John Ekdahl, a co-blogger at the terrific Ace of Spades blog, went on a heck of a tear against the Obama administration’s foreign policy failings and the sycophantic mainstream media, much of which refuses to root out and report the truth.

Here are the highlights, starting with comment about the British Parliament voting against joining the U.S. for military action in Syria. See Ekdahl’s full Twitter feed to experience the rant in all its glory:

Ekdahl then started referencing a Politico piece by reporter Glenn Thrush:

But in Obama’s defense, Magic Johnson!

Ekdahl’s nuking continued:

And then, the crickets arrived in D.C.

Back to trying to figure out who our “allies” are in proposed attack on Syria:

Ekdahl’s entire media/Obama administration takedown can be read here.

  • © Sponge

    John seems mad. GOOD FOR HIM.

    Get ’em, John.

  • Right Wired

    I thought all this world conflict stuff was supposed to end when O was elected?

    • BadMan84

      That’s what the village idiots on MSNBC and CNN claimed anyway.

    • Clete Torres

      Yeah, and the oceans would stop rising, the Arctic ice would re-freeze, unicorns would appear and farts would smell like chocolate.

      • BlahBlah

        You’re saying it like the unicorns didn’t appear.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    I usually shy away from the use of all the f-bombs, but Ekhahl was on target 100%.

    • octagon999

      Totally agree, on every point.

    • Mama Bear

      This guy’s a genius – F bombs and all!

  • I Am Breitbart

    Holy Schnikies! That was some serious AWESOMENESS!

  • Kevin Krom

    Who’s with us??? What’s this “us” John, because it’s not just unilateral, Obama has absolutely no support from the electorate or Congress on this. There’s not even an “us” to be with. It’s Obama, flapping out in the breeze on his own.

    The damn shame of it is that some good men will likely get killed for it.

  • Clete Torres

    But but but:


    Yeah, they can’t figure out what to say without looking like they’re actually – gasp – agreeing with the Right.

  • Republicanvet

    Those hacks need to be called out daily.
    I guess the worthless “journOlists” believe only Bush was a cowboy.

  • rainmcmanis

    This guy just destroyed the lefties. Love it. Keep calling these fakes out.

    • 0bamasnought

      Ahh, what a thought, but think about this; who is destroying the Leftist movement?

      Prezzy Piece Prize his self.

      3 more years of this, Hilary is scorched by Benghazi, Lurch is getting tied to Syria, and the scandals are dammed up, swelling, and ready to burst.

      Just look at the low attendance of EVERY rally, march, or what not they have hosted in the last 6 months.

  • wwbdinct

    That was so satisfying. I think I need a cigarette!

  • tops116

    That was epic. Well done, John.

  • Ben Bollman

    That is amazing. Too bad all we are going to hear from Glenn Thrush and the rest of the media is crickets.

    • Clete Torres

      We’ll be lucky to hear crickets.

    • NewClassTraitor

      And slurping sounds, from the 0bama Steno Pool and Ball Washing Brigade

  • EdictWriter

    I am now following John!

  • ObamaFail

    The Golden God Obama is showing what an incompetent idiot he is every day. But the sheep working at MSNBC, CNN, NBC News, CBS, ABC, every liberal newspaper in existence, and any liberal with an opinion can’t be bothered to call Obama out on his crap. Libs still bring up Bush and the Iraq war, but now when Obama is doing something worse, they couldn’t care less?

    • Harlan Hikaru Fox

      He’s not incompetent. He’s trying to make good on the “We need 25 Million Dead Americans” crap that Bill Ayers was spewing 30 years ago.

  • Barry A. Brewer

    The British Parliament must answer to its own constituency, which – these days – IS Muslim

  • Clayton Doering

    Awesome stuff man! I loved every single one of those tweets..LOVED THEM! – I believe the media to have blood on their hands for propping O up, and non stop defending of his actions and stupid lip service. – I agree with everything you said, and I think it should be said over and over and over again until people start to wake up. The media IS the problem as much as O. – Thank you John. I’m now a follower.

  • Dixie_Sugarbaker

    So when Obama goes it alone, without even Congress’ support, will he be impeached by his blatant refusal to abide by the Constitution. I mean, even Congress at some point must get some balls and stop him when he trashes their authority.

    Couldn’t the military arrest him when he makes such an order without Congressional approval? If so, is that why he has been quietly retiring many of our top generals?

  • Guest

    If nobody’s figured it out, Obama and his Foreign Policy Cretins are trying to bait another country into attacking us, and making sure that nobody else will have our backs. Bill Ayers said in the 70s that at least 25 Million Americans needed to do in order for the radical Chicago Left to enact their agenda. Well, Obama and his fellow travelers are going to make sure to get all that and more.

