Where to begin with Lena Dunham? First of all, we can’t imagine a world where accusations of the molestation of a younger sibling would be “LOL.” And second, while the most disturbing passage from Dunham’s book, “Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s ‘Learned,'” has been covered by conservative outlets like National Review and Truth Revolt, it’s far from a “right wing news story” when those sites simply quote verbatim from Dunham’s book.

So, what passage has conservatives like Katie Pavlich worked up? Here’s an excerpt, as reported by National Review:

Dunham writes of casually masturbating while in bed next to her younger sister, of bribing her with “three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds . . . anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.” At one point, when her sister is a toddler, Lena Dunham pries open her vagina — “my curiosity got the best of me,” she offers, as though that were an explanation. “This was within the spectrum of things I did.”

We won’t get into another anecdote involving Dunham and her baby sister’s genitals, but as National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson puts  it, “There is no non-horrific interpretation of this episode.” Apparently there is, though, as Dunham scolds those nasty right-wingers with their filthy obsessions:

Don’t twist her words? Again, these are verbatim passages from the book she chose to write and publish. And though Twitter avatars certainly are no guarantee of the tweeter’s real appearance, there are many critics who don’t appear to be “bros” or “old men.”

Good call.

* * *


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  • QueenB

    What did the people who said her “regret sex” was rape say to this? Did they have a word for it?

    • journogal


    • H50 ✓RAT

      Waiting for goldielocks to weigh in and shame us all for being disgusted by her tales of child molestation.

      • mrspinky85

        She is privileged because if ANY one else said this, they would be raked over the coals.

        • Ariadnea

          As a feminist and liberal privileged, she really thought that she should get a pass for it. She accused a “Republican” college mate with rape without presenting evidence, yet she wrote her own disturbing psychological/sexual episode with her sister, like a sexual predator would (her own description of her own actions), yet she really thought that her actions were normal and must be accepted as such? Anyone, who thinks this is acceptable, is truly mentally/psychologically diseased!

          • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

            How did this get past a publisher?

            Nobody read it?…. nobody said, this is sick you can’t possibly expect it’ll go over well…. see a shrink… take your book outa this office?

            Anyone call the cops?.. and scarier….. please tell me she has no access to young children….

          • H50 ✓RAT

            Its the next stage in evolution for the progs in the destruction of societal norms. Child sexual predators ‘arent evil they just want love.’
            Bullshat. No way Jose that will ever be ok.

          • DEPLORABLEkarmafordems

            It pains me to imagine the gene pool from which she came. Darwinian award winners all…..

        • Suzyqpie

          It is hard to decide which is worse, Democrats tortured defense of democrat duplicity or their steadfast refusal to acknowledge it. Lena Dunham is stretching the Spechel Snoflake Duplicitous meme.

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        Incestuous child molestation at that.

        • C-4

          That’s the key.

        • H50 ✓RAT

          So disgusting.

  • johnstretton

    The only time I see or hear anything about Lena Dunham is when she is making a fool of herself.

    • SkyePuppy

      “Fool”? Don’t you think that’s a little too mild?

    • Suzyqpie

      “Fool,” very charitable of you, johnstretton, very charitable word choice….how about degenerate unmitigated reprobate.

    • http://www.FunDMental.com TheDeplorableJackpineSavage

      That happens every time she opens her pie-hole :op

  • Mary Mommy Happy 2016!

    Lena Dunham needs lots of shock therapy help and a straight jacket.

    • Curly Bill

      Shot therapy would be better, MM.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “I have a better idea…” — Walter “Icepick” Freeman MD

      • john lecorchick

        how about , Master Technician Richard Kuklinski, he was very creative

    • Jaeger Naught

      That would probably get her into a series of frenzied orgasm. Hate to be crude. Actually, not in her case.

      • linnilu

        Nah, it’s hard to eat Cheetos in a straight jacket.

        • DEPLORABLEkarmafordems


    • Sean Patrick Murphy sr

      Your date coming up there MMTB?

    • C-4

      She’d probably get a sexual thrill out of it, the disgusting land whale.

  • FirstBoot

    She molested her sister. Period. If one of Sarah Palins daughters described this same scene, there would be no end to the liberal howling. Dunham is a disgusting piece of trash who should be in jail and registered as a sex offender.

    • Suzyqpie

      But what the heII is the compulsion to share the pathetic behavior with the whole world? And then take umbrage with being quoted. Can theses people totally not think through any implications? Choices have consequences, has that somehow become antediluvian…So Awesome.

      • WhoMeToo

        “But what the heII is the compulsion to share the pathetic behavior with the whole world?”
        ==> “Normalization” <== It's a disgusting leftist tactic. It's going to get worse.

        • Suzyqpie

          Mental submission probability gauge. Nudge nudge, 1 step forward, push back push back .25 retreat,
          Got it. If the hoi polloi accepts this, nudge nudge.

          • WhoMeToo


        • DEPLORABLEkarmafordems

          My mother (may she rest in peace) used to tell me as a teen “Wait until you hear what YOUR children listen to”, when I wouldn’t turn down my stereo. She used to cross her fingers in front of her, the way one would to keep vampires away. Thank God she didn’t live to see this vile woman

      • Sean

        It’s called psychotic behavior.

      • grais

        I think her compulsion to share is, deep down, unrecognized guilt and horror at what must be called her entire existence. She needs to convince herself that most women share her experiences and that she is not, herself, the freak that she is.

        • KTina

          I think you’re onto something….

    • naughtymoose

      Agreed. Lena Dunham is a vile disgusting pig. Makes me wonder how she has any friends at all – unless they are freaks like her too. So why is Taylor Swift friends with her then?

      • FirstBoot

        That is definitely an odd pairing. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with Dunham much less associate with her. From her looks to her beliefs and now her predatory behavior, she is a hot mess. I’m sure Hollywood is canonizing her as we speak.

      • Dragblacker

        What about Taylor Swift makes you surprised she associates with Dunham?

        • naughtymoose

          I’m just a casual observer of her in the media, but TS always seems to be dressed nicely, not trampy, and some of her songs which I’ve heard on the radio, the language is not vulgar or offensive. I recall seeing a photo of TS with a group of her “BFF’s” and Lena Dunham was among them. I was surprised because I presumed Taylor Swift had more class than to associate with a pig like Dunham… and that was before this latest revelation.

          • KTina

            Taylor Swift isn’t as “down home” as people think she is. She comes off as this sweet thing but in reality, the girl’s been around and also comes from a privileged household.

  • mrspinky85

    Is it sad that Lena Dunham is so disgusting that she can unite liberals and conservatives?
    There is so much wrong with this that I am about to hit the whiskey,

    • FirstBoot

      I’m about to join you.

      • Curly Bill

        If I still drank, I’d join you.

        • mrspinky85

          I understand. Stuff like this doesn’t help.
          I don’t know what’s worse. What she said she did or the people defending her. The fact she says “We” all did this or the fact she thinks others agree. I don’t even know if she lied just to get a shock out of people and its backfiring.
          This thing has got to go.

          • Suzyqpie

            Interesting hypothesis. This Dunham chick fabricated the whole story for attention, attention/press turns negitive, launch strategy ‘everyone does it,’ strategy fails, exit with ‘I’m a victim.” Up next cyberbullying, mirroring the MLewinsky Strategy aegis….
            Stay tuned….

          • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

            Nobody is born like this,… she was,.. damaged by somebody before she turned on her sister.. I guess she thinks it’ll slide because she was 7… no, the damage she did is real,.. whether her family owns up to it or not..

            so she admits she was an abuser,,…

            but never names who sexualized her that young… something is very wrong here… she’s covering for someone, who cant be named because they weren’t a child.. the only part aside from that missing… is the rationalizations… The excuses predators always make… “she was asking for it”… how many times you hear this.. in almost every case..

            Deep in my gut,… she’s not telling the whole story,… she was taught to be this… so who trained hr and turned her loose on other kids?

          • DEPLORABLEkarmafordems

            Her parents

          • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

            After reading the NRO article, yes I have to agree,….. she writes she made sexual contact with her own mother, who relished lying around naked, legs spread… her own words….

            She makes light of it,…. saying it was inadvertent, .. sorry, you don’t inadvertently stroke your mother’s parts, and her mother did not stop her… father, did not stop her…

            two vacuous, uber wealthy hedonistic feather brains took their daughter and made her into a sex crazed dysfunctional beast,.. one who preyed on her innocent sister,.. God knows who else…

          • DEPLORABLEkarmafordems

            Yet, she’s going to b! tch about being raped?? She appears to be a rapist herself

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Her parents are “upscale” pornographers. Her father paints pictures of women’s vaginas and her mother poses dolls in sexual acts. This is what they do for a living. It’s disgusting

          • Dragblacker

            And you wonder why ISIS wants to destroy the West.

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            I doubt ISIS has any clue who Lena Dunham OR her parents are. I’m pretty sure they just want to control what they can on earth and destroy the rest.

          • Dragblacker

            Don’t be so sure. How do you think the Islamists’ belief that the West is evil is kindled and encouraged if not the sewer pipe of Hollywood that flows through the world? Even if they don’t know Dunham by name, they know she’s not far from the norm in modern Western culture.

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Um, yes, she IS far from the norm. Kind of the point here.

            Or do you think that a handful of modern day socially unsavory characters who get a lot of press are somehow responsible for Muslim violence dating back over the last 1,300 years?

            I think you give too much credit (and attention) to the attention whores.

          • Dragblacker

            I’m talking about the resurgence of Islamism in the modern era, not way back in antiquity and the Middle Ages (the latter which can be argued interfaith relations, at least in the Middle East, were relatively better. Emphasis on ‘relatively’). The post-war degeneracy of the West is simply fuel for the current Islamist fire. They don’t want their sons to become Perez Hiltons and their daughters the Kardashians. Like it or not, what Hollywood puts out is representative of the West to many people around the world. That’s what they think America is. Many of them hate the West because of it, because they still actually take their religions and culture seriously. The only difference with the Islamist is that he’s out to kill you.

            Dunham didn’t rocket to notoriety from a vacuum. People put her up there and more people watch the sewage she and her ilk put out, and are fans of her and it. A generation or two ago she would never have had the career she does now. Most of the people in the media, academia and government today wouldn’t. Kulturmarxism has wrecked the West. It’s now Aldous Huxley’s nightmares come true.

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            ROFLOL… yes, you’re right. They are beheading and crucifying Christtians in Iraq out of fear of Perez Hilton. I’m sure that’s it.

          • Dragblacker

            Don’t be obtuse. You know what I meant.

            Go look at Judges and the Old Testament Prophets if you don’t want to believe me. Every time Israel turned away from God she became corrupted and weak, and was overrun by her enemies until they repented.

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Dude. I’m Jewish. I know my own history. Muslims STILL aren’t attacking the west because of Perez Hilton. (As for the obtuse comment, projection much?)

          • Dragblacker

            I’m using Hilton as an example of the cultural pollution exported from the West to the rest of the world. It’s not literal.

            When you see Sharia patrols in London going after people for moral violations, what is that about? They believe you are sinners and must die or be converted. You talk as though it’s still 1940 and America is still some great city on a hill and a paragon of virtue. Or that we still have an El Cid leading us against Moorish armies. The Left has made that nonexistent. If you’re going to ignore the depravity that, not only Islamists exploit as recruitment propaganda, but is in fact crippling your war effort itself, you’re not going to win.

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Where did I say ANY of that? The fact is they kill because they want to kill. All else is excuses.

          • Dragblacker

            That’s why anyone kills. You can’t defeat an enemy without understanding the enemy. Telling you (not you personally) why they feel what they do isn’t excusing them. It’s to tell you what you’re up against and how you can win.

