Ohio GOP congressman Brad Wenstrup is holding a telephone Q & A about Obamacare.

Here’s one of the questions he was asked:

Well, he’s in his 60’s, but the larger point would seem to be that he’s a guy!

Believe it or not, that person is not alone:

The Democrats who wrote the ACA must consider this the ultimate in “fairness”:



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  • Steven S Mellnick

    ‘Behold I am Shiva, Destroyer of your healthcare’ – Kathleen Sebelius

    • colonialmarine

      So this means the “guys” ( PMSNBC’s Chris Hayes et al) that like their gynecologist you can keep their gynecologist AND now they get “free” pap smears?

      • conservativechick

        Come on comrades.. it’s all for the “collective.”

    • Ariadnea

      Isn’t contraceptive, abortion, and addiction rehabilitation insurance also embedded in the pricing?

      • me

        Yup. And I’m sure your babies and grade-schoolers need this…along with grandma and grandpa.

    • huntercampbell

      Holy Bhagavad Gita Batman!

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    Bloody hell. I’m 62, don’t much reckon I’ll get pregnant if it ain’t happened in this time.

    • Chevypowered

      Hey don’t give up hope. I’m 41 and still have aspiration to be a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader.

      Hey don’t laugh after a I shave my legs I clean up right nicely! :-)

      • Patrick

        I would love to see you at try-outs on the CMT show! Somehow, I don’t think you’d make it through security :)

        • Chevypowered

          Sez you! I just need to show security some “man cleavage” and I’m in! :-)

          • al hunt

            there went my dinner :-(

          • Chevypowered

            I guess I should have included a “spew” alert. 😉

          • 0bamasnought

            Just strap some duct tape across your chest, it’ll give you cleavage.
            Uhm, or so I am told.

          • Chevypowered

            Hmmmm methinks you are holding out on us….. :-)

      • arttie

        Toured their locker room a couple of weeks ago. The bad news is they weren’t there at the time. Nice digs!

      • Jay Stevens

        I am guessing … you’ll starve. Don’t quit your day job – if you have one, that is.

    • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

      You don’t look a day older than 61 and also WE KNOW ABOUT THE BABY

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        Sure? I have lots more pictures, the better to show off my little angels. Or I could just regale you with a day-by-day of their sterling accomplishments…

        • huntercampbell

          I bet you could go all day long with those stories. Enjoy em, friend.

    • rssllue

      Well, after all they obviously put that mandate in the bill (before or after it passed I wonder) because they know of the epidemic of gender confusion in our society and knew that one might need the prostate coverage one day and then the maternity coverage the next. Makes sense to the loons who think they can somehow speak their own reality into existence. Sadly for them, Jesus (or Nancy’s favorite word, The Word), they most definitely are not!

    • Marcy Cook

      You could go the artificial insemination route.

  • SammFan

    Stan has informed his friends he’d like to be called “Loretta” and…

    Stan: I want to have babies.
    Reg: You want to have babies?!?!
    Stan: It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them.
    Reg: But … you can’t HAVE babies!
    Stan: Don’t you oppress me!
    Reg: I’m not oppressing you, Stan. You haven’t got a womb! Where’s the foetus gonna gestate? You gonna keep it in a box?

    • me

      Don’t laugh…you CAN get a sex change under Obama Care. Fact. I don’t no nothin’ about birthin’ them babies, though. For men, that is. It might cover a geriatric woman with fertility treatments, though. Because that’s IMPORTANT.

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        On the plus side, at least the President will finally be a man…oh, wait, he’s exempt from ObamaDERP.

  • HanaFiveO

    Ok, so now I will have mandatory prenatal/maternity care for the babies that Im physically incapable of having. Baby dental for said nonexistent babies and drug/alcohol rehab for the drugs and alcohol that I have never and wont ever abuse. But the coverage appropriate to my age, that I had with my non-ACA compliant policy that was cancelled, is now out of pocket.

    • thetreyman

      you must of had one of those “predatory policies” that doesnt cover everything.

      • huntercampbell

        I need insurance for this insurance.

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      That’s why counseling and psychotherapy is mandatory under Obamacare 😉

      • Amy

        Yes, if you didn’t need it before, there’s a fair chance you’ll need it now!

        /it’s enough to drive a girl to drink

        • HanaFiveO

          OK, point taken!

  • jukin

    Behold the great wisdom of one plan fits all and at twice the price, twice the deductible, and 3 times the co-pay.

    All hail King Barky the Stupid.

  • DiscontentWithLiars

    I guess It falls into the category that you hate women if you don’t want to pay for maternity, abortion, mammograms. Just glad you all will be sharing the costs, I’m just dropping out of the market.

    • me

      “Undocumented workers” are going to cost a heck of a lot more than legal female citizens that want maternity care and mammograms, bucko. You don’t complain about your prostate checks or your Viagra coverage, though. Anyways, the whole thing stinks to high heaven, whether you’re a male or a female.

      • May Wright

        Prostate checks don’t cost very much, and Obamacare does not mandate “free viagra” for all men the way it does “free birth control” for all women.

        Men get a really raw deal under Obamacare, there’s not disputing that. Women already get way more out of medicare and social security than they put in, and they’re being subsidized by males. And now women will get way more out of Obamacare than they put in, and that too will be subsidized by males.

        We will never be accepted as “equal” if we keep demanding that the State force males to support us.

