and principles. In Boston and ” Masshole” in general you have ” NONE OF THAT!!” most people I met were rude, back stabbing, run your mother over type of attitude!! IT WAS ALL ME! ME! ME!. driving their is a bloody nightmare!! The drivers are rude, inconsiderate , A-holes! Matter of fact I gotta go back to Boston this week to my Surgeons office for more surgery 35+ on my right arm and6+ on my back from injuries Igot serving this country as well as a Firefighter.
        My point is its no wonder they didnt mention the Texas explosion!! The North East is infested/ infected with libretard, democrap, crusading morons, the papers are run by the same people, all you have to do is look at the teachers suspending 8 yo girls for the T- shirts they wear and whats being taught in K- college years!! Our illustrious King O has divided our nation!! He supports Muslim extremists! Gives them, guns, planes and tanks!! Southern borders were to be blamed for USA guns getting into the hands of Mexican drug cartels but we all know what happened their ” fast n furious” but newtown jumpstarted the gun grab campaign! This administration plays the blame game big time!! Obama is a Jihad sympathizer!! When asked about what her thought of Jihad! He hemmed and hawed and side stepoed the question but basicly said he supportsed it!! ” depending on the cause etc” bla bla bla!.
        Texans should hold their heads high! Dont back down! Dont give in to the Democrapic, liberal crusading morons!!stick to your values and convictions!! Dont waver on gun rights! Because the end deal adgenda is TOTAL GUN CONFISCATION! another reason that this tragedy in Texas was low keywastheir was no PO!ITICAL GAIN!! to be had!! Even though the death toll, injuries and property damagefar exceeds the Boston bombing theirwas no political sucki g up to be had here!! Now if one ofthe workers had yelked ” ALLAH AKBAR!!” Before blowing everything up then the news would be all over it! And like FT Hood and its (WORKPLACE VIOLENCE) a muslim yelling Allah Akbar in Tx King Barry the 1st woulda classified it as ” an INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT” instead of calling it terrorism! Like the Boston Bombing was
        Im done im sorry this was sooooo long but some things just really irk me!!

    • cscape

      i know why….. it’s the self-serving media……. they just loved that it was BOSTON – they got to stay in 4 star hotels, and were able to dine at the finest restaurants, and limo service everywhere…… West, Texas to them was a HASSLE….. i have always thought that much of the Bush hatred by the media was because “W” liked to vacation at home, in Texas, with the media in tow…. and they also loathed Sarah Palin because to COVER HER, they had to haul ass up to Alaska

      • Rob

        I did tourism in Alaska. I know exactly how the uppity class feels about Alaskan lodging and food. :)

    • rachel

      I agree rob as a Texan they have paid no attention to the family’s that lost everything

  • Honu425

    What else can you expect from a state losing people and businesses to other, more business friendly, states. Not very classy SacBee

    • Mamaelk09

      To states like….Texas. :)

      • Lee Armstrong

        “Damned skippy!” says Texas.
        Being in Texas, trust me, I can hear it! lol :)

    • James W.

      he claims in his blog on the SacBee Website that his intentions were because of Perry going to California and trying to lure their companies to come to Texas.

      He also said in the blog he would draw it again AND would then draw in the faces of the innocent kids from newtown

    • RedSoloCup

      And voted in a criminal (Moonbeam) not once, but twice as governor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Vaughn-Jr/1730689426 Daniel Vaughn Jr.

    Typical Liberal Progressive Media crap, celebrate the dead, as tasteless as their non coverage of the abortion doctors trial.

    • lraivala


    • Sons Thunder

      How can Twitchy Staff and commenters be outraged about this cartoon while guffawing about the Boston bombings?

  • Candicepenelope

    Umm I think he was trying to make the point that lack of proper regulation caused the tragedy. I’m pretty sure he’s not making fun of the dead. Satire is about speaking truth to power. In this case Perry is the one with the power and therefore the butt of the ‘joke’

    • Joe W.

      Neither you nor the Sacramento bee has any clue as to the regulations in place for this plant here in Texas. You may both go to hell…..

    • http://twitter.com/thewildpitch wild pitch

      Ummm everyone gets what he was TRYING to do. But it was tasteless and disrespectful and ignorant.

    • MSM

      Again it was tasteless. Was that edited Family Guy clip with the Boston Bombing very funny? One could argue it was only satire, but it still wasn’t funny.

