Ashley Porter, a journalist at 10 News in Tampa, Fla., is using Twitter today to call attention to a horrific case of animal cruelty. A dog was found in Tampa with an arrow through her abdomen. Warning: the photos are graphic.

The dog’s injuries were so severe she had to be put to sleep.

If anyone has any information about this horrendous crime, please call Hillsborough County’s Department of Animal Services at 813-744-5660.


More info on the dog:


10 News has more.

  • d1comment

    We live amongst evil…I will keep my guns.

    • $30423294

      Absolutely. People who work in the criminal justice system will tell you that hurting a pet is a pretty reliable indicator of serious psychopathy.To your point: I think it’s more than mere psychopathy. To destroy something of pure innocence for no reason at all says there is something very dark going on.

      The police — as I’m sure they know — need to find the individual who did this and give them more than the slap on the wrist. Even if it’s a first time offense — especially if it’s a first time offense — this bloke requires the scared straight treatment.

      • mickeyco

        Several years ago, friends of mine had 2 cats shot with arrows. One died & one had to be put down. Wasn’t hard for police to find teenage boy who did it. Wasn’t the first but only the most egregious thing he’d done to that point. Hopefully, the treatment he’s receiving will help him and society.

  • Joe W.

    Who could be so cruel? I’m gonna go hug my six dogs now……best friends I ever had…..

  • detroit19

    Sorry God, but I HATE people who do this!; I’m working on forgiveness, but not real confident it will happen with regard to the POS that hurt this poor baby!!

  • Justin Case

    This is what you get in a culture that mocks and disrespects animals.

    • MB

      This is what you get in a culture that mocks and disrespects all life.

  • $23629333

    There was a story about wolves being released from their cage, only to be shot. The no-good-nick obviously wanted the “thrill” of hunting wolves – without the expense and time and effort involved in hunting them in the wild.