MSNBC stepped in it big time with their bigoted tweet claiming “right wingers” would “hate” a Cheerios ad featuring a bi-racial family. MSNBC deleted the tweet and apologized, but only after being called on it.

After MSNBC’s ridiculous but not surprising tweet, Twitchy founder, syndicated columnist and “just a blogger” Michelle Malkin started the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily:

Citizens who choose not to drink the left-wing race-baiting Kool Aid MSNBC pours on a daily basis are letting the world know that the bigoted broad brush with which they use to paint those with opposing viewpoints the same color is unacceptable.

Here are 75 tweets from biracial families telling MSNBC their pandering to left-wing stereotypes of people who disagree with them will not be tolerated:

All ready to go!!!

A photo posted by Becky (@bheftel) on

How awesome.

And this one, just because it cracked us up:


  • Maxx

    I don’t want to get all mushy here but wow….I love those pics. You folks are wonderful! Go get ’em!

    On a related note, THESE are the faces of conservatives. Labels are for soup cans.

    • audieho

      Yeah, the allergies are bad this time of year.

    • Txgirlinnh

      I have to agree and vote this as my favorite twitchy post- ever. I have the biggest smile on my face from having the pleasure of seeing all those loving, happy, beautiful families. The fact they were all giving msnbc the collective middle finger was just an added bonus.

      • conservativechick

        I also agree!
        Pffffft says MSNBC, Look at al those “token” minorities on parade….

      • prncslea71

        watch the “birdie” MSLSD! :)

    • Shannon

      I agree! I got a little mushy looking through all the absolutely BEAUTIFUL families. I agree labels are for soup cans!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Liberals live in a bubble. They stick to their “own kind,” read their own kind, watch their own kind…they really have little to no experience with anything else. This shows how woefully out-of-touch they are.

  • Ranadicus

    I’m a jaded, greying old cynic but I’m loving this, big smiles all night :)

    • fordgal15

      But love is colorblind.

      • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Not if you’re a Liberal. Then, color is all you can see…

        • astoriava

          All Liberals see is the abilty to exploit.

  • WhoDat

    If you feel the need to point out you’re a multicultural family, something is wrong with the world.

    Beautiful photos.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      The “world” is just fine. It’s the race baiting libbies we’re responding to. The outside differences between my son and myself are irrelevant to us, and have come up as an “issue” maybe a handful of times in the past nearly 25 years of his life. So there’s nothing to point out.

      However, these beautiful families in the above pictures are only responding to the constant slander that conservatives are racists. We’ve had it up to here.

      • WhoDat

        Almost no American is a “full-blood” anything.

        We come from everywhere and marry each other. And have kids.

        The people who won’t realize that are the ones who get left behind.

        • nc ✓s & balances

          You talking to me? What did any of that have to do with anything I said?

          • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Drunken websurfing strikes again.

          • WhoDat

            Nothing specifically, just clarifying my original comment.

          • kmne68

            I think ‘WhoDat’ was just affirming what you said.

          • nc ✓s & balances

            I understand it’s confusing with all the intervening posts, but if you had followed the original line you would see that his reply had absolutely nothing to do with what I said.

            If he wants to change the subject and make his own statement separately, fine. But don’t pretend it’s a reply when it isn’t.

        • PatriotRG

          You are fully stupid

          • WhoDat

            Ok, that’s your opinion. Mind elaborating?

          • PatriotRG

            If you cannot see the racist attitude and hypocrisy of the left then you are fully stupid. If you cannot see how little and fast diminishing racism is in the USA and the huge strides done to overcome it then you are stupid. I hope my elaboration was satisfactory. Just one more thing. Normal right minded people black or white do not obsess avbout race as much as pathetic middle glass guilt ridden white libs. Black people ar eresponsible for their predicaments not white people. Black people are responsible for comminting high crime , killing each other and for not having stable families. We are all all black or white responsible for our actions. I do not think black people should be patronised like most libs do.

          • WhoDat

            I see the racism from everywhere. No political ideaology has a monopoly on that.

            Yes, we have come a long way, but still a ways to go.

          • PatriotRG

            I don’t see racism – hardly anywhere. And there is not a long way tro go at all.. The most overt racism I see is from black people towards whites and liberals towards concervative blacks.

          • Electradivine

            The fact that you don’t think racism really exist on the “white side” anymore tells me we still have a long way to go smdh

          • conservativechick

            The fact that you won’t acknowledge what he said is true, proves he’s correct!

          • tired of partisan politics

            conservativechick… yeah that’s all it takes to prove something. One person refusing to acknowledge falsehoods makes them true. smh
            Here’s the thing… whites have been claiming that racism doesn’t exist anymore, yet blacks are still incarcerated at higher rates for crimes that whites commit just as often. For example, whites and blacks both use pot at the same rate, but blacks are arrested for said crime 3 times as often. Can you really be so blind as to say that has nothing to do with race? The imaginative way that whites (particularly conservatives) pretend that racism is over is laughable and has no basis in reality.

          • PatriotRG

            So the fact I have not seen any white on black racism but only black on white racism is irrelevant to you. You are invested in keeping the fiction of mass white on black racism, its your narrative , your agenda , yours and most middle class white liberals oxygen. If you are black give me an honest occasion when a white person has racially abused you. Be honest.

          • Calcat36

            “I see the racism from everywhere.” (WhoDat PatriotRG •5 hours ago)

            Including your racism, right?

          • tops116 ✓Quipper

            “I see the racism from everywhere. No political ideaology has a monopoly on that.”

            For someone that sees it everywhere, you only talk about it when you accuse those you disagree with of being racists. You sure you don’t work for MSNBC?

          • brockvond

            “Normal right minded people black or white do not obsess about race…”

            Or anything else, unless it’s shoved in our faces. But that’s just human nature, not willing to be pushed around by arrogant, condescending people we don’t even know.

          • Calcat36

            It does not care about what you think, type, or rebut.

          • tops116 ✓Quipper

            “Ok, that’s your opinion. Mind elaborating?”

            Heh, WhoDat demonstrated a lack of self-awareness in a story caused by MSNBC demonstrating a lack of self-awareness.

        • SickOf BeingCoddled

          “If you feel the need to point out you’re a multicultural family, something is wrong with the world.” I think some misunderstanding took place here I see this as meaning the multi cultural is great,and the world should get over it

          • WhoDat

            Exactly. Thank you.

          • Jack

            Im white(of Irish heritage) and my wife is Chinese…my kids of course are Chirish and I personally almost never think about it.

          • PatriotRG

            I dont think multiculturalism is great that doesnt mean I have anything against any particular race. I like my race , not at the detriment of other races.

        • tops116 ✓Quipper

          “The people who won’t realize that are the ones who get left behind.”

          Then MSNBC’s gonna get left behind.

    • PatriotRG

      If you feel the need to say ..if you feel the need , there is somethying wrong with you!

      • SickOf BeingCoddled

        he didn’t say “you” he said the “world” in other words the world tries to make you feel the need and the world is wrong on that.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Yeah, how dare these people not just roll over for MSNBC’s brazen accusation that they’re all racists? You seem to be overlooking this simple fact that none of this would be happening if not MSNBC accusing others of racism. Perhaps you should focus on that aspect of the whole story instead of your pathetic and limp attempt to deflect.

      • AMSilver

        Isn’t it amazing how libs just cannot stop reversing the victim/victimizer roles? Conservatives get attacked, and respond to the attack, but the responses are what is wrong. It’s not the attack that’s wrong, it’s the responses. And that is the number one thing people ought to realize when they make naive statements about Big Government overreach. Oh, I don’t have to worry about X or Y infringement on my rights… I’m not doing anything wrong! Well, according to the libs, that’s a problem right there, and they will see you punished for it.

        • Calcat36

          Liberal definitions 101:
          Victim = anyone who is not conservative.
          Victimizer = All conservatives.

        • nc ✓s & balances

          It’s as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

      • nc ✓s & balances


  • FoodForThought

    The responses and family photos all seem to demonstrate that the prejudices of those on the left (read MSNBC) simply don’t hold a candle to the reality of the loving families on the right. So much for their #Tolerance…

    • Frank Drebin

      MSNBC went with the slogan “Lean Forward” because their original choice, “Projection TV”, was already taken.

  • Mickey O’Brien

    What is the matter with all of you people??? Don’t you know that biracial/multi-ethnic and right wing are incompatible??? Don’t you realize that you and your kin are in great peril???

    • Nan

      So cheerios are the catalyst for explosions? Like some kind of molotov cereal.

  • Arnold Townsend

    These are some amazing photographs. Beautiful people all. They all looked happy to me.What a great response to the race-baiting MSNBC hate-mongers.

    I love Cheerios, too. Seriously, is there anyone who hates Cheerios?

    I’d also like to raise a point of order. Did these mutants on MSNBC obtain permission from all the races to act as their protectors? A lot of mighty white faces on that network. Maybe they should shine that Bigot Flashlight on themselves a bit.

    • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      >>>Seriously, is there anyone who hates Cheerios?
      Someone with gluten intolerance maybe? :)

      • WhoDat

        If I want to eat something that tastes like cardboard, I’ll eat cardboard.

        • tops116 ✓Quipper

          Hmm, WhoDat doesn’t like the cereal featuring a biracial family. Gee, since WhoDat and liberal schmucks are so content to look for racism in every comment, well…

    • Ricardo Villegas

      “Did these mutants on MSNBC obtain permission from all the races to act as their protectors?”

      Maybe MSNBC should be sent back to the sewer from whence it came.

  • 0402sgrl

    That MSNBC sees anything other than “family” in all this says so much about them! Love these photos! Thanks for showing up those sad jerks.

  • Heather_A

    These pics are awesome and kinda aspirational. As a QUILTBAG , the libertarian lesbian is pretty cool too. 😀


  • Hugh Janus

    I have to say, those pictures are so amazing, I’ve almost forgotten how much I hate Liberals/NAZIs.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    As lovely as those pictures are, you know some lefty somewhere (MHP, is that you?) is claiming that every non-white in them is either a token or a race traitor.

    • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Or coerced.

    • PatriotRG

      Thats sort of my point. We won’t ever prove to a bunch of closed minded bigots we are not bigots. So whty bother. Why play their games. Why elevate racism to be such a mighty important thing. I find it wrong , but then i find many other things wrong. I do not think racism is prevalent and the occasions I see it, its usually black on white racism which is wrongly excused

  • Worship Dancer

    every time i see the cheerios commercial i laugh when the dad wakes up covered in cheerios. HAHAHAHA classic

    • Denise Bacher-Deeter

      I do too. And I do not see a biracial family. I just see a family. A darling little girl who wants her dad to live a long time so she covers him in Cheerios. Race is not important in the message.

