Fox News anchor Bret Baier, who has been a leader in coverage of the situation in Benghazi, confirms more tips are being received.

Could another shoe drop soon?

  • Georgia Knight

    The MSM committed suicide in 2012…..thank you “just a blogger’s” who literally handed them the rope!

    • lizbone

      as did most of Hollywood and Democratic Party…”draining the swamp”!

    • Donna Jackson

      They won’t get us back after the election, either. It’s a pretty stupid move on their part.

  • Brett McMicken

    ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC = faux news

    • ohYESiDID

      “Main Stream Media: See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak NO TRUTH!” Bless you, Bret Baier!

      • Jonica Hall

        Glenn Beck was all over this loooooong before BB or Fox.

    • Murdock Esthree

      msnbc= muslim sympathizers neglecting barry’s collusion

      • Paul Andrusko

        spot on

      • Judy B

        Good one, so true.

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      They’re still covering hussein obama’s back. Free passes for life because they (the msm) put in so much hard work to get hussein obama elected, they can’t let up now. They’ll make excuses, and toss around Red Herrings for their black skinned love (the only reason hussein obama was elected is because of his black skin) anytime they think he looks bad. They invested too much in him to give up now. They don’t want their black president to ever look ignorant, or like he’s in over his head. That’s why he was NEVER Properly Vetted, and why they NEVER ask him tough questions. They (the msm & most dems/libs) treat obama the same way they treat ows and all their other democrat miscreants, by the never ending making up excuses for their Bad Behavior, Lack of Brains & commonsense.

      hussein obama was elected because the msm thought it would be the hippest, most progressive & politically correct gesture they would ever make, Period. He was elected because he has black skin. Certainly not because of his resume.

    • Ken H.

      faux news for faux-bama!

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      From now on we should call obama; Benghazzi Barry. Use it & spread it around.

      • EastValleyConservative

        Sounds like an excellent hashtag to me. Shall we begin? :)

      • Nathan Love

        That was great!

  • Steve_J

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”.
    Somebody should remind Obama and his minions of that quote.

    • Richard Rostron

      Funny, that same quote came to mind for me the other day in relation to this and I posted it to my facebook account. Either the two of us are remarkably insightful or the web he’s weaved is incredibly obvious.

      • Steve_J

        I think he’s incredibly obvious. It just doesn’t take much to see what he’s up to.

        • Stephen Nickau

          It’s only the Kool-Aid drinkers who can’t see it…

      • Bud-Kathy Jones

        I quoted It on my facebook account.

    • Emjay Graykat

      Oh he knows, that’s the White House mission statement.

  • yviemarie88

    The General Hamm (Ham?) rumor won’t seem to die, no matter how many proclaim it has no verification. I’m not prone to believing in coincidences.

    • RogueRose

      What rumor? There was an official press release on Oct 19th that Gen Ham is being replaced by Gen Rodriguez. (Google Gen Rodriguez) And Gen Ham has now gone on the record saying no “order to protect” was ever issued.

      • Hobie

        So what’s this about the admiral who’s been relieved? Connected? Hard to tell from the timeline.

        • Joe Dutra

          Rumor has it that the admiral put F-18s in the air and argued to send them in. They were less than 30 minutes away.

    • dyardley

      Me too ym. I don’t believe in coincidences either. Way to many unexplained issues surrounding the whole attack.

  • wantthetruth

    OK, I have a question…why haven’t the 30 people that Tyrone Woods saved from
    certain death come forward with some answers? I know one of them
    emailed his father and thanked him and said if not for his son, he/she
    would be dead. I don’t understand how they could stand by knowing that
    he saved their lives and lost his – and not say anything. Are they
    being threatened? Obviously General Ham wanted to help and was
    silenced very quickly. What is wrong with this whole deal??

    • c2

      Maybe they’re the tipsters. I would imagine (though I don’t know) that the government is trying to control the flow of information coming from survivors.

      • soJa

        There can be absolutely no doubt that every person involved has been contacted and then bribed and/or threatened. Unless you just turn a blind eye to how corruption in power operates that is.

