Not to be outdone by Newsweek’s creepy “second coming” cover, the Time magazine trolls have released the cover of the next issue featuring “Republican Savior” Marco Rubio.

Sen. Rubio’s response:

Well played.

Speaking of media trolls, here’s New York magazine’s Stefan Becket:

Eye roll.


A response to Becket:

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Newsweek,”Hail King Obama. Give Thanks for his Continued Reign. ” *Obama nods vigorously*
    Time, “Marco Rubio could be the Republican King of America.” *Marco Rubio re-affirms that only the Lord God is King of Americans.”

    And so, now you know why I hate the media, will never,ever be a Liberal, and am looking forward to the future of our party.

  • Bob Smooper

    There is only one saviour.


    • HindaRifka

      Pathetic. This is what living off the gubermint teat gets you…..laying in bed trolling Twitchy. What a proud moment for you and your Mommy.

      • Bob Smooper

        I’ve just got back from the Desert section in the supermarket. I was there for 40 days and 40 nights!

        • $36544368

          You’ll be laughing out of the other side of your mouth when you assume room temperature.

          • SJ’s Dad

            I like it!

        • CherDash

          There’s a desert in the supermarket? I don’t think it’s Sahara or Gobi, so what’s it’s name?

    • Noah Lee

      there can be only one.

      • marylandman

        We can have many saviors, but only one Highlander.

        • Noah Lee

          actually we had like 5 highlanders.

          • GW

            Highlander: There should only have been one!

    • Jillane Kent

      In that case, we are screwed. Last one left, turn out the lights screwed.

    • NRPax

      Only when I take a day off.

    • BeyondPolls

      Can you save yourself from death?

    • Rulz

      Who and what are you saving then?

      Just tell me it’s not your government checks.

      Jesus = Saviour.

  • Elaine

    You know you may have leaned just a little too far left when you make the cover of Time. I don’t think this will help him at all. Maybe this is the plan by progressives, portray him as a “left leaning” moderate to try and hurt his image? Who knows how the twisted liberal mind actually functions. I like him but he must stay true to Conservative principles, even if the left tries to destroy him for it or he will lose support, like Christie.

    • Ben Bollman

      He is on the cover because he is a minority and they know they can’t attack him yet because he hasn’t slipped up. They are building him up so they can tear him down. Just watch, they will change their tone once he gives the response to the SOTU.

      • Elaine

        Well, I actually read some of the “conditions” in his plan and it’s a pretty good plan! Wonder if the media will cover all the “details” of it? We all know something has to be done about our open borders problem!

        • Ben Bollman

          Oh, they will cover all of the details…..then demonize them.

  • wetheliving

    I remember when Barack Obama came out with a statement after his Newsweek cover to say that there is only one savior and it’s not him. No wait that didn’t happen.

  • Tangchung

    I don’t vote for anyone the liberal media says is good for the GOP.

    • Rulz

      Not a good policy. The MSM will run a sane story every now and then to keep people honest, like the MTV audience, to paraphrase El Rushbo.

  • Ben Bollman

    You’re right Rubio. We don’t need saviors, we need to remember the one we already have.

    • Alarie M Martin

      GASP* liberals may think you speake of the anointed one, Obama

  • Booker

    The media is looking for a boogieman/woman. When they find that person, they are going to keep swinging at them like a pinata. These folks don’t rest, do they?

    The LWM just make me sick.

  • BeeKaaay

    Stupidity reigns in the leftwingwacko media.

  • John Hill – Stand With Arizona

    Marco Rubio IS the savior for 20 million illegal aliens.

    • rogueco

      ” Marco Rubio ES el salvador para 20 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados”

      I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty to translate your comment in Spanish. Oh, and I changed “illegal Aliens” to “undocumented Immigrants”.

      Now it’s RINO-ready!

