More heartbreaking news from Aurora: 6-year-old Veronica Moser has been identified as one of the 12 victims who died during the movie theater massacre. Her great-aunt, Annie Dalton, confirmed the little girl’s death today.

Veronica’s 25-year-old mother is reportedly in critical condition and doesn’t know about her daughter’s death.


Twitchy will bring you more on the Moser family as it becomes available.

Hat tip: Lady Liberty 1885

  • Johnny Huffington

    Really sad. Why do we keep blatant assholes like Holmes alive? There is no dispute he is the killer. Execute him tomorrow morning. Trials should only be for incidents where there were no witnesses or getting arrested at the scene of the crime. What do we need a trial for this asshole?

    • LibLieExposer

      In a blatantly obvious case like this, stuff a stick of dynamite up his ass and light the fucking wick.

    • Adam Wiener

      mostly agree, he needs to pay with his life, and doesnt deserve to live another day when twelve others don’t have that opportunity anymore.

      • SuperstionQueen

        Put him in the worst wing of a New York prison and declare him as a child killer. The rest will work itself out.

    • Annie

      Because if he doesn’t have the right to a fair trial then neither do you. Neither do I. There’s no disputing what this guy did and I hope they fry him for it, but in order to protect the rights of all of us, we have to protect the rights of monsters as well. It hurts, but it’s absolutely necessary.

      • Erick Brockway

        Don’t be spoiling our lynching, you.

      • Brenda Monjaras

        Unfortunately, Annie is right. Sad, but true! He killed a 6 yr old. He needs to pay and hard.

      • Armando

        He is a terrorist, he should be sent to Guantanamo…

      • Johnny Huffington

        You lose your rights when you commit a crime. We need prosecutorial reform. You have rights until proven guilty…but when there is no doubt you are guilty, i.e., caught by cops at the scene of the crime with guns in hand… what trial do we need? Trials are for innocent until proven guilty….i.e., neighbors said you broke into his house…well, if no one saw it, and its your word against mine, trial. This obvious crap just ties up our court systems and wastes millions of taxpayer dollars. OJ was a legitimate trial case, Casey Anthony…. this one, no. Common sense laws need to be instituted in this country.

    • natalie sheetz

      I agree. If crimes like this were punishable with death hopefully some would reconsider committing the crime. I believe everyone should be given a chance but this man is just a vindictive punk who directed his anger at so many undeserving people.

  • Lisa Heller

    Tragedy!!!! My heartfelt thoughts and prayers to victims and families. Some profits from this movie should go to these people.

  • Badger Flankston

    Death, agreed, is the only course of action for this individual. However, I am a bit different in that I would advocate some Puritannical torture for some time before the actual death itself. Put him in a head stock in the downtown area, and let people throw things at him for several hours, whilst berating him with profanities. Then, simply burn him at the stake.

    • wermet

      I do not think that several hours is an appropriate punishment. How about several weeks in the stocks? Of course that would be followed by the death penalty.

      • Rdm42

        Fifty yard line of a Denver Broncos game, with special dispensation to the players for anythin they might do. Let the d-linemen have him. Let him see what it truly feels like to be helpless and at someone else’s mercy before his pitiful excuse for a life is snuffed out.

  • Kim Meyer

    Killing him is too easy. He has brought pain and suffering to so many people. If you kill him, there would be maybe an instant of pain and then nothing. I disagree with killing him – he should be punished for the remainder of his life and be made to live and breathe with his decision. I would say torture him – but there is the 8th amendment. But, if you kill him – truly, you are letting him off easy. He needs to live with it. Everyone else has to do exactly that – why should he get off so easy?

    • SideshowJon36

      Problem with making him live with it is that you are attributing emotion to what he did. He killed for fun. Living with it wouldn’t be a problem for him. That’s why he must die for it.

  • Rdm42

    Attach lead weights to his ankles, throw him overboard and let him sink to the depths and rot.

  • LogicalAnswer

    I would love to personally be the one to pull the trigger on James Holmes. If that were my beautiful little girl.. I would be.