“Vapid stupidity.” Try and remember those two words for later on.

Actress Kirstie Alley obviously wanted to weigh in on the latest controversy by supplying the kind of sanctimony only certain Hollywood figures can provide. To that apparent goal, all we can say is “Mission: Accomplished.”

Shortly after making the above tweet, Alley wrote the following, which she deleted not long after publishing, but not before it got plenty of re-tweets:


“We”? Was Allie admitting to some sort of crime? Of course not, but those are the kinds of mistakes one can make when in a hurry to jump aboard a bandwagon.

Before and after Alley deleted that tweet, responses rolled in on Twitter:


After a while, Alley tweeted this:


Which might explain why she deleted that tweet.

Admittedly, Alley did prove her point, in an ironic “Al Gore flying halfway around the world on a private jet to get to an emergency summit on lowering greenhouse gas emissions” kind of way.

Having previously spoken out against “vapid stupidity,” Alley closed the debate out by admitting that she is, according to her, an idiot:

Apology accepted.


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(Hat tip: @NYC_Infidel)

  • ClinkinKY

    It’s all Xenu’s fault, right Kirstie? (For those not familiar with Xenu, just Google Scientology which is Kirstie’s “religion”).

    • Guest

      What we need is a good, ole fashioned clam bake, am I right? :)

      • MarcusFenix

        Posted twice, this should have been deleted…. <_<

    • MarcusFenix

      What we need is a good ole fashioned clam bank, am I right?

    • Hiraghm

      Google L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics, too.

      • Junie3

        I googled our white/hispanic history but couldn’t find anything about water fountains or the KKK? Is google not up to date on our white/hispanic history and bloodlines yet?
        When are they going to realize Zimmerman isn’t white and this drama doesn’t involve white people. Go piss off some Hispanics now.

        • Mac

          Zimmerman is just as white as Obama

          • Ray Haze

            He’s ivy league ? lulz

          • col

            Obama has a better tan.

          • https://twitter.com/WSPISFA WSPISFA

            Z. is also a registered Democrat who voted for Obama…and see the “thanks” he gets from the WH & Democrat run media?

        • tedlv

          I am old enough to not only remember them, but I remember the beating I took from my old man for drinking out of the wrong fountain. I didn’t care at the time for the icy cold water from the “right” one. To this day I despise racists and racism. It happened in a small town called Eutaw, AL, Separate fountains, counters, you name it.

          • Cajun

            So as you put it, black on black crime rings a bell with you?

        • tedlv

          Oops, kinda missed the point of your post. Sorry…

          • Junie3

            No problem Ted, it happens.

    • John

      Somehow I don’t think Kirstie is a fellow Sigma Pi Sigma member.

      • jminsandiego

        No, she was Smegma Pi.

        • nancym411

          That made me laugh outloud.

          • jminsandiego

            Good!! Thanks.

        • Junior Greene

          I thought it was Strawberry Pi

    • Dino V

      I blame Xenu for throwing all those souls in the Volcano

    • BlahBlah

      So Xenu is white? I KNEW IT

  • Samh09

    Lt Saavik, your comment about racism is just illogical. This case was never about race. Oh, hey that rhymes. I am a poet and just don’t know it.

    I will stop here.

    • seal76

      It wasn’t about race until Obama, Al, Jesse and a few other publicity hungry loudmouths made it so.

      • BamaG

        it was about race from the beginning – the media jumped the shark by proclaiming: white jewish republican male shoots itty bitty black baby boy who just wanted some skittles
        than the other racist profiteers added in their collective .02 which just stirred up the rhetoric more so

        • w00nda_63

          media fabricated a bogus “truth” …imagine that! Zimmerman is a melting pot just like America…His Mothers Parents and grandparents were black oops ~ an inconvenient truth they JUST forgot to mention! Once again….Being played low information peeps, that’s got to feel soooo good! So used and yet so ignorant! Now that all your justification is gone out the window What now? Did we all forget the potus is in the same boat as Zimmerman being 1/2 white~and portions of some other “color”! Isn’t THAT practically the NORM in America! (unless I suppose the mean 1/2 is white evidently!) Let’s work on our brain power and shut down the emotional gearing for the time being, think they might understand what happened for real! With no hightened emotional impact revved up by social engineers like sharptongue!…jesse jump in..&.this .race baiting administration…one and all! We might have realized what this was from the get go…a guy wanting to protect his neighborhood for reasons we all know and understand…there are no jobs in the black community and crime is up for a reason…but that might just reflect on the ineptitude of this administration …so play the race card…yet again…watch it will be about race and gun control!….obama skips on his accountability yet again! It is a thing many neighborhoods are facing…Tell me who will sign up for neighborhood watch after this???

        • Jay Stevens

          Except Zimmerman is a democrat.

        • https://twitter.com/WSPISFA WSPISFA

          Well those distractions from Obama’s impeachable offenses ain’t gonna create themselves ya know…

      • GaylePutt

        You can say that again!!!

      • James Queen

        Silly jury! Zimmerman was SUPPOSED to have a fair trial and a fair hanging,

      • Hal Fast

        And if you didn’t hear the news, al and Jessie got millions sent to their coffers because of this trial, and Obama made sure of it. I.e all about the love of money, and they really can’t give a rats rump about theblackmkid that died because if they did , they would be doing this every day for black on black and Mexican on black murders. Oh, that is right. No $$$ in it for the lib media and the black shark extortionists.

      • Bill


      • Bill


    • meyo

      Make it rhyme every time, Finished it for you.

  • Echo Vector

    Just another bubble headed hollywood gas bag. Why do people even care what she says?

    • Timothy Kennedy

      True….I think most people stopped caring about her entirely about the last two years of Cheers.

      • William PokerMonkey Souther

        hated her then. Can’t stand her now. Only difference was about 120 lbs.

    • William PokerMonkey Souther

      they don’t. Didn’t ya hear? And calling her a ‘Hollywood’ gas bag implies she still even lives there. Which I’m guessing she doesn’t…since casting agents never call her anymore. When your listed credits for the past ten years are highlighted by stints on stupid Celebrity reality shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars’…you know your ‘star’ has been officially doused.

  • TocksNedlog

    “We must stop racism”?


    • grais

      But she should start with herself. She won’t stop anyone else’s racism until she eliminates her own.

    • William PokerMonkey Souther

      Wait. We must stop racism? Well…damn…lets just put that on our ‘To-Do-List’ for tomorrow.

  • Spiny Norman

    Is she drunk?

    • bonnieblue2A

      It does appear she may have fallen off the substance abuse wagon, again. The former beauty queen from Wichita, KS is ugly all the way to the core.

      • Ls Santa Hermandad

        She ought to be a little more informed about who is murdering whom. And now that I find out that she’s from Wichita, she ought to try to inform herself.
        Put the Stolichnaya away or whatever chemical agents you’re taking and read up on the Wichita Massacre.

    • Montana Made


  • ceemack

    You’re right, Kirstie…there’s way too much vapid stupidity around.

    • Karl Winrich

      But maybe there is at least a tiny spark of recovery in her. After all it’s not the everyday ordinary hollywood libtard whom will actually come out and admit that they’re and idiot, normally they just double down and attempt to defend their stupidity.

      But I’m not going to hold my breath…

  • DaCheezWhizKid

    Not having much luck playing “Follow The Leader” are you Kirstie?