  • michael s

    I’m sure there are plenty of people equally angry at Rubio being called a savior. Of course their tweets aren’t being posted. The truth is Republicans want a rock star,celebrity, idol,etc. The same thing you dislike and are envious of Pres Obama about. Since your last celebrity palin failed its time for the so called minority celebrity savior. He’ll fail also.

    • greatjoy

      Palin’s savior is Jesus Christ too. Why do you hate all of us so much? Palin, Rubio, want liberty for us. They don’t want to be our idol. Nor do I idolize them. That would be sin against the God of my Salvation–Jesus Christ.

    • Jillane Kent

      Given the cult of personality that the President and his handlers have crafted, it takes a remarkable level of hubris to type what you’ve just typed.

    • journogal

      No one wants a rock star or celebrity, at least no competent being wants one representing us. I think it’s frightening how many regard Obama as being the only one who can save them. That’s not normal. He isn’t a deity, he is a person. It’s going to be a hard, rough fall and time for them when they realize Obama isn’t magical, mystical and a miracle maker. It would be a little funny to watch if it didn’t involve the rest of us.

      I want solid representation; people who believe in how this country was founded, realizing we aren’t perfect, but we constantly work toward it. Also our representation should embrace our freedoms and not try to peck away at them daily. They should not also talk down to us. Most important, I would like representation to not think I, who value hard work, personal responsibility, freedom, capitalism, as the enemy. I never thought I would see a day in my 39 years where the President of the United States absolutely hates those who don’t immediately agree to him.

    • $36544368

      OMG…between you and Mark Cooper, I think Twitchy has the market on people who don’t know how to process reality.

    • Jimni27

      I don’t see republicans wanting a rock star, just one who will stand up to the press and not let them form the narrative. Rubio is doing a good job so far and he does it without inflaming Obama. He handled buzzfeed perfectly, he handled this Time cover perfectly. I hope he keeps it up because I am completely impressed with him so far. Buzzfeed asked him the typical social issue “gotcha” questions and he walked away unscathed. That’s what the Republicans need right now- you can keep your rock star-savior- truth and light-daddy-boss. I am sure the left will do everything they can to try to discredit Rubio per usual, but I think the republicans are finally learning the game.

    • sb36695

      This Republican small business owner wants someone who actually understands business and doesn’t despise it! And crony capitalists need not apply! I don’t care if you can sing, and I don’t care how you look. Celebrity doesn’t inspire me and won’t save my business. Put down your kool-aid and check out & I’m prepared. Are you?

    • StatEco

      The leftists’ mental sickness can’t be cured.

      You need a human savior and you found one, we already have one who holds eternity.

    • Noah Lee

      what do you mean “so-called minority”? u be an asswipe.

    • Noah Lee

      umm, it’s the media that turned Obama into a “rockstar”. that’s who we hate the most. the media will never turn Rubio into a “rockstar”. it’s not in their interests.

  • crookedwren

    REPUBLICANS DON’T WANT A KING & there is — as Rubio says — one Savior! #Jesus

  • brewerandpatriot

    Combine Rubio and Christie and we conservatives have quite a hilarious pitch for a buddy cop sitcom.

  • notenoughtime

    The libs are setting in motion their plans to destroy Rubio. If he can survive the onslaught and not fall into the same, old tired GOP strategy and pitfalls, he will be our next President. It will be the best solution to the insanity on display in Washington for the next 4 years.

  • Paladin

    In politics, liberals want a savior and thus are always susceptible to a cult of personality.
    Conservatives just want a leader who will stand on principle. We don’t need someone perfect, just a fellow conservative.

  • sb36695

    Thank you, Senator Rubio. Maybe you could teach President Obama a lesson, but I doubt it.

    • SJ’s Dad

      I suspect Rubio would make an EXCELLENT professor, . . . I ALSO SUSPECT BO was, is, and always will be a, oh what’s the word I’m searching for here . . . “PISS-POOR” Student!!!! (Transcripts?)

  • kayakingfatso

    I like Rubio. I am hoping he stays on the right track. Seems lately, they’ve all slipped to the dark side.

