Former President George H.W. Bush is surrounded by family in the ICU of Houston’s Methodist Hospital as he fights a “stubborn fever.” Doctors are “cautiously optimistic,” but the 88-year-old “remains in guarded condition.”

Thoughts and prayers flooded Twitter Wednesday as news of Bush’s illness spread. But the stomach-turning death wishes and plans for ghoulish celebrations weren’t far behind. Here are just some of the repulsive haters salivating over the possibility that Bush won’t recover.

New tone, same as the old.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the 41st president and his family.


A timely reminder from Jake Tapper of George H.W. Bush’s distinguished combat record:

  • Tami Risoen

    Obama voters

    • Mark Douglas

      Actually several Ron Paul guys in there too (Makes sense since most of them helped Obama win re-election). looked up some of their tweets, and many plastered with a Bunch of Illuminati, End the Fed, anti-Jewish sentiments.

      • Robbie C

        Nobody helped anybody win. People who voted for Ron Paul or anyone else simply didn’t like the top two choices. If you really want a more than two party system, comments like above need to stop.

        • ceemack

          Enjoy what’s left of the country after four more years of Obama, genius.

          • Danny Bluegrass Man Morton


        • TheBigHenry

          “Nobody helped anybody win.”

          That is a prima facie ridiculous assertion.

      • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

        Alex Jones’rs more like it.

      • philomena

        You might want to add in Alex Jones devotees as well.

    • Loretta

      You are so right, they have to be obama voters as they are blind as can be!

    • Zack Stein

      Sorry. I didn’t see a political leaning in this article.

      • TheBigHenry

        Open your eyes: “OMG one of the George Bush’s are going to die soon! #OhHappyDay#YouFuckedTheWorldUp #ObamaAllTheWay”

        Does “ObamaAllTheWay” qualify as a “political leaning”?

      • Steve

        Nice try Zack, the political leaning is from the responses and not the article. And repeating your weak post of “Who is “they?” Can you show me where it says who “they” are in this post?” does not make it true. Stop trolling and go find a job, so you can pay for the rest of the 47%.

      • James Mack

        Come on, Zack. If this was about Jimmy Carter [it wouldn’t be, btw] the LSM would be shouting from the rooftops that it was proof the TEA Party was a hate group.

      • CTW

        Can you read?

  • Brandee

    This disgusts me! And supposedly from the party of compassion.

    • OurLivesMatterToo

      Don’t be fooled. The only compassion these idiots show is for those who think like them. Any words that do not have the implicit approval of the DNC are to be shouted down and the messenger attacked, impugned, and marginalized.

      In other words, liberals suck!

      • JustSayNOtoO

        Truer words were never spoken. Liberals scream tolerance and compassion but what they really mean is “Tolerance and Compassion” for other Liberals not everyone, and especially NOT for anyone from the Right.

        • Del45

          I’m not sure they have compassion for anyone.

      • Elizabeth Cohen

        Doesn’t that sound like the Nazi’s? Anyone who disagreed was killed.

        • OurLivesMatterToo

          Sounds a lot like the Trotskyites of old. Someone forgot to tell these leftist idiots that communism, as it turns out really isn’t such a good idea.

      • Helen W.

        I agree with you!!

    • Guest

      Obama voters.

    • Ralpheo

      OWS ppl for the most part, moochers and takers who won’t work, who expect to receive and won’t give, who are ignorant of what it took to make this country and would be happy to riot (and rot) with the European slackards. Take from the rich, take from the middle class, take and destroy other people’s property.

  • OurLivesMatterToo

    And the bastards on the left want to know why political discourse is in the shape it is today. Just scroll down any one of these mindless, hate filled tweets and they will find their answer. I’m so angry right now, I could just spit!

    • Loretta

      Please hang in here with us! O lovers want us angry!

  • Belinda Henry

    Remember the good old days when never had to see the filth that these people put out?

    • Pamela Ford Hargrove

      How about the REALLY OLD DAYS when people had enough common courtesy to keep their vile thoughts INSIDE their head!

      • Turning Leaves

        Or had even the common sense to understand the thoughts were vile.

    • MP4

      thats because they were in the mental institution where they belong, same as murderers

  • MikeB

    Ah the youth that has been raised, how many of these morons were born after he was President and have no clue on anything. Been more than 20 years since he was President.

    • Helen W.

      They sure are a bunch of Morons. No decency and respect. What a difficult time it must be for the Bush family, and then to make these remarks. Where were and by whom were these low life raised. They are so cold and heartless!!

    • stargazerken73 .

      The sad fact is some of the current generation that is in high school now want hand outs from the government and a free ride through life as a slave to government. Thank God that many do not think like those in the tweets above. I teach several that enlisted in our military to serve their nation and they do not want a thing in return. I also have students going into science that want to serve the human race rather loaf around on a couch all day and collect welfare. These kids want to give to their nation and sadly they are not being commended for their hard work, but are looked down upon by some in society because they want to make something of themselves via hard work.

      • Danny Bluegrass Man Morton

        The tweets above Kenneth are from FU__TARDS!!!! They don’t have a clue. And a lot of them are not even Americans. Why don’t they hate somebody in charge of their country???? I’ll tell you why. They would get their heads cut off or blown off by their government!

  • Darrell Hesseltine

    And people want to blame guns???!!!??!?!?! America is going to fail because we have absolutely no respect for life. This is extremely sad!!!

    • Bogleman

      Very true! Only it’s not ever obvious to any of these people.

    • Dan Carpenter

      They claim to be the civil ones.

      • Zack Stein

        Who is “they?” Where does it say which political party is posting these tweets?

        • MP4

          don’t be stupid you moron! put down the pot and your medication and live life like it was meant to be lived

        • Steven Losh

          take 1 guess, retard.

          • BlueGood

            Liebral Control Freaks need to have their 1 Billion Page page rule book torn from their hands…..cold dead hands would be okay as well if they insist…..

          • Catherine Spencer

            they have to be obama voters as they are blind as can be!

          • Ross Naze

            I agree!

          • Purple State

            And I gather that “retard” is an example of the civility of the Right?

          • Catchance

            So… you consider “retard” an example of conservative incivility? Did you READ any of the garbage those people were tweeting? I would have to wipe my keyboard down with antibacterial cleaner if I used words like that.

          • $129448

            ya right, like you never used that word?

          • lana ward

            dems have no civility at all. Their Godless

          • Craig

            Since Obama used that term on the Tonight show with Leno, it is now perfectly fine to use it.

          • $129448

            If the shoe fits

        • jimdep

          C’mon tard. Pay attention!!!!

          • Purple State

            Tard? That’s the civility of the Right for you!

          • Stephen K

            And when everyone on the left was laughing away while calling Sarah Palin’s son a “tard baby,” you were just as offended, right?

            Nope, you were yukking it up right alongside them.

          • Purple State

            You have no idea what I was doing actually.

            The point is neither “side,” left or right, has a monopoly on tactless comments.

          • $7610427

            Since when does “tard” = hope tha mutha f’er dies, burns in hell, death to all the Bushes, satan puts a stick in his eye, slow painful death???? Yep…you’re a tard…

          • Purple State

            I didn’t say they were equivalent. I said they were both tactless. See above.

          • $129448

            big difference. Retard is a word in the dictionary. If people weren’t so politically correct these days maybe we could still use the word when needed…like the “retards” who wish Bush dead.

          • $129448

            right on

          • lana ward

            I don’t recall these Godless morons talking this way about MLK or Ray Charles–they were Republicans

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          Skipped that part about the various lefty flappy heads calling for a “new civil tone” which was worse than the “old civil tone” I guess.

        • rennyangel2

          Do the f-you’s sound like Republicans to you?

          • AmericanLass

            Republican’s beat liberals up with truth and FACTS. That’s probably why they hate us, we bore them to sleep.

          • rennyangel2

            Reps. so have to find more ways to emotional appeal–freedom, liberty, individualism, personal happiness, and achievement are not doing ir. Every Rep. candidate should appear before huge pix of Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., and for the elderly, Eisenhower. The left has co-opted Lincoln and King into Dems. in the minds of millions.

        • Shemara Lakin

          Well lets we…the ones who like Bush are republican…the intolerant racist haters are democrats…duh!!

        • CTW

          The obvious eludes you.