            Cleanse Western culture and you just might revert to the West that over a half-century ago could utterly defeat Germany and Japan in only a few years.

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Which still wouldn’t change how ISIS feels about us.

          • Dragblacker

            Doesn’t matter. You’d be taking away a clear incentive and reforming yourself as a civilization. Win-win. Then that reformed civilization can finish off the enemy for good instead of all this PC, military-industrial-congressional complex (which Eisenhower warned about) micromanaging.

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Except that your entire premise was that Lena Dunham was the reason ISIS hates us. If you can’t even remember your own opening comment, it’s okay… there’s an easy trick to remember. Scroll up and read what you wrote.

          • Dragblacker

            Not her literally, but the culture that she represents and that is put out as representing the West as a whole.

            You seriously could not understand that?

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Sadly, you seriously seem to believe that there is an actual reason behind ISIS insanity. The truth is that they simply hate everyone and everything that is not them… including other Muslims who aren’t exactly like them…

            There is nothing anyone in the West did to trigger or deserve their insanely evil hatred. There is nothing anyone in the West can do to make them “happy” and less murderous.

            You are truly delusional if you do not realize that.

          • Dragblacker

            And you truly have no understanding of what it is I’m saying. It seems you have some knee-jerk reaction to anything even mildy critical of the West when it comes to fighting Islamism as “anti-Western” or “apologetic” to the enemy. Save that for the people who want to insist on whining about how “foreign policy” makes them hate us.

            Yes, they hate everyone that’s not them. That’s true. But that doesn’t negate my point that the sewer pipe that is post-60s, modern Western culture does absolutely nothing to even attempt to counter that idea. Forget the Islamists for a moment: do you think an orthodox, non-Islamist Muslim living in the East is going to endear himself to a West that actively celebrates everything he finds morally abhorrent? Or do you think he’ll cast his lot with the murderers, because at least they’ll keep his home “pure”?

            The Islamists are the modern-day reactionaries, rebelling against the Enlightenment and any form of modernization. You seem to want to think it all comes out of a vacuum: notice however that all the times in history the West thoroughly defeated them in battle, it was a morally righteous, religious culture. The West is no longer that. It’s no longer what John Adams warned it must be in order to keep the US Constitution.

            You’re right, you can’t make the Islamist happy. You have to destroy them. That doesn’t mean you keep leaving the bait out for the next generation to take and run with. It’s not for Muslims’ sake that the West must reform its culture, but for itself.

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Again, the premise with which you started was that the Dunham’s are why ISIS hates us. Not my fault if you can’t support your statements.

          • Dragblacker

            Wow. You really are dense or just extremely stubborn. I explained it to you several times now.

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Um, no, once again, you’re simply wrong. But hey, at least you’re consistent.

          • Dragblacker

            Why am I wrong? Do you seriously think the enemy gets its propaganda from thin air? Do you not appreciate how far-reaching and influential Hollywood is in the world? How people’s perception of America or any country is affected by the art and media exported from those countries?

            No, according to you they just wake up one day and decide to hate the West, and America is still the pinnacle of virtue.

          • Justin

            It started when she was 7, but she continued until she was 17, and her sister was 11. She writes in the book she bribed her sister multiple times with candy. She is a vile human being

          • Kathy Katie

            You all need to google Carroll Dunham, her father. Primary subject of his art seems to be vaginas. Between her mother’s attitude towards “pebblegate”, and her father’s “art”, it strongly suggests, to me, that the entire family was highly sexualized- and not in a good way.

      • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

        I would, but my truck and I are currently joined at the hip, so I can’t.

        • FirstBoot

          No worries, we’ll be here all week 🙂

    • lCOYAR

      Of course not.

      Libs still love her, and would even take measures to excuse this. If a conservative did it, then they would demand that he or she be put to death.

      • mrspinky85

        This is sad. I don’t care if this was a family member of mine, this should be condemned.

      • freudulant

        Bristol Palin got worse press in the same time frame over audio/video of her cursing at someone and allegedly being involved in a brawl (though it seems she may have been the victim).

      • KTina

        You’re really crazy if you believe that. I’m a lib and can’t stand the girl, never could. She’s a dirty, disgusting excuse for a woman

    • Jaeger Naught

      The same can be said of the muslim diva, Barrie 0bola.

      • Joey-BagaDonuts

        What the hell are you blabbing about? Are you SO childish and lame?

        • R_Stephan

          oh good, another spineless liberal, as made evident by the fact you had to make a new account to attempt a troll so no one would make you cry on your real one, run along child

          • Joey-BagaDonuts

            Now, I am a “spineless” liberal, how?

            You know ZERO about me. I refurbish, shoot and defend guns…I own a farm…I am fine with gay marriage and pro choice. So sue me.

        • http://www.FunDMental.com TheDeplorableJackpineSavage

          Of all the trolls sliming up the internet, I think i hate “Concern” trolls like Joe the worst. :op

          • Joey-BagaDonuts

            “When I have nothing to say, I call everyone else a troll” – good one.

          • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

            After all this that Dunham admits to… the comment that causes you to leap into action, was a remark about obama….

            That is what you focused on… not This trainwreck of a human being confessing to molesting her sister for several years, made allegations of rape against a man who’s already been tracked down by media outlets… who’s already being hounded,… but will NEVER see a day in court to give his side….

            which is exactly Dunham’s intent…. she remembered little else,… but damn sure remembered his party affiliation. How damned convenient for her favored false narrative……

            big issues about child abuse, political hit jobs….

            And all you notice is your butthurt over obama…. so yeah.. troll fits.

          • Joey-BagaDonuts

            What else can be said about Dunham? She crawled inside her sister’s vagina and found pebbles and then wrote a book about it. What kind of comment should be made about that? She’s obviously a nut-bag, and I have despised her from the moment I saw the first interview with her. I hate everything she’s written and wish she would fall off a cliff.

            My “butthurt”? God, you are SO in love with yourself and your little memes that you are so desperate to use. “Butthurt” —awww, look at ‘im play, he’s usin’ his wordies that he learned from reddit!

            No, just sad about how people are sheep, and can’t see how this is about more than two parties or “Obambie” as many of you people call him.

    • http://logansrogue.livejournal.com napalmnacey

      Right? I’ve never liked her but this really takes the cake.

  • Deplorable AMERICAN™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    .@lenadunham I hope she’s laughing in your FACE!

    Just like the rest of us. Guffaws all around at “Lena the Molestor’s” expense.

  • mrspinky85

    I think my soul just threw up.

    • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

      Mine too…. no details,… but I remember what happened, vividly,.. one of those memories you wish you could burn out with a hot iron..

      one time,.. and it stays in your memory forever. I read you either become like her…. a predator even more insidious than an adult, because nobody sees it coming.. or,.. you like I did, withdraw emotionally, shut people out, for go friends.. become a loner, I mentioned before I married very late… it was hard to let her inside my defenses. If not for her, I’d still be alone.. she saved my life, my Angel….

      Maybe it helped, when I told on her,.. my parents supported me, backed me up. They never doubted me,… maybe that made a difference,.. but when people say this made them feel sick,.. believe me,… I know this one… sick, so down to your socks sick to your stomach…. and anger,… something gets taken from you you never get back… you no longer see the world through an innocent childs eyes… but through the eyes of prey… never, never trusting..

      My wife made a huge difference,.. but trust is still…. hard,… with others.

      • Suzyqpie

        “taken from you you never get back,” book title, write it Mark81150.

      • MeTink

        Mark, I agree. Me, my two siblings..all of us shutdown and withdrew. All three of us are STILL mostly withdrawn and emotionally loners. We’re all in our 30’s.
        For us, it was the one person and his third wife who should have been protecting and loving us; you can imagine who I’m referring to.
        We didn’t have recourse or shelter from our abusers. And they didn’t protect me from other predators either.

        My husband knew a girl who became nymhomanically promiscuous.

        • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

          I’m so sorry,… I wish I could hug you, make the memories go away.. I was luckier than most, it only happened a couple of times,,, I was convinced by her, it was my fault, I was dirty, a bad child, bad things happen to bad children,… even then I resisted, tried to fight her off,.. and she started hitting me in the face I pushed her away…

          she told me my parents would hate me if I told…. I told on her anyway.. and my mom and dad stood with me…. I never knew what happened to her,… just that she went away,…

          I… wish I knew a way to help you, but sometimes,… when we find each other as grown ups… each of us tell our story, it actually lifts a small piece of it off our backs.. the guilt, because we all feel guilt.. as if it was our fault it happened.. we know better… but knowing, does not take the feelings away.. talking to somebody who knows what it’s like, helps..

          I found a way to begin to lay that memory to rest… but it’s different for each of us. You aren’t alone…. we wish you the best..

          • MeTink

            I look at my own children and I realize what predators like this stole from us.
            I would do some very terrible things to anyone who ever tried to hurt my kids.

            Thanks, Mark. I’d like to think I’ve worked through it all but I’m still in the process. Only by the grace of Jesus am I even still here.

    • Kawfy

      Sick and twisted mind held up by the left. That’s all you need to know about dems

  • journogal

    Wonder how her sister feels about this?

    • Curly Bill

      Laughing, according to the pig. Yeah, I’ll just bet.

      • journogal

        Might be laughing at the thought of what she can do legally to Dunham.

        • Curly Bill

          Bless her heart. Little sister may have some REAL problems.

        • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

          Whatever she says I know deep inside, if she hasn’t repressed those memories… she’s angry, seething angry….. especially now, her life will be that was was just an object for Dunham’s gratification, ….. a doll… cold, plastic…. and big sis is getting a big hardy har fucking har out of her abuse…

          you don’t forget feeling betrayed…

      • C-4

        The sad clown…what else is she to do?

  • Shane Dale

    She’ll become a bigger star in Hollywood for this, just as Democrats who break the law always move up in the party ranks.

  • Suzyqpie

    Does this Dunham person ever engage in any activity that is not a debris field of humiliation and embarrassment? Just wondering…

    • thedumbblonde

      Apparently not.

    • Curly Bill


  • Mikey_Likes_It

    The new normal in Prog world. The fact this dolt even has a platform to spew her bile is further proof of the moral decay in this once great nation.

    • mrspinky85

      I, at least like it better when disgusting people tried to hide their mess. The fact that she thinks her disgusting molestation was nott only okay but she has no regret or apologizes angers me.
      I am almost praying that Jesus is almost ready with the stuff that’s going on today.

      • MeTink

        I’ve prayed that many times, Mrsp.

    • lCOYAR

      How much more depravity until we get big government, forced seizure of private possessions, and mass killings, like the Left wants so badly?

  • jamson64

    She has a mental illness.

    • Jaeger Naught

      which liberal progressive doesn’t?

      • johnstretton

        The dead ones.

        • http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1181/6595/original.jpg filter

          But they can still vote!
          That’ll be next with this crowd, “hey I get an extra vote for every abortion I had!!”

  • gold7406

    lena needs to dye her underarm hair too, plus more facial tattoos.

  • Jimni27

    This is what happens when the press/ Hollywood/ Washington finds their new It Girl or Boy and praises them to the point that they think anything they say or do will be protected.

  • frozen(anddeplorable)inbemidji

    Hey Lena, Your friends and family are telling you that you’re normal because they’re just as F’ed up as you are.

  • johnstretton

    jon gabriel @exjon

    Scan Lena Dunham’s mentions to see the progressive coalition eating itself.
    She went from feminist icon to “rich white girl” overnight.

  • thedumbblonde

    If you’re a man that is “not into” her naked Pillsbury Dough-Boy figure you have “issues”. If you don’t like her tv show you’re a H8R . If you didn’t molest your little sister you’re probably a lying dirty old man and probably a republican.

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!