    • ked5

      it’s hard when the dear leader leads from behind.

  • http://www.commieblaster.com/ Barry Sucks

    Im so glad I threw my TV out in 2008.

    • Damien Johnson

      I upgraded from CRT to HD in 2011. I use it with my computer and other devices, not for actual tv.

  • lesterwink23

    WE are more than ready to put an end to racism, Kirstie. It’s the folks on YOUR side of the aisle that aren’t.

    • bonnieblue2A

      The real danger here is that we have a POTUS, Senate Majority leader, Attorney General, and this administration’s go to Hollyweird & celebrity crowd, equating lawful self-defense with a firearm to race motivated murder.

  • brewerandpatriot

    It will be a lot harder to stop racism after 11-30 million more George Zimmermans are granted amnesty.

    • Joel A. Edge

      That’s a good angle.

    • Kelly Layne

      He is a US citizen uncalled for

  • Love of Country

    Hey Kirstie … it was Democrats then and it was Democrats now … don’t be stupid! Racist idiots like you willfully stole their religion and any need for a job just so you could control how they vote. Does it matter to you that liberal policies have turned black communities into war zones far more dangerous than Iraq and Afghanistan? (rhetorical)

    • Angyl Ricardi

      Thank you. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to inform friends that the K K K was started by the democrat party, and they actually fight me on it. Problem is everyone lately thinks everything is down to ‘oh that’s MY opinion, and I have a right to my opinion’ Not everything is an opinion – there are FACTS. No one wants to know actual facts anymore. Zimmerman is not a racist, I saw nothing racial in that trial. Martin’s death was due to fear, not race. I personally think Zimmerman was too quick to shoot, but then again I never been underneath a dude beating on me, so I guess that’s just my opinion. But I watched the trial and it was clear Martin attacked Zimmerman. it was clear Zimmerman shot in self defense and that’s why he’s a free man now. People like K. Alley is just makin things worse, just like the edited tape msnbc made from day one fueled racism – that’s what the liberals wanted, they wanted all us black folks all heated up and they got it, they didn’t care if any of us died during riots or whatnot, they just wanted their racial tension … because they are liberals and that’s what libs do.

      • Brenda Busken

        very well said

      • Kathryn Suiters Gartland

        One of the best explanation of this case I’ve seen. You have hit the nail on the head on every issue Angry Richard. I would add that Zimmerman isn’t even White except for this issue when it sells the news. The MSM need something to do since they have lost all credibility with the public. This story is a perfect example as to why.

      • Love of Country

        Hey, my friend …. did you not receive my reply from this morning? Perhaps it was deleted?

        I wrote you a thorough and thoughtful reply and it is vanished.

        I had links for you and assurances of more data to come from me in the future. It’s just gone and I’m sorry …. if only I had saved it before posting (sigh).

        God Bless You, Angyl …. I will get back with you with the facts you need to make your case as soon as time permits …. maybe two or three days as I will need to access another computer at a different location.

        If my post was censored I’m disgusted with that decision. I did post a link to a picture of a KKK poster used by Democrats to point out that the Republican Party was for the “negro”.

        The relevance of that link pointed out in no uncertain terms that the DNC and the KKK and their dislike of black people were all as one …. it was relevant historical reference and should not be censored under any circumstances …. particularly to cave into the destructive hyper-pc movement, IMHO.



      • Vicki Wiesner Carter

        I am sure some one got funded for this so it could be called a cause. I am so tired of being ripped off by the political leaders I could scream and manipulated.

    • col

      I wonder how many people know that the KKK were Democrats? Hmmmmm?

  • Conrad2010

    Wow! There really is such a thing as Bats in the Belfry!

  • Maxx

    Enough with the Kirstie Alley bashing. She has just as much right to reveal her ignorance on Twitter as all the others in Hollywood who are still getting paid for irrelevant work done two decades ago.

    • Adela Wagner

      They have a neeeed to have their name up in “lights” SOMEWHERE….and Maxx is right on, come on Hollywooder’s let Twitter light you up.

    • ShannonSzukala

      Irrelevant work just like our Government.

    • https://twitter.com/WSPISFA WSPISFA

      I agree, I welcome the Hollywood Limo Liberals opening their loudmouths because it tells me who I can ignore

  • CatHerder

    Will somebody please have the air and water checked for hallucinogens in the Hollywood area?

    • dickG

      No need. It was declared unfit to drink in the ’60’s for the same reason you have so coyly alluded to. In the ’60’s, if you will remember, they were working on air pollution problems in the area and neglected to prioritize.
      It’s difficult, you know, to prioritize when you’ve been on hallucinogens and you can’t even remember yesterday.
      Kirstie, my dear, you are a beautiful woman, but you’ve forgotten what your parents taught you when you were 12 or 13 years old.
      . . . . . . “Darlin’. Please put your brain in gear before opening your mouth!”
      .. . . . . .”Do your homework!’
      .. . . . . .”You are old enough, now, that you shouldn’t need to be reminded.”
      . . . . . .”When you reach 21 years old and weigh more than 100lbs,
      . . . . . . . . . . .the following childish excuses just won’t cut it!’
      ……………………….”The dog ate my homework!”
      ……………………….”Mary’s mom let’s her do it”
      ……………………….”Everybody else does it!”
      ……………………….”I don’t remember!”
      ………………………”I didn’t do it, and even if I did, you can’t prove it!”
      Your acknowledgement of your misspeak indicates that you have some potential as an adult human being. Sometimes the road is long and hard.
      Hang in there!

      • William PokerMonkey Souther

        Wow! I can’t believe you just called her beautiful. Wonder when the last time she heard that was (from someone not wanting something from her)?

        • dickG

          Ya, I kind of wondered that too. Might account for some of her problems.
          The Blogs are kind of a rough initiation into reality.

    • Bryant

      I think we’re well beyond that. It’s in the blood now.

  • Rob Stevely

    Liberal white guilt must be an awful burden to live with.

  • mwill

    im running out of room on my list of people I will no longer spend my hard earned money on.

    • ked5

      make it simple. have a list of those you WILL spend your money on.

      • dickG

        As I get older, my list of people I wish to spend money on is getting shorter and my list of people I wish NOT to spend money on is getting longer.
        A short list is easier!

    • Brenda Busken

      right there with you on that one

  • CarpeNoctem

    The only thing she knows how to murder is a donut.

    • William PokerMonkey Souther

      and to think….that donut had such a bright future. Until it got mixed up with those damn Skittles.

  • Spike Bement

    Question…..what prescription drug is she addicted to?

    • http://www.GONINERS.com/ Kristine

      None. She’s a Scientologist. They don’t approve of prescription medications.

      • Spike Bement

        Last I heard, Tom Cruise is single. EHarmonious…..

        • RedSoloCup

          Kirstie and him make the perfect “wacko” couple!

        • ked5

          he’s also short – and won’t be seen with a woman taller than him.

          • Timothy Kennedy

            In this case, wider as well.

          • ked5

            she’s very faithful to ben & Jerry.

  • carolhaka

    Why do vile progs hate Hispanics?