        • Nena

          Maybe being held like the guy who made that silly little film.

          • MoxieLouise


          • Bud-Kathy Jones

            Ya where is the guy who made the film that nobody saw ?

          • parker nielson

            still in jail. His court date is strangely after the election.

          • ababykitty

            He is in jail. His life has been threatened yet no one seems to care (Obama).

          • Mini14’sBlkStrat

            Maybe he needs to be set free, or at least given some sort of help. Anyone know where he is?

        • ababykitty

          I do NOT understand how ANYONE could vote for Obama!! WHAT am I missing? Not he is going against his stand on gay marriage. Will he lose their vote?

      • ababykitty

        As Palin would say, “You betcha!”

    • DizzyMissL

      Where do you think Fox is getting their info?

      • Nadine Faber

        They are getting from the ground and reliable sources by an awesome reporter for FOX. She says that more than one source (reliable sources) has told her things about the events as they happened. The bottom line is she was told similar stories from several sources so she knows that what she has learned is pretty accurate. This reporter would never state these facts unless she knew that they were facts.

        • ababykitty

          So, they get all of these facts….then what? Do they give that info to the Committee for the hearings? I HOPE SO!!!

      • VedanaFreitas

        This thing is so wrong that anyone with integrity couldn’t be silent – even if they have to do it quietly. Jennifer Griffin is the Fox News Reporter who is getting the info from sources on the ground.

        • TugboatPhil

          Jennifer Griffin spent several years covering Gaza and the West Bank. She had to come back to the states a couple years ago for cancer treatment. She is one of the gutsiest reporters in the business today.

          • ababykitty

            She’ll have her sources you can bet.

    • TugboatPhil

      Another good question would be, if the attackers were lobbing steady mortar fire, where are the wounded? 4 dead and NO wounded? Reports indicate the mortar fire was zeroed in within several rounds. There is so much we are being told.

      • MoxieLouise

        In the graphics on Fox it shows three on the roof; two were the ex-Seals who were killed. I heard the third was seriously wounded. Where is he? Who is he? Is he an American also??

        • ababykitty

          One of the men was in with Stephens and was dead.

      • Momto2

        I remember hearing that one was brought to Walter Reed and had multiple bone fractures – and other injuries – have looked and searched – cannot find original report or any further information about him…..

    • merrilee

      I have wondered that myself about those 30 people he saved.

    • Benghazi?

      Maybe thats where Bret & Jennifer are getting most of their information. Just a hunch…My guess is they are scared, remember 11 were injured and I would suspect they all fear for their families. We already have 2 “Whistle Blowers” who testified in front of congress, I’d be willing to bet many more come out too.

      • $8245944

        Catherine Herridge broke the story first on Fox.

        • VedanaFreitas

          Catherine Herridge is also awesome, both her and Jennifer do a great job.

          • $8245944

            I like her. Glad to see she’s getting credit, too.

          • ababykitty

            I AGREE!!

      • ababykitty

        But will they come forward before election day? Noooooo. So, let’s say Obama is re-elected (GAG) and all of this comes out? Then what? He won’t step down. If he does, then Crazy Joe becomes President??? UGH!

    • Harvey Easton

      they were all goverment employees, and most likely secretary of state and cia. they are going to be ‘anymouse’ sources.

    • micheleNYB

      maybe they’ve been silenced. Look at the poor Youtube guy who’s still in jail!! I don’t trust anyone in this admin.. I think SCJ Roberts was bought off, too.

      • Splashes

        Thank you, finally, yes, of course he was. He was going to vote against and then SUDDENLY turned and came up with the “It’s not a penalty, it’s a tax” idea out of nowhere and shocked all the conservative judges who got really mad at him for that! Then he left the country for a couple of months!

        Also, he was the one who “swore” Obama in, but had to do it a 2nd time because he didn’t say the right words the first time. But the 2nd time was not in public, only 1 photographer allowed in the room, Obama’s own photographer. Could not see the book though (was it a Bible?).

        Oh please, Roberts knows a lot about Obama …. my thought is that his family was threatened.

