After actress Stacey Dash announced her support for Mitt Romney Sunday, vicious libs urged her to kill herself and called her a “fake black.”

But the Left’s repulsive venom didn’t end there. Obama supporters targeted Dash with the revolting racial slur “Oreo.”

Others hurled perennial leftist favorites like “house negro” and “Uncle Tom.”

Disturbing and sickening, but all too typical. As always, the Left cracks whip with any minority or woman who won’t accept her assigned place on the Democrat plantation.

The only people trying to enslave Dash are the liberals punishing her for refusing to cast her vote based on the Left’s demeaning racial and gender identity politics.


Citizens speak out in support of actress Stacey Dash

  • Rob

    Using their logic, doesn’t the President also qualify for “Oreo” status?

    • Josephine (D)



    • Patricia Taylor

      Indeed – a Commie Oreo.

    • Lime Lite

      Gee, and here I thought only white people could be racist. Surely all this hatred and racism against a woman can’t be true. Where is Obama and his ‘war on women’ when you need him?

      • Dixie Miller

        Amen to that Amanda! He certainly has had to hear about this as he seems to hear about people hurting black people having news conferences on the subject. Where is he now? Why doesn’t he say something? ‘Cause he doesn’t care ’cause he is the head racist of this country!

    • Joe Eschman

      I replied to every tweet that called her an oreo and asked the same thing.

    • splooshman

      BAM… well said. You just dominated these pricks. Obama the Oreo… has a nice ring to it.

  • steveyuhas

    It seems like the only people that are racist in this campaign are people that support President Obama and find a black or Hispanic person that doesn’t. When they do find that person they tear them apart with vitriol and hate. What a shame.

    • SL

      That’s because they’re not too bright. If they were, they wouldn’t be Obamabot supporters and follow him like the brainless sheeple they are.

      • conservativechick

        IGNORANT, IGNORANT people. How sad. Color rules their existence.

  • Clayton B

    Nobody ‘hates’ blacks more than blacks. Disgusting.

  • Darkstar1661

    This is really ironic if you think about it…

    What is the issue with a “house negro”? Well, they are the ones who live in the house shoulder-to-shoulder with whites supposedly kissing butt or playing white instead of being in the fields working hard like a good slave should.

    So are they saying she should get back on the plantation like the rest of the real slaves, and stop pretending she is something she is not? Doesnt that merely highlight the modern-day plantation mentality of the Democrat party?

    …How they fail to see their ignorance is beyond me…

    • weRbroke

      same logic applies to the Liberals War on Women…the worst offenders are WOMEN who hate Women who won’t help pull the D-onkey party cart full of hate and lies…or vote for their “lady parts”. I don’t need the Democrat party to be my Pimp.

      • Dixie Miller

        And don’t you find they really hate beautiful, intelligent women who have no fear of speaking for what they believe in?

        • weRbroke

          Envy is UGLY on a woman. Nothing goes with that shade of green.

          • Stephanie Warren

            black does.. ooops.

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      They just don’t get it, they keep themselves locked in a form of slavery. The good, hard working, America loving Blacks I know are embarrassed by that mentality. And they should be, I would be too.

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    They sound like a bunch idiots. I’ll be the average IQ from the twits above is 65ish. No rocket scientists they be.

  • grais

    Yeah, we sure need four more years of That crap.

    Why does No One teach these cretins about Dr. King? Or the many ways by which Democrats have robbed them of their futures? I’d say they were happy to still be on the plantation, but they don’t seem the least bit happy.
    WWOD? (What would Obama do?)

    • Garth Haycock

      Unfortunately, Dr, King has been co-opted by the progressives in this country and they have taught their revisionist version of who they think he was. By doing so, these progressives that are attacking Ms. Dash think this is how Dr. King would treat her.

      • Dixie Miller

        Dr. King wanted everyone to be treated equally. He wanted all people to have the same opportunities when he was alive, only some people had. I remember because I was a little girl then and I am white as white can be! But being a little girl, and seeing what I saw in the south as we traveled through it (my dad was in the Marines and we were moving to a new place), my parents didn’t have to say a word because I saw it. So when I was a teen and watched and read what he was doing, I thought he was a brave soul and I knew what his words meant…and I was like nine years old! He would be so upset if he were alive today and I am sure he would not have supported Obama or any of those who wish they were half the person Dr. Martin Luther King was. (Jesse Jackson and the likes)

    • Andrea Vonderau Yeric

      Their plantation is now the projects…they can thank the dems.

