For many we ran across, that’s not a joke, except the Bush being blamed for the JFK assassination (Sr. and Jr. by the way) is George H.W. Bush:

Got that? The science is settled, or something.

Pay attention, students, because this kind of thing could provide a boost to your GPA:

  • BobbiNJ

    The scariest part is that Griffin Ernest with his 100% paper will be voting soon, if he doesn’t already.

    • V the K

      But raise a question about Obama’s birth certificate or missing college records and suddenly *you’re* the whackjob.

      • Canadian in USA ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        #LiberalLogic in a nutshell.

        • bhhntr

          they were hatched from nutshells

      • grais

        And a racist.

        • earlywirgit

          Don’t forget a sexist and a homophobe, as well!

          • beijingyank

            You’re a “Birther!” And, a “Conspiracy Theorist!”

          • Katherine Noel Mumford

            and for not reading the signs that were so blatant about his birth, you are an idiot

      • bmoc

        … And a racist.

        • beijingyank

          Don’t forget, “Kook!”

    • Evin

      It seems like he may have done it to prove a point that you could write a paper on something that goes against the right and easily achieve a 100.

      • BobbiNJ

        I hope that was the motivation!

    • Richo

      No the scariest part is that slack jawed troglodytes who were not able to get satire by a high school student are allowed to vote.

    • edc

      I would put more suspicion on LBJ than any of the Bush family, he had the most to gain by JFKs death. He also was one of the most crooked Presidents until clinton and obama-bin-lyin. (The more they come the worse they get.)

      • James McLarey

        I am totally stealing “obama-bin-lyin”!

        • Steve Harmon

          Me too, it’s too good not to, sorry edc, I can’t not.

    • rssllue

      We need to just start writing the ballots in cursive and that will fix the problem of Griffen’s voting. 😉

      • chamuiel

        Apparently, today that would stop a lot of people from voting. Holder, Jackson, Sharpenton, and Oprah would be yelling it is racist.

    • Jim Rasmussen

      To me, the scariest part is the teacher who gave that paper its grade has been able to vote for some time now.

      • BobbiNJ

        Good point!

  • proud2b4family

    There are no words. #Facepalm

  • adam

    It’s easy to blame anyone if your audience is stupid enough. Hitler knew that.

    • Republicanvet

      So does Obama.

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    Okay, stop. The assassination of a President of the United States is not a joking matter.

    • ObamaFail

      To classless liberal trash it is.

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        Dammit, I was a kid when it happened and I cried real tears. It was like hearing Jesus had been shot. Even my teacher had to excuse herself long enough to get a handle on it. I didn’t have the words to say, even to myself, this s*** doesn’t happen here! Nevertheless, the raw feeling was there.

        • HanaFiveO

          That emotion is just another way to divide us Cat.

          If they can convince Americans that an evil republican CIA chief (later to become POTUS) was involved in a successful assignation of a beloved democrat POTUS, and that his republican son (later to become POTUS) knew and covered up the murder, that would truly be the end of the republican party.
          I agree with you tho, it is not a joking matter, these are not historical facts to be adjusted to suit a political agenda and the horrible events of that day leave a deep and lasting scar on anyone who lived through it.

          • WhoDat

            People have been speculating who was involved since the moment it happened, I feel people will be still speculating 50 years from now.

          • HanaFiveO

            I agree who, but speculating about what may have happened is much different that assigning blame to a specific person(s) for political advancement.

          • mschmidt48

            And still be blaming Bush for things that will be just happening in 2063.

          • merriel

            I have always believed that Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson planned it. He NEVER was JFK’s friend and had too much to gain by the assassination.

          • bmoc

            JFK was going to drop LBJ as VP in the next year’s election. He had plenty of motive to act on that. But there were dozens of people who had motive: the Free Cubans who JFK had deserted at the Bay of Pigs; the military who JFK was about to desert in VietNam; the revolutionary Cubans offended at the CIA’s attempts to assassinate Castro; Woody Harrelson’s contract killer father, one of the bums arrested that day at the scene; J. Edgar Hoover, the megolomaniac; the mob who RFK was trying to eliminate; and others. Oswald professed his innocence and was never proven guilty. The only eyewitness to testify at the hearings was shown by the Zapruder film to have not even seen any shots from the Texas Schoolbook Depository Building as he was looking at JFK, not the building. JFK’s headshot was shown to have come from the front, not the back as would have been necessary if Oswald had shot him. The Warren Commission blew it.

          • Truckerfriend

            bmoc you forgot to list as suspect the Federal Reserve banking cartel. JFK had signed an executive order to re-open the U.S. Mints and to get us out of the Federal Reserve returning control of the U.S. economy to the elected folks in congress rather than it being in the hands of a group of private bankers. One of LBJ’s first acts after assuming office was to sign another executive order rescinding JFK’s getting us out of the FR.

          • djfritz

            You do mean Lyndon Brainless Johnson don’t you??

          • Raja

            And that’s when you have to be an adult and control your emotions and accept the humor of the liberals.