      • The Daffodil Times

        boo-hoo the poor racist is in jail! waaah somebody call michele a waaahmbulance!

    • yancie

      They have. In fact one of the fathers of a son killed, received an e-mail from one of the survivors. This person promised to interview and set up a web site for all americans to see just exactually what happened and that they knew requests were going out to Washington for help. This will all come out before the election. Rest assure there are people working very hard on this and obama will be shown as the muslim/commie that he is and that he should be hanged because of his actions.

  • Jim Denney

    Sheryl Atkisson of CBS is also a real journalist. She did great work on Fast & Furious … go over to Fox Sheryl; they’ll actually print your stories.

  • Mike Rogers

    I was thinking about the steady stream of shoes dropping.
    Seems to me that the proper insult for our completely dishonest Muslim sympathizer in the White House would be to THROW a show at him.

  • skeptic192

    NBC latest poll – Obama up by 40% over Romney – sample of all NBC on- air pesonalities.

  • ratizbad

    President Murder-In-Chief is debriefing them as we speak,You are not so say a thing,Anything you say can and will cause you to be a statistic,Do you understand me.You have no right for an attorney.Case closed!

  • tjp77

    Brett Baier is probably the finest newsman in the country right now, and has been for some time.

    • News Reporter

      Glenn Beck has been on top of this as well. He won’t admit it, but he has been getting inside information from informants on Benghazi. He has been giving us amazing information when it first broke. That guy deserves credit.

      • dyardley

        Glenn had the whole ‘Arab Spring’ and its effect on the whole area figured out when it happened…and he was right. He was called all kinds of names, but those of us who trust him and know how much he cares knew he would be proven right. Same thing with G. Soros and the Crime Inc. Thank you to Glenn and for all the true reporters at Fox and thank God there are still actual journalists left.

        • $8245944

          Glenn has been right for years. He’s an American hero.

          • ababykitty

            I agree!

          • Judy B

            He’s a Watchman on the Wall:
            “…if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.’ … I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me.” Ez.33:6-7

          • $8245944

            I think of Glenn as a prophet. A prophet is always ahead of his time.

        • ababykitty

          EXACTLY!!!! I would love to know what Bretbart (sp?) had Obama and if he was murdered. Heart attack at 42?? hhmm

          • Emjay Graykat

            I had a heart attack at 42, and it wasn’t Obama.

          • $8245944

            Yes,but you’re still alive.

          • $8245944

            I put my money on Hillary. Andrew outed Anthony Wiener, Hillary’s chief of staff’s husband.

          • Jamie Wilson

            that would be the chief of staff who has extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Not necessarily Hillary there – plenty of bad guys would have had it out for him.

          • $8245944

            There was a term for what happened to people who got in Bill and Hillary’s way when Clinton was elected POTUS: Arkancide.

            I still put my money on Hitlery.

          • truebeliever101

            Odd too that the forensic doctor that handled Andrew’s autopsy was also killed, I mean also “died” of a “heart attack.”

        • DPerry

          Yeah I remember almost 2 years ago him talking about the calephate that surround Israel, and G. Soros, along with some other things that are happening now…I miss Glenn, I loved watching him! He is a very smart man!!! Oh I do also love Brett Baier!!!

      • ababykitty

        I don’t see Glenn on TV. Does he publish his info? Who are these insiders? Hillary?? 😉

        • Splashes

 is Glenn Beck’s website

        • Penmar

          You can still see him on TV, just have to be able to get BlazeTV. It’s an extra on dish network, don’t know about directtv. Also can get him through

          • Jyn60

            I wish Direct would carry it. I miss not seeing Glenn everyday. I do catch him on the blaze but it’s not the same

          • Junie3

            You can get him via the Roku box.

        • Judy B

          Beck is online. You can subscribe & watch him on GBTV

          • Ken Alan Draper

            the blaze t.v. on Roku or online. it is also on Dish network channel 212.

    • RogueRose

      Plus Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge.