    • dickG

      Because Caucasians just laugh at them when they spew their vile insults..
      Guilt makes them love Blacks.
      Asians just shake their heads and ignore them.
      Hispanics think of them as their ticket to the promised land and don’t object as long as the libs don’t fall off the liberal wagon.
      So if you were a lib, which group would you prefer to hate?
      This is the logic of the species “Liberal-us Progress-evil-us”.

  • carolhaka

    She even got her apology wrong. The only racism was towards us crazy asss crackers.

    • William PokerMonkey Souther

      Every time I hear the word cracker…it just makes me hungry.

      • dickG

        Me too!

  • BucTroop

    The only thing Kristie Alley murders is a bucket of KFC w/ heavy gravy.

    • William PokerMonkey Souther

      heavy gravy optional?

  • Ron Morisseau

    Actually 93% of blacks murdered in the USA are murdered by other blacks but why let the facts get in the way of the truth

    • Medicinewoman2

      Haven’t you heard, facts like math eludes them.

      • Brenda Busken

        That’s because you don’t need an education to play pretend and make millions

      • dickG

        It’s the “NEW” math, you know!

    • William PokerMonkey Souther

      Yeah but what about those OTHER 7%!!!! Can’t you see the problem!?? 7% is an unacceptable number! (if you are retard, make a stupid reply to this, suggesting that you think I’m being serious)

      • https://twitter.com/WSPISFA WSPISFA

        …the other 7% are murdered by Planned Parenthood?

  • notenoughtime

    She needs to get out of her gated community a little more and take a good look at what is happening in our country instead of pointing fingers at those who have the same pigment issues as she does and announce that they are the problem. If you really want to help, call it out for what it is instead of placing the blame on the blameless.

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    George Zimmerman is a Hispanic male. How many times does that have to be pointed out to these celebrity dimwits? America is a great country, you can be this stupid, and still be successful and make lots of money. It’s a testimony to the greatness of this country. In a third world country the law’s of Darwin would have kicked in already “Natural Selection” and dealt with their ignorance.

    • William PokerMonkey Souther

      I guess they figure that because he has some Jew in him and a Jewish name…that he has ‘escaped’ his minority status as a hispanic.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Devon-Dibley-His-Golden-Key/dp/1484181557/ M F Scotto

    Correction: Democrats used to make black people drink from separate drinking fountains.

    • Hiraghm

      Correction: I make everyone who’s not me drink from a separate drinking fountain. I’ve seen how unclean all you people are.

  • $27789750

    This perfectly illustrates why I dislike Twitter. It allows childish celebs like this to spout evil, then ‘delete’ knowing full well the damage is done. Twitter has become little more than a site for celebs to let their worst sides all hang out.

    • Medicinewoman2

      Their stupidity use to be covered by handlers, now the world gets to see the fool behind the persona. Quite, refreshing actually.

      • $27789750

        Suppose you’re right. The real ‘person’ comes through loud and clear. Good thing in the long run I guess.

        • Medicinewoman2

          Their handlers can’t remove or cover their ignorance once it’s out there. Someone gets a screen shot for the record and people actually know to not support them or their products, be it movies ,music etc.

    • Brenda Busken

      you mean their stupid dumb bigoted side

  • Spike Bement

    She probably didn’t have her ten McDonald’s Big Macs when she Tweeted that.

  • alpharob

    Take it easy on her. She’s doubly handicapped. She’s a Hollywood liberal
    (I repeat myself) and Scientologist. Her brains are twice scrambled.

  • AmericanMom

    Kirstie if you feel black guilt, then have at it, but leave the rest of us out of it. Talk with your scientologist shrinks about your murderous feelings.

  • Milly Tamburro Soisson

    How dare you make such a racist comment. A boy is dead. His killers life is basically over. I grew up in an era where racism seemed to be going away. I grew up loving my neighbors. What is going on? It’s like the 50’s. Open your eyes girl. At this time we need to focus on the words of Martin Luther King, not Trayvon Martin.

    • mickeyco

      Great post.

  • Peyton

    Actually, it’s usually black people that are shooting black people. 94% in fact.

  • Peyton

    Separate but equal ended in 1954. Less than 12 percent of Americans lived before that time.

    • Mellisa621267

      And a lot of us who did were less than 5 yrs old. You know the main thing I hate about liberals/liberalism.. the American people have to be punished, punished, punished for everything our ancestors did since there was a human race, but there is no confession! We -I- can never be forgiven for what our ancestors did before we were even old enough to understand what was happening. That is what I hate. At least, in Christianity you can repent and be forgiven! Now, there is no forgiveness.

      • Peyton

        Excellent point. That’s what bothers me. I grew up with people of all races. I’ve got good friends from countries all over the world, and from every race you can think of. Neither I nor they have ever been subject to Jim crow, or subjected someone to a law like that. Why should I be lumped in with those who committed the injustices of our past? I wasn’t alive for that, and neither were my parents. And my grandparents were very young when it ended.

  • BumblesBounce

    The rest of the world should be trembling in fear: this nation, supposedly the strongest and most powerful on the planet, is imploding and the inmates are in charge. If I am ever lucky enough to win the lottery, color me gone.

  • Aitch748

    So many Hollywood people going completely off the rails over the Zimmerman verdict. I can see another preachy box-office bomb about racism in America’s future.

  • RedSoloCup

    Scientologist Kook.

    Go murder another all-you-can-eat buffet with Mikey Moore and leave us alone.

  • ked5

    so allie – you say white’s shoot blacks children. as a liberal, we know you support planned parenthood. so that must mean you understand AND SUPPORT Margaret sanger (PP’s paragon of leftist idealism founder) wanted to eradicate the black population. careful of that mirror dear. reflections can be harsh.

  • slobbering fits

    Still drinking I see.

  • BeeKaaay

    Just another bloodthirsty leftwingwacko.

    • Dee

      I hope she’s reading this so she can salivate over your avatar. :)

  • Proud to be American

    Alley, you and the media are the ones that are separating and destroying this country.

  • Sparethoughts

    Provocative statements are not all that helpful if one is looking to actually have a reasonable dialogue that will lead to change.

    • dickG

      Liberal-us Progress-evil-us’ do not “change”, they “compromise”!
      By compromise, they mean that they will meet you half way. That means that you have to move at least half-way to their position before they will agree. Sort of!
      Next week they will bring up the same subject, insist that you “compromise” again. Ad infinitem.
      If you don’t you won’t compromise. You are an obstructionist. You are evil.

  • Guest

    ‘Thought we had better race relations before obama came in. He likes to stir the pot. fyi More than 11,000 blacks were killed by other blacks in the past year. Also, black on white violence is seldom reported these days. Why is that? Agenda.

    • dickG

      You suggest an “Agenda”, Sir!
      An agenda? Surely you jest!

  • David Johnson

    Kristie chill black guys already like big (& I mean BIG!) white girls!

  • esmt

    There is only one race… human… if someone has blond skin or brunette skin…it’s no different than blond hair or brunette hair. The race terms come from very wicked people who wanted to control and dominate their fellow men and created distinctions between them for that purpose…. God made one man and one woman and we are all descended from them… so please get over it folks!

  • R0nin

    I’m pretty sure it’s mostly blacks who’re killing black “children” these days– whether with guns or by getting abortions.

  • paevo

    The luxury of self-hatred on display…

  • walterc

    Actually Kirstie, it was white Democrats that made black people drink out of separate drinking fountains. And it is Black and White Democrats that are keeping the racial wars going.

