Earlier this week, Dennis Rodman suggested his “good times” in North Korea might include running into “the Gangnam Style dude,” troop-slaying advocate PSY. The South Korean rapper was not pleased, so today, Rodman reached out to PSY again.


But apparently Rodman had second thoughts about playing it off as a “joke.” He deleted the tweet shortly after it was sent.

Maybe he just didn’t have enough “peace and love” left for PSY after pledging his heart to dictator Kim Jong Un.

Awww. Does Dennis only have room for one anti-American BFF in his life?

Way to pick the guy who tortures and executes political prisoners while starving the populace.


Rodman is back to the ol’ “I was joshin’ ya” routine:


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  • walterc

    I hope they keep him.

  • Conrad2010

    I understand that Kim is partial to dark meat.

    • Blake Waymire

      Was it wrong to laugh at that, because I really did.

  • John

    Can we trade the Worm one last time?Actually he did good ,he can be de-briefed and blown by John Kerry.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Appearently Rodman didn’t bother to learn anything about the two Korea’s before he went north. if he had he’d know how offensive the south Koreans find being referred to as North Koreans. especially since the Korcoms have went cannible.