    • ajdecarlo

      Government regulation didn’t stop the BP fiasco. THEY were regulated to death, but still somehow escaped any punishment for their KNOWN violations.

      Industrial accidents happen in even the most regulated places; we still don’t know what caused this one.

    • NRPax

      Unless you have hard evidence that lack of proper regulation caused the explosion, you are cordially invited to drink a cup of STFU. In fact, I’ll cordially invite you to drink it regardless.

    • interestedobserver2

      Candy, how would he KNOW what caused the incident? Or are you saying he was complicit in an act of domestic terror?

    • texas_suzie

      Agree with Joe W. You have no clue what regulations were being followed or not followed at this point. This cartoon was a tasteless political hit on the backs of the dead first responders. There is a place in Hell for people who do this and those who support them.

    • Johnnie Dingus

      Ahh Ok, so if a building colapse in CA becuase they didn’t follow code for earthquakes and people died, then its ok to joke about CA regualtions not bieng strong enough or enforced? Candice some things you just don’t joke about.

    • ShamanBlair

      Perry is GUILTLESS here, since the FEDS are in charge of safety regs, & Texas has STRONG safety regs, but the POINT is–even were those things NOT true, as the Jacka$$ lies say–one NEVER =EVER= uses the recently dead to score political points or a cheap LAUGH!

      He’s a stupid, unfeeling BUM. Or, put it this way: he’s another lying loser liberal.

    • TocksNedlog

      Ummmmmmm, we know what his point was. He was ‘making fun’ of Rick Perry and the state of Texas for setting (he thinks) dangerously low levels of regulation in order to attract business, and paying for that policy in human lives. By the by, there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that this allegation is true; but that didn’t stop this comic genius from launching his ‘satire’, did it?


    • http://twitter.com/cglg24 cglg24

      Candice quit talking out your ‘butt’ the company in West followed all FEDERAL regulations.

    • mickeyco

      His intention is irrelevant. The result is disgusting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

    All of the recent mass shootings and terrorist activity has occurred in states with restrictive laws prohibiting both. In fact, they have far tougher laws than their red state peers. One wonders if there would be more outcry if such a ghoulish cartoon were produced to illustrate that dichotomy….

  • LivingLiberally

    It’s telling how little respect Conservatives have for American workers. They’re more offended by a cartoon calling Texas’s lack of worker safety regulations then they are about the actual deaths of the workers.

    Fortunately Texans seem more interested in finding out the cause of this tragedy than attacking cartoonists.


    • mrpeewee

      Safety regulations are governed by OSHA. That would be at the federal level.

    • MSM

      So you’d be cool if a conservative cartoonist made one of the Boston Bombing depicting the Northeast’s lax policy on immigration and welfare?

      • LivingLiberally

        It would be idiotic since both bombers where hear legally under federal law.

    • ajdecarlo

      You’re funny. Tell us another one.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cliff-Brown/1244191292 Cliff Brown

        He is living mentally challenged….lol

        • ShamanBlair

          Certainly MORALLY challenged….

        • LivingLiberally

          It appears you may be grammatically challenged.

    • CatHerder

      I think they’ve pretty much figured out what caused it. We’re clearing debris and getting ready to rebuild the town now, and taking care of the citizens. The cartoon still pisses me off.

      Oh, btw, unless you work in Texas, you don’t know jack about worker safety here.

      • truckee22

        But liberals know everything. Just ask them.

    • NRPax

      It’s more telling how little respect liberals have for pretty much everyone.

    • interestedobserver2

      A pity the liberals aren’t more interested in finding out the cause instead of attacking conservatives. Or are you too stupid to see it works both ways, there libtard?

      • Sarah Korin

        Well libtards pretty much talk out of both sides of their mouths, sorry I meant butts…

        • LivingLiberally

          I sure hope you’re 10 years old, because anyone older should be embarrassed to use such a childish insult.

      • LivingLiberally

        “libtard” – A perfect example of the conservative mentality. When you’ve lost an argument attack with childish names and insults. What would Jesus do?

        • interestedobserver2

          Ding! Ding! And we have a winner in the “non-responsive response” class. You write like a libtard, you respond like a libtard, you adopt the word root “Liberal” as part of your screen name — ergo you are a libtard. Now how about addressing the double standard you (as usual) championed in your OP?

    • Kannibal Jones

      they say life is hard,its even harder when you’re stupid

      • ShamanBlair

        John Wayne said that. He was right, too.