  • Cls37x0

    Kill an innocent child… Divide a nation!

  • TheLiberalEater

    Wow, fat and stupid..go eat a bon bon turdopotomus..

  • Not Anonymous

    She must have missed the FBI statistics showing that of the over 10,000 black murders per year in the US, over 90% of those murders are perpetrated by other black Americans.

  • Lilith

    Once a slob always a slob

  • Tarantula2

    Could it might be possible that GZ shot TM because TM was beating the crap out of GZ?

    • hwy505

      Tarantula – now, now – that would make too much sense and reveal what really happened. You know the Hollywood butt-heads cant deal with that five letter word – truth.

    • Finrod Felagund

      Don’t you know it’s cruel to confuse liberals with facts?

      • dickG

        As a very well educated and intelligent Liberal-us Progress-evil-us, I don’t understand.
        What are the words “truth” and “facts”. These terms confuse and confound me!

  • Cheri

    You’re nothing but a washed up fat hag, fuck your tweets bitch

    • Timothy Kennedy

      now, now…she has the right to free speech…or in her case, the freedom to be a openly moronic brain-dead cretin looking to demonstrate her immense lack of historic knowledge.

  • Timothy Kennedy

    Kirstie Alley says, “ok..now I’ve already said I was an idiot…if it’s blood you’re after,
    perhaps you can just block me. Chances are we aren’t soul mates.” I’m not even sure we are the same species, you blithering twit.

    • dickG

      The fact that she even attempted an apology proves she is not a “Liberal-us Progress-evil-us”.
      Perhaps she had a bad upbringing and has been hanging out with the wrong crowd.
      Encourage the trend. She may recover her human status.

      • Timothy Kennedy

        True…so, maybe there is a cure for ‘stupid’.

        • dickG

          The “cure” is education and you can’t get that in Kalifornia schools, out of a medicine cabinet, out of a bottle, or on the street corner.
          For those you get only illusions.

  • $379629

    I saw Kirstie Alley murder three whole chickens, two german chocolate cakes, and a half gallon of ice cream in one go round once.

  • ObamaFail

    What about black people who kill white people just for being white? Do you have any hatred for their bigotry? Of course not, because calling a black person out for their BS is considered racist by cowards on the left.

  • jeffofnh

    You are like the news media, fueling the race hatred.

  • Timmmmm

    We would see how racists she was if the last box of Ring Dings in the store was between her and a Black person….

    • dickG

      Not to worry. Twinkies are back on the shelves.

  • BiffWellington

    Last time Kirstie Alley tried to “weigh in”, she broke the scale….

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Wonder how many blacks SHE has killed,,,She Is white you know,,,but dumb as a box of rock.

  • Owen

    are we to agree or not? Six well informed people heard all that there
    is to hear that is relevant, discussed it for days, and rendered a
    verdict. That is how the system works. Anything else is wasted air,
    wasted emotions, and misguided thinking.

  • ModdKenwood

    looks like Kirstie’s back to snorting BLOW…

  • gv416

    These white liberal moonbats kill me….like THEY aren’t white themselves….

  • Shi

    Always the Hollyweird tard who is in their 14th minute of fame that tweet the Bullshit. Jim Carey, Marlon Wayans, Tom Arnold….all hasbeens clinging to the hope of any fame is better than no fame.

  • Joanne Stoll

    She is just a has been, why should we care what she thinks…..

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    oh look another idiot whose movies or media I will never have to go see again. Yahoo I am saving money by the day!

    • Shi

      It is OK she has not made a movie since……mmmmmmmmm the era of silent movies or was it ORCA

  • billkoch

    Now we know she did have to do much acting on Cheers. I guess that is true of most Hollywood folks. Curse, take your clothes off, and be anti-American, you will be considered a great actor/actress.

  • jz

    How have people still not understood that zimmerman is latino?

  • RedKelly1957

    You’re an idot Kirstie. And you have gone the way of the dodo as so many in your profession have. You’re old, were never that good of an actress and now to get people to even talk to you, you have to resort to posting stupid shit like this. Just fade away like the dodo and do us all a favor.

  • jminsandiego

    Kirstie Alley is good at only two things, eating and drinking. She does both to excess.

  • Kristina Dickey

    wOw .. the absolute STUPIDITY of people/celebs .. They really ought to THINK before they tweet.

  • Guest

    WHO gives a rats ass what a celebrity has to say? I damn sure DONT

  • peteee363

    wasn’t it white democrats who made blacks drink from other fountains?

  • Bryan Williams

    Perhaps she meant “eat” their children?

  • mickeyco

    Is it my imagination or doesn’t she look a lot like Angela Corey?

  • itsjustneen

    Right..Zimmerman was a ‘white Hispanic’. Now he is white. Hmm, can you just change someone’s heritage so as to not lose any minority vote? I guess so…

    As far as I know, Hispanics had no prob with blacks and their waterfountains..none whatsoever.

  • Mike

    What do you think of this?!?! What about Joshua Chellew?!?


  • Right Wired

    Hang in there, Kirstie. Twinkies will be back soon.

    • Diane Stephan

      I just spit my lunch all over my keyboard. LMAO!

  • Scott Snoopy

    once again those in hollyweird just can’t help itself and has to interject themselves into topics they know nothing about

  • Diane Stephan

    Do these white liberals really hate themselves that much?

    • Damien Johnson

      No, they’ve got money. The same money they demonize all rich people for actually working for.

      Not denying there was corruption in the banks etc, but the level of which they went to paint all rich people as evil and selfish was ridiculous.

  • http://promodiva.com/ Traci Hayner Vanover

    Vapid stupidity from a Hollywood heavyweight — and NO, that is not a compliment. Leave the commentary to those who actually know what they are talking about, Kirstie. Have a Twinkie…you get mean when your blood sugar is low.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.lombard.5 Dan Lombard

    She could do her part by not eating three lunches every day and giving some poor inner city child a chance to get some nutrition.

  • chrissy

    Must be all those “white blacks, white Hispanics, and white Asians” along with those pesky Norwegians shooting all those inner city blacks kids across the country. Oh wait…..nope, that would be blacks killing those black kids.

    • Brett Weir

      I watch the Chicago news and they rarely report THOSE shootings. But, they do throw out a number on Monday, like 16 sh.ot this weekend and 67 the previous weekend (Actual Numbers).

  • Ray Scarbrough

    Another Hollywood Communist Obama Worshiper ! , And Liberal Fast Ass Dumb Ass !!~

  • neilanbloughme

    Nothing funnier or sadder than a washed up hag looking for attention.

  • Muttmonger Iam

    Who have you killed, Kirstie?

  • Phil Lister

    What planet is she living on???? She obviously didn’t even think before typing that statement! When are celebrities going to learn to stay away from making stupid statements like this??? haven’t they figured out it doesn’t do their careers any good? Oh wait, her’s is washed up anyway!

  • Kaya Hund

    I am sure that we will see Kirstie marching in the streets of Chicago soon, protesting all of the black on black violence that kills dozens of young black men every month.

    • rickg62

      Or not.

  • Frank Priviti

    Kristie alley is just another one of the many bafoons in Hollywood that speak out before their brain engages total dipshit

  • Misty Shelton Zimmerman

    she’s obviously just stupid.