  • Patricia Taylor

    Wow — this would be really funny if it wasn’t so scary. How absolutely ignorant Obama supports really are. — Why are they all talking about slavery when that is so beyond the past? Stop giving these folks FREE education because they obviously aren’t learning anything.

  • Hank DeCat

    These are the psychos who support Obama — you support Obama, you are supporting this behavior. Point.Blank.Period.


    Lowlife libs at work again. Just a bunch of sick, lost bile-filled losers.

  • ejochs

    These are Obama voters spewing this stuff.

  • CommenSense

    Seems like the ones that cry racist the loudest… are racist themselves. Such an intelligent group…

  • supershwa

    Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave as these horribly biased and racist comments progress. It’s sad that the 1st Amendment Stacy Dash patriotically exercised is being so abused by these bigots.

    • brianmouland

      LBJ also just plain sad

      • Michael Norman

        Ummm… LBJ once said “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” The only reason he might be sad is that a few managed to defeat his prophecy.

    • Dixie Miller

      You know he is too.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Gosh…. I haven’t heard someone use ‘Oreo’ as a slur since…Jr High…20yrs ago.

    • Dixie Miller

      That is how divided this country is and part of the reason is Obama not standing up when he should and saying things he shouldn’t.

  • NRPax

    Can anyone figure out why conservatives would want to bring back the failed policies of slavery that Democrats were responsible for in this country? Or do I need to huff a quart of paint thinner for this to make sense?

  • Joe W.

    These are not necessarily “liberals”, Twitchy. They are racist blacks, and they are all to typical for the lot of them. Then they wonder why they cannot advance in a civilized society. Heck, they can’t even speak, spell or communicate in English at all. American black citizens are bright, energetic, industrious, patriotic, and intelligent. The African American Ghetto Goon is anything but. If that makes me a racist, so be it.

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      If they vote at all, they all vote democrat.

    • mojorisin69

      “These are not necessarily “liberals”….

      Plenty of White Liberal’s feel the same exact way. Go visit Huffpo

      • Joe W.

        Do the “white liberals” butcher the English Language like these vermin do? As for visiting the “HuffPo”?? I would rather be boiled in oil….

  • Jedd McHead

    Nothing brings out the racist Left like a black conservative expressing their opinion.

  • Botzilla

    I love the whole Mitt Romney will have us back in the fields picking cotton meme, like any of these losers would last 5 minutes doing manual labor.

  • J.N. Ashby

    To that first tweet: And yet, black men, especially wealthy ones, seem to have a thing for white women…so the ball’s in your court, I guess.

    • splooshman

      Probably because white women exhibit more intelligence instead of foul mouthed racist liberal stupidities.

  • Where your tweet go?

    These people are scum.

  • RaggedyAnn46 about vile, disgusting and racist!!! I’m glad I’m not a member of the “tolerant” party.

    • appd01

      me too!! and they say we are the racists!!

  • JonInVa

    I guess using “nigga” makes the word tolerable to blacks, so long as only blacks use it? Otherwise, it’s supposedly the most hurtful, hateful, racist word in the English language. Typical liberal hypocrites.

  • ratizbad

    Hussein and his racist gang he associates with (names withheld) Will set back blacks 50 years.

  • Marks2Cents

    Ha! Once you go Republican, you never go back.

  • Nutstuyu

    I wonder, do these idiots realize they also are voting for a white guy? 50% white = 50% black

    • lonestar50

      obama supporters are too stupid too think about that. They only see the skin color. They think that if you vote against obama, you are a racist.

  • cody

    wow… somebody needs to tell them that…. the majority of the rest of the democrats are white… so aren’t they also oreos? this is stupid…

  • Guest

    How can anyone condemn her for have an opinion. Way back in the day there was a group named ”Democrats for Lindsey”
    People cross party lines and vote for their best interests so Stay Strong Stacey!

  • Joshua Johnson

    I served in the military to defend freedom and ensure freedom of choice without persecution. The thing that disgusts me the most is that these people who claim to be victims of racial abuse are sitting there saying these things about a woman they don’t even know just because she is supporting a candidate. If you want to act like that in this day and age and treat people like this for nothing more than you don’t agree with them than, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY. Is she slamming you for supporting Obama? NO!!!!!! She is not. Lay off. This is America. The Land of the Free. If you want to support your candidate so bad, get out there and campaign for him. Otherwise, LAY OFF YOU RACIST FUCKS

    • TundraThunder

      Maybe you need to Tweet that to THEM, not us. They don’t know what you said here.