      • ababykitty


    • ababykitty

      Yes, along with Brit Hume. I love them both!!! Thanks, guys!!

  • Jerry Burden

    Go Bret and Fox News!! The only beacon of truth left on TV!

  • Murdock Esthree

    my take on libya…

    1. Obama wants to return the blind sheik to muslim brotherhood

    2. muslim brotherhood and obama concoct a scheme to have ambassador kidnapped and used as a bargaining chip.

    3. every one was told to stand down to allow stevens to be taken alive and held for exchange.

    4.two Ops disobey orders and rush in guns blazing. Militants not expecting a fire fight go into full fleged jihad mode.

    5. ambassador dies in hospital. 3 others die in fire fight.

    6. The regime goes into full fledged cover up mode

    7. Brave Heroes could not take down a militia but were able to dismantle a sleeper cell in the white house.

    • Robert Smith

      This is totally believable with our current administration…something to ponder.

    • douglas59

      One thing I disagree with. I believe the Ambassador was dead before he ever reached the hospital. I think he became separated from his escort in the consulate which was on fire. He was set upon by radicals, then raped and beaten. I believe he died at the consulate or soon after.

      • $8245944

        I agree with you. The Ambassador went missing for hours and no one on our side knows about his whereabouts.

        I think he was tortured before he was killed. May he rest in peace

      • ababykitty

        I have seen and read other reports that say the Ambassador was still breathing, but heavy smoke was around his mouth and that he died before he got to the hospital.

      • Joe Dutra

        I believe the fire and smoke drove the terrorists out of the structure, leaving the ambassador untouched. Had they laid hands upon the ambassador they would have taken him, dead or alive, to taunt and tease the USA.

    • Lady Liberty

      I have believed this for some time now. Obama was going to play the hero and get hostages back alive and coast to reelection. Now a massive coverup. This is much worse than Watergate!

      • ababykitty

        I watched the entire Watergate thing. It was nothing like this! No one died….or as Obama would say, “A bump in the road.”

      • Joe Dutra

        This was Obama’s “October Surprise” gone bad.

    • TKeenan

      Sounds plausible, or as GB theorized, that arms were being run through Libya to Al Qaeda cells in Syria

    • ababykitty

      I have heard this theory before. I wouldn’t put anything past Obama EVER!

    • ababykitty

      AND that Obama was going to come in and save Stephens, be the hero, and thus re-elected. That’s how I heard it.


    That really cool house of cards that libs have been building within ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and an assortment of other organizations is making that early grumbling sound; as it prepares to fall. Hear that creaking and groaning? Oh yes, the fall is eminent.

  • DietNot

    Love him or Hate him > Listen Up. Watch this and consider the info as a possible explanation: The President of the United States is telling callous, cold, and calculated lies – …

  • T.L. Owens

    If it were not for @BretBaier & @Foxnews we would still be in the dark!! We’re lucky to have you guys bringing us the truth!! I do have to wonder… what about the troops that are still in harms way?? Do you really think they trust this president to have their backs?? As a former Marine I WOULDN’T!!!! And this is why they are doing all they can to suppress the military’s vote!!! I guess my real question is…. are our fighting men & women safe from our president??

    • ababykitty

      I SO AGREE!!!! I don’t watch any other news than FOX 24/7. They ARE the news!!

      • T.L. Owens

        I Agree!! I go to fox news for all my news!!!! And NO I do NOT believe our troops are safe. Not until #Romney is in the White House!! Until then, I’ll keep praying for our troops even more than usual!!!

    • ababykitty

      What do you think? Safe? Laughable! Benghazi told the whole story on Obama in a nutshell!

  • Thom Lane

    Bret Baier has established himself as the preeminent news anchor. Stand down Brian Williams.

    • ababykitty

      I SO agree!!!! I also like Brit Hume, but Bret Baier is AWESOME!!

  • saltonchips
  • MoxieLouise

    Read this Washington Times article…if this turns out to be gun walking to Al Qaeda, it will make Fast and Furious look like child’s play.

  • Teritd

    Glenn Beck was the first one to report on the Benghazi coverup. Fox followed. Kudos to both for being unafraid.