  • Jan

    Maybe ALL white people she was referring to should not watch her new sitcom. Do they have any black actors in her new show? If not, maybe they should not watch either.

    • Cynthia Peters Bartosh

      Question – the all white people thing – Kirstie is white, or am I color blind? I think I will take your advice and not watch her show. :)

    • rickg62

      Is anybody going to watch?

  • Bob Young

    Kristy Alley is just one more example of how liberalism rots the brain

  • Billie Slash

    Hey, Kirstie–shut up and eat a roast. No, you don’t have to share it.

  • kelly curtis

    Now, if she said “we must stop all racism, and go kill a bunch of white honky’s”, she would have made more friends. Why isn’t Martin’s parents trying to tell the youth to learn from this and SHOW RESPECT when an adult stops you? If you are trespassing, expect to be stopped! Anyone who think this is a travesty of justice needs to pack up and leave! Try South Africa or Mexico and then come and bitch about our system.

  • Andy Trimble

    Of course she said “we.” She’s a liberal democrat. Liberal democrats made black people drink from separate water fountains.

    98% of blacks are democrats. Most black teens are killed (shot) by other blacks.

    Ergo, “we” are shooting their children.

    Makes sense to me.

  • Dozer

    I didn’t realize she was a “white hispanic”

  • right_on

    “Actress Kirstie Alley obviously wanted to WEIGH IN…” LOL.

    Hey, Kirstie…how loud did you holler when you realized there were no black characters in a certain Boston-based sitcom, Cheers?

  • Doug Ragan

    Kirstie Alley is on twitter? How completely uninteresting.

  • Brett Weir

    We, as in, all us white, rac.ist people that adopt black babies, build community gardens in urban areas, erect basketball hoops and baseball diamonds in the ghettos, and pretty much pay for all the breakfast, lunch, and in some areas, dinners through the public schools and community centers. Yes, we are those rac.ists. Kirstie, Sam Malone called and he needs you back at the bar, Woody took the day off.

  • Douglas Rood

    I was brought up in Chicago and went to Vietnam when I was 17. I have
    seen racism first hand in both places, and it was not from white people.
    As for the Hollyweards get off your self indulging sanctimonious arse
    and give your time and money to Vets. who fought and died for your right
    to spew garbage. :(

  • Bryan

    What she meant to say was “White people used to make black people drink from separate drinking fountains…Now Hispanics just shoot their children.” At least she didn’t say African-American.

    • alumin

      Thank you Bryan!!

  • Russell Walker

    After Eating Two Entire Chocolate Cakes, One can Say the Craziest Things!

  • Randy Guess


  • Bob

    Are you talkin’ to me ?

  • Indynana

    Kirstie It isn’t blood we want, maybe an apology and some common sense, You are race baiting and fueling the flames of hate! JUST because this thug was black – does NOT give him a right to beat the crap out of # 1. His classmates #2. The bus driver #3. Unnamed person #4. George Zimmerman. . He had that very day been expelled from school for *FIGHTING* at school – with 3 prior suspensions ! – SO because he IS black – he is justified – in being out in the pouring rain – looking into windows of homes where he did NOT live…. with a history of Fighting… drugs in his system … but hey – he was BLACK – so we are to just accept this behavior – I guess his rap-sheet wasn’t quite long enough? It was just a matter of time!

  • Jeff Coil

    93% of blacks are murdered by blacks. Simple facts that liberals ignore.

  • alumin

    It daily amazes me how STUPID, SHALLOW, ARROGANT and OVERBEARING the Hollywood left are. They are complete USEFUL IDIOTS for the present communist administration. Why they feel they are so superior to us “little people” is beyond me – they LIE for a living! Thank you, Hollywood liberals – for saving us all money at the theatre. It will be a cold day in hell before I EVER spend a dime to watch any of these morons again. Kirstie Alley is a scientologist to begin with – already proving she’s devoid of good judgment.

    • Indynana

      They are useful to obammy – spreading division and hate for him!

  • Peggy Sue

    Kirsty, Where have you been the last 50 years. Black people have been given privledge for the past sixty years. I read a tweet by @Marlon Wayons who said it is “nigga” season. He asked: What do I tell my kids? I say, tell your kids that you are a race baiter and to ignore what you say. Tell your kids they can be anything they want to be and to follow Dr. Ben Carson’s life. He is who your kids should emulate and role model. Not you because you are nothing but a race bater.

  • Michael Golde

    Kirstie Alley continues to prove she is sanctimonious, uniformed and not very intelligent. Other than that, she is not very talented.

  • BlahBlah

    Hey remember when OJ got acquitted after killing 2 white people and all the white people rioting after that? It was destruction and mayhem. Destruction and mayhem all over the USA.

  • hawkins455054

    sorry Kirstie, to block you I would have to have “one big block” for your mouth and ass

    • Hambone

      Amen brother

  • Randy Guess


  • Hambone

    I would recommend folks to look at how many black folks have killed white folks verses white on black…look at the stats. No, it’s not right…but I’m tired of all this…because I’m white I’m prejudice. It’s all baloney.

    European nations brought black to this continent for over a hundred years…within 65 years of us becoming a great Nation, we looked at the wrong of slavery, and over a hundred thousand white Soldiers died defending blacks freedoms…the US Civil War. How can it be a 150 years later were all prejudice? Because a hound dumb ass like G Zimmermann had a gross misjudgment, and killed another young man…all is forgotten…? Give me a break. I spent 30 years in the Army and saw an evolution of racial harmony…quit thinking with your emotions and think with your good sense…I’m betting CA has no real idea what happened…she’s a clown

  • VerminMcCann

    “It daily amazes me”

    Like Yoda she talks.

  • Indynana

    Soul Mates? Wouldn’t YOU have to have a soul to have a soul mate???

  • robcrawford2

    Does Kirstie have some unfortunate incident she needs to confess to?

    • SandiCorrena

      bet’s she fixin to find out….Run Kirstie before they “correct” you!


    Taking social commentary from a celebrity is like using an out of control freight train as a blocking dummy.

  • cdevansjr

    That was her mom & dad not me. She needs to keep that fat pig snout shut!

    She is not so enlightened that she has the right to speak for all white people.

  • HARP2

    Thanks for another stupid statement from Hollywood fatso, but you`re too late. Most of the really vapid ones have come and gone.

  • navalav8r

    I think the 300 pounds of blubber she put on has finally made its way into her empty head.

    Nice photoshop on the avatar.

  • Indynana

    Kirstie! You would have to have a soul – to have a soul mate! you are
    fanning the fires of racial hate and division! Are you on obammy’s
    payroll ? It would seem so!

  • Cat Sunn

    I thought she was a little smarter than that. You just crushed my image about her….she’s a real idiot.

  • daniel

    Well, Kirstie, you and Toni Braxton have graduated to the upper class of idiots. Congratulations for a job well done.

    • bungopony

      Now,now,don’t let’s make it a contest-or is it too late?

  • QueenB

    Maybe by “we” she meant democrats. Democrats instituted Jim Crow laws and didn’t Zimmerman admit to being a democrat and voting for Obama?

  • L R

    What is truly sad is that young impressionable teenagers will continue to look up to these types of celebrities as role models. Teenagers spend more time re-tweeting these charged comments during the day, than they do paying attention in class and actually learning something useful for the future!

