Boldly going where no Democrat has ever gone before, Chris Matthews cemented his status as The Boy Who Cried Racism during an MSNBC segment with RNC chair Reince Priebus this morning.

Whining about Mitt Romney’s birth certificate joke, an increasingly unbalanced Matthews unleashed a torrent of blather:

It is an embarrassment to your party to play that card. This stuff about getting rid of the work requirement for welfare is dishonest…. and you are playing that little ethnic card there. You can play your games and giggle about it, but the fact is your side is playing that card…. It’s a race card.

It’s the GOP side that plays the race card?

Do you think Matthews gets a tingle down his leg when he projects?

And evidently Matthews missed the recent MSNBC memo: no need to stop short at accusing the GOP of playing the race card. He could’ve gone all in by labeling everything Republicans do “the most despicable bigotry we can imagine.”

Farewell to missed opportunities, Chris.

Still, at this rate, Matthews will be a quivering puddle of drool before the GOP convention gets into full swing.

It’s worth noting that Priebus remained calm in the face of Matthew’s spittle-laden meltdown.

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith initially called it a “shouting match,” but was immediately taken to task by followers for his BenSmithing.


This afternoon, Newt Gingrich took Matthews to the woodshed for his incessant, insane race-baiting:

Behold the sound thrashing:

That. Was. Glorious. Conservative Twitterers thought so, too.

  • $30423294

    Can you imagine how Chris Matthews would take the news that his mentor JFK was taken down by a Castro-loving communist? I think he knows this intellectually but cannot admit it emotionally.

    Lee Harvey Oswald is the poster child of today’s democrat party. This is a fact.

    It requires layer upon layer of self-deception to be a liberal-leftist. It really does.

  • TugboatPhil

    Chrissy must be going for some kind of world record in total, moonbat insanity. I don’t recall Olberman, O’Donnell (take your pick which) Schultz or the others even approaching what he has demonstrated the past week or so.

    He is an utterly ignorant, slobbering fool.

    • Jim Russell

      Looks like Chris was gettin a tingle ‘down’ his leg.

      I just don’t understand why Reince didn’t throw Democrat’s ‘racist card’ back in Mathews face? They play it ‘all the time’ against GOP, and Mathews was using it again.

      • Donna W

        I think Reince proved how much of a gentleman, educated, and far above Matthews he is, by sitting it out and allowing MatthEWWWs to slobber, gush, drool and foam.

    • Owen007

      Being the face of MSNBC obviously comes with expectations… or whatever passes for expectations there.

  • Paul C.

    Chris is a low life bigot and can shove his tingle where the light don’t shine

  • Catherine Thompson

    Chris Mathews, after 9/11, made me the conservative that I am today! That’s a fact! He’s just waiting for his ride on Air Force One…

  • Bartman

    It’s situations like that where I’d give anything for Priebus to go all-in and call Matthews out as an unobjective and unapologetic leftist mouthpiece that has no business claiming any journalistic integrity or authority, and remind him of his tingling leg in the process.
    That would trigger a meltdown I’d pay to see.

  • Owen007

    I’d say that Matthews has lost it, but that would suggest he ever had it to begin with.

  • John Hanover

    Very very sad little man that Chris Matthews. He might be loaded up but he’s shooting blanks. The problem with miniature Doberman Pincers is that they do not know they are small and think they are a serious threat to those around them that are way bigger. Actually more like a Pomeranian with a bad haircut, media lapdog.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Sorry Chris, it was a great joke and you can’t handle that! Anyone who jokes about Obama will get the rabid, foaming at the mouth, quick to throw race card from the liberals who can’t handle anything that goes against their messiah…Hey Chris, step away from the Obama altar for a few minutes, take a breath and get a grip back on reality. Obama isn’t the god you are trying so desperately again to shove down our throats, he has proven that…look around at the state of your country.

  • weRbroke

    Oh poor Chris Tingle. The GOP car drove by and he was forced to BARK incessantly because if he didn’t, he would lose all credibility with his handlers.
    It appears that he got is knickers in a knot, became unhinged, and reached for the race chain in an attempt to flush the turd floating in the Dem’s party POOL.
    Bless his little heart….

  • rinodino

    What’s funny is none of you right wingers mentioned is that mr. Thrill up his leg totally kicked priebus ass lol. No worries I’ll make sure I help you guys out with that :)

    • J. Cox

      Must be nice to watch channels from another planet…but if you think using the same old race-baiting and yelling unintelligible comments is “winning” should do real good after the election.

    • weRbroke

      Oh yes…the frothing, spitting, hissing and unhinged man kicked ass. HIS OWN.

    • TomJB

      Yes, and John Edwards “wiped the floor” with Dick Chaney in 2004! LOL

      How about learning a little about actual intellectual debate before “removing all doubt” so to speak.