  • truelies2

    Ever since obuma entered mainstream politics, racism has skyrocketed. The absence of common sense, honor, honesty, good manners , morals and education is nothing short of mind bogging. It would appear that his entire administration has been hand picked from residents from hell.

    • lonestar50

      It was his plan!

  • Danny Wheeler

    You libtards make me sick! And you call us Republicans racist?! The pot is calling the kettle black–oh, pardon me, African-American! (Oh, yeah, I just went there!)

  • Ken Broom

    It is amazing how RACIST these people can be toward someone if they make an intelligent choice based on facts instead of one based on someone’s skin color. Just because Mr. Obama is half black doesn’t make him the right choice for this country. He has proven that the last four years.

  • splooshman

    Using this same logic, I guess we could call Obama an OREO as well. Guess that didn’t turn out quite like you intended!!! Blacks here seem to be more racist than whites…

  • OtakuMom2

    What gets me about the “Uncle Tom” insults is that it’s from people who never read the book. In “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” he was a Christian man who stood up for his beliefs. The impression of him being a “doormat for the white man” didn’t come until the book was adapted into various plays where he was portrayed as such, therefore it stuck.

  • Pete Bateman


  • Kim Andrews

    So sad to see all the vitriol from the black community when someone doesn’t act accordingly.

    • Marcy Cook

      Although this is coming from the black community against Stacey I think we should look at this not as black people doing this but of “thugs” or the “criminal element”….there are those types in almost all ethnic groups. The real problem is that we have so many people of all colors who act out in this horrible way since Obama was elected. The rats have taken over. It is an ideological group – the far left – that is making it miserable for people to discuss anything in a sane and thoughtful manner.

  • Pete Bateman

    Why cant we leave the color of someone skin out of it. We are better then that. If the color of his skin was an issue, he would of not been president in the first place. I also have the right to my opinion and so do you. we need to respect people and not call people names. We are better then that, so please act like it.

    • suz73

      Pete, don’t you think the color of his skin made him President? But I agree, name calling is small.

    • Guest

      Pete, don’t you think the cold f his skin made him President? And I agree, name calling is small.

    • suz73

      Pete, don’t you think the color of his skin made him President? And I agree, name calling is small.

  • freeinaz

    Oh the desperation of the losing liberal/ progressives.

  • Tom Meier

    Stacey , You are one very Brave Classy Lady and I appreciate Your Courage !!!

  • Basset_Hound

    So let me see if I’ve got this right, since I’m a stupid Tea Party Republican…..

    Calling Obama lazy is racist….

    Calling Stacey Dash a “f****** b****”, “Uncle Tom”, “house ni**a”, and “oreo cookie” is intelligent political discourse.

  • Wulfheard

    I keep saying this and I’ll day it again, these are Obama’s peeps. These are the people that Romney refers to as the 47% who will not vote for him. Frankly the country could do very well without them regardless of their race.These types of Obama followers are like a societal cancer.

  • petitepash

    I find it hilariously funny and yet disturbingly sad that all these black people are not only managing to demean themselves but Stacey Dash as well. Who points at them in the 21st century to call them “House N*******” and “Uncle Toms” and “cotton pickers” and “house slaves” except for themselves? It’s an appalling reflection of the self-hatred that the Left continues to feed them. “Angry Black Person” seems to be more and more prevalent, as people try to break free from it. However you look at it, the black man/woman just can’t win, and it’s because they seem to refuse to do so.

  • John Wheeler

    Freedom of speech and freedom of political opinion work both ways. Stacey has a brain and knows how to use it. Democrats are not the only people with rights.

  • suz73

    They call her an Oreo. Well, Mr. O had a white mamma. So really what are they saying?

  • “G”willekkers

    This mindless following is so sad…. what, I ask, is the prize for condemning someone else having an opinion?

  • islndhawk

    Reverse racist liberals…. they shouldn’t be allowed to vote (or procreate, for that matter).

  • Herman LaClair

    scary, brainless, intentionally ignorant (and obviously proud of it). i was a much happier person not knowing how these “people” think.

  • Ray G.