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    If nobody’s figured it out, Obama and his Foreign Policy Cretins are trying to bait another country into attacking us, and making sure that nobody else will have our backs. Bill Ayers said in the 70s that at least 25 Million Americans needed to die in order for the radical Chicago Left to enact their agenda. Well, Obama and his fellow travelers are going to make sure to get all 25 Million of those dead Americans and more.

  • suzyb

    I love this guy’s tweets. Have been following him since day one. When he goes on a rant, he is awesome!!

  • jb

    why wouldn’t England tell us to pound sand? Obama has disrespected them over the previous 5 years.

  • Joe

    Thank you President Obama for showing your support for President Bush’s
    decision and Congresses approval to attack Iraq for the exact same
    reason you now want to attack Syria. The use of WMD’s.

    said ““this kind of attack threatens our national security interests by
    violating well-established international norms against the use of
    chemical weapons …”

    If he believes that, then Bush was 100%
    correct in attacking Iraq, who the world was 100% certain that Saddam
    Hussein used the same weapons of mass destruction on his own people.

  • World B. Free

    Epic takedown of 0bama and his press.

  • Dianna Deeley

    That is sublime!

  • Granny55

    Awesome John!

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    THANX and GOD BLESS YOU Jon Ekdahl! I’ve noticed your emergence as a Conservative blogger, bringing up the stories KING FINK OBAMA and the Lame-stream Lapdogs either won’t cover, or Don’t want reported! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Marie

    I commented previously that every time I read something by AceofSpades, I like him more and that if I wasn’t already happily married, I’d be falling in love… This totally just sealed the deal. Divorcing my husband for John Eckdahl.

    • WORSEKarma

      Can we make some kind of time-share arrangement?

      • Marie

        I think we can work something out.

  • Steve Gregg

    As the Reverend Jeremiah Wright might say, “Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

  • Jim Eglinas

    This is Awesome, Funny, and So true!

  • rennyangel2

    Except for the NY Post, WSJ, and the net, there is NO press anymore. Just paid pol. hacks.

    • TexasMom2012

      Better info on our country in the British press than our own suck up media.

      • rennyangel2

        True, even The Guardian, considered a tabloid, has more accurate reporting than the “MSM” here.

  • WORSEKarma

    Daaaaang… Just… Wow. I think I love John Ekdahl.

  • spaceycakes

    ekdahl gives them both barrels, and keeps reloading

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    Don’t hold back John… tells us how you REALLY feel.

  • puca58

    …”for the first time in my adult life I am humiliated by my country because it feels like despair is finally making a comeback.”

  • Mark James

    Obama and his admin can do or say anything they want because of a lack of scrutiny by our supposed “watchdogs”

  • Republicanvet

    Glenn Thrush should be finding it hard to sit for having a foot put in his azz so hard. Repeatedly.

  • mrt721

    “In all seriousness, who’s with us at this point?”

    He did have 3 presidents with him during his ‘statement’.
    Looks like Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have his back.

    • Roto

      yea, they’re very strategic bordering countries to Syria…. err, wait

  • Marvin Nelson

    I have a serious man crush on John Ekdahl. He is dead on target. Jughead’s big ears must be on fire.

    • nc

      BHO will never hear it. His circle will “protect” him, and tell him how much everyone (except those racist Repubs) loves him. How else can he give those haughty speeches with a straight face, nose in the air?

      (But I agree with you about the crush, mine’s the old fashioned kind.)

  • cylde

    Millions of obama voters reply “huh,duh, wazup”, which as he points out is more than we get out of the MSM.

  • rangerbanger

    Love someone calling out the disingenuous talking heads and presidential panderers

  • brwaldbaum

    The media are celebrating cowboy diplomacy from a rodeo clown.

  • Sharkteeth

    EPIC Bitch slapping

  • MNWoman

    I was wondering where Jay Carney was. I saw they were using the “Deputy” Press Secretary.

  • GulfPundit

    England finally tells the cheeky wanker to f*ck off when it counts. Congratulations on destroying that relationship, you stupid brat.

  • NotaLemming

    I swear Alex Jones looks more Sain everyday. At least he has more credibility than the main stream press at this point!

  • Mama Bear

    Wow, John Ekdahl, Jr. is my new hero!

  • oneteedoffpatriot

    Relax everyone, Obama will have a press conference to show off his cool dance moves and everything will be o.k. Looks like Mr. Ekdahl just needs some sensitivity training.

  • jeanie6

    It will depend on what happens after he bombs Syria, if he does. It’s out of character for him to not plan some one to blame if it goes wrong. He must have a fall guy lined up somewhere just in case.

  • Roto

    “My greatest strength, I think, is the ability to bring people together from different perspectives, to get them to recognize what they have in common and to move people in a different direction.” — Barack Hussein Obama, January 15, 2008 Democratic Party candidates debate

    I guess Assad didn’t get MSDNC back then….

  • Katie Smith

    Fantastic work!!! He expressed every single one of my feels.