      • rinodino

        Lol love it you righties get so unhinged but it’s ok Chrissy tore him a new one. He will live to fight another day lol

        • TomJB

          Well, most would not call me a “righty” who actually know me. And I am so unhinged that my breathing and pulse are normal and my blood pressure is pretty low.

          You prove my case, though, that you have no idea what actual debate looks like. Ill give you a hint: there is no “tearing of new ones,” one-liners, “zingers,” or talking points. People who debate that way are almost always bested by rookie debaters. Ad hominem attack? Point to your opponent. Fail to address an issue brought up by your opposition? Point to your opponent. Reductio ad absurdum? Point to your opponent. Any logical fallacy simply pointed out by your opponent? Point to your opponent. Trying to score points through anecdotes? Likely points to any opponent paying attention…

          As an example, the movie “The Great Debaters” is a great movie if you want to learn now *not* to debate effectively. If Farmer had debated like that in real life, his team would have lost handily. Hollywood paid him an insult with that movie.

  • Frank Milella

    When they have no valid point to make, like Chris Matthews and the democrat party, they revert to pulling any name or false accusation they can out of their, well you know where they pull them from. What a bunch of phony child like arguments the left makes. They need to be laughed right off the stage.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    This Chris Matthews flip-out is classic behavior of how functioning drunks act in the morning before they have been able to drown their brains.

  • messup

    Is Chicago-style thuggery, as practiced by Obama’s re-election team in the White House, equal to and not much different than “bullying?” YES, it is!!! What does a bully do? A bully will “Pick-out/Pick-upon” one specific type of individual(s) for their particular brand of coercion and harassment. Has Obama’s re-election team been guilty of this particular type of “Pick-out/Pick-upon” bullying (coercion and harassment)? YES!!! Mr. Obama is employing a time worn, Madison Ave. ploy called “market segmentation.” This involves a “slicing-and-dicing” of all America into little pockets of citizens receiving specific messaging, aimed at their continued “product loyalty (read:Obama).” Here goes:

    These are some of Obama’s re-election team’s different political “market segmentation” for “Pick-out/Pick-upon” bullying (no particular order):
    – Welfare recipients
    – Low Income recipients
    – Single Parents
    – LGBT’ers
    – Middle Class (Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians)
    – Students (Blacks, Hispanics)
    – Foreclosed homeowners (Blacks, Hispanics)
    – Inner city residents (Blacks, Hispanics)
    – Suburb dwellers (All ethnic groups)
    – Automobile owners
    – Hispanics/Latinos
    – Illegal alien young adults
    – illegal alien adults
    – Sanctuary cities
    – Registered voters
    – Unregistered voters
    – Senior citizens
    – Medicare recipients
    – Generation “X”
    – Generation “Y”
    – Small businesses
    – Banks
    – Investment Banks
    – Mortgage Banks
    – Internet
    – News outlets
    – TV media outlets
    – Unions/non-unions
    – Right-to-work states
    – Religion
    – Religious universities
    – Religious Institutions
    – Education/Unions
    – Teachers
    – Gun Owners
    – Federal Employee Unions
    – Judicial branches of national and local governments
    – Congressional branches of governance
    – State Governors
    – Foreign Governments
    – US Military
    – Department of Defense
    – Space program
    – US Veterans Admin.
    This depicts a partial list of Mr. Obama’s first three years in office. Is Mr. Obama’s “Bully Pulpit” a “Pick-out/Pick-upon” Bully? One has to agree, by saying a definitive, resounding…”YES!!!”

  • Larry Miller

    What was that running down Matthews leg? His face was contorted like a constipated bullfrog.

  • Olsoljer

    Uuuuuh, Chrissy didn’t kick anyone’s ass, but he sure showed his own

  • jcsmitty

    And why wasn’t Joe Biden’s comment mentioned about his opponents wanting to put blacks “back in chains?”

  • lainer51

    I wonder who got stuck cleaning up the spittle from Matthews? What is his problem? He spits everytime he talks, but when he goes berserk, it must be an avalanche.
    BTW – how about the way Lefty Mika never intervened to stop this diatribe and turn -coat Joe was probably looking in a mirror and was oblivious. How can that many losers be in a room at the same time w/o the walls caving in?

  • terrygee

    Somebody needs a b-tch slappin!
    Chris Matthews will be OK as soon as he decides what gender he is.
    Tingle up my leg my ass! You really need to get some couch time yopu slobbering little dimwit.

  • Terry Gee

    If Barney Frank and Olbermann had a baby not only would it be ugly but it would look just like Chris Matthews.

  • Lucinda

    Chris Matthews is such a big mouth idiot! If he talks really fast and over the top of others he thinks he’s won the issue at hand! Guess what Chris…You are a loser!!!

  • Jon

    Chris Matthews is a racist. Welfare queen = black woman in his mind. The single biggest group of welfare recipients in this country are single white mothers.

  • nc

    The libs play the race card so much it’s become a game of solitaire.