        • SheilaK

          Oh please, get real. This kind of hatred is the hallmark of the demonrat party

        • DB Cooper

          you must be an obama supporter, zack… stop trying to type… you might injure your brain stem.

        • lana ward

          Your hilarious!! Only dems are that evil!!

        • TheRealJackpineSavage

          Yeah, I can see a LOT of Conservatives wishing Bush dead. Are you REALLY that stupid?

        • $129448

          Do you live in bubble? you must be joking

      • beebop1952

        Was in a grocery store within 5 miles of a liberal college. Two dimwits who worked on the 2008 and 12 0bama campaigns. They were kvelling about who cried more for the murdered children in Newtown. Then? They decided that the madman should have been pointing his guns at Repulicans. So. They don’t really oppose murder. They just want to decide who dies. And? If a youngster whose mom or dad is a Republican lose their folks? Too bad. Apparently being a liberal makes you god.

    • Helen W.

      It sure is sad. Hard to believe people can be so insensitive at a time like this. I wish Former President Bush and his family the best. My prayers are with all of you. God Bless!!

      • Ross Naze

        Amen to that!

      • bingo32

        Ditto and Amen to that Darrell!

      • iamtrue

        Ditto but you know i expect it now coming from empty shales and i also look forward to the day when these empty shales turn on their own ( and they will ) it won’t be pretty but that is when America will be on it’s way back. And i can’t wait.

    • Donald Borsch Jr.

      “…no respect for life”. That is it. You nailed it, Darrell. Not a one thing about liberalism supports Life.

      • Zack Stein

        How do we know these people are “liberal?” Couldn’t they simply just be stupid, and cruel?

        • TheBigHenry

          A distinction without a difference …

        • John Fowler

          I agree some aren’t liberal–some of them are muslims.

        • pajamakat

          Stupid, cruel and liberal. Same thing.

        • Mark James

          That’s what liberals are. Petty, dirty, freeloading parasites. You must be proud of your comrades.

        • dmsday

          stupid, and cruel, yes that is a liberal.

        • CTW

          Why don’t you click on a few of their names and visit their twitter pages. Their political leanings are not hard to figure out. And yes, they are also stupid and cruel (in addition to being liberal).

        • scf8169

          Yeah, Zach, I’m sure all of the young black guys putting up those tweets are conservatives, especially the one with the hashtag #ObamaAllTheWay.

        • TheRealJackpineSavage

          Stupid, Cruel, Liberal, pretty much interchangeable

        • Lisa Dean

          Yes, stupid and cruel can be said for some on both sides. However, and I’m going out on a limb here, that out of those that tweeted these comments most, if not all of them would consider themselves liberals. And they would probably prefer to clean their eyes with bleach than claim any type of conservative/republican beliefs.

        • $129448

          Liberals hate the Bush family…need we explain it more?

      • Quez

        Liberal? You shouldn’t throw politics in it…Conservatives can be just as cruel! Dummies on both sides of the aisle!

        • Catchance

          Oh, please… did you even read some of that disgusting garbage? Ugh. You will never find that from conservatives. Yes, it’s rude to call someone a moron, but please don’t equate that with the vile slime they were typing out.

        • TheRealJackpineSavage

          Show me some hashtags with Conservatives wishing a painful death on a liberal icon and I will concede your point, Until then STFU.

        • $129448

          come on, this is political all the way inside out…live in a bubble much?

    • DDay

      They are the tolerant ones?

      • Zack Stein

        Who is “they?” Can you show me where it says who “they” are in this post?

        • Phil

          Zack it doesn’t “have to say who ‘they’ are” … it is obvious from the comments that they are liberals who blame Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. for all of the world’s ills … so you are being TOTALLY disingenuous in your commentary. Really …

        • Angel Ayala

          hopefully you’re spending just as much time chastising the people in the tweets being disrespectful in our former president’s time of need as you are chastising those for mentioning “them” as “liberals.”

          • SuperFash

            Angel, your parents named you well. Let’s all surround the Bush family w/our strength & good wishes.

        • philomena

          Find out for yourself by clicking on their avatars.

        • TheRealJackpineSavage

          Zack, either you are being purposely Obtuse or you are truly too stupid to survive on your own. How’s the reception on your Obamaphone?

      • Barbara Wilde

        They are only tolerant to their own believers — everyone else deserves to die.

    • Quez

      These tweets are a large minority..the thousands of positive tweets arnt news worthy..this creates a false “reality”

      • Catchance

        Really. Do you care to post the same number here?

        Uh huh.

        • $129448

          guarantee all the positive tweets are from conservatives

  • Matt

    Why post this? We all know how moronic and hateful these libs can be. Kharma will catch up to them sooner or later.

  • Randall Murphy

    Just when I thought trolls on Twitter/social media
    were the scourge of society. I’m so glad these fine people have a platform to
    express themselves. I’m not sure what the world would do without their
    thoughtful and intellectual insight.

  • Jamie

    Sodom & Gomorah We live in an evil world. There is no fear of God.

    • TocksNedlog

      You nailed it.

    • Dwight Franke

      Or love of God … by many ……. but not all. There is still much good in the world. May the Lord bless this good man and his family.

    • TundraThunder

      I hope many of us get a call from Mother Abigail Freemantle (The Stand).

      • Liquid Language

        Oh, look, how sweet, an Endtimer. So, when does the big lover’s spat between God and his bad son begin? Oh, I can’t wait to roast marshmellows on a lake of fire, watching the lamb with 7 eyes destroy the Kingdoms of Earth or whatever. I mean, the absolute best part of the Bible is where we forget all that peace and love Jesus BS and focus on the rantings of a guy hallucinating his ass off. Hey, when do we get to the part of the story when Jesus comes back and gives us all fancy robes and we take an elevator to Heaven? I want my robe to have an awesome Dallas Cowboys patch on it.

        • Catchance

          Wow. Hate to be the one to break it to you, bud.

    • Carabella1

      There should be no fear of god. Ever.

  • Catchance

    I’m just… sickened. It’s as if these people are rotted inside, and the putrescence spews out.

  • Alleluiamaranatha

    We always knew there was hate in the world, but with Twitter we can see it real time!

    May those extending wishes they themselves would not want to receive, realize that the war between good and evil has already been won–good wins.

    May the hand of the Great Physician be on the hands of the doctors of all in hospitals and struggling with illness at this time, and may healing come to those who hate.

  • kpalern

    God bless you Mr. Bush. You are a shining example of what an American should be. As opposed to the twitter comments from degenerates.

  • Leigh Ann Coudriet

    so sad that no one has compassion on a sick elderly man….justice will be done on their last day…pray for mercy.

    • DisgustedinTexas04

      What goes around,comes around. Sadly they aren’t intelligent enough to comprehend that.

  • David Frizzell

    The left wing is very dangerous and cold. No wonder the founding fathers gave us the second amendment to protect ourselves from tyranny – because people like this exist.

  • DisgustedinTexas04

    I am shamed and sickened at the lows,so called “human beings ” can sink to.But then ,what can you expect from a party who had to vote three times to include God ,on their agenda at their convention!

    • Johnnie Honeycutt

      They really didn’t get the vote regarding including GOD in their platform…the man at the potum included it…the left believe that THEY are incharge…not GOD !!! They have turned their face from HIM…and they as well as we who get caught up in thier tirade of lies…Where has our AMERICA gone…to the devil ??? Pray like you have never prayed before that we as a nation return to HIS blessings and teachings or we will be lost for all eternity !!!

    • Richard Sturms

      Correction: they denied God 3 times

      • Josephine (D)

        Except they don’t break down in tears after the rooster crows.

  • Bob James

    As always…the class shown by liberals is there. It’s low, but it’s class. Compare that with reactions by conservatives to recent deaths from the Dem side. At least from what I saw, most conservatives showed the class that Donna Brazile showed above.

    • Smokey Behr

      I’ve got things growing in the refrigerator that have more culture than most Democrats.

      • lainer51

        and between my toes.

  • TocksNedlog

    Meet “The New Civility” — same as the old ‘civility’.

    • Lost_in_mich

      As someone pointed out I would bet most of these people dont’t know it is HW Bush that is sick. I would be suprised if they were taught about him considering god clinton followed him.