        • Richard Jefferies

          You cried real tears as a kid for someone you didn’t know? Why because you were told to? Cry little myrmidon, cry. I didn’t realize the depth of human emotional stupidity until I was living in London when Princess Diana died. One day she is the Kim Kardashian of the tabloids, and the next she’s elevated to Saint Hood. It’s the same crap with the Kennedys. JFKs poll numbers in 1963 were down 25 points from 2 years earlier. This Camelot crap didn’t exist until after his assassination.

          As as to this s*** not happening here, you know he was the third President assassinated, not the first. And there were attempts on five others. So, most assuredly the sh** did happen here, it just was never broadcast on the idiot box.

          • John N Gwen Bates

            One quick point, JFK was the 4th, not 3rd assassinated POTUS: Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy.

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            And, if the stories about poisoning are true, Warren Harding. Read up on how sudden his death seemed, even though he had not been in such great health, as a result of exhaustion from a pre-airflight era journey to and from Alaska– or so they said. There was no autopsy performed.
            My father was a young Army veteran in 1945 when FDR died– and he told me that, as a result of the mystery surrounding Harding’s death, there were many people who hoped the Government would be more forthcoming about FDR.

          • edav38

            I would like an inquiry into whether William Henry Harrison Really got Pneumonia

          • chamuiel

            Sheesh, FDR died of a brain embolism.

            What else do you want to know?

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Some people were suspicious that the artist who had been painting his portrait just before he died was a Russian emigre named Elisabet Shoumatova (who, BTW, would go on to paint LBJ and Lady Bird as well). She was apparently the last person to see him alive and to speak to him.
            While no one ever seriously doubted her Royalist anti-Commie credentials, just the look of a Russian-born person being there, right after the Yalta talks, and the feeling that FDR was not well (and hence had gotten rolled by Uncle Joe) while in Yalta, and now, back home, was beginning to rethink what took place there– that’s what got tongues wagging.

          • Largebill

            And all of the assassinations and attempted assassinations were by crazies or people seeking notoriety/fame except Lincoln where there actually was a concerted effort by a group of Democrats/Rebel sympathizers.

          • bmoc

            “Squeaky” Fromm was seeking notoriety/fame? I thought she was just following Manson’s orders.

          • Largebill

            Read more slowly. I said either crazy or seeking fame. She clearly falls in the crazy category.

          • Janeen Alley

            John Wilkes Booth ended the life of Abraham Lincoln really destroyed America! Right after the Civil War ended, Lincoln was murdered, but Lincoln’s plan was to send all of the displaced African’s by his emancipation proclaimation was to ship the Blacks back to their home land! Lincoln couldn’t stand them, didn’t like them touching him! But Johnson, Lincoln’s VP was terrified if he finished the job, his southern politicians would throw HIM out of office!

          • Kakarot

            Janeen, that would be a lot more impressive if you had listed even ONE source to support your claims.

          • Janeen Alley

            Check the Lincoln papers in Springfield Illinois!

          • Kakarot

            Nothing at all on-line? OK. I think that kind of odd,but OK.

            Any particular floor where I should check first?

            For the past decade, the staff of the Papers of Abraham Lincoln has been collecting images of documents written by or to Abraham Lincoln from repositories and private collections around the world. The project has scanned more than 90,000 documents from more than 400 repositories and 180 private collections in 47 states and 5 foreign countries thus far. The archive will likely top 150,000 documents when complete.

            from The Papers of Abraham Lincoln

          • MJ Pauls

            I would think it would be very scary as a kid to hear that the President was shot and killed. Their teachers and parents would’ve been shook up. The people who are supposed to calmly explain things were crying, plus this man was the leader of the country. They knew his name and face. Catherder was a kid. Give him a break.

          • Patriot077

            It was a scarey time in my childhood memories too. And a gloom settled on our entire community as we grieved for his wife and children.

          • chamuiel


            It must have seemed like the end of the world.

            Funny, I lived through it, and do not remember it that way.

          • Patriot077

            Glad I didn’t grow up in your world. In mine, it was a tragedy. For the family and the nation.

          • genann59

            Several kids in my class at Robert E Lee High School in San Antonio, TX cried as well. There were a lot of people who really cared about the Kennedys and who were devastated when he was killed. He had visited our town the day before he was killed. My main concern, to be honest, was that LBJ was now president, which I felt was bad news for the country. BTW – there are as many speculations that LBJ was behind the murder as there are that Bush ’41 was behind it.

            Another item to consider, although this was the 4th assassination in the nation’s history, it was the first in our recent history, and the first in most peoples’ lifetime, so I do not have a hard time accepting that people would believe it wouldn’t happen here. I think most people at that time felt America was a bit more civilized than that. I sure did.

          • chamuiel

            So, as a kid you were concerned about LBJ being president.


          • Janeen Alley

            Really you felt that people were civilized HERE in America? It was & still is a tragedy that this man’s life was over! That is the worst part. But the 1960″s was hell on earth. Race riots, the Eisenhower administration was just an OLD MAN needing to retire! People pissed off about Vietnam, love children, the 60’s was the craziest times for America!

          • Kakarot

            Janeen, honey. Eisenhower administration ended January 20, 1961. Ike WAS retiring.

            Also, most of the race riots I can remember were from 1966/67/68 — Johnson was president then.