  • SAHM in CA

    Warms my heart. Thank you, God Bless and good night!

  • Linda Hetherington Dotson

    this was so wonderful!!!

  • Debbie

    ♥ So PROUD to see my tweet up there w/ all these beautiful families! God bless you all!!! ♥

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      God Bless you, @FoxieNews See ya on Twitter! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Lakerfanalways

    Such beautiful photos and such beautiful families. God Bless all of them

  • AmericanMom

    The message is loud and clear to MSNBC: you’re bigots and haters and you’ve been called on it.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    This has to be one of the all time great Twitter hashtags. Just beautiful!

    This is the first time I (almost) regret I don’t tweet.

  • Jimni27

    Way to stick it to them Michelle! It’s about time these people were faced with the truth. MSNBC has been selling this lie for far too long. Beautiful families!

    • BAW

      Exactly what I was thinking. This is what I see in today’s America. Good people of all sorts living, working, going to school, loving each other. Generally we seem to get along fine.

      I just can’t decide if the left really can’t see it or if they just lie to score their political points.

      Sure there are small pockets of problem people, racists, like perhaps in the inner cities but that is not the nation. I don’t think that’s where they hang out. But maybe it’s the small groups of leftists where all the hatred and division comes from. Either way, they need to get out more. In the alternative, yes, shove it in their faces. Well done all.

      • Jimni27

        I really think they know they are stereotyping the right- they want to keep that meme alive as long as possible because they know as long as they do, people won’t want to have anything to do with the right. Michelle got the ball rolling, now Reince and the RNC have to pound it home and get in their faces until people wake up. I love what Dan Riehl did on twitter last night too- he kept posting specific examples of race baiting from the left- and the list was LONG. If you have a chance check out his twitter feed:

  • Jason

    My wife and I are a mixed race couple. MSNBC, you are the scum of the Earth.

  • Dixon

    Haha! This all got started because Buggsters posted the mantra on the last Cheerios ad youtube video. Have you read the mantra?

    Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White countries for everybody!

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries? How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem? And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    Google: STOP White GeNOcide

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      Judaism isn’t a ‘race’ anyway. Jews can been any race. I’m ‘lighter’ than my WASP husband.
      *No-I’m not thumbs downing you.*

      • WhatUSaid?

        Actually, I think Jew are mainly Semitic. Why does that manner if it is racial or not?

  • joeschmo8675309

    This is exactly what Republicans need to show. I don’t know who is running things but they need a new PR chief.


    I am white, my girlfriend is Asian, and everyone at MSNBC can go play in traffic.

  • Batman

    1. Each family in those photos is beautiful. Thank you each for posting those for us to see.
    2. There are racist Republicans, but there are also racist Democrats. Fortunately, there are Republicans who are not racist, and likewise for Democrats.
    3. We are all God’s children, whether we believe He exists or not, and we should always treat one another with dignity and respect, whether Republican or Democrat, for we are made in His image. Degrading another human because of the color of their skin is not acceptable. Judge people by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin (a paraphrase of Dr. Martin Luther King).
    4. I would like to believe MSNBC is sorry, but this type of behavior occurs again and again, so I don’t believe it. I hope they change their ways.

  • Batman

    Gotta say it again though. Those are beautiful families! :)

  • interestedobserver2

    My black nephew is a Marine combat veteran and I couldn’t be more proud of him than if he was my own son. My white niece is an Air Force combat veteran, and I’m just as proud of her. I think the only haters I saw in all of this was the MSNBC scumbags; may they rot in hell.

  • Macranthunter

    Liberals are simply bigots. End of.

  •!/TUASondrakistan The Ugly American

    #MyRightWingBiracialFamily hashtag seriously deserves another encore during the Super Bowl airing of this Cheerios commercial…

  • Guatemala

    I loathe all MSM outlets for the most part and MSNBC is at the top of the list. I am German/Italian and my wife is from Guatemala. We have a four month old daughter together. I do not know, if my wife is a different race or not; therefore, I do not know, if my daughter is biracial. I remember that we felt that none of the official checkboxes appropriately fit her identity for the birth certificate and other government bureaucratic paperwork for her. Who decides these things anyway? I guess in this country patriotic Americans have to wear the labels, which so-called tolerant liberal anti-Americans assign and the oversized, intrusive government designs for their endless bureaucratic paperwork. Everybody is equal and nobody is discriminated against under the law, but everybody is chopped, diced, minced, and separated for their own tracking purposes.

    • TexSizzle

      I always mark “Other” and if there is a blank to fill in, I write “Human”. I have done so on the past 3 decennial censuses.

  • Perry

    There is no person, regardless of their racial makeup, born any better or worse than another person. The far left tries to constantly find issues to divide people with. They’re particularly obsessed with gender division. Why? Because half the people in the country are women.Racial division is secondary to them, but they still must use it to keep their captured “in line”. Progs are ALL about dividing and conquering. There is an evil impetus behind most everything they do.

  • PatriotRG

    I am very happy being a white Christian married to a white Christian with white Christian babies. I do not think I am better or worse than blacks. I don’t yearn to see a mix of colors or a mix of black and white families. It’s something I am ambivalent towards. I do not actively dislike mixed race couples nor do I fall over myself to prove how colour blind I am by promoting them. Im not on a crusade to see half cast kids everywhere. If they are there then they are treated by me just like other kids. I dislike this falling over ourselves as concervatives to prove to the left how not racist we are, why ? because the left calls us racist! They do not define me or what I am. I do not kowotow to their agenda of race.Race is simply not an issue in my life nor will I allow it to be. Believe it or not there are worse things and more important things than racism. Those photos nice as they are have not changed one persons mind at MSNBC because they are closed minded hateful people.

    • Ricardo Villegas

      Why should we even have to prove anything to those left-wing mutants?

      • PatriotRG

        exactly my point. Why fall over ourselves trying desperately to prove to them we are not racist. Its pathetic.

  • astoriava

    “Christians” have accepted other races in every way for as long as the left has been race baiting.

  • Eliza

    Maybe they should see who the “right wing” is before they make a stupid ass comment.

  • astoriava

    You are only capable of accusing others of doing that which you thought of first. No member of the Right Wing is ever going to allow someone else to tell them how they feel or what they think.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Can’t help wondering why, in our “post-racial” America, Cheerios had to even make a distinction by saluting biracial families. Families are families, how about just saluting families?

  • Denise Bacher-Deeter

    I seriously teared up looking at all the wonderful family pictures and loved how they all showed that racism does NOT have to live in a heart. You do not fall in love with a skin color. You fall in love with the soul.

  • Acethepug

    As always, the Left projects their own biases and hatreds on others.
    Yes, MSNBC, you are completely and totally racist, and when you have to apologize for things like this over and over … well, it doesn’t look very sincere, does it?

  • rcfrt

    Ok…just to be technical. I don’t see any bi-racial familes. All of the pics seemed to be families of the human race. Did I miss any pics?

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      GOLD STAR WINNER FOR YOUR POINT, Sir/Madam! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Jay Jay

    They brought up their differences to show the true ‘face’ of the Right Wing. MSNBC is a very base minded group of people who only see black and white. For them right wing means white and racists, where left means totally diverse and tolerant. Ironically it was the right who freed the slaves and the left who has kept them oppressed (KKK,PP,welfare,etc). These families are destroying stereotypes. Good for them.

  • ctmom

    So MSNBC is doing what Obama accuses Rush/Fox of doing – painting a caricature of the Right Wing that doesn’t exist.

  • DallenH

    This gives me a ton of hope. This is a problem in America, the left and right have no real clue about each other. Many believe that we are all backwoods hicks that married our sisters and own more guns and dogs then books. This lie is propagated by outlets like MSNBC and people like Bill Mahrer, etc

  • PeterP

    It is absolutely necessary for Democrats to perpetuate the lie that Republicans hate women and minorities. When that lie is no longer believed, Democrats don’t win another national election.


    My wife is Jamaican (and we have a 16-year-old son). She is a registered Democrat and I am a registered Republican. Granted, our few commonalities brought us together, but it is the appreciate and respect of our many differences that keeps us together.

  • Kaya Hund

    What a tribute to conservative ideals. And MLK said it correctly, I’m just so angry that liberals and progressives have hijacked and adulterated his message.

  • Byron Shutt

    WOW…beautiful family’s. GOP you are missing a great opportunity if you don’t invite them ALL to show the world who WE are.

  • Tre

    My Caucasian/Chinese family doesn’t give a flyin’ flip what MesSNBC bigots think.

  • Calcat36

    MSDNC did not get the memo yet? The new evil is income inequality. Time to change the plates and start printing THOSE liberal/socialist talking points.

    The more you know…

  • Colleen Wallace

    It brings my heart joy this morning to read this..not just the love the of the families but the epic smackdown on pmsnbc! Go Michelle, you’re my hero!

  • ceyanne

    My background is German, Hawaiian, Portuguese, French, & Irish. Add some more German & Cherokee in for my kids from my husband. And my nephew’s father is black & Amer. Indian, so he’s got all the same background as my sister & I plus his father’s background. We are TEA party conservatives. MSNBC can suck it.

  • kmne68

    Keep them coming! This may be an instance where hate can literally be overcome by love.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Every picture is more diverse than MSNBC’s staff.


      Ouch! So true…it hurts! =)

  • Ragg Mann

    I am so tired of being pigeonholed and categorized by the left wing race baiters that haven’t the faintest clue as to the very diverse make up of conservatives and their base. I am so glad that we are exposing them for what they are, and celebrating our diversity in quantum numbers. My family alone represents White, Black, Filipino, Japanese, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Jordanian, Mexican, and Native American. We are all proud conservatives…And we vote!!!

  • KansasPatriot

    Remembe…Freedom is Colorblind!

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Not just freedom… Cupid is Color-Blind, too! That would explain all the bi-racial/Mixed-race Couples and Families for ya, PMSDNBC! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • BoscoBolt

    “Right Wing” TEA PARTY conservative California gubernatorial candidate, Tim Donnelly and his family …

  • Gracie66

    Michelle, these overwhelmed me. Again, msnbc is called out for being the race baiters they are! Thank you!

  • sludog

    When the sunshine of truth hits leftists (MSNBC) they scuttle away like the cockroaches they are. Great pictures of loving families.

