Some couples go to a basketball game to actually watch the game, other couples just go to make out in-front of thousands of people.

Hollywood’s hot couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got hot and heavy while on the kiss-cam at a Lakers game. Don’t believe us!? See for yourself…!/jeskeets/status/192638567036620800!/cory_litwin/status/192457536652328961

  • radjahshelduck

    Memo to Hollywood liberals who attend Los Angeles Lakers home games: please notice the name of the arena your hometown roundball squad plays in.  It is called the “Staples Center.”  The reason it is called that is because Staples bought the naming rights. The reason Staples had the cash to pay for naming rights of the arena used by one of the NBA’s premiere franchises is because Staples is a very successful business.  The reason Staples is a successful business is because the founders in the mid 80s had a sound business plan for which they needed capital.  The reason they were able to secure capital is because Bain Capital agreed that they had a sound business plan.  And the reason Bain Capital existed to help Staples so they could become successful and pay for the Staples Center so left wing celebrities can be seen at Lakers games is that Mitt Romney and some other gentlemen founded Bain.  Now, Hollywood… what has that fellow Obama you voted for in ’08 and will vote for again this fall ever done?