          • Janeen Alley

            I know Ike was out of office. President Kennedy replaced him! Eisenhower was a good General, but a piss poor politician! There were riots all over in the South, right here in Alabama where I live! I didn’t say it was the blacks then, it was the white’s along with the KKK

          • Kakarot

            So when you what on earth did you mean when you said the Eisenhower administration was just an OLD MAN needing to retire? Even you agree he WAS retiring, so what was your point?

            I’m also a bit puzzled by your white race riots, but I’ll leave that for another time.

          • Janeen Alley

            Are you old enough to know about what went on in Birmingham, Atlanta, Selma! Where the blacks were marching in the streets & were hosed own by the firetrucks, on the freedom rides, blacks were beaten by whites & the KKK, buses burned, beaten with billy clubs, police dogs attacking the blacks! There were riots all over the south when Kennedy wanted to end discrimination of the blacks!

          • genann59

            For those who were alive at the time, everywhere you saw in America, people were crying, going to churches and praying for the country, even Walter Cronkite (sp?) broke down momentarily when he announced the death on TV. So to question why a kid would have cried indicates the person asking the question was likely not alive at the time of the assassination. It was a very big deal to a whole lot of people.

          • edav38

            It is also a Big National Safety issue, because while the Vice-Pres is immediately sworn in, there are many issues of National Security involved that only the president can determine and make decisions on. If any One of those is ignored, it could spell disaster.

          • chamuiel



          • chamuiel

            I never saw that.

          • Richard Jefferies

            I’ll admit to overreacting, but I’m just sick and tired of the Kennedy worship. I’m not disparaging his presidency, but I’m just tired of the mythos that has been created around him.

          • chamuiel

            me two.

          • bmoc

            You don’t believe his presidency was “Camelot”? You may be correct, his family’s home land was Scotland, not England.

          • chamuiel

            I did not cry. Why would I have cried over a flawed president?

          • MJ Pauls

            Every person is flawed. Are we allowed to cry over anyone? Empathize with the pain the family is feeling? Regardless of his politics, his wife and children were left with a huge hole in their lives. That’s sad. Maybe I’m just a softy, but I’d rather be sympathetic when someone experiences a loss than cold and hard-hearted. Even with our difference in politics.

          • mogul264

            The presidential election of 1961 was the first one I could vote. I did NOT vote for JFK, but he was our President, and I was floored that someone had shot him! I contemplated viewing his casket, but figured the crowds would be HUGE, and they were! So, I passed on driving there from southern Maryland where I was stationed. However, I found they were passing servicemen in uniform to the head of the line, and had I gone, in uniform, I probably WOULD have had the opportunity! I missed the chance to bid my Commander-in-Chief goodbye, and I’m sorry I did! Now, I’m retired.

            If President Obama were to befall some accident or other reason, and die, I would try to go and view him, but for a DIFFERENT reason! I would be relieved he NO LONGER had the ability to continue RUINING America! Joe Biden would be the new Pres, but he would self-destruct in short order, even if he ran as the next Dem. candidate for the position. And reason and sanity would be the rule in America, AGAIN!

          • Nan

            Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy, all assassinated. Attempts made on 13 other presidents.

          • jabberwocky

            well said. Damn, people are so weak.

          • edav38

            ‘”When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you usually will.” – Abraham Lincoln

          • jabberwocky

            I don’t have to look for the bad…it is in our faces daily.

          • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

            I know many things now that I did not then. I know that the world did not end in an orgy of nuclear devastation, as many thought likely. I know that the endless air raid drills, conducted to a background of sonic booms from circling fighters, were wasted effort. I know that the President is just an elected official, not someone who sits at the right hand of God. I know that my teachers were not omniscient founts of wisdom, just well-educated people. I know that the assassinations of other Presidents were just as significant, in their way, as that of JFK.

            One other thing I know: I will never be as cruelly, cynically, contemptuous of a scared kid as some people seem capable of.

          • usmcwarrior

            …educated people, maybe; well educated: debatable. Most of the Teachers I know have been well indoctrinated, having spent the first 16 years of their lives sitting under some very Liberal mentors/teachers/propagandists but indoctrination is not what we typically think of when we use the word “education”.

            I too was shocked that day; largely because I was confused. A President had been shot and many people around me were visibly upset. What I did not understand was the politics…or the ramifications of the Bay of Pigs crisis, Nukes, bussing and a variety of other topics that only an adult could truly “know”.

            Kennedy was indeed loved, by Liberals – and Catholics and all Americans were upset that a sitting President could be assassinated but it is a stretch to think the whole country loved this guy. Many knew he was a liberal (for his day) and that he wouldn’t be strong enough to decide the fate of a generation as they awaited word for Vietnam which in retrospect we should never have entered (and knowing how incompetently it was prosecuted from both the civilian and upper echelon military which capitulated to the politician’s desire and succumbed to the lure of COIN application which had a partial win in Malay, and a failure, in Vietnam with the French).

          • Guest

            Do not listen to some people who have no thoughts nor feelings.
            i was a young immigrant and knew little of the political system here. It was a working day when i went down to a cafeteria for a break. The news was on a black and white TV so i ran up back to the office to tell the others. NO ONE believed me and thought i was joking!
            I liked JFK without knowing too much about him but it hit me hard. i am not ashamed to say there were tears in my eyes when the news was confirmed.
            IMHO he was the last of the decent democrats.
            Since then, only communists and marxists are there illegally hiding under the name’democrat’
            Rats indeed!