  • an80sreaganite

    Are they still talking about that Cheerios ad? I remember when it came out and I saw it during a newscast saying it was controversial. I asked my wife why and she had to point out that the mother & father were of different races. Maybe I’m just a dolt, but I didn’t even notice, much less was I upset about it.
    It’s like a few months ago when I got an the ‘L’ headed to O’Hare. I sat down with a group of kids. I listened to their banter as one-by-one they exited at their different stops. It wasn’t until the kid sitting next to me got up that I even took note of the fact that he was black, and even then it was only because the kids referred to it somehow. I saw the entire group 1st as kids – clearly good kids attending a private school downtown Chicago, but just kids.
    I wish we could stop talking about race. I’m so over it!

  • tonnyb2

    This is a wonderful display. I have a question to all you RightwingBiracialFamilys. Do you ever get crap from other conservatives. I ask because I really am curious and want to educate myself about acceptance or tolerance among conservatives.

    In some cases, Tea Party demonstrations include stereotypical images of Obama as a Zulu or images of Obama with darker skin or using the term “boy” to refer to the President; in other words, they use racial images or language to denigrate Obama. It gives the impression that these people who do this or accept it within their tea party group are racists.

    Please be kind. My question is sincere. I am a member of a ModerateBiracialFamily.

    • Calcat36

      Be kind? Ok, PROVE the TEA Party accusations you just made. Or go away, troll. How about scrolling down and reading posts?

      ALERT: This is the new tactic by the extreme left wing nuts! Please help me, because I do not know why you are so racist….

      • tonnyb2
        • Calcat36

          There you are. Exposed. CSM? CNN? Any legitimate sources? How is that Breitbart challenge working out?

          Take your agenda elsewhere.

          • tonnyb2

            Sorry but I don’t understand.

          • Calcat36

            1: You are indeed sorry. 2: You will never understand because you do not want to understand. You want to agitate.

          • tonnyb2

            Actually I want to understand. Please explain.

          • Calcat36

            Good bye troll.

          • tonnyb2

            Goodbye to you. Anyone else have an explanation?

          • Richard Nightwood

            If you are truly unaware of the racial denigration from the left toward conservative minorities then you are either 16 years old and dipping your toe in the media for the first time, or you just woke up from a coma.

            Seriously, it takes less than 30 seconds on any search engine you care to name to find examples. You need to try harder because you’re embarrassing yourself.

          • Calcat36

            And that there is the destruction of a concern troll. It came to Twitchy because it was told that we are all racist neanderthals and was given a set of talking points meant to aggravate and inflame, yet the opposite happened. Immediately. Now it has to report back on FAILURE.

            It uses Buckley as an avatar, claims to be a moderate, and is all concerned as to why the TEA Party is racist on a thread where MSDC, HIS own *news* source, is called out for blatant racism and bigotry!

            It has never heard of racism toward black conservatives/republicans but is up to speed on allegations of racism at PEACEFUL TEA Party rallies that the left detests!

            When it opens with a taunt like this: “I have a question to all you RightwingBiracialFamilys. Do you ever get crap from other conservatives. I ask because I really am curious and want to educate myself about acceptance or tolerance among conservatives.”— It is not moderate and it wants to start a flame war. By the way, have the 75 bi-racial families all identified themselves as right wing? Epic fail.

            The more you know…

          • tonnyb2

            And that there is the destruction of a concern troll. It came to Twitchy because it was told that we are all racist neanderthals and was given a set of talking points meant to aggravate and inflame, yet the opposite happened. Immediately. Now it has to report back on FAILURE.

            Nonsense. I have a job.

            I’ve never been told all conservatives are racists neanderthals nor do I believe that. I assume that the large majority are not. I asked a question because I don’t understand why conservatives would stand by and let denigrating racial posters be displayed at rallies. A few other people explained why and now I understand and respect the reason (1st amendment). OTOH, some liberals would encourage a removal of the poster in a liberal rally.

            It has never heard of racism toward black conservatives/republicans but is up to speed on allegations of racism at PEACEFUL TEA Party rallies that the left detests!

            I never said I have never heard of racism towards black conservatives. I said I wasn’t aware of racism toward Condolezza from the left. Do you get the distinction?

            It uses Buckley as an avatar, claims to be a moderate, and is all concerned as to why the TEA Party is racist on a thread where MSDC, HIS own *news* source, is called out for blatant racism and bigotry!

            Buckley because he, like Diggur, was honest. Told it like he saw it. A conservative I appreciate and could have an honest discussion with.

            When it opens with a taunt like this: “I have a question to all you RightwingBiracialFamilys. Do you ever get crap from other conservatives. I ask because I really am curious and want to educate myself about acceptance or tolerance among conservatives.”— It is not moderate and it wants to start a flame war. By the way, have the 75 bi-racial families all identified themselves as right wing? Epic fail.

            I came here to communicate. What you’ve done is jumped all over me. Diggur has communicated and I appreciate her response. I’ve learned something from our exchange. Richard Nightwood has as well. What you’ve done is just flame and misread, distort and misrepresent what I’ve said and my reason for being here.

          • tonnyb2

            “If you are truly unaware of the racial denigration from the left toward conservative minorities …”

            I said I was unaware of denigration of Condoleeza. I am aware of criticism of her from the left and the idea (from many of the left) that blacks shouldn’t be conservative.

      • tonnyb2
      • tonnyb2

        I didn’t call you racist either. I said ” It gives the impression …” Could be the impression is mistaken.

        • Calcat36

          I know EXACTLY what you typed. You give the impression that you are a community agitating troll. See how that works, professor?

          • tonnyb2

            I can only conclude that you don’t have a good explanation for why racial denigrating images and language of Obama are used by SOME conservatives when referring to the President.

          • Calcat36

            Ok, troll, please explain to me the blatant racism expressed toward Condoleezza Rice by the left. I would like to understand. I would like to understand why the left referred to Bush a a monkey.

            Most of the racist sign holders have been discovered as FRAUDS and plants by the left to make the TEA Party look bad, but you knew that already, right?

          • tonnyb2

            No I didn’t know that. DO you have a reference that discusses that?

          • Calcat36

            You have o be more specific if you want me to do the heavy lifting for you.

            Who is that on your avatar?

          • tonnyb2

            Sorry. Proof that plants from the left put up those signs.

          • Calcat36
          • tonnyb2

            I meant proof . Not conjecture. Is it possible that a plant was used? Yes. Is it possible that some conservatives are racist or just so damn angry they use racial slurs out of angert but aren’t truly racist? Yes.

          • Calcat36

            Isnt that what you provided earlier? Want to try again, MODERATE, who seems to be rejecting the info requestd, and proving my original charge of extreme left wing TROLL!

            Show me where YOUR media, which you still will not name, has researched these stories…

            I will wait.

            Who is that on your avatar?

          • tonnyb2

            CNN. Fox News. MSNBC. NY Times. Washington Times. Wall Street Journal. Joes Scarborough.

            Mark Williams, a tea party organizer said he saw those racial images but said they were only on the fringes.

            Diggur above ansered my question without all the accusations and hate. Read her comments. That’s all I was after.

          • Calcat36

            You were after an agenda?

            CNN MSDNC (openly admits it is not news), NYT, WJ and Joe Scarboro? Seriously? You are not moderate. You are an extreme left wing hack!

          • tonnyb2

            There is a difference with the reference I provided and the one you did. In yours the writer was openly conjecturing. In mine, CNN, they were reporting what they saw.

          • Calcat36

            Says you, now, WHO IS THAT ON YOUR AVATAR?

          • tonnyb2

            You don’t know?

          • Calcat36

            I am asking you. For the hundredth time.

          • Calcat36

            CNN does no report and they have no audience to report to, other than left wing nut jobs.

          • H50 ✓RAT

            Go to almost any prog website and start posting positive comments about prominent black conservatives and you’ll get a real education on racism from progs.
            Have your urban dictionary up on another tab so you can look up the more disgusting terminology.
            Heck, go thru the Twitchy archives to see the racist tweets leveled at minority conservatives, or even those SUSPECTED to be conservatives. Another good lesson in racism.

            When you first posted your question about the TEA Party, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, even tho Ive seen similar posts used as bait on other boards by trolls. I took the time to give you an honest response.
            Now as I continue to read your posts Im coming to the conclusion that either; you’ve been in a coma for the last couple of decades, or your the most naive man Ive ever come across, or you have been locked away in a monastery, or lastly- your just trying to stir the pot.

          • tonnyb2

            Please continue to give me the benefit of the doubt. Because my purpose is to understand conservative viewpoint.

          • H50 ✓RAT

            Get back to me after you’ve hooked up with your local TEA Party.
            Until then, Ill pass. Read the thread, I dont think you really are interested in understanding the conservative viewpoint.
            Have a great remainder of the day.

          • windskisong

            A great primer on conservative viewpoints is Mark Levin’s series that starts with Liberty and Tyranny, continues with Ameritopia, and concludes with the Liberty Amendments.

          • tonnyb2

            Thank you.

          • tonnyb2

            And thanks for the honest response. I sorry I don’t frequent sights that post that kind of racist thrash. I read the news headlines almost daily, and some of the text. I usually spend very little time reading comments. I posted maybe 10 comments before today over the last 6 months on websites.

            Olliphant’s comic? I just saw it for the first time today. I don’t see the point but I do see the racism. I also searched google “Condoleeza racism” and click on images and am shock to see the racist images. It isn’t a search I would normally do. So your post, and the response from a few others. lead me to do that.

            I definitely not trying to stir the pot. I admit to being a bit ignorant about this issue. Its honestly disgusting to me and gives me a different view of some liberals.

          • H50 ✓RAT

            Keep doing your own research. You will be shocked and amazed, or not. Depending on your sincerity level and interest in the truth.

          • tonnyb2

            I am not familiar with racism from the left towards Condoleezza. Whoever called Bush a monkey is an idiot.

          • Calcat36

            Really? Why is that? What are your news sources?

          • tonnyb2

            Why is what. Please be more specific.

          • Calcat36

            See,you are becoming a good troll. You are not familiar with left wing racism toward Ms. Rice, yet you are all over the TEA Party? Go to raw story dot com and ask what they think of Ms. Rice!

            What are the sources you get your news from? Was that too complicated for you?

          • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

            He;s driving the argument around in circles… #DoNotFeedTheTrolls Jawamax 8<{D}

          • Calcat36

            I know… I am counting on others to point it out and shame this fool away.