  • danceswithsheeple

    In this instance I think we can all safely say (and without sarcasm too): “Obama built that”. #SAD

    • Pelayo

      These so called tolerant ones are the worst. They love death, zombies and vampires and they LOVE the “F Bomb” especially with the maternal prefix. I turned off to Daddy Bush at what he THOUGHT was the end of the Iraq war. He freaked me out when he mentioned The New World Order. However the reactions by the ghetto crowd and their wannabe acolytes is over the top at least for the rest of us,

    • Bamboo_Harvester

      “Obama awards Medal of Freedom to George H.W. Bush”
      February 15, 2011|By Julie Mianecki, Los Angeles Times

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Wanna bet the majority of these idiots think its W? Either way, Godspeed Mr. President. I am sure you’ll not be seeing the majority of these soulless bastards ever again…

    • Rob Ruda

      I was thinking that too, a couple that I could stomach reading were calling him a war criminal? Wiskey Tango Foxtrot? I thought W was the war criminal.

      • catholic_citizen

        There is a growing number of the ignoratti that maintain that the elder Bush used his presidency to ensconce the ‘Illuminati’ who were then responsible for manipulating every conflict and crisis since 1992.

        Don’t blame me – I still teach REAL history and government to my students.

        • Mike Graham

          The Ignoratti…..brilliant….

    • Helen W.

      They all belong under a rock. No decency or respect. Hopefully none of the Bush family will see these nasty remarks, so full of hate. The language they use these days. Filthy, filthy, and you are absolutely correct. They are soulless, heartless, ruthless and so full of hate. Very sad!!!

  • TocksNedlog

    Gotta love the guy with peace symbols surrounding his name; perhaps he’s being ironic.
    Oh, and the one that mentions Bush’s “secret fraternity”. Do you think this person wants John Kerry to die as well?

  • NorthForkBob

    I would never wish anyone to die.It’s bad Karma and pushes you closer into Lucifer’s camp.I stick with God

  • Glitter

    These peeps will one day be frying in the eternal hell. Have fun, monsters.

  • Paul

    It hadn’t dawned on me until reading these tweets, just how pathetically ignorant our nation has become. The first order of business needs to be proper education. I fear we are already lost.

  • Just my thoughts

    What goes around comes around. I hope all these haters will one day realize how horrible they are for posting these awful comments about President Bush. He is a good man and deserves respect.

    • Helen W.

      I agree!!!

  • tsluf273

    All I feel for these people is a mix of pity and indigestion.

  • Judy

    Hmmm lots are foreigners and so young. jumping on the Demon-cratic party band wagon, I guess.

  • Ricky Grimshaw

    Every single one of these idiots would have to stand on a twelve foot ladder just to kiss the ass of this man, and that includes the current President. At the same age of most of these here, he was enduring some of the greatest hardships that many take for granted today, fighting for our country in the Pacific against the Japanese. Alas, if they just taught history in public schools maybe this bunch would know about that and have a little respect for the service he gave to this country. I guess that’s too much to ask from a bunch of spineless, pitiful ingrates anyway.

    • Alleluiamaranatha

      They’ll teach “history” again when they get finished changing it. . .

  • Shane Elliott

    America’s values and morals are dead. America has already failed. ‘Conservatives’ should switch their views to “Survivalist”. We are overrun by ignorant animals with no decency. Just breeders, takers, and haters.

  • Matt Minnich

    Its a very sad spectacle to see people behave in this manor. I personally dispise President Obama but if he was in the same state I would never say anything like that, it is very troubling to see people with so much hate and so much disregard for human life, as one poster said most of the people saying these things werent even alive or were to young at the time to know anything about his presidency all they know is what they hear from the like minded ilk that they associate themselves with on the internet. Maybe someone should look into whether any of those people have guns and the question has to be asked with that kind of hate and wishes of death on someone are they the next mass shooter somewhere? But wait I am sure that wouldnt sit well with the left that might be political profiling.

    • AZNAmerican

      That’s the difference between conservative true Americans and Obamans. Anyone who would kill their own babies as a matter of convenience cannot have any regard for any human life. Anyone who would rather blame others for their short comings and believes in having others work hard so they can get their entitlements while they sit back to smoke their pot cannot have any respect for others. This was once a great nation. The Republicans failed last November..

  • Sharon

    Considering the sources, can’t expect much civility from those kind of people.

  • PeterP

    Isn’t anonymity wonderful?

    • David Atherton

      Yes, it turns cowards and losers into brave orators. Nothing says “stand up for your beliefs” like hiding behind a fictitious name.

  • Jules LaPierre

    But, they’re so bright and articulate.

  • PeterP

    The reason these folks are for gun control is because they think everyone is as crazy, wacko, nutzoid as they are!

  • Cecil

    If you truly believe in God, how can you say such things. This is why the world fights you. May all your virgins, for you, be your family dirty old man.

  • Constance Fisher

    Karma is a b**** people. Country is going to hell because of people like that. Can’t even type proper English on their twitter pages. Sheesh!

  • Ken Riehl

    Why even publish tripe like this from these reprobates…

  • Susan

    This is deplorable! Whether it is a former President, or any human being! I cannot believe the vile comments. Remember two people – 1. Karma is a bitch; and 2. What goes around, comes around!

  • Stephan Dueboay Sr.

    OM Gosh! I can’t believe what I’m reading on here! This is seriously evil! No wonder the United States is going down the gutter…people like this are pro-creating!

    • Guest

      Procreating? They’re breeding like RATS! These “people” are all valid arguments for retroactive abortions. God help US all!

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i just don’t get it….

  • Eliza

    Liberals without a doubt. And they call us intolerant! Karma is a bitch and what comes out of your mouth that is evil will visit you in the worst way.

    • Crizzle’s Buttons

      the irony…

  • Jed Cooper

    Funny, these resemble the same idea’s and hatred that terrorist chant in the streets of rogue nations.

  • kch50428

    We shouldn’t judge all Liberals/Democrats based on these examples of the least of them… after all, they cut conservatives the same slack… oh wait… that’s Alinsky101…

  • Jana Sue Hilliary


  • Guest

    How sad for the individuals hoping George H.W. Bush dies. Not only are they ill-informed, but they are simply stupid, mean and quite ugly individuals who are in need of some serious introspection. Most were probably raised in homes without fathers, but that should be no excuse.

    • OurLivesMatterToo

      In other words, liberal progtards.

    • celestiallady

      They don’t need to be in homes without fathers – in fact I bet there were fathers there for them and that is how they learned this behavior.

    • Crizzle’s Buttons

      And your father raised a great thinker like you to be so introspective…do you have a psychology degree? Perhaps one in sociology? If not, maybe you should research why people don’t like Bush instead of treating them as if they were the problem. Having an education shouldn’t make that too hard for you…assuming you are educated.

      • Guest


      • David Atherton

        Yes, while all you Obamabots call anyone who disagrees with his Socialist policies a racist. ever mind OUR legitimate reasons for disliking Obama. We are just labeled racists for the simple act of speaking out against him.

  • celestiallady

    I hope all these people realize they are gonna die someday and their death may not be pretty.

    • Crizzle’s Buttons

      i hope i get hit buy a car, get thrown out of a skyscraper on fire, something interesting.

  • Darren Barr

    This is one of my favorite prayers. I hope it gives everyone comfort.
    my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all
    souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy. Amen

  • Betty Moore

    Can’t believe all the evil hatred in so many hearts. You will all burn for the evil in your hearts. May God have mercy on your souls. I pray for a speedy recovery for Our former President Mr. Bush.

  • Irene Read

    You guys are sick and cruel…If this is the way you behave then we don’t need you in USA because true Americans wouldn’t behave this way…I am a shamed of all of you,,,

  • Joseph Pickett

    I didn’t think much of his presidency, but he’s a decent man and a war hero. Get well soon.

  • Ana Rivera

    I want to see these people during the rapture….. they will wish they had a better understanding of the scriptures.