  • san rafael blue

    Lena actually makes Lindsay Lohan look mature and dignified by compassison, something once thought to be impossible to do.

  • BoscoBolt

    Now that Lena Dunham (a huge Wendy Davis supporter) has admitted to being a child molester, this photo is even creepier …


    • thedumbblonde

      Yeh, I wonder if her “curiosity got the better of” her with this kid.

      • Curly Bill

        She looks like she’s getting ready to eat the child.

        • thedumbblonde

          She has to maintain her “curves”.

    • san rafael blue

      Now I wonder if that photo was not severely ‘cropped’ for public consumption?

    • C-4

      If that’s not the face of a sexual predator, I don’t know what is.

    • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

      now I’m completely creeped out,….. if any adult near my baby had a look like that…..

      It would be the last time they got within a miles of our children….. .. my God I need a shower just looking into those eyes… I’ve seen that look before.

  • cyndo123

    “Sometimes I get so mad I burn right up.”
    You haven’t even begun the to burn.

    • Curly Bill

      She has her own special little room in he11 waiting for her.

    • thedumbblonde

      Damn straight.

  • gafr60

    You did the right thing, Lena. The road back to mental health is to admit that you are a sick, twisted, child molesting pervert. You’ve done that.

    • FirstBoot

      Now maybe she will put her clothes on and seek the help she so desperately needs.

  • https://sharpmarble.wordpress.com/ sharpmarble

    Too. Many. Tweets.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “Too many tweets make a T – W – A – T”, in the immortal words of the British Prime Minister David Cameron, in a radio interview where he bemoaned the propensity of too many people, especially many in the political world, to tweet before thinking. (He didn’t spell it– I’m just doing so to avoid modding.)

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Doesn’t all this TMI from La Dunham have the same sort of ring as the little sociopathic brat girl from The Bad Seed?

    “The little boy wouldn’t give me the medal, which I REALLY deserved– so I pushed him in the water, and I kept hitting him when he tried to climb back up onto the dock. I knew he’d tell on me, so I HAD to kill him– you can understand, can’t you, Mommy?”

    • thedumbblonde

      I love that movie.

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        My daughter learned to curtsey from it. Shocked hell out of me.

    • Suzyqpie

      Then the janitor, LeRoy heckles Rhoda that she killed Claude with her tap shoes, because there were half-moon shaped bruises on his forehead and hands. Then Rhoda burns down the janitors shack with him asleep in it. Awesome movie script, production, and directing. Maybe it is just me, it does not seem that Hollywood, or elsewhere, creates that level of entertainment any more.
      Oh yea, Lena Dunham is effluvium.

      • WisconsinPatriot

        Thanks for the aside, clearly all that it deserved.

    • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

      I saw it once as a child…. gave me nightmares, have avoided it since.

  • stellatruman

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it pretty common for the molester to have been molested themselves ? I always wondered about her since she is so vile with many of her remarks and actions..this explains a lot. I knew someone who was molested by her older brother and when she confronted him about it years later, he had the same reaction as Lena Dunham…fluffed it off like it was normal and everyone does it. Even casually mentioned that his own daughter had some sort of encounter with ” a lifeguard at the town pool ”
    There is nothing ” normal ” about this in my opinion. People like this need to be stopped

    • http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1181/6595/original.jpg filter

      He likely made up that story to cover his own actions. If he molested his sister, then likely he’d molest his own daughter.

    • Demoriot

      It would not be surprising. Her parents are very much “free spirits” about sex. The father’s artwork is wholly about body parts, on top of being dreadful; the mothers is all about posing Barbie dolls.

    • Mark81150crafty hamster o doom

      I’ve read a lot of materials on this,.. yes, she was almost certainly molested, more than once, prepubescent children’s minds do not go there on their own, it requires somebody introduce them to it…

      They either become hyper sexualized, sometimes becoming molesters themselves, as they grow they can exhibit little to no control over their urges, seeking out sex n virtually any possible combination, they become often, nymphomaniacs…… which would account for her need to strip in her damned show every episode..

      The other result can be withdrawing deep inside, shunning friends, pushing family away. They grow up loners, afraid to trust, watching life almost from the outside… some come out of it, some never do..

      she did not make herself this, she was manufactured,.. and she carried on the chain of abuse… I pray she doesn’t have access to children, this will not end well.

    • Kathy Katie

      Carroll Dunham’s art. Google it. Explains a lot.

      • stellatruman

        say no more…sick friggin family right there

  • Txgirlinnh

    I didn’t think she could get any more abhorrent or disgusting. Clearly I was wrong.

  • raydrnayshon

    This person is a solipsistic sociopath. Utterly self involved, implacably committed to her own ego, desires, gratification. The very personification of the legal term “depraved indifference”. If anyone on the planet should be quarantined (for life, on a barren rock in mid ocean) it is this vile creature.

    • Suzyqpie

      I’ll see your solipsistic sociopath and raise you one magnanimous megalomaniac..

  • chrissy

    Maybe it’s time that “thunder thighs Dunham” just shuts up.

  • Curly Bill

    Lena, Lena, Lena. Why don’t you just slug off into some corner and die. Please.

  • Roger Bournival

    Same broad who basically accused a ‘college Republican’ (or some such) for raping her at college, right? And no one’s supposed to say anything about that either, right? This puppy’s got some serious mental issues…

  • http://crayfisher.wordpress.com/ Myiq2xu

    Inappropriate sexual behavior by a 7 year old is a warning sign that the child has been molested.

    • thedumbblonde

      There’s that, and would go a long way to explain her hyper-sexuality.

      • http://crayfisher.wordpress.com/ Myiq2xu

        If her 1 year-old sister was shoving pebbles into her own vagina that’s two kids in the same family demonstrating inappropriate sexual behavior. You can’t tell me that would not have been painful.

        BTW – Why wasn’t a 1 year old wearing a diaper?

        • thedumbblonde


        • C-4

          See I do think Dunham was using words deceptively as well, so the true extent of the abuse can only be imagined.

          A 1 year old isn’t shoving pebbles into her vagina. A perverted 7 year old would do it for her, most likely.

  • Roger Bournival

    Oh, yeah – when are those tweets getting deleted, about one hour from now?

  • Wharfrat

    This Dunham chic must be an actress, feel sorry for any Director who hires her to be in a movie,who would want to look at her ugly face on big screen,she needs help .

  • Julius500

    Didn’t she kinda sorta accuse a college Republican guy named Barry of rape only she was unwilling to utter the word and relies on the reader to do it for her?

    • FirstBoot

      Yes she did. I find it hard to believe that any guy, republican or democrat, would hit that, even with a baseball bat.

      • http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1181/6595/original.jpg filter

        Even Boko-harem wouldn’t hit that.

  • Duane_of_Dibbley

    Sometimes I get so mad I burn right up. Also I wish my sister wasn’t laughing so hard.

    Sounds like her sister learned to be terrified of her at an early age knows what’s good for her.

  • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

    Q What do Lena Dunham, Brett Kimberlin, and Roman Polanski have in common?
    A They all think everyone wants to diddle little girls.

  • ArmchairMike

    Well Pigs are obviously different than humans.

  • lainer51

    Not only is she fugly outside, but inside as well.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    “And by the way, if you were a little kid and never looked at another little kid’s vagina, well, congrats to you.”

    I didn’t. And even if I had, you can be damn sure I wouldn’t have used creepy methods like bribing said girl with candy, you sick ****.

    • journogal

      And it wouldn’t have been a female relative, either.

      • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

        Well, I didn’t have any female relatives around my age with which to do anything like that, but the point stands.

  • SideshowJon36

    Roman Polanski’s victim forgave him too. Doesn’t mean he didn’t drug and rape her.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Don’t forget how Polanski skipped the country rather than be punished for his crime.

      • SideshowJon36

        Do we dare hope she’ll flee to Europe?

  • kerrari1898

    “I thought feminists believed in harsh consequences for rapists”

    “how are you a feminist if you are normalizing the fact that you molested your little sister?”

    Sorry, ladies, but if the Rotherham scandal didn’t clue you in, the writings and antics of pioneering feminists might.

    Simone de Beauvoir was sacked in 1943 from her teaching job for corrupting a minor. After the war, she constantly advocated for the normalisation and legalisation of pedophilia and was a member of the Front de libération des Pédophiles.

    In Woman Hating: A Radical Look at Sexuality, Andrea Dworkin wrote “The destruction of the incest taboo is essential to the development of cooperative human community based on the free-flow of natural androgynous eroticism” and “As for children, they too are erotic beings, closer to androgyny than the adults who oppress them. Children are fully capable of participating in community, and have every right to live out their own erotic impulses.”

    The first edition of the Vagina Monologues included a section that featured the tale of a 13 year old being plied with alcohol by an adult woman and molested after being rendered insensible. It concludes with the line “If it was a rape, it was a good rape.”

    Dunham’s degeneracy certainly does conflict with all that is good, moral and sane. With feminist ideology, not so much.

    • mrspinky85


      • C-4

        The true ideology of the feminist movement. Sexually-traumatized psychos sexually traumatizing others.

        • mrspinky85

          SICK. You would think the BIGGEST advocates against something like this would be those who experienced it.

          • C-4

            Some people feel the need to bring others down to their level…why she should she escape the sexual trauma I had to suffer? Better start early. Funny thing is her sister’s a lesbian too.

            The Dunham family is a textbook example of what right wingers have been saying about feminists and gays all along.

    • tricknologist

      Also the fact that feminists habitually support known rapists if they’re a Democrat in an elected office.

  • PeterP

    Her entire popularity is based on being a vulgar pig. What did you expect, America?

  • Spasmolytic

    Meanwhile this hypocrite is constantly peddling feminist ‘rape culture’ propaganda. The next time Dunham whines about male privilege please remind her if a man admitted to molesting his sister his career would cease to exist.

  • NannoH

    This woman need to remove herself from society and enter an institution so she can have intense therapy and meds to deal with her mental illness and try to save herself from inevitable suicide. With help, she may become sane and live a normal existence

  • Shanks

    She is the personification of the moral decline of our nation. Disgusting pig.

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    How is it just now that people are figuring out that Lena Dunham is damaged? It’s not like she hasn’t been leaving subtle hints. And as far Katie Pavlich’s claim that she’s glorified by OUR society simply isn’t true. Lena Dunham’s schtick is all about a sub culture in our society. Not taking the responsibility for this one it didn’t take a village to create Lena Dunham.

  • Sean Patrick Murphy sr

    Mangey manatee.

  • http://poeditservices.com Dan Abbett

    The left has no problem insulting, demonizing, slandering and impugning all things conservative but let us show our disgust or criticize them for a perceived perversion and they “like get totally ticked and stuff you know.” So Lena Dunham is upset and we are supposed to care because …

  • Shegma Futility

    child molesters are never cured, wonder whose other children she molested? obviously a cry for help,guilt is getting to her..

  • umad80

    No, Lena, not all children are THAT curious. Curiousity when you’re young? Absolutely. But not that curious. I never wanted to see my brother’s nor did he want to see mine. I never wanted to see a female friend’s genitals when I was young either. Also, Lena? It’s not normal for a female to molest a young child. It’s virtually unheard of. It happens, for sure, but it’s a very small percentage. And let’s be honest, Lena. If a man had actually described this same thing, you would be the first to call him out and be disgusted by him.

  • C-4

    Dunham cites normal human curiosity as a justification for her actions.

    If she wanted to look at vaginas, all she had to do was just take a gander at her father’s paintings. He literally spent his entire life painting vaginas over and over again, with few exceptions or variations.

    • http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1181/6595/original.jpg filter

      Guess all the small mirrors in her world were broken by then…

  • LucienCordier

    In a few years she and her sister will be able to move to New York and get married.