  • Michael Richardson

    Kirstie must still be playing her Virgilia role from North and South. My dear, the war has been over for a long time. Although a 17 year old is considered a minor, being over 6 feet hardly classifies Trayvon as a child.

    • SandiCorrena

      That same prosecuter would have tried him as an adult, even though he was just a child of 17, in an alternate scenario. In this case they acted like he was barely out of diapers at 17…

  • Brandy Johnson

    Everyone in Hollywood and the White House needs to be deported – plain and simply.

  • LeftistsStink

    Kirstie weighs in. LOL
    She must have eaten her engrams, scrambled.

  • chuck

    Why aren’t you showing outrage over the hundreds of blacks killed in Chicago? oh that black on black crime,dumb ass!!

  • KJQ

    True racism is all the ridiculous focus on the Trayvon Martin case, all the while ignoring the vast majority of shooting deaths which are young black men killing other young black men.

  • Jim Martin

    Tyrone could have prevented his death by simply going home instead of coming after Zimmerman. Any one of us would have done the same thing in the same circumstance regardless of the color of the skin. Martin wasn’t the Saint little boy he has been maid out to be.

    • Sharon Reinert

      and i believe the right verdict came down for 2nd degree murder, but gz could have avoided this by staying in his vehicle

      • PChandler

        If George Zimmerman had a vagina instead, sexist sociopaths like you wouldn’t have sided against ‘her’.

        Violence against women = Haram. Violence against men = Halal.

        Tras de ladrona, bufona.

  • Candy Ohara

    She needs to get more of those ‘evil-midieclerians’ or whatever out of her system.

  • Rick

    95% of blacks are killed by blacks. Guess she doesn’t care about those people and I guess the President and Eric Holder don’t care about them either.

  • Darnell Fletcher

    Everyone says silly things they shouldn’t say every now and then. Fortunately for most of us it slips by unnoticed because we’re not famous. Give the famous people a break now and then when they make the same human errors the rest of us make.

  • rickg62

    One has to wonder how many, if any, of these celebrities who have been making the ridiculous comments actually have paid any attention to the case or the trial. We know that most of them are basically shallow and stupid people so they must have all gotten the same memo.

  • Dave Suchy

    ok Kirstie…I’ll call Zimmerman and tell him not to kill black punks that attack him, if you tell the black punk not to attack white folks…but wait…ZIMMERMAN AINT WHITE!!!!! stupid cow..btw…Iowa had laws on the books as early as 1879…no segregation here…I never made anyone drink anywhere…

  • William Blanshan

    I guess she means that she kills black peoples children, too, right? I mean, she’s white, so she must do it, too. Unless she’s excluding herself from that “all” thing, like liberals love to do.

  • William Blanshan

    This must be a liberal website. My comment is awaiting moderation. Liberals love free speech, just as long as you’re speaking what they want you to speak.

  • David Maguire

    The Obama administration and his cronies have set back racial tolerance by 30 years.

    • Paul Roth

      130 years!

  • Ron Rose

    Now I see why she belongs to a cult that only excells in fleecing one’s pocket’s.

  • AlmaAlma

    I was just reading that Zimmerman had a bit of a history of violence. Never knew this before. He had a charge of violence against police and a domestic violence history. Also his cousin apparently accused him of having molested her when she was a child. It does seem that Zimmerman isn’t quite as innocent as he has been portrayed. Travyon was wrong to beat into him, but Zimmerman does seem to have been quite a confrontational person.

    • Sharon Reinert

      that is not all true either. gz should have served some time, but florida overcharged him. whole thing tragic

      • dickG

        So, what crime do you think he should have been charged with?
        He was found not guilty of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter.

    • dickG

      Perhaps you and Kirstie could get together and do your homework.
      Your comment shows a shallow knowledge of the incidents. Look to the details and you may come to a different conclusion.
      No. I won’t do your homework!

      • AlmaAlma

        Ok. I will. I have nothing personally against Zimmerman and if ALL of those situations above are wrong, that would point to someone being unusually unlucky. If you are correct, than Zimmerman was falsely accused of violence against Police, falsely accused of domestic violence, falsely accused of sexual crimes against his cousin and falsely accused of overzealously calling the Police on 911 for petty issues. That is incredible, that one man can be a magnet to so many accusations that are patently untrue.
        In saying that, I actually agree that Zimmerman should have been set free on this occasion (re Travyon) as it was self defense. It is ashame though that his confrontational overzealous personality seemed to have contributed. No-one, neither Travyon nor Zimmerman, are completely free of blame, but there should never have been a life taken.

        • dickG

          Zimmerman should never have been charged in the first place. It was obvious (and I watched most of the trial) that the State had NO evidence to support it’s claims.
          Also be aware that poor little Travyon had been thrown out of school for fighting on at least 3 occasions (one the week before he died), had flashed photos of firearms he had for sale (illegal for a 17 year old to have one), photos of pot plants, and text message threats to hunt down one of his previous victims and inflict further damage upon him. All this on his cell phone. Evidence which the prosecution neglected to turn over to the defense AS REQUIRED BY LAW.
          Travyon likely died because he had a chip on his shoulder, was a racist, and thought he had an excuse to beat up a “crazy-ass cracker”!
          If you’re going to cite the character traits of Zimmerman, then you must allow the character traits of Travyon.
          How many times must someone have their head bashed against concrete before he comes to the conclusion that the next blow may completely incapacitate him? Should he wait until he is unconscious? Almost unconscious?
          Stay tuned to your TV for further developments.

  • Ellen Altman

    wow – Kirstie – looking for brownie points from someone? Sadly, your HIGHLY ignorant statement backfired on you… big-time. You can try to blame it on your latest diet….some people get dizzy and stupid on those.

  • kimkam7

    First, post a current picture, that’s an old one girl. Second, who knew you were a racist as well as a freak? You really screwed yourself.

  • CenCalDevil

    Hey Kirstie, Twinkies are available again, give your opinion on those. That’s more up your alley of expertise. Thanks.

  • Crappie

    Damn spell checker is my worst enema, makes me feel vapidly stupid…

  • Jerryjohnson

    If we all do our part… Wouldn’t this hate be gone?

  • William Hopkins

    All my people are from the land of ice and snow , we look after our own . Tend your own and make em pull their pants up.

  • NixTyranny

    @kirstiealley Is deleting a tweet the same as dieting?

  • Peyton

    Here’s the problem. Some Older black Americans are still telling their kids and grand kids that they must be careful around white people, that they must watch out or their rights will be taken away. On the flip side, no white Americans, except the skinheads, are telling their kids and grandkids that they need to oppress black people. That is what leads to the racial divide.

  • http://www.facebook.com/100001636800284 Dennis Vest

    Amazing how these idiots can’t just admit they’re wrong. They have to half-ass defend their moronic statements & act as if they “misspoke”. Gimme a break!

  • Chaps1956

    you cant fix stupid! so i boycott celebs! and sports people! oh and when i go to 125th &lennox at 3am im never scared!?cause blacks never profile whites!<they just mug us!

  • Chaps1956

    ebony,and ivory<were together in perfect whore money! its all bout money,power and control! everyone just shut up!be happy!mind your own bussiness,oh if you see somthin,dont say nothin!