          • chamuiel

            People are such woosies.

          • chamuiel

            So, why did you cry? Did you get counseled at School and get to miss a couple of classes?

            Why were you scared?

            Did you think Oswald was coming after you?

          • capisce

            My family had newly arrived from Italy – my own mother having died less than a year before. Not speaking the language, we could not fully grasp what had happened, but knew it was of great magnitude. Watching footage of a widow and her fatherless children, THIS kid cried. Not because someone told me to, but because empathy and sympathy bridge any cultural or linguistic divide.

          • edav38

            ‘”When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you usually will.” – Abraham Lincoln

          • Kelly Layne

            I can understand why people cried and were upset after all he was the president and the reason his numbers were down is because he was backing the republican civil rights movement he spoke more as a republican than a democrat and yes camelot was made up by Jackie Kennedy. Why does it bother you so much that people cried over Princess DI she was after all Americas princess too people loved her and felt for her. you have to be a cold hearted individual for these things not to touch your heart in someway or another. would I cry if Obama was (God forbid) assasinated I don’t if I would but it would bother me a great deal I don’t agree with the man policy but I don’t wish him harm in that way

          • chamuiel

            Well, catherder did not know that. Now, you have gone and busted his bubble.

          • Rodosbc

            Hey Rich, I was in Japan when JFK was lost to us and I was approached by Japanese citizens who were wearing mourning bands for OUR president and asked how this could happen in America. Many were very emotional and had tears in their eyes, So yes, some people DO feel a loss for someone they haven’t met. You don’t seem to realize how popular the Kennedy’s were to the World outside the USA.

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          I was in barracks when Reagan was shot in 81, they pulled buses up to the front doors and emptied them out.. we were SAC, and any attempt on the president is automatically considered an attempt to decapitate the national nuclear command structure..

          We went to Def-Con 4.. the next step is open war.. we didn’t even do that in 63.. Bombers went to failsafe, missiles on immediate launch standby..

          So I spent a cold night on a far out hilltop listening post, waiting alone with only a radio tuned to the local SP net to see if the world would get to wake up in the morning, or if it was going to be the beginning of Armageddon.. FE Warren AFB was #16 on the Soviet target list.. and we know it was targeted by SS-18’s.. and the Soviets missiles were so inaccurate, they tasked four of them, all with a minimum 2 megaton yield.

          Try living through that night at 21, and see if your soul isn’t scarred a bit. Thank God Mr. Reagan survived, but most folks don’t know how close we were to WW III that night.

          It was a VERY long night..

          • Scree El Tort

            We went to Def-Con 4.. the next step is open war

            No. What the hell…

            We knew very early on this was a lone gunman intent on making a name for himself, and not a de-cap operation.

            DEFCON4 is not even close to open war. It is the increase in intelligence ops and addition of security measures at US facilities. There are 3 more DEFCON escalations necessary to get to ‘open war’ as you called it. DEFCON1 is the immediate threat of nuclear war.

            I’m ex-AF, so is my brother – who worked in intel at the time, and the scenario you just laid out is crap on it’s face.

            Next time you feel the need to embellish, at least Google the proper DEFCON meanings and escalations tied to each step up the ladder.

          • Largebill

            Everyone seems to have a need to tangentially involve themselves with famous events. For example, when I heard Lennon was shot I was listening to the radio. OMG! That ignores the fact that when I heard today’s weather forecast I was also listening to the radio.

          • chamuiel

            I lived through that night at 18, and experienced none of the night terrors you did.

        • aelcad3

          I cried too…but, when Elvis died

        • Raja

          And who didn’t? The person responsible.

        • chamuiel

          The lying womanizer, JFK’s death was like Jesus had been shot?

          Wow! you don’t have much of a saviour, do you?

        • chamuiel

          Your teacher probably had to run down the hall to get a quick ciggie, and to tell the other teachers in the teachers lounge all about it.

    • Raja

      Then why are you liberals making it one?

  • ObamaFail

    Seriously? Bush did it? Seriously? Liberals are moronic beyond words.

    • logicrules

      Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if the very first word spoken by man were not “no!”, in response to some do-nothing cave-inspecting liberal cavemans attempt to grab an unearned bite of the days kill..

    • Nan

      When Senator Paul Wellstone’s plane went down, someone immediately jumped to the conclusion that Bush did it; he had been CIA director you know. The weather was bad and planes sometimes crash due to pilot error weren’t considerations.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Or, as in the case of Teresa Heinz Kerry’s late first husband, a completely avoidable mid-air collision takes place and starts the rumors “flying,” which rumors only grow when H.J. Heinz’s Senate colleague marries the “grieving widow” inside of a year.

    • http://None jemnet

      IMHO Kennedy was killed by liberals because they found out he was too conservative . . he gave the country a tax cut you know, asked what you could do for your country, and promised to go to any length to preserve liberty! He woiuld never make it in today’s Democrat Party (but would be welcomed in the Tea Party.)