    • Michelle

      I want to seriously consider your point of view, really I do, it’s just that…it’s hard to take anyone serious when they think Joe Biden should run for President in 2016.

    • RedSoloCup

      Biden 2016. LOL

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Either way, Ohman’s cartoon is Tactless, tasteless, and vile… Yeah, he has the right (First Amendment) to say, write or draw what he wants, but saying Rick Perry’s “Lax regulations” was the cause (while they’re still investigating) is proof of using the First for Liberal Jack-Assery… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • midnightgolfer

    sourest of grapes

  • John (it true me am)

    What percentage of the 30 people left still living in Sacramento subscribe to the Bee I wonder…

  • interestedobserver2

    California — setting new low standards which they then fail to meet.

  • ChristinaBistes

    This from a person who would be trampling over women & children to run away from the fire as fast as he could screaming like a baby has the audacity to publish disgustingly sick cartoons about those who unselfishly ran towards the flames to save lives. You better enjoy your life on earth because the place they are holding for you in hell won’t be fun & I hope you have to answer to those whose lives were lost. Libertardness at its finest, shining, proudest moment.

  • Guest

    It is California what would one expect? They have no boundaries, no ethics, no morals nor any money.

    • MissDiane47

      With the exception of my uncle who lives in Huntington Beach. I hope to talk him & his wife into moving back to his native Texas.

      • Michelle

        And with the exception of me and most every friend I have here in CA.

      • Guest

        I apologize TXLady. As Michelle pointed out below I should have utilized a qualifier. Many good people in California and I know that,even some good blue dog democrats out there.

        • MissDiane47

          TH090959 … Don’t worry about it. It’s forgotten as far as I’m concerned.

    • Michelle

      Please don’t generalize us. Just like the left is trying to do with gun owners – a nut job goes crazy with a gun, and that results in all gun owners being viewed as crazy nut jobs. Do you like when that happens to you? I live in a Republican suburb of Los Angeles, my Rep. in the House is Republican and all throughout my area were Romney yard signs and bumper stickers, not one for Obama. We’re “California” too, we have boundaries, we have ethics and morals. We count too, so when you want to slam something ridiculous about California, please use the qualifier “Liberals” or “Leftists.”

      • Guest

        Michelle you are correct, my apologies. I lived in Santa Barbara/Monecito for ten years. Five of those in a friends guest house and they were not only Republicans but true conservatives. I also worked on Congresswoman Seastrands campaign while in Walter Capps’ poli sci class at UCSB. I am aware of many Republicans and conservatives in the Central Coast and Central Valley. I should have used the qualifier.

        • Michelle

          Thank you. And I get it – since for the most part my state is full of insane Liberals who are driving this state into the ground, I understand how is easy it is to view California the way the rest of the country does. But when we’re generalized, those of us who aren’t Liberal (therefore not part of the problems that plague with state) feel ignored and forgotten. Believe me, and I know you will since you spent a decade living here, those of us not on the left are just as disgusted as the rest of the country by the bullcrap that goes on here. Thank you for understanding!

      • Patriot068

        If its true what you say then PLEASE EXPLAIN how Senator Feinstein has been in office so long with her gun grabbing, 2nd amnendment Anti constitution attitude?? You know your stste was once conservative wayyyy back when Ronald Reagan got elected and his Peace through Strength stance won the cold war! now he had Morals and Convictions, even as Governor before he got elected he looked out for the Califonian voter. Unlike this current set of Senators and Congressmen/ women who represent the MAJORITY OF CALIFORNIAN ATTITUDES!! Your point is well taken but who represents you is how we view your state and Pelosi and Feinstein are both gun grabbers who wont be satisfied untill the disarm law abiding citizens!! Or they shove the same gun laws down our throats that your state voted for and enacted upon your states citizens!! It boggles my mind how ( The crypt keeper) ” Feinstein” has been re- elected how many times?? From you Cali Voters!! I mean it seems like she is gonna have to die in office before your state wakes the hell up !! We all know she is suffering from elderly alzheimers or dementia! Especialy after her assault weapons ban bill was introduced to the public!! All you had to do was read it to know she is suffering from elderly dementia!! What in gods reen earth is wrong with you Californians!! If you want her as a local state official and have her make infringing laws then by all means have at it let her run and ruin your lives!! ( you reap what you sew) just like NYC is suffering under Bloomberg and HIS MORONIC LAWS!! But next he will try and enact his viewx nationwide like ” The Crypt Keeper has been. You say dont groups all you Californians into one general group but you ARE THE ONES VOTING HER BACK INTO OFFICE REPEATEDLY!! So it is what they say!! ” majority rules”!! Next time shes up for re- election why dont you Republicans and oeople with similar pro- constitution spread the word and stand together and try to retire her fugly ass. I mean she could get a part on ” The Walking Dead” !! She is all set in the makeup dept!! She wouldnt need any at all.
        California is lost!!! The same as NT,CT,NH,NJ, MD,RI basicly the WHOLE NORTH EAST!!
        The same idiotic, liberal, hippie cowards who went to canada or college during the Vietnam war are the current generation of polititians in office. Their are a few younger ones though like Cruz, and Rubio who seem like they are honorable and stand firm in their defense and belief of the constitution butthe majority of the Congress and senate are the same cowards who have never served our nation and werethe pot smoking free loving, coward protesters who spit on our soldiers after they came home. And if they r to young to have done that then they were most likely raised by them ! This is NATION WIDE! Notjust California!
        Anyways im sorry all about rambling on!!
        P.s. make sure you get your friends together to oust Pelosi and ESPECUALY Franken Feinstein!! Get her an application to be a Walker onthe set of The Walking Dead!