          • Calcat36
          • windskisong

            Calcat36, I hate to disagree with you, but most moderates have never seen that racism, because the MSM ignored it. You are absolutely right about the racist sign holders, but again, that was not discussed in MSM, because that did not fit the story they were trying to tell.
            The ignorance in this area by tonnyb2 is entirely consistent with his description elsewhere of himself as a moderate, as he would not be aware of the vicious attacks on conservatives, especially “minority” conservatives. Better to correct carefully than to come out of the blocks with the accusation. If you see a pattern with an individual, then go for it. Remember, conservatives are the ones that DON’T stereotype. :-) Be well!

          • Richard Nightwood

            Do you have a good explanation for why denigrating images and language of conservative black politicians are used by SOME liberals?

            Because there are 300+ million people in the U.S. and some of them are aholes. If you find their language offensive then either brush up on your 1st Amendment or move to a place where language is controlled, I’d suggest North Korea.

          • tonnyb2


          • tonnyb2

            Got it.

    • Diggur

      There are always going to be people who are prejudiced, or people who hate. That’s true of every faction – people will hate others based on religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, and politics. Haters gonna hate. In answer to your question, I am about as right-wing as you can get, and I have seen some of the comments that you’re mentioning. I am always saddened when people use race as a reason for disliking Obama’s policies. Particularly since there are so many very valid reasons to fear and dislike our current Dictator-in-Chief. Using racial slurs is just playing into the atmosphere of hate and divisiveness that Obama and the other Fascists are trying to create in this country. We need to band together, regardless of race, and even regardless of political ideology, to protect our country and enforce our constitutional rights. But you should also be aware of the fact that the vast majority of right-wing Americans support people like Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, and Allen West, just to name a few.

      I am also part of a bi-racial family. My ex-husband, (also a political conservative), is Pakistani. Both of our beautiful daughters are bi-racial, and I really can’t say that they have ever experienced any racial hazing. We live in Wyoming, the most conservative state in the nation. Wyoming is about 90% white, and a state where Obama has a 22% approval rating. Yet….no racial hazing. My youngest daughter married a naturalized citizen from New Zealand, who is also a welcomed Wyoming resident, and we’re about to have our first white/Pakistani/Samoan multi-racial grandchild!

      I apologize for some of the comments below. I think that it is important that we have open, respectful conversations. That is the only thing that is going to bring us together. More hate is just going to drive us apart.

      • tonnyb2

        Thank you. I appreciate your condor and straight forwardness. Its encouraging.

      • tonnyb2

        “We need to band together, regardless of race, and even regardless of
        political ideology, to protect our country and enforce our
        constitutional rights.”

        You see I agree with you there. The ruling families have always used whatever they can, race, gender, class to conquer and divide. But we have to get past the inflammatory rhetoric in order to get there.

        • Calcat36

          The ruling families? Please expand.

          • tonnyb2

            Some of the wealthy and political families that decide what goes down in the US. Back in the 1600’s it was English monarchy that decided that cooperation between white, black and mixed-race colonists in Virginia were responsible for the difficulties they were having in controlling Virginia. There was little racism in Virginia in the mid 1600’s. People intermarried in large numbers. Half of Virginia colonist in the late 1600’s were bi-racial. The English King decided to divide and conquer; he gradually implemented the institution of slavery with the intent of eliminating the powerful alliance that existed between black, white, and bi-racial Virginians, so that they could have better control over the colony.

          • Calcat36

            NAME THEM and stop spinning. Were you not asking for info here? WHO IS YOUR AVATAR?

          • Diggur

            An interesting point, tonnyb2. I didn’t know that. I wish that more people would read history, because history has been bastardized to suit the current regime’s agenda since the beginning of time. You notice that the current administration never tells anyone that less than 5% of Americans owned slaves, or that there were many free black people in the south who owned slaves, or that white people risked their lives and the lives of their families to run the underground railroad, or that tens of thousands of white people died in order to end slavery.

          • Calcat36

            In the late 1600’s Virginia enacted laws against marriages of different races. The laws were specifically targeting the union between Whites and Blacks. Their justifications for banning interracial marriages were:
            White supremacy, protection of White womanhood, and prevention of mixed children. The law creators believed marriages between Whites and Blacks reduced White supremacy because social equality was slowly emerging as these marriages occurred. Protection of White womanhood refers to White woman remaining pure, away from the hands of any Blacks. Lawmakers wanted to prevent mixed children because mixed children were considered mentally and physically inferior to pure White race children, although there was no scientific proof for any of these inferiorities. The lawmakers also disapproved the idea of mixed races because the physical characteristics of a person defined their place and benefits in society. If the person was White then they received privileges, if they were not White then they were rejected by society and did not receive any privileges. This became a problem when interracial couples had biracial children who looked White; the burden was on the state to try to prove that the person was something other than what they looked. To avoid these situations, the states simply made laws to try to avoid them from arising.

            Care to try again?

          • tonnyb2

            This is something I know quite a bit about. The English governor was thrown out of his mansion and was sent back to England by a band of freedom loving whites, blacks, and biracial colonists. They all felt that they were being taxed to heavily by the English throne. It was a big problem for the monarchy as those pesty white/black alliances were proving a persistent problem for them and their interest in ripping off colonists.

            “The solution to the constant threat of rebellion from the landless poor? Raise the status of the poorest whites in the colony by instituting a system of racial slavery. Morgan sees the turning point in the rise of slavery in Virginia as coming in 1676 during Bacon’s Rebellion, when Nathaniel Bacon led both white and black men against the leaders of the Virginia colony. Fearing this display of unity among poor whites and blacks, Virginia became a colony wholly dependent on slave labor and
            phased out indentured servitude.”

            Conquer and divide.

        • Diggur

          You know, I’ve been thinking about this thread all morning. I just can’t seem to get it out of my head. I am now embarrassed to say that I’m a far right conservative. I have always thought of myself and my conservative friends as being nice people who want to try to work out problems with others. I am totally confused by the reactions to your post. You asked a polite question, and you deserved a polite answer.

          I don’t know anything about your politics, and you don’t know anything about mine, but I really liked your comment about being able to find common ground with each other. I think that’s what we need to do. Not being able to discuss things rationally is what wars are made of.

          It seemed to me that the people who answered you just served to prove what you were asking about. Total intolerance for a view that might be slightly different than theirs. Out and out hatred. Wow. I felt that they tried to justify the egregious things that some “conservatives” say, (and I put that in quotes because none of the conservatives whom I know would bash anyone on the basis of race), by blaming it on the egregious things that some liberals say. If we take that kind of attitude, where does it end?

          I’ll answer my own question – it doesn’t end. It winds up in an out and out war in this country, and that’s just what Obama wants. Then he can declare martial law, and all bets are off. The rational people in this country need to come together and fend off the common enemy. That enemy is this regime that wants to take our country away from us.

          I’m sorry that you were subjected to such hatred. You didn’t deserve to be. I hope that you don’t think that it reflects the view point of every right-wing conservative.

          • tonnyb2

            Maybe we can do something about it? Thank you.

          • Diggur

            I once heard that the best sermon we can give is the example that we set with our own lives. You set a good example today by not allowing the people who were rude to you to make you stoop to their level. I usually get into trouble when I try to converse with people who hold different views, because there really is a lot of anger out there. I’m at a loss as to how to proceed to make things better.

          • tonnyb2

            I have an idea. Set up a website where conservatives moderates and liberals can discuss specific issues. It would be a moderated sight where flaming would not be accepted. You see I use Buckley because he was a conservative who was upfront and honest. He was someone you could truly debate with because he believed in winning on the merits. I find too many people on both sides who aren’t willing to do that; winning at all cost is more important then winning based on the merit of their arguments.

          • Diggur

            It’s funny that you should suggest that because it is something that I have thought about many times. I even opened a blog at one point, and wound up turning it into a blog on home canning and disaster prepping. It’s not a very professional blog because I’m not very good at this computer stuff! Do you know anything about setting up websites?

            Now I understand why they were asking about your avatar. I didn’t recognize him, and I couldn’t figure out what the comments meant. I remember his name, but I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know much about Buckley – why do they find him to be so controversial? I’ll have to read up on him.

          • tonnyb2

            I do know a bit about putting up websites.

            I think they were upset because the believe I was a liberal agitator using a conservative avatar or it could be they don’t consider him conservative enough. They didn’t say.

          • tonnyb2

            I would like to have this discussion with you, about your conservative views, but I don’t know where there is a safe place to do that, that is, a place where it wouldn’t turn into a flame war, from hot heads on either side. That’s why I thought of that website idea.

          • Amanda Davis

            I think the reason that so many people jumped down your throat is because the majority of the time that someone asks a “sincere” question, it is anything but. Such are the nature of internet comments. I, as a proud conservative/libertarian, pro-lifer, feminist, Zionist, Christian fundamentalist and a supporter of legalizing marijuana, have MANY different topics that I would love to have a non-heated conversations about.
            In defense of this site: the moderators are good at removing the few racists who pop up. There are fewer here than at other sites. The VAST majority of conservatives have no racial animosity towards any people group The biggest flaw I see in conservatives about race stems from the exhaustion of constantly being painted as racist. This results in a type of “Boy Crying Wolf Syndrome.”

            Anyway, all of this to say: It is nice to see your question was out of legitimate desire to know.

            (Edit for grammar, clarity, punctuation, etc. I am tired!)

          • tonnyb2

            Thank you for your feedback. Perhaps we can have those conversations free of the vitriol at some time in the future.

          • windskisong

            I would suggest Townhall, but the racist liberals and just plain ugly trolls are not cleared efficiently. I don’t know of a good choice.

          • Diggur

            I would like to continue the discussion, too, but I’m not sure how to exchange private contact information in such a public forum. I clicked on your profile and started following you, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to message privately on Disqus.

            I talked to my daughter about the website idea last night, and she said that there are places on the internet where a webpage can be set up for free. I’m not sure what these are, but I guess I could Google them. Are you familiar with these sites?

            Just an aside – when I was discussing this with my daughter, and I told her about the subject of our conversation, she laughed and said, “That seems strange to me because I never even think about the fact that I’m bi-racial.” Another thing that shows that we have not experienced racial hazing here in uber-conservative Wyoming.

          • tonnyb2
          • tonnyb2

            I hope that email address isn’t offensive to your Christian values. If it is, I’ll change it.

          • tonnyb2

            That’s cool regarding your daughter’s experience! (Edited for clarity)

          • tonnyb2

            I think that’s right. It’s a value that I have to remind myself of with my kids. They do what you do, not what you tell them to do.