    Can’t you just feel the love…Wow, talk about a bunch of morons & a**holes. You have someone who is simply makes an opinion about who she supports & all the idiots come out of the woodwork!!! And they have the stones to call us conservatives– racist, bigots, & homophobes…Talk about the pot calling kettle…And they wonder why “their guy” got “Mittslapped” the other night…

  • Ray G.

    You go Stacey!!!

  • Brian

    Once again liberals believe in diversity, but not diversity of opinion.

    Also; NONE of my conservative friends utter/spew this sort of rubbish.

  • Dixie Miller

    These sick, twisted, illiterates are all on twitter too which is exactly why I don’t do twitter.

  • Craig Schwarzbek

    People love Oreos.

  • Herman Wainggai

    She’s a hero! Democrats aren’t hiding it anymore, they show their true colors – violence and racist!

  • Sin City Fembot

    These tweets are absolutely disgusting. :(

  • John Sczerby

    They only said these things because conservatives and Republicans (note the differentiation) are racists who are the ones who always bring up race. It’s not their fault: It’s Bush’s fault!

  • Shockwave

    What a bunch of racist pigs!!!

  • SideshowJon36

    I’m going to venture a wild guess that these people spewing this language are among those who cannot get a job in the Obama economy

    • CatsThoughts

      …or don’t want to work…in stead live off our tax dollars.

  • Andrew Benghazi

    Proving once again that no one is more racist than a Negro.

  • Skwow

    I think Stacey Dash knew she was gonna catch some serious heat when she showed her support for Mitt Romney. I can’t give her enough credit for her bravery in going ahead with it anyway. It’s people like her that make this country great and me as an American proud. Thank you Stacey!

  • Toqin

    This is completely and utterly vile and disgusting. Have they forgot that Obama is also an OREO and speaks highly of his white side? These haters are the lowest of the low and are only voting for Obama because he is black. I said it, so what, it’s the truth.

    • Toqin

      She’s been called Traitor. Ummm ok, Against her other half? That’s childish, racist and ridiculous. Guess we have to vote according to our Race/Color instead of the person running.

  • GTJessop

    Not a single grammatically correct tweet… Why am I not surprised?

  • WallaF

    these idiots realize obama is also an “oreo”

  • mystere

    Obamabots want to riot, kill someone who disagrees with them, and call everyone else racists, Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima. Bunch of sick trolls.

  • Maria

    I think this group of tweeters may have a collective 60 IQ; including those on the same subject that Twitchy didn’t post here. Those people are vile, full of hatred, racists.. One even basically says that black people can’t be apart of the upper class. THAT is racist and non-factual. Such disgusting souls those hateful people are.

  • M.Q

    utterly revolting,the racism directed at this poor woman.

  • Carole Helman

    these racist, threatening comments from obama supporters really frighten and sadden me

  • appd01

    wow can you believe all this hate tweet against you?? and they say liberals dont hate and are tolerant of other peoples opinions!!! wow these replies just proved that wrong eh?? good for you for sticking up to your beliefs!! romney/ryan 2012!!!!

  • Jtsulli

    The level of ignorance and bigotry displayed in the attacks against this woman is tragic.

  • Lauren

    Why are these people allowed to vote? Better yet, who allowed them on the world wide web? Aside from being sick and demented, this is just sad.

  • Charles Roberson

    Where is Obama screaming “Treat this woman with respect!” I don’t hear him raising his voice in her defense supporting her free speech . Where is he, this “messiah” ? This savior who is going to pull this nation together . Where is this paragon of virtue , this every-man who will show us a better way …… why doesn’t he raise his voice above the hate of his followers and decry their negativity and vileness .
    OH! ,that’s right he would have to step down from Olympus to do any of this! I’m sorry for thinking such a “gawd” would deign to pay heed to the hatred heaped upon this woman and to protect her freedom of speech .

  • Nikki Harvey

    It’s just sad how they turned on her just because of her political preference. She obviously has more sense than they do…..

  • Marcy Cook

    I wonder if Obama has called Stacey to offer his support like he called Sandra Fluke. Or does Obama only call white women? BTW..I think these people forget that Obama is an oreo too.

  • Brad Baker

    It is kind of cruel to put up a story about Stacy Dash but not attach any photos of Stacy Dash… that’s all I’m sayin.’

  • GoGalbadia

    Wow, what a rabble. It just goes to show who is still a slave in modern society. It is however sad that the true black slaves had no choice, but these morons choose to be illiterate and express themselves with childish insults and violence. How very “black” like. The exact stereotype they have tried hard to eliminate. I hate sharing society with trash like these people. Am I racist? Yes, against any race of person who resorts to this level of trashy behavior.