      • Jay Stevens

        “… asked what you could do for your country,”
        JFK’s quote was paraphrased (or ripped off) from a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

  • AmericanDuckie


  • ObamaFail

    Hey Griffin Ernest, you got 100% on your paper because liberals run the universities and they give ample praise to anything that blames Bush for everything that’s ever happened in the world. Being a liberal stooge and getting graded by liberal stooges isn’t something to brag about.

    • Republicanvet

      Oh but Griffy thinks it will look good on his resume.

      • ObamaFail

        When liberalism has caused even more problems, that resume won’t be touched by a 10 foot pole.

    • grais

      Griffin claims he’s in high school, so he’s likely a 7th grader.

    • Richo

      It’s called satire, maybe actually click over to his twitter feed before tapping out your self-righteous screed, ya lazy ninny.

  • Samantha Pfaff

    Well. What horrible no good deed ISN’T the responsibility of either GHWB and/or GWB? Bush’s fault!

  • TJ

    In 50 years 9/11 will only be George W. Bush fault and no one else. No 19 hijackers, no Al Qaeda, no Osama bin laden and no Islam involved at all.

    • ObamaFail

      It already is to liberals. They think Bush had it done, and not one liberal ever blames radical Islam for it.

      • V the K

        It was Christians, because hate #LeftLogic

      • HanaFiveO

        Common core baby.

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      That is what will be taught at Mohammed Atta High School in Manhattan.

    • John N Gwen Bates

      Yeah, because a government who can’t build a website with 2 years and a bajillion dollars could totally pull off 9-11 in just 9 months…

      • mercedes1407

        We beat the Japanese and the Germans in three years and 5 months. Obama has had the same amount of time and cannot get a website to work. Thank God he was not President back them or sauerkraut would be the state dish of Texas.

    • edav38

      You’re right, but it already is. It Doesn’t matter to SOME that Clinton had 4 Separate Opportunities to GET Osama and a good portion of the AlQeda Leadership, but ONLY because it happened during Bush Jr.s term

  • Agent Carmichael

    All this time I thought JFK was killed by a Youtube video.

    • Garrett Gripling

      Ha! Well done. Abraham Zapruder spent a year in federal prison for it.

  • Kammy

    I think Griffin is a lyin’

  • HanaFiveO

    OMG, so this is what total Bush derangement syndrome looks like.

  • Maxx

    People who think Bush killed Kennedy are the very same people who voted for Obama not once, but TWICE.

    And that pretty much sums it up.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      They like what vindicates their bigotries, .. actual undispututed facts?.. those need not apply when you have political hacks with “questions”

      funny how those “questions” are never asked when the Name is Obama, Clinton, Kennedy…

      almost enough to make you think they already had them convicted in their mind, before they even started with the half baked theories..

  • John Smith

    That tweet from one of the retards who is a self declared “gangsta”: “dig into the Bush families history. You’ll be surprised at what you find, but you shouldn’t”

    While he is not an angel, but go ahead dig into the Obama family…. Ooop!
    Goat herders, radical Islamists, Marxists, thieves, mass murderers, socialists, atheists, traitors, pornographers, choomgang members, illegal aliens, welfare abusers, …etc.
    A very nice background, don’t you agree?

    Let’s go a little beyond that, do you REALLY want to dig into the Clintons?
    Ahhh, the sounds of liberal losers running away.

  • John Smith

    Just when you thought the left cannot be more f*cked up.

  • Jason Cole

    Next time you wonder how the hell someone as stupid and worthless and Obama can get elected, just remember, while their exact beliefs are not common, their stupidity level is.

  • WhoDat

    Sounds like a crazy Alex Jones conspiracy.

    • HanaFiveO

      Actually, it does. But even as skanky as I find Jones, he isnt this evil.

      • Brown

        I’m pretty sure Alex Jones thinks Bush Sr’s had a hand in JFK assassination. Of course he’s the same guy who has said Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, V-Tech, Boston Bombing, ect are “inside jobs” 30 minutes after they happened.

        • HanaFiveO

          I really dont give a rodents behind what Alex Jones thinks. So I agree with the last part of your post.

          Clearly when you look at the timelines and assignments of the supposed players, we are talking about being off by years and years, so this conspiracy theory isnt even Jones worthy.

          And that says a lot right there. Yes it does.

  • Michael Rice

    “I just 100%”. What is your grammar grade, son?

  • $59154503

    Fall of Rome?
    Bush’s fault!

    • Nan

      cut to the chase:
      Original sin?

      Bush’s fault!

  • $59154503

    Noah’s flood?

    Bush’s fault!

    • NRPax

      Because he didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocols.

      • $59154503

        Sadly enough, they might be some of the national socialist left who believe that – being the Low Info Bunch

  • $59154503

    Great San Fran earthquake of 1906?

    Bush’s fault!

  • $59154503

    Great Chicago fire?

    Bush’s fault!

  • Richard Jefferies

    Just remember Prescott Bush helped the Nazis rise to power, and this is apparently bad for Prescott Bush to buy Nazi stock, but not Joe Kennedy. Some liberal hypocrisy never changes, does it?

  • MaMa1

    He did it right after he planned Lincoln’s assassination.