          • windskisong

            The hateful comments must have been removed, because all the remaining comments (with a very few exceptions) are respectful and articulate.

            When (and it does happen) a conservative goes off on a liberal on this or other boards, I call them on it, and encourage them to clean up their remarks – because we don’t want to sink to that level.

          • Diggur

            I’m very glad to hear that there are other people who feel that way.

            I don’t know what happened to the rest of the thread, either, but it was baiting and rude.

          • tonnyb2

            Actually most of the hateful comments are still there. They are just much deeper down thread. On the same line as My Discus (top of thread), there a link that gives the option of seeing the oldest, newest or best posts. I selected oldest and reloaded until I found them.

          • Diggur

            I noticed that it was back. I’m glad that people can see what we were talking about.

            As I have mentioned several times, there are people who are advocating for civil war all over the blogosphere. I find this very scary. I mentioned this in one of my posts on this discussion, and a man replied with one word – “Revolution!” We are not headed in a good direction.

          • tonnyb2

            Well. I’m glad as well. I’ve notice a good amount favorites for comments we’ve both made and for that I am hopeful that there is a way to diffuse this.

          • tonnyb2

            Actually most of the hateful comments are still there. They are just
            much deeper down thread.

      • Calcat36

        Who here, uses race as a reason to dislike zeroes policies? YOU? Is that not what is written by the trolls here on Twitchy?

        • Diggur

          I’m not entirely sure that I understand what you’re getting at, but I’ll try to address your question. Yes, there are people on all blogs who express racial hatred, and it’s always wrong, regardless of which side is doing it. But MORE hatred, and a refusal to have a civil conversation with people whose beliefs differ from our own only causes more division, confusion, and pain. I don’t think I said anything in my post that was supportive of using racial slurs. I also stressed that my bi-racial family has been treated very well by conservatives. I’m sorry, but I read a lot of blogs, and I have seen conservative posts that I think are inappropriate and rude. Understanding has to come from both sides, and two wrongs simply don’t make a right.

          • Calcat36

            I do not care what you understand. Your post is full of BS. The troll came here to create division as all trolls do. I do not care what sites you allegedy read hate stuff by conservatives. PROVE IT HAPPENS HERE, and then bring it to the attention of the MODS who do a great job keeping that stuff in check by BANNING offenders.

            Where has your new friend understood anything typed to it? It constantly dodges direct questions or deflects. THAT is a troll and only here to agitate.

            Smarten up.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I refer to him with three words:KING FINK 0BAMA. Or, to paraphrase an E-Mail I got from my dad, “The Eagle, which has been the Long-Time Symbol of the Office of the President, has been replaced by a Skunk. It’s half-black, Half-white, and everything it does STINKS!: Jawamax 8<{D}

    • mommyoffive

      I would be curious which Tea Party demonstrations you refer to. The demonstrations that I have attended in Texas had nothing racial, stereotypical, or questionable images. I do remember hearing about agitators at Tea Party demonstrations, but those agitators were asked to fold up their signs and leave. My family is bi-racial. I’m Anglo and my husband has American Indian heritage. We are not attacked by any conservatives, but we have heard quite a bit from registered Democrats. Never anything about us, of course, but generalities that we feel the need correct.
      By the way, when I use the word “boy”, I’m referring to my sons when they are getting themselves into trouble. There is no racial overtones or connotations. The only time I’ve ever heard ANYONE get offended by the term “boy”, that person had a chip on his shoulder and was looking for any reason to start a fight. He didn’t get one. I have no time to play silly games trying to keep someone else’s feelings from being hurt. And why would there be offense of Pres. Obama pictured in ceremonial garb? If I’m remembering correctly, again, he circulated pics of HIMSELF in ceremonial garb, but I can’t remember at the moment what the occasion was for. If he did it, why is it offensive if someone else shows the same picture?
      I’m being as kind as I can be, but I’ve never had anyone claiming to be Tea Party present themselves as anything but tolerant of other views. I have, however, had people claiming to be liberal, progressive or Democrat (all three affiliations, all from different people) denigrate, postulate, and spread hatred and misinformation about conservatives. Some are family members, others I know only in passing. I don’t identify with Republicans because they are as self-absorbed and interested in re-election as Democrats are. I don’t identify with Democrats because they are only interested in “helping”, i.e. taking from some to give to others, all the while claiming they know better than us how to live our lives.
      I don’t know if I’ve answered your question, but I tried. Oh, and by the way, if you’re concerned about the impression given by one party or group, then please, in the interest of fairness, be concerned about the impression given by the other party or group. Both sides have a lot to answer for, but one side gets a pass and the other is glorified as “for the people”.

      • tonnyb2

        Fair enough. I’m sorry for the hurt you felt from liberal, progressive and Democrats. It saddens to think that people like you and Diggur get painted with a broad brush based on the actions of a few.

        You have answered my question and I appreciate the civility. I think that for the most part, liberals who denigrate, postulate, and spread hatred and misinformation about conservatives do it out of ignorance. There are likely real haters there as well but I think most liberals … just don’t understand conservative culture. Think about it. Much of their information comes from mainstream media, from conversations with conservatives on blogs like this were they are generally not welcomed and often denigrated, and non-conservative sites were they form their own echo chamber repeating the same ignorance POV. I am going to try to change that. That is the reason for my inquire today.

        I understand you use of the term “boy” is neutral [non-racial way]. But it hasn’t always been used that way.

        From Wikipedia,

        Historically, in countries such as the U.S. and South Africa, “boy” was not only a ‘neutral’ term for domestics but also used as a disparaging racist insult towards men of colour (especially of African descent)

        • mommyoffive

          I know the historical use of the term “boy”, but as I may have said earlier, I’m too old to play silly games trying not to offend people. People will be offended somewhere no matter what is said or done. And yes, I believe you may be right about liberals and their treatment on conservative blogs. The same happens to conservatives on liberal blogs. I see this a lot, and you probably do as well, but people are gung-ho about freedom of speech and the right to opinions, as well as “tolerance”. I see it from both sides of the aisle. But if anyone even THINKS about expressing a different opinion than what is the accepted opinion on any particular post, that person is denigrated, called names, and in a lot of cases they receive enough “thumbs down” votes that their post is hidden. What good does that do for civil discourse? Nothing at all, and only serves to enflame whichever side feels slighted by not being heard.

        • mommyoffive

          And that picture is disgusting, to say the least. I may not agree with any of the President’s policies, but I won’t disrespect him either. Whoever posted that is a sick person trying to create more of a frenzy for their own purposes. It adds nothing to the debate about the ACA. I file pics like that under “childish” and move on.

    • William Richardson

      Yes Tonnyb2, sometimes we do get crap from other conservatives. The real problem is that we ALWAYS get crap from liberals. And yes, I have a bi-racial family as well. I married a wonderful Japanese woman 42 years ago.

      • tonnyb2

        Thank you.

    • keyboard jockey

      The TEA party movement is a grassroots movement it’s OPEN that mean’s no vetting we have something called free association in this country you can’t tell another person they can or cannot belong to a grassroots movement. It’s not a club.

      For instance would you like to account for all the “Crimes” committed by individual’s who identified themselves as belonging to the Occupy Wallstreet Crowd? Those individuals were free to associate also

      • tonnyb2

        I understand. Thank you.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      Maybe you should contact your local TEA Party chapter and get to know them instead of relying on what a biased news media wants you to believe about them. Just sayin’.
      The TP rallys and protests were open to everyone. Even trolls just like the First A. says. Funny how the media always to manage to find the one guy that has the Zulu images and/or confederate flag. Almost like they knew where they would be among 50K people. Weird that.
      Even when the TP publicly denounced these kind of signs and asked attendees not to use racially inflammatory language/images…..still the media could still always find that one guy or two…..weird.
      Here in Hawaii we use “boy” the way you on the mainland use junior, to differentiate between father and son. Dont want ya to think Hawaiians are racist. We have TEA Parties here too.

      Well, I think you see my point. If your question is truly sincere, you’ll follow up with your local TP and judge firsthand.

      • tonnyb2

        I think the media stirs things up for profit. They will put many people on the ground and find that one person because it creates controversy and controversy leads to more eyeballs on the screen.

        I think I’d like to find out more from people like you. But based upon the conversation I’ve had here over the last 24 hours, I’m seriously considering it.

    • Joseph Hansell

      Pardon my cynicism, but this question reminds me of countless debates where the moderator asks a question of the conservative candidate (usually about abortion) not because he/she cares what the candidate’s position is, but in the hope that the candidate (re:Todd Akin) will say something stupid. That wouldn’t be what you’re up to here, would it?

      • tonnyb2

        No. And if you say something stupid I won’t hold you to it. :) I want to know. I want to bridge the divide wherever it is possible.

    • windskisong

      Your question was well asked, and well answered. The only racists I ever encountered in all the TEA rallies I went to were either the (liberal) news reporters or the people they were seeking out/talking to, who would usually leave shortly after the reporter left (almost as if that was the only reason they were there?)
      My conservative friends and family are far more focused on ideas and character than color or outward characteristics. I am just as frustrated with Pres. Obama as I was with Pres. Clinton before the 94 blowout, and as I am with Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, and McConnell (statists and authoritarians all).
      If you are truly moderate, but lean towards liberty/individual opportunity, I would strongly suggest getting to a TEA party function and seeing for yourself. Bring your family, and see how they are accepted.

      • tonnyb2

        Thanks for the books. How were able to determine that the news reporters were racist?

        This thread has been an eye opener for me. I am considering a Tea Party visit.

  • Jonathan Biviano

    How it works at MSNBC:
    Bosses: “Our viewership is down, how do we increase ratings”
    SE Cupp: “Go Conservative?”
    Everybody else: “LOLOLOLOL”
    Bosses: “No really, how?”
    Any other employee: “Say something totally idiotic and controversial, then conservatives will play it and we’ll at least get our faces out there!”
    Bosses and rest of liberals: “Yeah, that will work!”

  • Boyd Campbell
    • GW

      5 kids! Awesome! Rock on Mr. Campbell. Rock on!

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Hey, my old Twitter buddy @FoxieNews made the Party…. My former Sister in law Holly has a BEAUTIFUL #MyRightWingBiRacialFamily Loves Jesus and Cheerios, Her family’s Jewish, has two Hispanic kids via second Husband, and my Nephew Frank via her first (my Big Brother Rusty)! My roomate Dave’s fiance’ is Italian and Lebanese, and her ex-Husband is German-American…Great Christian kids! Well… You get the idea…. And as usual, PMSDNBC doesn’t have a clue… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Robert Mission

    Great photos and comments! But doesn’t MSNBC’s forget that President Obama comes from an interacial family?