  • Fothergillgirl

    …and tens of thousands fought to free them. It took time, but in case you haven’t noticed, we have a white/black president. Get over it. Two weekends ago 74 shootings and 20 deaths took place in Chicago, the most highly gun controlled city in the area. If you take away guns from honest people, only thugs will get them. And they will.

    Zimmerman shot this young thug in self-defense. Period. Americans still have that right. It won’t be taken away.

  • Karenena

    At least Tom Cruise has the brains to STFU. Haha, She’s officially a ditz who’s trying a little too hard to be relevant in a washed up world. She should stick to acting, oops, comedy, oops, fat commercials. As that’s what she does best. You don’t need brains for that, just big ol’ thighs and a teenie tiny brain!

  • Skevvy

    DIMWIT! What do you mean, WE, Kirstie?
    Really, though, we only shoot the ones who are on top of us beating our heads into the sidewalk, screaming, “You’re gonna die tonight.” The others, we simply abort, don’t WE?

    • SandiCorrena

      Very good point Skevvy-her “religion” is big on forced abortions for Sea Org members!

  • Melissa Hoffman

    oh so don’t care about Kristi Alley – I think she is singularly responsible for breaking my National Enquirer addiction.

  • SandiCorrena

    She going to end up getting her own several years worth of “thought modifications” from the big beings at CO$ – she’s becoming a big embarrassment to herself and them!

  • Danny Wheeler

    Now she’s learned: Twitchy is forever!

  • Rick Frazier

    Biggest Lie is calling that young man a child. He was big & tall and could easily be a threat to most medium sized adult men. I would have felt threatened if attacked in the dark & would have assumed he was an adult. Come on Kirsty! You weren’t there. Please don’t repeat that race baiting dribble just to suck up to your shrinking fan-base.

  • Nancy000

    “Religious intolerance”?

    But you ended your friendship with Leah Remini after she broke her ties with Sciencetology. Really?

  • TheMandarin

    She still a fatass? Guessing so.

  • Jake Bradford

    There hasn’t been a fat person this awful since John Wayne Gacy.

  • Mike W.

    Living proof you can’t fix stupid,,,,even with duct tape.

  • Richard Genco

    Bet she went to see that movie “Saw” more then once

  • brooksmd

    Just another washed-up Follywood has been that doesn’t know her pie-hole from her a$$-hole.

  • Ayman Is-stillhere

    Shouldn’t you be stuffing tremendous amounts of donuts into your ugly, fat face

  • Linda K.

    Some people are to dumb for there own good. Anyone in show business should know you need to keep your mouth shut about certain things, when you show your true COLORS black or white or whatever, sometimes you shoot yourself in the foot. Great job Kirstie! Welcome to Obama’s welfare line!

  • Karen Draeger

    For the years she has been alive, what planet in the universe has she been living? Does she even know about all the killing that goes on in Chicago, Illinois? This Zimmerman situation is not the racial statement that the ‘black’ community is venting about on the news (i.e. Sharpton, Jackson and some university professor listen to last night for 10 seconds). The major news stations at this present time perpetuates the continuing racialism between all races. Until people stop watching these news stations it will continue. Living in the south for the last 35 years has been a really eye opener, because prior to that wasn’t privy to all this talking points about racism. It was quite disconcerting to have been called (i.e. cracker, honky, etc.), didn’t even know what they meant when having moved to the true south…..

    Celebrities’ really need to stop and really think before opening their mouth to speak. They continually make completely illogical statements and then have to back pedal to say ‘Oh, that’s not what I really meant’. Well then don’t say anything unless you know the full story and have listened to the facts of any case that is in the public arena. Example: This wasn’t a case I listened to until the final days and watched (Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, talk radio and etc.) to get the full and the major facts to this case. The state need to have done their complete and do diligent on this case; which they had not…..


    Like she has a intelligent thought anyway! So sick and tired of the race card being used, take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others for your own BS!

  • Armored Knight

    Is White Guilt standard issue in California these days…goodness gracious

  • Damien Johnson

    Why do I get the feeling when she says “religious intolerance,” she’s not talking about the intolerance shown to Christians?

    • Carolyn

      Actually, I think the religious intolerance was directed at Leah Remeni for the recent skid marks she left when leaving the church of Scientology.

  • catholic_citizen

    That would be democrats that passes all those Jim Crow laws – and fought the republicans tooth and nail when the GOP worked to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1965. So, sure – if you are a democrat, Ms. Alley’s comment has some merit.

  • Cindy Hagen

    another Hollywood idiot to add to my list. Pretty soon I won’t need a TV!

  • tingle007

    White people who disdain white people based on race aren’t anti-racist, they are just weird little Uncle Ruckuses. I remember when my white mom was having dinner with me and my wife (who is southern asian) and she told the korean waitress how she was glad she didn’t have a light skinned grandkid and is glad she had a brown one like her. She actually called the Korean waitress “brown” The waitress smiled politely, my wife and I were mortified. Berating anyone’s ancestral heritage is kinda frowned upon among eastern cultures.

  • ArmyRetPat

    Kirstie just wanted to let America know that she is still alive, irrellevant but still alive.

  • 1savior1

    This is further proof that anyone who thinks Hollywood wonks, male or female, have intelligent thoughts, need their head examined.

  • 912er

    If white people don’t want to give amnesty to Hispanics it means white people are racists and if a Hispanic person shoots a black person it means white people are racists.

    • John Galt

      And if you’re white, it means you and all other white people are racists.

    • John Galt

      And if you’re white, it means you and all other white people are racists.

  • MsVolvo

    And to that I would say KNOCK IT OFF, just plain stupidity

  • Sharon Foley

    Racism ? Where is the racism? I don’t get it if you watch the protests there are as many white people there as there are blacks, there are as many black cops as there are white, we have a black president for Gods sake! Racism I only see that coming from one side an it ain’t whitey!

  • Carolyn

    Vapid stupidity. From someone who obviously stares it in the morning each day so she would know.

  • Matt Angelucci

    Well I am firmly planted in reality. Go back to Sam, Kirsty! :)

  • bill_a_bob

    …… But on the other hand the new Twinkies are out! I’m ready for my cameo as Europa on Star Trek 3!

  • William PokerMonkey Souther

    What I find awesome…is when someone I already can’t stand gives me an even BIGGER reason to not like them! Thanks Kirstie. You can go back to your enchilada now!

  • William PokerMonkey Souther

    Kirstie took a break from eating to let us all know we ‘NEED TO STOP RACISM NOW!??’ Well, damn….lets just throw that on our ‘To-Do-List’ for tomorrow and knock that one out, okay?

  • Sue

    Kirstie Alley is actually spreading hate by trying to divide people up by race. So sad people like her have to throw race into everything.

  • William PokerMonkey Souther

    What is the over/under on how many athletes/actors/politicians will destroy their career by making career-suicidal posts on Twitter in the next five years? I’ll start the bidding at an even 50. Oh and in Kirstie’s case…her career was already DEAD…so she doesn’t count.

    • bill_a_bob

      Her career had some skittles but she ate the evidence.

  • Guest

    All these years I had thought Shelly long was the stupid bitch of the show Cheers.. Turns out Kirstie (Probably Kristy but she couldn’t spell it.) doesn’t know the difference between a White and a Hispanic..

    • dickG

      Well, neither does the president. Hispanics are not “his” people!
      And, after all, Zimmerman IS half white. Oh, WTF. So is Obama! But GZ doesn’t let it define his existence.