  • Brown

    The great thing for people who believe in conspiracy theories are once some piece of evidence get’s debunked they go onto the next piece or when you back them into a corner while debating they can say “well I’m just asking questions”. The thing that makes me laugh about some of these truthers is when the event happens the people who believe in conspiracy theories will say well the MSN first said they think 2 gun men had been involved and now they are saying it was just 1 guy claiming that’s evidence it was an inside job.

  • Garrett Gripling

    Griffin Ernest must be taking “Moron 101.”

  • Bl4ckConserv

    Wow to be so stupid. Well I guess if I were that stupid I would be a Democrat! *rim shot

  • Ted H.

    You forgot Fukushima, Benghazi, ATM’s, Katrina, Gov’t Shutdown, Deepwater Horizon, missing car keys, ingrown toenails, Miley Cyrus….

    • Dan Snelson

      the single missing sock, the bridge at Chappaquiddick and of course the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    • Fhalkyn Phoenix

      …Jimmy Hoffa, my stepping barefoot on a Lego, the Shi’a/Sunni conflict, the genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda, the Dred Scott decision… gee, what horrible act in history isn’t Bush’s fault?

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This load of codswallop is right up there with Poppy getting his son Neil to get his friend Scott Hinckley to get his brother John to shoot Ronald Reagan. As we all know, HW was the head of the CIA in the 70’s, and, as the sitting VP, well, you do the math…
    Actually, that one has maybe marginally more believability, if you never bought the Jodie Foster obsession deal. The only trouble with all these conspiracy theories is that most of it is coulda-woulda-mighta-“not impossible that”-“too many loose ends”- “nobody who knows talks and nobody who talks knows”– all way too conveniently neither provable nor disprovable, but certainly unprovable for sure.

    • GaryTheBrave

      The last part of your post could apply to all the global warming kooks.

  • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

    Argued with someone yesterday about this same issue…

    Wild eyed conjecture and speculation based on half truths and made up connections.. then marinated in outright falsehoods and distortions..

    These people for decades tried to pin it on Nixon and LBJ.. a complete fail..

    Now they trot this out knowing Bush Derangement Syndrome will provide many happily stupid people and spread even more smears about the right.

  • Corey Dennison

    Sweet fancy Moses, but these people are stupid!

  • Maxwell

    Forget the people blaming the JFK assassination on George W. Bush (which is ridiculous considering he was 17 at the time) I want to meet the teacher who gave a kid 100% on a paper with such a ridiculous topic.

    • John Alvarado

      Especially when in MLA format you need to cite legitimate sources. I wonder what book or website he used.

  • FilleGitane

    JFK shot 129 times from 43 different angles. CIA, LBJ, and the Freemasons named as co-conspirators.,10584/

  • PeriMedic

    Maybe it was a Creative Writing class. No?

  • schveiguy

    That last tweet is sadly the most believable thing here.

  • WilliamAmos

    Next CLUE game. George Bush did it in the conservatory with a lead pipe.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      And Bill Clinton did it with Miss Scarlett in the Library.

      • Ntr

        He too was laying down pipe but not in the same way…

        • Justin Levesque


          • spaceycakes

            Colonel Mustard did it in the bathroom, but forgot to flush.

          • therantinggeek

            With the lead pipe.

            EDIT: That would explain why the toilet no longer flushes. Col. Mustard broke it.

  • GaryTheBrave

    I’m wondering if the last tweet was actually mocking his teacher. Okay, so he forgot a word. There aren’t too many people here on Twitchy who haven’t misspelled or misused a word and we’re not limited to 140 characters. /not sarc

  • Rulz

    So which is it? Either the Bushes are just dumb Texans who’ve been in the sun too long, or they planned one of the most elaborate killings in history??

    Man, it’s so hard to follow the twisted logic of the left!

    • Nan

      They planned one of the most elaborate killings in history before they sat out in the sun too long and got dumb.

  • dunst43

    Why were jacketed and un-jacketed rounds fired?

    • Nan

      Not every round has to be formal.

      • dunst43

        Still too soon for humour. :)

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      It was cold and rainy in the morning that day, then the sun came out…… Conspiracy idiots. :rolleyes: Go to the rifle counter at the largest gun store in town, and ask for a box of “un-jacketed” cartridges. Take a phone pic of the clerk’s face and post it. We need a good laugh….

      • dunst43

        That would be a good phone pic. I was trying to give people who may not be familiar with ammunition an opportunity to think about the how the 2 bullets that hit Kennedy differed in the ballistics. No conspiracy theory, but a real curiosity as to how 2 bullets from the same firearm act in radically different ways.

        • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

          Well, that’s not what you wrote. You wrote that 2 different bullet configurations were used, which I don’t think has been proven and doesn’t make sense anyway (who even made/makes “un-jacketed” bullets for rifle cartridges?). Conspiracy kooks manipulate the metallurgy data, but that doesn’t prove anything. The kinematics, ballistics, and forensics have been consistent for a bullet impacting a skull, and another bullet making a “through and through” in tissue. Accurate reenactments have been consistent from the 1964 Warren Report to the 2013 NOVA “Cold Case JFK” with Michael Haag (the best forensic firearms documentary I’ve seen).

  • Ntr

    Damn, this conspiracy theory involving George H.W. Bush is still going around? I still remember it being passed around online in the latter 90s.