  • Silenttype78

    Just another reason Fox news is number 1.

    • ababykitty


  • Green Energy

    Four American heroes were denied protection in Libya by the guy who travels around his own country surrounded by the army of secret service agents.

  • Eaves Landry
    • Dena Piraino


  • StarGlock

    Thank you Mr. Baier!

  • Sam Brown

    Fox once again is proving why they are the number one news channel by a wide margin.
    they are the ones that broke the Fast & Furious scandal as well.
    Otherwise, Americans may have Never known about it.
    CALL THE LIBERAL NETWORKS ~ LET’S MELT THEIR PHONES DOWN until they are forced to cover the Benghazi cover-up!!!
    NBC Phone: (212)-664-3720
    ABC Phone: (212)-456-7777
    CBS Phone: (212)-975-4321

  • Bob Brown

    Bret & Jenifer Griffin

    • $8245944

      Don’t forget Catherine Herridge of Fox–she’s done excellent reporting, too.

  • Grace656

    Someone is trying hard to get the truth out. Make that two someones – Bret Baier and the “tipper(s).” Someone is still human enough to want to expose what happend. Thank you!

  • Lady Liberty

    Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Harridge, as well as Bret Baier should receive a Pulitzer for their work! Bravo Fox. You are the only “news organization” reporting responsibly and doing the work the rest of them refuse to cover. They are only interested in covering for Obama until AFTER the election!

  • JoeCollins

    I am sick over the idea that our government would allow Americans to die, instead of admitting the difficult political reality that terrorism still exists.

  • Carter_Burger67

    Great, more stuff that the lamestream media has to ignore to help Barry.

  • John Olson

    I’m curious about the drone/s. Is it SOP to have a drone over that area constantly ?

    Or was it there for another purpose ? If they sent the drone in after the trouble

    started, it seems they could have gotten jet fighters there ( 1 hour away ) just as
    quickly or even sooner. And why wasn’t the drone armed ?

  • RanierWest

    This is the cooperation you will see from every Democrat about every Obama corruption and Scandal:

  • ababykitty

    I thought Bret Baier’s special on Benghazi was rivotting! Watched it twice & taped the hearing. Unbelievable!

  • Dandee

    Help! twitter has locked posting about Benghazi. Algorithms changed so only weird stuff trends and then if you tweet too much about it, you get loved out. Michelle, please investigate!!

    • Dandee

      Locked out!

      • Nadine

        SEE..they have control already!! This crap has got to stop! Many of my radio conservative hosts are no longer on the air!! GEEE..I wonder why! FOX has been threatened too…GO FOX! I will NOT let Obummer take control of OUR LIVES!

    • ababykitty

      How do you get locked out??

      • Dandee

        Twitter wrote me back this am and said I used @ too much. I counted 10 times In 2 hours, previously I have done it way more than that to communicate with friends

  • Bob Gayle

    thank you Bret for all you are doing!

  • Jody Hurt

    I want to know if the new rumor has any truth to it that Western Journalism is passing around which says Obama planned the kidnapping of the Ambassador with the Muslim Brotherhood to trade him for the Egyptian terrorist here in the states as a ploy to help win his re-election, only it backfired. That is why he didn’t send in support and why he relieved an Army General and an Admiral of a battle ship shortly after. I guess they wanted to protect our men and he relieved them of command. Sure seems like a lot of coincidences, don’t you think. If the rest of the politicians know about it, they should all be hung for treason!!! WETHE PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW– BEFORE THE ELECTION!!

    • Nadine

      Any evil plan is possible with Obummer and a dirty cover-up! There’s still blood on his hands too from Fast & Furious!!!

  • ababykitty

    So, what will be done with the tips? Hopefully, they’ll be given to the Committee hearings (Darryl Issa??)? I LOVE Isaa!!!

  • mndasher
  • NCRelite

    Brett Baier is da man!

  • blasater

    Here is the other shoe that will drop. We will find out that Valerie Jarett gave the order to Obama to #StandDown.