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Admit it, though– if you didn’t KNOW Tiger Woods was mixed Black and Southeast Asian, wouldn’t you guess “Pacific Islander”? Which only goes to show what a construct “race” is, and it IS a construct– because of “one-drop rules,” a concept like “bi-racial identity” is a fraught one: “Yeah, OK, Barry, you have a moderately-dark skin and kinky hair– even though you never grew up around black people, and your sister is Eurasian, and the ‘blackest’ thing about you was an African-sounding name, for our purposes, you’re ‘black,’ even though there are Middle Eastern people who look like you and are classified as ‘white’ by the US Census Bureau.”

    • michael s

      Not to long ago when Tiger Woods was subjected to Sergio Garcia’s racist commentary.a majority of the posters here supported Garcia.

      • Orwellian_Dilemma

        You’re funny. Tiger was “subjected” to racist commentary? He’s the most powerful figure in sports and he’s “subjected” to racist commentary by an afterthought of sports?

        I hope that lame joke about fried chicken doesn’t make Tiger cry. I mean, it’s almost like a lynching or a dirty look or something.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Guess you missed the part where we laughed at Fuzzy Zoeller’s “fried chicken” remark, too.
        Now crawl back in your burrow, that’s a good troll…

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I’d post a picture, but my legal-immigrant wife would probably kill me! lol

    But we’ve been together for almost 20 years, and I could not be happier.

  • DanielSFL

    Racist liberals always wanting people segregated and divided against each other. This narrative will keep on until we can counter the left wing MSM lies that it’s Cons are the bigots. I’ve never met bigger racists and bigots outside of the Democrats.

  • DeadlockVictim

    It may be a convenient way to respond to MSNBC, but I’d be cautious about posting photos of my kids where they could be used as spank-fodder for some of the perverts that watch that channel.

  • Pyrobob

    Million dollar idea for Cheerios (if anyone from Cheerios is reading):
    These are some GORGEOUS families. Maybe get into contact w/ some of these folks to get pictures of them eating Cheerios together as a family w/ something like “Cheerios: bringing families together since [whenever Cheerios were invented]”.
    Gold, Jerry! Gold!

    • Calcat36

      Yet, who own Cheerios?

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        General Mills (The “Big G”), Minneapolis, Minnesota…
        Jawamax 8<{D}

        • Calcat36

          And they give to…

          • GW

            United Way / Planned Parenthood. It really sucked when I boycotted Cherios over that. And Lucky Charms. grrr

  • Carmen

    Seriously when my family gets together we call it the meeting of the UN!!! Racism lives on,…someday just maybe we can stop labeling people. Tired of the dems using the race card, racism works both ways.

  • Paige Jackson

    This made me so freakin’ happy.

    It’s sad that if MSNBC *didn’t* pull tone-deaf, idiotic stunts like this one, they’d get little to no attention at all. As it stands, they’re ten times the laughingstock they make Fox News out to be.

  • carmenta

    personally, we’re all of one race – HUMAN. And that is how I answer that question on census forms etc. Check ‘other’ and write in ‘human’. Unless you work at msnbc – and then you’re zombie.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy


  • Perry

    The whole “race” thingy stays alive because the Left needs it to frighten low information voters into voting for them. The U.S. is supposed to be about opportunity, not given something because of your race or culture. It should go to the best. The Left makes out like being in a “multi-cultural” group is somehow superior than being in a monolithic group. It’s none of their damn business. In a group of five, give me the best people for a task they’re best suited for. Don’t tell me a Japanese, a Pygmie, a Mexican, a Colombian and a Irish dude will make a better basketball team than 5 Black guys because they’re “multicultural”. Total BS. Federal and State governments are loaded down with people unqualified to do their jobs because they were hired based on race or gender, soooooo, you have to hire another person to ACTUALLY do the job. One of the big reasons our govt is bloated and deficit strapped. Forget about race, gender, ethnicity, whatever. Go back to an opportunity economy, the winner gets the ring. Yeah, this has to do with this bi-racial thingy. The Left MUST keep racism alive to justify a huge government that robs from others to give to them, to make things “fair”. It’s all about the $$$$’s. I say don’t play their game.

  • Johnny Teel

    Awesome rebuttal of MSNBC! Loved it! MSNBC continues to make itself irrelevant. But I suppose they have to entertain their 18 or so viewers.

  • Brenda Harris

    My conservative biracial family @MSNBC idiots

    • windskisong

      Beautiful family, and a wonderful indictment of the racists on the left. Thanks for sharing!

  • Pat

    This is the beauty of our country. Despite the hate and the racism that this President is trying to use to tear us apart, we are still the loving, wonderful people that helped make us the light of the world. I’m feeling so much better this morning, after seeing this.
    MSNBC should be very worried about their longevity……

  • Paladin

    I never thought of my family as bi-racial until I got into my teens and had others point it out. Some concerned liberal friends of my mom asked me what it was like being a half-breed. Now our right wing tea party family is tri-racial. OH NOHS !!!11!!!!

  • Nonameworks

    No no no no no no noes.

    Don’t y’all knows that “bi-racial” only refers to BLACK and white?
    Those other races (so called) don’t count towards “bi-racial” in the world of the lefty and MSNBC.

    • GW

      YOU know this, but it still has to be said.
      We don’t care what the lefty idiots think.

  • James W. Miller

    Thank You Michelle Malkin for all that you do to better our nation !!

  • religionandhistory

    Hate always tries to divide , single out , and contain groups in neat little boxes ! The UNITED in United States is best known as U.S. = It is us ———All of us ! – Together :) !! Individually just vulnerable strands on a strong beautiful rope bound by love ! Amazingly strong when together and resisting being divided ! Love to all , who will not follow hate , who follow ways of love instead . Ways written ages ago by the Author of love , even on hearts ———-by God Himself ! What beauty and love all souls bring as they are added to this cord of love . God bless those who stand together – for love, will not be divided – in these , United States of America :) !

  • Katelyn Weber

    Look at all those classy, beautiful, and tastefully dressed conservative women! No tampon earrings or vagina costumes in sight…and not a foam finger humpin’ one in the bunch! 😉

  • Cynis

    Seems like the left are the racists. I loved all the photos.

  • deimos19

    damn, there’s something in my eyes. have to wipe them now. I love all those pictures and stories.

  • pearl87

    I already boycott MSNBC AND Cheerios, not for their commercial, but for
    their blatant pro-homo stance which demeans ALL legitimate families. Not
    everything is about race. Truth be told, the left has been given way
    too much power to define what is offensive to conservatives.
    Inter-racial marriage is not even on the radar and creates no
    consternation among us.
    Here are the things that cause me to boycott a company:
    Promotion of Anti-Christian propaganda
    Support for communism/socialism
    Support for the homosexual agenda
    Corporate policy that undermines America, the Constitution,
    and the Bill of Rights, including:
    Freedom of speech
    Freedom of Religion
    Right to Bear Arms
    Both MSNBC and General Mills, as well as Home Depot, Target, Macy’s,
    FritoLay, PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble, and many others, have openly
    declared their hostility to American families and the American Constitution and way of life. I do not have any trouble avoiding these products and companies. They have liberated me from my slavish devotion to their brands and I am happy to make a stand for my values.

    • GW

      Every time we went to Target, we’d spend about $100 in stuff we didn’t intend to buy (what a nice picture frame. Maybe another storage bin. Oh- cute baby outfit!, etc.). After we boycotted them, we’ve been able to save all that and we haven’t missed out.

    • windskisong

      I dug into it, and you’re right about MSNBC, General Mills, Home Depot, Target, PepsiCo – haven’t looked at the others. To that you can add GE, GM, former Chrysler (now Fiat). Keep up the message!

  • neoface

    MSNBC just showing their true colors. That’s Obama zombie station, only promote hate and intolerance, only those kind of people watch that show, no one sane even know where the station is. LOL!!!

  • Connie

    Love these – thank you so much for sharing pictures of your beautiful families…God bless you all.

  • B-rad

    The left sees groups in which to exploit and divide. We see people.

    • GW

      Are those V-drums in your avatar?

      • B-rad

        Yes they are.

  • Random_Failures

    Well played! Love all of the pictures, love the epic smackdown of those MSNBC lowlifes and their loathsome “narrative.”

  • Karen

    Stop the race-baiting, liberals! Just because you see race, ethnicity, and color, rather than human beings, doesn’t mean the rest of us do.

    • Calcat36

      They know they do that. The feel guilty about it. Then they need to project that hate on their enemies, who are actually kind Americans that just want to live in peace.

      No content of character, just color of skin to them. No wonder MLK was a republican.

  • Patagonia1245

    Wonderful pictures.
    And I thought the Cheerios ad was adorable.

  • GeorgeinParadise

    Bravo, Michelle and all of the families that stood up! I am biracial too but I don’t and won’t get a Twitter account. Half Mexican/a quarter Scot/a quarter English. My wife is 3/4 Mexican and a quarter Italian. My stepdaughter who I raised is 7/8 Mexican and 1/8 Italian. My son is Heinz 57 of us all. We are 100% American and conservative. MSNBC is nothing more than a waste of a TV channel.

  • © Sponge

    The problem with this is, MSNBC believes that “bi-racial” is only black and white. All you people that think being Caucasian and dating/marrying an Asian, Mexican, Philipino, etc, are WRONG!!! There IS no racism other than WHITE HATES BLACK.

    Got it?

    • windskisong

      Thanks for clearing that up. Although, they do occasionally allow that whites sometimes hate other races too – they just don’t mention that it was FDR who threw Americans of Japanese ancestry into concentration camps after stealing all their property…

  • Jenn Oates

    I seem to have something in my eyes. Sniffle.

  • whateverdear

    MSNBC knows the Conservatives Are All Old White People Who Hate Brown People With All Their Evil Souls line is BS, but it’s BS with a purpose — to harden impressionable young minds into thinking that a vote for a liberal is a vote for goodness, justice and light — when it most certainly is not, by any stretch.

    These picture are beautiful, but they will be willfully ignored because they cannot let their desperate falsehoods be destroyed by facts.

    • Karen

      Isn’t that the truth. I was ‘taught’ in high school that Republicans are for big business, and Democrats are for ‘the people.’ By a social studies teacher. Still ticks me off that the two parties were passed off so simplistically. How many kids will turn 18 and start voting for Democrats based on lies, and one day REALIZE how they were lied to? I’m just glad I started studying issues before I voted for too many Democrats.