    • NRPax

      They felt the need to resurrect a classic.

  • Hi This Is My Username

    One of my brothers is a believer in the Bush family being responsible for everything. Of course, he works with a lot of know nothing conspiracy theory loving Liberals. He doesn’t like Obama, though, so that’s a plus. It just gets annoying when he starts carrying on about how the Bush family did this or did that, when it’s not even true.

    I love him dearly, but sometimes… I just want to clobber him with several non-distorted history books.

  • Scree El Tort

    Where’s the fawning and genuflecting over the assassination of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley?

    Sick and tired of this 50-year national BJ to the memory of a mediocre president, and drug addicted womanizer. Sorry if that bothers others here, but it’s ridiculous.

    Pretty sure that Griffin Ernest’s tweet was heavily weighted sarcasm, though I know some will take it at face value.

  • Arkuy The Great

    Wasn’t there a clip of a young Bill Clinton meeting with JFK at the WH? I forget what the exact reason was but BJC was part of some youth leadership delegation at the time. We need to investigate exactly what the Clintons knew about the assassination, when they knew it and how deep their knowledge went!

    • Scree El Tort

      There’s one of Forrest Gump and JFK…

      Forrest killed him. There can be no other explanation.

      • Arkuy The Great

        Yeah, Tom Hanks is a sly dog. I bet he and Gary Sinise were in this from the very beginning!

        • Scree El Tort

          But Lt. Dan paid the price for his involvement by being nearly eliminated in VietNam, and losing his legs.

          Forrest covered his tracks well enough that he was awarded CMoH…

          …by Johnson.


          • Arkuy The Great

            Well, I’ve got just one thing to say; G-dd–m Bless America!

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Saul Alinski and Joseph Goebbels, they are. Drunk with Absolute Greed and Power, Megalomaniacs, they all are. They despise our Founding Doctrine because they live in a gilded prison afforded by the working class; laid their morals, values, virtues at the altar of being worshipped by those that are as weak as they too are. Their vestibule is a reality forthcoming that they are the annihilators of the very country that they didn’t know or love…America!

  • Leslie Ward

    I stand with Rush – the reason for this kind of bs (and Obama incorrectly stating that JFK ‘created’ the Freedom Medal – Truman created it to honor civilian service in WWII, JFK turned it into a ‘Pop Culture medal’) – is that as we close in on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination – the Left does NOT want the ignorant and low information voters to know that a communist killed JFK. And once again, the Left shows their immaturity and middle school angst – by thinking being snarky and insulting – is oh too cool for school.

  • Morgan

    JFK was a great man that died a tragic death. Every year, we have to put up with these conspiracy theorists. Let the man rest in peace, please.

  • William556

    If there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, they should be looking at LBJ. LBJ had the most to gain and by virtually all accounts was as power hungry and corrupt as they came. Most likely though it was just one guy in the right place at the right time.

  • spaceycakes

    red diaper doper babies say what?

  • Voting Female

    I just wrote on a piece of paper that known Communist Barack Obama Sr killed JFK and gave myself an A+ on it. How about that, @griffin_ernest?

  • Voting Female

    Of note, President LBJ wrote a sealed letter on the subject of JFK’s assassination with instructions that it not be opened until today, 50 years after the assassination so as to wait until after people who were involved have passed away.

    This is a fact and I remember it being reported on the national news at the time he announced the existence of his letter.

  • huey6367

    Tell the same lie over and over and eventually people will believe you.

    My mama taught be to tell the truth.

  • itsfun

    Yep, the Bush family is responsible for every tragedy this country has ever experienced. Anything and everything is being said to get our focus off the miserable obamacare tax, the IRS scandal, fast and furious, spying on AP reporters, trying to arrest FOX news people, Benghazi, etc, etc, etc.


  • Bryan Hardie

    Lets not forget the Civil War and the death of Christ. Bush was behind both of them.

    • Casca

      And his global warming policies made Noah build his ark because of the flood !
      ( which we now suspect was the Mediterranean being filled in from the Atlantic ocean)

  • Gatnos

    The real evidence is pointing directly to the man that hated JFK the most and who stood the most to gain by his death. – Lyndon B. Johnson

    • narcolepsy

      True – Roger Stone (?) just put out a book laying that out – once upon a time, investigative journalist Mark Lane (remember or google) put out a book called “Plausible Denial”..big food for thought…move on up that Bush family tree a limb or so and investigate Herbert Walker….hey moe! hey moe! …..why, I oughta….. wup! wup! wup! wup! wiseguy, eh?

  • praymorenow1

    No, it was the Mafia. JFK was w/ the Giancana’s GF, his father made millions in bootlegging w/ the help of the Mafia, RFK was investigating the Mafia as AG (on the surface anyway. He was pals w/Sinatra (Mafia again).
    No, it was Cuba & Castro (and Mafia ties again).
    No, wait it was Russia – Cold War actions vs. USA & JFK.
    No, wait it was LBJ, he wanted to be President no matter what & was tired of the Kennedy Family mocking him. Texas Mafia.
    No, wait it was a jealous husband – JFK affairs came back to haunt him.
    No, wait it was Bush! Any Bush really.
    The only family w/ more members than the Kennedys in public office all over the country, then and now, is the Bush family.
    FDR sent the USA into WWII on purpose, it’s all there, just read about it……the war was for money, big oil, big business, and the Bush family. Yeah, that’s it.