  • Smurfet


  • dodgergirl88

    I thought Obama was suppose to bring us all together? Help make us all love one another. Isn’t that what so many “white people” thought and voted for in ’08? Turns out, that was a lie too, like so much of Obama’s administration. I don’t remember Bush’s presidency being this divisive amongst blacks and whites. This president, this attorney general, this whole administration has done a terrible job with race relations. And these idiotic celebrities are too stupid to see what is really going on. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Andria Gaskins

    Can we all just get along? ~Rodney King

    • LegalizeShemp

      Apparently not.

  • Rene’ Richard

    Do people BECOME stupid when they reach fame…..? Has she always been like this…?

    • jebjr


  • Michael Urban

    Tell me about racism and how sick it is in the US here are the FBI statistics.
    African -Americans commit 90% of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence that occur in the United States every year, and are more than 50 times more likely to commit violent crime against whites than vice versa. There is more black-on-white than black-on-black violent crime. Fifty-six percent of violent crimes committed by blacks have white victims. Only two to three percent of violent crimes committed by whites have black victims.

    5. Blacks are twice as likely to commit hate crimes.


    Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime in the United States

    Bureau of Justice Statistics, Criminal Victimization

    Bureau of Justice Statistics, Sourcebook of Criminal Justice

    Federal of Investigation, Hate Crime Statistics

  • bo1921

    I’m white and I’ve never shot anybody – black, white, yellow, brown or green.

  • Hal Fast

    If you didn’t hear the news, al and Jessie got millions sent to their coffers because of this trial, and Obama made sure of it. I.e all about the love of money, and they really can’t give a rats rump about theblackmkid that died because if they did , they would be doing this every day for black on black and Mexican on black murders. Oh, that is right. No $$$ in it for the lib media and the black shark extortionists.

    • jebjr

      I think that Obama is setting up his post-presidency future. He fancies himself the next great community organizer and race baiter in-chief following in the footsteps of Al and JJ. That’s why he’s stepped in and opened his big mouth time and again about this case when he should have just kept his mouth shut. I fear that we’re going to be hearing from this moron for generations to come and nothing good will come of it.

    • ked5

      al and jesse may be in it for the money, but I’m positive bozo is in it to foment hysteria among his sheeple for banning gun. it’s just so much harder to play tyrant and ship the masses off to reeducation camps when they have guns.

  • Paulnbama

    I don’t tweet. If I did, she wouldn’t be on my list, or however it works, nor would most celebrities. She’s right I’m not her soul mate. Thankfully.

  • Mr. Saturn

    A black man has held a gun on me and robbed me. I have never held a gun on anyone, much less a black man. But you don’t see me blaming the entire black population for actions of one.

  • David Cooper

    Evidently she is ignorant of the fact that over 80% of blacks murdered were killed by another black. This woman never has struck me as someone in touch with reality though.

  • alleycat22

    She’s no longer related to me!!
    DJ Alley

  • chrisallenrich

    When I start caring, better yet when I start listening to anything this woman says or believes, please lead me to a high bridge.

  • Mary

    I don’t remember having these conversations 5/10 years ago…I thought history was in the making having elected “the first Black President”? (so we were told) And what has he done? Set race relations back to the 50’s…this was and should not have been a National story..when you weigh in on the IRS scandals, Benghazi, let me know.

  • Jay

    Kirstie you HAVE GOT TO STOP PUTTING YOUR FOOT IN YOUR MOUTH. Even the founder of your religion said to investigate throughly and get the facts before you make that kind of conclusion. Dub-ASS!

  • cmerlo1

    Making generalizations about a whole race of people sounds, well, racist.

  • Vicki Wiesner Carter

    Yes and they must stop racism. I was never a racist and I was jumped for no reason at school by older black boys and girls. My daughter was not racist and was kidnapped and raped by a 40 yr old black man. I still don’t hold it against all blacks but they need to quit hating us.

  • Vicki Wiesner Carter

    Kirstie why don’t you go walk around at night in the hood. Since every one is so kind and peaceful and let see how you come out of it.

  • Texas nurses

    It never ceases to amaze me how Hollywood produces so many celebrities but very few of them have any brains or common sense. I guess all that sex, drugs, and alcohol is corrupting their thinking patterns.

    • ked5

      they have to be warped to engaged in those behaviors. the casting couch is still alive and healthy in hollyweird. just a prostitute with fame as a reward.

  • Texas nurses

    It never ceases to amaze me how Hollywood produces so many celebrities but very few of them have any brains or common sense. I guess all that sex, drugs, and alcohol is corrupting their thinking patterns.

  • MikeRios

    I worked security at a housing project in East Texas that housed mainly black people. There was another security guard that was a black young man who got into a fight with a black drug dealer who came to the complex to sell drugs. I walked up on the fight and attempted to cuff the drug dealer. The other security guard that started the fight took off and left me by myself. I ended up on the ground fighting with this guy and before I knew it there was a crowd of approximately 30 people kicking and hitting me. In the eyes of today’s race baiters this crowd of black people were justified in defending the drug dealer and beating me up. By the way, I was armed and unlike Mr. Zimmerman I knew how to fight. According to self defense laws I would have been justified to use my weapon. I didn’t because I know the way that the cry baby racists conduct themselves. But believe me, I didn’t have to as nobody should. Thankfully the Police showed up in time before I killed someone that I might have regretted hurting. Nevertheless, George Zimmerman acted prudently and according to the limits of the law.

  • col

    If she wants racism to stop, she might want to talk to the president and his wife, his black panther and NAACP friends, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

  • Steve

    Now wait just one darned minute. After all, she did apologize for her own “vapid stupidity.”

  • Scott Porter

    Friends don’t let friends tweet drunk.

  • http://luxomni.blogspot.com/ Luxomni

    Why aren’t we hearing about this?

    In March, the Treyvon situation was reversed and a 17-year-old black man-child Treyvon’s age and his 14 year-old accomplice, killed Antonio Santiago, a “white-Hispanic” and shot the woman who was with him twice. You have not heard of Antonio Santiago, because it does not suit the Government and Media’s agenda purposes. In Brunswick, Georgia, De’Marquise Elkins attempted to rob Sherry West and when she would not release her purse shot her twice once grazing her head and once in the leg. He then shot her son, Antonio point blank between the eyes. Antonio was 18 months old.

    • dagobarbz

      So, what? We gonna wave around clashing incidents like battle flags? BLACKS KILLED XXX. WHITE GUY KILLED XXX.

      Life sucks when you’re in the wrong place and crappy people come in all colors. So fucking what? Does this prove anything?

      Yeah. Assholes and bigots and robbers come in all colors and, to some people, YOUR life is cheap.

      • http://luxomni.blogspot.com/ Luxomni

        My point isn’t the killing. My point is that the news media creates sensational selective outrage not based on the nature of the crime, but the trouble that they can foment.

        • dagobarbz


  • deanblair

    Who is Xenu?

  • $11817790

    Why is she not in the loony bin or a fat farm?

  • Rationalthinker

    Did somebody hear something? No? Me, too.

  • seal76

    Where is La Raza in all this? Where is their allegiance to the Hispanic/Latino George Zimmerman?

  • John Wesson

    Teach non violence first and this doesnt happen!