Awww. Glenn Beck attempted to bond with sparkly-gun enthusiast Kim Kardashian on Twitter today by praising her #SweetKimGunPic. Kardashian recently tweeted (and swiftly deleted) a photo of a diamond-studded revolver, sparking vicious outrage from followers.

Beck’s followers, on the other hand, were thrilled to share their favorite gun pics with Kim and Glenn.

@kimkardashian @glennbeck Fav pistol! #sweetkimgunpic

Not a whole lot of sparkles there, but see, Kim, it’s OK to tweet photos of guns. Really. It is.

  • SFerggie

    The 1911 pistol just celebrated its 100yr anniversary. This
    is a semi-automatic pistol and has been around longer than any of the idiots in
    DC that are trying to make it out to be this new evil weapon that is responsible
    for murders over the last 20 years and must be banned. A gun is no more dangerous
    than a pencil. It only becomes a murder weapon when used by a sick individual
    to take someone’s life.

    A gun, hammer, bat, knife, fist, etc. are all inanimate
    objects and are incapable of killing anyone on their own. Attention directed at
    these object as a way to reduce the number of murders and/or suicides is a
    foolish endeavor. Some will argue otherwise but only those that refuse to look
    at the statistical facts.

    In the 70’s we stopped locking up the mentally
    ill but chose to give them some pills and allow them the ability to continue to
    interact with the rest of society. We have an increase in assaults and mass
    murders and as a society we push the false belief that it is all the result of
    a piece of machinery. That is correct; a gun is nothing more than a mechanical apparatus.
    It doesn’t have a heart, brain or limbs to carry out an evil act. I only hope
    the rational thinkers basing decision on facts outnumber the ignorant that only
    live on emotion to truly address this problem and provide resolutions that will
    actually help in the end.

  • LoriGirl

    What a bunch of Bitter Clingers! Me too!

    • SFerggie

      I am a gun owner and not bitter about anything. You seem to be the one with your panties in a knot. If you don’t like guns don’t buy one, its that simple. Have a nice day!

      • BenInNY

        Missed the last two words? 😉

      • TheRentschmeister

        Uh…….so you don’t get sarcasm???? Or did you stop reading before her words “Me too!” (Unless you don’t understand that in the English language and English grammar that line means she identifies WITH the “Bitter Clingers” group)?

      • Giovanni Rain

        Stupid American. I was born in USA technically but a part where people are more real and I don’t consider myself American on the whole because most patriots in most parts of this land are filled with nuts in which even though they don’t shoot anyone and claim they are responsible, possess a very fucking arrogant way about them. I hope many get put in FEMA camps.

    • BlueGood

      Lori, it appears you forgot the requisite
      “Giggle snorts”….or my personal fav…”Percussive Snort” to end your post….to alert readers you have a downright & genuine Sense of Humor & right wing attitude! (OMG Now I’m even spelling like an American!)…he heh….

      God Bless!


  • Tangchung

    The Second Amendment is in place in case they ignore the others.

  • rogueco

    No offense, Glen, but I recall you saying not too long ago, not to sign any petitions on the WH website, as to give the Feds your info….. and posting pics of your own guns online isn’t a big red bullseye too?!?

    I’m sure one more note in Beck’s Government file is not a big deal, but I think I’ll keep my Fed threat level as low as possible, thank you. No one is going to know what I keep around the house unless I think it’s time to show them.

    • Judy B

      Too late, anything you post is grist for the government mill.

  • Netmilsmom

    I want that Red Sig Sauer SO BAD!

    • Lady 12

      I’m a big fan of the one right after that. Stylish, classy, and packing loads of power!

  • Alyson Stewart

    I guess I could bedazzle my little S&W 642 grip with some Swarovski crystals.

  • RightThinking1

    Since watching Homeland Security video, I have abandoned any inclination to firearms. I now have holster for my scissors, and I keep a back-up mini-stapler in my sock…, ‘just in case’.

    • James Corbally

      Just don’t run with it :)

      • RightThinking1

        Thanks for the concern, but since I don’t want to run any unnecessary risks, the scissors are rounded tip plastic thingies. I particularly didn’t want one of the kids to be arrested in the event that he swiped them, and took them to school for show-and-tell.

    • 3seven77

      Those mini-staplers are useless. You need at least an upholstery gauge model. And make sure it holds at least one rack of staples in the clip.

      • RightThinking1


        Well…, as usual, it’s placement that matters. The key with the mini-stapler is to close in and get ’em in the tender parts.

        But seriously, one supposes that even a staple ‘gun’ could get you into trouble these days. This week, local cops shot a guy brandishing a hot-melt glue gun.

  • $24698634

    What, no pictures of the pink gun that the 3 year old killed himself with?

    • Love of Country

      Ten million annual abortions is a great thing. But I’ll eagerly shred your constitutional rights to lawfully own a gun if I can save just one child.

      … Barack Hussein Owebamao

      • $24698634

        From your low information, childish comment, too bad it wasn’t 10 million and one.

      • Judy B

        Senator Omao voted at least 3 times to allow children, born alive from botched abortions, to be killed. And we’re supposed to believe he genuinely cares about children? I think not.

  • $24698634

    Beck is making bushels full of millions from his low information followers. Cute…

    • Love of Country

      So what’s your opinion of OWS, who among other very regrettable things, shamelessly grovel in the streets for breadcrumbs from Beck’s followers? But heck, some 90% of the entire DNC faithful do that already, so what’s the big deal, right?

      OWS – Over 3500 Arrests
      Tea Party – Zero Arrests

      Now where you trolls find the nerve to try and condescend Beck and the Tea Party with ad hominem attacks is beyond me …. never mind that 99% of the time those baseless attacks are nothing more and nothing less than classic projection in its purist form, lol. (ouch!)

      • $24698634

        Never cared about OWS, they’re small potatoes.  Didn’t bother me.

        Beck is a crackpot.  A former DJ, a “zookeeper” with the gift for grift.  A charlatan in the manner of Benny Hinn, with religious fervor shamelessly fleecing his audience under the guise of healing them.  He’s now in a desperate struggle for the shrinking financial pie that’s divided between him and the other apocalyptic zealots.  He sells paranoia to the paranoid and is rewarded well for it.  In the immortal words of the godfather of hate-talk radio Bob Grant, Beck is “a fake, a phony and a fraud”.

        • WhatWouldJeffersonDo?

          And his bank account can kick your bank account’s ass.

          • $24698634

            Don’t care.  He doesn’t get money from me.

        • Giovanni Rain

          If the masses will buy it, he figures why not? I don’t consider myself a “sheep” or uninformed person but I do think Glenn Beck is entertaining nonetheless.

    • Judy B

      Anyone listening to Beck, Rush, Levin, et al, would not fit your description. They know more that most in DC! What’s your favorite flavor of KA?

  • Kathy Skaggs

    It amazes me that the dumbass liberals can’t seem to understand that having a gun and being against gun violence are two entirely different things. They are too stupid to figure that out and only know what they are told to think by Obama otherwise they wouldn’t repeat something that stupid.

  • Joe Zepeda

    Tweet sent :) Nice picture of my Fusion 1911

  • Rick Riley

    Kim my love,you got to stand up for something or you’ll fall for anything.If you’re proud of your rights,show it! It’s alright! I have a Glock 21

    • Giovanni Rain

      You really should not show what you own though. Golden rule.