  • Rishard Lampese

    Don’t want racism in America? – then stop perpetuating it with your racist tweets! How about an educated criticism, something containing a valid original thought, or maybe it’s true that the only reason you support your President is because of his pigment – mindless and infuriating to any intelligent person!

  • GEDouglas

    Those Twitters are just to damn ignorant to realize that they are the real house slaves being used and abused on the democrat plantation.

  • nomrah20

    Well Stacey your more than welcome on the back of my Harley, or on my boat. I’ll claim you Stacey, your one hot , intelligent woman,,,

  • gekkobear

    Man I’m glad I’m a white male.

    Not for the avoiding the racism/sexism thing; but just to have free will.

    See, all of my political views? They’re ok. Nobody calls me a traitor for them.

    I reverse them all tomorrow? Still ok, still not a problem for a white dude to have those opinions.

    For all the talk about getting “equality” it seems that African-Americans missed something, and women did too.

    If you’re required to only have one cookie-cutter set of beliefs allowed to you, decided by someone other than you what you can think and believe, and any deviation is attacked… is that really freedom?

  • shannon_f

    Idiots, idiots everywhere in this country.

  • shannon_f

    Idiots, idiots everywhere in this country.

  • Kristen Norton

    Stacey Dash not one person on earth has a right to judge you. You vote your values the left is mad and hateful they are not civil humans. I hope they are ashamed of themselves for saying such truly evil things. Jesus didn’t come to judge you so neither should they.

  • John

    She violated the 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt hate the White Devil with all thy soul and shalt strive to bring him low with all thy labor.”–or whatever passes for that in ‘hood-speak.

  • Greg

    I don’t understand this website at all. Twitter is the breeding grounds for idiocy. Of course you are going to find morons on it. Facebook the same thing. I’m not sure if you are looking to find well versed responses on twitter or what? These are all dumb uneducated young people for the most part. The same kind of kids that accidentally say they’re going to kill the president or Mitt Romney. These kids are morons. But to take this as a good sample of normal people really think, is insane as well. I guess the hard core righties on this site need something to get angry at right?

    • Jasmine Clark

      lol of course a hardcore lefty tries to pretend that all this is no big deal and downplays it. this racism comes from the left ALL THE TIME and yet they don’t want to admit it. if you think this racism is only on twitter, you’re definitely mistaken. i’ve seen lefty racism all over the place.

      • Greg

        go on twitter right now. Type in any racial slur you want. Dozens of results will come up. You can find results on twitter to prove any point you want; White racists, black racists, etc etc. I mean anyone could prove their point using dumb young people from twitter as their samples. For example I could have a headline- Ignorant Christians boycott Carey Underwood due to her support for gay marriage. Then show dozens of tweets of redneck morons bashing Underwood to no end. Many examples of this. Or really just search Obama and the N-word and you’ll get hundreds of results. So I mean. is this a good sample of the Right wing? Are all of them crazy religious and racist? No, I don’t think so. The point is, taking idiot young peoples twitter posts and pretending they are somewhat relevant in the scheme of things is ridiculous and really just an easy way to prove your point without trying very hard.

      • Greg

        go on twitter right now. Type in any racial slur you want. Dozens of results will come up. You can find results on twitter to prove any point you want; White racists, black racists, etc etc. I mean anyone could prove their point using dumb young people from twitter as their samples. For example I could have a headline- Ignorant Christians boycott Carey Underwood due to her support for gay marriage. Then show dozens of tweets of redneck morons bashing Underwood to no end. Many examples of this. Or really just search Obama and the N-word and you’ll get hundreds of results. So I mean. is this a good sample of the Right wing? Are all of them crazy religious and racist? No, I don’t think so. The point is, taking idiot young peoples twitter posts and pretending they are somewhat relevant in the scheme of things is ridiculous and really just an easy way to prove your point without trying very hard.

  • Angel Rodriguez

    What a bunch of idiots. Reading through those tweets and I can’t help but think how pathetic each and every one of those people are. Stacey Dash is entitled to support whoever she wants, for whatever reason she wants, period.

  • Barry Burdine

    I am sure that all those putting down Stacey Dash have got their Obama phones, the hypocrites!

  • Barry Burdine

    Anyone voting for Obama because of his skin color is a racist, plain and simple!