  • Jimni27

    So far Gawker is running interference for her by picking out the one instance in the Truth Revolt article where she was 7 and her sister was 1 and chalking it up to “curiosity”. The NRO article is the one that gets into more detail about how many times she repeated the behavior, and the behavior of her parents that probably nurtured that. Sick stuff. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/391348/pathetic-privilege-kevin-d-Williamson

    Oh hey everyone: Google Carroll Dunham art images if ya want to know what kind of tree that apple fell from….

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      OK, leaving aside the sex obsession, my 3 year old grandson is a better artist. And no, my grandson does not have a sex obsession, yet.

      • Jimni27

        lol. I picture her dad as one of those people that giggles when he says the word penis or vagina, that’s how sophomoric his art seems. And degrading too.

        • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          What’s really bad is that there are people that buy this crap and hang it in their homes.

    • Spinmamma

      I did google it, Sorry I did. His “art” mostly looks like the doodling of a sex obsessed 13 year old. Explains a lot, though.

      • Jimni27

        Could you even imagine growing up with that stuff hanging all over your house? Explains a LOT.

    • sisserydoo

      He’s really good at painting a**holes. Personal experience, I guess.

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    dang that woman is ultra super nasty.    ew.      just. ew.

    • C-4

      In that picture she looks about 65. What an awful human being.

    • http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1181/6595/original.jpg filter

      Visual pollution!

    • Rogue Cheddar

      That’s toxic enough to even make the Hudson River avert its eyes!

    • Zombie Nixon


    • NRPax

      That there is the kind of girl that I would buy a drink for at the bar as long as she promised to go somewhere else with it.

    • sisserydoo

      It’s like she tries to be as unattractive as possible!

  • interestedobserver2

    What a disgusting pig of a human being. No. Wait. She’s not actually human, either.

  • gekkobear

    “And by the way, if you were a little kid and never looked at another little kid’s vagina, well, congrats to you.”

    Yep, I looked… because it’s hard to babysit & put a diaper on a girl without looking.
    However I didn’t pry her open for a peek inside.
    Nope, I cleaned the infant and put a new diaper on her many times; never got so curious as to try to molest her out of curiosity.
    And I’m a guy; so I don’t even have the same body parts on myself; so shouldn’t my curiosity have been more of an excuse?

    Damn, I guess I’m really a good person. When left alone with an infant girl I didn’t molest her. Who knew this was something praiseworthy and not “normal” and “expected”? I always assumed that everyone knew I didn’t molest an infant; and that nobody else would have molested an infant either… how naive and foolish I guess I am.

    Should the family who I babysat for ever read this. No, I didn’t molest your kid even once, and I changed her diaper probably 20-30 times while babysitting. You’re lucky you hired me and not someone like Lena I guess.

    Oh, but I did give your 5 year old boy a swat on the bottom for screaming and hitting me with a stick when he didn’t get his way. In liberal world that’s probably worse than molesting your infant daughter.

    • sisserydoo

      Awesome reply! I did a lot of babysitting and was never remotely tempted to molest anyone. ..and according to her, we’re the unusual ones.

  • JT

    Lena Dunham is a vile human being.

  • C-4

    Feminists are pushing a “child rape culture” and projecting that onto straight men, whites in particular. Look at the responses on her twitter account, a huge number of female feminists and liberals are either saying “We all did what she did when we were younger,” or at the very least, they’re saying they condone and promote this behavior when females do it. Liberal feminists confessing to child molestation in an attempt to normalize it. “This is what feminism looks like!”

    When’s the last time a straight white guy defended a convicted rapist? Exactly.

  • http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1181/6595/original.jpg filter

    She just proved to me that sexual deviants are born this way.

  • spunknik

    And had a brother done this to his sister, your stupid brand of feminism would be demanding his prosecution. Too bad you didn’t have real parents.

  • kateorjane

    If what she wrote was actually true vice being normal liberal lies it indicates that she has been warped since childhood. Apparently her parents missed the sociopath indications.

    • C-4

      They were probably too busy sexually defiling her to notice.

  • CT Lindcetera

    Well I had thought I could not be any more repulsed by this crapsack. I was wrong. An important thing to remember here is, statistically, there is no such thing as a reformed sex offender (particularly pedophiles), they are either dormant, or have not yet been caught re-offending.

  • AlmaAlma

    Maybe not the reason, but I often wonder whether people become gay because of experiences they’ve had as a child whether it be physical, mental, verbal etc.

  • Batschach

    It is possible that by molesting her sister at such a young age, it may have caused imprinting on her sister which in turn influenced her to become a lesbian. This means that her sister is a lesbian because Lena molested her as an infant. It would also be further evidence that homosexuality is indeed caused by the environment and not genetics, as liberals maintain.

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Her sister is probably laughing about how Lena is getting trashed.
    Good thing for Lena that her sister doesn’t remember and that they don’t usually charge people for crimes they committed when they were 7. No statute of limitations on child molesting.

  • AlmaAlma

    To a certain extent Lena is also a victim. Her parents seem incredibly strange. From what I’ve read her mother had pictures of her own vagina framed and hanging in the house. Her father I think did some kind of porn photography art… Not completely sure.

    She has a screwed up version of love/sex due to her upbringing. Didn’t understand ‘lines not to be crossed’.

    • Jay7027

      Ok, that made my stomach turn. Glad I never got invited to dinner at their house.

  • http://Twitter.com/jkerrysforehead John Kerry’s Forehead

    News flash for Lena Dunham, regardless of what all the brown-nosing people she surrounds herself with (who are undoubtedly profiting somehow from working for/with her) are saying about how everything she does and says is okay, or fine, or cool…the reality is, what she wrote about doing to her sister is disgusting – an, NO, Lena, not everyone else ever wanted to or did these kinds of things – just YOU and other disturbed predators..

    If I were in her circle, I would make sure my daughter was never alone with her.

  • praymorenow1

    I am truly living in an alternate universe. No, Lena, most people have not done what you did. What gets me is that her book has been out for a few months, & only now is this coming out as an ‘excerpt’ that makes news. Uh, ok……. Yet, we get second by second reports on the Palin non-brawl/assault on a woman by a man story? I don’t even know where to go w/ the Lena excerpt…..what the? Really, I think she needs a lot of prayer, & so do I after reading that.

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      How many people do you think could stand to read anything she wrote?

  • FaithColeridge33

    To completely understand the who and why of Lena Dunham you need, or should I say “need”, to Google her parents and who they are/were in the “art” world.

    Then you’ll understand her passages like this a little better. You’ll probably understand her inappropriate and constant titillation. That no one else finds titillating. How do I say it ….. well it’s a circle.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Hannibal Lecter: Is it just me, or did anybody else throw up in their mouth a little?

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Natural sexual curiosity at a young age is one thing, continued bribes with candy, well, that sounds like a career path.

  • Yeah Buddy

    Fans? More like drones.
    Dunham’s brain waves are remarkably similar to a dial tone.

  • JD

    Her and her family are some of the most fucked up publicly known people ive ever read about..

  • Chimfish

    “I told a story about being a weird 7 year old. I bet you have some too, old men, that I’d rather not hear. ”

    I’d love to hear her explain precisely how long one may manipulate a child’s genitals before it goes from “just LOL” and a “weird story” into doing something wrong.

    She managed to write all of those tweets without ever actually saying anything. She could have shown exactly how her words were twisted, as she claimed they were. She could have made an argument for why what she did to her sister can’t be classified as molestation. Instead, she just threw out a rallying cry for her supporters to gather around and assure her that they’re on her side. She made certain to point out that the criticism is coming from the “right wing” because apparently that’s all it takes to prove that it must be false.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    My watch must be slow, isn’t her 15 minutes up yet?

  • BAW

    Yep, it’s the lack of shame that I think is a sure sign that woman has been messed up all her life.
    But it’s probably an eye opener for some that parents must be aware of where their children are and what they are doing even with other children.

    • Jay7027

      Maybe her parents didn’t care because they themselves did it. I’ll give it good odds that she herself was molested which is why she was molesting her sister. Granted it doesn’t HAVE to be that way and it would in NO WAY excuse her actions but it wouldn’t be too far fetched a possibility.

  • Jay7027

    So for all this time I thought Lena Dunham was a twisted, revolting, vile creature, I was right! In her own words she has shown herself to BE twisted, revolting and vile. BEYOND the fact that she has written about her perversion and abuse in a book as if it was something to be proud of but did it EVER occur to her that maybe her sister didn’t WANT that abuse spoken of?!? Typical pedophile, typical criminal, only caring about herself and her feeling while totally ignoring the feelings of her victim.

  • Jay7027

    So for all this time I thought Lena Dunham was a twisted, revolting, vile creature, I was right! In her own words she has shown herself to BE twisted, revolting and vile. BEYOND the fact that she has written about her perversion and abuse in a book as if it was something to be proud of but did it EVER occur to her that maybe her sister didn’t WANT that abuse spoken of?!? Typical criminal, only caring about herself and her feeling while totally ignoring the feelings of her victim.

  • Kit Smelser

    She talks about her sister as an infant and as old enough to be bribed with three pieces of candy and capable enough to initiate a kiss. How many years did this go on? Was she seven when it started or seven when it ended?

    • Jay7027

      IF it ended…

  • AT

    So if Lena Dunham was a man admitting to molesting his sister at seven…would people still be defending him?

    *mic drop*

    Way to lay it down Rachel. Best post in reply.

    • Zombie Nixon

      The democrats would nominate him for President.

  • FranklinWasRight

    Hollywood has been normalizing behavior that society deemed deviant for years. Lena will learn that even the cultural elite can’t get away with normalizing child abuse. I hope her 15 minutes are up now, but if bad ratings didn’t cancel her show I’m sure the execs at HBO won’t care about this.

    • Zombie Nixon

      Normalizing homosexual rape.

  • Conservative First

    So, if kids who murder animals grow up to be serial killers, what do kids who molest younger kids grow up to be?

    • Jay7027

      Liberal, Dems. just kidding, not every molester is a Liberal Dem….

      • Conservative First

        I would say someone who molests someone else has more in line ideologically with a liberal dem than a conservative republican. Conservatives are about protecting other people’s individual rights, liberals are about violating them.

        • Jay7027

          no argument there, Harvey Milk to name one. Not only was he molesting a child but people knew and voted for him. I was playing with the words, the finish was “but ever Liberal Dem is a molester”. I was being sarcastic. There are a LOT of molesters who support the Dem party and a LOT in the Dem party who support molesters. Hollywood is the perfect example that statement is true. Whoopie with her “rape, rape” question. I’d say drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13 year old is “rape, rape”

          • Conservative First

            Yep reread it and saw the joke right after I posted my reply. Got a chuckle out of it.

          • Marauder

            I hadn’t heard that about Harvey Milk before and now I’m curious. Do you have sources?

          • Jay7027

            “Milk was 33 and McKinley 16 when they began their relationship” “…sixteen-year-old McKinley was looking for some kind of father figure…At 33, Milk was launching a new life, though he could hardly have imagined the unlikely direction toward which his new lover would pull him.” (pages 30-31), “It would be to boyish-looking men in their late teens and early 20’s that Milk would be attracted for the rest of his life.”, “Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems.” (page 180) – According to Randy Shilts, author of The Mayor of Castro Street,

          • Marauder

            That wasn’t while he was in office, that was when he lived in New York years before he ever ran in San Francisco. I doubt that by the time he was in his forties and running for office on the other side of the country, his constituents all knew about a sixteen-year-old he’d been involved with seven years ago on the opposite coast. As for young men in their late teens (18-19) and early twenties, that’s not “molesting a child.”