  • Timothy golden

    Karma is a bitch I will hope and pray that what you are wishing on Mr Bush does not come back and bite you or your family in the ass !! But maybe it should

  • carl hinton

    Wow,I don’t know what to say about these people.I don’t like a lot of things the left or dems. do but I don’t want them to die.I don’t even want them out of office.I just want them to change their minds and be realistic when they vote.All I can say is (professing to be wise,they became fools)

  • Dan Richards

    I can believe these people, they are what is sick about America, the Progressive festering disease…

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    They say at age 20, if you’re not a liberal, you have no heart. And at age 40, if you’re not a conservative, you have no brain. At any age, none of these insensitive, uncaring, ghouls will have either.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Ugh… sick bastards attacking the 41st president?! Darrell’s right… these people have NO respect for human life WHATSOEVER!!!

  • lainer51

    Liberal: broad-minded, unprejudiced, beneficent, charitable, openhanded, munificent, unstinting.
    If that is the real definition, it is time to REWRITE the Dictionary.

  • jbalish102

    Im willing to bet 90% of these animals were raised by a single mom.

    • Crizzle’s Buttons

      i bet your father beat you, until you thought and did as he did. it’s ok, there’s still time…

  • spencegd

    May all of your cruel and insane wishes float in space before finding you and sealing your fate

  • Bill Scalzo

    Because when you really want to show off your internet muscles, you scream DIE!!!!!111!!!eleventy!!!!1! in ALL CAPS to show what a real badass you are. Because CAPS makes you badasses, right? Cowards and punks, all of them.

  • Steve_J

    Just for those tweets, I hope karma actually exists.

  • catholic_citizen

    This yet another example of the moral paucity of the Left. Legitimate criticism of liberal politicians is countered with accusations of racism and ‘code words’. I wonder what some of the language they are using is code for….

    I would say this is appalling, but I expect nothing less from them than this.

  • therantinggeek

    A lot of the comments I’ve been reading through are spot-on, so there’s no need to add my two cents’ worth. But, I will say this: What goes around…

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    I can’t believe how many conservatives and Republicans cheered and partied when Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye passed away last week, said no one ever.

    • TundraThunder

      Where’s the proof? We always have proof of the left’s hatred!

      • daveachicagoareajamerican

        read the last four words of my comment: “said no one ever”…meaning it never happened, mkay?

        • Lisa Dean

          Some people have a hard time with sarcasm. Maybe next time end the sentence and then put Said No One Ever so it stands out better.

    • Alleluiamaranatha

      Where and who?!

      More likely those who heard he had passed prayed for the Eternal Rest of his soul and for his family and friends in their grief!!

  • HARP2

    Strange how these punks don`t hate the radical Muslims.

  • Right Wired

    Has the world already ended?

  • Lee

    These are prime examples of people who are so oblivious to any true good in the world. I will bet that they are not active parishioners and that their lives are basically dismal and unrewarding. It is truly alarming at the hate people spew – and most towards a person they know so little about. And as some have suggested, I don’t think they are old enough to know what he did while in office. God will judge them, we just need to pray that he not be so merciful towards people like this – with so much hate, discontent, sheer nastiness inside them. These people likely are parasites of the nation in one fashion or another… really have no place to make any sort of judgement on anyone and the wishing for ill-will toward GHWB is cowardly, immature, and so disrespectful. I’m sure they’d appreciate the same treatment should they fall ill. Pray for peace and GHWB’s healing; pray that the ignorant open their eyes and see the true enemy of the people and the one who is dangerous on so many fronts. They are truly bagging on the wrong person for their complaints.

  • reshas1

    WOW.. Intolerant libs, disgusting as ever.. Pathetic

  • Cappy Paxton

    My heart goes out to the Bush family during this trying time. I have great respect for both presidents. Whether I agreed with everything they did or not, I believe they served their country to their best ability. Few people ever really do. God Bless the Bush family and God Bless America.

  • Conservsthngirl

    I wonder how many of these men have multiple children they neither support or see? They show their ignorance so brilliantly by spewing hate and venom in misspelled tweets while they obviously never learned about George H.W. Bush’s legacy in school because they either dropped out or never paid attention, which is typical of this young generation. They think because they “heard” of bad things he supposedly did, that makes it okay to call him horrible names and wish him dead. What a testament to our society that this is where we will be drawing our leaders from–young, ignorant, egotistical, misinformed, entitlement-driven, foul-mouthed, know-it-all drop outs.

  • Dianne Crandall

    Such cruel heartless people have no shame just their hatred of those who dare to think differently and the intolerance to permit such. What hypocrites!!

  • Michelle

    Wow. Unbelievable. Makes me wonder what they’d say if people were saying those things about someone in their family. #evil

  • skydash

    If this is our future,we’re finished as a nation….

  • Cynthia Ingraham

    You know what so funny, is that most of these idiots are in the peace movement, but are praying for someone’s death. If I were these people, they should be careful how they pray, God may answer there prayers, by making them the one that dies a slow painful death. Such nice people (sarcasm).

  • Nora Grahe

    These are the Obama lovers. I’ll bet that he is proud of them. What vile individuals. They obviously are low information voters. Didn’t they used to be called morons?

    • Crizzle’s Buttons

      I don’t vote. I’m educated enough to know by voting I give consent to a fascist government to rule over me. I don’t want rulers, therefore I don’t vote. You voters are the real problem, no matter who you vote for.

  • Nora Grahe

    The Bushes have served this country like no other family. They are not womanizers, thieves or liars. I guess that’s what these low information voters don’t like about them.

    • David Atherton

      Remember, their heroes are the Kennedys and Clintons. Members of these families include at the least, perverts, at the worst, rapists and murderers. O, the crimes these people have gotten away with over the years.

    • Bamboo_Harvester

      bush 41 had a mistress
      bush 43 is a Military Deserter

      • daveachicagoareajamerican

        JFK had several affairs. Brother Ted drove off a bridge while drunk and killed a woman. No one in the family since Ted has served in the military. More Kennedys have had run-ins with the law than the Bush Family. Bill Clinton never served in the military, had affairs, lied to Congress, lost his law license.

  • Paul D Walters

    These people are clueless, have no morals, and just don’t care for anyone other than themselves. Bush Sr. was a perfect example as to how an ex-president should be. Not one running around the country blaming others like some ex-pressidents(and I am sure like our current pres will do when he leaves office). Truly a gentleman and I wish him all the best!

  • Richard Rider

    Many thanks to these 50 pathetic souls who bared their hatred for all to see. Quite illuminating.
    The “Compassionate Left,” my ars!

  • Guest

    Twitter is a window into the pure evil of liberalism. It makes me want to vomit, sometimes. These people are animals and should be locked away ala Escape From New York, left to fend for themselves. Animals and failed humanity. No wonder they support abortion-on-demand.

  • mnemosyne23

    Absolutely disgraceful. The fact that most of these backwards imbeciles probably weren’t even born for Bush Sr’s tenure in office, have no idea what he did while President, and no clue whatsoever about what he’s done since, yet feel perfectly comfortable calling for his slow, painful, torturous death while damning him to an eternity of torment in Hell (which most of them probably don’t believe in anyway), is a testament to just how worthless and sheep-like the younger generation has become. I pity all those teens and young adults who DO have a lick of sense and have to contend with these low IQ, high maintenance clods on a daily basis.

  • DLG1116

    I just gagged a little while reading these comments. Certainly not worth the 30 seconds and I can’t get those seconds back. Pity. I would say that you should feel ashamed but apparently your parents failed you. Unfortunately, there are no “do-overs” when raising a child. More the pity.

  • dilligaf421

    revolution is coming! these ignorant bastards are gonna die like flies.they have no clue how to survive on their own without the govt,handouts.

  • John Stouffer

    I would be curious to know why these people hate George Bush, Sr. so much. I would bet it is not based on any facts. These types are typically quite ignorant and just rely on bad media and what their friends tell them.

  • cardinaldave10

    Further proof that the Left are the real haters in this world. Mostly b/c they are taught to be so by misinformed educators and the lying, misinforming media.

  • Marcy Cook

    I get the impression they don’t even know which George Bush this is. Sad that they are filled with such hate and they don’t even know why.

  • mickeyco

    OK, Twitchy, please explain why you’ve picked this up. It’s disgusting, it’s hurtful, it’s nasty, etc., but no way in hell is it news. I realize it’s a really slow news day, but , for me, your posting these is just as bad as the original posters. I’m really offended & unhappy.

