Kim Kardashian’s gun photo inspires cries of hypocrisy (and some envy too)

The tweet and its accompanying photo have, not surprisingly, been deleted from Twitter and Instagram, but that hasn’t spared Kim Kardashian from further backlash over her posting of a diamond-studded revolver — less than a month after urging her Twitter followers to pledge to reduce gun violence.

So, is Kardashian’s tweeted photo of a gun hypocritical? In poor taste? Or is it just a photo of a gun? She wasn’t even pictured firing it, like a certain president.

Plenty thought it was a dumb move, even by Kardashian’s standards.

Not everyone was so quickly offended, though.

In November, Kardashian deleted a tweet offering prayers to the people of Israel (as well as a follow-up tweet asking for prayers for Palestine).


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