            Your citations show that Harvey Milk had sex with a sixteen-year-old before he ran for office, not that “he [was] molesting a child while he was in office but people knew and voted for him.” I’m not defending what he did, but he didn’t do exactly what you claimed.

          • Jay7027

            “I’m not defending what he did, but he didn’t do exactly what you claimed.” HE actually did EXACTLY what I claimed. He molested a child. He is still guilty of that. 100% guilty and is forgiven by Liberals. As for the people who voted for him knowing, well of course you could be right that they had no idea considering that as long as you run Dem the media WILL NOT vet you and all your dirty little secrets will be excused away. But I’m pretty sure that since then and especially AFTER the creation of a society to honor him, as well as a movie made about him his pedophile background is MORE then plain to see. And yet he is STILL held in respect.

          • Marauder

            No, he didn’t do exactly what you claimed, because exactly what you claimed was that he molested a child while in office and people knew about it. I’m not claiming there’s a moral difference, I’m claiming there’s a difference between when you said he had sex with a sixteen-year-old and when he actually did have sex with a sixteen-year-old. The only reason I point it out is because I’ve read a lot about Harvey Milk and when you said he molested a child while he was in office, I was like, “Wait, what? Who would that person have been and where did Jay7027 find out something about Harvey Milk that I didn’t know?”

          • Jay7027

            Oh so you’re pretty much ok with what he did. good to know. AS LONG AS it wasn’t during his time in office…So he could have taken advantage of many children as long as it wasn’t in office…he still had a “taste” for young boys. You’re foolish to think he wasn’t still molesting children while he was in office. BUT you have your fantasy. You have PROVEN my point. Thanks for the assist.

          • Marauder

            Not at all what I said. I just don’t like to see people spread misinformation, no matter what it’s about, and for you to say that he was molesting a child while in office and his constituents knew about it and voted for him anyway is misinformation. It’s spreading false information about the voters in San Francisco in the 1970s. That Harvey Milk had sex with a sixteen-year-old when he was thirty-three is not misinformation, and I don’t care if you spread it far and wide. Same goes for any actual information – as opposed to conjecture – that he was having sex with minors while in office.

      • Zombie Nixon

        Some are commies…

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      “what do kids who molest younger kids grow up to be?”

      Fat girls who keep taking their clothes off.

  • Oilfart1

    Betcha her little sister was not the only one who suffered this molestation. There will probably be others coming out.

  • Zombie Nixon

    Welcome to Obama’s America.

  • Casca

    Hmmm…perhaps this has something to do with her wanting to be naked on camera all of the time….

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      What’s the studio have to pay a week for camera repairs?

      • Corey Dennison

        Thread winner!

  • Demoriot

    I didn’t realize she was 7 when this occurred. It actually makes me wonder if she also was abused in this ultra left/sexual freedom family, to turn around and do such to a 1 year old. This would explain her obsession with sex and body image.

    • Jay7027

      I’d bet on it.

    • conservativemomma

      Take a look at her dad’s “art” work. Sick family. I actually think Lena is a victim of her parents who literally marinated her in sexual perversion

  • James

    Is her writing a public confession that she’s a sexual predator,AND naming her victim,enough to get her arrested and prosecuted for Sexual Abuse on a Minor? I think telling about it in a book that’s on sale NATIONALLY amounts to ongoing sexual abuse,too.

    • Jay7027

      I don’t know if there is a statute of limitations on child molestation. I’m thinking there is. But in any case she was only a child herself. I’m sure there’s no possible way of prosecuting, plus her sister would need to bring charges. NOW of course IF her sister isn’t her only victim and she’s continued the behavior….It’s just disgusting that she’d admit this at all and even worse with a sense of pride.

      • James

        HMmmm-I wonder if this relates to the accepted theory that if a kid starts off torturing and abusing small animals they stand an excellent chance of following through to the same behavior on adults,or worse,as they grow up.
        Almost every kid does a little “exploring” when they’re young,but also MOST kids are educated by parents,family Dr.,clergy,etc. that there are things you DON’T ever do to your brothers or sisters. Apparently,HER parents didn’t bother with “the talk”. And,typically kids grow out of most of this as they develop socially,but in THIS case,it appears her childhood was “messed up” enough that she didn’t. And YES,I’d bet that her abuse of her little sister DID have a lot to do with her sister’s homosexual inclination.

    • Zombie Nixon

      I think this is just the start of liberals normalizing pedophilia.

      • Jay7027

        They keep trying to normalize that. Roman Polanski, Micheal Jackson, Victor Salva, Harvey Milk, Charlie Chaplin now Lena Dunham, and of course the “romantic” depiction of molestation on Queer as Folk. Just to name a few.

      • James

        They must be following the lead over in Germany,where,IIRC,they’re expecting to LEGALIZE Incest,and I’d be surprised if Pedophilia isn’t included in that fight.

  • Zombie Nixon

    the more I read about this girl the more disgusted I get.

  • Zombie Nixon

    I call on HBO to suspend her indefinitely.

    • Cooper Huck

      Never happen. I wish, but never. They let Bill Mahr call Sarah Palin a [email protected] for crying out loud…

  • EndangeredNJRepub

    Don’t count on her going away. Her lib credentials will be used to excuse her for remembering abusing her little sister as if it’s totes normal and funneh. After all, her sister is “laughing soooo hard” at all of this.

    Because abused children don’t sometimes grow up damaged or anything…

    Count on the sister being trotted out (aka used) to dismiss these claims as baseless and harmless. And as asinine as that notion is and should be, it’ll be fallen for hook line and sinker, enough that I don’t think this execrable ball of dimwitted blubber is going anywhere.

    • Zombie Nixon

      Coming soon to the Today show or Good Morning America. A look into the brave Lena Dunham’s account of her childhood. And the vicious right wing attacks on this american treasure.

      • EndangeredNJRepub

        Where she announces she’s now spokesperson for this month’s latest UN child abuse effort.

  • Cooper Huck

    Can we stop giving this vile, barely human, piece of excrement any spotlight now please?

  • Zombie Nixon

    I will never pay for hBO

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Ha! I had it for one year when it first came out in the early 80’s. When I realized the filth that was coming unfiltered into my house I said “no more.” They couldn’t give it away free to me.

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I think twitchy staff need to find something less sickening than a pic of Lena for these posts. Maybe the floor of a slaughter house.

  • Joe

    Laughing at white feminist progressives conflating democrat party/progressive privilege with #WhitePrivilege… It’s privileged idiots all the way down…

  • John Valko

    It seems like she doesn’t have the ability to realize that what she describes is perverted. To act like everyone behaves as she did is the apex of denial. A more normal person would admit to themselves that this is sick behavior. They would be ashamed and hopefully with therapy become better adjusted.

    This is so typical of liberals, they demand that they endure no shame for shameful behavior. She might be one of the few people on earth who would look better in tar and feathers.

  • https://twitter.com/UnicornOfMayhem Hi This Is My Username

    I am going to go throw up now. I may even skip dinner. My stomach is turning nonstop.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    This woman’s insatiable need for attention just finally blew up in her face.

  • Kev_H

    It’s really sad, but I bet it’s a common part of the background of many of the people who publicly celebrate anomalous sexuality. There’s a hunger to deny the bad and claim that everything is fine and dandy that keeps people from more healthy lives.

  • jakerae97

    WTF. Seriously.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    I’m totally without words at the moment. Never, in a million fucking years, would I ever have that I would be congratulated for not looking at another kid’s vagina when I was a little kid.

    Holy Wow, this chick is in serious need of psycho analysis.

  • Magnifico

    Just wow

  • Paladin

    Pedophilia, it’s coming to your town. Watch for “age reform” soon.

  • thedumbblonde

    I just read Kevin Williamson’s full piece at National Review. No adequate words to describe my level of disgust without using profanity. Anyone who defends this person needs to turn in their “humanity card”, because they have effectively forfeited it. For life.

  • distantsmoke

    I have 2 older sisters and this woman makes me ill. I can thank God that neither of my sisters were ever as twisted and revolting as Lena Dunham. And I’m so mad at one of my sisters that I don’t even talk to her. If she (Len Dunham) somehow represents current American culture them we are all doomed.

  • Bella Pelosi

    Liberal Logic hard at work with this one. She writes a book and outs herself as a molester. Then gets mad at people who report on it???

    Can someone please explain exactly how that works? I bet somewhere in her past there is a court order forbidding her from using anything sharper than a crayon

  • ISurvivedaBlueState

    Her only claim to fame is being as shocking and disgusting as possible. Although, her real claim to fame should be perfectly illustrating textbook liberal logic:

    -Child molestation (as long as it’s not done by a conservative) = no big deal, who are you to judge, morality is relative, who defines “consent” anyway, you don’t understand the edgy subtle nuances, blah blah blah


  • http://mackers-world.com/ Macker

    Lena Dunham: Certified Member of the Film Actors’ Guild!

    • tedlv

      F A G, nice. Boink you, censors.

  • http://www.GONINERS.com/ Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “When Dunham inspects her sister’s business, she shrieks at what she sees: “Grace had stuffed six or seven pebbles in there. . . . Grace cackled, thrilled that her prank had been such a success.” Dunham’s writing often is unclear (willfully so, it seems), but the context here — Grace has overheard her older sister asking whether her baby sister has a uterus — and Grace’s satisfaction with her prank suggest that Grace was expecting her older sister to go poking around in her genitals and inserted the pebbles in expectation of it. Grace is around one year old at the time of these events. There is no non-horrific interpretation of this episode. As for stroking her mother’s vagina, having mistaken it for her hairless cat . . .”


  • CharacterHasNoColor

    Next “treat” for public from Dunham, video of her bowel movements. So classy!

  • http://www.GONINERS.com/ Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Oh wow. I just read the article. There are multiple disturbing things in there. She is basically homophobic but pulls the “my sister is a lesbian, so it’s okay” card.

    But the “rape” by the evil Republican Barry, the section in the article about him through up all kinds of red flags. I’ll paste it, but I HIGHLY suggest reading the entire article. Your jaw will drop.

    “It takes me about two minutes to discover a Republican named Barry whose time at Oberlin coincided with Dunham’s. A few minutes later, I know a great deal about him: Where he works, where he lives, what he majored in, his high-school-prom plans, people we know in common, and other surprising intersections between our lives. When I call him at his office, I get the distinct impression that I am not the first reporter to have done so. “I don’t have anything to say about what I know you’re calling about,” he says. We speak very briefly, and he is concerned that I will use his name. It’s a strange thing to be concerned about — his name is out there, easily found. Oberlin opened an investigation into the incident after the publication of Dunham’s book and has consulted with the local police department. The statute of limitations for rape in Ohio is 20 years, and Dunham graduated in 2008.

    “In Dunham’s telling, she had been at a party, drinking and taking Xanax and cocaine, and went to bed willingly with Barry. But the encounter turned rough — so rough, she says, that she required medical attention — and she noticed mid-coitus that he was not using a condom. She told him to leave; he left. She relates an encounter between the same Barry and another woman that turned so violent that it left the walls spattered in blood, “like a crime scene.” But neither Dunham nor the other woman felt the need to press charges, file a complaint, or otherwise document the encounter. The latter woman, in fact, reports that Barry accompanied her to the campus clinic the next day for morning-after pills, joking about naming the baby they weren’t going to have. If any of this is true, then there are medical records at Oberlin supporting the story, but the release of Dunham’s records would require Dunham’s consent, and the second woman’s records would require the consent of the second woman, if she exists.”


  • Richard Jefferies

    If you want to know what f***ed up Lena Dunham for life, just look at her father’s “art work”. While she is vile and disgusting, she is also a victim of liberalism.

  • tedlv

    Why isn’t this rapist in jail? She admitted raping her sister, and thinks it is OK.

