Forget getting a cat out of the tree. Firefighters, police and other emergency workers are in Breezy Point, Queens today tending to a 30-foot beached whale. There’s speculation that it’s a humpback whale, but that has not been confirmed.

More amazing images from the New York City beach:


Sorry, guys. This story doesn’t have a fairy tale ending.

Newsday reports that the finback whale was already very sick when it turned up on the Breezy Point beach.

Marine biologists in Breezy Point, Queens, Wednesday afternoon said they will not be able to save the life of a beached finback whale beached on the Jamaica Bay shoreline, but planned to let it die a natural death.

Update, 12/27/12:

  • Bob Smooper

    Holy Crap! Rush Limbaugh has beached!

    • Botzilla

      Or your mom has.

      • Severe Conservative

        His mom is Michael Moore?

    • kch50428

      Obvious troll is obvious. :)

    • dmacleo

      hurry, you may get a date before it dies.

    • Jillane Kent

      Showing the sophisticated humor that is well suited to the grammar school play yard, are we?

    • Sistervative

      A whale dies and you use it as political fodder? I thought your party was about hugging trees and saving whales not using it for mockery?

      • Bob Smooper

        Nope – I love dolphin-unfriendly tinned tuna.

  • OtakuMom2

    If you need to get rid of the carcass, just don’t blow it up…