    • John Hill – Stand With Arizona

      He has joined the dark side, by pimping amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens.

      • StatEco

        Like it or not (no sane mind likes it), it has to be solved so that it won’t be a political tool to be deployed during every election. Ted may be a stronger conservative candidate. Let’s see.

        • John Hill – Stand With Arizona

          “Solve” it? How? Reagan thought he was solving it in 1986, but the amnesty doubled and people bum-rushed the border with fake documents to get it on it, and another 12-20 million came illegally since then. All Rubio proposes is ANOTHER amnesty without securing the border. How this makes him a “savior” to ANY conservative is beyond me.

      • Rulz

        The GOP can either be a part of it or lose the Latino vote entirely.

        It really is up to them, and we are in this predicament in no small part because white people outside of the Mormon Church and conservative Catholicism don’t have lots of kids!

        • John Hill – Stand With Arizona

          You are nuts. Immigration is #5 on the “Latino” wish list. #1 is government programs and education. And they vote with blacks on every key issue. They want big government, and there is NO way the GOP can ever out-promise the Dems.

        • john1gun

          So they should embrace amnesty for illegal aliens and lose white votes entirely?

  • TocksNedlog

    Stefan Becket’s tweet, “Not exactly gunning for the Jewish vote,” is very telling, in that he is implying that Obama has avoided overt expressions of his faith in order to curry necessary favor with a wider spectrum of voters. It’s interesting to note that George W. Bush never suffered from this limitation.
    Hmm, it’s almost –almost — like Becket is trying to hint that Rubio also needs to avoid these overt expressions of his particular faith because . . . oh no. Becket doesn’t really think that Rubio needs to cool it on the religion because AS A MINORITY HE ALREADY HAS ONE STRIKE AGAINST HIM, does he?

    Liberals, including liberal journalists, will NEVER stop dividing people along demographic lines. Never. How can you pander to a particular group if they’ve assimilated?

    • StatEco

      Leftists’ 2nd strike against Rubio. 1st was the foolish question on creation theory setting him against the believers.

      Ted Vs Rubio, both are doing pretty good.

  • SansMercy

    Why don’t they just place a crosshair on Rubio’s head since this is basically a hit job on him and conservatives.

  • Ryan Gandy

    I assume Becket’s never heard of Messianic Jews.

    Poor excuse for a journalist.

    • nc

      Uh, Messianic Jews are Christians. You really can’t be both. It’s like kosher pork.

      That being said, I agree Becket’s a poor excuse for a journalist because like the following tweeter, AG, there’s nothing offensive to any non-Christian of faith with Rubio’s statement of his own faith. Unless they’re a leftie, of course.

      • daeghrefn

        “Uh, Messianic Jews are Christians. You really can’t be both. ”

        So then, it’s impossible to be a Jew and an atheist, right?

  • Rulz

    Rubio/Haley 2016

    • CherDash

      She’s my governor :-)

  • Sasha Williams

    Watch it Rubio, your arrogance is showing. Time didn’t call you THE Savior, they called you the REPUBLICAN Savior. You don’t have to be God to save something (or someone) from collapse. People save other people all the time.

    • Jillane Kent

      Given their penchant for messianic allusions to the current President, I believe Rubio was not off base. Furthermore, I imagine some people of faith do not throw around the term “Savior” casually. Perhaps this is the case with Rubio.

    • Rulz

      I think he made it quite clear he’s NOT the Saviour.

    • Jimni27

      Arrogance would be ignoring the label. You know, like Obama did when Time called him THE SECOND COMING.

  • RightThinking1

    Except that the cover of Time appeared here, would anyone of us have ever viewed it?