  • jakerae97

    I’ve been reading comments on other sites about this sick situation. The defense of her actions is twisted. i.e.: natural curiosity, “I’ll show you mine….”.
    I am so not a prudish person (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but I turned down every “I’ll show you mine” request as a child. These comments are saying that “everyone played doctor as a child”. My doctor role play involved stethoscopes and bandaids. I was an innocent child.
    Curiosity is one thing…. checking out a toddler’s [email protected] is twisted.

    • Curly Bill

      She’s a sick puppy anyway. The whole family is screwed up.

  • tedlv

    My dad raped my two sisters and me repeatedly. It started when I was four years old. You he-men may criticize me for not stopping that when I was four years old, and I am sure you will. I stopped him when I was thirteen. My older sister liked it, my younger sister didn’t. I didn’t. He is dead now. I did not attend the ceremony, nor did my younger sister. Child molesters should be hanged. They are the worst of the worst that humanity can bring us.

    • NannoH

      My heart is breaking for you and your sisters. Please know that you are an exceptionally courageous woman. May you have peace and love in your life.

      • tedlv

        Thanks. I am totally beyond it. It is memory only. I was treated for PTSD, that made it worse. I decided there is only one person that can make it better, me, and I am OK now. I am, BTW, not a woman.

        • NannoH

          I apologize for mistaking you for a woman and I apologize for my post. I will take it down if you desire. You obviously have not made yourself into a victim and I applaud your strength. Good for you!

          • tedlv

            No need.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      I can’t imagine anyone having the nerve to criticize you for not stopping it before you were able. You were a child, for pete’s sake! This kind of perverted evil, especially from the one person who’s supposed to protect you from the outside world, is unimaginable. I hope you and your sisters have been able to find healing and peace. God bless you.

  • Ironside

    Absolute proof of the old adage “Beauty is as beauty does”. This piece of work is fugly both inside and out.

  • conservativemomma

    What is also disturbing is that Brian Williams and David Mamet’s daughters both have starring roles in Dunham’s show “Girls”. I know the girls are adults but I have heard both these dads talk about how proud they are of their daughter’s role on this sick show.

    • NannoH

      Very good point. Can you imagine being proud that this troubled piece of trash is your daughter’s friend and co-worker?

  • conservativemomma

    The Bible talks about this in Romans 1:28…”furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.”

  • Worship Dancer

    i have NO doubt that if a straight white conservative MALE had written something like this he would have been VILIFIED AND CRUCIFIED and called a pedophile and child rapist by the left – ESPECIALLY dunham

  • Cliff Hatfield

    Forgive my ignorance, but who is this sick broad and why should anyone care what she thinks?

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzZoahQVVFe26Xbq-d4Ut7g Lord Fhalkyn

      Ignorance is bliss, my friend.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzZoahQVVFe26Xbq-d4Ut7g Lord Fhalkyn

      But if that’s not enough to satisfy you:
      Lena Dunham is (I believe) a co-creator of the HBO show Girls, wherein she regularly appears naked.
      As to why anyone cares as to what she thinks: she does shocking and disturbing things (like showing up naked on TV and dancing in her undies on YouTube), and, when everyone stares in shock, she opens her mouth and vomits whatever happens to be on her alleged mind.

  • djueat

    See her Daddy’s artwork, you’ll have no questions.

    • The_Kat ✓vilified

      After seeing both her parent’s “art”, it is easier to understand why Dunham is so broken mentally. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Remember some months ago when Stephen Colbert used Asian slurs on the air, but blamed the whole incident on a Twitter user who transcribed the words that came out of his mouth? Evidently, Lena took a page from Colbert’s playbook. Between what she did and her objection to her words being quoted, she is truly a terrible person.

  • sisserydoo

    Lena Dunham’s parents are child abusers. Her father, Carroll Dunham, is a painter noted for his primitive brand of highbrow pornography, his canvases anchored by puffy neon-pink labia; her photographer mother filled the family home with nude pictures of herself, “legs spread defiantly.”


    • World B. Free

      That explains a lot.

    • FirstBoot

      I just googled Carroll Dunham and that was quite disturbing. It looks like he drew half that crap with a crayon. I hope to bejezus neither one of his daughters were “models” for his “art.”

      • $7610427

        Yeah. “Artist”. HA
        As a painter, myself, I generally refrain from criticizing other people’s art. But this guy deserves it!

        • mactekus

          Rich city people like controversial art because it makes their boring dinner parties more lively and spark conversation.

          • $7610427

            A little controversy is good. Not all art is nor should be “pretty”. But it should have a message or make a statement if it isn’t. Seems the only statement this art makes is the artist is obsessed with T & A! Gag. And it’s not even well executed.

    • jaded

      sounds like this was all a learned behavior in their home. So troubling–but it will be passed off as “edgy” and “progressive”.

    • mactekus

      Her parents are pros at self-promotion. What they do is actually art. It really is. They define “art” like I have … once I wrapped my head around it. Art IS marketing. It is producing something with an aesthetic, calling it art, slapping a price tag on it, presenting it, and selling it. If you can do all these steps… congratulations you’re an artist in every sense of the word. Her parents have earned enough to become multimillionaires and put little Lena through exclusive schools.

      Contemporary art is not a con if someone likes and buys it. The bonus is that most people are terrible judges of art. They like colorful, gaudy crap. Give the people what they want and be rich.

  • robert anthony

    Bye-bye Lena!!…can’t say it’s been nice knowing you!!

  • Rona ✓

    Such pressure she must feel to be talented. She has none; there are only the pathetic details of her disgusting acts to toss out on the stage of her desperate life. Her audience, equally disturbed for thinking she is brave and witty, can have her.

  • https://youtu.be/h82D5ZvcALM CrustyB

    Typical liberal. She thinks it’s worse to observe the crime than to commit the crime.

  • APW

    She joyfully offers up too much information about every aspect of her life and expects to be rewarded for it. She is a self-proclaimed voice of her generation, which happens to be my children’s age. Thanks god they like themselves enough to not believe that Lena Dunham is a good example of today’s 20-something.

  • fivebyfive

    No statute of limitations on child molestation? Arrest her today!

  • Raye09

    I am not letting Lena off the hook(it would be one thing if she actually saw something wrong with what she did or even questioned why she did it), but I think that if a child that young(7 wtf?) is acting this way(molesting their siblings) then a serious look into the home life is warranted. I know her parents are both educated, but that doesn’t really account for much. What was going on in the home? This woman is clearly mentally disturbed and needs psychiatric help.

  • dabhidh

    “Oh, the right-wing wackos are reading my book and calling what I admitted to doing by its real name and that really burns my ass.”

  • jaded

    Did Dunham have her sister’s permission to write about the molestation that she (the sister) experienced as a toddler? WTH did she expect when she wrote about this?

  • praymorenow1

    She wrote it. She has been on tv, radio, social media, late nite & early morning shows to publicize it endlessly….and she’s mad when sections of her book are quoted verbatim, & others take offense, get sick, are confused, and possibly think she abused someone else….even as a child….they are her words. Hello,is this on? Her words. An editor saw those words, knew this would be public, and said, OK, good, let’s go!
    Sorry, calculated book, calculated publicity tour, and an uncalculated response from people quoting her words from her book….that’s on her, not those uttering a response she doesn’t like.
    I’d get some help, therapy, & maybe learn to keep some things quiet or unsaid at all.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    I wonder how much therapy she made her poor sister endure because of her sickening predator actions. Plus she creates a garbage show so she can take her clothes off all the time and create characters that masturbate. This girl is a sicko and has no business being mainstreamed.

  • $7610427

    Ahhhhh…now I get it. THIS explains everything!!!

  • Thomas

    It has become all to obvious that Lena Dunham has some quite serious mental issues. I am not a psychiatrist, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express, once. I am going to throw this one up to the Big Guy when I retire tonight. Lena Dunham is in great need of help. Does she not realize that she confessed to sexually abusing her own sister? My second question would be, what incident caused her to think that behavior toward her sister was okay? Who taught her that behavior?

  • Chrissy the Hyphenated

    This explains a lot. Now I can comfortably stop reading anything that contains the words Lena Dunham.

  • Bruce

    Please read this in it’s entirety: Adolescents “play doctor” all the time. They simply don’t know better. Most of us who watched the episode of “That 70s Show,” when a young Kelso and Jackie were caught in Foreman’s basement doing so (who can forget Kelso’s excuse, “But, I AM a doctor”), thought it was funny. However—and this is a big HOWEVER—when one grows up, one realizes that it is WRONG. The fact that, as a supposed “adult,” Dunham appears to be wearing this incident as a “badge of honor,” is most troubling. If I were Dunham’s sister, I would not be wasting my time in therapy; I would be giving my big sister a good, old-fashioned **s kicking (one, because it was done without my knowledge and, two, for plastering it for everyone to see).

    • The_Kat ✓vilified

      Doctors don’t bribe their patients with candy for kisses.

      • Gmama

        Or pry. Playing doctor involves a willing patient.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      This went way beyond playing doctor. By her own account, she was intentionally emulating child molesters and prying a baby/toddlers vagina open.

  • The_Original

    This woman needs to be ostracized from normal society. She has NO MORAL COMPASS. Her idea of “right and wrong” is not what is accepted in normal society. I feel sorry for her family after this book. Who would want to acknowledge her as a relative? Not me.

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      With her moral compass, she’ll probably be the next DNC Chairman.

      • tedlv

        Her total lack of morals qualifies her to be the next demoncrap president.

  • RosalindJ

    Now can we be done with glamorizing perverted, morally bankrupt, vapid and repulsive people in such dire need of psychiatric help like her?

    • tedlv

      She needs a rope around her neck, and her feet dangling. Child molesters should be hanged.

  • Daniel Cartwright

    Libs love to run to sponsors to get people fired, why not use the same tactic. I sent a complaint to HBO and you can too. http://www.hbo.com/#/about/contact-us.html/

  • http://facebook.com/KingTerryofIsrael Terry Trent

    Hello, my name is Lena… hahaha

  • bobbymike34

    If anyone believes this stopped at 7 I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  • spankovision

    You know what’s sad is that this IS normal behavioural mindset in Hollywood. This started back in the sixties with the radicalization of a young generation that wanted to “break the bonds” of normal behavior of America. It has now led to a Narcissistic sociopathic culture that wants to try to out freak itself out. Leah Dunham is just the tipping point and now with everything going on in this country the backlash is coming, constant and growing. She is now playing the victim and lashing out because she never had criticism this harsh before. Just a stupid man’s view here.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      ITA, but it started almost from the day that Hollywood was born, way before the 60s. Anything goes, total self indulgence. The studios were just better at keeping a lid on it back then.
      Now its acceptable in those circles to proudly fly your freak flag. The problem is that when everything is sensational, nothing is sensational anymore and ya gotta be a bigger freak to get attention.
      Unfortunately for them, the rest of the country still disagrees with the Hollywood mindset.

      • spankovision

        Your absolutely right. I was thinking frim the Karowak (so) days of the beatniks and through the Andy Warhol days. But remember the formal scotch and wine and dine parties of the twenties through the fifties with actors and execs. And studio owners. A total disconnect.

        • H50 ✓RAT

          Yea, no matter how one slices it tho, that place is and has always been a closed community full of self indulgent pervs. I dont know how the few normal people in Hollywood dont lose their minds walking among them.

          • spankovision

            Yeah. So let’s fence it off and turn it like a zoo and put the freaks behind glass. Lol. Proceeds go to charities.

          • H50 ✓RAT

            Works for me.

  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    If you have seen pictures of her father Carroll Dunham’s “artwork”, you will get some insight into her obsession with female genitalia. Her mother Laurie Simmons’s photography isn’t much better. She photographs dolls often dressed in provocative clothing. It all strikes me as disturbing. In every photo of her parents, they are NEVER smiling. NEVER. It comes as no surprise that Lena Dunham has grown up to be as weird and perverted as she is.

