Today, on the 68th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, the Twitterverse remembered the brave sacrifices our heroes made to defeat the forces of tyranny.

Thank you to those who gave everything for our freedom.

  • shovelhead74

    As a viet nam era veteran, I was honored to serve my country. I am proud to stand in the giant shadow cast by the immortals of D-Day. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten as long as one veteran draws a living breath. Three of my uncles served in WW2. Two in Europe and one in the Pacific. All returned home, by the Grace of God. For the Many that did not, I am ever grateful for your sacrifice for our Great Nation and our way of life. May God Bless and keep your souls. Thank you.
    D.F.Taylor, Sgt. USAF, 388th TFW. 69-73