  • Axelgreaser

    ANY REPUBLICAN THAT FINDS HIS PHOTO ON THE COVER OF THE YELLOW RAG, ‘TIME(S)OF OBAMA’ should look upon it more as a ‘bulls eye’ for Obama’s ‘State News Agency’ to peel free of the mag and hang near a coat tree to use for dart practice during coffee and chain smoking interludes, when they’re not ‘spinning’ and fabricating what is now known in the United States as ‘news.’ In fact, the big yellow block letters carry that very subtext: ‘Fair Warning’, if you prefer, ‘watch your back, Mr. Rubio, and are easily large enough for the Obama base to mouth out phonetically, dragging a pointer finger across the weekly birdcage liner as they stand on queue at the grocery, stocking up on Ripple and cigarettes. Even they can deciper the message: ‘Go After Him If You Love Ba’Rock. He’s Your Boss…Your DADDY!’

    Because the Democrats are already campaigning while the Republican’s are still shell-shocked over the bad tea leaves read to them by ‘Hillary hater and SCREWED author, Dick Morris and the bad numbers held under their noses on Karl Roves kiddie sized wipe board. Hillary Clinton, former Madame Secretary ‘Of The Million Air Miles To Nowhere’ (which produced ‘zip’) certainly has launched her broom as we’ve seen on this very blog, yesterday, with her only child, powerhouse MSM news shill, rather, ‘news woman,’ Chelsea Clinton, who cheezily has begun to beg for floods of testimonials of ‘personal, positive life alterations inspired by their good fortune at having shared a common ‘epoch’ on earth.’ A pander to Hillary’s eternally devoted feminist base because women, to Dem’s are the number two source of ‘votes in the bank’ immediately after black Americans, male and female which they keep marginalized and ‘dependent. The Clinton progeny solicited general, glowing, worshipful emails to ‘pledge love’ (and cash alerts, we presume) to her amazing, Teflon coated septuagenarian, accident prone Mother and cuckolded, abused housewife to William Jefferson Clinton, ex-sex addict and former President of the United States. For these two elitist politicians and parents of Chelsea’s only other (known) sibling, ever growing and increasingly homely baby, the ‘Clinton Global Initialive.’ Like any competitive couple, they’d like to make the highest office in the land, the former Republic, The United States Of America’s Presidency a ‘trophy’, and ‘go down’ (sorry Bubba) in history as the first family to have produced the phenom of the first family in history with two Presidents in one family, including America’s first ‘Black President’, Bubba Bill.

    So Rubio best beware before he buy up every TIME in sight to autograph for friends, family and to stash away for future sales on Ebay after his Presidency has become a reality and he’s ‘collectible’, and consider his burgeoning career as a cover boy actually is a veiled ‘TIME bombing with ‘strafed’ written all over it and a heads up to Rubio, who recenly, perhaps unwisely, went swimming with the Gang of ‘8’ and their disingenuous ‘Path To Citizenship’ with (whispering) ‘closed borders’ (shhhh!), he being the perceived ‘#2’ in the group, whom the Corrupto’crats cleverly shoved out front like a ‘hostage’, not to be bi-partisan, or ‘inclusive’, but to begin gathering and adding to their 2016 campaign ad media bank to supplement their ‘Rubio’ files.

  • john1gun

    The liberal media’s “Republican savior”, an illegal alien loving RINO, who would have thought?

  • righthook38

    So, Rush is the leader of the Republican party, but Rubio is the Savior? Rush must be losing his influence….?

    • SpinMeNot

      Ahhh … Thank you so much for going there … now I have the title sequence to ‘Jake and the Fatman’ stuck in my head, as if the stitches in my back and the demerol haze weren’t bad enough.

      *looks for a mental emetic*

  • $24698634

    He’s right. It’s not him. The republicans don’t have one.

    • daeghrefn

      You got that right.

  • wyatt81

    The libs are always looking to anoint a new savior because they have rejected the real One…

  • Resist Fascism

    This is something the haloed Lord of the Flies has NEVER had the Class to say

  • Kate

    Notice that they used creative lighting to make Sen. Rubio look as white as possible. Another “Hispanic Caucasian,” (a la Zimmerman) MSM?