  • FlatFoot

    We’re not the place for news. We’re not the place for that. Our brand is not that.

    We’re the place for

    M oonbats
    S pewing
    N othing
    B ut
    C rap

    So c’mon, sheople! Tune in! Veg’ out! Right here on MSNnNnNBC!

    -MSNBC President Phil Griffin [June 02, 2013]

  • prncslea71

    AWESOME!!!! LOVIN’ IT!!! i absolutely love the Cheerios commercial, it is so cute. good on you Cheerios, keep it up. i come from an area where everyone is just about bi-racial, so local commercials reflect this already, which is great. you’re children reflect the best of both of you, be it culturally, physically, personality, etc. your kids, parents, friends, are lucky people. God Bless you all.

  • Tugboat25

    My white/conservative self really enjoyed this twitchy post. Now I must go enjoy the company of my beautiful Chinese wife.

  • H50 ✓RAT

    So many beautiful families. Glad to see them standing up and challenging this racism.

    Is someone making popcorn?
    Must be prog heads exploding then.

  • AlecJ

    Im almost glad MSNBC is thoughtless enough to say what they did… brought out an amazing show of multiculturalism from our side. Maybe it will wake up some zombies who think every right winger is a white protestant male married to a white protestant female.

  • LtColO

    Count me among that crowd, too!

  • CJ_ETT

    We can scream that we aren’t racist from the tallest building in the world, and it won’t matter. Libs have managed to stereotype us and we let them do it. We can do this all day long without changing one person’s thinking about us. It’s time for our ‘leaders’ who have the microphone to quit mumbling their prepared talking points and platitudes that have been focus grouped to death. Once, just once, I want to see someone from our side on national TV who is being slandered by the lib media to pound their fist on the table and say ‘Bu** **it! You are a liar!’ Won’t happen, though.

  • Em

    Take that MSNBC!!!

    On a side note it crossed my mind that the late Andrew Breitbart is loudly applauding this kindly, heartfelt and honest response to the dolts on the left.

    Thank you Michelle Malkin for getting the ball rolling on this one!

  • happygolucky8712

    God bless all of your beautiful families. All those pictures brought tears to my eyes! I, for one, am tired of being labeled a racist because I’m conservative! Gonna go have a bowl of Cheerios now. :)

  • Lucienne Hill Bard

    I loved ALL the pictures of the happy, intelligent, mixed race families. MSNBC is staffed with nothing but racist idiots.

  • Julie Bush

    These were all BEAUTIFUL families. I’m glad people are seeing MSNBC for what they truly are…..crap starters!

  • Kevin Larson

    your not my friend guy…

  • seemorejustice

    I love it when a Liberal myth (lie) gets smacked down!

    • windskisong

      Again. Get tired of having to keep smacking it down, but it’s easy to do with the truth.

    • tonnyb2

      I love it when a myth (lie), Liberal or Conservative, gets smacked down!

  • toyin

    I love my rightwingbiracialfamily, Yes we exist and nothing you do or say will make us go away.

    • windskisong

      Beautiful family. (And have you noticed that the most beautiful people in Hollywood tend to be mixed ethnicity?) Well said.

  • toyin

    Irresponsible liberals that don’t care who they hurt with the jargons they spit out

  • Arden Hale

    Perhaps a recap of racism in this country and its roots. Slavery was practiced by democrats. Jim Crow was written by democrats. Desegregation opposed by liberal democrats. KKK founded and operated by democrats. Trail of Tears that caused suffering and death of Native Americans caused by Andrew Jackson a democrat. Thomas Jefferson arguably the founder of the party slave owner democrat. Japanese internment camps, created by democrats. Racism was never a republican trait. Oh true there may be some who are but nothing can compare to the bigotry of the democratic party.

    • tonnyb2

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but what your describing involved mostly southern democrats and to a lesser extent some southern republicans.

  • Patricia Maier Daniel

    Tears running down my face!! A FAMILY consists of those who love each other PERIOD!!

  • Mark

    Yeah, but those were white hispanics, and white asians, and white blacks, and …

  • Irishgirl417

    To those of you with all your crappy comments about liberals, you are really no better than the network you vilify for doing exactly what you are doing right now.

    • windskisong

      But who’s writing the hateful comments here? All liberals.
      The conservatives are too busy showing off their beautiful families, and shaming the liberals with the truth.

      • tonnyb2

        For the most part yes, its liberals however, I’ve seen a few hateful comments from people who profess to be conservatives as well.

  • kssturgis62

    My Favorite response is Billy !!!

    @michellemalkin this is #MyRightWingBiracialFamily @msnbc screw you we watching Foxnews

  • Robert Balis Lucarelli

    I shed some tears….when we love one another…we don’t see anything but love.

    Truly was beautiful to see all these people stand up …..this is who conservatives are…this is who we are!

  • Scott Silva

    For every 75 families that posted on here, there are more than 75, that are, most likely GOP/Conservative (walks like a duck, quacks like one, is one) that think that interracial marriage is wrong. I knew a few of them. Please.

    • windskisong

      Funny thing is… I actually know people who think interracial marriage is wrong… they’re ALL political and religious liberals. Every one.
      You need to broaden your circle of friends.

    • DrJennySueNY

      The only racists I know are a few liberal minorities who hate White people.

  • Scott Silva

    For every 75 families, like this, you can easily find 150 right wingers who are digugsted enought by interracial families, that they would never marry someone out of their own race, even if they tolerate it for someone they know. If it walks like a duck, quacks like one, it is one. Notice how Sarah Palin’s popularity went down a little after it was known she slept with Glen Rice along Tea Partiers.

    • Truth is fact, not opinion

      And where did you get those figures? I am sure it is conjecture because you have a negative view about either life, people or your own self image. I feel sorry for your heavy heart :( Please heal it with love and positivity. Like it or not, this extreme right winger is praying for you now!

    • windskisong

      Read this board, read other boards like it. The racist, nasty, biased, vicious comments are almost always (90ish %) from liberals.

    • DrJennySueNY

      I have never met any white person who said anything bad about my adopted Latino son. A few Latinos at his school picked on him for acting “white” and not knowing how to speak Spanish.

  • Patricia Picoli Struzzi

    What a beautiful aray of beautiful families. So glad you stuck up for yourselves and many of us like you.

  • John H

    You know what I see here? Lots of pictures of Americans. Pictures of American men, women, and children. Externals don’t matter. God bless the United States of America.

  • Rebecca Delgadillo

    Love love love, wish I had known I would have added my own photo. My husband is first generation from Mexico and I am Norwegian and German. I am proud of the diversity you can see in commercials because it is of the melting pot that is America. Seriously disappointed in MSNBC

  • Joe baidoo

    Shitty white supremacist Ideologies…look at yourself if you are hater…there is one thing you sure hate about yourselves….your brains!!!

    • DrJennySueNY

      You seemed to have missed the whole point.

  • I am she.

    haha I love this! I knew there were a lot more out there just like me <3 The #MyRightWingBiRacialFamily hashtag DESTROYED #MSNBC's racist agenda

  • yvette rideaux

    I just don’t understand how whites can such conservative and racist attitude in today’s world about anything. I like all people, but I have a major problem when whites of all ethnic backgrounds pounce on blacks especially when we are dating, marrying one of then or heaven forbid have children with one of theirs. White people need to get with the program. I met an Italian white guy at work, we became friends on Facebooks. I thought was very nice I made the mistake and give a gift of apples to him. Then, I noticed that he would not talk to me on facebook. I soon figured out he was very conservative on his posting to racists in on way. I did some research on Italian men they love black women, but the American born Italians they have been groomed to date and marry only those that are white. It is really sad they were taught to be that way.

    • windskisong

      Sorry that you ran into a situation like that. Doesn’t sound like a problem with conservatives, sounds like a problem with Italians. May be similar to other ethnic groups in America that try to retain their identity by encouraging marrying within their race. I had a similar experience with a black lady, when I expressed interest, a different black woman at work basically told me she would torpedo my career permanently unless I backed off.
      So, did this Italian guy express conservative ideas, AND make racist posts on FB? If so, he would be the first racist conservative I’ve encountered. I’ve seen far more racist posts and comments from my lefty friends/family/etc., and heard far more vicious racial garbage from public lefties.

    • Diggur

      I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with both yvette and windskisong. There problem here is not an ethnicity, it’s a person. HE hurt your feelings – not all of his people. We have got to stop stereotyping. I read some of these posts and I am shocked by the broad, sweeping statements and assumptions that are being made. There are so many lovely, mixed race families represented here. Why don’t we take this as an encouraging sign? We have to set an example through our own lives, not bash other ethnic groups.

    • DrJennySueNY

      Maybe he just did not like your personality? It happens, you know. It sounds like you are kind of racist and broad brushing Italian men.

  • Glenn Baker

    Why is it that when people call other people(like me) racist they usually in a one race relationship?

    • windskisong

      Beautiful family, and well spoken thought.

  • Guest

    Little do they know a large part of their constituents and fellow republicans can’t stand the look of their families.

    • windskisong

      Funny you should say this. Republicans, and especially conservatives, have been on the Right side of racial issues since before the War Between the States, and Democrats and in general “liberals/progressives” have been the haters of “the other” since at least the French Revolution.

      • tonnyb2

        Pardon my ignorance but it seems like the majority of Southern Democrats have been on the wrong side of this issue since before the election up until the civil rights legislation when a gradual shift of Southern Democrats to the Republican Party began.


        Pardon my ignorance but it seems like the majority of Southern Democrats have been on the wrong side of this issue since before the (CIVIL WAR) up until the civil rights legislation (OF 1964) when a gradual shift of (A PORTION) of Southern Democrats to the Republican Party began.

        I am open to clarification.

        • Amanda Davis

          Wow I can’t believe I fell for it. I thought your question days ago was legitimate and felt bad that people assumed you were trolling. How silly of me to hope for the best. The Republican Party has always been an abolitionist, pro civil rights party, who implemented affirmative action. They are also pro capitalist and pro small government which translates into being against excessive entitlements. If you were genuine in your thirst for knowledge, you would read Thomas Sowel and Dr. Carson and Mia Loves statements about being conservatives and black in a world that demands black people be a monolith and all support one school of thought. Shame on me for falling for your polite shtick.

          • tonnyb2

            I’m sorry Amanda but my text was inaccurate. Even so, I think you are too quick to judge. And I began my comment with “pardon my ignorance,” which means I am open to correction/clarification.