    • David Atherton

      When did Twitchy claim to be a “news” site? I always assumed this was the purpose of Twitchy, to show how vile and hateful the left can be. Don’t criticize Twitchy for doing what it was designed for. We need to know what we’re up against. It’s no longer just us against the lefties in government, they have mobilized their zombie-like supporters. They are brain-dead and mindlessly following the orders of the government that feeds them, quite literally. Their hatred of all things American is disgusting and pitiful, but we need to know what they’re up to.

      • mickeyco

        I reacted to this unfathomable hatred by attacking the reporter. Shouldn’t have. It’s just incomprehensible to me that anyone could so casually project such evil. It does truly make me sick.

  • David Atherton

    If I, as a Conservative, were to say “I can’t wait until Jimmy Carter dies. or I hope Obama doesn’t live to fill his second term”, I would be labeled the worst subhuman life form on earth. But to these lowlife scumsucking morons, it’s OK to wish a painful death on one of our war heroes. While not the best president we ever had(he was, however the VP to the best), he spent his life in service to our country. For that he deserves respect. I hope the haters reap what they sow.

  • Mark Phillips

    Typical liberals. I wonder how all these mental midgets would react if we act like that when Carter dies… Oh wait we won’t because we value human life and too much class.

    • rinodino

      Stop lying you would, I remember on Malkin’s other site when Ted K. died, posters were talking about pissing on his grave…. so yeah you would act like the mental midgets

      • mickeyco

        I certainly said no such thing, tho’ I’m afraid someone did. But you do see the difference between that and wishing he would die a painful death, don’t you?

      • Carabella1

        You’re absolutely right. These people have very convenient lapses of memory. They’re so hateful they can’t recognize they are the problem in this country. They’re blinded by their malevolence.

  • Randall Hodge

    It is difficult to imagine there is enough goodness left in the world to overcome this vitriol, but there is. Donna Brazile’s gracious tweet is an example.

  • Joe Bannister

    And every one of them an Obama voter….no surprise THERE huh!

  • keller23

    There is a direct correlation between how hateful one is and how liberal one is.

  • keller23

    I’ll bet most of these people think it’s George W Bush. That’s how idiotic they are.

  • Del45

    Can’t libs talk without using such bad language, it shows their ignorance.

  • kcir321

    Bet he don.t go to hell like these people

  • Crizzle’s Buttons

    First off, let me say that I’m flattered to have been mentioned in this article. Let me clear some things up… I do have a soul, though I’m sure the most ardent atheist will argue otherwise, but until it’s scientific proven I don’t, I’m going to assume I do. And as for my “lack of compassion”, let me ask you this: Did Bush show any compassion to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who died of preventable conditions due to US-led economic sanctions and damage to Iraq’s infrastructure after the first Gulf War? No. What about Iran-Contra? Remember that? The Bush crew was running coke with the CIA, flipping the product in the US, using the cash to get guns to support their black operations around the world. Especially in Nicaragua where they funded and armed coup to overthrow a democratically elected president because he leaned to the left, which started a civil war which claimed thousands of Nicaraguan lives, even children. Did Bush show compassion then? No. This is the same guy who doesn’t remember where he was the day Kennedy was assassinated. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing the day of 9/11? I could go on forever about the crimes of the Bush family, but there is already enough literature and documentaries out there to educate an inquiring mind. But I totally get how people want to live in their cushy little bubble, they are not ready to unplug from the matrix… Bush is a devil. Do your homework. Get a copy of Fleshing Out Skull & Bones, that should be a great start down the rabbit hole.

    • DLG1116

      There simply isn’t enough tinfoil to go around.

      • Crizzle’s Buttons

        Have fun living your lie-f

        • DLG1116

          Well, you certainly are! :)

    • Joe W.

      You need to be institutionalized, Hasbro. I don’t think your elevator reaches the top floor.

  • diamond dave

    Just goes to show what assholes people can be when behind a computer.

  • sean

    negative comments coming from obviously uneducated people who never done or went anywhere in life

  • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

    Keep it classy libtards.

  • David Bailey

    These are the kind of degenerates going to see movies like Django Unchained because the critics say its hip and cool while bashing any of the decent entertainment out there as being boring and dull. Their minds are dull and desensitized and they have become the scum of the earth. No one should wish harmful death on anyone. If your fighting in self -defense and you kill, you kill because you will die or someone close to you that you are protecting will die. To postulate and wish death on someone reveals the psychopathic mindsets of burgeoning serial killers, whom movie directors like Tarantino emulates and admires through his thirst for blood and gore. Watch the movie Hostel and you will get what I am saying. These degenerates on here wishing death on Bush Sr., who was not a great President, are the reason why we need to stay armed as a society.

  • Barbara Long


  • BruceMichaelGrant

    Daniel Inouye dies and the world rightly honors his military service and his heroism. George H W Bush, another genuine WWII combat hero is in ICU and the cockroaches crawl out of the woodwork and smear him. Despicable.

    • MikeTX62

      Well said, @52a2c8015698f5ac11b422c759b7c321:disqus !! Another excellent example occurred in 2008. When right-winger Charlton Heston died in April, the left wing blogs were filled with such hateful comments as “glad he’s dead” and “hope he suffered” and “hope he burns in hell.” When leftist Paul Newman died in September, the most negative comment I was able to find on right-wing blogs was someone writing that “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid wasn’t very good.” Most praised his humanitarianism and philanthropy.

  • Bamboo_Harvester

    Hat’s off to these fine Folks !
    My sentiments EXACTLY.
    Like republicans / teabaggers don’t do the EXACT same thing to LIBERALS?

    • Guest

      Please tell me you’re being facetious.

    • mickeyco

      Actually, they don’t. Go to any conservative web site & you’ll see very little of the hatred and irrationality you see on liberal sites.

    • Joe W.

      You, like all liberals, are vile scum. Conservatives value life, sonny. Even yours.

      • Bamboo_Harvester

        Liberal and Proud Obama supporter, Tookie

        • Joe W.

          Proud of WHAT, Princess?? The filthy, bile posted by your “fine folks”??? When you grow up, your outlook will change. That is IF you grow up.

          • Bamboo_Harvester

            I have dna on underwear more mature than you.

          • Joe W.

            ??? Are you joking?? That is disgusting. Even for a young punk liberal. Try washing them, you filthy cretin. We are done, Princess. You disgust me.

          • Guest

            The best pat of you ran down your mother’s chin. There is no sense in talking to someone like you. If you want to engage in actual adult conversation, then so be it. But with YOU and your typical liberal types, that is not quite possible. All you are is an abortion that lived. You should go an drown yourself in the toilet with your fellow turds, it is your true home you parasitical worthless low-life bottom-feeder.

          • Bamboo_Harvester

            You can eat the cheese off my scote, pokie

        • War_Wolf

          The best part of you ran down your mother’s chin.

          • rinodino

            Yeah that makes you so smart…. what’s the difference between you and the posters from the twitchy post? You ran down your mother’s forehead???

          • Bamboo_Harvester

            That’s why you love to lick the shmeg off my taint,
            Booger Eater

  • Emily B

    Disgusting and vile. I can’t imagine what kind of evil is in the hearts of these people to wish someone to die. I mean, I dislike Obama as much as the next guy, but I would NEVER wish death on him!

  • Rick D

    Romans 1: 28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

  • stargazerken73 .

    It is “nice” to see how the generation following mine thinks of war heroes. President Bush (both 41 and 43) have more courage in their little fingers that all fifty degenerates added together.

    • Crizzle’s Buttons

      Bush isn’t a hero. he is a war criminal.

      • Bamboo_Harvester

        Bingo !

      • LochGates44

        Idiot. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. If you want to talk about war criminals, your butt buddy Obama ordered drone strikes on US citizens.

  • TOM


  • Don Solin

    wow such hate. evil speak is evil. Sick of it.

  • Lone Wolf

    The idiots above that made wishes that George Bush dies, have just identified themselves and voters for Obama and his socialist treason… When American Revolution II starts, those are the ones we’ll be looking up first.
    I think we also found a group of people that banning guns want help… they are idiots and deserve to burn in Hell for eternity.
    And if any of you would like to discuss my comments, I’ll meet ya for coffee sometime.

  • Bamboo_Harvester

    … and those are his friends.
    bush 41 was a One Termer.

