During a guest hit on “The Laura Ingraham Show” today, GOP Rep. Lamar Smith said he didn’t see how the Gang of Eight’s immigration plan would help Americans.

The Texas congressman’s prediction? When the loose set of proposals morphs into actual legislation, it won’t make it out of the House.

  • http://apostrophejones.com/ Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    No other country on Earth has open borders. Why do we?

    Why don’t 25 million of us sneak across the Mexican border and take their jobs, use their schools and hospitals and welfare, drive drunk and commit crimes?

    • tjcuzns

      Because we would be shot.

    • Numb3rTech

      Mexico has much stronger immigration laws. Even if you go over there on a work visa for months, you have to rent furniture and almost everything as you are not allowed to take your own furniture from the U.S. to use there. Immigrants are also never allowed to hold any sort of office or be a complete citizen. The U.S. immigration laws are totally sub-par. All illegals should be kicked out. If they want to come to the U.S., do it right, learn English and be and American. Not some other country knock-off wanna-be. We need to stop the anchor baby laws too. That is the biggest crapload of legislation there ever was. In my opinion.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Illegals are government growth hormone.