  • pairadimes

    Progressives. Proving once again that they are the skidmarks on the underwear of history.

    • Guest

      Hahaha … May I “borrow” that statement?

  • patrick quinn

    Is it any wonder why California papers are going belly up?

    • Gallatin

      Is it any wonder why Kalifornia is going belly up?

      • RedSoloCup


  • oo

    “There is nothing more terrifying than ignorance in action.”

    Goethe – engraved on a plaque at the Naval War College

  • Ken Bell

    Follow the links and send comments to the paper… where it will be most effective.

  • Guest

    Our politicians have turned us into a divided nation (on purpose, I believe). We hate each other while they laugh all the way to the proverbial bank, and the highest levels of power. We, on the other hand, sink into ever deeper hell holes.

  • Jerry Camp

    What editor let this go to press? He’s as culpable as this sicko Ohman.

  • Jerry Camp

    How about replace Perry with Malloy saying, “Gun free zones are booming!” The other pic could be Sandy hook being shot up. Doubtful that Ohman would appreciate that point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.gillingham.9 Ken Gillingham

    This is sick. To use these deaths in a political or any other cartoon is despicable. They are hinting that Texas has very little or no safety laws that caused this tragedy. As a former First Responder in a factory setting I know for a fact that the laws are very strict when it comes to safety in any environment. Each state must have safety laws equal too or greater than the Federal OSHA Standards. These laws are the ones everyone whines about. When it comes to money out of their pocket they cry about it and say “We can’t afford to do that.”. When people get hurt, or die they say “Why didn’t the Government protect them.” Pick any, what you consider, stupid safety law that says “No person shall do A,B or C at any time.” You read it and say “Well that’s a stupid law cause no one with common sense would do that.” Well guess what? Someone with common sense did and people got hurt or killed so that is why they put it in writing.
    I always consider safety as a “When” not “If” factor. No this accident was not caused by lax laws. Maybe someone, with common sense, did not follow the laws for any number of reasons and it resulted in tragedy. Texas does not have lax laws. They have less severe corporate laws so that they can attract businesses to their State and I applaud them for it. Many businesses are moving to Texas for just this reason and their are a lot of people who are mad and jealous because of it. Ask any CEO of any company that moved out of your State why and they will tell you “Because of the Corporate laws and taxes.” not safety issues. Well this is just my take on things, but, do not attack Texas on their values and safety. How about spending that time looking into your own States laws and taxes and saying some heartfelt prayers for all the victims and their family’s. (And Yes I am a Christian)

  • Gordon Waite

    Liberals will do disgusting things, say disgusting things, and print disgusting things! Why? Because they can! If conservatives do anything close to this, we hear about it for weeks in their media. I know there is one thing they will never make fun of, Islam, the cowards!

  • Lover of America

    Unfortunately the Sacramento Bee is a “LIBERAL” newspaper and it totally fits in to their crudeness. It sickens me.

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

    Another class act from the leftards.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Beach/689144370 Jay Beach

    That was definitely a cheap shot. I know the temptation to do stuff like this is intense and am sure the cartoonist meant no real harm, but such careless use of the media is the reason so many people hate the news media.