  • Lois

    I’d say I wish them the same fate that they wish our former President, but since most of them hope he goes to hell, and they’re soulless, it’s kind of an impossible wish….

  • Repubtallygirl

    Karma is a bitch.

  • william Moss, Sr.

    This shows the love and tolerance of the left. Ain’t it great. Wait til they find out Bush and Obama are related and Obama is also illuminati and part of the NWO conspiracy and agenda 21 depopulation of the world.

  • מרטין

    I think how Bush turned his back on Chinese students in Tienanmen Square was despicable – that a RINO was no Reagan is why we don’t elect RINOs. But I am still praying for his recovery because that’s what civilized people do. Liberals once again reveal themselves as troglodytes.

  • Wayne Sexton

    These people’s responses are of Satan ……what they are saying they want to happen to President Bush will happen to them……….thats the way Satan works…….no value on life whatsoever!

  • Zack Stein

    How do we know these people are even smart enough to have a political leaning? Why is this automatically assigned a political party? Nothing in this posting ever suggests a political leaning. These tweets – I think they’re simply awful. I’m praying for a recovery. I think he is a good man who was a valuable political voice. I voted for Obama. It’s not all black and white. And for anyone to assume, suggest, and run with the fact that this is the take on the left – you’re entirely unfair.

    • Joe W.

      And you are incredibly naive. And if you voted for Obama, you are stupid, as well.

  • Bamboo_Harvester

    I am so Proud of these Liberal Patriots speaking their mind.
    First Amendment Power !

  • Manny Laureano

    And if Twitchy collected 50 you can be guaranteed this was about 1% of what was out there.

    • Bamboo_Harvester

      Bingo !

    • rinodino

      Just like there will be hundreds to collect on the right if something happens to a Democratic President…. don’t be stupid

  • Denise Ackerman

    This is so sad! WOW!!!! KARMA Is a B*tch.

  • LHorton

    Doesn’t matter what political party people posting these vile comments are from. it’s total disrespect for a living person. their day will come to be judged and it may not be the gates of heaven they will be knocking on. Praying for the Bush’s..

  • Michelle

    The astonishing and incomprehensible degree of hate and vitriol aside, what is truly amazing is…what did George H.W. Bush DO to deserve these comments? He wasn’t a spectacular president, but neither did he do anything to deserve this level of hate. Indeed, he was behind the total success of Operation Desert Storm – that’s how most of us will remember him – for the success of Desert Storm. What’s amusing (if anything about the above could be viewed as amusing), is the majority of the tweets were posted by folks who weren’t even alive, or at the least in diapers, when he was President. What is it they think he did that was so horrific? They’re expressing this degree of evil because he is G. W. Bush’s father? Get a grip people. These idiots were still wetting their beds when he ran this country, they have no experience with him as our President and they’re completely ignorant. I was an adult when he was my President, I voted for him, I don’t recall anything he did that deserves these disgusting wishes.

    • Joe W.

      These idiots are STILL in diapers and TILL wetting their beds, Michelle.

      • Michelle

        Excellent point. These are the very same folks who want to ban guns instead of looking at our culture of hate, our culture of death…they ought to take a look in the mirror. THESE are the people who are part of the problem and perpetuate it.

  • MikeTX62

    These comments are the manifestation of the decades of hate and venom promoted by the left in general and the Democrat Party in particular. The American left is the most intolerant and hate-filled bunch I have ever seen. Y’know, I lived through the 1970s and I remember very well the damage that Jimmy Carter inflicted upon this nation, much of which we are still paying for 30+ years later. History already shows him to be one of the WORST presidents in the history of this country. However, I do NOT wish him ill. I DO NOT wish for him to come down with some dreaded disease or infirmity. I DO NOT wish him to “die a slow and painful death” or to “burn in hell.” This is so sad, but not the least bit surprising.

  • Sciarretta

    And we are worried about gun control. Those above are the nut cases that use them. Get them psychological help, they are more than a little off. It is sad that the above are wishing someone dead, and wanting to party when they do. Very callous.

  • Terry Farley

    If it were one of their parents and people were saying this stuff about them and wanting them to die, I bet they would have a different tune. On the other hand, most of these people would be going through their parents will to see what they left them when they do pass on. These people disgust me. Remember all of those who have written these horrible comments, karma is a bitch! You just put yourself at the top of the list.

  • Sue Defabio

    ohhhhhh such hate…I don’t know but Bush Sr. could not be any worse than the current POTUS….”o” is evil….

  • Clifford Pearson jr.

    Just Think…These Low life Scum,are Living FREE,and Easy,because of the Actions of Pres.Bush,and His wwII Compatriots! These ‘People’,are sickly,Brainless..With NO thoughts of God,OR Decency!

  • Renny

    So, because Romney wasn’t good it’s okay for people to wish Pres. Bush death?

    • Danny Bluegrass Man Morton

      Renny you can’t talk sensible to FUCKTARDS!

      • JP

        Like trying to negotiate with God…. If they only knew the reality of how hard the Dem’s fought to keep there boots on the necks of the minorities, before the Republicans wore them down, time and time again. Then Lyndon Johnson determined that they could only vote for civil rights after a Democrat was in the White House and they would have the vote eternally of the minorities (Greatest majority Black).
        So much the liberals have redefined, rewritten, lied, blamed and deceived the Nation about, that the truth is truly being lost to all.

        • TheRealJackpineSavage

          The exact quote from LBJ as he signed the civil rights bill: “This will have the NI**ERS voting Democrat for 100 years.”. Yet we’re told all the time how the Republican parrty is Racist. It’s easy to be a Liberal, just scoop your brain out with a melon baller and replace it with moldy dog droppings. You too can be a Liberal!

  • Renny

    It occurs to me that the majority of people wouldn’t behave this way. Something about twitter makes the asses bray even louder than usual.

  • Steve

    This is a perfect example of the tolerance the liberal left shows. They expect total acceptance (not tolerance, but full acceptance) of their hair brained ideas but show absolute contempt for other ideas and beliefs. Similar to all the anti gun supporters, who have gun permits or appear in movies using guns.

  • Sue Rayphole

    Democrats= sickies, They are the racist vile idiots!

  • RIChris

    This is the evil that permeates our society. Full blown hate for the sake of hate. God have mercy on all of us.

  • Darren

    So much hate …my regard for life..

  • Joan Eilts Bost

    Shame on all of you. This man is a human being that did the best he could for our country. No one should ever wish death on another human being. No matter if you like him or not!!! The bible says to love thy neighbor. To love all man! Your judgement day will come. God have pity on your souls. Because I truly believe there is evil in the world and I think you all top the list. Best wishes to former President Bush. Hoping that you will recover from this illness and continue to be surrounded by your love ones. The people that love you. The ignorance of these men and women shall not be forgotten come judgement day.

  • Isabella Fiske McFarlin

    I think we should offer forgiveness and care and peace to all– including George Bush (both of them). I am a LIberal.

  • RightView13

    Really sad to see how many people have such sick minds. I was going to pray for President Bush, but these miserable people need prayers a lot more than Pres. Bush does.

  • Guest

    “People” like those above are all valid arguments for retroactive abortion. Let’s all pray for their “souls” while hoping they get what they deserve!

  • Tuco

    I’m rabidly and viciously opposed to Obama and his policies, and yet would never consider wishing him physical illness or harm. Guess that makes those wishing pain and slow death on GHWB something even more despicable than a Nazi gas chamber guard. What loathsome drek you are. Seek professional help, soon.

    • rinodino

      yeah right, I’m sure if something was to happen to Carter, Clinton or Obama, those tweets would be available to find, but something tells me Malkin won’t post those…. it would destroy the narrative

      • Tuco

        You’re probably right about lowlife scum-sucking sub-human drek occupying both liberal and conservative sides of the spectrum. It’s just that we conservatives are so hopelessly outnumbered in that loathsome category.

  • Ralphie85

    God bless you President Bush….praying for a speedy recovery!

  • RadicalRighty

    Is anybody really surprised? When you have lefty, America-hating “preachers” spewing hate from behind the pulpit, this had to happen. Obama, Wright, Farrakhan, et al have divided this once-great country, and nothing will re-unite it. Arm yourselves – there’s 4 more years of this . . .

