President Obama’s motorcade zoomed passed Bill and Hillary Clinton walking a dog down Massachusetts Avenue earlier today. ‘Journalists’ in Washington had no problem covering this major story.

But when it comes to doing a little digging (like what they are paid to do) to get some real answers about why four Americans died in Benghazi, the silence is deafening.

To the media, Obama is just a celebrity who happens to be president.

  • Stupid Republic

    The DC press couldn’t find their ass with two hands and a Garmin.



  • Lucy Chabot

    Oh dear God help the USA.

  • WisconsinPatriot


  • CR

    The only thing “newsworthy” in this story is that Bill and Hillary were actually doing something together that doesn’t appear to have involved defrauding the American public somehow.

    • redheadgrl


    • Marcy Cook

      Don’t rule out the possibility that they stole the dog.

  • Jack Deth

    Did any of the vehicles in the motorcade inexplicably backfire?

    Just askin’.

    That little bit of drama would have been monumental!

    Headlines for a week!!!

    • Brett McMicken

      none of the vehicles backfired…..however, michelle did

  • jacksonjay

    Michelle didn’t stop at the street market for some veggies?

  • Brett McMicken

    are they sure it wasn’t hillary walking bill?

  • michael s

    You’re just mad because you have a celebrity politician on your side. You tried with Sarah, epic fail. Because its illogical to elevated a VP pick over the top of the ticket. You’re going to try Rubio Jindal Cruz Ryan all will fail.

  • redheadgrl

    Why is this news, and why should the motorcade have stopped? It’s not like they’re all buddies and want to have a chitchat. They are work colleagues. Jeez.