    • truckee22

      They meant harm. Libs seem to take particular delight in ridiculing Texas and Rick perry. They want to make themselves feel better about their failing pathetic excuse for a state that they have screwed up.

    • TocksNedlog

      Yeah sure; he had only the BEST of intentions.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasper-Jackson/100000126656834 Jasper Jackson

    ultimately, safety is the onus of the business owner. pretending that a stretched gov’t – either state or fed – can provide fool proof safety is deluded – pretty standard for today’s ignorant idiot liberals.

  • Tanya Barnes

    Sick, If Texas was Afghanistan Ohman would be on a hit list right now.

  • ShamanBlair

    When the LEFT stops CENSORING photos of chopped up babies–Planned exParenthood’s “work”–& stops whining how “insensitive” it is to show them, THEN & ONLY THEN will this cretin have the right to gripe about people telling HIM his obnoxious cartoon is “insensitive.”

    The fact is that, while he might have a bit of truth (& I’m not convinced he DOES…). HE CHOSE to use a tasteless, cruel way to make his point. He’s made of the same ghoulish stuff as the Westboro “Baptist” anti-homosexual activists who loudly jeer at the =families= who are at their son’s funerals. I don’t care whether you believe the Bible is correct (& they obviously don’t read the parts that disagree with their behavior), it is STUPID, UGLY, & UNKIND to act as they do.

    So, Jack, SHUT UP.

  • Doug Brown

    I have been in the Fire Service for over 35 years and retired as Chief of our local department last year. I have seen many things and heard many things said by people over the years that were not exactly in good taste but, this has got to be the worst example of a sick and perverted mind I have ever seen. For anyone to belittle the deaths of first responders that paid the ultimate price is totally unacceptable. Perhaps the author of this “cartoon” should hope that it is not seen by the first responders that cover the area that he calls home, something like this could cause an adjustment in response time. If the author would like to discuss this in person I feel sure that the brotherhood of firefighters in Texas would work him into our schedule to help show him the error of his ways.

  • http://twitter.com/aprophet777 david johnson

    just another commie ass maggot

  • Firebrand98

    Oh, he will apologize and we will say ok and life will go on unrecognized. You see, he is on the wrong side of life instead for the Right Side.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    California Dem’s have blown it’s economy to smithereens, yet this chap feels a need to take a shot at Gov. Perry for serving the interests of the people of TX by taking advantage of California’s self-inflicted meltdown. Classic left-wing political statement. Project, lie, and make no use of the civility you’ll be beating opponents over the head with later. If you can not keep from gloating when people have died, then your moral compass has gone kaboom. Not to mention, connecting regulations and the explosion in a bull. Info says it had a couple of brushes with regulators in the past, which it resulted in corrective action. Doesn’t sound loose to me. Interestingly, local news says a “regulatory gumbo” of nonsense resulted in a number of State agencies,as well Big Sis’s DHS, failing to do any due diligence on the plant.

  • Jim

    Interesting how both coasts love to eat the food produced by flyover country but want to have nothing else whatsoever to do with it.

  • Gayle Brosnan-Watters


  • DrBenGolfing

    What do you expect from people who think azz-to-mouth homosex is good, clean fun?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tucker-Latham/100003799320251 Tucker Latham

    “Sickening” is right, and I wouldn’t feel any different if I weren’t a Texan… but is this at all surprising? Leftists are nothing if not thoroughgoing hypocrites, and this is just another example of how they only extend “compassion” to their pet projects / people, and extend ridicule and hatred to anyone who doesn’t toe their line.

  • Karen Griffee

    Absolutely despicable!

  • Rebecca Ponder

    If this were making fun of Muslims…they would have NEVER printed it.

    • Patriot068

      I agree

  • mussidie

    Screw you, we’re from Texas! you piece of vulture dung.

  • Danny Wheeler

    To describe Ohman… two words: Sick Bastard!

  • Joe Molinari

    Ct Post did the same exact thing today. Cartoon showing the same “low regs” b.s. These people have know shame.

  • CDUB

    Good grief, our country is dying.

  • http://twitter.com/1RandiStarr Randi Starr

    So where is his Boston Marathon Cartoon? Sandy Hook? Or is he truly what his art portrays him to be?? A piece of sh it? I am betting on the latter.

  • Guest

    Watch for DNC to troll for e-mail addresses on the sacrifice made by first responders.