        • me

          Who said anything about ‘equal’, you nit? Sex changes are also covered, along with Viagra and abortions. Look into it. And quit feminaziing my posts.

        • me

          What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

      • Discontentwliars

        Actually have been complaining since my coverage topped $1100 per month (a 42% increase thanks to Obama care). It’s a good thing it’s high deductible. Been out of work for 2 years and yes I’m complaining that I not only have to pay for Me and my wife, but your wife too. My insurance didn’t cover the heart-cautherization I had, or my colonoscopy. I hope my prostrate holds out a while longer, or it might not cover it either. If you think health care costs are expensive now, give it a few years.

  • YesterdayzNewz

    We’ve officially become The Borg. Trekkies of the world unite! Resistance is futile.


    With all the countless pages in this mess..Do we also have to pay for breast implants,sex changes and other crap that will not ever apply to most people??

    • me

      They will be mandatory soon, when the GLAD people have their way…

      • IBXNJ

        Will Obamacare cover “auditing” for Scientologists as “Mental health ” coverage??

  • 365conservative


  • peteee363

    do transsexuals also need this coverage? and if a transsexual couple dance, who leads? and how dumb is the person who wrote a law that makes men have maternity coverage? will women have to have coverage for vasectomies?

  • arttie

    Prostate exams for all women too!

    • Frustrated Teacher

      As long as there are no mammograms for men…not squishing mine!!

      • Michael Anderson (WB)

        Actually men can get breast cancer, we have mammaries.

        • Frustrated Teacher

          I realize this…but men to NOT get routine Mammograms….

          • May Wright

            True. Women get free mammograms, men don’t. Even though men too can get breast cancer.

  • http://www.grouchyconservativepundits.org/ Rusty Bill

    Just curious… Does this nightmare also include dental coverage?

    (Been wearing full upper and lower dentures for some thirteen years…)

  • Perplexed

    It’s all part of the democrat’s war on men. But there is good news. Now that the law of the land mandates maternity coverage for everyone, regardless of gender and age, organizations like planned parenthood that are taxpayer subsidized will not be able to turn men down if they desire a pregnancy test or any of the other free services usually only available to woman.

    • Fhalkyn Phoenix

      Wrong. There will be goodies that are only for women. To suggest otherwise will get you called a misogynist.

  • http://www.dotjenna.com/ dotJenna


  • http://www.dotjenna.com/ dotJenna

    That’s like having to pay tolls on a highway you don’t drive on.

  • DHiles

    My plan now covers sex change operations – wtf.

    • Squirrel!

      Ok, I’ll bite….. Are you serious?

      • DHiles

        Yep, serious as a heart attack – it’s called “gender reorientation procedure”

  • CasualMeyhem

    And if you guys thought THAT was bad, just wait for the PAP Smear.

    • huntercampbell

      Wishing you cold fingers for your tests for that comment.

      • May Wright

        Cold fingers, and large man-hands.

  • David Hallock

    The party that supports 1 million abortions a year mandates males have maternity coverage—all you need to know about Lib logic.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Why would a woman over 50 need maternity coverage? Why would a woman of any age need prostate coverage? Why would anyone want to pay that hidden-in-the-fine- print $1 abortion surcharge on every policy (it’s in there)?

  • Marcy Cook

    But those guys will be praising obamacare when they find out they can have abortions now. Ingrates.

    • huntercampbell

      I wonder if Bart Stupak and his 14 pro life reps who joined him voting in this mess will be paying for their abortions.

  • John

    Well who else is going to pay for all those illegal immigrant births…come on guys?

  • jrelon

    You’re not paying for your maternity, you’re paying for Julia the subsidized welfare queen’s coverage that she can’t afford, but that won’t stop her from continuing to squirt out future dependents of America. That’s her god given right.

  • huntercampbell

    Just hoping Obamacare will finally give me that uterus I’ll need to make my (wo)mandated maternity coverage worthwhile. I’m thinking of getting a vasectomy so I can then get paternity coverage. If only Obamacare would finally cover care for hermaphrodites they’d be set. Where’s the LGTB community to protest for that?

  • huntercampbell

    Is there paternity coverage for the NFL? Sorry for the obvious racist comment, am submitting self to cultural re-education camp run by the Pelosi family. Will be healed soon.

  • schveiguy

    Just as long as we don’t have to have mammograms! OUCH!

  • Roadster73

    I’m wondering, if Obama “fixes” immigration/amnesty the way he “fixed” healthcare, does that mean that all illegals are going to end up getting deported? Discuss

  • ObamaFail

    In the pre-Obamacare days, you could just get covered for the things you wanted to get covered on. Now, you are forced to pay for things you might never need. What if I don’t ever want children? What if I get married to a woman who doesn’t want children? What if I choose to never get married? Why should I have to get covered for maternity related things if I don’t ever have kids? Obamacare is a joke.

  • #MakeDCListen #Cruzing

    I work in medical doing insurance verifications. When Florida Blue told me a MALE patient has “coverage for complications due to pregnancy” I said SAY WHAT? She said yes that’s true as if it were normal. Obama’s goal is to suck our wallets dry and CONTROL us!

  • https://www.facebook.com/captainclarity CaptainClarity

    This is just like the unisex Marine covers (hats), girls playing on boys’ high school football teams and the way California just passed a law allowing transgenders to use the bathroom of their choosing. Liberals are doing all they can to make us “equal.” Do men get “Maternity Leave” under this new law?