  • thedumbblonde

    I thought families like her’s were only on shows like Law & Order : SVU. Wrong again.

  • Lee Lee


  • Treelea-A Trump Deplorable

    Lena Dunham


    Incest is sexual activity between family members or close relatives.[1][2] This typically includes sexual activity between people in a consanguineous relationship (blood relations), and sometimes those related by affinity, such as members of the same household, step relatives, those related by adoption or marriage, or members of the same clan or lineage.[3]

    • Excubitores Omega

      Or it was unless one is in NY State.

  • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

    I once googled Lena Dunham’s parents to try to figure out why this girl was so messed up in the head. It took weeks to get the images out of my head. I do not recommend you do this. Her father paints pictures of vaginas for a living and her mother makes scenes of pornography with dolls. Disturbing people.

    • NannoH

      You have to be kidding! No wonder this girl is so disturbed.

      • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

        Yup. I needed bleach for my brain after doing a Google image search. But I just knew there had to be some basis for her pathology.

        • NannoH

          Ok, I had to research it myself. I was APPALLED!!! I noticed both of her parents received grants through the National Endowment for the Arts. That means hard-earned tax money of average Americans (who need every penny that make to feed their kids and pay bills) was given to Dunham’s perverted parents so they could continue to make that vile trash. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!!!

          • http://www.chaosandcritters.com Ella Halligan

            Yup. Her mom and dad are truly sick puppies. I really wish someone would go through the federal government and simply eliminate every single department that wasn’t specifically provided for in the U.S. Constitution. I bet our tax burden would be substantially lighter.

  • Wonder Pony

    Registered: DEMOCRAT.
    End of story.

  • ashknothole

    Kind of explains all of her, doesn’t it.

  • CrushAllDems

    Nothing surprising here, folks. I mean, molesting ones younger sister (or even family pet) is just another one of those “Liberal Family Value” they hold so dear to their black hearts.
    But for the love of God this is so disgusting and disturbing…

  • Magnifico

    Pinkos are overly anxious about normalizing their bizarre lifestyles, so they tend to overreach, but this….. There’s no coming back from this one.

  • CannonBall2014

    Wondering how many of Dunham’s childhood friends she bribed with candy for a kiss or worse. Her mom let her get away it and she thinks this is normal behavior.

  • Sanchez

    People like this twisted lib also killed and tortured animals. Is she the next Lena Dahmer?

  • Paul C.

    Liberals are crazy but Hollywood liberals…….. I don’t even know where to began.

  • Frogmouth

    So…lemme see if I have this straight: She writes a book, detailing this youthful exuberance of exploring one’s nascent sexuality. She’s more than happy for the entire world to read about it in her book, but someone detailing that admitted behavior, using her own words, is off-limits? How and why, exactly does she reach this conclusion? Does she imagine this will hurt book sales?

  • Conserv_58

    This vulger, vile, sick, deranged, young woman is what the left trots out as a shining example of what they see as normal. Look what she has for role models. Nancy Pelosi, Hildabeast, Rachel Maddow, Janet Reno, Elizabeth Warren, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Elizabeth Harris Perry, Sher, Roseanne Barr, Mary Landrieu, Stephany Cutter, the Hollywierd liberals, etc.

    • NannoH

      Check out her parents and their “art”. Her deranged mind comes directly from them. They are crazy perverts masquerading as “artists”. And…they received grants from The National Endowments for the Arts. That’s tax payer money, our money! We actually contributed money so they can continue making their sick trashy stuff!!!

  • Conserv_58

    This is the way of the liberal mind.

  • SturJen

    What’s the over/under on the time frame for ms. molester to cry victim? I’ve got $20 on a week.

    • Basset_Hound

      Throw me in fkr a thousand up votes

  • AZCommenter

    The fact that Dunham thinks everybody has a story about prying open the vagina of a toddler tells you everything you need to know about how her mind works.

    Seek professional help, Dunham. Quickly.

  • John Howard

    I really can’t figure out why this person is constantly on the front pages. Make it stop, somebody.

  • lgeubank

    I’m sorry I even read Dunham’s remarks about what a little monstrosity she was at an early age. She’s like the Picture of Dorian Gray *. She looks normal on the outside, but if we could see inside her, and see her real nature, we would all be horrified.

    I’m horrified..
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    *Which I had to break myself of calling the “Portrait of Dorian Gray” — that’s wrong.

  • Ryan Johnson
    • H50 ✓RAT

      That just really irritates me. Delusional equivalence. Yes most children have a natural curiosity about what makes little girls and boys different. The do not however molest their infant/toddler siblings to satisfy that curiosity.

      • C-4

        For toddlers and younger kids, I imagine it’s common for siblings of a similar age to share a bath, and it’s usually at the behest, and with the full supervision, of the parents. So sure, you might see one another’s privates in that situation. BUT the siblings don’t touch each other’s privates, or kiss each other, and they certainly don’t stick rocks in each other’s orifices (NO WAY a 1 year old did that to herself – Dunham did it and blamed her sister) . What Dunham did was perverted and wrong, I don’t care what her left-wing apologists say.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Lena Dunham is a CREEP! She openly discusses molesting her baby sister in her book, and when confronted about it by Conservative pundits, tells them “Mind your own Business!” And at the same time, accuses ALL Conservatives/Republicans of being “Rapists” because one ALLEGEDLY “raped” her in College (To which, I call BULL$#!+)…. Liberal Privelege much, Lena? Jawamax 8<{D}

  • copperpeony

    She’s a dog and pony show. I want to hear from her sister. She must be cringing from the publicity her older sister wants,

    • Curly Bill

      Maybe. But she may turn into a media whore like her big sister.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      She might be the same brand of damaged that her sister is and not care at all.

  • Curly Bill

    I know it’s Sunday, Twitchy, but can you put a new thread? Please?

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    Crazy people can be a lot of fun and they can add color and excitement to the world. But we can’t make them leaders or role models or leave our children alone with them.

  • Gmama

    The word pry indicates force. Force indicates abuse.

  • lazypadawan

    Asking her sister about it now would be like asking a member of the People’s Temple in 1975 how things are going with ol’ Rev. Jim. Some people take decades to come to terms with what happened. It wouldn’t surprise me if in 20 years we find out this went on for several years and the sister finally wants her abuser out of her life.

  • MrApple

    Gross and in my opinion criminal.

  • hatsylady

    Like how she blames the right wing for this one. Nice deflecting Lena. This one is all yours you puke.

  • Keith

    LD is one nasty person. That’s why the left loves her so much. LD? Thanks, but no skanks.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    Who is this disgusting pig?

    • aliswell

      Just one more in a long line of Satan’s minions.

  • Cärlös Dängër ✓certifiable

    Her defense sounds dangerously close to a quote from a Monty Python sketch:

    “I mean, how many of us can honestly say that at one time or another he hasn’t felt sexually attracted to mice? I know I have. I mean, most normal adolescents go through a stage of squeaking two or three times a day. Most youngsters on the other hand, some youngsters are attracted to it by its very illegality. It’s like murder – make a thing illegal and it acquires a mystique. Look at arson – I mean, how many of us can honestly say that at one time or another he hasn’t set fire to some great public building? I know I have. The only way to bring the crime figures down is to reduce the number of offenses – get it out in the open – I know I have.”

    Sound familiar?

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle


      • Cärlös Dängër ✓certifiable

        You sicko!

  • Stephen Lowe

    I think she is a glamour don’t.

  • Kenton Clarkson

    People! People! Calm your sphincters! The great Amerikkkan moral philosopher, sage and sexual assault expert Whoopie Goldberg has weighed in on this issue! “It wasn’t “molesting” molesting” spaketh The Whoopster. End of issue.

  • JR48

    There is a huge difference between a small child exploring their own body, and then making the leap to connect their body parts with sexuality, and then the next step, acting on it. Sounds like there was some sort of sexualizing of the young child and that would have to have been done by other(s).

    As to the toddler with rocks in her vagina, that isn’t something that a 12 month old baby would do. Again, it would have been done by someone else. They may be vaguely aware of their external body parts, but they have no clue whatsoever of anything internal. They’re still wearing diapers at that point. So who did that to the baby?

    All human beings are technically sexual from birth because sex hormones operate physiologically from the very beginning. But all sexuality of childhood is not benign and LD speaks of it like it is, with the tone of a child. “If it happened to me or if I did it, it’s normal”, is not a truism, it’s a rationalization.

    • C-4

      Who do you think did that to the baby? There’s no way Grace put pebbles in her own vagina. Lena put them in there, as an excuse to “pull them out,” and the effort she had to exert to do so proves how sick she is.

  • Twaddle & Malarkey, Inc.

    The fact that she still has no clue that she molested her sister is even more disturbing than her sick actions. Was she born this twisted or had she already been sexually molested herself by the age of seven? Either way, that whole family must be seriously effed up!

    • C-4

      I strongly suspect she was sexually abused by her parents. At the very least, she had to pose nude for daddy’s paintings. What’s truly tragic is she’s being elevated to celebrity status so she can corrupt and poison others.

      • Twaddle & Malarkey, Inc.

        Ewww! I need to read up on her background before commenting on her past any further. I’m completely mystified by her “popularity”. I realize Hollywood is a repository of mediocrity these days, but her celebrity appears to hinge on how much she can debase herself.

        • C-4

          I’m not saying she definitely posed for her father’s paintings, but I’m saying if she did, I wouldn’t be surprised. The point I’m making is her father liked to paint vaginas a lot. Over and over again, actually.

          • Twaddle & Malarkey, Inc.

            where there’s smoke… You can hardly provide a proper perspective for a child under those circumstances. That explains her desperate attempts to appear avant-garde.

  • nifty

    Replace her name with Sarah Palin or Anne Coulter and it is guaranteed to open the evening the news and be damned by the lead story of NYT while sharing that same viewpoint with many conservative outlets who would not tolerate the behavior. The profiting off of disgusting confessions is something the liberal left owns as a double standard in every way.

  • Jedd McHead

    Does Lena Dumbass ever think anything she doesn’t say? I’m so tired of this attention whore.

  • john lecorchick

    if this isn’t an indictment on leftist ideology, I don’t know what ever would be…. She is a molester and should be punished. The reviews I have read suggest those people writing them are complicit.
    Is it greedy of me to wish the end of times near???

    • aliswell

      The end times are near (in terms relative to the beginning of Creation). However, the Trib isn’t here yet. Be patient. All continues to line up as foretold.

      • john lecorchick

        I agree …. One World Order has become something we are taught to embrace. So, relatively speaking, I pray for all your relatives, as well as mine

        • aliswell

          Ah, thank you! I pray for yours and mine as well, Brother.

  • aliswell

    Words can’t express the horror of what this creature did to her own sister. So at 7 years old Dunham was already exibiting the signs of a sociopath, then writes about her molestation of her own helpless sister, THEN indicates SHE’S being victimized by the outrage she’s caused.

    I do believe this will finally, mercifully put her out of the American public’s misery. No one, not even a proglodyte organization, could employ this monster after this.

    BTW, Dunham is NOT sick. She’s evil.

  • Al Waishard

    The Left really does like their own brand of perversion and debauchery. Woody Allen, Roman Polanski,..and now this Dunham creature.

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      Maybe Woody needs a new girlfriend.
      Or is Lena too old for him?

  • pajamakat

    Left – wing hag.

  • Sandcat

    “Sometimes I get so mad I burn right up. Also I wish my sister wasn’t laughing so hard.

    — Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) November 1, 2014”

    Huge grease fire.