  • stillinthe60s

    Watch for the DNC to troll for e-mail addresses on the sacrifices made by first responders next.

  • PeriMedic

    Tangent: I don’t understand why Perry is wooing Californians; that’s the best way to ruin Texas and turn it Blue, just like what happened to Seattle and Colorado. And I know of what I speak: Native Californian for 43 years. I was finally able to flee that cesspool, and I didn’t go to Denver or Seattle! 😉

  • cscape

    Bawney Fwank did the very same thing within hours of the Boston Marathon Terror Attack….. it reminds me of Joan Rivers making a joke about the Holocaust (back in February), and saying “too soon”?

  • mickeyco

    I see a Pulitzer in Ohman’s future.

  • John_Sinropa

    Let’s apply California standards here–arrest Jack Ohman for a hate crime. In the future he could be tried by a jury of foreigners!

  • RememberSekhmet

    If liberals don’t fear Rick Perry yet, they will. That’s what this was all about

  • James A. Lonon

    Were I dealing with an electrical grid disaster. I would have my representatives heads on a platter for banning a volunteer force of electrical Linemen from North Carolina who’s help they refused because they were Non-Union workers! Unions allowed to profit from your suffering! The help was free but your Unions wanted all the profit from overtime pay rates stretched out weeks longer than necessary for their exclusive rights disaster profiteering.SHAMEFULL!

  • John F Gordon

    He’s pissed because of all the businesses that left California for Texas and because a lot of taxpaying victims moved there too.

  • Bill Board

    Jack Ohman … from now on should be referred to as: Jack OFFman.

  • irishgirl91

    He is free to do this and we are free to show how this d-bag asshat is completely wrong. The rest of the country long ago tuned out what people on the left and right coast think of them.

  • Phil Arthur

    The TRUTH hurts. I live in Texas. Worker safety is bottom priority. Corrupt politicians are the norm.

    • Secede

      Only the Democratic ones are corrupt

  • Phil Arthur

    Say you are a fireman and an explosives plant is on fire, which do you do: evacuate the neighborhood to save lives OR try to put out the fire?

  • william seaman

    Get your minds right people! If you live in a red state (unless you live in a Democratically controlled major city) as far as the POTUS and the rest of the Executive branch are concerend; YOU DO NOT EXIST !

  • Gary marshall

    Maybe showing some pictures of the graves of gun victims in high reg gun control Chicago will be just as hilarious.

    I don’t even know how these filthy papers are still in business.


  • rachel

    As a Texan I think that it is very wrong for someone to make fun of what happened in the small town of west Texas. It seems to me that as Americans that people are not helping those family’s lost loved ones and those who’s houses were leveled. What happened in Boston was bad but its time to stand up had help west Texas because they need it. I know that the Texas ranges help them.

  • Patriot068

    Californians make me sick to my stomach!! That friggin state is fullf Democrap, liberal, crusading traitorous A- holes!! Should we be supprised that this cartoon came from Cali??? Im not supprised do to the LACK OF MORALS and VALUES in that state!! I bet if it were about a bus fullof Ilkegal Immigrantsthat their would be an uproar or racial etc by the liberal democraps. Just like they are coddling that 19 yo bomber right now!! Instead of waterboarding his traitorous ass. Noooooo the Lib, Democraps wanba coddle and protect him!! King O thinks more of Muslim Jihadists than he does abou saving American lives!! This cartoon pisses me off to no extent!! This just shows the TRUE IGNORANCE of the person who drew it and the paper which published it! But what do we expect look at how king O acts!! Hes more symoathetic to Muslim Jihadists than he is towards the people and country he swore to defend!! This cartoon is also about how TX is bringing in Gun manufacturers etc because they are leaving in droves from states that are enacting laws which infringe on peopkes right to keep and bear arms! ? Cali already unarmed its citizens to a point Mexico could invade and no one would be able to stop a pissant country like that! Hang on soon 11 million illegaks are soon to get status here. How many are terrorists in waiting??

    • Tommy Joe

      Yes. Also, Sacramento is just pissed that they’re about to lose the last 5 private sector jobs remaining in the state to Texas. Sour grapes and Jerry Brown and all that.

  • ncGee

    The truth hurts. These companies want to operate with little to no regulation so they can increase their profits. The common people end up paying the price,,, in destruction to their community or death to the neighbors. Let the companies’ owners pay for the mess, they are the ones who make the profit.