    • Nadine

      Could be..she was born in IRAN & wants to protect her Muslim buddies..time for her to be returning to her birth place!

  • ember

    I hope that Brett can find at least one of the survivors of the Libya attack that will tell what they saw and heard. I want to hear from someone that a voice crying out in the night for help that O ignored. Where are the survivors????????????

  • Nadine

    We can NOT let this story fade out as BO wishes it would! Thank God for honorable people to tell the truth…something BO does NOT know how to do! We have to keep people informed as to what a deceitful President he is. Our men DIED & he continues to LIE! EVERY campaign promise this mad man has made he has done the complete OPPOSITE! I’ve had enough of this destroyer marxist…How about YOU! GO R&R! (Watch BO during this hurricaine try to devert attention from his lies & look like the good guy! NOTHING at this point will change his record, not even a PHONY treaty with IRAN! WE need this country strong again…WITHOUT OBUMMER!)

  • Christopher Chambers

    Not sure who got what first, but Glenn Beck and Jennifer Griffin have been working on this story for some time. I think Glenn got the first solid info on it.

  • Paul C.

    If it were not for FOX we would have known nothing from the MSM. Even today nothing from the MSM. LONG live the TRUTH.

  • Jamie Wilson

    Don’t forget Jennifer Griffin – she is all over this and has broken many big pieces of the story. She’s being selfless about credit too, ensuring anchors etc. at Fox have the info they need without worrying about where it comes from. Much of Baier’s data comes from her.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    November 6th, will mark the end of Obama’s Administration and it will also mark the end of the “main stream” media………………They have jumped the Shark, and will read their reward when the boycotts against them start………………..Get those resume’s ready!

  • dennisl59

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”—Joseph Goebells, Reich Minister

  • Robert Wayne

    If Obama forsakes those who sacrifices for others, how much more will he forsake those who do not sacrifice, but take from others (basically his constituency).

  • Donna Jackson

    It seems like yesterday, when I saw Brett Baier on Fox News and thought, “This guy looks so young. He’s like a baby still”…I don’t mean that disrespectfully because he always has done a great job. He just looked so young when he started…But, boy, look at him now! Good for him, and good for us all!

  • The Daffodil Times

    Tips from where? Little green men?

    • elijahzabmom

      Whistleblowers in State or active duty military. They don’t trust the POTUS to keep them safe.

      • The Daffodil Times

        Nah, it’s the little green men that supply Faux News

  • marlio

    This man child, masquerading in office as the President, should be taken out of office immediately and IMPEACHED. He is not qualifed to be our president, emotionally, socially, psychologically, or mentally and cant make sound decisions in a moment of crisis. I read he has been running arms to Syria via Turkey to the enemy using Ambassador Stevens to do so. I read Obama planned to create an October Surprise by rescuing the Ambassador, right before the elections, creating a surge of support to be swept into office again. Only it backfired, the Seals, who had asked to go in twice and were told to stand down, (The White House is lying about them not asking to go in), went in anyway and valiantly fought for 7 hours, before they were all killed, after having begged for help. The president, supposedly, watched these men being killed on live video. I, for one, dont know how this man lives with himself or sleeps at night, knowing he could have prevented this, while a man who made a video against Islam is languishing in jail for NO REASON!! The attack was not caused by his video. Obama supposedly had someone contact the Muslim Brotherhood, who contacted Al Quada in Libya to help obama create this October Surprise which they agreed to. Only it BACKFIRED, AND THE thugs killed Ambassador Stevens and the Seals were there, when they werent supposed to be, because they did the honorable thing and went into help their fellow man. These men are heroes, but is the media saying anything about this, NO!!! They are covering this slimey filth and he is barely holding onto his office by his fingernails!! This ISSUE is NOT going to Go AWAY whether he keeps hiding about it or not as is going to be Obamas OCTOBER SURPRISE!!! This man will be jailed for treason, aiding and abetting the enemy and FRAUD!!!

  • hippykilla

    Thanks for including me Twitchy team.

  • BeeKaaay

    Obama should be arrested and tried for murder.