  • harpoontang

    I’m about as liberal as anyone could be. I find this abhorrent. I also have enough compassion for individual humans not to just lump everyone together as if they were interchangeable pieces. I find it abhorrent to celebrate the death (or anticipated death) of anyone. Regardless of what they have done.

    • Stephen K

      So you’re the one who got picked to make the obligatory post on this thread “proving” that all liberals really aren’t like the ones venting all over Twitter right now.

      Be sure not to draw the short straw next time.

      • rinodino

        Yep can’t wait to see the post when a Democrat dies, I’m sure Twitchy won’t post them, but I’ll be sure to drop by and give you guys the handle, and see if you have the same outrage, you won’t

  • delroymonjo

    At least we have a pResident who is a leader and has now unified this country as never before seen! /sarc

  • Bamboo_Harvester

    There’s a special place in HELL for the ‘bush Crime Family’

  • Guest

    I am even more convinced that Twitter serves as a medium to unearth the living dead.

    • rinodino

      well they either want another civil war or they want more hits, they love to get a rise out of people no doubt

  • jimdep

    This guy fought in WWII and was actually shot down as a fighter pilot. A TRUE PATRIOT in every sense of the word. The liberal infestation needs to be eradicated.

  • curtis

    Wow, this is incredible! We wonder why we have shootings in places like Newtown Conn? As sick as that was, this is just as sick! I don’t necessarily like the things that Obama does as President, but I also don’t hate the man! To wish for him to die would mean that his children would suffer his death too! That is wrong! Just plain wrong!
    This is the’ TOLERANT’ left at work again! Everyone gets his or her turn, to wish a violent death on someone, may be to condemn oneself to the same fate!

  • Justus Iselusive

    Well the joke is on the horrible liberals. The way of the world makes it so. When you wish such a thing on someone else, it always has a way of coming back and biting you in your arse. Hopefully it will just happen to the posters themselves, and not a friend or family member, who did nothing wrong. Call it Karma, destiny, kismet, luck or what have you, all of these people will get this venom they spew back at them 10 fold. I am not a witch or one who sees the future, this is just the way the world is.

  • Charles R. Smith

    These people that wish a slow and painful death to a great American are probably the same people that cry for wood for their fires to keep warm but turn around and denounce someone that cuts down a tree. We agree that the wealthiest of us are considered to be conservative in their ways. They are also considered to be greedy with their wealth, and why not? They earned it and I’m sure, for tax reasons, they donate quite a great deal to worthy causes. They are considered by many to be great people. But should we look up to those who look down on others. I am a Republican and have been for the 10 years since I have begun a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have given of my self as well as my wealth(meager as it is) and would be ashamed to turn away a needy person regardless of my own security. I am not special. I am a Christian. I give and not expect anything in return. I do not donate and expect a receipt for the donation for tax purposes. I a man gives it should be given freely and abundantly. A rich man or woman that has enough to buy any and every want or wish he/she could imagine, and does not give of themselves greatly, how can they be thought of greatly. It is being said that the poor are a burden on the gov’t. But compare one poor with a rich person. Who has more to account for in the eyes of God? Neither are without fault but who can or has done the most damage to this country? The poor are fanatical only because of rhe incitefullness of their leader who gives them fear and confusion and hope that if the rich fall, they will prosper. They are not wise enough to know that we all fall and only the gov’t prospers. I feel that If the rich only give so that they can shelter profits through taxes, and not cheerfully as it is written, that they are not left or right. They are a party unto themselves. They will be rewarded handsomely.

  • Pompei Lena Grimaldi

    These people are dim witted illiterate in breds who have no life and no heart. Their time will come and I hope people applaud their suffering the trolls..

  • dbart

    Does it make me a bad person if I think the same of Obama?

    • R. L.

      Not at all. You have a right to your feelings just like the Bush tweeters.

  • Bamboo_Harvester

    Keep up the GOOD work LIBERAL Comrades, Twitter On to Victory !

  • Feliciena

    Forget guns because it is about hatred like these tweets. Something seriously wrong with these people.

  • Guest

    Now that we have provided the Internet, IPhones, etc. we can now communicate with the World…yikes, what a bunch of creeps. We should seriously consider cutting off their means of communication, what good are they to us?

  • BX75250

    Eventually, ginsburg dies, reid dies and pelosi dies. :)

  • rennyangel2

    The same to the above in their hour of extremis. Bork you.

  • Pancho

    the extent of one’s compassion is limited to only those they can
    personally, culturally, socially or politically identify with, then what
    is the true nature of their compassion but self-preservation. True
    empathy is transcending one’s individual ideal and need.

    does one perfect the art of empathy–certainly I’ve been a perpetrator
    of prejudice before and may unwittingly again–but seek the alter of
    compassion and grace, and perhaps, compassion and grace will find you.

    hope the President and his family have a happier holiday knowing that
    most of us offer up our condolences willingly. He was, after all, a
    decent man who served his country well. No man (no person) deserves
    judgment in death if it diminish the remaining time left in this
    precious life.

  • rant stocks

    KARMA is a wonderful thing…..what you wish for on someone else,comes right around and bites the wisher DEAD in the ass…..(.DEAD get it) just wait…Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha.

  • Dorothy Kettle

    I just wish ANY of these idiots could tell us WHY they hate Bush so. I think they are just sons and daughters of Satan who cannot abide ANY goodness in our world! Like the ones who begged Jesus to send their spirits into a herd of pigs; maybe they will also rush into the ocean and drown themselves when they see the true Light Of The World, JESUS!

    • Bamboo_Harvester

      You Can’t Handle The TRUTH !
      J.C . WAS A LIBERAL JEW that looked
      like Ron Jeremy .LOLOLOLOL!!!

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    I’m so glad these sick idiots are all Democrats. Of course, they are the pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-death to anyone who disagrees with them party.

  • NatCim

    Right, because there are no dumbasses on the other side. :rolleyes:


    True Irony: The people who talk so much about the virtues of diversity and tolerance are lividly intolerant of ANYBODY who dare to differ with them!!

  • 127bama

    What did.George H. W. Bush ever do to any of you that would warrant wanting him dead? Think about what you are saying. I doubt any of you who have posted such vile and hateful comments even KNOW the man on a personal level. I may disagree with a person’s politics, religion, or any other choices they make, but unless I know them on a personal level, I do not know enough to like or dislike them as a person, much less wishing them dead.

    • Bamboo_Harvester

      He was involved in the assassination of JFK for starters.

      • mickeyco

        Oh, good grief. You’ve confirmed it: you are a fool.

  • AmericanLass

    I’ll bet they don’t get suspended like I did, for just using someone on the lefts OWN words. Conservative are under attack, don’t ever doubt it.

  • Barbara Wilde

    So much hate!! What’s wrong with liberals that they have to hate everything that isn’t exactly like themselves?

  • Stranded in Sonoma

    Nothing so infuriates champions of “Diversity” as much as an opinion diverse from their own.

  • Shemara Lakin

    This is what’s wrong with America, not guns, but hateful, ignorant, racist people who wish others to die….won’t they be surprised when they find out that their hate will send them to hell!! This is the so called tolerant democratic left ….the real haters! They make me sick! Praying for Bush and his family.

  • Lois Daniel Skipworth

    How sad that people can be so cruel. For every word they have written will one day judge them. Everyone will stand before God and answer for every idle word. Oh, they don’t believe that, but you will be the one that feels pain. God bless you President Bush as you make this transition from one world to the next, whether it be now or later. As bad as I despise Obama I wouldn’t wish a painful death.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I’ve been following this since last week, I hope H. Dubya gets well soon, and lives another ten years! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Rocky

    I cannot believe some of the foul, evil things that are said about this man who led this nation for 4 years after being the VP for 8 years. This venom shows the truth of the supposedly loving and tolerant liberal side of this nation. I’m ashamed and saddened.

  • JayRon

    Morality should be a required course in school. You don’t get much lower than this.

  • AZNAmerican

    I thought Obama’s liberals practice tolerance and respect towards other people and show compassion toward their lives. All the way to the abortion clinic. Noticed how all the hate tweets are from Obama liberals, Obama Muslims and Obama commies. Wanna stop the massacres in our schools and our towns? Don’t worry about guns. Stop “THE PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC LABOR PARTY OF OBAMA” from taking root in this once a great nation.