            I have made the corrections with CAPS.

            Pardon my ignorance but it seems like the majority of Southern Democrats have been on the wrong side of this issue since before the “CIVIL WAR” up until the civil rights legislation “OF 1964” when a gradual shift of Southern Democrats to the Republican Party began.

            If you still question my sincerity then click on my avatar and look at all the comments I have posted over the past 3 days. That will be a true eye opener for you.

          • DrJennySueNY

            Many people in the south realized that racism was wrong, as did many in the rest of the US. (The most hateful racist comments I ever heard were on a visit to NYC in the 1970s). Most southerners focused on morality and fiscal responsibility, but the democratic party tossed these ideas, after which most switched to the republican party. I was raised in east Texas, my grand parents were Catholic Republicans who supported civil rights. For some reason (probably rebellion) my dad decided to become a Democrat, he had some racist beliefs. I voted democrat for a few years, because the prevailing thought was they supported the little guy, until I began to see how destructive their agenda was to personal responsibility. Most of the racists now are the working class union members who vote democrat because they support big labor.

          • tonnyb2

            Thank you. That is the first time I heard that as a reason for the political migration. Do you live in NY? If so, do you think New Yorkers are as progressive as southern whites when it comes to race.

          • DrJennySueNY

            Texas as a child, now California. I spent a lot of time in NY because my mom is from there. I think there are a few racists everywhere and of every race. Their voice is amplified by the media, racial politics and the ridiculous focus that universities give to racial differences. Most people just want to live peacefully, others have anger issues and settle on race as an outlet.

          • tonnyb2

            Well said. What do you mean by the “ridiculous focus that universities give to racial differences?”

          • DrJennySueNY

            Black studies, Chicano studies, Asian studies, focused on pride in skin color and anger at other races, most of the time. When minorities were rejected from other clubs, a NAACP made sense, but now, not so much.

          • tonnyb2

            Do you consider yourself a conservative?

          • DrJennySueNY

            Somewhere between libertarian and conservative. (or what most people see as conservative. i.e. Republican.) And you?

          • tonnyb2

            I like the way you express yourself. Thanks.

          • tonnyb2

            “Conservative radio darling Glenn Beck, … said Monday that Coca-Cola was trying to set the American people at odds with a Super Bowl ad that featured a patriotic hymn performed in multiple languages.”

            I am trying to understand the conservative POV. What sense do you make of this? Here is a link if you are not familiar with the commercial.


          • tonnyb2

            You are mistaken. Here is a sample of comments I’ve made in the past 24 hours.

            You don’t even know you’re own compatriots! 26 million liberals own guns! Do you see how ignorant your statement is? What other preconceived notions do you have floating around your head? Please understand, you’re not the only one. We all have them, myself included. That what leads to misunderstanding and division and the vitriol from both sides.


            This is an ignorant statement. Its a sweeping statement and therefore bigoted.

            You know little or nothing of the culture, yet you judge and condemn it. You know nothing of the culture but think you can speak for it.

            Who owns guns?
            Conservative – 49 %
            Moderate – 37 %
            Liberal – 22 %

            I am not a gun owner but I understand that I know very little about the culture (walk a mile in a man’s shoes …?)

            1) you should consider finding out more about the culture before you judge it, and go way past the MSM to find out the truth. Find someone patient (ignore the vitriol and right wing bigots) conservative, who really understands what it means to be a conservative and get to know them.

            2) Find out where you ideas (memes) about the gun culture come from (MSM?) did deeper and find out why the reasons for the memes and whether there is any truth to them.

            Then you could own your own beliefs instead parroting what you’ve heard. You know how you hate the bigotry that sometimes comes from the right? Well being liberal doesn’t give you the right to be a bigot either.


            You see, I think its ignorance. Its a type of ignorance that many liberals share. They don”t understand conservative culture and I suspect the converse is true.

            It is very difficult for person who hasn’t owned a gun to be able to know what that’s all about. If you’ve never owned a gun or been around guns in any significant way, it is easy to imagine that taking guns away will prevent another massacre, but it most likely won’t except for random chance.

            If liberals understood the gun culture, had a chance to own and shoot guns for a period of time, I don’t think they would advocate for gun control laws that don’t make sense.

      • tonnyb2

        Please view the correction to the original comment that started with “Pardon my ignorance but it seems like the majority of Southern Democrats …”

    • tonnyb2

      Now how do you know that?

  • Carrie

    wow such beautiful pics! Eye opening the kinds of families that are in this country

  • Sandra Kirby

    Who cares we don’t except you people either. I wish for purity and you people are not pure. I come from KINGS and QUEENS, My grandson is mixed and I love him very much. right know he looks like a little white boy, but I am quite sure when his white family see my black son in him, he’ll learn white folks favorite word for blacks and it’s not thugs. What planet do you people live on. The GOP has more in common. with you people than MSNBC. You people should look on some of our black sight so you can really know how black people really feel about mongrels. Y’all know a black man screwing a white woman is a rapist, but it’s seems to be ok when a white man is screwing the black woman, People like you all are Token doggie wanna bees for the GOP. BETTER STILL LET THE REAL BLACKS LOOK AT MSNBC. YOU PEOPLE STICK WITH FOX NEWS and their endearing names they call y’all, WE THE OTHERS want a raise, equal voting rights immigration reform, extension of unemployment benefits and for the 75 of you mixups that got to rag on MSNBC. Do like me change the channel Y’all seem to be more of Fox media types, ALL YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST STRANGE FRUIT. PROUD BLACK WOMAN

    • windskisong

      Racist much?

    • Amanda Davis

      Ahhhh, there it is. The additude about mutts and mongrels that I hear so often about my own babies. My in laws are very loving, but boy do I hear nasty comments about my children from their friends and extended family. Trust, I as a Jew married into an African-American family am QUITE familiar with the hate you are spewing. I have never heard “white peoples favorite word for black people” come out of the mouths of any of my family. All I can do is pray for you and hope that the hate and pain you are filled with doesn’t devour every aspect of your life.

    • tonnyb2

      Sandy Sandy Sandy. The People in these pictures are conservatives, black, white and every color in between. They have the right to be conservative. Unfortunately the only definition of conservative you know is the one the MSM has given to you (at least from the vitriol you’ve posted here).

      The MSM is a business. They are out to make money. They will tell you whatever it takes to get more eyeballs on the screen; that’s how they stay in business. Controversy sells, fighting sells. They get you to watch by stirring up our emotions, all of us, black, white and every color in between, liberal moderate, conservative etc …

    • Diggur

      Sandy, I’m so sad that you feel that way! I pray that God will open your eyes to all of the good people of all colors who live in this world. There are haters in every group – white, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc., but there are also a lot of good people out there. We live in a time when we should be far enough along in our emotional evolution to accept one another, and know that the racism has to end with each one of us. If we hate, then the people we are prejudiced against will hate us back, and it just goes on and on. We’re all a mixture of different races, the human genome project has definitely proven that, so why not see each other as people rather than colors? God bless.

    • DrJennySueNY

      I feel so sorry for you…such unwarranted hatred toward people who have done nothing to you. We have had equal voting rights for 40 years and everyone wants immigration reform. Further, it has been shown that the longer you provide unemployment benefits to people, the longer they stay out of work.

      • tonnyb2

        Reference please.

        • DrJennySueNY

          From politifact:

          In a fact-check we published back in 2009, we noted some commonly cited papers that seemed to back up Paul’s statement, both co-authored in 1990 by Lawrence Katz, a Harvard economist who once worked in the Clinton administration, and fellow economist Bruce D. Meyer.

          In one of these papers, published in the Journal of Public Economics, the authors looked at U.S. unemployment data from 1979 to 1983, and concluded that increasing unemployment insurance by six to 12 months could increase unemployment by four to five weeks, and a duration of 24 months could mean an increase of up to 16 weeks.

          When we checked with an ideologically diverse group of economists for this article, they cited a number of other, more recent papers that found longer unemployment benefits tended to increase the duration of unemployment. For instance:

          • In a May 2013 study, Henry Farber of Princeton and Robert Valletta of the Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco concluded that extended benefits in the aftermath of the Great Recession raised the average duration of unemployment by 7 percent and caused the unemployment rate to increase by 0.4 percentage points.

          The effect, they found, was especially strong among those unemployed for at least six months.

          An article Valletta co-authored with his Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco colleague Katherine Kuang in 2010 concluded that even though a 0.4 percentage-point increase in the unemployment rate is modest, it still “represents about 600,000 potential workers who could become virtually unemployable if their reliance on (unemployment insurance) benefits were to continue indefinitely.”

          • In an October 2013 study, four co-authors — Marcus Hagedorn, Fatih Karahan, Iourii Manovskii, Kurt Mitman — concluded that “most of the persistent increase in unemployment during the Great Recession can be accounted for by the unprecedented extensions of unemployment benefit eligibility.”

          They didn’t think that longer benefit periods cut down on unemployed workers’ efforts to search for jobs, though. Rather, they said, extended benefits tended to raise prevailing wages in the wider labor market, which in turn made companies less likely to increase the number of jobs on their payroll.

          • tonnyb2

            Thank you. I’ll look over the data. So the effect wasn’t based on “laziness” but on wage inflation. Did they explain why extended benefits lead to higher wages?

          • DrJennySueNY

            You would probably have to read the actual study, try Google Scholar. I would guess that the cost of employing someone went up because the cost of carrying their unemployment insurance went up with more people on unemployment for longer periods. There is also an interesting study in Europe that showed people went back to work whenever their benefits ran out. I am trying to find the reference again, but European studies can be hard to find, particularly if they are in another language.

          • tonnyb2

            I’m not sure if European studies would apply to the US.

  • windskisong

    HEY RNC – if you’re paying attention. THIS is your ad. When the racists start attacking again and implying that conservatives are against immigration because we’re evil racists, THIS is your ad to help you explain who conservatives are, then build on it to explain why illegal immigration and amnesty HURTS minorities far more than anything conservatives have ever done.

  • DrJennySueNY

    It took me a while to remember this, because we don’t really focus on appearances in my family, but we join the din with my adopted Latino son, numerous foster children of various ethnicities and my awesome sister-in-law, nieces and nephews who are of Japanese descent, and the rest of our mostly conservative family (we even have some liberals who we love too) in saying MSNBC is purposefully ignorant of the truth. They see only what fits in their narrow frame of reference and bias. They are full of hate and need the love of Christ who taught…There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

    • windskisong

      Amen! Well said.