  • Doris C

    LBJ may have had a hand in the assasination but not Bush Sr. or Jr.The liberal demorats just have a real problem with truth telling. Why this came up now 50 yrs later is there is an election next yar, and there are enough dummies walking around of voting age.

  • M.J. Nellett

    I was 11 years old, sitting in my classroom when our principal, Mr Dorn, came in and said, “the President of the United States has been shot in Dallas”. JFK died shortly after that. the only sound you could hear outside were car engines running, and car doors closing, and people weeping. I watched JFK’s funeral, and saw the Zapruder film more times that I can count. We will probably never know for sure, if Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman, or part of an assassination conspiracy. We the people, MUST keep the government in fear of us, not we of them. We need to hold accountable EVERY politician for every piece of legislation, every action they take, and hold them accountable for every word they utter. Today, is an example of what happens when we, the people, neglect our duty as citizens of the United States. Kennedy offered hope, and excitement to America. Obama offers despair, lies, deceit, and hardship. Kennedy said, Ask NOT what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” This sad anniversary reminds us that once upon a time in America, it’s people were givers, NOT takers. May we be that again soon.

  • bdcorvette

    An idiot is born every minute.

    • Kakarot

      Frankly, BD, I’ve always considered that a low estimate.

  • cbelden05

    Anyone remember reading the resemblance in Lincoln and Kennedy deaths? Let’s dig a little deeper into Lincoln’s death and I’m sure we’ll find it’s Bush’s fault as well. …..[read with sarcasm]

  • narcolepsy

    Mick and Keith said, after all, it was you and me…we better get outta here…

  • cbelden05

    Remember reading the striking similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy assassination? I bet if we look back and dig deeper into Lincoln we’ll see Bush was behind that as well…(read with sarcasm)

  • ⚔Christophuh⚔

    she’s just an idiot trolling for attention.

  • beijingyank

    Cut to the chase. Water board George H. W. Bush and the crimes of both centuries are solved. All thanks to NDAA, who would have thunk it!

  • Janthony132

    What an otter bunch of stupid remarks. 50 years ago, G.Bush was a teen ager, his father barey into politics. Some more of Obamics BS?

  • Gary Loftis

    As a native Dallasite who lived through the 1963 circus, please can we let this whole matter rest? Memories and witness statements from 50 years ago are so compromised by time, conspiracy theories, and government BS that they are no longer credible. Look around today! Our economy is in the toilet, our medical system is on the verge of collapse, our education system is becoming akin to a third world nation’s, and we are about to become as second-rate military power. Yet, we concentrate on fifty-year-old melodrama that we can do nothing about.

  • Snaps

    Not surprising, Ernest, considering all the whackjobs that teach in the leftist schools. Who was your professor, William Ayers, distinguished terrorist at Illinois?

  • agbjr

    This is one of the most convoluted and frankly asinine things ever circulated. Right up there with those who claim President Bush ordered the army to blow up the New Orleans levees. Asinine.

  • chamuiel

    Dang, and all this time I thought it was LBJ who had the Mafia kill JFK.

    Bush does get around, doesn’t he?

    • Mr_Constitution

      Yeah he’s like Spiderman. Did you see those plaid socks he had on last time he was on TV?

  • CrystalClaire

    I believe the conspiracy to kill Kennedy was orchestrated by people so powerful, the truth will never be known – at least not in this world. In the spirit realm, all truth will be revealed, no guilt will remain hidden. And those who’ve committed these kinds of atrocities, will have the heaviest burdons to bear. But I guess theorizing is irresistably human.

  • John Purdy

    Did anyone check out the personal finances of the secret service agents after the assassination? Because the head shot wasn’t the same kind of ammunition as the second shot! The angle was fired from a lower angle, probably near street level. It looks like the Secret Service killed Kennedy. Accidentally or?

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    GHWBush was head of the CIA for the year 1977, long after the assassination. A George Bush (not GHW) was a low level employee of the CIA at the time (1963) which may be the confusion for anyone looking at employment records.

  • ccenova67

    So, this is what happens when an entire group of people agree to have a lobotomy – the liberal socialist movement was started. The sad part is when thinking people stop thinking for themselves and re-elect someone over and over!

  • mogul264

    Wasn’t GHW Bush in charge of the CIA at one time? Is THIS why his name has been listed as being CIA, maybe?

    Sounds like the libs have THEIR assassin theories about JFK’s death, too! Next, they will swear Oswald was in the pay of the Bushs! This means THEY think there was a conspiracy, too! Does this mean they think the Bushs are behind JFK Jr’s death?

  • Casca

    Bush ? Really ?
    Now Johnson…yeah, that’s a possibility.

  • Janeen Alley

    Really, how did George Bush do that? Clinton was the President when JFK Jr.’s plane crashed into the Atlantic! How did he reach his arms all the way to the New Jersey airport? This is the Craziest @ss shit I have ever heard of! I am going to assume that they HAVE PROOF???!! Yeah right!