  • ExiledOnMainStreet

    Lena Dunham comes from a “old money family” – a family with no more class than Honey Boo Boo’s family. You don’t have to live in a trailer to be trash.

  • Jum1801

    Oh, wait – I have to apply the Lena Dunham Spoiled Progeny of Manhattanite Liberal Lexicon to get the correct interpretation. Let’s see here, Ah, now I’ve got it! “Right-wing story” = “story I told about myself and gleefully spread across the universe and now am sorry I did and want to blame someone else for my own self-indulgent stupidity.”

    Okay. Understood.

    • john lecorchick

      Jum Jum Jum Jum Jum… that was delicious!!! It rivals the louisianna dry rub chicken wings I had for lunch today!! EXCELLENT!! Jum1801

  • Arkuy The Great

    There have been sick, perverted, evil monsters since the dawn of humanity. That living filth like this creature exists should not surprise nor bother is. That, in this case, the specimen receives such broad, appreciative acceptance most definitely should!

    If we as a society do not vomit out this poison then we ourselves may be next in line!

  • Col Bat Guano

    She is truly sick in the head! She needs mental help, or better yet, be committed.

  • cysusa

    She is a freak of nature.

  • BozoerRebbe

    “Old men”. Note the casual misandry and agism. Imagine Dunhams ire if someone criticized “old women”. Bigotry is permitted to members of the elite provided they choose politically correct targets for their hate.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    If Lena is this screwed up, what kind of a basket case must her poor little sister be?
    How many rapes has she endured in the process of looking for affection? Is she also a molester?

    • blue_persuasion

      And now the whole world knows what she did to her sister, all while Lena LOLs herself across the internet.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    “I bet you have some too, old men, that I’d rather not hear.”
    That’s her way of saying what all perverts and sickos say: they comfort themselves by thinking that everyone else is that sick and twisted, but just doesn’t talk about it. She is wrong. Most of us are not perverts as children that go around sexually molesting our siblings and neighborhood kids.

    Lena, you are sick and you need help.
    So do the possibly many children you molested over the years.
    I can’t believe that you didn’t do that to other children you have been around.
    If a man wrote the account you wrote, you would clamoring for his head on a stick.
    That’s sexist.

    • Cärlös Dängër ✓certifiable

      I was going to post words to that effect; my Monty Python quote earlier was an example of sorts. I had no idea she was this sick. I thought she was another garden-variety liberal with way too much attention given her.

  • Guest

    Opps Wrong thread

    • Nyota Uhura

      Okay, “Guest,” here’s a tip from me to you.

      “Opps” ain’t going to cut it. You meant to say “Oops.” What the hell does “opps” mean?!

      • Nyota Uhura

        Yes, I’m a pedant. And I HATE “opps.”

  • ember

    If she keeps writing stuff she’d prosecute herself in no time and we can all party when she is sentenced to jail. #keepdiggingthathole

  • http://www.algoreisabidfatidiot.com/ “Rev Jim Jones”

    She’s fallen out of orbit and is burning up on entry. Something tells me CNN is going to be doing 24/7 coverage on her real soon.

  • Michael Ruda

    I think I’m finally at the point where I have to start ignoring Lena Dunham stories. Life depresses me enough without having to know that someone can become rich and famous for being so disgusting. And it depresses me more that people defend her.

  • Lindakl

    Here is what you need to understand progressives(misnomer) are right even when they are wrong. You cannot use their own words against them, that is sexist, racist, etc. Now do you get it?

  • reddarin

    I’m just trying to imagine the internet meltdown if *any* conservative woman of note made the same revelation about molesting their younger sister.

  • blue_persuasion

    If Satan has a face, it looks like Lena Dungham.

  • blue_persuasion

    I think folks need to do exactly what the left would do and contact every single advertiser who runs ads during her “Girls” show and threaten a boycott to get that pigwhore off the air.

    • lazypadawan

      It’s on HBO, no ads.

      • blue_persuasion


  • spiritof76

    She has disgusted me since she 1st entered the political/cultural scene.

  • catfightshiner

    For the love of all creatures big and small, in heaven’s name, please let’s not cast anymore aspersions on pigs. They are innocent animals, have nothing to do with the hosebeast Dunham, and have suffered enough.

  • Tim jones

    Par for the course.. What’s so surprising about this perverted freak being a molester?

  • gyena

    Does anyone even like this pig? Or remotely care about it?

  • E Quilibrate

    Smells like over done ham.

  • chitownmom

    I doubt the toddler put stones in herself… far too young to do that unless someone showed her.

  • blue_persuasion

    Lena accused some poor unsuspecting “republican” of rape back in college (when her very own words show she wasn’t raped), yet she thinks NOTHING of doing this to her baby sister and then SHARING it 20 years later. She is beyond sick. In the day, someone like her would have been institutionalized or lobotomized.

  • Joseph Phillips

    Disgusting pig. Thinks she is sooo coool. Aggravates me that people worship her for being a weirdo.

  • Anthony

    Dunham reminds me of the Kardashians, where’d she come from, what’s she done, and when’s she leaving.

  • Michael Rice

    I never, as a seven year old, or at any other age, pried open a girl’s vagina. I never pried open a penis, either, for what it is worth.

    On the list of other things I never did. I never tried to bribe a small child into kissing me. I never masturbated while lying in bed with a younger sibling, or any sibling for that matter.

    • Cärlös Dängër ✓certifiable

      Me neither. At best, it was a manifestation of a young child’s (inappropriate) curiosity that could be forgiven. To boldly ruminate and write about it in an autobiography as an “adult” is completely sick.

      • Raye09

        The thing that gets me is she really sees nothing wrong with it. As a child and teenager you might do messed up stuff, but as an adult you look back on it and realize that it was messed up, you don’t write about it and laugh about it. She sees absolutely nothing wrong with any of this.

        • Cärlös Dängër ✓certifiable

          That was indeed my point. It was before I read that she continued the antics up until at least age 17, making sister 11 or so. She is really quite the pervert. It’s so very hard to believe this got past editors. I hope fallout for this goes beyond Twitchy.

  • jamson64

    And remember she knows who allegedly raped her AND she allows him to walk the streets. She’s whacked.

  • Nyota Uhura

    There is a REASON why incest, un-abridged sexual exploitation, etc. is Verboten.

    It harms the next generation.

  • Lucian

    A few things:
    1. So, your sister is a lunatic too? Big surprise.
    2. Can black people do ANYTHING without bringing race into it? What does this have to do with “white privilege”? Wtf IS white privilege and where do I get some? If anything, “white privilege” means I’m denied a loan or a job in the name of “diversity”. But whatever.
    3. How did this freak job get a book deal, who is buying this crap, and who is reading this crap?
    The end.

  • ExPat_in_Krakow

    Nothing pisses off a liberal more than quoting verbatim a liberal…especially themselves.

  • big red machine

    Lena Dunham is a disgusting POS and anyone who defends here can go straight to where Satan resides. effing liberals

  • dogwonder

    I have four sisters, we shared the same room and I can assure none of us molested each other. There is something seriously wrong with that thing.

  • Guest

    The manifestation of too many generations of ‘local’ Khazar DNA………………..

  • Jake Bradford

    She is just damaged goods. I recognized it in her even before the book and ridiculous comments.

    • blue_persuasion

      No excuse for LOLing about molesting one’s baby sister. She should do us all a favor and off herself.

  • Guest

    Twitchy mod, just curious, why on this thread are you screening out the word ped0phile?

  • Jay7027

    She keeps going the View will be offering her a spot on their show. But they better hurry before she gets an offer from MSNBC. She’s also looking good for hosting a late night talk show.

  • DavidGolani11

    She knows she has a pussy pass, nobody in law enforcement will go after her.

  • Bestuv Burke

    Should not the primary architect of Obamacare, Bolshevik ideologue Ezekiel Emanuel, be charged with murder?

  • Bradley Greenwood

    This is the most nauseating woman I can think of. Now it’s not just her appearance,

    • Pendy1

      Ahead of Nancy Pelosi?

  • E L Frederick

    First step is admitting you have a problem… and she isn’t willing to even do that much. Lump her in with Roman Polanski, she’ll get a free pass because… ART.

  • VC_Maude

    I can certainly understand taking offense to a crass joke about being a sexual predator, and I wouldn’t tell someone not to be upset about that. But I’m kind of shocked to learn how many people think this is legitimate sexual abuse. This is not developmentally inappropriate behavior for a 7 year old. It’s a teachable moment for the parents about keeping her hands to herself. Children are curious about bodies and they also imitate the behavior of adults. They don’t engage in this kind of behavior for the same reasons adults do. Children are not tiny adults; it’s a mistake to ascribe adult thinking patterns and behavior to them.

  • mickrussom

    Not only is she a no talent commie fat pig, but she is an evil sexual predator.

  • Safe Child

    I am glad that we can see that this issue, of child safety, transcends politics. Hopefully nobody, right or left, wants it to be “normal” for little girls & boys to have their genitals used as playthings.

  • ChargerBug

    She is a disgusting individual and her “wooing sexual predator” anecdote is not funny.

  • livin free 2010

    I just read about this on Truth Revolt. What is more disturbing after all this soaks into my brain – is that this disgusting monstrous pedophile thought that this was acceptable content for a published book. She honestly thought this content was palatable for the general public and would be accepted and maybe even praised? Why would she think that molesting her sister as a child would be acceptable behavior?

  • Pendy1

    A weird 7 year old who became (cannot use “grew up” honestly) a weird 28 year old.

  • anxiousmom66

    Her father is a pornographic artist, she displays sexually predatorial behavior towards a much younger sibling and young sibling is a lesbian. Our PC culture will not allow me to draw any conclusions.

  • Ryan Arko

    I am a far-left liberal and this disgusted me to no end. How liberal? Enough that before I wrote this, I checked the comments to see how you people could find a way to wedge Obama into this. I’m liberal enough to have known that I wouldn’t have to search far to find people making this a political issue.

    What political ideologies does a seven year old girl have? Really? She may be liberal now, but it has nothing to do with the way she abused her sister.

    Let’s not make every situation on a conservative website an opportunity to jab at liberals and Democrats or you’ll be forced to reconcile the actions of the entirely conservative Ku Klux Klan and the right-wing terrorism of the Sovereign Citizens movement. And I’m sure you don’t want to be reminded that people with your political ideals are also savage racists, do you?

    Stick to the topics. Stick to the facts. Child abuse isn’t political. It’s non-partisan and disgusting.

  • JonnyHellion

    Unfortunately, she can’t be prosecuted and imprisoned for what she did as a seven-year old. Good thing for Dunham, too — we all know what cons do to child molesters.

    • Annie Mae

      I bet it didn’t stop at age seven though.

  • Annie Mae

    When I read the excerpt from her book I was horrified. I already knew she was a disgusting creature but her casual nostalgia about molesting her baby sister was downright evil.

  • CrossHugger

    Baby killers

  • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    And now she’s supposed to be in a movie based on a children’s book? Yeah, really suckful timing there, Lena…


  • KTina

    I really wish this sow would stop being some sort of poster child for liberals and feminists. Go away you stupid and disgusting excuse for a woman. How delusional for her to think that we’d just laugh right along with her as she described bullying her sister into doing “things” for her. Feminists would do themselves a great favor by distancing themselves from this weirdo.

  • Jackazz Flatts

    She belongs in a zoo

  • petroniabern

    What few people, if anyone, have mentioned, is that she’s benefiting from the sale and promotion of this garbage, and that’s at her sister’s expense. And–where was their mother when this was going on? LD’s like, “Don’t tell me you never did this!” I’m positive that I and every friend I have DID NOT. But then again, we’re from homes with competent parents and haven’t turned out to be ideological freaks in adulthood.