The latest in Egypt from NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel:

Tweeters tried to figure out what was most likely a “butt tweet” from Engel:

Heh. Possibly.

Fortunately, a couple of minutes later, Engel returned to tweeting normally:

  • Tugger – not quite dead yet

    It’s encrypted so the NSA can’t read it.

    • CatHerder

      Fat chance, it’s how they roll.

    • Jeremy

      ha ha.

    • OldJarhead77

      I HAVE IT I HAVE BROKEN THE CODE! ipnulomopmpkcmoml MEANS:
      I publish (ip) nothing (nul) only my Obama (omo) pimp king (pmpk) can make over my lies (cmoml)

  • ObamaFail

    Liberals are already upset about the downfall of Morsi. They all know that their God was friends and a strong benefactor of him, so his removal from power hurts their feelings so bad, they can’t tweet normal sentences at first.

  • James Rose

    It was probably a pocket tweet happening while Egyptians were beating the crap out of him.

  • Clete Torres

    Isn’t it great how all 0bama’s well-laid plans are fraying like a cheap suit?

    • DamnCat

      “well-laid plans” – now that’s funny!

  • Maypo

    Arabs are world champion street protesters — the best on the planet for holding massive demonstrations….

  • RblDiver

    IP null…on my own pumpkin…come on mail!

    • NetStoopid


  • AtomicMountain

    That’s the name of his translator.

  • AtomicMountain

    That’s the name of his translator.

  • deimos19

    maybe he was just elected Miss Teenage South Carolina.

  • Janice LEE

    Obama’s foreign policy in a word!!!

  • ClinkinKY

    I think it might be an Egyptian acronym for “what now Chicago Jesus?”:)

  • Anthony Clay

    No it was the thousands of signs with Obama and Patterson with nooses around there necks, it was beautiful thing to watch on Al Jezeera, the only place you could really see what was happening, instead of far shots or close-up so you could not see the signs, our news stations are criminal organizations, when i have to watch Al Jezeera to get the real picture with good interviews and no spinning, 33 million according to German coverage

  • Apostic

    Obviously the sender was secretly commenting on some of the colorful native attire: “Ipnulomopmpkcomoml” is an anagram for “Common pimp look: plum”.