  • BeeKaaay

    Letwingwackos are bloodthirsty. More proof here.

    • Bamboo_Harvester


  • CTW

    Take a look at the caliber of people making these tweets, Stoners, muslims, Obamabots, anarchists, atheists, occupiers, etc. Not much brain power there.

    • Indy

      I’m betting most of them were born during or after 41 was president. Their ignorance, verbiage and behavior indicates they know nothing about him or his presidency.

  • Barbara Ann

    Progressives are sick pathetic things, I scrolled down to comments and refused to read the garbage. I have read it before, don’t need to again but these people make me sick.

  • SheilaK

    These people are despicable human beings. No soul, no heart, and apparently no brains either. To wish death on anyone is disgusting. They show their shallowness and intolerance. Shame on them. What goes around comes around

  • wakefield42

    I think Bush is a neat guy..and a good president…his family really is close knit too..he obviously did something right in life..and no kids that act like trayvon to boot 😉

  • bo1921

    I’m not sure what these cretins think former President Bush ever did to them or the country for that matter. I’m sure the truth is they don’t know ANYTHING about him. All they know is the name Bush and that he’s a Republican. I guess those two facts alone mean he deserves to die a horrible death and then rot in hell for eternity. Is this a great country or what? Here’s what sixty or seventy years of the left in control of “public education” has gotten us, and we LET them. God help us!

  • Marcus Porcius

    Now everyone should remember….REPUBLICANS are mean-spirited…../sarcasm

  • TundraThunder

    More vile comments will be coming from the haters, as General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. just passed away today.

  • Ruth Fredericks

    god forgive all you evil people with these terrible words of hate..

  • Guest

    All those people who are wanting George Bush to die a painful death. Guess what, you just prophesied your own demise. What goes around comes around and these word are spoken out of evil and hate. The scriptures speak out this and I bind and break every word curse over former president Bush. I apply the blood of Jesus over all the righteous for protection. In Jesus Name

  • Teri Joaquin

    What is wrong with you people? Bush Sr. is one of our past presidents. Whether you like him or not, he & his family still deserve our respect. What is this country coming to? Hard to believe you people call yourselves Americans! If you really are!!!!!

  • John LaFrance

    These same morons that want Mr Bush to die would be screamimg “hate speach” if was to be said of one their idols, whomever that may be, and would be crying like a baby and demanding that those saying such things be censored!
    Mr. Bush, my prayers for you and that you and your loved ones are comforted at this difficult time. God Bless!

  • clocker1

    Couldn’t even read them all. Liberals are vile, nasty creatures. The only vocabulary they possess is profanity and the only ideology they possess is violence.

  • Mapache

    I am content in knowing that none of us get out of here alive and that we all must meet our end as the person we are. George H.W. Bush has always been an honorable man. God Bless him and his family.

  • Norm

    Bush was a bogus Christian. The kind who gives real peace-loving Christians a bad name. He mass murdered innocent women, children and non-combattants in Panama and Iraq. He was a war criminal pure and simple.

    He will not be allowed to look God in the eye on his judgement day. Evil murderers don’t get to see God’s face. Bush will be fast tracked to the hottest part of the hellfires where babykillers go.


  • tigertooth

    Those posts above are sickening. And they are supposed to be humans. Even though I despise Obama, I would NEVER wish anything like that upon him. And as I go back up and re-read their posts, it seems to be ignorant welfare trash speaking

  • zach peterson

    Never believe anything written by a person hiding behind a fake name. That’s been my motto. If they don’t want to tarnish their ‘good name’ with the garbage that spews from their fingers, why should I give it 2 seconds of my own life. But then again, all you people know this already.

  • deschl

    Isn’t this free speech albeit nasty and uncalled for, there are over 300 million americans what is the percentage of people that this involves, there are always gonna be nasty people out there maybe for attention or to get a blog post wrote about them, why don’t everybody get a life and not worry about it so much.

  • Krystal Johnson

    Only classless, trashy ass druggies would wish death on George H.W. Bush.

  • vadenjaychandler

    Lord, I just pray for the Bush family right now in their hour of need. When someone is on their deathbed, it is not a time for partisan bickering, whether it be Bush, Clinton, or even Obama. It is a time to celebrate their life, get other things right, and get right with God if need be. In that vein, Lord, I pray for this family and for the public service that they have given to this country. I pray that the legacy that Bush Sr. has left behind will not be forgotten, and I pray for continued comfort from your hands dear Lord. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

  • dongee

    Mining Twitter for crazies is not news worthy.

  • touchstone

    The ‘soulless degenerates’ are the ones who actually defend and admire this sick, satanic old filth. What a bunch of cretins you are. Do you admire killers and rapists and crooks? You are disgusting.

  • Rob Jones

    Classy. Fortunately for the lefties tweeting death wishes to the former pres, being a semi-literate butt-pirate isn’t fatal.

  • Fido

    Fair’s fair,

    an obama/napalm confluence would also bring forth millions of tweets,

    from “well wishers”.

    America has become a collection of rancid and mediocre disparate states.

  • Heather Harris DeCaro

    A world filled with “human beings”, but absolutely no humanity…

  • souphands

    This is the worst website ever created. Nutpicking tweets is not journalism, it’s incitement.

  • Leo Smith

    Aw,,, Didnt GHW Bush give you a free cell phone? Losers who should leave the country thatsupports their lazy asses.

  • HigherGround/Blk Conservative

    This is the part of our society that sames me to no end. Unwarranted hate fueled by lies cast light on their ignorance.

  • lana ward

    And these are the people Omuslim depends on for votes. They only respect food stamps

  • Marc Robertson

    What happens when one of these posters Grandparents die? As a cruel joke should I find the hospital, camp out, and then launch confetti and balloons when they come out of the ER doors devastated? I mean hell one less lib right? Right? How awful. Which one of these tweeters was citizen of the year again?

  • BubbaTex

    DemoRats and Liberals, “The tolerant people” What a bunch of idiots. Useful idiots

  • Debra Smith

    All of you death wishers are why this Country isn’t the Great Country it used to be! You all can leave this country any time you wish and I for one would gladly see you go!

  • jaygoji

    What respect would the Nazi born (Prescott – look it up) have for life himself??? He is an evil butt-stain on the human race. He deserves a flush when he dies.

  • John Greggory Kemp

    Just a bunch of very sick individuals. We are praying for your souls. All of you who wish this as well.

  • John Beam

    Don’t you love the “big tent” Democrats who will accept everybody, EXCEPT anyone who disagrees with them about anything. If that happens, then they hope you die in the most horrible way possible. It’s kinda like how the Nazis thought. They rounded up everyone who disagreed with Hitler, beat the snot out of you, and then either worked you to death or starved you to death. Now you all know where that sort of person comes from. It comes from collectivists.

  • testifyguy

    The level and intensity of hate displayed by these postings if frightening. While the nation worries about unemployment, economic cliffs, and massacred children, the real threat to human kind is clearly evidence by these tweets and I must say only the fool thinks there is a political answer to this problem. Politicians can not change the heart of man. No law will ever successfully legislate love. Read the Gospel of John. It is a road map to knowing Christ and His love. Remember Him? He is the reason we close the federal government on December 25th every year. There is a good reason He is called the “Prince of Peace” Once you find out why, you won’t have to worry so much about gun control laws anymore. Unlike laws and politicians, Christ can change the very heart of mankind.

  • Lisa Dean

    I get such warm, fuzzy feelings every time I read the “love and tolerance and peaceful wishes” the left put forth everyday.

  • Dean Philpot

    I wish he would and repent and serve the real GOD -I get no satisfaction from him going into the Lake of Fire forever like he deserves

  • Terry Fowler

    liberals are in fact almost the lowest of low lifes they are tied with lawyers

  • tifosies

    Imagine if after he passed they went on a Twitter rant calling him a “villain,” “a big ass motherf#&%er,” “duplicitous bastard,” “prick,” or “a special pile of human excrement.”
    That vile leftwing.

  • $129448

    who is raising these idiots? We are doomed as a society.

  • xbox361

    he would have been beheaded by Japanese forces if he hadn’t been rescued when his plane was shot down.
    The country he helped saved is no longer worth saving.
    Sorry, GHWB, America wasn’t worth you risking your life.